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Innovative Developers LTD is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Download apps by Innovative Developers LTD, including Plug for Minecraft, Plug Pocketmine for Minecraft, Plug for Terraria, Plug Toolbox for Minecraft, WhatCall, ClearVideo, Vidiyu, Plug Discs for Minecraft, Plug Adblocker, Innovative Developers LTD developer wiki coming soon...

Top 5 Innovative Developers LTD IOS Apps Download (March 2021)

The best 5 innovative developers ltd applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in March 2021.

Plug for Minecraft #NO1 application download

1 - Plug for Minecraft (Games) Application Download
** Another World first - Now you can also connect Plug to (and host) Minecraft running on other iOS devices, Windows 10 PCs, Xbox One, virtual reality platforms, and other mobile devices. (without anything extra to pay), all with the same Plug commands and features as when hosting on iOS. Just start the world on your other device and then use the App to host that game online! - Host your own server on iOS ...

Plug Pocketmine for Minecraft #NO2 application download

2 - Plug Pocketmine for Minecraft (Games) Application Download
** NO SUBSCRIPTIONS, NO MONTHLY COSTS - EVER :) ** (The credits in the screenshots are to buy pre-made premium worlds, you can create/use your own default worlds for free just like in MCPE) Looking for LuckyBlock. Simple! Just type /plugins install LuckyBlock to install it!! Core updates every few days (from inside the app) to add new features and plugins! Another World first! Plug Pocketmine for Minecr...

Plug for Terraria #NO3 application download

3 - Plug for Terraria (Games) Application Download
Plug for Terraria is a revolutionary new app that lets you add (and keep) any item in your player's inventory. The first app to let you add items to your own inventory in Terarria for iOS. This is not a guide app, or one that only works on the PC version, Plug for Terraria will really let you get any item you like for Terraria on iOS, and keep it forever. Plug For Terraria also provides ALL developer ite...

Plug Toolbox for Minecraft #NO4 application download

4 - Plug Toolbox for Minecraft (Games) Application Download
Get more out of your Minecraft, Plug Toolbox lets you do everything you want and more, get all the Minecraft stuff you need and edit so many settings it will blow your mind! Get the add-ons you need to edit your inventory and world settings (including dev only settings) right from the app with mods that work every time! Want to be as unbreakable as bedrock, need bigger, better weapons or customised spells? ...

WhatCall #NO5 application download

5 - WhatCall (Utilities) Application Download
Simply dial with WhatCall and the person you dial will receive an instant missed call from your number, while you are directed straight to their voicemail without ringing and any possibility of them answering your call. WhatCall helps you avoid returning or making a call when you don't really want to speak to someone, but gives you the excuse and proof that you tried! With WhatCall they'll even receive a ...