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Domus Technica is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Download apps by Domus Technica, including The Wonder Weeks, The Wonder Weeks - Back To You, The Wonder Weeks - Audiobook, The Wonder Weeks: baby monitor, Domus Technica developer wiki coming soon...

Top 5 Domus Technica IOS Apps Download (October 2021)

The best 5 domus technica applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in October 2021.

The Wonder Weeks #NO1 application download

1 - The Wonder Weeks (Health & Fitness) Application Download
The #1 baby app worldwide! Understand why & when your baby suddenly cries more than usual, is not themselves and… what you can do to help. Your baby is suddenly crying all the time, clinging to you, and you ask yourself what is wrong. The good news is that this fussy crying phase is a sign of progress in the brain! Millions of parents have gone before you in following, supporting, and encouraging the ...

The Wonder Weeks - Back To You #NO2 application download

2 - The Wonder Weeks - Back To You (Health & Fitness) Application Download
Recover after your pregnancy – physically and mentally – supported by the world’s best experts. A complete recovery program for every woman who has had a baby. You have so much to deal with now you have a baby… so much has changed from your body to your mind, and you deserve the very best support with that. Personalized for you because every postpartum recovery is unique. With The Wonder Weeks! -...

The Wonder Weeks - Audiobook #NO3 application download

3 - The Wonder Weeks - Audiobook (Health & Fitness) Application Download
This is the AUDIOBOOK version of the book ’The Wonder Weeks', this is not the regular APP! ! - Learn everything about the mental development of your baby HANDS-FREE! - Great for MULTI-TASKING - Contains all INFORMATION from the famous WonderWeeks book (Slight differences with the printed book for recording purposes) Audiobook of—The worldwide bestseller and multiple award winning—The Wonder Weeks....

The Wonder Weeks: baby monitor #NO4 application download

4 - The Wonder Weeks: baby monitor (Health & Fitness) Application Download
With The Wonder Weeks! – Baby monitor you can always hear and see your baby, wherever you are. Safe and with unlimited reach… (Wi-Fi, 3G, 4G / LTE). Including two gifts from us to you to help with your baby’s sleep. A complete library of white noise and sleep music and a full chapter from the best seller The Wonder Weeks! about all the insights into your baby’s sleep behavior. Your baby will sleep q...