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A trump is a playing card which is elevated above its usual rank in trick-taking games. Typically, an entire suit is nominated as a trump suit; these cards then outrank all cards of plain (non-trump) suits. In other contexts, the terms trump card or to trump refers to any sort of action, authority, or policy which automatically prevails over all others.

Top 5 Trumps IOS Apps Download (August 2021)

The best 5 trumps applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in August 2021.

BB改名 預測生男生女 - BigDay2u #NO1 application download

1 - BB改名 預測生男生女 - BigDay2u (Lifestyle) Application Download
親手替自己的孩子取名,意義非凡。 融合三才五格,命理,姓名學等多種方法 ,還有粵語及國語字庫選擇,幫你輕鬆取好名,相信一個好名字是送給寶寶最棒的生日禮物。 內容包括: 起名,解名,預測生男生女,完全免費。

賽馬貼士 - 電腦數據計算 #NO2 application download

2 - 賽馬貼士 - 電腦數據計算 (Sports) Application Download
綜合多種數據 (最佳時間 , 檔位 , 出賽 , 騎師 , 練馬師 , 速勢),由電腦計算出預測結果 !

孕婦飲食 - BigDay2u #NO3 application download

3 - 孕婦飲食 - BigDay2u (Lifestyle) Application Download

AI Basketball Forecast #NO4 application download

4 - AI Basketball Forecast (Sports) Application Download
Basketball Forecast is the use of computer computing and analysis, a variety of data, calculate the player\'s ability to score and defensive ability to predict the results!

搶飛易 (香港) #NO5 application download

5 - 搶飛易 (香港) (Entertainment) Application Download
網上購票時,遇上系統繁忙時,會自動重試進入購票網站。 「全自動」自動重試功能,不斷自動刷新頁面,直至表格出現為止。你可以設定自動重設的頻率,例如 5 秒重試一次之類,這樣就能代替人手「Reload網頁」/「撳F5」的效果。