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PABLO FABRE is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Download apps by PABLO FABRE, including Periodic Table & the Chemistry, Snake Identifier, Learn C Sharp with Unity, Plant by Leaf Identifier, Biology Mission, Spider Scanner, Fish Identifier AI, Chemistry Mission, Learn Math Game, Fruit Identifier, Learn 3D Engineering Design, Horse Identifier, Cat Identifier, Dog Breed Identifier AI, Hummingbird Identifier, Math Mission Wars, Lab Equipment Identifier, Learn C++ Concepts Course, Butterfly Identifier (NA), Resistor Calculator 3-6 Bands, C++ Course with Chatbot AI, Sensors & Modules Identifier, PABLO FABRE developer wiki coming soon...

Top 5 PABLO FABRE IOS Apps Download (April 2021)

The best 5 pablo fabre applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in April 2021.

Periodic Table & the Chemistry #NO1 application download

1 - Periodic Table & the Chemistry (Education) Application Download
Interactive periodic table with dynamic layouts showing names, electrons, oxidation, trend visualization, orbitals, isotopes. Become a Periodic Table Pro 118 Elements. Boiling temperature, Melting, Element Summary, Electron Configuration. Filters and Compund Search.

Snake Identifier #NO2 application download

2 - Snake Identifier (Education) Application Download
Powerful Snake specie Identifier. We believe in protecting snakes. Our app currently identifies more that +178 snake species. Check Support URL to see the snakes that can identify. Our goal is to index all snakes that exist in the world. We are actually in an early stage in development. If you buy this app you will get all future updates and full access for free. The identifier can only identify 178 sn...

Learn C Sharp with Unity #NO3 application download

3 - Learn C Sharp with Unity (Education) Application Download
Learn C # with Unity Learn C Sharp C Sharp and Unity Game Engine Game Development

Plant by Leaf Identifier #NO4 application download

4 - Plant by Leaf Identifier (Utilities) Application Download
The core idea is to identify plants by its leaves. We will work very hard to train our AI to recognize more plants and we will also work on the algorithm. Our mission is to provide the best app that can recognize any tree / plant a titanic mission (due to the quantity of plants). But we will work continuously to achieve this goal and to provide all people tools to protect nature. Our values are to protect...

Biology Mission #NO5 application download

5 - Biology Mission (Education) Application Download
Learn Biology while playing. Travel space and escape from aliens and make them collide with asteroids. Spaceship. 3 Game Mode: Biology Microbiology Biochemistry