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Nadim Choudhury is mobile apps developer company that develop applications for the Android and iOS users. Download apps by Nadim Choudhury, including AccurARcy, Outswipe, NextFlick: Discover Movies, FUTFinder, FUTSE, PRYM: Track & Analyse Workouts, FUT Odds, Ninja: Up N Down, VZN - Scan, send & save, Nadim Choudhury developer wiki coming soon...

Top 5 Nadim Choudhury IOS Apps Download (March 2021)

The best 5 nadim choudhury applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in March 2021.

AccurARcy #NO1 application download

1 - AccurARcy (Games) Application Download
Test your accuracy, judgement and patience to the maximum with AccurARcy - (AR = Augmented Reality). AccurARcy is a one of a kind game/app. Take your aim, calculate and judge the movement of the target and when ready, tap to shoot a bullet and pop the bubble(s) in sight. Easy right? Well.... not so much. The targets spawn in various locations, ranging from close to far, and move around your environment. And...

Outswipe #NO2 application download

2 - Outswipe (Games) Application Download
Think you've got the skills to survive? Then try Outswipe, it's not about collecting coins! It's a simple matter of surviving. Each second you survive your score will increase by 1. As your score increases, so does the speed of the oncoming traffic. Simply, swipe left or right into the other lanes with no traffic to survive.

NextFlick: Discover Movies #NO3 application download

3 - NextFlick: Discover Movies (Entertainment) Application Download
Picture the scene, puns intended. You've got your popcorn ready, your snacks, you're about the watch a movie.... but then, you ask yourself "What movie should I watch?". Then it begins.... wasting hours looking through reviews and trailers, hoping you find something that will interest you? You tell yourself "I really like that one film. Are there anymore like it?". Then you just go down that rabbit-hole of ...

FUTFinder #NO4 application download

4 - FUTFinder (Games) Application Download
FIFA 20 is here! Why not get off the to best start possible, with this amazing simple yet unique FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) Database? Why download and use this FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT 20) Database? Here's a few reasons why: - Search the FIFA 20 Ultimate Team (FUT) Database on your mobile - Check out a player's in-game stats - Check out a player's traits/characteristics - Check out a player's pote...

FUTSE #NO5 application download

5 - FUTSE (Games) Application Download
Every FIFA Ultimate Team player wants the best players, squads, managers etc. But coins are hard to come by, aren't they? But now, that's changed! With this app, you'll dominate and control the FIFA Ultimate Team Market, in terms of trading. Using this app, you WILL learn the following: - How much to sell an item(s) for in order to get all your coins back and even make profit! - Master the art of trading...