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The Best Free Reference IOS Apps Download (October 2021)

The best 10 free reference applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in October 2021.

Google Translate #NO1 application download

1 - Google Translate by Google LLC IOS Application Download
• Text translation: Translate between 108 languages by typing • Offline: Translate with no internet connection (59 languages) • Instant camera translation: Translate text in images instantly by just pointing your camera (94 languages) • Photos: Take or import photos for higher quality translations (90 languages) • Conversations: Translate bilingual conversations on the fly (71 languages) • Handw...

Bible #NO2 application download

2 - Bible by Life.Church IOS Application Download
It’s hard to stay centered on God & His Word. That’s why the free YouVersion Bible App gives you tools to seek God’s heart daily: listen to audio Bibles, create Prayers, study with Friends, explore 2,000+ Bible versions, and much more. Download now! On over 400 million devices around the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the free YouVersion Bible App. 2,000+ Bible version...

Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse #NO3 application download

3 - Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse by iDailybread Co., Limited IOS Application Download
Bible KJV - Daily Bible Verse is a free KJV Bible study tool that people read bible verse of the day, listen to the audio bible - the holy bible king james version, share and learn king james version bible. The holy bible king james version allows you to receive a daily bible verse to get closer to God and learn God’s word without internet access. Free beautiful daily bible verse of the day in KJV transla...

Stats Royale for Clash Royale #NO4 application download

4 - Stats Royale for Clash Royale by Overwolf IOS Application Download
Stats Royale aims to help you win and have more fun in Clash Royale by providing the most accurate statistics possible. - See your personal stats including trophies, win/loss records, etc. - See your upcoming chests - Play custom tournaments - See your trophy progression - See your recent match history - Find the best decks using your card levels! - Find free open tournaments in one click! - See other peop...

Translate Now - Translator #NO5 application download

5 - Translate Now - Translator by Wzp Solutions Lda IOS Application Download
Whether you're traveling to new places or trying to get started learning a new language, thanks to “Translate now”, the language is no longer a barrier to communication. • Voice Translation Speak to translate. Dictate what you want to translate and let the app read out the translation, or read it on your screen. • Camera Translation Translate any pic or text using your camera. Easily translate me...

Night Sky #NO6 application download

6 - Night Sky by iCandi Apps Ltd. IOS Application Download
NIGHT SKY X Celebrating 10 Years of Night Sky! Night Sky is a powerful AR personal planetarium. Quickly identify stars, planets, constellations and satellites above by simply holding your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch to the Night Sky! This is all done magically. Whether you’re looking for a constellation or the International Space Station, let Night Sky direct you to it, then explore the object in AR!...

Ancestry: Your family story #NO7 application download

7 - Ancestry: Your family story by IOS Application Download
Explore who and where you came from through photos, stories, historical records, and so much more. Just take a name and we will help you to discover your family history anytime, anywhere with the top genealogy app*, Ancestry®. Why you’ll love to discover your family story using the Ancestry app: • View your family tree, search and add new family members, upload photos, and share stories - all with jus...

Bible · #NO8 application download

8 - Bible · by IOS Application Download
The most complete Bible app on mobile. More than 1200 Bibles are available, in all languages! Features - Daily Bible reading plan - Audio bible - Read the entire Bible - Keep track of your Bible reading progress - Take notes and put highlights chapter by chapter - Night reading mode - Customize your read screen SUBSCRIPTIONS - You can subscribe for premium account with unlimited bibles and no ads - Subsc...

Merriam-Webster Dictionary #NO9 application download

9 - Merriam-Webster Dictionary by Merriam-Webster, Inc. IOS Application Download
Get America’s most useful and respected dictionary, optimized for your iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch. This is the best iOS app for English language reference, education, and vocabulary building. And now we’ve added new word games! It’s never been more fun to learn new words and test your vocabulary for everyone from English learners to total word nerds. Hundreds of words to test your skills. Offl...

Followers Track for Instagramº #NO10 application download

10 - Followers Track for Instagramº by Wuhan Teluoyi Info&Tech Co., Ltd IOS Application Download
Get deep insights and complete report about your Instagram profiles. You will find the information about: Followings not follow you back. Lost Followers & New Followers. Non-active followers. Not following but like or comment you. Post's best engagement time. Best post and story. Most likes and comments given. ... Discover more in the app yourself. We never upload any user specific information and all dat...

Top Paid Reference Applications Download

The Best Paid Reference IOS Apps Download (October 2021)

The best 10 paid reference applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in October 2021.

e-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go #NO1 application download

1 - e-Sword LT: Bible Study to Go by Rick Meyers IOS Application Download
e-Sword® — the world's most popular PC Bible study software is now available on the world's most advanced mobile operating system! e-Sword LT is the little brother of e-Sword HD for the iPad, but has many of the same powerful features in a slimmer design for the iPhone. e-Sword LT is feature rich and user friendly. As your Biblical library grows you will appreciate the intuitive layout and synchroniz...

WolframAlpha #NO2 application download

2 - WolframAlpha by Wolfram Group LLC IOS Application Download
Use the power of Wolfram's computational intelligence to answer your questions. Building on 30+ years of development led by Stephen Wolfram, Wolfram|Alpha is the world's definitive source for instant expert knowledge and computation. Across thousands of domains—with more continually added—Wolfram|Alpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports for you. Wal...

ACNH Travel Guide #NO3 application download

3 - ACNH Travel Guide by Jeffrey Kuiken IOS Application Download
ACNH Travel Guide is the ultimate companion app for Animal Crossing: New Horizons. It provides you with all the information you need while playing the game, and lets you track your progress as well. This is the most complete companion app you will find. ACNH Travel Guide includes bugs, fish, DIY Recipes, furniture, clothing, fossils, sea creatures, flowers, villagers, wallpapers and floorings, art, songs, ...

CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State #NO4 application download

4 - CCW – Concealed Carry 50 State by Workman Consulting LLC IOS Application Download
This comprehensive app empowers the law-abiding CCW (concealed or open carry permit) holder (or anyone who wants to lawfully transport a firearm in any state.) It gives you direct information needed to follow the maze of arcane, complicated, and dissimilar gun laws in each state and in each situation. Easy-to-use User Interface and Laws & reciprocity updated monthly or more frequently! Join the 200,000+ pe...

Knots 3D #NO5 application download

5 - Knots 3D by Nynix IOS Application Download
Used by arborists, fishermen, firefighters, climbers, military and boy and girl scouts the world over, Knots 3D will quickly teach you how to tie even the most difficult knot! Accolades: - Included in Scouting Magazine's "The Best Scouting Apps of 2016" and "Ultimate List of Scouting Apps" (2014) - Featured in iOS Today, GQ Magazine, Boating Magazine, Guy Harvey Magazine and many other well known print a...

iBird Pro Guide to Birds #NO6 application download

6 - iBird Pro Guide to Birds by Mitch Waite Group IOS Application Download
iBird Pro, the first complete birding app for the iPhone, is now guided by the 2019-2020 American Ornithological Union (AOU) standard and is 100% compatible with iOS 14. Besides including all 967 species of birds of North America, iBird Pro contains databases for four other regions: the United Kingdom, Ireland, Hawaii, and the famous island nation of Palau. And it’s not just a digital field guide; a fasci...

Animated Knots by Grog #NO7 application download

7 - Animated Knots by Grog by Grog LLC IOS Application Download
Learn to tie knots (195+ knots) the fun and easy way from the creators of the web's #1 knot tying site. Animated Knots by Grog is simply the best, most comprehensive teaching & reference app for climbers, boaters, sailors, fishermen, scouts, arborists, search & rescue, surgeons and medical students, paracord enthusiasts & hobbyists. Over 195 Animated Knots tied step-by-step using rope, paracord or other m...

Webster's 1828 Dictionary USA #NO8 application download

8 - Webster's 1828 Dictionary USA by Nasda Studios IOS Application Download
This app is a recreation of the Noah Webster 1828 two-volume dictionary. Its intrinsic value will not only be of great interest to those studying American heritage and Christian studies, but also to writers and those exploring poetry. Noah Websters 1828 American Dictionary contains the greatest number of Biblical definitions given in any reference volume. It is an invaluable resource written when America...

Bartender's Choice Vol. 2 #NO9 application download

9 - Bartender's Choice Vol. 2 by Fancy Free LLC IOS Application Download
From the master bartenders behind New York City's Attaboy, Diamond Reef and Milk & Honey comes Bartender's Choice, the definitive classic cocktail app. Search through hundreds of recipes by spirit, style of drink, or sensation. Ideal for home use or in any establishment wanting to serve better cocktails. Includes tips on ice, garnish, syrups, shaking & stirring. Here's to drinking better!

Language Translator by Mate #NO10 application download

10 - Language Translator by Mate by Twopeople Software IOS Application Download
Mate is an incredibly powerful translator app which is deeply integrated with iOS. It lets you easily translate words, texts and speech anywhere on your iPhone or iPad. It works both online and offline, as well as available in dark and light mode. Mate will have your back with 103 languages. Mate is equally helpful if you're mastering a new language, want to take down a language barrier when going abroad, ...