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AirBrush - Best Photo Editor App Download

Edit your photos to perfection with this fast, powerful, and easy photo editor! Remove pimples, smooth wrinkles, even out skin tone, whiten teeth, and more to get the perfect photo every time.

Near perfect app star rating! Professional results! Easy to use!

AirBrush brings you the most natural, easy-to-use photo editing tools designed to give your photos the perfect aesthetic.

Swipe away pesky imperfections to let your true self shine through your photos.

• Remove acne and blemishes
• Even out skin tone
• Smooth and glowing skin

• Whiten teeth
• Widen or nudge your smile
• Plump up lips

• Brighten eyes
• Look awake and refreshed
• Enlarge eyes

• Expand or slim any facial feature
• Shift position of facial features
• Reduce or enlarge any area of the photo
• Add volume to your hair
• Stretch tool for added height

• Add depth with our blur tool
• Frame your photos with vignettes
• Crop photos with custom or pre-set sizes
• Control color and light

• Dozens of looks
• Themed filters and gorgeous light effects
• New filters always being added

• Directly share your AirBrush photos onto your favorite social media accounts




The AirBrush BLACK is a subscription that provides access to premium tools and filters that are updated monthly. This subscription auto-renews at the end of each term according to the plan subscribed, unless canceled 24-hours in advance. The subscription fee is charged to your iTunes account at confirmation of purchase. You may manage your subscription and turn off auto-renewal by going to your Account Settings after purchase. No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable

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AirBrush - Best Photo Editor App User Reviews & Comments

Outstanding the best all around everything for the priceOk I’ve raved about Lensa which is an outstanding quick selfie touch up tool, but Airbrush matches it and then exceeds it in some other ways. I could only notice Lensa’s background tool and hair color were a tad better. For the price this app gives you everything you need and the effects are outstanding quality. You have more granular control than Lensa. The firm tool to remove crows feet is crazy good. Almost too good lol. As a guy, like Lensa, I’m glad the icon is gender neutral. I wish there was an option in the settings to have the app open in camera mode. Outstanding touchup tool. Please don’t grip about the price. This app gives you a lot for the money and the effects are very good..Version: 4.16.0

It is can’t possible to reach their customer service!!!So I decide to leave my message here. Hello. I’m using your software for couple years. And around 2 years ago I bought a couple of extra functions from your software, by this time you could buy at your app any function separately. A not a long time ago you changed your rules and now members have to pay monthly for service at this app . And I anymore cannot use a function which I bought. Function which I bought looks at my app like it’s available for me , but whenever I try to use it it’s get blocked. Please, can you help me to solve this problem..Version: 4.16.0

Awesome app!I have used a lot of photo editing apps and I have pretty much deleted all of them as I have found this one to be hands down much superior to other “free” apps like this. There are a lot of features and you can really improve your photos using this app. There are some features that you can’t access without paying for the subscription, but you don’t need those unless you want to get super creative and make really big changes to photos. Otherwise I think this app has everything I need and more!.Version: 4.18.1

Lili ReinhartTo restate what Lili said: This is not okay. This is why people develop eating disorders. This is why social media has become hazardous to our health. This is why people have unrealistic expectations of their bodies. If you photoshop your body: you are adding to the problem. We are better than this. Looking “skinnier” on Instagram is not worth the detrimental psychological effects that these photoshopping apps have given our generation. People who use these apps and alter their bodies are clearly suffering from low self esteem, body dysmorphia, or other mental health problems. If we applaud and praise those who photoshop their photos, it’s only encouraging them to continue. And to feel like the only way they will be accepted is if they keep alternating themselves. Once you alleviate yourself of the pressure to conform to FAKE/UNREALISTIC standards...the world is a lot brighter. I promise you..Version: 4.9.11

Very good!Very natural looking filters and variety of editing tools :)! much better than other apps of this nature. only two small critiques on the off chance a developer reads this 1. id like more customization with regard to the makeup filter; sometimes I only want lipstick and don't want the unnatural smoothing of my skin or change in background lighting that happens automatically 2. id like a shadow tool! one where you can move your brush around and it will make it look like the selected area is in a shadow. I don't know how difficult this is to design, but it would be very useful overall, excellent app! i use it all the time :)💗.Version: 4.3.2

I love the app, but...Don’t get me wrong, this is my one of my two favorite editing apps, I use it for all of my pictures that need editing, but I don’t like the subscription. There are a lot of features that I personally wouldn’t use if I did pay $35/year, and I’d only use some of the filters some of the time. Can you make it so that we can still buy everything individually, too? I’ve avoided updating the app for five months on purpose because I don’t like photo editing apps with subscriptions. Other than that, I love the app a lot. Everything works well most of the time and I appreciate it so much. Thank you for your time!.Version: 4.5.2

Utterly shocked by awesome quality of this app...I downloaded this app awhile back, and never ended up using this, I got pretty bored so I figured I’d try it out, and give it a shot... (Usually I’m not that into photo editing apps, most likely because I don’t take that many pictures to begin with, definitely not of myself) and played around with a picture I already had in my camera roll. It’s definitely worth it for the price, currently I’m using the free trial it offers and that’s plenty good enough for me. This apps far better then I could’ve expected 👍😁👍.Version: 4.12.0

💎THE BEST selfie pic touch up editor💎This is absolutely the top notch photo editor for pictures one would like to touch up a bit. It doesn’t have to just be all about “changing the way one looks.” There are so many options; one can make teeth more white, flawlessly. It looks natural because one can build upon how much you choose to lighten. My second favorite feature is the option the blend away an acne blemish. It makes all the difference. There are TONS more beauty touch ups and tools etc. Although some may view controversial, there’s the option the “sculpt” your face in all types of ways, and it looks completely real, absolutely impossible to tell when done right. This applies to every feature I have tried. However, I personally prefer not to reshape or resize my features. Most of them are free, which I sincerely appreciate. I played around with the face sculpt features just for fun, I’m not sure how it can be so seamless. Basically one can touch up a selfie slightly, or change alter lots of features. I’ve been using this app for about 4 years now. I sincerely appreciate the developers providing this app with many free options (the majority) . *THIS DOES NOT REQUIRE A ‘’MEMBERSHIP’ of any sort, and like I said previously, one can use this app and many of its best features entirely free..Version: 4.11.4

BAD- USERS beware - Very disappointing!!!You Use to be able to select a “premium” feature to buy that you want to use. Then they snook a subscription style bs in the update and instead of purchasing a feature you like , you Now have to choose a monthly or annual “plan” for access “to all features” and have to keep paying monthly/yearly for it . What a letdown. Worse, is some of the things once free is now part of “paid subscription”. Was a great app to use, when I wanted to fix a few things. But now that’s ridiculous that they switch to this model and also doesn’t even let you select to purchase just one feature you care to use. Way too many apps out there that you can purchase a feature outright - instead of using an app now trying to milk people monthly for features , and even those that once was freely included in your previous versions smh..Version: 4.2.0

So easy and usefulI think my favorite feature is the makeup. It’s hilarious but I used to hesitate to take and post photos bc it was such a pain to have to stop and apply at least some makeup for the cam. And there are so many options you can literally take a bunch of photos without worrying about getting your makeup “just so,” and apply it with the app. Like ridiculous fun and awesome. It’s literally how I would my makeup but without...actually...doing it. Haha and I am so glad that it’s not like some unrecognizable filtered version of myself lol. Although you can do that too when you want to! I’m amazed at how seamlessly the app is able to apply the changes and make it look totally natural and real..Version: 4.14.0

Great free features, no watermarksI honestly don’t normally do reviews for stuff but I love this app. It’s so easy to use, the most important features to me are free to use, and the free filters are actually really nice. My favorite tool is the acne tool. I don’t even use it for zits that much, but for like removing things like toothpaste dots on the mirror in mirror selfie’s, getting lint bits off a shirt, etc. The best part is even with all the free features, there’s no watermark or anything on your images when you save them. I downloaded this app years ago in a random search for free editing apps and I have kept it ever since. Way better than paid apps..Version: 4.18.4

Amazing!!!!I absolutely love this app! I went to see a friend I hadn’t seen in a long time the other day. We wanted to take a selfie together but, we weren’t exactly looking our best after 4 months of pandemic! We took the picture and added a little make-up (we each required different make-up) and a filter and we were set! Posted it on FB and let our friends know. I think it’s helpful to have this app for impromptu moments that I would like to share but, may not feel comfortable sharing otherwise. Whether I put my make-up on at home or with the help of an app, I’m grateful for both! There are so many amazing filters and make-up looks to choose from! I also have a standard setting that I often you for just me that helps with my trouble spots. I’ve had cystic acne in the past. These days I’m in my 40’s and, although I don’t have the cystic acne to worry with, I do have hormonal acne and very sensitive skin. I don’t always wear make-up or wear very little. It’s nice to know that if I haven’t concealed scars or I’m having a breakout, they don’t have to be front and center of my picture. This app has truly helped me show my face more in pictures!.Version: 4.14.7

Issues with premiumUpdate: I was never able to get ahold of anyone, but after deleting and redownloading the app (which sucked because I lost all my data) it allowed me to use premium features. I loved this app so I bought the premium version for $28 in August of 2020. I use it CONSTANTLY. All of a sudden today when I try to use the premium features it says I don’t have premium. I triple checked my account and it said I purchased premium on August 8th. I tried to send their customer service an email and it keeps saying error so I can’t get ahold of anyone. They recently raised their prices from $28 to $31 but that shouldn’t affect my subscription since I already paid for it. Really terrible customer service and now I have no access to something I paid for..Version: 4.15.3

Great free editing app!I’ve used this app for a long time now, & i’ve got to say for what the app gives you, it’s great!! yes, there are things you have to pay but it’s just extra filters & extra editing things! but you don’t have to purchase those because the app gives you already free options to edit your photos, & it’s the main things you might need! overall i love this app a lot, if you have problems not figuring out how to work the features your trying to use the app gives you videos & pictures SHOWING you how to use them! overall a good 10/10!.Version: 4.15.0

Love filtersI have tried many apps for editing and filters. All of them were difficult to figure out. If I wanted more filters or added editing ability I had to purchase the app and it was always some huge MONTHLY charge. Airbrush is, by far, the easiest to use with the most extras! Tons of filters. One of my favorite things is it’s a once yearly charge AND it’s affordable!!! I love it! Now, I would have given 5 stars, but there is a glitch. After a few minutes working on a photo, the app suddenly shuts down. I have to start all over. It’s pretty frequent, unfortunately. Fix that and zero complaints!!!.Version: 4.14.0

Love It!This is one of my favorite apps! Even if sometimes we may look a little overdone (I say may but it isn’t often because you can choose settings how you want), With the push of a button you can you erase what just happened and try something else! I like that I can reset my beauty preferences when you take a photo originally, I pretty much use all of them except for the satin because sometimes that overdid it and I change the lighten my skin to the darken. Everyone has their own preference. It’s nice that it is easy to use and you don’t have to do a ton because it’s pretty much does it for you and makes you look nice and you don’t look like an alien or like you just had plastic surgery!!.Version: 3.7.6

A Must HaveI want to be fully transparent and first say that I have never used any other type of software like this. But even still, this allows me to correct things with ease. It’s very simple to learn and use. I’m the beginning I took some time playing with it and the different tools. I have shared this with friends and with co-workers. Folks that I introduce to it, LOVE IT! And then they share it. It’s just a wonderful tool to have. I enjoy that it allows me to apply more or less makeup. I generally prefer the lower settings. It’s just more real looking. Overall I’d have to say.... Best. Downloaded. App. Ever. #30sAintSoScaryNow. Haha!.Version: 4.11.3

Awesome!I’ve been looking for over an hour for a new editing app. Simply because the one I was using had the finish button too far in the top right corner and my phone is somewhat messed up and won’t let me tap things in that corner so editing with that app became very difficult. Anyways. This app is SO GOOD I can finally edit in peace without 15,000 ads for premium. I could actually open the app, which was nice. Because I came across TWO editing apps that I couldn’t even try to edit with because I was bombarded with ads as soon as I pressed “get started” Anyways. This is a great app, I highly recommend..Version: 4.12.0

Ok now i must commentThis app just went from great to PHENOMENALLY AWESOME!!!! That new bokeh filter is out of this world amazing!!!!!!! I would suggest that you guys give us the option to erase some of the bokeh in places we might want to some how do that we can fix the edges of the subject how we would like them in the imperfect places. But I must say, I’m a graphic designer and a photographer and to give some of my phone pics an extra boost i edit them in this app. This is by far the best photo editor app out there for iPhone for me! I think y’all are about to get a subscription from me!!!.Version: 3.8.0

#1 Fav editing app :)I can’t explain how much I love this app, normally don’t like to rate apps because I’m too lazy if I’m being honest but airbrush really deserves a good rate. No offense to face tune but I don’t understand how people would rather use that when you can use this instead. Airbrush is my most favorite app to use for editing, the tools are so simple to use and there’s barely any ads. I’ve had this app for maybe two years now, once you get this app you’ll realize how much airbrush just spoils you with everything they have to offer. I would definitely recommend this app ;D.Version: 4.11.3

Love ItI was skeptical about purchasing the full year’s subscription at first. I’m glad I did though, because I find myself using this app alllll the time. If you’re not tech savvy like me and don’t understand all the fancy edits on some of the other editing apps, I definitely recommend Airbrush. It’s easy to use and still has many more functions available that I haven’t tried yet. Airbrush has been amazing. We have been on a three month road trip across America and this app has helped salvage a few pics, therefore preserving our family’s memories..Version: 4.14.5

Started out gr8 but unfortunately as greed has set in,👎hillThis is the best photo editing app and has some awesome features & tools but the costs have gotten out of control. At the beginning you could basically use almost every feature for free. Then I paid for & added the premium subscription (thinking that it would naturally cover each new additional feature and tool within each new update, after all it is the “premium subscription”). But no that wasn’t enough money and so I paid for 2 individual add on much for the premium... Now you have to pay some absorbent amount for the black feature. I paid for the premium, for 2 separate add on features that should have been included within the premium to begin with but as time has gone on I seem to be losing more features than gaining. At the very least my features should remain the same. Seriously if a person started out with this app from the beginning and paid for the premium, paid for all the add on’s and now the black subscription, you would be shelling out enough money to have your photos gold plated. Finally, I would have thought by now that you would have a feature to bring out the color of your eyes more. Like a lot of times unless you have the perfect angle & lighting it’s hard to capture your true eye color. If you have blue eyes, you can make them more blue for example. It doesn’t seem like that would be very difficult to incorporate..Version: 4.11.2

Great appI have tried many different photo editing apps in the past. I would get them and then I would not be able to use any of the features. This app is different!!! Yes, there is an option to do trials and pay for it but I don’t and I still can use so many fetchers. My favorites are the face smoothing, skin tone changer, acne fixer, and the dark under eye fixer along with eye Brighter and enlarger. As you can see those are just some of the things you can do with out having to pay for any extra stuff. Hope this helps you decide to get this. It also lets you keep your own area titled “my kit” to keep your favorite tools..Version: 4.15.4

Charging for practically everything nowThis app used to be great. It offered a ton of great features and editing tools. I started using it ~3 years ago. At that time, nearly every tool was free. Now, they’ve added a ton of additional features, but want to charge for every little thing. I don’t have an issue with paying someone for their work. What bothers me is that it started out entirely free. Now, they want to add all these new tools, which aren’t anything special, and clutter up the UI to the point you have to actually double-check what features you’re using and if they’re paid or not. Just make another app for Christ’s sake. Airbrush is a useful beginner-level app. Nothing more. I’d never use it for anything more than basic editing. With all these added features, they’re clearly trying to make it more of a premier, professional-caliber app, but the problem is that a) you can’t do that just by adding some paid features. b) you can’t do that when the paid features you do add, are subpar. c) They want $32/yr for these subpar features. Got news for the team— there are other apps whose quality and capabilities are miles above AirBrush, and some of those apps are cheaper than $32/yr. Subpar tools for $32/yr or advanced tools for less than that? Yeah, I’m gonna choose the second option.Version: 4.15.2

Perfect--Perfect! Not too noticeable either. Makes it super easy just to wipe out a few of the little "flaws" that only you would notice about yourself anyways! Or, truth be told, if you're too lazy to put on makeup but trying to take a good pic.. you can totally add some light mascara or full blown face-do! I've purchased one then found this one and now I hate the purchased one! Sometimes FREE is the best I guess :)!!!!...this one is so much better!! Flawless!!-or at least that's how you'll be looking in your pics when you use this ;) shh we won't tell!!! But like I said it's not really "faking it" either because it's stupid flaws only we notice about ourself anyways so it just is a confidence booster, or that's how I use it anyways, I've definitely had to wonder to myself if some "gorgeous" people are really just using this app hahah!.Version: 3.7.6

LOVEEEEAirbrush is such a great app for editing and I love it so much! There are some features that you have to pay for but it’s super inexpensive. There are also many many features you don’t have to pay for and I love to use to edit my photos! If you are looking for a great photo editing app that you don’t have to pay for totally get Airbrush!! It has so many great editing tools some are skin color, teeth whiten, smooth, grain, enhance, blur, vignette, and so many more! There are no bugs and everything in the the app is fact and efficient! GET THIS APP!!!.Version: 4.14.6

I love this app!!!This is the best photo editing app have ever tried! It doesn’t make your picture look over edited like most of the photo editing apps do! This one actually helps you adjust those photos that end up making you look like you have some weird flaw that you don’t actually have so you can use this app to make the picture look like you actually look in person without making you look fake like most other photo editing apps do! I typically only use a photo editor bc a picture turns out with something looking weird that doesn’t normally look that way so I use this app to fix that and my pictures can look the way they are supposed to for real without that awful fake look that 99% of these apps make you have! This app is amazing and I download it on every new phone I buy! I truly 100% recommend this app!.Version: 3.8.4

BEST photo editor out thereI'm not HUGE on photo editing apps... mainly because almost every time I've used an app, if you look closely (and sometimes not so close), you can see the photos obviously been edited. I'd rather post true photos then photos you can tell have been edited. But then I tried this app and everything changed. It is AH-MAZING!!! The changes and edits are so subtle and perfect. Of course you can still go overboard, but if you want just little imperfections changed, this app is the best. I use it all the time now and I love it because my photos now look perfect but no one can tell I've even touched them!.Version: 4.5.0

I love it!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I love love love this! Makes me look so beautiful, so easy to just add on some fake makeup when I’m to lazy! Also I love how I can edit how much make up is on so that I can make it look really natural! My boyfriend didn’t even notice when I showed him 🤣😍 my favorite is the eye brightening 🤩. I know it can look super fake but I wear the same exact make up look as the “blushed” look, so it’s a convenient go to when you don’t feel like putting on make up for just a few pictures. I recommend setting it at 20-30 when you use the make up because too much looks super fake, but between 20 and 30 is so natural, you can’t even tell. Also if anyone calls you out for being “fake” just know that you are beautiful, and it’s not a crime to enhance your beauty. Some of us are just too lazy to cake our faces for just a few pictures. This app is perfect for when you aren’t going out and wanna take pictures, or if you go out and you notice ur make up is messy, haha don’t worry your picture isn't ruined😊 need a quick touch up before you post? Hope this was helpful and thanks to the creators 🥳💖🤩.Version: 4.13.0

Great free appThis is a great app, even the free version for making edits on images such as selfies but even works well on my advertisement images for my handmade jewelry line. The more you use it the more ways you figure out how it can assist you for whatever your needs are at that time. One feature I really liked was that when I wanted to try a tool that you need to pay for in order to use, they let you go ahead and use it and if you like the results you can then opt to pay a really inexpensive fee for usage of the pro tool indefinitely. It really came in handy and so far I've only upgraded and bought one additional feature for $1.99 and besides that I've been able to photoshop my pics using the basics that come with the free version. Super easy to use and very self explanatory directions on how to use or apply features to your image. I def recommend this app..Version: 4.14.0

FrustratedI love the App & have been a paying subscriber since the launch and have upgraded throughout your entire growing process. With that being said you’re now going to more then double my annual subscription? Wow that’s quite a leap & an abuse of power. For me it’s not about the money it’s about LOYALTY and apparently we have different meanings of the word. Shouldn’t the membership price stay the same as what you initially signed up for? I realize your rights in the small print but I only have one right and that’s not to subscribe and since I enjoy the App I’m left with no choice. In my world we call the bullying..Version: 4.9.10

AMAZING APPAirbrush is an amazing app and Im so happy i have this app. I definitely recommend this app for people who are just looking for a way to make their photos look better. The main reason why this app sticks out to me is because all things are free. I have been looking around everywhere for a good photo editing app but all those filters cost money. This app has all the amazing filters and they are all for free. All you have to do is download them! And it takes like 5 seconds!! Definite recommend this app for anyone looking for AMAZING filters with no cost.Version: 4.14.7

Great appI really like this app, and the amount of filters is awesome! I am able to do so much that I just can’t find on any other apps. The only problem I have is the reshape tool. Before the update came out, I was able to do very precise edits. For example, I have edited people and legs out of the backgrounds of my pictures. But now, I can barely do anything without it moving everything around it as well. I suppose for some things this is good, but for my personal needs it screws up pictures and really makes things look fake. For example, I’m trying to make my chin look smaller from a side profile, but instead of making my chin smaller, it moves the entire bottom part of my face in. Otherwise, this is one of the best free editing apps I have found. Also it would be cool if I could like take part of the background and copy it onto a different part of the picture, if that makes sense? That would make it easier to cover up people in the background...Version: 4.3.2

Used to love the appAirbrush used to be my to go app to edit my photos for years, it works pretty good, there are a vast selection of tools to work with... Until they release a new version and you lose the packs that you bought in the past. Unfortunately it happened a few times, sometimes I could simply restore them, and sometimes (like now), I can’t restore the purchases that I paid for before they changed the option to pay monthly for all the tools, we had the option to buy them by groups or individual. I bought some but I can’t use them because of this restoration problem, I contacted them this time and didn’t get any response, so that’s the reason I am giving 1 star. Other than that, everything else works spotless. Now I can’t use it to edit my photos with the tools I want and bought in the past because it’s useless to me. Sad sad sad..Version: 4.16.0

Best appProbably the best editing app I’ve used. It’s like a dumb downed photoshop just 10x easier and user friendly. I personally am a big fan of this app because of how easy it is to use. I feel like a lot of the things you can do on this app would take a lot longer on softwares like photoshop. I suggest getting an iPad to you plan on using this app as your main editing tool, it’s just easier to use with a big screen. But if you’re using it just for fun or for when you don’t have time to use photoshop the phone does the job. Definitely will continue to renew this yearly it does magic..Version: 4.14.1

Good App, But...Airbrush is really nice (especially for me: I love to look great in all my photos lol) but there were a few problems I ran into. First and foremost- a LOT of stuff was blocked unless you got premium, and I hate having to spend money on apps. I mean, honestly I would rather take the time to do my makeup then spend money on things I might not use a year later. But if you don’t mind spending a few bucks a month, definitely recommend! Second? The limited stuff. I know that it offers a ton of different filters, makeup, and so on and so forth, but honestly going off of what I said earlier, a lot of it is blocked. Which really only leaves me personally with limited resources. Not fun. Third: the pretty bad makeup filters. For this app, they offer you full faces of makeup for options, but honestly you have to be making a pretty simple face- like a smile, or not even- in order of the makeup to actually go where it’s supposed to. Especially the lipstick. Though I said a lot of downers, I honestly think AirBrush is a great app and photo filter, and I recommend if you’d rather this than spend hours to try and make eyeliner even..Version: 4.18.4

Used to be great...I have had this app for years, but actually just deleted it today due to the “Black” features that you now have to have a subscription for. I was disappointed that some of the features that used to be free are now part of a subscription that you must buy in order to use. Like the magic button used to do everything for you in one click. And now all these new features have been added that you have to buy (if you want the same effect that you used to get for free...). I guess I’ll be finding a new photo editing app now. I just don’t want to pay nearly $30 a year to edit photos for the same effects that used to be free..Version: 4.12.2

Very good for a free appFor me, I only use the free features but I don’t think the special ones are too expensive. I’ve seen ads for other apps that can erase objects completely out of pictures and that would be super nice to have more options in this app, however it is GREAT for touch ups, like smoothing and skin tone and making yourself look less oily. You can also reshape things and whiten you’re teeth. Those are LIFESAVERS, because I edit all my pictures of myself and other people before I send them out to my friends. Very good for what it is, but if you want to use in-app filters, they aren’t very good..Version: 4.11.3

Excellent, always happy to see upgradesBeen using this app for a long while and have always loved it! Happy to see new improvements. Something that would be a helpful feature would be to copy all of the settings that are applied (especially the multiple layers of filters) to easily use on another photo from the same session. It’s tedious to sometimes have 2 or more photos I want to do the same process to and not have a way to duplicate. Otherwise, it’s an all around great app that I do recommend for what it’s worth!.Version: 3.6.2

I’d love the app if it was not greedyI was searching for a great editing app for free and no in app purchases. I found this one. It’s Perfect for editing I love it, but you have to pay around 3 bucks a month. In total $30 a year. It may not seem that much but it kinda is. I have an idea for the developers, either remove premium from some of the items or you have to pay for the app to get it and not have to waste $30 a year for it. Trust me, more people are probably going to buy it for only 6-7 dollars than $3 every month. If you don’t want to do that, would it hurt if you could make the eraser for free. The only reason why I wanted to get this app was because I can erase things in the background but you took the simplest tool and slapped premium on it..Version: 4.16.1

Can’t Reach YouI have been using your app for over a year now and I love it. BUT, it expired about two weeks ago and didn’t automatically re enroll me like I expected. That’s okay, but there was an offer that I saw once and then it disappeared. Since I wanted to check on my account (didn’t believe it had been a year already!) I bypassed it, thinking I’d come right back to it. Well, now I lost it don’t see it anywhere. I tried to email you guys and got a message that you would get back to me, but I haven’t heard from you yet. Thought I’d try over here to see if I can get a response. I’d really like to take you up on your offer, please help! Thank you..Version: 4.13.2

Best of the rest!I can’t say enough about what an amazing app this is. I’ve tried dozens of different apps and not one of them could do or give me the results like Airbrush. It’s easy, loaded with beautiful makeup style face pics to show the look. You’re able to choose what facial feature (brows, eyes, cheeks, lips) you want to enhance or choose to leave as it is, you can sculpt, brighten, blur, erase, firm, crop, hair colors, you can customize your own kit, variety of filters each having several options with a slide scale adjusting the shade that’s complimenting to you. I could go on all day, but if you’re looking for an easy, full service app. Stop searching and hit 'GET' You won’t be disappointed..Version: 4.14.7

App was AMAZING in beginning but be careful & ALWAYS READ AGREEMENT!I got this app when it came out, almost everything was free even though I don’t mind paying for some things, I will not pay for weekly charges. A one time fee is not so bad. I can’t remember if this app is a one time fee or weekly, however I do remember the fee kept going up. The most important part though, the reason I am deleting this app and have deleted many others is because of the “Privacy Policy” that you HAVE to agree to before you can now even access the app. It says you can change it in your settings but if you do not allow them access you may not be allowed to use their services. So please tell me WHY you or any other app needs my privacy information, to give to 3rd parties but you can’t even guarantee that access (if granted) to my privacy is PROTECTED?? Why do you need to create FACIAL RECOGNITION with my pictures & release of my privacy information? That’s as far as I read before I backed out and said NO WAY! I am deleting this app, I haven’t used it in months and I have never agreed to any kind of privacy policy so I hope you guys haven’t been snooping through my info..Version: 4.14.4

I use this every day!Honestly 100% worth it to get pro. I use this all the time and get compliments on my edits all the time. My friends and family ask me to edit their photos for them all the time and I use this app. Honestly this is the best product you can own for quick social media edits. I have the full adobe creative suite and years of photography knowledge and training and use this app on the regular for my personal photos and was referred to this app by my photographer who is also a social media influencer with 357k followers! Since using this app my following has blown up! I can’t recommend it enough!.Version: 4.12.2

My Go-To Editing App!I love AirBrush, I’ve been using it for years now! The free version is great, you still have access to tons of different editing options & if you’re someone who edits a lot, the paid version is even better! 100% worth it & I love the filters in this app wayyy more than any other app. I used to rotate through different apps for editing & filtering but with AirBrush it’s all in one place which is so much more convenient. VSCO & the likes were too complicated for me, while I like editing my photos I’m not a pro nor do I need professional quality editing for my selfies. I just like to adjust here & there, add a filter & be done. This app makes it so easy!!.Version: 4.17.4

New update is so frustratingSo before I went and opened it today, I would 100% have given 5 stars....except I went to hit the magic button like always and it told me that it’s now a premium feature. Which was very now you have to click through everything one by one to try and get the results that you want... which for people who just do it for little things and have loads of time to edit it’s fine go right on ahead...but the only reason that I would use this app was for the “magic” and retouch because honestly who wants to send hours trying to edit photos on end and this app had great free features. Obviously this is just my experience and probably will just get another one or just buy one that’s a one time fee instead of every month. But if your just doing this for fun and don’t mind spending the extra time fixing things, than this will be great for you...sorry that I have to be this person but I really would appreciate if “magic” could go back to being a free feature. Thank you for your consideration..Version: 4.14.3

WAS in love ..I have to say, this app is amazing. Just like every other review it makes editing your photos subtle and simple but you have soooo many options to do so. The issue is that in the last month.... I’ve barely been able to use it. Every time I click to open certain features it just freezes my phone up until I force restart or it crashes the app. This has been nonstop lately, I literally can’t even use the app! And considering I paid for it.... kind of frustrating. PLEASE FIX. 4 starts because it’s amazing otherwise. Hope this gets fixed..Version: 4.3.2

Airbrush is amazing for photo edit!I love all the filters for this new update for one week. Although I wish it was free because just for filters it’s quite expensive... 😬 I do love this app and I think it is very easy and helpful to use to edit your photos to give it a big pop to it I guess you could say. It’s like a easy way to use photoshop since photoshop is confusing and difficult to use if your a beginner. I caught up on how to use this app like the first time I used this app “Airbrush” thanks for inventing this app! I love it! :).Version: 4.0.0

💜It !!!Photography is a hobby of mine . So I try a ton of Apps . This is up in the Tops with me . It always works for me . Always saves my pics and I love how they are constantly coming up with new filters , adjustments, tweaks for the App to keep it fresh and new . That’s how u keep up w the big boys . Thank u for being so great and reliable and not making people look like strangers in the pics when using your Edit options . If I get a new phone I always make sure that i have it . Can’t wait to see what you roll out of it’s next . Suggestions: If you could edit video on here too that would be a game changer . Or add voice or text ..Version: 4.5.0

I use to love it.I used to love this app. I purchased several additional tools when they were available before they turned it into a subscription. Now they have turned into a subscription and one of my tools the “firm” tool which I paid for will not let me save any changes without signing up for the subscription. I went to the developer website to try to submit an email about the bug. But there’s a bug in there developer website that won’t allow me to send that either. It’s frustrating to pay for things and not be able to use them and not have any idea how to contact anyone to get any help. The Subscriptions price now is ridiculous. Maybe if it was $15 for a year it would be worth it and they would get more subscribers. But over $30 is stupid and frustrating..Version: 4.15.4

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 4.18.6

Love itThere are a couple of tools unavailable in in other apps that use such a simple process. I always start with airbrush before exporting to a more advanced program for final touches. Although they are more than ok after being used in airbrush alone..Version: 4.12.2

THE ABSOLUTE BEST PHOTO EDIT APP EVER!I’ve probably used every single photo edit app to edit my photos (only just to primp them up a little if there’s something bugging me, which is majority of the photos I take) this app has so many different options for edits & out of every one I’ve tried this is definitely my top rated!.Version: 4.14.7

MisrepresentationOffers a 7 day free trial for the Pro Black version but charges your account instantly? So where was the trial period where I get to decide if I like it or not before paying, is that not what a trial period is for? Wish I didn’t try to explore the Airbrush Black because $50 non-refundable later, and the original app is perfectly fine. Absolute scam artists who don’t care about their customers especially considering the economy surrounding covid-19 - so disappointed with the customer service..Version: 4.13.1

I use this dailyGreat filters, so many to choose from. I love the slide scale option in filters. Tools and editing is excellent. I actually use this app over PS and others for small corrections. I have the pro subscription & its worth it for all this app does. Prob my fav photo editing app..Version: 4.17.4

New update glitch!Before this update it would randomly close a few times but nothing like this! After updating the app it keeps closing randomly every single time I try and use it. This meansI have to go back and start over. Sometimes when selecting the button that shows the preview of the before edit it won’t show anything. I just did that and it completely removed the image, even when I selected different options the image was still gone. It then closed the app and deleted my progress. Ive been trying for an hour to get this to work. I give up. Really glitchy!!!.Version: 4.6.5

Best editing app there isU can’t beat this app the features are perfect. Please developers add more features like changing hair colour etc be fun. I love the makeup tools I make my photos look natural and turn off eyebrow setting so even more natural. Well done to the creators 🙏🏻.Version: 4.9.3

Amazing.Air brush has smooth tools that makes everything look so dreamy, amazing app Bazzart is really good to cuz anything is possible in Bazzart and with Air brush makes the hd look great love the filters you cant erase thuogh, the app is more for making pictures looking good so get Air Brush and Bazzart they work really good together! Also how do you get the free trail but for a few days? Cuz I’m not paying a bucket of money for a photo editing app, so please tell me..Version: 4.16.1

Have to pay to saveOk 5 stars because I was putting makeup on my friend and I got rid of her mark on her face and put make up and and I finished it I press done and it took me to the shop and I got to the vip but it told me to pay and I didn’t want it and I figured it out I really can just screen shot it.Version: 4.14.0

PLEASE FIXThis app WAS amazing, until the newest update. The beauty magic tool was very helpful, but now, even when you don’t have anything selected, it edits things that you don’t want edited! I took a photo in the sun, and I wanted to use the old beauty magic tool because it worked great, now without anything selected it makes me look like I have grey hairs! I’m 23 years old, I don’t have any grey hairs yet! Please remove this terrible ‘sharpener’ edit from what was an amazing tool!!!!.Version: 4.8.0

Love this app!Enjoying using the filters and the relighting tool on this app specially when doing food photography and the lighting in the restaurant is a bit dim! Also perfect for light image retouching for those days when you didn’t have enough time to get ready!.Version: 4.16.0

Not impressedHave used this app for many years. The magic retouch feature being the easiest & my favourite tool to improve how people look. Then the app started to play up a few months ago. Skin tones & shadows were terrible & I was told to update & it would fix everything. It did!! Except now I have to pay through the nose for nearly every feature that the app uses. The way it works now is not as easy as it was & it is certainly not worth the money Soon another update will have to be upgraded to. I know R&D costs money. Developers need to get paid so you shouldn’t have lured uses into this only to ransom the content. Be upfront. The upgrade information didn’t reveal that the app is useless without paid subscription. It’s a dirty trick to degrade the existing version to force the upgrade. Upgrades are supposed to make things better. Not this one. I would not recommend this app at all to anyone now. You have ruined a once great product. Dissapointed to say the least..Version: 4.17.4

AirbrushI am in love with airbrush!! Great app for editing professional looking photos. Insanely easy to use after a little practice, but would appreciate it if airbrush can make all the tools free. Overall this is the perfect app for editing photos ❤️.Version: 4.15.0

ElleI like this app a lot. The acne tool is probably the best Ive used, the effect filters are many and what is available in the basic (free) version is considerable, especially compared to the majority of other beauty/photo apps. Its worth your while downloading. Its one of the few apps I have had continually rather than do the install uninstall waste of time and data Ive found with so many.Version: 4.5.3

Green eyesI have used you guys for about two years now and have loved it 6 stars. The start of last year towards the end you guys decided that everyone’s eyes should be green ??? Can you put it back to let people’s eyes be the colour that they are and if we want to change them we can. Disappointed.... Funny how you guys will not allow this to be posted with a two star rating let’s see if this one gets posted at 6..Version: 4.11.2

Love this app but....I love this app and purchased a yearly subscription but now this subscription is now called “Black” and the features I purchased originally are now “Premium” - which means I need to buy another subscription? E.g. two weeks ago I could use the sculpt feature on my paid subscription but today it is a premium feature only? Does not make sense..Version: 4.15.4

Absolutely stunning filters!I use this app to filter my photos for my business and they are just stunning! Couldn’t recommend more and this is all on the free app not the pro so I can only imagine what the features include in the pro version!.Version: 4.14.7

So perfect in every way 💯in photo editing apps😊👍🏾👏🏾😘😍I just love this app 😘😘😘👌👍🏾 well worth a 5 star ⭐️ rating been using this app for over a year now and I just cannot fault it works perfectly in editing my pics and there’s no other editing app out there that can match this one none,and this app does an excellent job in editing my pics and I’m 💯satisfied with their editing tools and the app😊and there is no other app I’d use on on pics but this one, however there is one tool that would make this app complete and that would be if the creators who do such a wonderful job with this app 😊👏🏾👍🏾were to add a tool that could minimise or even remove fine lines and if they did that their app would be perfect💯 not that it’s not perfect as is just saying 😊thank you to the Airbrush Team as always you do an excellent job so I’m a very happy customer 😀👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾😘😘😘👍🏾thanks.Version: 3.8.4

ExcellentThis app is fantastic! When my friend showed me it on her iPad, I was guessing it costed like $10. I was putting bets on the cost and then realised I had lost. Free! F-R-E-E! This is an unbelievably great app! I recommend it for everyone, up to 4+. The sad part is, I am witnessing difficulties of my own. The game glitches out every 3-10 minutes. I’m not sure if I’m the only one, but it’s happening. Otherwise, get the app! I don’t mind the glitches, I can live through it!.Version: 3.8.5

Ruined by subscription serviceI’ve been a long user of this app and had an in app purchase feature that I used frequently. I now don’t have access to that edit type “firm” even though I purchased it... I won’t be subscribing and am disappointed existing customers weren’t considered with the update..Version: 4.15.4

Better than Facetune!?!This is actually better then FaceTune and it’s cheaper and it makes your face tuning more natural looking than Facetune, facetune make it look a little more unrealistic and can completely make you look a little plastic in your photos but the app is still good and this app though is basically the cheaper more natural version of Facetune.Version: 4.1.2

Simply Amazing WOW 😀Hello just downloaded this app and I have to say this app is absolutely amazing Wow 😁I've been searching for an app just like this one and I think it's perfect in every way and the one tool that I'm interested in cost 99 cents which isn't a huge amount to pay to have flawless pics and so I'm very satisfied with this app and I just cannot fault it except that you have to pay to use some of the tools but I reckon it's worth it and I reckon The Airbrush Team should be commended for creating such a wonderful perfect photo editing app wow Simply the best thank you 😊 and very deserving of a 5 star rating 😁.Version: 3.4.1

Finally an app that does the lotFor someone like myself who has a head for radio (meaning very un-photogenic) this app makes my photos good enough for me to upload to social media websites. Ok, I’m a paid subscriber, you’ll get the whiners on here saying it should be free of change. I’ll pay the money for something that does what it says.....I’m saying that if the creators of this app would like to throw a couple of months in free of charge I won’t say no. Lol Please note, that I have a stack of apps on my phone, and this is actually the 1st review I have ever written..That's got to mean something.Version: 4.17.4

Easy to use and efficient! Professional results with little effortI’ve just recently purchased airbrush premium and it’s been making my Instagram publishing so much easier! Would recommend to anyone who wants to add some glamour to their day to day photos and wants to achieve something professional with their work account.Version: 4.14.0

Why I rated 4 not 5Listen, I love this app so much. I think all the tools are amazing. However, what I’ve found using this app is that the quality and size of my photo decreases significantly. For example my photo would be 3000 x 2000 but after using your app, it would be 1000 x 800 which is why I have switched from your app to a competitors app. Is there anyway you can fix this and ensure the quality remains intact because I love this app. Thank you so much, and I hope you fix this issue soon..Version: 4.8.2

Best App EVERThis app is honestly the perfect app for editing pics! You can make your pics look so perfect and still very natural looking. You can fix your makeup, fix up your skin, any breakouts you can clear them away, you can make your skin smooth, you can do anything you name and for FREE?!!! can’t get any more perfect..Version: 4.4.0

Free Version- 👌🏼Though many might say that the free version is lacking, I find the current free version is exactly competent for anyone working with photo editing apps- though I believe the full version is worth it for the person who is interested in the photography element! 😁.Version: 4.6.4

Some paid but still has lots of free toolsOverall effective app for light photo adjustments, some of the best features require you to buy the paid version but still lots going for the free version.Version: 4.17.4

I love this soooo much😍But there is one tiny problem I can’t do some things that I want to do. And I cant find where some of the things that I want. But out here then that I love this app so much and it has made my day to fix things that where missing in my photos.😍😍 best app I think that u should 100% get it anyway. Everything I said was what I have trouble with and I don’t think that u would so get this app..Version: 4.14.1

Ease of use and reasonable free applicationsSuch a easy use to upload and save your photos without always getting you to put your card in. Also Kees resolution of photo as original as possible.Version: 4.17.4

Review!! 4.5 stars ratingsThe app is overall such an amazing app. It has practically all the necessities I need to edit the perfect photo!! I use Airbrush all the time. But the only thing I don’t like is that some of the tools are not aloud to be used unless membership. But I get it, you need money to live off it hahaha. Also if there was a sticker (cute blush, fake eyelashes, cute tumblr inspired sticker, etc) and text that can be added into the app’s abilities. But overall, this app is amazing and I totally recommended it to anyone!.Version: 4.11.4

Your purchases don’t last foreverI love this app. It’s got great features. However they constantly change there paid for features. So you might have paid for something at the beginning but that is not valid or restorable as they changed the plan and now that’s part of a new package and you have to pay for that package now.... 😓😓 it’s a waste and features you could use before are now paid only options?!? It’s very distressing. I just want all my previous features to be restored, but since it’s subscription based now I don’t think that will happen..Version: 4.14.2

Purchased features in-app years ago now not freely usable.As the title suggests features I've used for years are now suddenly subscription only, a bit sneaky towards original customers. Clearly, dev getting hard up for sales because this subscription malarkey is not the way to treat customers who originally paid and must not be working. It is also way too expensive, for something you can do in other apps including photoshop. although maybe it's a little harder to do. What I liked here was the simplicity but that’s gone. Time to look for a new app and by doing this it's driven me to find a new one and lose another customer and I found one! With a reasonable one time purchase, totally peachy!.Version: 4.14.2

Bring back Magic and stop adding charges for existing featuresI’ve enjoyed using this app. It was free. My favourite feature was Magic, which came with the App. I even paid a few extra bucks for extra features I wanted. Annoyingly they keep reducing features that were included and now want you to pay a yearly subscription for features you’ve using for ages- such as Magic. They’re adding new features which is great, but the app has lost its value because to use many of them you have to pay the yearly subscription. I’m looking for other alternative apps that won’t charge a subscription fee..Version: 4.13.0

Biggest waste of money, worst app of its kind.Out of all the airbrush photo apps, this is by far the WORST one I have ever come across! Seriously there are much better apps out there that don’t charge anywhere near as much. Save your money and your time and look elsewhere. The people that have given this app 5 stars clearly have never used another photo adjusting app. Don’t get sucked into the 5 star reviews like I did, as these people are either fake or have no idea. Seriously do yourself a favour and go anywhere but here. Thank me later....Version: 4.12.2

Don’t miss the momentI love that I can capture a moment with loved ones without stopping to think oh geez what do I look like because I know I can go back n fix it up later .I like that I can choose who I want to retouch and I love how natural the improvements can be , they don’t look obvious or fake or over the top ..Version: 4.17.1

Awesome appSo easy to use with great features, just wish the dark circles under eyes feature was more powerful, then again maybe I should just get more sleep... highly recommend this app overall.Version: 3.7.6

AmazingI have tried different apps that do a similar thing and they have way less options and vip restrictions, you pay a lot more for less value and this app has everything for free, my photos all look amazing now and I have found the makeup option really handy because I am not really good at makeup 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 3.8.1

What an amazing easy to use appI’ve never gone to an app the specificity write a review on it (unless the company sends me notifications begging me too) but I decided to come here and add a review to the bunch of good ones already here. This app is really easy to use and effective, the ‘free’ features do a very good job of editing photos without having to pay and I must say I’m overall very impressed by this app would recommend to people who like to re-touch photos very simplicity and easily!!.Version: 3.8.4

My #1 appI honestly wouldn’t post a photo to social media without this app it’s perfect and have always subscribed BUT “”the only fault is how expensive the subscription is in the hard times we are facing COVID-19”” other than that it’s perfect.. will change from a 3 to a 5 when you lower the subscription it’s just getting to expensive, Especially given the tough times the world is going through even just $5 monthly for now until times change.Version: 4.13.0

Great app if you can afford the priceCosts around $50 a year for all the features (honestly the free version is pretty good), and you can do wonders with this app. Just don’t feel proud of yourself. This ain’t photoshop work, you’re just cheating while this app does pretty much everything for you..Version: 4.14.4

ᗩᗯEᔕOᗰE!!This editing app is absolutely amazing when you really wanna post a pic with your friend, but you look like a total trash mammal. It's really fun to experiment with different makeup looks (especially on boys).This app is so useful and easy to use. I highly recommend this app for an awesome Instagram post. ~Ruby.Version: 3.8.5

Best app EVER!!!🤩🤩🤩I absolutely love this app. I use it like 20/7. I love making my own cute edits. Great editing technology. The photos that I take and edit are really good and I am able to make them look professional. I would rate this app 100 pot of five if I could. Definitely download this app..Version: 4.11.1

ExcellentGreat features, easy to use, crops easy, wrinkle free if you want, blurs well and edits whilst it takes a phone and also if you want later. Also filters are sensible and highlight tones in a realistic way without making look like a photoshop. And all as promised for FREE.Version: 4.16.0

Good appThis app has worked very well for me and has touched up my photos perfectly. The only complaint so far would be that fact that airbrush constantly lags and will not let me or my friends click particular icons and options which is quite frustrating..Version: 4.5.3

Nice but.........This awesome app had some sweet reviews and it was for free so I downloaded it. It was so nice and worked perfectly until I tried saving my changes. The game came up with a pop-up that said I needed to pay for it. I’m only 12 so I can’t pay for apps and it makes me sad to know that I have to pay for such a good app. 😢😢😭😭.Version: 4.7.3

Better than FaceTune.Thanks to facetune tipping me off 7 times I was led to this amazing app. I want my money facetune! I bought the app 3 times this year but whenever I log off my cloud it’s the only app that doesn’t backup & makes me repurchase..Version: 4.14.7

Pretty good but needs more featuresWould like to have some more features like so you can have you own choice of makeup like lipstick and eyeshadow and eyeliner and contour and foundation and not just in sets other rise everything is pretty good love it 💖.Version: 4.18.1

You now to pay for all the original features, can only use if you have a subscription.I have been using this app for ages and now I have to pay for most of the original features. Not for the added upgrades features. the original feature for example the magic touch that I used it for. You also did not let us know or update us you just did it . The reason people did use you was because you offered more for free. Now this app is no different to face tune. So if you want an app and have to pay . Face- tune now offers more. Instagram offers the same magic touch now for free. Guys only get this if you want to pay but there are better apps for your money..Version: 4.18.5

Absolutely Perfect!There is nothing that I don't like about this app. The airbrush looks mostly realistic, it gets rid of pimples and marks so well, the filters are super cute and easy to use, and even the ads are managed perfectly and are completely un-annoying. If I could give 6 stars I totally would. There are no words to describe how perfect this app it..Version: 3.7.6

Excellent appI use Airbrush all the time to edit my pictures and my favourite feature is the acne feature. It allows me to remove my acne and breakouts and it makes it look perfect. The filters they have are also pretty good although to get all the features and filters you have to pay a subscription, which I don’t do. Even if you don’t there are plenty of high quality options for free 👌🏻🙂 I highly recommend this editing app, it’s the best one out there!.Version: 4.14.3

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AirBrush - Best Photo Editor 4.18.6 Update

Version 4.18.6 (2021-05-05): Ready for your glow up? Try our Hair Dye update, which lets you add a Shine Effect to your hair for more lustrous locks..

Version 4.18.5 (2021-04-08): Ready for your glow up? Try our Hair Dye update, which lets you add a Shine Effect to your hair for more lustrous locks..

Version 4.18.2 (2021-03-16): Presenting Relight 2.0! We've updated our Relight feature to include 3D lighting presets that enhance the brightness, hue and softness of your photos..

Version 4.18.1 (2021-03-01): Get effortlessly flawless skin with our *new* Foundation tool! Conceal wrinkles, blemishes and even out your skin tone in just a few taps..

Version 4.17.4 (2021-02-01): Love is in the air... we've made some bug fixes and performance updates because we adore you! Thanks for using our app. xoxo..

Version 4.17.2 (2021-01-18): We've got that fresh new year feeling! Look out for new tools and bug fixes to edit your photos for a fresh start in 2021..

Version 4.17.1 (2021-01-04): Happy New Year! We've made some bug fixes. Also, make sure to check out our new 'Teeth' feature to Whiten and Align your smile in a tap! Thanks for using our app. We're excited for a new year of beautiful photos with you!.

Version 4.16.1 (2020-12-03): Whether you've been naughty or nice this year, we've made some bug fixes and improvements for you!.

Version 4.16.0 (2020-11-18): The holidays are coming and we've got presents (and eggnog) for you! Introducing our new and improved Sculpt 2.0 feature with enhanced editing and a new free 3D Reshape effect!.

Version 4.15.4 (2020-11-05): Eggnog anyone? ... too soon? We're just very excited for the holiday season! Oh and we've made some bug fixes..

Version 4.15.2 (2020-10-15): NEW and improved Stretch tool! We've enhanced our Stretch feature based on your comments! Now you can stretch your photos not just vertically, but horizontally!.

Version 4.15.1 (2020-10-13): NEW and improved Stretch tool! We've enhanced our Stretch feature based on your comments! Now you can stretch your photos not just vertically, but horizontally!.