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In the near future, the secrets of the universe will be unlocked in the chicken egg. You have decided to get in on the gold rush and sell as many eggs as you can.

Hatch chickens, build hen houses, hire drivers, and commission research to build the most advanced egg farm in the world.

An incremental (clicker) game at its core, Egg, Inc. uses many elements from simulation games that give it a unique feel and play style. Instead of menus, you are presented with crisp and colorful 3D graphics and a delightful simulation of a swarm of chickens. In addition to choosing your investments wisely you must also balance your resources to ensure a smooth running and efficient egg farm.

There is something for everyone here:
Casual players love Egg Inc's laid back feel and beautiful appearance. Take your time to build a wonderful egg farm and explore all the content.

More experienced incremental (clicker) players will love the emergent gameplay and depth afforded by the different play styles needed throughout the game. To reach the ultimate goal of having a ginormous egg farm with an astronomical value, you will need to balance strategies throughout many prestiges to make best use of your time.

- Simple, Casual gameplay with opportunities to challenge yourself
- Chicken swarm!
- Dozens of research items
- Dozens of missions
- Many different hen houses and shipping vehicles
- A "Nested" Prestige system has the game always feeling new
- Wonderful 3D graphics with pixel perfect UI and shadows
- Game Center achievements and leaderboards to compete with your friends and the world!

Egg, Inc. App User Reviews & Comments

Very addictive and interesting!!!Almost none in game ads!!! Literally you decide if you want to see an ad for the money it’s really great you aren’t bombarded with in game micro transactions and like me I’m working almost all day and it’s great because in my free time I can spend like 5 minutes on my break and actually make progress you don’t have to play a lot to actually get stuff done its “you can pick it up and put it down kind of addictive” for example I’m in the top 40% of leaderboards and I play 20 minutes a day and if your like me and have a restrictive schedule it’s a good game. And you can actually get a lot done in a short amount of time it’s good to see that the progress you make isn’t wasted or gone and the more time you put into it the less time it takes to make progress with prestiging your farm and that’s amazing it’s in a ball park of its own of idle games and it’s hands down the best mobile game and the fact that it doesn’t get in the way of your real life activities makes it so much better!.Version: 1.7.4

A Rooster Among ChicksI have a hideously weak spot for idle games, but if you share my weakness, play Egg, Inc.—this one stands out from the pack by far. The sense of progress in the first hour is far and away better than any other idler I’ve played, and the numerous ways to grow the business(shipping, hen capacity, hen hatching, research) keep the fingers and mind busy. The amount of downtime waiting for currency to fill up has been nonexistent a couple of hours into it. They even throw in a mini-game with a minor degree of skill, with the drone hunting. And, should you so choose, you can pour currency into an auto-tap to cut down on the carpal tunnel syndrome. The graphics are simple but beautifully egg-secuted(I’m sorry...I had to), and the screen is pretty free of clutter, to leave room to spot drones and watch hordes of chickens fly from the hatchery. Also, I am notoriously spend-free in these games, but the carrots they dangle look like they offer significant upgrades. They will probably get me to break my rule, for the piggy bank and for the additional silos. Hats off to Auxbrain for making an eggceptional(last one) time sink, one truly worthy of your time..Version: 1.12.2

DEVELOPERS PLEASE READ: Just one problem...Okay, so I wrote a review earlier complaining about silos, but that was when I had just downloaded the game (I had played it years before) and had forgotten about the epic research for silos. HOWEVER, you still only get 4 HOURS of away time. Plus, it takes WAY too long to collect the golden eggs required to get up to that, so you’ll be stuck between 2.5-3 hours during most of your game unless you pay for more silos or pay to crack the piggy bank. The silos have always been my main reason for giving this game only 4 stars, but there is one other thing that bugs me. The game doesn’t send you notifications for the shipping depot. I get annoyed when I come back to the game just to find that my vehicles need to be upgraded. THIS WOULD BE SUCH AN EASY FIX. If you could fix ANYTHING, please fix the shipping depot problem. I ask this mostly because I know it would take a lot of time and effort to fix the silo mechanics, but I think it would be real easy to fix the depot problem. All I ask is to just notify me when my depot needs to be upgraded, just like the hen houses. Otherwise, this is a GREAT GAME..Version: 1.7.7

Changes have made an impact.While I still love this game I can’t look away from the business model that they’ve implemented. With the new boosts you can greatly increase your production of everything which is great but let’s look at one key factor that rubbed me the wrong way. Your piggy bank can become full. What this means is that you have to spend money to crack it open earlier than you want to. I used to be able to get millions of golden eggs with the massive multiplier I had. Now I can’t do that and those receive far fewer golden eggs per paid piggy bank. It’s a nerf that basically sets the tone for the game becoming pay to win. Crack the piggy bank open for $5 once it’s full or you won’t be able to rake in massive amounts of golden eggs so you can buy boosts that last a couple hours at most. Rinse and repeat until you find yourself wondering what on earth you spent $50 on iTunes for. This game is great and I’ll still support it but it’s taken a huge leap into the greed that so many apps are guilty of. It now forces you to choose between paying money a number of times or suffering through hours of play for minimal progress that leaves you only slightly further than where you started. Before you could save a huge amount of golden eggs, break open the bank, and have enough to last you for a month or more depending on how addicted you are. Now not so much. And I think they raised the price to crack open the bank by a dollar..Version: 1.10.2

Shooting Itself in the FootI just spent the better part of five minutes crafting a stellar review for it to be deleted when i texted someone back, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. I enjoy the game, but it is not without it’s problems. The main issue arises when one clicks on an ad. I can’t tell you how many times i’ve watched an ad for the reward not to be given because of a glitch in the game. Sometimes after an ad has played through, the screen will turn black and sort of soft locks. Once the screen is black, I am unable to close the ad and lose my reward because the only way to get out of it is to restart the app. As one could probably guess, this causes anger to the user and has resulted in me watching fewer ads because I don’t want to have to restart the game. I’d love if this were fixed because the game would be just about perfect then. It’s really hard to find games that don’t bombard you with ads, but a game with glitchy ads isn’t much better. I know I have the choice whether to watch them or not, but fixing this issue would incite me to tap on more. Overall, this game is the best of its class. Keep up the good work and please fix this issue..Version: 1.11.6

Great game but has flawsI’ve been playing Egg, Inc. for quite while now and I think it’s great. The main issue I would like to address is the big red chicken run button. When you get to a later stage in the game you can hold it but when you are holding it I accidentally move my finger to point when it stops working a lot. This can be really frustrating since sometimes when using the infinite hatchery boost I don’t look at mine screen for a couple of minutes. Even though the button does become slightly lighter when being held I believe the developers should add some kind of color change or more significant way to tell. Another thing I would like to address are the in-app purchases. I think the upgrading the permit is quite worth it and a great purchase but in my opinion the piggyback isn’t quite worth it. I think perhaps there should be a discount for those with the upgraded permit. The ads are greatly placed and usually a worth while investment. With the new artifacts update there are more things to do which is great but I don’t quite understand the fueling. The fueling requires different egg types and to get those different eggs I believe you have to prestige. I don’t really like that. I think there should perhaps be some kind of egg trading system in place. Where you could trade your current eggs to the ones you need to fuel the rocket. If you could buy them that’s great too. Other then the things I mentioned the game is great..Version: 1.20.1

A Chicken Empire in your PocketGotta say, this game is great, I’ve been playing this for years and it hasn’t gotten old. I just downloaded version 1.10.1 at the time of this review, and after seeing all the cool new things you added, I was also a bit disappointed. For one, you put a cap on the piggy bank, which I’ve been building since I’ve started, and probably got about 30,000 some golden eggs in there before you capped it at I don’t know what. Apparently, it’s got a lot of other people upset in other people’s reviews. Also, the pro silo permit is worth more than before. I get it, though, because you guys really did need some better ways to get money from your players. It’s just a bit sad when developers have to do that. I’ve seen some fun games devolve into cash grabs because of this stuff. There’s a fine line between “pay to win” and “pay to win faster.” Don’t get too greedy, guys! Anyways, if you’re new to the game and are thinking of getting it, don’t hesitate and just get the app. It’s truly a masterpiece, whether you get the premium stuff or not. There’s nothing more satisfying than seeing a horde of chickens running across the screen making you unthinkable amounts of cash. I’ve had a blast playing it, and I don’t plan on stopping. Gotta get that dilithium egg, or whatever it’s called..Version: 1.10.1

CoolI was originally fascinated by the app's graphics, but the app's simple yet complex structure is really what made me keep playing the game (and you get to learn a bit of math-- compounding numbers and percentages). Basically you upgrade your egg and have to rebuild your farm from scratch, but because the egg value is higher once you have upgraded, it takes much less time to get back to your original farm's status. My only two criticisms would be that the "soul eggs" in the app do not seem to offer that much benefit and restarted me to the very beginning, and sometimes it may get a bit boring since you are simply clicking continously while you watch dozens of chickens run across your phone screen. But the app is still enjoyable and has nice graphics, along with drones and "gifts" that give you surprisingly large sums of money. Another plus is that there isn't really an instruction manual, so figuring out everything myself was refreshing compared to the repetitive tutorials that most apps have at the beginning. I would recommend, or at least try it..Version: 1.6.3

Best idle game so far!I can't agree more with a lot of these reviews that are already written but I will emphasize and add. One MASSIVE pro of the game is that all ads are voluntary and for a reward. They do crash sometimes but not very often for me even with an old device. It does get very slow when you get farther into the game and am already experiencing it at the "immortality" egg and the only way to get a fair amount of golden eggs (premium currency for buying boosts and special upgrades) is from watching a video IF it pops up as they are commonly cash rewards instead. Some of the boosts could use more explaining like the "soul mirror" boost which I have still no clue of what use it is. Also, contracts are very difficult and if they have a half decent reward, they are nearly impossible. Drone drops should be increased especially for gold egg drops and I do have a BIG problem with hitting buildings that bring up menus while trying to hit the drone and then exiting out only to find the drone gone. And maybe explain that you are supposed to hit the drones as I didn't even realize till I hit one on accident. Please improve the actual possibility to finish the game without spending like a hundred dollars lol but still, good game and I like that all ads are voluntary. Thank you.Version: 1.12.11

Could be getting 5 starsLike everyone says, this game is very addicting. It even does the job of getting me to spend a buck or two here and there. Normally I don’t like that, but I get that it’s a business. Which is where they miss the mark. Sometimes you get big rewards randomly for no reason, which is awesome! Sometimes you have to watch an ad, which is totally worth it. However, when you’re promised a reward for watching an ad and the ad instead crashes...a’s a little frustrating. Don’t get me wrong—I hate ads, but I so want the reward that comes after. If your ads are crashing and I don’t even get to see them, I would think the companies paying to place those ads wouldn’t appreciate that very much. I definitely recommend looking into this, as it’s frustrating even from a consumer’s perspective. Otherwise, just remove the ads altogether. Also, Farm-to-Table doesn’t seem to work at all. Maybe I’m missing something, but if it doesn’t work, fine. At least give me the ability to cancel out of the camera so I can go back to playing the game. Instead I have to crash the app and reopen it. You should program with error handling in mind..Version: 1.7.6

AMAZING GAMEThis game is totally mind blowing. The first time I got it, I was meh about it, but then I rebirthed a few times and got addicted. So basically, you tap this button (or hold, but if you tap with 6-8 fingers it’s way faster) and you produce hundreds of chickens. It’s a miracle of nature. As the chickens produce, they go into your pens, lay eggs (if you rebirth you get a new egg, being way more valuable), and you get money. With your money, you can buy new pens (max is four) and upgrade them all. The very last pen looks insane, but the highest so far I’ve ever gotten is 1 long house, and three double deckers. One last thing, you are able to buy four delivery vans and those delivery vans can give u crates or newspapers, but maybe there is more loot. That’s the basic concept of the game, and I really admire how real life the game seems. The graphics absolutely incredible, and the animation is magnificent. 20/10 game. (This is all just my opinion, but you don’t have to think the same. Although I would rather you agree with me, because the devs truly deserve it..Version: 1.12.9

Was fun, until...Game is a good time waster if you are waiting at a doctors office or anything of the sort. However it has seemed that the developers have gotten a bit greedy with the game. The co op challenges are impossible to complete with a hand full of people working with you. The tasks seem to max out early in the event. So you are looking at two ! One for the shipping department and one for the actual chicken houses. Even with the 2x ad multiplier the money simply can not build up enough to buy any truck upgrades that ask for 600,000+Q to get one truck. Soon as you do save that much. It’s right back to full capacity in a matter of seconds. This alone sapped the fun out of the co op stuff. As for the solo part of the game, each new egg from each tier is just insane. Going from 22q to 80s then well beyond that to further advance yet the money flow doesn’t match the need for upgrades. So you prestige the living mess out of your game in hopes that you can make a dent. Maybe I’m just over thinking the mechanics of the game. It is fun neither the less. So, go ahead and play it. Just don’t expect any bells and whistles. This is a ‘don’t get out of what you put in’ kind of game..Version: 1.11.1

Very well built idle gameThis game is one of the better idle games I’ve played. I have gone through many different types of idle games and honesty, this is the best modeled one I’ve found. It does have a pay currency called golden eggs. But if you just play the game you can make more then enough to get yeh at you need. I did spend a bit to get the extra silo pack, but you honestly don’t have to have it. Just means I get to be lazy and not check my farm as often. There are ads in the game but they are very few and all optional, I’ve not found a single forced view ad in the game. And if you do chose to view them you always know what your getting. No random you might get this loot box/spin wheel stuff. And for you pay to winners out there that is a option, you can buy boost packs to greatly speed up a lot of things. But yet again everything can be earned in game if you don’t want to do that. I don’t use most of the boost packs honestly, and what few I do, I earn them in game. So if your looking for a fun time killer I’d say this one a shot!.Version: 1.20.4

Fun idle game, but becomes pay to winThis is an excellent idle game, I’ve gotten a lot of entertainment value out of it. The ad system is also the best I’ve seen - the creators did a great job incorporating ads that are not intrusive and actually work really well with the game mechanics. So overall I’ll say this game is definitely worth playing, but be aware you’ll hit a wall (described below). There’s a step up in “difficulty” when you get to the dilithium egg farm. The time it takes to progress beyond this point steps up dramatically, to the extent that you’ll be hard pressed to advance further in any reasonable amount of time without using the pay to win mechanics. I think this is by design, aimed at exploiting the players who are dedicated enough to make it to this stage in the game. I’d expect there’s a drop off in player population the further you get in the game, and I’m sure somebody has done the math to figure out the best moment to ramp up the time it takes to move forward without in-app purchases. After multiple prestiges, using boosts, several weeks of playing daily, etc, I’ve decided to uninstall the game for this reason..Version: 1.12.13

AMAZING time passerI’ve been playing this game for a long time, and am still super happy with it. This game doesn’t require WiFi and is a life saver on long car trips. I would definitely recommend it even just for that reason. I love the design and the way it works, so glad I got this! I’m not entirely sure how the whole contracts thing works yet, but I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it eventually lol. The only thing with the contracts is that my egg was vibrating like it needed to be upgraded, but you can’t do that in contracts, and I couldn’t figure out how to make it go away and it was driving me crazy. It also only has one contact available for me rn and it says it’s impossible-insane. Sorry, but no thanks. Make some contacts that are actually doable, that would be more fun. Also I know most games do this but requiring money for the silos is annoying. Besides all of that, I love this game 😂Thanks for reading and you should SO GET THIS GAME 👍🏻.Version: 1.11.4

Decent but not for everyoneIt’s an ok little game, and a decent way to kill time here and there. It is repetitive which some may find boring if you sit at it too long, and it does get much much harder (to an obnoxious degree) as you get into the higher levels which will cause most players to give up in it a short way into the game. The prestige function barely helps at all. I’m at the point of having to prestige at least ten or more times to make it through just one level, and each time I prestige I have to go back to the very first farm and start the entire game from scratch which as you can imagine is extremely annoying, so there are definitely some major improvements that could be made to the gameplay where this is concerned. This game requires zero thought, zero skill, and zero strategy. It’s just endlessly pushing buttons for tiny slow amounts of leveling progress, BUT if you’re like me and want something to unwind with for a half hour at night before going to bed then this is the game for you. It is completely unstimulating, which actually makes it perfect for relaxation. As a relaxation game I give it 10/10..Version: 1.20.1

Game is good but recent update is underwhelmingI do love this game I think it has an amazing flow of building up your farms and prestiging with a lot of fun newspaper articles and interesting egg types. And I definitely recommend trying it out, however this new update with the artifacts is very poorly designed in my opinion. It starts off good you put a percentage of your rocket eggs towards launching a ship to collect artifacts which give your farm special bonuses. However once multiple egg types are needed to fuel a rocket it starts to become an unfun grind constantly having to prestige to go back to a lower egg type for one rocket. Especially since you can only plan one launch at a time so for 3 multi egg type rockets you would need to prestige 3 times. To improve this I recommend perhaps having a storage depot which carries over farm to farm so you can carry over egg types to other farms, or make it so we can jump back between older farms instead of having to start from scratch again. Or you could just remove the multi egg part and make it so every rocket only needs one egg type. Artifacts feels like it could be a real fun addition but as it stands now it just comes off as an unfun very time consuming grind that halts all other game progression. Still love the game though hope it gets improved in the future.Version: 1.20.1

Amazing Game, Except...I love this game because it is so unique. The eggs are becoming more and more popular as they get more advanced until they make up the entire world, becoming more and more important. I really like the newspaper feature as well, where you can get up to date on the latest egg breakthroughs. Overall I really like how the game scales and the unique features included. However, I think this game has too many features where you have to pay real money. For example, the piggy bank. Every time it fills up with gold eggs you have to pay. I don’t know if the price increases each time you fill it up because I’ve never cracked it open, but at the first level it fills up so quickly, which makes me wonder if people have to pay so often if they crack it open every time it fills up. It’s really hard to get gold eggs if you don’t spend money on the piggy bank. Also, you can only have two silos (which keep your farm running when your not on the app) if you don’t buy the upgraded permit. Whereas if you have the upgraded permit you get to have ten silos, which makes a huge difference, and it’s unfair to people who play the game a lot but don’t pay real money. Two silos don’t last very long when your away from the app. I think this game is great but they really need to make it fairer to people who can’t pay for anything with real money..Version: 1.12.11

Inexplicably enjoyableI’m not sure why, but I can’t quite stop playing this game. There is some sort of inexplicable appeal to sending herds of clucking chickens stampeding across your farm. It’s easy to play for just a few minutes at a time, popping in to to manage your chicken herd, but you can also play it in a clickier way and sit and tap on drones for cash as they zoom across the screen. Some free to play games like this are an exercise in frustration because they lock down resources behind cash payments, but Eggs offers lots of ways to earn resources. Drones can drop in-game cash or gold, watching ads occasionally (not as intrusive as it sounds) can also reward in-game cash or gold, and you occasionally just get packages of in-game cash or gold. So you never hit that wall where you either have to wait hours or spend real money to keep playing. I will say that the mechanics aren’t always well explained, and it took me a little time to figure it out. (At first I didn’t realize I could click drones!) But I’ve caught on as I go and have been having lots of fun..Version: 1.7.1

Rockets ruined this gameBefore the rockets, this game was a 4 or a 5. Now it’s a 2. Once you get to level 3 rockets, you can only fuel up one rocket instead of three. Then you jump to fusion eggs to fill up the rest of the fuel, then you can launch it. When you fuel up your second rocket, you still need rocket fuel eggs, so you have to prestige and start all over again to then launch the second rocket once you reach the rocket egg farm again. Then you fill up another stage 3 rocket with rocket eggs, go to fusion egg farm, rebuild the farm to fill up the other section of eggs, and finally launch your single rocket. You then repeat this process with constant prestige’s to go back and forth to only launch one rocket per prestige. This is ridiculous as the game was already hard, expensive, and long enough to begin with. You’ll never beat this game fairly, or without 100’s of dollars if you want to play “fairly”. It’s is a great game (without the impossible rockets), but it’s not a game worth that much. I guess the developers had to do something to get back at all the time jumpers? Well, they did it with this one. Can’t say I have much more patience for this already long game becoming even more long and difficult. The game went from being fun, to becoming a job. Don’t really care for it much anymore..Version: 1.20.1

Literally the only satisfying clicker/idle gameThere are so many clickers and idle games out there that I couldn’t possibly count them, but this one sticks out. It’s so calm, simple, and just satisfying. I’ve just now started forcing metal eggs outta the bums of my chickens (install for more context) and making a casual $50,000,000,000 a sec. that is what makes a clicker satisfying. Getting upgrades to make money to get more upgrades to make loads more money so on. At this point a trillion dollars is pocket change, and from what I’ve seen I still have many stages and many more upgrades to unlock. Yet another thing that makes a clicker good. Always knowing something is ahead of you, making you want more of it. For example, after increasing the value of your farm enough you can prestige, or as this game calls it unlocking a new egg type. With this new egg you gain more profit, find new tiers of upgrades, and with the increased amounts of money you are able to discover better things you couldn’t afford previously. Although this game has barely any actual gameplay, it somehow could be one of the best games on the App Store, and if not that, it’s most definitely the best clicker/idle game out there..Version: 1.12.13

Perfectly paced idlerI’ve been playing this game for two years, I just never got sick of it and that’s what makes Eggs, Inc. better than other idlers. The concept of an idle game in itself seems pointless on paper until you try them, then they’re addicting- for like a few days at best. The mechanics and features are what you would expect, most idlers have a lot in common so I’m not going to waste time describing everything about it because it’ll take less time to download and learn on your own, that’s part of the appeal, it’s easy. Idle games are easy by definition. Where this one branches off from the others is after those first few days of play, when milestones are harder to achieve and everything slows down. Typically I get bored, forget about it and replace it with a new game. This one keeps you coming back, and not just with the daily gifts (which don’t reset when you miss a day), or the frequent contracts or events. It’s just a nicely tuned game, you always feel like you’re making progress so you always want to open the app again to do more later. Whoever designed it to be paced the way that it is just got it perfectly right I think, plus there are no forced ads- you can occasionally opt to watch one for a free gift if you want. There isn’t anything else I could ask from this game, it’s perfect and simple and I’m sure I’ll still be playing it a year from now..Version: 1.20.1

So Worth ItI downloaded this app about 6 hours ago and have nonstop been playing it since then. This is probably the best app I have ever had. The in app purchases are so worth it. But the thing is, when your Coops or Chicken Houses are full, you have literally no choice but to wait like, 45mins until you can have enough money to get a bigger coop. Also I think the music is really repulsive. When I sold my first farm today, I was pretty exited. But then I sold my next one, and then the next. I started to realize that the whole game is basically that the whole time and I would like for there so be something different. J love earning money and getting new stuff and all, but if I were the game developers, I would do something a little different a each time or make a village type thing where you can play with other people. REAL PEOPLE. Not AI. And each person would get their own type of shop. Some could have fruit, or eggs, or clothes, pet shops, etc. If you are reading this game developers, PLEASE listen to my suggestions. Thanks you so much. - MemeLover..Version: 1.10.1

Very InfuriatingThis game is absolutely sound, however it’s missing two huge things. First off, there is a horrible glitch that has been taking away my golden eggs. The “infinite chickens” tab pops up 1 million times without me doing so and it sometimes automatically picks “buy” so there goes 2 golden eggs every 3 minutes. The other thing this game is missing is flipping mercy when it comes to advancing into the higher numbers. It’s insane , the game forces you to practically prestige 6 times just to get to the Quantum Egg. It’s absolutely nuts how much you have to prestige just in order to get passed the fusion egg , and at that point your either sitting there for days waiting, or really having to commit to the game. Like I said , this would’ve been an awesome game but those two things are major issues that turn me away from the game it’s self. Also, the game practically ends at tachyon egg.. Do your self a favor and just give up at that egg. it is incredibly annoying how hard it is to get past tachyon. I have legitimately prestiged 12 times now and I’m YET to even be in the same ball park as required for the next egg. Absolutely insane. That’s where this game really hits its peak and I have to give up. It’s sad , this was the first app/game I’ve enjoyed since the iPhone 4s..Version: 1.6.1

Bawk Bawk! (What a fantastic game!)Not to long ago, I got my own iPhone 7. Since I didn’t know what games to get that weren’t on my old device (It was a iPod), I just thought of a game that was deleted on the iPod. Before my brother got his own phone, he had a game called Egg Inc. and I never saw him play it. I noticed he deleted it, I just never re-downloaded it. Now, I get this awesome game and I love it! (Now let’s get to the game). When I got this game, I played it for a couple of days and soon, I got bored and stopped playing for a while. Then I saw a in-game notification that told me to prestige, which I didn’t want to do. But when I did, I got better eggs much faster and got cash faster as well! Now, I got to a new egg. I also noticed in the game, when I got more upgrades, the upgrade house thing changed and I thought that was pretty cool (Same thing for the vehicle house). I also am a huge fan of games where you upgrade things and I knew this game would be perfect for me. I hope this game gets amazing updates and makes me want to play it so much more! PS: This game makes me think of what KFC is going to be in the future..Version: 1.6.3

End of an eraI started playing this game about a year ago. I loved and obsessed over it because it was a very simplistic game that didn’t blast you in the face with ads. Over the last few months so many things have been changed to screw over long term players to make their earnings worth less and less and make it even harder for new players to become even slight heavy hitters. From capping piggy banks and having to gall to increase piggy bank and silo license costs to doubling hyper loop station cost to “rebalancing” research so it takes longer to reach goals unless you use a bunch of boosts. BOOSTS, I was against them at first because of how easy time warps were to reach goals but they grew on me and now I enjoy them but this newest update is disgusting. Requiring tokens to use boosts that I already had to pay for is repugnant. The new rebalancing of boosts and research is a slap in the face to players. Lowering the effectiveness of boosts while at the same time in some cases TRIPLING the cost and rebalancing epic research so you need even more golden eggs to complete them! These updates have just been a slowly increasing cash grab while saying it’s in the name of making the game competitive for high level players. I loved this game and have poured too much time and money to sit by and eat this waterlogged sandwich of a game and call it gourmet..Version: 1.12

Just a warning: this game is really addictiveI’ve had this game for about a week and I am not able to stop Playing it. I’m constantly checking back on my farm and I’m always moving two or three times a day to a new type of egg, depending on how much I play it in one day that is. I’m loving how fun and easy it is to play and here’s a small tip: collect all the golden eggs you can and save up to use it on the epic research for the hold to hatch. Trust me, that one will help a lot the more you research it if you want to somewhat “beat” the level and move onto the next level. Also, the little quests make it even more addicting because you’ll want to finish those as quickly as possible due to the rewards you get(almost always golden eggs, which help) and the daily login rewards also help tons . I don’t mind the ads really because the only time they come up is when you want an extra reward, but other than that, I never see any ads. I really do adore this game tons and I’m pretty sure I’ll keep playing until I finish it!.Version: 1.9.2

Great Game, some drawbacksThe overall game is very fun to play, addicting and will make you want to repeat the word “Egg” and “Chickens” until you fall unconscious. All jokes aside, this game is very compelling even though the only story is about eggs. There are many different tasks and stages that will keep you hooked. I’ll give this game extra credit for being a fairly old game (1-2 years I think) and still being very entertaining. Somethings that I like in games but didn’t see in Egg Inc. was the daylight cycle and weather cycle which I think is a fairly important factor to some. It adds a feel of familiarity and diversity to the game. I also think that there should be different locations you could put you farm in by spending egg money or golden eggs. This also just adds customization and creativity which no game can’t go without. But overall I’d give this game a 5 star because of every contributing factor that makes this game great. It beats the minuscule negative factors by a long shot. 10/10 would play for another year. Good job..Version: 1.6.3

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Too greedyIt is super fun. I really really love chickens so I would of given it 500 stars if possible but... it is so trying to scam you out of your money. I would rather have ads every 15 minutes than constantly being ticked off about having to get on every two hours max or else it stops harvesting or at least give you a really expensive Epic research how that increases your max silos by 1 and you can get up to 10 especially since if you log on at morning you can go to school and still have it farm for you. The piggy bank and gold eggs I don't really care about but silos need to be for free and anyways if you offer people a little more chicken money on those ads people will watch them more which equals more moola for you and them 🤗 please people would still log on a lot because you can make it cost like 500 gold eggs to buy the silo epic research which would also get people to BUY more gold eggs or WATCH MORE ADS which equals more moola so it evens the playing field you know please think about what I said and please add more FREE SILOS (which you would still make more money for) PLEASE Warmest Wishes.Version: 1.20.2

Addicting but has Reward BugsI remember when this launched and I had zero interest in it - I picked it up the other day and I’ve been hooked since (even supported developers with in-app purchase I like it so much). This game is truly almost a 5 star game hands down - you can totally grind and play without purchasing a thing if you want, the mechanics are easy to understand and super entertaining to watch and the developers offer plenty of opportunities via watching ads to gain bonuses to help build up your operation. I think the only thing really stopping me from giving the 5 stars it deserves is the *almost* game breaking ad reward bugs I keep encountering. If a 30 second ad is going to play, I’m not going to get the reward for watching it because it’s going to crash. Most of the 15 second ads seem fine however they crash occasionally as well. The only ads I watch that are guaranteed I get the reward from are those ads that are interactive and those go through 100% of the time. I say almost game breaking because while you can most definitely continue to progress, it’s much slower without those ad reward bonuses. I’m going to keep playing because I’ve already bought the silo upgrade but it’s most definitely annoying. Otherwise, get ready to get hooked!.Version: 1.6.3

Fun, mildly infuriating at timesI've only been playing for a couple of days and I've already paid to break my piggy bank open once, where I'm normally a free player in mobile games, so good job there. The graphics, sounds, and music are cute and relaxing. However, I feel like I've run into a brick wall. The beginning of the game moved along quickly enough to get me hooked and keep me engaged, but at this point I've prestiged multiple times and am still nowhere NEAR getting past Tachyon eggs, and epic upgrades are getting increasingly more expensive. I'm willing to toss the devs a couple bucks now and then to break open my piggy bank (not every time it's full, I'm not made of money), but I'm already starting to get bored with having to play through the same farms over and over and over without actually making any progress (i.e. making it to whatever farm comes after Tachyon). Also, hit boxes on drones need to be increased. I almost feel like the game intentionally screws with the hit box on the super fast drones, because I've only been able to hit 2 of them so far in my several days of playing. EVERY TIME when I think I've hit the fast drone, it opens one of the menus because it thinks I've tapped on a building instead. It's not a fun feeling. Come on guys, my fingers aren't THAT fat..Version: 1.12.11

Best idle game out thereLet’s be honest, you’re watching a bunch of chickens endlessly run across the screen. That being said, I cannot seem to stay away from this game. I’ve tried just about every idle game out there (the tappers, the fighters, zombies, mafia, fishing, you name it) and, IMHO, this one is the best. Sure, it’s not the most action packed, but there are no stupid cards to collect to level stuff up or other pointless objectives just to slow down progress; you make money and buy upgrades...that’s it. The developers have also provided daily events, co-op events, drones to shoot down, etc. that give you plenty of opportunities to earn golden eggs, soul/mystical eggs (whatever they are calling them these days) or just extra cash to keep your farm moving forward. You can watch as many or as few ads as you want and go at whatever pace you like. I also like that there are trophies to collect...does give you something more to work toward. I have downloaded and deleted at least 20 other games since I got this one and still come back to this several times a day. So try it; you might be pleasantly surprised, as I was. Only thing that I would really change is the music. I had to turn it off because it just put me to sleep. Need some variety or something with a little more energy. Anyway, kudos to the developers on this I have to get back and unlock my dark matter egg farm..Version: 1.12.12

New updateSo with this new update a lot of things have changed. The good, no more wasting eggs to warp instead you have a number of boost Also it Makes it more customizable with boost. The bad, so start off I have never spent a dime on this game but I was going to buy the eggs in my piggy bank when I reached an amount that I thought was worth real money however, there is now a limit to the piggy bank and since mine is past the cap they set It just locks out at the amount it was before and also it’s $4.99 now not the 2.99 it was before. I wouldn’t mind spending 4.99 if they didn’t have the cap. Now the ugly, to start off the hyper loop is the most ideal mode for transport. And it wasn’t that expensive 20,000 golden eggs what it use to cost. Now not only does the piggy bank have a cap below 52,000 (because that’s what I’m cap at. Not sure of actually amount for cap) now the hyper loop cost 50,000 what an outrage. Just when I was about to construct one they pull this update out the wood works and revamp the game. Overall not a fan of the update but still save able..Version: 1.10.1

New Update is kind of saddeningI always loved this game because of the approach it had towards microtransactions; instead of having only the option of spending hundreds of dollars on preset packs of premium currency (golden eggs), you could get MASSIVE amounts of it just through the simple act of playing the game. The more you played the more your piggy bank filled up, and with enough time and patience you could even get it into the millions. Then you could pay a simple, modest fee of $3 ($1 during one of the very generous discount events) to get this gargantuan amount of golden eggs. That always made me feel happy, as other games would require you to spend upwards of $300 for half of this experience. But now the piggy bank has been capped at 100,000 golden eggs with its price raised to $5, and this feeling of happiness for getting so much for so cheap can no longer be had. I can understand though. It may be that the old system was TOO generous, and wasn’t translating to enough sales. Still though, it’s a sad thing to see something that was so cool and refreshing have to become like everything else..Version: 1.10.2

New update kinda ruins itI’ve played for over a year now and I get it’s supposed to be a grind. But the new update makes the game even more boring and difficult. I have over 100,000,000 soul eggs but I still need a decent amount of help on contracts. I also hate that the new update, it lessened drone frequency and value. I bought all the epic research for them and now they seem useless. I feel like I wasted my time, gold eggs, and money getting the upgrades. If I started this game with this update in effect I for sure would’ve quit playing it a long time ago. The game itself gets boring with the constant repetition of starting over, getting stuck, starting over, etc. And now it’s all about staring at your screen for 30 seconds while you wait for the hatchery to fill up. I definitely think the update ruined the game a little bit for me and they need to up the value in the drones again. To add some type of reward for the hard work, some relief when you’re not making enough. Drones now are disheartening and a disappointment. You’ll also need real money in order to get anywhere in the game..Version: 1.9.1

I love this game!!!I got this game because my mom was playing it. She said it was a good game and that I should try it out. So I did. And it is the most addictive and fun game I have had in my life! It makes sense and doesn't have a TOTAL fictional feel to it, even though it is fictional. I love it. I play this everyday! You should get this app! This app is honestly one of the best apps ever! This is so fun to play and so simple! Anyone can play it and it isn’t like an “I win, you lose” kind of game. There is no winner or loser! You just play and play until you can play no more. I have been playing for about a year now and I haven’t reached the end yet! I’m not even close, and I’m happy because I never want to stop playing this game! There is just ONE thing you can purchase and the game runs great if you don’t so you don’t even need to buy anything. And they give you rewards for watching very short ads. They also give you the option to watch the ad or not. I don’t know about anyone else, but I hate a game with lots of ads where you have to purchase everything for the game to be good. This is the best free game I have EVER played!.Version: 1.7

THIS GAME IS AWSOMEOk. I downloaded this game about 1 week ago, and after 10 minutes of playing it, I was totally hooked. I thought that you would just have one farm and boatloads of upgrades, but I found out that not only do you have a farm, you can sell your farm and switch to a better egg, or prestige! There are also TONS of detail, including shooting down drones! The shaders are AWESOME, and with MINIMAL lag. The only time when I hit below 40FPS is when I spam those chickens. Also, I LOVE the fact that there aren’t ads every 2 seconds. In fact, there are none at all! You also have to manage all types of things from chicken housing to delivery. You also get random gifts and daily gifts. And here’s my favorite part: there is a STORY and it UNRAVELS as you play and build your farm up. The ONLY thing I don’t like about this game is when you leave for an extended period of time(more than 2 hours,) your farm stops. You have to buy more silos using real cash, and you can only get TWO silos without spending any. I personally think this should be changed to like 4 or 5 hours, as it would help out a lot. Conclusion is, that this is one of the best games I have ever played (besides Minecraft)..Version: 1.7.7

Eggciting then a bad yolk.First couple a days, this game is plenty entertaining. Lots of upgrades and different egg types to breeze through. But even on your most basic farm, the way the app is set up, there’s a big ole button at the bottom of the screen. And tapping on it, or holding it, can sometimes trigger your iPhone X’s finger-motion control- causing your phone to suspend the app as if you were switching to a new one. And as you will figure out, continuous tapping or pressing of that button is critical to increasing your chicken clucking bonus. So it’s irritating to be pulled out of the app simply by playing the game. The deva could easily fix this by moving the button higher on the screen. When you get to the graviton-dilithium egg farm, then it really slows down. Of course there are paid options for increasing the number of silos or for boosts that’ll speed things up but I’m not That Committed to Eggs Inc. It seems like, once you hit a certain point you either have to fork over real money or you just have to accept you’re no longer progressing. Yeah sure you could prestige your farm, but you’re starting from scratch, rehashing all the farms you’ve already discovered..Version: 1.11.5

Don’t judge a Game by it’s looksI was playing another game to pass time away when this was one for the ads that popped up. At first I was like “ehhh..let’s see how it goes. It’ll be different, it’s just a bunch of chickens running.” As soon as I downloaded it, I haven’t stopped playing it. It’s been only 3 days since. I hate games where the tutorial is sooo long and this tutorial is literally...2sec, but again the game kinda explains itself. And I love how you can earn rewards without having ads pop up every 5sec, and when watching videos (your choice, it’s optional) you get more rewards. My husband saw me playing this and is now hooked himself. Woke up to him playing it in silent LOL, he’s only been playing for 1 day and he’s already 2 eggs more than me. The games super simple, it’s not super complicated like other games, therefore makes it easy to be addicted to. Another feat I do like also, is whenever you move onto the next stage you start all over again. I think that’s fun, just because it makes you upgrade and you earn more and new rewards with every egg. Therefore, do not let the game cover make you pass on this game. That’s why it’s got 5 stars from 200K reviews. Side note, I dreamt of this game...LOL.Version: 1.12.13

Extremely weird (and awesome)First off, I have some questions. (1) Why chickens? Not ducks, dinosaurs, tanks, even snow plows? Why’d you pick chickens? (2) Why do you have to buy a permit to buy 10 silos? I just don’t get it. (3) Why do trucks and cars honk when you tap them? I’m just curious. Anyways, this is one of the best games I’ve played in a LONG time. 4 years ago, I got geometry dash. 2 years later I hate it. I just listen to the music. 2 years ago, I got ROBLOX. And I don’t like the games anymore, so all I really do is chat w/ my friends. Then like 50 minutes ago I found this, NEVER getting sick of it. And if you complete the game? Why not commit suicide? I mean it’s AWESOME! (I think everybody agrees 😬) this game is also pretty weird like when you get to medical eggs and buy the last building, farm experience? I have no idea what to do with it, but I assume it’s pretty cool. This game has like no pop up ads that annoy the crap out of people, instead it gives you a reward and actually ASKS if you want that ad and get the reward. That’s really cool if you ask me. Please reply to those questions I asked, I REALLY wanna know..Version: 1.7.7

Ms.I was a bit leery about "Eggs, Inc." at first. After reading other reviews, though, they did leave me a bit egg-cited about what was to come with this newly downloaded game. But, after playing several levels and finding out that I wasn't tied down to just one boring farm, and that I could upgrade, depending on how much my farm grossed. I have to say I was SO happy to find out that with all my eggs-tra golden eggs (and STACKS of cash!) I was able to purchase my next farm and was able to assist with projects dealing with rocket fuel, coming from work accomplished by my OWN EGG FARM! After realizing that I could have an eggs-traordinary time during my eggs-tracurricular occasion could eggs-toll the virtues of having an eggs-tended family of my own! You DO have to shoot down drones, which seems to be an eggs-traneous part of the game - possibly they are attempting to eggs-trapolate research information produced by our Egg Scientists on the farm in the research any case they are NOT to be trusted. In any case, I have had no technical problems thus far, and everything runs fairly smooth after one week of playing the game at least once a day. Before I go, I must eggs-press how some folks like me may find this game to be eggs-hilarating and may eggs-pend pent up energy and help you to relax. This may not be the case for everyone, so this is just my opinion..Version: 1.6.1

DEVS READAfter playing for awhile now, I have some very big pet peeves with the game. The way the camera tries to “pull” back when I’m chasing a drone drives me crazy. The hit boxes on the drones need a small increase AND we need the option to toggle touching the buildings (to access the upgrade menu) on and off. I’d rather have it off most of the time when I’m chasing drones. I absolutely can not stand trying to tap a drone and it pulls up the upgrade menu. That was POOR design. Last, give us a small zoom so we can at least see our entire farm. You put these big buildings in the game and we can hardly see some on screen...again, poor design. Now those are my issues with an otherwise 5 star game. One of the best idle games out there, period. Best free model on the market. Fantastic, yet simplistic graphics. Tons and tons of great upgrades. Very high rate of getting golden eggs (gems). A unique CO-OP mode that I have not seen in an idle game myself. Great menus. Very minimal and ALL ads are optional. Makes me wonder why other apps can’t figure out a business model like this. I spent money in this game just to support the devs. That’s how impressed I was with the free model. Anyway, if you like idle games, this is a top tier one..Version: 1.7.7

Eggcellent!I downloaded this game a couple years ago now. I’ve played it on and off. Over the years it’s slowly grown more and more on me. I find myself now checking statuses at least twice a day to refresh my silos and purchase whatever upgrades I can. Recently I was a glitch recipient and ended up with 1200+ of the prophecy eggs and I didn’t know what to do! I started getting this pop-up on my screen asking me to reload a different backup, but I didn’t know why that popping up. Finally, after checking a reddit forum I was informed that the prophecy eggs contract glitched on some people and they had that crazy offer. It was fun to max out everything within seconds, but it did grow after a while. After I used the backup offered (which was just before I finished the tesla contract) I was able to hop back in. Do I miss the power of the prophecy eggs? Sure A little bit. It was nice to be a too contributor to a co-op! Now that I’ve switched back, it’ll be nicer to be a top contributor and having truly earned it! 5-stars for this crazy fun game!.Version: 1.7.7

This game is so fun and addictingI’ve been with this game for about a year and a half and I’m already top 10% on all three of the global leaderboards (2% in farm value) without spending a penny. If I can do it, you can too! There are about 8,360,000 players last I checked. If that doesn’t get you to get the game, maybe this will: they announced a huge update to the game set to release soonish. I cannot wait, personally. This game is great if you have a lot of free time or little to no free time! The only things I’d change is how hard the contracts are. Even with a good crew, you will have trouble getting to the second goal most of the time. It’s not that big of a deal, but when you are trying to grind out golden eggs to afford a hyperloop station, it’s kinda annoying because you really want to complete goals that give you the big golden egg rewards. I understand that it’s suppose to be hard, but if you’re stuck with people that don’t get on often, it’s a hassle..Version: 1.12.13

Not too shabby for an idle game! 👍I’ve literally just downloaded it yesterday (as of written on oct. 30th) and I’m HOOKED! I have lots of money, I’m very satisfied with my crowd of chickens and cash, I love the AR feature where you can put your farm in the middle of your living room ! However, the only slightly annoying bug I’ve run into is with that AR feature. Whenever I try to make the camera go under, or when I was watching an ad, it starts to move with the camera instead of being “locked in place”. I understand that this is most likely the newest feature and is still a work in progress (and in addition to the overall condition and performance of AR itself) but I do think the music could have more pop to it. Other than that, I love your truly creative and addictive game! But alongside that, I do think that the piggy bank feature is a little much, I think it should either be earned for a somewhat complicated goal, or just keep it to buying the exact amount I desire.Version: 1.12.13

Pure HolynessOnce I was a sad poor man. I had no time of joy and excitement. I one day saw an egg. Not a scrambled egg, no, a pure Shelly white egg that made my mouth water. So I bought one at the food market. I placed this egg on my desk one day, and it fell due to my jumping up and down on my bed listening to insanely loud spongebob music. I mourned and suffered at the cracking of my little “eg”. I banged my body against my wall and my tears made the ground break. My sadness lead to me searching on the App Store, “apps to recover your beloved egg” I suddenly saw this app, and I became reborn. My face lit up with joy and the heavenly choir sung as I read the description of this app. I thought to myself: I can make even more eggs!” I was saved by this app and everyday I feel reborn. Thank yuh egg inc for making my universe whole again. I can finally laugh again! Walk again! Talk again! THE EGGS ARE SUPERIOR TO ALL!!! Thank your for your development and your egg-Selent work to make an app pure of holyness which changed my very life. Thank you.Version: 1.10.3

Oh my gosh this is the best!Ok. So what if I am addicted? I just hit the egg Antimatter after Prestiging 5 times! Finally! I love idle games, and puzzles, and the satisfaction of gaining. All rolled in one, this game really has it all for all those idle geeks! (Or if you really just need something to pass the time, BESIDES binge reading Harry Potter or Hunger Games). This game has the best way to give ads, unlike those annoying ones where they pop up randomly and so incredibly unneeded and annoying you just sit there like “:/ Welp.” Also, it’s kind of like a stress reliever, because watching all the chickens appear at the push of a button is very satisfying. This game is very sophisticated with AMAZING graphics. One of the best parts is the fact that you can push multiple buttons at once, unlike many other games where you can only push like two. All I am really hoping for is that you guys can add more eggs because I am getting pretty close to the end, and I hope you do, cuz I just cannot close it! Have a blessed day, and hoped you enjoyed reading my long, drawn out list of unneeded compliments! 😁😅🤪🤗.Version: 1.12.8

I guess I should finally review this...I finally made it to selling Antimatter eggs, after around a year of playing this game. I’ve been prompted by the app a fee times during my progression to leave a review. And I never disliked this game, I just don’t leave reviews. But now, I feel that it deserves my review for how much I’ve played it. Sorry it took so long. If you like incremental games, specifically the type which scales infinitely for the sheer satisfaction of reaching staggeringly high numbers, this is absolutely the scratch to your itch. The gameplay is simple, and the MTX aren’t invasive. You can play this game without spending a dime just by taking it out of your pocket once every few hours, upgrading what you can, and waiting again. However, they have a very clever MTX called the Piggy Bank, and it collects the game’s ‘golden eggs’ (the MTX currency) at a rate of one per upgrade purchased in normal gameplay. You can pay $2.99 to smash it and collect the premium currency, and start the process all over again, with a growing multiplier. After just a few uses, this purchase very rapidly becomes a way to get a massive amount of boosts and upgrades. I essentially pay 2.99 about once every two weeks to play this game, but I’m having fun. Not buggy, and VERY ADDICTIVE..Version: 1.7.6

Unexpected gemMost games have tons of in-app purchases, most of which are for a premium currency that you can’t earn naturally. In this game, literally everything can be earned naturally, including the premium currency, and at ridiculous speeds. The only currency pack anyone need even get would be the piggy bank, which is another blessing from egg inc. that lets players build up a store of premium currency simply from buying the in-app currency upgrades. I’ve gotten to the point where the 20$ gold pack gives 30~K gold, whereas the $5 pack gives me 300K gold. It’s just that good. Besides all that, this game is endless idle fun, revolving around between year-by-year and hour-by-hour check-ins, where you just buy some upgrades for your farm then leave it alone for chickens to make you money. Endless enjoyment of large numbers, just waiting for the next large number to come your way. 10/10 have recommended to friends, will continue to play for a lot more. (Also could the devs upgrade their website? It needs some upgrades for such a good company).Version: 1.12.11

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.20.4

BugsWould be 5 stars as it is one of the best mobile idle games. I just had to take off a star as recently it won’t allow me to watch an ad to get 2x money making or when you get an offer to earn money or gold eggs I’ll try to watch an ad but it will take me back to the game also I wish the difficulty of the contracts were a bit more specific or less vague because I don’t know whether to think if the contract is really easy or really hard as it is very confusing for me.Version: 1.11.1

Great gameReally good game, not much to improve on, although I would like to be able to zoom out on my farm so I am able to see more of it. I get that you can do this in table top view, but that isn’t always convenient as I generally play at night while in bed in the dark. Also can you make it so that if your ‘chicken houses’ are full (same with the trucks shipping eggs), I have found multiple times that I don’t have enough money to buy a new one and would be waiting the two hours to get more money, if you slightly lower the price on these things while they are full to make it easier for players to buy the next upgrade, that would be great. The amount of adds you have are perfect. You have no adds what so ever and when there is an add it is only to get more money, or use an exclusive power boost. Over all great game and I can see how much effort has gone into it..Version: 1.20.2

Ethical game with micropaymentsEgg, Inc. is a wonderful idle game that has a very ethical micropayments scheme. They give you PLENTY of golden eggs so there really is no need to purchase if you have patience. However, if you do want to purchase, they do have a piggy bank mechanic that will “prestige” and offer additional value for a lower price than the medium package of eggs. The value for money is exceptional and they don’t force you to spend heaps of money to progress. Aside from all that, the game itself is fun, they’ve got some nice jokes, they’ve made egg farming interesting, and I love playing. They also offer a co-operative mode where you build a farm to meet targets. Other players farms count toward the factory completion. Overall, a wonderful, fun, ethical idle game. Would definitely recommend..Version: 1.12.11

Calming gameThis game is super duper fun but is also very calming, it's such a chilled game, and it's mechanics are so simple. Egg, Inc.'s story also is fun to look forward too, similar games to this don't have much of a story which makes it boring and I don't really want to come back to the game. Egg, Inc. on the other hand always has he coming back to continue the story and essentially eventually finish the game. I would recommend that you should be able to zoom in and out, and I also think the game becomes a bit slow mid game despite a prestige. Also I was quite annoyed when I got a new phone and I had to restart my entire game and I lost my 1000 golden eggs I was saving up for. Although I was annoyed I was more than happy to restart from the beginning. Would recommend to anyone as again, it's a very simple calming fun game. 4 out of 5 for me :D.Version: 1.6.1

TOTALLY WORTH PLAYING!!This game is by far one of my favourite pass time games to play. I've had it forever now and can always go back to it and pick up where I left off whenever I'm bored. Only problem I've just now encountered, is that I've bought the 10 silos but it's not registering ;-; whenever I click again it says purchase restored but it doesn't appear 😩 hopefully this will be fixed, but it's not a fundamental part of the game. Besides this one flaw, I appreciate how it always continues to get better with upgrades and Prestiging.Version: 1.6.3

😄This games a great game. Don’t ask me why I didn’t give it 5 stars it’s just cause my gut said not five stars but good game. Keep it up and don’t add any stupid updates. Oh and btw I gave it 4 stars cause I’ve been playing for an hour or so and I haven’t gone through a single ad. And if your reading this and you want to get 0 ads 4 free on a no - internet game just put your device on airplane mode and you will get 0 ads Not a scam. I’m serious when I say that. By JJ.Version: 1.7.7

Summer update P1I love your game and have played it for years now, but this update has really put me off playing. The idea of boosts is great but warps are need late game and without them egg inc doesn’t feel like egg inc anymore. Also I know you have to make money but capping the piggy bank at 50k is just plain wrong, maybe 250k at least. Also doubling the hyper loop cost is just annoying for lower egg players and would put them off buying it all together. Please add warps back! Increase the piggy bank and revert the hyper loop cost..Version: 1.10

Amazing gameI used to have this game on my phone before, but then my phone had to have a factory reset. So right after it was done, i went straight to the appstore and got this game again. I knew all the tricks so i got to the fifth egg in a week. I love this game but it has a bug with the low performance mode but other that that, the game is absolutely perfect. You can wait for your main farm to collect money while playing on a contract farm with friends. Amazing game. 10/10. Would definitely recommend to people who dont have too much time on their hands..Version: 1.12.9

Egg, incI would have given five stars but unfortunately about 85 to 90% of the videos don't play. That's very frustrating because it makes it much more difficult to generate earnings. Otherwise it's a great fun, de-stressing, friendly game. I enjoy the contracts, especially the co-ops where we get to play with other people as well. I love the new upgrades, especially the new hyperlink trains and the new more frustrating sticking point with transport and henhouses awful. Thank you :-D.Version: 1.9.1

Still find myself coming back after yearsI feel like I’ve played just about every game in the App Store yet I still feel myself coming back to this little gem. It’s fun, relaxing and honestly pretty rewarding. Ads only pop up if you request them (which I do) and the rewards for watching are good and overall it’s just a real chill game. Give it a go, why not?.Version: 1.12.13

Can never get bored!I LUV Egg Inc. it’s so satisfying! If I get bored on my other games, I know exactly which one to go to then.....THIS ONE! The music is really relaxing and the sounds are 100% awesome! Because there are so many different eggs to unlock I just want to play until I beat the game! There’s not much more to say but GREAT! AWESOME! FANTASTIC! AMAZBALLS! WOO HOO! And good job guys/girls who made this and I’m looking forward to getting Zombie Highway 2, another one of your games! -GamerPaw13.Version: 1.7.6

Tastes like chickenA clicker with an upgradable hold-button-for-clicks feature? Sign me up and bring on the chicken hose. But devs: would be nice if new (great) contract feature allowed the player who set them up to boot freeloaders. Had a few people join and not pitch in, which is a bummer. Or perhaps scale the rewards for no. of soul eggs x the amount you try? That way there’s no fussy admin and you get rewarded for amount of effort? Wouldn’t penalise newer players then. Don’t know how it would work but I’m sure you could put the AI egg onto it. Otherwise, keep up the good work..Version: 1.7.2

Great GameIt’s actually amazing! There’s a cool feature called table pay! And it’s some completely different compared to different games I’ve played in the past. ALSO THE CHICKENS ARE ADORABLE!!! I just wished some of them walked around the screen more and you could zoom close up to them. Or Even press on them so they could make chicken noises! There is an element missing to it.. it kinda gets repetitive. But it’s fun!.Version: 1.12.11

I love this gameYou must play this, it is soooooooo relaxing and addictive to play. My only negative is that you can’t zoom in or out. If you could zoom it would be easier to see the whole farm at once, so you wouldn’t have to move the screen around to find what you want. Also maybe there could be a contract that is always open where you can win the ten silo upgrade?.Version: 1.7.7

Fantastic gameReally well made, I very much enjoyed playing this game through. Developers did a great job making this, I haven't encountered a single glitch and I've been playing for months plus the game never gets old no matter how many times you prestige. Next to no ads and didn't require you to buy the in app purchases to actually create a good farm as some games do and all round great and not money hungry.Version: 1.7.6

Stellar game with support to matchI don’t usually leave reviews but this game and the team behind it are above and beyond. I’ve been playing Egg Inc since soon after launch and it’s the one game that I’ve never deleted, not to mention the one game where I’ve felt the in-app purchases are worth the money while still fairly priced. I recently had an issue where my save didn’t transfer to a new phone due to Game Center issues, two days and a couple of emails later, I got it back exactly as I left it! Granted it might not have been complicated to solve but Auxbrain’s willingness to help and prompt responses put them in a very select class of developers..Version: 1.12.10

Love the game for 2 years until nowI have been playing this game for more than 2 years. The game has recently cashed on my mobile and it has been over a week I've been speaking to support and to no help. I really wish the support team can be a bit more responsive rather than asking questions that do not help solve the issue great game, slow and unhelpful support crew..Version: 1.12.8

Sad.Thank you devs, for taking a well designed game that everyone was happy with and utterly destroying it. Just obliterated. Why? Because you guys got greedy. Now it’s too expensive to play and the discord agrees. Oh and thanks for that ‘full refund’ of golden eggs after you decimated warping, I spent 3 million golden eggs on warping in one year and you guys gave back a stock standard of like 42,000 to everyone regardless of how much they’d actually spent in game. Disgusted and disappointed to say the least, well I hope that new tiny circle of players that have to save for boosts can out pay the massive group of micro transactions you guys had. When capitalism meets gaming, hope it was worth it guys 👍.Version: 1.11.4

So addictiveThis game is my favourite game ever! It is so fun to Prestige your egg and level up. I have only had this for about a week, but it already has taken Minecraft spot at Number 1 (thats a big achievement so congrats 👏🏻) One request though: we should be able to zoom in and out a bit in our farms, mainly because every time I get a bigger “house” it gets harder to see. I think it would make the game a bit easier to control viewing wise. Other than that, this game is PERFECTION and I wouldn’t change anything about it..Version: 1.12.11

Which came first, the chicken or the egg?I like this little egg farm simulator. It’s so endearing to watch a swarm of chickens flocking out of the hatchery and running off to the henhouses, clucking merrily... and it’s much easier to just hold down a button than to hammer away at the screen until your thumb gives out. However, like all idle games, Egg Inc. gets dull after a while, with little to do except hatch more chickens. The graphics are lovely, but not all the buildings fit on the screen. But the most annoying thing is the microtransactions. They’re not cheep - er, I mean cheap... and I’m less inclined to buy them if the prices seem too high..Version: 1.11.6

Very Chill game.This game is ultimately the chillest game in the world. You just need one chicken to produce money and it’s really easy. Levelling up is something but when you have a lot of experience it’s nothing. One thing to fix is when you get out of the menu but it’s easy to get past by clicking another button and clicking the same one again. You should really try this game as all you need is to tap and earn cash..Version: 1.9.2

Addicted!!It has something about it. I don’t get why I enjoy it but I love it. It is very good how they keep your accounts as well! The game is worth it and make sure you are ready to be addicted. The idea of contracts is really good but there should be different contracts for different levels. It would be make the game a little easier which is needed because the game is very hard to complete.Version: 1.11.2

Great game!This game is very good and addicting, but there are a few issues. First, when you get to the tachyon eggs, things start to slow down and get expensive. Second, sometimes when I click to watch a video to get a big reward, the screen turns black for a split second and then I’m back on the Fergie farm and I don’t have my reward! Please fix this bug.Version: 1.9.2

Pretty CoolIt’s fun when you start and you have a goal to go towards. However I think we need more internal hatchery upgrades for less money. Gets pretty grindy just checking in every 3 hours or so just to refill your silos and that’s it. Also more missions. On the last one and other 2 slots are empty. Isn’t something “incredible” but I like that they actually ask for your consent, and that you can actually say no. Maybe not something that big, but appreciated. It’s a good game..Version: 1.12.4

My Favourite GameI’ve been playing this for 2 years now, I’ve enjoyed crushing away time by managing my farm and growing. Definitely not an easy game when it comes to getting to the top but it keeps me going instead of becoming bored easily, the pro permit is definitely worth it and ‘low performance mode’ is perfect for when you want to play for longer. I’d highly recommend to any age looking for a free and fun game, no subscription BS, some cheap and quality prices for game enhancement but is not always needed. I’ve only managed to get half way through all the eggs but I don’t play it as often. If you too enjoy this game make sure to review it like I did.Version: 1.12.11

Initially fun, but then no challenge.The game starts off by drawing you into building your farm and seeing the dollars per second rise rapidly as you expand your coops and research better farming techniques. However, after a while it just gets boring and repetitive as there are no challenges. Other than for spending money on research and upgrading things, there are no other expenditures or challenges to consider such as salaries, power, security etc. If the game wasn’t so easy it would definitely be more fun. Hope to see what comes with the future updates!.Version: 1.6.3

Pretty good, but a couple thingsThis is a very fun, relaxing and addicting game, that is very simple but somehow never boring. A couple of things wrong with this game is that you need more directions for the contracts. It says that it will give you direction, but it doesn’t. Please fix this, because I don’t know whether to start my contract like I normally start my farm or not. Another thing is, if you need to upgrade your vehicles, AND your hen houses, and you don’t have enough money for either, then the game kind of stalls, and all you can do is sit there and get drones or wait for packages. Overall, this is really good game and I advise you get it. I know that it sounds like I hate this game because I’ve spent most of my time talking about some things wrong with this (it’s just in case the developers read this), but this is still a really fun game. You really should get it. P.S- Sorry if this was very long, I didn’t mean for it to be..Version: 1.9.1

I luh ma chickensThis game is so oddly charming and it's amazing. You wouldn't think that just holding down a button would be so enthralling, but it is. I've gotten so emotionally attached to my chickens even though I only get to see them for a fleeting moment as they sprint towards their fast approaching destiny of egg-laying. My mum accused me of running a battery farm and asked a whole bunch of questions about the freedoms I provide my chickens, which was a downer. But I like to believe that they're happy.Version: 1.6.1

Awesome game to pass timeI think that this is an awesome game and I can’t think of any downsides to it. It’s the best way to pass time and watch your farm grow. One of he things I like is when you get the newspapers because I find that it’s fun to read a small paragraph about the other eggs. I was just scrolling down the App Store one day and found this, and it’s really good that I found it because it has become one of my favourite games..Version: 1.12.11

Great FREE Game!Finally there is a game out there where you don’t have to make constant purchases to level up! Rewards are constantly thrown at you and you’re able to progress with enjoyment. Extremely addictive!! Only downloaded this game this morning and haven’t been able to put it down. Many hours of fun and is great for younger children to play also!.Version: 1.12.13

Great Game, few BugsThe game is great, I started playing it 2 days ago and I just can’t get off! Anyway, onto the glitches... in Low Graphics Mode, sometimes the car’s wheels and bumper appear in the middle of the chicken’s path. After you get a new Farm or go to a new Farm... basically just change your current Farm, for some reason the SFX just cuts out. They aren’t game-breaking, more just inconveniences. I would be further ahead with my tapping skills... but... the game keeps thinking I swipe off when I tap really fast....Version: 1.10.1

I just spent 4 hours straight playing this game...I’ve been playing this for over 1 year and apparently I’m in the top 1% of the world. I’m up to the second last farm, with over 12 trillion soul eggs. It’s so addictive and I love watching the chicken swarm and the sounds are really fun too. the worst part is when you max out on upgrades and are forced to prestige so you can continue further but it’s worth it in the end I suppose..Version: 1.12.6

Very good game - prices are a little high thoOverall, this is a very good game and I would recommend trying it. I am very far into the game and haven’t purchased a single thing with real money. A part of this is due the the high prices ($7 for some more offline storage, and many other options are $7 +). If these prices were only a dollar or two, I would have purchased them. Apart from this, I have no complaints with the game at all, great game.Version: 1.10.2

I’ve been playing for a couple yearsI’ve been playing since 2015 and this game has sorta constant updates and the multiplayer aspect is a little underdeveloped but for god sake how do you make a game about chickens multiplayer so overall it’s a really fun game that’ll keep you entertained for a long time and when you start to get the upgrades things will just get faster so yeah 5 stars :).Version: 1.12.8

Worthy of 5 star but the drones need to be improvedThe drones are especially hard to touch the fast ones on A iPhone because you either bump a upgrade station or one of the chunky ui buttons such as buffs and upgrades this should be toggled to switch between interfaces because drones are really a main factor in the game and iPhone users are clearly at a disadvantage. Otherwise very addictive game would be awesome if there were more updates and bigger game changing content. Two factors why I have this a 4 star..Version: 1.12.8

I couldn’t prestige!!!For starters I just want to say this is a great game and I’m not getting mad at the game. I just wanted to say, that during the 2x prestige bonus on the weekend I couldn’t prestige. I don’t know what happened it just wouldn’t let me. The button was there but whenever I clicked it the game just closed itself and I’m sooo mad!!!!! I was just wondering if you could do the 2x prestige bonus again..Version: 1.12.11

Leo Stav’s offical reviewIt’s a big step up from tiny cow and tiny sheep, I played both games for a decent amount of Time and finished both of them in less than a week. Egg, Inc on the other hand has much more things to keep you entertained with, which is a bonus. One downer is that you can’t zoom out, I know that your not supposed to some tappothe drones in harder by when you spent over 3 hours on one egg you want to zoom out and see your entire set up you built..Version: 1.7.7

Very addictive, I absolutely love it.I absolutely love this game, I currently rank top 5% of players and I can say it’s extremely fun despite its incredible simple design, although it’s a nit pick the only downside is the instructions, so for a new player to video games may find it difficult to get the hang of But again that’s just a nitpick, really it’s an awesome game I enjoy the sense of humour (tho wish there was more news letters?) either way 10/10 would rate again..Version: 1.12.11

So addictive!This game has a very funny subject that the player focuses on and is very addictive. When I started this game, I thought this was very well developed. I played for hours on end! I just couldn’t stop playing! The best thing is there is no lag, no ads(unless you want to get a gift), and best of all, it doesn’t heat up your device! I think people should download this game and play on for hours 😂.Version: 1.12.2

Best game I've ever playedThis is an amazing game for all ages. One thing about that I like specifically is the fact that it is free. Normally a lot of the best games cost money but egg inc (nice name by the way) is completely free! Also I love how when you restart a farm you keep your epic upgrades, ten silo deed and piggy bank. My friend suggested this game to me and I thought it wouldn't be as fun as it was. My sister was playing it and I was watching and it looked very boring. But when I downloaded it I realised how addictive it really was. Once you start you can't stop. The generosity in the upgrades, tasks and gifts are a great addition to the game. As is the fact of restarting. But when you get to a certain level, with about 6 quintillion worth and you have to start all over again, it is really frustrating. But that is part of the game. The one thing that annoys me is when you are low on storage for your coops the alert message pops up and you have to click it away every ten seconds! If you could plz make about every five mins? Thank you so much and keep doing what you do Thx Goofy.Version: 1.6.3

Sad there is no team listWould be nice if the challenges had a team list to choose from instead of just making up random names or auto joining also team creators should be able to set a minimum effort requirement as a lot of players don’t contribute to the mission either that or be able to remove freeloaders or have them not receive rewards if they don’t meet a minimum standard but overall not a bad game.Version: 1.12.2

Very Addictive GameGreat game. Hard to put it down. Lots of rewards. You can quickly achieve success, and move onto a new level. A little repetitive when moving to a new level. Basically you start from scratch again. Though the more levels you do, the easier and quicker it is to progress, most of the time. When you get to a higher level, you can "take on a contract" to run another farm as well as your own, but these have a deadline of several days. It is very unclear of what the goal is that you have to achieve to succeed. You don't really know how you are going and what you need to do before your time runs out. This makes it fairly pointless to take on a contract because when it ends, there seems to be no feedback to say why you failed or what you needed to do to succeed. Better to just stick with your own farm..Version: 1.7.7

Very Addictive.I have recently completed this game. (Yes the entire game - every mission and trophy on every egg). I love this game and find it very addicting. I would love to see the creation a new egg somewhere between tachyon and terraform as this is a tough time to pass. I also really really want to see a new egg at the end of the game. After dark matter there is no longer anything to do. Thanks for making an awesome game..Version: 1.6

Amazing Game You Should Definitely Try! (Warning! Spoilers!)This is a great game that is really difficult (I have beaten the game with about 42 billion soul eggs. They are easier to get late game, don’t worry!). The contracts are great, but pretty difficult at first (when you get more soul eggs they get easier). Just a few things that could be improved on: •News for AI/Neubla: There are no news for these eggs. •Exclusive contracts for players below certain eggs/soul eggs: Help them get gold eggs or a few soul eggs. •Better housing than the planet portal: Planet portals get full way too easily, forcing prestiging (If most of your income comes from warping, like me). •Maybe another song to the soundtrack: Don’t get me wrong, I like the game’s soundtrack (It really suits the game!) But gets annoying after a while (I disabled it recently because it was getting on my nerves, put on my own music). I don’t think a soundtrack like Zelda or Castle Crashers would work, just another song to give us back our sanity. Thanks, Chicken Monarch..Version: 1.7.7

More content needed!!So I’ve finished the game....multiple times now!! I’ve prestiged about 15 times it only takes me a few minutes to have the next egg available now. I love the game and still keep playing but more eggs would be great, more trophies, daily tasks, I don’t know what else but it is starting to bore me now I’ve got nothing to work towards anymore. But for newbies great game, calming, addictive, cute definitely get it!!.Version: 1.6.1

Good but some faultsThis game is fun, at first things are easily unlocked and you start earning quickly but as you progress it takes so much longer to work through each egg, The ‘ generous drones’ special event is ridiculous all the drones speed up and thus drastically minimising your chances of catching one The time it takes for your hatchery to refill is crazy It depletes so quickly in the start and then it moves towards the same as soon as you start making chickens later in the game with the increased hold to hatch epic trait, The grain silos are very odd, this is one of the few games I’ve played that don’t keep earning you money and points etc when you’ve left temporarily, And what’s with the piggy bank of gold eggs, for real ?! $8 for ingame gold eggs, that’s just greedy like all these other “ pay to win “ games, you’ve let yourself down with that one y’all.Version: 1.12.2

Eggcelent!First of all, I absolutely adore this game. The music, style, and just the mechanics of this game is so good I can’t stop playing it! One thing I also love is how the newspapers seem like they are creating a story thats based on the eggs that you sell. It would be cool if there was a day and night cycle, showing the days that you’ve started the farm. Plus I’m sure you guys could make it look very pretty as well..Version: 1.10.2

It’s a really fun game!I like this game because it’s fun. I also like it because you can turn off ads without paying money. Honestly... i have never seen a game do that! but... the thing is there is an ad that I have been having and it has lots of guts but the thing is it’s on a family friendly game! So auxbrain if you are seeing this can you please stop that ad.Version: 1.12.13

DodgyI’ve been playing this for over a year and I’ve noticed some unfair tactics used in the game to try to get you to spend more $. Like changing hatching rate and not actually increasing habitat capacity by the stated percentage. 1. Pay attention to the hatching rate. Not the number given to you in the research, but the actual rate of numbers turning in the top left corner. The higher the hatching rate, the faster the numbers rise, right? And those numbers should continue to get faster and faster as your hatching rate increases, right? Nope. For some reason, the speed of the numbers increases and decreases. So despite not increasing the hatching rate or having any running chickens at all, I see chickens are hatching faster one day, then slower the next, then faster again. 2. Watch out for the Tier 9 Common research “Grav Plating”. It’s supposed to increase habitat capacity by 2%. But the actual increase is 1.48%. That means I have to spend more time (or $ if I’m impatient) saving up to slowly increase habitat size. I am not impressed. 😡.Version: 1.6.3

Great game, but...I wanted to send feedback via email but couldn’t find any way to do it. I really enjoy this game, as do my children (though I wasn’t impressed with the most recent update). My main gripe is that some of the advertising is not appropriate for children. I won’t be letting my kids play the game again until I know it’s been removed. Please don’t advertise games rated 18+. I find some of it offensive, and I certainly don’t want my kids to view them..Version: 1.9.1

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Egg, Inc. 1.20.4 Update

Version 1.20.4 (2021-02-16): - Large increases to rewards for challenges, trophies, and daily gifts - Bug fixes.

Version 1.20.3 (2021-02-05): - Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.20.2 (2021-01-29): - Stability improvements and bug fixes.

Version 1.20.1 (2021-01-21): ARTIFACTS IS HERE! At long last, the largest update ever to Egg, Inc! Commission deep space exploration missions to uncover over 100 artifacts from long lost civilizations around the galaxy EXPORE. CRAFT. CUSTOMIZE. Unlock the secrets of the universe..

Version 1.12.13 (2020-11-11): - Addresses ad bugs.

Version 1.12.12 (2020-10-27): - iPhone 12 display bug fix.