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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies App Download

HBO Max is a premium streaming app that combines all of HBO with even more must-see TV series, blockbuster movies, and exclusive Max Originals.

With unlimited access to thousands of hours of entertainment, we’ve got something for everyone in your family. So kick back in your comfiest loungewear and find your next favorite from one of our curated hubs including DC, the Cartoon Network Collection, Classics curated by TCM, Sesame Workshop, and more.

Here’s what’s waiting for you:
• All of HBO with even more critically-acclaimed movies, binge-worthy TV series, and all-new Max Originals
• Bingeable collections hand-picked by our editorial experts—not robots.
• One-of-a-kind kids experience with flexible parental controls.
• HBO Max Hubs devoted to beloved brands including the Adult Swim Collection, the Cartoon Network Collection, Looney Tunes, Studio Ghibli, Classics curated by TCM, Crunchyroll, and more.
• Download episodes and movies to your phone or tablet to watch offline, anytime.
• Up to five viewer profiles with customizable profile images.

Your subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current subscription period. Your iTunes will automatically be charged at the same price for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period. You can manage your subscription and/or turn off auto-renewal by visiting your iTunes Account Settings after purchase.

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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies App User Reviews & Comments

Pretty good content, bad executionThe Good: Solid library of content! From the movies to the original TV shows, there’s a boatload of good stuff to stream. You’ll be especially pleased if you are a DC Comics fan like me. HBOMax offers an impressive collection of movies, animated specials, and TV shows starring various characters from the DC Universe. The Bad: The app itself has some significant interface issues. I won’t list them all, but the worst one is in the ability to pause, rewind, and fast forward streaming contact. If you try to perform any of these functions, the content freezes, causing you to back out, close, and restart the entire app. To make matters worse, restarting the app will often kick whatever program you were watching all the way back to the beginning. The worst part is that I’ve had this same problem on the iPhone, Xbox, and PlayStation compatible apps. It’s frustrating enough that it almost discourages you from using the app at all..Version: 50.8.0

Login issues... Being asked to renew an active subscriptionI love this app as there are great shows and movies included. However, I seem to get logged out or told to renew an active subscription almost daily. It’s quite frustrating that this keeps happening. Then when I make several attempts to log in through my AT&T account, I am taken right back to the same screen to renew. After a few tries of logging in, deleting the app, restarting programs; I am finally able to access the account to watch my shows and this is after a few hours of attempts. Literally by the next day it will happen all over again. If we are subscribed, we should not have to continuously log in from every device every time we want to access HBO Max. I’ve been dealing with this for 2 months and have spoken to AT&T but it sounds like this is HBO’s issue. Please fix this so subscribers do not have to keep dealing with this..Version: 50.10.2

Please add a “start from beginning” buttonWe recently started the streaming service and already are looking as possibly cancelling our subscription due to the inconvenience alone of restarting movies or shows. When we or our little one wants to re-start a show or movie we have to manually press the rewind button on our remote vs a simple “start from beginning button” like Netflix uses. It’s such a hassle to sit there for 10 minutes rewinding for a two hour movie to start again. My 5 year old was helping us take turns holding down the button and the poor kid just wanted to watch Tom and Jerry again ( but you can’t unless you press and hold to rewind otherwise you’ll sit through another hour of credits)Please Install a button to improve the way we can restart shows or movies vs the non existent version. A start from beginning button would definitely make us stay subscribers as this has been the only major problem we have..Version: 50.15

Broken downloads featureFor the most part, this is a decent app. The content is great, of course. Download management is poorly designed. Currently you must click edit, then scroll through your list, X out the download you don’t want, then scroll back up and click Done. It’s a lot of real estate to go through. Secondly, downloads don’t play on their own off of the phone unless the phone is taken off network. So if I have a slow or poor internet connection, shows don’t play immediately or at all, and I suspect that they’re eating data instead of playing off of my phone. Downloads only play well in these circumstances if I set the phone to Airplane mode. Finally, the Renew option doesn’t work. If I click on the exclamation point to renew, I get a dialog to Renew or Cancel. Click on Renew and nothing happens; no shows or movies renew. I can only get them back if I delete and redownload them. Like I said, it’s a decent app, but this part proves to be a frustrating experience..Version: 50.4.0

Watchlist Option/Auto Play?I feel like streaming services, even low budget ones, always have a watchlist option, but I can’t seem to find one. I also can’t seem to find a “Continue to Watch” option either. So I have to go through search or a suggested category in that genre to find what I was watching. Maybe there’s a trick that I need to figure out. Also there doesn’t seem to be Auto Play, which has always been an option in any streaming service I’ve used. I feel like these are basic features of any streaming service, let alone from a large company. All that said, I’m writing this in hopes that I’m missing a step to set my up in a more user friendly way and hoping for some type of suggestion. In regards to their content, I’m happy with it, and excited for what looks to be a good replacement for my Netflix account I closed..Version: 50.8.0

What’s up with the console versionsI love HBO max use it every day I usually fall asleep watching impractical jokers nightly only problem with that is the console version runs so bad more often than not when I’m watching on my ps5 it just randomly stops playing and when I rewind to try and let it buffer a little the bar goes out of whack and starts from the beginning with the bar showing it’s halfway through the show usually I have to reboot the app and that same problem still occurs after only barely watching 1 episode when it comes to my PlayStation I bought to media remote to quickly switch to other apps or games with it but the fact that if I wanna watch anything without issues I have to get my other remote for my tv and go on HBO max on theor that is very inconvenient for me considering I have it on my play station and I use it for everything this has to be fixed asap but I don’t see any effort being put in come on guys.Version: 50.10.2

Excellent content, broken appHow are the HBO Max apps so uniformly terrible on every platform? Surely there exists a template for a functional streaming app. HBO has occasionally done it themselves on their previous apps. This app is just so slow. It constantly freezes, it constantly crashes. It’s more jittery than any of the other major streaming apps. There are delayed responses to my inputs, so my repeated attempts to make something happen result in the app registering a bunch of delayed inputs. I would accept a much simpler app with less features and a plain UI if it would just work. It could be the blandest thing in the world and if it ran smoothly it would be a major improvement and less of a stain on the HBO brand. Please clean this mess up so I don’t have to cancel my HBO Max subscription. It is as slow now as when it was first released, and that has been the case across both new and old devices and on both old and up-to-date operating systems. It is broken on wi-fi, it is broken on cell data. It’s broken on my tv, my desktop, and on all the different kinds of mobile devices in my household. Usually, even when streaming services are performing poorly on my tv, I can count on it being a better experience on iOS. With HBO Max it is even worse. What a waste of an excellent and massive library of content..Version: 50.20.0

Good app but overall needs fixing in audioOverall, I like the app so far like it has variety of films and series to watch, but I feel this app needs to be fixed which is the audio. When I try Chrome casting a film onto the TV, it didn’t give me the option of selecting an audio while playing the film and I feel it needs to be include cause I mean I wanted to enjoy the film with my family of watching it in Spanish. And when I’m not on Chrome cast like I noticed it allows you change the audio either English or Spanish and when I choose Spanish to Chrome cast the film it plays English like what the heck. Also I feel more languages should be added onto this app that way people can understand the film or series however they want. Honestly though I feel the change the audio button should be added while Chrome casting a film onto the Television in my opinion. I’m sorry I have to give a low rating on the star but I feel this app needs to be fix with its audio options..Version: 50.8.0

This shouldn’t be considered “mobile”This streaming service took all of the good shows from other services and made a nice looking interface yet still can’t seem to understand that the app is horrible. The worst thing about this service/app is it uses and extremely large amount of bandwidth so if two or mor people are trying to watch in the same house you will have to spend hours waiting on a show to load which brings me to my next point... THIS APP DOES NOT SUPPORT ANY CELLULAR DATA! If you were expecting to watch some shows or movies on a road trip sorry you can’t this “mobile” app requires a stable wifi connection to even start a show! This app is horrible the only reason that I give it more than one star is because it has good shows and okay movies..Version: 50.8.0

Great idea but poor executionI love the idea of HBO streaming service. Since I’m a Direct TV customer I was even more excited because it’s included for no extra charge. However, I’m very disappointed to find that not only is there a maximum download limit for the entire household of 30 downloads and worst of all it seems like every time you leave the app screen it pauses your downloads. Perhaps it’s just me but even when I leave the app open in the background while I text or check email I go back to the app screen to find everything was paused while I multitasked. The 30 downloads per household maximum, if you are using all 5 profiles, really limits your ability to download much depending on what the other users download for themselves and frankly if the app can’t/won’t download your selections if you leave it open in the background so you can multitask it will take so long for people like myself to download our selections it becomes counterproductive and makes it far quicker and more efficient to simply buy the series you’re interested. I sincerely hope the app improves as time goes on, as I recognize that it is new, because I love the idea but hate the poor execution..Version: 50.0.1

Functionality not quite thereThe app seems to work for the most part, but I don’t like a few things: it seems weird that when I click on something in the continue watching section, there is no way for me to pick another episode from there. It seemed I had to go to the search option to find the show and THEN I could pick the episode I wanted, rather than where I left off (I often fall asleep while it’s on auto play and have to go back.) Also, it keeps giving me the cellular warning over and over, even tho I’ve turned that fiction off in the settings. One time it changed my setting for streaming with cellular data, and wouldn’t play at all until I switched the setting back. So weird. One more comment, why does the iPhone app allow you to jump ahead 15 seconds but the browser version on my computer does not? All in all the app is okay, and I like the extra content as compared to HBO now. But why the separate version of HBO? Just come out with one for goodness sake!.Version: 50.1

No AirPlay SupportThis app doesn’t work consistently with AirPlay (iPhone to AppleTV). Some shows play correctly, but most I’ve tried cut off the video signal as soon as the ads end and the show starts. I hear the audio, but the TV screen goes black. If I turn off screen mirroring, the shows play correctly on my phone. It’s only certain shows/seasons. For example, Search Party seasons 1 & 3 play on the TV, but season 2 is audio only with a black screen. I’ve tried this on both our iPhones, same result. Which, along with only certain shows being affected, tells me it’s the app or something on HBOs end, not something to do with my hardware or network. UPDATE: After trying the app on our various iOS devices, I've identified the common denominator, I think. Downloading seems to be what causes the black screen. I thought I had to download before playing, but that's not the case. Shows play correctly with AirPlay when I just tap play without downloading. For now, the workaround seems to be DO NOT DOWNLOAD..Version: 50.6.0

Terrible Customer ServiceI’ve had my acct since January and everything was fine when I went to renew it in April payment went through all is fine... or so I thought! Try playing several items only to get a blank screen. I called in to customer service first rep tried to repeatedly convince me it was a issue with my internet then rudely disconnected my call. 2nd attempt I call in and get a different rep she actually took the time to investigate the issue tells me I have 2 accounts with my email address so it won’t let me play until I delete one. The problem is I have no clue where the 2nd account came in from as I only made 1. I explain to her several times I have no access to this 2nd account can she cancel so I can enjoy my purchase. She then very annoyed tells me I have to contact the other provider which I am not able to get through since I never made the acct with them. So I’m paying for a streaming account that I can’t cancel or use!!!! This is by far the worst experience I’ve ever had with a streaming service!!!.Version: 50.20.0

Recent release fails on AppleTV applianceWe have been using HBO on our AppleTV appliance for quite a while. It has never been overly impressive for its layout or speed. But within recent weeks after an update, it has become unreliable when trying to watch some of its content. It crashes when trying to launch some content and freezes when trying to exit the service. We noticed some of this behavior last year but it was intermittent. Now there are some program content that will fail and then you need to restart Apple TV to retry (or use content that does not cause the issue). HBO support has not been able to fix this or provide technical advice beyond restart all of your systems. I actually reset my Apple TV in hope it would clear up the issue. HBO support closed my ticket without a good reason. After repeated phone calls they have reopened the ticket and escalated it. But higher level support is email only. Not pleased with HBO in general. But as far as this app goes, if you need it for your Apple TV appliance, I do not recommend.Version: 50.20.0

Pretty GoodJust downloaded this as my subscription was included with my new phone plan. It’s so great so far but I feel like it’s still a bit lacking. Unlike other streaming services the content here isn’t diluted with a bunch of nothing, all the series here look and feel quality. This is especially true considering when browsing the associated channels. However the series amount does seem a bit limited, especially in the horror and international sections. I’d like to see more genres like Mexican soap operas and asian dramas be included. On the topic of genre they have a sizable anime selection so I find it a bit strange that they don’t have that as a category yet. And for viewing series I wish they included a time for the individual episodes so you’d know how long the show is before you start it. Overall great new app and I’m excited to see how it develops..Version: 50.3

Not about the contentHBO has had great content for decades now. However, this new version of the app may add more content and offer the option to continue where left off, other bugs are really mind blowing. Just like the old app, this version is every now and then not playing any sound. The only way to get the sound back is to switch off the TV (existing the app isn’t enough). This isn’t an issue with the TV as the sound works fine for any other app on the TV when it does not for HBO max. Another issue is the fact that when trying to go back after finishing a movie or a show, the app is unendlessly loading. Again, the only option to get out of that loop is to switch apps and reload HBO. The inability to quickly switch to the next episode is showing how far back HBO is on various streaming services. All of that makes me rate the app 2 stars. And, most of that rating is because of the content not the archaic way this app is coded..Version: 50.7.1

Constant crashing on Apple TVStarted a few weeks ago. Captions should come on by default, as they always did before, but now 1. They don’t come on, maybe once out of every 20 reboots, and 2. When they do turn on, they are in Spanish or Portugese, and 3. When I turn them on while watching, the app crashes. I reboot the Apple TV and hope for the best. HBOMax “help” doesn’t address this issue at all, and when I tried to send a message, guess what happened? Yes, the help website crashed. So, no help. It works fine on both iPhone and ipad, btw, so it’s not my network connection or speed. Everything else on Apple TV works fine, including captions. (I’m hearing impaired) and I have un- and reinstalled it, and also reset Apple TV and reloaded from scratch. Hope somebody sees this here, as I have no other options left. Update, a few days later: It suddenly works, so I’m guessing a little update/patch just went out. So it’s either a happy coincidence, or, Thanks, HBO!.Version: 50.20.0

Nov 2020What you had before wasn’t good but it was much better than what you guys did with this new update here we go! Home Screen intro is horrible taking up 80% of the screen displaying content most people do not like or are already watching. Why not make a banner consisting of 25% of the screen with new content did I say new I mean NEW brand NEW. Not Euphoria for Gods sake Euphoria with the girl crying over and over and over again! Show different content from the show not the same face again and again and again makes one hate that show without even watching it. Please be smart don’t fill the whole screen with a 80% poster. You are not convincing people to watch what you want them to watch they are smarter than that. How about categories like 70s, 80s, 90s, blockbusters, Globe Awards, Indies things like that! FOR YOU omg that is so annoying bunch of shows that I would never watch at all let alone select them for MY LIST. Speaking of My List put that first under the 25% New show Banner that’s better. My goodness who do you have working there?? Oh people who don’t use HBO Max app that’s who.....Enough Rant geeez..Version: 50.7.2

Poorly considered app1) Auto Play: you can’t turn it off, it won’t turn itself off. If you fall asleep watching a series, it will play all night. Good lock finding where you left off 2) If you watch a series that is not on your “list,” it’s hard to get back to it without using the search function. “Continue Watching” takes you back to the last episode of the series you finished watching with no apparent pathway to choose an episode from the series. (So from the “continue Watching” menu, if you last watched Episode 5 of a series, it’s easy to rewatch Episode 5, but not so easy to get to episode 6.) 3) The thing I hate about Netflix is that it is hard to find content—there’s so much there that you’re not seeing. Netflix at least tried to cater to your likes, to give a selection based on your viewing preferences, but this basic issue of streaming services was made worse with HBO Max. They seem to offer you some basic selections, and there’s no real education about what’s there. 4) Searching movies by genre is convoluted. The page never loads all the way. It loads 12-15 selections then stops. If I Choose a movie, then back out of that screen, it will load a few more movies, but finding material is a nightmare, the bigger the catalog, the worse the problem. 5) No Roku. I can’t use it in my living room. (As usable as it is.) I can’t believe this is the best effort of one of the biggest media companies on the planet..Version: 50.0.1

Poor UX, disable the auto play commercialsThis is in regards to the Apple TV app: please add the ability to disable the auto play of commercials/previews when browsing the UI. Offering the ability to disable is important b/c the preview playback is poorly implemented. It’s incredibly poor UX to have a commercial blast audio through my speakers when the content playing isn’t even visible (let alone selected/in focus) on screen. I could be browsing through the catalog, and whatever content is “featured” at the top starts playing a preview. But what’s even more egregious is that the app resets the volume level every time you return to the main page. I use a stereo pair of HomePods for my speakers with Apple TV (so I can’t mute or adjust the volume using my TV or another 3rd party stereo system). So when combined with the issue above, I can have my HomePod volume set to low/mute, and merely loading the main HBO Max app screen cranks the volume up to play whatever preview is at the top. You can even see the volume UI from Apple TV appear on screen. This volume reset behavior does not occur in any other app. Fix this!!!.Version: 50.20.0

Cost is way too much for an App that doesn’t include all contentI just received a developer response —12/4- and it only consisted of an ad for new and returning customers to receive 20% if they prepaid 6 months. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING for those of us that have been paying for it all along even though we didn’t have access to it on a fire stick. Useless customer service. I have the same complaints others are sharing, but I would also like to add that the App shouldn’t have been released until ALL contracts are signed with companies. Because of the rush to get this out, I can’t watch this $15 a month App on my fire stick. MAX includes all shows and my HBONow is limited still. I subscribed to this for Friends and other specific shows and now realize the app cannot been added to my fire stick or the Roku device because the greedy companies can’t come to a decision on their costs they want to pay or be paid. You shouldn’t be charging the consumer your high-price if you aren’t able to supply the full product..Version: 50.7.2

It's okay, but could be betterFirst of all – great choice of titles, kudos to HBO for winning over the shows like South Park and Friends along with the all-time favorite HBO originals! As for the app itself – the UI/UX is not friendly at all. E.g. traditionally on iOS there's a back button in the upper left-hand corner; it is here too, except that only the left half of that button takes you back, and the right half takes you to the list of episodes... I guess it's convenient, but it's really counterintuitive. Same thing with the preview pictures – tap in the middle takes you to the episode's page, but tap in the corner starts playing immediately. Just make buttons look like buttons, and if it's two buttons, make them look like two buttons – don't re-invent the wheel. Also, please add support for iPad's Smart Keyboard – it shouldn't be too hard..Version: 50.3

Not able to watch downloaded movies without service?I recently downloaded a couple movies in preparation for a long plane ride. I was quite excited that this is now a function and I was even going to give the “Raised by Wolves” show a try. Once in the air on the plane I was unable to access the app. Every time I opened the app it came up with an error that HBO MAX couldn’t connect. Me, a rational person, wasn’t concerned because I had downloaded movies. But the developers of this app decided that if the app is unable to get service you would be locked out of the app by a barrage of error messages, restricting access to any content you may have downloaded. What is the point of downloading movies if you are unable to watch them offline? The downloaded movies need accessibility while you don’t have service. Severely disappointed by this failure on HBOs part. (Intentional or not).Version: 50.4.1

Love HBO MaxI didn’t have a problem with logging in with my hbo now information I just wish it was available on roku tv maybe in the future. At least it’s available on all my iOS devices, xbox one s & playstation 4 the only bit of a downside no 4K HDR10 content. I was glad to find out I can watch og teen titans, rick & morty, impractical jokers, the boondocks, fresh prince of bel air, adventure time, tom & jerry, also all seven films of harry potter. The hbo max hubs include dc, sesame workshop, tcm (turner classic movies) along with studio ghibli, cartoon network collection, adult swim collection, crunchyroll collection & looney tunes. My overall experience is great I still enjoy it i’ll definitely be keeping my hbo max subscription because they’re just gonna add more content next year & i’m looking forward to it all..Version: 50.0.1

Parental Control (and Pin) brokenContent on HBO Max is great. The problem I have with it is how the parental controls are set up. It is backwards of how it should be. You should have to enter a parental control pin to access adult content (if that’s what you choose) but instead you enter a pin to exit a kids profile. I set up profiles for me, my wife, and my three kids. If my wife or I are watching something on our profile and exit without changing it to one of the kid’s profiles, the kids have full access to the adult profile when they launch HBO Max. Defeats the whole purpose of having restricted content profiles. The other thing that doesn’t make sense is the parental control pin. When you change profiles and are prompted to enter the pin, it shows the pin as you enter it and displays the whole pin before you hit enter. So if your kids are in the room and you’re doing this on your tv, they can see the pin. If HBO Max had parental controls and pin the same as Netflix (or Prime even), would be 5 stars. Hopefully the developers can fix this..Version: 50.7.2

Download function is broken and has been for months.I love HBO’s content, and I was very excited when it was announced that the app would allow downloads for offline viewing. However, I was very disappointed to discover that while you can download videos, if you try to watch them in airplane mode (say when, I don’t know, flying on an airplane), the app will let you watch for a while then suddenly freak out and become trapped in an endless loop of error messages as it repeatedly tries and fails to contact the server. This problem has been present for months and it appears no effort has been made to fix it. Additionally, the app does not keep accurate track of how many videos you currently have downloaded. There is a global limit for the account of 30 downloaded videos, and if you want to download beyond that you are prompted to delete unwanted videos to stay below the limit. However, when you delete a few videos, the app continues to give you the same error message saying you can’t download more than 30 videos, and does not permit you to download. The content on HBO is really great, but I primarily only have time to consume it on flights. It is frustrating beyond belief that this app gets so close to the desired feature a d then totally falls flat on its face in the execution..Version: 50.8.0

So Very FrustratingThere is a lot of content i want to watch. Was excited for this. With that said it is so frustrating. I get it with my DIRECTV subscription t HBO. The app works fine while i am at home. But trying to watch something while sitting at work it does nothing. It says i dont have and content downloaded. Tells me I’m not connected to internet, which is not true. Then says it has an issue connecting. I have a suspicion that you cant use it unless it is on your home network if you are trying to use it with your provider subscription. If true that is the most ridiculous thing to have done. Who wants to sit and watch something on their iPad when i could watch it on a big screen at home? I shouldn’t have to pay for the subscription more than once in order to watch while i am not at home. ANY feedback would be appreciated. To me its unacceptable to not be able to watch it on the go without having to download the content..Version: 50.8.0

Needs a more stable improvement ASAPAs much as I want to enjoy this app the bugs are a real annoyance. Purchase the subscription for ZSJL and I really enjoyed it. Playing the app on my phone to stream it on my smart TV is a real big issue with the supposed connectivity issues. All my other apps works fine but switching movies in this will have me to stop screen sharing close the app open it back up get the movie started and then connect it to the tv. And with movies that I have already begun will automatically start from the beginning which will have me stop screen sharing just to fast forward back to where I left off. Overall it’s not bad with the selections and quality it’s the technical side of it that really needs work. Coming from streaming movies online for free to a big company that should have their app together for a subscription fee is a big letdown and proves to me that its not worth signing up for. Hope you guys are working on a update..Version: 50.20.0

Forced into HBO MaxI liked HBO go and I used it all the time. In the middle of an episode I paused suddenly it was no longer supported and I was forced to download HBO Max. None on the items on My Lis transferred and I wasn’t even sure what season I was on by this point. I can’t stand the new look. It’s trying to copy the appearance of other online companies and I don’t care for their look either. I don’t enjoy the scroll screen when I search for shows/movies or even just my list. I preferred the screen showing 6 movies and then it moves up. For some reason the side scroll makes me sick and sets off migraines. I’ve stopped using the other companies bc of it and I was happy with the other format you provided. Either I’m going to have to know what I was specifically, let my husband search, or move on somewhere else. I don’t enjoy being forced out of something I have grown accustomed to and I felt was way more user friendly..Version: 50.2

One of the Worst Streaming Apps EverYou would think that a multi-billion dollar company with probably the most expensive streaming service around could make a decent app but apparently not. It has auto play but it only works half the time and you have to listen to the entire credits track unlike on other streaming services where they give you the option to play the next episode once the actual content of an episode ends. It’s casting capability is terrible, a lot of the time when you try to cast you just get a plain black screen on your TV. Other times it’ll cast but every time you leave and then open the app it has disconnected itself from the casting capability while the show is still playing so you can watch it but you can’t control it at all. It does this every single time. It also likes to say you’re offline when you’re clearly not, it mostly does this when I try to access my settings or account information. Overall it’s a terrible app, with a mediocre service, and it certainly doesn’t have enough content or functionally to be worth the price. 0/10 would not recommend..Version: 50.7.5

AmazingThis is an awesome streaming service app, you guys are practically competing against Disney+. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is because of the download system. I was going to download an episode but then when it was downloading I watched the episode and realized something was off, the quality was terrible. I deleted the download and watched the episode but the quality was better than it was when I downloaded it. I haven’t come across this problem ever since this new update. Next problem is PC, I can’t download any episodes on PC. The quality is literally 4K on PC but you can’t even download the episodes. Fix these problems please, once you do ill give it 5 stars. The problem has been fixed, thank you! I am now rating this 5 stars..Version: 50.20.0

Garbage 12th "hbo streaming" app. Good ish selection of content.Half the time the next episode button doesn't work, ipad, iphone. Just doesn't work half the time. Automatically skip freakin intros if you already have the skip intro button there no one wants to watch intros. But half the time the transition to the next episode is just absolutely broken. The +-15 second buttons are slow and barely work, just so unbelievable to me this app, their 10th? Hbo go, pro, can't even remember all their garbage applications. Again, good selection, but it's shocking to me such a huge company can't design a single decent app that feels good to use. I don't think I've ever even written a review. The whole app is just soooooo clunky and slow, it's like a beta. I seriously can't say enough about how poor the app is. Slow, unresponsive, buttons don't work if pressed quickly or multiple times... Just so so so bad. After 20 garbage hbo apps you'd think they'd just hire someone UI engineers from netflix or something. Actually worse than hulu's app. Unbelievable how poorly the app works most of the time..Version: 50.25.0

Full screenYou say you take away full screen to get a more consistent viewing experience across devices. Why does full screen make the experience not consistent. This is pretty much the one feature that most of your viewers/subscribers are asking for. Who also pay money. And you just say the same response to everyone. Explain why. I pay for HBO and I don’t use this app anymore because full screen is gone. If you really cared about the people who pay money for this, you would give a better or explain the reason why it doesn’t work instead of some generic answer. Seriously we pay for HBO. At least have the respect to the people who pay money to answer their question without a generic answer. And I don’t know maybe explain if you’re working on bringing it back. Or why you won’t. It was awesome when we had it before. Look at your review (Full Screen) over and over. And that’s the best you can say. I’m at the point where I’m going to cancel HBO because this stupid app or the people who work on it can’t be upfront and open. We had it before. I’ve used this app since it was HBO GO and it worked that entire time..Version: 50.16.0

Could use more content, but loving it 📺When I saw this app being announced, I wasn’t onboard on getting it. But when I saw this tweet from Cartoon Network that there were bringing some classics, I had to at least give it a try. So I downloaded, scroll through everything and I was like wowed on the contents from Cartoon Network, adult swim, crunchy roll, DC comics, and so on... it was like ultimate app to have if you’re a 90’s baby lol. My only minor complaint is that there’s not that much content from Cartoon Network like: Ed, Edd, n Eddy, the grim adventure of Billy & Mandy, courage the cowardly dog and so on.. same goes from some the other channels.... which was actually the very reason I decided to get it, since those shows were being teased in. But I understand could be some licensing thing and I do hope more and more content could be added. I am enjoying this and can’t wait for Harley Quinn.Version: 50.2

Content Good - App BadI’ve only had the app for a couple of weeks but already it’s got major issues compared to other streaming apps that I am not sure how they aren’t fixing... When connecting to watch on my TV via Chromecast it will just stop a few episodes (or sometimes halfway into the very first episode I watch) and look like it’s “buffering” but really it’s just a connection issue, or something along those lines and it will never actually resume. The only way to continue watching is to disconnect, restart the app and reconnect which is ridiculous. Other issues include some of the user interface irritabilities others have pointed out like the “continue watching” section giving you no options to go to the show details, episode selection, etc. and the fact that you can skip the ads and intros when watching in the app on your device, but not when casting from your device. All of these issues make for a very clunky, unprofessional and honestly overpriced viewing experience. I’m really just binge-watching all the shows I got the subscription for so I can cancel after one month, and resubscribe in the future once they learn how to build a proper streaming app..Version: 50.5.0

Great with a few problems...First off I love the selection, I can finally watch all of New Who in order, I've been able to rewatch a lot of my favorite shows and movies. (Except for GoT I'm never watching that 😂) Overall selection wise the app is amazing on both my phone and TV. However there are few issues I have with the app too the biggest being the UI, I find it difficult to rewind and start over an episode or movie. So my suggestion would be to rework the UI both for the main menu and when you're currently watching an episode. Other than that Max is my favorite platform due to the great selection of shows and movies that I like as well as movies I've never seen, I feel like I could watch two new movies a day and never run out of stuff to watch. Overall I give it a 9.5/10 the only downside is the UI, if it gets changed it will have a perfect score ok n my books..Version: 50.15.1

Worst customer serviceI created an account before the app was available. The app worked for one week and then I wasn’t able to play anything. I kept calling their customer service multiple times, I’d get an email from a service tech and I’d respond and nothing. Finally some rep discovered that my emails weren’t getting through. So now I had to call literally every time to respond to emails. This meant re explaining everything every time I called. But the phone reps wouldn’t just transfer me to the techs. They would try to trouble shoot. Pretty sure if my ticket was escalated to their tier 3 techs, you phone reps aren’t going to be able to help. But even the techs weren’t helpful. Every single person I worked with just asked me the same things over and over again even though it was documented multiple times. 1. Device information 2. Is my device up to date? 3. Is the app up to date? 4. What is my internet speeds? 5. Turn it off and back on. After that when it still wouldn't work they would escalated it. For 5 months not one person tried anything different. I finally got fed up and just wanted to cancel. I spoke with a women she “canceled” my account. I requested to be refunded for every month this service didn’t work for me and they refused. Only refunded me for 1 month. Now I say “cancel” because I just got charged again today. So now I have to call them yet again. Horrible, horrible experience. Worst company I have ever worked with. One star is too many stars..Version: 50.5.0

Not workingCurrently I use this through my cable provider (wow! Cable) without signing up for an hbo Mac account and I’ve used it twice so far with no problems, it allowed me to make a profile and cast through chromecast. Each time I’ve used it is has not saved that I’ve logged in before. I have to go through the entire log in through my cable provider every time. I’ve done this today and when I go to play an actual video it automatically says I’m not logged in and starts over. It will not play as of today. Every video I try keeps saying log in even though the play button finally appeared after logging in before. Don’t know what to do other than to say it’s currently unusable. Seems like when it works it’s great but it has to work. I don’t like casting a show or a movie to be an entire process of searching providers, logging in, starting over...each and every time. Please save our provider information and please figure out why it’s currently unusable..Version: 50.1

The SubtitlesThe collection of films and tv shows are great but there is only one problem for me. The subtitles. Recently, every time I go to watch a movie or tv show the subtitles are sped up, so the audio and subtitles are off my more than a couple seconds and it is very distracting for me, not only that, sometimes they speed through, meaning we only get to see a glimpse of a paragraph of a subtitle. Because of this I don’t get to enjoy my movie or tv show, I was hoping it was only isolated to a film and that it was only that film that was messed up with the subtitles but so far it has been on multiple tv shows and films. This is very distracting for me and my family since I have family who are deaf. I have tried restarting my phone and deleting and re downloading the app and even turning off and on the subtitles but either way they don’t work. If this was fixed I would change my review to a five start but until then, this streaming service has let myself and family down..Version: 50.8.0

Great catalogue , super buggy app thoFirst the good. This streaming service really delivers for the price as far as content goes. The overall selection of movies and shows contains more a list movies than any of the other services and it’s not filled with overflow of b movies most other services seem to offer. Of course the HBO original content is always top bar. Hard to complain about the quality of material on here. Overall the movies stream just fine on my roku and iPad, and I don’t have blazing fast top dollar internet either. Second, the bad. Man this app feels real buggy. The app loads slow, changing between genres loads slow(like one of those webpages with way too many advertisements on it). Even accessing the basic navigation moves slow. Every click left, right up or down just takes a minute to register, and once it does it fires off how ever many times you click, so only click the arrow once, then just wait for it to catch up. Finally I do not even attempt to watch trailers anymore, as it always crashes my roku. I sure hope HBO is tackling these issues as it seems I am not the only one. Again I will say, I have no issues when it comes to the steaming of movies and shows, which to me is the most important thing. But for a premium app that’s in the $13 a month ballpark I would expect a better overall product. Adding a scene selection feature to movies would be very nice too..Version: 50.20.0

One issueOverall it’s an amazing app, you couldn’t possibly run out of content to watch.. there’s one problem I’ve ran into to, that’s downloading movies or videos often times when the app is in the background or if the phone locks it destroys all progress coming back to see it’s not downloaded and having to find the movie or show again and download it.. you have to literally stay on the page to keep it there so it’s a shame however once done it does stay downloaded. If could please fix this I’d consider going from my trial and to full membership. However I feel my membership has been ruined by that because I was gonna use it for a week away into a area with hardly data or wifi.. it’s not likely I could get another chance either but good app just please fix that and I may consider coming back and buying a full membership.Version: 50.3

8/10, only a couple things I’d changeApp is great for the most part, but there are two changes I’d like to see. First of all, it would be amazing if there was split view functionality to make multitasking easier while watching shows on ipad. Second, I feel like the app is too quick to jump to off-line mode whenever Internet connection is lost. Sometimes I will momentarily lose Internet, or accidentally lock my device which causes the connection to reset momentarily, and the app immediately jumps into off-line mode. It’s more of just an annoyance because then I have to manually go back to my show/movie instead of it being able to just wait for a second and continue playing when the connection comes back Otherwise, app is great!.Version: 50.8.0

Crashes and doesn’t work offlineThe selection of stuff on the app is great. However, the download function is pretty much useless because if you try to watch something you’ve downloaded while offline, it gives you an error telling you to check your connection. This is garbage because that is the ENTIRE POINT OF DOWNLOADING SOMETHING TO WATCH OFFLINE... It also needs to be able to pickup where it left off downloading if it loses connection. Whether the reason for being offline a flight, or for the military folks I know that download things to watch when they have WiFi, this needs to be fixed. Another issue, back to downloads, I downloaded the new Mortal Kombat movie last night. I tried to watch it and spent 2.5 plus hours with the app crashing every time I tried to get it to play. I even attempted removing it and downloading it again and it still didn’t work. I tried it today, and it still didn’t work. I don’t know if anyone will actually read this or not, because I read a lot of very angry threads last night. However, I truly hope that they are wrong and you do care about fixing this. You cannot understand how much of a moral boost it is for those military folks to be able to catch new movies, especially right now, when they can get WiFi. Please fix this..Version: 50.20.0

Much better! ..... Still no Roku language optionUpdate: Much better interface. On my phone and tablet it gives me the option to choose finally a different language. The new movies and shows recently released in the past few months made me resubscribe to HBO Max. Only thing that is a hassle and ONLY way I can view the majority of shows and movies in Spanish. Is by Airplay, and sending it to my Roku connected to my tv. Wish HBO Max could finally update their app on Roku and give me an option to do it in screen on the HBO Max app. Plus the ability to share a link to a movies or shows that you want to recommend to someone to check out would be awesome as well! Old: I have to say they have improved the app gradually. Which is nice. Now I can watch “The wire” with family and it has Spanish audio and subtitles which is a huge plus. I think more of the Latino/ Hispanic crowd will be happy now having that option on some series/movies..Version: 50.20.0

Good content, bad User interfaceSorry HBO I really love your shows, but here are the things I have issues with your App and your Xbox One version of the app (it seems like others are having a problem with this too, like Ps4) My List- this is always a great function in a streaming service. When it’s accessible... My List does not always appear in HBO Max. Additionally doesn’t not list all the things you’ve added to it when it does. This is frustrating for people who are trying to watch something they have added, only to have to search for it again. Big no no. Episode Selection- watching a show sometimes you miss something, wether you got busy around the house or fell asleep, I know I can find the episodes.. if I search for it again. But unlike other apps I can’t select another episode from the episode I’m in. For example. Netflix on the Xbox, or PlayStation. While watching an episode you can hit (X on Xbox) (square on PS) to view the episode list. Why do I need to search it again. All in all I respect the Swift Roll-Out for HBO Max, and switching the subscriptions from HBO to HBO Max. But the Max App for Console and Phone is MISSING vital features to a streaming service. I highly suggest fixing these issues because I don’t want to see your app use slow down or disappear all together. Even after a boost in advertisements, not having these functions could end the popularity of your service. Please consider these thoughts and I hope to look forward to these changes..Version: 50.3

Love HBO, but frustrating appI’ve been a subscriber of HBO for years and I love HBO. I love the overall content, but since the new HBO Max app has rolled out, it has been one of my worst streaming experiences ever. I am a subscriber to multiple media streaming services and none of them do what HBO Max does. I use Chromecast to stream and after about 15 minutes into a movie or show I’ll get the “circle of death” as I like to call it. The app is trying to buffer, but instead of doing it once or twice, it continues to buffer for about every five minutes after that until the movie or show is complete. At first I just thought maybe it was my Internet or Chromecast but it’s been doing this for weeks now. It is definitely a fault or bug within the app and it is by far one of the most frustrating things to experience as a customer. Every time an update comes out for the app, my phone automatically pushes the update through and the non-stop buffering still continues to happen. I have no idea what to do but I know for a fact, if it continues to keep happening, I’m going to no longer be an HBO subscriber because it’s just not worth the frustration. With all the technology experts out there and all the money/resources that Warner has, I’m really surprised that this bug has not been resolved. I’ve read through other app reviews and it seems like I’m not the only person that’s experiencing this. Please fix this so you don’t lose anymore loyal customers..Version: 50.16.0

Mandatory Title: this time, the title’s mandatoryThere isn’t a place in the app to send feedback, and if there is it’s sufficiently buried so coming through the App Store was just easier. Please make it easier to send feedback. Otherwise y’all have arguably the best video streaming app out there, so there’s that. So my actual feedback: I dislike that when I navigate to a show from “recently watched” I’m brought to a separate screen from the usual “playing” screen and I can’t see the list of episodes or seasons. The experience of, “oh I want to see this show I’m watching, but not the very next episode of it,” going to the main page, seeing the app suggest that very show, tapping on the show I want to watch, and then being offered just one episode to watch with no quick navigation to the seasons/episodes page so I can see the episode I want is just... only mildly irritating. I go search for the show and in a half minute everything’s fine, but it’s an annoyance I come across multiple times a day. I propose you just send the user to the other more powerful “user just selected an episode from search” page, where I can easily navigate to special features, seasons and episodes, etc. There’s literally no benefit from the user end to do it as you do it now. Thank you for your time..Version: 50.25.0

Great content, horrible app experienceI have 5 AppleTV 4K’s in my home and access all entertainment content via streaming. Lately I cannot get HBO MAX to play any content on any AppleTVs. I have tried the Troubleshooting steps from the support link with no resolution. Restarted devices, completely exited app on the device and delete/reinstall. When I click to play something the app simply doesn’t do anything, no loading or buffering. One time it finally loaded the show after 60 seconds with no indication it was doing anything prior to just starting the show but most of the time it doesn’t do anything and crashes when I try to click that same video or another one. I’m an IT professional and my network is rock solid using enterprise grade equipment. No other app has issues playing content and I have them all. As of right now my subscription is worthless because I can’t watch any of the content I’m paying for. My only hope of actual support is leaving this review which is also problematic. Please help or I will have to cancel because no matter how good the content in the catalog, if I can’t watch it, I won’t be paying for it..Version: 50.20.0

HBO Now My List is missingUpdate 6/4/20 - Developer response was not very helpful, including the link that was provided in developer response. I’m not certain that the link was telling me that My List was not supposed to transfer to the new app and be available. I know where My List was supposed to be and I know where new items added to the list in the new app will show up, but irritated that I have to search and add again all items that were on my list. Good thing it was not a huge list. After updating HBO NOW on my Apple TV to HBO Max, I no longer have a My List or at least can’t find it. I found the Joker movie, which was on My List prior to update, and added it to My List. However, I can’t find My List to even see the Joker is added to it in HBO, but I can see it in HBO Max, but still all my My List from HBO Now are not there. Now I’m just doing searches for movies that I have on a separate list. I searched for Glass, find it, and now instead of My List its added to Up Next. Where the heck is Up Next?.Version: 50.0.1

The Infinity TrainPlease please please keep making more Infinity Train, it’s many people’s favorites on this app. I heard that it might not get a 4th season because people might now be willing to buy HBO Max for it, so other people might pirate the show. One of the reasons why people will pirate is because they’re not willing to pay that much money for another streaming service, but also because HBO Max isn’t available in other countries. Many people from other countries really want to buy HBO Max and watch the content, but it’s not available to them and you may not see the numbers you want to see on series like The Infinity Train, so if it could be more accessible to more people, more people might buy this streaming service. Edit: ok, so I got the app working, but pleaseeeee keep The Infinity Train going. Lots of kids can relate to the struggles of the characters, and it’s so well done. Edit: I got into Studio Ghibli and I’m so glad you have it on your app. Good content.Version: 50.6.0

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HBO Max: Stream TV & Movies 50.25.0 Update

Version 50.25.0 (2021-04-26): We’ve done a little spring cleaning to take care of bugs and tidy up behind-the-scenes so you can enjoy a smoother streaming experience. Update the HBO Max app now and keep watching all your favorites!.

Version 50.20.0 (2021-03-22): This release just got personal. Now, you can customize your profile by uploading a photo from your device or choosing an avatar from our growing collection of characters. This update also includes accessibility support for our video player and browsing experience, so users with screen readers can navigate the player and explore more of our library. Plus, we’ve added Audio Description so users can stream with a separate audio track that provides a verbal description of visual elements on screen..

Version 50.16.0 (2021-03-08): We squashed a few bugs lurking around our video player to improve your streaming experience. Update the HBO Max app now and keep watching all your favorites!.

Version 50.15.1 (2021-03-01): You’ll notice new video player controls that are more streamlined and easier to use in this update. We also took a look under the hood and made performance enhancements to improve speed, so you can get to the entertainment you want faster. Plus, we squashed some pesky bugs for a smoother streaming experience..

Version 50.15 (2021-02-23): You’ll notice new video player controls that are more streamlined and easier to use in this update. We also took a look under the hood and made performance enhancements to improve speed, so you can get to the entertainment you want faster. Plus, we squashed some pesky bugs for a smoother streaming experience..

Version 50.10.2 (2021-01-23): In this release, we’ve fine-tuned personalized recommendations so you can discover new titles we know you’ll love. Plus, we fixed bugs and made performance improvements to make your streaming experience even better..

Version 50.8.0 (2020-12-16): We’re bringing holiday cheer with bug fixes and performance improvements galore. Our series detail pages have a new look and feel—and now include ‘More Like This’ recommendations—so you can quickly find what to watch next. We also took care of some bugs impacting our video player to make your streaming experience even better..

Version 50.7.5 (2020-12-09): Get the latest update for bug fixes and performance improvements.

Version 50.7.2 (2020-11-23): We refined the home screen experience to showcase fresh content at the top with full-screen imagery for your viewing pleasure..

Version 50.7.0 (2020-11-12): When you give us feedback, it doesn’t just go into some ominous void. We take it to heart, and we get to work on making the app even better. That’s why we’ve got a jam-packed release this week that includes new features, tons of bug fixes, and video player improvements to keep your streaming experience running smoothly. We’re excited to introduce a new tray that serves up fresh content personalized to you, so you can find your next binge-watch and transport yourself from the great indoors. We're excited to introduce new ways to find your next binge-watch, including personalized options and more ways to search and sort the latest and greatest content. But HBO Max isn’t just for adults... Now, kids can discover even more movies and series they love using their favorite characters like Elmo, Gumball, or Scooby-Doo, to guide them..

Version 50.6.0 (2020-10-21): Mercury is in retrograde, and a full moon is arriving just in time for Halloween, so we’ve got a reassuring release that won’t add to the cosmic chaos. (We still don’t get what retrograde is, but it’s way too late to ask the internet now.) We went hard on squashing bugs to make the experience even better for your horror movie binge-a-thon..

Version 50.5.0 (2020-09-24): Fancy seeing you here again... Back for more hot gossip about new features, bug squashing, and performance enhancements, eh? This latest release introduces personalized homepages to Kids profiles across all ages. Kids will have immediate access to content curated just for them, plus their own Continue Watching and My List — so parents be on the lookout — because we think you deserve a little delight with this “new normal.”.

Version 50.4.1 (2020-09-02): Time to settle in for some cathartic binge-watching with this update, folks. We’re rolling out a new feature that lets you skip intros and promos on select shows (available across more content soon!) We’ve also squashed some pesky bugs and made performance improvements to keep the summer of streaming running smoothly..