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Voice Recorder - Audio Record App Download

Live sound with its true feelings. Enjoy recording, playback and audio editing with Voice Recorder. We have fine tuned it for your day-to-day activities. Attending something important and want to record it
for later playback, Voice Recorder will allow you to record your meetings, lectures, and other events with codec noise reduction technology. You can record anything within 10-100 meters around you.

Edit the recording as per your need and save it for later playback. Voice Recorder has multiple playback options helping you decide how you want to hear your recording. Developed specially for Apple, it plays just as excellent with Apple EarPods as it plays with our old earphones.

You can auto upload and even share the recording on cloud (Dropbox) in seconds.

Voice Recorder is an easy to use and handy app to record the meeting, lecture, music and many more. The interface is designed to make it quick. With single tap you can record and share the recordings.

Enjoy sound, record, edit, play and listen!

List of Features

# Audio Recorder
- Quality options: (Low:8KHz, Medium:22.05KHz, High:44.1KHz)
- Format options: (WAV, CAF, M4A)
- External input device support : Bluetooth Mic, Other External Mic (Tested with Tascam mic)
- Background recording support

- Continue recording into existing recordings.
- Call Interruption handling - Recording will continue after a call or other interruption.

# Audio Player
- Quick audio player
- Playback controls (Fast backward, Fast backward)
- External output device support (Bluetooth and External speaker devices)
- Background audio playing

# Audio Trimming
- Select a part of recording and trim it.

# Sharing
- Email recordings
- Dropbox sharing (Auto upload recording support)
- Upload to iCloud Drive
- Import recordings to computer with iTunes file sharing
- Airdrop sharing with iOS and Mac devices.

# Universal App
- Support for both iPhone and iPad devices.
- iPhone 7 an iPhone 7 Plus optimised design.

English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Português (Br.),Português, Italiano, 中文 (Simplified), Русский, 日本語, 한국어

Voice Recorder - Audio Record App User Reviews & Comments

Files can’t be retrieved from the phoneDO NOT USE THIS APP. It is no longer possible to get recordings off the phone via iTunes, even in the paid version. The only way to access your recordings is to manually back up your phone, and then use a paid third-party app (like iPhone Backup Extractor) to extract the recordings from the local backup. This is a ridiculously convoluted way of doing it—for all practical purposes, this is now a useless app. I contacted the developers about this and they never replied, even though I had upgraded to the paid version of the app. I will never trust this company again, and I strongly recommend avoiding their products..Version: 3.5

Great sound quality, NEED TO FIX BLUETOOTH BUGI use this app for daily meetings. The sound quality is great and I think this app will continue to improved, but a serious bug needs to be addressed. Bluetooth seems to trigger the app to begin new recordings when I get into my car. The behavior persists even after: 1) closing the app 2) closing and restarting the app 3) closing the app and turning off Bluetooth for a while and then reconnecting bluethtooh (while the app is still closed 🤯) I inadvertently recorder someone in the my car today, it was rather embarrassing. Please fix this bug, it’s annoying..Version: 3.5

ExcellentVery versatile. I use it for piano practice at sight reading: record one voice and then have to read and play the second part against the recorded one. It's like always having your teacher at home to sight read duets with. One suggestion: would like to be able to re-arrange the sequence of recordings. If I make a mistake and want to re-record the new recording will not be adjacent to other like recordings..Version: 3.5

I was forced to buy this to get the first audio recordingI downloaded the free version and didn’t realize there was no way to get the recording out of the app without upgrading to the full version. I feel this is more like a form of extortion then ethical marketing that’s why I’m giving them three stars because they should either not have the free version or give people one way to get their files out and then if you want anything else you have to pay for the full version...Version: 5.0

Great sound quality!I make musical recordings several times a week. Are used to use the voice memo tool app, but heard feedback from people that sometimes the sound file that I shared was garbled. I decided to find a different app and gave this one a try. The sound was much clearer and I upgraded to the version that allows you to store sound clips in dropbox. It made it much easier for me to share sound files with others in my various musical groups..Version: 3.5

Handy but background noise is HORRIBLE!I got this app to record lectures during my A&P class for nursing. However, whenever I would play back the recordings at home, the professor’s voice sounded like a muted whisper but yet, turning pages or clicking a pen, even if it was another student 15 feet away from me, was Louder than the professor. I sit on the front& center row of the room with my volume turned up to 100% with the mic part of my phone facing professor. The room was pin drop silent as we are all anxious to succeed and be respectful, so there was not much background noise to be detected. There is No excuse for this! I regret wasting valuable class lecture time using this recording app. Such a waste of time & lectures that I can’t get back, AND $4! Ugh!!! Fair warning to any other students out there...Version: 5.0

Worthless appThere was an important recording that I did it said it saved I went back to review it it was not saved at all it done this with all of my stuff I will not recommend this up to anybody I’ll give it zero stars and honestly I hope you get this stuff figured out so you don’t lose any other customers no need for responseThank you the only reason it has one star is because I had to pick a star Or I couldn’t write my review good luck in the future.Version: 5.0

Easy to UseI have been using the Voice Recorder for several years. I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s easy to use. In fact, I record my Sunday Sermons every week. Because the Voice Recorder is so easy to use, I am able to easily access all of my Sermons, which have been easily stored by Sermon title. I highly recommend it. Blessings, Dr. Mike Lips.Version: 4.0.1

FairI don’t like how I downloaded the free version and I had to pay in order to permanently save the recordings elsewhere. I also am not happy with the app colors. The are not very discrete and are kinda obvious. I was using it for protection it school or anything... It works but if you don’t neeeedddd!!!! The recordings than ehhh.! Not the lost fabulous thing in the world. Has a hard time picking noise if it is in your pocket or someone from a lil bit of distance..Version: 5.0

But stops recordingRecords beautifully! clear, no static. but occasionally does not record the whole lecture even though plenty battery. if help me Id appreciate it..Version: 4.0.1

Great Recording AppQuality playback and far recording reach. Also the variety of sharing options makes this app very useful..Version: 3.5

Voice RecorderGreat simple recorder. Guitar adapter plugs in and is accessible after recording a 2-3 second clip. Then you can select the external mic option and record noise free. Also works good just laying it by an amp for keyboards, synth, percussion, or vocals. It’ my ultimate tiny recording studio and uploads to Dropbox to get the files to my laptop for processing. Best $4 I’ve ever spent!.Version: 3.5

Love itNeeded an app to record lectures. Nothing else does as much as this app does you can even put recorded info into several places with one touch. I did purchase the app with out purchase the adds were too distracting..Version: 3.5

IPhone XPretty impressive. Honestly works much better than my sony and olympia VoiceRecorder i had for college. To be clear i am judging by my own witness of its ability to record so clean and clear even with music close in the background. I am satisfied 👍👍👍👍.Version: 3.5

Easiest App Ever!I was happy with iPhone Voice Memos app until they changed it. Then, editing was just horrible. Why would they ruin something that was good? Anyway, I tried different apps, free or not, and the best one is this one. I had to write a review because I’m just grateful for the pain free experience Voice Recorder by LiveBird offers. Thank you!.Version: 4.0

Dr. Oumarou, HypnotherapistThis is an amazing app. The voice is extraordinary clear, and I have so many options as to what I can do professionally with this app. Well done. I recommend it to any professional, 5 stars! Thanks!.Version: 3.5

Really Easy to UseI am not very technologically inclined but even I could easily use and manipulate my sound files. Will definitely use again..Version: 3.5

Love this app!This app is awesome. I use it to record our church business meetings since our church secretary is housebound for awhile. It picks up anyone talking wherever they are in the sanctuary and I just email her the file and she transcribes it. Highly recommend!.Version: 5.0

I love this appWonderful app and wonderful people behind it. They are always responsive and the app always works. Great sound quality, clean and intuitive interface, dropbox integration, all work just the way I expect them to every time. Love, love, love. Thank you Livebird..Version: 4.0.1

Just purchased premium and super unhappyNo instructions, really disappointed and probably lost important material because the app is very on clear when transitioning to the upgraded version. Also no one to help..Version: 4.0.1

Good, but not greatPerfect for recording conversations in person... but it needs an interface to record phone conversations (automatically, without needing to merge calls). That would make this app better than the rest and earn a 5th star from me!.Version: 3.5

After much experience and research – I'd say take this one!I have been through so many of these recorders that I was relieved to finally find this one. The voice quality is far superior, the UI offers simplicity, and yet there are many options open which the competitors ask us to pay extra for. Here they are included. I see that many of the negative reviews are due to niche options that not many people use on a regular basis. Not fair to downgrade a review for something that nobody else offers either, or charges extra for if they do! Nice app, good quality and easy to use – that's hard to beat!.Version: 3.5

Get you to come home MThe best thing to come out of this world and get to the second time in a while or not so I would come really e the day you were here for a good night to get home home from home and I have a great day and night night out for the day and night and you get home and come home and get you to come home and get home home from home and come.Version: 5.0

Great App Use it every day on my morning commute.This is a God send, I have recorded a set of my daily prayers and use it every day on my morning commute. This app has changed things for the better. Thanks.Version: 3.5

Good recorderIt works well but what bothers me is that if you accidentally delete your recording (which seems to happen very easily), you can’t recover it like you can in the apple voice memo app. It would be nice if instead of having to sign up for Dropbox, the app just had a trash that the recordings would go to so that they’d be recoverable. Lost an important recording because I had not set up Dropbox yet..Version: 4.0.1

Does just what I need it to do—I got this to make recordings and put them into a Filemaker Pro document. I’ve had it for only a few hours, but it works perfectly for that purpose..Version: 4.0.1

Audio recording App is very goodI’ve been using App for personal voice messages, memos & other useful recordings for several months & it’s a great App for ease of use AND consistent recording quality. I recommend it👍.Version: 5.0

Almost great appVery good. After griffin’s ITalk pro closed down with the newer iOS, VoiceRecorder that features a dictaphone-like ability to add to a running recording. Thank you!!! If/when they can: 1) simplify the interface for adding to the end of a recording; and, 2) offer an audio monitoring option while recording, this will be a five star app. Nothing else like it..Version: 3.5

Inconsistent ability to upload files into Google driveI purchased this app from the lite version in order to upload and send the voice recorded files. Overall, ok voice recorder app, but it fails on the main reason that I purchased the app. It is sporadic at best on being able to upload the files into google drive. I spent the last half hour attempting to upload ten separate 8-second files where only 4 made it through after 20 minutes of trying. There is no technical issues on my end with strong WiFi connection, current iOS, and newer gen iPad. Also, all other files from other apps save and can be moved just fine..Version: 5.0

Good AppWhile this app let you continually add recoding which what I need to stop and start again continue recording, but it is not flexible enough in editing and trimming. When you try to trimming the recording by removing a part and keep the rest, this app doesn’t let you..Version: 3.5

LOVE LOVE LOVE this App!I use this app more than any other! Recording affirmations, recording counseling sessions and the ability to change formats and send over different social media have made this a god-send! The only other feature I would like to have is the ability to "loop" the same recording so that it repeats automatically. Otherwise this app is shear perfection!.Version: 3.5

Lyrical TalentIt helps me keep track of my Lyrics and to keep track of my songs. This app is really helpful for me to keep my own Lyrics of my feelings in a safe place. Also it helps with keeping track of your music videos.Version: 5.0

It’s okayMy head phones don’t control the pause, and the slow button makes the recording person sound like a super slow cartoon - needs a slow that is between this and regular speed. Need to move the pause button away from the edit button, because once you hit edit and back out- your recording is back to zero..Version: 3.5

The best recording app on the marketThe audio quality of this app is amazing! I can send unedited recordings through E-mail, Text, social media, and the quality remains the same. 10/10 would recommend..Version: 5.0

Voice recorderI’ve been using this app for many years to record my novel so I can listen to how it sounds. Although the background hum can be annoying it gives me a very clear and consistent and reliable quality and it picks up audio from 100s of feet away. Plus it offers lots of useful features like importing to iTunes and ability to stop and continue recordings if interrupted..Version: 6.1

Ugly Interface and no integration with command centerPlacement of buttons is not intuitive. The play speed buttons are where the play/pause button should be. Instead its on the top all the way to the left. Also it should hook into the command center so the audio can be paused and played thru there. E-mailed them feedback about integrating with the command center and got a “we’ll think about it” reply! Overall records well but if they can polish ip those two things, this will be worth the money..Version: 3.5

All I can say is "Wow"I found this app to be exactly what I needed. I can read my notes from my iPad and at the same time record my voice. I previously used a digital voice recorder but this app when used on my iPad makes my voice much clearer. I can't vouch for any negative reviews. All I can say is that this app is good. If it doesn't work for a user I would suspect that it is someone who doesn't have adequate computer or phone skills; not a problem with the app!.Version: 3.5

High Quality recorder!!Better than the rest. Many other recorders have a low bitrate and are prone to pause while recording, due to conflicts with other apps..Version: 3.5

Quality is great, but interfaces with external accessories poorlyThis could've have easily been five star app rating if I just interfaced with my blue microphone. Microphone was not a Bluetooth it was a heart connection through the lightning plug to increase quality . The other apps I've tried work perfectly with it..Version: 3.5

Top of the food chain, best recorder!Top of the food chain best recorder I ever used! Top notch sounds and easy menu to convert format and also includes different options for sending and sharing! Thank you for creating this!!!!.Version: 3.5

Car Bluetooth bugI’m a journalist and I use your VoiceRecorder app for recording meetings for my job. It’s a great app and I use it almost daily. I do have a serious issue with it though. Every time I get in my car and my phone connects with the Bluetooth it starts a new recording, even if I quit and close the app. If I stop it on the dash or the phone it just starts recording again. I don’t know what to do or why it does it, but it’s terrible. I really like this app, but am considering trying a different one now because of this bug..Version: 3.5

BeautifulI've set up a professional recording studio in my house and this is my go to recorder. :-) Not really, but this app is really good and works just like it says. Worth the money..Version: 3.5

Have never seen like this beforeI brought this app for converting my old cassette tape recording to mp3. It did an excellent job in digitalizing the audio with mono voice. HD voice with less noise recording. I’ve uploaded this audio files to drop box to save it for further modifications . It Deserves 5 starts . 😀.Version: 3.5

Sent a performanceI was asked to send a recording of a piano piece to my son. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it. Stumbled across this app and tried the freebie. It was easy to use and had good recording quality. Decided to pay for the full app. I sat down at the piano and recorded it a few times before I was satisfied. I emailed it and my son who downloaded it easily. I am simply amazed I did not have to go through hoops to do this. Thank you!!.Version: 5.0

Amazing qualityFor a phone app, the product does an amazing job of recording voice. It even sounds good played back through an amplified speaker. Highly recommended..Version: 3.5

Seems to be just what I needI needed a recorder to record people and move it to my computer to use on my web site I think it will work. The quality of the recording is great both on the phone and tablet. I will let you know how well it works loading it on my computer..Version: 3.5

I finally found the best choice with this app!I love this app! Best ever. Paying the extra for to obtain the full benefits was totally worth it. I love the most the option the continue recording on an existing .wav file. Also- on my laptop anyway, I had no issues converting it into other forms (mainly, Mp3 for a class project). Very convenient app!.Version: 3.5

It’s great once you buy the appI had recoded a couple of important conversations and come to find out they we’re not saved! It didn’t even give me the option to upgrade and buy the app or immediately play it back to listen to my recording!! It’s like it was lost. But once you buy the app it opens up all the options to save and listen and store your recording’s. So because it works great once you buy the app I gave it 4⭐️.Version: 3.5

All around quality appI have been using this voice recorder app for years and I have to say, it has always delivered. It's easy to use. It's simple to figure out. It has the ability to convert wave files into MP3 files, and you can even share audios on Facebook Messenger if you want to talk for longer than a minute. It's really great. I don't have any complaints. Download it!.Version: 5.0

GreatThis is the best app I’ve found for my specific use case, which is playing back voice recordings. I only wish there was an option to advance automatically from one recording to the next..Version: 3.5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 6.1

Play files consecutivelyI would like to have continuous playing. Ie playing one recording after the other. I can’t find how to do this..Version: 3.5

Just gone to probBut iv had it before and it worked ok on my iPhone 6 now I’m trying it on my iPhone XR then I will rate it in a week or two I believe this recorder I like it so much thanks I like. Others to take it works great for me.Version: 4.0.1

Voice Recorder proThis is a must have app. Works perfectly every time and it is simple to do a basic edit or send to computer via dropbox for a extended edit with editting tool. Great value for money. Thanks..Version: 4.0.1

Ripped off and useless appAfter pay for the app, I can’t even open it and record the phone call..Version: 5.0

Can’t upload recording to DropboxInstalled this app ..recording my recording ..then found I had to purchase it in order to save it externally of my device ..I purchased it and every time I try to upload my recording to dropbox I get an error message..At this point I would say a waste of money.Version: 3.5

Records when it wants too ,cannot send it from device ....uselessUseless.Version: 4.0.1

Voice RecorderWhen I upgraded to Pro it wiped a very important recording. Took my money. Disgraceful..Version: 3.5

Poor replay quality. Sound breaking up.Poor quality. Closed all programs. Still no good..Version: 5.0

Awesome recorderFantastic, light on resources.Version: 5.0

Expected to add MP3 formatAll good, but I expect to support mp3 file saving.Version: 5.0

Good, simple, app.Unfortunately no control over input levels, however app still manages to capture quality audio. Auto-share w/ Dropbox is a neat feature and ensures all recordings are immediately backed up..Version: 3.4

Voice recorderAwesome app easy as.Version: 5.0

Great App... Highly Recommended...Great AppWhere is good quality recordings (when set to hi quality)... well worth the money 👍.Version: 5.0

RecorderWhilst it’s good and picks up faint noises, there is a lot of fuzz.Version: 5.0

Sound quality terribleTerribly disappointed with the sound quality, particularly with the high quality setting. worth buying if that’s of importance; the free (default) Voice Memos app will provide similar, if not better, results..Version: 3.5

SandhuWorld’s best voice recorder . I recommend every single person to use it. I’m sure you’ll love it like me.Version: 5.0

Stopped recording after 4mins for a board meetingReally disappointed with this app. It stopped recording after 4 minutes in an important board meeting. Really unreliable D.Version: 4.0.1

Good, but.....I like the app it's good, only thing I would like to be changed is: - saving file to your own phone gallery without using any other programs - saving the speed of voice.Version: 3.5

LoveablechildGood way to record items and you can listen to them later..Version: 4.0.1

Very high quality sound recorderEasy to use, lots of file formats, good quality audio just from an old iPad- highly recommend.Version: 3.5

Poor applicationDoesn’t work to record a call conversation 👎🏼.Version: 4.0.1

HeyIt needs to be compatible with usb mics and bluetooth mics.Version: 5.0

Deleting!Can’t forward voice recorder as evidence of abuse. Fix it please..Version: 6.0

Pro version well worth the moneyI bought the pro version after frustrations. The upgrade is perfect. I’m sharing memos all around the place and it’s all so easy to manage. Highly recommend it..Version: 5.0

Loving this appThis recorder is helping me to write a new manuscript. Due to age I’m unable to write or type too long so this is making my life’s work possible CG.Version: 4.0.1

Practical voice training aidI use Voice Recorder Pro as a teaching aid. I am a course leader for trainee radio broadcasters, and the app is perfect for class members to submit their live reads for assessment and coaching. The clarity of voice recordings is excellent. The large timer on the record screen is ideal for practising the correct reading pace of 30 second and 60 second radio scripts. Thank you for your well-designed app..Version: 3.5

So convenient and good reproductionThis has been so easy to send mp3 files?.Version: 5.0

ExcellentIt’s great for practicing music would like to slow it down to .75 % Such an excellent tool 😊👍.Version: 3.5

Great appI love this app.Version: 4.0.1

Great appI’m a guitarist. I travel a lot. I cary a high quality collapsable acoustic parlour guitar with me all the time. I cary a battery powered ToneWoodAmp clip on effects unit with me all the time. These two items let me sound like I’m plugged in on stage, when I’m on a boat, at the airport, around the campfire, or up a mountain. Voice recorder lets me record what I’m playing where ever I am. It lets me do basic trimming & listen to what I just played. Due to the various file saving formats, I can send my recording to my iPad editing software for analysis, of further refinement. VoiceRecorder gives me the last piece of my particular puzzle. It lets me record my music anywhere in high quality audio. My phone is always with me, so my recording device is now always with me. VoiceRecorder has become an invaluable tool for me..Version: 3.5

GreatGood recorder, but recently it has been adding a 2 second silence in every recording. Any help fixing this issue appreciated.Version: 5.0

Worst appPlease don’t use it wasted money to take pro version..Version: 5.0

Great appGreat app - would like the "rename" option to come up immediately when the recording is saved - otherwise perfect!.Version: 3.5

GoodGood.Version: 4.0.1

Very reliableLove the app works well with Mac Book, but would like better Bluetooth conncectivity.Version: 5.0

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Voice Recorder - Audio Record 6.1 Update

Version 6.1 (2021-09-08): Hi friends! We have updated Voice Recorder for better performances to you. In today's update, we have taken up some edgy part for smooth flexibility with improvisations. We have also made it full compatible with latest iOS. We did localization improvements for 中国人, française, Deutsch, italiana, 日本, 한국인, português, русский, española..

Version 6.0 (2021-08-11): Hi friends! We have updated Voice Recorder for better performances to you. In today's update, we have taken up some edgy part for smooth flexibility with improvisations. We have also made it full compatible with latest iOS. We are sure y'are loving Voice Recorder. Please do Rate us! It's always an inspiration for us to have your feedbacks, and motivate us to make it even more better and perfect! If you have, drop a question at [email protected]

Version 5.0 (2020-01-30): - Dropbox API update. - Support of External Bluetooth Audio play. - Compatibility for new iPhones and iPads. - Bug fixes and improvements..