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Why did the Chicken cross the road?
Why did the Pigeon leave THAT there?
Why did Unihorse eat all that candy?
Crossy Road® is the #1 viral smash hit you’ll never stop playing.

Crossy Road App User Reviews & Comments

Duplicates.... really? Pls fix!Okay I think that Crossy Road is one of my favorite games. It’s very challenging and I like the storyline of it. But something really bothers me: I have more than 100 coins so I want to get a new character. Well I tap the button and it’s a DUPLICATE. I have to spend 200 more coins (100 more coins than I originally spent) on a character that may or may not be another DUPLICATE. But we get a choice to either pay tons or coins or watch a stupid ad. Why the ad? I hate ads because they are advertising a new game when you’re playing one. Look, all I’m saying is this problem wouldn’t have happened if you added duplicates. Please get rid of them. Can you like keep track of what characters we do and don’t have so we won’t get a duplicate because I just wasted 100 coins on something I already had. Please fix this!! Otherwise I really like the game! Thank you! - A semi-happy customer.Version: 4.3.20

Very fun!This game is a very good pass time for when you are bored. You can choose from a variety of characters- there are over 300 different options and styles. My favorite pack is the Australian pack, but they are all very fun. Crossy road is great for all ages, all you need is a little patience to beat your high score. You can compete with friends by signing in with Facebook which adds a whole new level of fun gameplay. You can also participate in pecking order- a competition where whoever has the highest score wins very good prizes! Crossy road is a great game and I highly recommend it. I only wish there was an option to make your own characters if you collected enough coins in the game. Like if every time you get 3000 coins you could make a new character. Would give five stars if that option was available. Please developers add this option because we would all LOVE it!.Version: 4.3.18

A pecking order problem 😡👿😬😕🤤🤩 love Crossy Road whole story real not lying on godSo umm I’ve been playing this app for 2 years now but now everything in this game is a big fat PROBLEM!first when I want to get a new character from the Crossy Road claw machine in the game they just give me a same old same old and duplicate with out even giving our coins back like a refund but instead I waste all of my coins for NOTHING!and secondly when I start to play the pecking order they make it extremely hard but the only thing that is super easy is grass and train edition and that when I get a big fat high score and check on it later I have to start all over again by going over the results AGAIN! And it’s like they don’t want me to win or something and they just started to stress me out because i got into an incident and needed help doing everything now because it was a really bad injury 🤕:!and now thanks to Crossy road they made the game so hard for me and they made so stress I wish they fixed how their game was.Version: 4.3.3

Ok it’s amazing!I got Crossy road a couple months ago and played it a lot then I kinda stopped playing it, today I decided to play it then I realized how great it is and how much I loved it! I love this game so so so much! I realize that a bunch of people said on pecking order it didn’t save, mine has been just fine! I feel bad for the people that this is happening to developers please fix this! Please! Also I want to say that I am not the biggest fan of pecking order. It’s too hard for me, but I know a lot of people like it now so don’t change it because of one person. Also I think that your pricing for the mystery things that hold the new characters are great it’s really easy to get coins! I am really sorry that this was so long, the reason it’s long is because this is a great game! This is one of the best games ever! PS. thank you for no adds or not a lot I kinda forgot if there were any! Lol! Thank you for reading! From, Olive..Version: 4.3.18

Wow!Okay, I posted this after a while, I know, I get it. So anyway, this game is extremely fun! I love the competitions(pecking order) and it helps me get better at the actual game. Also I love playing the two player version with my bestie when she comes over. It’s also difficult but not impossible. And I love a good challenge! Btw this is coming from a ten yr old gaming expert. I legit am obsessed with Zelda Breath of the Wild which is rlly hard so u can trust me when I post reviews. I definitely recommend this game. Yeah, I’m still going... But this is about a bug in the game. So one night I was playing Pecking Order and I had a high score (for me) of 347 and I was so happy but it was getting late so I decided to put my iPad away. The next morning I went to see the results and I wasn’t even on the leaderboard. And YES I am sure I played on pecking order. I was bummed but I was not like depressed because like it’s a game and it’s still fun. But if your reading this think of my 4 stars as 4.5 stars. P.S thx for reading my rlly long review and sorry it’s this long..Version: 4.3.18

PLEAS READ!I really like this game. The amount of characters to unlock makes it not a short-term game and the new features, such as different biomes, music, and obstacles make it seem worth it when you spend a hundred coins on a character. However, duplicates are really one of the biggest issues. 100 coins is a lot, and half the time I spend it it gives me a duplicate. Of course, I can watch a video, but I'm sick of ads, and I don't want to pay more money to get something new I wanted in the beginning. The price is outrageous, especially once you spend 300 coins total and still get a duplicate. Change the price or get rid of duplicates entirely! Also, the parental controls is glitchy. I wanted to get rid of the ads, so I clicked Disable video ads, but a while later I started getting more ads! Please fix these two issues for me so I can go back to enjoying this game again..Version: 4.3.21

Most Iconic Mobile Game Ever!Who doesn't like this game? It's easy to figure out and play, no time playing is ever the same, and if your competitive like me it's a great game to play with your friends. The skins are so creative and I just love how the map is different for almost every category. I'm also in love with the daily challenges. I only have a few suggestions: When on random mode, don't put in skins that are for a certain holiday, like Christmas and Halloween. Also, the swipe bar for the skins is a little slow and inconvenient, so if you could fix that or rearrange the skin page it would be much easier to use. I also think that you should be able to choose your skin for 2 player mode. Finally, the train pole(Not sure what you call it) on the dinosaur map is a little hard to see if you could fix that. And also, this isn't really a suggestion, but why did you take off Disney Crossy Road?.Version: 4.7.0

Good game, but has issues....This is a fun and addictive game that I have been playing for multiple years now. I love to use it for a time waster sitting in a doctor's office or such, and I love collecting all the characters and seeing the different themes that go with them. That said, there is a small problem that's come up recently. I play on an iPod touch 5th gen, so I know it's going to be somewhat laggy and not work as well as it might on a newer device. However, I expect to have at least a decent gameplay experience. I like the new competitions and things. The problem is when I try to watch an ad to get a mystery box, it shows the ad, then switches to a white screen, and never gives me the mystery box. Then I have to restart the game and continue on. This has happened three times so far and it's been getting frustrating. Please take this message into consideration and try to fix this! Thank you..Version: 1.6.5

Prob. One of the best gamesTo start, I used to play this fame for hours before I got screen time on it because I was on too much. But that doesn't matter because I still have the same amount of fun playing it. One really good thing about this game is that coins is really easy to get. I usually play this games for hours getting THOUSANDS of coins. Then when I get a lot of money I spend it all on a bunch of skins. A good thing about the skins is that they only cost 100c and the setting or plot changes every time which makes it a more interesting game to play which probably explains why I play it for hours. I glitch out of the game every now and then but it doesn’t really change anything other than the fact that I’m usually over 100 steps so it gets pretty frustrating sometimes. There is a bot of ads like every three deaths but I’m usually just on airplane mode for a better experience. Thank you for reading, and I hope the game stays how it is (or maybe a little bit more skins). But anyways thanks for taking like 2-5 minutes of your day to read this..Version: 4.7.0

Amazing way to tell ppl to stop destroying animals home and start recyclingThe way I see the game is that ppl cut down too much trees and they always say that they feel bad for the animals but the ppl still cut down trees so this game is like a sign when u die in the game it’s because of the cars and in real life animals actually die because of cars and the animal just wants to go home but it can’t find it’s home because humans destroyed it and the animal is risking its life just to get back home and when they die they always get smooshed because of the cars and have u noticed that when u go really far in the game there are so many cars? It’s because ppl aren’t even noticing that a animal home is there and yet ppl still are cutting down trees and destroying the earth like if u ppl saying u feel bad don’t say it do it?.Version: 4.3.18

Pecking order issueOverall my experience with this game is good, and the new Pecking Order mode is a fun new way to play and introduce competition. However, I’ve been experiencing an issue with Pecking Order not saving my previous scores. Last night I discovered the new feature, and my challenge was to play as the Mad Bull and score as many points as I could. I got somewhere in the mid-200s, then decided to leave it at that and go to bed. This morning I opened the game again and scored very low on Pecking Order only to find that my previous score had been completely erased. I wrote this off as a connection problem last night, but later I scored in the high-500s and then played some of the normal game mode, came back and scored low and found that that score had been erased. I thought maybe the game wouldn’t save your score if you switched over to the normal game mode, but when I tested this I found that the game was saving my score of 9 just fine. I don’t know if this is a personal or widespread issue, but I thought it worth mentioning here..Version: 1.6.1

Amazing GameI have played this game when I was 6 and I stopped playing when I was about 8. I got back into this game and it’s so addicting! I cant stop playing it! I love that you can unlock new characters but there is two tips or suggestions I would give. There is a few coffee t ways you can earn money in this game but I think you should add just one more. Maybe make the coins worth more than just one or shorten the waiting time for the free prizes. Also I know there is multiplayer but you have to have a Apple TV which is cool and all but not everyone one has one so I think there should be another way to play with your friends. Those are just some tips or suggestions but again I love this game! Definitely recommend for anyone! Even my 4 year old cousin plays it and he loves it!.Version: 4.2

Not the worst IMO!The game is actually really successful. It becomes a fun chicken runner to a collection maniac type of game. I don’t like when my cellular crashes when i get a duplicate and I end up getting nothing, But I already unlocked a lot of the baby animals and the original cast. I also found many of the hidden secrets within the game, And I enjoy it as much as some as my personal favorites! I tend to play this an hour a day, And I never get bored. This game is just awesome; I’ll never stop playing unless I have all the skins and need to restart the game from scratch, But I would also buy the 2 very fun game modes that add up to the game. But things just don’t seem right- I suggest all players turn off the Daily level so they won’t get distracted. 2-player mode is also very neat. It lets you play with two people for double fun! You can see if you can get an excellent top and unlock all the skins! Good luck to all players of Crossy Road!.Version: 4.5.0

The BESTThe good part: AMAZING game. Wonderful to play if you only have a few minutes. It isn’t confusing. There aren’t challenges to remember; just a simple yet exciting game. There isn’t an end, so you can get better and better. Every once and a while there is an ad after you die, but there aren’t the annoying banner style ones at the top and bottom to accidentally press. I love the “At Home” characters lol. The chicken with slippers is so cute. My goal is to unlock the toothbrush 🪥. The bad part: I really can’t think of anything I dislike about the game. Some people might not like the simplicity of the game. If you’re a person who loves action games with challenges, this might not be for you. Suggestions for Hipster Whale 🐳: 1. When you get a coin prize in Pecking Order, maybe the people who are super high on the scoreboard should get more coins 🪙 in their box. Ive gotten a score of 14 and gotten ~100 coins. Another time I scored in the hundreds and got hardly any coins. So basically what I am saying, is don’t randomize the boxes; the more jumps you’ve scored, the more coins you should get. 2. Maybe add a character category for the Chickens, so that when I want to find a chicken, I don’t have to scroll through all the categories to find a specific chicken. 🐓 Thank you for reading edit: I got the toothbrush yay!.Version: 4.7.0

MeepIt is so much better than any other games I’ve ever played and it has really cool graphics to it but it’s cool to watch them and it will make the most interesting one more enjoyable and the free throws and the United was I had the same experience as The with no friends at first and the second round and the levels were cool and they didn’t play so it is so addicting I can’t wait to go again to the next update so I could go on the list and then I can go to the store and I can go to the movies and go to the shop and go to the bank and I can go to the gym and w the reason I am not to go to the doctor I can go to the office and go to the hospital and I can go to the appointment I just want you know when you can go to the w the rest and the time I can go to the doctors and I can go to them and I can take care and go to the house to go to the.Version: 4.2.1

FabulousI have a love hate relationship with this game. I could be on it for over 2 hours and not even realize it’s been that long it keeps you so occupied. However, I have lost much sleep from it. I’ve been up at 12 trying to pass my high score and never I don’t let myself go to bed till I beat it. It frustrates me so much and it gives me anxiety when I get 1 below my high score or when i’m about to get passed it and then I die that fills me with rage. I definitely recommend this game if you need to pass the time and if you want to let a little anger out. Like when you’re at a funeral for one of your great aunts you never knew, this game is perfect!! My favorite part about this game is getting a variety of different animals, people, items, etc. with the coins you get from mystery boxes. With the things you get from mystery boxes you can use them to cross the roads and it’s amazing!!!! Overall, definitely give this game a go you never know what you could get for your high score!!!! Try and beat my high score of 40! Thanks for listening to my Ted Talk.🙏🙏.Version: 4.5.1

Loved it but ads ruined itI have been playing Crossy Road for a long time, and I always loved it because it was fun and had no ads. But I recently had to uninstall it due to low storage space. When I reinstalled it, I noticed that it had ads now. At first I was disappointed, as it used to be one of my favorite no ad games. Now in order to play a few rounds I have to watch at least one of the annoying mobile ads. I understand that this is one way of getting money, but I usually uninstall games that have you watch ads in order to play something and then watch another ad. So if this game won’t have any more ads (or at least no ads in between the rounds) then I will reinstall it. But if the ads stay the chances of me playing it again will go down to almost zero. I know that I could buy some characters and then have no ads, but I try not to spend money on games. I hope this review will help improve the game..Version: 4.7.0

This game cured my grandmother’s cancer!🥰I’ve been playing this game for 5 years, and I’ve had nothing but a truly wholesome experience playing this game, not only has it purified me, cured my anxiety and depression, boosted my social life and got me a girlfriend, but when I first started playing it, I became obsessed, I began to get better and better at it, when one day my family got a call from the local hospital 🏥 saying to pick up my grandmother, 👵 because she was 100% cured from her cancer!! We were so relieved, as well as my sweet grandmother, 👵 she asked how it happened and I told her, it was this game called Crossy Road, it’s just so pure, and that’s when it hit me, this game is so pure, I must share it with the world!🌍 And I did.😌 So please, do yourself a favor and please buy Crossy Road, it’s really just that wholesome.👌😇.Version: 4.3.18

Review on Crossy roadComing from someone who wrote a four star review it can’t be that bad. Crossy road is a fun game to play. I think we should be able to pick any character we want. Or pick a back round. I also think there should be levels. Now if you don not like those ideas there are simpler ones that will cost less money. You could make it a little harder. Not that it’s easy. I think it should get harder as you go on. This is sort of like what I said about the levels. Now I am not a grown up. I am a ten year old girl playing a game on my dads iPad. I understand if you don’t want my advice. Here are some reasons why you should take my advice. I am a kid. I know how to make it more fun for kids. We like things with levels. Or something that gets harder every time. If we keep on playing the same thing over again it won’t be fun. Now this will take us back to levels. You should have levels. I have already told you why. But if you are going to have levels you are going to want to make it something that we can go back to the level we were on. And there should be a way to go back to the levels. Kids like me like to go back to easier levels to win them. They make you feel more accomplished. Now about the choosing which character we like different characters. I don’t no why but we do. Like in meep city on Roblox I want a different house. It’s fake I know but I still want it. Same thing with Crossy road. Emma Schlesinger.Version: 4.3.18

Nice, but what about a change....I have been playing Crossy road for over two years and I love it! I love that you can pick your animal, play competitions every day, and be entertained! Now why did I rate it a 4 out of 5? I rated it a 4 or of 5 because I would make one small change to the game. For example, I get so close to my highest score, and then something kills me! I would prefer there to be there a second chance. You could have the chance to pay some of your money to start over, or something. It would be nice if that happens sometime! One more thing, adds pop up very rarely! Which is one thing that I love about this app! Usually games have a different add pop up every 2 seconds, but I appreciate that this app doesn’t include many while you’re playing, and after you’re playing!.Version: 4.3.18

Good game, but too many duplicatesAll in all this is a great game, but when you start to get a lot of duplicate characters from the prize machine. You then have the option of watching a video or spending 200 coins to try again and the chance of getting a new character goes up. Unfortunately, sometimes you don’t get this option and just go back to the menu screen. I find this incredibly frustrating since 100 coins were just wasted, and the probability of getting a new character becomes incredibly low. For example, I have around half the characters, and when I watch a video after getting a duplicate, my chance of getting a new character goes up to 10% then I get another duplicate, watch another video, and the chance becomes 20% after getting yet another duplicate it goes right back to the menu screen, and all the coins and time is wasted..Version: 3.3.1

Really good gameThis game is awesome overall, but there is one issue I have. In Pecking Order, there is a glitch where you can't play the game. I've tapped and even closed the app, but nothing works. The only solution I've found is to play the regular game and just kill yourself instantly. Even that doesn't work sometimes. I hope you read this and patch out that glitch because it is so annoying to only play one or two rounds of Pecking Order and then stop. Really good game, though. I know it might be difficult to patch out a glitch when a lot of users are playing the game, but could you just fix the glitch? Then the game is perfect.👍 Update Game is now perfect but I realized something useful to know. Everything in Pecking Order(online) is the same no matter how many times you reload it. Tip: BE PATIENT.Version: 4.3.3

SETTINGS!!First of all, I love this game, but I HATE how we can’t change anything, like the sound or anything. I love to use my AirPods, but when I use them, they make these sound affects that I absolutely hate. First of all, they are kinda loud sometimes, and are kinda annoying. Sometimes I actually do like them, but when I use my AirPods, that means I want to listen to something. Like a show. Call me crazy, but I like it. So it would be really helpful to have some settings to turn them off and on. It also would be nice if we could have some kind of profile where we could have some kind of profile picture and name. The profile picture can be like, the characters like friends of Crossy or something. It also couldn’t hurt to have some kind of match with a player somewhere in your state or country. Like if you could play against another person. That would actually be SUPER nice. Other than that, this game is an amazing Borden buster and I love it..Version: 4.5.0

It’s a great game but...If you’re like me, you like to get every character/bonus in a video game, then your probably trying to do that right now. Anyways... I found the adds that pop up like every 3 round quite annoying, so I got the piggy bank character. It was $3.99 (I believe) and gives you 1000 coins, double coins, and the benefit of not watching those pesky adds after 3 rounds. BUT, the thing with collecting characters is that sometimes you will run into duplicates, and, if you want to get a new character, are forced to watch an add, or pay even more. This process happens twice, but is apparently “really rare” or I thought. Before my purchase, this only happened once. Now, after my purchase to get more characters, coins, and less ads, this happens literally every other character. It’s a clever way to get me to watch an add, but also an unfair and cheap way as well. So here’s my review: really fun game, great design, but a horrible way to treat customers. If your looking to play a fun game, this is what your looking for. If your looking to complete a game, don’t play it. If this is “fixed” or changes were made, I will change my review, but until then 3 stars..Version: 4.6.0

They changed it for only hard core playersI have played Crossy Roads for more than 10+ years and now they have made harder to get coins ( when they said “if you buy the piggy bank you will earn coins faster”) well they have taken that away so even if you buy it as I did it is harder and longer. So, they just took my money and changed the game might as well just give them money and get nothing. I am saddened by the way they have taken a game that was easy enough for a dummy like me to play and enjoy it. No it has to be hard and difficult that only the best can play and they also made so you have to play against others in order to get the big coins. Not at all fair when I paid to be able to collect more a little faster. That’s over. I will be sadly deleting this game that I thought was a very user friendly as other game have gone because more want harder and people like me are the dummies for liking easier well fair we’ll Crossy Roads it was now it’s not for everyone only the best can play I just was never that at these game.Version: 1.6.5

Way too many adsSo yeah it’s a good game and i enjoy it but there are way to many “words from sponsors” it’s like every time i die it says, “and now a word from our sponsors” and all the time!! it gets so annoying that i just stop playing! the game itself is okay, i don’t like how sometimes if you miss jumping on the lilliepad there isn’t another chance to get across the river and you die so that’s annoying AND sometimes your stuck in the road and you can’t stay where you are because a car is coming, you can’t go forward cuz a truck is in the way and you can’t go backward because of another car so that’s rly annoying also i feel like there should be a wider range where u can go to the left or right that would especially help when ur in the river cuz sometimes there aren’t any other logs to jump ok and you die pointlessly so yeah. like i said, good game over all, and i like the pecking orders or whatever they are fun.Version: 4.4.2

Crossy road rules!This game is amazing!!I love all the features and the secret characters!My favorites are the poopy pigeon,the Hipster Whale,and of course the chicken!!!The game is so addictive and I play it every day!!All the features are awesome and I especially like two player mode!I definitely recommend downloading Crossy road and supporting Hipster Whale👍👍👍🐔🐔🚗🚖😃😃😃😃😃!!!One of the best games I’ve ever played!One of the best things about it are the daily levels!Every day you can play a new daily level every day and play against other players and try to get first place!!Every time one of them ends you receive a coin or if your close to first you’ll get a mystery box!!You get a free coin gift every 3 hours and when you get 100 coins you can get a prize out of the prize machine!!!This game is amazing and I definitely recommend checking it out!!#Crossy road!.Version: 4.3.3

Truly the best game ever!!! 😍😍I play this every single day, you can unlock so many cool characters and maps!! This game is really fun. I definitely recommend this for everyone who are bored mostly, this isn’t just a normal road game, the prices are really cheap if you want to buy in app purchases, I bought a character that was an in app purchase, and I’m in love with it! This game has lots of features you can enjoy, but if you played it for a while, you’d be pretty bored. So I suggest to make more features. Maybe make a dance party room and you can select your character and you can meet new people, and there could be dance buttons that make you dance!! And could you also make a character giveaway every week? Just add in a button that says giveaway and you should make a button that says join once you pressed the giveaway button. Then make a sign that says if you won or not. Thanks for your time!!! And of course you should download this game!!!!! 😍❤️😊👍😱.Version: 4.3.3

AdsSo I don’t know when this whole get a duplicate and get to try for another thing started but I just see it as a ploy for people to watch more ads j just re downloaded the game and already have had like between 5-10 duplicates and that’s counting when I get a duplicate and have to watch another ad bc I get another duplicate after that when I only have like a total 10 characters out of what looks like to be about 100 or more. This is one of the top games ever made for an arcade game I’m not sure why ads need to be crammed down our throats like that. And I’m not understanding why after you fail you can watch an ad for coins which I believe only gives you 25 tokens or whatever it is but when you get a duplicate the equivalent to watching an ad, of equal length when you fail, is 200 coins so I’m not sure why when I watch an ad after I fail it’s not worth 200 tokens. In all honesty I’m in the hospital and very very bored and hate ads so that’s where this came from lol.Version: 1.5.8

Enjoying, loving, awesomeI really enjoy this game a lot, and I am always playing it. I like the fact that you can use the money you collect in the game as well as real money to get characters. I love the global challenges where you can play against people all around the world! Me and my mom compete to see can get the most coins and so far I’m winning😁 I like how each character has their own game mode and scenery, you can even unlock characters by using some of the characters. (I’ve gotten a few) I’ve had this game for years and I still love it even more everyday. My only problem is that in the global competition when you get a high score better then the one you have it doesn’t save to your best off of the global competition my high score was 336 at the time being and I got 550 on the global but it didn’t save to my best. Overall it’s awesome and I really recommend but please fix this for me..Version: 4.3.1

Classic However One Big ProblemI honestly love Crossy road, it’s a classic and everyone knows it, but as of recently the amount of duplicates you get is insane. I have around 20-25 characters unlocked, but for whatever reason it never fails to give me duplicates at least once. You see they try to “fix” this problem by letting you watch an ad to have another chance at getting a character, but even after that I still some how often manage to get a duplicate. Oh but I can just watch another ad to get another shot this time with a 100% guarantee of getting a new character, see this wouldn’t be a problem if it didn’t happen so often, as it seems as an easy way to get money, making the odds of getting a new character so low makes it almost guaranteed I would have to watch an ad to get a new character, exactly what they want. It’s really agrivating working hard to get 100 coins to unlock a character to always just end up having to watch an ad making all the work useless essentially. I hope they patch this so I can enjoy the game like I used to back in middle school..Version: 4.3.18

Practical application.My husband is addicted to this game. To be honest, I haven’t played it yet. However he plays non stop and he NEVER plays games on his phone until this one. I would let it frustrate me but he needs a little bit of stress relief in his busy life, although I think the game does stress him a bit, because I hear him yelling at the characters all of the time. Anyway to the practical application. He had to make a trip to our local big box club to pick up things for a cookout we were having. He said that because he had been playing Crossy Road so much it helped him navigate through the busy store with his cart much easier than usual, even though it was packed with people. I told him I was happy that he had found a practical application for his game addiction. Also, he and my 9yo are always competing to get on the leader board and my 4 yo loves it too. I suppose I should join in the family fun on this one. Lol!.Version: 3.0.0

My favorite game!...but......Absolutely love this game and part of the reason is how rewarding and constantly changing it is (in terms of new characters and levels). What I did notice though is that while I'm an avid player and coin-seeker in the game, cashing coins in eventually becomes meaningless. As you unlock more characters, your odds of getting a new character decrease. Fair enough. With that said, after spending 100 coins, you’ll be able to watch an ad to get a second character slot machine spin with 4/10 odds of a new character. If you don’t get one on that attempt, you have a third and final post-advertisement try with 8/10 odds of getting a new character. Exciting!!! Except I’ve kept track and I’m not getting anywhere near the odds of a new character every 8/10 tries...making me feel as though my coins are being wasted away into nowhere. All that work getting 100 coins at a time fore measly odds. Ouch..Version: 4.4.3

Good gameThis game is the great! The only thing is that you shouldn’t be able to get duplicates. I mean what do you even do with the extras?? 🤷‍♀️ It’s not a very big problem though. The only thing about it is that you waste 100 coins on something you already have, and if you want to try again you have to watch a video or spend more coins. I was actually surprised that there aren’t many ads at all. I like that you can get new characters for only 100 coins. Because in most games it would be a lot more than that. One time I got 2000 coins and bought 20 new characters. I like that there are daily challenges, so you can compete against other people without playing multiplayer. I don’t understand why the daily challenges end before the actual end of the day. Like I can play 2 different daily challenges in one day. I also like the variety of characters. Like, there’s pac man and ida. I like that there are different backgrounds when you play different characters. I know it sounds weird, but my favorite character is the toothbrush. I also like that the characters make sounds as they play. The baby animals sound like squeakers. It’s so cute. It’s honestly kind of sad seeing the baby animals get run over by cars, but it’s not real so it’s okay. So, the only problems (they’re not big problems) is that you can play two different daily challenges in one day, and that you can get duplicates when you try to buy new characters. Thank you for making such an amazing game!!!.Version: 4.7.0

Love the game, but the duplicates are so annoyingThis is probably my favorite game on my phone. But the adds are pretty annoying. But that’s not even the real issue. It’s the DUPLICATES!! Now, I guarantee you that every single review has something about the insane amount of duplicates. I only need about 4 more characters (from the prize machine) and I have failed to get a new character, but I have successfully lost hundreds of coins. One more thing. The “T-Coin” characters. My brother unlocked them all and he said he watched so many freeking adds to get them. The only other way to get them is if you score HIGH on the Pecking Order. So, if you could please please please please take away the duplicates, perhaps add a few more characters, create new ways to get t-coins, and reduce the amount of adds, this game would be flawless! Anyway I really do love this game, and a few changes would be nice! Thanks! ~A.Version: 4.3.21

Great game except.....So I was introduced to Crossy Road by a friend and I was totally addicted. I love Crossy Road still, but when I save up enough “money” for a new character, 90% of the time, I get a “duplicate.” Then I tap to watch an ad and there is only a 50% chance that I will get a new one, and over time, the percentage will go down. If I don’t get a new character after I already tapped to watch a video, then I’ll have to watch ANOTHER video, with an 80% chance I’ll get a new character, and that that percentage will go down too. Also, if I’m on the road or on a plane and don’t HAVE WiFi than all my coins will have been wasted. Also, my chance of getting a new character is very slim, so I can almost count on having to watch at least one ad. Sometimes, it also says, “no ads available now, please try again later,” after I had already watched two ads so first of all, I’ve wasted my time and second of all, I’ve wasted all my money. I mean, I totally understand other businesses needing to advertise their products, but there are just way too many ads. Don’t get me wrong, I honestly really ❤️ this game, but Hipster Whale, PLEASE remove duplicates in the next update!.Version: 4.3.18

My childhoodI have been playing this game every since I was eight years old and I cannot tell you how much I am in love with it. I used to have an old little lg tablet and I would play crossy road on there all the time and I almost had all of the characters! Not only has this been my favorite game, it comes with some memories. I used to live in a really nice apt, it was clean and not to expensive and that’s where I got my tablet. I would have my best friend come over every weekend and every summer, and I had that tablet with this game and I know it’s a lot of boring back story that no one really cares about, but I’m just expressing how much I love this game. No other game can replicate this one. Hey, whatever your doing it’s working so keep doing it! -Savoy.Version: 3.1.2

Excellent GameCrossy Road is an excellent game that is perfect for long waits and boredom. The simplicity of the crossing adventure and the slew of characters to choose from keeps you interested and entertained. The player versus player mode is an exciting addition, but it would be exceptional if a way could be implemented to play multiplayer on multiple devices, or against other players online. Another idea is that you could include a story mode of some sorts where you must complete levels, and can earn prizes that way as well. A feature in the game is the randomized button, which will randomize the character you use, I would enjoy it if there was a way to randomize inside one category, or even create a favorites tab to rotate between. Overall, an amazing game that does not really need improvement, these are just a few suggestions..Version: 4.3.7

Best game I’ve ever played in a while!I like games you play with a controller like Play station but tap games I don’t like much but this game is my favorite tap game even know roblox is better no offense btw this is still a really good game! And if you could make some updates soon! I would really appreciate it if you did! Here are my update suggestions: maybe add more characters like food like fish and chips next suggestion is to add other blocky characters like Minecraft but ask the developer of Minecraft if that would be okay to add Steve or Alex! Also I think you should add a game pass that would allow you to make your own characters because I think that would make it the best game ever! The game pass should cost 1.99 that seems like a good price and with the game pass you should add a bonus you get from some missions that allow you to make your own character but once. That’s about it so yeah hope you read this and don’t let me down!.Version: 4.3.18

I love this game! Add more secret characters!I just want to say that this game might sound boring and people might think it is, but I love it! I like to listen to a podcast while I’m playing by muting the app in settings. I have so much fun unlocking the secret characters! ( i cheat a little bit by looking up how to get them 🤣) i spent at least an hour getting all of the secret pac man characters and it was fun! I do think that you should be able to change the speed of cars in settings though, not that it is too hard but I think it would make it more fun. (your high score would be different for each speed) Also for the daily competition I think instead of 75 contestants their should be 50 or less. Also if you want no adds here is how, Settings, parental settings, disable video ads. I hope this review is read and is helpful!.Version: 4.7.0

Read my comment, it’s importantI absolutely love this game it is cleverly made, you do not need to actually purchase anything to successfully play. The little characters are fun. You can play two player and be apart of competitions with other players. I gave it one star because when ever I look for a new game to get I look at the bad reviews first and I wanted to make sure people saw this review. I personally give it 10 stars. And the ads are a part of every free game so you just got to go with it. This game is perfect because it’s infinite, there are new obstacles depending on the characters you unlock, it’s a good distraction. You don’t have to play with volume. Anyone can understand how to play. It’s worth just downloading! I would still get this game if it wasn’t free. All you need is a little patience to play because it is a little hard at times, but it’s really fun. This is a good game made by somebody who knows how to make a good game. If this review hasn’t persuaded you to download, then I don’t know what will. Thank you for reading my review I hope you make the best decision for you concerning downloading this or any game..Version: 4.3.3

Love and Hate relationshipI love this game but at the same time I hate it, the reason I hate it is because it’s challenging but I mainly love it because I get over hating it although I do really miss the Disney version (Disney Crossy Road) I do hope it will return but in the meantime I have this game and if the Disney version ever returns I don’t think I’ll ever stop still playing/enjoying this version however to summarize this I would recommend this game it’s everything you’ll never stop playing this game but if it’s not for you oh well but please give this game a try. By the way if your new to this game try it maybe you’ll love it or not but I’d say there’s more of a chance that you’ll love it but I f you are new you maybe wondering what’s the Disney version of this incredible challenging game/app well it’s Disney and Pixar oh and the Pirates of the Caribbean characters it’s amazing just like the original, however it was shutdown it’s no longer available trust me you would have loved it and you would have loved twice as much if you love the original I do REALLY hope the Disney version will return but as I said I have the original in the meantime and I’ll never get over oh as I said again I would recommend to anyone.(sorry if I made a few mistakes and sorry for my bad grammar).Version: 4.6.0

FUN gameThis game is so much fun I play it like 100 times a Day! It is so fun but one day the prize button was not there! But about 2 days later I had realized that I won all of the prizes you can from the prize machine ! All of the prizes I didn’t have were with tokens or ones you just unlock! They should add more prizes . Crossy road is my favorite game my high score is 638 it seems easy when you get Crossy road you’ll see how hard it is . For today’s competition a new skin changes at 8 P.M every day you compete with other people it is so fun! One more thing this is how to get hipster whale you’ll see a blue thing in the water you’ll find out it is hipster whale! You jump on it and when you die you’ll start a new round and unlock hipster whale! Crossy road is a great game you should play it HAVE FUN!!.Version: 4.3.18

Best Game Mobile Game of all Time!This is the first game that I ever downloaded on my phone about 6 years ago, and I have been playing it ever since. I usually download mobile games and play them for a couple of weeks until I’m bored and delete them, but I have legitimately played this game for 6 straight years. I have actually become one of the top players on the game(top 1% on the leaderboard), and this proves that the game isn’t overly difficult. The characters give you a fun thing to do while trying to climb the leaderboard for highest score, and pecking order gives you an opportunity to participate in immediate competition. There is the complaint of getting to many duplicates, but I have collected every single character in the game without ever paying a dime of real money so it is possible. Anyway the only complaint that I have is that after you collect all the characters like I have, there is nothing left to do other than improve your high score(which is still very fun.) I would love to see a new feature where you can level of your characters even if it doesn’t improve their performance(just as a way to continue progressing) or maybe like unlockable decoration and costumes for each character. Overall it truly is the best mobile game of all time..Version: 4.7.0

Fun game ❣️I love this game I have 2 games and I always play this one. But the problem is that I have 15 characters left and I would have all of them If they wouldn’t have the duplicates all the time! I know they do it for the ad’s but It gets annoying! The multiplayer mode is AWESOME! It would be cool if Crossy road would make a single player characters like power up flea,rover,bull and so on. That would be great 😁😁😁. Tip:on multiplayer mode you can stack chicken on top of mallard and just tap on mallard’s side and just like normal and when you do that if you get invisible power hurry too the next one before you stop hereing the arcade chinking sound😁 then you make rainbow mallard. That’s another thing Crossy road should make rainbow characters. And this game is so addictive and fun Me and my sister have had this game since we were little little kids we’ve broken so many electronics we keep on getting the game on our system’s😄😄😃.Version: 4.3.3

INCREDIBLE GAME!! 👌🏻🤩But one complaintCrossy road is my favorite game installed on my phone,I couldn’t live without it😍😊😁altough I have a small complaint..... you know the leaderboard where you compete between many other random players to get the highest score? Well my current high score is 188 and I got 201 jumps on the leaderboard so I checked to see if it updated my top score....and it stayed 188.😞☹️🥺I am SUPER sad because I worked very hard for that 201 and I have to work more for it.😔😒😩I wish for you to fix it so in advance I dont have to go through it again and the other players of the legend of what is called 🤩✨CROSSY ROAD✨🤩😉 I absolutely LOVE ❤️ Crossy road it is the best frickin game in the universe please fix this small flaw as this is THE BEST GAME IN THE UNIVERSE!!!!!!!!😎😜✨✨✨🤩🤩👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻 Yours truly, rem gem 💎.Version: 4.4.3

Love the game but...UPDATE: I was contacted directly by the developer; they quickly made the necessary changes to remove the ads from my paid-for version, and I’ve updated my rating to reflect not only my opinion of the game (simple, yet addictively fun!) but my rating also reflects my appreciation of their willingness to correct a glitch that had mistakenly turned the ads back on. Thank you!!! 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼 I paid for the ad-free version, and enjoyed the game immensely. Now suddenly I’m being forced to watch ads again?!!! What’s up with that? The game-play is simple, addictively fun but no way can I give this a great rating after being cheated. I paid to not have to watch all the stupid ads, and now they’re back. Fix that, and maybe I change my rating. Let’s see how you rate in “Developer Response”….Version: 4.3.7

My one star reviewThis game is making me sad because I have had a different types of This game I know it can be better One problem of this game is you can not change your character it changes for you!!!!!! This makes no sense!! I mean I’ve seen this game before and played but you could change your guy and it was actually fun!!!! Oh and another thing it starts you off at a really hard level it makes no sense you should at least start at and easy level!!!! But instead you start with trains big big highways and big rivers that you have to get across this literally makes me mad!! The creators of this game did not think about all the problems in this game that it has. Also normally fun games have there guy start with one character instead there are people there are cats and many other guys that you have at the beginning instead I feel like you should start with the original character the duck. And move on with next character I really wish this was better because this game could be fun that is why I rate I star!! ⭐️.Version: 4.3.18

AMAZING!🌈🌈🥳🥳🥳⛈🌩I LOOOOVE Crossy Road! I’ve unlocked so many characters and my high score is 225. I am in love with this game it is my FAVORITE game of ALL TIME😇😇it’s so much fun and if your looking for a game to play nonstop, Crossy Road is the one to play! Unlock characters and beat high scores! Now I’m going to tell you a little bit about the characters. Hipster Whale will show up randomly flowing across the lake like a log. If you land on him, and then die, you will have unlocked Hipster Whale. If you get an ocean animal, the lake will be more like a deep end. So fall in it and you will unlock a character! Isn’t that so cool??!?!😵‍💫😎🤪😜 also, there is something called the “pecking order” and that’s where ur on a hard level. You can beat other players and get to the top and earn a prize and cool stuff like that! thank u for listening and I hope u make the right decision and download Crossy Road!.Version: 4.8.0

Love itI like this app a lot it’s really fun the only thing about it is that it goes a little bit too fast for me but if you’re like somebody who likes fast games or likes to go really fast it would be a great app for you and it has some bugs but I think the new update is going to really fix that yeah so I really like this app and it’s really fun and my top is 69 and it’s actually really nice and you can win different prizes for just playing the game and that is really nice so you don’t have to buy anything you can buy different levels and stuff but I don’t really see the need to do that because you could just earn up by playing the game so why would you buy something if you could just do it for free and so I really like it and But if you don’t like fast games I think it would not be as fun and he would try a little bit harder to get it and yeah and you really get to Do you different characters like the witch or the pig or the chicken or any of them it’s not just the chicken on there it’s different levels different types different all of this stuff and it’s really nice to just express you buy your character or you’re setting of where you want to play your Crossy Road and I really like that there’s a river there’s a train there’s grasslands you can get coins treated and that there’s a hawk that goes if you don’t use it all so it’s actually really nice and I love this thank you.Version: 4.3.18

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Crossy roadCrossy Road is a really good game is so fun to play and it is so entertaining I will give it five stars if I can I’ll give it 10 stars for age level is around 5+ I recommend it if you are bored or have nothing to do what you have to do is just tap the screen to move across animals and you can beat your high Record and get money even teaches you things to look left right and straight while crossing the road.Version: 1.6.5

Crossy Road VerdictCrossy road is a very beautiful and fun and cool game and I love it and I could marry it I liked how you can collect different characters and earn coins money money money$$$$$$ I love the concept of the infinite roads, rivers and train tracks and love how the different purchasable products work with the game in app. I love this idea of the competition and you can compete against other players and get to be first place and rewards that are really bad..Version: 1.6.3

This game is amazing!!💅💅First of all, this game is amazing!! It’s so fun and addictive, and the characters that you can collect are cute/ humorous and they all have their own sound effect. I love the daily challenges, and how you can play multiplayer, on the one iPad/iPhone!! I just would like if you could add being able to join onto someone’s game and verse them, while on your own device? That would make the game complete and perfect, Thanks for making this game, Bri.Version: 4.5.1

There’s PAC MAN INSIDE!!!We can play as ghosts, but you have to earn them first... put how to earn them = Firstly to get them you get pac chick then we’ll my fave ghost is pinky! And to get her see the cherry 🍒 collect that then die when you have it then there it is pinky! Thank you for listening to my report and last thing please thank the creators for making this app! Hope u love it as much as I do!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.6.3

Dinosaur, space and underwater maps.I downloaded this game a long while back and I still love Crossy Road to this day. I love the new Pecking Order, the daily levels where you try and get the top score against people around you. The only thing that bothers me is the dinosaur, space and underwater maps. They’re really difficult because you can’t tell when the ‘train’ is coming and especially with the dinosaur one, you cannot tell where you are. The underwater one is hard when you’re crossing the gauge (?) Because it’s pitch black so you don’t know where the ‘waterfall’ would be. The space one confuses me a lot because things would fly down and start shooting and I would die because of that. Other than these things, this game is really fun!.Version: 4.3.3

GlitchesThere are a couple of glitches in this game. Some I’ve found are when you are on a log you’re about to jump on a lily pad and the log speeds up at the last moment causing you to fall of and miss the lily pad by 1 “square”. Another problem is that in the dinosaur rounds it’s really hard to tell what trains are where if multiple train tracks are stacked up. It’s also hard to judge speed of the “bouncing” dinosaurs. I’ve been killed many a time trying to get past. Also, the crocodiles eat you even if you’re not in there mouth. It gets really annoying when I am on a log about to fall of the edge and I’m like look there's a crocodile I’m gonna go jump on it to survive and it either a. gobbles me whole, b. slows down so I land in it’s mouth or c. let’s me fall right behind it’s mouth and then somehow gobbles me whole. If I were a developer I’d fix problems b. and c. Overall, I really like the game as it is challenging and frustrating at the same time. I recommend it to people who have a lot of patience. It’s overall easy- if you stay below 100 “squares”. Again, it’s a fun little game and I recommend it to people who just need a break and if you have you’re own iPad, iPhone or tablet, and you’re just like “oh so much schoolwork!” Then I recommend this game to you. Just play it 10- 15 mins every day in the morning. If any developers read this, could you please please pleeease try and fix the problems stated above. Thanks! -Anonymous.Version: 1.6.3

SOOO CAYOOT 🙀I have owned this game since I got my iPad 2 years ago, and it’s one of the cutest games I have! These guys make such good apps and the main reason I love them I because they’re the quirkiest games out there. So weird, yet so fun. You guys in the review section should also get their other games if you haven’t already, like Tiny Tower and Disco Zoo. All in all these apps are the cutest (and quirkiest! 😜) apps, and highly recommended!.Version: 4.2.1

No Free VbucksWhile this game may be entertaining and good for when you have no wifi there is a serious flaw hidden inside of this game. You may be aware of the option that states you can watch an advertisement to gain free Vbucks. I have done this many times as it an effective strategy to receive Vbucks resulting in new characters. However, I have just viewed a full ad and pressed the x button after it had ended. However, I did not receive my free 20 Vbucks. This has frustrated me and I think the developers are arrogant rich people who do not care about the players of this game. I do hope you fix this but until then fortnite is my only option..Version: 3.0.0

Amazing 🤩Every single aspect in this game is phenomenal! The daily challenges, unlocking new characters and the two player function. This game has kept me occupied for ages. But there is only one thing that needs fixing since the recent update. I got the baby puppy as an in app purchase to remove the ads but the ads still kept on playing. Other than that I would highly recommended this game to anyone!.Version: 4.3.7

I Love this game but I know something that could make it betterSo I’m in love with this game so muchhhhh, but I hate it when I get to an high score then my figure slips and I crash into a vehicle. So my idea is that in other games there is a retry or extra life chance every now and then if you watch an add. I would really like this feature to be added to Crossy road, to make it a bit better. Even if it’s not added it will still be a great game..Version: 4.4.0

A few glitches but niceSo I was playing Crossy road n when I was playing with waffles (in the piffle isle)the was some glitches where I didn’t die yet but it glitches me to death. And also ur game can u please improve your game because it’s only in the piffle isle it glitches I don’t know why. Now for the good news and the good news is that when I play with piffle I see waffles then when I get close to him or her they disappear out of site then another hundred miles I see him or her whatever again. I love how the chicken races the duck in the 2 thingymabob and also I absolutely love and I mean love marmalade it’s even the name in my among us so I love love love love loooooooooooooooooove thi gAME and I MEAN LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE THIS GAME (except the glitches).Version: 4.5.0

AMAZING 💯🥳🤩I love love this game and I think other will too! I love the old graphics but it isn’t glitchy and has tons and tons of characters to pick from in their categories from original cast to a whole assortment of animals and people. It has funny add ons for some characters, like the mermaid when there are princes in snorkels with a pearl in a clam and then she just rejects them and the turn into frogs and float up when u come near them, and they also have PAC-MAN and the ghosts! I would 10/10 recommend for most people. Hipster Whale if your reading this, I absolutely love the game and its easter eggs thank you for making this and entertaining me!.Version: 4.4.2

Crossy Road ReviewCrossy road is a really good game, but when I payed 100 dollars, I got a toucan which I already had. Then I tried to watch a video to see if I could get a different character but the video wouldn't play so I wasted 100 dollars of my money on the game. It isn't normally like this though. It would make the game even better if there were some more characters that you can play with, as I have got nearly every single character and I am sure many other players do. For people who are thinking about getting this game, I would recommend it for you. I think that crossy road is great for all ages. Overall, I think crossy road is a great game. It just needs a bit of work. Thanks..Version: 3.5.0

Crossy Road? Hmmm……Ok. I love Crossy Road and it is so addictive. But some levels can get TOO hard and it is impossible. And if you stand there waiting for a car/truck/log then this hawk carries you away. But as I said great game. Plus I only downloaded it today so maybe it’s just beginners luck(NOT). Oh and if you are looking for a really good games that is the best (4.8 rating out of 5) get Hogwarts: A Mystery. It’s free you can make your own avatar and name and can change it anytime you want. You attend classes and make (NPC) friends. I love it!!! It’s a witch and wizard game that is mainly Harry Potter but in your life! It’s fun and free! This was just a point. But still....Crossy Road is....goodish..Version: 4.3.18

Crossy Road👍👎Crossy road is such an awesome game. You must get it - so addicting - so much to do! Except / when you go and click on the prize machine, as you get more and more characters, you get more and more duplicates and after watching ads to get a non- duplicate, the next time you do prize machine you only get duplicates because a Crossy road wants you to watch more ads so they get more money: it’s so annoying and wastes my time..Version: 4.3.10

# Wow I love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much and it is a Awsome gameIt is so much fun and I never give up and always just enjoy playing it and it is a good game to play when you are boated and just want a game we’re you don’t win or lose you can win money and then bye having money you can get all, different animals and skins so I would recommend this game if you sometimes you get bored and are sometimes just giving up on games because you are losing GET THIS GAME AMMEDIATELY and have FUN!.Version: 3.2.0

Just a couple of thingsIf you want to make the game more fun and better here’s is a couple of things you should do- 1. Don’t make it so that you have to use 100 coins to get a character. People can’t be bothered to wait 5h for another free gift of coins or go out and play and find 100 coins. 2. The others thing is that you have to wait to long to get a free gift and new quests. I waited 6h to get a new quest and also to get a new gift it is really annoying..Version: 4.4.3

My favourite appHey guys if your looking for getting this app named ‘ Crossy Road’ well here’s the review your looking for! In my opinion about crossy rosd this gives you an opportunity for, when you get a real car you know went to stop and that in future there will be lots of cars and lots of traffic. So, maybe this is the app or review your are looking for or maybe not. Everyone needs to understand that opinions can be different, cause we’re not the same. But, any ways. I love this app. And if you don’t like it then it’s fine just delete it. And if you like it like me then play it and keep it!.Version: 4.3.3

Love it grate gameCrossy road is one of the best games I have ever played it is kid friendly and lots of fun but some people will rage at the game if they keep dying which is very likely if they don’t practice and this is my feed back maybe make it so that you can name yourself and friend request your friends so you can play with them. Hope you take my feedback and update the game with some of those changes xoxo Joella t.Version: 4.4.0

Why you should play this game: the info:This game has taken over my iPad! It is one of my favourite games EVER! It is so fun and addictive. I really recommend it. About: This games objective is to cross roads without getting hit by cars or trains and other stuff. It also has different costumes and stuff to be when you cross. Like chickens, kangaroos, droids. You also have costume categories for each costume and were it come from. Say you were a telephone box. (This actually is in it) The category would be England. Age: this game is for all ages. It is great for kids under ten also. Grownups would actually like it. Glitches and internet: With the glitches all you have to do is turn of wifi. Simple. You don’t need internet to play this game. Enjoy: So sit back and relax with some snacks and enjoy this game because YOU WILL LOVE IT!!.Version: 4.3.7

Prize Machine GlitchVery simple and graphically beautiful game. Haven’t found any glitches over the past three years of playing, however, since the most recent update, the prize machine seems to have disappeared. No matter the amount of times I play and come to the screen that appears after the run has ended, it is nowhere to be found. Coins are stacking up by the thousands, yet I have nowhere to spend them. Please investigate this glitch, as I thoroughly enjoy unlocking new characters to play with through the prize machine..Version: 1.6.3

So simple to play, so hard to master!I didn’t think expect to like this chunky version of Frogger so much but I do. It helps that there are so many characters to collect and each type of character has a unique setting. It also helps that the game is so easy to play and so hard to get far. I especially like the humour that’s gone into a lot of the characters, like the NZ Rugby player in the Hakka stance - hilarious!.Version: 4.3.1

Little problemsBefore I start crossy road is a really good game to entertain little kids and keeps them occupied while adults do there things I love crossy road!😊 Besides all of thing good things there are a few glitches when you go to jump and you dies straight away and the add breaks really annoy me. And I don't think the ranking should be 4+ because it is only teaching young kids bad habits of trying to beat cars across the road which could end real bad I would recommend it being nine plus maybe. I would totally recommend this game to everyone love it 😍.Version: 4.3.18

Love It!!I absolutely love this game and will never stop playing this! But.. just one thing. In the recent few updates adds have started pouring into the game. This never used to happen but now it’s ruining the entire gameplay. I hate it that you have to purchase something to stop the adds and that is just irritating! Please remove the adds, other than that, WHAT A WONDERFUL GAME!!.Version: 4.6.0

Fun but frustratingI love this game I have played it for a long time and I’m not board yet! But sometimes it’s quite hard, tricky and annoying be I die and it is real hard to win! I can’t believe how the people got to a good level! ( the other players ) and I think they must play for like 4 hours a day. But I’m currently sitting on level 69 and I’m still trying to beat it! But anyways good game! It’s so fun and I recommend it! - Viper kitty.Version: 4.7.0

Crossy road by EvieCrossy road is an awesome game but I think there can be some changes made like maybe on some levels make the cars go faster and on other levels make them go slower and make the game more enjoyable because it is only doing the one thing every time so on some levels you can maybe add a twist or something like that I hope this report gets read and if so I hope it was a good report and some changes can be made thankyou for reading this review if you did..Version: 4.3.18

AWESOME!!!!This game is just hands down awesome!!!!🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩 Its perfect for all ages and a heap of fun! I have had this game for years now. It’s really good. One thing I love about it is the amount of adds. There is seriously like no adds!!!! It’s sooo good! I seriously can’t find anything wrong with this game. I love the daily challenge where you get to play on a leaderboard. Another amazing thing is how easy it is to get new characters. this game is awesome!!!! I recommend it to everyone!.Version: 4.3.18

Why I like this gameI like this game because it gives you information on how to cross a big bossy road or train-track.I think that if anyone does not have this game they should get it and here are some other reasons why I like it my first reason is that you can get like money and learn what to do with it second its kind of educational because I you had 147$and you wonted to buy a prize you've got to know what to do so you’d take the one from the front and you’ll end up with 47$ so I think that every body in the world should have Crossy road and I thank the people who made the game 🤓🤓🤓🙂😁😄😃😀😅☺️😊😌🙂😇I’m in love with the game 😍🤓😆😁😄😃😀😄😄☺️😀😃😁🙂😆😊😚😙😗🤪😜😝😛😋👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻💃🏼I went crazy when I got this game.Version: 3.1.2

Great!I think Crossy Road is a great app; the retro theme is cool, the characters list is extensive and wacky, and it’s overall a great app! One thing would be good though; and that is the ability to change your characters in multiplayer! I get so bored when I play two-player with my friend because it is the same characters every time! But this is nitpicking. Thank you for creating such an awesome app, Hipster Whale! 🥳.Version: 4.5.1

PLS READ THISI had this app on my ipad, but deleted it to get new games, and that was a year ago. I got it again because i thought i should try it again, and im so glad i did! 😁Its a great game with heaps of different characters. Its so additive, (which can be bad bc now im spending a lot of time on screens) and its relaxing to play. Some characters have certain skills and Its always exciting when i get a new one. And if people have problems with the ads, just turn off your wifi. Its really fun and relaxing to play, and I recommend it. And theres daily challenges, which gets you to be on a leaderboard, and set records with new characters. The only thing is duplicates, usually when I get a duplicate I watch an ad to get a second chance, which is a waste of time considering 60% of the time I don't get a new one. Which is annoying, because I saved up and it wastes my money. 😕But apart from that, its a great game and you should get it! 😀.Version: 4.7.0

Fun gameCrossy road is a fun game to interact with your mind about when to click your screen to be able to survive as long as you can. You have to be fast or else you can die by time. Overall it’s a fun game and very addictive. I recommend this game to anyone who likes to have some you time. Also if you enjoy this game I recommend you try out Disney crossy road which is a version of this but with your favourite Disney characters from Moana to cars..Version: 3.3.1

I like the game but...I like the game but there should be more characters. All the characters in the game I have discovered all. I think there should be more levels as well. All the levels are just too easy and I just think it should be more and harder levels. Last but not least, glitches!! There are some glitches in the game that I am annoyed by. The movements are a bit laggy and it should be fixed..Version: 4.3.3

Really Fun but a few glitchesCrossy road is one of the best awesome games that I have played. I especially luv the daily challenges. However there are quite a few glitches. When I am participating in a challenge a lot of the times, at the start of a game it tends to freeze and not move when I tap. It has happened on multiple devices.I hope this can be fixed. Overall I love crossy road and enjoy every non glitchy moment..Version: 3.5.0

Pity Apple Doesn’t Have 10 StarsBecause in situations like this it desperately needs them! I know it’s sort of impossible to give suggestions like this to Apple but I’m putting it out there anyway YOU NEED MORE STARS. But I can’t write to them so this is useless the only thing I’m writing this for is to convince your tiny brain to get he game WHICH YOU SHOULD! (No offence and your brain is probably quite large. That’s what school is for.) Sorry here I am blabbering about apple REALLY TRULY NEEDING to have 10 stars to give Crossy Road when you wanted to get the game! Go ahead! The button is right there! IT’S RIGHT THERE! Great game Hipster Whale hope you can make more like this! Thanks for the great app!.Version: 4.7.0

I did not see this comingWhen you are waiting on the lawn for all the cars to move, an eagle just comes down and swoops you and then you lose, isn’t it supposed to be just cars and I didn’t see that coming! And also how does a four year old know how to play this app? Cause I don’t know. I feel like this is not appropriate for young kids. I’m ten and I know what happens and it is not good..Version: 4.3.16

Great gameI used to love Crossy Road like it was a great escape from time so if you were on a train or a bus you could just whip out your device and play but I know you have to make money but this isn’t just a problem for this game it’s for many others aswell but the amount of ads are ridiculous, a couple years back you had zero ads and could have so much fun! But now your sitting through an ad to start playing then as soon as you die guess what. ANOTHER AD! Like there are to many for a game as simple as Crossy Road..Version: 4.3.18

RuinedBefore the update this game was good, I could spent 100c and if I got a duplicate I could watch an add and my chances of getting a non duplicate go up 33% and in the end I would be certain to get a new character. Now it goes up 10% and I’m never getting a new character. Guess the best way to unlock characters is to spend money.... trash, trash, trash. The person or persons who thought this would be a good idea are like the NSW police force. They would do anything to raised revenue. There is no joy in the game and am finding myself playing it less and less. Such a stupid update..Version: 4.3.1

It could’ve been betterWhen I downloaded this game I’d never played it so I suspected it would be the bomb but I didn’t like how you only get characters by ether paying for them or saving up a heck load of money to purchase them so I was thinking maybe putting some of the characters into the present box or if let’s say you got to 100 you would be able to get a exclusive character but otherwise this is an amazing game and I would love to see more..Version: 3.1.2

COOLESTThis game is a offline game I am guessing it’s so fun the characters on the game have a good sense there funny and also rlly weird in a good way though it’s not to hard well kinder but every game has to have a challenge or goal to set on the game so yeah I haven’t found any glitches so far so that’s good it’s got good graphics kinder rlly I have nothin to say this game is just a game for fun and that what I like about it it’s also know pretty famous everyone at school knows about this game like come on who wouldn’t (noob) GOOD GAME.Version: 1.6.0

Crosby roadI give it a 4 out of 5 bc I loved the game and it's super addicting but one problem-So you get coin to buy diff skins and I got one for 100 coins and I got a double or duplicate so I watched an ad to have another chance so I watched an ad and at the end of the ad it froze and k then lost 100 coins so I only had 23 left and I couldn't get another skin. Overall this is a really great game and I recommend to people who are patient with ads unlike me😂.Version: 3.5.4

BuggyIt seems that there are some issues with the current version of Crossy Road for iPad and Apple TV. Tried to try playing multi-player mode, and the second person could not play at all. The second device, be it an iPhone or iPad would seem to take control of the game but not allow for a second character, even though the app asking to start a multi-player session..Version: 3.3.1

L O V E it!!!Apart from a few glitches (which I think is because of my devices super slow processing) this game is totally cool! It gives you the chance to interact, find other characters and stuff. I really enjoy it and find that it takes my mind of it. Though beware, if you're one of those people who smash or break something when they're angry or frustrated, try and find a stress ball before you start playing the game or you'll find yourself in serious trouble. Anyway, like I said in the beginning DEFINITELY download this app. It's free and it's fun so you should..Version: 3.0.0

Great game but issueIn my opinion Crossy Road is a great game its fun to collect characters and get new high scores. Problem is I downloaded Piffle and started playing then when I stopped I went onto Crossy Road but it would only load until the Crossy Road logo then stop working and freeze. Not sure if it’s just my phone but I’ve tried many times to see if I could still get into it but it doesn’t work, I’ve even tried to delete apps and try again but nothing seems to work. I don’t know if it’s fixable but please try to do something..Version: 3.5.2

Love it no problems that I have experiencedThere are lots of characters that you have to unlock but it is your choice if you want to get it but I say you should it is ad free I don’t know why some comments say that there are glitches and problems but I haven’t experienced them so I might have a better device but sometimes you get free pets for no game coins and to get pets it only costs about 150 game coins.Version: 4.6.0

Crossy RoadThis is a really fun, challenging and exiting game for all ages. There are really fun daily challenges with other players and you can select the character that you would like to play with. I love playing this adventurous game in my free time. I think that you should try it. I think that this game could improve for the two player version because it’s really hard, the veichles are really fast. But the one player version is awesome!.Version: 4.3.15

Love it, but a few problemsI love this game! It’s really fun. There are daily challenges to compete in, fun characters, different locations, and rarely any ads. I have played it for ages and think it’s a great game, but there are a few problems needing to be fixed: 1. Sound. There is no option to turn off sound. It gets very annoying when you are trying to listen to music while playing, and then your music is competing with the sound of trains coming, cars honking or your character’s noises. Please have an option to turn off sound. 2. Daily challenges. The daily challenges are the best thing on the app. I love to compete with other players, trying to get the best score. But after you hit 100 steps, it becomes near impossible to get past anything. The cars speed up, the trains become more frequent, and there is no space to stop anywhere to plan your next step. Please make it a little easier to get past 100 steps! 3. It’s a little glitchy. If you have to watch the rare ad, it’s really hard to exit the ad. It will take you to a different page, and then when you get back to the app, it freezes, making it hard to go back to playing. I constantly have to restart the app. Apart from these problems, this app is great and I would recommend others to play..Version: 4.3.21

AddsI get that you make money off adds but there are way too many adds. Usually when I’m bored, I turn it on airplane mode so I can’t see any adds but I’m always doing competitions and there is seriously too many adds. Besides that overall good game except the underwater characters are a bit confusing, especially the train part. I think instead put a bell like the rest instead of the little fish because it just looks like a train already and it’s so confusing when you get hit by an actual train..Version: 4.3.18

Duplicates!!!I always get duplicates because my percentage for getting a new character after you get a duplicate is glitched our so it’s stuck on 20 or 25% and it goes up to 40% but next time I get a duplicate (or 100 coins because I haven’t gotten a new one in 50 tries) it isn’t on 40% and just goes back up to it meaning it’s stuck on 20% or 25%. Other then that I rlly enjoy the game.Version: 3.0.0

Love it but....Hi! Just felt like writing a review bc idk? Anyways! This app is a great app for times when your bored or have nothing to do, so basically when you’re bored 😅. It’s a great app to play with friends as well, you can vs each other and take it in turns to see who gets a higher score! One of the things I would like to see is a customisable character, that you could like win or get when you get to a certain amount of steps, or buy for a small amount of coins like 50 coins, and when you got that character you could customise the hair and the facial expression and the clothes, it could possibly have like a pet next to it, and if you get like a limited edition pet it could upgrade you steps. Or instead of that you could have like a profile picture that you could customise. That’s just my idea, to make the game more interesting, if any of it makes sense 😅. Overall my opinion on this game is amazing, I definitely recommend getting it! Xx Katie 😘.Version: 4.3.3

Crossy road has taken over!Crossy road is a fun game because it can train kids to never go on the road when there is cars or you will die crossy road is really fun because you get to change your character to like a bunny a frog or even a basket ball player I rate this game five because it’s not only fun it’s a cool and helps kids learn a bit I’m not a kid but I still love playing this that why you should download it today anyway bye make sure to give a big thumbs up to crossy road woohooo👌..Version: 4.2

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Crossy Road 4.8.0 Update

Version 4.8.0 (2021-07-28): It's summertime in Japan! Grab your yukata and discover all new characters in two fun new worlds! Collect a free Matsuri Chicken character for a limited time only!.

Version 4.7.0 (2021-05-17): Bug fixes and improvements..

Version 4.6.0 (2021-03-29): Have you ever heard of a Bilby? Well you have now! It's our newest character from Australia, and it's free for a limited time only!.

Version 4.5.2 (2021-03-02): Bug fixes and improvements..

Version 4.5.1 (2021-02-11): Bug fixes and improvements..

Version 4.5.0 (2020-12-18): Cheer your way to the end of 2020 with our new Cheerleader character! (and a special secret character).