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Connect matching dots and solve fun puzzles! Play Free!

Join two brave dots as they progress through beautiful worlds spanning the arctic tundra, fiery jungles, and into outer space in the #1 hit game in over 100 countries.

Be prepared to drop the pesky anchors, clash with monster dots, blast away comets, and crush the gems across hundreds of challenging levels! More levels are on their way, and if you’re ever in a jam, there’s always a power up to help!

• FREE to play!
• ADVENTURE through 3525 addictingly fun levels
• CONNECT one Dot to another, sink anchors, make a line, create bombs, extinguish flames, and much more
• SMART, fun, and thoughtful design
• ENJOY beautiful minimalistic design and relaxing game music
• PLAY at your own pace to make the perfect move without having to worry about a clock
• CHALLENGE your friends on Facebook and see how you match up!
• TREAT yourself to sweet rewards available daily and through special event modes

Start connecting on your iPhone and iPad today!

Color blind mode is free and available to all.



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PLEASE NOTE! Two Dots is completely free to play, but you can also purchase some items within the game for real money. Just disable in app purchases on your device if you don't want to use this feature.

Use of Two Dots is governed by the Dots terms of service:

Two Dots App User Reviews & Comments

Amazing, Beautiful, and Addicting!I’ve been playing two dots for a year now and it is such a beautiful game that puts your advanced thinking skills to the test- like chess. It’s such a fun and creative spin on the normal dot matching games! Firstly, it makes me sad to read some of these negative reviews. Are there ads? Yes. HOWEVER- I have never once seen an ad without choosing to do so. Where as on games like Words with friends you’re forced to watch the ads because they are always on the screen and play automatically. For me, the 5-30 second ad is worth it for me. If it’s not worth it, you don’t have to watch it. Next, I’ve gotten to level ~640 on my own, with plenty of free power ups and special moves, without buying them. It is very tempting, and they do advertise it a lot, but at the same time I think “buying to win” would take away the fun, strategic atmosphere to the game. Finally, there are a lot more features to the game than just the dot matching levels, (the “flip” games, the “find waldo,” and the special levels) personally I don’t play them too often, but I do see how some people get annoyed with all the new features, it is slightly overwhelming on the main screen. Overall, an addicting and fun game. Download it and see for yourself. I dare you..Version: 5.21.6

Perfect game.. almostI’ve been playing this game for a couple days now—and to say the least, two dots is a great strategy app, where there are so many different items and strategic placements that can help you throughout the levels, and in order to pass levels with high result requires a good amount of thought. My one issue with this game though, is the gold mine. The gold mine, which you “worked hard for” to earn, adds up to the chest until the entire thing is full for you to claim it. Hard work, right? Well that is pretty much useless once you hear what I have to say. After it fully adds up, you don’t get to just claim the coins for free and move on with your day, but rather have to PAY for the coins you’ve been working extra hard for, which mine was $2.99 for 50 coins (which is so absurd as the 18 coins purchase is almost the SAME PRICE). I would really like to see what they improve on with this, as it seems like they’re just doing it to milk money from all the people playing. I want results as this game is very enjoyable to sit down at home and use..Version: 5.19.0

It’s too easy to lose the coins you pay forThe basic gameplay is really good. Some of the mechanics are annoying, but that’s a matter of preference. The big issue is that there are so many other things going on, and so many distractions that you are forced to deal with...Pop ups that you have to tap through in order to get back to the game. Even if you don’t want to play these other parts of the game, or if you know what the deal is with them, you have to tap through the info about them every time they pop up. Also, you have to tap TWICE to quit a game I order to start a new one (it asks “Are you sure????”) but one quick accidental tap and the game happily and quickly takes coins that you paid actual cash for, that you may have been holding onto for something else, and now you have wasted by mistake. I know the developers need cash flow to keep releasing new levels. I’d rather have to pay a bit on a subscription than put up with this crap. (And y’all out there thinking that you’re entitled to all this work for free are part of why we have to put up with this manipulative gamey nonsense) But seriously TwoDots, I’ve given up paid coins 4 times unwillingly because there is no confirmation on that tap...the game has gotten so tedious..Version: 6.17.6

Just another “free” pay to win gameThe game is beautifully designed, the concept is fun and the music is soothing. It has the same issue as so many other puzzle games: even though it’s free, you have to pay to really progress. If you enjoy doing the scavenger hunts, you have to use coins to do so. This would be fine except after the first scavenger hunt and the third level of the second one, there is literally no way to earn coins. You have to purchase them with real money. While the puzzles themselves are mostly fun, they get increasingly difficult as the game goes on, to the point that you have to pay money to get the boosters or coins you need to win. This turns the game from somewhat relaxing and fun to just another stressor/frustration in your day. I stopped playing when it got to this point (very quickly) as I have fallen for this trap before. I was really hoping this game would be different, but it’s just another pseudo free game that would rather frustrate its users into spending hundreds of dollars than just make the game cost money for everyone from the start with better gameplay..Version: 7.1.0

Issues with coinsLet me start by saying I love this game. It’s fun, challenging, and a good way to pass time. However, I am thoroughly ticked about the coin and “mine” situation. This game forces you to make in-app purchases in order to collect coins to buy things to help you in the tougher levels such as booster boxes, color blasters, etc. The “mine” only fills up to fifty coins and then you can’t collect any more coins until you spend $3 of your own money. I attempted to use some of my coins and see if I could then collect more without making the purchase but sadly you can’t. Once the mine is “full” there’s no way to empty it or get any more coins unless you make that three dollar purchase. I conceded once and made the purchase just to see what would happen and sure enough, I had coins for all of about ten seconds before my mine was full and again would’ve had to spend $3 more dollars for more coins. This game is GREAT! This particular issue makes it not great. If it wasn’t for that I would’ve given it five stars. I’ve played this game in the past and it wasn’t like this so idk who thought to make it the way it is now but it was a terrible decision. One star!.Version: 5.16.0

Addictive but has issuesBeen playing a long time and I love the challenges. It’s very addicting and sometimes too addicting. However, there are a few issues that have developed: 1) I leveled out a month ago or so. I have had to wait a week or so to get new levels added, usually just a handful. I’m done with them that day and then have to wait for more. I appreciate the other side challenges like the Flip race and excursion that allow me to at least accrue “prizes” while I wait. 2) some of the aids (like mushrooms) are meant to benefit you but many times I’m almost through a level and the beneficial mushrooms actually skip over the items I needed to complete the level. This is really frustrating to waste your final move. 3) sometimes the squares glitch and don’t clear all the colors- has cost me games before! 4)some levels fail to provide the items you need to complete. I may have 7 moves left and need one chick, and never get another added! I’ve seen people complain about the “win streak boosts”, but I love them. I’m bummed when I lose them. They’ve won me way more games than theyve lost me. That being said, we need to remember that it’s just a game. We aren’t forced to play it. I might actually get more done while waiting for more levels!.Version: 6.16.0

Really disappointing. deleting.First of all i think this app only has good reviews because people play it for a little give it a good review and never touch it again. i’ve been playing this game for three years. religiously. the first 800 levels are great but anything after that well.... i know it’s supposed to be more difficult the more you play but it shouldn’t take me days to complete one puzzle. it literally ruins all of the fun. i dont even play anymore because it’s more annoying than entertaining. after level 800 it’s literally all up to chance on if you can finish the puzzles because if you don’t have a perfect set of dots from the beginning you literally have no moves to make. and it’s impossible to get a shuffle. just a giant waste of time. there’s no technique that could possibly win these levels based on pure skill. the creators of the new levels it honestly seems like all they care about is getting people to buy boxes because the levels are set up in such a way where you can’t win without them. ANNOYING. take my advice delete this game or don’t even install it and get risk instead. MUCH better games can be found..Version: 3.29.4

Distraction from BeautyI bought this game ages ago and was quite happy to rediscover it. Despite being very beautiful, and having the potential to be a fantastic and relaxing game, I’ve found that over time the app has more or less transformed into a add riddled and somewhat chaotic mess. Marketing itself as a “minimalist” game may have been true a few years ago but due to all the pop ups and constant requests to either rate the app or pay for different features, the adjective no longer rings true. Updates in an app are indeed a great way to stay current but it can be difficult to enjoy with the constant bombardments of varying new quests and tasks. Regardless, I can understand why this type of content is coming into popularity as young children and those with ADHD are gaining access to technology rapidly. I concede that perhaps this game is not for me personally, as it is abundantly clear by other reviews that people enjoy it. I’m simply here to leave suggestion that perhaps a more relaxed approach has the potential to make the app better. I am very happy to amend my review if it bares anyone any ill will and the one star was meant only to get the attention of the developers. I do think this game deserves more praise than I have given it for the art effort that was clearly put into its creation. With that said, I will leave my review here. If anyone takes the time to read this I appreciate it..Version: 5.23.5

Imaginative, consistent game exploring new ideasFirst off, I have been a die-hard for this game for years. I am (only) around level 800 or so but I was hooked back in the day and would impatiently check for the next updates. This game might actually become the oldest app on your phone because it’s very easy to put it down and pick it up as opposed to a game you get addicted to and then delete a month later. Their creativity is forward-thinking and sometimes their game mechanics are not fully developed. I definitely have less favorite features of the game - like most reviewers, I don’t care for the “keys” function. And as many other people said, I’ll definitely get stuck on a level or bored with a theme (150 levels or so per theme... some are better than others 🙃) and get frustrated enough to stop playing for a month or so. But, they’re often coming up with new ideas, mechanics, and mini games (I LOVE the scavenger hunts!!) to keep it interesting and inspiring. Some people complain that the mechanics try to force you to purchase items to advance in the game. It can be frustratingly challenging sometimes for sure, but for crying out loud, the artists and devs have got to make a living somehow. Also, the ads are optional, which I really prefer to uninvited pop-ups. Overall, you’ll love it, you’ll hate it, it’ll make you laugh, it’ll make you cry. And it’s impossible not to adore the quality artwork and soothing soundtracks..Version: 4.8.1

Sad to say that currently this game is a cash grabI loved this game so much, but honestly it doesn’t really work the way you need it to. First of all, you can’t even do majority of the events because pretty much almost all of them require gold to continue, gold that you have absolutely NO WAY of getting for free, in order to do pretty much anything in this god forsaken game, is to pay ACTUAL MONEY to play the rest of the features, and honestly, I’m pretty much at my wits end with this game and am actually considering removing the game from my phone, as I just don’t really have the time and energy to even tolerate this game. So if you don’t have the money to pay simply don’t even bother playing this game because you can’t even do any events. Not only does the game require money to win majority of the time, some of even the most easiest levels are most likely UNPLAYABLE, due to how difficult it is to progress, for example, majority of the time you don’t even get the dot colors that you need in order to make squares, there’s also most likely not enough moves in order to complete all of your tasks for the level. Over all this game just sits in my library, collecting virtual dust majority of the time.Version: 6.21.4

Most Important Tip: Keep TryingWhen I first started playing this game, around when it first came out, some of the levels seemed impassible, and eventually I got frustrated and deleted it. I started playing again a few months ago and it seems different in a better way. I feel like the levels are more randomized and aren’t exactly the same each time you play the same one. On some of them it might take dozens of attempts, but I feel like if I play a level long enough, eventually I’ll get a random free booster or something will happen that will finally let me beat it. I’ve learned to just keep trying, even on the ultra hard levels, and eventually I’ll pass it. My girlfriend is in the high 800s of this game now (I’m only on 178) so I know I just gotta keep trying! One suggestion for the makers though - I think it would be cool if you could buy the “infinite lives” perk and be able to activate it at a later time so you could wait for that perfect moment when you actually have a bunch of time to kill like on a long flight or something..Version: 3.29.1

Beauty, then the BeastI’ve been a longtime player of Two Dots, from back when it circulated around on a post of calming games. Like a lot of people, I was charmed with its simple design, its playability, and its challenging but rewarding levels. Sometimes I’d play for two hours and not notice any time had passed! Now, it’s an unnavigable mess that’s completely pay-to-win. Everything is a money grab, and even the new features I liked (the new Where’s Waldo-esque search puzzles) ended up locking me out because I wouldn’t pay for more gold, or the godforsaken gold mine, to keep playing. Every single puzzle could probably be solved in a minute if you’re willing to fork over dollar after dollar. Trying to keep track of the new puzzle features is a headache as well, and I can’t get behind consulting an off-app compendium to see how I’m supposed to solve something when the initial draw of the whole game was... minimalism. That, and why bother learning how to solve it when, again, you can just pay $5 or more and solve it in a few taps? I know people have to make money somehow, but this seems extreme if they’re locking players out of certain features. It is still a beautiful game, and I enjoyed some of the Pride-themed puzzles recently, but I’m probably going to end up deleting this app. The user experience feels rotten now and it just comes across as a cash grab wrapped in pretty packaging..Version: 6.1.1

Modern classic.In 5 years or so, I have tried a lot of games. I have seen a few truly beautiful, thoughtful games - ones that take time and investment - and I have seen all too many cheap, crappy, thrown-together money-grab games. This game is neither, but I hold it in closer esteem to the beautiful games. It has in-app purchases available, but it does not have ads - that alone is unique. But what really keeps me coming back - always, always coming back - is simple, beautiful design, engaging gameplay, clever/intriguing mechanics, and continually evolving levels that build on earlier mechanics. It’s not timed; you always have time to consider the next move. It’s not entirely a logic game; there’s an element of randomness in every level that always makes the outcome variable. And the music… I have purchased most of the collections when they become available. Some of the songs are mesmerizing. Of all the games on the App Store, this is the one, singular game that has always been on my phone, and likely will be. The developers clearly care, and have fun creating the game. It is well-balanced, not buggy, has clean design, and has the option of purchasing “boosters” (minor cheats, really), if you don’t have the patience to keep hammering away at the occasional tough level. It may not be for everyone, but it’s as close to that as you’re going to find for whiling away the time..Version: 4.7.3

AddictedI discovered Two Dots quite a while ago, and I have come to love this game. Unlike other games of the same genre, it’s not pure luck. As you play the game and advance levels, you learn how to strategize. One of my favorite parts about Two Dots’ setup is that boosters and cheats are easily obtained for free. If you need a little help on one of the harder levels, you can use a cheat without worrying about consuming your one-time allowance. The design is clean, sleek, and easy to navigate. I love that they don’t automatically give in-depth tutorials on new dots and what they do. It’s interesting to play around with it and discover the mechanics for yourself. For those of you left confused and needing more of an explanation, there’s a tutorials tab that gives you more of an idea what you’re dealing with. The game has different sections, which is an attractive concept considering I didn’t really like the monster dot section. The sections after that have been much more enjoyable to play, and I haven’t encountered a demonic dot since. 😈 The game developers provide updates with new content every week, which both squashes annoying bugs and gives players new material. Tom sum it up, I’m addicted..Version: 3.25.3

HeartbrokenThis app is the ultimate lesson in economics. What was once a beautiful, calming, and well designed piece of art is now nothing more than a thinly vailed money grab. I have been here since the beginning. Before Two Dots there was just Dots, and I can remember how stoked I was to get a 700+ score in the timed mode of that game. That was, sheesh, probably 5 years ago. That they’ve kept me on the hook for so long with a 2D phone game is nothing short of brilliant. When they put TwoDots out, I was floored. I was continually amazed by the frequent, creative expansions on the same basic principle. Slowly but surely however, I began to notice a trend. Victory could only be had after a certain number of ads were seen. I would be kept one move away from victory until I was on my very last life. If I did use a booster, and was on track to win, I would suddenly be given an impossible field to play (must sink 10 anchors, but even after 5 moves no new anchors appear). If I hadn’t used a booster box or seen an ad in some time, I could not win. Those are just a few examples. Somewhere along the way the investors and finance department took control of this team. And it became less about making a fun game anymore about creating insidious ways to coerce micro transactions. You have been warned..Version: 4.5.4

Great game, except for win streaksBeen playing this game for years. The latest update with the win streak is the only reason it’s not 5 stars. Please remove the win streak (or at least make it optional). It takes away the challenge and the entire point of the game. I have to waste a life to remove the streak. I’m on level 2544, and I feel like I’m on level 2 with these win streaks. It’s like being an expert computer coder and then being forced to take a beginners keyboarding class as a prerequisite except it lasts forever. In response to other reviews, you actually do not need power ups or booster boxes to win any of the levels. I have gotten to level 2544 without using any (except like 5-6 years ago before the door prizes, they had daily treasure chests that are today’s equivalent of booster boxes). Yes, I’ve been stuck on some levels for weeks at a time, but out of principle, I refuse to use power ups and booster boxes. I have hundreds of power ups and boosters saved up. I have missed out on treasure coins and rewinds because of refusing to use power ups (and there’s a time limit so that’s why I don’t eventually beat them). But I’ve beaten 2544 levels without power ups..Version: 5.17.1

Used to be 5 stars for meThis has been my go-to game for downtime for years now. I’ve plaid it almost daily, sometimes for hours, for two or three years. Unfortunately recent changes have added so many distractions that it has become less enjoyable. There are more things to click through after completing a level to get to the next level, and these are generally things I have no interest in. There are more jarring popups when you start the game before you can even start playing. The final straw for me is the Flip game-within-a-game. When there’s a new one available, it throws a pop-up at you that you can’t close without starting the Flip game. You can’t start the level you want to play until you start the Flip game, click through two instructional screens that you’ve probably already seen, and then close the Flip game. Even the Flip music is annoying. What used to be a very relaxing experience has become just irritating before I can even start playing. Very disappointing, but I’m sure I’ll find better use of my time..Version: 6.13.4

Appreciative / Bug problem on bottom of reviewI know I’ve left some angry reviews before on this game but at the end of the day I really do appreciate the whole thing. I’ve had this game since I was about 13, and I still play it 8 years later. The way it’s improved over the years is unbelievable. The sounds, objectives, different game options as far as running out of lives and being able to go play something else like expedition. I love how you guys add different features for a limited time so we can experience something different. The item hunts are one of my favorites. And you guys have made it to a point where you reward us with power ups in so many ways, I barely get frustrated if I keep losing lives. Thank you Bug problem: Recently been experiencing some issues when you go back to the games home screen. The loading screen gets stuck and doesn’t change so I have to keep force closing the app to get it to go back to the home screen.Version: 5.5.5

Used to be betterThe game developers have become confused about who their audience is in the last year or so. This is a casual puzzle game for people who like to think through complicated puzzles and take a break maybe from other stressors in life. I find the puzzles relaxing. But recently, there have been so many bells and whistles added to make it flashier, and to encourage people to spend money, I assume, that the relaxing aspect has diminished. Trying to make the game more exciting has taken away from the original selling points. Also, all the windows that pop up up now before I can start the next puzzle have become annoying. I am still able to play the game, but I am not as big a fan as I used to be and my interest wanes when I get too annoyed with all the pop ups. I don’t know if all players would agree, but I would rather pay a small amount to open new worlds, say $0.50, than have all this constant noise about spending money interrupting my game play. I don’t want to pay to solve the puzzle because that defeats the purpose of it being a puzzle. I also don’t much care for giving me automatic boosts at the beginning of a puzzle...I prefer to solve the puzzle on my own. Solving it is where the reward comes from in a puzzle game. I will keep playing until developer greed gets too large and the puzzles are no longer are getting close..Version: 6.3.4

Was good, now deceitfulI enjoyed Two Dots off and on for a long while, but I will be deleting after seeing changes recently implemented (apparently by new owners.) They now have completely deceitful ads showing gameplay you will never encounter in the app. I am so tired of this bait and switch practice that runs rampant with game advertisements—I guess deletion and poor reviews are my only way of making a statement. Two Dots seemed like it came from ethical developers before, but the new owners have lowered the standards. The actual gameplay is good: the main “dots” puzzles are challenging and different than the standard-issue matching games, yes, it can be hard to progress without buying boosters (which I have done), but is possible and they always gave you some options for winning boosters for ad-watching or by chance. Like many others, my favorite part of the game has always been the scavenger hunts, and those don’t happen often enough to keep me playing. That will be the only thing I will miss when I delete. The guy who does the illustrations for the hunts should break away and make his own app. I would pay for that!.Version: 7.3.5

Very good game...with one glaring issueOverall, I really enjoy this game. It's aesthetic, the game play, the special events, they're all top tier and fun to interact with. The ads don't bother me, as that's how they make their money, so I don't mind. And the hidden object mini games are super fun. But. There is one element that really takes away from the whole thing. The aforementioned hidden object mini games, which are personally my favorite part, have a barrier to entry where each level needs to pay gold. Now, that's okay, plenty of games have an in game currency, and being able to spend real money to purchase some is very common thing. But what is uncommon is that there is NO other way to get gold. It's not a reward for levels, for special events, for daily quests, nothing. There isn't even the option to watch an ad for one or two gold pieces, which is still earning then money. And I wouldn't be bothered by this if it were currency used for costume changes, or less ads, or something like that. But it is the only way to gain entry to an entire section of game play. And it wouldn't be a one time purchase, you'd have to continually re purchase more coins to keep playing this aspect of the game. This is an otherwise really solid game, so I hope this changes eventually..Version: 6.13.4

Moves, Squares, and the BoostsIn every game I know, there will always be ads. So I found this game with an advertisement. When I saw this ad, I thought that this game was amazing. And so I went to the App Store and downloaded Two Dots. But I have three and only three problems with this addicting game which is why reviews are a thing. Here, read them- I wish they would change is the move limit. For example, on level 45, I think it was, you only have 12 moves to complete four objectives. I've been trying to get past this level for two weeks now but I simply can't do it! My second problem is squares. I absolutely love squares. The thing is, in order to make a square, you have to eliminate other dots to make one, which results in wasting your moves. Sometimes I get lucky and have squares ready for me, but most times I have to waste a few moves just to make squares. My third problem is the boosters. You know, those little icons at the bottom of the level, like the eraser and the shuffler? I don't know if it's just me, but I will take every oppurtunity for the booster boxes, daily rewards, and the boosts. I watch the videos. But I always use them and they don't come in handy when I really need them. I don't know if this is a me problem or an everyone who plays this game problem. And that's it! That's all the problems I have with Two Dots. Overall, this game is brilliant and I recommend this game to anyone who is bored in quarantine. Good luck!.Version: 6.1.1

Good Game with annoying setbacks.I’ve never reviewed an app before, but I’m choosing to now because I enjoy the game but there are serious issues. At the core of the app, you have a really fun game that takes strategy and is admittedly really satisfying. You don’t have to pay for ANYTHING- unless you want to. You don’t have to watch ads- unless you want to. Which is great. But the game is LITTERED with random side-games, distractions and annoyances between games that’ve just as bad, if not worse than ads. I can promise you, if I wanted to play a tedious version of where’s Waldo, I would have downloaded where’s Waldo. It’s extremely annoying to tap through these pop ups. It’s like bloatware designed by the developer and implemented into their own app. Additionally, you’re forced to use power ups at the beginning of matches if you’re good at the game. This seems to help you at first, but actually swaps out the strategy out of the game in favor of randomization that - I promise - will make you lose more than once. I’d rather never use power ups because they’re actually just a ploy by the devs to make you lose the game and buy MORE power ups or skips because you think you’re bad at the game. All of that being said, I’m probably gonna Lee playing the game despite the annoying setbacks, because overall, the core game is fun..Version: 6.12.0

New 5th Anniversary Gamemode BugAfter fully completing 1 bingo sheet and being about halfway done with all of the bingo levels, after completing a level in the 4th year sheet, my game was stuck and wouldn’t actually complete the level, despite me completing all of the requirements. My game then crashed and now all of my data in the gamemode was gone. I really liked this new gamemode too because I was able to play with new mechanics and listen to new music because I haven’t gotten that far in the main game. Now I’m most likely not going to restart and that gamemode was pretty much the only thing that kept having me come back to the game. It’s pretty irritating to have spent powerups to beat those ultra-hard levels only to have the data over a bug. This is as close to a “major” update that we’ve had in a looong time that benefits ALL players and it’s not even correctly implemented. It even took away the trophy for year 2 that I got. This is a pretty big problem considering they are LIMITED-EDITION.Version: 5.0.3

Latest couple updates reducing minimalist charmI’ve been playing TwoDots for 4 years now and I love the game. It’s minimalist, very relaxing, and I play it almost every night as I’m falling asleep. However, the last couple updates have been pretty terrible. There are more and more popups asking you to purchase coins, making it so that every time you open the app or finish a level you have to close out 3 different windows before actually getting to the game or home screen. The latest annoyance, the “win streak”, offers terrible power-ups that often prevent you from getting squares from the start of a level and thus make it unwinnable. When asked “Are you sure you want to give up? You will lose your win streak!” I often am grateful to lose it because the power ups have cost me so many games. The more popups and attachments and bells and whistles you add to the game the more charm it loses since one of the biggest draws is how minimalist it is. The past year has seen update after update challenge this minimalism, making the game less relaxing and more stressful. Because of this, it has become harder to play before bed and I have been using the app much less than in the past. If you don’t want to lose long-time players I would advise minimizing the in-game popups and ditching the win streaks altogether. I don’t need a “piñata party” every time I play and I definitely don’t need a “win streak” meter..Version: 5.14.4

Great game with minor issuesI’ve been playing this game for ages now and I love it. It’s my go to game when I need something short to pass the time. I’ve completed over 1000 levels and I’ve had a blast doing it. Recently I have discovered what seems to be a bit of a bug for me. I’m not sure when it was introduced but a recent version added these helpful blurbs that pop up on a level where you are unfamiliar with a new mechanic and will teach you how it works. This is a great feature but mine is malfunctioning. I seem to frequently get these popping up for mechanics I’ve had only many levels before and they consistently pop up time and time again on the same level if I don’t beat it. Beating levels doesn’t seem to affect the likelihood for them to pop up. You’d think that I’m far enough into the levels that there aren’t many mechanics I haven’t seen so this is a rather strange occurrence and I hope it gets fixed soon. Even with this minor inconvenience I love this game. Totally worth a try!.Version: 6.23.1

Love this game, but annoyed...I LOVE this game and absolutely recommend it!! I’ve played it for years. My biggest annoyance, however, is that to get coins, you have to literally spend real money. This prevents me from being able to use certain features in the game, like getting some extra moves at the end of a level when I literally need ONE extra move to win, or playing further into the special hidden object levels (which I LOVE but I am out of coins, so I can’t play them further). I don’t think it’s unreasonable of me to be unwilling to spend real money in order to play a ‘free’ game from the App Store. I would love to be able to use the keys I earn in the game to purchase coins, or even to play bonus levels like the hidden objects without getting any rewards for winning. I just hate being locked out of certain features without shoveling out cash. That said, there are plenty of things to do without having to spend money. Like I said, I’ve played for years and have never spent a single penny on it... I just hate that I miss out on stuff unless I spend money..Version: 5.21.6

I love this game so much but........Totally in love with this game and everything about it except the fact that in the actual dots part you earn your hard earned coins and then you have to turn around and buy them to play the hidden items part, which in my opinion is my favorite. Seriously so cute but I know as we go on the levels are going to cost more and more coins which you have to pay real money for and that’s not fair guys. There has to be a middle ground, has to be! We should be able to earn a certain amount of coins and if we want more than that be able to buy more but definitely should be a way to have the coins to spend that you already earned! If this was a feature you would get 5 stars but because of the way the game is now I’m going to have to delete it cause I won’t get to play my favorite part and that’s a shame. Please change a few things, at least maybe for a time trial and see how much more you get from people than with it being this way, you could always switch it up too to where it’s half free and half pay to play..Version: 7.3.2

The pop-ups are ruining this gameI love Two Dots and have been playing it for years. One of its best features used to be its simplicity. Now, if I want to play a quick level, I have to endure multiple pop-ups first. Pop up for the daily spinning wheel. Pop ups for gold mines (which I have never once wanted to purchase). Pop ups for new expeditions and treasure hunts (when the red badge on the bottom of the screen could have notified me of the same thing). I particularly hate the ones for flips and square races that MAKE me click through multiple pages of instructions I’ve already seen a million times. The beautiful game board is being encroached upon by random icons for all this stuff. What an annoying mess. Isn’t there a better way to handle all of these extra features instead of constantly putting them in our face each time we open the app? Maybe just some little red badges indicating new content? A second page we could swipe to for these all of these extra icons? They’re ruining the beauty and sense of calm that drew me to this game in the first place..Version: 6.19.7

Crashing my IPhone- This game keeps causing my phone to overheat and crash. It seems to be an app issue because I have plenty of storage space. This app drains the battery and I feel like any time I want to play it I have to make sure my phone is plugged in. I have no other app that causes this. The game itself lags. It especially crashes when clicking on the videos for free boosts. It’s just a plain black screen that I need to close out and then reopen the app— almost every time I click the “watch video for boost” option. Thus—the boost is not applied and I have to go back into the game and level. The boosts themselves are problematic and most free boosts actually don’t help you—other reviewers have commented on this problem. Also—what is the point of rewarding coins if those coins have to then be bought? Yes—keys can be used to buy some of the power ups but not all of them. It’s disappointing that as I have continued to play this game (please stop asking if I want to link it to Facebook) it’s become more apparent that the app is only interested in adds and getting you to buy more coins. While recognizing that the app has at least acknowledged quarantine and allowing unlimited hearts it still seems to be like most apps—all about profit..Version: 5.23.0

What happened??I agree with all the other loyal players who are disappointed in the evolution of this game. I’ve been playing Two Dots for over two years and always loved it. It has always been a fun, relaxing, aesthetically pleasing game that’s just challenging enough to not be frustrating. It also allowed the opportunity to earn rewards and boosts without basically requiring you to purchase your way through difficult levels. Now it seems to have been made much more difficult and took away the boosts! The key system really doesn’t do me any good as it takes way longer to earn anything useful, and all the extra tickets and unlimited life stuff really doesn’t help as I tend to play when I get a few minutes free here and there throughout the day and not sit playing for hours at a time. (Unless trying to power through an expedition on a Wednesday night before it ended, which now seems to be an impossible goal as well) Please go back to how it was before, no fun now :( The latest update also seems to have some kind of bug that takes away the sound while playing. Ads still have sound, game randomly decides to go silent..Version: 3.24.9

Pay to playThis game is fun as a whole, but the best part in my opinion is something called the Two Dots Odyssey. This is essentially a digital I Spy book, and it’s extremely fun. However, you have to pay in game currency to unlock new sections of it. You collect said currency by playing the main levels, and upon completion, the coins are sent to a “mine.” From there, you have to pay real money to unlock the mine. The mine only holds 50 coins, and once it’s full, any new coins that you collect just disappear, and you have to pay $2.99 to unlock the the mine. Once you’ve unlocked it, a new mine is created, ensuring that you have to pay real money each and every time you want any coins at all. Furthermore, the price of new sections of the Odyssey rises with each section, with the first two being free, the third being 7 coins (if I remember correctly,) and the fourth costing 15 coins. At three dollars for 50 coins, that means that the first four sections will cost you $1.31. To add insult to injury, when you click on the mine icon, a message pops up which reads, “Don’t miss out on your hard earned coins!” If you want to play the most fun part of this game, you have to be willing to constantly pay your hard earned money to collect your hard earned coins. There are other problems with this game, but this one bothered me the most, so I chose to focus on it..Version: 6.23.1

Money grubbing ruins the experienceI love the aesthetics and basic concept of the game. Unfortunately, as so many others have mentioned, eventually most players will hit a point where they will have to spend money to continue playing or beat certain levels (either by buying extra lives or purchasing boosters). This recently happened to me so I decided to delete the game. There are plenty of other freemium games out there where in-game purchases are helpful but not necessary. If I could spend 5 dollars once to be able to keep all the coins I earn, I would, but it doesn’t look like that’s an option. The game is also pretty bloated and cluttered with special offers, time-limited side quests, and worthless prizes. Plus, why do I need to watch dots explode when I beat a level if it’s not doing anything for my score? My suggestion to developers: slim things down, get rid of unnecessary bells and whistles, offer a one-time purchase option for keeping the coins you earn, and make sure that the option to watch an ad for an extra life actually works..Version: 5.14.0

Frustrating unless you want to spend $$$$I’ve honestly gotten to the point that I hate this game because I love so much about it but it’s just become so frustrating. I loved the little side challenges at first but quickly realized that they’re essentially unwinable without spending money on special moves or extra lives. I have yet to ever successfully complete any of the side games because inevitably you hit a level that you just end up playing over and over because it’s literally unwinable without extras. The main game is not as bad but I’m just not going to spend $20 a week or whatever to pass levels on some stupid phone game. I have no problem purchasing gold or specials occasionally but when I feel like the game is set up specifically so that you can’t win it without using a lot of special moves, then I just feel like I’m being scammed. And playing the same level over and over and over and over and over is just not fun -it’s not like it’s a challenge to get better at it, you just aren’t given anything you can win with no matter how good you are. Anyway, I mostly keep it in my phone at this point because I love the hidden item puzzles. I wish they’d make a whole game of just that. But any time I try to play the rest I quickly become annoyed and frustrated..Version: 6.22.8

I absolutely love this game!This game is challenging, fun, addicting and of course frustrating when you get stuck on a level. I discovered this app 3 or 4 years and have been playing it since. I’m still far behind in levels, but I mean the app updates and adds more levels like every single day! I can’t keep up! I love the new mini game. The Halloween soirée (I think that’s what it was called). Please please make a Christmas version or do another Halloween version or general version ASAP!! I loved it because it reminded me of “I Spy”and I loved those books when I was a kid. One thing I don’t like is that you can only play the mini game by unlocking it with the gold coins. I really don’t think that’s fair especially when you have to actually purchase the gold coins if you don’t have any already. I had to buy more gold coins because I didn’t have enough. But I guess that’s Apple stealing more money from consumers. Go figure, capitalism at its finest. Still love the game though..Version: 5.10.0

UnfortunateI am a new player to Two Dots. Once I figured out the mechanics I had a lot of fun with the game for several hours. But the further I got, the more pay-to-win it started to feel. As the puzzles get harder, they become more random and power ups and win streaks become more important to maintain. Because there’s no in-game way to earn gold, I ended up spending $10 to buy some. I quickly realized it was a waste of money, as $10 worth of gold gets you nowhere. I could easily see myself spending hundreds of dollars on this game over time if I was really addicted. I have no problem at all paying for games and I realize these companies need income. I’d much rather pay a flat up front fee for a good game then feel like I’m getting squeezed for a few bucks every time I start it. To be clear, it’s possible to play Two Dots without paying money, but if you’re dying a lot at the higher levels, your gaming sessions are going to be very short because of the limited life mechanic. If you’re looking for a good time-waster that doesn’t constantly ask for your money, this unfortunately isn’t it unless you’re already exceptionally good at it..Version: 6.2.4

Good but frustrating issuesLately every time it offers the opportunity to watch a video for a free booster box, the screen freezes. Yesterday's upgrade didn't help. It usually takes 5-10 minutes of repeatedly going back to the app to see if it has cleared yet. I also agree with the person who wrote about the irritation on the constant in-app purchase requests. I'd gladly pay a one-time upgrade and to need to do some things to earn extras, but I am never willing to make in-app purchases. Updating this 2 weeks later. Still having lots of problems with the videos to get free lives or booster boxes. Try to load for a long time, then screen goes black and rebooting iPad is only way to get back to being able to use game. Please make sure the videos are a reasonable size and will play. Updating many months later. I love this game, but I am so sick of having to “reboot” my iPad because of videos that won’t play. Please fix the ads. Problem is so frequent that I find myself playing less and less. Why is this so hard to get right?.Version: 6.24.0

Very enjoyable, but a few problemsI enjoy this game very much. I’ve played over 600 levels and I’ve been amazed by the genuine difficulty of them. However, I do have a few things to point out - first of which seems to be a glitch. Sometimes, (or most of the time), after watching an ad, the game’s music and sound effects get cancelled. I would really like to see this get fixed. I’m tired of having to restart the app every time. Secondly, the ability to watch multiple ads consecutively seems to have disappeared. This was helpful, especially for the bonus wheel you get after failing a level. Hoping this will return too. Finally, there should be some way to acquire coins without having to pay money, another ad-watching setup perhaps? I’d like to be able to extend my moves in levels and play more than 2 stages on the “spot the items” levels. Other than that, I would highly recommend this game to anyone who needs a game to kill time..Version: 6.13.4

Entertaining but sometimes problematicI found this game to be really entertaining and a good way to exercise the mind. I do have some problems with it though. For most levels one must arrange the dots to form squares, and use those squares to eliminate many dots at once. But there are things that get in the way of forming squares and make completing the level near impossible. I‘ve found that, for many levels, if one makes a single wrong move then making squares isn’t doable for the rest of the level. The game doesn’t seem to supply the dots in a way that gives the player another chance to make a square. Basically, the player is stuck swiping at random dot arrangements for the rest of the level until they inevitably lose. Another thing I really dislike are the win streak „boosts“. If the player wins a single level they will get a win streak. This comes with boost dots that, when eliminated, will eliminate many other dots at once. The thing that bugs me is that the boost actually gets in the way of finishing the tasks. It eliminates random dots in a way that isn’t helpful to making squares, so you’re stuck again just swiping at random dots. I actually sacrifice my lives and restart levels often just so I can get rid of the boost. So yeah. I‘m only writing this super long review because I wish the game designers could change these features to make the game more enjoyable. I already like it a lot, I just wish it were easier to play in these ways..Version: 5.27.1

Built to Spend MoneyAlright. I’ve played this game before, deleted it because it was so frustrating, and a year or more later have downloaded it again. This game is so frustrating. You earn keys but can’t buy useful items with them. Your gold mine is full but you can never access it unless you spend more money to “store it”. Levels are very hard and can’t be beat without using a booster box or earned items like the eraser or blasting one color. BUT you can’t buy any of the tools, blasting colors, bulls eyes, erasers, shuffler, unless you spend the $$$ to keep gold in the mine. Why do you earn keys? What’s the point if you can’t use them to actually buy things to help you move up levels? You have daily prizes, but unless you stop playing and just open the app for daily prizes, which you save instead of use, there is no point. You get 20 keys, or 1 shuffle or color blaster. It’s built to make you frustrated and spend money because the game doesn’t want you to pass levels or succeed. So. Frustrating..Version: 5.12.6

Good game with an asteriskUPDATE: Thank you for continuing to add new levels. However there is a problem with level 3134. There are not enough zaps from circuits to clear all neon signs. It consistently hits 11 of 12 with no other option to zap the last one. Hope you can fix!! Btw trying to use the CONTACT US feature also does not work properly. Keeps getting an error and won’t allow submission. I’ve played this game for 2000+ levels which I wouldn’t do if I didn’t like it. However, there are a couple aspects that require me to chastise the developers. First, they will often manipulate when you’re going to successfully complete a level. Developers-don’t tell me you don’t do this because we both know you do. You could be on a difficult level and try 10+ times to complete without success, even using boosters to help, and then suddenly the stars align and the level plays perfectly allowing you to succeed. They do this to get users to pay for extra boosters which I have never done in 2000+ levels. Second, you will sit through an ad to get a free booster or extra life and at the end of the ad the screen goes black forcing you to close the app and reopen. Your reward is in the wind after spending 30-45 seconds watching the @$!?*% ad. Developers-again, you know about this so please fix. Very annoying as this can happen multiple times each day. All this being said, I still like the game because it’s challenging and makes me think..Version: 6.14.2

So fun!I’ve been playing this game for a few years because it is so addicting and fun! Each update and addition has only improved the game and made it more enjoyable. I love that you can choose when to watch an ad, and that for the main game play you don’t have to purchase anything to continue. I only have two critiques. The first is that the levels have gotten significantly harder somewhere around level 1500, where even introductory levels to new dots are difficult to win in the first couple tries, as well as the levels that aren’t labeled as hard or ultra hard. They should be much simpler and easier to win. Being stuck on a level for a month or more is discouraging and sometimes makes me take a break from the game for a while. The other critique I have is that I would love to see the hidden objects mini game turn into its own game. I like it SO MUCH better than any other hidden objects games I’ve found on the App Store, but when it shows up in Two Dots I beat the levels quickly and have to pay to play past level 2. I’d love to see this as it’s own game. Aside from those two things this game is the best in the market!.Version: 5.10.0

Love it, but... (+colourblind mode)I’ve been playing 2Dots for a long long time, it’s been my favourite go-to game for years and I play it almost everyday. I’ve mainly really enjoyed the little tweaks and updates but I’m disappointed with the new Key currency. The power ups are a big part of the gameplay and now they feel too precious to use since keys can only really buy you booster boxes. I’m hopeful that if enough people dislike the new currency system they’ll roll it back. I won’t stop playing the game over it, but it makes me way less motivated to actually spend my real-world dollars on something that is frustrating me more often. Also, I play almost exclusively in colourblind mode- which is great, definitely one of the better CB modes I’ve experienced (adding the little symbols to the dots helps SO much)! If any devs are looking through reviews please make a dark Background toggle for colourblind mode! It would help me out a lot when playing at night..Version: 3.29.1

Annoying Money GrabIt’s actually a super fun little game. There were a few things that annoyed me initially, but mainly just because I’m not a patient person. Every level or two I’d beat, they’d introduce a new feature that I didn’t see a way of avoiding to continue what my mind was already focused on instead of switching gears to whatever new shenanigans and being made to play it. Now that I’m further in the game, that doesn’t happen as often, and even if it did that alone wouldn’t be the cause of my 1 star review. Probably would have given it 4, or even 5, stars. It’s not that big a deal HOWEVER, what does annoy me is that there are these little maps where you have to find a set number of certain defined objects. They’re pretty fun and a good mindless exercise to do. But I can’t play them, because I refuse to spend money on this game, and the only way to play them is to spend money. That’s extremely harsh. I get having in-game currency and having the ability to buy it. However there should be a way to earn it, at a slower and perhaps more annoying or effort full way than just buying it of course. But not having a way to earn it by playing the game, having the only way to increase your coins be through purchasing them, and then requiring coins to even play pieces of the game … is ridiculous and I wish I could give negative stars for it. Do better..Version: 7.1.0

Fun game, shameless pay-to-winTitle pretty much says it. Two dots is a great game with a very simple premise complicated by different types of challenges. I'm all for game developers getting theirs, but some levels are downright impossible unless you're incredibly lucky or buy (essentially game breaking) power ups. I mean...some levels will present you with a unique challenge--say "circuit boards"--, then they'll offer to sell you a "circuit breaker" that pretty much wins the level for you. Like I said, shameless pay to win. Also, I’d like to point out that some of their level design is so blatantly geared towards making you use (i.e purchase) power ups. Just painfully obvious. It’s like they design a level, ask themselves “what’s a well balanced number of moves?”, and then subtract 5 from that number. It’s their game, I’m just playing it, they can do whatever they want. But one would hope they’d be a little more sophisticated about it. By the way, I haven’t paid a dime to play this game or use any boosters, but I’d haves paid a one time $4.99 or so to buy a well balanced version. That would not make for a very good revenue stream or business model, would it? Can’t catch any whales that way..Version: 3.22.1

Great game but...I have been playing two dots since it came out I think 5/6 years ago? Point is I’ve been playing it a long time. I’d take long breaks so I could play it more often because I kept getting to the end of the game and I had to wait for updates. I have no complaints about that I don’t think y’all should work any faster. I am sad about the most recent updates though. I miss the doors in the beginning and I miss being able to look forward but now it’s blocked off so I have to get to those levels to see. I understand that might make it more intriguing and I might just be upset because I’ve liked it that way for so long. For me I just am sad I can’t see new beautiful art and see/guess what new things those levels will hold. I’m also not a huge fan of the whole coin system. There isn’t anyway to get the coins! You just have to buy them with real money. I guess that makes more money for you guys but it’s just annoying. I think there should be an option to buy a bunch but also a way to get coins like you get 5 or something every time you pass a section and get a postcard. Or be able to win them in treasure hunts or something. Overall beautiful and fun game I just wish there was a couple changes..Version: 6.4.6

LOVE IT! Simple, fun, addictingI have been playing this game for the long haul! It’s so great! Clean user face, simple concept, and very creative. I have seen this game go through many updates, and a lot of them have been for the better. It’s such a simple and fun way to play a game for the few minutes you’re able to play games during the day. While I love the simplicity and fun of the game, I’ve seen the updates recently decrease in functionality. Usually the updates are great, but recently, they seem to be rather buggy. Nothing major, but I’m seeing many of the updates not fixing the issue of freezing or force closing. Another issue is the INSANE battery usage of this game. The only reason I do not give it 5 Stars is because of ridiculous amount of battery drainage even from just a level or two. Literally I’ll lose 20-40% battery within a few lives. It HAS to be fixed, please I beg you! And also the start screen bugs and little lag bugs that are seriously making it impossible to enjoy the game..Version: 3.29.1

Great game, wish there would be more free optionsI really like this game, it’s challenging and has many different game modes so you won’t ever get bored if you have finished all the levels (which I haven’t, haha). However, I wish more of the free options that were there before would come agan. Example: before you could watch a video ad to get a free box at the beginning of the game. They took that feature away and noq you can only watch a video to get an extra life. I’d much rather have the same number of lives and more boxes! Something else that bothers me is the key vs. gold feature. I hate that you can only obtain gold by buying it. And keys only allow you to have one of three different things, that the game changes every now and then. And they are never power ups, only boxes and lives. Even worse, their summer hunt is blocked in levels 3 and 4 unless you unblock them with gold, which is really unfair. I wish they would allow us to buy gold with keys, so that the people who don’t want to buy gold with money can have access to the same parts of the game than those who do..Version: 5.3.2

Disappearing PrizesI love this game and would give it a 5/5 except I keep encountering a few bugs. I’ve played for over a year and these are all new. Even with the bugs I’m still playing a ton but they are frustrating. My health is really bad right now and playing this helps me cope, so I’m not going anywhere, but I’d love if the bugs were fixed. I also will not recommend the game while the bugs exist. 1. When I click to watch an ad for a free booster or life, about half the time I can just keep clicking and it goes nowhere. Also am having issues with the screen going black and being forced to restart game, only to find watching a vid for a free whatever isn’t an option anymore. 2. When I hit slime, it grows anyways, sometimes after everything is settled and I’m allowed to make my next move. It’s incredibly frustrating to go out of your way to hit it only for it to grow. It also sometimes grows by 3 or 4 dots instead of only 1. 3. Boosters are wonky. Sometimes they straight up don’t work, sometimes it instantly undoes them, and sometimes they partially work. I have limited funds for games and despise when it my literal real money is wasted by an eraser not removing the dot but being used anyways (just one example of many). Please, PLEASE fix this game! Like I said, my health is bad and I’m dealing with extreme pain these days and I need my regular distraction These are all relatively new issues, maybe the last few weeks..Version: 6.9.8

This new update has messed up everythingI used to LOVE this game and spend hours upon hours every tuesday over-completing expeditions to get lucky chests and basecamps. Now, however, the basecamp system has gone haywire. Instead of the expected rewards from each camp. Certain camps will give 6 tickets??? 6 tickets won't even fit on the ledger for extra tickets in an expedition so 3 of those are completely gone to waste. Also, basecamps give out keys now?? I am sorry but keys are completely useless, especially since they give only booster boxes and no other power up. And NOW the booster boxes they give aren't even permanent. Im sorry but if daily doors (which are also overrun with keys) and lucky chests (which only appear by chance during a weekly 48hr window) are the only ways to get useful powerups now, then I'm done with this game. It was scarce enough already as a free to play player, now its just ridiculous. And another complaint. Why are previous powerups not saved when you uninstall the app, but your progress is saved? I think the items I work hard for should be stored when my phone crashes or gets lost. I had 15 of each powerup that i had saved over months, and when my phone was stolen it was all gone. I love this game but these changes are so disheartening so I will be uninstalling until a patch is made..Version: 3.21.2

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Up sells are their down spellThis game is really nice to play. Simple, takes your mind of things and not over stimulating and nauseatingly colourful or hard to follow like candy crush. However you can’t keep the prizes you earn without buying a bigger treasure box and you quickly reach levels that are very, very hard if not impossible to beat for everyone who’s not employed by NASA... Too hard for a relaxation game anyway. These levels you can’t beat without buying things.. I’d rather buy the app and not have to keep buying things to beat impossible levels..Version: 5.8.4

Stolen power ups a dragI was enjoying this mildly frustrating game, working my way through the levels and trying to access power ups through their challenges. I had about 15 banked up for use when a level got too much, I felt set. Then the new update came and THEY STOLE ALL MY POWER-UPS! Really? You make it harder to achieve them, want me to in-app purchase to buy them and steal what I've earned? As you can see, this review is now not so complimentary. Give me back my power-ups you money hungry developers! PS even more in app purchases to annoy you now. I’ll play until they make it too hard to beat levels without spending money. Won’t be long then..Version: 5.7.0

ConflictedAs per the title I am conflicted.. and bamboozled. I was drawn to this game from an ad that appears in another game I was playing. It looked liked a great puzzle game. The only thing was, the advert that was playing for “two dots” was how to draw shapes without lifting your finger and crossing over your lines. In itself that looked and sounded challenging. In reality, Two Dots was nothing like this at all! The game now that I am playing it is simple and actually fun to play, but due to false adverts I am only rating it 2 stars… one each per dot.Version: 6.24.0

Stunning in so many waysPleasing on the eye, sooooo many levels, lots of mini games, challenging enough without getting frustrated. Also love the music and how sound effects within game play always seem to go in time with music track. I just love this game I never get board with it. I got lost just exploring the background images to the map through each level. It’s a work of art. Congrats! But Two Dots!!.Version: 3.26.0

Its ok...I like the mini games and such but what I DON’T like is how they make you pay real money to get your in-game money. Really annoying because I want to play the mini game levels, but to unlock more you have to pay in-game money, which I wasted. Also this game is hard. I’m not sure what they were saying about “peaceful” because I always end up losing all of my lives, and then I have to wait a day for them to regenerate, only to lose them immediately. Overall, pretty meh and very greedy game..Version: 6.5.1

Don’t bother downloadingWhen this game first came out 7 years ago it was great to play. These days the creators is driven by greed for you to make purchase to win levels and there is still no guarantee of winning. When I played the game 7 years ago difficult levels could be knocked over in a day or so. Now it can take weeks to beat a level. I’ve lost interest in the game as it’s boring playing the same level over and over. Don’t get a lot of time to play, back in the old days 30 minutes a day you could make reasonable progress. Treasure hunt and rewind you get through levels 1-5 in one or two turns, then level 6 comes along and can’t be beat. Opening the crates aren’t to random, on some levels opening crates gives the exact same power ups and is weighted against winning. I come back to this game after a 12 month break for the above reasons and it’s only gotten worse. Don’t waste your time downloading. There was a time I was happy to make the occasional purchase but not anymore. Streaks are pointless as they’re impossible to get. If I’m lucky enough to win an hour of unlimited lives it has to be used immediately and it’s usually at a time when I don’t have a lot of time to play so it gets wasted. The constant pop ups of purchase something is annoying..Version: 6.10.5

My FavouriteThis game has been my favourite game for years! I love so much about this game, but my favourite aspects are the cool events, especially the scavenger hunts! The attention to detail and level of inclusivity in them are so amazing and bring me so much joy to play. I wish I could express to developers how much I appreciate them and their efforts! I will happily continue monetarily supporting this app to finish all those scavenger hunts! Keep up the fantastic work, and to anyone considering a download, it’s such a high quality game!.Version: 6.17.3

Disgusting cash grabThe interface is beautiful clean minimalism. A fun puzzler. But this whole concept of paying to get ahead has to die. It becomes clear after only a short while playing that you will have to buy boosters to get past the levels. Games should reward a player’s skills. Players should not have to buy cheats in order to get ahead. Also PLEASE do away with the limited lives nonsense. Let us just pay once to buy the game and make the levels achievable without cheats. I hate this whole concept and it used too often in today’s games..Version: 3.20.2

Built to try and make you spendI'm disappointed in the push to make you spend - looks like you only get coin if you buy it. throws hard levels up which then resets your streak which really spoils it for me. very long wait time. i like the concept and i'm happy to pay at times but this also nothing like the ads they run! you can watch videos for a life but some of the ads i find offensive and can't turn them off. i know these games are made to make money but it's just greedy !.Version: 7.0.0

My favourite game!This is such a fun game! I love the challenges and how it changes it up between easy and more difficult levels. The design is so lovely too. One of the best things is that ads are not compulsory. You don't see any at all unless you want an extra life. I've been playing Two Dots right from the beginning and can't wait to play even more wonderful levels!.Version: 3.29.1

Gold CoinsYou should be able to earn the coins rather than having to buy can become impossible without a power up and you can only get them with gold, which you have to buy! In Words with Friends you can earn coins to use for power ups, why can’t this be similar. It’s a money grabbing exercise, otherwise it’s a great addictive game, beautifully presented.. Now they’ve decided to make you play the ‘spot the items’ game. You can do two levels, then you have to pay..come on, stop the money grabbing...Version: 5.9.7

App no longer works after last updateI updated the game a couple of days ago and after opening it, I found that it would freeze on the intro page. So I deleted and reinstalled and it now won’t let me sync my account. So, I’m now back to zero. I thought, okay I’ll just start all over again but guess what? I finish level 1 and it now just freezes on the dots board - it won’t even take me to level 2. I deleted the app and reinstalled again, twice, and still nothing. Now what??.Version: 6.20.2

RE: Previous reviewMy previous review was a user error. I hadn’t passed the level. Great game. Obsessed with scavenger hunts and hope they come out weekly like the website says. Designers and the whole app team must work really hard to get us these! So thank you thank you.Version: 7.2.0

Relaxing to play and so cuteThe graphics are cute, the music is soothing and I enjoy the mini games. I don’t feel like they are trying to make money from me through ads or forcing in-app purchases. i appreciate the colour-blind option, the simplicity of the design and I also love free sticker pack that I can now use on my iMessages! Highly recommend..Version: 5.27.3

Summer Shindig is the best!PLEASE KEEP this feature... or add to it. I never spend money on any games but Two Dots is the very best game - especially the summer shindig! I’ve been searching for a long time for a decent hidden image game and this by far is superior to any hidden image game. It’s so addictive! Please think about keeping this as an add on or a monthly activity..Version: 5.3.1

Advertisement not accurateSaw the app advert in another game and thought it looked good. Unfortunately the actual game seems to be completely different, highly disappointing. Have only been playing for a couple of weeks, but I enjoy playing and like the challenge it often presents. Never understand why developers create false ads though..Version: 6.18.9

Will hound you for moneyI love this App in that it’s addictive and beautifully designed... but geez, prepare yourself to be hounded to buy stuff, connect to Facebook, watch videos to “earn” more lives etc. It really detracts from the enjoyment of game. Particularly annoying at the moment is a glitch where you watch a 30-second video to get a bonus life or booster only to see a black screen at the end. This means closing the App and starting again - and worst of all, upon re-launching, you haven’t received your free life or booster. So you try again and the same thing happens... so frustrating. Please fix as I’m close to deleting..Version: 5.5.5

Best Game Ever!Love it! So addictive...So much variety of games. Love the challenges. Daily prizes. New games each week like expeditions etc. Only one criticism...when you get to really high levels the prizes still remain small. Would like to get 5+ on a prize- bubbles, shufflers, vanishing dots and surprise boxes when you get to levels over 500...if you are an avid player you should get better rewards...just saying! Plus need an opt out button if you don’t want to buy gold coins after being asked 100 times..Version: 4.17.4

Misleading?I have no idea why a game like this, which has its unique play style, would advertise itself as something totally different… And yet. I saw an ad for two dots while playing another game and thought, based on the ad, this looks interesting. When I downloaded the game I thought it looked different to what I expected. I played a couple of levels and came to the realisation that the game that was advertised had absolutely nothing to do with the game I just downloaded. Why? Is it simply to raise your download #status? Or are enough people happy enough to be conned into playing this? Your ad makers are untrustworthy and I don’t trust anymore..Version: 6.24.0

Misleading advertisementI saw an ad for this in another game which made it look interesting, however the ad showed a gameplay format that is totally different to the one in place. This one is drawing lines and clearing like coloured dots, the ad showed a more puzzle like game where you had to fill a drawing with colour where no one colour was adjacent itself in the sections. I’ve hunted and hunted in the game for the puzzle game I saw in the ad and it’s just not there. I played over 170 levels thinking it might be a side game once you reach a certain number of levels - nope. This game you actually get to play is ok, but nothing to write home about. It also is poorly designed in the sense you can’t earn gold coins through game play unless you buy a vessel - which it appears you don’t even get to keep (I could be wrong on that as I didn’t buy it) You are assigned some gold coin when you join but you can earn more without the vessel to put them in. You can’t play certain challenges unless you use gold coins to enter. The game is not that much fun that I would want to regularly buy a thing to collect gold coins in. My biggest reason for review though is the false advertising. I certainly don’t like being tricked into downloading a game based on an advertisement then getting something completely different, that’s poor form..Version: 6.25.0

Fantastically addictive but beware the money grabbing tacticsA really visually incredible game and simple enough yet with constant updates so you’ll never get bored. Don’t be tricked into spending all your in game gold straight away though, the “overflowing mine” is pay to use only. Even though they suggest that you already have too much currency and need to spend what you have to make room for your winnings, you can only collect those winning by investing in a mine which costs actual money. There are some other sneaky ways they try to get you to invest your money in the game, including a lengthy wait time for your lives to renew and an ridiculously steep difficulty curve. Always be aware of what your clicking on and you’ll be okay. Two dots is still far and away much better than some of the most popular games in the store at the moment..Version: 5.6.6

Lose the Win StreaksLong term obsessed with the game but the new win streak boosters make the levels too easy. I blazed through 15 levels with 3 stars on each even though I was trying to lose to get rid of the boosters. Lose them, they make the game less enjoyable as the levels win themselves - some with just 3 moves..Version: 5.15.0

Two dotsTwo dots is such an awesome game! It’s extremely hard on some levels but no matter how hard you are always wanting to come back for more and continue playing. Certainly makes you use your mind and time pass when playing the game..Version: 3.28.4

AmazingTwo Dots is an amazing game the graphics are aesthetically pleasing to the eye, the game is a challenge but you always will come back for more. Firstly the graphics are amazing each season has its own individual design and I just can’t stop myself from looking at it! The game has a 2D art style some may say simple but the game contains lots of details here and there. Definitely buy this if you want an aesthetically pleasing game. The game may be challenging but a challenge is nice every once and a while, with all the technology doing everyday tasks it’s nice to sit down wind down and have a little challenge. A great game for someone who needs or wants a challenge. You can’t stop yourself, the game is addictive to say non the less. With all the high scores daily challenges and mini games You always come back for more! You may get frustrated with the game for not winning but you’re sure to come back for more. Buy this game and you’ll never stop! Two dots is amazing, wonderful art style, hard challenges but you always come back for more. Two dots even included a colour blind thing to make it easier. Definitely worth the money. BUY TWO DOTS!.Version: 3.21.0

Two dotsGood and challenging- but love the minni game finding the hidden objects even better- graphics so adorable and sounds so cute- im more addicted to that- you should make that its own game! Also the earlier hidden objects games had more interesting features eg you touched a character & they would change shape or die or a roller blind would open - that kept it interesting now the people and things just bob up and down....Version: 5.15.0

Seriously addictiveI absolutely love this game - such a simple premise but deceptively difficult. I love the different challenges, fantastic. It never gets boring. The only issue I have is the need to purchase gold for boosters etc. It would be great if keys were able to be used to purchase these. I’m on a limited budget and can’t keep buying gold. Also disappointing that you need to use gold to play the treasure hunts. Please consider using keys as an option here too..Version: 7.3.2

Too much in-app purchasingI do really enjoy this game so much, especially the find hidden objects games, but I’m very disappointed in how much the in-app purchases can effect your ability to access higher levels. There’s no way to gain “coins” and once you use your allotted amount in the beginning you can only pay to get them, they can’t be earned..Version: 6.22.8

Meditative and challengingThe music and graphics are very calming. There are a lot of games like this on the App Store, but none with as beautiful graphics that I’ve found. The game design is really good too. There’s a great mix of challenging levels, and easier levels. The makers seem to understand that you want to have really hard levels, but then after you’ve won that ultra hard level, you want one that’s a bit easier so you can chill and retain interest. There’s also a huge variety of obstacles to defeat, like ice, fire, blocks, monsters, etc., and they all act differently so require different strategies. That keeps things interesting. I really enjoy it..Version: 4.5.1

Wonderful gameSo happy I found this game. Love the design. Very aesthetic and simple, yet the hidden items page is complex and interesting. And the game itself is very well thought out. Overall captivating. Almost like a more difficult/sophisticated candy crush combined with a where’s wally..Version: 5.21.6

By the time it got fun it was asking for too much moneyThe first five levels were so boring and by the time it got fun it was requiring me to invest way too much money to continue playing. I don’t like giving my time and favour to game developers that are money hungry. They are not generous with the gold or opportunities to get power-ups. You don’t get anything for free at all, ever, so to continue to play you need to be spending your money. The gold packages are also ridiculously expensive. I don’t mind spending a few dollars on a game that is generous and rewards my time and loyalty. Taking those few dollars elsewhere..Version: 5.22.0

Get ready to open your walletIf you don’t mind handing over your hard earned cash then you’ll probably get something out of this game. It’s beautifully designed but also engineered to get you to spend real money to progress. You will get to levels where you absolutely cannot proceed without assistance. That assistance comes in the way of paying extra. If that works for you, go for it. As a casual gamer it quickly gets tired. Move on, there are much, much better games to enjoy..Version: 6.24.0

A very fun app!I really like this game and have been playing it since 2015. I lost my phone once and I was really devastated because it means I lost my progress at level 300 on Two Dots as well. I learned my lesson and connected my progress to Facebook since then. Recently I bought a new pnoe and downloaded Two Dots however, I was a little upset that the boosters & power ups was not synched. I’ve work hard those and I really hope you could fix the problem. All in all, it is still a great app. Cheers..Version: 3.17.8

False promisesI downloaded this after watching an ad on another game. I’m on level 459 & I still haven’t seen the puzzle game that prompted me to download this. The side games are stupid “find the object” games that only let you play a couple of times before asking for money. I don’t have a problem with supporting game devs by spending a bit of money but this game tries to MANIPULATE you in to spending money with the overflowing gold mine that you have to purchase. I don’t like being manipulated so I refuse to spend my money..Version: 7.1.4

The Scavenger HuntThe core game is fairly simple and repetitive, with a strong degree of luck involved in the player’s success or failure. I personally got bored of it rather quickly. However, there is a side game within the overall game that I absolutely adored... The scavenger hunt was so much fun and had an amazing art style that my eyes could explore for hours. The issue is that because it was a side game, I was forced to go back to the inferior core game when I ran out of tokens or when I completed all the quests. I truly believe that if the scavenger hunt was a game of its own, it would be far more enjoyable and popular. I sincerely hope that the developers will consider creating such a game..Version: 6.18.3

Worth it!So normally free apps aren’t very good or require you to use real money to progress. But guys, this game is actually amazing. The whole design of the game is so aesthetically beautiful, the levels can be really challenging and it’s so addictive. They do monetise it a bit which is fair considering they obviously want to make money off their product, but you can still play without any in game purchases, it just takes a little longer than using boots every time you get stuck. Overall I wouldn’t say I have any complaints and I really enjoy this game.Version: 5.8.4

Almost really good … ultimately awfulAlmost really good… I’ve downloaded it about half a dozen times, and deleted it just as many … it’s really creative, but its mechanics, which tend towards pay-to-win the longer you play, always end up being so frustrating I get angry and delete it, remembering at last why, for all it virtues, I hate this game. If it charged a one-time fee, and then played fair in terms of reward for wins, I’d be happy with that. As it is, it’s all about limbic hijack (I.e. making you addicted, even while you get more and more frustrated), and then milking you for money. The opposite of a great experience, appalling really … all the more so because some genuinely good design elements are in evidence. If you love Prune, Alto’s Odyssey, Monument Valley etc. do not download this, it’s the antithesis of such masterpieces..Version: 7.4.2

Too greedyYour game is amazing and you’ve done a wonderful job creating an addictive game and I’m certain I’m not the only one that enjoys it. With all that support why do you feel the need to gouge our pocketbooks to the extent you have? For example; At one time I could enjoy the scavenger hunt specials for free, the fact that you have now begun charging for that is really annoying, and I feel you’re too greedy. I’ve given you far too much of my money already. And I can no longer support such a greedy game company..Version: 5.9.8

Love this game but keeps crashingI’ve had this game for years and it works for a few levels and then crashes. I forgot about it for a while until updates, but it still does the same thing. Not sure if anyone else is having this issue but it is frustrating as I love this game. Please fix this if you can :).Version: 7.1.0

Amazing gameThis is such an entertaining game. I absolutely love it. The scavenger hunts are a great way to take a quick break from the actual TwoDots levels. The design, music, development and overall class of this game is amazing and so cute (especially the scavenger hunts 🙊) Thank you so much for creating this game. I have recommended it to many of my friends..Version: 6.15.4

Enjoyable, but app expects you to pay unnecessary $$I really enjoy this game. So I was really disappointed when I found out I have to “mine” gold I have earned. Meaning if you want gold you have to pay $4.99 for 50 gold coins you have earned during play. Gold is used to go to hire levels in side games/quests. You can still play the game and still enjoy the beautiful graphics without the gold..Version: 6.5.3

Far too pushy on purchasesOk, the game is beautiful, but I think the game developers are way too pushy on getting you to buy extra stuff. Like really, really pushy. Levels are deliberately designed to be challenging enough to need power-ups in places (or a tediously long series of re-runs until some random god smiles in your favour), but oh here's another ad for another power-up. Definitely never get this game for a kid or you'll likely go broke. I'd give this a five star review otherwise. Crappy pushing of purchase options constantly ruin an otherwise great game..Version: 3.25.3

My only go-to gameI've been a two-dotter since there were only 85 levels and have enjoyed seeing the changes and new features added over the years. The levels are always challenging and now treasure hunts & expeditions keep me busy in between updates. A great game with a beautiful interface and a team with a great sense of humour too!.Version: 3.16.2

Great game!I’ve never really been into games, but I love this one and play it everyday. The preview here on the app store isn’t really true to what the game is like, it’s a lot better than it looks. I’m on level 547, but sometimes I find that the levels that are labelled as hard, I get through them easily and then some of the normal levels are harder to get past. Overall a great game..Version: 5.16.2

Has come good from changeover.The game has new owners and initially was disappointing as they changed things and didn’t “give back” to their faithful players. Now however, they are putting things back in and I am beginning to enjoy it again. Two dots seems to need quite a bit of money to buy coins for power ups and there are many ads to watch if you choose to, usually for a free boost box. I think it is worth remembering that this game is always adding new things and therefore needs to pay their employees. I don’t begrudge them some money but be careful, it is easy to spend too much..Version: 7.2.6

Too many ads 👎I’ve been playing this game for a while, now. It has captivated me but you soon realise that, much of the time playing on it, is taken up with ads. Each game takes from 90 to 120 seconds to play and then you have an ad- most of which take up 30 seconds. Therefore, you’re spending 20 to 25 % of your time watching ads!!! It’s a good game, but be prepared for a long haul so that Two Dots can make their money from the ads. Might suggest they go to 15 second ads? I wrote the above about two months ago. The admin. has chosen not to listen. The ads are still 30 secs long and you just wonder if you are going to die if old age watching the same, old ads time and time again. If you haven’t started playing, then you haven’t become addicted. Move on and give this app a pass....Version: 7.1.4

The BestLove love and more love this game 6yrs now. Great to relax with, wind down a stressful day. There is only one fault I would like to comment on What is with the build up of gold It is making this game look cheap and tacky, I play this because I can not stand flashy colours and poker machine like noise. Please get rid of this and bring back 2 Dots Classy Style it once had:((.Version: 5.21.6

Used to be great, now they’ve lost a playerI’ve completed over 400 levels over the course of a few years. I used to love this game but as time as gone on the app has become bloated with annoying pop ups and useless features. I want to solve puzzles. Simple. I’m even okay with some micro transactions. What I strongly dislike is the million different pop ups each time I open the app. I do not care about collectibles, events, medallions, avatars or treasure hunts. For this reason I am uninstalling the app. I enjoyed the hours I’ve spent solving different puzzles and I even kicked in a few dollars to get extra lives on occasion. But I do not want to be bombarded with pop ups when I just want a solve a puzzle..Version: 6.5.3

Most relaxing gameI think Two Dots is an awesome game! My favourite feature is the Expedition. It is so relaxing. The only two problems are you can get stuck on the levels and the gold mine. Like seriously why do I have to pay for my gold!!?? That is the reason I am only giving this game 4 stars. Overall I think this is a great game and recommend it to everyone any age..Version: 5.24.4

Not much flexibilityI downloaded the game and played for an afternoon. Initially I thought it was good - I really like the treasure hunts and the graphics of them. I don’t like that the game is mostly impossible if you can’t find a ‘square’ of dots which clears that colour. The closest game I’ve played in similarity is candy crush and there is always options there if the right move isn’t possible. I’ve decided that I’ll move on and find a game with less rigidity..Version: 6.4.7

Quite addictive....Really enjoying the meditative nature of this game. The only critique would be that there’s not enough explanation of the different difficulties added to the levels. Also, I finally finished one of the challenges, but didn’t get any reward for it, so I’m not too sure what the purpose is.....Version: 4.15.7

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Two Dots 7.4.11 Update

Version 7.4.11 (2021-07-27): Ongoing improvements to stability and performance..

Version 7.3.5 (2021-07-14): The hottest SCAVENGER HUNT of the season is back. Find hidden objects in the Summer Shindig Rewind!.

Version 7.2.0 (2021-06-24): NEW LEVELS have been illuminated in the Gleaming Hollow! Face all 3475 levels to claim the spotlight!.

Version 7.1.4 (2021-06-17): We’ve got big news about small things: Our Tiny Dots Scavenger Hunt has returned! Happy hunting!.

Version 7.0.0 (2021-06-03): Come celebrate our seventh birthday with a Scavenger Hunt around our very own Puzzle Park!.

Version 6.24.1 (2021-05-20): Ongoing improvements to stability and performance..

Version 6.24.0 (2021-05-12): NEW LEVELS and better days await in the Halcyon Hills! Tour 3400 levels while you take in the charming countryside..

Version 6.22.8 (2021-04-23): Ongoing improvements to stability and performance..

Version 6.17.3 (2021-02-04): NEW LEVELS are in stock at the Peppy Pit Stop! There's even more to love thanks to our NEWEST SCAVENGER HUNT : Heartfelt Hills!.

Version 6.14.2 (2020-12-18): • Experimental NEW LEVELS are on the loose in the Biolab Boulevard. 3150 challenges await. Can you handle them? • Get an early start on the New Year by finding all the hidden objects in the Midnight Gala..