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Play the world's best bird flinging, pig popping game!

Use the slingshot to fling birds at the piggies' towers and bring them crashing down – all to save the precious eggs.

New to the world of Angry Birds? Angry Birds 2 is the best way to get to know all of the iconic characters and experience the fun gameplay that has captured the hearts (and spare time) of millions of players.

Decorated Angry Birds veteran? Everything you love about classic Angry Birds games is here with some awesome new additions. Choose which bird to fling when, play with friends, take on multi stage levels, and compete and collaborate with players around the globe.

● CHOOSE YOUR BIRD. Choose which bird to put in the slingshot and defeat the pigs with strategy!
● MULTI-STAGE LEVELS. Play fun, challenging levels with multiple stages – just watch out for those Boss Pigs!
● DAILY CHALLENGES. Have a minute? Complete a daily challenge and earn some quick rewards.
● LEVEL UP your birds with feathers and up their scoring power. Build the ultimate flock!
● JOIN A CLAN to take down the pigs with friends and players around the world.
● IMPRESS THE MIGHTY EAGLE in Mighty Eagle's Bootcamp and earn coins to use in his exclusive shop.
● COMPETE in the ARENA. Compete with other players for some friendly bird flinging fun and prove who is the best.
● COLLECT SILLY HATS. Collect hats with different fun themes and level up your birds' fashion game. ● BAD PIGGIES. The green baddies are back, stronger, badder, and even greener.
● LOTS OF LEVELS. Play hundreds of levels with more added in regular updates and limited time events.
● LEADERBOARDS. Prove who is the best in the world on the global leaderboards.
● FREE to download! --- Angry Birds 2 is completely free to play. Although Angry Birds 2 can be downloaded for free, there are optional in-app purchases available.

This game may include:
- Direct links to social networking websites that are intended for an audience over the age of 13.
- Direct links to the internet that can take players away from the game with the potential to browse to any web page
- Advertising of Rovio products and also products from third parties

This game may require internet connectivity and subsequent data transfer charges may apply. When the game is played for the first time, there is a one-off download of additional content.

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Angry Birds 2 App User Reviews & Comments

Absolutely amazing and fun, one bug happened suddenly? 🤔This game is so fun and easy to play, love the graphics and how each bird has its own play card to shoot at the pigs, but a bug happened where I opened the app to play earlier, and I keep trying to get in like normal but then it wouldn’t load the screen with the music, takes unusually longer then it used too, in fact it wouldn’t load at all for like 5 minutes, it only took 30 seconds to load but for some reason it wouldn’t load at all and that was very unusual, but I think I know what I did? Well I logged onto my other Game Center account because I happened to be in the wrong one for a couple days so I hopped back into my normal one oof but then a Game Center thing popped up in the app and I pressed cancel because I already logged into the account but then it would never load, even after restarting my tablet and deleting and redownloading the app!.Version: 2.20.2

Old ones were betterThis is angry birds 2, basically like other great games by even greater companies they go downhill either by the founder being run by a “mister krabs” [aka greedy owner] or horrible leadership, this once great game is ruined with the mobile trend of “pay to win” I can understand the hearts thing but, but having to buy birds to continue to play levels? Thats were it draws the line, the old angry games were more user friendly and felt more like a puzzle this game seems as if they took angry birds and used every way of making money possible into it, it seems big companies Rovnio, popcap, etc go greedy at one point and ruin their games with pay to win and a ton of ads then they have the “compete with other players thing” which seems to be rigged, the so called “players are actually just bots” the bots each time they use a bird they gain 2x the points you get and cheat and the only way to beat them or try too is to well you guessed it using money, and.Version: 2.21.2

Fun, but...violent ads and pressure to spend moneyI played the original Angry Birds and loved it. This version is fun to a point, and gameplay is still enjoyable. There are some fun new scenes, pigs, and bird powers. There is also a lot of built in psychological pressure to spend money, for example, things turn red and tell you you lose but can buy stuff to continue playing. You can of course choose not to, but aspects of the “rewards” system and the game itself are designed to frustrate the player into buying stuff. I’m aware that apps need to make money, however, I’d prefer the option to just purchase an ad-free experience instead of being directed to ads to get rewards. Not only are there constant ads for rewards, many of the ads shown on this app include violent content including sexual assault and domestic violence against women. This is absolutely not ok! It would be great if the Angry Birds app folks exercise some discernment and stop allowing ad content that shows violence against women, especially when they require players to watch ads to get rewards. How about it, Angry Birds?.Version: 2.50

Blatantly RiggedI understand the creators need to make money to support this app, but I am finished with how rigged this app has become. The algorithms that are used in this app are horrendous. In fact, the best way to improve your score is to quit playing the game for a while. You are punished with intentional cheating by the app creators to get you to pay for the things the game previously allow you to earn. I am not paying for “jewels” on smart phone game. How desperate do the creators think their players are? What an enormous and pathetic waste of time and money. Also, what is the point of the spells? You can’t use them when you need them and have no need to use them when the game allows it. The arena was once a fun challenge, now I cannot ever win on the second round without buying more chances. Finished. I am finished. Also, I have worked towards gaining several extremely disappointing “legendary” chests, which should 100% of the time be fulfilling as a reward. After opening 2 decent chests out of the 12 I have opened, they have lost their appeal as a “reward.” In general the “rewards” are not worth it and have very little representation of the work behind winning..Version: 2.48.1

Where is the hatchling race? More questionsSo I got the new update and it said there was an event where you could fly your hatchling with jet packs. Where is that?❓❓❓❓❓❔❔ Also I remember when Stella came out. I was so excited. That was around Halloween. Then Hal came out at Christmas. I realized that extra birds came out around the major holidays. I thought that that meant that Bubbles was coming out for Valentine’s Day. I got a notification back in January that an app needed an update. It was Angry Birds 2. I was excited until I noticed it was bug fixes. I was disappointed. 😞 Next update: Bug fixes. Next update: Bug fixes. Next update: bug fixes. Then something happened. Finally! It was hatchling race. Where is that? Again I am asking. Is it coming soon? Is Bubbles coming out at Easter? Also in the tower of fortune once you get to floor 2 a pig appears. Every Time. It wastes the video ad option for when I need it at floor 29 or 59. Great game though!.Version: 2.26.1

Could be GreatPros: Great game play, similar to the original with a few twists. The hats are neat too. Con: Everything else. There are too many adds, lots of in game pop ups to try to get you to buy in game currencies. If you lose a round there’s an option to use gems to continue, and of course gems cost money. The hat leveling system is pretty cool, however the bird leveling system is so geared toward people who pay. The hatchling is really hard to keep fed if you level it up past level 2 or 3, expect to spend a few hours each day grinding for apples if you do go much higher, of course you can buy apples with real money as well. Pretty much every in game currency can be purchased with real money, I would call it pay to win/pay to succeed. The app also crashes a lot in the middle of a level or multiplayer match, which automatically counts as a loss. Over all fun game, ruined by a pay to win leveling system, greed by the developer/publisher trying to get the player to spend money, and an unstable app..Version: 2.27.1

Players: bewareThere are glitches in this game that don’t get addressed. I did not receive feathers and apples. I contacted their help team on April 7th, April 14th, April 15th, and April 22nd. I just got a reply this morning, on May 8th, telling me to update my app and let them know if I was having any of these issues. Umm... the app requires you to update before you can get into it, so of course I updated. I wrote to you on multiple occasions about issues and you still want to know if this is happening? How about you figure it out and replenish feathers and apples I missed out on and move on. I have screenshots of the messages as well to prove this. I am about to delete this app, immediately after I write this review. This franchise has movie revenue, toy revenue, and this game with ad revenue. Their prices are ridiculously inflated, you have to watch ads even after you have spent money on the game, and they are too stingy to replenish 1,000 feathers. Like, really? Rovio is proving to be one of the greediest developers out there. I get trying to make money, but being greedy after you’ve already made a ton is so disappointing to see. Maybe you should learn from other apps during this time who are awarding their players with extra freebies and not inundating them with ads and pop ups. I think I’ll go play one of those games... and I will gladly give any extra money I decide to spend to them..Version: 2.40.4

It’s fun but just one problemI’ve loved this game and it’s original, but there’s one thing that I don’t like about Angry Birds 2. It was cool when you could hatch your own baby chick, name it, and it would give you a boost, but I’ve found it very difficult to find apples to feed my chick. Sure, they’re found in the arena, the tower of fortune, and elsewhere, but they only give you two apples when you need 5 for a level 1 bird. And if you level up your chick, it gets even harder to get enough apples before you accidentally send your chick packing. I’ve resorted to buying the apples just to keep my bird alive, and maybe that’s the games sceme, but I would enjoy the bird a whole lot more if they were easier to acquire. My suggestion is that you add a weekly apple spin to get a free chance to earn a certain number of apples. For example, once a week I open the app, and I see a Wheel of Apples to get a chance to win from 1-5 apples. I spin the spinner and I get some apples. I think this would make it easier to feed the bird..Version: 2.21.1

Good game but.....Well, I have never written a review on anything before but I have finally felt compelled enough to write this one... I love the game BUT, like many others my game locks up and I lose my spells, the level, the stars, everything! I can't afford to keep gems in order to keep buying spells! Just this evening, I was at the 7th level, had played the last of my spells and was hoping to earn enough stars to move up in the standing and then.....locked up. So of course I had to close the game and I lost everything. So I think I'm going to take a break for awhile and not play anymore. I just don't understand how this can happen so much! Well, I guess my previous review went unread, because here I am again with the same complaint! I took the time to view the video but this time the screen goes blank and I cannot X out of anything to get back to my game so now I have to refresh my game and we all know what that means, I lose my spells, my gems and have to start the winning streak all over again and of course, will have to spend more money buying more gems......well, not this time! I believe I'm done and will be sharing my views with anyone and everyone who asks. Good job, guys and gals!.Version: 2.17.2

Great game, but newest update TERRIBLEI absolutely LOVE this game and have been playing it for YEARS! However, the newest update recently was a MAJOR downgrade... I think I speak for everyone when I am talking about “THE ARENA”. I used to love playing the arena part of this game, but now.... it’s a JOKE! That’s like the one part, I don’t even bother playing anymore. I used to care about that part.... trying to play the arena everyday... trying to achieve MORE and MORE wins, so I could gain more prizes.... I would even PAY MONEY so I could buy some coins and get some cool objects to use. NOW, you don’t even get to choose any “objects” to use... you don’t have the option to watch a video to get one extra life, and then if you loose a few battles in a row, you get DEMOTED! If it wasn’t for every OTHER part of this game, I would be deleting it all together. PLEASE, for the love of God, on the next update, PLEASE bring the old version of the arena back, so we can ALL enjoy this game again. I KNOW I’m not the only one who hates this new ARENA. I CANT THINK OF ONE SINGLE GOOD THING ABOUT IT. other than that, this is a great game. Thank you.Version: 2.49.1

Very addictiveI play this game every chance I get. I generally complete all daily challenges without paying for it. My only distaste is that when you upgrade your flock power at some point the flock would be losing power and drop by at least 10 points. One of my birds had the power of 53 and now it is at 43. I have noticed this among all the bird cards I have used. Which is very distasteful. Other thing is I don’t like the fact you have to spend a lot of the apples to get the baby bird to grow every time you upgrade. Like it goes from 5 apples to 10 then 25 and then to 50 that is a lot of apples. I can see that it goes up by 5 apples at every upgrade but like more than doubling it is a rip-off and that is why I have lost that baby bird multiple times. I will give it a 5 stars once this is fixed, otherwise it is a good game Update: I changed the stars on this game because since the recent update it freezes frequently and it is horrible. I still love and will play the game but the developers need to fix this issue ASAP. If this continues then it will leave me no choice but to uninstall which it would a shame. Please fix the freezing issue.Version: 2.33.1

Most biased game everFun game to play but the game keeps trying to take your money. My cute hatchling needed one more apple and suddenly the daily challenge wouldn’t let me get it. The pigs just stood there enduring everything and I swear the progress bar moved backwards and I didn’t get a bird multiple times I almost cried when I realized the hatchling was going to leave( I am an animal lover) do not recommend game at all if you want something fair stay away from angry birds only play in the car or something even then, only play angry birds space or Stella rather play a big blue bubble game I love them( I am an animal lover) even as a 10 year old almost completely agree with Cruz family 3 the arena, king pig panic, tower of fortune, and almost everything else is rigged some way or another. My dad is hooked once you start it’s hard to stop like drugs only this makes you frustrated!!!!!!! Terrible game overall addictive is a bad quality.Version: 2.20.2

🛑BEWARE 🛑 Rovio’s Grind and Greed invites player burnout...*So, I’ve been playing AB2 for well over a year (flock power 944) and it’s fun BUT in my experience, during this time the Developer increasingly seems to be focused on boosting their revenue to the exclusion of fairness to players. *Also, please be aware that if you have a problem like the app crashing and lost rewards, their support team is mostly missing in action — even if/when they respond, their go-to is to throw boilerplate at you instead of making fair restitution. This is as evidenced by one problem I had last spring, a second problem about three months ago, and by reading many of the reviews posted on the app store. *Consequently, as much as I like parts of the game such as clan battles and the daily challenge, I am edging closer and closer to deleting the app. *FINALLY, a burn-out warning for newbie players and PARENTS: 1). — If you choose to play this game, be prepared to endure lots and lots of 30+second ads (some with graphic violence, body image shaming, adult level products, etc.) and 2) — if you download the game, you will, imo, also be wise not to shell out any money for their vastly overpriced in-app purchases unless you have cash to burn🔥🔥💸💰💵💸🔥🔥.Version: 2.57.1

Rovio updates their greed!Do not download this game until you see new reviews that say rovio fixed the game to NOT be a money sucking, monkey on your back, vampire! The newest rovio update revamped a great game into a money pit... those of us long time players who have actually spent money in the game are not willing to spend like gambling addicts! I used to casually play the game all day long at an expenditure of approx $75 a month. You could spend a great more if you wanted to advance at the maximum rate. Now, to play at the rate I once did would cost me 3 or 4 times more! Physics of the game are harder so you have to use more gems to accomplish what you once were able to before! Now you fling money at the structures, not birds. If you have too much money and you can’t decide between diamond crusted paint job on your McLaren or Angry Birds 2, flip a coin. If money means something to you, and your looking for a fun, casual time waster, don’t download this app..Version: 2.48

Financially Adaptive GameEnjoy playing the game. Successfully progressed through levels, etc... Even though the different things you must accomplish each day will start to become annoying, you continue to play. This is when you will soon realize that the “ONLY” way to complete challenges/levels to receive rewards so that you can continue to play is by spending gems that you must purchase. One Example: to complete the daily challenge you must “Play a Clan Event” however it has timed out and requires you to pay 20 gems. Another Example: if you play the game, you will see sections repeat themselves. If you are on a regular level you can successfully beat that level, however if it is a boss level, there is rare chest involved, in an arena event or anything that promises to provide a reward, you will be unable to complete with out either paying the 60 gems to continue or running through all your hearts and then paying for gems. Will not even go into the adaptiveness of the Tower or Fortune. In short if you want to play for 5 minutes without spending money, then this is your game. If you have deep pockets and want to spend $200 or $300 a month to play for 30 minutes, then this is your game..Version: 2.17.2

Latest Updates = Cheap Shots to Spend MoneyI have loved AB2 since it came out. Was always fun, tactical, time passing game. However since COVID-19 showed up and people have more time to play these games AB2 took that opportunity to add a cheap, obviously intentional, cheat system. No longer about skill (PVP, challenges) or chance (ToF) now it’s about blatant score gouging, perfectly timed “Errors” (that don’t cause you to have to reload you just loose all prizes, streaks, and rank) and random loss of gems if you do crash. If support does respond (never) to you they may or may not replace the gems you paid RL cash for once in a while just to keep you hopeful. Basically AB2 has gained new comers in hopes of them spending money just to lose loyal players who were already spending money. I have stopped buying gems on principle alone. The only way I will pay ever again is when they have a really good special on gems (however I have lost my last 2 purchases to random error crashes and they only replaced a small portion of one) so that won’t last long. Thanks for nothing AB2 and COVID-19 get over yourselves.Version: 2.51

Beware of bots in arena since new update...I have been playing angry birds 2 for a while now and had been loving the game. I never played for the competitiveness, but arena was fun until the new update...since the update, bots have been introduced in arena and it’s almost impossible to win a streak anymore. I went from a daily streak at-least 5 out of 7 times a week, now I’m lucky to even when 3 in a row. The arena isn’t the only thing that has changed the game however, you don’t get as much gems anymore unless you buy them with real money, and initially I would spend maybe 5 dollars here and 5 dollars there, but I finally realized this game has turned into nothing but money. I am super disappointed how the game is today because I really enjoyed it for so long. I just don’t get what the point is of changing the game. But like all companies, they just want money. This is evident in the game today. Now I only play maybe a few times a week just the story mode. I had so many arena tickets built up so I am trying to use them up. I guess it’s time to find another game unless rovio goes back to the original because it is honestly no longer as fun as it once was..Version: 2.52

Still a great game, but...Boss level with 7 rooms? Difficult enough (boss level 1846) to get to the 7th room, let alone have any birds remaining to dislodge the boss pig and try do do enough damage to beat him. Why, Rovio? This and some of the past boss levels are unbeatable and I keep trying for a couple of days before I begin to get higher scores and golden pigs to finally give me enough birds to get to and defeat the boss pig. At least allow spells (in all but the boss room would be good). Also tired of the rehashed levels...nothing original... I agree with Bella5887. Last week’s arena challenge of 11 games vs the normal 7 was very unfair. To get through the last 3 games, I was paired up with “opponents” with flock power of 448, 446 and 441, even though my flock power is only 334!!! Obviously it took many spells and gems to win those last 3 games. The reward for this 11 game win streak was definitely not worth the cost... Lately I've noticed that rewards are no longer, or very rarely, paid out in jewels (only feathers and black pearls). So, if you're low or out of jewels and need extra lives or spells, the only option is to purchase additional jewels. Slick marketing....Version: 2.23.0

Fun Game but the Clans have become a boreThis game is fun. Lots to do on a daily basis. You can, with patience, build up some gems and pearls which allow your “birds” to get stronger and better. The game pushes you to join clans; groups of people who face tasks and even clan battles. Also fun until your clan goes wonky with almost addictive personalities demanding that players be kicked out because they are not as good as they are. I’m over 500 in Flock Power as I write this so I do okay. I participated. But the constant bickering and harping of clan members (I’ve joined several and just got tried of the drama) makes the game unenjoyable at that level. The game is fun. Players in the clans think that the game should be all you do. Sorry, I have a real life thank you and I don’t want to play this game 24 hours. Even if you join a low level clan by the time it grows this begins to happen. Trolling to kick must be some power trip these people get. I’ll continue playing the fun part but will skip the clans..Version: 2.23.0

They broke the gameI have played this game for many years and I love it so much! Unfortunately, in their latest update, they took away everything to love about it. Now it is much much much too difficult to complete without spending. Typically we can use spells which makes the game fun and interesting, they took that away. Typically our bootcamp and battles are long and epic, you could complete 15 rooms which was a challenge, but possible. Now it’s much to difficult, because we don’t get our cards back per destruction, only 1 allowed back per bird... so too much destruction by one bird and you are punished. Did I mention we don’t get any spells back anymore? We can only use them in the daily challenge and the map, which are just stupid places to use spells.. They make events and and hat adventures now that can’t be completed EVEN with spending gems to move forward. It was already a money grab, but this is much too blatant now. The angry birds 2 fan community has expressed our distain for this new update over and over again, but they don’t care. They gave us bandaid 100 arena tickets, like that would make everything better and make us forget they broke our favorite game. Many (pay to play) players are walking away, I hope their investors are paying attention..Version: 2.48

I enjoy the game until it locks up my iPad.I’ve been playing angry birds for years and I love the game. However, since I’ve been playing angry bird 2 around 3 months, I find that the app is freezing more and more often. When this happens, I have to hit the power button which brings up the Lock Screen, then hit the home button and finally X out of the pause menu of angry birds 2 to continue my game. Now it is happening more often. Last night, it completely locked up my iPad Pro 2nd gen. I had to hard restart my unit but still resulted in the touch screen unresponsive. Even after several hard reboots, the touch screen was still unresponsive. I finally got it to respond by connecting to a pc and opening iTunes. I’m writing this review due to frustration. I’m sure I’ve watched enough ads to pay for this game many times over for what your company is getting paid for each one of them. With that said, if this game is giving me this much trouble I don’t have to play it. However, myself along with many other reviewers complaining about game freezes and lock ups are going to eventually hurt your bottom line due to many of us just quietly uninstalling the game and going away, never to mention it again. I’m giving you courtesy of letting you know my intention if you don’t address these glitches/bugs etc..Version: 2.52

Adaptive StrategyWhat I think most people who wrote low reviews dislike is something they may have missed entirely but I quite enjoy - the game adapts to your playing style (especially in the arena) and will change levels or pair you with opponents based on how you play. If you constantly beat people way stronger than you, it will keep making it more difficult. If you, however, take the hit and lose (sometimes repeatedly) the game will revert. If you fail a certain level multiple times it will place structures that your playing style is better at and give you free birds. A tip to those who read: if you're willing to fight, and sometimes lose, don't spend your money; if you want to win fast and be the baddest bird in the roost, spend away but only after you've cleared a win streak or beat a couple bosses - you'll get special bonus packages. It's a great game with more facets than I've ever seen in online gaming while managing to stay streamlined. Enjoy!.Version: 2.17.2

Too many bugs.I’ll start by saying that Rovio Entertainment’s customer service is horrible. I made one in-app purchase for $0.99, and I did not even receive the award. I can verify the date and bank statement, and I can verify the fact that I did not get my full reward. Even with all of this information, Rovio Ent. refused to refund my money or my reward. Next, the app is littered with bugs and glitches. Approximately 6 out of 10 times I opt to watch a video for a quick reward, the video ends and brings me to the app store to look at the advertised app. I’m fine with this part; it’s an effective marketing technique for a child’s demographic. However, in about a second the screen goes blank-white, not allowing me to return to AB2. I am forced to close and reopen the app, losing my reward. The sad part is, Rovio Ent. undoubtedly still gets revenue from the unrewarded ads watched by malleable children. This game could have been so exciting, cute and enjoyably challenging (shout-out to the individual designers), but Rovio Ent. insists on taking cheap shortcuts and not taking care of their customers. I’ll be shocked if they reply to this review with a response that is not obviously automated..Version: 2.25.2

It was my favorite game and then I grew apart from itLet me get started with this this is the best game I have ever played in my entire life and nothing will ever change that. The side scrolling action was amazing and I like the simplicity. And then they updated the game with so much extra difficulty. I hate that they took away the shockwaves buyer and the non-complicated way of doing SPARC run.I do not like the battle pass system because it’s basically asking for money for stuff that your entrance into buying and it annoys you that you can’t have these characters without buying them and it’s just so frustrating that they made the game extra complicated. I also don’t like that they had to switch the format of everything else. The game is still good and a lot of it on Waze but now with all these updates I’m not recommending it to anyone who has played it before and thinks it’s the same as it was before. If you wanna enjoy this game go ahead but for me I’m giving it one more chance and if I can still enjoy it who knows I may give it a five star review but as it stands I’m gonna give it three stars.Version: 2.47

It’s a money pit.I love the gameplay, but there’s just so many ads and I can hardly progress through the game without spending thousands of dollars on gems, which I am nowhere near stupid enough to do. I was also falsely banned “due to hacking or cheating”. I have never done anything against the terms of service. Rovio, please go back to your original game design. There’s enough ad-filled, in-app purchase junk out there already. Please, make your games like they used to be. People will be willing to pay a few bucks up front for the game, but it’s stupid that they need to keep paying to keep playing. If you make a fun game that costs, let’s say, $3 or $4, without ads or in-app purchases, it will still be popular. Just please stop this nonsense with ads every 30 seconds. What happened to Angry Birds 1?? Now it has ads and micro transactions, just like all your other games. Why? Just make the game cost a few bucks. For anyone else out there that agrees, write a review like this and maybe Rovio will listen this time. Also, I was banned for cheating. I have never hacked the game or any other game, so I don’t know why this happened. Fix you anti cheat software. You don’t get more plays for the game being free. A good quality game should not be free with in app purchases..Version: 2.34

A similar looking game but with amazing twistsAngry Birds 2 is in my eyes, better than every other game in the series. It has multi-player battles, a never-before seen diversity in levels, spells that act like the old power-ups, but with charm, and nice cosmetics that also affect the gameplay. There are micro-transactions, but they aren’t required, as the game gives plenty more ways to get the same things. My only two complaints are very minor in my eyes, too. The lives system may be a bit of an annoyance, but it can easily be ignored if you are good at solving the challenges the game gives you. It also incentives so me to play the other modes. My other minor complaint is having to unlock the extra flock members with a bunch of feathers or through waiting, but the game helps you get the required feathers, and it doesn’t feel impossible as a result. Overall, Angry Birds 2 outshines it’s predecessors in pretty much every way, and I don’t get bored playing this game easily, either..Version: 2.26.1

From REGINA in New YorkLove this game! Only one I play and invest a lot of money in too build up all I have if you look. I’ve been emailing with Paul & other Rovio representatives as I’ve had issues with specifically The Arena- I’m hoping this feedback reaches yet another Rovio representative (possibly a manager) to review a thread of emails with what I’ve gone through since September 27th & hoping a manager can do right thing and replace my gems and Arena play tickets. Glitch of frozen screen occurred again today. My emails show my game version I.D. where you will see what I’m speaking to! Any kindness and courtesy you can extend with getting my gems back and what you feel is fair with over literally (90+) Arena entry tickets I’ve lost due to glitch issue over n over would be so greatly appreciated- please take a look at all information I’ve taken time to email since September 27th- thanking you in advance for your time and consideration Regina from NY.Version: 2.16.1

No longer fun, just out for your moneyI used to enjoy this game a few years back. However I removed it from my phone because it ate the battery, heated the phone too much and they started making some of the levels impossible to beat without spending money. I know they are in the business to make money and I am all for a pay upfront and at major updates. There are just too many games that follow the pay to advance model. They get you just frustrated enough that people pay out of spite. This new version is smaller and doesn’t heat my iPad; however, the game is no longer fun and actually is quite terrible. I am already deleting it after a few days. It is too difficult to advance without paying more or waiting hours upon hours. I also wish the colosseum battles were actually live and challenging a person in real time. The way the computer lets them have this miraculous win almost every time! You also can’t buy one last bird in that mode any longer, you can just try a rematch…..pass!.Version: 2.52

It’s fun up until eggchanted woodsHi so I got this game yesterday and I was really enjoying it, I remember playing this game a long time ago so I decided to download it again, I was playing and I really enjoyed it, but when I got to eggchanted woods the first lvl had 4 in 1, the following lvls had 3 to 4 in 1 almost every level I’ve played in eggchanted forest I had to watch a video for an extra bird, this is mainly because everytime I shoot a tower of pigs, one always survives, so I’m having to use 2 other ones, the ones that survive are mainly the smaller ones, I think it would make more since if the smaller ones popped more easily, most of these levels on eggchanted forest I had to loose a life cause I still wasn’t able to kill the final little pig with my extra bird,this is really annoying so I rate 3 stars, maybe there can be another way to earn lives back through short mini games, and if you win them you get a life as a reward, or make it so you can purchase unlimited lives for 1 to 5 dollars, anyways thank you for this fun game, greatly appreciated..Version: 2.38.2

Not pleased.Not pleased. Y’all don’t give us nearly enough lives to make it through the game. Why do y’all even implement lives ? All they’re gonna do is make people want to delete the game, not continue playing it. Almost forgot I had it for a while because it’s just so ridiculous with the lives feature. The fact that we only have five is ridiculous, too. We should get at least 7. Y’all always want us to pay, too. Also, nonstop ads. They pop up so much. The game was joyful at first but then I started losing because I didn’t have enough birds. Maybe y’all should implement more keys into the game, too so that I can unlock more birds? Also, this game is honestly a prime example of why the sequels will never be able to compare to the original. Edit: Recently, there was an event going on and basically if you got more stars than anyone else, you would get rainbow feathers. I got first place, above everyone else, and I was not awarded ANY. If that was something that you were supposed to collect as soon as the timer ran out, that’s ridiculous. I was literally playing a level and I go to check and see if the timer’s done yet because it was at 2 minutes the last time I checked. Please let me know what’s going on..Version: 2.41

InsidiousI complained at one point about how they game didn’t provide continued level-appropriate incentives and rewards as you got up higher. For instance, when completing “hard” levels you get a chest with feathers, but it’s the same chest with 250 or 300 feathers at game level 6 as it is at level 600. Yet when you get to level 600, you probably need 30,000 feathers to advance your birds. So getting 300 is irrelevant. This sort of imbalance seems like it would drive people away as they get higher. However, I realized that may be the point. Not to drive people away, but to make them bored and frustrated. What do bored and frustrated people do? They try to find ways to alleviate their boredom. And what alleviates boredom in this case? Getting rewards. And what’s a good way to be sure you get rewards? Buying gems to pay for success. So the fact they don’t keep the game advancing to keep people interested isn’t a bug, it’s a feature, to get them to pay. With that said, the game is still fun and addictive, for quite a while. I played it for months during the pandemic, and rarely felt the need to pay for gems. But recently I realized my boredom has been driving me to purchase more and more often. So now I’m uninstalling it..Version: 2.46

Better than the first?This game is definitely this generations go to game if your bored or not. I was bored one day just laying down doing nothing trying not to sleep my day away. So I looked throw the Apple store and found this game. I was shocked that there was a second one that I haven’t herd of till just then. So I started to search for the first angry birds but it was gone. The game I grow up playing was gone!!! I was super up set when it didn’t show up at the Apple store. So I tried the second one seeing if it was as good as the first one and it had some great things added to the game. This game brought back some really good memories of joy and frustration😂 I like how the game has some difficulty like the daily challenges those are pretty tuff. My only complaint is the game gives you 5 hearts and you can’t just grind out the game in a day or two. Although people should enjoy this game because it’s super fun and it’s what I look forward to every time I go on my phone.Version: 2.42

IAP-Hungry Solid SequelAngry birds 2 has got a fresh polish to be expected from a sequel. It answers the “how can we possibly make a great game better?” question in several ways. The graphics are rich and flow smoothly between all transitions. The levels evolve and progress in difficulty but encourage you to think critically and creatively. Defeating level after level is rewarding and builds you up for the next level. The multiplayer modes involving clans and competitive mode pit you against worthy opponents. Word of caution however, as there are the downsides. The app has its own pop-up encouraging you to buy into their in-app purchases. At my peak time in playing this game on a daily basis the app will encourage their in-app purchases around once an hour. What’s more is the ever-so-bothersome littering of advertisements of other games. The game even has an auto-jump to the App Store to encourage you to download another game app. While this is expected of less polished games this is rather a surprise of an established brand to have to use such tactics. Lastly, the levels do get repetitive and the “boss” battles lose their luster and become some sort of a sore level after awhile. Overall, if you don’t mind the ads and are in it to really squash those pigs then this is the right game to play. Swing away at a 3 out of 5 game..Version: 2.36.1

Mostly fun, but you’ll be angry (pun intended) at the gameOverall, if you’ve played any other angry birds games, you’ll get the generally same vibe here. It’s fun, a nice way to kill some time, and the animations and graphics are beautiful. But if you’ve ever played Mario Kart and know the general angry feeling you get when no matter what you do (or how skilled you are), the game just cheats to get the result it wants? Yup, get used to that here. For example, in battle arena you’ll be pitted against various other “people” (in reality it’s not so, just the computer). And perhaps you’ll be winning the round, when all of a sudden it gives your opponent 2-3 more birds to play than it gave you. There is no way you can win, but don’t fret, you can always buy some coins to try again. Another gripe: The levels change often, so if you’re stuck on one (and maybe want to try a different strategy to get through) the next time you play it changes. Not completely, and there seems to be only a few options for each level, but again, infuriating. Get used to watching ads too, as you’ll be bombarded constantly. I miss the old angry birds games, where you’d pay a few bucks and the game was just that. It’s too bad this company would rather milk their customers than entertain them..Version: 2.57

DissatisfiedI’ve been plaguing this game for a while and initially I thought that I was just an awful player until I started to play more, sling with better accuracy and use birds that yielded the most favorable outcome due to their different abilities. Taking that into consideration, there are specific ways to sling specific birds in order to yield the highest scores. However, the creators of this game intentionally make it to where you do not pass levels and end up running out if birds, essentially causing you to spend more money on coins. Often times, I could use bomb on wood or glass and it literally won’t budge, seeing that the bird is a BOMB, it should easily clear the obstacle but on multiple occasion, that us not the case. Which, again, causes you to use more birds that you already have a scarce amount of and spend more money on coins in order to replenish your flock. I get it, most games are designed to cause you to spend etc, but this game is so blatant about it that I stopped playing it. Then during the pandemic, many incentives were put in place to cause users to play more, but the incentives have as of yet to come to fruition..Version: 2.40.4

Big improvements a few losses. Pretty money hungry.I love allot of the action, fast pace, graphics and game play on this version. Upgrading the birds is a nice touch like the transformers version and others. What I miss in this version and it is a biggie, is you don’t have the option to do a level over but you have to waste resources to power on through. That makes this one greedy on your real-life pocketbook and I believe this version has to be connected to the internet to advance. That is what I love about Angry Birds Starwars2 and the Space Versions among the original. You can play the same level over and over and over till you get it right. I miss having the option of using resources when you give up... If Angry Birds 2 simply gave the option to redo the level until you got it right or gave in and used resources, then this version might be my favorite yet and ranked at 5stars. Maybe the next version will be even better. I keep buying all the Angry Birds versions. Some are some of my favorite games I play. Others like Epic I played for a couple hours and haven’t played it again in over a year..Version: 2.26.1

Game is rigged to try and force you to spend moneyPhysics of the game are the most obvious part, if you get to a point where you’re advancing fairly quickly thru levels you’ll begin to see things like the big red bird or the bomb bird doing little to no damage on objects they would otherwise blow thru with ease. Structures on one level will crumble like a house of cards while on the next level will act as one solid piece and remain rigid when hit. If you have the patience to continue without spending any money to advance and after several times of your lives running out it will eventually ease up again and you can burn thru a couple levels fairly easy before it starts the whole process over again of slowing you down. I have not spent one red cent on this game and I never will, being a free to play game I understand that it comes with ads that you have to watch at times, but the obvious cheating that the game does to try and sucker you into spending money is the coffin nail for me, as soon as I finish this review the game will be deleted from my device. It’s a shame because the original was a good game, even the other spin offs. The only improvements angry birds 2 has over the original is the graphics, the rest of it is just a disappointment..Version: 2.41.2

One of the best games in the worldAngry Birds to kind of it does multiple things for you and more it’s more of a fun game and is a competitive game you can do competitive and it’s kind of fun how you get to like raise your birds and fight battle fight and battle with them and you can like catch them and sometimes you can feed the newborn wines and it’s just the funnest game I’ve ever played I would recommend it to anyone I meetAnd I think that it just kind of is really fun the way that they designed it the way that the birds are created and the weather like every every animal kind of works together to fight against the pigs and that I’ll like a special on different levels because it has multiple different things like oh if you missed the pigs there might be some other way that you can shoot them like the flower one if the flower get something in it it shoots it back out forward and the liquid poor things that shoot it up that’s also pretty cool.Version: 2.31

Not Pleased with Everything...I give it three stars simply because I do enjoy playing the game, however, it bothers me that I can't scroll through my entire deck. I should be able to see and choose any of my available cards at any time, whether it's my current hand or my spell cards. I like to choose the freeze and duck spells to use together because ducks can break ice a little easier. The way the cards are dealt, I don't always get to use this combination when I want to because one of my spells are back in the untouchable deck. My other complaint is that this game offers us packages of spells, gems and pearls for REAL MONEY!!! Seriously?! No one can earn redeemable coins for these perks? Heck, at the very least there should be a reward system for completing a chapter and it should be something really great. Not like 5 gems, 3 feathers or 10 pearls. Save your real cash money. I'm past level 180 and I got there without spending any additional money. This is like a gambling game. Don't fall for it. Oh, yeah! And Tower of Fortune? Never spend more than 20 gems to proceed. Pull the plug while you're ahead once you've seen one piggie. Now all that laughing those pigs do makes sense: they are laughing all the way to the real bank!.Version: 2.28.1

Fun, but a lot of downgrades from the originalWho created this game? So many problems I have compared that weren’t present in the original. First of all, the heart system is absolutely awful, this game gets hard in the later levels, so having to wait twenty minutes after failing a few times for just one more chance before waiting another twenty minutes is just atrocious. Also why is there clans in this game? Literally no reason to have clans in this type of game. It’s very clear they were just added because people like online features in games. My biggest gripe is with the way the levels go. You have your cards randomized at the start of each level, which is pretty annoying but I would let go if not for the fact that there are several different randomized layouts for the same section on the same level. It makes it so you can’t learn the ins and outs of a certain section, because it could be different every time, this combined with the randomized cards at the start can make some levels over before they even begin which is completely out of your control. I also hate how the birds feel a lot weaker compared to how they felt in the first one, blue birds in this game is complexity useless, and yellow birds aren’t much better. The only birds who are truly good are the bomb bird and the big red bird. The gameplay at its core is still fun like the original, but is plagued by all the issues this game has..Version: 2.48.1

🎵🎶(They long time be) close to youuuuu🎶🎵Somehow I have this classic Carpenters song at hand when I desire and addictively pick up my mobile to see what them vengeful birds are up to and see if they can continue to do their dirty with them porkers. “ Why do birds suddenly appear? Every time you are near?” Well thats poor ol ’ me observing those sneaky annoying oinking pigs that deserve a bit of attention. Seriously, I played the first edition long time ago and bounced to this version about 11 months ago. I’ve been in my home ever since and I’m sure that detectives are out searching for me. This game is fantastic and I’m always excited to see the evolution of this journey take place. I understythat people are turned off by the in-app credits but the game allows for free play with options . There is great value in this development and it needs to be compensated to the creative team. ......anyway thanks for entertainment. It’s been a ride of a lifetime..Version: 2.38.2

I miss the old angry birdsWhen I was younger this game was at the height of its popularity and my family and I loved to play. However when I recently downloaded it again I was dissapointed by the changes and updates. The old game was simple and fun, easy to understand with straightforward goals and achievements. Now there have been so many needless additions that the home screen of the game is entirely confusing and even the level screen doesn’t display the levels in an easy to see way. There are cards for some reason and I keep getting random bonuses like snowballs and rubber duckies. I would prefer if the developers could simplify all these complicated addictions and make it easier to understand and play. A simpler more traditional level screen and less bonuses would be my top priority. I don’t blame the developers for adding so much, I think they probably felt the need to improve their app when it was starting to be less popular and acciendally changed it too much..Version: 2.42.2

Be patient, and you’ll be fine.In my original review, I criticized a lot of this game’s mechanics, including the lives system, limited birds/card system, the inclusion of Gems, and other things. And while I still don’t appreciate certain changes, I reviewed this when I was a salty middle schooler who was literally addicted to this game. While I think the lives system is an unnecessary addition, I think it makes sense. It is a free to play game after all, and Angry Birds is a game best played in short bursts. When you’re busy doing other things, those five lives will refill before you know it. Plus, this ties into the title of this review. Patience. As long as you’re super careful about where to fling your birds, you should never have to double dip. Also, if a pig or tower looks like it’s rolling or collapsing, let it fall, don’t waste a bird on it. I also like how they’ve been adding more birds since the release. Hal, Bubbles, and Stella are now in the game, so that’s neat..Version: 2.27.1

HUGE Downgrade from older angry birdsThe older angry bird games were something you could play a lot and have countless fun. However, angry birds 2 is the complete opposite. First and perhaps what really makes this game awful, is the life system found on other games like candy crush, where you can only play for 5 lives at a time. This was by far the most disappointing feature EVER! Instead of relaxing and playing some angry birds for who knows how long, once you lose your 5 lives you have to wait around 20 minutes just to get one more life. YOU HAVE TO WAIT TO PLAY! How dumb does that sound? That’s what turned me down from candy crush, as I thought it was just stupid to wait in order to play. The game itself has so many extra pay to win features that really just turn me off from what the original game used to be. Ads, gems and other exclusives you have to pay for have changed the once beloved angry birds into a pay to win, money grabbing disappointment I’ve ever seen. Literally the only improvement from the original angry birds is the better graphics, and that’s ABSOLUTELY IT. 1/100 of a game, do not get unless you just love to wait to play... Never deleted a game after just 2 weeks of trying to give it a chance as fast as I did with this garbage game..Version: 2.38.2

Amazing butSo the new update is awesome with a new bird but there is some issues with it. No bugs that I’ve seen but everything in the menu is annoyingly smaller. I have to squint my eyes to see really anything in the menu. Also I am a little disappointed at your choice of the new bird. I thought it would be a no brainer to pick bubbles but I guess not. Stella is great but she just isn’t that great in an angry birds game like this one because hows she gonna shoot the bubbles? From her mouth?! If you had done bubbles then it would be a lot easier because all he does is inflate and then deflate like a ballon. Plus, doesn’t the game already have enough stuff that makes blocks float? Like the astronaut pig or the pig that grabs your birds. Also water and lava. I could go on. I’ve played every single angry birds game from beginning to end and I am a loyal member to your games. But that’s just my opinion. Also please don’t add the boomerang bird. He is terrible. Thanks!.Version: 2.23.0

Pay To Win & Loot Boxes GaloreThe game is designed to entice people to spend their money on loot boxes in order to progress further. You are given some initial success upon login(to get people playing the game, if people lose right away chances are they’ll play something else) which is then slowed down until you spend money on in game currency. The currency is geared towards “Legendary Treasure Boxes.” $20 spent will allow you to unlock two of these boxes. Yes, two. Once open the boxes give you a 1 in 5 chance of actually getting something useful, most times you are awarded with feathers to level up a single bird. Once at a certain point after spending the game will halt your progress in single player until you spend money again, not allowing you to advance a single level. In addition to halting any progress in multiplayer, challenges, etc., once money is spent in game again, you magically start winning again for a short period. This is especially bothersome to me due to the fact the game is geared towards children with the bright color scheme, playful characters and animations. As well as being so heavily promoted within the App Store! Parents: if you don’t want your children gambling away your money on loot boxes with 1 in 5 odds, keep them away from this game!!!!.Version: 2.25.2

Physics?I’m a huge fan of Angry Birds and have been playing for years. I’m 50 years old and this game reminds me of way back. Kids from the neighborhood would come to play Nintendo with my son after work/school. They would always start yelling “cheat cheat that big boss cheats!”. I’d sit them down and explain that that isn’t possible and it only seems like cheating. Well, this game actually does cheat, big time! Watch closely and you’ll see it. A shower of blocks, wood and glass showering down on a pig and miraculously everything evaporates just as it’s about to hit the pig. CHEAT! Sometimes a bird will fly right through a structure but I don’t win the round. The second time around the bird doesn’t even make it halfway through the structure. CHEAT! I’ve had birds fly full force into a pig and bounce off. CHEAT! I’ve noticed it happens mostly when there is only one pig left and you’re forced to use another bird just to pop that one pig. So disappointing and sad. I have made it a point not to spend a dime on Angry Birds 2 until I see more consistent Physics. If I can’t pass a level, I shut it down. Sorry Rovio. I love your game but won’t pay money to CHEATERS....Version: 2.26.0

The Ads are annoying and offensive-why? Costs a lot of $$$.This game is fun. It is unique and I appreciate all the levels of game play. I don’t have too many glitches. One quick suggestion of improvement is to show the scores of everyone’s game in the tournament play? It is no fun when you cannot see any scores as people move up the bracket. I played this game probably 10 years ago or so when it first came out, and revisiting it. I am also introducing it to my kids, ages 7 and 10. The Ads are OFF-THE-CHARTS disturbing. I don’t want my young children watching these ‘end of world/zombie/war/shooting/violent’ advertising scenes for 30 seconds. I have no interest in purchasing ANY of this crap. The zombie war stuff is graphic with blood/shooting/making decisions to push a fellow human being into the zombies? And then there are the games that denigrate women. Now, I don’t think these games are from the same creator, but do you know what is showing up? And why? I spend a LOT of money on this game. There does not seem to be a way to purchase a copy of it to be ad-free, but purchasing emeralds at $99 for the 14,000 jewels happens more often than I care to admit. I am fortunate to have enough wealth where this isn’t a great issue, but no way should I have to waste my time on a 30 second ad, nor should my children be exposed to this kind of violent content within this game. PLEASE PAY ATTENTION TO THESE RIDICULOUS ADS! Do you appreciate the amount of money I pay?.Version: 2.56.1

Very BadThis game is bad on so many levels, so here’s all of them. Starting off this game is ‘freemium’ which means that ads play after almost every level and there’s optional rewards/other incentives for watching them, which wouldn’t be so bad if the original was nothing like that. Two, it promotes gambling with loot boxes and an actual casino mini game that is essentially all or nothing, something that was also absent from most of the previous games. Thirdly, they are almost certainly stealing your data. Four, the game size is absolutely ridiculous with how much space updates can take up. Five, the heart system where if you fail a level you lose on of six hearts and when you’re all out you can’t play unless you watch an ad or wait 30 minutes. Last, but certainly no least, the levels are randomized as the structures you are meant to destroy can be completely different even when you replay the exact same level. In other games in the series each and every level is unique, but in this one they were too lazy so they decided to just randomize it. I loved the original and several of the other games as well, and I spent hours playing them, but this is just sad. If you want a good game, then buy the original. It is leagues better than this money grab. It actually has care put into it. And maybe if you download that game instead Rovio and the dev team will start making good games again..Version: 2.52

Rovio FRAUD - DO NOT DOWNLOAD!RIPPED OFF AGAIN!!!! In Arena mode, when at the end of Winning Streak, about to win 1500 feathers, the screen locks up. I cannot get the Free Bird (by watching an Ad) nor pay 60 Gems. I am forced to shut down Angry Birds 2, come back in and lose the entire Winning Streak, all the money put into that streak, and the match. I have to start all over again with the useless Arena Tickets as my prize (only after I fight yet another battle using my resources). I’m not the only one experiencing this regularly because I have seen it in the reviews. You’ve gotten so much money from your loyal fans it is not necessary to cheat us this way. This is the only game I play. That’s going to change. Rovio, you are unethical and lack integrity to the point of FRAUD!! Don’t bother even downloading this game. As soon as you buy one thing, selection is limited & all prices increase (i.e., the price for their only ‘special offer’ allowed to me is $50, similar offer to my son is $20). Was hoping App Update addressed these ‘glitches’ but was let down yet again. I understand you need to make money, but you cannot need it badly enough to cheat your loyal customers..Version: 2.17.2

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HELP!!! Comment problemI’m having trouble changing the notification sound from default to custom. It’s not giving me the option to do this just wondering why and you should really make it an option for the iPhone. Also when I receive a notification, with everything enabled I still don’t hear the notification sound when a new notification appears. It’s really annoying..Version: 2.19.1

GlitchesI’ll be deleting the game since the last update was released. The game was fairly challenging, the hat events were fun, and the arena was entertaining, but since the update, I actually can’t progress any further without spending money. The daily challenges are now impossible to play, so there is no point in playing the mighty eagle challenges without the bonus card. You very rarely earn spells anymore, and it’s all geared towards spending money in order to progress even 1 level. I don’t mind spending money here and there, but on my terms, not when it is being forced upon me Very disappointing, I’ll be spending my money elsewhere now.Version: 2.48.1

My hatchling, MuradI named my hatchling Murad and I got a funny result. I got a white bird who seemed funny. But seriously, this game is more fun than many other games I have played. It is a strategy game, one where you have to plan your next move but it is a strategy game in a very fun way, and in a way that I enjoy. You can play hundreds of levels, with varying levels of difficulty, but the thing that I like is that no matter how hard they are, none are impossible. Overall, A really great game with a fun theme and easy to understand mechanics..Version: 2.20.2

Is it able to be hacked.Seems like when you play the arena strange things happen. Sometimes your opponent gets the score when they have no birds left. Other times it will just freeze as you are about to win, sometimes you have to delete and reload the game to restart. Videos for extra birds are not provided every time. When you are on a winning streak your opponents have such high rankings you cannot get close to them..Version: 2.18.0

Quality productAs fun as the original Angry Birds. I dislike the way one can only have limited attempts at repeating a level before running out of Hearts (5) you need to buy more or use social media to get more, or use real money more. If your like me and don’t have any social media you can only attempt to get 3 stars five times.....gone are the days where you would play for hours to beat a buddy’s score or get that elusive third star. I would rather pay for the game then be forced into begging for more lives. If the developers made this an option this game would be awesome and 5 star..Version: 2.15.1

New layout is cluttered and horribleThis app is so frustrating!!! I turned off all notifications yet I still keep getting annoying messenger calls that take up my whole phone until I either decline or they hang up. I don’t want to block these people but I thought turning off notifications would also stop calls but it doesn’t. Deleted the app until this is taken care of..Version: 2.19.1

Great game, can't get enough of it.Sometimes though, it does seem to be manipulated in the background. If you going to loose in the battle it will normally be 4 or 7 consecutive wins. If you won a tournament, you will find it very hard to win back to back tournaments. This seems a little difficult to handle if your paying for lives etc. sometimes all of a room will fall easily then the next time it takes 3 or 4 birds because they don't want you to beat the opponent. just saying... Tournaments are also rigged, all of a sudden there will be a player that appears just one point behind you when you are over one hundred points ahead of everyone else. I smell a rat!! There is no way I would spend any money getting advantages in this game. It’s all rigged..Version: 2.16.1

😁🔥😡🔥🤬Fun at first until you realise that there’s a point at which progression requires your hard earned cash. The two times black pearls which give you 2x the amount of pearls doesn’t always work especially when you get higher amounts of them 🤑 shady. When playing multiplayer you start off with opponents at your lvl, towards the end we’re the loot is good you get matched with opponents 10x even 20x out of your league. Not only that it’s not live so matching algorithms are obviously rigged🤑. All the levels are basically the same, each lvl has a chance at being two layouts meaning in each lvl the lvls have that chance. The game doesn’t reward you enough for progressing through the campaign, just a couple chests every now and then that give you 150 or less feathers, we marketers call it drip feeding- a little keeps you always desiring more as human nature deems it so. Perfect game for kids to be drawn into transactions even adults😉 but hey what can I say do whatever is necessary to make outrages amounts of cash that probably appears as 10 figure numbers on the devs screens😂😂👌🏼.Version: 2.21.0

Don’t have GIF"What’s so ‘Insta’ about checking Instagram lately? Absolutely nothing. Great app if you want to know what your friends were doing 4 days ago, but absolutely pointless now that Facebook have got on board and ruined it by changing the algorithm. The ‘feed’ is now so stagnant it displays the most ‘popular’ posts for days on end, leaving you to wonder whether all your friends unfriended you, or just came to the same realisation as you that this app is beyond it’s ‘Use By’ date and deleted it..Version: 2.19.1

Just a favourAh yes angry bird 2 a re-creation of my childhood dream from the sequel .angry bird 1 It has been a long journey isn’t it? ( ^w^) ( owo) ( o-o) why? Why Why Why WHY?! Why must the original must delete from the AppStore? Not just the original... but also Bad piggies Angry bird rio Space Race And epic And Stella And the classic itself This game angry bird 2 got Notting with it classic although it’s still good. But... Where is the mode? Pig invasion Super bomb Golden egg And red stop an army Where ARE THEY? So with the other they bring so many imparasion to your cominuty Like bad piggies all about creation And angry space and star about exploration And angry bird Stella an alternate timeline where red isn’t her brother. Oh same with rio btw. But why are they gone where did they go? You didn’t just sell your game to make a second movie didn’t you? Hope not! Cause these are still popular to this day But now they have disappear :< I was lucky enough to download all of them when I was a kid but it’S unfair for the newer generation I mean new is fun and all but nowadays nobody make good game except Nintendo epic game whatever. Sometime old game is a way to go. Bye.Version: 2.36.1

Review your ads!!!!Game is fine, my son loves it, however he’s now terrified to close his eyes because of the zombie survival ad that played during the game. Ridiculous. Why should I bother setting up his profile and instruct that he is a child account when you’re allowing these ads to play? Either give us the option of buying the game so we can opt for no ads or be ethical and actually use your coding and data gathering and not terrorise unsuspecting kids who will not want to play the game completely anymore. And guess what that means? No players to play and buy. Use that ad money and invest in some proper programmers..Version: 2.55

Poor customer serviceFor a second time in two weeks my game crashed and my four bonus unlocked birds lost all of their gained feathers. I estimate between the birds, I would have lost 500k feathers or more. I sent repeated messages and the situation was not resolved. I was told to ensure that I save the game. I replied that I do so at least every half hour of playing. The team was unable to revert my birds to the levels before the crash. During the last six months I would have spent at least $400 to $500 on the game, and now all that game investment and time has been wasted. Today after the second time it has crashed, I also lost 300 gems and 1800 of the event coins, besides the feathers regained in the last two weeks. Totally frustrated and disappointed with the game and poor service as I really enjoyed playing the game. Today I have deleted the game off my device and will never play again. This is my first negatives review ever posted..Version: 2.44.1

Great, but.. ❗️PLEASE READ❗️I personally really enjoy this game, but there is something I would like to mention. I’ve noticed the game has potential to be a bit money hungry at times. For example, if you run out of birds, it does charge a lot of gems to only get 3 birds extra to work with. But if you put some time into the game, you will find yourself quickly earning gems. The thing I think everyone needs to know is this: if you decide to get a hatchling to boost your flock, it will urge you to feed it every day to prevent it from flying away, and the longer you leave it, the sadder and more dejected it looks. However, I have left it for weeks at a time, and when I open the game again, the timer says I apparently have exactly an hour before it flies away. My point is, you do not need to feed it every day. The only bad thing that comes from not feeding it, is it stops giving the flock a boost. Overall, a touch annoying but still a great game :).Version: 2.52

Can't Sign UpI love using Instagram, I really do. But I wish there was at least an option that allowed us to choose whether we wanted a chronological feed or a “selective” feed that shows us posts Instagram “thinks” we will like. I subscribe to people to see their content and it really saddens me to see posts from just a few selective people every time I go on Instagram. I’d really appreciate it if Instagram could add an option in the settings to allow us to choose how we see posts!.Version: 2.19.1

Superzoom does not workI absolutely love instagram and i have for about 7 years now, and i will probably continue to love it for many more years and i love all the new updates and features, just please please please go back to chronological order, i end up liking photos from ‘2 days ago’ ‘1 week ago’ and it looks like i was stalking their account when really it’s only just popped up on my account.Version: 2.19.1

Great game .. but really weird bug ruined progressI used to play this game a lot and loved playing it, thus why it's rated 3 stars, but then I stopped playing it for a while. After I came back I could not go into the game at all as it kept saying "You are not connected to the Internet" even though I already was. Naturally confused, I thought it could have been an update and updated the game. However it still didn't fix the weird bug, so I had to reinstall so it would work properly. Very disappointed that all my progress on levels are gone.Version: 2.21.2

Angry Birds 2I absolutely love this game! It’s so addictive and challenging as well as fun and entertaining! It enables me as a person, to strengthen my strategic skills and be able to relax and play this game. Although I do really enjoy this game, there is mainly one thing I didn’t like. I went to look if I had any treasures, and I accidentally clicked on the rare chest and it automatically bought the item? I recommend that you add a feature that asks whether you are sure to administer the purchase because I lost 80-90 gems and I’m not overwhelmed. Other than that, this game is spectacular and when I thought to myself ‘I feel like playing an Angry Birds Game’ I didn’t realise how much of a change angry birds 2 was to the old Angry Birds 2 which I remember was much different (in a good way!) Anyway, I’m not writing a review to tell you how to make a game so I’m just making a recommendation. I love this game so much though!.Version: 2.40.1

Just a requestHello! I looooooooooooove angry birds. I was just like to do a request. Maybe in it there could be a gifting thing. Where other players can gift gems pearls spells and chests to other players, because currently I’m on no pearls or gems and my mum as a looooooot of gems and pearls and we were like I wish we could gift. So hopefully you get this and could maybe add it to the game. That will make angry birds so much more amazing, although it already is😊 Can you please consider this if that’s ok. Thankyou!!!!!!😃.Version: 2.33.1

Perfect Eddie boy sherran"Okay so this problem may be to do with my phone (iPhone 4) but I can't add any pictures to my story facebook or do any filters/boomerang etc because I need microphone access. Whenever I press on it to go to settings it never come up with microphone needed. It will say applications that have asked to use microphone and it says none! So I can only post regular photos it is so unfair !! Pliz help.Version: 2.19.1

Great game play but consistent quibblesI have played Angry Birds 2 since it came out, off and on. It is fun and highly addictive. The tournament mode is a favourite as it is always challenging and has many different elements in terms of hats, spells, upgrades to birds etc. However, at times it can be totally unplayable as internet connection fails, lost scores, and inability to register a win in tournament (after considerable time spent) really ruins the experience due to its unreliability. Also, constant updates take ages to load and don’t seem to fix the problems, only contribute extra ads or other ways for the company to charge for its ‘gems’. Overall, worth a look and you may not have my issues..Version: 2.17.2

UpdateThanks for the update for more levels, it would be even better if I could actually play them, the levels will not open up at all ,could you please fix this problem..update: arena keeps freezing. When I want to use gems to continue a game to get a better score and stars it freezes which in turn causes my progress to go back to beginning, because I have go out of whole game and re set to unfreeze it. Can you fix this forward to 2020, can you please give an update to stop the game from crashing every time I play it, I keep losing rewards as it crashes in the middle of a game😠.Version: 2.42.2

Good game, but…This is a great game and I really enjoy playing it, I have been playing Angry Birds since I was very young. The downside of this game it that is have a lot of ads, I understand that games can earn a great amount of money out of it, and I can accept a little bit of ads, but it is becoming very annoying. Another thing it that it is getting to a point where it is becoming a ‘pay to play’ game, the harder levels are becoming very frustrating to complete and it is very hard to not pay for the diamonds to upgrade the birds and get extra birds, you can’t get a lot of fun out of it. At last I want to say that Rovio should decrease the amount of ads and make this game not so money hungry..Version: 2.54

EditingOnce again, just updated to the latest version with no improvement whatsoever, apart from changes in the uglier bolder fonts (useless and unnecessary), totally messed up comments section and non-chronological feeds!!! Speed performance is very appalling lately and have to wait for your buggy app to refresh and finished loading. The red error alert message often greeted me whenever it’s struggling to work properly. ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������.Version: 2.19.1

Game keeps crashingI have an older iPad and sometimes when playing a level it crashes or when a random ad pops up plays for 1 sec then crashes or if watch to ads it will crash and it makes me frustrated other than that it's a great game. Hello again I'm having a major bug that won't let me into the app. Every time I enter the app it works for one second (literally) then flashes a black screen then crashes. Plz help it's been a whole year I'm missing out on everything right now. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.Version: 2.48.1

Very disappointing.The only reason I have given this game a five star review is because if you don’t it gets hidden. The new version of Arena cuts out every single time I try to play it and I have to start at the beginning again. This game constantly freezes at crucial times, causing the loss of hard earned gems, pearls and progress in the game. It’s also very frustrating to have no response from them about what can be done. It looks like this has been an ongoing problem for years..Version: 2.48.1

Greed always prevailsGiving it 5 stars to let you all know that the developers have turned greedy, as always and have essentially rigged the system of the game. Don’t spend any money on anything otherwise you will lose it instantly, don’t subscribe to the 70 gems everyday, they will take it off you in the form or tower of fortune very disappointing, let’s get something going for these greedy computer lemon developers.Version: 2.36.1

Crash master 2018For the love of god, stop fixing & changing things which were working perfectly fine before! First the posts not in chronological order, not showing up in people’s feeds and now the comments are sorted based on most likes & celebrities first. How can people even communicate with each other when they have to scroll down a 10 MILES?!!!?!.Version: 2.19.1

Great game but designers have become money hungryHave played this game for last couple of years, very addictive concept with constant updates and new objectives to keep players interested. But lately it has become a complete pisstake with pigs that can fall from sky and land with out even been injured, a daily challenge that unless you’re a pro is barely achievable for most players due to amount of levels you have to reach unless you cough up gems and likewise adventures and clan quests have at times cost a fortune in gems for a lot of players..Version: 2.41.1

Excellent gameplay, the majority of games out there, Angry Birds 2 very quickly becomes ‘pay to play’ and quite repetitive. There are plenty of different ways to keep you entertained for an hour or so each day, if you play them all at least once, but as soon as you get to any decent power level you’ll find that your progress will be impossible without buying diamonds. Stronger birds just mean tougher levels and opponents, so you’re never going to experience any enjoyment in the game. If you’re like me and you find this incredibly frustrating, then you’ll probably end up deleting the game, as I will most likely end up doing with this, rather than continuously throwing money at it. I don’t mind spending a little on these games. It’s my show of gratitude to the developers. But $20, $30, $50 dollars a week or more? They’re having a laugh at my expense and I’d rather go play June’s Journey, where you don’t have to spend a cent unless you really want to. - Update. Level 250 and it’s become both laborious and extremely frustrating. Any enjoyment from playing has just about disappeared and rather than subject myself to this each day (even though I am now only playing for half an hour) I’m done with it..Version: 2.49.1

Absolutely useless and POINTLESS playingThis app has had major problems since August 2017 where the game is ruined because the rewards for watching a video ad are not given and progress in the game is halted meaning you cannot play fairly against other people. When I try to contact the developers they don't bother to respond to me at all unlike other apps. Don't waste your time or especially your money. More than frustrating, it is annoying beyond belief. Oh and I still have no answer from Rovio as to why I can't join a Clan or join Mighty Eagle's Boot Camp. Rovio don't seem interested in their customers at all..Version: 2.19.1

InstragramUpdated to the latest version and straight away noticed a significant problem, which impacted the overall speed performance in refreshing and loading contents AND occasionally crashed. (Oh btw, there is no issue on my end so please don’t even try blaming on my internet connectivity nor my device). Can you like feel how frustrating this is?! Cause I’m loosing my patience!.Version: 2.19.1

😡🐦🐤2Love the game, it’s so addictive but can cost a lot especially if your one who refuses to loose. Only part I hate is if you run out of birds before you finish a game it costs you to continue and you get 3 more birds. My kids and I don’t have a problem with that but it’s a bit much when you might have to continue a few times and each time you do the price goes up but you still only get 3 birds and most of the time they’re not the most useful ones. I don’t mind paying as we all play but if the price goes up then give the more useful birds or give an extra birdwatching time. It’s also annoying when you play and your progressing to the top, it’s one thing if you choose to quit and go back to the bottom, same with the winning streaks, but it really is annoying when the app freezes so it doesn’t matter that you can’t continue cause you have to close the app and go back in which then puts you back to the bottom or beginning, which after paying so can progress all the money that might have been spent has just gone down the drain. Fix these 2 problems please and I’ll be happy for my kids to continue using your game. Until then no more..Version: 2.16.1

Very PogI just think this is a decent mobile game. Compared to most other crappy, made-purely-for-profit mobile games, Angry Birds 2 has an actual goal with their ads in particular. With most of the other games they just shove ads down your throat without asking, and Angry Birds only (like 99%) has only incentivized ads. I think this is really good and the payoffs for watching 5-30 second ads are awesome. Good job Rovio!.Version: 2.50

Nice game Rovio 🥰Hey 👋, This game is an awesome app! I’ve been a big fan of the original AB and I love this new style of the birds and pigs! I really liked how you kept to the concept of how the original birds abilities were (for example, Matilda laying an egg bomb and bubbles blowing up)! Next off, I would personally rate this app 4/5 because it chews up my data and battery life on my iPhone. It would be appreciated if you could use a setting where it reduces data and battery usage. Another thing is that you could add more extra birds in this game! For example, Dahlia and Willow from Angry Birds Stella! I really missed them! Also, remember when Stella had a different ability called “pink flash” in ABS? You could add that in and add the feature of switching her ability from blowing bubbles to having pink flash (and vice versa, if you get what I mean) Yours sincerely, Emily 😁.Version: 2.43.2

Technical problemI’ve had snapchat for years and years and it has always been my favourite social media platform - instagram has always copied snapchat which does make me laugh. The only problem with snapchat is the new update - i prefer being able to view the stories separately as i now have to search for my friends stories because random peoples stories are at the top - please refer back to the old layout !.Version: 2.19.1

Amazing gameI love this game!!!!! It contains all the characters of angry birds,you can even select a bird to launch! Not only that but YOU CAN PLAY PAST ROUNDS!!!!(If my memory is correct). You see I really recommend this game and if you don’t download it you live under a rock so if you download this game and enjoy all the fun you have you can even upgrade birds with colored feathers rainbow feathers you can do any birds. All you have to do is aim launch and Waymore if you hit all of the buildings in one bird you get a strike if you take more than one birds you get a birdie..Version: 2.49.1

IOSIf i post a video that’s over 30seconds long the audio will start going faster than the actual video?? making it extremely offbeat. also i post 1080p videos but apparently instagram can’t handle that quality and it looks horrible when its been posted. atleast u could post in 1080p on vine with absolutely no issues ��. also i miss A LOT of my mutuals posts because of your stupid new algorithm..Version: 2.19.1

I ❤️ Angry Birds 2Angry Birds 2 is a fun and addicting game with lots of cool features. I really enjoy wasting my life away playing this game. Mighty Eagle’s Bootcamp, The Arena, Clan Battles, Daily Challenges and Campaign are all good ways to improve your skills and have fun! 🤩 I know life can be tough as a developer, but how many people are actually willing to spend $100+ on gems 💎 and other goodies? I know I’m not, so if the prices went down, you might actually earn more revenue from me. 💵💵 I enjoy Clan Battles ⚔️ and the Mighty Eagle Bootcamp 🦅, and I play them much more than the regular levels, as the competition gives more of a challenge. I would like a way to convert gems 💎 into black pearls ⚫️, either by buying them or another way, because I don’t need heaps of gems. Overall, I love the game, and the gameplay, and I can’t wait to see how it evolves in the future! 😁👍.Version: 2.36.1

BIRDS, HELP! PLEASE!It has happened over a long time, but you still have not addressed the glitch whereby the whole game freezes when you try to view a video for an extra bird, which is crucial and could have been instrumental in winning the game. As a result we lose lots of times when we could have won and that affects the quality of the game. Can you please do something about it soon?.Version: 2.18.1

Pretty goodThere are a few problems related to the game, however. The gameplay is a bit repetitive. No matter what, it is just slinging birds and knocking down buildings. It would be nice for something different once in a while. I would also like it if the game crashes in the middle of arena mode, you would lose the round. This is to prevent people taking advantage of the system, but it has prevented me from playing that mode. Also, please add an auto feed feature to the hatching. I have so many apples it doesn’t matter. Make it cost twice as much, I don’t care. Other than that, I’d say the game is ok. If you are stuck on a level, use all your spells. I got up to level 500 this way. If you are patient with the game, it can give you good rewards. For example, I have nearly 4,000 gems from tower of fortune and daily quests..Version: 2.53

Hate the algorithmsLook, i love instagram & i use instagram stories very often, i find it annoying that i have to leave whatever i post on my story up for a whole 24hrs for it to stay in my archive. for example, i posted a video on my story, checked that it was in my archive, then i deleted it before it expired naturally and suddenly it disappeared from my archive. Please make it clear to users that stuff may be removed from our archive depending on our actions..Version: 2.19.1

Please"It's not a feature that anyone asked for, it's not a feature that adds any worth to Instagram, and it's instantly made comments so much harder to keep track of. As a business account with 17k followers, I want to be able to look through my comments chronologically so I don't miss any customer questions. Now it's all over the place and I have to manually change it every time I want to look at the comments. No thanks..Version: 2.19.1

Nasty bugThis bug is still a problem! It froze on me yesterday morning just before the end of the arena and I’m still locked out almost 24 hours later. Not good for clan relationships! I love this game and have often given it great reviews but this time I have a complaint. Far too frequently the game freezes at the point where you need to spend gems to keep playing. This can't be good for Rovio any more than the players. With the new clan system, it means that not only are we let down, but we let our clan members down as well by losing points that we would otherwise not have lost had we been able to actually spend the gems for which we have paid. In the past, I have been locked out of the game for several days by such freezes. This is not good enough. PS it is not my internet connection. Everything else works perfectly..Version: 2.17.1

Disappointing cash grabI played for about a week. It’s good at the start but gets boring really quickly. The levels are mostly randomly generated from a few variations so you see a lot of the same things repeatedly. The birds you get are also random so there’s less puzzle solving more burning lives until you get lucky. It all feels geared towards making you spend money. Run out of birds? Watch and ad or buy more. No live? Wait 30mins or buy more. There are multiple game modes (I only found the vanilla engaging) and all of them have some sort of pay to play/win aspect front and centre. Even your birds need to be upgraded (which you can of course do quicker, as long as you pay). Eventually I got to a level that was basically impossible to beat without forking out. Disappointing from Rovio. Steer clear, you’ll likely end up disappointed or out of pocket.Version: 2.42.1

Keeps kicking me offMessenger freezes when trying to send multiple photos, but even more weird still my whole phone just crashed minutes ago the moment I even just opened images through messenger, that’s a pretty bad bug, it never happens when I do anything else so I conclude it’s the app, it was perfectly good before this problem started occurring.Version: 2.19.1

Misty McGlideLove the game but I’m Soo Sick and Tired of the videos NOT playing when you need to watch a video to get another bird to try and win the Arena battle, ESPECIALLY after I’ve spent money on gems getting to the stages I’ve been at!! I’ve lost my streak so many times because the app won’t let me play the video for another bird! I’m OVER it!! 😡 Secondly, if you want us to keep playing, you need to make sure the levels can EVENTUALLY be passed without buying gems!! I’m on level 1026, so not a newbie, but I’ve played the level over the last THREE WEEKS! and I can’t pass it without gems!! REALLY GUYS????.Version: 2.18.0

Just want to play Angry BirdsI love Angry Birds I have played it since it started but each new addition seems to have more "stuff" not everyone wants to be connected to Facebook while you play. This app I downloaded today looking forward to playing as I have not played for a few years. By the time I got through all the extras and played one level I had had enough. After the first level there are multiple awards and card games, I just wanted to play the next level I finally gave up and I am going to delete it as I find it very frustrating. Please bring back the pure game that I can play as many levels as I want. Maybe there could be a choice for players that want all the extra stuff. Very disappointed!!.Version: 2.17.0

BugsAngry birds is and has been quite enjoyable through the last few years. However, the experience would be much more exciting if the game would not freeze or crash. For example, when entering the colliseum and getting ready for battle, the game would crash. This error continued until i reinstalled the app but would come back after a while. Please fix this bug. Thank You..Version: 2.33

InstawesomeI love Instagram so much don’t get me wrong, but I would love to be able to organise my feed, not by date but sometimes some posts look strange next to another posts. With archived posts, I’m not sure but I sometimes I archive my posts that I just posted but then I change my mind and put it back onto my profile page. But it seems as though it won’t turn up onto other people’s main pages for them to see, like and comment. Is there a way that if we unarchive our posts, it’ll act the same as when you post something?.Version: 2.19.1

Very glitchyI haven’t received ‘type mode’ while I have other updates and features. The App and phone are up to date, in fact other accounts when signed in on my device have the feature, why doesn’t my account have it? What’s worse is there is limited avenue to get in contact with Instagram and this issue has been around for months with NO RESPONSE to resolve it..Version: 2.19.1

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Angry Birds 2 2.57.2 Update

Version 2.57.2 (2021-09-24): Hal gets a boost to his boomerang skills! Now you can activate Hal’s ability after he collides with objects. Use his newfound ability to topple extra tricky towers or deal out some last minute damage..

Version 2.56.1 (2021-08-25): Minor bug fixes. Bugs: the only thing that (almost) makes us angrier than the piggies..

Version 2.56 (2021-08-13): Minor bug fixes. Bugs: the only thing that (almost) makes us angrier than the piggies..

Version 2.55.3 (2021-07-30): Minor fixes. Just pecking at a few bugs. Delicious!.

Version 2.54 (2021-06-14): Minor fixes. Just pecking at a few bugs. Delicious!.

Version 2.53.1 (2021-06-04): New! Mighty Hat Evolutions are now available in the Hat Shop for Black Pearls. Collect all the Tier 1 and 2 Evolutions to power up your slingshot! Test it out first on the Samurai hat set!.

Version 2.52 (2021-04-20): Get ready for an update that hits all the high notes! Collect the all new Troubadour Hat Set in the Tower of Fortune and get tuned up for the new Minstrel Adventure!.

Version 2.49.1 (2021-01-28): Turn it up to 11 – it’s time to rock out in a brand new hat event! Collect the new Rock Band hat set and take part in the Sweet Child o’ Swine Adventure!.

Version 2.48.1 (2020-12-18): All-new Arena Gameplay! – New Matchmaking: Opponents selected based on your own Arena Ranking and league! – Instant Promotion: No more waiting a week to climb the leagues! – More Rewards: New seasonal, streak, and weekly rewards up for grabs! – Flock of the Day: You can only take 5 birds into a match! – New Master League: Are you a top player? Prove it by reaching our new exclusive Master League! New Hat Event! – Collect the new Christmas Carol Hat Set and join the Christmas Adventure..