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Words With Friends – Word Game App Download

The World’s Most Popular Mobile Word Game now has even more ways to play! Try new rewards and boosts to help you play smarter and faster!
Words With Friends is the fun, free word game that lets you connect with friends and family while expanding your vocabulary and sharpening your wit. Test your brain power and spell your way to victory.
May the Best Friend Win.™

Game Features:
• WEEKLY CHALLENGE: Play the weekly challenge and earn fun, themed badges
• BEAT THE CLOCK: Challenge friends to beat the clock in fast play!
• SOLO PLAY: Play offline and sharpen your skills with solo play
• HINDSIGHT: Uncover the best word you could have played after each turn
• WORD RADAR: Heat map reveals the location of all possible moves before you take a turn
• PROFILE FRAMES: Show off your unique style with custom profile frames
• SMART MATCH: Connect with players of a similar skill with Smart Match
• 6 LANGUAGES: Choose to play in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Brazilian Portuguese and British English

*Play Words With Friends without third party ads between moves if you previously purchased Words With Friends Pro on iOS or any other mobile device. Be sure to login with Facebook or the email account you used to make the previous purchase to continue to play without third party ads between moves.

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“The game is free to play; however, in-app purchases are available for additional content and in-game currency.”

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Words With Friends – Word Game App User Reviews & Comments

Great gameI’ve been playing this game for years, and I love it. Much better than any other word game in the store. I just have 2 suggestions: 1) stop moving things around when you update. Long-time players get a feel for stuff like the “next” button being in a certain spot on the screen, and we don’t want it yanked off to a different spot. 2) get rid of the time-consuming, rinky-dink animations, or at least give us an option in settings to disable them. They add nothing whatsoever to the game, only serving to slow it down and irritate me in the process. I frequently find myself saying “come on come on come on GET ON WITH IT” when collecting rewards, viewing achievements, and the like, having to just sit there and wait to move on. Great game though, thanks for listening! If you fix these 2 issues, I’ll raise my rating to 5..Version: 14.53.1

Some changes are not improvementsGood things: it's fun! I like playing with new folks as well as my regulars. I learn new and more words. The chat feature is a good feature. I appreciate that profanity is generally not allowed. Not-so-good things: why do you insert those requests to start a new game when the person identified did NOT initiate that request? I hate that new tactic. The challenge awards seemed good at first, but the levels go far too high too fast. Many of my former game friends are just no longer willing to play. THE AWARDS PROGRAM HAS KILLED THE GAME FOR MANY OF US! I will delete the game if it continues! These "not-so-brilliant" innovations hurt the game instead of helping it!GIVE US AN OPT OUT CHOICE! If it wasn't for those last bad things, I would say it is a 5 star game. Can you fix those? If not, I can. I will delete and leave it in the dust of foolish “improvements.”.Version: 11.0.2

Rolling suggestion at bottom of screen!I have been playing WWF for many years. Please, take this rolling suggestion of which game I should play next, away! It is so very annoying! I am capable of picking the next game to play since I prefer to pick my own order. Currently I have about 56 games going, so I believe I can make that decision myself. Also, this latest update slows down my rhythm, having to wait until the opponents words displays slowly, one letter at a time, and only then can I see my available letters. When I’m playing back and forth , live with my opponent, it’s distracting to have to wait. Please give us the option to do away with the suggested next player. Also, what happened to the Word Wheel game? It was actually fun. We don’t need all the new flashy bells and whistles.Version: 15.00.6

Word Game With Friends ReviewPluses: Fast moving Good board with reward squares in different places in each new game Easily addictive when not frustrating Opportunity to earn coins is recent and keeps players in the game Minuses: Opponents may have advantage in Swapping letters because he has a huge supply of Swap+ from purchasing and opponent has few and can’t swap..certain opponents always have just the right letters while other struggles with 5 i’s and 2 U’s, or a v q x c j v for example, several turns in a row...opponent with impossible letters fall behind fast as opponent surges ahead impossible for player to catch up. Throw of letters appears to not be random...all vowels or all consonants, or all consonants with no blends is frequent occurrence... Sometimes the promised 50 coins for completing challenge goal doesn’t register Sometimes Word Game presents a blank screen for a day or so...player can’t earn swap coins toward weekly goal. There might be too many U’s and V’s in the game because More often than not, I am left with them for the last few plays. The Dictionary of allowed words crack me up. So many words are Celtic, Old Scottish, Hebrew, meanings from an antiquities list I think, while many commonly used words today are not allowed. The best one yet is the one that states “ no meaning for this word at this time “ That’s it for now. Sheila.Version: 11.91.3

Word. Game reviewI like the word game slot . I wish the pay amount was less when your striving to swap letter. There is one big problem. It seems that many of the men on here are scammers . I have encounters about 5 of them . This scam is on the Nigerian scam which these black men impersonate white men who look like business men and start off telling you how beautiful they are . Then it escalates to talking w u everyday morning and night ! They act like they like you but In Reality they want you to invest your money which I found out is the Nigerian scam . Also when I thought something was wrong I went to a physic and yes she said I was scammed by these men. Then I went to the local police and they agreed it’s the scam ,! So can you possibly prevent these men from coming on this site because they are ruining our lives? They have American names and have 3to 4 digits after their name . They also want u to hangout on ksngout w your email address and they plY very little on the game and talk a lot !! Help us women not to be scammed . Thank you.Version: 14.43.1

Pastime pleasure...I love this game... and have played it for years every morning with my morning cup of coffee…I play the old-fashioned way with none of the colorful play options perched above for the less astute player. I play with like-minded players (I think!) and play just for the sheer fun of building words! A wordsmith at heart I suppose. I enjoy the badges and find myself trying to achieve the set goal, however, I wish those weekly goals would scramble from high to low, low to high, and everywhere in between... not just demanding a higher target every week making it sometimes too difficult to achieve it in the time I allow myself to play. Even in the case of other players using the enticing bling aids, I still enjoy the simple pleasure of mixing letters with the use of my own brain and it matters not if other players do or do not. Somehow, with time, you find compatible playmates who keep the game challenging, yet stay true to the integrity of the basic game of Scrabble. Oh! And I occasionally like to look at my stats ... rather interesting! Thank you for this enjoyable game!.Version: 5.64

Great game but the dictionary is pretty weird and what’s with the flying boxes I don’t want?Love the game and play it a lot but I do have a couple of beefs: 1. What’s with the dictionary? It accepts words it says are,valid words but it doesn’t have a definition for them. Some of these words are accepted on some games, not others. It also doesn’t accept perfectly good words that are in every English-language dictionary on the planet except, it seems, this one. Who writes this dictionary, anyway? And do they even speak English? There used to be a feature where you could suggest words and provide a definition. Not any more, or it’s so well hidden no one can ever find it. 2. Yeh, I know that some people don’t just want to challenge themselves to play word games, they want all kinds of gew gaws to play with, win the game for them, boxes flying around that give you the right to do whatever for extra jollies. Nice that you provide other stuff for them to do. But some of us find these annoying and distracting and would REALLY REALLY appreciate having a way to TURN THEM OFF..Version: 13.62.1

Failed update!I loved playing Scrabble with my friends in college so when we moved on and away from each other, we used this to continue playing against each other with. And it was so much fun! Lately, like I’ve read in other reviews, the “showing” of the rewards takes more time to watch through than laying my tile on the board. Ok that’s fine, I still love the game. But when I updated the WWF app last night, the app stopped working?! It looks stuck with the tile turning or saying “loading...” and I can’t access any of my games anymore, ARRGH!! Usually I read the reviews but this time I didn’t because I didn’t expect the WWF app to stop working on me! Please, please fix!!! I really want to continue to play with my friends and other challengers... I really don’t want to delete this app... * * Updated app two days later with new update and STILL HAVING PROBLEMS!! New update is still not loading??? What is wrong? I can no longer plays this game and am thinking I will need to delete this and find another word game. So disappointed that this new update does not work at all. * *UPDATE #2- folks having issues try deleting the app and downloading it again- it seems to have worked for me as all my games are still there along with my data, yay!.Version: 14.52.1

Not a dating site!I used to love playing this game. It’s the only one that I still enjoy playing. But lately it’s turned into some creepy pick up site. EVERY DAY I get random creepy men asking me where I’m from, if I’m single, what are the ages of my kids, and other inappropriate stuff like that. It’s annoying. It bothers me, but I don’t want to let creeps run me off a game I still like to play, so I just ignore them. But what scares me is that there are young kids that play on there, and some naive women that will fall for their crap. It worries me that it could be being used for human trafficking. Does anyone monitor those chats in there? If not, they should, because it’s getting way out of hand! I’ve been doing my best to ignore them all, but some days I get over 4 weirdos trying to chat with me and get personal information. It’s getting to where the annoyance isn’t worth playing anymore..Version: 13.0.7

WordsI am so frustrated cause I won the match of the day three times last week and today so every time they promised me 6 hrs free of third party and I didn't get any . This is not right and I'm asking for an answer for that. I've been playing hrs each day but I can stop right there if you keep doing that . The customer is a customer and has the right to be offered what you promised. I love this game but when I charge my iPad I lose the sound . So I have to turn off the iPad and then on so the sound come back and lately the game is playing on slow motion till I reboot the whole game , delete and launch , can anybody help me please. Again I'm loosing the sounds completely its mute and I tried all the setting and deleting the game and back but no use please help.Version: 5.63

What Happened?I’ve been playing this game forever. Nothing secret or magic about it, it’s essentially Scrabble. That part of the app works well and is worth 5 stars. So why the 1 star? Two reasons. First, you will NEVER find an app with as many annoying “pop-ups” in the middle of gameplay. The most frustrating part of that is that these popups aren’t even Ads. They are game announcements of new “gifts” and “rewards” that I’m willing to bet the overwhelming majority of users don’t care about. We want to play Scrabble. Period. I don’t care how many useless purple gems I’ve gotten for completing something I didn’t know I was playing and don’t really want to play. I want to play Scrabble. That’s why I downloaded the app. Second problem... FIX THE SOLO CHALLENGE. This entertaining portion of the game, which essentially pits you against AI of increasing difficulty, is fun. When it works. Which it doesn’t anymore. Ever. For weeks now. Just gets stuck and never clears, even after deleting and reinstalling the app. It’s Scrabble. How the hell did you manage to screw up the app so badly that you got a 1 star review from anyone? This app is like the doughnut shop that decides to start selling pizza too. Stay in your lane and do what you do well!!! Make doughnuts, not pizza and make a simple Scrabble app work!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 15.00.6

“WORDS WITH KIDS”, Is What This Is Now.But it’s mostly adults that play! Add an OPT OUT function to turn off the time wasting, meaningless animations, forced “challenges” and “gifts” garbage. Latest revision has, “...New rewards and boosts”?? Has Zynga seen the recent low rated reviews at all? Why does Zynga think they shouldn’t allow an opt out? It could satisfy everyone. Or, put all that silly stuff into a “Words With Kids” game version and bring this mainstream game back to one without the silly stuff. Scrabble was/is always a game that older children, adults and seniors liked to play. Why in the world does Zynga think that in a paid game app they should FORCE everyone to waste time having to wait for these useless “challenges”, badges and other cutesy mindless distractions? Have the creators begun to think they are so clever that the thousands of reviewers expressing their HATE of this nonsense does not matter? Zynga, do you still have a marketing department who can advise on the barbarians at the gate like myself carrying torches? Hello? I shouldn’t say this, but I would rather see little ads at the bottom than this garbage. Be considerate and add an Opt Out feature in the controls section. Or don’t be considerate and charge yet another 99 cents for ad-free AND garbage-free game version..Version: 12.36.1

This is ridiculous.I’m tired of losing games when I still have viable options. This happens with opponents and in practice games. Not only does it say game ended when it has not, it takes away the points from your last play. So if I had 376 points before it gave away the game to my opponent, it’s now saying I had 356 with 4 letters left still sitting in front of me showing me multiple plays. It’s ridiculous and it’s happened 4 times now. I even have screenshots of this. One of me putting in a word after it tells me the game has ended and having it amount to 38 points which would have allowed me to win the game. WHAT IS THIS GLITCH?! It messes up stats and all. Also what about when you try to play a word and it’s invalid but others can play that word? This is BS. I also agree with all the other crap I’ve read in reviews, words that aren’t valid in any dictionary but valid here yet says “definition not available yet” in your OWN dictionary? Obsolete words used back before any of us were born but words used today in current dictionaries unable to be played? All these crappy, childish ads? Who is this game for? Obviously our voices and opinions aren’t cared for, and it’s such a shame because these companies are built on our backs..Version: 12.70.10

UnfairWhen consumers (like myself) paid for the ad-free on apps then we don't get it anymore. That's what has happened to WWF. Developers are given a new way/opportunity to gouge users out of money by altering the app, whether ever so slightly, or totally rebranding the same app then rip users off by forcing us to pay AGAIN for things we already had. Only this time at higher prices since the demand & popularity of their apps. All of which has been established due in large part to OUR (the consumers) commitment (use), feedback & help debugging (opt-in end-user licensing) their apps, in turn, growing their companies to enormous size & wealth. Requiring repurchasing is nothing short of online fraud. Re-selling the consumers a product/service they already had, but thanks to sneakily written end-user licensing agreements, which we’re FORCED to accept to use our devices, they can freely change the rules/game as they see fit. #FarFromFairMarket #VirtualThievery.Version: 12.16.1

Mostly goodI generally enjoy this game. It’s a good time-passer and the games are mostly different each time because the opponents change. My only real quarrel with this game is being given all consonants/vowels with plenty of letters left to play. Just today, I was playing two completely different people. I had all vowels in BOTH cases. I used my swap tile to replace four vowels in both cases and got four MORE vowels in one case and three vowels and ONE consonant in the other. The first game had 50 something letters left to play and the other had 70+. This is highly frustrating as it makes forming words of high value near impossible. And it happens more often than it should. I wish that this could be fixed. But this IS a good game. It just has that one terrible flaw..Version: 11.62.1

The Devil’s AdvocateContrary to pretty much every recent review of this app, I like the new little features. I love collecting powerups. Me and my opponents openly use them and now see them as part of the game. I love collecting tile skins, and it’s fun to see me and my opponents mix and match the colors we’ve collected. I really don’t mind the event collectibles. Or the chests. Especially since they give me goals to strive toward as I play and reward me when I complete them. I’m a lot happier now that the company stopped trying to force us to switch to Words with Friends 2, which I avoid like the plague. If it isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it and force that fix on us. Also glad that the whole ad issue seemed to be resolved and I don’t have ads in my paid version. If I had any gripes, it would be that they are incredibly stingy with coins (you get 3 max in your daily gift while things in the store can cost like, 100). And that once you complete all solo challenges you have to wait for the next set. If I have a daily goal that needs me to win a solo challenge, I can’t get it since I can’t replay them. I’d like that to change. But anyway, I felt compelled to write this review after seeing nothing but hate for the new features. I know a lot of people that like the features, but I guess you’re more compelled to write a review if you have a complaint, right?.Version: 12.16.1

Not worth playingAnd this isn’t review from some disgruntled “I never win” player. I win all the time. What totally makes this just a joke is playing the AI and three out of the 5 words they play are “This is a valid Words With Friends word, and we will have a definition soon”. Total BS. Like the word played - “Alfa”, and the definition was “for the letter A”, which would be Alpha. But if I try to play the same word, it is not recognized. And every word the AI plays is worth at least 35 points, and again, most of them are BS words. Secondly, throughout all the games in WWF, it is way to common that I get 7 vowels, or seven 1 to 2 point consonants, while the AI typically gets a great range of letters and plays 5 and 6 letter words most of the time. I literally got 13 straight vowels in one game, which is statistically almost impossible. And the pop-up ads. They used to make a version that you could buy that was ad free, but now you can purchase “1 month ad free” - a straight money grab. And the game seizes up on the ads at LEAST twice a day where I have to restart my iPad. You developers have taken all of the joy out of this game and I would not recommend it to anyone..Version: 15.30.4

Used to be more fun.....I’ve been playing WWF for years. I thought I paid not to get ads, but evidently ads have taken over and are obnoxious and childish. I don’t appreciate the interruptions. I would rather opt out of the juvenile ads. I have also noticed that sometimes when I win a game with Practice, it is listed that I lost. Even though I don’t check my stats that often, I now know why they’re incorrect. I could not remember losing over 300 games. All of a sudden word like: ee, oo, vu and several others have been added. New words should not be added without definitions. Especially when sometimes these new words aren’t in any dictionary. I probably won’t be playing much longer. I read the reviews and even though complaints and suggestions are made to improve the game, which would be to return it to how it was, the developer has done nothing. I hope improvements are made soon. Looking for a new fun game that doesn’t bombard me with ads directed at kids..Version: 12.50.1

Why I hate this game nowAll the new features are really annoying and detract from the fun of the game. Problems were not fixed with all the new bells and whistles, and new ones were introduced. Notifications. Sometimes you get notified that it’s your turn, mostly you don’t. The badge icon hardly works so you never know how many games are waiting. Opening the app. When you first go in, it seems to randomly choose one of your games and presents as your turn. But it’s just the one game. The “Next” button isn’t active even when you have several games waiting. I now immediately exit this game. Then I see my list of active games, and the “Next” button is presented as I take each turn. Finishing. When you complete a game, you’re given an opportunity to start a new one with that player. If you do, after you make your first play, you click “Next” and it takes you back into the game you just completed even if you have several others waiting. And they still haven’t fixed the problem of prompting both the winner and loser to start a new game, even after one of you already has! What’s up with that?! Often you end up with multiple games with the same player. So annoying. I want to like this. I love the challenge of Scrabble. But this is no longer fun..Version: 11.62.1

Paid for the update, still have to sit through the BSFirst let me say, in general I really like WWF. A few years ago I paid the extra for no interruptions from solicitation and other unwanted information. HOWEVER, they’ve started these bogus challenges to play 3 letter words or words that have ZQX or words that are whatever! Who cares?! I hate having to sit through the stupid graphics and interruptions to my games to find out I’ve played any of the made-up contests with no one but the game that I’m not interested in and can’t opt out of. The new Lightning round is fun, but mainly because you can do it when you choose, unlike these other little obnoxious interruptions. I don’t want to know if I play a certain amount of ZQX words, I am not interested in any made-up challenges other than with other ‘friends’ and in don’t care what the next stupid little challenge is from WWF. Stop already!!.Version: 12.16.1

App is great, layout is over stimulatingI love this app. It’s the first one in my games folder and I have, at times, maxed out the number of games I’m allowed to play. I’ve had it since it first came out and I would login multiple times a day to make my next word. Lately, though, they’re trying to focus on keeping people involved but it’s backfiring. The app is too cluttered, advertising for solo challenges, quick play and mini game events, wanting you to reconnect with old friends and to look at all your rewards. It’s all there in your face the moment you open the app. You have to look to find your active games because they’re buried. You can’t say no or silence it for any period of time, it’s just always there, in your face. I think others feel the same way - I’m down to three active games and I only check in every few days..Version: 15.00.6

HATE what they’ve done to the game!I resisted an update for so long and finally my app crashed and would NOT recover no matter what I did. Probably by design I’m sure. The only fix was to update it. The new version? It. Is. The. WORST. Every 5 seconds it’s popping up some annoying “great, you’ve just acquired 16 tropical drinks or whatever it is.” Who cussing CARES???!!! No one likes to hear their baby is ugly, but this one is frightful. I know people need to justify their jobs by continually changing things, but this takes it to another level. You can’t hardly play a letter without having to wait for the app to spend 10 seconds telling you what a great accomplishment you’ve just achieved. Hardly an exaggeration. “AMAZING, you just played an E, you only need 4 more letters to make the word of the day!” LAME!!! It’s too busy, too frequent, and too obnoxious! I’ve tried turning off notifications in the settings and it didn’t improve anything. I hate, hate, hate - double hate - LOATHE ENTIRELY!!!!.Version: 11.91.3

Horrible updateThis would get ZERO stars if possible... I’ve been a dedicated fan of this game for a long time, but the update they did for ios12 is cluttered, rigged with all kinds of pay offers, and simply lousy... I’ve talked with the 8 people I play with regularly and they all agree this new version is awful. In response to the developer asking me to “take time and get used to the new look of the game”, I simply say, you are NOT listening to the criticism... badges won’t clear, you’re loading the game up with so many “paid feature” notifications and things that a user must clear each time they open the game... if you want revenue, why not offer the OLD game as a paid, crap-free app? I’d easily pay $10 for the old app and not have to worry about your money-grubbing, screen-clogging crap that is the main focus of this “update”!.Version: 11.0.2

Crazy wordsI’m a newbie here and enjoying this game with my sister who lives in Canada. We text and play at the same time and it’s great fun. But I’m very disappointed with the Solo Challenge. I’m on the fourth level now with Archibald and his first three words were “vaw” and “bunn” and “Malkin” ... none of which are standard English words. Perhaps I’m just on the wrong page. I remember terrific “live” games with clever friends and our rules which so discouraged obscure or foreign words that if a standard dictionary didn’t cover the word, the player lost his turn. No proper names allowed and no foreign words ... which lost me many turns when I switched to French or Hindi. If these games are just an exercise in checking obscure medieval words or misspellings ... such as “bunn” ... then the game has lost its charm for me. I like testing wonderful vocabularies, reaping the benefits of a lifetime of voracious reading. Not just “tricking” opponents with words never used in today’s world by English speakers..Version: 11.62.1

Game going down hillI love word games, and have played this one for years. Sadly, the quality of the game is going down hill, especially each time changes are made. No abbreviations are to be used, but they allow them. I mean, what is CWM? Had to look it up. But the most frustrating part is when an opponent played a word that when looked up, on the game’s dictionary, was listed as NOT a word, but yet allowed it to be played. This has happened several times. Daily bonus was 100 coins. I was out for a time due to illness, and found upon return that daily bonus is down to a coin or two a day, with every so many days offering a special item instead. My biggest problem with this, aside from the cheapness of giving a coin or two a day, is that half the time the bonus does not work when you click on it. A message will pop up saying it is not working right then please come back, but the item is checked off and there is no going back for that bonus. It is the 24th of the month, but my daily bonus dots are only on 12, and I click on this every day. This has been going on for some time. If you just want to do a crossword against others, or a computer, without all the bonuses and such, then this game will be great for you..Version: 13.92.1

Love the Game, Hate the Latest Update!Reduced by one more star! This update, as I said below is TERRIBLE! To add a new game with someone I ALWAYS play against, instead of just choosing their name off of a list, I now have to search for the name. How in the world is this an improvement?!?! It’s not! It’s just annoying! Zynga doesn’t own this game anymore and PEOPLE FUN only know how to irritate not have fun! Ive played this game for years (although, I don’t see the version I have on here. It was a free upgrade from a couple of years ago, although it doesn’t really look any different. I noticed it updated last night. I HATE it. Changing things just for the sake of change isn’t the best decision. I don’t like the teeny tiny dots at the bottom that represent each game. I certainly don’t like the pop up after every turn that states it’s the other player’s turn. That’s just monotonous and completely unnecessary. I still will play, but I truly hate these silly changes!.Version: 11.62.1

Desperate Need for iOS 13 UpdateEver since the latest major iOS update I have been experiencing problems with Words With Friends that I have never before experienced. So many bugs that need to be fixed! I have been waiting since September 22 for a Words With Friends update to hopefully fix these issues. At all times, my badge app icon says 4, like I have 4 games where it’s my turn to play even after I go into the app and refresh it the main page. I think there is a bug where all of my open games is listed under only one friend’s name: it looks like I’m only playing against 1 friend with 5 open games. I messaged my cousin whom I constantly play with everyday, asking where she’d been because on my end WWF said she hadn’t played a move in 3 days (now 7) and she said we had been playing the whole time! Its the same situation with another friend, my aunt, whom I play with multiple times daily. I just can’t tell who I’m playing against! I love this game and have been regularly playing for about 6 years, but these problems I’ve been having ever since updating to iOS 13 is very upsetting and very frustrating. Please get to work on an app update that addresses these types of issues and bugs!.Version: 13.0.7

Return to the old formatI agree with those who expressed their disappointment lately. After a long time of playing I’m about to give up. The game has lost a lot of its challenge with all the two letter words now allowed that are not legit words. They are abbreviations i.e. allowing the element table and other similar abbreviations. Stick to scrabble rules like you did when you started! Also solo puts a word in the game and then when you look in the dictionary it says definition not known and that they are working on a definition. The other day in solo play they put in the word MAGA. Why are they politicizing this game and it’s not even a word. That one really made me mad. Also I can’t delete old games which really slows down the play. Old games pop back up repeatedly and slow down play. I delete and close out and at least 10 are back up and are the same ones that I just tried to delete. Plus they say I lost (solo games) and when I go in and check it is clearly the other way and I won. I downloaded the new version at their suggestion and it is worse than ever so I went back to classic. Wish someone would pay attention to all of the other bad comments and put it back to a fun game..Version: 13.0.7

Words.Love playing the game. The problem is most of the men are looking for more than a game. I feel like I’m always warding off guys who “ want to get to know me better.” Then when you tell them you just want to play words, they quit playing. That’s irritating. There are other sites that they can find “relationships”. Please be respectful. Say hello and move on and play words. Please. It’s making me want to sign off this game. I challenge you to put some females you know on this game and you will see. They are like wolves. If you don’t engage and give them your personal information and email they get mad and resign. COME ON. ITS A GAME. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE FOR LOVE AND RELATIONSHIPS. I love this game but I’m about to resign permanently. I played this game a few years ago and it wasn’t like this. I’m tired of feeling like I have to tell my life story to play a game. This is not a dating site. I think you need to put that in your description of the game. I had 4 guys resign this morning because I don’t give my personal information. PLEASE GUYS GO TO A HOOK UP SITE WHERE THE GIRLS ARE WANTING TO “GET TO KNOW YOU BETTER! PLEASE. I hope you check this out. It makes it very uncomfortable to play..Version: 15.60.2

Help.I bought a brand new phone and now the game won’t open. How do I get it to work without wiping out all of my existing games, that is, if it hasn’t caused me to time-out on all of them already? As for my opinion of the app, I give it 3 1/2 stars and I’m with everyone else about the annoying ads, especially the ones where I have to wait, what feels like a full minute, for the loud, crashing noises and obnoxious music (?) to shut up, before it finally decides to give me the exit button, when it gets good and ready, as if that will endear me to the game so much that I will succumb to its charm 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮. I also don’t give a single care about all the, bonus points, awards and other fluff. Great for those who do, but I only care about my score against my opponent and for love of the game. Now can someone please tell me how to get back into it? I’d appreciate it. Thanks. 🙂.Version: 13.62.1

Thieves!!!ONCE AGAIN. THIS APP has allowed an ad by WONDERGAMES to freeze the app completely and force you to either buy their product or have to delete and reinstall the WWF App. This happens every 2 minutes every time you finish a fast play game. The app creators... Zynga... allow ads from a company called “Gametown” to run ads on their app. The ads freeze the game completely, you cannot get past the ad. You have to delete the app and reinstall completely. If you press anywhere on the Gametown ad... it immediately subscribes you to their game service and charges your account $9.99. This happened to me. These THIEVES charged $9.99 to my Sprint account. I had to physically call Sprint, wait and hour on the phone and get this charge removed from my Sprint account and from my credit card. I’ve reported Zynga to Apple Support. If this ever happens again, where I’m Charged money by these THIEVES... I’m reporting them to the police and pressing charges. You think you’re out of reach of the police just because you’re app creators? Think again. What kind of scum are you that you allow this type of dishonesty, theft and illegal charges to people’s credit cards on your app. I’m reporting you to the police. Be careful who you swindle.Version: 15.60.2

Everything Is Overpriced + Bad Customer ServiceYou literally have to play the game all day just to get 100+ points. With their new algorithm, you really do need the points to be eligible for features such as swapping tiles (30 for 450 points) since the letters you get are terrible. Recently, they also increase the amount of coins you need to be able to get these features. It’s absolutely insane. And, if you don’t have enough coins, they want you to spend $100 for 5,600 coins! Whenever I email about an issue with my coins, I get an excuse about not being able to do that. I really feel like this app, although the game is fun, is really shady. I understand they want to make money, but make it fair. They know that by giving crappy letters, players need coins to purchase features such as swap tiles. When you need 75 coins just for 5 swap tiles and it takes half a day to get those coins, it’s not fair. Oh, and they want you to pay monthly for no ads. This app is a rip off and shady. One star for that and for VERY POOR customer service..Version: 5.66.1

WWF in now a piece of crap.I have played this game for 10+ years. I paid for my original version, which Zynga no longer supports, thus effectively taking my money and not delivering. That is known as fraud. The original two versions of the game did not have all the crap this game now contains. I do not want to be rewarded for their arbitrary milestones, nor do I want to play games within games, nor do I want to see coins and party boxes flashing in my face. Additionally, the crap they have added now causes the games to move at a glacial pace, many times freezing when you are trying to place letters or not responding to a PLAY command. And the ultimate challenge, which occurs at least once a day, is that the game is so incapable of keeping up with the speed of play that it simply collapses. The screen blanks out to white, freezes and is not recoverable. The only way to get it back is to shut down your device and reboot. This is a clear indication that they have built a game without the industrial strength to handle all the crap they have built into it. I play with approximately 8-10 people. We ALL experience this BS. Some people I played with have quit WWF and gone to Word Chum out of frustration. Congratulations Zynga, you really have succeeded at turning a good, well-liked game into a piece of garbage..Version: 13.0.7

Invalid Words being playedWithin the last 2-3 weeks, it’s come to my attention that invalid words by “Words With Friends” own definition, are being played. It doesn’t matter the version of game, or operating system. Examples are: squit, tov, je , and so many others. I’m to the point I’m tired of playing. It was outrageous when an opponent played JE, and I then tired to play JE. Mine was not accepted, though hers was. I thought perhaps it was the older version(s) I was playing (I have several devices), so I updated one device to the latest version and nope. Same thing. Opponents playing invalid words, but I can’t do the same. So now not only am I losing because of this bug, but now that particular device is on the latest horrible version of a game that looks like it was written for a child. All the various annoying pop ups during the game, essentially cheat power ups, and invalid words is driving me from the game. I’m over it!.Version: 12.36.1

Why Doesn’t the Game Allow me to use all my Letters?I like words with friends and it’s a great game. But on two different occasions, when different opponents and I were very close in points and down to our last couple of letters to finish the game, the opponent will play a move and then the game will automatically say game over making them the winner. But I still have one or two letters left which can be used to make words that will make me end up having more points than them. I don’t have an opportunity to play my last couple of letters. Is it a glitch? Are the opponents cheating? In most cases when I’m down to my last letter and there are no words to make then it makes me pass and it says there are no possible words. The opponent have a chance to play or pass and then it will say who the winner is. It’s just a little frustrating when you have words that will cause you to win and you end up losing because you were never given the chance. I have screen shots of the scrabble boards that shows the points before and after I place my last letters down to show that I would have won if given the chance....if it will help the developers..Version: 14.53.1

Love the game, hate the gimicksThis is the game I play the most, but every time they update they mess it up more. They give you pop up player suggestions, and screens that get In the way and freeze up your game. This just adds frustration to what is supposed to be a fun, relaxing game. In case the makers don’t realize it, the word “ game” implies that it is supposed to be fun, not frustrating. Now they have all of these points, which might be a fun addition, but you have to jump through stupid hoops to collect them, such as pushing a button that says “Great” after you push a button that says “Claim” and read a list of “rewards”. It makes the player feel like a rat being tested in a maze. It’s all hogwash. The buttons freeze and the stupid screen won’t go away because they want me to watch a 3 second video to show me adds that I paid to not have to watch when I bought the app. My husband, who already has enormous hands that don’t work well on little screens has completely given up. It was the only game we played together, so they just gimmicked their way right out of customers..Version: 11.91.3

“Improvements shouldn’t be mandatoryI enjoy the core game very much. I’ve met some good people and learned some words. Great fun. However, the cheats and interruptions and assigned goals, not to mention the tile color changes that make it harder to visualize word opportunities, these ruin a lot of the pleasure of the actual game for me. Most of all, I want you to stop forcing us to say, “Great!” just to escape an unwanted interruption about an intrusive change or “opportunity.” Do you think if you force us to say “Great!” enough times, we’ll come to agree? I hate it. I just want to play the actual core game and chat a little with a few good people. That part is great. Please, please make a way for some of us to opt out of all the irrelevant stuff you add for the people who enjoy bells and whistles. They get bored. I get it. But I don’t. I like the actual game. Why can’t I have that?.Version: 12.50.1

Words with Family and FriendsThis is a great App on it's own merit. What I really love about words with friends is that it's a way to keep in touch with friends and family who are far away. It's a way of checking in with my nieces and nephew who otherwise I might only see on Holidays. I also like that you are able to send messages back and forth if you wish, during play "nice game!" A pat on the back is always appreciated! I like that you don't have to commit to an entire game at one sitting. I have 5-10 games going with different people at the same time. Some days I only play one word per game. And if I'm particularly busy I don't play at all. Know this, you will always have something to do when you have a moment and you will be making a connection with someone you care about at the same time. Win/win..Version: 5.62

7+ years of depleting its Scrabble rootsWWF is probably my most frequented app w/ the displeasure of my wife. I remember 7-8 years ago downloading the app, purchasing the ad-free version & outsmarting opponents. I used to count tiles & block moves at the end of games so opponents would get stuck w/ Q's, Z's, J's, etc... Slowly the app has been becoming more amateur friendly with word strength, a remaining letters tab, etc. I was reluctant but adjusted, & became fine with it as it made my opponents more competitive. The new Swap+ feature is total BS, and basically the reason why I'm writing this review. Please, delete this immediately. This takes away the integrity and strategy of Scrabble. Btw, the new version totally deleted many of the features WWF has recently implemented with a few bugs others have complained about (I.e. the green lightning icon). Lastly, badges are totally unfair. I remember playing the game hours on end so I had a chance to win a T-shirt. I remember having to score 5000+ pts per week while some family members only had a goal of 2000+. If you do anything in future updates, please, for the love of nerds like me, get rid of Swap+..Version: 5.62

DisappointedI have been playing again for a short while. (Had stopped playing for a couple years.) During this short period back, this game has disappointed me several times. I have tried to play a couple words, which are actual words, some of which the Words With Friends dictionary even defines, yet the game tells me that the word is not valid. The dictionary even shows that other people have played the words through their “highest scoring play” section. Seriously??!!!?? I reported the issue and the first rep said they would make note of it... uh, thanks, but that doesn’t help my game play... Guess it’s time to stop playing this game again. ***UPDATE: After a couple more plays with valid word rejections, and additional correspondence with the support team (who provided no beneficial information, solution or resolution), I decided to try other versions of Words With Friends. Low and behold, Words With Friends 2 seems to be allowing words that were rejected in other versions. So far I’ve confirmed one was accepted. If this older version of the app is not going to function properly or be updated, it should just be retired. Smh.Version: 12.16.1

The reviews of cheating is right!The AI cheats in solo challenges creating words that have no definition or isnt a word you can look up on the app , it says word does not exist. So how is it able to play some made up jumbled mess of words. All long creating 60+ points to gain a huge advantage over the player. Also takes up all the triple word spots leaving you nowhere decent to play while the AI takes credit for the huge amount of points over you. Same with all the player 2 player games the new hints and button to show where you can play gives most others a way to cheat or a way to just pay 2 win over everyone else. They can use as many as they want. I liked the original version of this app. I still enjoy it but the AI is weak and has to take cheat shots at you to win. I do not like or agree with the fact the AI can use fake made up false words racking up a large lump sum of points to give you a low/zero chance at winning or beatung them fairly same with using 3x triple point tiles leaving you with bad letters and no tiles for points. Fix your app maybe we would enjoy it a little more and make it fair. Shouldnt have to play AI 5+ times to win as a skilled player. 🤷🏻‍♀️.Version: 14.20.4

Words with CheatersThe new version of the game features “power ups,” three options to give you an advantage over your opponent. “Hindsight” shows you the best move you could have played in a round, which may be available to you in the next round. “Word radar” shows you were you can play on the board for the current round. “Swap and play” enables you to swap letters without losing a turn. You can earn these advantages or buy them. Your use of these advantages is NOT transparent to your opponent. Moreover, may use these features repeatedly throughout the game. If you repeatedly use the swap and play feature, it is almost impossible for your opponent to get quality letters. You are no longer using your skills to compete against your opponent, you are using these advantages to win. The new features are enabling rampant cheating and sadly it now seems to be the norm. I can see maybe allowing use of one advantage during a game, but that should be transparent to your opponent. There is no opt-out to the new features and I simply do not want to play someone who is cheating. And why should my earned stats be given the same weight as someone who purchased a win? The new features of Words With Friends have driven me away from the game. Sadly, I doubt Zynga cares about enthusiasts like me, because they are certainly making a lot more money off of the new features..Version: 10.63.1

CoolThis is a berry good app which teaches words. When you put some random letters that you think could make a word it will say I it is a valid word. The problem with it, is that there are way too many adds. I’m fine with watching lots of adds when an app gives you more coins or gold bars or whatever their type of games money’ is. But this app just has an add almost every time you make a word and play it. A cool thing about this app though, is that it has power ups. You can swap out your letters without loosing a turn, or you can see what word you could of made. You can also see all the areas you can put words in. And finally, you can have the app illuminate different boxes and the letter tiles that make a word if your stuck. This is an ok game, but please try and take out some of the adds. There are way too many..Version: 14.20.4

Please fix bugI'm a longtime player and fan of WWF. It has developed a really annoying bug. Most of the time when I check the Dictionary and swipe the Dictionary screen back down, the game screen stays grayed out and the game is completely unresponsive until I reboot the phone. Another bug, more minor: I hit the Smart Match button weeks ago and it hasn't stopped since. The game is still searching for Smart Matches and comes up with one every few days. There seems to be no way to stop it. I enjoy the new power ups, even though they are overpriced. I used to get 10 or 6 coins for winning a game and now only get 4. Why? Can't find an explanation of the coin rules. You say you just added 50,000 words. Please list them or put them in the Word of the Day feature. And let people know if the new word they suggested has been accepted. The new GIF feature is annoying and unnecessary. My opponent played the word EROTICA and a GIF popped up showing extremely explicit pornography. Didn't bother me but I fear most folks would be offended. Finally, please bring back the confirmation button are hitting the PLAY button, or at least offer it as an option in Settings. It is so annoying to lose a potentially good word after accidentally hitting the PLAY button.Version: 5.63

Great AppLove the base version of WWF as well as the mini-games with lightning rounds and so forth. Keeps my brain active and is easy to use. Not a fan of the live games because the app used to glitch and crash a lot in them. There are also lots of weird scammers in the app. Haven’t figured them out yet but for some reason, I get a whole lot (1 per week or so) of men posing as someone else. So, don’t take anyone seriously or give anyone personal data. The app does let you report/ block these folks which is probably the most they can do to keep them off. So, yeah, if you keep it to real friends and/or take your opponents with a grain of salt, it’s good fun. It’s a well-designed app and doesn’t seem to be lacking anything I can think of. Only deducted a star for the live glitches and scammers. The base game is five stars for sure though..Version: 14.43.1

Tons of Potential But Falls ShortThis game could be so much more than what it is. But sadly, it is rife with technical issues. The Lightning Round challenge, for example, has begun to kick me out right in the middle of the game! I recently had an issue with Duels, as well. For three days, I fought to keep my 1st place status, and was successful. However, when I logged in after the challenge was over, I couldn’t view game results to collect my winnings. I contacted tech support on 11/20, but no one ever got back with me. At the very least, they could’ve credited me with what I should’ve won, but instead, they left me hanging. Oh, and the CRAZIEST thing happened today! I was in the middle of a duel when I got interrupted by an ad! I can’t make this stuff up! The game is quickly becoming more trouble than it’s worth, and players can’t even rely on Tech Support/the developers to address the issues. It is an excellent way to pass the time, especially when you’re a word geek. But I’m afraid the constant glitches might force me to uninstall..Version: 15.50.1

I'd like it betterI like the basic Words with Friends. I don't like the extra bells and whistles, and the annoying appeals to play various games with members. The ads are very annoying. I could tolerate the ads if there weren't so many glitches. Some ads won't go away no matter that I wait for the ad to run and no matter how many timed I click on the x it often will not go away. Too often the ad stays on the screen and I can not get back to the game I'm playing. Several friends I used to play with have stopped playing WWF altogether for the same reasons. You have made a good game too complicated and annoying with too many interruptions and glitches.I gave it four stars for the basic premise but I would have given it only one because of the annoyances. I need to add, your dictionary needs renovation. You accept too many very obscure words and foreign words and reject too many standard English ones that appear in most standard English and American dictionaries..Version: 15.00.6

Love itI enjoy this game and play everyday. I find It at time intruding into space set up for me to do other things. Takes some discipline in my part. I enjoy being able to exchange lettters without penalty one time. I didn’t think being able to see spaces available where I could play would benefit but find it does help especially on a challenging environment. I like being able to chat. And presentation after the play to see if I placed my words in the best place or utilized the highest points that turn is fun. The advertisement sometime get stuck and I have to stop playing and turn off the game. I love scrabble but didn’t always have company to play. So I played the board by myself. But words with friends is so much more fun than the physical board of scrabble. I enjoy solo play but gets frustrating when I make real words and the game won’t except. I miss being able to pass the phone back and forth when out with my little ones and engage in a game. Overall I love the game and highly recommend.Version: 5.64

Non-requested gamesI have loved Words With Friends over the past few years that I’ve had the game. At some point there was an update that pushes game requests from random people to me. Now, I play only with my friends, so I have every setting under my profile turned off. However, I continue to receive game requests every other time I log in (which I subsequently reject). Furthermore, every single game request sent to me so far (I’m guessing about 50 at this point) is from a female. So apparently WWF has some sort of algorithm that must look at my profile and see that I’m male so obviously only female game requests must be sent my way. Is there a way to turn off all of these random game requests entirely? I’ve tried to reach out to WWF but it was a pain to do so, so I gave up. If these random game requests don’t stop, I may be leaving WWF shortly..Version: 14.70.2

PC run amok...I am finishing the current games, and then I will delete the app. I enjoyed the original version, as inadequate as it was. In 10 years they have not expanded the dictionary. Indeed, in the UK version, they claim that “a dictionary is not yet available for your language.” (!! None. Nada.) Zynga also removed the list of words played in the UK version, so it’s nearly useless. In addition they have involuntarily enrolled me in their “win prizes” schemes in support of the Susan Komen Foundation, supporter of Planned Parenthood and abortion. They offer for $sale “power up your game”, coins that allow and encourage cheating. In addition to the new bubblegum colors, the entire experience has been infantilized. They force games with fictional characters onto my screen, some of which there is no option to withdraw. I once played this game with intelligent people from all over the world. It was a stress-buster. Now it has been heavily and thoroughly monetized, politicized like everything else (there are many “forbidden” words based on political correctness.) I’m ready to cut it loose. I regret losing the many connections I’ve made, but I look forward to spending my time more productively..Version: 11.62.1

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Mostly runs well but like other people I agree the pop ups can be really annoying.After around 6-7 years now I still play this game, I find it a fun little challenge to occupy me throughout my day. However there are some issues with the game in its current state, such as all the pop ups and reward features that quite a lot of people seem to dislike based on the other reviews I’ve seen. The reward stuff can be fun every now and again but overall it is mostly a re-occurring nuisance that continues to show up all the time without any choice in the matter. Another particular thing I’ve found quite ridiculous are the Solo Challenge, these are things I tend to play every so often and when I manage to do the work of completing them all the reward which you’d expect to be a rather large and generous one is so small that doing them seems completely pointless. Why should I or anyone bother to spend their time playing/completing them when we get almost nothing in return, if they want results with that they need to improve it. There’s not much more I need to say after my little rant, so yes I like the game but it has some important issues to improve upon..Version: 12.16.1

To much advertising. To much distraction.I purchased this game. If you paid for it, supposedly there were less distractions. As it turns out these days it is just plain difficult to get through the advertising and money making bits and pieces to where I can play the game. With each new version there is more stuff in the way of playing the game. I am now looking around for an alternative app. I have enjoyed playing on this platform, but if I find something less distracting I will change. I hope someone there gets this message..Version: 11.62.1

QuestionableI miss the 'number of games waiting to be played' that was shown on the app 'face'. Now when I look at my WWFRIENDS app, I do not know if I have any games waiting to be played. Also regarding the chatting with friends- I do not like the way it sits 'open' once you have written your chat. I find that annoying. I like all the stats about plays etc. New review: I don’t like the display of the latest update. The app is now hard to read because the display is too large & pale. Not happy. Will still play but not happy with the update..Version: 11.0.2

Update to dictionaryI love playing words but the new update to the dictionary uses predictive text and I am forever re writing what I have put in. Get rid of the predictive text. Since you added adverts that have to run for the whole advert, it takes too long to play the games I like to play. I realise you have to get the advertising and I will watch them if I am interested in what they are saying but if it has nothing to do with what I need, I put the iPad down until it is finished and go and do something else until it is finished so you have achieved nothing. Very disappointing!.Version: 12.70.10

MsThis game is seriously addictive, but also seriously annoying, at times, when some known words are unacceptable, and lots of unknowns go through. Some proper nouns go through, others don't. What dictionary do you use? I have put my languages as both English and American. I have intermittent problems with messaging when some messages don't show on my iPad, whereas they had previously. However, you can't stop me playing however many glitches I find😄.Version: 5.63

I’m fed up with this 😬Why does my game keep freezing? Sometimes when I have played a word and press for the next game, nothing happens and I have to close it and start again. Restarting the device makes no difference. Anyway, thanks for paring back on the annoying rewards nonsense that was so getting in the way of a good game. You get a star back for that. It’s still not as good as it was, especially with all those jumbled letters that pass for words with no definition available. Aren’t there enough English words?.Version: 15.01.3

HorribleThis is my first comment on WWF although I’ve been playing it for years. With each version upgrade it just gets worse and worse. I agree with everyone who has given it one star. I just want to play the game and not be harassed by the authors with bells and whistles. Even in “set-up” it asks me to enter my college from a drop-down but my college isn’t there and isn’t recognized. Note to authors: the United States of America isn’t the only country in the world that has Colleges Come on authors lift your game. Or at least allow us to pay to get rid of the annoying rubbish. Looking forward to the day when your competitors launch a better alternative product and destroys your business model!.Version: 14.20.4

Good game but poor dictionaryHaving played hundreds of games on this app now, with a big range of competitors, I can say that the app is good. But many words are allowed such as abbreviations and a host of totally out of date Scottish words that no one uses, while many Shakespearean words are forbidden. They also allow many fake words. The dictionary needs rewriting and the rules changed to omit fake and archaic words. In the challenges with their computer the computer often uses fake words to win and is always given plenty of vowels while the competitor gets few. Phillip Hamilton.Version: 14.43.1

Oops, something went wrong!I use the practice option and have had 3 games now that this excuse comes up so the game can no longer be played, or deleted, so for 159 days this is the response I get when trying to play. The game just sits there with no solution. Can something please be done the fix this very annoying problem. I still enjoy playing with friends, so have given 3 stars..Version: 13.62.1

Words with Friends, great fun.Very much enjoy playing this game with family and friends. Keeps us in contact with one another on a daily basis regardless of distance and ensures that the mind is functioning. Even when the game allows strange letter combination, eg QI, still fun and we talk about the funny combinations, some strange words I have to google to find out what they mean, so learning new words too. Amazing it accepts words from Middle English period. 😊.Version: 12.00.2

Problem!This is an add on to a review written previously. Take away 2 stars!! I could no longer play Word with Friends on my old iPad due to the game not being supported on that device. I reopened in my newer iPad and now only get to play one game each time before it closes down! To keep playing I have to shut down the iPad and restart the device each time. Won’t be playing long if they don’t fix this problem! Up to now I have enjoyed the game. Previous review I've been playing Words with Friends for quite a while now, and one thing I have noticed in recent times, is that more and more words apparently Not Valid are being accepted in the game, but whenever I try to get a Not Valid word accepted the word is not accepted. It just seems so unfair that are players are able to do this. Makes it harder for those players who try to play the game fairly. I've still given the game 4 stars as I quite enjoy the game, even though it doesn't seem to be a level playing field anymore..Version: 13.0.7

I’ve had enoughYou upgraded me automatically. I have to delete the app altogether because of the ads. So intrusive. So irritating. And some run for 30 seconds and you have to go through up to 3 processes to stop the ad. playing. How dare you. Not even the Adblock app could stop the barrage of ads...but it did show me how many ads they bombard you with. Well worth the $3. Well done zynga. Annoy your client base till they leave in droves..Version: 15.60.2

Ads that don't playThat's right your ads start but never finish and this is annoying to say the least especially when you have to leave the game and then try and get back on every time you play PLEASE fix this as it is starting to make me not want to play anymore. I've been playing this for years now but if you don't fix the you will be getting the flick I've had enough of it..Version: 10.38.1

Writing messagesLove playing wwf however when I write a message & I need to correct something I can not put the curser it the position I need to without going out of the message then back in again which is fairly annoying & can be time consuming..Version: 14.53.1

WWF UPDATE IS GARBAGEI’m now looking for another app along the lines of WWF or Scrabble because this latest ‘enforced’ update is atrocious. I don’t want to be pressured by bots to play 5 move games. I don’t want to know that another player scored over 600 points for a 3 letter word (which has to be bull dust btw). I don’t want rewards. This game has been changed to a point where it is now cheap and nasty and unless you (Zynga) do something to fix these issues, I’m out. This is a copy of a review I wrote several days ago, but failed to show..... I’m not sure why. I was just forced to reaccept WWF’s new terms and conditions in order to keep playing and in doing so I now have a new version of the game, which stinks. Is there a way to get your other version back please? I don’t want rewards! I don’t want bells and whistles! I don’t want computer generated 5 move games! I don’t want your new layout! I don’t want your sound effects. In short, what I do want is my old layout back. Thankyou..Version: 11.0.2

New versionI liked the previous version much better. I don’t understand all the pop ups and gimmicks on this version which I now have. As I was unable to get the new version on my iPad I now have to use my iPhone which is smaller and the screen keeps changing big /small , which is so annoying! But apart from this I really enjoy Words with Friends and connect with Friends all over the World..Version: 14.43.1

Contact game managersI cannot find anywhere to contact whoever mangers the app, and recently my friend and I both fell for a new game (vs the computer) that appeared to give you "coins" when you played and won but actually cost a lot of coins to play - I lost 40 coins I didn't realise I was losing and my partner lost even more as he was playing quite a few in a row. No one to ask about it and no one to complain to!! Usually enjoy the app but this left a bad taste..Version: 11.62.1

Senseless updates - again - March 2020Homepage changes in this update - but new bugs with it. After sending me a congratulation for playing all of the letters of the word ‘CAKE’ (for example) I am returned to a game screen that is blank white. I have to relaunch the game to return the display to normal. ————————————————————————————Adding to the previous post below - Yet another update that sends an animated message across the screen ‘Lead Change’ - I don’t want this, but no way of stopping it. Typical. ————————————————————————————— This game has been around since before the iPad. I have not seen an update yet that was an improvement beyond the bug fixes. The last update forced upon me has given me a load of really annoying ‘rewards’ that are of no interest to me and I can’t turn them off. Zinga is well aware that a significant number of players don’t want rewards but, typically, Zinga does not care. Zinga wants to make more money (fair enough), but how does this help them? While I’m at it, Zinga took the very fine game ‘Draw Something’ and dumbed it down into an awful game requiring almost no drawing skill, all in the quest for more money. This developer is not a good host for this type of game. One could theorise that Zinga buys a popular game, tries to monetise it, can’t, then ruins it so as to get the players to play something else that does make money..Version: 13.91.1

Brain PowerEach game is always different, challenging and fun. Skill plays a major part but it's always the luck of the draw of letters that makes it interesting. Playing multiple games adds to the fun including play with random opponents. Beware - this game can be addictive but it sure gets the brain cells working..Version: 5.63

I love WWFI have been playing for years and play every day, mostly against old friends but also other opponents, some of whom I chat with regularly. I use the American and English versions- but why is there no dictionary in the English version? The only dislike is that the game allows improper words, such as abbreviations. I think the dictionary should be a scrabble dictionary and not an ordinary dictionary. Also it should include more Australian words..Version: 5.63

Not a level playing fieldThis used to be a great way of passing the time and increasing your vocabulary. Unfortunately the game now allows some players to play words that are, by the games own account, Not a Valid Word but when I try to play the same word it is rejected. The dictionary used should be universal and not, as it appears to be, selective. The basic game was a pleasure to play but not so now. Do we really need coloured tiles, treasure chests with little in them or continuous bombardment to reach a certain level? I think not. Could we not go back to simpler, more pleasurable version..Version: 12.35.2

Wrong layout for iPad.Not sure if the developers of this game ever play the iPad version, but it really seems as though they don’t. I’m not here to comment on the useless updates that have incrementally made this game worse over the years, there are many reviews here to attest to that already. I’m writing this simply because the layout for the iPad version is incompatible with iPad’s user interface. Having the tile rack right at the bottom of the screen activates the App Switcher function almost every time I drag a tile onto the board. There’s at least a 3/4 inch of screen real estate at the top of the layout that has no functionality. This should be switched over. Take the Words banner from the top and put it on the bottom and stop the App Switcher from activating. Easy. Problem solved. Stop focusing on bells and whistles and attend to the basics please..Version: 12.70.10

Horrible ‘update’The new interface is truly terrible it is too bright there is an annoying plus button on top of the current games menu and so much flashy stuff I don’t want and should be able to remove pleasssse go back to old look or no more WWF. I have complained to WWF but they don’t listen they won’t give an option to turn off events rewards challenges etc. The stupid events pop up recently kept shoving the word ‘cancer’ onto my screen like I want to be reminded of a deadly disease when I’m trying to have fun playing a word game..Version: 11.62.1

Oz Wordie FanKeeps me connected with friends all over. Not sure what your rules are for accepting some of the very questionable words played!!! When are you going to have a working dictionary for 'English English? Also there is now a VERY ANNOYING GLITCH which shows number of games, both ‘my move’ and ‘their move’ which when you are unable to play or delete - error message says “Oops. Game is out of sync.” Out of sync with what???? Please fix this or advise how to remove these games..Version: 12.16.1

BoxreedEnjoy playing the game! Good to be able to play with friends. Sick of the ads and frustrating when you enter legit words that are not accepted. Apart from that one of my top games! Would like to see an inbuilt letter sorter. I've noticed some Australian words are not accepted. Don't like the randoms that are showing up in chat with inappropriate intentions and gift card fraud attempts..Version: 5.63

Fun and friendlyI love this game but I have never come across a site that has so many scammers. They always claim they reside in USA and are either working offshore on an oil rig or serving in the army. I block between 3 to 4 per week. Widowed with children and within two messages ask for marital status. In saying that I now have a number of very nice people I have chats to..Version: 12.00.2

Dead gamesI don’t like the fact that other players can just stop playing and they do not have an expiration date apparently. There is a limit to how many games you can have going at one time but no way to get rid of dead heads other than retire from the game but that counts as a loss in your stats. Need to be able to delete them without penalty. Also I would like to see when an opponent was last active to see if they were just leaving you hanging to be nasty because you were beating them because more often than not the ones that leave you hanging are trailing in the game. And another thing I don’t like is that you pay for an ad free version only to find out that only lasts for 30 days. The cost is way too high for something that expires so quickly..Version: 12.16.1

Is it compatible??After finding out there's a cap on points/coins and if you reach that and win a weekly challenge you don't get your points/coins. Where's the challenge then to try and get that weekly challenge?? Why a cap on points. Takes away any fun of trying to win..... lost some stars from me. It says compatible with IPad however on iPad you don't get the word radar, swap without losing a turn etc?? So not compatible with iPad or am I missing something?? All other games sync with their benefits. This doesn't yet. Also someone plays a word, and you look it up in the dictionary and it says "no definition for this word". So why is the person allowed to play it??? It's frustrating....Version: 5.62

What have you doneI used to rate this game at least 4 stars and still play a fair amount, but the clutter and garbage is almost unbearable, it’s just way too busy, might work on a 6 or 7” screen. And the new color scheme is just horrible plug since the last update it constantly freezes after a go and needs to be shut down and reopened, I’m sure this little quirk will be patched soon but it’s just a terrible update in every way..Version: 15.00.6

Lost streak because of bug in appHi Zynga. I had a 177 day streak with one of my friends but because my phone bugged out on your app I lost the streak. I would very much appreciate this if you could bring my streak back because we have worked very hard to get it near 200 days. One more thing my name is Jacob2007G and my friends is Shannon1059. Thanks Zynga.Version: 15.60.2

UpwordsThis game has become a regular part of my day as I play twenty people from all over the world three times a day. It keeps me relaxed and yet focussed and although I don’t know many I play I sometimes send messages that make me feel connected to people. I am addicted but I no longer get frustrated in queues on public transport or whenever forced to wait because I can fill in time exercising my brain with upwords..Version: 11.0.2

Bad update and scammersHi, I do really enjoy this game but find the challenges , rewards etc. an annoying intrusion. Also have to field off many game requests from what I assume are scammers. These people want to start a conversation which may on the odd occasion be a genuine request but mostly not. I hate that you can’t view someone’s profile until after you accept or decline the game..Version: 12.16.1

You stuffed up six years of playing this game!I have had Words with Friends for 6 years. Over 40 games going against people all over the world. When I went to my FB friends list to try to play new people, I found that afterwards I was expected to log on through Facebook. I couldn’t do this. Lost every game I was playing. I had to delete the app and sign in again to find I was now playing WwF2 and had moved on “the journey” from 24 back to 4. I started getting ads which I didn’t before. An option came up to pay $15 to stop the ads but when I clicked on it nothing happened. So angry! Have you a solution?.Version: 14.53.1

Dreadful updateI think this is the first time I've reviewed an app, but that's how bad this latest update is. I could *almost* live with the colours, but the constant haranguing to add stupid nonsense to my games is unbearable. I just want to play the game with a couple of friends. I don't want coins or to play the train driver or whatever. And if that weren't bad enough, the badge notification is the most broken one I've ever encountered. Doesn't always tell me when I do have a move against my friends, often tells me I do when I don't. I've played almost every day for more years than I can remember, but I'm close to quitting it forever..Version: 11.0.2

Cheat's version of WordsAfter having to 'update' to the newer version of Words, I've come to the conclusion it's been devised by some young whizz kid who thinks we can't spell. This new version is just another form of CHEATING. You must be desperate if you need to use some of the words that are accepted. It allows words to be used that are 'unbuildable.' I think if a meaning can't be given for a word, it shouldn't be accepted. It's also time Words updated their Dictionary. Words which I know (and are in my dictionary) aren't accepted at times! It's lost the purpose of trying to find words in your vocabulary. I only play this because Scrabble is so 'user unfriendly' online, and this was the next best thing. Sadly, all the so called updates only serve to make it something with just lots of bells and whistles, which aren't required really..Version: 10.38.1

Latest updates spoil excellent game and freezes games!I have been playing this game for years and spend hours everyday playing. I am really disappointed that you found it necessary to make annoying superficial updates just for the sake of it. The pink/mauve colour scheme is an eyesore and the NEXT GAMES feature is irritating - I like to choose the players that are online for my next game. All we now get is two random games. Please add a control to Settings to allow us to switch this off! When you have done this, I’ll go back to rating you 5 stars. Also since your update of 13 August, the game keeps freezing on the latest IOS. Please fix!.Version: 15.00.6

More like flash screens by yourself‘Words’ and ‘with friends’ are misnomers. Every so-called improvement introduces more flash screens you have to click away and so many ‘challenges’ which are a total joke (“Daily goal: play 2 letters!” Seriously??) that more time is spent waiting for the screens to finish than actually playing. Requests to developers to make these annoyances optional or opt-out-able have been futile. This game is a way of keeping in touch with family members overseas; I find it sad that the developers are more interested in getting in users’ way than in facilitating playing words with friends. Zero stars if possible..Version: 12.16.1

Fun but poorly run, pop up ads and $90 to remove them?!Definitely a fun game but horrible pop up ads ruin this. I can deal with an ad between turns but a pop up for a free iPad leaves with no choice but to close the app when I just wanted to quickly play when I had a few minutes. And I never in my life seen such exorbitant rates to get rid of ads, are they joking?!? Also whenever I go to my profile I am forced to look at all the badges, there is a "see all" button but nothing to opt out and continue doing what I was originally trying to do. Incredibly frustrating..Version: 5.63

Game gets worse with every updateEvery update claims to fix bugs but this game gets worse each time. It is more buggy than ever. Letters that will not move when you try to make a word, letters that 'hang' in mid air while you count down the time until they finally settle in place. The game keeps freezing. It used to be a relaxing game but now is frustrating. Too man 'new' features are ruining it. And don't get me started on the ridiculous words allowed to be played that you will not find in any dictionary..Version: 12.36.1

Formatting and lack of direct contact when problems occurAs above the formatting of the home page changes regularly and it’s then a case of navigating your way around again When there is a glitch or inability to enter a word - initially the program accepts the entry, however once submitted you’re back to square one, that is, it’s as if you hadn’t Entered a word. Very frustrating.Version: 14.53.1

Too many deceptive addsThere are adds after every move and ever since the removal of the add-free bonus for playing a recommended player this is unavoidable unless you pay $50. My major issue is with the adds themselves. There's a national australia bank add that doesn't close when you press the x and instead opens a page in internet browser. There's another add where you have to play a mini game similar to candy crush before being able to close the add. These sorts of disruptive adds make me not want to recommend this game to anybody. Please fix!!!.Version: 5.63

Used to be a great game... now it’s a rip off, don’t waste your moneyI used to play this game every day with a number my friends & loved it until I had to upgrade my phone. At this point I had to buy the new version of the game again. I wanted the ‘classic’ version but It forced me to the version 2. The ads are so bad that the game is seriously unplayable. You wait & wait for the add to pass after every move. We tried to find & paid for fixes but they didn’t work. Don’t waste your time with this game, it’s a rip off.Version: 10.38.1

Classic Words with FriendsI have resisted upgrading to the latest WWF. I have been playing WWF for 5 years and I love the Classic game available on my IPad. The only disadvantage is playing with friends who are able to use ‘coins’ and not miss a go. The other disappointing factor is if I upgrade to the latest version, Zynga is requesting Facebook password. Why? I don’t want to sign up to the latest version with Facebook. When I first signed up , I did not have to use Facebook sign in. I am really disappointed. And with all the current news regarding Facebook and Facebook allowing 3rd parties to have access to data without Facebook’s members permission - it’s very frightening! I just enjoy playing the Classic Words with Friends. Regards.Version: 10.63.1

Words are illegal for me but opponents can play them??Generally love playing this game and I play daily. But some things really irk me. The store constantly has the red dot showing 2 unread notifications and I’ve clicked everything and they don’t go away. Either a bug or a nasty tactic. I’ll assume it’s a bug. When you play the solo challenge, the AI constantly plays words that are “legal” but not in the dictionary. And the worst is this thing now where it tells me a word is illegal but it’s in the dictionary and my opponent was able to play it. Awful and unfair way to lose a game!.Version: 12.16.1

Paid for ad free, now plagued with boxes & candy canesAnd it just gets worse. I am in the middle of playing a word and it takes me to another screen telling me what I have ‘won’. Random people I don’t know start games with me. I have my own friends - this isn’t a dating site. PLEASE PLEASE STOP. You are ruining my pleasure playing with my friends. I don’t want boxes, I don’t want prizes, I just want to be able to play the game in peace. I paid to get rid of the ads to be able to get on with my games. Now I am forced to respond to boxes, candy canes and meaningless letters I am supposed to play - why would I even want to - and I cannot proceed until I have responded. Why do you want to wreck my games? Can I pay to get rid of these interruptions as well? Today I earned a cheesecake badge. I cannot play my next move until I have looked at it. Even shutting the game down and reopening it doesn’t make it go away. I am a retired adult not a 10 year old. I renew my offer to pay to make this torture go away..Version: 12.50.1

Spoiled by fluff and stuff but fun to play if you pay for it to avoid the insufferable adverts.Almost totally worth it. As a LONG time pay to use - user, I play a lot of my friends regularly... but when I see the INCREDIBLE amount of ads you are bombarded with (if you don’t own it like me). If I didn’t already own it from when it was cheaper... I would not pay that much for it because even though I’m a paying user I STILL get provided an option to watch adverts to get currency. I hate the animations of stupid stuff and journeys and other meaningless achievements of “playing JXCQZ” I mean... who cares. Just let me destroy my opponent friends in a fair game of scrabble. Also. Get an option for switching off the optional extra coin power move things. They screw over the person without them. Without currency or without purchasing currency with real money. I see that you guys need to make money. But how many Ferrari’s do you guys need? You legally ripped off a classic without being sued.. no need to milk it. Unless you are paying 75c in the dollar of profit to them or something. Anyways. Well done. Simplify simplify simplify. Get rid of paying ads for greedy people and it’ll get you more paying users. 4.7 stars. Not 4..Version: 14.43.1

Words with friendsLove playing Words with Friends. Can be a bit frustrating coping with occasional glitches where you have to turn your phone off to get it back on track. Also playing the challenges to earn mystery boxes etc can be annoying due to it being so contrived and not just random luck. But overall very enjoyable and good for the brain. Thanks.Version: 15.60.2

Fun but frustratingIt’s always fun to play but you shouldn’t take it too seriously. Many regular words are missing from the games lexicon. Lots of others are accepted when they have no meanings. These are often not even neologisms....... they are just non words. Weird..Version: 12.00.2

FeedbackI have just discovered that a friend I have been playing for years is now able to play words that I can’t - vu, ee, ou, and goodness knows how many others! When I try to play them the dictionary says they are acceptable, but they are rejected when I press send. Please concentrate on fixing things like this rather than the ridiculous rewards and challenges that, according to the reviews, the vast majority of players hate. You will lose all those players as soon as another developer comes up with a version without all the nonsense, most of just want a basic scrabble type game, with a reasonable dictionary. More nonsense words is not better!.Version: 12.16.1

AnnoyingThe game itself is fun, but honestly, the amount of ads, rewards, events, notifications, etc etc etc makes me regret logging back into the game each time I have a break. It's just too much. I've also opted out of random matches and basically everything in settings but still get random people making games with me. I don't want to play random people. I just want to play with friends. Please make this stop..Version: 14.20.4

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Version 16.41.2 (2021-06-24): Dear Wordies, We’ve updated our latest version with bug fixes and improvements! May The Best Friend Win Words With Friends.

Version 16.21.2 (2021-05-17): Dear Wordies, We’ve updated our latest version with bug fixes and improvements! May The Best Friend Win Words With Friends.

Version 15.92.0 (2021-03-15): Dear Wordies, We’ve updated our latest version with bug fixes and improvements! May The Best Friend Win Words With Friends.

Version 15.60.2 (2020-12-09): Dear Wordies, We’ve updated our latest version with bug fixes and improvements! May The Best Friend Win Words With Friends.

Version 15.50.1 (2020-11-16): Dear Wordies, We’ve updated our latest version with bug fixes and improvements! May The Best Friend Win Words With Friends.

Version 15.00.6 (2020-08-06): Play your best words in the latest release from Words With Friends! Compete with friends and family or find the perfect match to complete your Daily Goals! Smoother gameplay than ever before with new updates and bug fixes..