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Jump and fly your way through danger in this rhythm-based action platformer!

"Frustratingly wonderful" - Kotaku

"Geometry Dash provides all of the challenge expected from an “impossible” game while also making it more accessible to newcomers."
- 148Apps

"Geometry Dash is a fast-paced platformer that will leave you screaming in frustration, but you’ll keep coming back for more."
- AppAdvice

Prepare for a near impossible challenge in the world of Geometry Dash. Push your skills to the limit as you jump, fly and flip your way through dangerous passages and spiky obstacles.

Simple one touch game play that will keep you entertained for hours!

Check out the full version for new levels, soundtracks, achievements, online level editor and much much more!

Game Features
• Rhythm-based Action Platforming!
• Unlock new icons and colors to customize your character!
• Fly rockets, flip gravity and much more!
• Use practice mode to sharpen your skills!
• Challenge yourself with the near impossible!

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Geometry Dash Lite App User Reviews & Comments

Such A Great Game!I love the game so much. And some people might complain about the ads, but if you turn your WiFi Connection off, then you don’t get any ads AT ALL! One thing I also love about this game, is that is the levels do not just stay easy the whole game as you beat them, but they don’t stay hard either! They start off real easy, then as you complete more and get better at the game, the levels get a lot harder. I have no complaints, but only one recommendation. I really recommend that you let people Create levels without having to get the full version of Geometry Dash, which is a whole different game that does cost you money. But that’s it! I really recommend this game for your child, or for you. Thanks, great game. - #KazyGamer.Version: 2.2

LOVE THIS GAME! But please read editors!!This is my addiction. It is so so fun and super challenging. I can spend weeks completing a level in my free time, and I never stop liking this game. There are exactly ZERO ads which is great, and the levels are all super visually appealing and fun. The only thing I wish would change about this game is more easy levels. Some of us who love this game aren't actually that great at it!!! The first few levels are the easy ones and they give a good warm up to the harder ones, but after that, they are all super hard. I am stuck on x-step right now, and I feel like if their were more easy levels I wouldn't be so frustrated. Plus, all the new levels that come out are all really hard. If you could make it so that you add in an easy level every now and then, that would be amazing. It would make your not so great gamers happier!!! Thank you so much for reading!.Version: 2.2

Unfair levelsI just want to say first that this game can be very fun. But, it has two ways to beat a level practice mode and regular mode. It is easy to beat the practice mode but, when you get to the regular let’s just say that i have had the game for two months now and play almost every day and can’t pass level one. The reason that I can’t pass level one also might be because the levels are waaaay to long it takes like five minutes to get to 60% of the way through the level. instead of fixing bugs and adding new levels since you can go backwards in levels you can put power ups in the levels that can make you go faster and slower and stuff like that. One last thing that i would like to say is that it is very easy to earn new colors for character customization but, It is hard to get new skins you have to complete the level in normal mode to get those..Version: 2.2

Good but some suggestionsSo this game is very hard to some people so maybe it would be better if you made a level that’s easier than others but you can just keep practicing it. A another suggestion is Play against each other. Make it so it can divide into two screens pick a map and then see who can go the farthest! Also maybe you can make it so that skins are easier to get. Let me go back to the divide screen thing. What if you can play online and go against other players!?!?!?!? One more thing maybe you could get coins and you can use those coins to buy skins skin colors and other maps well that’s all the suggestions I have hope 🤞🏻you Add these and hope your companies doing well good bye✋🏻.Version: 2.2

Please read my reviewIt is a great game I know this game doesn’t have too many ads but I just think you could lower it down. I also want to add that the reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is because it can be annoying when you have got so far and die and things like that. Another annoying thing is that, I have been waiting ever since I got this game, for a new level because it says one will be coming soon but it has never come, so I am wondering do I need to buy a new version to get it, or is the app just lying and there is no new game. Other then these things great game and you should totally get it. And one thing any rating below three stars is not worth reading. Ok I know I said that would be the last thing but, level 1 is not hard so don’t believe it is, and it feels really good to beat a level even if you have already beaten it..Version: 2.2

Great game but...Ok let me just say I your game but one issue about back on track...that one issue about back on teach is that at the beginning the back round is pink and I’m not just saying that because I don’t like pink matter of fact I don’t even care what color the back round is ok but I got to tell you when some won isn’t the best at back on track there is one issue and that one issue is when you stare at a really bright color of pink especlly on a device when you look around everything’s green I don’t know why but please if any of your geometry dash games have a pink back round please change the color and the reason why I gave a 5 star review is because I know you mean well so can we just fix that in the future please thank you for reading this also great game but you know why thank you.Version: 2.2

Well, let's be honest here...This game is so fun but challenging to play. if you are looking for an easy game that is relaxing, then i would suggest that you find something else. this game can be frustrating and make you question your life decisions. i am stuck at 91 percent on the time machine level. one thing i would mention that i don't like or have noticed more often than not happens to be seen after the 4th level. you get an ad that you usually can't skip, and afterwards, the game becomes weird. even if you are not even touching the screen, the character will jump nonstop. you will die over and over again, continuously. if you press the pause button and then press play, somehow you can't jump at all, even if you hold your finger on the screen. you have to exit out of the level or close the app completely, which means that when you go back into the level, after 4 tries, you are going to get another ad..and the whole affair begins once more. i don't know if anyone else has had this problem or if it's just with my phone, but i encourage the app creators and editors to try and resolve this issue. overall, i give this app a 3 out of 5 stars because the problem can become very annoying as it happens over and over again. however, i do enjoy this app very much still, and i love the music that goes along with the levels!! if you read all of this, then thank you for your time!!!~~.Version: 2.2

If you think you'll hate it, quickly install it and then TRY IT!!!If you do not have this game, you need it. For all those people who think, " How can simply taping the screen to make a tiny, colorful cube jump over spikes, be fun?" Well, it's just that. Except let's put it in a different perspective. Most games (that are fun) are hard to learn the controls and master the first couple tries. But in Geometry Dash, it takes about 5 seconds to completely master the game and complete level one. But that is just level one. As you progress, the cources get harder. I mean hard. Hard like a gamer that plays from 6:30 p.m. to about 7:55 a.m. nonstop (other then restroom breaks) but also there are wash cources. Perfect for all!!!!! And if you still think that you will hate it, then just try it. And if you still don't like it after you try it, then, sadly, no one can help you there..Version: 2.2

I would rate this five stars but there’s some problemsI love this game. Like it’s a really fun game. I’ve played it ever since I was younger. But lately I’ve noticed something. So first off the ads. There are just way too many. I really like the one life thing but after like two or three tries there’s an ad! It’s ridiculous. Also, (and I’m also talking about all the other geometry dash games as well) the whole only 6 colors and 3 design thing at the beginning is not my favorite thing for sure. I like the thing where you have to earn achievements to earn colors and that parts cool with me but the design!?!? I’ve been playing a month now and other than the original designs I’ve unlocked one. And that’s just another cube face! I just personally think that there should be more to choose from. Other than these two problems though this is a great game. I absolutely love it..Version: 2.2

Like but don't likeI really love this game but I think it needs some changes, I like it 4 and a half stars but I can't do that, this game is a little glitchy for me, and my iPod is a 5th generation so if you could help with that I would be grateful, plus I think the full version should be less money, like 1$ because it still frustrates you when you mess up and you think it glitched or something but I really love this game, but one more thing, I think this game needs more easy levels and kind of easy all the way up to hard, it has a good amount of hard levels, but it's kind of boring when you are playing the first level and that's the only one you can almost finish so I think there should be some other ones that are the same hard as the first on, and the other levels that get kind of hard and ya. But out of all I LOVE THIS GAME AND I THINK THIS IS THE FUNNIEST GAME I HAVE ON MY IPOD!!!!!!!!!! Sense I can't get Fortnite..Version: 2.2

Amazing 10/10This is a great game for kids,teens and adults alike! The parents with problems about this mostly aren't even monitoring their child well enough.. 1) Levels with names such as "bloodbath" are levels which can only be accessed by looking at the online levels, and is difficult to find without searching for it. 2) Parents concerned about comments with swearing didn't look at the settings to find a parental controls panel in which you can disable comments, disable the user from being able to comment and only show featured levels to avoid any levels with profanities being shown. 3) The "demon" icon for difficult levels.. I mean come on it is brightly colored and not scary at all my nephew (4 years!) thinks its cool and is definitely not scared. 4) concerning the difficulty of levels, you as a parent can go online and find some easier ones (even automatic ones where you don't have to press anything) and by doing that the child will eventually get better allowing him to progress to more difficult stages..Version: 2.2

Things about geometry dash so amazingI love geometry dash it’s a good game everyone should play some people have the real one I have all the geometry dash it’s so fun to play of course I play other games like roblox and sword art online but geometry dash it’s like I never played something like this before until I deleted it of course I put it back on but after playing for 2 years I got bored with the game I just stopped playing it and started playing other games and watching tv more wants i went back to playing on my phone there it was geometry dash it’s like I never played it so I clicked it and there back again in geometry dash. Thank ya for this love and care for geometry dash it really suit me for playing it’s like a fav I never played a game like this by 🥰.Version: 2.2

AmazingOk so I love geometry dash it’s such a fun game and I love how it gets hard bye each level other games it’s the same amount of hard but different things so I was happy about that and also it has practice mode and it will give you check points were you died and you’ll re spon there do you can practice I love this game so much except for the music when your on practice mode so this is a great offline game that can help you pass the time and if you are on a car ride it’s amazing and it being offline if really useful it’s by far the best offline fun game in my opinion totally 💯 recommend to everyone it doesn’t matter what age you are but if your billow the age 6 it might be really hard and that’s my review thanks for reading😃😄✌️👌.Version: 2.2

It’s really fun, but hard. Also a few suggestions.Let’s be honest, it’s a great game and it was designed very well. If you’re looking for a relaxing game, I personally won’t recommend this game. It’s pretty hard and it can kinda make you stress. Anyway, let’s get to the point. It’s a really cool game and it is unique because other games don’t have these challenges. It’s really fun to play. Also, I really like the achievements, and I like how there isn’t so much ads like other games. A feature that could be cool is maybe making you’re own little skins. This feature might be in the full version, but I don’t know because I’m broke as hell (that was a joke). I like how the game is very challenging and fun. If there was 10 stars, I absolutely would choose 10 stars. Anyway, thanks for reading my review. 😁.Version: 2.2

My Review (Please read took a lot of time)I think the app is vey great and cool, the funny thing is that u used to call it rigged because I couldn’t get past the first level😂 A cool add on would be play a race against your friends and u have like a chat thing to so I guys can talk to each other kinda like fortnight like a relay would be super cool. Therefore I think this is a wonderful app and I enjoy playing it, it’s so addicting so I think you should try it I’m only on the third level and i play this app so much, but it would be way more awesome if they added the relay thing u said, just a suggestion. I don’t know if you are going to see this review or not but I think you did an amazing job creating this app I think it’s really cool and it would be amazing if you read this. I really hope you might consider the relay thing but overall I am very impressed by this app. Peace out ✌️👌 I.Version: 2.2

Super Fun:))Honestly this game is sooo fun to play and kill time and I love it there are no ads for me at all making it once again one of the best games I’ve played but if you get irritated quickly this is not going to be a game you enjoy because it will irritate you a lot and it just makes me anxiety level go up and I get really mad when I get literally so close I remember when I first go this game and I had been playing them in order and not moving on until I had them level before complete so when I was on Dry Out I kept making it to 95 percent and then I’d die so it make me mad but I couldn’t stop playing but either way it’s a really good game, but I don’t recommend if you get mad really quickly I mean I do get mad pretty fast but I don’t mind it..Version: 2.2

Please readI loved this game the first 4 or 5 levels but then they are rigged. I tap it doesn’t work when I don’t it does and ether way I loose. Not to many adds just every like fifteen times you do a level and even then you can skip almost right away. For that I say best game but there are a lot of bad parts about it. Anyways, the levels get harder and harder like normal then some there are parts where if you tap you hit something if you don’t you hit something and if you press and hold you hit something so you basically can’t get past. It makes me so annoyed. When I started the game I would have said stress relieving and fun. It’s still addicting but once I stop I’m so mad that anyone near me gets mad to. I would play maybe the first few levels once you win just get a different type of geometry dash and it should be fine. This could just just be me but I dunno. If you have little kids though I would recommend, when I was little it was the best game ever but now I’m older and find it confusing and frustrating but for little kids it’s super fun and you won’t have to deal with them for at least an hour if you’ve read this far thanks! Stay awesome stay sweet and don’t forget to be nice to each other Hope this helped!.Version: 2.2

Excellent game, a real treatThis is a great game for advanced gamers. The soundtrack is amazing and the levels are fun and exciting right to the end. The only thing is that the game can get very tricky. The first level is easy to complete but the second level is hard considering it’s only the SECOND level. Even though the levels do look hard at first, I was able to pass levels I never thought I would complete when I was just a beginner thanks to my practice and time I spent playing this game. So even though it does look hard, it is possible. Turning back to the positive type of features, the ad amount is just right with not to much ads and the customization of characters is very fun and innovative. So all and all I give this game 4 stars for its outstanding gameplay but still difficult levels..Version: 2.2

Great game, just add more.This game is great, super addicting, if you like to test your reflexes. But........... Add more! This game is super fun, and I would like more PLEASE! I love this game, I've been playing this game for 2 years now, and they still haven't updated! The only way to get more levels is to either buy the full version with your money, or buy a different version like subzero. I like to keep some space on my device for updates and other stuff like that, but I still love this game. Overall, I just want more stuff in the lite version of this game. There is also this one bug that annoys me SO MUCH. When I have to watch an ad sometimes, after I exit it, it just automatically jumps for me, and the only way to solve it is to leave and reenter the level, and it just takes too much time. Please fix this..Version: 2.2

Yay...This game is amazing. It is challenging, and a game people want to watch you play. I love this game, and it’s perfectly similar to the one you have to buy. The one thing I do have doubts on, is the difficulty. Yes, it is challenging, and fun! But I can be very frustrating from time, to time... to time... to time... it is very hard, and it is frustrating when one mess up can start you all over. But anyway, I really like this game, and would, and do, recommend it. Also, another downside, my phone, doesn't ever really glitch or anything unless I’m playing this game. I think the harder it gets the glitchier it becomes. I will almost beat “Can’t let go” which is pretty much the specific one I’m talking about, constantly glitches no matter where I’m at. It really frustrates me a lot. But it’s whatever, yet it causes me to leave the game because I get so aggravated..Version: 2.2

It’s a good game I don’t get the one starsOk, first of all, I went to write this rating while also wondering “hmm I wonder why people rated it so bad! In my opinion it’s good.” The one I was most concerned about was inappropriate ads. For me, there is nothing like that. I guess it was a fixed bug. Some of the 1 star ratings are literally pointless. Some of them just simply said “the game is trash I hate it.” Also, if you are seriously raging so hard over a GAME, your gonna BREAK YOUR DEVICE? Ok, well that shouldn’t happen, and it’s YOUR own fault if you did that. I get there are many ads, but still, my opinion says this game is good but it is fine if you don’t like it. Bonus: the people saying they broke their device is a lie because they wouldn’t be able to write a review if their device is broken..Version: 2.2

Been playing geometry dash for a long timeI have been playing this game forever I had the full game but lost my stuff at some point removing everything, anyway I got on the App Store and saw the app and remembered how great of a game it was, I beat all the levels and in practice however not all coins, the only downside to this newer version of LITE makes too many adds that usually can get you off track of focus and gameplay, Another downside id like to add if the clock registration, a click registration is when you tap and your character jumps, well I began noticing that the game won’t register ALL taps and that kind of annoyed me, I did everything to try to prevent it like taking off my case, still no result, clean off my phone, still the same problem so if you ever get mad that you failed by tapping and it’s not jumping it’s probably not your fault, Ps. The game is better to play without WiFi to distinguish the add spam Blueflame109~.Version: 2.2

Like but here are a few update ideasDon’t get me wrong I like the game but I could use some work so here are a few update ideas. First of all I don’t really like how when you die you have to restart The whole entire round so maybe they can make a pause screen that says continue with an ad because an a lot of games that I play it says continue with an ad icon by it Man it sure is useful so they should add that another idea that I have is maybe making new rounds because when I was six I have a game and 40 years later it’s the same rounds but it says that they’re coming out soon so I’m Kinda confused about this so maybe they can stick with their word and I don’t know make new rounds or games and that will be very useful because honestly It gets a little boring so if the creators of geometry light are reading this please make more rounds bc everybody’s getting bored out of their skull and I know I’m not the only one who gets bored and I would buy the actual game but it costs money and I don’t wanna waste my money so those were a few ideas that you guys can add to the game so please read this Geometry Light. -splatoonqueen123.Version: 2.2

GeometryDash4Life!!!!I LOVE this game as you can probably tell from the title of this review. There is a big variety of levels and I like how you can do them in any order. You don’t have to unlock them. I also like how you can tap anywhere on the screen to jump instead of a jump button because I usually have trouble hitting those! 😅 My only request is that you can unlock more designs for your square without having to follow Geometry Dash or subscribe or pay for the full version or whatever. I think that there should be more square designs that you can earn by completing a level or playing for a while or something like that. It edges players to continue playing. I really hope you read my review! Love this game!!!.Version: 2.2

UwU best game I ever played, but just one thingIt’s a super fun game, frustrating, it’s exactly what I want in every game, and fascinating colors and moves, but really.. in practice mode, you die sometimes and you jumped on accidentally when you died, but when you respawn from the green checkpoint, you jump, it’s really frustrating, but it’s not that bad. I just have to remove the checkpoint I’m spawning at, over all this is such a great game, RobTop! UPDATE:I don’t know if this is just me but the speed when your doing any level your speed is slower. This is causing me to die a lot. I also noticed increase in ads. Say, every 4 attempts. Ad. So it might be just me... like I said. The slow speed might just be me only. But for the ads I’m also not sure..Version: 2.2

Good but very hard!Ican’t finish can’t let go it is way too Hard!. I love this game but it is way to hard I can’t stand it The part that is very hard is The backward and I am thinking WHY DID THEY EVEN MAKE A BACKWARD PART! the backward part started at dry out I could never finish dry out Also because of the BACKWARD PART!!! And also Base after base is very easy for me it’s not that complicated. And when I first came to this I was of course in stereo madness it was easy at first but the THREE PART! (Three sharp needles) Was way too hard for also base after base and other ones also had the three part in it ( Three sharp needles) WICH makes base after base a bit hard. And also I can’t stand the adds. And if I want to get rid of them then I would have to pay money!.Version: 2.2

ChallengingI love a good challenge and it’s very challenging making it very fun and it takes a long time to complete levels so instead of being a game you finish and get bored of quick it lasts very long and very fun. It also has good music I think this music is very good so it makes me very happy and gives me energy when I’m down. It’s a very enjoyable game I hope everybody can have as much fun as I am having if you read this review I think you would find these 3 reasons a very good Um well reason to get this game! And to add to this one thing I forgot to mention the reason it takes time is because your whole body has to get used to the levels! My fingers work with my ears and eyes so they know from music and sight when to jump because you remember the music and the obstacles! A very good game ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ oof sorry for making this so long I talk a lot and hv a lot of things popping in on my mind! XD 👍.Version: 2.2

Great Thrilling Game!I have to admit, the first impression was pretty annoying. The levels seemed impossible for anyone and the first level was tedious. But, the more I played, the more it was less frustrating and more thrilling. It is still sometimes frustrating and annoying how challenging it can get, but it is great quality. There are very little ads (something you don’t see too often!) and it works very well. Like others have said though; this game is not relaxing. It is satisfying to finally beat the level, but it still gets my heartbeat racing. The music is amazing and always syncs with the level layout. I have tried other games similar to this like Rolling Sky, but this beats it out by far. It is amazing overall and I recommend to anyone searching for a challenge with something unique!.Version: 2.2

One the best games ever...This is one of my most played games. I love it, and am probably going to get the full version soon. I do think that it could have some improvements, though: for example, there is one square that you can get just by clicking the "locked" thingy over it, but I only know bc I went through the whole thing and clicked them all to see what I needed to do to get as many as I could. Another one is the practice mode is so much fun, while still hard, but the regular levels are unpredictable. It says that the later levels are harder than the first ones, but I find that not to be so, but it doesn't really matter bc they are all impossible. Now, I like a good challenge, but I have been trying the first level for so long, and it doesn't feel like any progress is being made. However, the game is very addictive, does not have too many ads, and is very customizable. There are many limitations that are only available in the full version, but I guess that that is how they make money. Anyway, thanks for reading this and I hope that it was helpful. Also thank you Robtop for creating an amazing game!.Version: 2.2

Awesome, but a breeding ground for glitchesThis game is perfect in almost every way ~ it’s fun, addicting, and has lots of cool levels, characters and songs. However it glitches ~ and I mean a LOT. So I’m not sure if it is just my iPad going koo-koo in its old age, but when I play this game I notice a lot of problems. 1) The one that happens the most is that suddenly, after I die, when I automatically regenerate, the game goes into slow motion. The music gets way ahead and my little square dude is still at the beginning, moving at a glacial pace. And then after thirty seconds, it speeds up rapidly to catch up with the music, but it glitches everywhere and I always end up dying. 2) The icon sometimes decides, “Why don’t I be extremely annoying and jump when I’m not supposed to and vise versa?” 3) The ads. There are soooooo many! You can’t skip them and when you do, it just takes you to the App Store and when you get back to the game, it glitches again. This app is for kids 4 years +, but some of the ads that play, featuring guns and war and romance, can make kids that young feel uncomfortable. Apart from these few imperfections, I still play this game all the time. It is good for all ages, it rarely gets boring, and though it can be extremely frustrating, it still remains in my top 10 list of video games. Great work on this and please make more levels!!!.Version: 2.2

GREAT. game. 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I love EVERY aspect of this game. i found this game out of nowhere, came on my reddit page one day— you know how it is. but anyways. back to my story. every part of it is perfect. the music. UGH 🤌. the game is initially challenging, but evolves over time and coalesces beautifully. it is also infinitely imaginative, so many ways to die: killing yourself on the ceiling while flying, falling all the way down onto a spike, and even falling into the cavernous, gaping depths of one of the pits. you even begin to sympathize with the character: simply trying to make it to the end, a general premonition that we have all had, scraping and crawling through our hardships, in this case, the many ways to die, and the challenge of timing the sequenced taps in order to maneuver the map, in order to avoid the chances of death. we have all experienced the variations, one may even use the word classifications, of the trials that the cube endures. which leads me to my next point. after engaging in this complex activity, i have become emotionally connected to the shown character. this game has touched me in ways that i could never have imagined, changed my outlook on life, in simple ways such as even changing my everyday routines. that is the end of my monologue, story, explanation of my love that i attempt to express in these numerable of sentences. i thank you for this game. i thank you for the impact on my life you have created. thank you..Version: 2.2

It’s a great game, but just a few bugsThis is a great game to pass the time, it’s really entertaining and fun, but it can get difficult. Of course I’m not complaining, personally I love games that challenge you, but there is a few bugs that should be fixed. First one is; when I try to change my character on the app, it never saves. For example, if I have a square but I want the rocket ship, I go to change it, but then when I come back, I still have the square. Obviously it isn’t a big problem, but I would just like to able to change my character. Second one is; when I want to listen to music that’s not on the app, but play the app at the same time, it closes out my music as soon as I open the app, even when I have everything on silent. For example, if I’m listening to Apple Music and then I try to go on the app, it closes out Apple Music even when I’ve put the app on silent. Once again, not a necessary thing to have on an app, but I would like to have the option to listen to my own music while playing on the app. Other than that, it’s a really great app, I love playing it when I have nothing else to do, and it rarely crashes or lags, which is great because that gets pretty annoying on other apps. Overall, I would definitely recommend this app to anyone who likes a challenge..Version: 2.2

Great game, but very very frustratingSo I have a love hate relationship with Geometry Dash. Sometimes I’ll complete a level in like 20 minutes and feel like a god, but then there’s levels like “Time Machine” which push me to the limit. Sometimes I’ll click even a millisecond too late and crash into a spike... the game just doesn’t give you enough reaction time. It depends highly on luck at some points, a lot on timing, and some percentage on anger management. Seriously, this game is soooo irritating, I have to clench my teeth and crack my knuckles to avoid throwing my phone on the ground. However, it’s an excellent game with amazing design, so I’ll to give the game developers props for that. I will still always despise them for making “Time Machine” tho. Seriously, you gotta be sadistic to make such cruel levels 😂.Version: 2.2

Geometry Dash saved my marriageIt was a frightful day, and my wife and me were arguing about the rent and bills. We would have divorced if we had the chance and were getting ready to sign the papers. While our counselor was speaking to us, I went into the App Store and saw this. I got the game and I beat stereo madness which completely enlightened my mood. I would be stuck in the restroom constantly beating hard levels and being challenged. I forgot all the troubles of my life. But then, I realized something. My wife loved me. Why did we have to argue?I one day showed this game to her, and she became addicted. We would bet against each other who could beat a level first making no mistakes. It put us together. We grew to love each other more. We decided to stop the papers and stopped the arguing we did. Thank you RobTop for all you have done. A little square jumping, made my relationship jump..Version: 2.2

Best game EVERThis is one of my favorite games on my phone, and I would definitely recommend it!! For a FREE version of geometry dash it comes with a considerable amount of customization options. Plus there are plenty of levels and it’s really rewarding to beat them!! I myself am on level 7 and am REALLY enjoying the remixed beats and different concepts inside of each level. If you keep scrolling down you might see how people are complaining about how many adds there are, but in my opinion there aren’t very many and most of the games in the adds are interesting. I’ve actually downloaded a couple and they’ve become some of my favorite games. Overall I think anyone who likes a challenge would REALLY like this game. WARNING ⚠️ THIS GAME IS NOT EXTREMELY EASY AND IT CAN TAKE AWHILE TO COMPLETE A LEVEL (It took me almost 950 tries to finish the 6th level) YOU'VE BEEN WARNED.Version: 2.2

These are my two centsFirst, let me just say that this game is AMAZING. I love the soundtrack and the way they did, well, everything! There's only two things that make it unenjoyable: 1 Glitch: the game is really cool and fun except for the one glitch I've seem to encountered. After I die, ( like 6 times, I'm really bad) it plays an ad. Which is totally ok with because it doesn't have a lot of ads. But after the ad, it stops playing the music. It doesn't really matter but it doesn't play at all. I have to completely exit the game and open it again. So RobTop community, please fix that glitch, it drives me insane because I love hearing the music. The Beat: As I've said many times, I love this game and the music. But on some levels the beat doesn't match the jumps. I know this because I play many instruments and need to pay attention to that stuff when I record and things like that. That's just what I wanted to say, people who haven't played this game, you really need to get it! It's awesome. RobTop community, thank you for making this game! Please come out with more levels!.Version: 2.2

This game is AMAZING 😉😍I have been playing this game for about three years starting on my kindle but... I got that taken away but I got a phone so I got that game and even though I kinda gave up on the third level it is really fun if you want a challenge and you can beat them I recommend this game to all of you! The only thing i want is to have music and be able to play your music because I and probably everyone else in the world would LOVE ❤️ to listen to their music 🎶 I honestly think we should be able to listen to our music we can listen to our music and be able to play the levels to our songs if that is possible and be able to unlock the full version for free that would be good I really want to finish the game thank you for considering my review and ideas 💡 have a marvoulus day..Version: 2.2

Geometry dash honest ratingThere are many wonderful things about this game٫ although there can be some things changed. Geometry dash is an amazing game or push your brain limits. It can be a kid game or an adult game. It helps people improve iq and creativity and has lots of fun characteristics and emojis to make the game fun and exciting. It's also one of those games that you cant stop playing٫ you keep saying "one more round." or "i just need to pass those level." These games are huge hits answer always have lots of people playing the game all day. Lots of people may not feel the same in ways such as٫ the glitches this game has or how hard they are. Especially game ragers. Everybody rages but some people have a hard time with these types of games. Some are incredible and can always get to the end. Other than those bigger issues٫ some other main ones are that this game has almost no updates and in order to I think you have to get the other version for $2.99. I'm not quit sure because I have not actually bought it. Either way the free version needs updates and new levels. It says they are coming soon but they never actually get any٫ even in a year or so they never have anything. It can get kinda boring. Other than that its a great game that I highly recomend especially for people who always like to challenge them selves. In conclusion٫ this is an amazing game with barely any (big) issues..Version: 2.2

Really cool game!I love this game! It is super fun and has really cool levels. This game has a lot of adds. It feels like there was just ads and now there is another add. But I think that is the only thing I do not like about this really cool game. I really like how they have practice mode which has check points. This game is really indicting. I play everyday because it is so fun! I love the sound track. This is the game I play most on my phone. It is like the best game on the internet. You also get to customize the little thing that you make jump! There are lots of different levels that show faces on the front before you click on the level and that show you how gets harder by showing different faces. It starts off with a really happy ball and then goes to a really angry ball. It is so cool! I hope this makes more levels and makes Geometry lite even more awesome! This is the best game ever!!!!!!! Super happy, JD.Version: 2.2

Love Geometry Dash!!This game is amazing, and so are all the other games of this line. My only problem is that I want to get the original, but I don’t want to spend money. Robtop, is clearly making more money than originally, because a couple years ago I played GD Meltdown and there were no ads. At all. Now, I’ve downloaded it again, and there are ads. Not a lot, in fact, hardly any, but Robtop is still getting paid to play those ads, so why can’t they just make the original game free? Now that they’re getting paid for ads, do they really still need to ask for money for the original? Besides, they can make it so you pay the same amount you currently have to pay for the game the amount you have to pay to get rid of ads permanently. I know this hasn’t really been helpful, and the developers don’t seem to really look at the reviews, but it feels good to get this off my chest. Sincerely, Someone who cares..Version: 2.2

It’s fun but hard....I am obsessed with this game.I play all the things me! But there is a few things you could fix. For example I like to go in order and right now I’m on back on track and ever time I played the practice mode before it would work. Now it’s not working I have to mark the place I want it to go back to and that gets really distracting while the game. But that’s not a big problem. Another problem is sometimes it won’t play the music. I personally like the music (on some of the levels) but it could just be a problem with my phone but it doesn’t play sometimes. Don’t worry about that. Another thing you could fix is when go to change character I will change it then I go back to the game and my character didn’t change * don’t worry not a huge problem *. If I have to be honest my favorite one so far are polargeist and back in track. But some of the other levels can be super hard! Overall I’m not trying to complain but there is a few things you could fix. I love the game! -Sarah.Version: 2.2

It’s great buuutttt.....It’s a good game honestly, but it’s such an ad spam I turn on airplane mode I still get them. And it’s always that bad app tictoc and it’s so annoying because after like two attempts it’s just tictoc and tictoc and tictoc and I hate that app with a passion because it’s so dumb and people are doing things in that app that make them like crazy because there moving there are allll round and when I got the app I still didnt like it. All I’m saying is that this game is great I love the game so much, buts it’s been unplayable because of the spam of ads yea there’s a ad blocker but I’m a free to play type person I don’t like spending money on games because I might delete them or I might get hacked or I might get banned. Please robotop fix your game I don’t wanna delete this game but the ads are making me close to do it..Version: 2.2

It’s just a hit hard..Hello so me and my cousin were playing this game and it has so much adds and i just don’t like that! But i do like this game it’s very fun and cool! i love the music that goes with it, it has very nice music! i started playing it a lot and now i play so much! i had no problems at all, but if you can, can you please add more easy levels, some people have people have trouble with the first round and it gets annoying but it dose give me a challenge so i like that it’s not to hard, i only gave it 4 / 5 because the add and on the practice level it rests back and i would love if you put and the practice a start button if you wanted to start but it goes so fast so can you put like were you put ur own speed? I am getting way bet though and i love that, but it’s terrible for my eyes because i don’t blink at all 😃 but it a great app overall! i will always will enjoy the app because it’s a really good app, but the i don’t like how you put the other one as a buy but i have you can get to this message!.Version: 2.2

10/10- This game slapsI am a connoisseur of difficult games that take determination to finish. this, this is the one. i absolutely love this game. i actually used to have terminal erectile disfunction before i began playing this game, but i get so thrilled and engaged in it, and thanks to this app i no longer do. my wife is so happy with it, whenever we have “alone time,” I get my phone and immediately get on this app. it adds a little bit of spice to the bedroom, we have had the most fun nights we have had since our 20’s. if you start experiencing this as well from this game, then i don’t recommend playing it in public. i was on the plane once, and i began playing, sadly my wife wasn’t around, so i had to go to the cockpit, (i’m a pilot so i know this is why they named it this), and one thing led to another. let’s just say there was some turbulence. anyways, i highly recommend this app. passes the time very easily.Version: 2.2

Uh is this even a question AWESOME!😄😄😄Ok this is my absolute favorite app ever. Hi robtop this game well it’s a piece of art, game art that is I play it all the time It’s kinda hard after awile I’m stuck of the can’t let go level with 78% I’ve beet every level on practice mode this game is so fun whenever there’s a boring day at school and our teacher lets us have five minutes to fifteen minutes of free time everybody and when I say everybody I’m being very literal when I say everybody I mean like we all just rush over and play geometry dash it’s super fun. I’ve read some of the other reviews about there being to many adds but honestly I don’t see how you can complain after that I mean there is only adds after twenty or thirty try’s so don’t no what there talking about I’m also thinking of buying the full addition thanks for reading..Version: 2.2

Great!!! Some suggestions 🌮🌮I have always liked this game since I was 8 or so. But I only could beat the first level. It got boring but then I played it again a week ago and I practice a lot and I use the practice mode and practiced hard parts of each level and I actually got some where and beat all the levels🤓 yes I know I’m a nerd for playing that much and I’m definitely going to get the full game but I have one suggestion: So since the game is the “lite” it’s not the full version but it’s still fun🙂 so you don’t get everything but what if enstead of making harder levels all the time how about moderate or easy levels even though it doesn’t matter to me it might be a nice change in the game for newer players. So they might like this and instead of blowing out there brains 🧠 then they’ll like it and get better or get the full version. I know this was a long review but I hope you take this into consideration thank you 🌯🌯🌯🌯🌯 just so people know I’m not sufistcaded 🤓.Version: 2.2

Great game! But it has some problems.Ok, over all this is the best game I have ever played! But it has its problems. First of all, the ads are really annoying. So, for example, I would be playing a level and an ad with pop up. It forces me to pause, which makes me die most of the time, and then I lose when I was about to make my high score. Second of all, is the “Design your Character” So, I don’t have a real big problem with this. I am not as happy as I could be with this. You don’t have much to work with. Most of the good colors and skins you have to earn I know, but it takes a long time to earn them. You usually have to finish a level before you get more colors, skins, etc, but me and some other people (Not meaning time sound rude) aren’t as good, and can’t finish the level, so it would be cool if you could open more colors and maybe skins for free. Third of all, is the levels. I would love to have more levels to work with! It would be awesome to have some Ok levels for skins and stuff like that. That’s all I really have to say. This game is so addictive and so much fun to play, I TOTALLY recommend you to download this game!.Version: 2.2

It’s Good but not amazingIn the game there is this thing called practice mode. I always like to do practice before I actually take on the level. However, during practice mode if you die you have a checkpoint. This checkpoint allows you to begin from that spot. Here’s the catch, ads pop up during your run on practice mode and when the ad is over the game ends your run and starts you over. The app does work on airplane mode which allows you to not receive ads. There is an issue in doing so, I like to see if someone texts me and I can’t do that on airplane mode. So the best solution is to eliminate ads during runs. Ads may appear off runs and that’s fine but having them during a run is inconvenient and frustrating. I also know that there is an option to have no ads but this costs money and I have no interest in buying that. Please fix this issue so ads do not pop up during my run through the level causing me to have to start over..Version: 2.2

No more ads in the middle of gameplayStop putting ads in the middle of practice mode, I have an alt account where I beat it all and I wanted to do it again but the ads in practice mode is bad. I’m playing a round then a ad forces me to watch it. Then it brings me to the App Store, then safari then I go back into the game. But it says I stopped in the middle and I have to do it ALL again. This gets annoying especially with levels like fingerdash. The ads are so intense that it’s pretty much the same because it just makes men watch an ad and then I have to start over. For example i recently almost beat x step but then an ad popped up and I had to watch it and I had to restart it all. Thank you for your time. If you get rid of some of the ads (not all of them) I will rewrite this review, make everything good and make it 5 stars but that’s never gonna happen so don’t expect me to be changing this. Also 2.2 better be put by Christmas or New Years because I’ve been waiting..Version: 2.2

Great app! Very AddictiveI literally can’t explain the obsession I have with this game. If you like a good challenge and are willing to win with trial and error it would be a great game for you. The music is great and after a while the levels just get easier and easier. I really love how they rate the the difficulty of levels from smiling faces to frowning faces. They also have these great practice levels you can use to help you. It’s basically the same thing but when you mess up you don’t have to completely restart the level; you start from that same part and try again. I will say that I have seen some people get pretty stressed what they don’t beat a level but if you’re not a very competitive person, you probably won’t have to deal with that. Also if your really bored (or want an excuse to not do your homework) this game is really good for when your bored and have nothing to do. All in all this game is really awesome and addictive and I love it!! 😁✅⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 2.2

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Cool.It’s an amazing game to play and I love the music and how it tells you when to jump the last one was pretty easy (not) but some people hate the last level some don’t. Anyway I’ve been reading other comments then I went back to the game to play it. You should play it is amazing😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍.Version: 2.2

Just need a little more practiceThis game is really fun if you get used to it. All you need to do is do the practice mode a couple of times and never give up. So far I’m up to dry out and I’m going to get the full version so I can access more things and create my own levels! If you give a low rating because it’s hard, then you either, 1. It’s not your type of game, 2. You haven’t practiced enough, or 3. You give up too easily. I hope whoever reads this review will be able to enjoy and get better at gd. -An anonymous player.Version: 2.2

Fun! Challenging! AMAZING!Ok I’ve got a few words to say. Well not a few but quite a lot! This game is really fun and is a game to play when you are really bored and when you feel like you just wanna go crazy and when you are feeling very energetic. This is nit a stress relieving game when you start because it is very challenging and you have to keep on tapping and tapping and tapping! But when you get used to it, it might even be relaxing to you! Let’s rap this up now. What I’m trying to say is that this game is a really good game and another plus is that it is free! Just saying it’s not one of those games that are free and then when you open it, it says that you have to pay to play the game. Anyways o hope you like this game! Byeeeeeeee..Version: 2.2

Warning! ⚠️ Absolutely Wonderful ⚠️Geometry Dash Has Brought New Sights To Where I Was Looking For, Let It Be Day Or Night, Across The Globe or In The Sky, Hot or Cold. Geometry Dash was Just Marvellous in a way I cannot argue with, Geometry Subzero had its purposes to bring cool beats to this establishment, Geometry World had its tweaks and tricks as you wondered off into others levels, However Geometry Meltdown had me going for a sec.... as it gave me the ability to see what you have made. Keep on going RubRub......See what our future holds. Kind Regards, A fan of Geometry Dash, MoonStar.Version: 2.2

Can’t let go is to hard for a hard level in my opinionThe game is great! But can’t let go is way too hard for a normal hard level.I almost do better at all the harder lvls and extreme plus I’m better at power trip than I am at can’t let go but it’s really challenging and I like a challenge..Version: 2.2

WowThis app is blowing my head off my cousin likes it my family likes it we are all sooo addicted this app is amazing there is no problems with the app the music is great I love this app but maybe can you not keep trying to convince people to buy the full version but about everything else it is greater than the greatest! I love this app keep it up!!! Kind regards- Ruby.c.Version: 2.2

Great game, but rage alert to sore losers.Geometry Dash Lite is an amazing game, but levels such as Electroman Adventures are pure rage fuel. Once I let my dog watch me play Polargeist when I had first beaten Stereo Madness & Back on Track. He saw some one through my window, smashed into my hand as he jumped off the couch, causing me to lose the level at 88%..Version: 2.2

Love itLove this game very challenging but thats what makes it fun so far I’ve completed three levels I also have this game on my iPad it took me a lot of practice to finish each level I love this game so much but you should add more levels so then it gets more and more challenging and that’s it🤘🤘🤘.Version: 2.2

It’s amazing 😄😜It’s amazing to play and very fun it is also great for challenging your brain cause you’ve got to think how can I get past that level +its not that addicting cause straight when you have to do something that your parents say and your in the middle of that level you just think I’ll finish this after I do my jobs😁😛😜😎🤓🤑👻💩😹✌️✌️🍪🍭🍩🍮🍿🎂🥤🥂✉️🎈🎉🎊✅.Version: 2.2

Download this app nowThis game is so awesome every time I go on my phone I play geometry dash lite or geometry dash subzero. When you get frustrated and start to rage don’t delete the app or destroy your phone or iPad just go onto a harder level and go back to the one you’re on and you will find easier than before bye bye I got to go play some geometry dash lite now cya l8ter.Version: 2.2

Great gameGeometry Dash is a awesome game that requires a lot of focus and time. This game defiantly requires patience so if your not patience then what’s a better way to learn that this. 1. Geometry Dash isn’t for everyone, what I mean by this is that you may not be great at the game but you can always give it a try anyway. 2. Focus is very key to this game you make have %98 percent and lose because you weren’t focusing. So always focus! 3. Geometry Dash take a lot of time because sometimes it may take you 100 tries but that’s how it works! 1 tip is to keep on trying and try not to smash your device! 4. GET TO KNOW THE COURSE, one thing most people don’t do is get to know the course no don’t start talking to it I mean start thinking strategies! Lastly the reason I didn’t give this game 5 stars is because there is always room for improvement. One thing I could recommend for the game developers is speed maybe the players could put it to how they like the speed? I reckon that would be awesome. Anyway that’s all for my suggestions Bye 😊.Version: 2.2

I finished the FIRST level after 7 Months!!!!!!!I have no problem with hard games, but when I mean hard, I mean hard. It’s a good game, good design and music but could it at least have a mode for non hardcores, then they could progress to hard mode. But having said that, it’s very addicting just trying to finish something..Version: 2.2

This game is great but there are a bit of flawsGeometry dash is a fun, innovative and creative game, this game allows you to build levels, play online levels, do quests, complete map packs and gauntlets, grind, etc. My point is that it adds a variety of things to do and mostly keeps you entertained, as a player who has been playing for 7 years I have completed all of the levels with coins and have around 1.6k stars. My issues with the game is that it lacks updates, now this is a pretty big issue with the game, when you run out of things to do and complete all of the levels, you don’t really have much to do after that, I mean you do have gauntlets and stuff but still. In any game, lack of updates brings the game to a low, the amount of updates and creativity in the last 2-3 years has been very low, but all I am saying is for you to fasten the pace of updates (minor and major updates) Anyways this game is above decent, I would recommend purchasing if you haven’t already as it provides a lot of things to complete, but it just lacks updates. Now I rate this 4 stars because it gives a lot of things to do but has a bit of flaws..Version: 2.2

Nice!I played this game when I was like 4 and have been playing it for a while! I love this game it’s cool and fun with all the different stages, I remember I would always rage and delete this app but as I play it more I start to get better at it and I play it with my friend and we both have a lot of fun! So overall I like this app..Version: 2.2

This game is amazing 😍😍😍😘😘😛😜🥳This game is amazing there’s a lot of thing like customizing your character you can go on practice to get better at the game and if you get good at the game you can try the extreme levels if you can but I highly recommend you download this game have fun.❤️.Version: 2.2

Can’t find the differenceWhy pay when you can get the lite?? I did not see a difference though you can you get more skins and more levels with paying. But it’s hard to pass some of the levels and the skins don’t matter..Version: 2.2

Pretty goodOk let me just start by saying this game is one of the best games ever in my opinion, it is so fun i cant get bored of it. Now the reason why its a 4 star and not a 5 star is because how many levels are in the lite version. Can you make more because i have completed all the levels in the lite version expect im nearly done clutter funk every other level i have completed so when i do complete clutter funk i wouldn’t know what to do if i want to play more geometry dash I basically have to buy the full version. Now i now its really cheap but Electroman Adventures has been the last level in geometry dash lite version for a year now so please add clubstep and electrodynamics. Now another reason why it is 4 stars is because they haven’t updated the game in ages and thats the same with the full version. The last reason why its a four star is because sometimes in the rocket ship im using the rocket ship and then it just gives up and you die. This is really annoying Thx.Version: 2.2

Wow!This game is a amazing and in my opinion I definitely recommend it but sometimes it glitches like when u want it to jump I doen’t sometimes and sometimes it just automatically jumps and there’s not much update since I started playing and that was a while ago but yea really good game definitely recommend.Version: 2.2

Needs ALOT more developmentGd is overall a good game and all, and I recently got the full ver, but sometimes weird things happen. In Clutterfunk 41% you can actually miss the blue jump rings cuz they don’t function properly. Also near the end were you have to spam the yellow jump rings, the jump rings only fling you up a little so crash into the platform, so maybe rub rub needs to place the orbs a bit lower. Overall really good and I enjoy it! (Also Clubstep is broken, you’ll soon know why if u get full ver.).Version: 2.2

1 of the best games EVERThis game is amazing it’s just why is it called GEOMETRY DASH I mean there is barely any geometry in it( not like wanted there to be any ) but another reason I gave it 4 stars is that it is takes months to finally get through the whole entire thing and that’s only the easy level! The last reason why I gave it 4 stars is that it needs more levels I mean I have had app for a while now and iv almost completed it ( update a bit quickly pls ).Version: 2.2

I love this game butI love this game and I have completed all practice modes but it is kinda hard completing some of the actual levels could you please put in a level retrieve so if we get like 30% plus we can watch a video or something and continue from where we were -thank you.Version: 2.12

A really nice game and also the others games you madeI really like geometry dash also other kinds but also really hard if your reading this maybe to add more details but also really hard so it’s not so hard for people and the other thing is not much adds and lots of levels so I really love this game iv’e been trying to complete all the levels for sooo long also I like how you add different types of apps of this game me and my friends love this game so please don’t change anything that makes this game geometry dash :).Version: 2.2

Geometry Dash ReviewI love playing geometry dash because it’s really good and fun to play! I played this game at least 5 years ago and it was really fun! I think that you should try it as well and make a review so other people can say their opinion too. Thanks for reading my review and I hope you have a great time!.Version: 2.2

Huge bugOk im having A HUGE problem with the paid version of geometry dash i know i should be writing this on the main versions page but its not letting me do that so im writing it here anyway my problem is i cant really do anything every time i commment (with my account) it gives me an error every time i upload a level it gives me a error same with trying to look and my levels and profile... i kinda feel that the game broke so im switching to playing my other favourite game roblox Please fix this bug.Version: 2.2

“Choice” adIt’s a really fun game, the controls are very simple, and I’ve been able to pick up how each level helps you learn a technique, timing, learning how to excel by collecting the gold coins. It’s fun and simple, a perfect game to play hours on end. Except, you see how it says 4+ years of age? I don’t think this game should allow ads from that “Choice” game, it’s really inappropriate even for me. I just can’t stand hat certain ad, and I tends to pop up the most on my game, even when I’m offline. Please can you remove this ad? I’m really sick of seeing, even my parents, it’s annoying to have to always be careful in playing the game because you don’t want your parents getting the wrong impressions about what you’re playing right? I’m just concerned because I don’t like waiting around for the ad to stop, it just makes me dislike the game more, and it’s not like I have a job or anything to get the full version, unless you want to wait until I’m 16 to buy the full version! Okay no I’m joking for that. Sincerely, I have been trying to be patient, but it’s just gotten on my nerve, especially when you only hit play twice and those ads pop up..Version: 2.2

A little bit annoyingHey wanna listen to a song so much that you can concentrate in school and do your homework so you won’t have it ringing in your ears for the night and fail every time the beat drops because it’s such a good song you just wanna listen to it instead of hearing you die every 2 minutes It’s still a really good game I’m just saying it gets a little bit annoying from time to time..Version: 2.2

Very Good Please Read ThisOkay, okay. I dunno where to start. First this game has loads of levels which you can play normal or practice mode. If you’re a good musician, after a few tries you will find out when to jump. The music isn’t useless, it guides you through the game! You can also choose new skins and new levels always come. You have to play this game. It has a few ads but not that much- most games are full of ads. Thanks for reading! A passionate video game player and fan of this game. P.S. Download this game and just give it a try! I’m sure you’ll love it..Version: 2.2

Awesome!!!This game is amazing! I recommended it to all my friends and they downloaded it and also loved it. Just one thing... can you add a demon (easy-extreme i don’t really care) or two? Because I have an Everyplay account and I really want to show my fans how good I can get. So in the next update can you add that? But overall, an amazing game! Probs one of your biggest fans, L1ghtn1ngRuN.Version: 2.2

Cheesy BananasMake more levels, and stop all the advertisements. Very good game though, with lots of quality soundtracks. For some people, it could be really frustrating at times, but once you complete a level, you feel gud (I guess). But if you want even more exciting opportunities, purchase the Geometry Dash full version for only $2.99. Me give Lite version 4 stars..Version: 2.2

Geometry dashOk so I’m a geometry dash fan and I don’t think it is fair that I have to pay for the first game so I didn’t bother but why? It makes no sense that for more features you pay but without those features you don’t have to pay, it confused me creators of the game please reconsider making you pay for the game 😥.Version: 2.2

Great game but missing featuresIt's a great game, but some features are missing depending on the update you have, or the phone you have. I know there's not that much that you can really do about this, but it's kind of annoying only being able to play like 6-7 levels because of my phone update..Version: 2.2

GEOMETRY DASH LITE IS GREAT!I could play for hours and it’s a great variety of levels! I love it how you don’t have to complete a level to go to the next one! 😀😁😃 I love the songs also! You can also do practice mode and not go back to the start after if you die! Thanks for reading and I love this game!.Version: 2.2

How did I know about this Game?I knew about this game when my friend Carl was playing it at his party. I tried to do Stero Madness and I’ve only up to 62! I also did this one called Theory of Everything that was really hard but I did only 15. And that is how I knew this very fun game..Version: 2.2

Love it (not those stupid ads)Geometry dash as became an addiction to me. It's entertaining and oustanding and amazing and and... yeah. I'd make it a 10,000 star. But those ads block my fun. It's a choice ad I like but it doesn't allow me to make a choice at all. Plus it's the same ads every time. Plus in practice can you not start at the exact place. Because then you fall and have to restart. Maybe start on the ground or bricks is a better option. And it gets harder and harder I like but also get annoyed of that feature. (No need to update my annoyed of hardness feature) my cousin in Dubai plays it too! She was the one who made me use it. I play thus game everyday. Thanks for the action!.Version: 2.2

Good but can be betterThis is a great game but you stopped adding levels from the full game and I understand that you want money for the levels and stuff and I have the full game but just for the non full version players and I also think they should be allowed to unlock the gauntlets when they get 20 secret coins or something..Version: 2.2

To WONKYCOWHey WONKYCOW, Read the news! RobTop and even Virpin himself have announced that 2.2 is an extreme update. Judging by that, you easily can assume that it will take a while to program because of all of the new features. Obviously you couldn’t figure that out from the start, because you didn’t do any research. You can’t expect a rushed message like that to be properly taken in by Rob! MoonBoy10K.Version: 2.2

No updates?Hey Rob Top, I hope u read these reviews cuz if u don’t that makes u probably the most “not listening to customers/players/what-ever-their-called”. The reason for this is that u have a support email that people use and none that I have heard of have gotten a response. And u were promising a update (2.2) DECEMBER LAST YEAR that NEVER came! Then the date got moved IT STILL DIDNT COME then moved again... SAME SCENARIO! Now U have left us with out a date and as far as we know it will never come out. And guess what same aa 1.11 too took about a year longer than expected, then disappointed many people cuz u removed things from it :( But the game in general is amazing it’s just that the creator is in active and some say ‘lazy’ and things I probably shouldn’t type in a public review. So 4 stars until RobTop/Rubrub is more active. (U know u need them shines) - GD fan WONKYCOW.Version: 2.2

Amazing!Hi! I’ve had this game for a while now and I absolutely love it! It’s great for long car rides, or just to burn some time. Geometry Dash is one of those games that you can play for ages, and you’ll never get bored of it. I have no complaints for this game, keep up the good work!.Version: 2.2

Omg best offline game everThis game is incredible especially if you are offline. Even if your online there is barely and ads and overall this is my number one game to play when I am bored. Yeah Minecraft and GTA might be better games overall but you need internet for them (if you play online in Minecraft and GTA) also this game brings back so many memories. Overall great game 10/10 and I would recommend it to anyone.Version: 2.2

Awesome!Got this before then we level was added. It was fun, but I deleted soon after because I didn’t play it much. Now I got the new version, i can’t put it down! So much better, not as laggy, the music doesn’t freeze up anymore and all round BETTER! I would definitely recommended this game. First download i only did the first level before giving up but this time I’m almost done poltergeist! Usually I’m pretty critical when it comes to reviews but I can’t think of a single thing wrong with this game! Great job, Poo da loo(my name).Version: 2.2

Absolutely Love it!!!😀😀😀Amazing game great fun levels with fun music. Good thing to play when you are feeling sad even though it costs money would highly recommend getting the paid version because you can play your friends levels and create your own levels for the whole world to see. I have been to playing this game for 2 1/2 years and would like for GD to release 2.2 ASAP😊😊😊 looks amazing and hopefully you could add some new levels to GD lite (if possible) apart from that everything is great and I love the levels and all of the skins.Version: 2.2

AmazingLevels are extremely hard but so, I dunno, they just give you the feeling of proving the universe wrong. Then when you do complete a level it’s just so amazing. There are some annoying bits here and there but that doesn’t matter..Version: 2.2

Great Game, Good Soundtrack and more...For a Lite version it is great.. it is seriously all you need. I love the soundtrack of these games and usually play them on music apps. Great game overall and is quite addictive, it is a good game to quickly play while waiting in a line or during short breaks..Version: 2.2

Recommend :DThis game is very cool and very creative! I love to play it all the time whenever I’m bored. It’s a great game game to play and there are so many different levels to choose from! Some of the levels are a bit hard but it’s worth the challenge! It’s great for people who like roblox obbies or trying something new! There are so many apps out there but this app is definitely one of the best! I have to say, I am being honest and speaking from my heart. I can’t wait for the next level to come out! :).Version: 2.2

Oml!This game is sooo great! I love it sooo much it’s so addictive and it uses barely any of my battery! One of my friend told me about it and I have him to thank so yeah. Thank you so much for making this game it is awesome and I really recommend it. Worried about ads? Don’t be! There are hardly any ads which is rare to find in a free game these days... the game is hard but I dont care! I love this game so much so pls get this game if you are bored!.Version: 2.2

It was OKI think the game is good in general but the add need to be removed they’re super annoying. The people who make the adds about if you can reach this level you ave this IQ or something are really dumb. I can figure them out in 10 seconds. I think the game is good because it’s fun to do the obstacles and get the timing right. Overall I think it’s a good game ,but please get rid of the adds..Version: 2.2

GoodWhen I got the game I had the boys in my class laughing at me when I didn’t complete a level which made it hard to enjoy but now I play it at home and I get to enjoy the cool soundtracks, challenges along the path and competition when I play it at school now. I request anyone that is reviewing this game to get it..Version: 2.2

Geometry dash glitchI played this game today but I saw that the game is lagging like the character moves forward and back every three seconds like it is still a quick lag but it messes up my jump. I noticed it on time machine because my jump is always perfect 👌. But I want you to fix the problem or I will delete your game and I will never play this game ever again. 😡 thank you 😊.Version: 2.2

Awesomely Good!!!😆😆😆Man, this app gets better every time! I love that it has so many courses so your challenged and the soundtracks are the BEST!!!! I love this game and totally recommend it, it’s a free download so give it a go! All my friends at school got it so I got it and I loved it!!! Definitely give it a go and I’m sure u will luv it!! P.S this was not the developers writing dis I just luv dis game!!.Version: 2.2

No adsIt’s good no ads at all you can also do practice mode if you want you can get the one that is 2.99 this one lets you create your own levels I think you should get this app and if you are asking for instructions find me on Twitter or instagram.Version: 2.2

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Version 2.2 (2017-12-21): This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. - New level "Electroman Adventures"! - Bugfixes and tweaks Thanks for playing :) /RubRub.