Worry Watch: Anxiety Self Care App DownloadAkilan Rajendran

Worry Watch: Anxiety Self Care App Download

Worry Watch app is built on the foundations of cognitive science where a mere awareness of one's cognitive bias alters subsequent thinking in a positive way.

Try these 5 steps when worrying next time:
Record > Reason > Reflect > Realize > Refute

1. Write down the worry and set a reminder to revisit the outcome later (Record)

When we write down the anxious thoughts, we free up the mind a bit giving some space to think rationally and to focus on the solution part or the bigger picture.

2. Identify the cognitive biases that triggered the anxiety. (Reason)

Often our judgements, decisions and responses are biased to match our own experiences, perceptions and interpretations. Analysing the cognitive biases may help us understand the irrationality in our thinking process and provide a perspective.

3. Once past the worry, note whether the outcome was as bad as worried (Reflect)

By tracking down our ‘what if’ hypothetical scenarios to ‘what did’ actually happen, we may get a grip on the reality that most of the time things turn out better than we anticipate/catastrophize.

4. Analyse the thought patterns with the help of statistics generated (Realize)

By evaluating our past responses to the anxiety triggers, we may get a deeper understanding of our negative thinking habits and attitude.

5. Challenge the worry perception when tend to be anxious again. (Refute)

Make the transformation to positive thinking with the help of self-notes, affirmations and quotes using daily and weekly reminders.

Other features of the app:
1. Widget to view the stats quickly
2. Face ID / Touch ID / passcode to protect the journal
3. iCloud backup / restore
4. Drill down statistics
5. Daily / Weekly Reminders with snooze
6. Advanced search filters
7. Data export as pdf, text or spreadsheet
8. Custom biases, contexts and scenarios
9. Bookmark entries
10. 15 beautiful themes
11. Light / dark mode
12. 72 classic fonts with dynamic type support
13. Preferred week starting day
14. Available in 16 languages
15. Works offline
16. No account signups required
17. No subscription required
18. Data resides in your device and in iCloud only
19. Family sharing enabled
20. Participates in Volume Purchase Program
21. Universal - iPhone / iPad

Reviews from mental health experts & journalists:

“This is also helpful to share with your Cognitive Behavioral Therapist as this gives him/her the opportunity to review worries throughout the day that sometimes cannot be expressed on a weekly basis - Dr. Liz Matheis, Ph.D. , Anxiety.org”

“If you find worry consuming your day and leading to anxiety, the Worry Watch app may help - Kate Bayless, LiveStrong.com”

“Worry Watch helps sufferers cope with their fears by literally proving things aren’t as bad as they seem - Mario McKellop, WebPsychology.com”

“(Worry Watch app) has been lauded as a really logical approach to anxiety - Lyndsey Gilpin, TechRepublic.com”

“For individuals with chronic worry, anticipatory anxiety, and GAD, this app gives a simple self-monitoring and documenting of worry - Lucielle Campanero, HealthAim.com”

Note: Worry Watch app is not intended to substitute or replace professional medical advice or treatment of your physician or therapist. If you have a medical condition or health concern you should always consult with a physician or other qualified health care professional.

Worry Watch: Anxiety Self Care App User Reviews & Comments

Super HelpfulAids in CBT and Mental Health!.Version: 2.5

Great App...Works has promised....Version: 1.0

Provides great perspectiveI’ve always spent a lot of time and energy worrying about things that may or may not actually happen, and if they do, may or may not end up as bad as I feared. Using this app has allowed me to verbalize my fears, categorize them, and reflect back on them. In doing so, I’m able to identify unnecessary worry more quickly when something similar occurs. I like to use the notes section of each event to spill all my thoughts, set a reminder to revisit the event, and (as much as possible) just forget about it until then. Because I verbalized all my thoughts and worries, I’m able to obsess over them less on a daily basis. And when I revisit it, it’s almost always not as bad as I had thought it would be. Customer service is also fantastic. They are quick to respond to questions and very receptive to suggestions..Version: 3.0.0

PracticalIt's a useful, well-designed app. I find it moderately helpful when I'm worrying a lot..Version: 2.5

HelpfulFeels good to get worried out of your head and then to think rationally about them.Version: 2.5

Best Anxiety App EVER!@polarbear19’s January Review said it all. Even the interface is soothing. I would give 10 stars if I could. Lifetime of worry has Stolen so much happiness and peace this app helps to revisit those times so that you can learn and learn to react differently keep up the good work developers you rock.Version: 3.5

Me.Great app if your the type of person who ruminates and worries about things till they get solved. You basically write down the worry, and you await the outcome , and fill it in and write notes about this. Helps to take the worries off your mind..Version: 2.5

AmazingThis is a very efficient app, it really breaks down everything and allows you to journal freely yet assigns responsibility for your thoughts. Definitely worth the money..Version: 3.9

Great overallI have found this app to be extremely useful in tracking worries/stressors. The only option I wish it had was a yes/no option for outcome because sometimes I have certain aspects of a worry that were fine and others that could use some help. It would be a nice cue to check the notes for the event rather than having to put in each component separately..Version: 2.5

Crashes immediatelyCan't even open it. Waste of money..Version: 2.3

I love the system!I love the whole color thing. It really helps my mind realize that hey, things go right when you think they won't. I find it super helpful and it's good to use when you feel like you screw everything up because it kinda helps you prove yourself wrong..Version: 2.4

Good idea but needs to mature before it’ll be worth buying.The design is pretty amateurish right now. Should be free for awhile. I wouldn’t say it’s worth the money yet. Needs to get more polish to be worth two bucks..Version: 2.3

HelpfulVery helpful to unload worries onto this list / app and then review the outcomes later. Helps put things in perspective..Version: 2.4

Much needed app!Very useful and intuitive app....Version: 1.0

Where have you been all my life?Brilliant idea. Simple to use. Just quickly listing my worries made me feel better immediately. Already helping to contextualize...and to ward off catastrophizing. Recommended..Version: 2.3

One less thing to worry aboutI didn’t realize that I had so many things I was worrying about..Version: 3.5

Colors need to be adjustedColor settings need to be provided for users to adjust screens.Version: 3.5

Difficulties with appUser has issues with how app works..Version: 2.5

Write it down and walk awayThis is a fantastic app that helps me get my anxieties out and find some relief. I worry about the most random things and can never seem to let them go until the outcome has arrived. This adds a lot whole lot of additional stress in my life I don’t need. With this app, I’m able to write down my worry, set a reminder, and walk away from worrying about it. After I write it down, I feel so much better and 80% of the time I can drop whatever it is I’m worrying about, knowing the reminder will alert me to record the outcome. I feel that the more I use it, the more I will be able to rid my mind of my worry once written down and bring that 80% to 100%. I love seeing the percentages of the outcomes and realizing that what worries me is usually never as bad as I had thought..Version: 3.1

Worry over Nothing!99% of my worries resolve themselves with this program!.Version: 2.4

New interface is unusableThe new design is so confusing and cluttered that you can't even operate the app. And you can't come up with a logical interface, definitely don't fill half the screen with upbeat mottos! A mess..Version: 3.1

Love this app!!Simple. Effective. Easy to use and making entries is quick. Has definitely helped me out life things in perspective! Interface is clean and professional. Has not crashed. Highly recommended..Version: 2.4

Super helpful!This app really helps me sort out my worries and how I’m feeling. It’s really helped me manage my anxiety. I highly recommend downloading it!.Version: 3.9

No instructions for iPadI’ll be asking for a refund because this doesn’t work on my iPad which is a huge disappointment..Version: 3.1

Worth the moneyI really enjoy this app and it helps reduce my anxiety! I recommend for anyone!.Version: 2.5

Surprisingly effectiveUpdate: Even cooler. I recently suggested to the developer the idea of being able to snooze reminders (as sometimes it’s not the right time to think about) and within 1 week it was updated! Now that’s service! Original: I'm finding that by having to get conscious and clear about what I'm actually worried about, then releasing it somewhat by writing it down, then noting the reality of the outcomes ... which so far have all been not what I worried would happen....this app is surprisingly effective. Love it..Version: 3.4

Great potential!Love can unload worries. (Interesting to see outcomes been 50/50) Requests: 1)sync across devices 2) ability to mark priority of item and 3) if ongoing issue or one shot deal. distant 4) ok that arrange by date but would love additional separate page to user arrange by degree of concern or imminence of issue, etc This is a terrific start!.Version: 2.4

RetiredThis app is perfect for tracking my things-to-do list, which for me means: (1) stuff I must do but don't want to do, and (2) stuff other people should do but don't or won't so I must step in and either prod or do myself!.Version: 2.5

Good app overallIt’s a pretty good app. I like that you can’t create an account so they’re not storing your data anywhere (hopefully) and it’s securely. My one qualm is that when you go to look at all of your worries, they’re cut off so you can’t see the whole thing. An update from a while ago got rid of the ability to see the full title of your worry without clicking on it. I’m hoping they will add this feature back in a future update, it makes it difficult to see everything at a glance and would be such an easy fix..Version: 3.18

How does it work?Can't even get started!.Version: 2.5

Great tool for anxietyAwesome. Really helps you visualize how much you worry about nothing. Great comfort..Version: 2.3

So insightfulThey did a great job. Simple and effective to changing habits in the mind..Version: 2.5

Simple and effectiveIt's a nice EZ place dump worry thoughts. I like it!.Version: 2.4

Incredibly helpful putting a visual to my anxietyI have suffered with anxiety for almost 20 years. I've done everything from therapy to yoga and everything in between. I'm extremely visual so this app has given me a way to see that my anxiety is unfounded and the things that keep me up at night, never are as bad as I expect. It has been extraordinarily helpful in seeing the irrationality of my worrying..Version: 2.4

Super usefulRead about it online and it's helpful already to see patterns in what I worry about. Seems pretty flexy and I like it so far. Curious, though, if you can export your data? Charge lets you do that and it's a really useful feature!.Version: 2.5

IncredibleThis is incredible. I cannot wait to use it more. I am having a high anxiety day today, I made 5 different entries, 3 of which have resolved and I was able to click no. Thank goodness lol. However, it would be nice if on the list of worries that it showed what they are marked as (yes, no...). Or checkmark on the side showing you have already marked the item..Version: 3.5

Does double dutyI think this helps in two ways: you get visuals that tell you not only if your worry is unfounded, but what aspects of your life (contexts) are worrying you the most, and just having to enter the events/activities that worry you helps to alleviate them. For me anyway. When I see them written down I think, "That's not so bad." I will day it can't help with that generalize anxiety about the future. As in, "What if we lose a big client and then have financial struggles?" But in some ways clearing out the little worries makes it possible to plan for the generalized, bigger ones. I think, "What action could I take to help protect myself?" Or, "I've come this far believing in my ability to handle life, why would that stop now?".Version: 2.4

Helped so muchHelped with my problems!.Version: 3.5

Decent appAm unable to exit out of search screen if I accidentally hit it, I have to select an option. Wish there was more swipe functionality. Also, would be great if we could add Contexts. Great idea for an app; I look forward to future updates!.Version: 2.5

Simple, secure and effectiveI find writing down my worries helps me to ruminate less. I wanted something private (the list-making app I tried kept trying to share my lists with Facebook friends!) and simple. Worry Watch is perfect for that. As an added bonus, it offers charts to help me visualize the shape of my worry tendencies. I'm very happy with it..Version: 2.5

Great app that puts things in perspectiveThis app has helped me cut down on things I usually worry about. My only complaint is that the app is buggy-- not sure if it's the app or my device-- but the entries do not update right away and there is a massive gray gap where my older entries used to be..Version: 2.5

Like itGood way to keep worries in perspective.Version: 2.2

Instructions? All I get is a blank page.Not sure this soothes my anxiety..Version: 2.4

Immediate reliefIt’s really helpful to journal the worries you have in order to overcome them quickly. This app is really intuitive..Version: 3.1

Totally brilliant ideaAnd it works perfectly in practice, as long as I remember to use it. Only thing I'd like to see is ability to customize yes/no colors other than green and red, and ability to add additional contexts to the list of reasons why you're worried. But, those are just details that would be cool but are not essential to making the app work. Just a terrific idea!.Version: 1.0

Awesome with room to grow!I have used this app for more than two weeks and it has been very helpful in helping me identify and get in control of my anxiety. This app has awesome potential for additional features. This app is not cloud-based so I'm concerned that my saved in formation will be deleted if I need to uninstall and reinstall this app..Version: 2.4

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Great way to burn $2.49Crashes on my iPod touch. Never got it open. Actually increased my anxiety as a result. Such a shame..Version: 2.3

Please be open to feedback!Could be amazing, a few things things: 1. Ensure it can also be viewed in landscape (not just portrait) 2. Allow colour coordination for different contexts 3. Allow more options than "good, bad, awaiting" eg; embarrassing, awkward, fun, average, etc. 4. Allow an option to maintain a list of all the things that the consumer claimed to enjoy successfully, as a reminder of the challenges they overcame. 5. Make an option to add *how* the consumer overcame their obstacle, once completing the task; possibly suggest techniques to overcome stressful situations. Thanks so much for taking the time to listen, I think these tips can make your app thrive!.Version: 2.4

Awesome appThis app is very customisable and is really helping me manage anxiety and depression stuff.Version: 3.5

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Worry Watch: Anxiety Self Care 3.21 Update

Version 3.21 (2021-03-11): Do your best and expect only the best! Thanks for using Worry Watch! This update contains some minor enhancements. If you're finding the app useful, please consider taking a moment to rate or review it in the App Store!.

Version 3.20 (2021-01-04): Enabled automatic light / dark mode option Updated the widget for dark mode.

Version 3.18 (2020-06-07): Light / Dark Background Mode.