Rarevision VHS - Retro 80s Cam App DownloadRarevision

Rarevision VHS - Retro 80s Cam App Download

Used by Kendall Jenner, Snoop Dogg, Khloe Kardashian, Victoria Beckham, Wiz Khalifa, BTS, Die Antwoord, Philip Bloom and featured on SNL (S41E01) and in countless TV shows and music videos!

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App of the Day for Friday, Dec 22, 2017

It's 1984, and you've got a VHS camcorder! It'll look that way when you record and send old, messed up-looking retro videos to friends. They'll swear you built a time machine: "OMG, how'd you shoot that?"

With Rarevision VHS, you'll make videos that look and sound like real retro video tapes pulled out of storage after 30 years. You can change the on-screen date to trick your friends, create custom animated titles, glitch up the picture by shaking your device and use the fake zoom to emphasize those truly embarrassing moments!

"That's freakin' amazing!" -Everyone

Here's Why You Need It:

• Four words: Best. Throwback. Videos. Ever.
• Create VHS-style retro videos of your kids that look like the ones from your childhood
• The only VHS cam app you should ever consider to capture your 80s and 90s-themed parties
• Shoot your own "found footage" movie and become a big Hollywood director like those other guys
• Make your kids' incredibly boring school plays actually rad
• Impress the new girl by using our app to convince her you built a time machine
• Pretend like you lived through the rad 1980s using our app!

What Rarevision VHS Can Do:

• Realism: the ORIGINAL and BEST VHS cam app for simulating the glitches of old videotape recordings
• Import videos from Camera Roll and give them the VHS look
• Make your own signature look using the old-school picture adjustment menu
• Create your own animated titles for the ultimate in on-screen awesomeness
• Change the on-screen date so people think you're way younger--or older--than you really are
• Glitch the picture during recording using your finger or by shaking your device
• Fake zoom feature dramatically enhances the cheese factor
• Don't think we forgot to make things sound retro terrible (we didn't)
• Up to 60p recording for a more accurate VHS video look (depends on device capability)
• Widescreen recording option (but would you REALLY want to use it?)
• Share videos to Instagram, Facebook and YouTube using Camera Roll
• HD video recording on iPhone 4s and newer devices (1080p requires iPhone 5 or better)

Follow Rarevision:

Rarevision is a US-based company, with all software development done in-house.

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Rarevision VHS - Retro 80s Cam App User Reviews & Comments

I love this app! Just one tweak...The whole effect is really good. The only thing that could be done better is the color bleed effect. It's not quite how VHS looked since the VHS color channel was basically squished horizontally, and then re expanded to save on film space. That re expanding is what caused the colors to bleed since the colors were basically blurred horizontally. If there's a way you guys could implement that, then this app would be spot on!! I am being overly critical with this I know, but this app is 90% there. Improve the color bleed effect and it will be 100%!.Version: 1.5.2

Some bug fixes need to be madeI adore this app and it’s nearly perfected the VHS style, but some of my videos look worse than the ones my grandparents made in the late 80’s. when trying to video things from afar, the filters can’t capture all of the figure so they stretch colors out making the person look all pixel-like. Also, some things even up close are so blurry it ruins the aesthetic. I suggest adding a 2000’s VHS filter that doesn’t mesh the colors and blur to the point where you can’t identity a person or a thing in the video. It’s way too grainy even with a different filter on..Version: 1.5.2

App Keeps Crashing :(Hi! I don’t know if this will get read, but I’m an editor. In my spare time, I like to make video edits and I absolutely love the VHS effect/filter! I bought this app because I’ve seen many other editors use it, their projects always come out looking nice :) But the thing is, it keeps crashing and I have no idea why. When I try to import a clip, the app will close by itself and it’s getting annoying now :/ idk what to do 🥺 Is there any way I can fix this?.Version: 1.5.2

Please look in to my suggestion!! :)I really love this app! I had the regular version before and this is the best pro version of any VHS camcorder app so decided to buy this one. I wanted to import a video from a few weeks ago and it was awesome how I could change the date to match the exact same day I took the video. HOWEVER, I realised there was no way to change the time on the video which kinda bummed me out (the video I wanted to import was taken at night time and the time I was importing the video the time read ‘3:20 pm’) so i have to wait until sometime later tonight to import it, that way I can post the video without the time being weird. I think it would be really cool if you added a feature where you could spoof the time as well since you already have one for the date. Thanks for taking the time to read this!!.Version: 1.3.4

Feeds your Nostalgia!This is hands down one of my most favorite apps on my phone. I’ve always missed the videos of my childhood; this allows me to either record through the app or upload my own prerecorded videos, to give them that nostalgic retro feel of a traditional “on-the-shoulder camcorder” look! Great job at making a quality application!😁.Version: 1.4

Not bad, but..The other, free VHS Cam app has “Play” text on the screen. This has “TBC”. Would be nice to basically have a full version of that... as that’s what I was expecting. That said, VHS Cam is impossible to close on iPhones without the button. You have to press power on the phone to turn off the screen, then power again and quickly swipe up to close the app or to get to another app or the iOS home screen. This app - it’s the same except you have to tilt the phone to portrait and then you can swipe up to close the app or get to the home screen (this method doesn’t work on VHS Cam). Who makes an app you can’t close? Seriously. Also, why doesn’t VHS Cam know I bought the full app? Can’t use that thing at all. Crazy. Edit following dev response: You need date and time on screen to have “play” text appear. Disable the date and time, “play” disappears. You long press the bottom right, not the bottom of the screen to toggle date styles. There is no option to select between date style in the menu. Home swiping up twice on either app does nothing to move the app to the background to use another app or close them..Version: 1.5.2

Not as many options!A tad annoyed that the date and time configuration is not the same as the lite app. You can only have it in the bottom right whereas in the lite version it’s in the bottom left, plus I liked that the date and time was together. I wish I had an option to change the configuration. The title I find particularly annoying because you can only have it in the middle. I’d like to be able to move it to the bottom of the screen so it’s not covering everything up that I’m filming and I can have it on the video the whole time. Plus you have to hit menu, then app config to get to most of the app settings. I’d prefer one button to get this. At least I get more recording time and I can change the date. And I do like the old fashioned menu for color settings. I’d like to see some improvement though.Version: 1.6.1

Great appI love this app so much because I’m an editor I use it when I need it I have one small complaint and it’s the new update. Whenever I’m about import an edit of mine it does a small little hop in the start, but the rest seems normal it’s just the beginning that’s all I hope you guys can fix that problem but other than that it’s works fluent 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽.Version: 1.5.2

AwesomeThis is a great app! I’ve never actually reviewed one before but I felt I needed to review this app because it really impressed me. The effect is convincing, and I love being able to control the quality of the video by dragging up and down. I also love the ability to be able to import videos, (though it would be nice to be able to import from google drive, but I can just download it to camera roll so it doesn’t really matter). It’s a great app!.Version: 1.5.2

Needs a few things, but perfect otherwise10/10 filter. The footage looks like a steaming pile of magnetic garbage (in a good way). But there are a few features that could improve the app. There should be a way to change the time, and also a quick way to recenter the text. Other than that, the app is perfect..Version: 1.5.2

Very worth the $3The graphics are very realistic, you can adjust how fuzzy the footage is, and you can even add text! There’s nothing you can’t do with this app. The manual is handy and readable, the controls are nice, and overall I had a good time recording with this app. I only have one complaint: it’s hard to put text over videos when they are importing, but even then it’s doable. I recommend this app!.Version: 1.4

Home Movies Never Looked So Good!RarevisionVHS takes you back, if you’re of a certain age, to those childhood years or family functions that live forever on tape. With true-to-form videocassette audio quality and outstanding attention to detail with titles or time and date stamp, I’ve long enjoyed using this app to bring that feeling back. We even used it to film promos and a tiny bit of footage for an indie film I started in. I had intended to use my actual video camcorder for that, but its battery was having issues and a new battery wouldn’t come in time. Since I’d already had RarevisionVHS downloaded and had loved it, I suggested we try it to see if it’d feel the same, and it did! And it felt authentic to the mid/late-1980’s, the time in which the film was set. All in all, I’ve enjoyed this app for years and will continue to use it. Thank you, RarevisionVHS..Version: 1.5.4

Great app!I searched and searched and searched for a video layover app that would make it look like an old VHS tape. I found a lot, but this one is the best. For the price, what you get and the quality of the video (which you want to be bad) this is the app to get it. I downloaded them all to test them out side by side in this one won! Just wish it had more customization options towards the video..Version: 1.3.4

Best purchaseThis app is amazing. I love how the old school 90’s kinda early 2000’s trend is coming back and I love how you can change the date, however, I think it’ll be even cooler if you can change the time too. I also think changing the time on the VHS is cool so when you’re importing a video to the app you don’t always have to wait for a certain time you want to post. Anyways, this purchase is worth it even if you’re not really using it 24/7, it’s just a really nice app to have. Plus when you make personal edits this will add a nice touch to it..Version: 1.4

Great! Minor thingLove the app but (and maybe I’m just missing something??) when I delete the videos off of my camera roll, they don’t stay in the app. It would be really cool if it was like VSCO (you can delete the photos but they stay in the app). The reason I needed to delete them was for storage and was really upset when I opened the app again and found that the videos weren’t there anymore. If there is a way to fix this I would really appreciate if someone let me know somehow. Nonetheless, it’s an amazing app and so much fun to use! I really love it and highly recommend..Version: 1.4

Love😍🌈❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Love the App! Pretty cool...I like it. I like the one time payment feature. It is very accurate with the VHS effect and it I’m enjoying the unlimited and importanting the videos from my phone into the app. It would be good if we could also import photos from our phone into the App to get the same effect that we get for our videos. Other than that the app is perfect. It works well and it does what it’s supposed to do perfectly..Version: 1.6.1

Music While RecordingI installed this app yesterday for a house party and it was a HIT. The adjustments on the menu screen are helpful (adjusting the time stamp, resolution, title, etc.), however, the only suggestion I have is to allow music from the user’s device play in the background. I use Apple Music and I notice when I begin to play a song and open this app, the song immediately pauses. I really enjoy this app and I highly recommend it to 80s/90s enthusiasts. I notice other reviewers mentioned the music factor and I hope this is something that can be resolved. 😊.Version: 1.3.4

Love my vhs appI use this app all the time, can’t complain. Love taking videos in vhs style. Now that I think about it, I’m kind of trolling my future self. I’ve been taking plenty of vhs style clips in my phone for months and haven’t done anything with them yet, but I think I will eventually turn them into a lil movie. Excellent app. Worth whatever they are asking for it. I mostly use the basic default setting but they also offer different filters if u are an artsy type..Version: 1.5.4

Another note...Note that most of the reviews are from 2 years ago when the app was in its early stages. Now this app has use of the flashlight, there are 3 filters (none, retrocolor, b&w, and nuclear[which is my favorite]) and the resolution options are 480, 720, and 1080p with 24,25 and 60fps. there is also now an option for random tape dropouts which is great. A few people are talking about making it so you can play music while recording so you dont have “a quiet video, or have to just talk...” Id just like to say that this app looks very authentic and you couldnt play music on your camcorder back then! lol i also think its very unnecessary. also importing videos into the app seems like a cool idea but also, ehh, you dont really need to guys, record what you want to with the app! theres no reason this app shouldnt have 5 stars across the board!.Version: 1.3.2

Gotten a lot better! But..There are some small improvements that I feel are needed. Tapping should remove the graphics, not it and the date. Hiding the date should not also hide the graphics. And when going to Hi8, the tape and the green “TBC” should be removed and replaced with the “Hi8” logo. Change time between from 12 hours (e.g. 6:00pm will be ‘18:00:00’) or what’s available now; also a way to manipulate it as with the date. Also maybe programmable keys somewhere for keeping tabs with certain effects, since static and color bars would be useful if I could get to them and not swipe to them? I still would like for there to be a way to turn off the interference when under other effects.Version: 1.5.4

Please help!I really like this recording app, but something happened. I recorded about 2 minute long video it was really important because I recorded my family reaction knowing that they’re going to see their daughter that haven’t seen in 10 years. Then, when I stopped the video the video wasn’t saved in the gallery right now I don’t know how to tell my family member that I don’t have the video. I paid a 3 dollars for this app please VHS help me get this video back..Version: 1.4

Great app! But a few changes I’d hope to see in future.Love the application , but wish there would be more options for the time & date. I wish that when you import a video, the time & date at which the video was taken would be on the video. Or even when you can “spoof” the date , I want to be able to do the time as well instead of it just doing the real time at which you are converting the video. Overall, great app!.Version: 1.3.4

Was good, could be betterI don’t know what’s happened but whenever the app updates ALL of my settings get wiped. Be it recording settings or titler settings, etc, always get reset to stock ones. Also upon launching the video is really skinny, I have to go in and out of settings for it to show right. This is with 4:3 on. Also I wish the spoof date setting also rolled over the day once you hit midnight. Also I wish I could turn on and off the date while recording, just like with a real old camcorder. Also I wish I could easily stitch together clips I take one after another again like a real cam..Version: 1.5.2

Please ReadThis app is really kool, however one thing I noticed nobody ever says or mentions is how u can’t play music wile recording. It would be so much better if u can record n play music in the background, instead of having a really silent video or u having to talk throughout the video. Sometimes you just want t record something without having to talk or have it quiet, Please fix that or give us a option to play music wile being used..Version: 1.3.2

Review on this app:I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS APP! I use it everyday/whenever I get a chance. I’m so happy with my purchase and will/would NOT ever regret my purchase. This app is great for photography, people who just love taking photos, people who might like old looking things and just honestly overall anyone. Never ever will I go back to any other camera app. Thanks to the people who made this app! You really changed my life. I would 10/10 recommend getting this and purchasing the extra $3.99. If you’re reading this and debating on getting this just do it! You won’t regret it I promise!!!!!.Version: 1.5.2

Amazing Retro App!From it’s 80s purple/blue aesthetic to its videotape recorder button styles, VHS Camcorder nails the perfect time machine into the past of video recording while still maintaining cutting edge videotaping resolutions. It’s everything that any true retro video fan would love, from silly titles to spoofing the date, with multivariable grain levels, filters, and frame dropping. With its function to run up to 1080p at 30fps, it still retains clean and modern video resolutions as well as the option to upload and convert previous videos, a huge plus for this app. However a few changes could be implemented, such as the addition of different filters, more aesthetic control, as well as options to make the video worse or to include more static. Otherwise this app is absolutely amazing, completely worth the money, and serves as an excellent point of true 80s nostalgia.Version: 1.3.3

This app is very epic but has one problemI love this app since I’m a huge fan of vhs and just 80s stuff in general I’ve recorded a lot of videos on it and currently making a project with this app. The only problem I would say it has is when I import videos it’s all squashed up and looks bad I don’t if it’s my phone but I would like to see this problem fixed or something that I can fix it. Thank you for making a great app!!!.Version: 1.3.4

Awesome app! Just a few issues..Sometimes the app will crash on me for no reason, or sometimes after trying to edit a video. And other times, it’ll refuse to finish editing said video. I’ve only encountered these glitches in ONE session and never again. I love this app, it has THE BEST aesthetic VHS look in my opinion. One thing i’m hoping for is the addition of the ability to edit photos in a similar manner. Crossing my fingers!.Version: 1.3.4

A small additionI love the app and think it works wonderfully. It is easily the best VHS cam app on the App Store, however, I do have one small item I would like to see and that is a “Fade” button or option so when you begin recording it fades in from white and when you stop recording it fades out to white. This was a common feature on camcorders in the 80s and 90s and would complete the app for me. Outside of that keep up the great work Rarevision..Version: 1.5.4

Amazing app! Needs a little optimizing though.This app is so fun to use, I’m currently using it to make funny videos about the late 1990s and early 2000s video camcorders. However, I have encountered some bugs and crashes. It might be because I’m on the new iPhone SE and I’m currently on the latest version of iOS (13.4.1), which this app has had an update for. Besides that, get the app, it’s really entertaining..Version: 1.5.2

Great App, But...Love the app, a real great simulator of 1980s/90s technology. A great feature would be the light bleed effect common in some model camcorders. The effect is seen in many films where the sources of light, lamps, bulbs, the sun, and televisions would cause a bleeding effect and trails when the camera would move. A realistic simulation of this effect would really add a whole new level of realism to the VHS Camcorder. Also perhaps more control over the effects, such as brightness, white balance, and color casting. Other than my suggestions, this is a great app from someone who owns many real 1980s camcorders, this is easily the second best thing!.Version: 1.3.4

Best on the AppStore!Great for a High-8 type look, good zoom and light features, lots of filters and aspect ratios, even audio quality options. I’ve bought three real VHS camcorders and none of them were salvageable even when listed as working. There’s a lot to play with, just remember the limits of your phone’s camera/mic. Would recommend a fisheye lens kit for people with 1-front facing camera iPhones..Version: 1.5.4

Great appWorth the money😐👍 I have no problems but something to keep in fact is that when you delete the video from your camera roll it also deletes it from the apps storage. The quality it top notch and I would highly recommend. The different filters are also amazing and the fact that we can change the date is also something I really enjoy doing. This app is without a doubt great..Version: 1.4

GREATGreat app but i think you should add some vhs glitches you can use while recording (like bad tracking) and also you should work on the vhs filter a bit more. you can tell it is not actual vhs when you see the "3D" outlines on everything. plus you should work on the date text as you can tell that it is fake. other than all that, awesome app..Version: 1.3.3

Exceptional app that could use a couple of features to be perfect.First off, this app is amazing, the developers did an excellent job. I’d give it 5-stars, but a couple of small annoyances hold it slightly back: •iPhones have multiple lenses now! I’d love to be able to toggle between the ultrawide, wide, and zoom lenses with an onscreen button press. • When you activate widescreen mode, the on-screen text stays in the same location as in 4:3 mode. A toggle to move it more to the left would be amazing. • A slider to adjust how "strong"the VHSification effect is, especially for imported videos • Be able to toggle date and time on and off independently. Currently it’s both or nothing. Support these devs! Buy the app. 💚.Version: 1.5.4

Button placementThis app is amazing and I’m constantly using it, but when it comes to take videos of myself I find It awkward when watching a video back of me recording myself because you see yourself pressing the record button with one hand and then switching hands to use the zoom in and zoom out. I feel like it would be better if you guys put the record button and the zoom in and out buttons on the same side..Version: 1.3.3

Great appGreat app, does exactly what I want it to do. The various filters and the options to change the date and title customization is a great feature. I only wish there was an option to completely remove the static from the screen and only have the vhs film grain effect. Other than that it’s a near perfect app 👍.Version: 1.5.2

BeautifulI love this so much, it’s has such a great atheistic and seems just like the actual camera. Although I have one problem, I can’t change the time, if I wanna film at 3 in the am but wanna make it seem like 8 pm I gotta wait hours and hours, I hope that’s added but it might never happen. Anyway that the ONLY problem. Other than that, ten out of ten. It’s great.Version: 1.6.1

Get thisOne of the rare apps that actually emulates old camcorder videos. Kids-you have it made today because my camcorders were a grand each and I had a few. The effects in this app were what we didn’t want back then but now are sought upon. This developer is on of the rare (pardon the pun) devs on the App Store that is not out to grab your money with a subscription model. This app is updated often, has a great Ui, is self explanatory for people who are that tech savvy, and is affordable. I have a ton of video apps I shoot with and this app is in my top five. Don’t hesitate on this one -just get it!!.Version: 1.5.2

Awesome App!..Just a Few, Minor Things.This app is amazing, I use it a lot! I love it a lot. There are some little fixes I suggest. Well, for starters, it would be awesome it have the little multicolored interference like some other users have said to make it look more 80s. I also think the font/date should be a but more 80s as well. You can kinda tell it’s fake. Other than that, this app is awesome. I also need help with something else. Some might find this easy to fix, but I’m not good with app updates or anything, heh.😂 But I would really appreciate it if someone could tell me why my phone isn’t updating for the app. I will go to menu and I will press the “Tap here to have full update!” Or whatever it says. So I’ll click on it but it just brings me back to the AppStore and the app. I’ll go to my little update section and it won’t say the VHS Cam needs to be updated. I’ve done all that I can to try to figure it out. I’ll go to settings, I’ll look in the VHS Camcorder settings, but I can’t seem to find out how to update it. I’m afraid I’m over thinking all of it or it has to do with my phone. I have an iPhone 6s if that has something to do with it.. I would absolutely love to have all the filters, mess with the date, and be able to film longer. May anyone help me? Thanks!.Version: 1.3.4

Great appI bought the paid version. Honestly worth it, it’s four bucks. Skip coffee for a day it boom you’ve got an app with various filters, a PAUSE SHOOT BUTTON which for me is something I missed so much from older cameras!! I do wish I could have a version of the base filter without the static, but it’s a minor gripe. All in all, it’s pretty much exactly what I was looking for..Version: 1.5.2

Suggestion/sIt’s a very good app; I bought it because I like old type videos you know, pretty cool how you can set a title for your videos and everything. Then I thought that it’ll be much better if you can take pictures in it, I know the app its about a recorder app but it’ll be much better if you can take pictures and edit pics from your Camera Roll! Like I have a lot of pics that I can edit from this app even videos. I will like to have that feature in the app... I was even gonna make a refund of it just because of that but I decided to leave this comment here and see if something changes.💯.Version: 1.3.4

This is literally amazingThis is a game changer when it comes to posting aesthetic vaporwave late night posts. The fact that the quality of the video is so bad that it is literally perfect and it looks real, unlike the cheap overlays you would have to search for all over the internet and social media. I recommend this app to anyone who wants to put a little retro in their memories. Such a great deal too for $3.99. It’s not free, but it is TOTALLY worth it!!.Version: 1.3.4

Extremely accurateI’ve been using this app for quite some time and I can say that it is extremely accurate to a real VHS camcorder. I’m really liking the extra details in the new update so far. However, I feel that the filter has changed a bit and I enjoy the original vhs effect before the update. Is it possible to add that in the settings? So you can switch between the old look and the new look? Thanks!.Version: 1.5.2

Worth the moneyI bought the full version and let me say, I love importing videos and making them look like they are on vhs, since it’s easier than getting a capture card and converter to do this on the actual hardware... plus it’s very realistic; and by that I mean it’s very similar to actual vhs. 10/10.Version: 1.6.1

They really went the extra mileThe depths they went to create this is amazing. I really go to a place of nostalgia of my home videos from the 90s using this app. The color profiles and the distortion of tape camcorders is so accurate. Also it’s definitely worth spending the few extra dollars to buy it for the extra options but both are amazing..Version: 1.5.2

I LOVE IT BUT...I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS APP. I have never written a review for any app but this one is definitely worth writing. It does exactly what you want it to do! The only downside about this app would be the fact that you can’t have your music playing on your device while recording or even when the app is just opened. Other then that 12/10 recommend..Version: 1.3.4

Import sound issueWhenever I import a video through the app, the sound that usually degrades the audio speeds up and makes it sound like a high pitched buzz from a bee. However when I use my camera to make a normal video the sound is fine. If the devs could fix the static sound back to normal when importing a video it would be much appreciated..Version: 1.6.1

A squashed bug on older iPad models running iOS 9.3.6In previous versions I had noticed that the Color Bars filter crashes on my iPad Mini running iOS 9.3.6, though it worked fine on my iPhone 6S (a phone I no longer own) running the latest version of iOS, which was 13.5.1 at the time I originally wrote this review. As of app version 1.6, this bug has been squashed, and I can now fully enjoy VHS Camcorder on both my first-generation iPad Mini, and my iPhone 7; the latter is running iOS 14. VHS Camcorder is just one of those apps that I keep coming back to, and I don’t always have the time or physical space to dig out my VCR to process videos on videocassettes that I’ve used time after time. I’ve tried similar apps by other developers, but nothing compares to this. Rarevision truly has perfected the VHS, the Hi8, and even the PXL2000 effects. Having used the app since 2015, I feel as if VHS Camcorder just keeps getting better with every update..Version: 1.6

Love It!!!Totally worth the money. I was going back and forth between multiple options and I’m very glad I went with this one. The video is convincing and the audio distortion seems spot on as well. I have nothing negative to say about this app. The only item I’d add to a wishlist would be to be able to add a “blip” in the video whenever you want (the multicolored interference that you would occasionally see in old recordings). Just a quick tap on the screen to do it would be perfect..Version: 1.3.4

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So good!!I dont rlly use often but seems hella fresh 😁.Version: 1.5.4

Great appUsed other apps to get a lofi/vhs aesthetic but most of them aren’t that great. This one rocks and doesn’t just randomly crash. Great job and hope to see what’s next from the developers..Version: 1.6.1

Nice app but crashes a lotNot worth the money if it’s gonna crash every second time you go to import a video. If it didn’t crash as much, it would an awesome app..Version: 1.5.4

UpdateFix the update.Version: 1.6

Screen recordingsThe recorder itself is great but the app crashes every time i try to convert a screen recording into a vhs style clip. very disappointed, paid money for this app..Version: 1.3.4

Been using this app since brand new in 2015It’s worth the money and you can do a lot of projects with this app.Version: 1.5.1

Big BuckoIts great.Version: 1.6.1

FIX THE POSITION OF THE DATE FOR WIDE OPTIONHey, this app is so amazing and easy to use but please in the next update move the date to the actual corner of the phone for wide option PLEASEEE it’s so annoying when it’s literally in the middle of the video it just looks off so please and add ratio sizings and let us move the date around pleasseee that’d be sooooooo much easier and gives us more freedom paid $6AUD and kindaaaaa unhappy that I couldn’t change the effects or move the date so please add it thank you.Version: 1.3.4

Worth downloadingReally good quality App. App details are great. Menu system is easy to use and has some cool options. Looks really authentic and takes me back to the 80's. Get this App if your keen for something a bit different. Really good job on this one guys..Version: 1.0

Great app!Love this app so far, still figuring it out and so much fun.Version: 1.4

YesI love it.Version: 1.5.4

God likeThis is one of the best apps on my phone. My only complaint is when you import a video it speeds it up which I wish would be optional but apart from that it is still an incredible app.Version: 1.6.1

Great app, but:I feel like there should be more customisation - like an option to add a Rec button to the corner, saturation levels of the video, saving options. I think an option to upload and edit previous made videos should also be an option..Version: 1.2.3

Greatest Cam App ever!!!!It is so realistic.Version: 1.3.4

Fantastic ApplicationLove it and satisfied.Version: 1.3.4

Doesn’t even save videosHorrible app! It crashes everytime I try to save an imported video or it says it can’t save it. Very disappointing and a waste of money..Version: 1.4

TrendingBeen using it since i found it years ago, now I've started to see plenty of instagram videos with this app in use. Next move is to get my hands on an actual camcorder.Version: 1.4

Help pls lolAre you able to upload videos from your camera roll to the app so you can use the filter on videos that were filmed on the normal camera? if not, that would be amazing.Version: 1.5.2

AmazingLooks so real.Version: 1.4

AwesomeDefinitely love this app! Now I’m officially bringing Analogue TV back to life! So happy! 😃😃😃😃😃.Version: 1.6.1

Suggestion: color adjustmentI was watching some home videos from 1994 and I noticed the colors were very bright and saturated, while in this app they are pretty dull. A color adjustment feature would be nice..Version: 1.2.3

Old Is The New!I’m majorly impressed with this app. So many variations with how you can transform your smart device camera for a cheap price, into an obsolete VHS camcorder! The downfalls, you can’t play music over it like Snapchat does. You cannot edit your films also with the inclusion of music..Version: 1.4

Blast from the past!!!Wow I can't explain how much I love this app. It's worth the money to buy it. Just add a couple of more things: 1. Add a title into the video recording. 2. When you fast forward and rewind you get a high pitch sound from the video can you add that please? Other than that, Great app!!.Version: 1.5.4

Version 1.6 - PLEASE READBeen using this app for a couple weeks and with the newest update they have ruined a few things. For starters, all the old filters before 1.6 no longer share the same colour, saturation, contrast and brightness. They have all been changed with the new sliders in which you can’t recreate the same filter palette of the previous version. Secondly, the black bars DO NOT extend to the bottom of the frame anymore. This is very frustrating and doesn’t look good at all. The bottom rollout looks out of place and lazily added. Lastly, importing videos have a few bugs where you have to tap and hold the option twice or hold it for longer (more than 10 seconds) to work. The prior update was an instant tap. Please fix this (especially the black bars!). I don’t know what bug fixes were made but it seems fixing a few bugs created more. Not happy after paying for the full version..Version: 1.6

Great App!A e s t h e t i c.Version: 1.4

RarevisionVHSGreat app. VHS is my fave effect..Version: 1.5.2

Video not saving!I’ve been trying to process a video from my gallery and it will only save 2 seconds! (I have enough storage)!.Version: 1.3.4

Lots of funA lot of fun, and oddly makes me want to make more home videos of the family in tacky “Uncle with a camcorder” style. Only thing I don’t like is that “play” pops up every time you hit record - when you put your clips all together it means it pops up constantly! Otherwise the image is great - very authentic feeling!.Version: 1.3.3

Awesome Video App!!I love it!! Please add 60fps option on the upcoming update and an upscale of 4K if possible. Also if possible remove the “play” when start recording..Version: 1.3.4

GoodGood.Version: 1.5.2

Great app, but still needs a few more featuresIf you could turn off the tracking lines, change the saturation and turn off the play title at the beginning, this would be really useful. The zoom is amazingly perfect, and I was going to shoot a video on it, but the distortion and desaturation is too much, so i’ve got to use an actual VHS cam as it’s more subtle, ridiculously enough..Version: 1.2.3

Trash new version.The previous versions compared to the new one were soooo much better, why did they ruin it. if it ain’t broke don’t fix it... the new filters are horrible. fix that asap.Version: 1.5.2

I love it !It’s really good I really recommend it.Version: 1.5.4

QuestionWhy wont it let me import a video?.Version: 1.5.2

I love thisI have another update for your app. When you use the static filter where it’s just tv static you should add static sounds to it instead of just a normal vhs sound. Also your app is WONDERFULL and amazing. It looks just like a real vhs. The other apps aren’t good and look too fake and it is easy to spot it is not a real vhs. But your app the degrading the audio. Vhs effect and white lines its just amazing. This needs to be 5.5 instead of 4.4. The money was just worth it. Thank you for making this app..Version: 1.6.1

So goodAmazing worth paying for only thing I’d change is to be able to make videos from camera roll.Version: 1.5.2

Reliable and nostalgicOverall a really great app. Definitely recommend this to those of you who lives through the camcorder and VHS era. Super nostalgic. Things that could be improved: Could use more variety when it comes to image static and noise. Would love to see more noise randomisation and perhaps more manipulation tools. The interface buttons. I think they’re going for the retro aesthetic, but it falls short. Overall a great app and I hope it is still being developed because there is a gap in the market and the people love this aesthetic at the moment..Version: 1.3.4

Fun... Maybe we could get some more features?It’s a good bit of nostalgic fun, done well and done right! We definitely could see some more features implemented? More filters maybe? :).Version: 1.3.4

AuthenticExcellent effect; some of the features could be easier/clearer (processing multiple files at once, adding text at specific times). An option to use the photos metadata as the time stamp, instead of the time you process it through the app would be awesome, too.Version: 1.3.4

Most accurate VHS App on the storeI love vhs cameras, and I’ve gone through a lot of apps to manipulate a vhs camera. A lot of apps are way off. This app has been the closest to an actual vhs camera, and it’s definitely worth the money!!.Version: 1.3.4

Worth it!To be honest, for what you're getting is worth it. there are a lot of features that are accessible, including filters, video ratios, and text. one take-away is the price. from what i remember is that it was around $7-9 aud, and it was pricey. i had tried to search for a better app, but honestly, nothing beats this app. if your choices have become limited, and if you want an app with more than just a vhs camera effect, this app has what you're looking for..Version: 1.4

ReviewNot a fan of the new version. that rainbow effect is way too intense, in fact it’s almost blinding and it’s too bright. the previous version was much better..Version: 1.5.2

Amazing mate 🇦🇺This is An Amazing vhs app and most accurate one yet! One suggestion is to add comet tails or light-streaking if possible but above all great app.Version: 1.5.2

🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Can’t save the videos that I imported in!.Version: 1.4

Really goodWhen I first got this app I had no problems, I make edits and I obviously want to send them to my camera roll. But when I press play after recording an edit it doesn’t show up, it says ‘no videos’ and it isn’t in my camera roll either. Is there anything I’m doing wrong?.Version: 1.5.4

Read rnThe recent update is so bad, i want it to go back to before the update. preferred it then. the filters are terrible..Version: 1.5.2

VHS app reviewThis app used to be so amazing, BUT then they made a rubbish update which meant that I could no longer merge pre recorded videos with the VHS filter without the video becoming stretched and flipped in the wrong orientation - please fix this issue!! Besides this, the app is really cool.Version: 1.5.2

Audio in imported video is out of syncWhen I imported a video into the app and then saved it to my camera roll, the audio was out of sync to the person who was talking. Please fix.Version: 1.4

Awesome App, Few Improvements To Make It 5 Star !Needs - in app feedback button - Instagram story / Facebook story sharing, integration and 1:1 aspect ratio - needs all the social sharing tools - needs varying types of vhs and colour spaces - needs simple colour edits - needs a truly native iPad app with regular updates - needs more anamorphic flaring type effects.Version: 1.3.4

Cannot upload your own videosDon’t bother purchasing the app because the import option does not work. Every time I try to import a video from my camera roll the app just freezes on me. Waste of $$$ which is a shame because the app has everything i need but just cannot enjoy it..Version: 1.5.4

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Rarevision VHS - Retro 80s Cam 1.6.1 Update

Version 1.6.1 (2021-02-02): • Fixed a problem where the titler wouldn't keep its size when importing • Added ability to turn the additional tracking noise effect on/off • Bug fixes.

Version 1.6 (2021-01-21): • NEW picture menu: Tweak filters the way you want! • NEW clip viewer: It's faster and you can import directly from the viewer! • Fixed a problem on iOS 14 where the settings menu was all messed up • Lots of other tweaks and bug fixes.

Version 1.5.4 (2020-06-23): • Added color bars filter • Fixed issue where Instagram 1:1 videos would import as portrait.