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ecMobile allows users to connect to, and receive dispatches from, many of the nation’s leading courier, delivery, and logistics companies. If you have a truck, car, van, pickup, bike, or even a pair of shoes, you may be a candidate to perform pickup and delivery services in any city in the U.S. Once you have registered with a delivery company, you can receive dispatches right to your device, and provide real time status updates, including bar code scanning data and signature images, back to the delivery company. By simply logging on, you can signal to the delivery company your current location and that you are ready to receive work requests. Please note that this app uses GPS running in the background, which can dramatically decrease battery life.

EcMobile App User Reviews & Comments

Update is not workingThe February 20th update crashes every time an attempt is made to get a signature. My entire team is crippled by this. Unable to get app support from the vendor. I'm glad we're transitioning to different software.Version: 1.1.22

TerribleThis app is junk..Version: 1.2.70

Manual scanning preferredShould bring back the manual selection for scanning files option/button....Version: 1.1.24

Excellent App!!!It works for me perfectly. The app hasn't lost any jobs, is fast and super convenient. I would highly recommend. Well worth the money. Thank you for bringing it on the iPhone and for such a great app..Version: 1.0.4

No light turns on IPhone to help scan at nightI have a courier route and need to scan pick-ups. During the day the scanner on the app works great, but at night I can't scan not enough light. There is no way to turn on flashlight to help scan..Version: 1.0.11

Still needs work.The thought of this app was excellent if your in the courier industry. At the same time, there been moments that the app did not load correctly, would reject images, and I was not able to use the signature function on my iPhone 4. I'm certain that there will be many improvements. But, until that time I will remain happy with my refund!.Version: 1.0.2

Great AppThe app works great have not had any problems with it, well worth the money..Version: 1.0.4

App freezes on set upBought on Apple for courier company requirement. App doesn’t work on my XR iPhone. Carrier not the issue, neither is the server for courier company. No support on e-Courier site..Version: 1.2.61

IWatch compatibleWhen will this app be available on iWatch latest series?.Version: 1.2.52

Display for Dark ModeIt does not display properly like it does for light mode for the iPhones. I have the 8 plus if for some reason it is just with that one..Version: 1.2.40

Update changes make it impossible to find job quicklyThe latest update removed the customer name on the list and rearranged the information. Now, unless I recognize the address, it's a guessing game to which job I need to open. This needs to go back to the last format ASAP.Version: 1.1.34

Please fix ASAPYour iOS 10 update totally crashes my iOS 10 phone. How about you repost the old version so I can work effectively again? Maybe update your developer URL too..Version: 1.1.22

Can down load the app on the new IPhone 6SPlease send info on how to install the app on the new I Phone 6 S..Version: 1.1.8

Simple UtilityNot pretty, not a lot of bells and whistles, but does exactly what I need it to do. If you can get over the low-bar user interface and minimal/absent options, I’d say it’s rather solid..Version: 1.2.66

EnterEasy to use for work, but I have to press enter each time I scan a single item. Phones other than iPhone don't have to do this..Version: 1.1.16

Simply doesn’t workHow can an app get worse with each update. When I first started using i, you could change the weight and piece count but this went away over a year ago. Now you can not do anything except view the job and address. You can not use the map, you can not onboard a job and you can not POD the job. The only time it will work is if there are no documents are piece count involved with the job, otherwise it keeps saying you have not viewed the documents (even if you have) or you have not verified the pieces are picked up or delivered when there is no way to do so. Please fix this, the app is almost unusable..Version: 1.2.35

Can’t use a scannerI have to press enter every time I want to scan something it really slows me down.Version: 1.2.20

Notifications won’t show unlessIn appI should not have to leave the app open At all times to receive new messages for jobs. I do have an iPad that I use instead of my iPhone. So that’s the only way I’m not as frustrated but it would be nice to receive alerts.Version: 1.2.61

UghApp is so slowwwwwww!!.Version: 1.2.40

Turn off the fake GPS notificationI have nothing on, but the stupid fake gps pop up comes on continuously. Losing time waiting for it to go away. Time=$.Version: 1.2.70

Decent app with huge bugsApp uses location always (even when not in use) so it's the primary source of drain on my battery per battery management. If you use iPhone camera to scan barcodes it just crashes. Good app, just needs some recoding.Version: 1.1.25

Don’t buy this appCrashes all the time and I Pay $10 dollars for this trash of app, don’t let me do my job correctly and I have to call the office to sing me in or out from a job done , please don’t buy this app we need to get better support and fix the this problem now.Version: 1.2.40

Too many issues 5/4Nothing important work. Needs plenty of updating or just throw the whole app away..Version: 1.2.49

Problem makerError all the time. Doesn’t go trough sometimes it’s freezing all the time. Not happy with it. It’s not working as a $10 app. It should be free..Version: 1.2.17

Job historyWhen will we be able to have a tab for the history of jobs done or received!?!?!.Version: 1.1.37

EcmobileThe new Bar scanner update is awful. The app is having a hard time focusing and reading this with my iPhone. It is at a point where the bar scanning is impossible and had to hand key everything. In the past the app is work wonderful but now it seems to work terrible. One more thing while scanning I noticed that if it does not scan the information and application shuts down..Version: 1.1.0

Master of the universeI have an iPhone five because prior to the recent improvements it wouldn't work on anything else. It seems to work pretty good 90% of the time. The 10 percent of the time on it does not work well it does not work at all. Giving me an error message of "unable to connect to server".Version: 1.0.9

Last two days crashing at signature lineCrash at Signature Stage Update I am not a techie and this imay not be the reason why my EC mobile is not crashing for the last 24 hours when I go to the signature stage of my run but when I deleted a lot of old contacts that were superfluous off of my iPhone plus removed extra photos that were not needed anymore etc and then turned my phone off and on once then miraculously my signature stage was working again instead of crashing just a helpful hint that helped me and hopefully you can share it with others they can give it a try! Sent from my iPhone Please excuse grammatical errorsNever did this before but now when I click on the signature line it's just reverts back to the EC mobile icon I don't understand what is wrong so now I'm just taking a photo and entering instead of going to the signature line because of this issue. Another issue is when you go to apps support it says you are L not sound so there is no support! LOL.Version: 1.1.24

Not designed for the driver/userThe data used by the driver should appear on one screen, not spread over multiple screens. It is easier to scroll to view data verses changing screens and then scrolling down. A developer should ride around with a on demand driver for a day or two.Version: 1.2.31

Ugh!This app was okay until the update because now I literally can’t even see the address on the screen unless I click on it so I’m randomly guessing which on and hoping it’s the right one..Version: 1.2.40

OptionsWorks great! Can you guys please make it more customizable? Not everyone likes big font and it would actually look more professional in my opinion. After all I paid $10 for it..Version: 1.1.34

So far, not goodJust bought it last night, free on Google play, I paid $9.99 on App Store. It won't scan barcodes. Like I said, so far not good. Hope to see improvements very soon. After all it is a necessity for couriers. It's part of our job. Get to it IT guy..Version: 1.0.10

Worked till the last update now CRASHESThey added colors but removed stability it crashes EVERY TIME I try accessing stops can't get work done if you can't get needed information 😖😖😖.Version: 1.1.25

HorribleThe app use to be great it reads incorrectly all the time.Version: 1.2.61

GPS functionalityGps functionality gone with latest update, please fix.Version: 1.0.10

GPS & Notifications broken in this update.The newest update is significantly broken. The app no longer uses gps properly and no longer sends notifications. If there were any alternative to using this thing, I'd jump ship immediately..Version: 1.0.10

Slow updatesI'm a weekend evening route driver in Columbus Ohio and ECMobile is constantly having update issues. It's very difficult to complete a route in an easy and expedient way when always calling dispatch to complete stops and rebooting my cell phone..Version: 1.1.8

LayoutGuys, please move the reject job button all the way to the bottom of the app and put it in its own red box. It’s current placement leads to accidental job rejections. Thank you..Version: 1.2.52

App works great.!Don’t blame the App because your dispatch can’t get their act together. I have an average of 24 daily stops. Occasionally there is a change up in my route and you’ll get a message thru the App. Tap update and the new route is sorted and updated..Version: 1.2.66

Not working for iPhone 12 Pro MaxHow come this is not working for iPhone 12 Pro Max?.Version: 1.2.70

Allow mileage entry at opening of manifest.Paid $10 for app as an iphone user. But iphone users seem to not be able to enter starting miles when opening a new manifest or job. Please fix this. Seems an easy fix. The program DOES allow for ending mileage at close of manifest. That seems fine. This is a pretty big issue. Thanks. Otherwise good software. Thank you..Version: 1.2.13

Overall application usability/interface is trashThis application needs to be completely revamped. Unable to tap and access POD. Application interface is archaic. Everything about this application is a pain. The developer needs to read the reviews and revamp the entire thing. It’s useless otherwise and not worth $10..Version: 1.2.66

Having trouble seeing stops on iPhone 10 s maxThe app isn’t working properly on my phone the iPhone 10s max stops are not showing unless I hold the stop with my finger.Version: 1.2.40

CrashesI relied on this app for work, with the latest update on iPhone it crashes constantly. Worked great before that..Version: 1.1.25

No notifications? 👎🏼What kind of craptasticness is this? When I’m working I can’t be checking my app every 2 min to see if my dispatch has sent more work through, I’m driving and trying not to crash and get people their stuff on time. Cause they pay for it like that ya know!? Dispatch is super busy as well so they can’t call me constantly to let me know either. This seems like such and easy fix! Come on and get it together ppl!.Version: 1.2.11

I would like my money back 😢Most faulty and Irrelevant app there is no point in actually using this just call and log in through your dispatcher.Version: 1.2.29

Worst app I have paid forApp does not work proper on my iphone can not scan everything.Version: 1.2.11

The worstFirst of I had to pay $10 for this app and it s not working. My boss just told me I haven't scanned for 2 day in a row. Please do your job or make this app free like it is on other device.Version: 1.1.6

Not worth $9.99This app is pretty crappy for a business app. The price tag is definitely high way robbery. You make a trashy app and then decide to put a hefty price tag on it? That’s not cool! iOS has changed. BRING SOME BETTER UPDATES!!!!.Version: 1.2.66

Font size too small !!This app is great for getting the job done easily but less conveniently. I am surely happy that it’s improving...but I have a lot of difficulty reading the source or the pickup address and the destination or the delivery address in the day time and bright light bc of the small font. Suggestion: The font size is ok but It would be very nice if you could make the addresses in the Bold style to read easily with much less stress on the eyes. At present, a person with glasses is having a great difficulty reading them in bright day light. Thank you🙏🏻.Version: 1.2.24

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EcMobile 1.2.72 Update

Version 1.2.72 (2021-08-16): Add option to send an event when phone number is tapped..

Version 1.2.70 (2021-05-10): Add "ZXing for LiDAR devices" option in Settings.

Version 1.2.66 (2021-02-15): Display EULA when launch app for first time.

Version 1.2.64 (2021-01-04): - Update to Scandit SDK 6.6.0 - Add option to specify regular expression filter for Create Event and Self-Assign - Fix bug in stop consolidation when Shipto Must Match is specified - Add option to display phone number on Stop tab in Stop Detail - Add support for sending a message to dispatch for Supplemental Forms - Add support for sending a message to dispatch for events defined by the mobile.

Version 1.2.61 (2020-10-27): - Add option to allow only pre-defined POD names. - Add customer code to Create Event validate filter. - Strip non-printing ASCII control characters from Scandit barcode scans..