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With loads of tracks, cars, a career mode, multiplayer time challenges and an awesome track creator, Go Rally is the only rally game you’ll ever need! And, with cross-play functionality, you can enjoy Go Rally on iPhone, iPad and Apple TV.*

Draw a line on your screen, tap the ‘race’ icon, and instantly drive your very own track! Add hills, bridges, checkpoints, trackside banners, houses and terrain – create the circuit of your dreams, then share on-line and challenge your friends, and the world, to beat your times. Apple TV users can design on iPhone or iPad and then pick up the Siri Remote and play on the big screen! With player made tracks, there are potentially limitless possibilities.

Pit yourself against a huge variety of pre-made rally tracks across stunningly realistic deserts, arctic snowscapes, forests and arid outback landscapes. Each course delivers a fresh challenge, from glass-like ice to treacherous rocks and everything in-between. The challenges never stop with new tracks being added all the time.

Rocket through each stage as fast as you dare and compete against friends, family and gamers all over the world to better your time. This is where rivalries are born!

Career mode lets you work up the ranks from Rookie to Master. Work your way up through 100 tracks around the world and become the rally champion of the world. Only the most daring drivers need apply!

Choose from a cool collection of rally vehicles from ferocious muscle cars to powerful SUV’s. Customize with a stunning paint job so that no one will miss you roaring across the tracks.

Go Rally plays brilliantly on Apple TV, from its pass-and-play gameplay and easy to pick up Siri Remote controls to its visuals that look great on the widest of widescreens, the game is perfect family entertainment.

*Track Creator only available on iPhone and iPad

Go Rally App User Reviews & Comments

Have to repurchase game???So I already had this game and now I have to repurchase it. Please, I would like a refund, and my profile back that I ALREADY HAD!!!.Version: 2.0.7

Nice game fun racer! It’s worth $2.99 easy!I’m having fun racing. Far as the low reviews idk why. For $2.99 I think it’s a great game and you are getting what you pay for. I have tried a lot of racing games. I think this game is better than a lot of the big name racers on iOS. I would recommend if you like racing or rally games give it a shot! Definitely worth the small asking price of $2.99 the other reviews says I won’t open and crashes. That could be if they are using a old iOS device. I’m on a iPhone 11 Pro Max it play well. I’m not even on the brand new iPhone 12 phones. I haven’t had any crashes or lag. I’m sure I’ll find a bug but as of now haven’t found any. I’m having fun with this little racing game..Version: 2.0.7

BrokenHow are you supposed to play the game if you can’t even select a car?.Version: 2.0.7

It’s really funI’m playing on iPhone XR and it works fine. Great graphics and awesome racing :) Please add self searching multiplayer and ranking charts for top players and maybe have different rankings so people can have final play offs against each other to get coins to upgrade cars. Other than that I don’t even think the game needs anything else. It’s totally fine like it is right now. Don’t fix what isn’t broken..Version: 2.0.7

Good... at firstI was really enjoying the thrill of the race and dirt track drifting, until I finished the A class cars. After I made the jump to B class, things when a little down hill from there. The cars became too fast and not grippy enough. I was placing first in every A class race, but in the B class, I was finishing 7-8th ESPECIALLY on the ice tracks. I’d like to think I’m pretty good at most racing games, but this one needs some mechanic balancing..Version: 2.0.7

Spudanky!I like it. Been looking for a fun racing game I can play with my controller. Feels great. Love that I can easily restart runs with a simple hold of a button. Unlike many mobile racing games, this one feels rewarding to players, allowing us to develop skills on our own time. I can freely try over and over to nail a course without the game harassing me with tickets or refuels. Negatives: the car interacting with other physical obstacles in unexpected ways is frustrating. Players get stuck on the littlest of obstacles way too easily. I like solving difficult tracks, but when a random downed road sign is punking your momentum, it feels a little extra. Luckily restart is suuper easy. There’s one course I’m stuck on that ends with having to leap over a pile of huge rocks?! Not sure the strategy or route. It’s the first track where I got lost and missed check points. I appreciate the courses becoming more complex, but a little more course clarity may reduce the number of times my car is wedged between some rocks and I’m questioning the meaning of life ten feet from the finish line. The sound levels broken? I reduced both the sound fx volume, and music volume; but some of the sound fx are still loud. I’d love to see better, more in-depth, vehicle, weather and terrain sound design. Spotify gets paused while game is running. Positives: when you nail a tricky course, it’s really fun! This game is extremely ‘pick up and go’ for as long, or as short as you like. Graphics are ok, could be better. Despite my gripes it’s 5 stars 👍 cuz I’mm feeling the love ..2night!.Version: 2.0.7

Great game.So far this game is awesome! I know it’s still new but so far I like the driving physics quite a bit, can’t wait for more updates!.Version: 2.0.7

This is greatKeep up the good work.Version: 2.0.7

Lots of potentialNice looking game and it runs pretty great feel like it missing a lot but I’m sure they’re just getting started. NOTE controllers at the moment do not control the menus as of now. only the car in game.Version: 2.0.7

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Doesn't work!!Anyone got this game to work? I wasted $5!!!.Version: 2.0.7

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