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Get the official YouTube app on iPhones and iPads. See what the world is watching -- from the hottest music videos to what’s popular in gaming, fashion, beauty, news, learning and more. Subscribe to channels you love, create content of your own, share with friends, and watch on any device.

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Note: If you subscribe via Apple, payment will be charged to App Store Account at confirmation of purchase. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24 hours prior to the end of the current period at the rate of the selected plan. Subscriptions and auto-renewal may be managed by going to Account Settings after purchase.

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YouTube: Watch, Listen, Stream App User Reviews & Comments

Amazing app but tiny annoying features.I love this app. I have met many amazing people through it, and it’s sort of a pass-time mostly for me. The only things keeping me from giving this the 5 stars it deserves, are it’s new updates. I haven’t checked computer updates but on mobile description and comments are completely separate from each other. Instead of just clicking a button to read the description, it pulls it up completely covering everything else, same with the comments. Instead of just scrolling down, it is right by the top, which I don’t think is much of a problem other than confusing, but the fact that it takes up the entire bottom half of your screen if you click on it is annoying. I really don’t like having to take the time to click in and out of these. I really don’t care a ton or think it’s the end of the world, it’s just really annoying..Version: 15.41.2

Some issues with the latest updateI use this app probably more than any other app on my iPhone. For the most part it’s really great, but not without flaws. Most of the videos displayed in the Home screen no longer show the video length timestamp in the bottom right corner of the thumbnail which is really irritating. It looks like all other views in the app show the timestamp, so hopefully it’s a bug that’s fixed ASAP. A couple random videos in the Home list show the timestamp while the other 95% do not, which makes no sense. Sometimes the video rotation gets stuck in landscape and will not revert back to portrait view, only the opposite landscape view. This has been a problem for a few months now, and the only way to fix it is to force quit the app. This is quite irritating. Finally, a good addition but extremely overdue feature is the ability to sort the Watch Later playlist. FINALLY this utterly BASIC feature exists. I have no idea why the Watch Later playlist worked so differently than regular playlists for so long, but that’s fixed now. The best addition from a few months ago was the feature of double-tapping to rewind and fast forward. Every video player needs this. It’s incredibly user friendly. It’s way better than the rudimentary 15-second skip buttons that many players now have..Version: 12.45

Volume controlBeing able to cast to my smart tv and chromecast is a great feature, but I'm not sure why we need volume control while the app is running in the background. Sometimes I like to have something on in the background and when I'm on my phone, the volume will change itself to full blast. I don't need to be able to control the volume of the tv through the app in the first place (mostly because the tv has it's own volume control), but the feature is nice. Also, lock screen controls are a nice touch as well. But if I have something cast to the screen and then put in headphones, I'll get all sorts of weird volume behavior. I've never had a problem with this before the Feb 2017 update, and I'm an every day user of the app. For this reason, I have to give one star in the hopes that the developer will fix the problems..Version: 13.05

I hate the adsSeriously I hate the ads. They’re overwhelming and intrusive. And no it’s not better “controlling” the ads with Google settings. That does nothing but ask me if I want random ads or tailor made ads. Tailor made ads engineered to encourage me to buy things I may like but in reality shouldn’t be blowing money on at an addicted rate on. Sorry I’m not Jeff Bezos, let alone employed. How about this, I will buy those things, from those ads, from the companies you’re partners with to host these ads, allegedly some creators are being hypocritically harmed by certain ads but I digress; if you agree and Google agree to pay me and others interested in being paid to watch all these ads on all our devices in our homes. I’ll shut the heck and play all your ads. Yes I write this angry but this is a lot of frustrations built over the years since the dawn of the ad-pocolyspe. Also stop with the recommendations and let me see my freaking subscriptions first. Oh and fix your stupid algorithms. You’re already loaded and backed by Google so get it together! If humans can make A.I. Create websites surely your staff of humans can create a better algorithm. Until then I’m here for the content creators not your stupid ads!.Version: 16.36.4

These fix these problemsNumber one I’m listening to music and there’s a holding guard column playlist why did you scatter each playlist all over the place leave it in one column make a scattering it is hard to fine just leave it in one column where is easy to go to problem number two what’s with the new quality settings and high-quality mid quality why can’t we just pick a specific settings you need to fix this setting right now because we want to specific said we don’t want to automatically go to 480 P to 1080 P we wanna pick on the settings for like 720 p 360 p I had 360 P we want to optimize our own settings for resolutions and you’re taking that away from us Number three ads they’re seeing multiple times and we can’t get rid of them it’s really annoying TheAds but you can’t skip is basically the same at Ads playing over and over again and it at a point it gets annoying for example the Verizon ads that really gets annoying you need to stop that.Version: 16.16.3

Strange status Bar glitchHi there… This app is great… But there is one problem… there is a strange status bar bug… lets say you are watching a video… And you want to check the time The time doesn't change… If you check the status bar while watching a video for example… Let's say I play a video that is 15 minutes long… At 9:31 AM and when that video is finished… It's already 9:47 AM unless… You exit out the video… The time still says 9:31 AM it'll be 5 o'clock in the afternoon and the status bar would still say 9:31 AM it's like… The clock got stuck The time doesn't change… Unless you restart the app… Or exit out the video also… Nothing in the status bar changes including the battery level The only way to see the correct time and all of the other information displayed you have to exit out the video And… For the iPad version if you select add to bye accident there is no cancel button it's been like that for three years please fix those issues… There really annoying.Version: 13.11

Great, Until-It’s great, until you realize that this app is supposedly “17+” rated, yet steals add revenue from its own creators, because they said something the moderators didn’t like. And as soon as the creators apply for an appeal for their video, that they spent hours making, it takes months for it to be even looked at, and at that point, all the possible revenue these people could have earned is gone. They’re also extremely biased. I’ve seen many channels I’ve watched taken down for little to no reason, yet showing a dead body on screen to make money off impressionable small children is acceptable? It took three days for that video to be removed, which is absolutely ridiculous considering if it was any other channel who had posted it, they would have the video removed instantly, and probably would have had their channel taken down. Also, bring back the recommendations when watching the videos. I can’t even think of a reason why they’d remove that feature, but I guess they just want to steal even more money from innocent creators who are trying to make a living..Version: 14.11

Overall good app but there are some problemsI use this app very often! But of course, any good thing also has some down sides. I think that you guys should ban the people who truly deserve it. And there are TONS out there who really need to get taken down(Mainly Logan and Jake Paul) also, I think the three dots by each video should be put in a different spot. Because if I am trying to press it, it will click on the video and I will have to try to tap on it repeatedly until it finally works. For example, say you see a video from a youtuber you dislike, you try to press the three dots to get the video off of there. But when you try to press it, it clicks on the video instead. You go back and try to do it again. But it clicks on the video once again. You do this repeatedly until it finally works. This has happened to me too often. But overall, this is a really well made app..Version: 13.33

They screwed up this updateTotally screwed up this update. Now the top of the UI with the notification bell etc. end up ABOVE the top of the screen. Pulling down as if to refresh makes it visible again, but you can’t tap the bell or anything; it just springs back up when you release 🙄 I also HATE HATE HATE that playing something from a playlist opens up the freaking playlist ON THE VIDEO PAGE, completely obscuring the video interaction buttons like thumbs up/down, comments, etc. My hunch is that they do this to hide whether or not you’ve already watched it to try to trick you into watching it again for the ad views. They love doing this in the main feed, where they’ll usually show you a red bar at the bottom of the thumbnail for videos you’ve already watched before, but not always! Sometimes you’ll tap to check and then see that you’ve already watched it before because you already gave it a thumbs up or down. It’s infuriating that they insist on trying to trick you into rewatching stuff. I NEVER WANT TO REWATCH A VIDEO! Finally, WHY IS THERE NO OPTION TO DISABLE AUTOPLAY ON PLAYLISTS?! If I watch a video from my Watch Later playlist, that does NOT mean I then want to automatically watch every other video on the entire list! STOP IT!.Version: 16.18.5

UI was better beforeThe video quality itself isn’t the problem lately but it’s the changes to the comment section and recommended videos that I just can’t get behind. For me, and many others a big part of the experience is being able to look at comments and easily jump between other’s reactions and thoughts on the video, along with easily being able to jump between time stamps listed in the comments and the video. Now, it’s far too easy to overlook the comments altogether since they tend to blend in with the description or even get overlooked as part of an ad. It’s also ridiculously easy once you’ve clicked to look at replies to a comment to exit out of them completely since the X just closes them all instead of that specific comment, which makes it all supremely annoying to navigate. It would be good to give the option to toggle back to a “classic” view at least, since it isn’t only the comments, but also the recommended videos that are troublesome to look through as well. Really, have they never hear of “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”?.Version: 15.19

Good app but advertisement overloadI understand the need for advertisements but it’s to the point now that it’s negatively impacting my experience. Now that there’s two, back to back ads in every break it’s irritating how much I have to interact with the app just to finish watching the video. The more I use the app the worse the experience gets. I usually like to use the app while doing other things like cooking or cleaning. I mostly listen and don’t always have my phone in hand. In an 11 minute video with 6 ads, the middle break had a 30 second unskippable ad followed by a 2 minute ad that was skippable. Unless I am physically on my phone to return to the video that would be 2:30 minutes of ads just for 1 of 3 ad breaks in an 11 minute video. It’s overload. I get that using the free version means you gets ads but it’s overshadowing the content. I don’t want to interact this much with something I’m watching. It’s not a game app. Guess I’ll just stick to watching it on the desktop with my ad blocker. Otherwise, yeah YT is ok. They’re just getting into Pandora territory which is disappointing. Didn’t mind the ads until recently..Version: 15.37.4

A Few Annoying Problems...I’ve been using this app for years and it has been great. It works well and is a nice quality app. I have a few problems though, and it has to do with the subscription tab. The first problem is that it will often say that someone has posted (showing a little blue dot on their icon) but they haven’t. No big deal, but if I click it to make the blue dot go away, then go back to a different tab (such as the home) it will put the blue dot back. That makes it so there is a red dot on the subscription button which just bothers me. It also usually happens to people with less that 1k subs. The second problem I have is that I don’t get all community posts. I am subscribed to a lot of people, and a good amount of them make posts regularly. Maybe this is supposed to happen, but I don’t get them all, and I would like to. The last problem (which I find more funny) is that when I click all to see everyone I am subscribed to, it shows everyone as normal. But, if I leave the app and come back, or slide up on my phone (to show brightness or flashlight) it will switch around the names so that they do not match the right person. Other than these three problems, the app is amazing..Version: 15.49.4

What the-Everything is just fine, except for a few details, this may just be for me, I don't know. I am unable to watch certain videos because restricted mode is on, I assure you I checked and turned it off on multiple occasions. The other thing is that when I search for a video to watch, instead of the video showing up, I see movies, ads, channels, and other completely unrelated things to my search. This makes no sense to me, I have never had a problem with this in the past, and it has started happening fairly recently. I have checked here in the app store, maybe to update it, but I can't. I am confused about why this is happening to me, and if possible if you could fix this. If anyone else has had trouble with this, and knows how to fix this, please let me know. By the way, this is my first time making a review, it seems a little formal (Not really)..Version: 15.28

You Tube is no longer a service provider but a ideological machineAt one time I considered being a You Tube Creator before the dark times, before the demonetization of perfectly valid, legal and even wholesome content! Now you seem to be agenda driven ideologues. You drive creators off the platform who teach firearm safety, safety assembly and disability of firearms for example. The knife collector and reviewers are afraid to use the term knife in fear they will get a Strike for violating some vague You Tube policies that no one but you knows, I believe you make up on the fly, and then will not disclose to the creators when they ask what they violated. You demonetize creators yet run continue to run ad’s on their creation and turn around and say that you demonetized the channel because you fear advertisers will be offended! What a ratchet. Though I did lose some investment in equipment cost, I a certainly glad I saw this coming before I got locked into this scam and ideologically driven propaganda. I only stay here because of the creators that I enjoy, remember that. I am not here because its You Tube. I come here to be entertained and informed by creators I enjoy watching. Once you drive them off then I am gone, not hat you care..Version: 16.36.4

Alright, but flawed in fundamental waysThe iOS app constantly forgets the actively playing background video when I lock the screen, and even if it appears on the lock screen to pause/play, trying to start and stop it via Bluetooth headphone burins also constantly fails and instead starts playback of something random from my Music app. This apparently will never be fixed? Not being able to listen to video from my locked phone without paying a bunch of money monthly is rubbish and just eats up battery life. Also, when I swipe a video down and then go to close it, get rid of that stupid bounce animation that moves it if I had just liked a video. That animation makes me miss the X close button due to it moving around and getting bumped by other notifications. Make the other notifications come up above the video at the bottom and not move the playing video minimized strip, and make it instantly move to the bottom predictably so I don’t miss the close button and re-maximize it..Version: 15.42.2

Fine, but one detail..The app functions about as well as any app does. It’s nothing revolutionary, and I do think it’s gotten better, at least on the iPad version. However, there’s one issue (that really just annoys me more than anything.) On the bottom row, on the corner of the icon that indicates subscriptions, a red dot will appear to (I’m guessing) notify you that there’s a new video from someone you’re subscribed to. But most of the time, the red dot appears even when there’s nothing new. It’ll go away when you click on it and are in the subscription box, stay away when you go to a different page, but randomly appear again shortly after. Typically it’s when you refresh any page, but I’ve seen it reappear out on nowhere for no reason when I’m just browsing. It’s super annoying to think there’s something new when there isn’t. It’s such a tiny problem, but if you think about it, so’s a mosquito. That little subscription alert that shows up for no reason is like getting bit by a mosquito over and over and over again. I’m covered in bites and very aggravated. Thank you..Version: 15.49.4

Comment Likes no longer go up. Fix it!It took a while of seemingly endless update loops but the app finally finished an update. So far, some issues seem to be addressed, such as an active video in the lower right obscuring the ability to tap the 3 dots to the right of some videos at the end of long lists, such as Watch Later history and so on. Upon further review, the Videos tab on every channel is blank, regardless of how you sort. That’s a MAJOR bug. [Edit: They have since fixed this, so I’ll bump up the rating.] I like having the new ability to view replies to my comments on other videos without interrupting watching an unrelated video. I also like the addition of ¾ and 1¾ speed multipliers on videos. Unfortunately some videos now get paused when moved to the lower right corner, though this behavior is inconsistent. Also I’ve seen delays on comments in live streams going as far as nine (9!) minutes with only a few hundred or so people in chat. Also I have my fonts magnified due to poor vision, and for some reason, bold text in comments on videos is unusually small. So with the forced update, some things improved, and some didn’t. Update 10/26: This app routinely removes my likes on comments shortly afterward. I remove the like and re-like it, and the counter is fixed, then it decrements. It is so obvious when I’m the only one who liked someone’s comment, only to see the number "1" vanish shortly afterward. Fix your app!.Version: 15.43.4

Lots of problems but I still like itFirst of all, many people are saying the same problem but every time I upload a video and say no it’s not made for kids it keeps saying that the comments are turned off all of my videos that I’ve made is turned off comments. Next, every time I wanna watch a video(well not every time but at least once a day) when I’m watching a video and I am like in the middle of it (it Has to be a long video though) it just goes to the next video when it’s not the end. And the last problem, when I first watch a video then add it to my liked videos or my Watch later One day later the video goes blurry but the editor didn’t edit it after and I am logged into the same account on different devices and it still does that on the same video. All these problems I don’t know what’s causing it. I hope you can fix it. Thanks for reading.Version: 16.38.2

The new updateThis new update is absolutely atrocious. i understand having innovation towards wanting more for your viewers but the execution was poor. The comment section is where I could be able to talk and relate to the interest of video and as i scrolled down i could potentially see the other videos that i wanted to watch. Moving the comments under the description is problematic because 1. it’s easily missable 2. it made going/making a comment more difficult 3. the fluidity of scrolling for other videos and going to the comments made sense 4. having the back button on the left side (in addition to muscle memory of clicking on the newly “escape” right side) makes it plain tedious. the thumbnails are also an issue because they are too large. one video thumbnail alone takes up almost half the screen and with two of them it takes up the whole screen. less is more, and bigger doesn’t always mean better. please consider reinventing the layout because it’s problematic having people used to one idea and completely changing it..Version: 15.19

Downloads/PremiumFor days now it keeps deleting my downloads. I’ve downloaded over 200 videos and now they’re gone. Twice. I don’t know if it’s the update, but you need to fix this. I’m paying almost $17 and it doesn’t even work right. I keep re-downloading them, but a couple hours later, they’re gone. First it says it’s having trouble loading them, then it straight up deletes them. This is one of the big features I use and if it keeps doing this I might as well cancel the subscription. And don’t get me started on the ‘no ad’ feature. Every time I go on a different device on the same account I have premium on, I get ads. I’m actually starting to get annoyed. I use the downloads to listen to music offline. Each time I go offline; “Cannot load downloads” and then, “No videos downloaded.” Please fix this because it’s a long process to download all of the videos back onto my device. If anyone is going to get premium, do not buy it until they fix this issue..Version: 15.43.4

Great app! Almost perfectLike I said in the title, this app is soooo amazing! I have found so many funny videos, video game guides, music videos, etc, on here. But there’s only one problem and I believe it’s a bug. Sometimes I like to look and see what other videos are on here that are recommended for me, but I also like to watch videos or just listen to videos while I’m doin this, but after I add like maybe 4-5 videos to my certain playlists, the app just crashes on me. Please fix this cause it’s very annoying when it happens and I’d like to be able to continue finding new videos to watch while I’m also watchin another video at the time. If y’all fix that issue, there’s only one addition that I’d suggest you made to the app: a side button in the app that lets you see where your favorite YouTuber has commented or liked one of your comments on their video. If you can add that and fix the issue, this app will be perfect. Hope you’ll listen to my ideas..Version: 14.25

Stagnant monetized developmentI have been a premium subscriber for a while now, so as new capabilities become available, I can understand the desire to monetize to create a variation between premium and non subscribing. The thing is that exists with ads and services such as TV. The biggest reason I got premium is I didn’t want to see ads for things I didn’t care about. That is the same reason I didn’t get TV, I don’t care about it. The desire to limit things such as PIP as to not lose the differences between paid and non is becoming ridiculous. Now, in the struggle to control background playing on iOS, google has safari crash if it is a non paying account trying to use PIP on mobile safari. Personally, that is kind of rude, and Apple should fix it in a patch because safari force crashing is in my opinion a iOS bug. No website should have that much control over your browser and OS. Apple? My gripe is that the app doesn’t have the functionality. Seriously? I’m already paying for it. Why do I have to use safari as a paid subscriber? It is this type of account greed that ruins companies..Version: 15.38.2

Great but one problemYouTube’s great and all but like what about the cussing? And horrible videos like, Kids can be downloading this and watching all the horrible things a child doesn’t have to watch, And the worst is the advertisements they’re everywhere. And I hate them, Remove them PLEASE! I hate them, there the worst and horrible and sometimes inappropriate! I hate this, That so many kids download this and see the horrible videos that even sometimes are even bad for children! And now, They’re’s probably kids that say bad words, make other kids do it too, AND, Do horrible stuff in public! Make the system better! Like if you first download it you can make little buttons saying Kids on the left and teens and adults on the right and make the teens and adults do hard stuff while the kids just go in, also, Why do you need our emails, Email passwords, and Everything that’s almost personal? That’s uncomfortable. I’m just disappointed in this, something I love, I realize it’s bad, not for adults, but sweet innocent children I can’t bear to watch this any longer..Version: 15.41.2

AdsThey push quite literal porn ads for adult mobile games, often using footage for something else entirely to pretend it’s not adult content, and then demonetize any creator who says anything outside of their radical left leaning biased. I get so many targeted ads for alcohol based on my age and location and have NO way to shut those down, and I can’t even use their support page, as I am greeted with an error saying I am not authorized to view that page. As someone who deals with drinking problems, and autism that’s forced me to stop playing games with predatory monetizing in place, seeing these ads constantly really does impact me in a negative way. Including the GTA Online ones of their Diamond Casino adverts of come in to spin the wheel for a chance to win a new car. I only bother to watch on my iPhone, and I don’t like being harassed to buying Premium just to NOT be bombarded with ads promoting gambling, alcohol abuse, and the adult mobile titles. I get they are targeted toward my age, but seeing beer adverts at 4 am is entirely out of line..Version: 15.28

Like app BUTI actually like this app most of the time, however now that my son likes to watch movies and we have watched the ones we have at home like 300 times each I wanted to let him watch new ones on my phone. Due to the amount of data it takes, we don’t live near any WiFi connections and I only have my phone to view them on, I wanted to down load it to watch later with out using more data. Unfortunately, I am unable to down load any movies rated for children. Now this seems ridiculous to me I would think it would be the other way around where some could not down load rated r movies so kids can’t just down load bed movies at will. I think it would be better if we could at least down load kid movie with a pass word or something if we can prove we are the parent at least come on that is why I use you tube to see music videos and so my son can see kid movies. But I only 5G so he can’t watch his favorite ones two or three times because it used all my data, To bad I really did like this app but now I don’t use it very much..Version: 15.06

Garbage on iPadGoing full screen, moving around the video, or just have a transition from the video to the ad will almost guarantee that the whole app will glitch out. Not only do I have to exit out and close the app multiple times to fix the problem, I have to wait for the sounds from the ad/video to stop playing-even after I exit the app-then go back in and have everything back to normal. I also have to click on the notification feed multiple times until it registers that my inbox has already opened and stop displaying that number on top of the icon, which is the number of new videos uploaded by channels I have the bell ringed. And lastly, there is just no support for the implementation of the community feed on the iPad, even though other devices do. It’s just stupid. Garbage company, garbage decisions, garbage staff. Vimeo is looking better than ever..Version: 14.32

So many problemsThe loading times can be pretty awful. Whenever I switch to a different tab or turn off my phone and play the video I was currently watching, the video takes sooo long to load when I unpause it. This doesn’t occur when I’m using the app and I don’t get why it happens when the app is running in the background. I understand why ads are a thing and this hasn’t been a problem before but now it feels like overkill. Every time I watch a video an ad pops up. Sometimes they’re 15 non-skippable ads and at its worst there’s two. And look, taking away the comments for videos that have been COPPA’d is one thing and removing the mini player is another. It makes no sense. I don’t get how this would be harmful for kids. And the way you decided what videos are for kids is awful. Some of creators have moved on from their channels so when you automatically decide their videos are for kids it removes a whole decade of comment sections. And I hate how I have to worry about my niece stumbling upon two anime girls talking about sex because you automatically decided all animation is for kids..Version: 15.28

I have an idea for the inbox tabI love using the app so much, and other than the comment section being moved, it’s great. I have an idea, though. What if you change the way the “Inbox” tab works? Like when you click the “Inbox” tab, there are two separate tabs on the top. One should obviously be for new videos from your subscription feed and the other should be notifications from comments you’ve left. I tend to comment quite a lot and often find myself scrolling through many videos in my inbox just to find the comment I’m looking for. I also know that many don’t like commenting, so that tab will be kinda useless for them, but what if you make it an option for the users in settings? It would really improve user experience, especially those like me, who like commenting a lot. It would be nice to see this implemented in the app!.Version: 15.22.4

Playlist needs to be fixedI just updated this earlierYesterday on September 22, 2021 and the app itself I really don’t like the new update to it because I watch lol playlist or videos sideways so I can see it easier and a bigger screen than just watching in a smaller version standing in portrait mode and because of this new update my video playlist or the description will now be in the right hand side of the screen in full screen mode when you watch the movie as the screen is divided into two parts left-hand side will be the video itself and then the right side will either be a playlist if you’re watching a video on a playlist or I will just be description of the video itself and it’s very irritating especially in a playlist as I try to sometimes fast forward and when I try to do that I end up hitting a video in the playlist and it goes to that or when I try to hit close so I can see the rest of the video, when I go back to re-open the playlist because I listen to some movies on repeat and after 5-10 minutes the playlist itself is not on the screen anymore and I have to close the video and go back and open my playlist all over again..Version: 16.37.3

The EndWhat has happened to YT is tragic. I have been a fan and member since the second year it came out, if I’m not mistaken. I’ve been on so long that I originally signed up with AOL bc that was the only thing available at the time. That’s how long I have been on YT. So I am a loooong time member and fan. It used to be one of the best things that has ever happened to the internet. It was fun, exciting, mysterious, educational and groundbreaking. NOT ANYMORE. It is now a shell of its former self. It is now like everything else. Created only to make money. Ad after ad after ad. It’s an invasion. I am interested in what people have to say or what they made or did. Now it’s, insurance ads, political ads, censorship and control. It’s worse than “reality shows” and reality shows are by far the absolute worse thing ever. I used to spend countless hours on it, now I spend less than an hour per week...if that. Horrible. I’m just like everyone else...I’m moving on. The sad thing is that YT doesn’t give a blip about what I think or what any of us think. This has been proven by its continued status of nonsense and greed. Every update is NOT to fix a glitch it’s to place a fresh batch of ads! No thanks. I’m out!.Version: 16.05.7

This is the best app, just a few problems.Google, thank you for making this amazing and work well app. But I have 4 issues. It takes some time to load, when I watch a video, and now I get almost 5 adds at the same time. Another issue is, when I post it says to many strikes. I hate that! Because I had 1K but, then I got a strike, and I decided to quit since I couldn’t post anymore, please fix it. The last reason is, when I’m watching a vid, and I go to there channel, I tap videos but, then it takes me back to home page. Please fix this app google! It’s good in many ways, but I just don’t like how it can effect our account or even email, this made me really scared and sad, please google! Fix this! I don’t want to have to keep retrying after getting 3 strikes, and I have 1 idea, that google didn’t do, maybe you could put an content tab, and you answer what you want and ur youtuber can do that type of content. BUT! GOOGLE PLEASE FIX THIS APP WHEN I RESTARTED I ONLY GOT 14 subs back! I’m really sad about this. I want this problem fixed..Version: 16.19.6

Awful bug!!!!The app is absolutely amazing and I use it all the time. But there seems to be a bug job the app to where I can’t watch any music videos on the app with the original singing, all that pops up when I type in a song is the instrumental versions of the song then when I go to find other songs that I saved there is a little bar that pops up saying that the video must be approved first before I can view it but doesn’t give me the option to fix it. I haven’t been able to find any of the music I regularly listen to and I can’t even find singers accounts to view all their albums and music! It looks like everything has been totally deleted except for all of the instrumental versions which is absolutely not what I wanted to listen to. Also the comments, which I love to scroll through while the video is playing, is always saying that the comments have been restricted from my viewing because of some restriction mode that I didn’t even know was there let alone turned it on. PLEASE FIX 🚨🚧⚠️‼️.Version: 15.20

So many things badWhy do you censor everything, literally everyone hates it, stop changing thing that don’t need to be changed (like whyyyy tf would you only allow one visible video per entire iPad screen in the recommended videos area before you click on anything. Half the time you can’t see the title at first glance because of an ad at the top, and omggggg, stop messing with the comment section. Why do you not allow people to dislike comments, the children’s videos are sometimes not even children’s videos (I’m not talking about the type of content but I mean your own company’s labeling of videos due to COPPA. Like some music videos will be labeled for kids and so I can’t even watch them in mini player, tell me how does that protect kids? My biggest problem is that you fix things that don’t need fixing and leave out/ ignore EVERYTHING that does. It seems like every year there’s more issues, I would gladly use another app if it came along, this app is riddled with easily fixable problems.Version: 15.31.3

FairI really don’t like being pestered into a subscription. And commercials or ads are now political can you remove them. I see so many political ads it makes me sick. Everyone of them is just so anti-Trump how about showing the advantages of having them in office and what they would do with their time in office. Like I want to hear how they would take care of our Communities and Country. And honestly it would really be nice to hear some ideas about their plans on what is really important like feeding our homeless winter is approaching and I just want to be able to see benefits of voting for them not more of that anti-Trump crap, it is getting old and it seems like all that is done anymore. Isn’t there more to USA then bashing Trump and his Administration. Show car Commercials plug some you tubers channel that may be of similar genre or subject. Can’t go wrong with food ads..Version: 14.32

Im triggered about the comment sectionI hate the new update for the comments. I hate having to press something just to go trough the comments. I would rather scroll down then tap on the bar thing. I hate when the videos are really big i like it how it used to be. Please change it. Hi again! I have some issues I would like to address! So on the Ipad im begging to have community posts able to be seen. Just make it like the phone but wider. Its stressing me how much I miss stuff because people normally post on the community post option. I have to go on my phone just to see it. Another one is PLEASE update the notification area. It use to be amazing before until you guys changed it. I am not going to lie but you people are ruining your app to the worst. I don’t wanna come off harsh or anything but it is very annoying. I am gonna keep my rating on 4 stars till you guys improve. For now it’s staying on 4. Another issue is the search thing glitch (i think glitch). It would just not let me delete my search or click on it. I have no idea why but i would like to no because its annoying me a lot. I wanna say thank you for your time!.Version: 15.44.2

Some problemsFirst off, I love this app. It’s easy to use and a great time-killer; but there is some problems that are annoying. First off, I hate the fact that you get forced to sit through 20 second ads without skipping, every five minutes. And it’s always the same as for me, and I’ve heard that the creators did this on PURPOSE to literally force people to use the Premium edition. Second off, there isn’t a ad timer on my phone that is like “Ads is 5… 4… 3… 2… 1…” but instead the ad just comes out of nowhere. Lastly, there is a weird bug that it something like a PC isn’t updated or the app isn’t correctly updated, Restricted Mode is stuck on and I can’t turn it off saying it’s enforced by an “administrator” and I don’t have an administrator. I hate giving bad reviews, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. Please fix these I love this app just there is a few things I don’t like..Version: 16.24.2

I love this app but there are some problemsI’m disgusted that double ads exist, and that that some of the ads don’t have the stop seeing this ad button on them. It’s ridiculous. One of the worst incidents of ad madness is the Former President (President at the time) Orange Man ads, and of course, a lot of people hated these, and ranted about them, and since you can’t tell YT to stop seeing these ads as well, this has people angry. Not to mention that some ads get away with explicit material but small creators get demonized for swearing (from my knowledge). Also a lot of small creators that work hard on their content are overshadowed by some people who put little to no effort into their content, and if you really don’t believe me, then you probably didn’t see it with your own eyes. The last problem I feel like talking about is the p(yeah) bots. I want YT to stop them since they are annoying and appear in the smallest of videos, and could even get malware into systems. Anyways just try to fix these problems, ok?.Version: 16.33.3

Moving the comment section backIt was a good app. Didn’t like the change for moving the on-going video to the small bar too much cos it really doesn’t let me view the video concurrently while I am scrolling through other stuffs because it’s so small. But it wasn’t a deal breaker. Now the comment section is. It’s not user friendly neither is it intuitive. There are changes that just take time to get used to but it’s for the better, but the change to the comment section is definitely not one of them. The movement to scroll makes a lot more sense than requiring me to tap to expand. It’s entirely too easy to exit out the comment section when I want to return to all comments after I clicked into the more replies. I was more than happy when you guys changed it back the first time only to find it’s been updated again recently. Please stop trying to move the comment section can you? Even if you had to do this, then at least let me swipe right to go back to the “all comment” after I clicked into one reply, instead of only taping the “back” arrow on the top left..Version: 15.19

Why change the 3 dots button????I would use this ALL the time to state if a video is not interesting or if I want to save for later. Now it is super small and you have to hold it down for that same menu to come up, turning an action that used to take no time at all into a frustrating and time consuming experience. If you tap on the three dots it just plays the video, what sense does that make if I’m trying to access the menu. This change happened without me even updating the app itself. Please change this back, there was no reason to do that. Also when a video finishes playing the next recommended videos pop up on the bottom of the screen making it hard to access the full screen button, so when I am trying to go in or out of full screen I almost always inadvertently press another video and then have to go all the way back out to get to what I was watching. Does anyone actually test these “features” before they are pushed out? ETA I just updated the app on my iPad and now the search doesn’t work, this is like a horrible joke. Rollback this update I can’t find anything useful about it..Version: 13.33

Good app back in the dayThe links to videos has gone way down hill, especially on the app in the last few years. The app seems to only suggest something I have already looked up or seen for the most part, and suggests things that I have little to no interest in when it comes to things other than music, although this has been slightly better in the last few months it’s still a far cry from how good it was in the past. Furthermore it seems that now some videos are removed for there content while other videos that display similar ideas or problematic content, but from a different view are left up for some reason. If one person saying or doing something is deemed not ok then another person with the direct conflicting points of view must also deemed not ok, or else the is a one sided landslide effect that occurs. A truly open form for differing opinions, ideas, and beliefs of all is the only way for an online community to flourish..Version: 15.38.2

Please add an updateI don’t know if anyone else has this problem but I cannot see the comments on the videos. My notifications center has gone to the size of the vertical version, and even when I turn my device vertical, it still doesn’t fit the notifications in full screen. The comments one just recently happened, and it really annoyed me because I like looking at comments while watching videos. Plus, I was currently arguing with a homophobic 7 year old and wrote an entire paragraph, yet it wouldn’t send, and when I restarted my device, the comments weren’t showing up, on any video. I restarted it again, and nothing changed. I request an update to fix this problem because it really affects my enjoyment. Another thing is that it turned off notifications for comments, people replying to comments, and videos. It also turned off notifications for all of the people I was subscribed to with notifications, and when I tried to fix it, it turned off my notifications for them again. I tried fixing it again and again, but nothing worked. There are still times when it works, but not often. So I beg you, please fix these things. Especially the comments..Version: 16.37.3

Not happyVery annoying issues.. subscription tabs red dot stays on even if there are no new videos. CAN WE HAVE A QUEUE OPTION PLEASE??? how hard is it to allow an option that already existed or exists now for streaming? Why can’t I put things in a queue to watch immediately and in a sequence rather than putting into Save for later and forgetting about it?? My save for later list is full now and because the app tries to automatically send videos to that list when you hit Save under a video, it doesn’t even let you pick which playlist to save it to if the list the full. It just shows a message that it’s full and doesn’t let you save it anywhere else from that page. I have to go find the video under the poster’s channel, click to the little three dots and then hit Save to playlist to avoid saving it to Save for later. Shorts has been nothing short of an infuriating mess that makes me leave the app. Recommendations in both Shorts or regular videos just stay uselessly stuck to either ONE channel or the same handful being recommended over and over..Version: 16.38.2

Why can’t you just give the chance for people to try it before making it standard?!The comments section getting moved is extremely annoying, I usually don’t use it and prefer just to have it out of the way but that’s not possible now. The thumbnails being larger for the up next and suggested videos is also a bit annoying cause I usually pay a lot more attention to the titles of videos instead of the thumbnail, the only reason I can imagine they were increased though is so you could show larger ads without getting complaints about that so good job your getting extra complaints thrown in now also. Just make a section in the settings for experimental features, have it go for up to a week when toggled and if people turn it off early or use it the whole time ask for a comment about it. You’ll end up having people who don’t leave comments but you’ll also have the chance to test the feature with more than just a focus group and possibly avoid some anger. If you do this you just need to make sure people know the section is there.Version: 15.19

Needs Some ImprovementsFor the most part, this app works really well, but sometimes after a video ends while I have it on full screen, it freezes and stays black for a few seconds, which is a little odd. The only other problem I have is that when I pause a video to read something and have to tap the vid to get the white pause symbols out of the way, it glitches if I tap it twice too fast and the symbols freeze for a few seconds, which is aggravating and has been happening for a few months now. I’d really appreciate it if you guys could fix these two small issues. Other then that, everything else is great. Update: It doesn’t seem like any of the problems I mentioned have been fixed, as they’re still happening. Please fix those issues. Also, for some reason, this app just now closed on me and my phone turned off and immediately turned back on. I’m assuming it has something to do with the app itself. If so, please fix that problem..Version: 12.49

Updates = Decreased functionalityI have used this app a lot over the last 4 years. It has been a pretty good experience. However, I am not sure what is happening to human engineering at Google. Each new update seems to make the app less intuitive and more difficult to use. Ex: 1. Pausing a video to view something on the video in more detail (chart, text,...) is now impossible unless you know the hidden trick. Paused videos now darken the screen and place a LARGE play icon in the middle of the screen, making it impossible to view the paused video. This makes the large segment of teaching/how-to videos much less effective. 2. When saving a video, you no longer get to select where it will be stored. YT now stores it in the last used playlist. This requires you to stop, figure out how to pull up the saved video, and remove it from the wrong playlist YT saved it to, and then save it to the one YOU wanted it to go to. YT no longer thinks you are smart enough to know where you want to save the video. Youtube/Google engineers believe taking options away from users is some type of “improvement”?! Give me a break!! My recommendation is to no longer trust Google to do the right thing, and not accept YT updates until you research what less fortunate reviewers are reporting about each new update. It’s the only way to prevent losing useful features. And don’t even get me started on the increasing number of Ads YT is showing with almost EVERY video..Version: 14.11

YOU TUBE MUST REMAIN IMPARTIAL FOR ALLPlease remain impartial and non-partisan. Let the people have their voice from both sides. The truth will set us all free. Some videos may be false and debatable and some might be made for the purpose of telling or showing the truth. Let the viewers have their own free will to chose what to believe in or not. As human beings maybe this is the way that we evolve to be better species where in everyone can share thoughts and beliefs to everyone and let the world tell their opinions about it. The world has the power now has the power to reveal the facts and false narratives in the same platform and let the world judge or COMMENT ABOUT it. The makers of the videos will also realize that if their VIDEO UPLOAD is not being appreciated/approved/supported by the rest of the world or by the whole world. Just let people upload and let the rest of the world react to the videos. In this way we as humans have an OPEN DIALOGUE and OPEN DISCUSSION. Whether good or bad the human race will be evolving through this way..Version: 15.49.4

FIX YOUR APP GOOGLESince the latest update (which was 2 months ago, uncharacteristic from the normal weekly bugfix updates), I've been running into issues more and more. The two largest issues I've been running into: -Endcards in fullscreen: For some reason, endcards are placed way too far down in fullscreen, making them unreachable or very hard to reach. This is really annoying, but manageable. -Links in the Description: This is the an issue I've run into recently. Essentially, links in the description that lead you to other parts of the app are unclickable, showing you that indeed it knows you are clicking on it, but it fails to link you to the page that you clicked on. These issues could've been solved as soon as they were discovered, but it turns out that Google decided not to update the app for a specific reason: they'd have to give further privacy info, due to a new App Store requirement enforced after the day that the latest updates for all the Google apps came out. (They haven't publicly confirmed this, but it's very likely that this was the case.) So I ask Google: Get your act together, and fix your app!.Version: 15.49.4

Nonexistent comments sectionI've heard about the new update where video comments were moved to a different part of the page, which bothered me a little but not too much. However, when this app updated on my iPad, the comment section was completely removed and nowhere to be found. There is a button at the bottom of the recommendations that seems to redirect you to the new comments location, but when I tap on it, it just brings me to the original comments location, which is now entirely blank. I can't see comments other people posted, and I don't have the option to write a comment myself. I've made sure that it wasn't just that comments were disabled on the videos since I can see the comments on another device using the same account and same video. As someone who reads the comments as much as I watch the videos, I'm really disappointed and frustrated..Version: 15.22.4

Watch LaterWatch later playlists now only load 20 videos even if I use a different sort by function. If I use oldest or newest, only 20 videos show up. If I switch to manual, I only have access to those 20 videos. Every other playlist seems fine. This is one update annoyance. Furthermore, you moved the subscriptions to the 4th button from the left after years of it being in the center. I am tired of having to close the creator / record / upload screen after naturally choosing to click the center most button, WHERE YOUR SUBSCRIPTIONS HAVE BEEN ALL ALONG. we got used to the comments even tho the UI within comments is garbage, and now you do this. Do you like making the app worse or are you just messing with us at this point. At best I could argue that it improves RAM and cache usage due to not loading everything unless demanded. A good idea done with poor execution is still a poor idea..Version: 15.49.4

Can’t change my PFPHi so today i decided to change my Profile Pic but when i clicked “save” nothing would happen even if i hit “Cancel” still nothing would happen, it would just stay on the screen where you make you’re new profile pic, please fix this Edit: Hi again, i would like to tell you that i still cannot change my Profile Pic, I don’t know why one of the biggest apps in the world right now can’t even take Changing your Profile pic, i tried deleting the app so i could test if i can Change my PFP if i had installed it again, and the answer is no, And listen i know it’s not that big of a deal it’s just a Profile pic but come on! I have to completely close the app in order to get out of the screen that you choose your new pfp because the stupid cancel and save buttons don’t work even if you press them a million times..Version: 15.49.4

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It’s Ok.I like this App but I do have a few issues. 1, when I want to cast to my tv and I hit the cast icon, it doesn’t find my chrome cast then I have to shut the app off and re-open it then try again and it will find my chrome, althou it doesn’t always solve the issue, sometimes it will not find it till I turn my phone off and or try multiple times. 2, when watching a video, the time bar spazzes out or will just contine to say that the video is still at 0.00 time. 3, sometimes when I double tap the screen to fast forward or re-wind, it will take me straight back to the beginning of the video. Please fix these issues then I can give a 5 Star rating..Version: 14.36

Useful update for creatorsAs a creator myself I think that I speak for a lot of people is that when we get likes and subscribers that instead of just piling that notification underneath bunches of others that you put it at the top in their own little section, also including when seemingly small creators get something like 100 views and so on, obviously use the same algorithm for the part that you use for the current notifs where the newest ones go to the top, it would be a lot easier for us all if their was some sort of organisation in the notification section of the app.Version: 16.34.3

Great but there is an occurring bug.This app is a great app and I use it all the time, but there is one constant bug which hasn’t seemed to be fixed yet. This bug is the “ error while loading tap to retry” bug. No matter what I do or how many guides I follow, I can’t seem to get this to stop happening or reduce it. I have kept this app up to date with every update and uninstalled and reinstalled it but this glitch will not go away. It stop you from commenting, looking at the description, looking at recommended videos on the side, the only thing you can do is watch the video. And if you are watching a stream, you cannot speak in the chat and this bug seems very common using streams..Version: 15.26

Is nobody going to mention the ads?Ok, like we need to talk about the ads. Firstly some of them are gross, what if a small child was on this app and ran into one of those ads. Secondly it’s really unfair if YouTubers get demonetised for swearing although they are adults, yet there are really disgraceful ads on this app. Finally some can be really offensive to people (mostly girls) and I think it’s heartbreaking to know that some people feel the same way I do, so I figured someone had to talk about it. So if you guys could please get rid of some inappropriate ads I would be really thankful. Have a nice day/ night.Version: 16.36.4

Great app! Adding videos to a playlist while viewing makes categorising messy.Great app, can get a little busy of screen, but that’s because of all the functionality. There is an issue with adding a video with the +Playlist button while watching a video and it adding it to the most recently edited playlist, but when you press and pick a different playlist, the video isn’t removed from the initially edited playlist. So many of my playlists have videos meant for other playlists. It makes categorising videos I watch over and over very messy and tedious. It’s a quick fix and would make the experience heaps better!.Version: 15.49.4

This Is Great For Entertainment And Audio But...Personally, if you are recording a video and want audio, people are nice enough to post audiobooks and music on here as videos. There is also extremely high deleknis, meaning this is available on all apps. You can also watch streams, which means you can talk with other friends, strangers and peers, also meaning the person running the stream is doing that exactly now! But, one thing I don’t like and would like to be added, is how everything is non-exclusive to PC’s, Desktop’s, And etc. But not, IPad, IPhone And IPods. Like adding channel banners, great for Computers, but not possible for IOS such and such. Thank you for reading, and please fix this..Version: 14.32

UtubeThere are many good and educational as well as entertaining sites available on utube, I enjoy every day. I’m a bit concerned about the content some of the younger people out on utube which promote bad manners, horror, sexual innuendo and violence while they are all laughing as if it’s a big joke?! Many young children contact these sites while their parents or guardians are unaware of the dubious content they are being exposed to. I m alerting the managers of utube to provide more comprehensive oversight of utube to protect the up coming generation. Thank you for listening..Version: 16.38.2

Dislike buttonI’d like for the dislike button to be removed, it is extremely degrading and hurtful to quite a lot of people. It’s upsetting to see so many dislikes on a video, and very harmful. I don’t have an account myself, but I know that it’s hard to see someone didn’t like your video, and therefor I would like if it was removed. Other then that, I do enjoy this app, with all those lovely and kind YouTubers that I watch, and they’ve certainly entertained me during the pandemic. All that I would like changed is the dislike button, and make it like certain social media apps, where you cannot dislike what others have posted. It’s not kind and will make the person feel down because they’ve worked so hard on something..Version: 15.49.4

The New UpdateThe latest update is a flop, why did you get rid of the trending tab and replace it with the explore tab. It’s practically the same thing as the home and trending tab but you still keep the home tab? Not interested videos aren’t working properly and my explore tab isn’t loading properly so now I can’t see trending videos. Also the home tab now has an end so if I don’t find anything I want to watch I have to scroll up and refresh. I liked the last update better, it was more efficient than this latest update..Version: 13.48

New update has caused more bugsWhen playing a video, if I press the pause button the whole screen it will glitch and then freezes, which I then have to try and tilt my phone to landscape and back again and wait for it to unfreeze. It also still resizes wrong when changing between landscape and portrait, which I have to do the same thing as in the previous issue to fix it. It’s getting really annoying and I hope that it is fixed with the new update..Version: 12.35

Glitch...I love this app, to get away from the rest of the world, to watch other people’s videos. BUT I found a glitch, not sure if this is because of my device or not. So I make it full screen then I exit it. Once done it only shows half the video and the rest of the screen is back. ALSO, sometimes I’m watching a video and in the middle of it the last sound repeats at least 5 times before closing the app without me doing anything. Though I did say it might be because of my device though I doubt it as it does not occur in different apps. Thank you..Version: 13.44

A Useful FeatureIt would be great if there was a feature that allowed you to block certain keywords that might be in a video title - as to at least try to help avoid spoilers for things possibly included in a video’s title and/or thumbnail. There are work arounds to this on desktops with browser extensions but on the mobile app there is absolutely no control over avoiding spoiler videos unless you scroll “very” carefully or you could just never browse the app at all - both of which are quite unjust. There really needs to be a feature like this with the mobile app and the desktop/web versions too frankly, but at least the mobile app…please..Version: 16.34.7

Way too many bugs and glitchesThe apps fantastic! Mostly... There are heaps of bugs and glitches lying around the app and it just gets really annoying to deal with, if I turn off my device or leave it paused for too long the video pauses and doesn’t resume while the audio is fine. The video won’t resume unless I restart the app. This would not bother me if it’s just a one off thing, but this is a reoccurring problem. There are plenty of other bugs but this is the main one that irritates me..Version: 14.49

So badThe new autoplay feature is so ridiculous, I can't even hover on the home page anymore because videos I have no interest in & didn't actually watch go into my history ?? The amount of ads is disgusting. Not to mention the algorithm when you search for videos is stupid. I can barely find new content because once I scroll for a while I end up in a loop of the same content over and over and they're usually the bigger channels. And then months later I finally come accross videos or channels that would've been perfect at the time but never showed up. So frustrating. Also there is currently no permanent 1080p autoplay. You can only select a "higher quality" option which is 720p and then you have to manually go into advanced settings on every single video if you want the highest quality. Literally makes no sense.Version: 16.20.5

Very bad bug but otherwise is greatThis app is great except there is a very annoying bug that I have come across multiple times. Occasionally when I’m watching a video, my device doesn’t recognise my touch on the screen. Strangely, the only thing that does recognise my touch is the video. Not the comments and not the suggested area, just the video. Even more annoying is I can’t close the app when this happens or change the volume. In fact I can’t even turn off my device. I simply have to wait it out and then my device automatically restarts but instead of shutting down, it sends me to my lock screen. I hope that you get a chance to fix it when you can! If this device-breaking bug wasn’t present, I would of given 5 stars..Version: 13.24.9

Good, but glitchy..Why is this not fixed yet? It’s been like a year... Basically when you comment while the video is playing it’ll randomly glitch up but not letting you pause video or delete what you typed in the box. Look, just have it fixed once and for all, it’s really embarrassing that I have to use to safari version -.- and annoying. Sometimes the screen is frozen but the video keeps playing. It’s annoying that I have to close it and open it twice sometimes. I’m surprised this isn’t fixed yet so please get onto it now so it can work beautifully. Also cannot find options to pay for advertising my content so... yeah..Version: 15.32.3

Could be a bug from the update?I recently updated on Christmas night (25/12) and after I updated I was going to use it for the first time that day. As I clicked into the app, a black screen showed for a second or so before loading into the home screen. So then I thought it was something else, so I exited the app and tried again two more times and both times had a black screen before. I deleted the app and installed again, but I don’t dare to use it just in case. If you can, please look into it and hopefully fix it in the next update! But besides the bugs from updates, it’s a pretty good app Thank you.Version: 12.47.16

This app is great but..This app is great! Connecting through society and watching others do what you love to do! Although, there is this particular glitch that happened to me a couple of times, it’s when I watch a video and the time bar glitches out rapidly, going to the start and to my point of the video. Also, there is another glitch where I go to skip the ad but it keeps rapidly switching to “skip ad” and “video will play after ad”. And the last experience I had was when u had been in the middle of a video and I went to skip it but it put me back at the start of the video again. If you could fix this, I would be really happy!.Version: 14.20

The new update on automatically quality optionsNow the quality is always at high settings and I have to change it to the lowest quality every time afterwards I watch a video, before you can just choose your quality and it will keep itself for the next video and when I’m driving I usually listen too music and set the quality to lowest so I can saved up data but now I can’t even listened music without have to go back to quality options which is dangerous when I’m driving and have to clicked the option every time a new music I listen with out it being a high HD 720p60 and I did go to the options and choose the data saver but it will only saved 360p and not 144p or minimum 240p so I can save up data..Version: 16.16.3

The YTNot a bad forum, lots of interesting content, could be more interesting content if the values of free speech were actually adhered to though & Google actually cared that freedom of speech we all love Uncle Sam for. Also, I don’t mind ads- it helps pay for the service & system…… however the # of ads is becoming a bit of a joke. Far too many, far too frequent & ads such as gambling & promoting unhealthy foods/services/delivery are really in bad taste. Society is having a health crisis & gambling is destroying the family unit. I wish these things were taken more into consideration rather than just being run for the quick $’s.Version: 16.39.6

Not as good as it was FIX IT!It’s annoying when I’m on wifi that I don’t have an option to select that allows me to default select the highest resolution available for the video! I have to continually manually select it and it’s extremely frustrating. It’s also really frustrating that you tubers I follow a lot of the videos they post don’t show up! I have them selected correctly but still nothing shows up half the time FIX THIS youtubers are struggling and I’m struggling to find the content half the time..Version: 12.43

Very good app but…It’s an extremely good app but they should really take out the dislike button because it might make people depressed because they have put there hard work into it and it has loads of dislikes and the worst thing is it randomly added restricted mode on and I cant watch anything anymore because I’m usually just sad and some stuff I watch makes me very happy and it has all turned age restricted and it won’t let me turn it off because it say my administrator has turned it on I don’t have an administrator???.Version: 16.40.3

ProblemEdit: think it’s fixed now somehow?? This is of course a great app but there’s one glitch that’s only appeared for me in the most recent update to do with comment replies. When I look at the comments on a video and click on “view replies” it works fine, but if I try scrolling down to view more replies to that comment it glitches out and goes to the next comment instead of just scrolling down to view other replies to the original comment. Sometimes (mainly on shorter comments with one or two replies) if I try clicking the x to take me back to viewing all the comments, it just gives me the option to report the comment for some reason, then I have to go back to home, subscriptions or trending or whatever to click on another video to get out of that, or exit the app. So yeah could something please be done about this? Thanks.Version: 12.38

Amazing but a few annoying bugs/glitchesOverall the app is great I enjoy the content and for most of the time the quality (Pixels) are good. However there is this one particularly annoying glitch where I pause the video for a few seconds or so and it doesn’t let me start it again until I have to leave the app for a couple of seconds to than let the video start it is annoying and I hope it is fixed. Thank you for your time and hope you receive this feedback and fix this bug.Version: 13.05

This app is goodOverall a very fantastic app with some annoying glitches. I will say one of the thing is the comment. I love a video , so I comment to share my feelings and to support the video. But when I try to type the comments, the ads come in and interrupt my typing. Fine, you can say it is how ads work, interruption is normal, but after ads, can the app bring me back to where I am interrupted. I have to scroll down all the way back to comment and start again, which is very annoying. Same things happened when I try to read some interesting comment, when the ads come in, I have to start over from the 1st comment. Please consider ..Version: 15.06

A lot of glitchesWhenever I watch a video from a landscape and tap on a notification bar and go on other apps, when I come back, it would stay landscape, and nothing would let it come back to a portrait mode, not even switch videos from sliding up to see the suggested video. I tried locking and unlocking my phone from rotation, the exit full screen in the bottom corner didn’t work. Talking of switching videos, my phone would start playing the up next video in middle of my current video. I was mostly in the landscape mode, and I wasn’t even touching the scree. I realized this when I had just finished a 6 second ad, and it started playing another ad right after(a little sus). But this would happen randomly as long as I am watching the video. These glitches are really annoying and I hope you that guys patch them soon..Version: 12.47.16

Ads and bad ones at that.The screenshots of this app (above) are completely misleading because they don’t show all the ads that smother the interface and it’s impossible to ignore them. I keep getting the same static ad of a woman’s crotch in leotards. So not only are the ads irrelevant but they are not vetted by Google which is the main problem with all social media platforms - they just have no idea what is relevant and what is trashy. Configuring my preferences for ads through an arcane system designed to confound is not my job. It’s the advertiser’s job to get the formula right and Google simply have no idea. In the end, I just run the web version with an ad blocker. Ironically using Google Chrome with an ad blocker extension. Happy days..Version: 16.22.5

Love it but too many ads. 😅 Requested features!👇Queue and 'play next' features for the mobile version also please!! 🙏 Thank you! Also please cut down a bit on the ads especially when i put something on a playlist so that, i can enjoy the contents without worrying about the selecting it, the ads will be so many and so long that, it's like i'm watching ads instead rendering the playlist feature almost useless. :v i wouldn't mind a short ad but it's like it is taking advantage of the situation instead of creating an useful tool for the user..Version: 14.51.5

Bad update?For about the last year the app has been getting a lot of updates trying to fix some the ‘bugs’ they call it. The app use to work very well, but recently works very poorly with cromecast and others, not connecting and dropping connection every time you use it. If compared to Netflix app which connects every time and doesn’t drop out. The queue randomly closing before your eyes never to be seen again, needing a app restart but then you may need to find a way to connect it again as your cromecast isn’t on the list yet again. Great app, too many bugs. Getting difficult to use :(.Version: 15.15

A good service, but...This is a good service platform for music, topical discussions and videos of kittens. However, there are several problems with the whole. First is the tendency of the algorithms to spew forth recommendations based on what could only be American consumer behaviour, which sensible humans do not adhere to. Secondly, while it is a good thing to have a reasonably open forum for expression of ideas and discussion, the tendency of the operators to cow-tow to the demands of the extreme left, the so called woke, leaves little left of open debate and discussion when the threat of censorious overreaction is all too likely. The operators need to maintain a neutral aspect in their curation of material..Version: 15.49.4

Pretty stable, but also quite the opposite...Every update seems to add bugs upon bugs, I don’t recall an update that actually improved anything for a while. Although the app itself does perform quite well, there’s quite a few common bugs, some happen constantly... Crashing has become less frequent but more issues with the app itself have arose, such as; videos constantly changing aspect ratio and strangely warping. The minimised video is zoomed into the corner of the video. Occasional crashing. The playbar going far off the video. Comments being left twice and casting platforms not appearing. Hopefully this helps recognition come to these bugs! Although there are quite a few issues, it plays videos very well, surpringly better than the website! Livestreams also work very well, along with the placement of the chat. The home page and ‘tab’ layout of it and when looking at channels is very easy to manage and very simple (in a good way) too. Since the bugs can interfere with my experience often, I’ll have to go with 3 stars....Version: 15.02

3 major issues1. On iPhone X’s, the options button next to each and every video doesn’t line up with what the GUI is showing, the 3 vertical dots are not in the correct place you have to press below the button to make it function, otherwise it just loads the video which is incredibly frustrating. 2. Screen tap glitch, video’s will bring up the pause/fast forward screen without making contact with the screen. Another frustrating issue. 3. When in full screen the shrink button is incredibly small and difficult to accurately press, similar issue to the 3 vertical dots (save to watch later button).Version: 13.49

Great boredom busterI think it’s a great app to go on when your bored! So many videos to suit your mood and current hobbies, it rlly helps cure your boredom! And you can make all kinds of videos to get tons of likes and views, and there’s really everything in there. Roblox, unboxing videos, heck there’s even Peppa pig videos if ur into that stuff! 😂 great app, would recommend! Not many flaws at all! 😍😍❤️ and if u make an account, u can comment and like and subscribe to ur favourite youtubers! ❤️❤️ personally I love this app, it’s quite addicting, also I’m surprised if u read this far, I can’t stop ranting about how good this app is!💕 anyways, bye and have a very merry Christmas 🎄.Version: 15.47.3

ALL Hallmark moviesI love all the Hallmark movies but every single one has something wrong with it. The sound cuts out at a crucial point in EVERY movie, at least once. They are often blurry or misplaced frame, or the ending is cut off and the movie is often different to what the title says it is going to be. I know the membership fee isn’t very expensive but I work really hard for my money and I do not think it is unreasonable to expect you to give something in return for the money you are earning - what we pay for. In anticipation of a correction of this matter I thank you for consideration of mine and I’m sure other people’s concerns. 😊.Version: 14.37

Terrible updateMy app was working great until I updated yesterday and now it’s freezing every time I try to use it. The audio continues to play but the video is frozen. Then when I try to get out of it it won’t even shut down, I have to close my phone down and then double click to shut down the app. When I restart it it immediately freezes again. I tried to watch a different video and when I opened it up it was playing the audio of the new clip but still had the frozen picture of the last clip. Please fix! I use this app so often I’ll start having withdrawals soon..Version: 12.44

Arrgghh bugs!!!!Great app, I actually prefer this to the desktop website. But bugs. Full screen is almost completely unusable. Sometimes in portrait mode the bottom bar from the home screen will show up and the video will be really laggy, and in landscape mode the video will sometimes be stuck in the bottom left hand corner of the screen. I also can’t exit full screen mode, the button doesn’t work and the swipe gesture doesn’t work either. Also when I was trying to exit full screen the app crashed. I am on the newest version as well so I don’t know why it is doing this. This is really annoying because I really like watching videos in full screen..Version: 12.44

Ruined my life (and all of my friends!)Great app 20/10 Doesn’t aim to just keep you addicted and harvest your brainpower for energy (clicks, ad viewing) like the machines in the matrix or all those other apps out there Highly recommend to anyone who wants to ensure that they will never be able to escape the downward pull of technology, and who prefers some classic hardcore 2020 anxiety-inducing escapism rather than the achievement of any meaningful progress in life. Lose seconds and minutes and hours and days and eventually years of your life with this great app, I promise it doesn’t create and aggravate mental health problems and contribute to a low self worth and sense of regret from wasted potential. 69/10 would die again.Version: 16.24.2

Bring back the views for BTS’ ONCan you like stop deleting their views as we worked so hard to get those views yet they got deleted l. Have you ever stopped to think that bts has about 24 million followers on Twitter and also has 33 million subscribers that if everyone watched the video 4 times it would easily have over 100 million views. Normally when you watch a bts MV you have to watch it 9 times to see everything, the first time to fan girl about the song, the second to focus on the dance, the third to look at Kim Namjoon, the fourth to look at Kim Seokjin, the fifth to look at Min Yoongi, the sixth to look at Jung Hoseok, the seventh to look at Park Jimin, the eighth to look at Kim Taehyung and the ninth to look at Jeon Jungkook. This means that it is very easy to get more 100 million views in the first 24 hours (Not really) kind regards, An Army.Version: 15.08

Sub count annoyanceTHIS APP IS EXTREMELY GREAT! But there’s one thing that just bugs me and i’m hoping u can remove this feature because it ruins some things for content creators trying to make subscriber specials. This problem is the rounded sub count, when a content creator (like me) wants to make a sub special they usually go onto a live sub counter and show them reaching it no u can’t do it, it just doesn’t feel as good. Also when you’re trying to study a bigger YouTuber you can’t (accurately) this really annoys me and i am begging u to remove this feature. Now I understand u removed it for a good reason it’s just bugging me soooo much. Thank u for your time and your app :).Version: 15.19

Deleting videosThere needs to be more options than the two or three same that appear. Not interested due to Australian News coverage is a major one for me. I use utube due to its music and for no other reason. There are more adds etc on my page than music this has become very irritating. Please note l don’t won’t adds about haircuts, travel or any American awards nights. Whilst I live in Australia I am only too aware of the bush fires that have been raging since September. We watch the news. Sincerely Danni.Version: 14.51

Goodness gracious this thing is a god🥰😍😇First of all im just going to say how much i love this app...from watching my favourite content creators to simple tips and tricks the community provides this app is my second to go to google. And the subscription part: 😘. Being able to follow the people you like and be alerted when they upload is really useful. One thing i recon could be improved is the fact that when you watching a video and then refresh the app the video your watching refreshes too meaning you have to repeatedly set the video to the right time over and over again. I dont know if there is any way to fix this but i would still highly recommend this app. 😤.Version: 15.34.3

Love it but... - Please fix this!It’s a very good app but I hate when we cannot write a comment that’s annoying and the adds kill me! Maybe you guys can change some stuff..? I hate when I want to write a comment and watch the video still an add comes up like whenever I go to write a comment there is an add and sometimes I cannot press skip on adds and when there is an add without the skip button I have to watch 2 adds and that annoys me so much , change that please! Bugs! That is annoying! I have an Apple device and I need an account to subscribe , like and comment and that kills me cause I had a Samsung device too and to like , subscribe and comment you did not need an account so please fix that! But it’s a great app anyway! Like it but fix it! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 15.20

Comment sectionI use this app a lot. Some would say too much... Now the layout of the app before the latest update, I thought, was great. In portrait mode, while watching a video you had everything you needed. Channel information, recommended or similar videos and at the bottom of that, the comment section. Such a simple design and easy to navigate. But with changing the comment section to make it have its own window doesn’t make sense? Just one scroll and you used to be down in the comment section. I don’t think the move of the comment section makes sense design or convenience wise..Version: 15.19

Squish THIS bug!I upload videos and recently I just uploaded a new one. But when I uploaded it I realised it was set to private, I set it to public but when I was done it still said private. I tried again. It didn’t work. so I reuploaded it and made sure I set it to public before it was uploaded. It still said private, I set it to public for the fourth time and it still didn’t work but then from the corner of my eye I saw something pop up from the bottom of the screen. It said something about an error when trying to save me setting the video to public. I tried setting it to public twice more but it still didn’t work and that’s what brought me here..Version: 15.18

Buggy videosRecently I have been watching videos and the skip ad button will be glitching between numbers and the picture of the ad, also in the videos it’s self the bar which indicates the time of the video will be glitching as well, the bar will glitch the time of the video from 0:00 to whatever time it actually is on. Also the bottom right of the video the youtubers icon will be glitching aswell which is really distracting, please fix the problem as soon as possible, thank you.Version: 14.18

In the youtubers video section isn’t showing, is it just me?So in the youtubers video section where all the latest to oldest videos are there aren’t showing up like only the main popular stuff that you would see after pressing their home screen thing and next to it is the video right, so all the videos in that area is gone like it won’t show up no matter what I do!!! Can you pleeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaasssssseeeeeee fix it!? Or is it just me? It is just me then can someone tell me how I can fix it? Thank you.Version: 15.34.3

Love it but why?I love this app very much. It helps me a lot! With studying, entertainment, you name it... but for some reason, It wont let me upload videos from my ipad. When ever I want to upload a video, all i see is the “get the show started” screen and get told to allow access to the microphone, camera and photo album. Yeah sure I can get the last two done, but the microphone option isnt there. Whats Up with that?? I have a really good video I want to upload, but that one thing is stopping me. Please fix. TLDR: its good but let me upload videos..Version: 15.03

Please helpIt was all fine untill I couldn’t post at all when I did it kept saying error and I couldnt comment on videos or see comments because it said restricted mode and a lot of peoples channels are getting deleted and it’s really sad I was crying all day please help me get my channel back. My channel name: ✰ annikasparadise ✰- gone forever please please fix this I cant take it anymore it’s been three weeks without my channel and I’m pretty young so it’s hard to understand but it’s making my life chaos all my friends are getting channels and there trying to help me I reset my iPad every day I try post everyday but it doesn’t work if you could fix it or even tell me what to do I would be so happy and if not I guess I’ll just be living in chaos From: annikasparadise.Version: 16.41.2

Too many glitches.Personally I love this app. But there is too many glitches no matter what there’s always a glitch. I’ll name three of the worst glitches I’ve encountered. Number 1. When I close a ad that’s on the recommended videos and I zoom in I can’t even pause or exit full screen I have to turn off my iPad and the sound keeps playing even when it is off this has happened two times. Number 2. The screen sometimes glitches by making it smaller and black screens on the side where the comment section and recommend videos should be, this has happened a million times to me. (a lot) number 3. When I’m typing a comment and typed some I don’t wanna post the comment so I end up press the keyboard down button but the bar is still there I have to press the top right of the screen for it to go away. This has been my review and I’ve given it 3 stars please fix all these glitches..Version: 14.12.7

Too many adsTo be honest this app runs well, it’s smart and sufficient. But the amount of ads absolutely crazy, it makes me not even want to go on the app because I know that whatever I am watching will be interrupted by multiple ads, up to 20 ads. Some as they don’t let you skip because they’re only 30 seconds long, I think it should give you the option to skip all the ads. And why would you even think of putting two ads back to back let alone and two minute ad on a video. Half the time I’ve never near my device to press pause and play and I let it run, I am then forced to listen to the ad. I think it’s absolutely silly all at should be removed or at least go back to how they used to be where it was like one add per video.. not happy.Version: 15.49.4

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Version 16.41.2 (2021-10-17): We fixed the tubes that bring you videos – and some bugs too..

Version 16.40.3 (2021-10-10): Bug fixes, performance improvements, and more cat videos..

Version 16.38.2 (2021-09-26): Fixed bugs, improved performance, drank way too much coffee..

Version 16.37.3 (2021-09-19): Fixed bugs, improved performance, took the afternoon off..

Version 16.36.4 (2021-09-12): Bug fixes, stability improvements, repairs to space-time continuum..

Version 16.34.7 (2021-09-01): Bug fixes, performance improvements, and more cat videos..

Version 16.33.3 (2021-08-22): Fixed bugs, improved performance, explored the edges of the known universe..

Version 16.32.6 (2021-08-15): Fixed bugs, improved performance, drank way too much coffee..

Version 16.30.2 (2021-08-01): Bug fixes, stability improvements, repairs to space-time continuum..

Version 16.29.4 (2021-07-25): We fixed the tubes that bring you videos – and some bugs too..

Version 16.28.2 (2021-07-18): Bug fixes, performance improvements, and more cat videos..

Version 16.26.6 (2021-07-06): Fixed bugs, improved performance, drank way too much coffee..

Version 16.24.2 (2021-06-20): Bug fixes, stability improvements, repairs to space-time continuum..

Version 16.23.3 (2021-06-15): We fixed the tubes that bring you videos – and some bugs too..

Version 16.22.5 (2021-06-06): Bug fixes, performance improvements, and more cat videos..

Version 16.20.5 (2021-05-24): Fixed bugs, improved performance, drank way too much coffee..

Version 16.19.6 (2021-05-17): Fixed bugs, improved performance, took the afternoon off..

Version 16.18.5 (2021-05-10): We fixed the tubes that bring you videos – and some bugs too..

Version 16.16.3 (2021-04-25): Bug fixes, performance improvements, and more cat videos..

Version 16.15.4 (2021-04-20): Fixed bugs, improved performance, explored the edges of the known universe..

Version 16.13.1 (2021-04-06): Fixed bugs, improved performance, drank way too much coffee..

Version 16.11.3 (2021-03-23): We fixed the tubes that bring you videos – and some bugs too..

Version 16.10.5 (2021-03-18): Bug fixes, performance improvements, and more cat videos..

Version 16.09.3 (2021-03-10): Fixed bugs, improved performance, explored the edges of the known universe..

Version 16.08.2 (2021-03-01): Fixed bugs, improved performance, drank way too much coffee..

Version 16.05.8 (2021-02-21): Fixed bugs, improved performance, explored the edges of the known universe..

Version 15.49.6 (2021-02-13): Fixed bugs, improved performance, drank way too much coffee..

Version 15.49.4 (2020-12-07): Fixed bugs, improved performance, took the afternoon off..

Version 15.47.3 (2020-11-24): We fixed the tubes that bring you videos – and some bugs too..

Version 15.46.4 (2020-11-16): Bug fixes, performance improvements, and more cat videos..

Version 15.44.2 (2020-11-01): Fixed bugs, improved performance, drank way too much coffee..

Version 15.43.4 (2020-10-25): Fixed bugs, improved performance, took the afternoon off..

Version 15.42.2 (2020-10-18): Bug fixes, stability improvements, repairs to space-time continuum..

Version 15.40.4 (2020-10-06): Bug fixes, performance improvements, and more cat videos..

Version 15.39.4 (2020-09-27): Fixed bugs, improved performance, explored the edges of the known universe..

Version 15.37.4 (2020-09-15): Fixed bugs, improved performance, took the afternoon off..

Version 15.31.3 (2020-08-02): Fixed bugs, improved performance, took the afternoon off..