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PhotoGrid Video Collage Maker App Download

This is the best Collage App to create stunning images for social media, like Instagram posts and stories, Facebook posts, banners and covers, YouTube thumbnails, and Pinterest collections.
•Create memory collages with ease
•Create amazing social media content
•Grow a new business

Feature Highlights
Video Editor & Video Grid Maker
• Combine photos and videos to make video grids, trim your video easily!
• Best Instagram video and photo editor, add blurred backgrounds without cropping them or adding unexpected watermarks!
•You can synchronize your video clips so that they are all aligned to the same moment in time.

Social-Media Marketing Tool
• Watermark: Customize your own logo and Watermark, add Instagram, Facebook, Whatsapp logo easily with your name.
• Ratio: Tons of popular ratios including Facebook cover, Apple Watch, A4, A3 sizes, and more which allows you slay on social media!
• Text: Add any font you want and add beautiful curved texts on your photo.

The most complete collage app
•300+ different collage templates. Re-mix up to 15 of your photos at a time to create fun, personalized layouts, and collages.
• Design your own photo creations! Make beautiful filmstrip and cool photo stitches!
• You can also personalize your own scrapbook with freestyle pic stitches! Happy scrapbooking!

Powerful photo editor
•Crop, rotate, resize, blur, and beautify your photos easily, you can even frame your images in Instagram's 1:1 aspect ratio!
• Add stickers, text, backgrounds, graffiti, boarders, and mosaic, or adjust the brightness, contrast, saturation, and layout of your photos!
• Convert a raw photo into a powerful image all in one app. You can also customize templates to suit your needs!

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• Access to 1000+ Elements
• Create VideoGrids up to one minute long.High-quality full HD VideoGrid
• Freely decide aspect ratio for your photo
• Enjoy an ads-free experience
• Share with friends without any watermarks

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- Payment will be charged to iTunes Account at confirmation of purchase.
- All premium plans will be auto-renewed at the end of each period.
- Cancellation must be made at least 24 hours before the end of the valid period to avoid a nonrefundable auto-renewal.
- Cancellation requests made prior to the end of the period will become effective at the end of that period term.
- You can manage and turn off auto-renewal in your Apple Account Settings.
• Premium Plan Choices
- Initiation or termination of a premium plan must be done through the iTunes App Store, which may be subject to a sales tax in your area. Note: you are responsible for checking the Terms of Service of your app store for detail and applicability of sales tax.
• Refund
Please be aware that refund is NOT available after purchase.

• 2021 reserves the right to adjust the pricing for its products and services in the future.
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PhotoGrid Video Collage maker App User Reviews & Comments

App Review UPDATE: Had to drop (2) StarsAwesome app! I’ve used this app for about a year now and Everything still works as it should. It an excellent tool for posting photos and collages online. And I haven’t even got into all the stuff that this app can do yet. Highly recommended!! UPDATE: Not even a week after my excellent review, the latest update to app is causing it to malfunction. Never had a single issue before. Now the app is crashing, regularly. Also after I spend several minutes making a grid and positioning the photos just right, after saving, the photos somehow just shift on there own and only visible on the saved grid. Apparently they just move a little bit during the saving process so you got to initially, position your photos incorrectly to compensate for the shifting. THIS IS A FREAKIN HASSLE!! Especially, you’re like me and want your pictures done right. The app worked perfectly for almost a year until I reviewed it! I’m never leaving a positive review again. Because as soon as did, this app went completely haywire!!.Version: 6.9.51

Best Pic Collage app everLove this app. And love that it’s free. Suggestion though if you’re making a collage. Put desired pics in an album or mark as favorite first so your selected pics are in one location. If going through a lot of pics to find best ones to choose - the app will sometimes kick you back to the end (most recent) of your pics. Can get frustrating if you are searching from months or years ago but I have found a work around. Still a great app but wish this bug was fixed. Did report it months ago..Version: 8.0.41

Free, easy to use and many great features!Thank you so much to everyone at PhotoGrid for making such a user friendly app. Having my dad and grandma pass away recently, my cousins and I loved all the features PhotoGrid offers. Your app helped great picture boards and slideshows which were displayed during the wakes and funerals. Although we were all sad, we shared much needed belly laughs putting together photos using your app and playing around with the different features your app offers. Thank you so much for making our sad days brighter!.Version: 6.9.91

I regret getting this appIn my opinion, this app isn't to good. It edits your photos, but who ever said it edits them well? The watermark at the bottom is confusing to take out, and let's admit, who on here is taking selfies via Photogrid?? And why would you edit them here of there's Instagram or Snapchat?? Also, making new stickers is really weird, as tracing look bad and just using a square still look bad. It took me a while to even figure out i could edit said squares. Also, it can make an image you saved from somewhere else extremely fuzzy. Work on that. And who needs the use for all these fonts and filters?? I get having a few fonts but the amount this app has is over the top. And as I mentioned earlier, the filters can be put through on Snapchat or Instagram, or even photos! Photos has a better drawing system the Photogrid does, because photos has one. All in all, I'm disappointed on this entire team..Version: 6.3.50

Taking my money!I LOVE this app, and use it every single day. I've even adapted to the bugs (constantly freezing, crashing, pics out of order from my album, taking forever to load, loading blurry, etc), so why only 2 stars? I'll be happy to change it IF ONLY I COULD GET A RESPONSE TO MY MANY EMAILS asking for help in fixing the background purchases! I bought a few new backgrounds, and they all say, Download failed, try again later....?? Weeks and months later, my payments have gone through, the backgrounds show up in my Purchased Items, but I STILL CANT DOWNLOAD THEM, and after several emails, I'm hoping to get some attention here. I don't appreciate spending money to get nothing and not even a response to emails. Thanks, hoping to get help..Version: 6.5.00

So much wrong with the appIt seems with each new update, the less I like the app. The first strike was making the app more like a social media platform. Totally unnecessary. There’s this app called Instagram. The second strike is taking away the option to fit the entire picture into a slideshow. Now when I make a slideshow, I can only use pictures that are “square shaped”. The third strike occurs when I’m listening to music and the music gets cut off when I open the app. I didn’t have that problem a few versions ago. The fourth strike is poor customer service, which is why I’m writing this review. I’m still waiting for a response from PhotoGrid as to why the music keeps cutting out. I’ve sent three emails, but have had no response. The fifth strike is that it keeps telling me to turn on notifications. There’s a reason why I have notifications off. Stop telling me to turn them on! In conclusion, I could go on and on with why I dislike the app. The only reason why I still use it is because it has all the features I use, however flawed as the features are..Version: 6.8.50

I am happier with it over many othersI find it user friendly. I enjoy all the options even if I don’t use them all the time. I do like that they are available. The app is free and has a few simple ads. I get annoyed being bombarded by ads but this one has minor distractions. The filters are great! I use them occasionally to improve picture quality when the lighting is bad. If you want filers that make you look like a doll instead of a real person. Look for an app that is made for that..Version: 6.8.01

Very useful app with great features!! 👍I use this app all of the time and have been a paid member for the past couple of years. This app has great features and options for editing videos and images. It is up there with my favorite apps for editing images/videos. The only thing I’d like to see added at this time is a way to align text (the only way to know your aligned currently is if it’s directly in the middle), if there was a way to have some sort of guide to align text anymore and to make sure it is aligned with other text, it would be super helpful!! Update: I had an issue before with a security warning from the AT&T mobile security app but it currently looks like I no longer have that issue after updating the app (was instructed to do so after contacting support). I really appreciate the help PhotoGrid’s support team provided, thank you very much!! I would recommend this app! 👍.Version: 8.0.31

No watermarkBefore this app I had always used Pic Collage which is a good collage app. However, with that app, every time you saved a collage it had a watermark in the bottom corner and to remove the watermark, you had to spend 2 dollars. I don't consider myself a cheap person but to spend 2 dollars on getting a name off when I only use the app to make wallpapers for my phone did not seem worth it. But with this app you don't even have watermarks which is very nice. It is a little harder to navigate the collage but totally worth it since there is no watermark..Version: 6.6.12

Processing video collage takes FOREVER!Today I made one of those neat collages that had videos in them which is an amazing feature alone... but when I went to save it is when I thought I was going to pull my hair out! It crashed several times causing me to have to start the process and trimming and layout all over again at least 4 times. Then it would try and save it and would never progress pass 21% and just freeze. I tried again later and it finally didn’t crash and saved but guess how long it took to get to 100%? It took nearly 1.5 hours just to save it. Totally killed my phone battery from a fresh charge too doing it. The videos were standard iPhone taken videos and each one was 20-25 seconds and the whole things was under 25 seconds as they all play at once. While making a collage of various videos is great—- it’s not practical at this point to even bother using it. What is odd is I’ve made them in the past (it had been a long while though) and they use to save in 2-3 min or less. Not 85 minutes! Not sure what changes but can’t be 5 stars when that feature has declined in service. Hope it gets better soon!!!.Version: 6.6.70

Best photo app everIf I could give this app 10/5 stars, I would. I’ve used PhotoGrid for years now and I’ve never had to get the premium version to suit all of my photo needs! I love editing and gridding to make aesthetics, and this app is my go to for everything photo related. I’ve used many other apps and they’re just not the same! I especially love the new Unsplashed photos, they’re my favourite part ever!!!!!! I’ve never been so blown away by the beauty in that section. PhotoGrid is honestly a dream come true, so I highly recommend for anyone and everyone. Plus, it’s free to download, and it’s great if you can’t spend any money on it. One last thing, if you make an account, (no $ required) you can get stars for using the app and but backgrounds and other features just with the stars!! Once again, best app EVER!! TL;DR— 10/5 stars, beautiful app.Version: 7.2.70

Would be a great collage app if...This could be 5 stars if...the photos on my camera roll were not all mixed up instead of being in the order they were taken. Images from years ago are next to recent ones...why does this happen? It makes creating collages a time consuming challenge. And it would be helpful if the all the neutral background colors were grouped together. Black and white are at the front and browns and grays are at the opposite end after all the colors. I also never use all the stickers and extras, but the other features are so good, I still use this app knowing there will be inconveniences..Version: 6.4.40

Totally recommend!!When I first stumbled upon this app I just thought it was a Face-tune knock off. However compared to face-tune, this app not only had more options to edit, it also had everything except “no ads” and some rarely used features. It edits in high quality and I am super impressed. I would certainly recommend this app if you want to get rid of acne in photos, change the filter or crop items. Definitely deleting face-tune now!.Version: 7.1.20

Best Photo App EverI’ve been trying to look for an easy and good-working app that edits and puts photos together. My friend had this app so I decided to try it out. I’m not disappointed at all! I really think this app is going to help me a lot in my future photos. There are so many things you can do with a photo once you start. I also love that I can put photos together when making one big photo of one week. Or even for my lock screen. I highly recommend this app!.Version: 7.4.00

Photogrid will stay on any phone I getYou know.....there’s not many apps on the internet where I don’t have to ask some kid to show me what to do. PhotoGrid gets functionality. I’m a stylist and I used it to watermark 1st but I started playing with other features and realized I can make much more quality uploads. I use it for flyers, commercials and everything. Lots of cool fonts and effects. Other people ask me what I use. I feel so professional. 🤗 I’ve been using photogrid more than 2 years now.Version: 6.9.70

I use this for everything!This app is awesome. They build trust by allowing you to delete their watermark, so on everything I make with it, I’m sure to tell people I used PhotoGrid to make it! This app is underrated. I use it for my art, for memes, collages, all kinds of stuff. The effects are cool too! I’m gonna buy extras (non-essentials) from these guys because they’re awesome as heck! Update: I almost rated this two stars because of a bad update, then checked again and the issue was fixed! I cannot love this app more!.Version: 7.8.70

I LOVE THISI have been using this app since I was a very small kid lol. I’ve been making collages and watermarking my photos etc.. however I’ve never bought the membership Because it’s “monthly” if there was a one time payment that I could make without having it taken out monthly then I might actually consider buying the vip packages. But none the less you’re still able to do a lot with this app considering you don’t buy the vip. So if you’re a beginner to editing pictures or you just want something easy to work with and simple then this is great for you !.Version: 7.4.20

From 4 to 3 starsAug2018 update: I have been using this app for 2-yrs now. What keeps me getting the paid version is that, it has taking too long to save my edited photo. The 100% keeps on going and going like a circle of death. You can’t close it hoping it will save in the background or you will lose your work. Also there’s no way to save my own watermark. Every time, I edit a picture, I have to re-type my watermark which is annoying. Previous review: Great for photo touch-up and for adding text to the picture. My only gripe is there's no back button. If you mistakenly press a wrong button such us home, you will loose your work if you haven't saved it. Hoping the developer will add a feature to go back to the unsaved work..Version: 6.7.30

The Best of Apps!Love this photo display editing app. Quick and easy to use for the most novice of social posters. It offers excellent upgrades if more sophisticated features are desired, but the standard options are more than sufficient to get the job done. I have used similar apps, but always return to this one, and have had it on my phone for many years and updates. I couldn't live without it. I am a serial app buyer and don’t usually write reviews; I give this one gets five stars! I say try it; you've nothing to lose.Version: 7.7.23

Hidden Secret!»ok, this app is great... • user friendly • easy editing • useful fonts • cute stickers (and realistic!) • beautiful filters and such. »however, the Hidden Secret is that it is also a social media platform! when i first found out about it, I looked around, expecting to find others edits that they have shared..but i found scammers, advertisers, people causing drama and calling names (although there is a filtering system of a sort), and people posting inappropriate pictures- on a 4+ app! and u don’t even have to but the membership thing to access it! there was also good people, as it is on all social platforms, but still!!! »if you can avoid the media section, do so! the rest of the app is great! »one more thing... on the “Unsplash”, the search engine is a little strange- for me anyways- anyhow, sometimes when i am looking for something to practice editing on other than myself or my bunny, as i said before, i search up something (let’s say-dogs) and then somehow other things completely random (like other animals) show up too. OK! that’s all- ty for reading, if you did and beware!!!!!! stay safe 👍✨😊🥰.Version: 7.9.12

My opinionI believe this app gave me the right frame and shape I was looking for, for my pictures. It help me most definitely with other things like a sketch book because I wanted to keep all of my memories in a book. I was successfully able to print my pictures then put them I my sketch book. But besides the printing. I love this app because it totally added the beautiful cool effect to my pictures. Such as brightly adding color, made things pop out out, I could add multiple pictures in one frame. Though other apps have just about all of these techniques/specialties this one stood out to me. So therefore, I give this app a 5 star 🌟 rating 😌. With this app I am so satisfied of the memories that I have in my phone of multiple pictures in one. So I say THANK YOU 🙏🏾..Version: 6.9.13

Great app for great memoriesWhen my family and I are doing photo shoots just for fun as a keepsake memories, we usually use PhotoGrid to customize our pictures so that we don’t have random pictures just lying around everywhere. PhotoGrid organizes the pictures Plus you can add stickers and other cool features that can make the photos your own! I personally think it is very fun and easy to use and I definitely recommend it for any family who likes to take a lot of pictures that could bring back long lasting memories! Get PhotoGrid, download it now, make memories!.Version: 7.0.70

Incredible app!!PhotoGrid is easy to use and provides thousands of different effects to make your pictures better. I personally use it to mainly edit my pictures; Crop them to look better on Instagram and maybe brighten them up. Not only can you make singular photos look amazing, you can also make photo collages or videos! The app is completely free (unless you choose to buy premium although, I’ve had a great experience without it)!10/10 recommend:).Version: 7.1.00

So easy, even a caveman can use it😀I am not tech savvy. I was looking for an easy to use photo collage program. I found it with Photogrid. I tried several others, but this was the easiest to use and most practical. I have also been very, very happy with the app support. When I asked for a particular sticker to be added, I received a response the next day and the sticker was included with the next update! Each update works flawlessly and the constant additions to stickers, effects, and fonts is great. I love this program!.Version: 7.6.81

Not what It used to beI went back in my camera roll and saw that there were filters that you could take pictures of yourself with. I hadn’t been on the app for a long time, but I still expected there to be camera filters. But when I got on THERE WERE NO FILTERS. Why? Am I just not seeing them or WHAT. You got rid of the main reason I liked the app. And also almost everything costs money. WHY?! So manipulate things were available before and now everything is expensive! PLEASE FIX THIS. I would give you one star, but the editing is still pretty good. But for a long time until there are the camera filters then the most number of stars that I am going to give this app is two. Also a liquify addon would be a nice update too..Version: 7.8.80

Quality changeI have been using and loving this app for quite some time. However, lately when I’m adding pictures (either as background or foreground images) it’s like they don’t render properly and are blurry. While this usually happens when I am adding the picture, I have seen it happen when saving (the draft will look fine but the saved version comes out blurry). This is happening on both the iPhone and iPad versions, but is more persistent on the phone. I use this app just about every day for my business but now it takes 4x as long because I have to keep redoing things until they aren’t blurry. Would love a fix. I have tried removing and reinstalling, but the error persists..Version: 6.3.80

My new collage appThe only thing missing is the option to change the resolution of my final collages. That’s why the 4 star. It’s as bloated as my old favorite app but there is an offer to purchase. Trying it first I was a longtime user of a different app but they lost me after their last upgrade by asking for my location every time I made a collage even though I turned it off in settings. Invasive. And the ads took up the whole screen. I would have purchased it to stop it and the ads but they didn’t offer it. I tried about 15 apps until this one. Sticking with this because it allows me to choose the photos then offers me a grid. ALL the others wanted me to choose a grid then pics- not flexible..Version: 6.4.51

Intuitive and Hassle FreeI’ve been using this app for a couple years now. What I love most about it is twofold. First, there are seemingly endless options for creating a new photo-display product using your pictures. Second, the interface is intuitive and easy to use. So easy, in fact, my almost 80 year old father could probably create something to print and/or share. Once you create a grid, it is easy to save the product to your photos, or share it with family and friends. I’ve exported one to my desktop to use as a background and I’ve been pleased with the quality of the image on my 20 inch screen. One caveat: I have not sent any of my PhotoGrid creations to be printed, but I don’t see a reason to downgrade my review for that!.Version: 6.5.20

Went from 1 star to 5 again! My misunderstanding!I’ve been using PhotoGrid for YEARS and loved it. It was perfect! I even recommend it to my peers during the social media classes I teach. With this new update I was under the impression that we were being forced to pay $2.00 a month to remove their name from the images. I was so upset that yet another app was backpedaling on it’s free features later down the line. I was informed you can still remove their watermark for free but need to do so manually and I was so relieved!!! Thank you Julie for taking the time to respond and set me straight. I’ll continue using your app in all my social media classes. It’s one of the best. I’m glad I was wrong!.Version: 6.4.31

Used to be my favorite - really disappointedI’ve used this app for years and years - it’s been my favorite for editing photos. I loved the choices of filters, the way the app worked was great, and most importantly it was accessible and, for the most part, completely free. After the latest update, I hopped on to edit a photo and came to discover that they’ve completely limited the amount of filters you have access to; there used to be a plethora of different folders to choose from and now you get four - the rest now cost .99¢ and up. In the past, a lot of other filters always cost money, but they’ve now changed it to be the majority. I just think that’s really crappy considering so many other things on this app now cost money and they simply don’t need to. I don’t see an issue with charging for something that you’ve worked for and I understand that it takes an entire team to get an app going, but this just seems excessive. What exactly am I paying for when the app itself is bogged down with ads and lags to the point where my phone starts to overheat when I’m simply trying to add a border to my photo? Really disappointed. Hopefully this changes, I’ll be using another app that doesn’t try to profit off of every single minuscule thing in the meantime..Version: 7.0.10

Love😍😍😍This app is an awesome app! Are uses for all my backgrounds and photo strips and everything almost like that. The only thing that I think this app needs is some improvement. Even though your updated every week or so you’ll need some improvements. I think that the premium or the special limited addition type thing cost a little too much money and it just doesn’t fit what the cost is I think I should lower that down and everything else is fine. Love this app it’s amazing made my life so much better!.Version: 7.3.11

Great but....I love this PhotoGrid app! The unique styles of font and backgrounds is amazing... after you pay for them! Haha 🤪 I understand apps have to make money but when they update they should remember the backgrounds you already paid for. I finally caved to them because of remote learning I needed it for collages for students. I paid the large one time fee supposed to last a year, so here’s to hoping. The others we’re supposed to belong to me once I paid the $0.99 or $1.99 for them but kept magically disappearing or would have to rebuy. Also sometimes it will glitch out when resizing a picture and make it much smaller than the rest. Then will get stuck that way. I usually have to start over when that happens. Which is not fun but oh well can’t expect it to be perfect! All in all paying the one time fee has been worth it. Love the variety and the endless choice of backgrounds, styles, and fonts! The combinations are endless! Highly recommend it!.Version: 7.9.12

Hidden social mediaYou have CHILDREN sharing pictures of themselves on this app. How on earth is it rated for 4+. I thought it was just photo collages & editing but my daughter was able to create an account & share pictures with hundreds of “followers”. There is no clear way to delete an account. The only way to delete photos is to do it manually one at a time. From what I could see, there are lots of children sharing photos (many of themselves) and there is no way to make anything private. You haven’t responded to any emails asking for help in deleting her account. I guess I’ll have to contact my local Representative and/or media to get any kind of response..Version: 7.9.12

Issues resolved by upgrading to premiumEdit - I was able to eliminate ads with the $1.99 premium purchase option so I'm good now....I was not able to regain my lost earned wallpaper until I paid the $1.99, but it's worth it for since I use this daily. ********* After the latest update ALL of my previously earned wallpapers are gone and I have to watch a 30 second video for every single one to get them back. There's not even an option to just buy an ad-free version of this app, which I would be totally willing to do. And every time I save a photo, it puts up an obnoxious loud ad on the screen as I try to exit. Absolute spam garbage now. I get there needs to be ads but this is horrible and to not have any option to buy into a premium version of the app makes this now useless for me..Version: 6.3.30

Now For Multi-Angle Sport Videos!The new TRIM function catapults this app into a whole new category. Can now precisely synchronize videos! I’ve used PhotoGrid for a while to polish side-by-side videos. PhotoGrid does the usual assembly of photos and pictures to make collages. I was using it for the superior set of editing tool to manipulate the pane proportions as well as fine-tune and place each component video and picture. It’s fast especially in loading my very large PhotoAlbum and has an easy intuitive interface. My specific use has been to create multiple angle videos of sport action from recordings made simultaneously. I was using the expensive and cumbersome Technique app to synchronize the multiple videos which worked ok but the end results were ugly as heck with fixed proportions and no editing tools. I would then use PhotoGrid to recompose the synched output from Technique into something presentable. Very time consuming and many steps. Now, with the new TRIM function in PhotoGrid I can do it all in one app. Great update..Version: 7.5.01

Definitely potentialI feel like this app has a lot of potential! i just have a few suggestions and i really would love the developers to at least consider these because i love the app, but i really need these changes to make me love it even more: 1) i love that i can edit my photos and make grids and memes and everything. it’s awesome to have it all in one! but when i actually upload a photo to this app, it comes out really blurry. i would love it if you could fix it so that my photo would look just like it does in my phone. it doesn’t look that blurry unless it’s uploaded to this app, and i would like it to stay hd like on my phone. 2) basically, this is like off-brand instagram but better because i have a lot of tools that allow me to edit my photos and videos and make cool collages, which instagram doesn’t allow. so if this is going to be like a better version of instagram that many people switch over to (which i definitely can see happening in the future if you maybe take my advice), allow private messaging so people don’t have to make connections through comments. if you’re worried about privacy, don’t worry too much because you already have a block button and you can make it so people can just delete the messages like instagram does. i would LOVE to have this feature to allow me to actually make friends. thank you so much, and please consider my suggestions ❤️.Version: 7.3.72

Video & textAbsolutely LOVE this app. It has everything you can think of and more! The only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5 is because even after purchasing the premium package, I still have issues with having a black line on videos that are in collages. Another problem I have is placing any text or emoji on a photo.. and after saving it somehow moves the text/emoji just slightly to the left so I have to keep re-editing the photo until I place the item in the right spot. Hope it gets resolved soon! Other than that, best app ever!.Version: 6.9.11

Great For Basic Editing!I’ve used this app for years for basic editing (whether fitting a pic for Instagram or making a quick collage) as well as for some other little projects that were made easier by making use of the free tools in PhotoGrid. I’ve never paid for any extras, though there have been a few things over the years that may have come in handy... I miss a few things that used to be free and are not anymore but it’s not a deal breaker for me. They’ve also added some things (filters, fonts, etc) that are free and fun/useful so it evens out. I’ve recommended it to lots of people over the years so I suppose it’s pass time I gave it a good review here. Yes, I would recommend! Again, it’s a great little app for basic photo and video editing. I’ve used others as well in the past but this one most often and when space is low, it’s the only one that stays on my phone. 😉 That alone is high praise! 😂 It’s no PhotoShop but it’s a great tool to have if you take/post lots of pics. I’d probably give it a 4.5 out of 5 ⭐️s and say I’m 90% satisfied with how it’s worked for me over the years..Version: 8.0.41

Why Can’t I use my own music???Was very excited to use the Premium version to edit an ad I was about to put on FB. I normally never buy iTunes but I bought 2 today to use with your app because I wanted to put my music choice with my ad....well I did all that crap for nothing. Also, along with purchasing Premium for no reason, which I will be seeking a refund for today! It would NOT let me add my own music. When you go to My Music, then choose your song, it only puts a check mark next to it and then... nothing! It makes you back out of it without keeping your music selection! I was very disappointed and very exhausted by the time I finished trying to complete this! WILL THIS BE FIXED??????.Version: 7.2.80

Collage picsFollow up. When can I expect this update. I can’t use this app if my pics are going to be out of order. It just too hard. I don’t understand why the pics in the app would not be in the same order as my album. I just can’t deal with that. Please help so I can use this app again. Thanks Hello. I love this app and I use it a lot. The only complaint I have is when your in a grid and choosing photos, the photos are NOT in the same order as my camera roll. When doing a collage for say like Christmas, your having to search all over for your Christmas pics. I would like to see the photos in the same order as listed in my camera roll or album that I created to store pictures for a particular event. Thank you and hope to hear from you soon. Karen Longino.Version: 6.5.31

Great free appI use this app all the time. Best part is it’s free, I’m sure paying for it has a bunch of added bonuses but it works great free also. I have a 22 month old daughter and I take pictures of her constantly I have over 6,000 pictures and videos of her and sending them can be bombarding and overwhelming for the recipient. So I like to collage them and send 1 photo instead of 8 I also use it for making birthday cards / invites, editing photos or adding text and making pages for a photo book. You can customize boarders, layouts, text add stickers and a bunch of other things It’s also easy to use so that’s a plus.Version: 6.5.92

Great App but..I got this app in January 2016 and it was the most feature rich and user friendly, on the market - at the time. So much so, that I decided to purchase the lifetime membership they were offering at the time. I enjoyed the add free version of the app and add on layouts. But one day, the developper posted an update, in which they decided to go for a monthly service fee, and stopped honoring the lifetime agreements from prior customers. The app is great, but certainly not worth a monthly fee for an app this caliber. This is a kind of app that any new grad could write, and to force users into a monthly plan, not only looks like a desperate move to get rich quick scam, but also completely lacks class, especially when they decided to void the past agreements with early customers. You just need to ask yourself if it’s worth spending $5 monthly for the privilege to use such a basic tool, when there are better ones out there now!.Version: 7.3.40

A+++ 1st app I’ve ever reviewedAmazing tool. Has boosted my online sales. Easy to create collages, pick a background (I love the eyedropper feature, and the fact that I can use any photo for a background or one that’s pre-designed), add text, and watermark, save, and post. I can make dozens of collages in minutes and upload for online shopping. I have recommended this app to several other online sellers. It’s fun and easy to share photos on social media with friends and family.. but as an on line seller it’s a fantastic tool ..Version: 8.0.00

Used to love thisSadly this app is no longer as amazing as it once was and each update always made things better. However the latest updates have caused this app more hassle than the free collages it makes. Making a photo takes way longer than it should and once you finalize making a grid of pics you are forced to choose large medium or small and then click again to wait 10-15 seconds before it gets to the percentage which either goes from 0-100 in 5 seconds or 10 or sometimes longer so it’s about a 30 second process after you’ve finalized the photo and if you leave the app while it’s going through the motions to accept a phony call you have to do it all over again. Ughhhh.Version: 6.8.80

Great free options!I have been using PhotoGrid for a long time. The free layout options are great. You can even remove the watermark, or make it different styles and personalize it. I prefer to leave the watermark on, maybe it will attract some new users. A lot of different text options and colors. If I made more photo collages, I would pay to unlock the premium layouts and colors, it is a very easy to use app. Some collage making apps don’t let you switch around the pictures once you get them in the layout, so you have to keep trying to add them in a different order to get them right. A guessing game that is not necessary with PhotoGrid. I will keep using PhotoGrid as my app of choice for collages, I see no need to use anything else..Version: 7.7.91

I had to change my review 😑So I gave it a five star and now the app is disappointing me. So my friend text me some before and after pics of her weight loss from the Herbalife right. I saved all three and went to PhotoGrid (bc this app is truly an asset to my business) and it only showed two out of the three pics 😫 not happy. So I tried all kinds of tricks including uninstalling and reinstalling, deleting the pic, cropping and all. Negative, it won’t show in PhotoGrid and that’s the most important pic, the before pic! I have no idea why this is but it’s crazy how I gave it five stars and now it has disappointed me. Smh what is the problem frfr??.Version: 6.5.70

Back to 5 starsI liked this app, until I updated it and started watermarking my photos. I deleted the app for that reason, but the developer actually took the time to read and reply to my message (out of hundreds of reviews?) and advised on how to remove/edit the watermark. So, I downloaded the app again because it’s really is the best photogrid app I’ve ever used. Not only it’s very customizable, it’s also smart to know the best grid output. Again, it’s very customizable so the user can change it. Thanks.Version: 6.8.01

Ripped Me Off TWICEI would give this app 4 or 5 stars had they not completely ripped me off not once, but twice! I know, shame on me. I enjoyed the app so much that I paid to get ALL of the filters plus some backgrounds and stuff. I PAID for these features that were supposed to available to me FOREVER, yet somehow at some random point, all records are lost as to my purchase history, and their “restore purchases” function is totally useless! Contacting support got me nowhere—they responded but may as well not have since they offered no actual solution or credit—nada. Clearly these guys are scammers, so don’t support them by even using their few free features. I plan on taking this complaint further...just have to dig up my iTunes purchase history and find the transactions for proof. Screw this app..Version: 7.3.91

From 5 stars to zero to 5.When the app up graded it added a lot more capabilities that I was not expecting and I did not know how to use, but being that this was ( now it is again )one of my favorite app, I had to give it one more chance and I'm glad I did. Graded I use the app for crating reports; however, I do no use any of the new functions, but I am able to make very precise reports using this app. So I can vouch it's use as a engineering investigation aid and I can't think of a better assistant for get a point across to a customers and/or contractors. 5 stars for that. This used to be my favorite app, but now it is unusable because there's way too much advertising and delete..Version: 8.0.41

Great editing appReally like this app. Been able to make lots of different collages and announcements from this app. Only complaint is I wish there was more versatility in some of the editing options. For example, if you use a comment bubble, you can choose your own style and put the text in there, but you can’t actually edit the comment bubble, the text inside of it (color, size), or the position of the bubble (change from left to right, etc - the position is fixed). It gives you tons of editing options, but for other parts, like my example, there’s very little ability. Perhaps if I paid to be a member, I would get more options, but even as a free version, it’s still pretty good..Version: 7.8.41

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 8.0.51

AmazingI just got this app and it’s so helpful and it’s so cool how u can chose any way to put your photos and this is all I have to say it’s amazing.Version: 7.4.11

Years & YearsI have been using this app for years & years... it is my go-to for grids & editing... can HIGHLY recommend * * * * *.Version: 8.0.41

Grid makerHaven’t used the app for a while and the new crop tool is great! Much easier to edit a layout..Version: 7.6.40

The camera in 3D card1 - I was using the camera in the 3D cards and sometimes the photos didn’t scale with the frame sometimes the pictures will be cut off can you do an update to fix this problem? 2 - can you add more 3D cards.Version: 6.9.11

Easy to editI like the free templates and I think this app is really good and is easy to use. It’s lots of fun! I’m going to just rate this app 4 stars for now cause of some stuff that I don’t really like..Version: 6.9.13

Helpness & goodnessYou're a good variety in your experience and you're bestest from some apps like you like photo collage you're very nice pretty quickly apps THANKS MAHA KHALID.Version: 6.3.91

Love this app!I have used many photo editing apps over the years and this is my favourite by far! So many options and great variety to create images and collages. Love it!.Version: 7.6.11

Photo gridFabulous way to present your photos! Easy to use with impressive results. Loving it! ❤️.Version: 7.7.91

Top appI use this app weekly and love it! I always recommend to others who ask about collage and editing apps..Version: 7.8.41

Love it 🖤🖤I do Admin on a game page and would never normally pay for an app like this but this ones the exception. I absolutely love this app and what it offers so have no issues paying for the premium version. Keep up the great work guys 👍👍.Version: 6.9.42

SO HELPFULI couldn’t think of anything to add this is a great app! From editing to slideshows it has it all. But one idea is MABYE looking into the filters they are really hard to use at some times and are really glitchy when taking a video, but other than that this app is amazing and so helpful! Thank you for creating this app 🤩.Version: 7.3.91

Surprising to Say the LeastAt first I thought it was just a edit app for posters but then I was greeted by the sight of well PhotoGrid. It’s really simple and easy to use, most of the things are free and they don’t have pop up ads or things asking you to buy deals! It’s awesome and I’m definitely going to be using this a lot..Version: 6.4.01

New version vignette doesn’t saveI like this app and have used it a lot for single and combination photos. The latest version the vignette tool appears on the Photogrid version of the shot but disappears when saved to photos. Please fix this. I don’t mind paying a fee for an app but dislike paying a monthly charge. An app used to cost a few dollars outright. Now it seems to be sign up for ever .....Version: 7.0.40

PLZ READHey photo grid people! I love ur app and all but there’s this problem I’m facing. Everything I make a video, it won’t let me pick the song I want with my music. Like, it lets me get into my own music but whenever I click the song I want it doesn’t work. I hope you can fix this problem cuz it’s really annoying. THX! -Dina.Version: 6.4.50

Love it!!!If you need a editing app to make borders around your photos (with landscape photos it will make it square, if you want it to!) this is perfect!!! I will never forget this app every time I change phones it’s one of the first apps I download!!!! 😍❤️😘.Version: 6.9.13

Great for 2 years until nowI paid for the app when I first downloaded it a couple of years ago and now it just nags me to subscribe for $7.49/month. This set-and-forget model is preferable for developers (you also get 85% vs the usual 70% margin!) but I can’t rationalise the value given I’m a casual user and thought the original outright price was fair. Shifting goalposts like the rest of the App Store..Version: 7.0.40

Best editing app ever!This app is far more ahead than others and I love it! I always have so much fun editing my photos and there are so many wonderful options! It’s my only go-to for editing..Version: 7.6.11

Easy to useVery user-friendly interface for quick edits!.Version: 7.7.10

Leanne from buff point SydneyIt’s the best it’s one of the first apps I download every time I get a new phone love love love it.. easiest to understand and use! It’s a must.Version: 6.7.30

Excellent app!I absolutely love Photogrid! It's one of the best photo apps around and I've never had any issues with it! Lots of different options for editing photos! I highly recommend it 🌟.Version: 7.5.72

Basic but completeIt has everything I need.Version: 6.3.60

Good butI think it’s a great game make slide shows, edit things but when u make a slide show why can’t I use my own music I am really annoyed about that so can u be able to have yours win music pls..Version: 7.8.41

Great appThis app is amazing because it has everything I need and it inspires me with all different kinds of effects. 😀😀.Version: 6.3.60

Great great appBeen using this app since it came out. Best app to use. Very friendly app to use, won’t change it for any other app. Each to your own. It might be good for me but not for everyone else. Dnt get me wrong I’ve heard many bad things about this app. But it works for me. So 5 stars on my side.Version: 7.7.30

Awesome ExperienceThis app is so friendly, don’t waste anytime and every result is just you aim for. Happy to use always..Version: 8.0.41

Best AppThis is the best free app. Don’t look at any other apps. This app has everything you will need to edit, turn photos into collages and more. Download and try it today!.Version: 8.0.01

Easy to use!Great feature and functions are intuitive..Version: 7.8.70

Just download itIf you’re looking to make a collage with videos/gifs THIS IS THE APP. I’ve tried some different ones but this one is perfect. It doesn’t alter the quality (at least from what I can see), you can make your own photos in to stickers and there are so many distinct options to choose from so you can get your collage just right. There’s a reason the rating is so high haha.Version: 6.4.90

Love this appDoes everything I need. Used it for years now, fast simple and easy every time!.Version: 7.6.12

Easy to use!So easy to use this app! When you print the photos there is no loss of quality..Version: 7.7.60

HelpfulI have never came across such a more helpful app, especially how it let’s you delete the water mark! I have proudly hit the 5 star congrats!.Version: 6.7.30

Best photo grid appI’ve been using this app for a long time. It’s by far the best for creating photo grids and layouts. Highly recommend.Version: 6.9.51

PhotoGridI love it and I will have heaps of help by it along the way because I am a 9 year old and I am today just starting a business and I have already done my first grid thx so much PhotoGrid!!❤️💖.Version: 6.6.40

BrilliantThis is a great game, I love it sooo much!! The only things I would change though, is to be able to edit videos as well as photos. I know it is called photo grid but it would be great to..Version: 7.0.20

Good, but missing somethingThis new version is really cool, with lots more fun things that you can do for free. The only thing is that I downloaded photogrid on my phone a few months ago and it had this really cool cartoon/scotch thing. Today I downloaded photogrid on my iPad and the updated version doesn’t have it! This meant that I had to go and search for another app on the App Store to do my homework with, if any editors are reading this PLEASE bring this feature back, there aren’t any other apps that have this! I really like the new feature of being able to use templates for clipping photos, it makes it SO much easier, I also like being able to put photos on top of each other. The only other thing is that there seem to be a lot less features, such as there is no longer memes, which I really loved. These things that are missing are really annoying because it means I need to download other apps to do them, but this is definitely a really great app and everyone should download it! This app is definitely good as all the best features are free..Version: 7.4.60

Easy to useVery user-friendly. Even if you’re not paying for the whole suite..Version: 8.0.41

AmaazinggThis is one of my fav apps! It’s really easy to edit on this and once your done it turns out SUPER cute! However, I sometimes want to use a template but I have to pay for it! It would be awsome if this app was for free! That’s why I only gave it 4 stars instead of 5..Version: 7.6.30

Love this app!It’s easy and fun! Have always loved using this app. It’s always been my go to. Have recommended to so many others as it’s so easy. Thank you :).Version: 7.7.61

Useful appI find all kinds of reasons to compile pictures, so I’ve gotten a lot of mileage out of this app..Version: 7.7.41

Inappropriate AdsHi PhotoGrid. We love your app! However when I was using the app with my young child today, sadly there was inappropriate content of women in negligees with camel toes. My daughter and I were horrified by the images. Come on PhotoGrid you can do better. You’re putting inappropriate images into the minds of children. Is this what you want? Remove the ads and I’ll change my rating back to five stars..Version: 6.5.40

It’s good. It’s easy. Just do it.Does everything I want to make memes and stitches. Has extra stuff you can pay for. I’ve had it for years and they actually made their photo stitch better quality- I just have to watch an advert now before saving (sometimes). It’s perfect for me and I reckon you’ll love it too..Version: 6.9.91

PhotoGrid funThis has been one of the easiest and most fun photo editing apps to use. Love the choices and friends & family enjoy the printed results..Version: 7.5.72

Has been my go to for years!Easy to navigate and simple to use. I have other apps but I keep coming back to PhotoGrid time and time again..Version: 7.6.30

Loving photo gridAllows me to do lots of different features with the grandkids pics-it must be easy to use if an oldie like me can use it - highly recommend.Version: 7.6.60

Won’t let me typeWhen I type it doesn’t show up! This bug needs fixing. I click the text and type in what I want then it doesn’t show on my screen. It sounds like a great app and it’s a bit disappointing..Version: 7.5.70

:))This app really surprised me when I downloaded it a while ago, and it's been amazing at doing everything I need! It's great, highly recommend it ✨💛.Version: 6.3.91

Much betterI wrote a review recently on how good this app is but after up date it was hard & slow to save. Since then I deleted app and then reinstalled and now it is perfect again Thanks for the best photo app!.Version: 6.8.50

This is the app you wantBest app. All the other similar ones have catches like once you download you have to pay. This is free. You can pay for more features but all the basic great features that I need are free. With no pop up ads that you have to wait 30 secs to complete. Love love love this app I’ve downloaded heaps looking for one like this.Version: 7.6.30

Love it. Use it daily. Thanks!!I love this app and use it every day. It's easy to use with lots of options for creating different collages. I'd recommend it to anyone.Version: 7.6.40

FabulousBeen using this app for years love how easy it is and all the new things they update.Version: 7.6.30

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PhotoGrid Video Collage maker 8.0.51 Update

Version 8.0.51 (2021-05-07): 1. New materials for Mother's Day and Ramadan arrived!! 2. Performance improvement..

Version 8.0.41 (2021-04-20): 1. New materials for Mother's Day and Ramadan arrived!! 2. Performance improvement..

Version 8.0.30 (2021-04-06): Upgrade & try out now! 1.Small bug fixed. 2.Embrace Spring vibes with our materials!.

Version 8.0.01 (2021-02-26): 1. Small bug fixed. 2. New stickers for new born baby! 3. Embrace Spring vibes with our materials!.

Version 7.9.12 (2021-02-05): 1.New layouts for video grid! Come give it a try! 2.Get ready for Chinese New Year! We got all materials you need here! 3.New PIP function allows you to add video on Video Grid! 4.Bug fixed and features enhancement..

Version 7.9.00 (2021-01-25): 1.New layouts for video grid! Come give it a try! 2.Get ready for Chinese New Year! We got all materials you need here! 3.New PIP function allows you to add video on Video Grid!.

Version 7.8.70 (2021-01-04): 1. "Draw" tool now available on iPad 2. Let's color your 2021 with our festive layouts, stickers and backgrounds 3. Vídeo grid supports ‘Crop’ function now! May your 2021 be an extraordinary one!.

Version 7.8.41 (2020-12-17): 1. New Christmas layouts, slideshows for Instagram and Facebook posts 2. Tons of templates for Christmas & New Year creations 3. New festive backgrounds & stickers all ready for your video collages We wish you a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! PhotoGrid Team.

Version 7.8.30 (2020-12-07): 1.[Premium only] ‘Import Fonts’ function is here! You can add fonts by airdrop! 2. New Social watermark for Instagram 3.‘Draw’ function improvement! Come and give it a try 4. Video grid supports the ‘Crop’ function now! Let's embrace 2021 with our festive Christmas materials~.

Version 7.8.20 (2020-11-30): 1. [Premium only] ‘Import Fonts’ function is here! You can add fonts by airdrop! 2. New Social watermark for Instagram 3. ‘Draw’ function improvement! Come and give it a try 4. Video grid supports ‘Crop’ function now! Let's enjoy this holiday season and have fun with our festive Christmas materials~.

Version 7.8.00 (2020-11-18): Welcome Thanksgiving Season! You'll gonna love this update: 1.‘Draw’ function improvement! Come and give it a try 2.20+ layouts supporting 6-16 photos and video collages! 3.You can now easily enlarge or shrink your video with your fingers. 4.Thanksgiving materials all ready for you!.

Version 7.7.80 (2020-11-02): This update is all about a better editing experience! 1. Video Edit - You can now easily enlarge or shrink your video with your fingers. 2. Add tool -Let's apply filters on the photo you add on your canvas. 3. Halloween & Thanksgiving materials all ready..