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8 Ball Pool™ App User Reviews & Comments

RIGGED APPNO WAY TO REPORT CHEATING PLAYERS! Every person I’ve played with a ridiculously high win percentage (~60% and up) CHEATS and that’s why their percentage is so high. Why isn’t there a way to report the player for blatantly cheating during the match?! Also I’ve been playing this game for YEARS and the pop up’s in my face every 2 seconds are absolutely infuriating!!! There is no need for that, every single step of the way they designed it so that every action has a pop up screen, pop up ads etc IT’S NEVER ENDING. You have to X out of like 10 pop up screens/ ads just to get back to the game. What’s also infuriating is the fact that I NEVER GET TO BREAK. When I DO get to break no matter what method I use, no balls get potted usually. Keep in mind I have legendary level 2 cues so the “physics” just doesn’t make any sense. For every ONE game that they DO let me break, it’s followed by 20 games that I don’t break. This has wrecked my win percentage as well as my ability to win competitions/ event rings. If you’re not the one breaking, you can almost guarantee that you won’t even get to take a shot before the other person wins. So the fact that I only get to break about 20% of the time is really screwed up, they need to fix this. It should be exactly 50% of the time. Ridiculous app rigged for you to lose most of the time..Version: 5.4.3

I felt more of those negative thoughtsI felt it in the long run of playing 8 ball pool. First its fine ,good, enjoyable. But now in more of annoyance. Like something fishy is going on in most of the games. Like, there’s someone manipulating every aspects in the game. That someone is pulling me away from winning or losing most of my coins. Even if its obvious that im the winner. It turned upside down. Sometimes my preparation for the next balls is excellent, the table & balls moved. Sometimes i’ve potted all the balls, except the last ball. When i’ve potted the last ball and I’m the winner, suddenly the last ball came back to its place where it was before i hit it, and suddenly the opponent turned out to be hitting the ball. And frustratingly, the opponent wins. Let me clear it, I didn’t potted the cue ball. There are many more of something odds or irregularity that I am feeling while playing. Even the sequence of opponents, sometimes there is something odd. An hours ago, & even yesterday, i always bet & always 50K for double the money. Ever being irritated, so I double-tap or triple-tap the 50K coz I’m annoyed already, yet still variety of 200, 500, 5,000, & 20K are the games that being given to me. I’m catching up to bring back my losed coins while having a feeling that thats not fair. So I steadily bet for 50K. But what do I get? Who will be happy when this is happening t you. You want to play for enjoyment, but what is this!.Version: 5.3.1

Big BugI’ve had this game for 6 years now and have played it on and off the entire time. There is a new bug I’ve noticed the past couple weeks that resulted in a warning that my account could be reset because the system thinks I’m hacking. The past three weeks I’ve noticed that any time I win a game, the coins I win don’t count toward the leaderboards. So for the past three weeks my account shows that I haven’t gained any winnings despite winning a few dozen games each week. I think because of this bug the app’s anti cheat software flagged my profile for going up roughly 10M coins but not showing any wins. Overall, this is a really fun game and a great way to pass the time (I mean, it has retained me as a player for 6 years). I would be really upset and probably never return to the game if I were to lose 6 years of progress including being level 150, have a collection power of 60, a gold tier VIP member, and 755M lifetime winnings due to a bug that is outside of my control. This is a very serious bug and needs to be fixed quickly or they will lose a long time player who has bought all of the premium season passes and plans to continue to do so..Version: 5.0.1

Annoying pop ups and other scamsHave been using the app ever since it has existed. First major complaint I have is the number of pop ups on the screen. As soon as you open the app you get these ads, previous challenges, online players - everything in form of annoying pop ups. When you try to play a match, there is a quick pop up as soon as you click a city. It feels like the app is trying to force you into accidentally buying a cue or coins. And these pop ups continue to show up even if you are playing a match. Accidental clicks on these pop ups exit us from the ongoing match and we lose the bet. Another major complaint is regarding the spin, scratch and rewards in general. I don’t think the creators understand how a spinning wheel should work. The wheel is supposed to be completely random and not based on your level or VIP points. It is okay to have different ranges of rewards for different levels, but manipulating a wheel by showing higher rewards which a person will never get is unethical in every sense. In summary, I think the app is turning into a scam which is manipulating players into spending money. In my opinion, it’s not the right way to make money, just a smart strategy. I would prefer buying what I like instead of having me click on an ad and manipulating me into buying what I wouldn’t buy myself. I have given 2 stars for the functionality, table designs and for having 9 ball included..Version: 5.4.3

UpdateI used to think that this app was a 5 star app. This week it has gone down to a 3. After this last update everything worked fine, but, now it’s very frustrating to play. I like being competitive with my friends and in the club I’m in, but, this past week, when I win a game, I will get the winning coins in my player page, but, when I go to my friends page or my club page, there are no coins...Zero and it doesn’t matter how many games I win, it still says zero. Very frustrating when you like to compete with people. I have already been kicked out of a good club because I can’t increase my coins off of zero. So, I have tried deleting the app and reinstalling it, but, it is still the same way. And I live in the United States and it has me living in Canada now. There’s no way that I have found to change it back to the US. If this can’t be fixed, without me losing my level that I’m at and all my coins and money that I have, then I’m ready to delete the app and be done with it. I would hate to do that because I play it a lot and like the competition, but, if there is no competition there is no sense in playing anymore. Please try to fix this problem and I’ll change my rating back..Version: 5.0.0

Great pool gameThe ease of playability is great, graduated level difficulties is good. A great app if you like playing pool. The only three knocks is 1: playing on the iPhone is a challenge. Sometimes it cannot tell the difference between adjusting and drawing the cue. You end up making an errand shot. 2: after breaking, if you sink a solid ball, it continues like you have a choice of what to go for. I thought if you sunk a solid ball after a break, that what you had to go for. 3: I thought that if you sank the eight ball on the break, you win. The game resets the eight ball and play continues. Overall, a great pool game, nice graphics. Update: game continues to be good however, recently there are no videos to watch to collect a bonus. (Watch a video to earn 500 coins, watch a video to get another spin). Another knock on this game is recently, challenging friends is malfunctioning. I get an invite to play and nothing happens. I issue a challenge, they do not respond. They challenge me again and when I accept, nothing happens. Perhaps it is because of a recent update, it may be a temporary bug that needs to be fixed..Version: 5.4.3

Updates to think aboutI’ve been playing for a long time and defiantly have thought about possible updates for this game. First - I wish their was a way to watch your friends play live. Like Clash of clans or other games you can watch clan mates and friends attack live, which would be really cool on this game. Even if you could send just replays to the club chat so others can watch would be awesome. Second - tournaments could be worked as well. The ones we have work tremendously well but making more/new ones would be even cooler. Club tournaments could be a possibility in this. Sending a tournament to the club and allowing club mates to join and play for a small prize at the end would be so fun. Which leads me to my next point that tournaments should go up in size to see who has some real skill. Especially if you have a lot of people in a clan then it would help to have like a 16 person tournament or something of greater numbers than 8. This game is amazing and fun as always, I just like to try and invent new ideas to further it’s gameplay. 👍.Version: 4.5.2

ComplicatedSo overall I like this game, but there are a few things that make me want to rip my hair out. First, every time you open the app you are shown an add for their own game. And if you accidentally press the ad than you get paid for like some coins or whatever. Second, my connection is pretty good so I’m assuming this is game, but my cue is always like either moving super fast or not moving at all. It’s weird and frustrating. Third, the spin wheel thing is rigged. For example, every time I spin it I get a hundred coins or something when there are options for like twenty thousand coins. I have been on this game for a while now and I always get the lowest amount of coins offered on it. Fourth, they sometimes pair me up with like level seventy people. I’m at level twenty so that’s a big jump. I would perfer if we played against people on our level or a few levels below or above us. This was it’s more fair and we get to play against people with our own skill level. But in total this game is ok and it’s fun and stuff just if the developers fixed those few problems than it would be perfect. Thanks! :).Version: 4.9.0

Dont play this game!!! Its incredibly rigged!In every game you play, the app decides if you win or not. If you play an all in game, they will put you up against level 150s when you are level 13 so they make sure that you lose all of your chips so you have to buy more or wait an hour for 30 chips. The daily spin and wins are rigged as well. You always land on either 150 or 250 no matter what since it always starts on the same number. Even if you play against your friends in real time, the balls will defy all laws of physics. DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME!!! THAT IS WHAT THEY WANT YOU TO DO. Do not buy the special cues! It costs the price you bought to “recharge the cue” to be able to put cue spin on the cue ball. There is also the most obvious evidence that it is rigged: Your balls bounce out of the pockets while the opponent’s won’t. Just install an app like GamePigeon or Pool Break Lite to play pool with your friends or online. You might think it isn’t rigged at first because thats how they bring in new players. Once you start playing more often, they will start making you lose for reasons like “potting the 8 ball” when none of the balls hit it. I have RECORDED evidence of this. If you post about it on their support fourms they will ignore you or even go as far as deleting it. Anyway that was my rant on this terrible game..Version: 3.11.1

DisturbingThis is a fantastic game. Been playing it for years. Have built up my coins over time, never playing for more than 100k. For a long time would only play for 1,000. Only the past few months usually playing for 20k per game. I’m an above average player and have played about 5,000 matches. I unintentionally selected a match for 2,000,000, which is quite easy to do with the interface and I’m surprised I never unintentionally did this before. The game starts and the opponent breaks. A couple stripes go in. He/she starts taking crazy shots with minimal time taken to line them up and balls are bouncing every which way. Each shot ends up with a stripe going in. The bot’s final shot with the 8 ball is the craziest with the 8 ball heading off towards the corner and then all of a sudden careening off a random ball flying around knocking it straight into the side pocket. It all happened so fast I’m not even sure if a pocket was called for the 8 ball. It was so obviously a bot I was playing, causing me to lose over half my coins. I never even got to take a shot in the match. Has been a fantastic game for years and then this utter nonsense happened. Really disappointing. Super disappointing. A bot? C’mon, guys. You just wiped out so much good will. What a shame..Version: 5.2.3

EnglishFor the most part they have the physics pretty good, but no cigar. Using reverse English will land your cue ball in a pocket, for a scratch shot. You can almost bet the farm on it. More than not. I thought that maybe it wasn’t a glitch and it wouldn’t happen if you upgraded my stick to the highest level. No such luck. My stick is upgraded to the max and it scrTches every time if using hard English. It’s maddening and costs you game after game. Because most games usually hinge on one particular shot, that if it happens that it’s a hard English shot (hard meaning striking the cue ball with some power, pace) it’ll cost you the game. I’ve seen the cue ball seemingly go around other balls, like a guided missile to end up in the pocket forfeiting my shot and a lot of times the game. For such a good game to have such a glaring bug is a shame. By the way, there was a period in my life, I made my living shooting pool. So I know how English is suppose to work. And in this case, not work. That’s my only tic about the game. And after all it’s just a game, designed for entertainment, so if never fixed it won’t really matter. Just a game I’ve had a lot of fun playing. As the saying goes: if this is as bad as it gets, we’re in good shape. Enjoy.Version: 4.6.0

UnfairI’ve been playing this game for a while, but after I write this review I’m deleting this app. First off why should you have to play a player 300 levels above you, you don’t stand a chance. Every time you think your doing good and might win a game, boom straight line shots that you know will go in don’t. The daily spins are rigged and will never give you more that 500 coins. Second once you get to about level 50, you never win, if you even get a shot at all the player your playing is going to win 90% of the time. All it want you to do is lose your coins so you have to buy more. I have never paid actual money for coins and never will. The clubs are so rigged it’s crazy, join a club and you will se yourself, if you don’t pay 8$ a week for pro membership you are playing against someone that plays Venice witch is 150million for a win and don’t have a chance in winning! It’s a money driven game and if you don’t pay for the membership or pay for coins it’s impossible to level up. And the rings are a joke. Now mini clip made it impossible to get any decent cues and forget about getting a legendary cue if you don’t pay you will never get one. Now you have cue trophies? And other rigged tiers you are trying to get it’s simply UNFAIR for new players..Version: 5.0.1

8 Ball PoolBy far the best game I’ve ever played. I started playing this game in 2011, stopped because I had forgot about it and then started it back up and everyday when I get off of work and get home I sit down and play to wind down and have a good time. I hardly ever win, (I mean my percentage is lower than 35%! Lol), but I still look forward to it everyday. I’m surprised that people have constantly stated that there is glitches and issues. I have played this game for years, across many different platforms and versions, NEVER HAVE I HAD ANY ISSUES, when the connection is having issues, it is my understanding that it is the internet connection of myself or my opponent, and in this kind of situation if you wait it out then you will become the winner at the end of time out. I assume that both parties are assumed winners and I think that is a great way to deal with any issues among players. I’m assuming that the people who complain are just sore losers, and can’t be ok with accepting a loss. I think it’s fun either way win or lose, but I do think that I should be better by now with all the time I have played haha..Version: 3.12.3

Not the best update.This is the best pool game I have played on any platform, in terms of the physics of the balls. However, I think this update is getting a bit gimmicky. I was already a bit sceptical of the VIP Points system, and the new Rings seem pointless, and are clearly just an attempt to get more people to make in-app purchases. The worst thing, though, is the guidelines being put back into the two highest tournaments. There are already plenty of other places to play a game with guidelines, there was no need to change that. There should have been at least another two higher priced guideline free tournaments put in above them to compensate. The tournaments are no longer a challenge. EDIT: The latest update is even more annoying. Rental fees for matches now? Really? They’re virtual coins for crap’s sake! You’re essentially just lying about the prize money amount for that table. And these annoying prize boxes that give worthless cues that you have to upgrade. It’s just bringing in all the worst bits from the less popular Miniclip games..Version: 3.12.0

There are some major glitchesI love this game but there are some major glitches at times. For instance free coins and their videos. I watch the videos and it does not give me the free coins. I watch again still the free coin prompt is there as if I didn’t watch the video. Sometimes when I play the ball I am aiming at completely misses!! Aimed spot on and even the opponent questions what just happened. Sometimes I don’t even have a cue stick on the table. I can’t shoot just have to sit and wait until the time runs out. Also I can have my target acquired and get ready to shoot and as soon as I touch the draw back it takes my aim completely off!! Or if the stick is placed closed to the drawback of the cue it will shoot when you haven’t touched it!! These things are extremely frustrating when your in a match. If you miss one time someone will run the table. Also the Free spin is consistently giving the the same amount of coins!! If you have 2 spins it will give the same amount most all the time in the second spin. The most I think I have ever gotten is 500 coins. I got a rate box one time. I love this game but these issues need to be addressed. I have talked with other players and they clearly are aware of what I call the “glitches”. Other than that I love 8 ball pool!!.Version: 5.2.3

Great, needs some workThey keep offering me a chance to review even though I already did. So here are some things I think could be improved. 1) Please add an "open all" for the prize box opening, it takes too long to open all of them, I just want to get back to game play. 2) Friend requests -I get friend requests from the players who have beaten me (almost solely), if I'm not set up to have friends, I should be able to block all requests. Currently I have to x each of them out and it's a nuisance. Plus I am sick of these petty sore winners wanting to jab at me just because they beat me, winning should be enough. 3) Special offers swipe down suddenly when you go to open boxes or select game play making players accidentally select purchases. Obviously I don't buy stuff that I accidentally select, but I think it's rude of the game maker to try that tactic. If they are doing it so that folks who are stupid, young or inexperienced enough to buy because they think they are obligated to, then that's sort of stealing. Other than those three things this game is great. It's cool to be sitting in Kentucky playing a woman in Indonesia, win or lose..Version: 4.6.0

[email protected] a sore loserThe ball goes EXACTLY where you aim it...and you NEVER know when you are going to win...u might have it played out in your head..a good player will play at least 2-3 ahead...a great player(ahem ahem, sorta like myself, within 20 seconds the whole rack is played out in my head) believe it, dont believe makes no difference to me...i just get tired of hearing people whine about this and that...Also, you are correct aboit the spins, the spins are not there to make you rich...they are there to so you can snag a few extra coins for broke people, they are also there to get new players to spend some real cheese on their app...some do, some do not...i believe i am over 500 lvl at the moment, and have had the miniclip 8ball pool app for around 3-4 years without playing any in the past year(maybe get on once a month and do the free shot for the $5 cash...ive never had a ball not go where i aimed it..now every once in a great while if you hit a ball at full power into a pocket,well, it sorta acts like playing pool in real life, balls will jump out on rare occasions...also, snowbird1434 is player name and you can see if i am not telling my truth... gl to you.Version: 5.2.7

PLEASE READ THIS ISSUEThere is a reason this is 3/5. So a half star off for the rigged wheel, you need to get that junk randomized instead of the bull that it is. THE TWO AND A HALF STARS is because I scroll to play in Moscow and it accidentally puts me in a game that costs way more than that. I filed a complaint because I click the red back button and IT DOESN’T WORK. It backs me out of the game and takes me to the home screen. Then I go to click on moscow and it scrolls and BOOM IM IN CAIRO KASBAH. I lost 250,000 coins that I’ve been saving up playing this game for years and when I talked to support I couldn’t get my coins back cause “it’s too many coins” said support. My friend gave me half of her coins and I’ve been saving up to give them back but playing in Sydney and I was SCROLLING and while scrolling it clicked los vegas. I clicked that stupid red button again and I even completely closed the game even though I saw the main screen again and when I reopened it BOOM IM IN LOS VEGAS WHEN I REOPEN THE GAME. I’m lucky I actually won but I am honestly going to delete this app if it happens again and rerate it to a one star. I’ve loved this game for years and I have worked super hard in this app just to get 300,000 just to lose them all in one game because it clicked on it while I was scrolling and the RED BUTTON DOESNT WORK!!!!.Version: 5.2.3

Almost completeThe game is very good and fun to play. What it needs to make it complete, in my opinion, is that it needs to have the ability to enter your own comments during play. You can’t have all the things I would like to say so being able to add my own would be great. But the game is really enjoyable to play and it’s fun to play people from around the world and that checking the players profile we see what country they are from and what their win rate is and what rings they’ve won. Which I really like winning rings it’s just a shame that we really can’t wear them, that would be awesome! If you like playing a game for free this is your game. You can spend money to get better cues and to get more coins but you can get more cues by winning games and getting gift boxes that you open in time or spend your dollar bills that you’ve acquired. But you can play without spending any real cash. Well I haven’t had to spend any yet and I’ve won 4 rings and working on number 5. All this is great fun and you can also play your friends and send friends gifts..Version: 3.13.1

Fun way to pass timeI thoroughly enjoy this game for several reasons: firstly, it is simple enough to where one can explore the game and understand it quickly, making it less of a hassle than games with unnecessary features; I also enjoy the minimal placement of ads in this game, they are far in between and don’t irritate the user by appearing in the way of things. Additionally, the gameplay itself is entertaining as you get to play with other people around the world, and as you play you can unlock new cities as well as prizes and coins for winning. There are events in this game that run weekly, offering additional opportunities for prizes for players to win. There are even special mini games for players, such as a daily “Lucky Shot” and the ability to spin a wheel for prizes. And while there are numerous prizes available, the game remains challenging enough in that you may lose some of your earnings if you lose against an opponent. Overall, it’s a game worth playing! My only issue is with the slightly consistent request to purchase in game features—however, this alone doesn’t deter me from rating this game as excellent, as it is easy to close out of these requests..Version: 5.0.0

Lose coins when winning!I have been playing for a couple of months now. Even though the game can be fun, it has some flaws and down right cheats. The first flaw I saw was moving of the cue ball by the game after play. More than one time I have left the cue ball against the rail at a pocket making for a really difficult shot for my opponent. Next thing I see is the game more the ball off the rail making the shot easier for my opponent. The next flaw is the level of the opponent it pairs you with. 9 out of 10 times I’m playing against someone with much more experience, rarely someone of the same or near level. Now to the cheating. Several times when I had cue ball in hand after my opponent pocketed it, I would have just set the ball down to line up a shot only to be told “time ran out.” The most it had been was 3 seconds but now my opponent had the ball again. The biggest cheat is the loss of coins when you win. That’s right. LOST COINS WHILE WINNING!! Just today at 2 different times I lost coins when I won games. The first time I won 2 games in a row and lost 500 coins. The second time I won the game and my total went down 3000 coins. Doesn’t sound like much but it does add up for those just starting out..Version: 4.6.2

This WAS a good game...I've been playing this game for a couple of years now and have really, really, liked it. Until this week. Some ppl just can't leave well enough alone. The commercial content and coin collecting aspect of it had been tolerable until the latest changes. If you want to play slot machines, and trash talk with friends, then maybe you will get some enjoyment out of it. But for the pool purist, or someone interested in actually playing an accurate computer sim of the game, keep looking. This game is now catered to the kids... A pool stick that you have to continually pay credits to recharge? Ridiculous. So sad to see the end of my favorite ipad game... Hey guys at Miniclip, how about reinvesting in making the game actually better? Instead you're just constantly inventing different ways to get another few dollars out of everyone. Also, it's a little fishy how out of my thousands of daily spins, I seem to land on $100 about 80% of the time... and, I don't EVER recall winning anything other than a thousand bucks or so on a "Scratcher." I wouldn't play these at all if I weren't forced to, so if you're going to force ppl to play, you could at least make it fair. Oh, and enough with the bazillion different pool sticks! Geeeez!.Version: 3.13.0

D McD eI have been gaming long enough to know not to get my hopes up but when ur waiting for that bug fix that you know mustbe coming and then when it finally gets here youre elated only to find that the only bug they fixed was one that affects the hindi speaking players. Its extremely frustrating. I have put in a lot of time and effort trying to get 'good' at their game and find myself and efforts thwarted at every turn. I know not to take it personally but how long does one wait before being ableto actually play the real game and not some knock off version of it because the bug fix is missing. I know its not my device it is the game and im not the only player tohave the same problems where after the last upgrade we cannot even play one on one wo being thrown out and having to reconnect. If i did not have my own club perhaps it would have made some difference perhaps i would have left by now. I do hope they live up to their hype , a lot of ppl depend on it. Its a shame when they really could be the best! Help, ive been shanghaiied!!!!!.Version: 4.4.1

Stop B*****nI read some of these reviews.. MY GOD!! SHUT UP!! “My wife has a cue collection and I don’t” her side piece has a bigger BLEEP than you too. GET OVER IT!! More complaining below Then you have these real weirdos who dissect the tiniest stuff. Dude, this game is computer generated, yet it plays exactly the way real pool would play. It actually makes everyone of us better than we’d ever be in real life. There’s times when the ball just sits there and SPINS like a top spin the same as real pool. Do you how insane that is for all the calculations to go into this? Take what bezos makes in a yr, CUBE THAT MF to the 100th power and MAYBE that’s how many scenarios this game calculates. Do you want what’s WRONG with this game? It’s WAY too addictive. For recovering gambling addicts this game is a problem. It’s creators invested greatly into people who work for the big casino chains. I’m not just talking about the obvious signs of the rewards etc being casino based. To the people who are “truth seekers” “red pilled” they will understand what I’m talking about. To the zombies who roam this world they will only see my post as a rambling bunch of BS..Version: 5.0.0

Game Breaking Bugs and MatchmakingI really love this game, but it’s hard to when you aren’t able to play. Every single game I get paired with someone from India or Brazil or somewhere where our connection isn’t stable. I can’t even count the hundreds of thousands of coins I’ve lost due to a crash caused by poor connection. It’s come to a point where it happens so commonly and in such important, high stakes games, where I am afraid to play the game. At least when your game fails to establish a somewhat ideal connection, don’t take away my coins that I’ve been forced to spend money on. I know for a fact that it is not my WiFi, so you cannot possibly blame it on that. I have noticed that every time I play someone from my country or even my continent that the games are faster and can actually run. But, this only seems to happen once every 20 games. The number of times I’ve been about to win a high stake game and then I lose because of “poor connection to server” has become substantially high. I am seriously afraid to play your game until I can be assured that I will be able to play a game safely without losing my coins which are tied to my actual money. Trust me, this review should really be a 5 star, but your game needs some serious fixing and some decent customer service if you want that..Version: 4.3.1

Nothing but a money trapOk so I figured it out I think.. you play other players in the lower levels and lose. A lot. You only win just enough to get hooked, unless you pay big bucks, you’ll never see the higher levels. Why? Well. The game limits how far you go. How? If you miss one shot. I mean just one, the other players, (which some are the computer posing as real people) can run the whole table without you getting another shot AT ALL. Then you lose your coins and get kicked back to a lower level. The cycle repeats itself until you are scrambling to win your money back to compete in higher levels. Once you start getting close, your shots start to get off and your aim isn’t accurate (I literally screen recorded me playing and witnessed on the slow mo playback that even tho my aim was right, the computer made me miss the shot). Then you have to spend more coins to recharge your stick. They then give you spins and free coins, 100 to 300 coins a pop to keep you playing. After realizing you can’t beat the game, you go ahead and spend money to purchase more coins to play at higher levels, the cycle goes on and on until next thing you know, you’re back at no coins and either have to play at the lower stages or pay again to temporarily play at the higher ones. This game is a money trap and I’ll only play it to pass the time. But don’t expect to really win much..Version: 5.0.0

PeterI don’t write reviews very often but I wanted to for this one. First off, thanks for making it entertaining enough that I want to spend 5.00 for the pool pass. So many game programmers developed a game and just expect that the players will put out cash just because. Something I really hate... But I do have a small complaint about your game. Let’s say I’m in the middle of a 5000 game of 9 ball. A friend comes online and challenged me. I leave the game I’m playing and the matchup just keeps spinning with no connection to my friend. This is extremely irritating because the matchup never works. It cannot be that hard to make it work. Especially if the friend is right here in the U.S. I’m matched up with complete strangers from all over the world, but cannot get hooked up with a friend that is in another state..... Please fix this. And then my review will change to 5 stars. Until that time, 4 is the best I can give. Thank you. Hello, I paid for the pool pass, and was going to collect this morning but my prize money isn’t available. It’s just showing that the next pool pass starts in 68 hours. How can I collect my prize money. If I’m unable to, the review will drop to a single star. Just saying. Thanks..Version: 5.2.3

Algorithm determines who will winFull disclosure, I’ve only been playing this game for a few days (albeit, for about 7 hours each day — hey, I’m self-isolating :)), but I’ve already noticed the most annoying feature. First the good...great graphics, lots of choices of play, and you are able to upgrade cues fairly quickly if you play a lot. Now the bad...it seems it is sometimes predetermined who the computer wants to win the game. I have — on many, many occasions — been down to my last ball (or two) after running the table. I will hit the next shot in the pocket only to have the computer suspiciously make my ball roll farther than it normally would have and to place it in a position which I cannot finish the game. At first, I thought it was just me. But after many an experiment with using the exact amount of power to roll the ball towards the end of the game, I have found it is very consistently inconsistent towards the conclusion. It is almost that the computer algorithm wants to make it exciting towards the finish line. I DO NOT like games which the computer determines outcomes. If you are okay with this situation, then by all means, play this game. It is not bad other than this “algorithmic anomaly”. It is, though, the prime reason I WILL NEVER pay any actual money to purchase anything from game developers that do this to their games..Version: 4.8.4

Pop-up invites cannot be turned off.I enjoy the game; I’m only giving it 3/5 stars because while you play there are unending pop ups over your ball holder that distract and prevent you from seeing 1)when it’s your turn or 2)your rack of balls. You can decline but immediately another pops up. I cannot turn them off. While your playing a game how can you stop and accept another player’s invite. These invites are SO ANNOYING and DISTRACTING. The invites should NOT keep Popping up (from the same player) while I am playing a game already. Between games, I can look at invites if I CHOOSE! I should be able to play a game without the CONTINUOUS AGGRAVATION and DISTRACTIONS... especially from same person over and over and over and over. So flipping annoying. I’m thinking about deleting! It STOLE 300,000 coins from me. I was scrolling left get to more affordable venues (London, Sydney, Moscow) for some reason I was entering Jakarta. I tried to cancel immediately. It stole my coins. A few days later, I had my phone in my pocket. When I took it out to check time, I was "playing "( again in a high stakes venue)even though I hadn't chosen to play. Lost 200,000 coins. There is no way to correct/stop the steal... no customer contact or customer service available. I will play in London u til I get my coins back to 603,000+..Version: 5.4.5

AddictiveGreat game! I have loved it and made it to the 90's in player level. Despite my love for this game I have recently dropped it from 5 to 4 stars and here is why. 1) it has become impossible for me to win consistently. I understand a players skill can fluctuate especially as you move up in rank. I just don't understand how I can go from having almost 2 million in coins and winning 100,000 coin games to being unable to consistently win 500 coin games. I don't trust computer programming because as you can see with the spinning wheel, it can easily be rigged. I don't trust organizations that make money from games like 8ball pool because what's to stop them from rigging the outcome of a players consistency. 2) like others I see connectivity issues. HOWEVER, I know they come from my wifi network. When I switch to cellular internet I do no have issues. Therefore I know where the problem is. The issue I have with the programming is that if I have a network loss the game will let me continue to the point where I even make a shot. Then all of a sudden my game goes back in time erases my shot and shows my opponent that I have timed out. Very strange.Version: 3.10.2

More languages and option to change flags in game.The game is great but how about adding two or three more languages... If you guys ever played these days, you'd find a lot of Indonesian players and it would be nice to add their language so they can understand it. There's even a YouTuber for 8BP called "Prisma" who is Indonesian [🇮🇩] and maybe you could make it easier for them. Also, as a Filipino national, please add Tagalog (Filipino) [🇵🇭] into the game because even if you've added Russian and German, I haven't encountered many people with the German (🇩🇪), Austrian (🇦🇹) or Russian (🇷🇺) Flag , which makes me assume / or be confused they're what they seem to be. So another option I'd want to add is to change my flag because I want to change my flag to the flag of the Philippines (🇵🇭) instead of what I have now (🇶🇦). I want to add this feature because when I got my account to be added in my game, it showed my flag was for Qatar (🇶🇦). Another thing, I want to add Urdu [🇵🇰] because a lot of Pakistani players are among of whom I've encountered..Version: 4.4.1

The game allows you to cheatAlthough the graphics on this game are very good. there are a couple of major problems with playing this game as an app as opposed to reality. Number one when you scratch the ball should be placed on the area where the ball was placed during the break. In reality you can place the ball anywhere from the bumper to the imaginary line where the ball was placed during the break and you can only line up a shot on the balls ahead of that line towards the far bumper. The app allows you to place the ball anywhere on the table that you like and because of that when people do that they are cheating they know it but the game doesn’t stop them Which is odd because throughout the game you can’t shoot your opponents ball but in reality you can shoot the opponents ball you just lose your shot if you make it. The bottom line is because the game allows you to place the cue ball anywhere you like on the table to make any shot after a scratch destroys the games credibility and since you can’t chat with your opponent you can’t tell them hey you can’t do that even though they know. before I play this game again you will have to fix that glitch it is very frustrating to know people are cheating and the game is allowing it and you can’t do anything about it that’s why you get a one star.Version: 4.6.2

Glitches or intentional?I like the different game goals (rings) and the look of different tables and options it gives, but other than that I’m not impressed. One problem is it doesn’t match you with players in your “ranking or experience”. A beginner may end up with an opponent that has been classified as a pro or better, depending on how long they’ve been playing. Also too many interruptions when playing with challenger banners or wanting you to challenge your FB friends. The cue stick charges don’t last through a game if you have a bad break then you may have to recharge more than once for consistent shots and that’s in addition to placing a bet. The balls sometimes can hang half over a pocket to drop then it jolts back towards the table, but the cue can too often roll with ease for a scratch. It’s just a bit fishy when you AND your opponents ball should have dropped but jolts back from the hole. There are a few more minor issues that are annoying like not being able to type your own text for chat. I’d rather it was emojis than some of the stupid pretext messages and then you have to buy more if you want to add some. Shows a lot of greed. Plus it’s anybody’s guess as to who is going to break. If you play 5 games in a row with a different player each game you may not get to break on any of those even if you lost previously. All of this is even after purchasing the app. 🙄.Version: 3.11.0

Game instability only gets worse w/time; WAY worse.Same bugs/obvious algorithm cheats & player hacks are worse 5+ yrs later! Same glitches-worsened w/time. I experience SAME bizarre probs reported for yrs by the masses! PLUS, now seeing entirely new mutations of BS. Last 24 hrs of play-no matter if I win/lose; chg to new [email protected]/diff level of play-higher stakes, etc.,I am not given my turns at the break?! Even tried rebooting, etc.,zilch...Not once..game used to trade off :( not anymore?? 12+games-not given any of my many rightful turns to break Updates are now worthless waste of GIANT data gobbling inconveniences. ZERO fixes/improvements! Wthell is going on at miniclip? You seemed to have a very successful, fun & lucrative gig going. It’s slipping/slipped thru your hands. Your most devoted, longstanding & loyal patrons are bored with the lack of accountability. Truly disheartening/disappointing. No effective measures taken to correct CORE probs. No help given to rectify wrongdoing-loss of coins, game drops, time/clock hacking-sinking shots only to have ball(s) “pop” back out of pocket, loss of turn AND remaining balls in play are SCRAMBLED!?!?? Wld Love some actual remedies in the form of restoration of lost coinage/credits/vip levels/badge tiers that deliver on their promises?! Explanations welcomed-as is-this is just plain sad, it’s reflection of Y-O-U....Version: 4.7.7

Game is OKFor some unknown reason my first account got deleted out of the blue after having spent a decent amount of cash in the App Store for in game coins/cash/pool cues etc. Had no other choice but to make another account. The way they match you up with an opponent doesn’t make sense, you can be level 40 and get matched against someone who’s level 140 and has won over a billion coins, or you could be level 40 and play against someone who’s a level 5 it doesn’t make much sense. It also seems that after you stop using the App Store to buy coins and only use the free coins they give that they match you against harder opponents intentionally to make you blow through your coins quicker. Another thing I don’t like is you can buy an upgraded cue with in game coins and cash or pay via the App Store but you have to constantly “recharge” the cue for its abilities of better aim/power etc to work and it seems as though the “charge” only lasts maybe a few games before the cue that you paid for works the same as a regular cue they give for free. I guess with any free app it’s never truly free, but with something so simplistic as 8 Ball Pool you’d expect it to not be such a pain to play..Version: 4.5.2

Fun game BUT...This is really a fun game with a good look BUT... I gave the game 3 stars because there is definitely something wrong here. The biggest issue is the connection. I have lost countless games because of “slow connection” issues. Well, it’s not on my end. There is obviously a problem with the server or something in the software and it’s incredibly frustrating. I have played games where I sank the 8 ball, and I should have won, then the screen refreshes and my opponent sinks the 8 ball for the win. Are you kidding me? I have been in the middle of the game, made and sank my shot, then all of a sudden my opponent is shooting? In tournaments it’s even worse. I have lost the majority of the tournaments I entered solely because of connection issues. Beyond frustrating! Bottom line, fun for the first hour then the game just go south as you start to level. There are enough people playing this game that I’m sure the developers are more than aware of the issues. I can’t think of any reason it hasn’t been resolved yet. That’s bad form in my opinion and I’m not the only one experiencing these issues. If they ever fix the connection problems I would give this app another try..Version: 4.3.1

Cheats you of time & moneyAlthough this game can be enjoyable when working properly, it often has what it labels as “connection slow” issues. If you tap on a profile during this event, you will see the message “updating.” When this happens and it finishes its update, you could potentially be losing time leaving you no time to aim and shoot causing you to lose your turn. This has often caused players to lose the game & money if you pay for any additional coins. It makes it appear that your connection is slow but in reality the games’ network is overburdened. This is happening more frequently than when I first started playing. There are other minor issues which aren’t worth mentioning. But the so called “slow connection” issue is the worst and why I keep rating it with 3 stars. UPDATE: After reading some other reviews, I agree that there are bots especially when chat comments like Never Give Up are used when it makes no sense. I agree with seems that most players are in countries other than my own and skill levels not matched. I agree that it cheats you out of money and algorithyms used seem to cause you to lose. There seems to be lack of support but increase in glitches. What I don’t get is why it’s still labeled as the Editor’s Choice. Therefore I’m downgrading the rating to 2 stars..Version: 3.13.6

Spend money and get soft bannedI play this game often. I don’t normally spend money on in-app purchases. However, I really like this game and decided “why not?” From time to time I treat myself to some extra cash (or coins) on the app. I’ve played over 15,000 games, win percentage 42.8%, and not a lot of wins. I go through winning and losing spurts, but I play tables ranging from $100k to $2.5mil. I signed on to check my 8 hour box, only to realize that everything that I have purchased and won (fair and square) has been taken. I get a “Final Warning” pop up (mind you this is the first pop up I’ve ever seen). I’ve never used third party modifications, don’t have any extra accounts to transfer coins, nor have I offended anyone (I keep my chat off when I’m playing the game). This cannot be legal. I can see if I was doing anything on their “Final Warning” list, but I have actually worked to build up my account fairly. I will be closing my account, but I am looking to take further action before I do. You don’t pay for a product and allow the store to take it back at their leisure all in the name of something they make up. I work hard for my money in real life. If I purchase a product (service) in good faith, you will not be allowed to take it and expect me to bow out gracefully..Version: 4.6.2

Ok gameIt’s an ok game. Usually just play to pass time while sitting around. Game constantly wants you to buy in app purchases, not going to happen. Why would anyone spend their money to buy coins not like you’re winning real money. Your never going to win any decent amount of coins on your free daily spin because of course they immediately give you a chance to buy another spin. I sometimes wonder if they even give you the little bit of coins you do win because the game hides your total amount when you spin so unless you remember to check your total before you spin you never know if you get the actual coins. Game has some annoying glitches as well, like when you put a ball right in front of a pocket and the app moves the ball back away from it. This happens every game. Another annoying glitch is if you hit your last ball in and the 8 ball in on the same shot it gives the win to your opponent this should not be the case especially when your last ball goes in long before the 8 ball drops. Of course the main goal of this game is to make the developers loads of money so they are going to do everything in their power to get you to spend more money. Have never made any in app purchases and never will..Version: 3.12.0

This game is RIGGEDI gave it 2 stars because used to enjoy playing it. But once I started to jump on some of the deals (.99 cents - 1.99) things changed. I started getting cheated out of games. There is no way I will be able to explain all that has happened for people to get an understanding of what I mean. I just can’t understand the physical logic of how I can be “right next” to the 8 ball on the last shot (say bottom left pocket) and I would literally just “tap” that ball..I mean literally JUST TAP it and that cue ball would bounce 2 rails and scratch on me on the opposite end of the table...there was not that much power put into the shot for that to have happened and yet it has happened multiple times over and over and over...please understand me when I say I TAPPED that ball, I mean I moved that cue stick the shortest amount possible...no one will get it so I will stop trying to explain it... but I feel cheated here, game was fun, but there are tooooo many physical impossibilities I have seen and cheating is going on...then they put you up against higher rated players...like a 20 level would be placed up against a 125..I mean seriously? It’s like they are setting you up to lose all the time so you will spend more..after I leave this review I am deleting this rigged and cheat of a game.Version: 3.12.3

Editors choice? 😂After playing this game pretty regularly for 1-2 months this is how I feel. It’s sad that this makes editors choice. It’s a game that is annoying with how hard they try to get you to spend money. The matchmaking is rigged against you at a certain point(I’ve played players lvl 100+ as a level 28.. 😂😑🙄). Cant play certain tables or else you’ll go bankrupt and have to buy more coins. But don’t worry, there is a wheel spin that you could win up to $2,000,000 🤩😂 Ive only ever won $150-$250(probably spun it 50+ times and it’s always one of two prizes out of like 18 possibilities so that’s rigged too). I also have a gripe with having to scroll to the lower level tables every time I want to play. I have to flip past 7 higher level tables that I’ve unlocked and can’t afford to play on every time I want to play a game. It also doesn’t cost much but it costs money to even play off line by yourself. It’s really obnoxious. It’s always trying to get $5-$15! From me for pool cues and coins. Aside from all of that it all functions pretty well when you’re in a game and it can be a good time shooting pool. I’m gonna look for a better app but this might be editors choice because it’s the only decent pool game 🤷🏼‍♂️ it’s the only one I’ve tried so far but from what I can tell, I wouldn’t get too excited about this..Version: 5.2.3

Rigged/Pay2WinOddsI’ve played for years now. Every here and there when I get the chance and feel like playing. But I decided to do a little study on the games mechanics and assistance. You could win 20 games in a row in Las Vegas (10,000 buy-in) if you tried but as soon as you move beyond that, you’ll see that you’ll get a lot more “guest” player opponents. They will somehow hit the most impossible sloppy shots, always the perfect amount of power to line up their next shot and you won’t even get a chance to play. Now I know there are players who are just that good with a lot of time into the game... but I ran an algorithm on recorded game play based on the odds of winning with diff buy in amounts and a 2nd based on odds of winning (same buy ins)after making in game purchases - both with all shots made at full power for the baseline. Out of the 20 matches I did for each analysis, I’ve concluded that you’re approx 15-35% (depending on the price of the IGP and or quantity) more likely to win after making an in game purchase. Strictly playing without purchases at full power, the farther you progress in buy-in price, the game will shuffle through a few ways of how it reacts to your shots. You could attempt the same shot(Same angle too) 3 times and each time it would be different. If you read this far, do what you will with the info. That concludes my findings. Thanks.Version: 4.8.4

Beware of what city is defaulted upon entering!I love this game but a MAJOR gripe I have is the defaulted city displayed as you enter the game. The higher rank and more coins you have the default city changes. If you have 100,001 coins, it will default to Toronto and if you are not careful you can accidentally select Toronto as you try to swipe to another city. If you accidentally select and lose, now you have 1 coin remaining. Obviously this is not a design flaw but a design in order to make it flawed so you undoubtedly need to purchase coins to continue to play. Really pisses me off as I had earned alot of coins at lower levels by winning alot and with one mistake it cost me $2.5M coins. I lost to a “person” without ever having a turn...break and run. There is also no option to back out...once you select a city, thats it! You are playing that city. At a minimum, there ought to be an option that prompts you to confirm if you really want to play that city. This would have saved me millions of coins four of the five times I have accidentally made a selection on a city I did not want to play!.Version: 4.3.1

Don’t spend money on this app!!!This was one of the best games I’ve played, and have spent a lot of money on this app. Since the last update, I’ve lost ALOT of games because of issues and have had to spend more money to play. When changing to another players turn, the balls will randomly rearrange and will cost you a game. I’ve lost 5 games today while on the 8 ball on Moonlight because the balls rearrange when it changes to my turn again. This also happens when it says “ waiting for player to respond” and has happened on regular 9 ball as well. I’m not talking about just in game money, I’ve had to purchase more in game money because of the glitches in this game. I also had a3, 12 hour boxes left that weren’t open yet, and they have now changed to 4 hour boxes as of a few hours ago. I’m not sure if this is something because of the update, or if it’s a deliberate thing done for revenue, but either way, I’m done spending anything on this game. You’ve been warned. Great game, just don’t spend any money on it, and don’t expect consistency. I know I’m not the only one, this has started happening to actual friends that play this game. I will also add that the spins and scratch offs are rigged. Out of over 100 spins, there were only 4 spins that I won over $500. The scratch offs are the same way, they are a waste of money..Version: 5.4.2

Desepcionada, disappointedHola: e estado jugando 8 ball pool por más de un año, y la mayoría del tiempo lo e disfrutado, pero me ha pasado que al querer hacer un desafío que se llama jugar contra uno me da la opción del máximo que tengo de monedas, hoy estoy molesta porque perdí 15M por esta opción este monto lo e juntado en todo el año y me parece absurdo, creo que lo hacen a propósito (el costo de las monedas es elevado) y me parece injusto porque creo que muchas personas han perdido por equivocacion todo lo que han juntado. Hello: I have been playing 8 ball pool for more than a year, and most of the time I have enjoyed it, but today when I played a challenge called "one against one", THE VERY FIRST option given is the maximum of what I have in the game. Today I am really upset because I lost 15 Million in in-game currency that I have been collecting throughout this whole year because the VERY FIRST option to play in required such a high amount of coins, I think they do it on purpose (the cost of the coins is high) and it seems unfair to me because I think that many people have lost everything they have gathered just because they accidentally pressed option (which is a ridiculously high amount). To anyone who plays this game, beware of this!.Version: 5.3.1

Fun & sometimes Rage inducing 😂There are times where I absolutely hate the game because I keep losing to people with a higher skill level than me. The way they select your opponent is completely random, which on one note can be pretty fun. But then on another note, you got someone who is a skill level 16 (like me) playing up against a skill level 131 or even higher. (I have seen on the world leaderboard someone with a skill level of 972) Which can seem pretty unfair, but winning against them is not impossible, but it is really hard. I do like most of the concepts in the game. The fact that you can get a huge amount of cues in your collection is pretty sweet. With more cues, you have a ton of different advantages. And the general designs of some of the cues are really nice. When it comes to the games themselves, they are pretty simple, but you do have to make sure you aim correctly. Because sometimes when it seems like you have a perfect aim, it could actually go a bit lower or a bit higher than what you think, so just keep note of that. Overall it is a pretty fun game, but for those who tend to have a little gamer rage, this game can certainly get you a little mad when you get put up against someone that is super experienced..Version: 4.8.4

Definitely a fixed game...First off, you never know how the order of breaking is. You can win a bunch of matches and still not be the one to break for 4+ games. Sometimes it varies. You can recharge your cues and sometimes it doesn’t even make a difference in the shooting techniques that the cue offers. The quick fire in offline mode is definitely a good example..you can get to almost any tier and the white ball always seems to travel more than any other ball on the table, especially to the pockets 😅 the time always runs even when you are not shooting because the balls are rolling forever...it’s definitely never the same time given back to you when you are potting balls left and right. You can get a whole table cleared in a matter of seconds and still have 10 seconds before you run out of time and guess what?...the white ball happens to be sunk in a pocket 🥴🤦🏻‍♂️ it’s almost as if they want you to lose in any given game. You pretty much know if you will or not. Maybe it’s just the way the games are played, but definitely something I’d be weary of as I do on the daily. The moment you lose a first game, it’s all downhill from there. All because the opponent broke first as per usual..Version: 5.2.3

Coins disappearingI don’t know what’s going on with this app but I log in and play a couple of 100 coin games and next thing I know I lost 10,000 what in the world I never made a large bet and I won most of the games. Idk how I went from 113,000 coins to 37,000…I played maybe 4 games of 9 ball 100 coin bet and than I see my coin value go down to 27,000 (mind boggling). I would never spend money on this app for coins if they just disappear, I don’t get it. I still can’t wrap my head around it, I love playing pool but this is ridiculous. Btw I did all the logout than log back in stuff but to no avail of course. Update: I figured out where the coins was going it was the recharging of the cue stick smh if you don’t want to be charged with recharging cues than use the basic cue stick. So that’s why I’m using for now, which means I am playing at a disadvantage (the fancier cue stick that have more power, aim, etc needs recharging a lot and some take a lot of coins smh) but I don’t mind because I like the challenge. I love the game and the graphics and feel of the game here is top notch, the only drawback is occasionally you lose games because ppl have better cue sticks and don’t miss no matter how bad they aim lol that’s the only flaw.Version: 5.4.3

FunI have played this game for years. If you take your time and play the games based on coins within your means it is fun. Nobody likes to lose but is addictive. With 8 & 9 ball and then tournaments, play different ones when you have made bad shots and lost or want to extend your fun. I do get mad at times like everyone else but if you are playing low coin games you can have lots of fun and then can add your messages to create more stress so if it good luck or trash talk all goes both ways back and forth. You get free coins every day and can watch videos for more too. Like any other game when you get mad or bored give it a break for a couple days and come back to it. I have played this game for fun when traveling or at a doctors office waiting and connection is important but at home you can play friends and message each other in the game which makes it more fun. I switch among 8&9 ball and tournaments with different coin values and even though I do lose when I thought I wasn’t it still give new life when you lost and then you finally win again. Probably one of my overall favorite apps too so give it a try for a while if you like pool!.Version: 3.14.0

Well it WAS great . . .As for actual pool game goes, it’s pretty accurate except a couple odds and ends like, if you pot the 8 ball on break you really won the game — this doesn’t do that. There were a minor glitch or two here and there in the app. But not really that big of an issue that’d really interfere with your playing. Before the latest update my biggest two complaints were the fake/bot players and not having the ability to sell your pool cues that you no longer use. But now, since the latest update, on my iPhone it won’t load and on my iPad it forecloses every time I enter into a game. The only way I can play is in practice mode. As before, the ads are annoying af and as well as the constant cue upgrades on cues I NEVER USE. I do find the game a little rigged. Once you get your coins up a good bit, suddenly it hard to win games and you’re paired up with someone who’s at a greatly more level then you (for example: you’re level 22 and the person you’re playing against is at level 122). And this app hates slow connection speeds, it either won’t load or freezes up periodically during play. I hope the app developers fixes the bugs since the latest update for the iPhone and iPad. On my MacBook Pro, through Facebook’s website it’s ok, but not great..Version: 4.5.0

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This game is starting to irritate meI like playing the game but there are a few issues with it that really irritate me. 1. In tournaments you go against people who are way over your skill level. Say you are level 50 and they match you with a level 128. The guy has a better queue and advantage over you before you start. 2. When I watch videos to get coins sometimes I get the coin and sometimes I get nothing. If I am wasting half a minute on watching ads why are you not giving me the coin. Very unfair. 3. Sometimes there is a lag. I have lost over 150,000 because it put me into a top game because I was trying to get out of the screen. Why put the top game that takes away half your points first?? To me that is cheating us and counting on us making a mistake and losing our points. start with 100 and let us scroll up not down!.Version: 4.0.1

AddictiveGreat game.. BUT it feels rigged! Every time I make a decent amount of money it seems like I lose so many games in a row just so I can spend money out of my bank account to buy more money on the game. There have been multiple times where my cue won’t allow me to aim & it keeps spinning & therefore I lose a turn. There have also been multiple times where I haven’t gone to hit the white ball & the game had glitched on me & tapped the white ball, causing it to not even move & then it forfeits my turn!! I play this game both on my iPhone & iPad & have had the same issue on both devices!!.Version: 3.12.3

Pretend this is 0 starsI’m absolutely disgusted and outraged by this game. I purchased 3x Spin and Wins in this game, won the biggest prize you can ($2,000,000 in game currency) and never received my prize. I contacted customer support to be told I never paid for it which I did and had receipts for, so I went higher up and was told “we have nothing further to add, any contact after this will be regarded as spam” never mind the fact I’ve only contacted them twice regarding this issue. They refuse to even give me a refund so I’ve reported them to scam watch and Apple. Do yourself a favour and DONT make ANY purchases in this game. In the off chance you win the largest prize in the game, you’ll never receive it and be considered a liar and blocked. Their customer service is absolutely disgusting and I’m honestly shocked that this kind of thing still goes on. No I’m not some 50 y/o Karen asking for the manager, I’m an every day person trying to play a fun game but having it be ruined by a disgusting, greedy company..Version: 4.7.7

Awesome but tournament waiting times on the other hand...Awesome game, been playing for years now. However something that I think a lot of people would love to see in the future, in regard to the TOURNAMENT MODE in particular, is maybe a free play / spectating / mini game / interactive loading screen / option while awaiting the next match. I often find myself becoming impatient waiting for other matches to finish for my next match (not to flex) but I think this would be an awesome feature to look into. Cheers!.Version: 5.2.3

Great game to pass time however the offers to get free spins and free money DO NOT WORKIt’s a good game but I have been left incredibly frustrated when they offer free cash with activities and I completed activities for the equivalence of $22 but got absolutely nothing, watched numerous videos for $ and free spins again got nothing at all. Also couldn’t find how to contact the developer to explain my qualms, couldn’t get help there either. But in terms of keeping you occupied that it will do for several hours with the different players at different levels..Version: 4.0.2

Unfair Play...You guys need to do an update for this game, specifically to do with opponents pocketing the other players ball and still getting their shot. Like I just played a game and my opponent called a pocket and sunk mine first then his and still got his shot. It’s making it way too easy for them to win and I’m losing hard earned chips and ones that I’ve paid actual $$$ for. If something doesn’t get done about this then I’ll be deleting the game!! Also the spin and win is rigged, I put a review up about it quite some time ago and nothing was said or done about it, getting a bit beyond a joke, because I did actually enjoy this game once upon a time. I’ve now moved on to Kings of Pool and hardly play this due to these constant reminders of how bad this game has really gotten...👌🏻.Version: 3.12.0

App is amazing but there are a few technical glitches at the momentI love this app! It is great but when I have been playing after I win a game sometimes it doesn’t give me the money I have won and sometimes it takes double the money I use in a game. Also it gives you the option to watch a video for an extra daily spin but after I watch the video I don’t get the spin. Just those that need to be fixed otherwise the app is amazing and would highly recommend!.Version: 4.1.0

Score mismatchI play this game on a regular basis with a friend. The scores we see on both sides are totally different. The difference in scores that tells who is leading by what is different for both of us. So is the number of games played. This tends to be annoying and affects the competitiveness. At times the scores change automatically even when we haven’t played at all. Hoping this issue would be fixed! Other than that this is a nice game app..Version: 4.7.7

CRASHES MAKE ME LOSE ERRYTHANGSometimes when my internet connection slows down, the game will decide “hmm I feel like making him lose his turn and will glitch out the game where everything on his screen freezes EXCEPT the timer for his turn so that he can lose his turn, lose his money and his overall sanity”. This has been going on WAY too often. Really need to fix this since it’s extremely frustrating and UNFAIR. WOULD HAVE GIVEN IT 5 stars if it weren’t for the fact that this problem makes me so frustrated and angry that I gave it 3..Version: 4.5.2

Money money moneyYes it’s fun and interesting when you first start playing as an amateur but if you build up bit of money it’s very strange how you will loose game after game until you end up having to purchase more money If you do they have locked on to you and The same thing happens again and again you won’t get anywhere unless you spend a lot of money on this game you are better off going to the pub and play on a real table or better still buy your own table it would be cheaper and more fun.Version: 4.8.5

Don’t waste your time.This game gets really frustrating after a while. You would assume when you go to play a 1 on 1 game the system pairs you up with someone on a similar level to you, but the higher the table I play the higher the level of the opponent I am paired with. The other issue is the free daily spin the game offers, EVERYTIME I spin I either get 100 free coins or 150 free coins, in the years playing I have never spun the wheel and got more coins. Like most games, the logistics of it forces you to spend money. I have attempted to raise these issues with their support but not once have I received a response..Version: 4.5.1

Great bug fixSince only recently people are not scamming and ripping off your money playing pool yes people will actually rip off your pool money by cheating, hard to believe there was so many of them on the platform not that long ago and nearly gave this amazing game away because of it. Love this game the cheats are gone good f.... off and leave our 8 ball to the wonderfull people who play the game as intended without ripping people off. Play fair, what a game !!!! Clever people great concept who would of thought this was possible playing people anywhere in the world 24/7 thanks for the game.👌.Version: 4.5.2

Great casual gameEasy to pick up and put down. I’ve played this game on and off for about if not over two years now and I still find it enjoyable. The reward system used to be rather slow even when you play a lot but with the addition of these victory loot boxes, progression and perks have sped up. While the fancy cues are about the most interesting form of ‘customising’ here and you can easily purchase better ones with microtransactions and premium currency (which, as a free to play player, don’t expect to get a lot), it’s not a pay to win system. I haven’t spent a single dollar on this game and not having these spec’d up cues has not taken away from my enjoyment of it. When starting up, the chip earning curve can be very slow but the free 30 chips her hour makes sure that every time you log in, you should be able to play at least one round. Once you’ve found yourself a comfy stash, it comes down to what you’re really looking for in the game. If you like the high bets, be prepared to be knocked right back to where you start. But if you’re like me and am only really looking for a nice game or two when travelling or finding spare time to kill, you’ll find long term entertainment with this game..Version: 3.12.2

8 ball pool8 ball pool is a great game, because you can play with your friend and random people. The higher your levels are the more money you can win. One of the great things in this game is that there are no adds, only when you need more coins and cash you can watch adds for them. Another 2 great things is that if you don’t have enough coins you can use some cash to play. The last great thing in 8 ball pool is that you can upgrade your pool sticks for money or cash like when you can by them. When you upgrade your cues more, you can win much more games for higher money!.Version: 5.4.3

Trash And RubbishFirstly, the physics in this game is, i can't even explain how rubbish it is. When I aim directly into a pocket without spin, the ball suddenly curves and misses some reason. Secondly, the spin and win mini game is bad. I spin and every time I do, it always gives me the lowest prize. Thirdly, I always get matched to higher players. I am a level 12 and most of the time, I get matched with like a level 200 something. It's so unfair to be like this. The only good thing is it's art. Fourthly, the privacy when logging in as on Facebook is nonsense. If a thief or someone bad is trying to look for people, they can just see your full name and you country. Absolutely nonsense, and no privacy at all. At least fix so we can change our names. That's all. Don't even bother buying anything in the game..Version: 4.8.4

FINAL WARNINGWe have detected that you continue to use third-party modifications, or are transferring Coins between accounts. Please note that if this behavior persists, your account will be permanently banned. I lost all my coins and my winnings due to the error of the system I have not cheated in any way and it has given me a last warning that they will permanently ban my account. I love this game I think that it is one of the best games that's ever been made. I spent a lot of time playing and achieving goals and it's sad to know that I've been losing it all. I hope that mini-clip fixes this problem. Thank you mini-clip..Version: 3.12.0

Great gameThe game is great you can easily pick up where you left off, get back into the game within a day if you lose your money and it isn’t even that money hungry besides the little discount packs for $5-10 (which aren’t necessary). But there is one issue I’m like a lvl 14 being paired against a lvl 50 which is annoying sometimes when they are a lot more experienced then me. Other then that great game that you should definitely download..Version: 4.6.2

Perfect imitation of real pool... But...The best game out there if you’re a pool addict. Easy to start a game. Would like to suggest however, that the game needs skill and level based matchmaking (as already mentioned by many others). This will make the game more fair and competitive and avoid unfair advantages. Another thing that upset me about the game is the probability chances in Spin The Wheel (normal version not gold). The chances of getting high prices in the normal wheel are so slim, that they are next to impossible. I wouldn’t like to say this but I understand that this is a type of scam to force us in paying Miniclip to earn more pool coins. Those with low pool coins have a disadvantage from this because they look forward to these daily mini games like spin the wheel and free reward coins and lucky shot. This is one ‘easy’ way to get coins to allow them to keep playing matches and not worry to much about losing. However, I always get maximum of 200 coins on the wheel which is really disappointing. Please improve upon the odds of bigger value coins. If the Developers of the game really work towards these fixes, the game would become even better..Version: 4.5.2

Was great until recentlyI have been playing for a few months it’s a fun game! It can be unfair when people many levels above can be in challenges of tournaments or games of people 100 levels less then them, my complaint is the last few days I have been missing turns when I sink my ball and it glitches or something and the next person receives the ball resulting in me losing many times, it is very disappointing and frustrating my partner is also having the same issue. Please fix it! And possible make up for our loses 😒.Version: 5.4.3

Could use a couple of adjustmentsMostly good. However, correction of several issues could make me give 5 stars. 1) when I get ads sometimes I get 2 or 3 back to back. I understand that it’s a free game but several ads in a row is unacceptable. 2) with the boxes we should be allow to open more than one at a time without paying. Some of the boxes can take up to 12 hours to open and it’s too long to just open one box. 3) when playing tournaments we should be able to play against people of a similar level. Currently I’m on level 15 but in one recent tournament I was playing against a level 120 player. We should be playing against people on a similar level otherwise it just takes the fun out of it..Version: 4.3.1

Good gameThe game itself is solid, however the constant advertisements have made this game really annoying. Each time you load the game prepare to be bombarded with all the offers that you have to click out of, each time you spin a wheel or scratch a card or what ever mini game you have to go through to get your daily credits, you have to click out of more offers. On average u have to ignore about 4-5 adverts before you can play a game, The amount of animations you have to sit through when opening boxes (which will probably open more adverts to get more boxes), collecting quest rewards etc can’t be skipped and waste a lot of time. However the actual pool playing experience is solid, just ruined by the excessive advertising.Version: 5.2.3

Terrible gameYou buy a cue and spend a lot, you build it up and spend even more and then the cue doesn’t perform ever the same. Sometimes it has power and other times it has none, sometimes the ball spins out of control and sometimes it hardly spins at all. Secondly, you have a time limit to play, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve potted the call within the time limit but it cancels my shot and says that I ran out of time. Thirdly, I’ve paid for tournaments many times and the game freezes and keeps me standing there waiting or just cancels me out. These people must think that we’re all rich and can spend money like it grows on trees. Not all people have hundreds to spend on a mobile game and the little they can they hope to get what they spend which is NOT the case with this game. Originally I thought this game was the best but recently I think it is close to one of the worst games out..Version: 4.8.4

ImprovementsChat should be like a proper chat where you can say whatever you wish I understand for bullying purposes why you wouldn't have that but still the chat messages are only really supportive and I don't like how you pay for them It's unfair being a level 8 and put up against a level 40 or even 15 it really turns me off tournaments and special games because I have no chance of winning unless they leave the match which never ends up happening Why does every game need to be linked with Facebook just so you can't play as a guest it's super annoying cause not everyone has or likes Facebook or any social media or even needs it The cues spin quite fast and it's hard to keep control of try and make it so they have slower movements and don't go 100 miles an hour Try and put people up against people in the same country or have a function where if you don't have Facebook you can play against people in your area The game is otherwise ok and still sorta good because it's so realistic but it's far from perfect.Version: 3.10.2

It’s a good game but with big faultsThe first thing is the wheel spin is RIGGED! You can’t win over $500 (not taking in account VIP bonus) not matter what. Always 100, or 250 and on the rare occasion 500. 2nd is something I call “reverse cheese”, it’s when you are moving your finger to aim the shot, and the cue starts to move in the opposite direction. For example, I’m moving my finger down the screen to move the cue up, and then all of a sudden the cue starts to move down. It’s so annoying, it wastes needed time. It’s a problem that happens all the time too. That’s it, Thanks..Version: 4.0.1

YAY wait... WHAT!!!!!This game is awesome I love it, it is competitive and at the same time enjoy full but I don't know if this is a glitch or if the player "Hajj"is just plain hacking I was playing a game where the entry fee was 500 I lost the first game against Hajj so he gets the winnings of 1000 right but next round I played him again coz we rematched and when I shot the last ball "YOU WIN" appeared on my screen just when I was about to say YAY all the winnings gone to HIS side! That's just not fair! If this is a glitch please fix it as for I love this game and I do not want to quit it but if Hajj is actually hacking please do something about it thank you.Version: 3.13.6

Good but unfairAt first I really liked this game and I couldn’t stop playing it but it has just came to me that you can vs a level 200 and still be level 8. Not only this gives a advantage to the level 200 it is a massive disadvantage to a lower level. The level 8 can still win but it is highly impossible for him/her to win. Another reason I gave this game a three star is how you can grab the ball in your have and move it to a point where you can just hit a ball in. If You get the ball your happy and it’s a freeby, but if this is the opponent and he/she keeps on getting the ball in his/her hand it get very annoying and frustrating. Not only they get a ball or two in they keep getting the ball in they hand. Overall I really like this game but I would fix having the ball in hand and moving it around, just a thought you can limit the movement of how far the ball can travel after you picked it up.Version: 4.4.2

Battle pass is not executed properlyI gave two stars rather than one because I find it nice that this game kills pass times effectively. The game got boring after you collect desired cue (me) before the battle pass overhaul, since you have a chance to get up to 100% of your pool coins back. Therefore, if you bet small, technically you will never lose pool coins. Since the late 2019 battle pass bandwagon overhaul, they raised the price for boxes that makes it more expensive to collect cues. They are doing this to keep their player-base high through grinding. Battle pass would only be a good idea in this game as long as box prices did not rise and does not involve excessive grinding to earn pool cash, buy boxes, and collect desired cue..Version: 4.6.2

CuesThis is a fun game the only thing that I think they need to change is that you can sell/give away old cues or cues you no longer need back to the game or to your friends. I have unlocked about 3 legendary cues but of course I only use one but I would love to be able to gift my friend one!! I also have cues that I brought for top $$ and due to using the legendary cue I no longer need or use the other cues I paid for, so I would love to be able to sell them back to the game and at least get a little bit of money back that I did spend!!.Version: 3.12.3

Skill level fairnessPlenty of people seem unhappy to be matched against an opponent with a much higher skill level. Personally, I like it as it’s more satisfying when I win, but for those who don’t like playing more experienced players, how about giving them an extra reward if they win? Depending on how big the level difference is, they could earn an extra amount of coins, golden spins, cash or elite boxes for example. Let’s not forget that it costs the program nothing to be a little more generous - you can just increase the incentive for people to make in-app purchases..Version: 4.8.4

It’s ok, but you never get ahead in this game.As the game starts out you are matched with players of a similar rank to you resulting in you regularly winning games. As you progress you start being match with players well outside your level (for example I’m level 31 and I have been paired up with someone at level 128) often at the curious times. For example, if you’ve been grinding away on the lower dollar tables and you make enough to play a higher dollar table you curiously get paired up against a player 30 of 40 levels higher. It appears the game is trying to force you to pay money to progress. The obvious stacking of the deck against the player is not only frustrating but makes the game unenjoyable - I’ve now deleted it. The game is addictive, but much like an actual pool shark, you never had a chance to begin with..Version: 4.8.4

Here is why I gave it four starsThis is why I gave it 4 stars, the reason being was because in 1v1 practice offline you have a time-limit and you cannot think of where to go and you have to do it in a certain time. I was playing with a few of my friends with this game they didn’t really like it since it had a time-limit and you didn’t really have time to focus on 1v1 practice offline. Please add a feature to 1v1 offline practice so you can have time, or at least add a feature that you can set a time for how long you can go for..Version: 4.0.1

Love It!Firstly, I want to start by saying I don’t write reviews for most apps on the App Store. I downloaded this game on a whim, I was hopeful that it would be better than all the other Pool games I had downloaded and tried. This game has exceeded my expectations, by a lot. I love that you don’t need ‘real’ money to play, but that you play against other real people. I love how accurate it is, I love that you can try your luck in a tournament. I love that you can play 8 ball OR 9 ball Pool. Honestly I just love this game. It’s been a staple for any device I own. Whether you’re the competitive type or the time waster, this game is for you. I would 100% recommend this game..Version: 5.4.3

Good game untilBeen playing this game for a few weeks and was really enjoying it until I went to get back into game and wasn’t loading, kept saying ‘Reconnecting your internet dropped out' my internet and wifi connection was still working. After about 12 hours it finally loaded but reset everything on me so had to start again. Not very happy about after I got to level 32 and over 1 million coins plus all my cues and rewards I achieved/received. I also paid for the pool pass so after all the hours spent playing 8 ball pool all to lose everything not very happy so I will be uninstalling this game now because I am not going to have this happen to me again..Version: 5.4.5

Poor fairnessGood game as I have spent many hours on it really addicting, but I do not like the algorithms they have in place to make it more ‘fair’. If your a skilled player and played many hours then you probably would understand but they cheat you out like making the white ball spin in to the pocket when it physically doesn’t line up, will move the guild line needle to far with a little flick to make you miss and will snooker you on purpose. This is many things the game does to you so you don’t earn coins hence to make you buy them! At the end of the day the can sell loot boxes ect watever they want but don’t make in unfair on the people who don’t want to waste money on your play money!.Version: 4.6.0

Money Stealer!I love playing this game, however, its infested with bugs and should be fixed. I recently won 25k in the spinning wheel and then the game just froze, and not only did I lose those coins it also stole my free spin. I found that the mini game prizes are always on the low end, and that the game does crash occasionally, especially when you're at the pointy end of a tournament. Game play is fun but people still can cheat which takes away the excitement of the game. And moving the white ball anywhere on the table after someone pots a white, is not the proper way to play pool. Don't expect to win big on the bonus mini games. I played the spinning wheel 10 consecutive times and scores the lowest price on all ten occasions..Version: 3.10.2

HOW!?First off wanna say it’s is actually a decent game, have played it for many years, and have racked up nearly 3 billion winnings, but lately- especially after the latest large update I have gone on the largest LOSING streak I have ever been on, AND DON’T TELL ME ITS BECAUSE I AM BAD!! Because I am very good at the game! yeah I understand skilled based matchmaking and fairness and whatever but to be honest some things are simply not fair! Playing on higher tables; I am level 123 and I am versing people that are like level 250! With 5x the amount of winnings and higher win rate than me! that’s not a skilled based matchmake to me. I do not expect to win every game, that would be ridiculous! And boring! but winning 2/20 games is complete rigged and unfair in my opinion! How does this happen when I am a decent player ?! I recently brought some cash to buy some surprise boxes and coins and instantly after purchasing I start lose games!? Are yous making me lose my coins because you know I spend real Currency on the game expecting me to spend more !!? That’s what it feels like most of the time! And the new trophy system is ridiculous! Can’t even get rings for the tables I don’t have ! Because I keep losing. I just want an explanation!! -and I know the game has realistic physics -skilled based matchmaking I don’t want to hear “you’re just bad” BECAUSE I KNOW I AM NOT !.Version: 5.0.0

Please help meSo I’ve been playing this game every since it came out and I’ve ENJOYED IT SO MUCH,but I have some issues with the gam recently well when I open the app and I spin the wheel after I do that it just freezes for 2 seconds and lags me out I’ve re downloaded it about 3 to 4 times and nothing still works and I’ve done all the updates it needs so for now I will keep playing but if it keeps happening again I might DELET it. So please fix this cause it’s my number one game. Thanks.Version: 4.4.1

Amazing game but...8 Ball Pool is definitely one of my favourite apps on the App Store currently. The only problem is that I am always going up against people 3 levels higher than me or above. The only problem with this is that I am constantly losing the chips that I am earning via winning games. I find this very frustrating because I am not a bad player, but I am losing due to playing against more experienced players. Just today, I played against a level 21 player, while I was level 7. I lost 2,500 chips, which set me back a lot. Hopefully something happens where you only play against people 1 or 2 levels higher (or lower) than you so it is slightly more fair. Apart from this, I find this game enjoyable and I would highly recommend getting and playing this game..Version: 3.11.1

Too harsh!I had over 60 million coins and I gave my friends money through Jakarta. the next day I got a message from minclip saying that I was using other accounts to get money. I admit that I did the wrong thing but they automatically set my coins back to 500 thousand coins. This is too harsh considering all the hard hours I put in to make it that far, but only to make it disappear like that. This is quite frustrating because it has wasted my time and effort please fix this or at least make a warning because I obviously didn’t know that was a rule!.Version: 4.3.1

Good but some tweaking needed.I do enjoy playing this game but a couple of improvements would make it far better (and fairer). Firstly, I don’t think anyone should be able to win the game off the break, period. Against some higher tier players, if they break, they win. This really annoys and stops me from attempting higher stakes games. Also, I’m NEVER going to buy coins only to lose them in high stakes games (I might however buy coins to play higher tiers if the odds are fairer). Secondly, the wheel spin is just nonsense. It is absolutely not random. The payouts are always for small amounts. Come on guys, make it fair!.Version: 3.14.0

Cheaters!The game is amazing, and though I say this it does have it’s faults... It is easy to go online and get “unlimited guidelines” off apk websites. This makes the game very boring sometimes. I have recently had a problem where the game has accused me of cheating! They took all my winnings and reset my total $. Moving on from that, 8 Ball Pool is a game for patience and skill. It always leaves me on the edge of my seat, either being happy or wanting to smash my phone... The game has a lot of Indians in it (not being racist) but that’s not a problem :) Surprisingly the game is free but there is a few catches, the game PUSHES you to buy a free spin or pay for more coins. I am pretty sure the company as a hole is earning enough money as it is. Thanks for reading my review, bye!.Version: 3.11.0

Good game but there are some scamming glitchesThe actual game itself is good like there is nothing wrong with the gameplay, but, when you watch ads for coins and cash, every time, the coins and cash don’t come. So you’re just sitting there watching a 30 second ad, hoping to get enough coins to play London, but after the ad no coins go into your account, same goes with cash. Also when you watch an ad to paint he wheel again, it doesn’t do it!!! Please fix these! I’ve been scammed for at least 500 just watching ads! also surely you don’t have to pay 25 coins to play offline, like what is that??.Version: 4.0.2

Enthralling game.It is the first time that I have found adult game play that does not become tiresome. It would be nice if players could say "you're welcome" in response to a player saying "thank you". I recently introduced a friend to the game but when we tried playing each other ( he on a desktop computer, and I on my iPad) we were not able to do so. After much trial and error we found out that we are not able to play because it is not possible for two people to play when they are playing on different devices to one another. Can this be changed, I wonder? On another note, there seems to be some kind of glitch when it comes to earning game dollars by completing the various quizzes? I have completed the quizzes on numerous occasions but the game dollars are not credit to me even after waiting for days?... Can you please fix this glitch?.Version: 3.12.3

Totally unfairThis game is unjust it does not let you verse your own level say your playing a match and it could be the cheapest one day in London you can still verse a level 150 and your a level 25. As you can tell this is totally unfair. Also your cue might not be the best but it is all you can afford but the other player has the best cue in the game or one of them at least. I believe you should all have the same cue to make it more fair. But you know this creator might not be the smartest of people so I completely understand that he is not the brightest. As he doesn’t even know how to make a game fair this game is also nothing like real pool. You shouldn’t be allowed to move the white ball wherever you want. You should ably be able to move it along the white line. But hey this creator isn’t the brightest remember.Version: 4.8.4

CheatThe game is good i largely love the game. But with the lucky spins and sinking the black ball and everything it’s a huge cheat! The only time i have won more that 500 coins in the spin and win was when i bought it i would always get 250 or 500 it’s a huge cheat. Then when i have just the black ball and the opponent hasn’t had a go yet i go to sink the black ball and i either sink the white ball with it or i miss and the other guy sinks all ball and they are all lined up and they don’t do any work and win. I hate the game for how it structured and i wish to see a huge improvement. This is called ‘we only care about money’ please change..Version: 4.9.0

This game will rip youI have been ripped by the 8 ball pool, I collected 6.5 billion winning coins playing since a decade, and suddenly this morning when I opened the game it said a final warning and saw that all 6.5 Billion coins have been scratched by them, though i have never exploited in the game, I have tried to contact them but getting automated replies. I have spend almost 500$ in this game till now. I have seen this in many forums that this has happened to many user, I have noted that they are targeting users who do in-app purchases, or your phone will be hacked for the coins. Be aware and away from this game or get ripped off..Version: 4.8.4

Fun but seriously fix the bugsThis game is really fun honestly but seriously the bugs drive me insane. Sometimes when I have a bad connection to the game it will go into a loading screen and come back into the game and everything is fine again. But sometimes after I’ve just sinked a ball in the loading screen comes up and when I get back in it says I ran out of time and that ball that I just sinked before which could’ve been the winning shot is back to where it was. And then my opponent would go on and win the game and I lose all my money due to a bug. It’s driving me nuts and it really needs to get fixed. So for that reason I’m only giving it a 3 star rating.Version: 4.7.7

Close to PerfectThree stars for me, the update so far ain't that great, you'd notice that 8balls are close to any pocket holes would move and be place near it, its so unoriginal enter active games, the designs of other cues and its purchasing and charging coins can be enhances into an enjoyable options by using coins, hate some cues designs, weirdturds style and alienated creepy moron looks... mmm I could change it into more attractive it will be the cues and the Players rings champion holders, Ill create... yep, i't will hit the worlds records outstanding App game every years, stressing over it due to the Bugs and net connection or loses the games and yet getting addicted to it is unhealthy and its not good for the safety issue 😀😀😀 But other than that.. Its awesome and its close to being perfect..Version: 3.11.1

UnfairThis game is very fun don’t get me wrong but it’s just so unfair sometimes like when I JUST started as like level 2 on my first game I had to verse a level 183 and I didn’t even get to play the game on the game, and it also is so rigged with the daily spin thing I’ve been playing for 5 years and I have nonstop got the cheapest bit of money and I've bought the golden spin one a couple time and I also get the cheapest bit of money so those are the biggest issues for me and everyone else but there is still more issues I don’t wanna talk about to make this so long to read..Version: 5.4.3

AwesomeThis game is awweeeesome and it has a lot of great features but, it’s just annoying when others haven’t updated so you can’t challenge them, if you could it would be much better and I would certainly play it as often as I could. The one thing that should not change is that cool feature where you can look at your cues that you own, not own, earn and haven’t used cash on, it helps a lot and the older version was tricky. Thanks and bye.Version: 3.12.0

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8 Ball Pool™ 5.4.5 Update

Version 5.4.5 (2021-07-12): It's time for a new 8 Ball Pool update! We've organized the Emoji and Chat messages in-game, now it's easier to find the one you want to send! We've made some tweaks and improvements and solved some pesky bugs, making 8 Ball Pool even smoother for your entertainment! Download the latest update now to get your hands on the new content! Time to hit the tables!.

Version 5.4.3 (2021-06-04): It’s time for a new 8 Ball Pool update! 8 Ball Pool celebrates 10 Years in June with the first-ever Animated & Evolving Cue! Introducing the Bismuth Cue! Based on a rare mineral stone, the Cue changes as you upgrade the Stats - watch out for Max Level when the Cue truly transforms! Throughout June you can collect Cue Pieces from all Birthday events - Pool Pass, Win Streak, Spin & Win, Quests, Rewards, Missions & more! Get the latest update now to get this brand new content! Let's hit the tables!.

Version 5.4.2 (2021-05-27): It’s time for a new 8 Ball Pool update! 8 Ball Pool celebrates 10 Years in June with the first-ever Animated & Evolving Cue! Introducing the Bismuth Cue! Based on a rare mineral stone, the Cue changes as you upgrade the Stats - watch out for Max Level when the Cue truly transforms! Throughout June you can collect Cue Pieces from all Birthday events - Pool Pass, Win Streak, Spin & Win, Quests, Rewards, Missions & more! Get the latest update now to get this brand new content! Let's hit the tables!.

Version 5.3.1 (2021-04-19): It’s time for a new 8 Ball Pool update! The Daily Missions just got better with new mission types: gifting, trophy, box, cue upgrades, and more! We’ve also given a fresh look to your Profile screen along with showcasing your emoji and sticker collection! And that is not all! Check up for some new control options on the Settings Menu. Pick your favourite Power Bar and try out our new Aiming Wheel. Download the latest update now to get your hands on the new content! Time to hit the tables!.

Version 5.2.7 (2021-03-04): It's time for a new 8 Ball Pool update! We've made some tweaks and improvements, such as new Pool balls visuals and solved some pesky bugs, making 8 Ball Pool even smoother for your entertainment! Download the latest update now to get your hands on the new content! Time to hit the tables!.

Version 5.2.3 (2020-12-10): It's time for a new 8 Ball Pool update! We've made some tweaks and improvements, such as new Pool balls visuals and solved some pesky bugs, making 8 Ball Pool even smoother for your entertainment! Download the latest update now to get your hands on the new content! Time to hit the tables!.

Version 5.2.2 (2020-11-27): It's time for a new 8 Ball Pool update! We've made some tweaks and improvements, such as new Pool balls visuals and solved some pesky bugs, making 8 Ball Pool even smoother for your entertainment! Download the latest update now to get your hands on the new content! Time to hit the tables!.

Version 5.2.0 (2020-11-23): It's time for a new 8 Ball Pool update! We've made some tweaks and improvements, such as new Pool balls visuals and solved some pesky bugs, making 8 Ball Pool even smoother for your entertainment! Download the latest update now to get your hands on the new content! Time to hit the tables!.

Version 5.1.0 (2020-10-14): It's time for a new 8 Ball Pool update! Introducing BONUS VICTORY BOXES - Pool Pass just got more fun with extra rewards to collect! Complete the Pool Pass, keep earning points to unlock up to 15 bonus victory boxes! In addition, we’ve worked on a number of quality of life improvements and also solved a few pesky bugs! Download the latest update now to get your hands on the new content! Time to hit the tables!.

Version 5.0.1 (2020-09-17): It's time for a new 8 Ball Pool update! Introducing Collection Power! Level up your Cue Collection by collecting cues and upgrading them! The more cues you have, and the higher their levels, the more rewards you'll get! We also have awesome new rewards: Unique Frames to use around your avatars and Bonus Stats for your Cues! Download the latest update now to get your hands on the new content! Time to hit the tables!.