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Home of the sensational Deep Nostalgia™ feature! The popular app for building your family tree and testing your DNA. Research your family history, make amazing discoveries, and find new relatives. Enjoy a private and secure family tree platform, genealogical search engine, and fully integrated DNA testing to uncover your roots and ethnic origins.

Deep Nostalgia™
Experience the feature millions of people from around the world are raving about! Animate the faces in your family photos, and create a short video animation that will feel like your family history is being reenacted before your eyes.

Build Your Family Tree and Enrich Your Genealogy Research
Start your family tree by entering what you know about close relatives — and let us do the rest. Our matching technologies will automatically find new information for you in our huge collections of 13 billion historical records and 4.4 billion family tree profiles. Our historical record collections include vital records from more than 66 countries, including birth, marriage, and death certificates; census and immigration records; gravestone and burial records; and much more. Search millions of historical newspapers, yearbooks, historical books, and other valuable historical documents found nowhere else.

MyHeritage DNA
The affordable MyHeritage DNA kit uncovers your ethnic origins and finds new relatives. With a simple cheek swab, our DNA test reveals where your ancestors came from based on 42 ethnic regions with percentages — more than any other major DNA testing service. DNA Matches uncover new relatives in our DNA database of more than one million people. The DNA results are seamlessly integrated into our powerful family history platform and viewed in the app. Results are private and secure, and never shared without your consent.

Family photos
Enrich your family history with photographs and documents. Scan your family photo albums right from the app and add them to your tree. Preserve your family stories for generations to come. Colorize your black and white photos with MyHeritage In Color™, an AI-based technology that automatically colorizes photos in seconds and brings your family history to life.

Cross-platform genealogy
Access your family tree and photos on the go wherever you are. Enjoy MyHeritage from your mobile phone, tablet, web browser, and through Family Tree Builder — our free desktop software.
Subscriptions and pricing
Basic usage is free. We offer the following annual subscription plans for enhanced features:
Premium for $99.99/year gives you expanded family tree size and access to Smart Matches™.
PremiumPlus for $139.99/year gives you unlimited family tree size, access to Smart Matches™, and Instant Discoveries™.
Data for $129.99/year gives you access to 13 billion historical records and Record Matches.
Complete for $199.99/year is the ultimate plan. It includes access to the entire MyHeritage platform with unlimited family tree size, 13 billion historical records, unlimited photo colorization with MyHeritage In Color™, Smart Matches™, Instant Discoveries™, and Record Matches.

The MyHeritage DNA kit is purchased separately.

Price may vary by location. Payments are charged to your credit card through your iTunes. Subscriptions are automatically renewed unless canceled before the end of the current period. Manage your subscriptions in the Account Settings section after purchase.
• Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period
• Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period, and identify the cost of the renewal
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MyHeritage - Family tree App User Reviews & Comments

App functionality is good but customer service is poorI don’t have complaints about the app itself. But I ordered and returned the associated DNA test in February 2018. Although results were promised in a few weeks, there were no results back after 2 months. I used the app tool to contact the company to inquire about next steps. Crickets. It’s now another 2 months and I have no DNA results and no response. Very disappointing. —————————— After posting this review, customer service contacted me, confirmed that my DNA test hadn’t ever been received, and sent me a new one at no charge. Customer service was gracious and helpful. Thank you!.Version: 4.8.10

Time TravelI love reading time travel novels so when I started my ancestry discovery journey, it was like traveling back in time to meet real people in real places. My family history was lost to me when my parents died and I have regrets that I wasn’t interested in learning more than I did. With DNA results, computers and internet, it’s so fast and efficient to trace one’s roots now. Problem is, it’s addicting, but in a good way..Version: 4.10.1

It’s good, but...I like the layout and features of the site. I wish more features came with the purchase of a DNA testing kit, but what you get is pretty good. My main criticism is about the DNA estimate. My great grandma was born in Hawaii, making me part Hawaiian. That would be listed as Polynesian. My estimate revealed I was 0% Polynesian, which caused some serious concerns. Then I saw I was being DNA matched to people who were 100% Polynesian. I understand the percentage of Hawaiian DNA I inherited is lower because my great grandma was my 100% Hawaiian ancestor, but it clearly isn’t undetectable if I am being matched to people who are 100% Polynesian. Overall, I have read the data base needs to gain more samples to increase the accuracy of the estimate and it especially needs more people from certain ethnic gene pools. For example, the Hawaiian gene pool. If the accuracy improves in the future, I’d like a better estimate; but for now, overall, I’ve enjoyed my experience..Version: 4.12.1

Billy Wade(George Willis Wade Jr)I have to give MyHeritage a 5-Star rating. I’ve been getting numerous DNA match notifications and I’ve been able to connect with so many cousins. Many of my family and cousins I grew up with never knew about all these cousins. They are extremely surprised when they find out what I have found. MyHeritage is the best and has, thus far, been everything I’ve expected. I still don’t know how to navigate through every aspect in the site, but what I have done is good quality..Version: 5.6.7

LingoI admit I am new to this, however, there are search words I don’t understand. Also, when I think I’m getting somewhere, you ask for more money. I purposely asked if this was going to happen BEFORE I bought the kit. I was told, absolutely not! I wasn’t on here 5 minutes and already was navigated to pay extra for that info. Poor customer service. Another huge problem I’ve had is getting someone on the phone! You say your there 24/7, but no one ever answers. If your number 10 in the que, you stay there until the battery on your phone goes dead. This is the most frustrating part of the whole deal! You have a multimillion dollar business here, HIRE MORE PEOPLE TO MAN THE PHONES!.Version: 4.11.0

One step closer 2 my ancestorsThis is something I have wanted to do since I was a child. I remember asking my mom n grandparents about our relatives. I also asked about what we were made of my grandfather said, “ 2gee girl (my nickname is 2B-Tobee)we have ppl from Mississippi n Tennessee”. My grandma said, she didn’t know her dad well but was told he was a Blackfoot Indian n her mom was Black n Cherokee. I was told her moms records burned in a school house. Then I talked to other relatives like my great Aunt Virginia RIP n others who knew our family history. They collaborated somethings n told me additional information that I have held close to my heart ❤️. When my Great Aunt Della passed yrs ago, we made a trip to Greenville, TN for the funeral. I got a chance to meet relatives I’d never seen before. I learned we owned land a lot of it, but it was taken by the government. When companies such as 123nme, Heritage n a host of others started the DNA testing, I nearly jumped out of my seat. Finally I would know who I am, where I come from basically what made me me. I’m I really American Indian or West Indian I’m about to find out FINALLY that little girl will have real answers. Based on my molecular makeup.Version: 4.12.1

Needs ImprovementThere are certain things in this app that it is great at accomplishing. I have found a lot of information here that I have not found on other sites similar to this one. Not to say that there aren’t still some seriously necessary tweaks that could be done. 1. Every time I shut this app, just for a minute or 2, it takes me back to starting position. So when you want to go back to what you were working on, you have to find it again... and again.... and again.... and again. You get the gist? 2. I work this on an IPad and it’s the only app I have that doesn’t support split screen so that I can use it and another app at the same time. Opposing apps have to sit on top of the MH screen as the MH screen will not shrink or draw up from the toolbar. 3. When adding a picture of someone to their profile, why does it add a second picture to their album. The album that has the exact same picture? Makes no sense. 4. Where is the information sources after you approve them. Sometimes I like to go back and verify my information is correct or consult it to possibly draw more information from and finding it is a booger, let me tell you!! That’s all I got for now. I will check back if any of these things change any time soon..Version: 4.7.5

It’s useful but too expensiveI don’t really work on my family tree outside of my vacations so buying a whole year for the price for me it’s a NOPE. I get that there’s quite useful stuff for premium accounts but most of the useful things for me have been put by other users or I investigate by myself online. I also reached the limit of members already since I put my 2 families. I don’t know for what I have been experiencing on the free version I just don’t think it’s worth it. If there was just a light and way cheaper version where I could just connect to my other relatives matches (that i have added as contacts and are working on their own fam tree) and the info they put and more relatives space, that would be amazing. For now I think I might just find another app..Version: 5.3.5

TerribleAs someone who needs HELP filling in the blanks with regard to relationships. From a family full of divorce and several affairs that led to various “illegitimate” children including my father and several others that are genetically related but adopted - this family tree builder is HORRIBLE. You can’t edit relationships like marriage - it automatically assumes my grandmother married the man she had an affair with (my paternal grandfather). I also have two half brothers. This doesn’t help me to research but I’d rather a hindrance. I also tried doing this through their mobile website but not getting anywhere. Ancestry isn’t perfect but it’s much more workable than this. I’m glad I didn’t pay for this before committing to anything more than a few nights. Maybe my family dynamics are too difficult but this has been nothing but frustrating..Version: 4.12.5

Nice..but..So I totally understand that these things cost money to maintain and process etc. I imported my DNA from another source, so I know I didn’t pay for anything here. Keeping that in mind I wish they had a free trial period or a way to pay monthly. It seems that everything I click leads to a “pay for this” link and it just keeps adding crap to my cart when all I’m trying to do is LOOK at something. Even when I was just trying to sign up it kept looping back to a page to buy a kit or a subscription. It’s very annoying. A free trial, say 2 weeks, and the ability to pay monthly would be ideal and in my opinion get more subscribers. People would be able to see if they like the interface, get hooked on clicking matches and discoveries (you do get hooked!) and be more willing to pay for a subscription instead of feeling like it’s being shoved in their face at every click. The devs should keep in mind that every tidbit of information added by people enhances their service. If they are annoyed at every click they aren’t going to add much.Version: 5.5.1

Love the MyHeritage app!This is a great app for creating a big family tree for free. It automatically creates discoveries for you and helps expand your tree by finding your relatives in other peoples public trees and in historical documents. If you have been DNA tested, they have great tools in their app for learning about your ethnicity and for finding and communicating with your DNA relatives. Bottom line - It’s clear that MyHeritage pays a lot of attention to its mobile app, keeps innovating it and really cares about the experience of its users. Highly recommended..Version: 4.10.0

SurrealOriginally, I gave it 5 stars then 3 because I wanted notice stating it’s a trial. Changing it to 4 because in all truth, the deep nostalgia and enhancement tool is vivid and surreal. I do wish the app would have mentioned before clicking the tool that you get limited uses. The subscription price is a little too high for me currently. Nonetheless, given these incredible features I recommended the app to some friends. I vaguely remember using MyHeritage for genealogy research. Unfortunately the database wasn’t too helpful for me but for others it might be! Give it a try.Version: 5.8.3

DNA Plus Super Easy Family Tree SofWareI started with just wanting our DNA info and gained a great family tree. My Heritage makes it so much easier than others I’d started with. All the “discoveries” came to me without seeking and it became an exciting journey to feel a part of history unfold in my family. The love for my state of Texas comes blood born with the revelation of being related to one who gave his life in the Alamo, Col. Travis. Who knew..Version: 4.7.2

Almost perfect!If direct ancestors were in bold, underlined, or in a different color, it would be perfect. As your family grows, it’s kind of a mess to find your direct line. Also it’s not easy to add data without having to go back through many screens to get back. Otherwise it’s really a good app. I like to work on it on the bus or subway or when I’m at work..Version: 5.4.0

DisappointedAttempted to use this app to build a family tree. I was drawn to the idea of being able to use photos for each member. I clicked to add a photo, selected photo, cropped the photo, clicked save and it wouldn’t show or save. It just showed a wheel spinning like it was loading. I tried it at least 5 times for multiple people on my tree. I finally got it to work and saved. I came back the same day, and everything was there. I was excited. The next day (today) I come back and most of the pictures and relationship were gone. Thankfully, I didn’t put a ton of time into this project. Disappointed with the apps save feature and disappointed that it isn’t always user friendly..Version: 4.7.2

Service is okay, but app is *frustrating*There are some serious UI problems that suggest to me that whoever develops this app doesn't actually use it. First, on iPad, if I go to the family tree view, there is no obvious way to get out of it aside from force closing the app and starting over. On the iPhone there is a hamburger menu at the top left. Second, there is a "pop-up" view to input messages on iPhone and iPad, and (1) on iPhone if you swipe up from the bottom (i.e. try to use the iOS app switcher) the app can interpret that as "swiping away" the draft window, erasing the message you just laboriously entered. (2) on iPad, it will delete your message if you tap *anywhere on the screen other than the draft window*?!? This is particularly frustrating in a genealogy app where you're trying to check information as you draft a message. It's infuriating losing several paragraphs of thought because of poor UI design..Version: 5.7.4

Feeling wholeRecently I have been feeling lost not knowing my heritage... You know when you feel something is missing and you can’t quite put your finger on it. I was raised in a military family which kept me a way from my extended family most of my childhood. By the time my dad retired I only had one grandparent left and that was my maternal grandmother. She has slowed down spike very little and died about 2-3 years after we settled down... So my connection to my past seemed closed... Thank you heritage for the opportunity to reconnect..Version: 5.4.7

So happyThanks for creating this app ❤️ I feel so much better after seeing my grandfather when I created his animation and is like seeing him alive but in video before he passed away 😭😭 I sent it to my family group chat and they all cried but tears of happiness and closure 😍🤍 I used his favorite photo and I keep looking at it everyday 😇 his smile is him 100% thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 5.7.9

AddictiveI’ve had a longtime interest in knowing my roots. In almost all branch of my tree I could only go back no more than five generations. I knew that most of my lineage was German and British and I was told there was some American Indian. I started this journey about five years ago. Almost instantly, after entering what I knew, I started getting matches. I am now reaching 14 generations on both my mother’s and father’s sides. At the last check I have 18,000 matches. I also found that my ancestors were all in North America by 1700. More interesting is that my American Indian Heritage includes my 13 Great Grandmother Pocahontas and several other well known Powhatan, Cherokee, and Shawnee Nations. I’ve also found ancestors that are in the history books, royalty, assorted scallawags, many hero’s, etc..Version: 5.4.9

AmazedSomeone told me that search in the past it’s dangerous because you never know what you would find. All the contrary I am amazed about all the findings I cross over My Heritage. My genealogy three has 300 people all my ancestors goes back to the 1700. My Heritage It is very helpful because I can search for dates names they even have pictures that I can add to my three. I can say I am addicted to the my Heritage..Version: 4.8.0

This is ridiculousFirst of all. I have tried for 2 days to make a account for this app. But it didn’t let me it kept saying “ Facebook is unavailable at this time” “google is unavailable at this time” everything is unavailable and it’s ridiculous! Like come on. Then once it finally did work. I tried to do the animate photo. But it won’t let me unless I pay $200 a year? Like are you serious? That’s ridiculous. I wanted 2 photos animated for my mom of her parents. But I can’t just pay $200. I honestly can’t believe it’s that expensive. I’m deleting the app and never recommend you to another person for anything. If I could give no stars I would..Version: 5.8.0

Overwhelmingly InformativeIt’s easy for someone like me to get addicted to this app. The makers are continually tantalizing me with new information that is usually pertinent. Consequently, I’ve found over 10,000 people who are likely relatives. They’ve found plenty in America, but none of the relatives I know of in Italy or Spain. The number of generations that are tracked are limited to a degree - you can find ancestors 20 generations back, but they may not be flagged as ancestors and it may be frustrating to print out every part of a tree. The most irritating aspect is that they will show the mother’s maiden name, but won’t automatically add it to their profile. You will have to copy it by hand. After years, and thousands of users, why haven’t they fixed this bug?.Version: 4.8.10

ImpressedPleasantly surprised how easy it is to use the MyHeritage app. Am using the free version for now, hoping to enter as many family members and data as I have on hand. Probably and most likely will subscribe at a later point. Seriously interested in having my DNA tested too. Nice to see family tree expand, love the ability to add profile picture to each family member. This app lets you use family sharing, that’s a plus in my book. Give it a 5 + star rating and will recommend this app to anyone that is getting started on their family genealogy..Version: 4.4.7

Profound Loathing of their CustomersContrary to the app developer’s response below, sharing the tree without providing access to one’s contacts *is not* an option in iOS. If I had the ability to post screenshots here I would do so to illustrate this shortfall. This app does in fact require its paying customers to provide access to their contacts in order to invite a family member to see their family tree. The only reason for doing this is that they want to further exploit their customers’ data. This company lacks any appreciation for its customers and is clearly led by horrible greedbags..Version: 5.7.2

Useless unless you payWhile you can use my heritage to make a family tree (up to 250 people I believe I read) and store photos, if you (like many others who want to use a service like this) are looking for the matches to complete a family tree and see more details than you know you have to pay their subscription price. The functions that this app and service provides is absolutely useless if you don’t want to pay up front. My experience with this app was overall disappointing: I put in the information that I knew and was told there was a match to one of my relatives. I tap the “check match” and immediately get thrown into a “pay for this service!” type of deal. I have absolutely no idea if it’s even worth paying for as it gives you so little details it’s almost like you’re gambling if you pay for it (am I going to get an accurate match with details? Or am I going to pay and get absolutely nothing?) On top of this the family tree portion of the app felt awkward to use and many times I couldn’t even position the view where I wanted so my family tree was mostly off screen. Don’t waste your time with this app..Version: 5.0.5

Not worth the try.This app will sometimes recognize a face. It will also fail on photos that are perfectly visible. Didn’t even have a chance to save one photo before it tossed up the ad forcing you to spend $200 for a year to go any further. No way I’m spending that kind of money when it failed over half the time trying to recognize faces while also failing to change various animations. They take your $200 and then when someone is disappointed.... too late. Your out $200. I’ll keep the money. They know people will be let down. There’s a reason they won’t offer monthly costs. The idea of what this could be was great. Unfortunately it failed for me..Version: 5.8.2

Inaccurate percentages & ethnicitiesI’m a mixed person with a mixed mother with African ancestry & Caucasian father. I’ve taken other dna test & they’ve all come back with a high amount of European ancestry, some African ancestry, & some Andean and mixed Caribbean ancestry. It makes sense because that’s what my parents are. I took this one to find family. My results from my heritage says I’m 76% African (47% Nigerian & 27% west African) & 24% European & other. The funny thing is I’m related to tons of European & European decent & people of mixed backgrounds. I’m puzzled. A lot of my ethnicities did not show up that is available in their system. A lot of the “other” ethnicities they estimated in my analysis are not in my family at all. I’m puzzled how I’m more African than my mom, in their estimates, who is mixed with some African ancestry & I have a completely European father? I’m more African than anyone in my family according to their analysis. This is the only kit that gave these ridiculous results but managed to locate some family members..Version: 5.6.7

Great!!!, but....Wonderful app! I love being able to bring a still picture to life!! I also love being able to put a black & white photo into color!! I don’t have any need though for the ancestry part. I totally get it. It’s the point of the app!!! BUT!!! You could get so many more subscribers if you could give us the option to choose!! It’s almost like too many apps, in one. Please, please, please consider making that an option!! I’d pay for that of course! I just don’t NEED the other stuff. I come from a big family, so my ancestral stuff is already being handled. I don’t mind paying something, but I prefer a flat, one time pay type of thing. I don’t want my account being charged automatically. I forget constantly! Lol! I won’t remember to cancel in time, or to necessarily have money in my account at that particular time. Seriously, GREAT APP!!! No joke!!! But I don’t need all of that. PLEASE make this affordable & just the picture stuff!! Pleeeaasseee!!! ♥️.Version: 5.8.5

Three problems with this appI have three problems with this app which are irritating. 1- when I’m in the app and then go to another one to look up information, and then come back, I find it times out very quickly. I have to log back in and it does not take me back to the place where I was working. Highly time consuming and irritating. 2- I can’t change the tree layout from vertical to horizontal. 3-My tree is quite large and when you start putting in every sibling and spouse every every kid it gets so wide it becomes unmanageable. I’d like a toggle option between direct ancestors and all ancestors. I’d like to stick with direct ancestors but you need to add all the relatives to double check to make sure that you’re on the right path. That being said, I love the fact that there are so many places for different types of information. Some programs only give you bred, wed, and dead. I like being able to indicate what causes of death were to see if there are any inherited things to watch for. I like that there is a separate field for maiden names and married names. I’d love to see a suggestion box to the developers. For instance, I’d like to see ONE PLACE per ancestor to enter any and all information for them, including a delete button. If those issues were addressed I would give 5 stars..Version: 4.5.5

BEWARE.. I’m a Premium Member & can not log inRarely do I post reviews, but I just paid nearly $210+ for an annual subscription & didn’t research the reviews bc I was surprising my 83 yr/old mother. The APP is garbage. However, I was making substantial progress using a browser. Saving Smart Matches is hit/miss. As for Customer Service, I use encrypted email. Their CS domain is non-existent. The domain (ie Tiffany my Customer Service Person w/a ticket number) continues to return to my ProtonMail server as unavailable. Either allow me to log onto my Premium MyHeritage Service as per your Terms & Agreement or refund me my annual fees. I expect to take with me all I have accumulated in terms of research. I await your response.Version: 5.8.4

I LOVE MYHERITAGEI Love my heritage! & I have the annual upgrade which is definitely worth it and one of the best rates compared to competitors. However I must say the website is much better than the mobile app. The mobile app is wonderful but it could use some improvements & updates to have at least some of the detail that the website has. Overall, I am impressed. It is my favorite and primary genealogy site! & the customer service is always attentive and helpful! 😋.Version: 4.8.0

AngelaI don’t really know where to go from here. I thought there was a link to share my Tree & DNA Profile with other services like this one. I’m looking for several family members. If they used a different service, how do I link people together? I cannot find any information to do that. The Premium Package is too expensive! I’m not gonna want this company to share my DNA with the Government. I know you keep the extra sample vial. I do not give you permission to share my DNA with any government entities or Big Pharma Companies! I just found out that some Hinky Things are happening with these DNA Companies. I would have given 5 Stars if it wasn’t so expensive and I am at a dead end if I don’t cough up a huge amount of money. I need information about searching adoption records, as my mother was adopted. I don’t see anything in the app to find out my next step..Version: 4.12.1

The best Family TreeI switched from Ancestry to My Heritage for numerous advantages. The search capacity far greater in my humble opinion. The simplicity for new tree builders and to create you family heritage is so easy. Try it out and you will see why. Run into any difficulty, the support team will be of enormous help and no question is too stupid. They are to help you find your ancestors and will make it fun for you..Version: 5.4.7

Thank youMy father passed away last year end of March and well I’m happy that I was able to find hope and to continue going and I wanna thank you guys for this and it feels so real and I hope that y’all continue with this app and hope that everyone can get to experience that feeling of joy and seeing there love ones again ❤️💎🚀🔥 stay safe everyone.Version: 5.8.3

Thank you from the bottom of my heartI only used this app for the deep nostalgia feature after seeing it featured on social media. I have a son who was stillborn and unfortunately I never got to see what he would’ve looked like alive. Thank you to the developers of this app for giving me an idea of what he would’ve looked like had he survived. Thank you very much for this..Version: 5.8.1

Great app, but take care with free trialI clicked on the free trial before buying this app. I enjoyed its features, and relative (pardon the pun) ease of use. It’s the best one I’ve tried so far. I hemmed and hawed as to whether or not to subscribe for a year. Well, I decided not to at this time, went in the settings to decline the $99 subscription, it let me. I thought. Until I got a receipt telling me that my credit card was just charged $99 plus tax for the My Heritage app. There appears to be no way to undo this charge, so I’m stuck with it. I’m not going to pursue a refund, however, just a fair warning...if you are still in the free trial mode, I suggest you decide at least a couple of days before your trial period ends, to cancel. The small print says to give at least 24 hours notice. I believe that was my mistake. I gave it 23 hours maybe. I don’t know. Anyway, now that I have it for a year, I guess I’ll explore my crazy family tree that I know will be a challenge because it’s all over the place. This is a really good app, and I highly recommend playing with the animation feature with old portraits of dead people if you have them! It’s freaky. I have a 72-year-old friend who adored his father who died at age 56. I animated a photo for him as a surprise, and he burst into tears of joy and nostalgia. That alone was worth the hundred bucks! Nice app, I really do recommend it, but be wary of the free trial time limit..Version: 5.8.7

Constantly logs you outLike many other complaints here and elsewhere, my number one issue with an otherwise decent app is the fact that you are logged out often just by switching between apps even for less than a minute, sometimes after 5 minutes of going back and forth. So long as the app is open you should remain logged in. This is a serious flaw for people who are trying to perform research and otherwise use the app. I cannot understand how the company hasn't yet addressed this serious flaw in all of its many updates..Version: 4.8.0

Good but not yet greatI love this App. I have over 26,000 entries and it handles them well. The search is good but seems to ignore important search values like dates. The Discover option is nice but I’d like to be able to turn some searches off. I get over 80 discoveries for some people (notably LDS) and, while I don’t have an issue with it I really tire of dealing with them. Even when I go through all 80 discoveries for a particular person a few days later there are 84 more for the same person! That is not ok. In searches there is the option to select just family tree returns and that is very helpful. I would love to see the option of selecting the how many branches off the direct line. There is not good tracking of direct ancestors and I’ve found the only good way is to assign a special picture for all Direct ancestors. That way when I look at the various trees I can always find my direct lines. I doubt the tracking with a special icon would be difficult. Direct Ancestor tracking seems to fall apart after 8-12 generations and it would be nice to see that addressed..Version: 4.8.1

Plus and MinusI am going through a learning curve with the tree. I just haven’t learned much yet about the research side. I am so use to Ancestry that this site seems more difficult. I absolutely love the DNA analysis and the fact that I can download DNA tests from other companies to my heritage, that I did years ago. An interesting thing, to me anyway. My ex-husband did a test with 23&me I never Questioned the matches, until I was able to download to MyHeritage. Myheritage pointed out that my ex was either my father or my son, This can’t be! DNA doesn’t lie but people do! There’s a story here! Another thing. You notified me that someone tried to access my account. I so appreciate that notice. Thank you Also love the fan tree, but wish I could print it to 8.5 x 11 page format..Version: 5.4.8

Photo EnhancementI have a full subscription to MyHeritage and it is my only app I use for researching, studying and exploring my family ancestors. It is a tremendous research tool and thoroughly enjoy it. Recently, the only updates of the app concerns the photo enhancement portion and I use it extensively. My only question is why are there so many updates on this part? Seems as if I receive one every few days and, when updating the app, I see no significant difference from from the previous updates and the description of the update is always as the previous one. The quality is still the same and no improvement can be discerned. Is there something I am missing on this?.Version: 5.6.7

A RIP-OFF - UpdatedI built my family tree using the free PC version that is offered. The app wants a minimum $99 per year for the basic pacjpkage with no option to opt out. I have used MyHeritage (PC version)for over 10 years and I can tell this is a complete RIP-OFF! This program is second class at best when compared to other genealogy programs and resources. - The developer contacted me using this lame and canned response. UNREAL! The PC version allows the user to use it without a subscription and this app does not. If they want me to change my review, then allow me to use the app (e.g.: access the tree I created already) without the need for an overpriced annual subscription. If you the develop can’t do that, then my review stands..Version: 5.2.0

Encounter bugs that make the app unusable in every key featureI can’t believe how incredibly saturated with bugs this app is. I heard about this app via TikTok and was excited to try the animated photo feature. I can’t even upload photos! The subscription plan pop ups are completely confusing and keep asking you to switch plans after you’ve already purchased a plan (I subscribed to a paid plan to unlock the features I wanted to try but the features are unusable). UX functionality is full of bugs. Backend updates (in-app content updates) post-data-entry actions take over 15 minutes. I even tried the mobile web version and that is also full of bugs. Just another example of using most likely cheap development work to ship a product without end to end QA. Ancestry is cheaper and I’ll just go back to using that..Version: 5.8.7

Please don’t charge meI downloaded the app to try it out I used the 2 week subscription but I unsubscribed that same day I didn’t even use the app for 30 min based off of other reviews I am reading that yall still charge even after being unsubscribed! Please don’t charge me I have unsubscribed and I don’t have 100$ to pay for this app that I will never even use..Version: 5.9.0

Extremely expensiveI wanted to try out that creepy feature where they bring photos to life. It's creepy. It's unnatural. It's unnerving. I kind of like it though. However, with the free version you only get a couple photos to play with. Then it gives you the pay wall which is insanely expensive for what it is. For the price of what Netflix offers you each year you get... creepy, unnatural photos. You get to build a family tree that is SO very inaccurate that you wonder what exactly you're paying for. I liken this app and company to one of those scammers online who AFTER you've shelled out your hard earned money, they give you absolutely nothing to show for it. At least with this you get creepy, unnatural live photos. Getting rid of account as well. Definitely not worth the price tag. Maybe 20-30 dollars a year but not 200! Sheesh! Remember covid, people? And scarce jobs and people struggling? But hey, ask for that 200 dollars from people. I'm sure there will be naive people who will pay it to see their loved ones moving unnaturally. Not me, though..Version: 5.8.5

HelpI am now on my third time attempting to get my tree straightened out. Whenever I confirm somebody it’s great, however if their name comes up again and I want to just save new info, I find I have them listed in another place. Is there anyway I can just merge this info. I have gone as far back as 25 generations and have assigned a number to each generation, I really don’t want to start all over. If I can merge I am willing to go in and erase all generation numbers assigned to each individual. I called and was on line with one of your associates and she stated I was doing everything correctly. Please advise, pretty frustrated at this time. 1,2,3,sometimes 4 of sam person.Version: 4.8.10

Great for large familiesI personally used this for a large book series (Warriors) and it was by far the best I've found so far. No limits on number of people, easy to use and understand, and you can make it as complicated as you want to, or stick to something simple. It worked really well for me, and I genuinely can think of no complaints. I would definately recomend this app for a complex family tree. I also want to say that because this is a fantasy book series, I have only used the family tree section, so I can't rate those areas. This rating and reveiw is only for the actual tree section, which I really liked.Version: 5.4.0

Needs to be able to limit head movements, and detect partial (profile) faces.This could be an awesome app, and it is good for full faced pictures. I was truly hoping it would allow me to select the face I want to animate, and be able to animate side profile faces. Also, would like an animation option with only eyes and small mouth/cheeks movements (very little to no head movements since head movements distort), to be able to animate a side profile image or newborn babies etc this would be best. But also the little to no head movements would be beneficial for full face pictures too. Cool concept; but I’m hopeful that there will be more animation options, manual face selection, and not having to crop the image to the face only..since you lose so much of the background..Version: 5.8.4

ScamAfter an initially impressive demo, whereby I was shown a few of my relatives on my tree, the app demanded an upfront annual payment of 100 dollars. I paid this as a (late) Christmas present to my family as a whole, being a student on low income. After paying, the app was then unable to add anything further to my tree - I tried to add various relatives manually (and correctly), in the hope that I would be offered another extension to my tree. This did not occur; essentially, I’ve paid 100 dollars and haven’t gained anything more than a glorified piece of paper on which I can draw this tree. I would love it if the MyHeritage team could cancel my membership and refund the payment, as at present, this is simply abhorrent..Version: 4.10.5

Not free like it said! It’s MY free info FOR “MYHERITAGE” to sell to others!! 😡Sooooo..... it’s NOT free like it said?!😡 MyHeritage just wants ALL the info I CAN GIVE THEM, for free.... so they can turn around and “sell” the info to others who may be related! 😡 Hell, if that’s the case...Why go with a small company? I might as well go with one of the top two genealogical sites! I WAS looking for a place to share my history with... I have land grants, names, photos, journals, military papers, birth & death records, business papers, maps, land maps, etc. back to the 1600’s that I want to share so it’s not all lost when I die.... and so that other relatives may have access to it for FREE as well throughout the years..Version: 4.12.1

GeneologyI am very much enjoying my experience on My Heritage! It has become a fun and interesting hobby for me. You start the tree and My Heritage provides you with info to help you move along. Before you know it, you are reading documents like census info and newspaper articles about your ancestors! It will cost you some money, but if you're really interested in learning about your heritage, it's really worth it!!.Version: 4.5.1

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 5.9.0

My heritageGreat app love that you’re able to bring your loved ones to life...l hopefully maybe in the future I can buy the full subscription so I can animate & find out about my family tree history... pro’s: you can animate your passed loved ones photos n set a family tree up n so forth Cons: you can only get so far with animation n family history records before your have to pay for full subscription Other than that youse guys have done an amazing job so I tip my hat to the my heritage team for the opportunity to make my loved ones feel alive again xoxo 😘🥺👌🏻❤️.Version: 5.8.7

Scam AlertDo not start a free trial They will charge you exorbitant fee for nothing Unless you want to spend $200 dollars on nothing just for having a look at the free trial go ahead and use this app! absolute scam!.Version: 5.2.5

Exciting!I have found hundreds of family connections through My Heritage and love the DNA matching feature..Version: 4.8.10

Too expensiveThe app is good allows so many good features and the bring your photos to life things is amazing because it looks so real. But it’s so expensive. We aren’t all bill gates or Elon musk here. $400 are you mad. Do monthly plans that cost like $15 a month. But $400 ain’t no body paying that. Are yous that broke. Make this app better by making it cheaper. Listen to your users..Version: 5.8.4

My HeritageI have found this App to be very good at finding my ancestors, that I have found it hard to keep up with all the information they send me. I love it..Version: 4.10.6

Glitch freeThe MyHeritage site is very user friendly even though it deals with many different aspects of genealogy. It is constantly expanding the techniques offered to help track down family links. Very impressive!.Version: 4.12.1

SupportGreat help and feedback when required. Understand we are not all computer literate. Thank you..Version: 5.5.2

My HeritageI am the first person from my family to look into my history. I am mind blown at the amount of accurate information ‘My Heritage’ has. I now feel a connection to my ancestors that I never felt before..Version: 5.6.7

Loving MyHeritage❤️Absolutely loving MyHeritage❤️ Have got family members interested, and growing!! Finding out really interesting stuff and surprises!! Have found additional family!! Learning something new each day!!.Version: 5.3.0

My little (extraordinary) helper 😊MyHeritage is enabling and supporting me to finally get my family tree organised. So many options and facilities. Extraordinary software!.Version: 5.6.5

Latest version of appHi, how do I load the latest version of an existing app on my iPad if it doesn’t automatically update? Thanks.Version: 5.1.6

Don’t waste your timeUnless you are prepared to pay a lot of money don’t bother downloading this app. Free information is only names no access to anything useful unless you pay... its a shame as it looked promising....Version: 4.12.1

Carmen siteI love it but it’s a bit expansive to upgrade..Version: 4.8.10

Easy to useWould have used it earlier.Version: 4.10.0

My Own HeritageThis app help find and know people who are ‘family’ that are far off and may not have been known about. Just beautiful..Version: 4.7.5

My heritageWow love the way the site works.. very easy to use and it was fantastic to be able to upload my DNA and follow up leads. Amazing so thank you all.Version: 4.12.1

MehVery disappointed in the ‘results’. What i was hoping for was a more detailed document with more information about genetics, race, how our dna shapes us etc. My dog’s dna test actually had a 10 page report with way more information on his breed, genetic desease predisposition , etc. Seems like other services like ‘My DNA’ give much more information than this. Very disappointed and not recommended. Look for an alternate service!.Version: 4.4.0

Surprisingly AccurateOnly just started using the app (free version)and it seems quite accurate. Only complaint is the yearly price to sign up to receive further information....Version: 4.5.1

DNA Test VideoWhere is the video for it I would love to see my results as the video?.Version: 4.6.0

Enjoy using this app!After doing a couple of two week trials I finely made a commitment to sign up for a year. Enjoy having something to do that I find relaxing, and time filling, when a have some moments to spare..Version: 4.8.10

AwesomeQuite amazing to find so many relatives that I had heard about as a child. I had been reluctant to get involved in anything to do with my past, but now that I have started, I find that it’s quite a wonderful, never ending jig saw puzzle..Version: 4.4.6

Unable to use on iPhone 6App loads but all it wants is for me to upgrade subscription. Can not open family tree or anything else. Not happy..Version: 5.4.8

Amazing appAmazing application to meet family after years of distancing for work and family palming and personal encounters.Version: 5.6.0

Good choiceI have found My Heritage very easy to navigate and their relative discovery suggestions are really helpful..Version: 5.7.4

Left with questionsFound DNA results have raised some questions. I know for a fact l have a Negro ancestor so was surprised that did not show up, as my blood type is not Atypical for British, Celtic or Scandinavian heritage either. It will be interesting to find what comes up when my Mum and Brother are tested. Happy days.Version: 4.5.5

Family historyHave been using my heritage now for 2years and am very happy with it. Very easy to use as I can’t even copy and paste. Have found so much invaluable info and fab photos of decendantsvgraves have even made contact with relatives from my dna which I can definately verify..Version: 5.5.1

Concerning InformationI made a family tree on this app for a school project and realised that they were posting the content that I wrote on the online website. It was a personal project and I used Pictures that didn’t need to be shared I am very disappointed in this app for sharing my information to a public website and making money of it..Version: 4.8.9

BuxtonI’m only new but enjoying the fascination of find distant family matches as I have no brothers and sisters and my parents have past away This is exciting journey to distant relatives for me.Version: 4.8.8

Patrick BryanIt’s wonderful thank you..Version: 4.5.5

The wonders of MyHeritageMyHeritage is user friendly, which means it is easy to navigate. I enjoy it many tools on offer which enables you to locate relationships deep into the past. Well done, MyHeritage! Thumbs up!.Version: 5.5.1

Who’s Patrick Hanley😡😡😡😡For some reason I’m unable too make any contact with any of your website’s or able to find any contact information! I’ve tried replying to your notifications but all it says is your message couldn’t be delivered!!? 😡You’ve proceeded to go & put this name Patrick Hanley as my name! I’m not sure how you could make such a mistake! This is not my name, it resembles nothing close! yet in my family’s tree you’ve displayed this name as my parents child, believe me there not very happy because interestingly I have a brother also & he’s name isn’t shown, can u please change this monumental mistake, Then I’ll change my rating & feedback! But until then! If there’s anybody really there! It stays here just like the name that isn’t mine! Please rectify....Version: 4.12.5

RecordsLike the way we can explore people through Search Records and Matches..Version: 5.5.1

My heritageI would like to see more updates for DNA or more for it other the. That is all right.Version: 4.12.5

ExcellentI have been using my heritage for so many years that I can remember. The best feature for me is the matching from other sites.Version: 4.6.0

DisappointedI have a few gripes but have to commend the creator for an app that is very promising. I am disappointed that I can’t print off the family tree and parts of so I can compile it for family in the future. I find the ‘display family tree’ options needs to have more options. I would love to have more information on the tiles when on display, like birthdate, occupation and place. Even though I paid for a discounted amount (which I thought was substantial), I would have thought that would’ve allowed me to access the whole lot, but then I find that I have to pay $100+ to access the information you really want..Version: 4.10.6

New account.Trying to start a new account. All’s I am getting is unknown error please try again. Frustrating.Version: 5.7.9

User FriendlyHave found MyHeritage easy to use and so much of the research is done for you..Version: 5.4.9

Broken appWon’t let me sign in again unless I select google or Facebook👎🏻.Version: 5.8.6

Wow!Absolutely amazing what you have done with the photo animation! I downloaded the app specifically for the photos but was disappointed with the $400 price tag😞 Your subscription has now lite plans just the full blown yearly subscription. Are you guys planning and offering some reasonable plans or better still an app dedicated to just photos? I sent a photo of my mum when she was younger and my dad has just told me he spent 2 hours constantly playing it. Please give us the options to edit more photos and bring to life some lost memories. Thanks.Version: 5.8.1

ReviewEasy and simple to use! Thank you!!!.Version: 4.10.5

Expensive!Why is it so expensive! And it is an annual fee and not a one off. If you want more people to use your site at least make it considerably cheaper and have a low monthly fee!.Version: 5.0.1

DNA Test Questions Left UnansweredMy DNA test results said I was 87% Scandinavian and 13% Iberian and that’s it. I have rang them and emailed them as I thought the results would be more detailed than that. They have still not answered my questions and it’s been over a year now. Very disappointing! The app works well but very very expensive!!.Version: 4.8.0

Not a fanThe App is not user friendly and you always end up in an advertisement for an upgrade which is so annoying. It’s confusing to use and links that don’t seemingly work. I will persevere but I’m not loving it so far. ( Be good if they had a home button! The desktop site might be better than App?) App needs work. It’s not cheap either I reckon the basic version should do more at that price..Version: 5.6.5

DO NOT PURCHASE SUBSCRIPTION- They do not honor payment through AppleAfter having a purchased a second year PremiumPlus subscription through the app, it was not applied or honored to my account. They say they have not received payment & refuse to investigate or take any responsibility why their app is making such offers, & continues to do so. They were rude and told me they do not receive payment ever from Apple & to make purchases through their website. They do not return your calls or reply to emails. Do not give them your credit card details. I paid via PayPal & have now opened up dispute resolution to get my money back. Thank god for Paypal..Version: 4.11.0

BruBlackyFinding new relatives and family through MyHeritage has been fantastic! It has been a great app for assembling our family tree and searches.Version: 4.11.1

I have an issueI like the app except there is an issue with searching when both birth and death dates are imputed in the search form. It displays a “page not found”. One other issue no way of contacting support about app faults.Version: 5.7.4

App won't open at all since upgradeApp won't open at all since upgrade.Version: 4.9.0

Full of surprising discoveriesSince registering with the website and conducting a DNA test, I have discovered many relatives. I really like the information on ancestral surnames to show where discoveries are linked. Easy to use, worth the monthly fee, and love researching new findings.Version: 4.8.1

Good but..1. It keeps saying I’m a robot and making me do those tests that are longer than ones on other websites 2. I dont understand why you can only open one instant discovery in like a day we pay what like over 200 bucks for it so why cant we get our moneys worth?? 3. A lot of the times when I open a record match it wont scroll down properly. it keeps going back up to the top unless i do it quickly with two fingers. i dont know if this is just my phone tho i like the new photo update thats cool.Version: 5.5.6

UnsubscribeI looked at this app and it sounded promising until I saw the price tag. I cannot afford this but could find no way un unsubscribe. Can you please unsubscribe me from this app..Version: 5.8.4

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Version 5.9.0 (2021-04-08): Home of the sensational Deep Nostalgia™ feature! Animate the faces in your family photos with Deep Nostalgia™, and create a short video animation that will feel like your family history is being reenacted before your eyes..

Version 5.8.7 (2021-03-21): Home of the sensational Deep Nostalgia™ feature! Animate the faces in your family photos with Deep Nostalgia™, and create a short video animation that will feel like your family history is being reenacted before your eyes..

Version 5.8.5 (2021-03-10): Home of the sensational Deep Nostalgia™ feature! Animate the faces in your family photos with Deep Nostalgia™, and create a short video animation that will feel like your family history is being reenacted before your eyes..

Version 5.8.0 (2021-03-02): Animate the faces in your family photos with Deep Nostalgia™, and create a short video animation that will feel like your family history is being reenacted before your eyes..

Version 5.7.4 (2021-02-02): Record the stories behind your family photos with the MyHeritage Photo Storyteller™ or record your relatives as they tell the stories, giving you greater context to your family photos..