Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies App DownloadActivision Publishing, Inc.

Call Of Duty: Black Ops Zombies App Download

The Call of Duty®: Zombies phenomenon has risen back to life.

Adapted from the best-selling console hit and built specifically for tablets and smartphones, Call of Duty®: Black Ops Zombies delivers maps and weapons never before seen on mobile, and 50 levels of "Dead-Ops Arcade," a 50-level zombie gauntlet that provides the ultimate undead challenge for fans of Call of Duty’s signature zombie warfare.

Play solo or join a team of up to 4 players as you mow down hordes of zombies with Call of Duty’s all-new interface, now featuring Voice Chat for the first time ever.

And don’t just take our word for it; here is what critics think of the game:

- "Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies is a must-have for any Call of Duty fan and for everyday gamers alike." –
- "...after spending some time with COD: Black Ops Zombies, we think this could possibly be the best game we’ve seen yet on the Apple tablet." – Into Mobile
- "As far as the whole package is concerned, I adore the Dead Ops Arcade mode and feel it adds significant value to the $6.99 price tag" – Destructoid
- "Dead Ops…a perfect fit for the mobile platform." – G4 TV online

What's New in Version 1.3.2
o Multiplayer connection improvements
o Bug fixes

Finally, a variety of optimizations and fixes have also been incorporated into this update to give players the best mobile Zombie experience yet.
For tips, tricks, and troubleshooting, be sure to check out the Black Ops Zombies Field Manual at

The game has been optimized for 3rd-generation devices and higher, providing unparalleled graphics and performance. As an iOS Universal App, the game operates the same whether played on iPhone, iPod, or iPad, meaning a zombie’s brain will splatter just as vividly on your iPhone 4 Retina Display as on your iPad 2. The game also supports Game Center leaderboards so you can compete with your friends.
Need more undead? Download Call of Duty: Zombies, the original mobile zombie warfare experience available on both iPhone and iPad. And don’t forget to download the Call of Duty: ELITE Mobile App for an inside-edge on your console Call of Duty Multiplayer experience.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies App User Reviews & Comments

I have owned black ops on console since the day it came out.This game is not as good as the original. There is no moon there is no Shangra La you don’t get 2 grenades at the start of each round. There is also a big bug on Ascension where the box completely despawns after the teddy bear shows up. Everything but this bug I can deal with but the bug is unacceptable I got to round 37 only to find out I’m stuck with a pack a punched thunder gun and a cross bow with no ammo for either, Also there is no mule kick or I would have bought that and a wall gun. But it kind of ruined this version of the game for me. The reason I deem this unacceptable is because this game has been on the App Store for a couple years now and it’s a PAID APP. If you want to replay bo zombies go back to your 360 or ps3 the game has aged well..Version: 1.3.5

Good game but some minor complaintsOk soooo Ive been playing this game since it has been released. It is a very good game. The only complaints that I have is that there are not that many updates. I personally think there should be more maps and weapons. I dont think you could add snipers due to software or hardware issues but if you could I think it could really boost the game by alot. Graphics are pretty solid, nothing to much to say there. The animations are great. Call of the dead is one of the hardest maps (in my opinion) and I think it is really pretty easy on this game. Five wouldve been a good substitute for call of the dead and maybe a extra map for the next update. So overall great game and nothing is too terribly wrong with it. ONE MORE CONCERN THOUGH... PLEASE ACTIVISION ADD MORE UPDATES I REMEMBER WHEN WHEN THE GAME FIRST CAME OUT EVERYONE WAS SO HYPED FOR IT NOW IT HAS KINDA DIED OVER TIME I THINK IF YOU ADD MORE UPDATES MORE PEOPLE WILL COME BACK AND PLAY IT.Version: 1.3.5

Almost perfect...First off, Good job Activision and Treyarch for making this amazing addition to the games on my phone. I don’t know if I can thank you guys enough for making this. I know that it would be hard to include everything from the console versions of this game into the mobile version. Mostly snipers and an animation when you shoot the thunder gun at the zombies to make them go flying (instead of a poof of smoke). I wish that the ray-gun did splash damage and the automatic rifles to be more precise and responsive. Other than that it a great mobile game and I hope that new things will come in the future, especially because Black Ops 4 is coming out soon. Also in the BO2 trailer for Origins, Takeo has a katana. Yet it is never implied that he has it in the game when you start. Can you do something about that please? And add it to other games too. Thank you a lot..Version: 1.3.5

Pros and cons about this gameNow, i downloaded this game like a week ago, and i am pretty much enjoying this! I know what u might say, "This game hasn't been updated since 2013, how is it good?" Well, thats why i made my own pros and cons about this game. Lets start with pros: First, you can play anywhere you want. Second, there is i think at least 25 zombies max per round, which means going to high rounds is really easy. Third, all u really need for this game is the Zeus Cannon and a Ray Gun that are pack a punched. Fourth, in Kino, u can actually play music just like the console version! Last but not least, you can save your game. So if your phone or iPad needs to charge, save the game, and you are back where u were. Now, onto cons. Remember, this is my opinion, so u don't need to agree. First, the game is too easy, that you can get out of sticky situations easily, like in a corner. You are able to move zombies if you bump into them, which supports my first con. Second, theres sometimes you are stuck on invisible barriers that are placed where it shouldn't be a invisible barrier. Third, if you do the grenade animation, and try to swap your gun at the same time, you will equip no weapons. And after 4 seconds, you will go down. Last but not least, when u kill a crowd of zombies, the character that u used will use 2, or 3 lines at the same time. So, thats all. Do I recommend it? Yeah, I do. So, buy it if you want to!.Version: 1.3.5

Amazing game, but a few bugsSo... this game is really good and if you’re into call of duty zombies than this is for you, it has most bo1 maps ancinsion, kino, and call of the dead, and even dead ops arcade. But of course all games have some cons. For example sometimes you character will say two lines at a time and if you throw a grenade and it doesn’t get out of you hand and you switch weapons it will explode in your hand. And the controls are a little wacky as well. The graphics aren’t all that great but, what else can you ask from a mobile game. Has lots of bugs but there is just something nastalgic about it, it brings me back to the 360 days. And to be fair it’s a mobile game that is built for console and pc and it’s really good. But overall this game is amazing and I really recommend it for all cod zombies lovers, stay strong my zombies community. (All of this is based on my opinion btw).Version: 1.3.5

More goods than badsThis game does a great job at replicating the original Xbox 360, PS3, and Steam (and I guess Wii) game. It has everything in it that the original Zombies mode has. Except for some small things, everything's there. First off, if you want this for a phone, just don't get it. The buttons are crammed on the screen and are not easy to get to. However, I got it on the iPhone and the iPad, and the iPad is way better with that. Anyway, it runs smoothly with little to no lag! Sometimes the controls can get pretty annoying, but once you get used to them, they feel fine. The only thing that's missing is the DLC. I'm really just talking about the 4th DLC pack that has all of the WaW maps on it. I know that there is already a WaW zombies app, but I want to keep everything on one app. Also, Black Ops adds little things here and there that make the maps way better. Anyways, I gave it 3 stars because of the iPhone version and the lack of DLC. Anyway, that's it..Version: 1.3.5

Why u should get this game!I am a huge zombies fan and I got this so I could play in the car. When I Reyes it out it had different modes like easy and hard. The easy mode was good I use it as a getting a grip and it was good for new players especially when you are new or need to see how to play. The reason I gave it a 4 star is because it was a fun game and loved the maps they put in some of my favorite maps in zombies, what was bad was the graphics the look like world at war's but you can't expect good ones on a phone it can't handle as much as a Xbox or a ps could if they did put in good graphics then it would be lagging 24/7 ,ps I am a huge call of duty fan if you couldn't tell..Version: 1.3.5

It's so fun and addicting, butThis game is a lot of fun to the people that want to play Black ops zombies on the go, this game is easy to play and easy to learn even for players that don’t know how zombies works. Ive owned this game since 2012, I still have it Installed Even after all these years. Now for the negative side of things. This game lacks game developers that fix bugs, activation doesn’t care for this game anymore witch is a great shame because this is a such good port. The multiplayer side barely works with it using Game Center, I was only able to get into one multiplayer game. Long story short, this is a great game, one of the best games on the iOS store. But this game is old, Activation doesn’t care for it anymore and the only reason I didn’t give 5 stars is because the lack of bug fixes let let alone more maps. I still highly recommend this game!.Version: 1.3.5

It’s a good game with 2 little issuesI love C.O.D. Zombies but I’ve got this Bluetooth controller I would love to set up with this first of all it would be a lot easier and more fun for me to play on the go and least show the controls and a button dedicated to shooting it’s easier and more fun. My second issue is multiplayer, me and a friend loved to play cod zombies with him on Xbox but I don’t have an Xbox anymore so we got this game to play with each other still but it requires a lot to play online if you made require less than a bet a lot more people would buy it to play with their friends too you can even add a little accounts and friends things for cod zombies mobile. Those are my two issues but overall the game is AMAZING AND FUN anyone who likes surviving rounds in games I recommend this it is a great game and mostly worth the money but if anyone who works on the game please fix these two issues but this a great game for anyone wondering if it’s worth the money it is mostly so I would get it unless you need dedicated buttons then it’s a little hard but like I said it’s mostly worth the money.Version: 1.3.5

When is there gonna be an update?Legit its a good game but when can we expect an updated version or a better one considering cod mobile is doing well. Do you think that cod mobile and cod zombies can actually work together by any chance? I’m just asking for the most part considering zombies has been out of the game for a while, which is the reason that got me to download this game and got me wondering if there is any chance for this in future. Also most people who downloaded cod mobile actually just wanted to play zombies mode because it was fun and cool for the most part. But regardless i love both games i just hope for at least an update or improvements on this game sometime later down the line some day..Version: 1.3.5

Good but not stableThis is honestly better than I thought. It doesnt even use that much battery life or anything! The major downsides are the confusing multiplayer menus, MAJOR stability issues, and no real option for controls. The game loves to crash. So far I can play and have a lot of fun on my own, until the game crashes and I am taken to my home screen. A good thing for when it does crash, it saves my progress, sometimes even saving from the exact point I left off and not just the beggining of the round. There is also a slight problem with the mystery box where it never respawns after getting the teddy bear. I believe this may be an issue in randomizing the location for it to spawn but I am not 100% sure. There is also weird and confusing controls, I would much rather buttons to shoot, and not tapping the side of the screen. Honestly, just fix the stability, the mystery box glitch, and controls and everything will be perfect for me. Multiplayer is a plus but not needed, and above that, the game is actually pretty smooth. Overall I like it a lot, but I would very much like an update to iron out the small issues..Version: 1.3.5

Best mobile game with one issueThis game is great. Very great. I understand they couldent put all the maps in (five, shangri la and moon) because of the low price. I understand the game would be too big to add in the main Easter eggs. I understand that the graphics aren't as good as regular black ops 1. I understand the no dolphin diving or the short time in between the rounds or how only 28 zombies spawn a round like back in world at war. but there is one dang problem with this game which activision couldove easily fixed. That one problem is the multiplayer. It says all you gotta do is tap the map you want just like a public match. But no. You have to memorize the people they matched you up with' names, invite them, then prey they join or the game dosent glitch out. I've only gotten it to work once in my entire 2 year period of playing this game. And it would be so easy to fix. Get the message..Version: 1.3.5

Very impressive port of the classic Black Ops zombies, needs a little workI downloaded this map as a huge zombies fan, after contemplating the purchase for many weeks, i received an itunes gift card from a friend and decided to buy. I do not regret that decision at all, as this mere sub-$10 app packs as much of a punch as the machine. This bundle comes with Kino Der Toten (The theater), Ascension (The launch site), Call of The Dead (The movie), and -if you find all the tokens- Dead Ops Arcade (The well, arcade). Quite a deal, each map filled to the rim with almost identical content as the originals excluding easter eggs, including musical, which brings me to my one true complaint. Aside from missing other maps like Five (Pentagon), and Moon (The moon, duh), the only complaint i have is not being able to play music simultaneously. I mean seriously? Its 2016, and i have the zombies soundtrack on my phone, perhaps i want to listen directly to the easter egg music as i play, or maybe just some metal, and as soon as i open the app, my music pauses and i cant play it until i exit the app. Quite a shame and very simple fix, please get on it Activision..Version: 1.3.5

Not worth the $$. It's pretty good. Nothing special.I have played all the zombie games on Xbox and this is just okay. Lots of flaws like struggling to knife, zombies getting stuck in walls, and the mystery box not re spawning after going away. It does allow you to play zombies on a mobile device which is the only pro to buying and playing this game with friends. It's a shell of a game compared to the real thing. I wouldn't waste my money on this again. Biggest con is that there are no updates. The creators made this and haven't touched it again. Always consider the company when playing a mobile game; will they work to improve and update the game regularly? Are they excessive with pushing in-app transactions? Check out Supercell games and Niantic..Version: 1.3.5

Use to love this game.I bought this game way back when the iPod touch 4 was relevant. I remember on the way to school I would play it, and my friends and I used to compete to see who gets to the highest round. I’ve had it on my phones over the years and never played it. Just recently I’ve decided to play it for nostalgic reasons, and this game did not really age to well. I tried using a controller to play (which is my one complaint about this game, it doesn’t allow for controller connect) but if it did that would be awesome, and make this game more playable to this day. I would also be down for a whole remaster or a newer version of this game, and I would be willing to pay for, plus if it had more then black ops maps, that would be cool also..Version: 1.3.5

Don't waste your moneyI bought this app in tandem with my husband for the sole purpose of playing co op. He is gone for a couple months for work and it's a good way for us to hang out, even though we are so far in distance. Spent $14 between the two of us and have spent numerous hours trying to connect with each other to play and no such luck. He sends me an invite or vice versa and one of us accepts; after that screen I always get put into our lobby but his phone says connecting and entering room and then ends with an error message: unable to enter room. We have looked up solutions; deleted and reinstalled, tried during times of better connection and nothing has worked. Tried to go to the Activision help page for this app and it cannot be found. Don't charge people for an app that you don't even have a help page for. All and all I'm extremely frustrated with this purchase and just want our money back. It may only be $14 to some people, but to me it's basically throwing away $14...if you are looking to buy this app for co op with someone in particular, be careful and I wouldn't even try honestly..Version: 1.3.5

Too easy don’t expect a challengeThis game is way too easy but if you wanna just hop on and have a good time I suppose so but for 6.99 it’s more than decent. graphics aren’t that terrible could’ve pass for a original Xbox game. even map selection is pretty good you got kino der untoten dead ops arcade asencion call of the dead but they should’ve got five in there instead of ascension, because five is iconic. also there is no celebrity cast in call of the dead they could’ve done that to five too just put in the ultimus crew aka Nikolai richtofen takeo and Dempsey other than that it’s pretty dang sweet but again it’s sooo easy like I got round 226 so yeah bye!.Version: 1.3.5

Getting Better, butFinally multiplayer works but only when I vote for a map. I hate the crouch button it gets in the way when I'm moving. I'm also an older guy seems like only kids play this. I enjoy playing, not complaining but feel weird about playing multiplayer. I still think World at War is better because I can move around the maps so much easier, even though the graphics are better in this game. I wish EA would update WAW, too many hackers; they play for about five minutes get bored because they have all the weapons and leave. I'd love to find a steady stream of players in WAW or this version that enjoy playing longer than 20 minutes. I'm starting to get the hang of this though. Looking for adult players that enjoy playing. "IntenseOne". I'm getting better at this game, though I still can't figure out why it won't let me play multiplayer. It's very frustrating..Version: 1.3.5

Fun, but...I just got this game and am in love with it. It’s call of duty: zombies, but, the mobile version. Which means you can play it anywhere you want without any restrictions. But there’s a glitch/bug where if you lose the mystery box and it moves, it doesn’t actually move. You won’t be able to use the mystery box for countless rounds because when it’s supposed to move to another location, it just disappears forever. That’s kinda frustrating because if you run out of ammo, you won’t have very many options for weapons. You’re just stuck using the wall weapons that are weaker than the box weapons. It’s not fun to play zombies, knowing that you’ll, pretty much, be restricted from getting better weapons from the mystery box. Please fix this glitch/bug, I beg you, Activision. I wanna keep playing this game, but I wanna have fun while playing it. Also, you should add full controller support, it would make this game even better..Version: 1.3.5

The solution to cod mobile zombiesI came to this because I could not take it anymore I needed mobile zombies and 7$ was well worth it, sure it has the quality of a ds game but it has potential, if they updated this with improved textures, improved sound quality, give it better controls and the cod mobile hud, I would play it non stop, plus it would be monetized so you guys at activision could have your money, but also you need to reboot the online play by connecting it to cod mobile and allowing friends to join with mic and add the raid mode as a SECONDARY MODE, I know you guys got bad reviews for that but that’s because normal zombies was held as a secondary mode and raids were really fun..Version: 1.3.5

Pretty good for mobileIt works well in some aspects like how it’s basically sorta a port from the actual black ops game, but theres not enough settings to my liking for it to be really great. Like if you added where to shoot you just had to hold the right side instead of tapping it, then holding or however the hell you got it. Also not being able to jump is stupid. Being able to move the buttons or making them bigger would be nice too. Also the AUG’s sight you cannot see thru making it impossible to aim it. The buttons also don’t seem to work half the time when pressed so thats super annoying. The more and more I think of the things that need fixing the more i feel entitled to leave a bad review..Version: 1.3.5

This game is amazing just missing few more thingsOkay this game is overall amazing,and I've always loved playing black ops 1 zombies even till this day. I know MULE KICK is a new perk-a-cola but do you mind adding it to the game because that perk is what I was expecting in the last update, and also more maps so we (as a community) can have more fun and time to play the game and the more maps, the more people that would get attracted to the game, which means more money ACTIVISION!!! Also the mystery box disappears after the first time you find it, like how am I supposed get new guns and stand long per in the games. That would be a big update especially with mule kick and new maps getting added. Anyways please add mule kick soon and some more maps, thank you so much activision . I'm hoping to see a big update coming soon!!.Version: 1.3.5

Zombie reviewIt’s a good game a lot of good like bro your playing zombies in your phone and good bo1 maps sadly not the moon one but the one where your at the space station and kino also the ship one a other cool thing is that it’s easy to get the ray gun and I don’t remember what the other gun is called but the bad things are when you shoot a zombie with a ray gun most of the time their crawlers and it doesn’t kill them all the way and also it doesn’t support Xbox controllers which is a bit annoying I don’t know if play station controller can connect to other devises I had one before but it broke a other annoying this is sometimes when your shooting and try to turn it won’t turn so you have to stop shooting I mean it’s sick that you can play on your phone but it needs to be updated more and support controllers so other then that it’s a good game I don’t know if it was worth it but it’s fun to play while bored.Version: 1.3.5

Good game, but it sure as hell needs an updated playlist!!!I’ve had this app on every phone I’ve had. And it’s always been fun to pick up and play, but it needs an update. At least add a few more zombies maps like “Origins” or “Moon”. Just please add more stuff to the game, because I’m getting tired of playing the same maps over and over again. I’m not saying delete Kino or any of the others because they are in from time to time, but please update this game. Shed a little light on the mobile community (even though I have these maps on console). It would just be fun to play different maps on the go! 🙌🏻.Version: 1.3.5

Really good game but some problemsOk number one i love call of duty and this is definitely worth 7$. The controls could be better but hey I’ll still work with it. One thing tho, for some reason I can’t play online and that’s pretty much the main reason of me purchasing this game. The games functions work like you In cod world at war but that still isn’t a problem. Dead ops arcade is one of my favorite games of all time and that’s another main reason. Also in call of the dead when you shoot the boss he doesn’t do his scream😕. But still good game I defiantly recommend you buying this but if there is a way to fix the online for me please tell me!!! Also the reason I gave it 4 stars because of the controls also the online isn’t working. Still great game.Version: 1.3.5

Disappointed/UpsetI have always loved the whole call of duty series mobile and platform gaming so when I seen this on the App Store I put it on my wish list and when I had a few extra dollars to spend I went ahead and bought it. After playing the first version and reading the reviews I thought it would be a great game but I was wrong...The game itself is fun but once your past a few waves and found the box it disappears after the first teddy bear no where to be seen again. There's no fun in the game if your stuck with horrible weapons all the time. The only plus is the occasional fire sale coupons that zombies drop(maybe 1:250) if your lucky. I been putting up with it for a while thinking it would eventually fix itself and let me find the mystery box again but of course it doesn't happen. In my opinion don't buy this game until the bug is fixed. I'm reporting it to apple and demanding my money back..Version: 1.3.5

Graphics, Lag, GlitchesThis game is absolutely great. Worth every penny. --- But why only 3 stars? Because of the Graphics, lag and glitches. Graphics problem- Very poor designs Lag- Multiplayer is a pain to play. If someone is playing far away from you, let's say you're in the U.S and they're in Asia, the lag and the connection is so bad, you might as well not play. Glitches- Multiplayer and singleplayer. When you're hitting the mystery box and you get a teddy bear, the box does not spawn until you get a Fire Sale. Worst case scenario is if you have bad weapons and no points. --- ALSO, add more maps! I'm getting bored of playing Kino with people online. "Well, you should play different maps." No, there are basically no other maps I can play because the time it takes to find people on Ascension, Call of the Dead, and Dead Ops Arcade is way too long. Add more maps like Five and possibly a new one just dedicated for the mobile version. You put your effort into it and you get good ratings and reviews. OVERALL, like I said, definitely a game worth every penny. Like Black Ops but don't wanna get out of bed to play it? Get this game. Lay in bed all you want, talk to other people/friends, and have a great time. Thanks for reading..Version: 1.3.5

NICE GAME STILL (KINDA) NEEDZ WORKSo I am an avid lover of iPod shooters and cod zombies for iPod touch is a great example. I’m sure a lot of people fondly remember the first game WaW Zombies for iPod which included 4 really smoothly designed maps and also u could play with another iPod via Bluetooth. This was on like the 3rd gen of iPod touches and it ran smooth as heck! It was challenging and easy depending on what u put you difficulty on. Also I think it had better controls thank BLACK OPS ZOMBIES. This new game is awesome don’t get me wrong I love it I just wish it had the same smoothness as the work at war zombies I get that it was treyarch and my activision but still.. if this game had another update to make it more similar to the original zombies then it would be a home run. I feel it didn’t get as much attention because if it’s lanky controls.Version: 1.3.5

Very good gameIf you already have this game on the Xbox I recomend you don't get it here because the graphics (as expected) are worse and the total gameplay lacks a bit from the Xbox and PS3 versions. However if you're someone like me who doesn't own the game it is amazing. For IOS 5.1.1 the graphics are stunning and the controls are decent. The problem with the controls is that for me, I play many fps games and like to manipulate the controls to make them in the same spots but this game you can't move them at all. This is the only zombies game you'll find with an expierience anything like the consol version. I've played dead trigger 1 and 2 and they don't have multiplayer. This game filled my needs after I got $10 in gift cards off of app bounty. Great game to purchase overall if you have the money in your acct!.Version: 1.3.5

Do not purchase this appThe only reason I gave this app a 5 star is in hopes that people would see my review before buying. This is a terrible game, they hardly even tried and it shows. The terrible graphics, clunky controls and downright shameful gameplay make it apparent that this was just a money grubbing scheme. If you would like a mobile Call of Duty zombies game, purchase the "CoD: World at War Zombies" app. It's 2 dollars cheaper, has much better graphics, more maps, controls that are easy and comfortable to use, and all of the weapons and easter eggs from its original console games. That app is worth the money, this app is not. Do not waste your money on this pathetic excuse for a mobile CoD game..Version: 1.3.5

Perfect just PerfectSo I got Call of Duty Zombies today and got to round 83 on Kino and oh boy did I have a blast this was the most I was so invested in playing a game on my phone. First of the graphics are great even tho this is a 2013 game it’s still looks really good and the weapons and movement feel great as well. Now as this game hasn’t been updated for so long there are some bugs but the big stuff still work really well and will want you going back to play I hope that one day they can make another zombies mobile game and make just as good as this one is. I will be for sure investing so much time in to this game and if you want to buy this BUY IT trust it’s worth it..Version: 1.3.5

Update maps and Bluetooth paringLook you guys a make a great game you have been doing it for years and making one of your most best zombies games for a pocket version is just even cool and beautifully well done but you guys need to give us new maps like moon five or Other maps it gets kinda boring that we don't have any new maps or guns or perks like mule kick and can you make it Bluetooth paring like with call of duty world at war I really want new maps or if you make the new maps for the pocket well they have Easter eggs? And can ps4 get those old call of duty maps like Xbox one did ? I just want a better experience that I didn't have with old gen since I sold mine for bo3 hopeing that you guys would give ps4 old maps plz give the pocket edition more maps thank you CAN WE GET MORE UPDATES PLZZZZZZZ !!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.3.5

This Game Is Amazing Still To This Day!To The People Who Look At This, This Game Is A Must Buy If You Want Nostalgia. This Game Can Bring Back So Many Memories Playing This Game On Console Or When It Came Out On Mobile! This Game Isn’t The Best, But It Still Is On Console. The Great Things About This Game Is You Can Still Activate The Song ‘115’ Just Like On Console, And That’s What I Call Nostalgia. Secondly, The Game Gives You Free DLC Maps Basically Because On Console, You Have To Buy All But One Map On Console. The One Map You Don’t Have To Buy And You Get For Free On Console Is Kino Der Toten. The Only Map You Get On Console. On Mobile, You Don’t Get Them All, But The Two Other Maps Were The Ones I Wanted To Buy. Now, Even Though This Game Isn’t As Fun Because Theirs No Multiplayer, And It Glitches The Box A Lot, It’s Still A Great Nostalgic Game, And That’s Why I Love It So Much. To Avoid The Box Glitch Is To Hope To Get Fire Sales A Lot. Either Way, This Game Is Gives You Too Much Nostalgia To Turn It Down..Version: 1.3.5

Fantastic Game Under One ConditionMay I just say that I am a diehard zombies fan! I love playing zombie survival games on console and especially my iPad. I have been playing this game for years and the love for it has stuck with me till this day. Since I have an old iPad I am unable to play online multiplayer but that is an issue I can deal with since I prefer to play solo and a lot of the time I can play local with my friend. But Activision if you see this could you please add more maps or add some sort of Easter Egg onto the maps! Also if you could make maybe another app of the BO2 Zombie maps that would be great too!! Thank you for reading my review and have a great day! 😄.Version: 1.3.5

It's Zombies! Buy it NOOOOWWWWWW!If you are looking for COD Zombies on your phone (an awfully specific quest), look no further. This app has it all. You get 3 maps, Dead Ops Arcade, and awesome controls. OK, they don't inspire awe, but you know what I mean. The only problem with the controls is that the max sensitivity isn't that high. However, I have a taste for ultra high sensitivity, so it might just be me. I have 2 other problems: first, there are "COD Points", which just feel like you're cheating. Microtransactions in Zombies?!? What?!? The other problem I have is that the save and quit feature only works about half the time. Sometimes it works, other times zombies fail to appear and/or glitch out. That means that you have to have long playing sessions, which is pointless if you have the console version nearby. But, hey, it's COD Zombies on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Great..Version: 1.3.5

I would buy this game without a doubtThe reason why I would buy this game is because I have always been a fan of the call of duty zombies series and I sometimes I will go somewhere like the train station or waiting in traffic and while I am waiting I can play one of my favorite game series anywhere now! It is fun with a few good maps imo my favorite map is Kino der toten, it always has been on the old black ops. Although there is just one thing I don’t really like, the players only have about 3 or 4 voice lines so even if the developers decided to update this game I would like if they added more voice lines and if they could fix rendering but that’s fine because it is only a mobile game after all, but with that out of the way, this game is really fun and you can buy this game if you want!.Version: 1.3.5

It's good, but not quite there yet.Although the game is addicting to play, mostly because I enjoy playing COD Zombies, there's still room for improvement. Such as the mystery box doesn't respond after it vanishes. I'm not sure if that's to help make the gameplay more challenging, but I would like for that to be fixed. I had just finished playing it not too long ago and the box was gone before I even reached level ten (10). I also noticed a lot of lagging lately. For an example: I was trying to make my character run to the left and all of a sudden, he ended up tying straight into the zombies. Same thing happens with the zombies. I try to run around them and they reappear right in front of me. As for playing online (local wifi), it's fun and reminds me about playing on the console, but the same problems apply and the mic acts up. There's either too much static, or only one person hears the other while the other doesn't. It gets kind of annoying. I would also like to add that there's some weapons that aren't given to us like the console does. Why is that? And the characters say the same thing over and over again. Could you please look into these problems and have it updated immediately? Other than that, this game gets a good 4/5 stars!.Version: 1.3.5

Still great after all these yearsI remember playing this game on my 4s. Now with an Xr the screen real estate helps much more but this game hasn’t had an update in 3 years which is sad because it’s great to be able to enjoy the CoD zombies experience on mobile but it does have bugs. I can’t get online play to work even with a great connection, but maybe your experience will be different. I had to play with the sensitivity, no way you’ll be able to run and gun without it. After level 20 the mystery box will not reappear after it moves and the teleporter wouldn’t cool down so I could only pack-a-punch my weapons once. Let the zombies have me after level 26 from finger exhaustion, but I imagine iPad players won’t have this problem. I really wish online would work, would really add to the replayability of this game and the zombies game mode, to me, is better with more players but it’s still fun to pass the time. Even still I find it one of the best zombie shooters on mobile, just really wish treyarch would fix the online issue but I know this game is long gone from their radar. Matter of time before it ends up like WaW zombies and gets removed from activision’s list. But maybe, just maybe we’ll see “CoD Zombies Mobile” one day..Version: 1.3.5

Enjoyable but littered with bugsI’ve played this game for awhile now and have enjoyed it, but i’ve noticed many problems with it (Single player only). First of all on rare occasions the zombies will walk through walls and the air without any intent to kill the player which seems to be unfixable. Second the game will constantly crash if using shotguns or peppering zombies with gunfire, both of which being game breaking bugs. I’ve tried everything in the “performance section” and even made sure low battery mode was off and all other backround apps were closed, but this did little to nothing. I even have an iPhone 7! The other minor problem would be the mystery box as it doesn’t respawn if the teddy bear is acquired. Plus I’m sure many other users would love more of the classic maps. Please update this app!.Version: 1.3.5

Pretty GoodI like this game. I do. However there are a few aspects of the game that I don't like. Such as the glitch with the mystery box where it only appears once and every other time it has to appear by a fire sale. Also in multiplayer, you seem to be only able to play with one other person. Whenever a lobby has four or three, half of the players disconnect from each other. I'd also like to see more maps implemented into the game. I love kino and all but it gets tiresome having to play the same map over and over again. Overall it's a pretty good game. The multiplayer matches can get pretty laggy of the people are located far away from each other and the Game Center invite doesn't work but it's a good game. I recommend it to be around $5 or so. If it is then I don't know, I can't see the price since I already bought it..Version: 1.3.5

Wow you guys got it right!!I reached level 38!! I was trying to get to 100 but I froze up and it said to rate the game!! Well I did!! Great game it’s perfect!! Great work at activision The sensitivity problem fixed! This game is how can I say it,umm it perfect for ya call of duty zombies addictive mindset!! Yes I say 100 stars if they had that option but they only have 5stars!! I give 100 stars anyways! Thanks at activision! Keep em comin,lil bill the rap god Okay the sensitivity is an issue again can you guys help make the sensitive for turning better please Make handling on screen more sensitive ? And also one more thing where is the power in call of the dead?.Version: 1.3.5

Done good but...I personally like the call of duty series and this game makes a very ambitious jump for the full zombies experience. My wish is that the automatic fire on the machine guns would be more respondant, and that there would be more time in between rounds, but other than that, this is a great game! The graphics are something to be desired, but still good. The gameplay is fine and I like it, but one other annoyance is that the characters say the same things over and over again. And while I personally wanted "Five" and moon, the maps that you guys gave us are great. Thank you Activision for making this game and I hope the new maps are on the way. *Update When I saw that this game got its update, I couldn't have been happier. This game is amazing to play, if at first. Most weapons, perks, knives, etc. are all here (minus snipers, more than likely for hardware issues) and the zombies are just as gross and killable as ever. But the excitement starts to wane as you realize that, even over its multiple years of updates, tune-ups, and formatting, nothing major has been added to this game. No new maps, no new character lines, no new weapons (not even for BO3 promotion), nothing. After playing a few matches of each map, the novelty of playing zombies on mobile starts to wane as you long for Five, Shangri-La, and Moon. Fine as is, but no more than three stars until more care is taken of this ingenious addition to the App Store..Version: 1.3.5

Needs an updateThis game was a great way to give COD a jump to mobile. One thing that needs to happen ASAP is the zombies glitching out of the map. This virtually makes the game unplayable. Around the 9th-12th wave the zombies don’t spawn in. I opened every single door and there were no zombies. What weird is during this sometimes you see one walk out of a wall just to walk back through another wall. The if you see one during this they go from being hostile to simply glitching into a wall. Other than that the controls are smooth. But the only thing you need is an update for this to make the game playable from the rounds this occurs. Thank you.Version: 1.3.5

A Truly Fun GameThis game is really really fun. There not dumb complications to it it’s simple, you jump in with a pistol and progress as far as you can with increasingly difficult zombies, but increasingly effective weapons. This game isn’t like the new Call of Duty with unnecessary customization this is simple you chose a character, a map, and a difficulty. I wish they could have made the new Call of Duty mobile game like this. I do have a few complaints. There are few maps. I think if they added all the maps from the console game to this it would be the best mobile FPS shooter out there. My other complaint is that this game is not compatible with the controller. What I mean is that I can connect my PS4 controller to my phone through Bluetooth but I cannot do anything in game using the controller, I am aware this is a 2010 game and not only was the PS4 unreleased but connecting it to a phone was not yet a thing, but having an update would be nice. One other thing is Co-op doesn’t seem to work but this game is so good I can overlook that..Version: 1.3.5

Good but bad controlsFirst of all the game is good it’s self the only thing that got me messed the controls/ buttons. I was expecting for there to be custom huds like most new games that need lots of buttons. Customs huds would make the game more better. Also adding more buttons for interactions or just moving would be better. I’ve noticed that in order to do somethings u have to hold down a button like to change weapons you have to hold down the reload or grenade button idk which one it was. But yea as I said making more buttons for everything else and adding custom huds for people to make their own controllers would be nice and good for everyone.Version: 1.3.5

Thank you, Activision.I still have some hatred in my heart for you, Activision, but you recognized the demand for this game and you fixed it accordingly, bringing it from 3 stars to 5. My only problems with it now are these: - Hellhound rounds are too foggy - Fully automatic guns aren't very responsive, unlike Call of Duty: WaW Zombies for iPhone - I don't like the concept of CoD points - Ascension isn't black and white until the power comes on, like it should be - Call of the Dead is chock-full of bugs - Control sensitivity should have a higher relative setting - Detail setting shouldn't just add fog to the map - Zombies spawn too quickly after the round start sound plays - Zombies hit too fast. They should wait a second before trying to hit you in early rounds - I know that this would take a lot of manpower, not to mention how much graphical power would be needed to run it... But I'd love to see a port of "Five". - Thundergun is too frequent in the box on Kino - No Mule Kick on Kino - Headshots don't work correctly on later rounds - Teddy bear is too frequent in the box. I hit it and it teleported, then I went to hit it again in its new location, and the first thing I got was the teddy bear. Good luck, 3arc!.Version: 1.3.5

CrashesThis game is amazing. I got my cousin to get the game so we can play it together. We got to round 20 ish when I crashed. I knew there was the reconnect to prior session feature, but when you join back, you lose all your progress. A round or 2 later, my cousin crashes. Ended up dying on round 25. Please fix the crashing or recommend me any ways to fix it. This isn’t the only problem though. Sometimes the map shows where the mystery box is, but when you go to that location, the box isn’t there. This irritated my cousin and I, and I’m pretty sure every other person who has experienced the same thing. Overall this game is pretty good, but has a couple flaws..Version: 1.3.5

Black ops zombiesGood morning Activision. I am here to tell u about this game black ops 1 zombies well of course I would talking about this because why would I be asking a random anyway I am off track right now well it is about the maps and characters Call of the dead Is really the story about the 4 main characters stuck in a closet and the 2 other maps are not even in here so plz Activision this will help us and last plz change the graphics I know u have done a good job but for real man it is 2017 this game is becoming more popular now plz add the two dlc maps Shangri La and Moon and the other map witch is Five the Pentagon also can u have a settings that makes the touch stick smaller and bigger plz 🙏🏾. One ☝🏾 this will make u more money (that didn't make sense but u know I mean right right big money big money 🤑🤑🤑🤑) Plz read this and understand that we love this game and it will be so popular well it is 🤔🤐👍🏾. But plz Activision we appreciate the offer that u gave thank you 😊 and take care everybody.Version: 1.3.5

Awesome!!!I love being able to take black ops zombies with me wherever I go now. My only issue is the controls are kind of bad at times and the fact that all the maps aren’t available. After paying for the actual app itself, you should have access to all of the maps. Also, whenever I try and play online with other players it won’t let me, it claims “network not allowed” which I have no clue why. I have AT&T and have paid for the app and so I should be able to play online with others. I have also tried connecting to WiFi and playing and it’s still won’t allow me to. So I’m stuck playing by myself. It’s all good though, it’s still fun and a lot like playing it on the actual console. Now to just bring it to Nintendo Switch 💜😁.Version: 1.3.5

Classic Treyarch Call of Duty ZombiesReally love how much detail you put on the gore and maps. Pretty great and fun to kill zombies, and also, you can continue where you left off anytime you want as long you don't switch to any maps in New Game, which is great cuz I don't want to be playing long to survive the longest. But, the app has a few downsides, there are only 3 maps and 1 arcade game to play. I wished you guys added Shangri-la, Five, and Moon into the game cuz this is Black Ops zombies and we need those maps in the app. Also, the main characters appear in one map in which they shouldn't, which Call of the Dead. I wished you guys could've added the actors in the app instead of the main characters. Also, the game over theme from Ascension and Call of the Dead, shouldn't be in Kino Der Toten and must be played with their original game over theme like the one in the console version. And, a big disappointment to consumers who has to be offended by swatstikas on Flags and arm straps by Nazi zombies and Richtofen and forced you guys to replace it with the hawk-looking symbol. Man, these kids need to grow up and learn not to be offended by such weak artwork. Anyway, it is still a great portable game to play. I enjoy it and give it 10/10. (:.Version: 1.3.5

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Great Game But…COD Black Ops Zombies is a great game and super addictive the more you play it and I love every part of it! But there is one thing I would absolutely love if they developers add this in… The maps that are on the Xbox version. I’d love it if they added in the bus map from Xbox! Please also add more maps developer I love this game so much I recommend this game so much it’s so good!.Version: 1.3.5

Amazing App But Servers Don’t WorkThis Is My Favourite Mobile App I Have But Unfortunately When Me And My Friend Both Bought This Game Expecting To Play Online And The Servers I Know This Is An Old Unsupported Game But I’m Begging You To Fix Or Put The Servers Back Up.Version: 1.3.5

Fantastic gameBesides the great game play, this game does need more maps, playing both of the call of duty zombies on the iPhone, does get a bit boring, please add more maps would make the whole experience of the game worth wild thank you.Version: 1.3.5

Better then console black opsOk so the game is so good that in the call of duty world at war you can't even run. So now let's talk about the game the best game of 2015 better then the console not that many zombies well I went to round 754 for real no cheats no hacks seriously a 5 year old can play this game it's to easy and in the next few years they might make a black ops 2 on iPads and phones 📱 hope you guys enjoyed.Version: 1.3.5

Needs a lot of improvementNeeds improvement in mainly call of the dead. No traps makes it nearly impossible to survive rounds unless you find the mystery box soon and get lucky with a good gun. George is very annoying just following you around, and if you hit him he gets too fast and even more annoying. I say get rid of him! And add traps! Unless this is fixed I’m not recommending this game to anyone!.Version: 1.3.5

BEST, COD, EVVERRRRRRHey call of duty creators, thank you for creating call of duty black ops zombies. I had a lot of fun playing on it with friends and myself. There is something that I would like you to add, new maps like 'the giant' from black ops 3 and world at war and 'the moon'. Other than that great game soooooo I'll talk to you all later..Version: 1.3.5

Amazing but still has to have a little more tweaksHonestly I love the game it’s so much fun but just the price of the game is a bit bad because a lot of people might not be to afford eleven dollars anyway the was my report on thoughts on the game cheers mate.Version: 1.3.5

Great bugs are fix you can playOne down side is that you can't even play online but it's still an okay game , local play works fine so for a game that only work for half its limit , I give it 3 stars out of 5 because , it's at least playable.Version: 1.3.5

Amazing gameI was reading reviews and apparently it was black and white. I got the game expecting it to be black and white but to my surprise it HAS COLOURS 😁. In general it's a amazing time killer very fun and I would recommend getting it. FIVE STARS HOORAY.Version: 1.3.5

Good Version But One ProblemGood version but one problem for me. Every time the zombies spawn they freeze and then the rounds take longer please make a new update to stop this problem that I'm having basically an update for bug fixes that'd be great.Version: 1.3.5

Good but...This game is really great and fun but it is very confusing when trying to connect online. Also, it is a bit less unrealistic than the other Call of Duty game for the iPhone (Call of Duty: world at war zombies. I am a little disappointed that that got taken down because it was a lot better in my opinion. It’s still a great game. There are also glitches where even when I have a Pack-a-Punched ray gun, it stops affecting zombies around wave 30-40..Version: 1.3.5

DisappointedI’m actually pretty disappointed that I payed money for this game and it’s not even compatible with an external device... cod mobile is compatible with an external controller so I expected a payed game from essentially the same title would have the compatibility to do something as simple as an external controller such as a ps4 controller connected via Bluetooth The screen controls are terrible in comparison to most mobile shooters these days so it doesn’t even make up for the above mentioned issue You basically have to stop moving to reload AT ALL!!! So you end up getting swamped by zombies if in a bad position I spent more time finding out that I couldn’t connect my controller than I did in game and I went to round 9 and only played one game. Extremely disappointed and won’t be giving a better review until this paid game can keep up with the free to play games....Version: 1.3.5

About the gameGreetings developers! Hear me out in 2018 nearly 2019 I would like to consider updating the game so I and my cousins are able to play this! Updates I should definitely consider working out are the maps from call of duty world at war such as verruckt, and also the mystery box always disappears completely! Every single time the teddy bear appears! Even though no one except me and my cousins play this game! I really enjoy this! But I would definitely like the maps from call of duty world at war specially one certain map ONE VERY MAP THAT CONNECTS ALL MAPS der riese PLEASE UPDATE THIS AWESOME GAME THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.3.5

Weird installing problemI Use to play this on My really old iPod 4. I now have an iPad mini 3 and im using the same email and when i try to re install it it works but the screen Colour is negative.Version: 1.3.5

😱Ok so the game can be alittle tricky sometimes but sometimes I play online something bothers me like I did online but for some reason like these people or just weird but THIS GAME IS THE BEST LIKE OMG here are s8me reasons can get nearly any gun in the whole world nearly 2. Zombies get harder which I like. Finally this reason is gonna be great YOUR THE BEST but fix up some other stuff ok thank so I give it 5 out of 5 it’s because it’s so great that I’ll never stop playing this ever ITS THE BEST GAME.Version: 1.3.5

Needs an updateAlthough the game is very entertaining, IT NEEDS AN UPDATE. The zombies glitch sometimes which is very annoying. And levels 40+ are way to hard. Also can you add new maps? Or at least make the previous zombie game available again..Version: 1.3.5

OUTSTANDING! BUT READ THIS!This is actually one of my favourite mobile games, but I’ve played all maps. It would be nice to update it after 3 years and add the rest of the console maps such as five and moon. Also can you fix the multiplayer issue please it would mean a lot. Thank you!.Version: 1.3.5

Great but not great...I only got this cuz one I love cod two they took zombies off cod mobile so I bought this. It is just a little weird compared to cod m but it still is “good”.Version: 1.3.5

Great gameThis is a great game, but there is one things wrong. Randomly ingame after you kill a couple of zombies, they stop spawning. I have tried restarting the app and that doesn't work. I do not know what is wrong with it..Version: 1.3.5

Great gameI’ve always been a fan of cod zombies and this makes it so easy to play on the go I know this is a old game and I’m making a review very late but it’s just so good should add new maps and add the waw maps to it for a even better experience.Version: 1.3.5

FunIs fun to play but it needs to have impression online game play a lot better it takes too long to join a game and it might need some bug fixes I do recommend gating This game. The graphics might need a little bit more including but is fun..Version: 1.3.5

AMAZING GAMEThis game is one of those game I didn’t expect to come but it did so I’m happy and the maps were great but there wasn’t a lot of maps but I’m fin with playing kino all day and night I was playing this 5 hours a day it is so much fun! Sence I played this I played kino and my highest round was 110 on iPad and 47 on Xbox I think I do much better on IPad. All I really want to say it this is an amazing game and keep up the amazing games!.Version: 1.3.5

A good game but some things need to be fixedThis game is so Austin’s and captures the same feelings as back in the good old days of classic call of duty’s but I feel it misses some really important things, 1. The graphics need to be fixed, the game has great detail and stuff like that but some of the details like in black ops 1, this isn’t really a big thing but like some of the stuff aren’t there like in black ops 1 like in kino der toten some items aren’t there that used to be there on the console version. To it’s kinda fuzzy some of the stuff in it. There are 2 things that I want more then the world, cut scenes and even more maps like moon and shing gra la and I would love to see even the world at war maps because you did remove world at war zombies mobile off the App Store also you must have “five” that would be one thing I would love to see. Thank you developers and all of the fun you have brought to my life with this game and I am iternally great full of what you have done here and please update this game I would be so happy to see you “re-animate” this game XD.Version: 1.3.5

Still kickingThe last time this game had an update was 4yrs ago and its still doing amazing or at least for me I can’t seem to find too many people that play it but honestly it keeps me in with its nostalgia, Great game.Version: 1.3.5

Great game but one negativeCall of duty black ops for iPad was a great idea and I had a lot of fun playing it although there is ONE MAJOUR NEGATIVE when I re installed the game on my iPad 3 a message popped up at the start of the game that said low ram and when the loading finished everything went black and whit which made the game really unimersive but the weirdest thing is when I previously had it on my IPad 1 there was no problems the graphics were sharp and clean and I also loved the 4 maps it offers overall If Activision fixed this problem I and others will be able to enjoy this game yet again..Version: 1.3.5

Amazing gameI really enjoy playing this game, they have made it better than the console version. It's fun to see all of the changes they have made..Version: 1.3.5

Good for its Time.Old and outdated compared to any modern iPhone game, but there’s a sorta charm that comes with it. It’s practically one to one in gameplay features with its console counterpart and captures its atmosphere perfectly despite looking like something you’d expect to be made for an N64. Seeing how they managed to squeeze a 7th gen console game onto a phone back when an Xbox 360’s half a GB of RAM made phones look rightfully weak by comparison is cool as hell. That said, the only thing it holds over modern phone shooters is the unique CoD Zombies gameplay, and while that’s good it ain’t really worth it with how out-of-date the control scheme is. If its controls were made to be on par with its modern, unity-engine counterpart in CoD Mobile, I’d say it’d definitely be worth putting up with the outdated graphics for the classic gameplay but as it stands now it’s best to wait until CoD Mobile’s developers get their thumbs out’a their asses and bring back that game’s zombies mode..Version: 1.3.5

AMAZING! But....Add some other maps please or do a cod black ops 2 where you can play in the underground map and play transit thanks guys for a great game hope you continue this someday.Version: 1.3.5

UpdatePlease please please make it controller compatible I really don’t mind the graphics but please just update it in all areas it would make it way more fun.Version: 1.3.5

Full screen mode for iPhone X and upWould be nice to play this at a full screen resolution on my iPhone XR. Also it would be really cool if there can a be a new cod zombies mobile version with zombies that has cod mobile graphics and controls. I don’t like the new cod mobile zombies mode. I like the old school way where you get points to build up so you can get perks, pack a punch and that..Version: 1.3.5

Good but were is moon and Shang grill la add it in the game pleaseI was excited to play it but I was disappointed what there was no moon map or Shang gril la and the wonder weapons what come with it so could you please add those two maps in the game.Version: 1.3.5

SpectacularThis game is such a great game. Graphics are sharp, gameplay is smooth, and enjoyment is always found. Great fun to play with friends, would definitely recommend it. The only downfall of this game is the lack of maps, but hopefully a new update will fix this once and for all. Keep adding new maps, and this will be a top notch game. Overall, great game to play singular or with friends. New maps would improve, but a will recommend to all players..Version: 1.3.5

Good game but things went wrong1 only four maps iv plays them all ecsept. Arcade but more maps is my point and in call of the dead it’s what to hard to find the chest I couldn’t find it and could the perk machines have more then only a couple of goes befor it goes away that’s all thanks.Version: 1.3.5

Great except for the graphics & controlsFirst the graphics, I know it’s a mobile game but so is call of duty mobile and those graphics are really good. The controls are quite wired and again I’m comparing it to call Of Duty mobile, it’s controls are really good for a mobile game. Now for the things that only cod players will understand. Why is pack a punch so different to normal cods pack a punch. Even bo1’s pap is better, all it does is make give it more damage, lazar sounds different colour and that’s all, just give it more personality. Last thing... Bring out zombies on call Of Duty mobile..Version: 1.3.5

A great gameIt's a great game has a lot of potential for some map packs maybe in the future but over all it was a fantastic experience being able to play call of duty zombies on my phone 5/5.Version: 1.3.5

Love it butI have been playing this amazing game for years and I love it but I would like to zombies fly when you use the thunder gun that's all I still tell my friends about and if you can get it you will have hours of fun.Version: 1.3.5

Great game but needs a updateIt was a awesome experience playing it the graphics are great and so is the gameplay but it need more levels for a update have a great day to anyone how is reading this.Version: 1.3.5

COD:BOZ IS DA BEST!!!!!!This is a game where you can relive all the classic call of duty black ops 1 maps such as kino. This game has got me hooked. I would give it five stars but there isn't enough maps. There's only 4 and 1 is dead ops arcade. Overall this game is amazing though. You should get it..Version: 1.3.5

I don’t get thisMy internet connection is fine and it says my connection is not supported for the online something Can you answer please I can’t play online on iPhone 6s.Version: 1.3.5

Excellent but where is bo2 and bo3 maps!?!Amazing game and amazing gameplay, but I would love to see the new maps and games put onto iPad overall 10/10 gameplay.Version: 1.3.5

Could be better optimisedIt’s good but it could run a lot smoother on iPhone X. it seems a bit unresponsive and hard to use compared to many action games. Many free games are better optimised. With that being said, it’s fun and playable..Version: 1.3.5

AmazingThis game is absolutely amazing and I have always loved it all though no one plays online any more which is a bummer and there is a lack in maps, would really like to see all the maps on iOS and an option to see all the people online and too see if there are any games going on please.Version: 1.3.5

Awesome game!This game on iOS is really awesome I will admit although, it would be nice after it's been a while they'd touch up the graphics a bit more... Possibly add a new map? That would be really good but the game it's self is still one of my favourites🙃.Version: 1.3.5

Great Game, Just 1 problemReally great game. But j have run into a problem where when the mystery box moves it doesn't spawn back in another locations until I restart my game..Version: 1.3.5

Update pleaseI feel like I need to spam review and anoy or start some kind of uprising to have more maps made why was such an amazing app abandoned so much potential wasted especially with the cod Mobile app out and it having lost its zombies side give this app a chance to be on top again idk shame really...Version: 1.3.5

Need better controlsHave this game on my ipad and it's pretty entertaining, although it's pretty stupid if there is no buttons to fire... Tapping twice on the screen to shoot really makes the game annoying. Also, work on other maps too, 'five' is one of the best maps in call of duty history. Many bugs too. Needs work on but great work altogether. Three stars because it has those things wrong.Version: 1.3.5

Awesome game But.......This game is absolutely Amazing. The graphics are surprisingly good for a mobile game and the way it works is interesting. I have played some of the games in the past such as World at War Zombies and Call of duty Strike Team and it pleased me as much as this game did. I was shocked when I heard that some Call of Duty games were taken from the App Store. I was thinking you could release a remake of the old games that got taken away, especially Call of Duty World At War Zombies as that was mine and a lot of other people’s favourite game. It would mean the world to me if you could release another version of the old games. Thank You..Version: 1.3.5

Well done GUYS😝😝😝Well done it's very fun and the map packs are cool I don't have asension on my PS3 and I have it on this great love all the maps it's got all the guns from the console version of the game. But wait there's more It doesn't let me play co-op with anyone and it's not as fun then please improve the co-op so I can play with people and also please put the moon map in the game as well. Thanks again for the great game!!!😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝😝.Version: 1.3.5

Good but easyThis game is good, don't get me wrong but still needs improving. 1. There are not many zombies on round 20+ compared to console versions. 2. Starting off is to easy. 3. Zombies get way to tough on round 30+. 4. It is way to easy to survive any round. Seriously, I got up to round 60 didn't take to long. You don't need to be that skilled, when trying to get to round 60 on any other device such as the xbox360,I've had call of duty black ops for a very long time, people tell me I'm actually really good at zombies, yet I can't get as nearly as round 60. Well that's my rating on the game and some improvements to the game that would be much appreciated, so overall I give this game 3 out of 5 stars only because it's a cod game and there always good, I'm not saying that because I'm someone who gives all cod game(even the bad ones) 5 stars or high rating always. It's pretty much just because the graphics are decent(for a iPad game). Gameplay is ok, could be better. It's a time killer which is always nice I suppose. That about raps it up now..Version: 1.3.5

Good game, but needs an update...This is probably one of the best games on the App Store, if you are a COD Zombie fan, this app would mean your life to you (exaggerating), but the thing is, there is no "Five" map, Shangri-La or Moon. I have had this game for a long time and it gets repetitive because you do the same maps 24/7. Also, there are not many zombies, at round 129, I got killed by my own monkey bomb, and I saw that I had roughly 3000 kills. Not many, on console or PC, the kills at that round would probably be around 30 - 40 thousand. Anyway, that is all for this review. Thank you for taking the time of reading this!.Version: 1.3.5

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Version 1.3.5 (2015-12-17): This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. - Added Air 2 compatibility - Various bug fixes.