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■ ■ ■ Appstore BEST of 2012 (PAID/GROSSING) ■ ■ ■

Flick your finger and make a homerun.
You can experience a real baseball batting through the physical pendulum.

This is a game in which you can experience various throws based on the pendulum. The ball will fly further if you can hit the ball directly with the quick flick. Experience a “real-life like” batting simulation.

■ Easy Control---------------------------
You only use flick to control the batting for this game. The more accurate you flick your finger to hit the ball; it is more likely that you will be a home-run hitter.
The rule is simple. Flick your finger with the same feeling in which you would swing a bat in real life. Think of your finger as a bat, and flick it with speed and accuracy. That’s all.

■ Movement of the ball------------------
Various kinds of throws are materialized into “real-life like” feelings. Different pitches pull out different various kinds of movements. Thus, the batter may miss the timing and would be hard to hit.

■ 10 GAME mode------------------------
You can enjoy this game through 5 kinds of mode.
Minor & Major Mode- Hit as many home-runs as you can; as far as you can.
Multiplayer Mode- You can compete with other players via Game Center.
Moon-Star Mode- Try for a record with the given 9 balls.
Training Mode- You can practice with different kinds of pitches.
*Bunt mode ( need minor 15step): Drop the ball on the target of the floor correctly.
*Total mode ( need bunt 10000 point ) : You’ll meet many different types of the balls from the beginning of the game.
*Faster & faster ( need total 25000 point ) : Head-to-head with only fastballs.
*Jiant mode ( need F&F 10000 point ) : Match with a Giant pitcher
*Cutter mode ( need Jiant 12000 point ) : Match with cutterballs which can cut the baseball bat.

■ add 28 Achievement Bonus--------------
1 Achievement = 1 level up bonus!!!

■ Level Up System-----------------------
You can choose and upgrade 1 of 3 skills every time the exp becomes full.-
Power: You can increase the power of the bat
Accuracy: You can increase the accuracy of the batting
Batting Eye: You can know ahead of the next ball’s pattern

■ Home-Run Tip!---------------------------
1.Make a full swing with a fast batting-speed!
2.Hit the ball followed from the various thrown pattern with an accurate swing!
3.Let’s keep an eye on the ball until the end and predict the change of the pattern!
4.Let’s be confident and make a full swing!

■ FAQ -------------------------------------
Q : How does STEP UP SYSTEM?
A : STEP UP = More balls
ex) Minor 1 step = 3 balls
Minor 2 step = 6 balls

Flick Home Run ! App User Reviews & Comments

My favorite gameBig thanks to the developer for updating the game to work on iOS 11. It's literally the only game I play. Hopefully the iPad version gets an update soon too..Version: 1.7.2

Major Bug with the batThe same problem everyone else has mentioned but developers refuse to fix...the bat. The bat which basically makes up the whole game is glitchy to say the least and gets worse the more you play. The game would be a lot of fun if they could get this part right. Otherwise it just makes things frustrating..Version: 1.7.2

Garbage.Basically read the top review. Which is a 1 star as well. But they nailed it on the head. I had this game before and deleted it. And totally forgot about it. Then I remembered it and was like oh I’ll try it again. And well now I remember why I deleted it in the first place. It’s rigged. You have to play a crap ton for 1 little upgrade. It’s fun for like the first 30 min. Then you’ll delete it. I guarantee it..Version: 1.7.2

Very GlitchyThe creators of this game clearly don't care about the quality of any of their games. First of all, right when you open up the app, you are greeted with an ad. I would get it if this game was free, but it's not. It would be truly great if you would remove that. Then, one you finally get into the actual game, it is full of glitches. When you hit pitch and the ball comes, the screen will not recognize your finger, and will not hit the ball. Then if you hit reset and try to play it again, the pitch button won't even work! If you would fix these things, I would gladly give this game a higher rating..Version: 1.7.2

GlitchesThe game is fun but 1/3 of the time that I hit the ball it glitches through the swing and if you hit it and it happens to go up and forward then it’s like something is up there throwing the opposite way of the original direction. Otherwise I love the game!👌🏼.Version: 1.7.2

This game is great! Please updateThis was literals like the best game ever! We would always play this but all it needs is a little update! Like iPhone X compatibility ability and I bet this game could easily hit the charts. The top game charts that is!.Version: 1.7.2

Needs an UpdateI actually really like this game, but I find it completely ridiculous that it hasn’t been updated in 2 years. I’m playing on a XS Max and it looks like it’s in the ratio of about the 4 or 5. If your finger leaves the sides of the play area it will count as an out, so that part is really frustrating. But other than that this is a really fun game to play. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary for you to make the in app purchases, the achievements and everything are perfectly doable without them, they just make it easier..Version: 1.7.2

Good concept, but infinity pocket ruined itThe idea of the game is well thought out, but they absolutely ruined the game. First off, the leveling process gets exponentially harder, so you're stuck, unable to level up, and the game gets boring because you can't progress. Second, the in-app purchases are RIDICULOUS. A 5-up upgrade is $4, but in game its not even that big of an upgrade and nowhere near worth $4. The gold bat is FIFTEEN DOLLARS. While the concept of this game is fun, they completely trashed the actual game with slow progress and unreasonable in-app purchases..Version: 1.7.2

Great time killer!I would recommend this game to anyone who likes arcade games and time-killer games. This game is really fun and takes a while to get boring!.Version: 1.7.2

Game keeps crashingI’ve had this game off and on for a couple years. I’ve recently completed every level and now I play Shots Called most of the time. Now every time I reach level 9 the game freezes and will not continue. Not only does it freeze but you lose all your points. It seems as though this has been a problem for quite a while yet it hasn’t been fixed. Maybe the developer should fix their game..Version: 1.7.2

Golden batsI’ve casually played flick home run for 2-3 years until recently after getting a new phone. I actually enjoy it BUT it takes way to much to gain experience so it starts getting repetitive and boring. Also, I need 1 more golden bat but it’s in the multiplayer mode and I can never get a multiplayer game going. So I assume no one els is playing! 🤷🏽‍♂️ Maybe have an auto ai take over for multiplayer if there are no real people playing.Version: 1.7.2

The games is amazing just fix one thingThis game is amazing I never get bored of it I hope u guys answer back cause your game is so much fun to play I love how it’s a challenge the one thing I would like you to change is just to add a feature to flip the screen the other way so the balls get pitched through the right side it would make it easier to hit home runs cause I,am lefty.Version: 1.7.2

Not like it used to beThis used to be my favorite game a few years ago. I decided to try it out again to find out that it cost $0.99! I thought no big deal so I bought it. I enjoyed it at the start but then all the levels seemed to be rigged if you didn’t have enough contact or power. The ball seems to just glitch through the bat. I would highly recommend NOT buying this app.Version: 1.7.2

The triggering glitch and going all outOk so this is kinda stupid how the developers haven't fixed the glitch where you hit the ball and it glitches backward in sure I'm not the only one I mean this game has been out for awhile and this should have been on the top priority list like adding more levels cool and all but what's the point if a glitch is making you get out all the time? Also I bet this isn't the first complaint about this I'm surprised how many stars it has cause this is also a rigged game hopefully sometime in the future people will start to understand that some games just want your money. Other than that it's pretty fun until they add updates and you lose all your progress. Ok I paid some good money for this game and it is terrible I mean like developers if your reading this then make some changes my game always crashes when I get it for real!? This is one of the biggest issues I've had with your game I'd rather play my little ponie then a game that crashes idk what it is but you need to get it together or your ratings are gonna drop way down which in the position that I'm in right now I hope your ratings drop to a 1 stAr. And to the people who actually enjoy this game trust me after a while you'll say to yourself "well that was a waste of money and time.".Version: 1.7.2

Don’t buy anythingPlayed the game on an older phone and it took a LOOOOOONG time to level up. got a new phone and was back at zero. Decided to buy upgrades and while they took my money they didn’t level up my stats. I did get a refund after a lengthy process…but leveling up “naturally” takes forever…makes the game really boring.Version: 1.7.2

Great game! -me 2016This game was great. I loved playing it in my free time, until I couldn’t. I’m on the iPhone 8 and idk if this has anything to do with what’s been happening; within the first 30-60 seconds I’ve been on the app, it crashes instantly. I’ve tried everything, restarting my phone, even redownloading the app, but to no avail. This is garbage.Version: 1.7.2

Good game gone bad and seemingly abandonedPlayed this originally awhile ago. Leveling up was consistent & satisfying. Now I'd be shocked if anyone was able to progress in any meaningful way without hours upon hours of obsessive grinding, an absurd notion for what should be a fun, casual game. And if you do spring for the in-app upgrades, don't piecemeal it—go big or go home. And even when you do drop some coin (say, 10x the original app price...) expect to be quickly disappointed by the seemingly decreasing returns of the power ups. In other words, the first few upgrades seem worthwhile and productive but the curve seems to trend flat by 10/99 (and above.) Power & Contact are better but not THAT much. Compare 5/99 to 20/99 side by side and you'll see for yourself. On top of that, too bad that development seems abandoned since there's minor, occasional, but no less annoying, glitches (Pitch button stops responding, swings unrecognized, etc.) And it would be nice if that one pointless ad at launch was killed off....Version: 1.7.2

Good Time Killer but...Great time killer, sure gets repetitive, but always fun, though I did buy a single upgrade and never received it and it does not appear to be able to rectified..Version: 1.7.2

Flick home runI love flick home run because I love baseball in flick home run if you hit a ball hard you will hit a boalon it will tell you how feet you hit the ball and you will get a high score.Version: 1.7.2

Needs an updateBought this game a long time who and recently downloaded it on my iPhone 11, my only complaint is that the app needs updated to fit the screen fully, other than that it’s still the same app I bought years ago and had fun playing..Version: 1.7.2

Good idea. Not so good execution...The concept of this game is awesome and is in general an okay game. But one of the major things that anyone who designs a game for iOS has to get right is optimization. If the game looks awesome but is laggy, it is a horrible game. If the game looks okay, but is extremely optimized, then the game is great. Just saying. The game on my iPhone 7 is just slow enough to be extremely annoying. I have had the game for a long time and there has never been a significant UI upgrade. The thing looks just like it did on my old iPod touch 4. The fonts look old and the animations are old. There are no new features that would make me play this everyday either. The app would be worth it if the developer was constantly making this better. This game could be in the top 10 list if they put some more effort into it. But that's just my opinion....Version: 1.7.2

Money grab and glitchyThe game itself is designed well and can be fun but the amount of time it takes to earn points to level up is absurd. It is designed this way to make people pay for upgrades if they want to make progress. Another thing is that the game doesn't register swipes frequently, causing you to miss the ball and this can be detrimental to making progress..Version: 1.7.2

Good, butThis game is pretty fun, there are a few glitches when the ball goes backward after you hit it, but there’s one main problem. I play on an iPhone XR, a bit bigger phone than what was meant for this game. On the xr, there is a black frame around the game, if you start your flick in that black frame (it’s pretty big btw) your flick will not count. It is very rage inducing if you are far and you lose because of a glitch. I don’t think the developers are updating this soon, maybe never again. But if they do, they need to fix this glitch. If any one of you guys are reading this that have a generally bigger phone, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. I’m still gonna play this game, but it’s just something I thought I’d write about. Thanks for reading!.Version: 1.7.2

Buyer beware!Yea bought this game awhile ago and waited so long for an update. It was a fun game and I saw it updated and got excited. Only to find out they added advertisements to a paid game and still did nothing to the game it self besides make it impossible to play without spending more money. It’s a joke they added new “game” modes and did nothing about the mechanics. You’ll still miss for no reason. Do not buy this game..Version: 1.7.2

Buyer beware...I bought this game a couple of years ago, I completed all the levels and was anxious for the developer to release the next one. I kept waiting until I forgot about it. Two iPhones later there's an update and I found that all my levels and accomplishments were gone. Ok, no big deal I said. Since its been a while I last played it, it will be fun to do it all over again, or so I thought. They must have added new levels in the new version, I thought. Instead what I found is the exact same game with the difference that the developers added a bunch of ads in a paid application and now they sell you all the things you could earn before as in-app purchases. They rigged the game so you can't complete the levels without buying bat power, eye contact and other traits you would earn as you played in the older version. The developers should be ashamed of themselves since it is blatantly obvious they are doing this on purpose to get more money out of paying customers. If you are considering buying this, just know you will never complete all the levels unless you pay 4 or 5 times the listed price. The fun is over at the second level. The game will never let you go pass the next level unless you buy extra add ins. Your bat mysteriously stops working as it should. It will frustrate the heck out of you. You have been warned..Version: 1.7.2

Finally updatedThe games fun again since it has been updated..Version: 1.7.2

Fun but not on iPhone XI love this game. It’s super addicting on my iPad. When I finally got it on my iPhone X the game did not fit the screen. While playing I was left with this black rim which was super annoying. I would suggest this game if you don’t have an x..Version: 1.7.2

FunFlickhomerun is a great way to pass time and when I play I feel mindless. It is hard at first but once you practice and upgrade you can get really good so do not get upset if it is hard for you..Version: 1.7.2

Developer doesn’t update any longerThis game used to be awesome. It hasn’t been updated in 3 years though, so it’s not stable on current iOS versions. I don’t recommend it any longer because of this. I’m not even sure why it’s still available for download at this point..Version: 1.7.2

5 star gameA couple of days ago, I decided to play one of my favorite childhood games. And this game is still fun after all this time. I strongly advise all of you to buy. Play the free version for a sneak peak..Version: 1.7.2

Not gaining experienceI’ve been playing this off and on for quite awhile but got frustrated because it takes so long to power up but just noticed tonight after playing fir awhile that my experience hasn’t moved up one point. I will stop playing if it’s not addressed and experience isn’t credited back to me..Version: 1.7.2

Waste Of TimeThe game is a waste of everyone's time I don't recommend that anyone waste their money nor waste their time on this broken game it seems like you have to add more pressure to your screen just to hit the ball and other times you don't even hit the ball and it is really frustrating and annoying and I highly recommend to not buy this game.Version: 1.7.2

Original Version Was 👍🏼 - Since Update 👎🏼• This Developer would rather cut off his nose to spite his face than make a reasonable concession. • He/She has drawn a line in the sand and absolutely refuses to budge on several points. • Rather than have a fun (and fair) game which is both successful and highly rated, their ego has justified the animosity they feel for users. •We all went on to find another game to play - but you? You’ve only made several games. Just think, this could’ve been your greatest source of income and changed the lives of your family. SELFISH!! SELFISH!! SELFISH!! This was a fun, well-made game. But then, the Developers went bananas! 🍌🤪 Here’s why a lot of people own, but don’t like or play this game now. This was a cool game and I played often, often enough to complete all the challenges on most of the different levels. Then the Developers released an “update” which (probably inadvertently) cleared all the levels which users had completed. What’s worse, they then wanted users to pay them even more $$ than before to start over from the beginning. Not inadvertently..Version: 1.7.2

Good, but...UPDATE: Definitely some shady business here. Recently I was at level 20 and leveled up two times. Not thinking anything of it, I didn't even bother to look at the actual number of the score. I recently leveled up for the third time, and noticed that my score was still at 20 in power. Absolutely unacceptable. When a company makes you pay him for leveling up and then doesn't give you the levels when you actually do it just shows that something crooked is going on. Leveling system is completely ludicrous. It would take weeks upon weeks of casual playing to level up one time once you've gotten to higher levels. Like another reviewer mentioned, 5000 points nets you only 50 XP and at my level, it'll take 5448 XP to reach the next level, only to receive 1 lousy point to use. The achievements are also far-fetched. 2000 stars to complete a level 1 achievement, whereas my average stars is between 10-20 per game. Definitely needs some sort of updating to facilitate the leveling system..Version: 1.7.2

Fun game until it screws youWas having an incredible game until the game literally screwed me three times in a row. It just didn't register my finger swipe at all. So frustrating. Won't be playing again for a while..Version: 1.7.2

Needs an updateI used to play this game all the way back in 2013 and non of my stats are saved! I guess it doesn’t really matter, but still I would have like to see where I was. Every time you play it tells you you hit a high score, which isn’t true. I remember this from back in the day. I really don’t have any complaints other than I wish they would update it for the newer iPhone screen size. Their new game - the golf one - isn’t good. They should invest in this one..Version: 1.7.2

Unreal amount of points needed to gain levelsVery fun game but it takes an un-realistic amount of points/XP to level up in order to raise your stats. After completing all 15 minor league steps and 11 of the major league steps, Im at 15 power, 10 contact and 3 in the "eye" skill. You start with 3 eye, so thats 25 levels. Thats WELL over atleast a MILLION points!! Saying as you cant unlock the last game mode until your at power level 33, it would take WEEKS (atleast) of grinding to get there. Not worth my time, and Im NOT shelling out cash for this game. Sorry devs, I really like this game but its way to streamlined into forcing me to pay money..Version: 1.7.2

Greed is always the downfall of the greatsI purchased this game wayyy back in 2012 when and when it first arrived in the AppStore it was amazing, heck almost all the games back then were amazing! Back then the games were true games, no energy bar waiting 2 hours to power back up, no full page ads, not all these "clash of clans" like game models. But here we are in 2017 and everyone is just out for a payday instead of delivering a quality product backed up with the passion to please their audience. This ideology is pretty much why I no longer buy games or apps in the AppStore. The only game I really play now would have to be egg inc because you don't "have" to purchase any micro transactions to succeed. I do NOT and will NOT recommend this company or game..Version: 1.7.2

Fun but a few issuesThere is a glitch that I’ve found where it just straight up doesn’t give me xp. It says “0:125 xp earned” for example and the only other way to get higher stats is by buying them. Other than that I don’t see any other problems honestly..Version: 1.7.2

Best game for years...Only game I have played for years. Always come back to it, but now they do not even update it anymore. I can’t believe it’s still one of the top paid apps in its category. Do not buy this game. Do not buy this game. Jump into a time portal and play the 2012 version, ever since 2015 this app has been crap. They updated to make the game much less fun and for you to pay money for extras to even progress further into the game. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! At least update the game it’s been a year and half for the bigger screen phones and I still have to play like it’s 2004 and widescreen tvs just came out but you can’t watch lord of the rings full screen...stop buying this game, seriously people..Version: 1.7.2

MONEYHey I love you game in all but can I please have my money back Bc I really want something and I need money but I spent all my money on this so please can I have my money back.Version: 1.7.2

Needs fixingGame still crashes ALL THE TIME, very frustrating, plus I don't understand why I get ads when I paid the money for the app. Also, I get you want to make a quick buck off of the purchase of additional "called shots" but there should definitely be some other way to earn them without spending money. Maybe if the game had a daily incentive to earn called shots with daily play after a certain time... It would be cool if they added an earned continue or possibly be able to use the pitch preview on called shot mode..Version: 1.7.2

Meeds supportThe new called shot dies at level 10 and one does not even receive the points accumulated. Also, often in moonshot the ball gets stuck bouncing between 2 moons and never finishes. This occurs when the ball is large and good points go away. I hope the staff sees this message..Version: 1.7.2

Used to be GreatI used to love this game but for some reason the bag doesn't register sometimes so you don't even get a chance to hit, and now the levels take forever to reach unless you spend $1 for one point, anyone would be dumb to pay that but this game was good at one point.Version: 1.7.2

Still my go to game after 4 years but....Dear Developer, please release another update. If nothing else, can you add unlimited, or even just more, moons and stars to the Moonster Bonus One game??? Super please!!!.Version: 1.7.2

Only 1 glaring problemSo, the game is fun, and I rarely find issues with it. The biggest issue is with the last unlockable level. Your high score is capped out at 700,000 and if you play well and manage to go beyond that, the game will freeze and you’ll have to go back to the main menu without being able to earn a new high score..Version: 1.7.2

Please UpdatedLoved the game. I have it for a long time now but please update the game, the screen is not optimized for current gen Iphones. And some small bugs that could be fixed but they don’t affect gameplay that much. 5/5.Version: 1.7.2

Fun but takes too longDecent game but the games take way too long. You can spend 10-15 minutes for one game, which involves just swiping at a pitch every 15 seconds. If they just added a skip button so u dont have to watch every hit or pop up, the game would be so much more enjoyable. Pop ups are just 15 seconds of sitting there frustrated until the ball lands. This isnt one of those games where u wait to play. All u do is swipe at a baseball the whole time so it needs to be sped up. Every time im starting a new game, i weigh whether hitting homeruns is worth the long game time of monotonous and frustrating play. Also really annoying how it doesnt show the pitch type til it crosses the plate. The pitches move fast and erratically, and some of them have the same movement until it crosses the plate which is honestly dumb as hell. Like the blue pitch and the pink one look exactly the same until u have to swing. The blue pitch moves upward and the pink one dips at the last possible moment. Finally the inconsistent hitbox needs to be addressed. Randomly ill hit an easy pitch straight backwards or into the dirt at angles that make no sense. Unfortunately none of these problems will be addressed as the developers havent changed the game in years and seem to not care about improving their one hit wonder of a game. Easy things like the skip button could have been added years ago but seems like theyre okay with unnecessarily wasting time.Version: 1.7.2

Don't do itDo yourself a favor and don't pay for this app. I paid for it several years ago and once you paid it got rid of the ads. Now the ads are back even for paying customers. Additionally the game had not seen an update in a long time and when the update came it was a pay for play feature. Very poor customer service with these new updates..Version: 1.7.2

Not worth moneyIt's a good thing I installed this game before it costed anything, it is definitely not worth whatever price they put on it. Upgrades are too much work to get unless you want to pay more money, the sound system is absolutely broken, and sometimes they game won't register when I touch the screen. The game is fun, but quickly gets boring once you realize that there is no advancing without upgrades, which are unnecessarily hard to get. I just want to say that you could download this game, you could enjoy it for a day or two, but don't expect the money you spent to pay off..Version: 1.7.2

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AddictiveCan't put it down just wanna keep playing!!!.Version: 1.1

ProblemsIt takes way to long to level up theres not enough modes and the ones that there is are to hard and take ages to pass..Version: 1.1

Great game!It's hard to put Down this game, so addictive and fun. Love the leveling system too!.Version: 1.0

Spell check your app!!Progression is confusing. Takes a lot of work and luck to unlock very little. It's addictive though, but I don't know what I'm trying to unlock. Having to enter my name over and over and over for every high score quickly gets annoying. Should just run with game centre or open feint to save the trouble. The developers REALLY need to spell check before they publish. I assume 'tranning' is training? And the tutorial had another 3 or more mistakes that need fixing. Pushing the final lette r of the word at the end of the lin e onto the line below is slopp y typography. Pretty polished game so far, but still needs work to be a really great game..Version: 1.0

Was greatIt is a great game in the beginning but as others have said there is nothing to strive for. I have been waiting for levels to come for a while now but still nothing. If you want to redeem this, add more levels with bonus 'xp' things involved to keep leveling up a bit easier.Version: 1.6.1

InaccurateFrustrating game. Everyone who plays on iPad or iPhone doesn't seem to get an accurate hit every time. Seems to be 'luck' involved too often.Version: 1.2.1

Way to hardFinally beat the first level second level way to hard, also xp take to long to build up. 3 stars.Version: 1.2.1

Great gameI've been playing this game for a long time now, the graphics are great and the in-game facilities are also pretty good, the only down side is that when u hit the ball out of the park, u know where all of the cars are, also it would be better to have more maps.Version: 1.6.3

Addictive but flawedFirst off, this is a fabulously addictive game that will hook anyone in... for a while. I soon got bored/impatient with the time it was taking and shelled out $20 for a huge power boost. Well that was great for some time until I discovered the 1000ft limit on shots in the minor league. When I got to the majors I assumed there would be no limit but there is, bizzarely at 2273ft, which takes away any motivation to keep playing. This game could be so much more. I hope the designers release an update soon addressing the issues raised..Version: 1.2.1

Below parIncredibly repetitive to actually progress in the game, one that almost forces you to spend real money to progress quicker. Spelling is sloppy, and the gameplay doesn't change at all. The foundations are there for a good game but the execution didn't quite cut it..Version: 1.0

Awesome funI spend far to much time playing this its very addictive and great fun to play do yourself a favour and hit the download button right now !!.Version: 1.6.1

Gamer101Can you guys plz optimize this game for ipod 5th gen also its 4' inch retina display thanks :).Version: 1.6.3

ShameGreat concept and great fun for a while. But it's a blatant grab for money. It takes forever to level up and unlock other modes... Unless you wanna speed it up and buy lots of power ups from the store. Even when u do unlock the other modes they're not worth the hours u put in to get there. It's still fun hitting the baseball though..Version: 1.2.1

Flick scamDesigned to nick money off you. It takes painstakingly long to earn enough points for an upgrade leaving you with only one option which is buy the upgrades. Save your money and stay away from this scam.Version: 1.2.1

Great game but...This is a fabulous game but bugs with Called Shot are still not fixed. Game still freezes at Step 9 despite the bug fix..Version: 1.7.2

AverageNeeds to be more like better batting options or something you get sick of it after a while.Version: 1.1

Really fun and addictive but there's clitchesThis game is hard to understand at the start because the instructions aren't clear but when you do no how to play it's really addicting. One really annoying thing though is THERES A CLITCH! Sometimes when I hit the ball it doesnt show where I've hit it, the camera just stays where you hit it so it looks like you've missed it. Plz fix . .Version: 1.0

Awesome Game!!Can't stop playing because there's so many games!!! Definitely a fun but extremely addictive game :-).Version: 1.3.2

Good but could be betterQuite an addictive game but as stated before, leveling up is confusing and game resets itself if app is hard closed or phone is reset. Needs work and then I'll rate 5 stars.Version: 1.0

What theHow do you level up still dont get it other that that I love it.Version: 1.0

Almost thereGreat game and loads of fun although it tends to be a little jumpy.. Usually on the first ball it jumps and skips and is nearly impossible to hit that ball.. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!! Also does it when a message comes through...Version: 1.1

:DAddictive but I think there needs to be a new level. But otherwise the game is sweet!.Version: 1.0

FunAddictive game, has a glitch where sometimes the ball doesn't get pitched and shows as being out. Other than that pretty amusing :).Version: 1.1

Fun, but...Flick Home Run is a great concept that's well executed across multiple levels and various play scenarios. For the newbie to the game it's exciting especially when you get to the higher levels. And that's where the fun begins to dissipate. Candidly, it gets too monotonous to try and achieve higher rankings in 'control', 'power', or 'eye up' as the points needed are ridiculously too high and left in desperation of: a) giving up, b) paying more money to fast track a few 'power ups' or c) plod along in your spare time and hope by your 75th bday you've amassed enough points to add to your collection. A good game but falls short in the long run, which is a shame. If still interested then check out the free version before committing. Good luck !.Version: 1.6.1

IdeasHere are some things I think would make the game a five star game: First: make major leage worth double points, because it takes a while to unlock it and for what just harder difficulty with no added bonuses. Second: make the second set of balloons worth double points Third: make balloon chains like the cars. So If u hit multiple balloons in rapid secession u get a bonus Forth: make the stars in-between the houses in minor and major worth 75 points as they are harder to hit then most of the other things These are a few ideas that I think will better the game and make it 5 stars Very addictive and very fun. ( sorry about spelling throughout this message).Version: 1.1

Really really fun gameThis game is awesome don't listen to the other people everyone will love it.Version: 1.2.1

Great!Aweshum game.. Though the ball is sometimes hard to hit.. I still find challenging. :D.Version: 1.0

IPadThis is such a great game and I think it would be even better on the iPad..Version: 1.6.1

Good gameIt's a good game but would be better if it didn't take so long to level up. Change this and I'll give it 5 stars..Version: 1.1

Addictive, good but crashesThis is a good game easy to play easy to learn and is so addictive but it crashes so much fix that and it would be a 5 stars.Version: 1.0

Awesomedude101This is a totally radical game should get it while it's on sale but get it anyway even if it isn't. I'm addicted to it right now but there's a good reason why I am because it is just sooooooooooooooooo good.Version: 1.0

Not the usual boring flick gameThe different pitch types make this game interesting. The scoring and level ups are not clear and are starting to spoil what could be a five star game. Like the old kombi vans..Version: 1.0

Great appHours of fun. Only one concern, when the banner for game center appears the screen flickers, making it hard to judge the ball..Version: 1.1

Good funReally addictive. A little annoying when you get a fair whack through and you need to start again but a good time waster overall..Version: 1.1

Good but.....This game is addictive and awesome but the controls need to be fixed. Like when I hit the ball, it would show as I missed. This needs to be fixed then it will be 5 stars!.Version: 1.0

AwesomeVery good game luv it, so addicted. Needs a ball of Fame that tells u your top ten biggest hits, the ball you miss the most and an average batting distance u get for each ball.Version: 1.1

Needs improvementsHave been playing for a while finally getting good and find out you can't hit the ball any further than 1000ft!!! Whats going to keep me playing?.Version: 1.1

Homerun ReviewBest game, instructions are easy to understand, and it's really addictive. Only problem is the Highscore submitting gets a little bit annoying maybe try an update to make it save your name. Other than that it's brilliant one of the best games at the moment..Version: 1.0

To AddictiveDam game has me now playing it non stop for hours and taking up my spare time. Trying hard to get 15 steps to unlock next level. Haha.Version: 1.0

AddictiveGreat game.. Very addictive! Dropped review to 4 stars due to the constant crashing everytime you hit restart!!! Annoying!!!!!!!.Version: 1.1

Love the gameI absolutely love the game but could you please make some improvements such as when playing online the ball comes to a complete stop ontop of cars sometimes stopping u from physically being able to win. The balloons in the second row should be worth more than the ones on the bottom row and u should get 50 more points every car u bounce on not 100 for the first and 50 for everyone after..Version: 1.1

Fun but bad point systemGood fun but takes forever to level up. Objects need to be worth more points, the level I'm on to get to the next level I need to play 100 games!!!!.Version: 1.1

Level up please...Highly addictive and love the game but getting bit bored of only one level....Version: 1.2.1

Unbelievably addictiveGotta b 1 of the best games, free or not, around. Multi is fun. Developers should take note- simplicity and fine tuned controls is a winner.Version: 1.1

Update NeededIts so fun but it takes for ever to upgrade and experience but still boss.Version: 1.1

Lost my progress, noway to restore my levels?The kept crashing on the start up screen after a couple of days of playing. Reluctantly I reinstalled the game only to find I couldn't restore my levels. Is there anyway I can get them back? Other than that I really enjoyed this game..Version: 1.0

One of the few games I've played more than onceThis game is fun, has variation and you can upgrade your skill along the way. My favorite flick game by far!!!.Version: 1.0

Money grabGood idea. BUT. To hard to level up. ( all the way to 99!) make you want to buy 1 or 5 at a time. STEP system in scoring needs a re-think. No way of beating your highest score if don't get the step up bonus. Could be up there with Angry birds but were more after the money with the level ups. :(.Version: 1.2.1

Needs workAddictive at first, then it's just plain frustrating. Takes forever to upgrade. Points system is all wrong. Will bore most people to death after a while if not fixed..Version: 1.1

Waste of moneyTime waster of a game. Good concept but no levels just doing the same thing all the time unless you pay more money to get power ups otherwise you can be playing for hours trying to get them. Just another example of good old fashioned greed..Version: 1.1

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Version 1.7.2 (2016-06-14): This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. -bug fix in "Bunt Mode" -bug fix in "Called Shot Mode".