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PicCollage: Fun Layout Editor App Download

Create & Celebrate! PicCollage helps you make anything to celebrate everything.

Our favorite perks about PicCollage
- Lots of FREE options in the app, including stickers, backgrounds, templates and fonts. If you enjoy these, you have the option of upgrading to VIP to get unlimited access to everything!
- Grids - Instant layouts to quickly arrange photos from your album.
- Templates - Hundreds of free templates to quickly create unique messages for any holiday or occasion.
- Freestyle - The blank canvas option to give total freedom to create at your own pace.
- Cut-Out - Snip your photos by tracing shapes with your finger, or use auto cutout for people or pets!
Doodle: Draw on your collage to write messages, add emphasis, or illustrate something new.

"Whether you're 6 or 106, you'll find the free Pic Collage app an excellent way to dress up your photo collection and share your handiwork." -USA Today

It could be the fastest way you'll ever find to organize a batch of photos ... and can turn your image into a real postcard." - LA Times

Easy and Fast
Create a photo collage in seconds with our helpful editing tools. Get inspired with a wide variety of grid layouts and pre-designed cards OR use the freestyle mode to create a photo collage in your own unique style. PicCollage’s app interface is fun and friendly to give you the most options for how you want to create, without getting overwhelming. Collaging should be relaxing and fun!

Unleash Your Creativity
PicCollage brings templates and customization together to give you everything you need to get inspired. Create quick and easy collages to share during a party, or take your time and make a truly freestyle to flex your skills! PicCollage gives you everything you need to tell your story!

PicCollage VIP
The PicCollage VIP is a subscription that provides access to enhanced features and removed watermark and ads. We now offer a 7-day trial to let you try out for free!

Access to thousands of stickers and backgrounds
Enjoy exclusive VIP fonts and templates
Remove watermark and ads

We’re so happy you choose us as your favorite photo collage and photo editor app and excited to see what you make!

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PicCollage: Fun Layout Editor App User Reviews & Comments

I wrote this review a year ago and I still think it’s great!I have downloaded this app on all my devices for two (now three) years now. It’s easy to use for making collages or if you want to cut a picture into a picture or use text and borders. Everything you need to have fun with your pictures. This app has replaced all of my editing apps as well. It has more editing options than most of the selfie apps. Teeth whitening, blur, blemish..etc. It always seems like at least one of those features you have to pay extra for in other apps. You can’t shrink your nose or make your eyes further apart or anything that sophisticated..but if you use those features you might as well just post a photo of Jennifer Lawrence or something because who are you fooling making your eyes bigger and shrinking your chin?.Version: 7.59.2

Love it!I just recently got PicCollage and I have been making collages nonstop!! I love the layout options and auto generated ideas! But I have a few suggestions to help me and your other users. Here goes. 1.) while the starter pack of stickers and backgrounds are super cute and convenient, they r just the starters, so they r simple. And while I have no problem now, I assume that in a day or two I am going to be super bored with my limited options. And I don’t plan on spending ANY money!! So even if it’s just more general and plain stickers and backgrounds, more of them would be MUCH appreciated!! 2.) can u add more filters and effects? If u read this and can only take one idea, then only read number one! That one is the only one I care a lot about! Thx Thanks for reading this and please consider my one request!!!!!🥺🥺.Version: 7.71.1

Love this app, but I don’t like the new changesI’ve been using this app for a while now (almost two years) and I LOVE it. It’s easy to use and I use it all the time for edits and book covers for Wattpad. However after the update from a few months ago, I haven’t been able to edit my photos like I use to because a lot of the editing options were removed. There use to be a splash color option, a fade option, and I use to be able to mirrior flip the image, and much more. But now I can only change the color of the image, the saturation, and brightness of it. I would really like the old options back because I used them a LOT (especially the splash color option). So please, if anyone that works on the updates and such for this app and reads this, please bring those options back and I’ll make sure I change this from a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🔘to a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ rating..Version: 7.59.2

There is no better iOS app that that offers freedom with collages.There’s no escaping it pic collage is simply the best tool in iOS to deal with multiple images combinations. Do you want to stitch together making me a simple as wanting to frame two pictures next to each other or much more advanced things such as editing either way PicCollage has your covered. It’s great for stitching memes if you’re into that but i use more to combine related screenshots so all info is in page. I like to combine images for things like different views of items, different”goals” in games, or multiple family outing pics. I’m not premium, don’t know a lot about the benefits besides no watermark (which sometimes does get cropped.... sorry PicCollage. You are a great company though so far. PLEASE can you respond to let us know how our data is encrypted now and what steps you know will take to improve data security going forward..Version: 7.68.4

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!I normally never review apps but I seriously LOVE this app!! I have been able to create everything from cool pic collages to birthday card greetings with PicCollage!! Everything you need to really explore your creative side with pictures & art is here in this app! Yes, you do have to purchase some of the background & sticker packages but come on...paying less than $2.00 ONCE for anytime - unlimited use is SO worth it to me!! And while none of the background packages are free they do offer a good selection of really cool sticker packages that are FREE to download & use!! Did I mention...they also have an online community of other users where you can share your creations & get fresh new ideas & inspirations for your upcoming projects! The community is totally interactive & has tons of fun photo & collage challenges!! If love creating with pics & it’s something you do a lot of it, do yourself a favor & GET THIS APP NOW!! You won’t regret it!! 💜💙❤️.Version: 7.40.12

I love only one problemI have had Pic Collage for a couple years now, and it’s great. All of my friends use it and think it’s wonderful. I mean there isn’t much not to like about it. You can choose what platform you want whether it’s a card, grid, or maybe it’s just to mess around a bit in freestyle. There are a variety of fonts you can use, the colors they have for the background and font are all different( like glittery, watercolor, plaid, regular colors, etc.) They also have VIP which is like a upgrade so with VIP you don’t have to buy stickers. Now this is my one thing, so many good stickers cost about a dollar. Which I get it kinda for marketing and such. But so many stickers cost over a dollar even three dollars which is kinda a lot for stickers if you like them all and it just adds up. So eventually you could be paying like 20 bucks for stickers (but if u have VIP then you don’t have to pay) I don’t have VIP, but I still think it’s a great app ♥️♥️♥️👌🏽 I would still recommend this app to anyone who like to collage and explore new things. Thanks Pic Collage the stickers were my only thing but as I said it a great app..Version: 7.52.12

Good, but.....I think that overall pic collage is great, and I spend a lot of time on it. It really brings out the creative side in me, and I love that there are so many things you can do to make your collages fun and unique. But unfortunately most of the stickers backgrounds and templates, are VIP which is extremely annoying. There is so little for no VIP users to choose from, that I was tempted to delete the app. I understand why apps need to have subscriptions and ways to make money, but the amount of things that require you to pay in pic collage is overwhelming and incredibly annoying. I am not asking for pic collage to get rid of the VIP or anything like that, but I am asking for pic collage to have more available to non VIP users. That way people can enjoy the app without being nagged a hundred time to pay for premium. Anyways pic collage is great, but the amount of things that require VIP is ridiculous. But if you’re reading this and your not sure about the app, I would tell you yes because even if you don’t have te subscription the app is an overall good one..Version: 7.63.1

Great App! (NEW REVIEW)Please read till the end.... (Updated) I have a suggestion on what you could add. If a person says “Wow! Beautiful collage!” on someone’s post, the author of the collage has to go to the persons account and reply on a random post. I know that sometimes people might reply on the same post, but I don’t think the person who might have asked the question or compliment will always notice. They might not even check to see if the author replied. You should make a reply system where the person doesn’t have to go on a persons acc to reply to a question or compliment. They should be able to do that on the same post the compliment or question was given. I hope you guys understand what i’m talking about because it is kind of hard to explain. ——————————————— I also have something else to say. So, there has been A LOT of hate going around. The number of hate pages have been increasing. Hate pages are hating on innocent people. They have a lot of excuses, like “Their collages are terrible!” or “She/He is so stupid!” The collagers they are hating on don’t deserve this hate. No one does. Some hate pages have people spamming #StopTheHate and #SpreadTheLove on their collages (an account, for example, is FuzzyG866_HATEPAGE). People say they want attention. Of course, despite the hate pages, there are fan pages, which are good. ——— Anyways, thanks for reading this!.Version: 7.37.8

Pretty great 👍🏼Def worth downloading even if u do not sign up for the VIP. There is plenty to choose from to create awesome personalized photos, cards, etc. I had joined their VIP n I loved it. I love how u can create birthday cards to send digitally and calendars, thank you cards n so much more personalized with a photo(s) or just even txt. I used it often & tho this apps VIP payment is reasonable and low cost, with all the others I had signed up for it was well over $150 a month n that’s just crazy. So I canceled them all to c which I genuinely used enough to warrant spending $ on them and if I even needed to. So now not being VIP I most times feel I am still able to create some really cute pics/cards/etc n I am grateful that there r some pretty great options for the templates for all the holidays n cards etc. tho borders and stickers. . . I remember way bck when this app had loads of free download options for stickers, borders etc. so if there were say 10 holiday border options for Halloween, there’d always be at least 1 or 2 FREE ones for u. Not anymore. U have to pay $1.99-$2.99 for one lil set of borders or stickers n it just is a waste IMO since I will use it once n most likely not again so... nah. I still was able to create a super adorable picture of my little guy n u usually can without being VIP. I just wish there were more free options for us to use in regards to stickers n borders etc..Version: 7.68.4

The bestThis app is the best because it helps me get my pictures perfect and like I’ll be so adorable to put your old pictures your phone pictures even your family picture even your cousin pictures he’s so cute even your boyfriend or your girlfriend pictures in this ab oh my god is so perfect I’ll give this a five out of five so so perfect though all my God like I will be like crying if I did not even find this ab and I just like scrollingAround in the App Store and like Bro I just saw that I’m going to download it and get some pictures and you so perfect because I’m going to get like a lot of likes on my Instagram because you know yeah get a lot of the photos perfectly and they take pictures tomorrow or today with my friends at school is going to be a blast and like we’re gonna be like with some juice is taking pictures I do that five or size thank you for reading this.Version: 7.22.9

Easy to use and I use it all the time!Whenever I want to closely compare a few photos, deciding which I like best, it’s much easier to throw them up on this app, just to get a better look at them side by side. So much easier than flipping back and forth in your photo library. Plus, of course, you can make cool layouts of pics and texts (if you want) and easily post on social medial sites. This app allows you to use either your own free form style or opt for their already set up grid options. Very easy. When I’ve got a lot of pics I wanna share with friends (from a vacation, etc.,) and I’m sure they don’t really want to bear with me through a whole bunch of them - instead I’ll make a few interesting photo collages with maybe five to eight pics on each layout. That way they can get a good feel of my trip or event quickly. They’re happy and I’m happy. Win, win..Version: 7.64.1

Honest review: you should read before downloading this appThis app doesn’t take all your money but it can take a lot by addicting you to want to become a VIP or buying a bunch of backgrounds or stickers, I’ve never bought anything on this app but I’ve seen it costs like $35 a month. I’ve had this app for a long time and I know a lot about it. A few years ago (when I first got this app) you only got a few stickers based on what time of year it was now they opened up a few more sheets of stickers but one is Halloween stickers so it doesn’t really make sense since it’s almost never Halloween and there aren’t a lot of adds but there are adds and sometimes if you use the app too much (like me) you’ll get a watermark that will cost a lot of money to get fixed. Over all it’s a pretty decent app you should download it but be careful about how you use it.Version: 7.57.1

Such A Great AppI don't know where to start with this app (in a good way). I would honestly recommend this app to any why wants to use their imaginative and artistic skills. There are only a few recommendations I have. As an iPhone user, I am able to comment, but I know people who have different devices and are not able to comment. While this may not seem like a huge problem (and it's not really a huge problem), I know some people like to RP on pic collage. Now, I know Role Play isn't the intended use for pic collage, but it's just one more artistic and imaginative way people use it. I would like it if there were more devices that could comment. I think you t would also be nice if there were more featured contests, too. But, if able to, I would like to see more devices with the ability to comment. Otherwise, this is probably one of my most favorite apps!.Version: 7.32.9

I hate the newest changesFor almost three years now, Pic Collage has been my favorite photo enhancing app until today. I used to be able to search the backgrounds via the magnifying glass icon, and be able to access anything I’d need to coincide with what I’m selling so it would match the item. Now I type in something to the effect of: ‘Brown textured backgrounds’ and I get pictures of places, people, or items. It doesn’t matter what I type in, it still has similar choices. I don’t know what you did to that feature, but it’s awful now. Please change it back the way it used to be so I can easily access nice background wallpaper for my items for sale. That’s the only reason I’m rating this app three stars now, otherwise it would be five stars again. P.S. Just noticed that ALL of your background categories are also the same as I mentioned above. What happened to my favorite app?!?!?! Your backgrounds are what kept me so enthralled and now it’s AWFUL!! Please change the web background choices back. For example: when I click on Polka Dots, I get pictures of places and things. Not a polka dot choice at all!! It’s aggravating..Version: 7.50.8

PicCollageThis app is my Godsend! It is simple to use, but extremely diverse in it's features, allowing me to produce professional pictures to post on Facebook and other social media with the easy of one click! I can also email my finished product and I can save it to my iPhone camera roll! I utilize the background options, the stickers, the cropping features and borders, and have been complimented by my shoppers (I manage a upscale resale for our local not-for-profit hospice) for posting photos that "entice them to come shop"! Additionally. My PicCollages are shared-out frequently, which is another sign of how good they look. I even develop fliers and signs on this app as opposed to using my computer software. And just so you know...I am not a professional artist or photographer...just one very, VERY satisfied PicCollage customer using this app for personal AND professional purposes. Not enough stars to reflect MY rating of PicCollage!.Version: 7.24.8

Eh okThis app is really good, and has amazing fonts and layouts and pngs! I can make awesome collages and totally recommend this app! But a lot of good stickers and fonts are only allowed to people with VIP Access! Also the only outline for the word that you can use is black or white, you can’t even chose! Also I would appreciate it if you could add a ombré feature! It’s would be super helpful and people don’t have to use ten different apps at once! Next, I have an account on pic collage (wishing wonders) and pic collage has added a awesome feature where you can remix so like you can remix a icon! There is really nothing wrong with the pic collage account feature but.... Only 1 person gets features like every month! Some collagers really deserve a feature and it’s like pic collage just picks a random collage that’s ok. Are you guys using robots or something? Also they have not posted any contest In like a year and I have not been able to join and pic collage contests since I have joined pc community. But app is good over all just a few things that they NEED to fix!.Version: 7.71.1

An amazingly simple app that does its job to perfectionI’m using the free version and while there are times I’d like to have all the bells and whistles, I find the free version is very robust and satisfies my needs 99% of the time. The controls are intuitive and the ability to manipulate a single pic frame within the collage is pure genius and is crazy practical. I have this app 5 stars because it 100% deserves it and the dev/QA team deserve 5 stars as well. The app is super stable and I’ve never seen the app crash even once. With so many apps out there proving ZERO functionality without you paying them $5-$10/month I can say without reservation that Pic Collage is in a league of its own and it is so nice to be able to create professional grade pic collages without mortgaging your house. Thank you Oic Collage team for all your hard work and dedication. You are so appreciated! Keep Up the amazing work and also thank you so much for providing us a working app and for not being greedy like the majority of the other pic app people. I love this app and cannot recommend if enough..Version: 7.58.1

Just In Time for ChristmasI used Pic Collage from the beginning. When the watermark became too big I bought pic collage ad free for under $5. This latest update strips the app of all its unique utility. What I bought is now available on a “pro” version for a monthly subscription rate. If Pic Collage is no longer going to offer the tools that I bought all those years ago then grandfather me and your original customers into the new community. I won’t rent an app I already bought. I will find out how I can stop you from doing what you’re doing. I’ve written to support at pic collage and get an automated reply from Cindy. New users are born every day. Raise your prices but let people who bought it whole, not on subscription, keep what they bought. You HAD a good product and people will pay for it. I will likely pay the subscription price for some other app to do exactly what pic collage used to do. But I won’t pay Pic Collage. And I will let people know about Pic Collage’s business model every step of the way in my mission to end this kind of marketing in the App Store. My hope is that there is some statutory remedy already in place. Otherwise, I hope to change that too. CAUTION!.Version: 7.42.14

Really HelpsI write stories on Wattpad, and of course along with writing is making covers. And I’m a total amateur. I downloaded this app to make my covers, and it surprisingly works. There is a limited number of fonts, but most of them will surely fit to what you need to write out. There are stickers that I don’t know much about. You can’t edit the boundaries of a picture/photo on the app so you must do that it the actual Photos app. A little bar that says Pic Collage shows at the bottom and kinda interferes with the picture but I edit it out in Photos. You can’t actually make it just the photo, there is a frame around the picture and a background (that I also have to edit out). All of this can make it difficult sometimes, but it works when you figure it out a little. All in all, it’s free, it gets the job done, and there are no ads. I’d say it’s a good deal, despite the minor issues. ~ M.C..Version: 7.35.10

It deleted all of my collages.I have used PicCollage for a very long time now and I haven’t had any problems with it until this month. I tried making another collage and the app glitched out. I re-opened the app and was met with a dark screen for about 2 minutes. I opened it again and it was fine. I tried to make the collage again and it crashed after selecting the 10th photo. I re-opened it and all of my collages were deleted. this happened before so I powered off my ipad twice, but they were all still gone. I’m not sure if this is because I didn’t have enough storage or something but I’m very frustrated because all the collages I made are gone. it would’ve been different if I deleted all of my collages for storage space but I didn’t. I want all of my collages back! nevertheless it’s a good app but if you’re low on storage you might want to refrain from making new collages or else what happened to me might happen to you..Version: 7.72.1

Pic collageI love this app, don’t get me wrong but if you don’t want to spend $25 a month for VIP access, that is NOT unreasonable. But, there are 2 background themes unlocked. Mind you the most boring ones not the other cool ones as pictured. They are there but they are locked. And people who do not want to pay an unreasonable fee every month get plain colors or somewhat of a “colorful” pattern. This is unfair. Not to mention the most non-themed stickers are the only ones available to people who don’t want to pay. Also even features like text have things locked. Now $5 (one time)for VIP access AND removing ads that is reasonable and more people will be likely to buy therefore the company will get more money. I do like pic collage and the general idea and I had some fun making things but it got boring because most everything was locked. I have been playing 1 DAY and have noticed this. Please fix the paying nonsense and I will be back!🤔❤️.Version: 7.66.1

PicCollage ReviewI love the app PicCollage!! It’s perfect for all of my Instagram posts, and it has everything I need, without having to pay a cent! You can choose aesthetically pleasing frames, stickers, fonts, and patterns which not only make a post or picture cuter and neater, but also makes our job easier! I save so much time while using this app and I usually use it around once or twice a week. The creators always interchange the borders that are free so they match the upcoming holiday or season and to provide some fun change for our collages. Additionally, you barely have to watch any ads while using this app, and you could create a professional yet pleasing collage in five minutes! It’s a great app for students, parents, teachers, and anyone to use and keep in handy. Ultimately, I recommend this app to anyone, whether you were to use it for social media purposes, a school project, a background for your phone, or even to have a cute picture in your phone!.Version: 7.68.4

Not what it use to beI’ve had the app for a long time and it was fine and then I accidentally deleted it. But I had an account so I thought it would be fine. But when I logged back in, all of my stuff was gone. So I wish you could keep all of that because everything I edited on there took a long time. Secondly, the update is really bad. I wish I had never accidentally deleted it because now it’s back to having the white border around every single picture and it was better before. I guess if you don’t mind taking the risk of losing everything you make or the issue of borders around every picture than you should get the app but for me it just isn’t what it use to be. I want there to be a way to get all of the stuff I edited back and I wish it didn’t have the white border. It’s like, updates are suppose to make things better but it just kind of got worse I guess..Version: 7.55.1

AMAZING one thing thoughI Pic Collage is a really great app I think lots of people should have it if not everyone. You can make your own collages and use them as backgrounds or you can send them to people as cards and you can make videos and you could probably even make calendars or something with them. I use them to make rounds but it’s your choice. One thing I really wish they had though is the ability to make your own stickers also that you only get one pack of stickers and backgrounds with out having to pay.I wish you could get more without having to get the VIP package which you have to pay for but I think that it’s a really great app but I wish you could make your own stickers because you see other people doing that and I don’t know if you can do it with VIP because I didn’t get it because it’s super expensive butI think that anyone should be able to make their own stickers. If you update the app PicCollage, can you please make that an ability!! Thank you.Version: 7.64.2

Honest review: this is an awesome appYou guys. Listen up. I’m 12 years old and all I wanted was an easy to use app to make my photos look just a little bit cooler. This app is awesome bc not only does it have some amazing features, a ton of them are free! It’s so easy to use and I love the designs. Also, I suggest using this app with a collection of other apps, for example, I use Phonto to get a bit more font variety, I also use Facetune bc it has filters and face-editing which is always nice. And of course I use PicCollage because it’s such an easy and fun way to organize the final product. A few awesome things this app offers: 💖different ways to organize ur photos 💝different borders and beautiful backgrounds to make ur photos pop 💘ways to edit ur photos such as cutting out backgrounds, and Colorful drawing tools 💗 and even just an option the freestyle and do whatever you want! Lastly, it also offers some in-app-purchases, they aren’t expensive and they’re totally worth it. I know that everyone here understands that apps don’t just run for free, these awesome creators need money so they can improve or make more games! I’m not forcing anyone to buy anything, I’m just sayin, if you get the chance, it’s worth it. I know this was a long review but I tried to keep it interesting. PLEASE put my review so everyone can see it I want them to hear an honest opinion. Anyway thanks! 💖.Version: 7.67.1

My Favorite Collage & Photo AppVery easy to use on your own. I don’t often post pics or have a need for a collage app, but I recommend this one to everybody. I have no need for most of the wide range of other features, but the collage function is so wonderful, I never remove it from my devices. When I first started using it, there were plenty of options for your collage. It just keeps getting better. You can add backgrounds and text to the point your collage looks like you took a picture of a scrapbook page! I have downloaded many photo apps that are supposed to do the same things as this and, supposedly just as easy or easier. As a senior citizen, learning new things, especially self taught things, become more difficult as age marches on. This app is very easy for all ages. Love Love Love.Version: 7.73.1

Amazing app, please read before you get 😀I gave PicCollage a five star rating but there are some cons along with the many pros... The first con is that there are so many ads that sometimes it can get out of hand. I think they should fix this and make it not so many ads or disable it, but I do understand that is how they make their money along with purchasing add on stuff. Another con is that there can be glitches and some people can’t use it, I think you should make it a little more simple and easy to use. Some of the pros are that most of the things are free and it’s very fun to use. Many people use this app so they’re constantly adding updates and new things to buy! I hope they continue to do this and pick collage can get famous!I think they have done a good job at making people happy and making amazing looking pictures, I have used this app at for as long as I can remember and it is amazing!!!.Version: 7.64.2

Why..why wasn’t I warnedOkay so I needed to update my phone and all the apps okay. I did the update on my phone. Then I noticed there was some issues with my Apple ID account. Fixed that issue. But sense I needed to create another Apple ID account. All the apps that I downloaded on the previous account wouldn’t allow me to update them. So I logged out like I have done multiple times. And thinking sense it said all the recent activity is saved and up to date. I thought everything that I worked on would be there after I re-downloaded this app. Apparently not. EVERYTHING I MEAN EVERYTHING IS GONE. I had so many memories on this account and when I logged back into. All my memories my projects are gone. I can never get them back!!! Why wasn’t there a warning about this. I’m torn. I been with this app for years I mean sense my elementary days!!! Currently a young adult. Picollage developers I understand you didn’t mean for this to happen. Nor is any app perfect but please. Email me and help me get my memories back. It would mean the world!! I was planning to give my college/videos to my bestfriend for her birthday TODAY. But I’m fresh out of luck sense they’re no where to be seen. Please get back to me ASAP. Yours truly a long time supporter..Version: 7.27.4

Feature FixedUPDATE: When I fist started using PicCollage you could resize photos any way you liked in the grid. Then after an update you couldn't. This has been fixed and it works beautifully. I can resize photos however I like. THANK YOU PICCOLLAGE! <3 Leaving the old review so you can see how they listened: But in a recent update the ability to pinch a photo so I can resize it how I want within grids has been removed. I tried using the app again today and remembered why I quit using it. I'm really disappointed because to get what I want now I have to freestyle and I can't get the photos even that way. I wish this would be fixed. I want to be able to choose all or the size of my photos. Until then I have to give one star. I really did use to love this app. I made personal calendars with it every year... sorry..Version: 7.33.7

WonderfulThis is awesome 😎. You can do things on it like add pictures and videos also stickers and fonts. But here is my problem with this you need to make more things free because it is not fair to people who do not want to pay for the stickers and fonts and people who can not pay for it because they are not allowed to buy it . Also the stickers and fonts that are free they should have fancy ones for the free stickers to because people may not want to pay 99 cents or $1.99 for stickers that are fancy And cool . You should create some fancy and cool backgrounds and stickers that are free not boring ones. I get you have to get money but still . God says give to those who are less fortunate than others . I am a kid that is not allowed to buy things for apps . $2.99 is to expensive . Please get back to me soon.Version: 7.73.1

Fantastic Collage Maker!!I have had a blast with this app! Whoever invented this did a wonderful job. I love that you can pick any pictures you want to make a collage and you can pick what color you want, your very own choice of beautiful backgrounds with a variety of choices, You can pick any font you want your names wrote, you can add your very own personal stickers to decorate your collage with, and the possibilities are endless!! So ladies and gentlemen an boys and girls if you have not tried this app do so now. Oh I forgot the best part you can try this app free for 7 days as long as you have a valid credit or debit card. So what are you waiting for start making a valentines collage or picture frame for that special someone to show them that you love them and cherish their pictures and those memories. I make collages of my pets their adorable. Have fun!!.Version: 7.71.1

Why??I mean, yes it’s a really fun way to combine pics and make a fun collage, and i love it. There’s just one star i took off because of one thing. The premium pack. I mean, is it really fair that we only get one pack for backgrounds and other things like stickers and have to pay and extra 1.99? I mean, really pic collage? 1.99? Like, for example, I made a collage of my halloween pics. I really wanted to have a halloween themed background, but all I could find on my little “primary pack” was either solid colors or some patterns. Anyways, I just found a pic of some candy corn on the web and since pic collage has an option that allows users to put custom pics on there for the background, so... thanks! I mean, it’s not really the best idea if you want people to give you 1.99 for a premium pack instead of just looking it up, but anyways, thanks i guess! This is my point. -Anonymous.Version: 7.40.12

Excellent! 2 reviewsUpdate, July 17, 2019 Thank you for responding to my review and explaining how to sync my devices. I’m very happy with this app. Since the last update it has been a bit glitchy and freezes up when navigating between programs, but hopefully that will be fixed with the next update. Thank you for responding and thank you for making such a great app! I really like PicCollage and it is one of my favorite apps, I use it often, however I am disappointed that my purchases are not account bound but rather device bound. Having to make purchases for each device can become more expensive than I care to pay. Also it would be very helpful if there was a way to add folders and be able to group similar collages together instead having to scroll through 100’s of collages for just a a few select ones..Version: 7.52.12

Okay... Until 2018I liked this app before... THE UPDATE. Yes. You’re update made this app more difficult than it already was. First, I’ll say what the update has done to my beautiful joke collages. So first up, the scissor tool. Whenever I’m trying to cut out something I need to get up close, and you used to be able to do that. Except now, it’s like you’re cutting something out with North America sized scissors with a BLINDFOLD on. It turns out sloppy and horrible. Next, searching something up. I always try to look for gifs, like of dogs and stuff like that. But APPARENTLY, this app is too stupid to even recognize what a dog gif is. But somehow it can pull up a gif of someone with AN ELONGATED NECK. And if you aren’t supposed to search up gifs, THE. WHY IS THERE A SEARCH BAR?! Also, I used to be able to specify what I wanted to look. BUT DAT WAS TAKEN AWAY!.Version: 7.55.1

AmazingThe only reason this isn’t at 5 starts is because it keeps asking me if I want to become a VIP, meaning I’d have to pay every month, and I can’t get certain backgrounds or stickers if I’m not a VIP. I understand that’s how this app makes its money, so I’m not mad about that. If I could I would rate this app a 4.5 out of 5 stars, but my phone won’t let me do that. Otherwise it’s great! The first time I used this I fell in love with it. It’s been a year since I downloaded this app and I use it all the time. I make party invites, vacation picture collages, thank you cards, and more. I even used it to make a picture gift for my friend and she loved it. My favorite thing about the app is that you can dazzle it up by adding stickers. And the sticker packs it give you for free are really nice and there’s a lot of free packs you can download. Thank you for creating a wonderful app. I will continue to use it all the time!.Version: 7.50.8

Make quick memes when the opportunity strikes without needing photoshopSometimes you just need to make a meme at an exact moment, whether it be putting your favorite characters faces on the distracted boyfriend meme, or putting your friends face on the butterfly man to make fun of their misinformation. But if you run to your computer and load photoshop, the timeframe when that meme will be funny quickly runs out! So what do you do? Get this app. It’s trimming function is amazing, and it’d be even more amazing if I could zoom in farther to fix mistakes its ai makes, but there’s a glitch I discovered where you can zoom in without it zooming you back out... can’t say it though in case they want to fix it! But please pic collage, if you’re reading this, let me zoom in farther. Anyways I’m now always prepared when the opportunity to make a decent meme hits. My friends have actually asked “how did you make this so fast?” I never leave reviews but I feel obligated at this point with how often it’s helped me, and also how often I’ve cropped out the watermark...Version: 7.50.8

How piccolo change my lifeHave you ever had one of those boring apps that have all of those ads just pop up on the page? Well I know just the right up for you so here's how it all started I've always wanted an app that I can post pictures on and have cool backgrounds that have stickers and wallpaper and frames. All of those things are amazing ❤️ piccolo to do all of that stuff for you and guess what it's free so here's how it started I was looking for an app that can do all of those things but all of the apps that can do all of those things cost money or they don't work or they load forever or there's too many links that show up on the page that cover up what you're looking at the list goes on and on forever so I was about to give up but then my friends told me to try one last app ☝️ so I said ok 👌 and guess what I tried it and it was awesome it had all of the cool gizmos that I listed above so I told my friends thanks and I still have it to this day so that's why I am writing a report about it but your probably wondering why I only gave pic collage 4 ⭐️ instead of 5 ⭐️ because I just wrote about how amazing it is, well here's why I don't like that you have to pay money 💰 online for just the STICKERS!!! I mean some of the stickers are 0.99 cents or 1.99 $ please change this.Version: 7.40.12

Great!I have used pic collage about 10 times in the past 2 months and it has been amazing. You’re able to shape it how you want it, place it where you want it and able to do it for many photos. I have used pic collage for my Home Screen, Lock Screen and school work too. It’s great for people who don’t want to pay to make a collage( like myself) and for people who are willing to pay. Without VIP access I’m able to get a lot of backgrounds and wallpapers. A lot of other apps charge for making a decent collage and this app is one of the few that you don’t have to charge to have the things pic collage provides. The only recommendation I have for pic collage is for people to be able to see their collages they have posted on their phone. I’m able to see my posts on my computer but not on my phone. I’m not sure why Pic collage has it like this, but please get it fixed soon!! It’s not much of a problem for me but it something that may be more of a problem for other people. Overall, I recommend this for people that don’t like to pay for apps( like me) and people that are willing to spend real money on apps like this..Version: 7.73.1

Love this app!!You have so many options to create a very neat/crafty collages!! I have been using it on and off for over a two year span! I would recommend this app to anyone who is looking for the best picture combination creative outcome. I have for the most part tried/done their trial bases for all of the others and none of them can produce the capability of which this specific app is capable of doing!! Huge 5 stars review!! If you are skeptical about this app please do the trial and if you don’t like it then at least you gave it a shot and then you can go on trying to find the right one for you! These apps are not a one size fits all kind of deal. So with that being said, everyone has different needs and specifications for producing a special kind of collage or photo collection production. To eachs own. Happy collaging 😆.Version: 7.68.2

It’s a no from me dawgSo I’ve downloaded this app on an old family account. So I guess I was grandfathered in as far as getting to not have that stupid watermark on it after you’ve made a purchase. So imagine my surprise when I downloaded this app thinking I’d have the same thing happen so I waste 1.99 on vaporwave stickers in hopes that it’d remove the watermark and low and behold the watermark is still there. Why do all these apps have that “buy this app for 35 dollars a year for ‘free’” crap. I don’t want another subscription. I suppose this information was readily available had I taken the usual 3 seconds to scan the about app thing but I didn’t. I’m not trying to sound rude but I’ve been using this app on my old family device for YEARS!! I even spent money on it too! It’s very upsetting to see. Uninstalled instantly. I used this app to post cutesy insta photos but now I don’t even know what I’m gonna do. The only reason I gave this app 2 stars is because it holds nostalgia for me.Version: 7.50.9

PCI’m a long time user of PicCollage and I love it! I have an account and have made some lovely friends, which has been incredible. I have a few problems though. There are ads that pop up when you post something, one of them is for a type of birth control. This isn’t an appropriate ad to be showing (it has been the only ad I’ve seen for months). The majority of the PC population is in middle school or high school, and that ad is geared towards people who are older than high school age. As someone in high school, I am uninterested in this ad, and it wastes my time and makes me uncomfortable. I relate to many other users with these feelings. Also, the most recent update (iPhone X compatible) has rendered the app itself virtually useless to me. I don’t know if I am alone in this, but I cannot view my notifications (likes, comments, remixes) or my profile, and I cannot post. When I try to see my notifications, I am directed to the website, and I cannot post or see my notifications there. This is a big problem for me because I’m very active in the PC community. I don’t know if others are affected (I’m assuming they are) but I hope this is fixed as soon as possible..Version: 7.24.8

Awesome app! My all time favorite!! Just one little thing though....Ok so I’ve been on Pic Collage for a long time now. But there’s just one thing that made me really upset. I was making a collage for a contest in the remixes. I was making it for about 30 minuets. I wasn’t done yet. Then I accidentally tapped the done button and the whole remixed collage (that I wasn’t finished with) posted on that contest’s post. Now I easily deleted it but I had to re-do the whole collage. Now, I know you can just make the collage and then save it then remix it onto the contest but I honestly don’t like doing that. Is there any way you can make a feature that when your in the remixes and you tap the “done” button it will ask “Are you sure you want to post this collage?” And have the option of “yes” or “no”. Now if your just looking at the reviews and see this, DOWNLOAD PIC COLLAGE!!!!! I’m not hating on this app cause it’s a part of my life now. But if you can do this it would be an AMAZING feature for me. Thanks! -SqueekyPea.Version: 7.40.12

THANK YOU!!!!I’m so extremely happy and grateful to have stumbled on your app! I love it, it’s everything I need in one place and I can purchase what I want as I need it rather than pay a monthly subscription. I had a similar photo editing app to this but after a few years they decided to follow everyone else and turn the app into a subscription. I lost all my backgrounds, stickers, etc because they no longer ran the app that way. I feared I would never find something like it again until I downloaded this app! I’m a mom and a wife who likes to take family pictures and make them more fun. I’m not a professional photographer so I didn’t need or want to pay monthly when I edit pictures a few times a month. This is the perfect photo editor for me and I’m so impressed. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart!.Version: 7.73.1

Great App... but...First of all, I want to say that Pic Collage is an amazing app where you can express yourself through art and share your creations with others. I have been on Pic Collage for almost 4 years now and have not been very active lately (since January). The only problem I am having is that whenever I try to post a collage it says it is “Shared” but it doesn’t show up when I look at my profile. I have tried to do this many times and even deleted and reinstalled the app twice and logged in and logged out repeatedly. I have also shut off my phone and turned it back on several times, but, it doesn’t work. I’m starting to worry. I’m not sure whether the problem is my phone, my account, the app, or the newest update. Could anyone inform me on what to do so I can fix the problem? Sincerely, A Pic Collage User..Version: 7.36.2

Best freestyle optionsI haven’t used it in years, and there’s certain stuff I love that’s changed over the years. Way easier to rotate and size with just one finger ( opposed to the old way where u had to use two to pinch), the “back” and “front” options. Also the fonts!!! I love a variety of cute fonts for every kind of collage or flyer. Only thing I’m not too sure of is all of the locked options? HOWEVER, for those of you who thought the same thing you can search up any image online including any kind of background you want so.... only time that’s considerably annoying is when you want the filling texture of your font to be something cool & unique. But either way great updates through out the years... I just suggest maybe a couple more collage templates. Same old sizes and shapes get old..Version: 7.47.13

Great!I’ve had this app ever sense I started using iMovie to make videos. It’s very useful, no glitches or slow. Some ads though. The thing that really bugs me about this app is that there is limited stickers and backgrounds you can put onto your collage. They make you buy a VIP version of that app to get those stickers and backgrounds. This change was recently made and before it was a useful, free app! I don’t like this change and I hope new changes are made to fix this because pic collage is over all great! I still use this app very often and find it very fun and I love it! Download this app if you’re willing to pay or not because there are still good backgrounds, fonts, and much more in this app! They even made a way to make your collages an animation which I use all the tome and it makes my collages more full! Totally recommend this app!.Version: 7.60.2

June 9, 2019I love PicCollage, it’s an awesome app! I just love how you can personalize your own phone case. I ordered one and it came out just how I wanted and how I personalized on the app. This is such a neat and amazing app. For me 5 ⭐️ ’s isn’t enough! If I had to rated more than 5 ⭐️ it would probably be like 90 🌟. Out of 50 photo editor app I downloaded this one is the best one! I just everything that you guys did on this app! Just a suggestion: what if you guys do the VIP pack less expensive! That would be great. It’s just a suggestion it isn’t that expensive, but it would be better less 💵 to waste! To be honest their is nothing to complain about this app! I love everything! I edit every photo on this app! Thank you so much for creating this app! I highly recommend it, you won’t regret! Also I recommend you buying the VIP, it’s awesome 😎. Keep up the great 👍 work! 👋🏻✌️😄.Version: 7.50.9

This game is awesome!Me and my brother do collages all the time. Although, we’re kind of sad that you have to have vip for some stuff. I think it’s a pretty cool thing because you can express yourself in this app more than others. I like being myself and posting daily feed because I want to make people feel positive about their lives. I don’t post stuff because I want to brag about what I have I feel like I should be encouraging other people who may feel negative. It’s ok if you don’t want to post things, but you always have the option to look on other peoples accounts and see what they have done. But before anything I have said before, you have to have an account but it’s really easy to sign up! Thank you, developers for making this app. I really don’t like to show other people what I look like but I want to express myself..Version: 7.45.6

SPLENDID APPThis app is just what I needed and I especially like that you don’t have to pick one layout and stick with it! You can make your own layout or use the templates which I really love! Also, there are lots of special features for free! You can edit your photos, doodle on your photos, cut them out and place them wherever, etc. All this for free! The only thing that I dislike ( its very M I N O R ) is that when you cutout a photo, it’s not exactly correct or accurate. And of course, I’m doing all this on a phone, so it’s hard enough already to trace a line all over the object in the photo, let alone, it doesn’t even line up that much once your done. But, I know that there are hardly any apps that can get your cutout EXACTLY like you want to make you satisfied, but I wish it would line up a bit more. Overall, this app is great! It’s very easy, fun, and non-stressful! I definitely recommend this app to anyone, and accurately, I give this app a 4.9 star! Thanks for this app and hope this helped somebody! :-) ADIOS AMIGO.Version: 7.59.2

In-App PurchasesIf you get a new phone your in-app purchase won’t restore and it doesn’t matter if you use the same iTunes account; plus there is no phone number to call so you have to go through an in-app chat to try and get your feature back but nothing gets fixed because the messages keep going back and forth for over a month and all they can say is “did you try to restore purchases.” The in-app messaging is also annoying because it’s hidden and you don’t get notifications so you have to make sure to open the app and search messages to see if there was a response. I have already sent proof of purchase but still nothing. Yes it is only a $1.99 purchase, and I can purchase it again instead of going through the trouble; however, I already purchased the feature twice and refuse to spend a total of $6 on a watermark remove feature. So after 8 years I will be using another collage app that doesn’t still have issue with restoring purchases and doesn’t drag their customers along for a month about a $1.99 credit..Version: 7.58.1

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 8.0.1

BrilliantPicCollage is easy to use, aesthetic, and fun. It has functions for animating your pictures, cropping very exact parts, cool backgrounds, and great intuition. The multiple fonts are really different but all wonderful for contrasting looks, and the handy web search tool makes finding images without screenshotting them very quick. The only problem is that before and after every collage you make, PicCollage gives you an ad. If you upgrade (paying) then this apparently stops, but it limits the large amount of users who don’t want to pay. Regardless, PicCollage is a really fun tool to use. I highly recommend it..Version: 7.53.1

Greatest app everThe first thing that was a good app is the app it needs a little bit of the time and it will work out with a lot more of a better way to play the app for a few minutes to play and play the app for the next day or so I have a few friends to watch it for the next time and it crashes and it takes forever to get the game and play the app for a while so it won’t let you get to the point of it or play the app for the first game I have to do with the app to get the new version and the new version of this app I play it on my iPad so it’s worth it to.Version: 7.73.1

The app Pic CollagePic collage has been my favourite app when it comes to making wallpapers and posters. However, there has recently been a BIG issue with this app. When I click photos trying to select photos that were already in my camera roll but it continuously asked to turn on camera and the notifications wouldn’t go away. Because of this issue I turned on camera but I was disappointed to find that I could only use the camera and not select my photos from my album. This was the biggest part for me and is why I’m giving it this ranking. Thanks hope you fix this issue, Unknown.Version: 7.70.1

AmazingI love this app because it is perfect for group projects or if you just want to make collages for fun. The adds are just posters with an x on the top right corner so it is waiting free🥳! It also has ways to upgrade your collages with backgrounds, stickers, layouts, photos, templates, grids, doodles and texts. For the photos all they do is enter your photos(you need to enable this) and thats it. Your collages can show your favourite hobbies, sport, thing, food, trend and place🤩🤗😇😋😛. Have fun with your collages everyone and stay safe at home🏠..Version: 7.64.2

Love itPic collage is great for those rainy days!! I love making collages and stuff to put on my account! It’s also a great way to be inspirational and inspired by those who take their collages to a deeper level of meaning. But what is with the hate pages?? The developers need to keep an eye out for those... The fact that people make an account to put others down?? Everyone is their own person and should feel free to put pictures of themselves up on their account without having hatepages put them down! Apart from those, I love the app. You get to connect with people all over the world, make new friends and find your inner creativity!! If the hatepages are taken down... I can guarantee PicCollage is a great and a safe place to share your inner inspiration ( no matter how bad or good you are)! Download it and discover your creativity because I found a lot about mine 😄.Version: 7.65.1

ReviewPic collages In-App Purchases are really bad because you see a sticker, a font or a background that you like most of the time you can’t use it because it has In-App Purchases and I rate it a 3 / three not a 5 / five because sometimes when you want to move something it gets stuck and won’t move so you have to delete all your work because of one small thing that won’t move and it doesn’t sound that annoying but trust me it is because at my school I did some work on pic collage and I was nearly finished then I had to delete it all because of one sticker and my work was due that day so I rate it a 3 / three out of 5..Version: 7.74.2

PhotasticPic collage is amazing!!! I use it for so many things weather to create a wonderful collage of all my fav photos. I used pic collage to insert photos of me and my friends and made a collage to make sure we all remembered eachother. Sometimes the stickers I would like to add to my collage aren’t there due to having to buy them but that is really the only fault. I would rate pic collage as a 4 stars because it’s a great way to create a wonderful and unique background on the phone, iPad ect. I use pic collage to create memory’s. So thank you to the creators of pic collage for such an amazing app it has really change the way I place and look at all my photos..Version: 7.45.6

Needs more free-user options.Although the majority of us can agree that this app is an amazing, handy tool to use for creating endless amounts of collages, I personally think that the app should offer more options in decorating for free-users. For example, the app doesn't provide a bigger selection of stickers-stickers are only available on the one page only free-users can use. Please take this into consideration for future advertising and otherwise..Version: 7.58.1

Love pc but update is terribleI’ve been using pc for a long time now and it’s one of my favourite apps! But this new update is absolutely terrible!!! It’s so hard to navigate now and some tools in effects that I use have been removed! I liked pc when it was simple and when it was easier to find things. Also it keeps glitching like when i make a collage, save it and go back onto it some of the png’s disappear and things have moved. It’s really annoying and sometimes it crashes too. Overall I really like pc but I wish you would focus more on adding new features onto pc rather than taking things away and playing around with the layout..Version: 7.52.12

PIC COLLAGE IS AWESOME❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💩😜I love pic collage because I like to create story’s and I can search, write, draw on the page, choose or search for backgrounds and add stickers although you have to pay for some things like packages and some stickers but there’s still sooooo many things to use and some stickers are for free. Pic collage is one of my FAVOURITE GAMES EVER. I think it’s for extended ages but just older then 7 because they will be able to use it better and understand it because most little kids will just start making a mess with it and I recommend it to kids who like to make stories and store memories from photos and like to make posters and colourful pictures and you can use it for things like creating stories jumbling photos or searching for different photos and putting in photos for memories and you can use it in schools because I used it in writing to make poems.Version: 7.32.9

My reviewOmg. This app is amazing! It should cost money! It’s so goood! Like seriously. I’m not joking. It’s free! It’s such a good photo editor! And so easy video animation editor! I will give it 5 stars. You guys are amazing. Keep it up! The Images are so good too !! I love this app. Others may not like it, but, I think you have just gained yourself a fan (Me). I normally don’t rate apps cause there boring I hate doing them. But I love em for good apps and fun ones! Like this one! Love you!😊❤️ Don’t change anything. It’s good! You can if you want you can upgrade. But you don’t have to. I think it’s better it should be the same. Bye! I will comment again sooner!😍❤️#Stay safe and away from #Coronavirus!.Version: 7.64.2

Amazing, Amazing, AMAZING!!!!!Pic collage is a big help. You can edit your photos, you can put photos on top of photos and you can even add stickers. I use this app at school and at home. For school he teachers ask fo posters and this app is amazing at that. At home I use it to change my wallpaper because of the high quality stickers they have. I would recommend Pic Collage to anyone who needs to make a poster to just having a good look at the designs. Right now you might be reading this and thinking this app is not for me because I am not very arty and I’m not good at design. Believe it or not, neither am I. This app is so easy to use because people that are not good at design can use this. Don’t worry if you are artistic you can get inspired by the designs. On this app you can even make phone covers to birthday cards. How cool is that. I would really recommend this app to anyone because of its features. You can use it at home, school and work. This app is a thousand times AMAZING 😉!!!!!.Version: 7.35.10

PicCollage is pretty good!PicCollage is a good tool for poster making and has outputted many products better than I could do by hand or on regular documents. My only complaints are the fact that it is constantly asking me to enable notifications or leave a review, also that it is locked in portrait mode. This is irritating for me because I use an iPad with a keyboard so I’m always in landscape mode and i have to use the onscreen keyboard. Both of these factors are kinda annoying but not dealbreakers and all in all I would highly recommend it..Version: 7.64.1

PicCollage!PicCollage is such a great app! You can make a Friendship Collage, a Family Collage, or a All about Me Collage just to name a few. PicCollage is such a great app to get your fingers going. There’s stickers you can use, fonts you can type out, grids to use and backgrounds to choose! You can even use some backgrounds you have in your Photos! It’s just a great great app!!! We can use the PicCollage app at school to!(To make collages) . Do if you are fussing about making collages then download PicCollage. But if you are bored and don’t know what to do then download PicCollage to to make awesome collages!!! Camellia Ding 😊😊😊.Version: 7.62.1

I like PicCollage but sometimes can be a bit problematic ( I still love it though)PicCollage is an amazing app that I use constantly. It’s a very clever idea and the best app like it I can find, however, there are a few minor problems that if fixed would make this a far more enjoyable app. Firstly, the VIP subscription is quite expensive for only a few bonuses and makes me in no way tempted to choose it. Also recently I have found it occasionally glitching. If these problem are fixed in the next update which I am hoping they are, this will one again become my favourite app!.Version: 7.55.1

Pic Collage ReviewI love using Pic Collage because it means I can use multiple pictures I love and turn them into one big picture to remind me of the good times I shared with my friends. The backgrounds are so cool and there are so many with so much variety to them. The same can only be said for the fonts. The only thing I would say I would want improved is the fact that so many inspirational and pretty backgrounds are only available if you pay. I recognise that Pic Collage feel the need to do this so they can make some money off of this amazing app but it does turn people away (me being on of them) and it encourages us/them to utilise other apps instead of yours. Thank you for this app. For it gives people so much joy when they can give a friend a powerful card in a time of need or just to give them something to do with cool photos. So thank you and I hope this review gives you the power to make an already AWESOME app even better and even more enjoyable..Version: 7.59.3

Diecast GarageWe find this app terrific, it is so helpful in the running of our business. We are a business on eBay and we are only allotted 12 photos so we use this app to create a collage of our remaining photos, with this app we can cut and paste, shrink to fit, crop, overlay, send forward or back, text over anything we want. This app is a valuable part of running our business. I will admit the stickers are too expensive and useless if we need a sticker we grab gif off Google and just use that..Version: 7.20.5

Awesome!!🤩Pic collage is absolutely amazing. It jas so many uses. I give it a five-star rating, although it is annoying that you need to be connected to wifi to use but other than that it's incredible! My favourite thing is that it had no ads which makes it so much more enjoyable. I make all sorts of things with pic-collage like, cards, invitation and posters. You can use this at school and home. It's lots of fun to just play around with and just make collage with pictures of my friends and family. I would really recommend this app to anyone who is creative and loves arts and crafts. I really hope they can keep making more categories of cards and designs..Version: 7.55.1

Love it a lotI love pic collage because you can keep memories in really cool and pretty fonts and photos. Even though you have to pay for some stickers it is really fun to play with. There is even a sticker thing that is free. You can save things and send them to friends and family. There are really pretty backgrounds and fonts. I am really happy I have pic collage and you would be too. I recommend pic collage for you and ALL of your friends. You do NOT have to pay for the app but some accessories you will have to be pay for but that does not stop anyone from having fun. So all of you picture obsessed people (or just someone who is board and wants some fun) NEED to get this app. PIC COLLAGE: the next generation😄😊🙂.Version: 7.35.10

I cannot explain how to put it into wordsI’ve been using this app for as long as I can remember. It’s improved me with my handwriting with all the texts that you can choose from. I also prefer to use this app with making posters, birthday cards or anything you can imagine it to be! This can also inspire young artists like myself. This app has somehow made me a good drawer, I can now draw anime because of this Exquisite app. When I was little I remember how I would write about some games or famous celebrities. I found this enjoyable! I hope you can too. Thanks for hearing me out! Have a lovely day ✨😘.Version: 7.51.12

Read this to know the real reviewThis app is AMAZING you can do so much such as school projects, edit photos and mainly collages. This app is not like other app which u just put photos in a collage there are other features like cropping and also cutting out the parts u don’t want but I will be honest one thing that I don’t like about this app is the VIP subscription were I have to pay to get extra cool fonts and stickers but in my opinion because of this that doesn’t make this app any less of a good app u still get so many stickers and fonts.Version: 7.72.1

Essential appI’ve been using this app for the longest time and it’s definitely become an app I depend on when it comes to birthdays, gift making, book covers, posters, room decor, phone wallpapers, cards and general decoration/art inspiration - it’s super easy to use and convenient at no price at all - even if you have no sense of creativity, PicCollage will absolutely help get your imagination running, it has a number of layouts and designs to choose from - which you can edit and customise to your own preference, you can crop and cut and edit pictures, add in text or gifs or stickers or images from the internet straight from the app, move them around and the app won’t lag or crash like most photo apps do- one of my favourite features is that you can exit one collage and come back to it later - pic collage will save your collage even if you go to make a new one which is super convenient if you need to reuse ideas or revisit them for inspiration!!.Version: 7.49.9

Good but could be improvedI enjoy making memes and silly things to laugh at on this app. It is fun to use because I can look up images on the app and use them instead of my iPad photos and doing that saves a lot of time. This may be my iPad playing up but I can't access updates. I still have the Christmas stuff from earlier in the year. I got a notification while using the app saying that a new update thing is available but I can't find it in the App Store or settings. Other than that Pic Collage is awesome!.Version: 7.42.14

Per suasive writing text about pick collage why they shouldn’t be VIP accessHi I just love pick collage because you can make so many different things but the only thing I do not like is that if you don’t have VIP access you you don’t get the good stuff because I just found a good background and it’s not even VIP access that you need plus I don’t get it because there is good things and you don’t need VIP access but then there’s only like this saying things like the same things but you don’t need your VIP access that’s what I don’t get so please just make the VIP access not exist any more because I am kind of getting sick of paying for this app and it was $11 and I am not paying any more money just to get okay things and then there’s good ones and then you have to pay for VIP access to get good things again and they’re basically the same so I just don’t get that so you should change that and all speak to your boss if you even I have one I strongly believe that I don’t think the VIP access is a good thing to do and I strongly Believe that other people don’t like the VIP access ..Version: 7.63.1

Pic CollageI absolutely LOVE this app. 💕 💖 💗💘💙💚💛🧡❤️💜🖤💓. I use it all the time and I just love it. Of course I wish you didn’t have to pay for some stuff but that doesn’t matter. I love to write inspirational things on pic collage and I love to read other things that people post. All the different cards that you have are super cool. I’m a massive fan of this game and super proud of the people who made it. Keep up with the good work guys. YOURE AMAZING AND SO IS PIC COLLAGE!!!!! Love from dodoelectra By the way if I could give pic collage more than 5 stars I DEFINITELY WOULD!.Version: 7.46.4

Best school game everIt is my second fav (after book creator)school game ever and the last one is so awesome and the only reason why they are the game that I cannot was a good day I had a good night with you guys last time and then we got a lot going and then we got a lot going and we got a little something for him and I cannot is a little hard for you and I love to play it but you don’t have any friends you want me and I want you and I can get it and I don’t know how you do that you can just tell him that I love him I don’t know how much you can do it I love him I don’t know what you mean you and he is going and you know I know you’re a man I know that you’re the best man I’ve had so I just got your love for me you can always do something with it haha I don’t think I can do it I don’t want to be with you I don’t want to be with you I don’t want to be with you I don’t want to be with you I don’t want to be with you I don’t want to be with you I don’t want to be with you I don’t want to be with you I um so that’s that oh and did I mention that I love it.Version: 7.60.2

Pic collageI think pic collage is very cool and fun because you can keep memories in them. It is also fun because you can put lots of stickers, photos and pictures in it. You can also sketch things. I like the backgrounds. I also like to use the frames to show my family and friends and fun stuff. And I also like to do freestyle because you can add anything you want. It also allows you to make covers for your technology and my sister made a stupid joke that wasn't funny. I used a thank you card for nothing because my friend was too embarrassed to sing with me in a competition. I like this for so many reasons and I have shown you above. If you like my message to you then download the game and have fun and do silly stuff like I did. Thanks a lot stupid friend that didn't participate in the competition! Enjoy the game and thank you so much friend NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I liked pic collage and so will u..Version: 7.22.9

Brilliant as can be... or is it?I personally think that Pic Collage is a great, easy and usable app to have. I suggest for everyone to download it since it’s a fun app to use for school and for making art. Including posters , presentations, and printable notes! One thing I would love to improve would be to add more available items for free so it can still be equally enjoyable. I am aware that they have downloaded a ‘Pic Collage brand patterns’ set of amazing backgrounds that I have just recently gotten. But I believe there should be a few more besides that one. Overall I think it’s an incredible app with very clear, easy instructions to follow. By CandyLOL!inschool.Version: 7.62.1

Beautiful App!It’s about time! I used to search everywhere for a creative, collage app that didn't ask you to pay money to unlock EVERYTHING after 3 seconds. Finally! Basically the only thing you have to pay for, is other sticker packs. But you don't have to. And you still have a perfect sticker pack. I also LOVE the photoshopping you can do on the app... I’ve used it a lot for pranks and that kind of thing... Anyway, that's great. The backgrounds are beautiful, the fonts are fabulous, the photoshopping is great, and the possibilities are ENDLESS. This app is great! Have fun!.Version: 7.39.17

So Easy and Fun!I love to use pic collage. I use it mainly to make wallpapers and the outcome is amazing. It is also so easy to use! You can change the size and shape of picture and change background by adding a pattern of colour. You can also add stickers, text and much more. So fun too! It also saves all the pic collages you’ve made so they are easy to access again. It also gives you the option to save you to your library- being your camera roll. Love it so much. Highly recommend!.Version: 7.61.1

Really helps me with choicesI love this app! It’s easy to use! Right now I am building and I put all my ideas or orders in a collage and it works really well. Firstly it’s easy to choose with things laid out together & then went I have decided I put everything in a collage so it’s all there for me to look at on one page PERFECT! Of course I use it for special events and it’s Great, but right now I’m loving it for my building planning project Hey anyone wAnting a super easy budget, trip or currency converter APP try TRIPEEZ love that too!.Version: 7.38.18

I Love it!Well I love it coz it’s so fun creative and cool! I love all of the fonts and pics also the backgrounds!! Here is some feedback and ideas : It would be a great thing if not all of the backgrounds and stickers cost like $2, $7 maybe you could earn pretend coins, kind of like a game and with those coins you can upgrade your coins and buy stuff and to get more coins your friends could judge 👩‍⚖️ on how u did. You could also get friends to give YOU feedback!! On how you did! 👍👎 Thank you so so much for reading! I’d love it if some of these ideas were used if you like them! Thanks AGAIN!! 😄🤪🤩🥳😉 I hope you enjoy your day/night! Byeeee.Version: 7.74.2

Pic your awesome, but I don't get you...Look I understand that pic collage can do anything but what is it for, when would you use it, there has only been once I had to use this and it was because we had to do this H.A.S.S fantasyland. We had to make a front cover for a book of our fantasyland mine was called Motyl Ziemi which means butterfly land in Polish. I understand you are here for some assignments but what is the big big deal? Please help, you take up storage, and I don't even use you, you want we to buy stickers when I can just get photos and cut them out, you want me to make a collage, I will go home print out photos, get a scrap book, and make a collage, the internet is hypnotising people, so don't do it to us..Version: 7.19.13

PicCollage reviewThe app is okay on its own, but when you have like VIPs and need-to-be-bought stickers and backgrounds, it makes the people who is just playing for fun feel really out. Because who would spend like 5000 dollars on an app that is just for the personal entertainment? Certainly not me! But again, like I said, the app, if without all those* fancy * VIPS and need-money products, it would be fine. Which why I highly recommend playing on PicEdu. It says that it’s for kids, but honestly, it’s just a label. I promise that PicEdu is 100% better than PicCollage for those who just want to have fun and don’t have to worry about that their purse is going to be holes..Version: 7.64.1

Pretty cooooool kidzThis app is truly amazing and super good for creating posters or assignments, even if you just want to print a photo with a border it’s great for that as well. There is nothing too simple or complex for this app and I recommend it to all youse who are reading this right now. I use it for school work and also just to have some fun and muck around with my friends, and it’s great how you can create pretty much whatever you want, like I said before, from posters, to assignments, to cards, to photos, plus more. It’s a great app for all kinds of things hence why I gave this app a 5 star rating👌😁.Version: 7.62.1

I love pic collageI love pic collage I could go about how amazing pic collage is but I won’t I will keep it short . Pic collage has a unique possibility to make sorts of things on say if you hade to make A poster for school you could use pic collage . Another reason is you could use pic collage for social media . There is one tiny problem though it is on a device which every one knows that to much screen time is pretty bad . But I am one hundred percent not against it . Pic collage is overall pic collage is great my rate is a five out of five keep it up pic collage 😀.Version: 7.63.1

GreatHey, PicCollage people. This is the first time l have tried it! Cool! I love everything about it but l hate to admit that people who can't buy the locked ones cannot use it and that me.🙄 Don't you think everyone is just going to quit this app when they used all the of the free stickers, backgrounds, etc.🤭🥴 Sorry for that.🤐😥😓 But looking to the bright side, I 😻🥰😘🤩 it!!! Hey, this is the second review. I noticed that you have been uplouding more free stickers according to the event or season. That idea is very useful to me. I don't like how we need to write a review. But now l know, to make your app better than others. Well, l have to admit that my school always use PicCollage, but now more teachers are starting to annouce more and more websites and apps to students. I have uploaded Canva. And Canva is like a little bit better than this app. In Canva, there is more templates in each an one catorgory, it has more stickers, and there is also more fonts on their app than you do. I hope this letter helps your app and makes more people upload it. But most likely more apps loke this one will be introduced to more and more schools like my one in 2020. I hope you get this letter and l hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and have a great exciting day to your family and to the PicCollage people..Version: 7.58.1

So many functions, so many uses!PicCollage is great for the standard import and creation of photo montages, with countless pre-set templates and a really useful freestyle for the more creative! However, there’s also functionality to import designs, pictures, stickers and to draw free-hand within the app itself. And when you finish you can save as a photo to your library and then edit it further. A really useful app that compliments your photo editor and improves what you can do with photo and picture design..Version: 7.59.3

It’s great but badHi people and maybe developers if ur reading, This game is AMAZING!!!! Totally want u to get it if your thinking about getting it! But there’s more, if you don’t wanna pay for stickers or other stuff than get it! But be ready for it to to ask you to pay! And that’s the annoying thing, When your happily making a card for your bestie or mum it pops up saying “oh do you wanna buy the new Christmas stickers” and I’m like if I wanted to buy the stickers I would say I wanna buy the stickers! To sum it up get it cause it’s amazing but get ready 😉 ( Developers if ur reading this review pls respond and don’t make it pop up saying that or anything else! Please!!!! ) 👏🏻 🤞🏻.Version: 7.57.1

Simple and quickI have only used this app sporadically over the last couple of years but each time it has been simple and easy to use. The interface is intuitive and makes sense to a technically challenged person like me. So far I’ve managed to get by with only the free content, and some of the paid content is sorely tempting. After struggling with some of the other so-called “creative” apps (e.g. the Epson one that came with my printer) I am glad I have this one that is hundreds of times more flexible..Version: 7.60.2

AMAZING!!!Pic•Collage is a great app!! Pic•Collage has many free options if you don’t want to pay. The free stickers are nice and you also have the option of editing a photo. We have to understand that the game developers need the money, they can’t earn money from a free app without in-app purchases. This app has lots of great options, is very generous with free stickers and cropping frames, and for all those people that complain about not being able to use the app without paying, then go check the sticker store, they have plenty of free stickers!!.Version: 7.35.10

“PicCollage”This app is really addictive and fun, once you start, you never stop!!! 😂although that (for me atleast) would be amazing!becasue you can be creative and do anything you want on just one little app! I think I’m party of the squad 😂becasue this app is just worth having to come across and when I’m arranging somthing..I just think I will remember it with pic collage! Pic collage is also the thing that immediately pops into my head when I need to decorate everything well! I’m only 9 years old but this app is the best app I’ve ever ever come across!!! 💕💕💕.Version: 7.64.1

Lovely but too expensiveI have only used the free starter pack and it’s nice. Nicer than other apps that I’ve used. However, it’s quite limited and when I tried to buy the year subscription, I realised it was too expensive. If you create collages daily or at least weekly, it’s worth it. Otherwise is too pricey and, in my opinion, the amount of free stickers (and not big deal of designs), and backgrounds, are not worth the yearly subscription. Still, with its limited options, it’s lovely and nice to create collages..Version: 7.58.1

A few little quirks but.......... Overall I find this software extremely helpful and easy to use. It does have a few little quirks and sometimes freezes or you can’t move the images around but it is worth the little niggles (everyone has a bad day at sometimes, so why shouldn’t software. Super handy if you are selling items as you can write the prices next to the images or if you are evil like me (in a nice way) You can do a collage with friends and write mischievous antidotes to match the photo. It really is a versatile app and based on my use of it, i can truly say this app is worth it..Version: 7.60.1

Great game butI think that it is a great game but I don’t like that you have to pay for the VIP. I also don’t like that you have to go through levels on this. I got this app just before a big wedding and I thought I could make something really cute but I couldn’t. But is is a really great game. Also I think that they should fix the advertisement. I thought that you didn’t have to level up. I thought you could get on the game do your own thing and make whatever you want. I didn’t realise that you had to level up. Apart from those things it is a great game and all my friends who have it love that they can express themselves in a different way. Once they change those little things the app will go from great to AWESOME..Version: 8.0.1

Wonderful appSo you may be wondering what is so good about this app. I can’t tell you how good it will be in your perspective but for mine I absolutely love it. Pic collage is a great way to aesthetically pleasing posters and collages, to be honest I use this daily and it is great to use for school purposes too, school and work activities. Also another great use as to why I use this all so much is because making posters has never been so easier. Although this app should update to being able to have more than only 20 photos to put in it so it will be more convenient!!.Version: 7.65.2

PicCollage is sooo good!! 👍🏻👍🏻Pic collage is such a good app! I use it to create collages and edit pictures with it. My favourite function is how you can cut out an image by tracing around it and you don’t just have to crop it using straight lines. You can also set it so that it just cuts out people which is soo helpful. There are only 2 extremely small negatives, the watermark when you aren’t paying for V.I.P. and also you only have a limited amount of stickers, but you can make your own by cutting out images. PicCollage is all round awesome and I would %100 recommend!.Version: 7.61.1

Amazing app! 😉Pic collage is a very fun app to play around with. They have many different wallpapers, stickers ect. It is a really good way to capture your memories that you guaranteed not to loose. I’m hoping for more unicorn sticker packs! 🦄 I love unicorns! Also may he a card like: Believe in yourself, believe in unicorns! Lol 😂 I love them a lot .help!they are in danger! I love everything about it just maybe a bit less money for the phone cases? Please , maybe down 5. Anyway this is a great app to download! 🥰 I love it! It’s an amazing app but just a bit less ads? Maybe free cool wallpaper;more. In conclusion, download this freaking app already!!! This app even though it is for 12 and above I think children can have fun playing with this. Please enjoy the unicorns I mean pic collage but appreciate the unicorns! #unicorn army.Version: 7.46.4

The new update has a bugThis is an amazing app! The new update is not very “ ok”, first of all when I tap on acounts it cuts off the collages and when I tap on them I can only see half of the collage. Also when I tap on it the wrong caption that is from a different post comes up on the wrong post, it also gets the amount of likes mixed up with other likes from different collages. Recently I made some improvements to a collage and then when I went off the app and then went back on all the changes I made disappeared! I made an entire new collage and it just disappeared and wasn’t even on there!Please, please fix that bug and also please make it so you can collect more than 50 things. Other than that everything is great! The old version was fine!, everything was so perfect, why is this update so so annoying. This has not just happened to me but multiple people! Please please respond to this and say that you are working on fixing it ( it would be much appreciated). Instead of a review this is some valuable feedback. To the people reading reviews: PicCollage is my go- to up, I love it so much! I can do anything on it! But I don’t want to stop that because of the new update! Please please fix!!😫.Version: 7.56.1

Amazing appI’ve been playing this game for about three years now and it’s so amazing I love the updates and all the cool things I love love love the wrapping paper that you put on all your things you can make cards and everything is like amazing and it inspires me to art because I always loved heart and I’m always an arty girl and I would usually come out of school with this big lead Mark Texter My hands and face and everything and then my mum would always laugh and this app actually inspires me because I don’t have to get ink for me I can do everything I will always love on this one app it’s so good and I I recommend you get this app and I promise you you will love it absolutely love it if you’re not in such an arty girl or arty boy I bet this game Will expire you for art it is amazing just give a shot it may seem a bit awkward but When you get used to it you’ll love it.Version: 7.51.12

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PicCollage: Fun Layout Editor 8.0.1 Update

Version 8.0.1 (2021-04-15): Improved iPad: We're very excited to bring you an optimized editing experience for landscape and portrait use! Content for Every Occasion: New Mother's Day, Graduation, and spring content is stocked throughout the app to sprout inspiration for all of the celebrations to come! Try VIP for Free!: We love our VIP program so much we want to let you try the first week for free. Test out unlimited stickers, backgrounds, fonts, and more for seven days! See inside the app for more details. First time subscribers only..

Version 7.74.2 (2021-04-08): Fixed a crash related to grids entry point for users on iOS14 with limited photo permission. Try VIP for Free!: We love our VIP program so much we want to let you try the first week for free. Test out unlimited stickers, backgrounds, fonts, and more for seven days! See inside the app for more details. Content for Every Occasion: New Mother's Day, Graduation, and spring content is stocked throughout the app to sprout inspiration for all of the celebrations to come! Spring Cleaning: We spruced up the app and cleared out some cobwebs including bugs relating to notifications and crashes..

Version 7.73.1 (2021-02-02): Feel The Love: The app is fully stocked with romantic backgrounds and sweet stickers. Check out new additions in our free starter pack as well as templates for every type of Valentine! Celebration Station: New content for Birthdays, Lunar New Year, Mardi Gras, and Carnival. What can we say, we love a party! Bug Fixes: A few tweaks for a smoother experience..

Version 7.72.1 (2021-01-12): Hello 2021: Fresh content for New Year, Valentine's Day, calendars, and planners! Explore More: The home page has a new look to make browsing clearer while you scroll for inspiration. Clean Sweep: The app has gotten a polish to eliminate bugs including background layout issues..

Version 7.71.1 (2020-12-14): Tons of Templates: Hundreds of new templates for holiday cards, social posts, party invites, and more! We're expanding our template selection and improving how you find the best design for you to make things as easy as possible. Fresh Colors: Photo borders and the Doodle tool now include new color options for a wider selection..

Version 7.70.2 (2020-11-26): Fixed an issue where camera may repeatedly trigger, blocking from being able to select photos..

Version 7.70.1 (2020-11-16): Fonts for Days: By popular demand - 11 more brand new fonts are now available in our VIP Subscription for all of you font fans! Text-In-Living-Color: Text editor now features improved colors, adjustment options, and last-but-not-least - eyedropper! Winter Starter Pack: Our free starter pack now features brand new winter stickers to keep you in season. Celebrating Everything: We've got new stickers and backgrounds for upcoming holidays including Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, and Diwali! Bug Fixes: Social remix bugs have been squashed!.

Version 7.69.1 (2020-10-25): Fall and Halloween Content: Everything you need to celebrate spookiness, autumn leaves and even pumpkin spice! iOS 14 Updates: The app is now streamlined to run more smoothly with iOS 14 and support photo selection permissions..

Version 7.68.4 (2020-09-28): Halloween Content: We've got the app filled with treats to help you make seasonal collages, updates stories, and send loved ones greetings with fall, Halloween and Dia de los Muertos themes! iOS 14: We've updated the app to support iOS 14 and keep the experience running smooth..