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Superimpose App Download

Superimpose lets you unleash your creativity with your photo editing skills. Combine multiple photos to create artistic double exposure, surreal or just fun juxtaposed photo.

Superimpose provides a very simple workflow, which almost anyone can follow. Yet, it provides a wide range of tools suitable even for advanced users, to create complex compositions.

Blend/mix/combine/cut/copy and paste one photo on another. Creating double exposure photo is as easy as loading two photos and then choosing opacity and blending modes.

With advanced masking tools, you can manually or semi-automatically erase portions from one image and then blend that with another photo. From magic lasso, that cuts out an image from a roughly painted boundary to a simple brush masking tool, you can use wide range of masking tools to create all sorts of masking, using this app.

The app has tons of masking tools like brush, smart brush, magic wand, magic lasso, lasso, polygon, rectangle, ellipse, linear and radial gradient and color range. Text masking tool and you can even create a mask from an image.

And how do you cut out hair or fur of your pet? You can create fine mask of hair, using hair masking tool even to cut out hair!

To keep the flow simple, Superimpose works with two photos at a time. But you can keep merging and keep adding more and more layers of photos to create complex compositions.

To blend two photos even better, the app supports a set of adjustment tools like exposure, saturation, hue, color balance, curve etc.

Apart from blending, advanced masking and filters, Superimpose comes equipped with assorted set of editing tools like perspective correction, adding text with extensive text settings and tools like motion blur, zoom blur etc.

Creating a natural shadow of objects that you blend with a photo is easier than ever. A dedicated tool just to create a shadow.

Store all your cut outs, stickers or masks in a built-in mask library. For example, you can take photo of your products, mask them and then save them in the mask library. You can later add those cut outs on a background you want to add it to.

Create a fun photo by adding one part of the photo as a foreground and another photo as a background.

Save images in high resolution either in JPEG, PNG or HEIC format.

Superimpose App User Reviews & Comments

Amazing!I’ve never written a review for an app before but this app is honestly so amazing I just had to write a review! I’ve tried several apps before but this is by far the best out there. It works for everything and it runs so smoothly! It’s very convenient and easy to use and will not disappoint you. This app is the best there is for photoshop on a phone or tablet, the price is VERY worth it. 10/10 would recommend this app. I’ve been using it for years and have never faced any issue!.Version: 6.6.0

Worth it!!!I love this app it gets really easy to understand after a while. I keep finding out more and more different edits i can make with this app and its soooo cool. I can put it into words. There is just two things i think would make it way better. 1.) to save a project because sometimes i cant finish it and have to go places and it deletes all my work. 2.) if we could record out screen. This would be so helpful since we could do video of us editing and give tutorials. I mean a lot of editing apps are going that now and its so cool and helpful. I hope you think about it!!❤❤.Version: 6.2

Great app, just one flawThis app is amazing for photo editing. I love to edit and this is so good for masking photos, overlaying things, drop shadows, etc. My only complaint is that you are unable to upgrade to Superimpose X from this app. I wish you could just pay the difference, yes it is only a few dollars but that would just be much more convenient. Besides that, I would 100% recommend this app..Version: 6.6.1

Best image editing app, it’s perfectSeriously this is gonna sound like they paid me. I’ve put so many friends on to this app, one of them even uses it for his art practice. It has all the important features I’d get from photoshop and actually even a bit of finer control with the zoomed in masking on touch screen. Best app, thank you Superimpose devs.Version: 6.7.4

AmazingI've been using this app for years for countless things and it's always been super easy to use and always does the trick!! The only thing I'd add would be to have a storage unit within the app where you can save edits you've made, sort of like a draft so you can go back to it or just have it saved in a folder in the app!! But overall it works super well and is my go to..Version: 6.2

Only editing app I’ve hadAs far as editing photos in a photoshop kind of way, this is the app I’ve always had and it does everything I need it to. I’ve never needed to download another app. Never crashes. Really easy to use once you get the hang of it and you can do some really impressive edits. Powerful editing tool..Version: 6.7.4

Update is horrible and makes app unusableWhy.... WHY DID THE DEVELOPERS UPDATE THIS APP??? pre-november, this app was absolutely amazing, one of my favorite editing apps and a staple for my projects. now, it’s useless; i can’t find where anything is anymore, all the bottoms are too close together, and if you switch modes at the bottom, you can’t change previous work when you return to a mode, which can absolutely ruin your projects if you reflexively change modes without changing your mistake. absolutely useless and horrible, wish the developers would update back to how it used to be for years.... can’t believe i spent money on this piece of garbage..Version: 7.0.3

To many bugs!I’ve been using this app for years now and the amount of bugs and annoyances has stayed fairly consistent. With some big fixes and updates the app appears better and with other (such as the most recent update) it appears to get much much worse. Currently I have a big wear every time I attempt to add a new foreground the whole app just freezes and it’s been fairly consistent with crashing every single time I attempt to do this and it’s really irritating. Like I said this app has a lot of potential and has been the primary source for a lot of amazing and enjoyable projects I have created however I feel like the apps coms recently have outweighed the pros and are in reality making the app practically unusable..Version: 6.7.4

Worth Your MoneyBefore Superimpose I used Picsart which is a good app for beginners but as my skills progressed I need someone much better than what Picsart could offer me. So I convinced my mom to send me a bit of money on iTunes so I could purchase Superimpose and can I say it was money well spent! I have made beautiful Wattpad covers and edits with Superimpose ever since I purchased it in December of 2016. The only issue is that you can't have multiple layers but I have found a way to work without it. When you have $2 and looking for something for editing don't hesitate buy this app..Version: 6.2

It’s worth it!It’s worth the pay honestly. I love using this app to edit, even if it is something simple. I can use it for my own use! I can use it to edit pictures for IG(ex: anime), and also use it to edit stuff for school and make my projects and presentations look fancy and look like an expert😉 I’m 15, and I look professional! Definitely recommend this app..Version: 6.6.1

Need the old layout back. App is very hard to use.I’ve been using this app for years and the simple thing about it was the old interface. It was easy to read and navigate. This app has hardly ever worried about aesthetics. You’ve gotten a lot of reviews regarding changing back to the old layout but you don’t reply to those reviews. Please consider going back as there are people with disabilities who need to be able to read and use your app, and you’ve just made it that much harder for them. Please take some responsibility for what’s happened. Revert back to the old layout. Hopefully you read this review and take it into deep consideration for people who are not able to use your app now due to the new interface..Version: 7.0.2

Love it!Been using this app for several years now it seems. Love the available effects! One issue, just started today: when trying to import photo onto a background it starts to load then just shows my background only. Have tried restarting the app. Will try reinstalling it soon. Any other suggestions? Thanks! Update: the issue was with the image. No problems with the app!.Version: 6.4

The bestI never waste time writing reviews and when I do it's usually because the app is really terrible. Let me tell you about this took me years to find the perfect photo edit app. The ease of use is outstanding. I used to only download it when I needed a quick fanfic photo edit/superimpose and would always forget the name when I need to download it again. I have tried so many different superimpose and edit apps looking for this one and NONE of them come close to this app. No joke. I love this app and refuse to tell most of my fanfic friends about it because my stuff usually turns out better than theirs and I want to keep it that way.(lol) I've gotten a lot of likes for my superimposed fanfic photos. Love this app..Version: 6.6.0

LOVE IT SO MUCHI don’t ever write reviews but I felt that this app deserved one. This app is my secret weapon. I’ve been using this for YEARS and end up with amazing results every time I use it. It has allowed me to be creative and create many beautiful projects. Once you get the hang of it, it’s incredibly easy and you can make so many cool things in just a few minutes. It’s amazing what this app allows you to do. I’d honestly have nothing without it..Version: 6.7.4

Auto - saveI love the app but there should be a feature where you can put an auto save on. so every five minutes or so, it saves what you are currently working on, because i’ve had a few experiences were i have forgotten to save my current project and start a new one. i’ve had to restart many projects. i’m sure i’m not the only one so i think an update like this would be useful and helpful for everyone..Version: 6.5

Great app!I downloaded this app years ago and it’s one of the first things I make sure to transfer over anytime I get a new phone. I am not a big photographer or artist but love to work on things now and then, and this app is perfect for it! The tools are extremely easy to use and the apps interface is really easy to navigate. Even with no knowledge of photography or photoshopping, I was able to learn it all pretty quickly. The masking tool picks up on objects & color great and makes photoshopping really easy. Highly recommended over Adobe! I find Adobe PS too confusing & over saturated with tools - plus not willing to pay monthly - another great thing about this app - it’s free!! & they don’t constantly push for you to pay for an upgraded version..Version: 7.0.5

Needs higher output qualityI have been using Superimpose for about 6 years now. The app works great for what it’s meant to do, blend and merge pics together. However, it needs to have higher resolution output. Preferably being able to save in .tiff format. Out of all the other blending apps out there, this one is the easiest snd most intuitive to use, but it also saves at the lowest quality of the lot. Huge trade off. Fix this and it’s a 5 star app, easily..Version: 6.5.5

Easily the best app for this functionI've tried 11+ apps that claim to do this, many utter rubbish. This one is lightweight, powerful (numerous editing functions, making it a photo editor all on its own, but none that get in the way of the main function) effective, and still being improved all the time. The recent update vastly improved sorting for image selection. If I had one request of the designers, it would be to add reverse sorting, so I can select photos sorted from old to new instead of new to old..Version: 6.2

This is my "go to" appI've used this app for several years now on both iPhone and iPad and love it. It's intuitive, user friendly, and full-featured - none of the pitfalls of those "in app" cash traps. I wish other developers would take a page from this app developer when constructing their own. I can highly recommend this app. Definitely one of my all time favorites..Version: 6.5.2

Please add!This is a great app! It works fine and easy to use! The only thing tho is I accidentally deleted this app when I was clearing out my phone and now I lost all my masks and now I have to start all over again. Please do something like sign in with your Google account or something so when someone deletes the app they can get it back without have to start over and getting all the masks back again. But this is a great app and I would highly recommend it if you make edits!.Version: 6.5.6

Best of bestI love the freedom this gives. I can place it where I want ( a lot of the others don't. ) and do as I please. I have had it for many years & change as it does. Well, am resisting this last update. I like what I like & don't embrace change as I used to. Still not tempted. You’ve gone ahead & changed some things. I liked it prior but NOT NOW. Why could you not fix what wasn’t broken?.Version: 6.5.6

Been using for years, amazing toolAbsolutely my favorite photoshopping tool. The only thing I’d like to see added is a background blender if that’s at all possible, but besides that, this tool can do anything you need it to! Super simple to use as well, anyone can do it. A lot of apps kinda fall short on accessibility but this one once you get the hang of it is a breeze..Version: 6.6.1

The BestThis app is absolutely amazing, and worth the price. I’ve had it for over a year now and have used it too many times. It’s an app that lets me use my creativity to the fullest. It was hard to understand at first but once you get the hang of it it’s addictive. Wish there was a photo option so I could show some work I’ve done with it. :).Version: 6.6.1

Best Edit appIt’s worth to pay it, you can edit so many cool things with this app. And at first it’s hard to get used to but you will get the hang of it. There is only one little problem but it’s not that bad and it is whenever you press “merge” you can’t go back, so if you accidentally press that button you’re going to have to redo your whole edit all over again because there’s no undo button once you hit Merge. Other than that, it’s so good..Version: 6.6.1

Have used this app for almost 6 yearsI bought superimpose in the early 2010s when bad photoshop projects were trendy. Since then, it has come in handy in so many ways in so many scenarios, and has definitely been one of my most used and most helpful apps on my phone. When I bought it it cost about $1 and I’m not sure how much it costs now, but if it’s mostly cheap it’s easy to learn and use and definitely a worthy investment to make if you’re looking for a way to photoshop easily on your phone..Version: 6.5.6

Superimpose on Phone!!!Perfect for many options for backgrounds and foregrounds and can stack soo many layers so soooo many effects and looks for the artist to play with. Get this if you want your face to be on buildings other people or just stack as many memes as possible or go real crazy and help make the best Profile pic yet! I use other apps like (Afterlight, VSCO, and AfterFocus) for color and blur effects to really help though if you want the full editing experience on phones..Version: 6.2

New update ruined it for meThis is my first review that I’ve ever left, so that shows how much I dislike the new update. I’ve been using superimpose for almost three years now and it’s been my favorite editing app ever, I go straight to this app whenever I need to make some tiny adjustments to my photos and I got this app during the time I was an editor. When I saw the new update, I hated it off the bat. I decided to just let it grow on me and it still hasn’t. It’s confusing, it took me too long to find my mask library; everything takes so much longer than it used to. I and many others miss the old layout..Version: 7.0.2

Great appThis is a really good application. This is a honest review. I downloaded this app about 6 years ago. I haven’t stopped using it ever since. There has been major changes in updates but nothing that won’t help the viewing experience. It is easier to navigate through than it was years ago so I do give the developers props for continuing to keep this app open. This app is a good app for editing pictures. Multiple pictures too because there is layering abilities. You can crop pictures in anyway imaginable. There are tools on this app that you won’t find in a basic editing app. The SuperimposeX app is an upgraded version of this one. I have kept most of my editing on this app because it’s what I’m used too it and it doesn’t what I need anyway. Good app. Worth the purchase..Version: 7.0.6

WHAT?Somehow the update has changed the resolution or something of images on my projects. Actually, the resolution stays the same. But no longer fit! It makes images slightly wider or positioned incorrectly when saved. Something is definitely not right. I checked Superimpose X, and it works fine there. Superimpose has been a great editing app, as it's been on my homescreen since 2012. UPDATE: He found the bug, and hopefully fixed in the next update!.Version: 7.0.4

Better than 5 starsI've had this app for awhile now and have yet to be disappointed. I love the fact that it's constantly being updated and with each update there's usually a video for you to watch so you know how to use the app correctly. I'm no expert on using these kind of apps and I've tried photoshop and many others but none compare to this one⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️🌟⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 6.2

You don’t fix something that’s not brokenThis was one of the best apps available for adding items to photos. Was being the key. I used it almost daily and had loads of friends and family download it. As usual people try to fix things that are not broken and ruin them. This app was just updated and went from a fun and simple to use app to one that is complicated with its settings buried and hard to find. I will be deleting it and I’m sure I won’t be alone. I would not recommend it now and suggest looking elsewhere for a more user friendly app. All the rave reviews you see are for the old app and not the current one. Sit back and watch as it’s rating stars fall like a meteor..Version: 7.0.1

A lot of stuff, kind of trickyI downloaded this for making memes. For combining images, arranging them, and resizing, it's pretty great. It has powerful masking options as well. When it comes to adding text, it gets tricky. This can only be done as a mask, which makes it more complicated than it should be if what you want is plain black text..Version: 6.2

An incredibly easy yet powerful app to create compositesI first tried Superimpose 3 years ago, then had upgraded to The more powerful sibling, SuperimposeX. Today I got a chance to revisit Superimpose, and was stunned to see how much it has evolved over the years. It is easy to use in that it includes all the essentials you need for composites - various masking and blend modes. It’s even great for creating art as there are so many tools and special effects built in - dozens and dozens of fonts, shadows, blurs, transform perspective, glass, reflections etc... the list goes on! This in my opinion easily blows away other simple tools that new users try, like magic eraser or similar apps. Two features I miss from SuperimposeX, apart from the obvious option of a dozen layers, is (1) the “automask” that uses Artifical Intelligence to mask people, pets, cars etc, and (2) sessions, which preserve layers and masking, and lets you easily re-edit past projects..Version: 6.7.4

Amazing!I’ve downloaded this app a few years ago and i’m still using it. One thing that i love about it is that after you purchase the app, everything is yours. You don’t have to pay for more filters or more tools. it gives me the unlimited feel of doing anything in the app without limits. Another thing is that i’ve improved,, so much. I was looking for an app that would give me the tools and everything i need for editing and SuperImpose gives me that. I came from making simple edits to make difficult, complicated edits that makes it look easy to do. One thing that makes me like it even more is that it looks SIMPLE. Simple,, as in it looks easy to use. Well, that’s just my opinion. There’s this small glitch or bug which i’m not sure if they’ve fixed this or not but everytime i log in to use it, i use the eraser tool and a message pops up. I press the “do not show again” button but it happens again and again. it just annoys me but it doesn’t effect the love i have for this editing app..Version: 6.5

Best Editing AppI’ve used this app literally for years now... I LOVE IT. This app got me into editing. I literally create so many things with just this single app. I’ve made collages, turned multiple pictures into one, literally anything you can imagine. I even use it to edit things out of the background of pictures. This app is what started my career of editing and I will never stop using it..Version: 6.6.1

Eh.Being honest, this update is very .. distasteful, in simple terms. 😐 i have been using this app for a couple of years for simple memes & random edits, but the update has made this app a complete inconvenience, if that makes sense. the layout appears very cheap, yet difficult to become adjusted to. it's also caused many more bugs. i've tried masking images for edits and somehow the masking tools always find a way to mess up more than they did in the previous layout. what really irks me is how i paid for this app TWICE and the new update is constantly asking me to buy the even more expensive version of this app..Version: 7.0.1

LOVE IT, BUT RECENT ISSUE HAS POPPED UPI’ve had this app for quite a while and I love it. I can use it without WiFi or data and you around with it. However, just recently I’ve been trying to make something and when I add a overlay (another layer) the app seems to freeze and the overlay doesn’t appear. Please fix this! Either way, I love this app, a bit saddened that this is happening..Version: 6.5

Used by pros and me, tooThe Superimpose app is an empowering tool for the photographer who wants to be creative and effective. You use two or more photos and then layer and edit them — your imagination is the limit. I’m taking classes in the iPhone Photography Academy and can’t believe the results and fun I’m having with this app. Teachers Emiel Pakarklis and Mark Hemmings have done their job to pass on the needed skills. If you want to see some of my photographic creations you can look on Instagram under janetbethburton..Version: 6.5

HIGHLY RECOMMEND(UPDATE)This app is by far one of the best photoshop apps on the Apple Store ! I use it a lot especially when making new posts for my blog, the edits are left super clean , and it helps that the app is super user friend. I been using this app since 2013 honestly it's amazing - this new update left me disliking the app it was my favorite now it’s a mess , I tried their new app and didn’t like it and preferred using the classic one and now idk how I feel About the classic. Still good app but they’ve forgotten about making it user friendly for use as a phone app - 1 star for that They have also gotten ride of the over lay options like hard light , soft light , negative etc in the transform tool button [Took a star away for this but I found it they just changed the location 🙄 ] +1 star for that.Version: 7.0.0

Could be betterHonestly I like this app. I’ve used it for about a year and I like how you can do a lot of stuff with your phone. I haven’t downloaded superimpose x but it’s much better. I think this is kind of a rip off because the other one is way better for about the same price. (?? Idk the price of this because I forgot) Overall it’s good and I like it but I also think that the photo quality when you export it should be better..Version: 6.6.1

Best editing app out thereSo, I was slightly skeptical about SuperImpose. I had been scammed several times for bad editing apps. But this one takes the cake. If you're an instagram user looking for a new icon or editing app to make pictures, you're in luck! You can get the picture perfect effects using this. If you're using it to practice editing skills then this is for you. I use is daily to make edits for friends, and it works wonders. I think it deserves a 6/5. If you're doubting this app or are still worried, download it. You will not regret it..Version: 6.2

Good, but some minor issuesI’ve had Superimpose for a very long time now and it’s been a great app. I haven’t had any problems except for one small thing. When I import foregrounds, the right and bottom side of the picture always have a blurry grey line that messes with my masking job, and it’s getting annoying. Hopefully it’s fixed, or hopefully it’s not one of those “upgrade your app to resolve issue” things..Version: 6.7.4

Love it! Love it! Love it!This app is amazingly simple to use and yields such great looking results! I haven't used the fancy newer apps or software, so I suppose by some standards it may be a little clunky and old school. But for a non-professional who doesn't mind "old school," it does just fine. And I've gotten compliments on the things I've done that suggested my results look professional. It works for me!.Version: 6.5

Amazing!At first when i got this app it was a little hard, but once i got the hang of it everything went smooth. There is only thing that i don’t like; when you do “drop shadow and merge” the photo that you’re trying to merge moves. You need to back out and undo then redo to get it back into the place it was before. But besides that, this app is perfect and very fun and easy to use for what i do; making niche memes and other edits for my instagram accounts :).Version: 6.6.0

Please fix bugsI’ve been using this app for years and loved it. Never had a problem. Then I updated to the most recent version (7.0.6). Not only was the layout of the app entirely changed (which I must say I now find confusing), the whole app is riddled with bugs now. I can’t go more than several minutes without the app messing up my masking, or freezing and crashing altogether. Nor will it properly restore my previous session like it used to. It will undo my progress and I’ll spend more time than necessary editing my images. There doesn’t seem to be an update to fix this in sight and it’s getting very frustrating..Version: 7.0.6

Nearly perfectLove the app, I've had it for about 2+ years now, and it's much more advanced than mobile Photoshop. There's definitely a learning curve, albeit once you get the hang of it, the app is very simple. However, once I save an image the quality diminishes and the pixels are very prominent and make ~outline~ work very blurry. Other than that, the app is recommended for ~normal~ photo manipulation. It's a bummer that people who've purchased Superimpose and want layers have to purchase Superimpose X too. Oh well. The app is definitely worth the money..Version: 6.5

Great App; I use it every time I make an editThis app is essential for every project I work on now. There are so many possibilities and handy tools within the app that make my edits look more professional. It has the power of many apps combined such as the ability to erase backgrounds, add multiple layers to photos, add filters, blend photos, etc. Not to mention it’s such a reasonable one-time payment price for all the features available in the app. I’m glad I dropped $0.99 on this app. It’s almost better than photoshop! Thanks Superimpose; this app is a dream to work with :).Version: 6.6.0

GodsendI love this app. I use it on my phone to digitally edit my art, and the works I’ve produced using it (in conjunction with photo editing apps and touch retouch) have become album covers for Grammy-winning artists. Definitely recommend. I only wish you could paste several foregrounds at once without having to merge layers because sometimes when you have to make meticulous changes, you have to undo up till the point you want to change. Still, it works and it’s great. Yay superimpose app! (Not sponsored).Version: 7.0.2

Not super complicatedI use this app to make niche meme edits and at first, I thought it was pretty difficult to use, and I kept on making so many mistakes on accident, and not knowing how to fix them. Then, on the second day of using the app, it all came to me a lot easier and I was satisfied with how to app worked. I recommend this app for people considering it, since it’s worth the 2 dollars and works well! If at first it’s harder than it seemed, then just try to explore the app for a while and test it out. That’s how I learned the ropes of the app..Version: 6.5

The King of Visual Design apps!I’m quite the app-aholic and especially when it comes to photo editing apps and no matter how great and new and shiny the other apps may be, ( I’m looking at you Makaron ) I come back to SUPERIMPOSEX every time. My whole instagram is indebted to this app; you can see for yourself ( at cosmic_pursuit ). Not only can you remove backgrounds from any image but you can customize the tools in which you will mask objects and you can keep a former mask shape to create cut-outs for later use. You can custom color-map images , distort images in countless ways like ripple or glass effects and transform your mask shadow any which way. In addition to my art , I’ve created so many flyers and images for promotional materials for work. It’s complex but designed so that you learn once and keep getting better and better. Any questions for real ask me cuz I’m logging some serious hours..Version: 6.6.1

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Photos not loadingWhen I try and load a background image it just says “loading” for ages and never loads. I’m really annoyed because I actually paid money for this app. I hope you’re not neglecting your app to pay attention to your newer version because that’s messed up. We paid for this app and deserve one that works..Version: 6.5

Love it!So good for fan edits.Version: 6.6.0

ExcellentBest app I own.Version: 6.2

SuperimposeThis app is amazing alone, but to add a feature allowing multiple foregrounds would be ideal thanks.Version: 6.2

HilariousI absolutely love this app, so many laughs over the last year, unfortunately in the last few months it has been freezing. I have reinstalled it several times and updating it but I don’t know what is happening..Version: 6.5

SCAMWhat a scam this developers are. Despite l have got the paid version they still locks the screen after one project and force you to buy more expensive version. You can’t get read of the message from screen, unless you restart the app. It’s totally a SCAM..Version: 6.7.4

GoodPretty good & easy to use but on iphone X the erase tool doesn’t line up anymore. Can you fix this?.Version: 6.5

Amazing!Easy to use and lots of great tools!! Highly recommend.Version: 6.5

Fantastic App!Still incredibly useful 6 years after I lost my photo editing hobby to other pastimes. Also excellent for photoshopping family photos while unable to gather as normal..Version: 7.0.3

AwesomeA more attractive app interface would completely make this app and open it up to a broader audience ❤️.Version: 6.2

Amazing 🤩It’s rlly good to use for any photos you wanna fix ✨.Version: 7.0.2

The very best!!!!This is definitely the best app for superimposing. I have had it for a couple of years and I am loving the recent updates. Brilliant!!!!.Version: 6.2

Superimpose The best appI would just like to say this is the best and so easy to use I just love it Tracy Saywell.Version: 6.6.1

I love it!!So easy to use smfhh it’s amazing.Version: 6.5.5

Best app everI absolutely love this app!! Highly recommend it.Version: 6.2

Good app 💜🧡💛Great for Instagram and stuff. It would be good if you could add more layers and that’s my only issue but it’s kind of a big one? It gets tedious to only have two layers, but everything else is really good so it’s not a huge deal..Version: 6.6.1

Undo and redo buttonSay that I accidentally merge a photo. I can’t go back so therefore I have to delete everything and start over again. Please insert a redo and undo option !!!.Version: 6.2

Superimpose reviewGreat app and not too hard to use!.Version: 6.6.1

AwesomeFor what it’s designed to do its the best!.Version: 7.0.3

Apple fanToo complicated. I need to do the job but not to waste my time....Version: 6.7.4

GET THIS APPThis is by far the best photoshopping app I’ve come across on iPads/iPhones..Version: 6.5

HANDS DOWN AWESOME!I really love editing, and this has helped me evolve my skills. I highly recommend this app, although you will have to look at the tutorials to understand it. Great app!.Version: 6.4

Update scary!!I’ve had the app for 5 years and it’s always been my favourite editing app, I’ll chose it over photoshop any day for most things but this new update is much harder to navigate and also a lower resolution on my projects :( I’d really like a way to get the old version back or an update that makes it more accessible..Version: 7.0.1

The best!! Thank you !!!Just so good! From Perth Western Australia Thank you!!.Version: 6.6.0

New UpdatePlease go back to the original layout. It was much EASIER to use, whereas this new update layout is so much more difficult and has bugs !.Version: 7.0.9

Great!!This editing app is definitely worth the price! It has great editing effects and makes absolutely stunning edits for fan acc etc.!.Version: 6.2

Favourite AppSuperimpose is my favourite app - easy to use & pretty much the only one I now play with. Great for using with my own photos & artwork..Version: 6.6.1

SO GREATUsed the app for over 5 years, love it! Some functions I still don’t understand how to use so an introduction/tutorial would be helpful but still not a problem! :).Version: 6.7.4

HelpGreat app but it keeps crashing when I’m trying to mask??.Version: 6.4

App CrashesContinuous app crashes and major lag. Aside from that an amazing digital editor!.Version: 6.2

OkI have been using this app for around a year and have been experiencing glitches for the past few months. Whenever I try to make an edit, it just goes really tiny so I can't see what I'm making and then it flips upside down! And whenever I try to mask something, it completely spazzes out!!! Please fix this.Version: 6.2

GREATMe being a quick editor this app is great sometimes it crashes which is annoying but other wise is great.Version: 6.5

Amazing!Love this app so much! Perfect for all my editing and blending needs. 100% recommend it!.Version: 6.2

YesI use this app for book covers on Wattpad, its a bit tricky to get a hang of but its easy to use once your used to it.Version: 6.2

An actual app that works well!I’ve used this app non stop for years now. Brilliant! Thanks to the designers. This is actually the first time I’ve bothered writing a review. Only because they asked while updating and I finally thought hell yeah. Kudos where it’s due. I did upgrade to the pro version but never use it as it’s too complicated for me. I could write a small book on the weird ways/hacks I do to use this app. I’d love the pro version to be a better version of this one. I dislike that I can’t bring up photos/ backgrounds and foregrounds, and save masks like I can in the basic version. It’s fine too far off it’s originally ease of use and work flow. But get this app it’s excellent no BS cheers.Version: 6.7.4

DEMANDING A CHANGE !!As a creator who has been editing for years with your app ,, i’m throughly disappointed on the new update as the previous version of the app was much easier to use and it made my job as an editor very difficult. For example, you cannot marge and put a shadow (resizing or changing the colour) as it’ll merge straight away without having a option on this current update. Another one to mention, the layers of photos is not necessary to add as there’s a premium version of this app to put multiple layers (i bought the premium ver. but it wasn’t to my liking as it wasn’t efficient to use) in conclusion, please consider my critical feedback as the previous version was far superior than this version of the app. thanks..Version: 7.0.3

Mad as a cut snakeHate this version of the app. The previous version was so much better & no apps on the market is even close to what this app use to be. Did a update & it was removed from my phone & this update version shows it’s ugly face. Left feeling ripped off.Version: 7.0.1

Do not waste your moneyWorst ap ever Difficult to use No instructions.Version: 6.2

FifigrrlEnjoying creating with this app!.Version: 6.2

Polished and clean app.Great app, perfect for little Instagram post and other fun jobs.Version: 6.6.1

5 years +Been using this app for more then 5 years. absolutely amazing..Version: 6.6.0

LOVE THIS APPI use it for MANY things. It’s probably one of the most used apps on my phone 🤣 Never had a problem with it!.Version: 7.0.3

Epic!This app is spectacular! I haven’t encountered many glitches at all. This app is perfect to help me make Wattpad covers for me books! It also allows me to make funny edits of my friends and send them to them! I love this app keep up the great work! XOXO.Version: 6.4

BestActually an amazing app i have so much fun with it and it's so easy to use once you get the hang of it. there's so many things you can do and it has help videos if you need them.. really good.Version: 6.2

Great superimposed photos app!Lots of features to make your superimposed photos look realistic. Easy to use with comprehensive instructions. Great reliable app!.Version: 6.7.0

Yeah goodBeen using this app for years. Turning in professional projects that I've done on my phone lol..Version: 6.2

Great AppReally easy for quick edits.Version: 6.2

This is the best!It is super useful for school projects!.Version: 6.6.1

Fantastic!It’s so fun to use I have only downloaded it today and I have been making icons non-stop! This app is worth it..Version: 6.2

Very good, better than cheeseballsEpic app, i love cheeseballs.Version: 6.7.4

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Superimpose 7.0.9 Update

Version 7.0.9 (2021-05-02): ● A critical bug fix from the last update. If you like using Superimpose, please review or rate it in the App Store. We appreciate it a lot!.

Version 7.0.8 (2021-04-17): ● A critical bug fix from the last update. If you like using Superimpose, please review or rate it in the App Store. We appreciate it a lot!.

Version 7.0.6 (2021-02-27): ● Improved stability. If you like using Superimpose, please review or rate it in the App Store. We appreciate it a lot!.

Version 7.0.5 (2021-02-21): ● You can now start a project with popular social media required image sizes. Like YouTube cover, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest profile etc. ● Other general improvements. If you like using Superimpose, please review or rate it in the App Store. We appreciate it a lot!.

Version 7.0.3 (2021-01-10): ● General improvements. If you like using Superimpose, please review or rate it in the App Store. We appreciate it a lot!.

Version 7.0.2 (2020-12-13): ● If you replace the foreground image with a similar sized image, the new foreground is now placed at the same location. ● Bug fixes. If you like using Superimpose, please review or rate it in the App Store. We appreciate it a lot!.

Version 7.0.1 (2020-12-05): A few bug fixes. If you like using Superimpose, please review or rate it in the App Store. We appreciate it a lot!.

Version 6.7.4 (2019-11-13): More bug fixes. If you like using Superimpose, please do write a review or leave a rating in the App Store!.