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Ticket To Ride - Train Game App Download


Set off with your friends and family to re(discover) Ticket to Ride, the classic boardgame. In this railway adventure, you’ll need to be the quickest to link up your cities and reach your destinations.

In this strategy game for all ages, try out different tactics, block your competitors’ lines and take over routes before the others do. With so many different strategies to try, each new game is a unique experience.
Travel the world from Europe to India, passing through the legendary China, facing new challenges by purchasing additional cards with their own special rules (available in expansion packs).

- A tutorial teaches you the rules of the game so you can head off quickly on your adventure
- Play in single-player mode, online multi-player against the whole world, or local multi-player with your friends
- This is the official adaptation of Alan R. Moon’s best-selling boardgame, Ticket to Ride, which sold over 8 million copies.
- An easy-to-play strategy game
- No game is ever the same, you can play over and over again
- Discover a series of add-ons with special maps and rules
- Challenge players all over the world in cross-platform mode

Ticket to Ride - Train Game App User Reviews & Comments

Why so nasty or stupid? Great game, poor appJust updated hoping it would be fairer. It's not. Computer seems to know where I plan to go, even when I'm not picking up a specific color and it's not on their route. So I miss 2 routes because they go out just after I pick two routes that I can easily finish with two cards. I don't like cut throat playing. Never is is random cards either. I usually play against the computer, if using the app. But at times the computer players are so stupid (forgo any easy connection that would give them a route and put their cars randomly about the board) or they seem to know what I'm going to play and take the spots I need. When nasty they end the game just before I can finish my routes or just quickly put down large trains. I play for enjoyment I don't enjoy cut throat tactics. I play the board game with friends and enjoy playing the app, but at times it is way too frustrating!.Version: 2.5.4

It is goodYes, it can be said that Ticket To Ride challenges the very fabric of intellectual existentialism. Indeed, this railway excursion defies the confines of terrestrial deduction and compels its consumers to extend trifling beyond the limits of recreational pursuit and instead, to cross the threshold of analytical inference. I say this game is good. It mite be the best. Gaming rocks. Actuly gaming rocks the Rockies. Gaming is good for people and there brains. It don’t matter weather you are little or old. Or what you’re natonality is or is not. Gaming is a cure for anything except covid. I know because I study a bunch of things. And railroad stuff is Awesome but not the noise. I live 25 feet from a active railroad track and its mostly noisy. And there are lots of grafiti on the box cars and the local motives. But no grafiti is in this game, so it rocks. So by this game and Yule get more smart. Like me..Version: 2.7.10

Took away the maps I had purchasedI really like this game. I played it daily with my son while he is in his house and I in mine. But yesterday when I tried to shift to one of the maps I had purchased, it told me to buy it. “Restore purchases” , rebooting the game, rebooting my iPad, deleting and reloading the game ....nothing works. The help section says that when you ask to reload purchases the game will ask for Apple ID, but it doesn’t. I sent a complaint to Asmodee, and while they acknowledged receipt, there has been no other response. I see in the chat section that others are have had the same problem. I will change my rating when this is corrected. Edit: The developer fixed the bug that caused me to lose my maps, so I’m changing my rating to 4 stars. It’s a great game, and you can play it online, a huge advantage in this pandemic..Version: 2.7.10

Excellent game design, glitchy appI really enjoy the tabletop version of Ticket to Ride, especially playing with my parents who have grown a bit bored of the scrabble-and-monopoly board games but don’t really want to sit through a half-hour rules presentation either. It’s strategic enough to be interesting but not hard to understand. The app version is 100% faithful to the board game, and it’s been a lot of fun to try out the different maps that I’d hesitated to get physical copies of due to space constraints. Definitely worth it if you like board games, and want to play with people far away. That said, the process of setting up invitation games is clunky and kind of hard to navigate (not to mention troubleshoot over the phone) and the scoring glitches on some of the maps have really detracted from the fun. It’s also a lot of information on a small space, and it would be really handy to be able to up the font size, especially when playing on an iPad mini. I hope to see these problems improve, as I’ve seen some of the older bugs get fixed..Version: 2.6.0

Okay But Too Often FrustratingA couple design flaws and/or glitches takes most of the fun out of the game. The game is mostly well made and easy to play with the exception of the following which often makes it frustrating and not worth playing. Hopefully the below is fixed someday because this game could be one of the best. - The game often stalls for 5-30 seconds each turn when each player’s timers continues to run after he executes his move. The next player can’t play and everyone just has to wait for some unknown reason. - One attempted workaround to the above, which doesn’t usually work, is for players to exit the game and return after they make their move. Unfortunately this requires other players to click ‘Okay’ each time the notifications appear. Which can mean you’re clicking dozens of times every game instead of just playing. - The game doesn’t have an individual turn time limit so if a player isn’t active you have to wait the entire 10-15 minutes of their game clock until the robot jumps in. - The game has some cool graphics when you complete a route or have the longest train but it slows the game down too much, especially since it already is frustratingly slow from the above items..Version: 2.6.0

Love the game, but Santa Bot cheatsI have the US, Europe, Asia and Nordic Countries versions and play them all the time. The AI players seem to vary in ability, like the female bot can do stupid things, often doesn’t complete her routes, while the male bot is much harder to beat. And then there’s Santa Bot, available in the Nordic version. He cheats. He always takes the bonus route first, worth 27 points, then somehow magically has all the cars needed to complete all his routes, and then goes out. I started counting cards and see that he cheats. When he claims the bonus route worth 27 points, that should take 36 cards, which is all the cards in his hand. He should need to draw additional cards to complete his routes, but he doesn’t. He never draws again, just lays out all his routes and goes out, usually beating everyone else..Version: 2.5.13

New Tutorial does not teach the gameVersion 2.6.3 - A new tutorial was added. The old tutorial is gone. The previous tutorial was good at teaching how to play the game. The new tutorial has a floating hand pointing at places. The explanations are not clear on what is happening or what your doing or why your doing it. The game board is blown up out of proportion. Half the screen is blacked out, Making it difficult to see what’s going on, and what your doing. There is no way to exit the tutorial except by playing it out, or closing the game. I previously did the old tutorial before I told a friend he could learn the game from it. And I felt it would teach him the game. He had trouble understanding this new tutorial. We ended up not wanting to play. Please bring back the previous tutorial. When we tried to play the game we found it is an annoying game. When we are picking our tickets there is a sign that drops every 8 seconds that says, “Please choose some tickets.” And then there is a sign that says “It’s your turn” that keeps dropping down every 10 seconds. I know it’s my turn. I only need to be told once. Can we turn these annoying signs off? We are playing “Pass and Play” Even if we were playing another way; there is no need for these signs to drop over and over again. These annoying signs drop down even in the solo game. They are useless annoyances..Version: 2.6.3

Love the game but I have a suggestionMy wife and I love the app and the board game. We play Local often and I wish we could just hit rematch after a game, have more control over colors and avatars, and have a way to let the person who joins go first. So far, we’ve needed to start local games from my Mac instead of our phones/I pass. It would also be good to be able to see destination cards full screen on the phone. Germany cards are hard to read when the destination is another country, Finally the solo game tends to crash at the very end, after the scores are up. So when I restart, it resumes at the last turn. Not fatal but slightly annoying..Version: 2.7.6

Sorta ridiculousSo I just got this game the other day. I love the board game and have two variations. I had high hopes for playing this game online with varying opponents and I had two successful games and enjoyed them quite a bit. So, this brings me to my complaint. I was playing a game with 3 players total. We were playing with an 8 minute timer. As I waited for my turn my timer seemed to be counting down normally and I patiently waited for opponents to make their move while watching their timer count down. Here’s the kicker, my timer would lose a significant amount of time when my turn came about. Eventually after 3 turns which took less than 3 minutes, I lost all time and was removed from the game. Inijvestes time in the game, and a glitch of some sort booted me out. Extremely frustrating for an fame that I paid for..Version: 2.6.10

Crash crash crashReally fun game but I prefer the board game version since it doesn’t crash on you. The app crashes on average 3-4 times per game on solo and every turn on multiplayer games. I have uninstalled the app and redownloaded it but that didn’t help at all. Second issue, “your turn”, “your turn”, “your turn “. Shut up! I know it’s my turn. Especially on solo play. There should be an option to turn it off or at least slow down the frequency of reminders. I get the benefit but does it have to be every 2 seconds? Like I said, fun game but unless these two things are fixed then I wouldn’t get it. I’m looking into refund options. I will update the review when these things are fixed. Don’t get this game for now..Version: 2.6.10

No XR support/Online play is brokenUpdate. So I found out that the screen could be reduced so I could see all game play but it’s like looking at it on a screen of an iPhone 4 inside an XR. Online play is completely broken on my XR and on my 5th gen iPad. WiFi/no WiFi, it doesn’t matter. Sometimes it acts like it’s going to work and then it just quits again. I have re-installed and restarted and contacted the developers through review and the help/contact button in-game and have heard nothing back. Solo mode works fine if that matters. Otherwise, very, very disappointing. Original- I can’t play train cards half the time because the stupid multitasking button is in the way. The cards become smaller or bigger based on how many you have and I can’t place them on routes to win the game because every time I try to grab them my phone thinks I’m trying to exit the game. I just bought this game and an expansion pack and they are unusable. I’ve played this game before and it was great but it is unplayable as of now. Update your game people!.Version: 2.5.12

Awful!In the solo version of the game you play against the computer with as many as 4 other players. The computer knows your cards and starts playing against your moves before you have even started planning them. Depending on how many players you choose to play against (all the computer) they play directly against you instead of playing their cards and trying to win. Say you play against 3 other player, two will play against you and the other 1 will play to win. It is ridiculous and awful. I don’t know if they want you to play another version of the game other than solo or if they want you to spend money on new boards but it shouldn’t be like this. It just makes you not want to play the game. I would really like my money back..Version: 2.5.4

CrashingLove the game but for what seems like a year now in solo play it keeps crashing on restart after a game is completed or if I try to quit early and restart. It happens 2 out of 3 times I restart before a game is complete. Less if I complete a game but still often. And it’ll crash on restart multiple times sometimes. I’ve had it crash 5-6 times before finally starting. I stopped playing for several months but recently started again and hoped the bug was fixed but it’s worse now. Please look into this. Also, for those of us who play solo and like to start over if we don’t like our starting route options can you make a faster way to restart the game without have to go back and reselect all game options. This might be “cheating” but I’ve played many hundreds of times and for some of us playing solo, sometimes the game isn’t worth playing if you don’t get the right challenge to start. I wouldn’t give the game 5 stars without the option for a quicker restart. It’s a small but annoying thing. Please fix the crashing bug first though. That makes it exponentially worse...Version: 2.7.10

PLEASE DO NOT BUY-APP STOLE MY MONEYI really loved this game and the online features especially given that it allowed me to play with friends online during this quarantine. I paid $6.99 and it was working up until the update. I updated the game two days ago and now I can barely open a game. The game will blink and glitch whenever it’s my turn. I have to exit the game, restart, log back in despite having automatic login, just to see that the clock’s kept going so I lost a minute. But then, it keeps glitching so I redo the process and now I’ve lost another minute. Sometimes it’ll glitch where I will have to put my card down 3-4 times because it didn’t register then I’ve lost more time. This was a good game but now I’m trying to get a refund because the frustration and anger isn’t worth it. If anyone can comment suggestions for other games, I’d greatly appreciate it!.Version: 2.7.2

So frustrating...Let’s start with what I liked...the game was easy to navigate and made me excited because it corresponded well to the tabletop version. My problem is the GLITCHES, and there were many. My opponent was a friend of mine, and after the game was over I checked with her and she confirmed that she also experienced them on her side. -The game force quit SO many times. -I would take 20 seconds to play a turn, and then suddenly I’d be missing 2 minutes of play time on my clock. I guess we were freezing up, but it was happening repeatedly on my end. It looked like her clock was running out, but then it would unfreeze and my time would be missing and hers would be given back. So by the end of the game, I had 4 minutes left and she had 30. -When I completed my first route, I had to play the same turn 4 times because it would say I completed it and then restart my turn and wipe away the turn’s progress. I’m pretty upset that I spent what I did on that app. I’m not usually one to spend money on apps, but I love the table top version and wanted to play with my friend in another state, so it would’ve been well worth it to spend that, but I don’t know if I’ll want to play again after the hassle..Version: 2.7.4

Love it but confusedI love ticket to ride!! I love having it with me and being able to play whenever I want. It’s so easy and so much fun! A couple things though that I need fixed or explained. 1.) to message people I have it on my iPad and anytime I message people I have to attach one of the emojis and it’s really annoying to do that and I don’t understand why’d I have to. 2.) every once in a while it likes to kick me out of the game - really needs fixed 3.) how do you switch to the next game? 4.) the expansions you can get if you get it but your friends don’t can they still play on that expansion or do they have to buy it to?.Version: 2.6.3

Connectivity local or online is horribleThis could be a great game but playing in local or online mode is so unpredictable that you may spend most of the time waiting for other players to reconnect. I just spent 10 minutes filling out a customer service form only to press submit and see a message that something went wrong please try again. This has happened over and over. If the developer can’t even come up with a way to receive email I’m not sure how they can fix these problems. It’s a lot of money to spend for a very buggy app. At this point I’d be happy if I could just send a message to the developer or customer service. If you have an email address please let me know what it is. A refund seems like the best route at this point.Version: 2.7.11

Don’t play if you’re colorblind!!!The online version is not good if your colorblind at all. On the normal board there are symbols that tell you what the track is if you can’t tell the color. In the regular game there are also black train cars, but for some reason they decided to use purple instead. The purple trains look identical to the blue ones and the red and green also look almost the same. There’s no way to tell either the trains or tracks apart if you can’t clearly see the colors. There have been numerous games where I thought I had a chance, only to collect 6 orange cards when I needed green or when I think I’ve completed a path, only to find out it was a competitors train in the middle. Add a color blind assist feature!!!.Version: 2.7.6

Great Game, Sloppy UpdateThis is easily one of the best board game adaptations available on mobile. Unfortunately, the most recent update has introduced a slew of unpleasant quirks/bugs. The game stalls almost interminably when transitioning into the final scoring after the last round of turns. Exiting back to the menu from a finished game is another spot where the app can’t quite seem to figure out what it’s meant to be doing. The new animations are sleek, to be sure. But they’re also wholly unnecessary & ultimately do little more than slow down the gameplay experience. And even though I am playing on an iPad (so no issues here with accidentally exiting the app, as so many other players have bemoaned), the new larger graphics of my hand of cards fanned out often blocks the bottom of the map. I have to tap a card to make them reduce down in size on every turn, which results in the game’s error buzzer sounding *every turn.* Does all of this make the game unplayable? No, not for me. It does, however, make playing the game unnecessarily tedious, almost to the point I’m inclined to uninstall & save myself some storage space until I hear the kinks have been ironed out..Version: 2.5.11

App crashes a lotIt is a fun game to play and I still play it a lot but an annoying feature is that the app does crash a lot. It doesn’t crash in the middle of games. Usually when trying to start a new game. Sometimes it crashes two or three times before I can start a new game. Then I have to close the app out completely and get back into it before I can play. Once I deleted the app and redownloaded it to see if that would help, but I had to pay for it again and it didn’t help. I love the game so I deal with it, but it makes it much less fun to play. Also, I can’t figure out how to play against specific friends which would be a cool feature..Version: 2.7.10

Lots of bugsThere are lots of bugs with this app. The biggest one happens when you play with friends. Most of the time when I’ve played with different friends, the computer just takes over for the friend. It happened to every game that I was playing with a friend. The friend would just somehow become the computer and we couldn’t ever finish the game. It got to the point where none of my friend games were every being completed between me and whichever friend I was playing with and so we stopped playing. Second, the bonus 10 point card isn’t rewarded based on the rules of the game. This has also happened most of the time I’ve played the game. It seems to just be handed out arbitrarily rather than what the rules state. Too many bugs for a rating beyond 2 stars. And it’s only 2 stars (and not 1) because I would actually love playing this game if they would fix it..Version: 2.5.15

Fix BugsI’m a huge fan of the board games, so I was excited to have this on the go. Online game mode is super fun, solo is great practice. I love that all of the regions are so easily accessible. Reason for 3 stars is the constant glitching happening lately. There’s no update, my phone is up to date. Everything checks out. But this past week 8 out of 10 games glitch, it either doesn’t load me in, it runs our time down, takes away turns, etc so game has to be force closed often causing bots to replace and make choices for us players. Just a while again... I clicked join a game, nothing happened. I tried again, nothing happened. 15 minutes later I got a notification that my online game finished?? What?? Please fix!!.Version: 2.7.6

Great adaptation but I wish I could see all my route cards at onceThis review is coming from someone who has played the board game probably a hundred times. Me and my family downloaded the game to play with some friends because of Covid-19. The game is for the most part a great adaptation of the original along with some added features that improve the experience like the timer and having your points gained by laying train cars added automatically. That being said there was one frustrating thing that wasn’t a problem at all in the actual board game. This is that there is no way to see all of your routes at one time when it’s your turn. This one little thing made 2 of my 5 games I have played so far on the app feel as if I loss not by my own sword but instead because of the app. If this was added in I would give this app a 5 star review without thinking twice..Version: 2.7.5

Recent update makes game unplayableI’ve been playing TTR nearly daily for over a year. I have bought expansion packs. I would have given (and actually thought I had) the app 5 stars... a few weeks ago. The recent update has caused a severe problem where every game played freezes the app as the final cards are displayed; 50% of the time the entire app then crashes. In addition, the excess of new, flashier graphics across the game are visually distracting, slow game play, require tutorial-style full screen messages to be clicked past twice every game, and seem to be the cause of the constant hanging and crashing—all without adding any value at all. The fancier graphics load more slowly, obscure important game and player information with constantly sliding banners, and the display for the player’s hand of cards has been relocated such that cards cannot be played without regularly triggering the iOS “swipe up” effect instead. Once the game is actually debugged such that it stops crashing, at the very least there needs to be an option to choose to use less intrusive, less time consuming, and less resource-intensive graphics..Version: 2.5.12

New improvements prove cumbersomeI regularly play this game and my app updated yesterday with the new improvements and so far I am unimpressed. The new card animations puts the cards at a slight tilt making them difficult to see and on a iPhone nearly impossible to select the cards to drag them to the desired track without the iPhone screen settings being initiated due to the proximity of the cards for the edge of the board. The animation of the trains to lay down on the tracks keeps glitching and freezing the game. Even when train cards are not selected I’ve had over ten different games automatically give me one card when then ruins my turn and forces me to draw cards that I may not have wanted. I am disappointed in this “improvements” and think the designers need to change them so this game is actually functional again..Version: 2.5.11

Still Crashes Way Too MuchOur family really LOVES this game. We have played either the board version or online version every day since I bought it three weeks ago, and we have almost all of the versions. However, it is incredibly frustrating that the app crashes multiple times during an evening of family night games. It’s almost to a point of always having to revert back to USA on the board game since most of the other online versions randomly crash either at the beginning of the Local setup or mid game. Don’t know if I should continuously log what is happening when it crashes to send to the company but I don’t know who wants it or will do anything with it. Please figure it out. I can’t win the board game. 🤨.Version: 2.7.4

Losing star ratingAfter owning this app for many years and buying several versions, Ticket To Ride’s new avatar banner reminder is making me hate the game. It was bad enough when we were constantly being badgered to take our turn, now the banner blocks the screen making it difficult to play. WTH! I’ve tried adjusting the speed but to no avail. I don’t know what you were thinking but it’s time to remove this irritant. Don’t tell us it’s for new players. That’s nonsense. The rest of us didn’t have any trouble figuring out how to play. Are you insinuating that the current group of customers is too stupid to learn? Please listen to the legions who are making this complaint. We represent thousands who don’t take the time to write. Thank you.Version: 2.7.2-6540

Terrible execution of a great board gameThe glitches are horrendous. I constantly get booted from games, or it tells me it's someone else's turn and I can't play. Meanwhile my clock is ticking down and I can't even tell it's my turn. The only way to fix it is to hard close the app and reopen it, reconnecting which can take several minutes. Meanwhile the bot has sometimes played for you. (And the bots are horrible.). I would expect these glitches for a free game. But I've paid over $20 between the original game and extra maps. It's been several years and they keep coming out with new maps and ways to make money without fixing the basic glitches. I would strongly dissuade anyone from spending money on this game. I for one won't be giving them any more money unless the fix what I've already paid for..Version: 2.4.1

Definitely like!Nice picture and proper sound notice makes good presentation of the game. Brought me much fun and is a good pass time. There’s still a few problems: 1. Please fix the glitches with pass and play on iPad. I was never able to launch the game that way. It quits unexpectedly every time, making me and my friend pay twice if we want to play together even in the same room. I hope it was meant for people together to play on one device. Otherwise we can’t really persuade everybody to pay 6 dollars and get involved. 2. Cannot choose icon for myself. Always the green boy if I’m host player(But I’m girl) it doesn’t mess with the game, but allowing choice with icon is definitely more fun. Same thing for multiplayer’s locally. I cannot tell my friend from robot player unless asking his color 3. I’ve played board game and there was this concept of building a station, where you could use all routes directly connected to the station to complete your path cards. Would you be able to adapt this function? Currently it’s nothing challenging but drawing cards by luck and predicting robots routes to act accordingly. (They are pretty weak though after you’ve played a while).Version: 2.5.2

Fun but way too glitchyLove this board game and the idea of being able to play online with close friends at home and far their away. But. When playing the local game and sometimes even the solo game, it crashes 8 times out of 10, will boot me out randomly, and will say there is an error or that it is waiting for someone to come back online when we’re both in the same room and neither has exited the game. It’s far too glitchy and not worth $6.99 in its current state. I have the updates version as well as the latest iPhone update and still all the issues. Quite disappointing for something you pay so much for, expecting so much and getting such poor quality..Version: 2.7.11

Great but some suggestionsI LOVE this board game! I’ve enjoyed playing the app version as well but have a few suggestions. One, it would be wonderful if you could fix it to where if someone doesn’t make a move during their turn within a certain amount of time that it skips them. The ‘bot’ does take over for a player if they actually exit the app- however, if they leave it up on their phone but stop playing, the other players can’t do anything except sit there until the entire time for the game runs out. I’ve played games where I’m about to win and the other player just stops playing but doesn’t exit the game. So I sit and wait for the clock to end to get my points. Or, I just leave. It’s very very frustrating! Second, it would be good if the ranking system was easier to understand. And the game does freeze on me and suddenly restarts from time to time. Fix these things and it would be perfect!.Version: 2.5.14

Fantastic app!This is a wonderful interface for a fun, classic board game! I've played TTR for over a decade. I downloaded this to play online with a friend who lives a couple hours away, and it was as fun as playing it live. The new version with all the expansion boards is much better than the older "pocket" version, loads quicker and I love the challenges of the new boards. A few glitches needing to restart the app because of an incoming call, probably due to my cellular data connection, but the game picked up right where it should. It's sometimes hard to tell who's turn it is-- the Germany board has a nice feature of the active player's banner dropping down a bit-- it'd be nice if this happened on every board. Otherwise there's a tiny little clock moving next to the avatar of the active player, a very tiny, very little clock tucked away in the corner of a very busy screen. It's a pretty minor issue though, overall this is a great app!.Version: 2.4.1

New update....not a fanNew update with the turn bar is worse idea ever, far more annoying and obtrusive then the previous notification. What really needs to be addressed is AI in Solo Games which is primarily what I play. After player completes a couple of routes or getting below 20 trains the AI blows all their trains to end the game as quickly as possible until they get down to 3 trains and then it will draw cards endlessly. Not really fun game play it this should be addressed as well as removing the stupid turn bar. Even with annoyances I still rate game high as I am huge fan of board game, just need to get the electronic version right for those who love the game.Version: 2.7.2

Great App, Some GlitchesI got the board game a few months back. Several expansion packs and versions later, I'm a true fan. I just got around to downloading the app last night and had a GREAT time playing my first few games (solo, online with strangers, and online with a friend both live and turn-based). I had a GREAT time! The only glitches I experienced was in one game with a stranger. His turns were taking forever, he or she wouldn't chat, and when I would hard close the game and reload, my timer would be way lower. This makes me wonder whether the problem was the other player's behavior or a glitchy app. Reading other reviews leads me to believe it's the latter, so 4 stars not 5. Full disclosure, it's still a 4++ for me because all the essential elements of this masterfully designed game were beautifully and faithfully available in the app. It's stupid that you can't change your train color. I don't always want to be green!.Version: 2.4.1

After 20,000 games or more...Whether you're a seasoned Ticket to Ride fan or new to the game, this app is a great way to learn and play TTR. I enjoy playing solo games against the AI bots. It gives me a good chance to practice various strategies and improve my game. Playing against live players can be frustrating because there are a lot of sharks who just want to win, and playing against them is not fun. I will note, that after playing the bots for many years, that they are rather predictable. Some bots will build as many 15 point segments as possible, ignoring their tickets. Many of the bots seem to have a preference for certain routes, and will build them even if they don't have tickets going into those cities. They rarely choose extra tickets. Also, they will collect many more train cards than they'll ever need. However, the game play is pretty realistic and gives good insight into what strategies work well..Version: 2.6.5

Has a GLITCH... and feels like game CHEATSI love Ticket To Ride and own the board game. This is a good game BUT when I play SOLO it will randomly and CONSTANTLY exit my game and take me to a screen to enter online play/asking me to sign in/wants info for player profile. I play solo & never online. Also to computer knows the routes I need and continues to randomly block my only path making me waste trains & moves I know it’s doing it because at the end you can see opponents targets. The tracks blocking me have NOTHING to do w/ computer’s routes. Also, it always has the right amount of trains/right colors to always end up without leaving any unused trains. EVERY TIME! REALLY?!? Would give it 4 or 5 stars if it didn’t have the annoying GLITCH. I have restart my phone when it starts because it gets WORSE as time passes..Version: 2.7.6

Would give 0 Stars for InaccessibilityHave been kicked out of my online login and had serious problems logging back in not once, but nearly 6 times now in a single week of playing. App crashes every few games and will not log back into a player account. I bought the game to play with friends and game WILL NOT allow players as guests, so the login problem is essentially one that prevents ALL functionality of the app. Problems: app crashing, login issues, cannot use for intended purpose Other issues that are nearly deal breakers: - Challenging to see who's turn it is - no "undo" button for when game registers the wrong click or misinterprets where you wanted to place something - Takes 8-9 clicks to get into a game (might not seem like a lot but...) - Cannot toggle between games so must start from the home page every time - making those 8-9 clicks over and over and over and over again until you want to scream. - Help function is not helpful - Because of board layout, occasionally the game will incorrectly register placing cards when you are simply swiping up on your phone for volume/music/utilities. - Bots are too stupid..Version: 2.4.1

Great game with one changeThis game is a really fun adaptation of the board game that I love to play. I like not having to count up all the pieces, shuffle and hold cards, and carefully place my trains on the board in the right spot. I love the ranking system as I think it demonstrates a players skill, but values their most recent game scores above their past ones. One change that I would like to see made is a turn time limit. There is already a time limit for the whole game, but I believe one for a turn is needed! I’ve been in way too many games where the person who is clearly doing poorly stops playing, and the remaining players have to wait for his/her timer to run down. I played a game this morning where I had to wait 10 minutes until one player’s timer finally ran out just so we could take our last turn. The turn timers could be something set by the host of each game. I think anywhere from 30 seconds to 2 minutes would be good..Version: 2.7.5

Maddening bugs in local playDon’t see a Developer Response on the bottom of this post? Don’t waste your money. Sometimes, the app crashes immediately when you start a game in any mode. Local Games are the worst, though. Playing one is like walking into a field of land mines—you never know when or why the app will crash. Beyond all the crashing: If one player leaves the app during play, even for a second, the app has trouble noticing when they return to the game. When that happens, you wait and wait. You leave again. Come back. Close the app entirely. Come back. Did that kill your game? Maybe. Maybe not. Should you “Please wait” another ten minutes or roll the dice on your evening? When it actually does register that both players are present again, it forgets whose turn it was and locks up indefinitely for one player. (We’re playing with two up-to-date iPhone 11’s over the same Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.) If these bugs had been fixed within the last few years and/or it were easy to submit bugs, this would be a five-star review. The gameplay is fun and the expansions are great. For that reason, I can’t give it one star. I really want it to be as fun as it could be. However, the Local Game bugs so consistently crush our fun—and it’s so convoluted to figure out where to go for support—that we’re fixing to check out for good. Will I miss it? Yeah. But our tabletop version is waiting with open arms..Version: 2.7.6

Ruined with “it’s your turn” bannerI love this game, and I love this app, but sometimes the updates are completely unnecessary and ruin the game experience. This latest update introduced the “it’s your turn” banner which pops up a big sign that covers 1/3 of the board, and there’s no way to turn it off! This game requires studying the board every turn to look for new or vanishing opportunities and plan your turn, so now you have to swipe the annoying banner out of the way to see the map and plan your turn, which has caused me to accidentally take actions or grab cards I didn’t want, a HUGE no-no in the strategy of this game! There’s also ZERO need for it in solo mode which is what I play most often. I wait because I’m studying, NOT because I can’t figure out when it’s my turn—please make an option to turn this “feature” off in the settings. Until then, I won’t be playing..Version: 2.7.2

Stole my money: Problem FixedAfter reaching out to tech support the problem was resolved. The team was very prompt. Only took about a day to rectify the situation. I bought this game about a year and a half ago and it was fantastic. I even bought several of the expansion packs. However, about a year ago the developers updated the app and ever since then I always get the message “In app purchases are not allowed”. I can’t restore! I thought that it was just a bug and would be remedied in a later update, but since it has been a year since the issue started I don’t think that they will fix this issue..Version: 2.6.10

Somewhat disappointed🙁Our family loves the board game so we went ahead and bought this a few days ago. When the game works everything is wonderful But we do get booted out quite a bit because we like to play with other players online we lose our points. The biggest complaint is a personal one. This game is rated for years and up but unfortunately there is live chat. I have an eight and a nine-year-old who enjoy this very much but unfortunately they’ve been coming to me asking me what certain words mean. It doesn’t matter what race you are some of the vulgar words and conversations that are going on right alongside the game are absolutely apalling. There is no need for that in the family game😡 sensor or filter for that vulgar language.Version: 2.5.8

Newest iOS update is unfortunateWe love Ticket to Ride and have been playing glitch free for years. Now with the latest update last week (Dec2018) we struggle to connect in local mode, with players having to exit the app and come back in over and over to connect and join a game. Also not a fan of the new vertical train cars forming a kind of hand at the bottom of the screen. They’re hard to grasp and move and can get stuck en route. In my opinion those ‘finished train route’ and ‘now you can get more route’ pop ups and the ‘cars to the route’ slow motion action are unnecessary. It wasn’t broken...why the ‘fix’??.Version: 2.5.12

DO NOT BUY THIS GAME in its current form.Edit: after 2.5.14 update the app is still clunky and slow. A huge downgrade from how the app performed for years. To their credit the developer has followed up the December version that first introduced these huge regressions. But arguably that was a version that never would have been released if the proper amount of quality control and play testing had been done. Asmodee Digital only gets a certain amount of credit for what amounts to fixing the huge mistake or error in judgement they themselves made. DO NOT BUY THIS GAME in its current form. To Asmodee Digital, who is replying to some critical reviews with requests for users to post bug reports to a private bug tracker: Have you played your own game? Were you avid players of Ticket to Ride? Because you don’t need detailed bug reports for the vast majority of problems you introduced. Just install the version prior to the 2.5.11 update and play that version of the game. Then play this version and it will be glaringly obvious what you messed up. Edit: removed a star after the 2.5.11 update made the app and gameplay feel way slower Original review: ⭐️⭐️ Great game. Online play is useless to me as I'm red-green colorblind and can't tell certain opponents apart. App needs a colorblind mode..Version: 2.5.14

Fun base game. Online forum VULGARI play in real life, and offline with the app. I love this game, especially Pennsylvania. I just tried to play online, and the games were all locked to me because I do not have enough experience. I looked to the chat to try to find someone willing to play with a noobie, and it was all N word this, towel head that, sexual talk... one administrator temporarily muted one person, but the others continued with racism and vulgarity. I guess as long as they put spaces between the letters it was not flagged (?!). I left. I wish It had been better moderated. It is 2 am, but, still, my first experience is marred badly, I am unlikely to give it another shot. Too bad, I love this game..Version: 2.6.10

Wanted to like it more...I really wanted to like this app, but there’s a bug that kicks me out frequently when I try to start a solo game. The biggest problem though is in online games. If another play doesn’t take their turn, the game stops until their game timer runs out? The app either needs a way to kick out unresponsive players, or have players automatically replaced by a bot if they’ve been inactive for a certain amount of time. Another annoying feature- if another player leaves, a comment pops up saying they’ve been replaced by a robot. You have to X out of the pop up. Then another pop up shows up if they come back into the game, which you have to X out of. I had someone popping in and out repeatedly, and it was impossible to play that round because you couldn’t look at the board, select cards, lay a train, etc. without getting a pop up that needed to be closed. I really like the game, but unfortunately these bugs mean it is not really playable..Version: 2.7.10

Stop with the nagging!A good game but in solo play will you please provide a way to turn off the incredibly annoying constant nagging! Every few seconds a drop down appears, “It’s your turn”, “It’s your turn”, “It’s your turn”, “It’s your turn”. I know it’s my turn! I’d like to be able to take my time to think without the constant bother. And it nags like that about everything. “pick another card”, select some tickets”. Every nag does that annoying slide down every few seconds, it’s almost as annoying as the old HTML blink tag!! Please make it stop!!! If you really feel the need to remind the player of what they already know, at least just put it statically somewhere instead of the constantly super annoying drop down!!!!! Also, why can’t I pick my own color? Every other game in the world lets me change my player color but with this game I’m stuck with green! Also, this game desperately needs an undo or a turn confirmation with an option to change your move. Every so often I accidentally lift my finger when the pointer is over the wrong track, something that would never happen in the board game, and having a way to fix that mistake before the game moves on should be provided..Version: 2.6.3

A new season of crashingOver the years my husband and I and sometimes the kids have played this game on our phones and iPad mostly with ease. Sure, there have been seasons of bugginess as with any new and expanding apps, but apparently tonight we have entered a new season of bugginess. Tonight 4 of us on phones/iPads tried starting three different original USA map games and experienced problems within the first 20 minutes of each game. Each glitch that happened also denied at least one player from reentering the four player game and we had to ditch each game. We spent an hour plus of our lives starting, crashing and attempting to rejoin three games with no success. When we would rejoin, none of the cards or scores would populate. Turns became stuck. It was so frustrating and absolutely no fun..Version: 2.5.14

Latest Release Is A Step Backwards, AgainEurope 1912 Mega was working great until this last update. It has slowed down noticeably with dead times, particularly when the game is over. It will sit for a while before it starts scoring the game. The graphic animation speed adjustment is a nice addition. Dropped cards on routes often persist blocking the view of that section of the route. I can’t see which players cars are on that section. Other graphics persist, also blocking view of the map. (NOTE to developers: To reproduce these errors: Play the game 10 times in a row.) Trying to drag cards to a route drags up control panel very often. It never did that before. I was much better when the train cards were horizontal on the bottom. It now crashes and freezes frequently which it never did before, either. It’s very annoying. Don’t upgrade! I wish I hadn’t. I have Version 2.5.8 on an iPhone 5 and it runs perfectly and way faster than the current version on my iPhone 8. The latest version now will start selecting train cards without me touching the screen! I always play solo against the bots so if the developers would like to duplicate this error, play the game this way..Version: 2.6.3

Great Game slowly being ruined by updates...My friend and I play TTR on a regular basis, several times a week at least. They have slowly been updating the app and creating more and more problems. The app times out regularly now. Also, most recently it has stopped giving us notifications when someone takes their turn and you’re not in the app. I used to get banner notifications on my iPhone. Now, I have no idea if she’s taken her turn. This is very frustrating since we’ll play over the course of a day and I don’t want to keep checking the app constantly to see if it’s my turn. (I’ve checked all my iPhone/iPad settings and both allow notifications from TTR... no settings have changed there). Randomly too, on her app and my app our trains are different colors now, but I can’t seem to see anywhere that you can choose your train colors? That’s not important to game play, but just super random. Eventually we’ll have to stop playing and pick a new game if this keeps up..Version: 2.6.8

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Scoring not recordedI love this game & play it often, trying to beat my personal best score. Unfortunately I have found the high score trophy centre is not recording my scores correctly. I have screenshots of 2 high scores that are not listed in the highest scores area at all. Is there any way to fix this?.Version: 2.7.6

Fans will be very pleased!If you are a fan of this board game you will be very pleased with the way this game plays. I haven't played online, but I think online gamers will be equally happy. Well worth the money here. Only thing here is I'm not to sure about the destination ticket drawing algorithm. Maybe I'm just lucky but I seemed to get a card I could use every time! Same with the trains. Still very entertaining, and great for a quick game or on the go..Version: 1.2.1

Setting the standard for board games on iPad.This update added Pass and Play, fixing my only gripe with the game when I originally bought it. This is now my favourite board game on the iPad. Portability and chance to have a game on the go is fantastic. This is a must buy if you like board games and want to see them done right on the iPad. This has set the bar on how to do it right. Highly Recommended..Version: 1.1

Game crashes on last turnSince the latest update the game has crashed on the last players turn every time. I have forced closed the app and rebooted my iPad with no change. The new animations make the game play slower. It is frustrating that flashy animations seem to have taken priority over quality game play. Was one of my favourite games to pass the time, but it is now unplayable as I cannot finish the game..Version: 2.5.12

Good game for iPad but needs some enhancementsThe iPad version of the board game is well done and worth getting if you like the board game. To the developers, some enhancements suggested are: At the finish of a game, the final screen needs to have a pause so that a player can review the final placings of the trains, routes, and stations of all players; A better way needs to mark completed routes that use a station. At present, it looks as through the route is still not complete as the colour of the end points do not change from green; It seems impossible to have the option of having more than one solo player - my son wants his own character; It is not clear as to the relative strength of the computer's players; The banner 'It's Your turn' covers up the routes on the bottom of the screen and so should be a smaller alert.Version: 1.3.1

Nice implementationI have played the board game, the online computer version via the web and now this. Gameplay mostly intuitive, didn't take long to get at all. I love the 'finished a ticket' bit, and hooks into online lobby as well so can play with friends online? From nearly anywhere? Hope some other board expansions follow but so far looking and playing well!.Version: 1.0

Very impressiveHaving never played ticket to ride before (digital or hard copy) i was pleasantly surprised by how easy this game was to play on ipad. Its quite a simple yet beautiful game and is easy to learn with a great tutorial. This game was so great i opted to purchase more maps and havent regretted doing so. A must have game for all..Version: 2.4.1

Great game, BUT...This is a great game. However, there are a lot of glitches. I updated recently after holding off for a while and was surprised to see that many of the glitches were still there and the only difference was a different visual set up which was much worse than the previous one I had. I’m not a big fan of the animations and not being able to see the bottom of my cards. I wish I could customise more of the layout. It’s actually put me off playing the game and the reason for 2 stars. Find it confusing that they would change the look without offering more customising options, and yet there are still quite a few bugs not addressed..Version: 2.7.6

Amazing! Beautiful! Polished!I had never even heard of this board game when i purchased it from the app store. I love board games, especially on the iPad. I played it once, and immediately purchased all the expansions. This is really well done! I only wish there was 1) a pass and play function, and 2) some way to customize the amount of train carriages available or some other gameplay variables to extend the play more. Sometimes it seems like I'm going great guns and the game suddenly ends too quickly. Otherwise, truly a beautiful piece of software..Version: 1.0

FantasticI have been waiting for this app to come to ipad and the apple store and well done. It is the best game and the online version here is great and nicely developed. Better thE online version and that was good. I would love to see all the variations become available in time including Scandinavia and Marklin as well as the other expansions. Excellent value for money and a good game either with online players or solo. Very nice indeed, I cannot say enough about this game and recommend it to anyone...simple to play....isn't a game that takes hours to play either and a lovely tutorial for all to understand and learn the game. All the rules and rulebooks are also there. Well done and can't wait for more..Version: 1.0

Love the game, but stopped working with new versionI often played this on my iPad and love it. However since the latest version it stopped working for me and sends the iPad in an endless authentication loop. Please fix this bug so I can play again..Version: 2.6.4

Great game overall, but what happened to the bots?!?We have thoroughly enjoyed this game over the years, both the board game and their digital versions on our iPhones and iPads. One of the things we liked but has just disappears is the ability to add bots in Local multiplayer. Now, we can only play against the humans who happen to be available (just one most of the time) with no way to add bot players like we used to, to fill up the game. Can you please restore bots in Local multiplayer? Thank you..Version: 2.0

Not liking the look of the new update...This new update Deontay look nice - the cards are too big for the space, and the top of the US map does not look right with the train carriages on it. I also wonder if there’s a bug in the randomisation of cards coming out, because they don’t seem anywhere near as randomised as before. Please fix it! It worked just fine before, so this a perfect example of if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!.Version: 2.5.11

Great version of an old favouriteVersion 2.6.0 looks like it fixes all the horrible UX mistakes made in 2.5.11+ (although the animation speed setting annoyingly keeps resetting to “slow”...) Thanks to the publisher for listening to feedback. I have always enjoyed the physical version of this game, and have been enjoying the iOS version now for a while too! Great realisation of a classic game..Version: 2.6.0

Nope. Awful.Hands down the worst board game app. Adding friends is a nightmare, and trying to set up a private game between established game centre friends is apparently unthinkable. Even getting to the online games is onerous. Why have an entire section just for online game finding when "play online" is an option in the main game screen? And why, in that main game screen is it only possible to play with total strangers and not friends? There's nowhere in the app to see game invites from friends, or anybody else for that matter. Really, really great game but this app is very poorly designed. Looks great, awful to use..Version: 1.4.2

ExcellentSuch a good game. Local multiplayer is flawless too, which is surprising since there are so few good local multiplayer games. My only request is to make all the DLC available in one purchase..Version: 2.4.1

1 Map...really??I initially enjoyed playing this slick board game adaption. After about 6 mins, having beaten the first level twice, i went to play the next map. To my dismay I realised that, you have to pay for the other maps. To me there is a difference in selling in-game content and trying to sell bits of the game that should be standard as in-game content. It is clear that these developers are thinking "how can we make the most money" instead of, perhaps what they should be thinking, "how can we make the most money by delighting our customers and delivering them exceptional value". The difference with the second philosophy is you usually avoid one star reviews..Version: 1.0

Great game ruined by glitchesI love this game and play it all the time, however, the app is so frustrating and has so many bugs. It constantly freezes or will crash in the middle of a game for no reason, will count down on your turn when it isn’t your turn or show that it’s someone else’s turn when really it’s yours, so you’re both sitting there waiting for the other person to go. The ‘local play’ section is especially glitchy, I’ve tried to play my friend on it multiple times and we have never once finished a game, because if you leave the app once during the game the whole thing freezes and you cannot continue playing. If they could fix the glitches in this game it would make it a lot better and I would recommend it to people, which at the moment I am very hesitant to do..Version: 2.6.5

Ruined a great gameL have played this game thousands of times solo. I am green. Today I go to play and EVERY turn this banner flashes up on the screen - hey, stupid, it’s your turn. Ok, that’s annoying - I will turn it off. Can’t. Huh? You’re joking. Nope. Please fix this dumb change..Version: 2.7.2

No full screen.Played this on iPhone X and it wasn’t full screen. Game ran fine but was disappointed it didn’t fill the screen.Version: 2.5.8

No pass and play - What a pitty.I heard that this was an excellent boardgame and decided to buy it for the ipad. There is nothing better than playing a boardgame with friends and family face to face. I have found that the ipad is tailor made for boardgames when traveling with family. Unfortunately this ipad version doesn't allow pass and play or coffee table play. For that reason alone it sadly doesn't rate highly for me. I strongly suggest to the developer to include pass and play on their next update..Version: 1.0

Online gamingGreat game, but it is a pain when you play an online game and one player leaves, leaving the clock still running, where the other players have to wait for the clock to run down entirely before they can carry on with the game. Waste of time, please fix this!.Version: 2.7.10

5 stars again after latest updateI wrote a 1-star review after the previous update - which caused the game to crash on my original iPad. However - the latest update(s) have fixed the problem, and I'm able to play again. Thanks to the team for fixing the bug. I love this game, and can't recommend it highly enough..Version: 2.0.15

StationsIn the European game there are stations to use when claiming a portion of an opponent’s route. The robot opponent never uses them. I’ve tried unsuccessfully to force them into doing it. Other than that, it’s a nice game with a predictable outcome. I’m usually screaming at the screen because they could have won if they’d used their station option..Version: 2.6.5

AwesomeTicket to ride is amazing!!! We have the board game and we wanted to play with our grandparents whilst in isolation!!! This was the one!!!.Version: 2.7.2-6540

Currently unplayable - quits on opening a gameGood game when working.Version: 2.6.10

First classExcellent game. good tutorial. easy to understand, but very deep gameplay. immediately purchased all expansions as they became available. Edit - Very rude to slug early adopters another $4.99 for the India map, yet new players can get the entire collection for $7.99 - I have already invested over double that! How about a free or much cheaper download for players with all purchases? So I grit my teeth and buy it and now? We get the Nordic pack. Similar deal. i am not investing another cent. Show a bit of reward for players that have invested a lot of money already!.Version: 2.1

Keeps crashingLuckily I haven’t run into many troubles playing this game since I purchased it years ago but recently it constantly crashes and closes. sometimes it seems the bot is really unfair too..Version: 2.6.3

GlitchySuch a great game, such a glitchy app.Version: 2.7.6

The Pennsylvanian TwistWow, just when you think you have it won someone sells their stock and trumps you in the last minutes of the game. Twice the strategy needed both playing the trains but also the stocks so the combined strategies is what wins - very intriguing and a tantalising twist that gets you in!.Version: 2.5.0

Be adventurousTake.Version: 2.7.6

Keeps dropping outAt the beginning when loading screens drops out & have to start again several times..Version: 2.7.10

Too much luck involvedWaste of money. No strategy or skill involved. Pure luck of the draw. Never played this game before so I'm still learning. Bit of a learning curve though. I see the strategy involved but all gameplay revolves around the luck of the draw. If you get better cards show up or from the deck you win. There's very little skill involved as you're sweating on which cards turn up so it's basically a roll of the dice which depends on whether you lose or win. In that sense it's not a real strategy game as your hands are not equal. Real strategy games give the same chances to both sides and the cleverer one wins but not here. There's no skill involved just the luck of the draw which really makes it pointless playing as you can't determine the outcome with skill just lucky draw. A waste really. Not challenging if you need luck to win. Your effort doesn't count. It all depends on the draw..Version: 1.3.3

Looks nice, but buggyThey've put a lot of effort into the interface, however it's inconsistent between iPhone and iPad which can be confusing. The controls for online play are also needlessly confusing: they've gone for high style over usability in some cases: instead of being clear, items seem to have been designed for how they look rather than being intuitive. Add to this the online play that gets buggier as time goes on and it's getting to be very frustrating. Their Facebook site is full of promotion about their new products but nothing about updates on problems they're having, which is dispiriting: will they fix things? If so, when? Communication is key. Lots of very mad people online at he moment..Version: 2.4.1

Great app ruined by glitchinessThis is a great app for a great game, and if it ran smoothly I’d give five stars. However, it’s always very glitchy and full of bugs, something that’s always a hassle and sometimes makes the game not worth playing or causes you to lose. The available games disappear from the screen moments after loading and you have to return to the menu and try again. In game, your time may count down when it’s not your turn, sometimes causing you to lose, and the app crashes a lot. Sometimes you get an error message and have to restart the app, other times it seems as if it’s someone else’s turn so you sit there waiting while the app hasn’t actually recognised your turn and others are waiting for you. These are some of the biggest problems. I am unhappy that I have paid money for something with so many issues. If they can fix this, this would be a great app and I’m sure they’d get a lot more purchases and happy customers..Version: 2.6.0

Ticket to Ride USAThis is early days for me, so am enjoying the game, will notice more as time goes on!.Version: 2.7.10

Keeps freezingThe latest changes have slowed it down. I really don’t need to be told I can draw more tickets plus it just hangs there at the end of the game before it switches to calculating scores. Pity as it’s such a great game..Version: 2.5.13

Great implementation!Very addictive if you love the boardgame! The gameplay UI is very elegant and the online play is fantastic, especially since you can use either Game Center or your Days of Wonder account. A few things I can suggest it needs (and hopefully Days of Wonders have this on their roadmap anyway): - Pass and play with appropriate screen orientation like Small World, though given each player has a concealed hand, I can concede it does need a bit of thought to see how it could work smoothly. - Ability to turn off the speech by the characters on the menu screen. Great the first time, but not really required once you've played the game a few times. - Ability to turn off in-game animations for completing tickets. See above point. - Expansions - I'm hoping Europa 1912 is coming soon!.Version: 1.0

Great gameTicket to ride is a fantastic adaptation of the board game, and is easy to use after some practice. Would recommend to everyone!.Version: 2.5.8

Sick of glitches!Seriously sick of a year and multiple updates and ongoing glitches screwing up the game play and ratings! I’m done!! We paid for it.... make it work!.Version: 2.6.5

Great game but recent updates are annoyingI love this game and have had it for years. I enjoy adding the new maps and never had a glitch. However, the recent update that changes the pop up banner for solo play is extremely annoying as is the new display for the USA map. Please at least give us the option to remove the ‘your turn’ banner as it slows down play and obscures the centre of the board. It is annoying enough for me to stop playing and purchasing new maps..Version: 2.7.2-6540

Asia Map BugThe Asian map has bug. When you pick up from the non-showing ticket pile it won’t add colours to your hand if you have more than two for greens and blues..Version: 2.7.2-6540

Easy to play hard to master...That phrase is very true with this game it's easy to play but very hard to master. Great online and solo play, I didn't think I would find a board game that would take me away from my risk and my monopoly games but this has done it. It's easy for the younger generation to learn and play so overall a great board game. Just wish others could make games as quality finished as this one. Worth every dollar of the price tag.... Just don't stop - keep bringing out those add on maps for variety..Version: 1.1

Issue with the latest updateWhen playing the Germany board, I can’t see my cards as they are right down the bottom and are also hard to move to the board because they are so low. I’m not sure if this happens on any other boards..Version: 2.5.11

Latest update is poorly designed for iPhone XThe latest update places elements of the board close to areas of the iPhone X that are unusable. For example, trains are positioned right where the iOS “home” swipe area is located, and the player cards on the left is blocked by the iPhone X notch. It’s obvious no real life testing has been done with this update. There were also problems resuming games after network issues. The board would blank out when everyone returns to the game. This is really disappointing because I’ve spent many an hour playing this game.Version: 2.5.11

Latest update troubleLove this game it’s so fun. With the last update though when I try to claim a city the game crashes. Please fix..Version: 2.5.6

Too many bugsGreat game but so many bugs. Please fix it.Version: 2.7.10

Rule for iPad board games: pass and play is a must!Fantastic board game that seems to have a lot of depth. Sadly I won't be playing unless I get a second iPad. The iPad is made for board games as the success of Monopoly, Carcassone and Scrabble proves. Yes, some of the strategy is lost unless you can keep your destination tickets hidden. But this is the same for the tile racks in Monopoly. I don't see it as a deal breaker. You COULD take a page from Monopoly here though and use iPhones as card racks and displaying user specific information. In its current state it is useless as a board game unless you play online or like to verse AI players only, none of which are attractive options for me..Version: 1.0

Great but...This is a fun and addictive game with great graphics, but it crashes way too often and does not resume the game you were playing when it crashed. Once it crashes once that is it, it will crash every time you launch it within in a few minutes unless you reboot your device. Please fix the crash issue and add pass and play and this would be a superb game..Version: 1.0

Not worth the money!!!This game is so expensive however, I thought since I was getting a good quality game with lots of different maps it would be worth it. I was so wrong. For $11 you only get 2 maps to play and you have to pay over $4 for each additional map. It’s ridiculous. Such a rip off..Version: 2.7.2-6540

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Ticket to Ride - Train Game
Asmodee Digital
Board, Entertainment, Strategy
654.214.144 BYTES
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Ticket to Ride - Train Game 2.7.11 Update

Version 2.7.11 (2021-02-09): Bug fixes: -Chat Gender Emote now usable -Technology can no longer be inaccessible on the UK map -Server maintenance information is now visible on the application -UK rules updated in Germany language.

Version 2.7.10 (2020-10-27): - Fix clock behavior: player clock should be synch with the server clock. - Fix online game password behavior: players should not be able to create a game with an empty password. - Fix bot behavior on germany map when replaces a player at the start of a game..