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Expand your knowledge of the world with valuable and up-to-date Facts & Maps on over 250 World Countries.

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5 STARS *****
I love this handy app. It keeps me a little more informed about the world. If I wonder what language is spoken in a certain country, or what the currency or dominant religions are, I check here and get my answer in a few seconds!
- Mantequia2319

5 STARS *****
I've been in many conversations of recent months about the state of the world and I must say, this app has proven to be very useful on multiple occasions. Well done and keep feeding us the facts!
- I Glavas

5 STARS *****
A good basic guide to any Country - Precise, Factual, and Basic. Well presented.
- Rhodoant

5 STARS *****
Excellent informations, using app very often to check base infos for different countries. Interesting, informative, easy to use.
- Fr..traveler

- Over 170+ data points on 250+ world countries:
- Population
- Area
- Geographic coordinates
- Languages
- Government
- Capital
- Gross domestic product
- Background
- And much more!
- Quick reference maps
- Dynamic online maps
- Country flags
- Country Comparisons
- Simple easy to use interface.
- Large easy to read text.

Be more Informed about the World with Up-To-Date Facts & Maps on 250+ Countries.

Check out World Factbook 2021 Today.

World Factbook 2021 Statistics App User Reviews & Comments

ConcisenessFrom what I can determine, this app consistently delivers “up-to-the-minute” info which I often trust much more than our news media. The only, and I mean ONLY complaint I have is that the population densities are not easily cited. Admittedly, doing so would likely be a very hard task indeed. Great app; great job! Rick the Rat.Version: 3.2

Update !No landscape mode, not for Ipad....really?.Version: 2.9

Helps a lotThis application is so good it help a lot.Version: 2.9

Wasted my moneyWasted my money.Version: 1.3

Great app!I am a geography buff and this is a great app!.Version: 1.3

Not updatedI was shocked that it has the same info as one of my few years "free of charge" older app, it's not updated.Version: 2.0

Correcting informationThe flag of Myanmar (ex-Burma) is wrong. You have to up date this app..Version: 2.0

World FactsWorthless!.Version: 1.4

Information galoreAmazing information at my fingertips 😀👌.Version: 3.2

World FactsAwesome. While some information is not up to date, overall the information is accurate and useful. Please keep this product available..Version: 2.4

Mjp 2441Yikes this is no better than the free app. No added info just added one single map to the entire program. Nit worth the effort to download..Version: 0

PeterI don't know why but your map is thousand percent worse now than half year ago.This app is useless now..Version: 1.4

Stats out of dateMany of the stats are out of date and are not updated. US debt numbers are from 2016, four years out of date. This is not the app for discovering current information..Version: 3.1

BobGood site. Improvement would be some indication of RELIGION .. The time indication is confusing. As is the digference from GMT..Version: 1.4

CD 1943Very informative app; very useful for quick reference..Version: 3.0

Useful on many levelsThe world at your fingertips! How could this not be a 5 star app? More stats than you can use. Useless you say? Until you need that particular info. Then the app stands back and says, "you're welcome"..Version: 1.9

World factsLove it.Version: 1.3

Nice design but wrong infoI had read a lot about Middle East and the information here are wrong and wish if you guys do some research then correct the app, like iraq was part of utmany ampire no that's wrong it was Babylon ampire by itself , 7000 bc.Version: 1.4

World factsGood synoptic information.Version: 1.4

Great map!Great,I like it,easy to use..Version: 1.4

More demographics and historical facts would be usefulExpansion on demographics and historical facts would be useful..Version: 1.3

World mapVery very very good love it the best..Version: 1.3

Great go-to reference guide!I love this handy app. It keeps me a little more informed about the world. If I wonder what language is spoken in a certain country, or what the currency or dominant religions are, I check here and get my answer in a few seconds!.Version: 1.5

Very LimitedIt's a mediocre app, lacks any ethnic info, tries to squeeze everything into one long paragraph another problem is that they ignore Tibet. The Chinese have committed horrible genocide there and occupied the country, monks and nuns are still being murdered and tortured. No one talks about It, it would be nice if they treated it as a country instead of cow-towing to the monstrous Chinese but that would take some courage. I regret paying for the full version, its just as limited as the free one, don't bother paying for it..Version: 1.4

World factsI like it.Version: 1.4

Not updated frequently enough. Otherwise, a Well Done app sourced from the CIA "The World Fact Book"The developers need to update the data more frequently. When the app was first introduce, this was done at ~2 week intervals. Now the data updates are sometimes not done for 6-12 months. It is not uncommon to find references to leaders whom have been replaced, by peaceful means or otherwise, for as much as a year. As the original data source is updated quite frequently, the semi-annual data rips used in app updates are a disservice to users of the app. That said, they have provided an excellent presentation of the CIA's "The World Fact Book" - an easily obtainable open reference designed for (US) diplomats. To address some of the negative reviews, keep in mind that *all* of the data present in this app are ripped from the CIA The World Fact Book. While there is, to the best of my knowledge, no original content present in the app, this is not a bad thing - the original is a significant and relatively neutral reference. The "Quick Maps" provided in the app are *exact* copies of the maps provided in The World Fact Book. Some areas, such as Tibet, are not present as primary entries as they are not (or no longer) diplomatically considered to be states (countries). While this may be considered to be cruel and insensitive to refuges of said former countries, this is an artifact of modern diplomacy. Refuges of these former states are often representative in the countries to which they traveled (see the "Refugees and internally displaced persons" sections in countries for examples)..Version: 3.1

World mapGreat for question and answer games Love it.Version: 1.3

I want my money backI had the free version and worked perfectly. I paid for the update 2020 and its terrible with no info and no stats. I keep downloading the update and it does not work, refund my money please.Version: 2.9

World factsExcellent data. Keep it up to date!.Version: 1.3

World FactsVery useful app!.Version: 2.9

Very Useful!I just would like to add more flexibility to select favorite countries, so that we can have quicker access to the countries we more frequently need information of. I would also like to have more updated information (current year instead of 2010)..Version: 1.4

UsefullVery usefull to have on the spot.Version: 1.4

Great!Very well organized, very informative, great maps!.Version: 1.4

GreatGreat information! A lot of fun!!.Version: 1.3

SmileI like it! A lot of information!.Version: 1.3

UpdateNot sure of update schedule. But twice yearly would be good..Version: 2.8

AtlasNice app. Good to learn.Version: 1.4

OKFacts is facts.Version: 1.4

World mapVery informative, colorful and entertaining..Version: 1.4

GrandmotherI am 81 yrs and just discovered this app. I started using it and was amazed at the information I found. I just stopped, to say, “Thank You”. I can’t wait for the chance to impress my grandchildren. Excited Grams.Version: 2.9

Cool!!Cool!!!.Version: 1.3

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 3.3

Good Very handyI find this very handy information and for Quick access.Version: 1.4

MrQuite a lot of information. Would like to see a map with all river marked on it.Version: 1.2

World factsExcellent information.Version: 1.3

Out of date data, not more infoOut of date data (2007!!). Paid app does not give any more detail on country than free version! Very disappointing!.Version: 1.3

Best World StatsA very useful app. Good range of statistics that is as up-to-date as could be expected. Would be better if raw data was available in addition to relative statistics e.g. Actual GDP as well as GDP per head of population. Some statistics where $ values are displayed have the value ending in "$...". There seems to be enough space to display the value. Those issues apart I'd recommend this app to anyone who likes to have reference data at their fingertips..Version: 2.0

A delight to have.I have used this app before on my Nokia N97, it is a pleasure to have it on my iphone..Version: 1.3

Very usefulIt is good to have it in your hand phone For quick reference.Version: 1.4

Needs updating!Population as of July 09 & most information outdated. More like World Facts 2009. Should have stuck with the free one..Version: 0

Excellent AppI've been in many conversations of recent months about the state of the world and I must say, this app has proven to be very useful on multiple occasions. Well done and keep feeding us the facts!.Version: 1.3

CusterAn invaluable app. I refer to it all the time to my own edification. Absolutely a must go-to when I am running the local Trivia Nights at the retirement homes that I visit..Version: 3.1

More infoEg. Your South Africa info highlights Thabo Mbeki as leader of ANC who was ousted by resignation but strangely does not even mention the first democratic leader Nelson Mandela who took over from F W De Klerk who spearheaded Mandela's release. He is an icon in South African democratic history. You need to also update the latest president is Jacob Zuma..Version: 1.4

Good at this priceNot bad, good little factlets. For $1.19 it's cheap pub ammo.Version: 0

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