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Welcome to Notability: powerful, yet wonderfully simple note-taking and PDF annotation.

Apple Editors' Choice on iPad, iPhone, and Mac!  Top selling paid app on iPad App Store, regularly ranked #1.

Students, teachers, and business professionals use Notability daily to enrich their lives. It is uniquely designed for each device to provide the best note-taking experience at school, home, and work.

• Work with a variety of note-taking, journaling, and drawing tools like ink, highlighter, text, and audio.
• Explore endless ideas with continuous page scroll.
• Mark up imported textbooks, documents, lecture slides, class assignments, and images.
• Add photos, GIFs, web pages, and more.

• Always keep your notes with you, without the weight, the hassle or the paper waste.
• Group notes with customizable subjects and dividers.
• Quickly search handwriting*, typed text, PDF text, image text, and note titles.
• Secure notes using Face ID and Touch ID.

• Ink is fine-tuned for the Apple Pencil for the most responsive, precise writing experience yet, including double-tap gesture for switching tools, erasing, and more.
• Create custom colors and match any color with the color dropper.
• Precisely erase freehand ink or shapes with varied brush sizes.
• Easily create perfect shapes.
• Quickly switch between ink or eraser styles with the Favorites Toolbar.

• Get more out of your lectures and meetings when you record them.
• Replay audio recordings and tap anywhere on your note to hear what was said at that moment.

• Present ideas in full screen without distracting toolbars when connected to an external display.
• Engage an audience with all of Notability's tools including a Laser Pointer.

• Work with two notes side-by-side.
• Quickly switch between notes and Drag & Drop handwriting, typed text, images, etc.

• Full-featured, left-aligned typing with word count and a wide range of fonts, custom fonts, sizes, and colors.
• Create outlines, interactive checklists, and text boxes.

• Import PDFs, DOCs, PPTs, images, GIFs, and more - conversion to PDF happens on your device, so information stays private.
• Easily create searchable multi-page PDFs using the built-in Document Scanner.

• Use iCloud to automatically sync your notes to Notability across iPad, iPhone, and Mac.
• Use Auto-backup to send your notes to a cloud service for archiving or recovery. Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, WebDAV, and OneDrive are all supported!


Customize your note-taking experience in the Notability Shop! Explore an exciting array of content available for purchase:

• *Handwriting Conversion and Search (included with Edu VPP)
• Daily Planner
• Stickers, themes, and more!


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Notability App User Reviews & Comments

Almost PerfectHello, I hope you are well. Let me begin my telling you that Notability is my favorite and most important app. The interaction I’ve had with you has been great, and I believe that all of you at Ginger Labs are wonderful. However, I am limited in what I can do with Notability, because as the Tactical Operations Bureau Commander for a major American police department, leading SWAT, Bomb Squad, Crisis Negotiations, and Fugitive Appreciation operators, I cannot fully utilize Notability to its potential due to the lack of proper security. I respectfully request that you utilize the readily available Apple API’s and include Touch/Face ID and encrypt this otherwise wonderful app, so that those protecting America’s safety and freedom can carry the sensitive information on our iOS devices that we need to. 8 out of 10 apps on my iPhone and iPad have touch/face ID, so I don’t understand why the finest notes app available lags behind in this important feature. I would gladly pay for this feature, and I hope that you will add it sooner than later. This is far more important than the emoji search that was added in 8.1. Thank you for considering this request. Be well, be safe, and God Bless!.Version: 8.1

Absolutely the best note taking app for iPadI’ve been using this app for 6 years, all throughout high school and into my sophomore year of college. It is honestly the best app I’ve ever used for notes. It’s so easy to convert notes to PDFs and import almost any type of file, even pictures! It’s also great for writing, and I love that they have a left handed mode for all of us lefties. It makes it so much easier to write. There are also different types of paper that you can use to personalize your notes! The latest update allows you to view 2 notes at the same time, and you can write on one while recording the other! Definitely the best feature for me! The only things I would want to change is to add more colors and themes. The selection is already great of both, but I am a little bored with having to use the same selection over and over. I also think an improvement would be to let people create folders within folders or subjects. This would help me further organize my notes. Honestly though, I love everything about this app!.Version: 8.2.9

New Mac App is not goodI’ve been using Notability for the past few years and love it. Being able to upload PPT and PDF decks for meetings and then take notes on my ipad has been a game changer for productivity. I can review documents - mark them up - and then send the notes directly back to my team. Except for a (very) slight delay sometimes between my Mac and my ipad, everything was seamless. I recommended Notability to everyone. However, the latest release of Notability for Mac is a disaster. It crashes often. When it isn’t crashing it’s nearly impossible to use. Trying to drag notes from one folder to another is incredibly frustrating - difficult to accomplish and takes a ton of time to get it to work. Often I can’t seem to drag and drop except on the fourth or fifth try. Imagine if your mouse pointer only worked about 25% of the time. Also - I used to be able to “print to Notability” directly from PPT (incredibly useful for quick uploads) and that feature is gone. And uploading a folder from Finder by dragging it over to Notability is frustrating - super laggy, often results in the “spinning wheel of death”, or just crashes the app. I would go back to the previous version is a hot second if I could. It’s so annoying that I’ve even considered moving to a different notes system - although I really don’t want to do that. I love Notabilty and the ipad version works great. But I need my full Notability ecosystem to work well together. Like it used to..Version: 10.4.2

Still using every day five years laterMy favorite thing is having one long infinite vertical space to write to. I can easily scroll down, or use the side bad to find a specific page. Searching is easy. Pen selection is my favorite across apps (use the short cut tab)with pen size and color selection quick and intuitive.I have a work tab with several different documents and a home tab. Its nice to go to my home tab and select taxes and see my notes from last year’s meeting say, or anytime I research something, its there waiting for me. Oh doctor’s office visits, all right there scrolling up through years of in office visit notes. For work I have a Daily log, for just writing, then specific docs. It syncs between my devices easily. I am waiting for a web based version so I can cut and paste directly from my work windows machine into my pages. Thats my biggest disconnect right now. I use OneNote at work for a lot, but I would use notability more if I could. I keep trying other programs here and ther, but nothing ever competes with the simpliticity and joy of note taking that Notability has..Version: 10.4.2

Great app, so close to AwesomeI really like how easy it is to use, find notes, and search within notes (handwriting recognition is amazing!) The layout is really intuitive and there are plenty of qualities that make it really friendly for school and work notes (recoding function of course, but also the shape detection, being able to import and export files between app is such an amazing function, and enough color customizing/options but not too much to be overwhelming). What it lacks is a better organization system. Right now, it’s like binder dividers, and while that is superficially nice, I’d like to be able to nest my documents, or at least be able to quickly visually recognize them with an icon or “cover page.” Additionally I really want to be able to change the page layouts for individual pages within a file. It is so frustrating to have to have to keep switching back and forth between layouts because my needs change within the file. There are other competitor apps of course, that have either own features and deficiencies, so for now we’ll see how long I stay with this as my main note taking app..Version: 10.2.4

Amazing Navigation and DesignI’m obsessed with this app. I use it on my iPad for all my classes, as well as creative projects, any readings I want to do, and regular note taking. I absolutely love the functionality and navigation. You can search your own handwriting (don’t have to convert it to text), can import and export files (images, screenshots, PDFs, MS Word, etc.) all with extreme ease (this works incredibly with airdrop). I also love being able to switch between notes, have multiple notes open on one screen, and having my favorite writing utensils saved as a toolbar. The backup/sync works very well. I absolutely love being able to cut out and move around/paste my handwriting, it makes super neat notes that are simple to organize and clean up if you do make mistakes while writing. All of this allows me to take notes instead of typing, with all the ease and perks of electronic files. The only thing I would like to see is an option to not layer the highlighter if you lift your pen. Other than that, this is essentially my entire office now..Version: 10.1.6

Purchased on good reviews but it’s not up to snuffGenerally I like using this app but it has caveats which are worth mention. It seems that copy/paste should be a simple thing all apps have included but I’m not finding this the case with Notability. If I copy information from my browser or another note app, it should be easy to paste into this one! Instead it does nothing, nothing at all, just sits there staring back at me with that blank expression like it has no clue what I’m wanting. Before telling me it’s there or to contact support... this brings me to another gripe. Why is it so hard to give this company feedback? There is no way I can see in the app to give it anymore than there is in the Apple store. The developer never bothered to fill their contact information out. Is this because they don’t wish to hear from us? That might explain why simple procedures like copy/paste are not being addressed. Even free apps do this, most everything does. I shouldn’t need a clipboard to compensate this missing feature. Add contact information and easy to reach feedback, include copy/paste and I’ll bump up my review score. This is simply unacceptable in this day and age when we pay for features and services that for whatever reasons aren’t there..Version: 10.2.6

Suggestions for DevelopersThere are some missing features that hold it back from 5 stars: 1) When I take notes and annotate, I like to have multiple pens and highlighters out. There should be an option to add additional pens and highlighters to the toolbar. When rapidly taking notes, time is precious, and this would make it less tedious. 2) inserting diagrams is too difficult. There should be a math or shape mode that you can toggle on and off that auto recognizes shapes and fixes them. Having an math text mode that auto recognizes math notation would also be fantastic ... p.s. OneNotes version of this is poorly executed. 3)**** when I record lectures, I am always slightly behind when note taking. If there were an advanced feature where we could choose where the audio track lines up with the notes, that would be spectacular. Revisited notes would be much superior and would be more like sitting through the lecture again.**** 4) there should be an option to directly add in PDFs to our notes. They could be added in as entire pages to the document, just integrating the PDF, or auto convert to an image to be pasted in. But working with PDFs in existing notes should be an option..Version: 8.2.7

I can see why this is #1Honestly, I was really debating on whether on not I should use Notability to take my notes or if I should use GoodNotes 5. In the end, I ended up getting both just to try them out, and what I found was that the UI for Notability was almost flawless for me. Being able to record audio on here is great, but I think the biggest factor for me was how it felt like writing notes in this app. It’s literally feels like I am just writing on paper. My handwriting on Goodnotes 5 just seemed messier and I noticed that they would try to alter my handwriting a bit. If I could make some suggestions, it would be nice if the highlighter could go under the words rather than over it. I would also love the option to just automatically switch back to pen mode after using the eraser (Useful tool in goodnotes). There would be times where I’m writing and the app doesn’t register it and would momentarily freeze a bit. But these are minor inconveniences. Overall, this is a great app to take notes on and annotate PDFs (what I mainly do). The partial eraser is amazing and the automatic backup is a extremely convenient. Definitely recommend it for college!.Version: 9.0.6

If my iPad could only have 1 app, this would be itI don’t take time to write many reviews, but I have to take a minute to throw a bone to the most used app on my iPad Pro. The design of this app is perfect for me. It has exactly the features I need—I use just about every feature it has (nothing seems superfluous or overly complex), yet there are also no other features that I feel it really lacks. It is just a really solid, well-designed notes app. I think where it really excels is how easy it is to import all kinds of visual materials, take notes all over them, and synchronize recordings with the note taking. I draft patent applications and being able to import an invention disclosure and have synchronized note-taking while I go over the document with the inventor is extremely useful. I have found lots of fun and useful things to do on my iPad Pro, but the app I use most, and the last one I would ever give up, is Notability. My compliments to the team for creating a great product and keeping it updated. Whatever I paid for this was worth every penny and much more..Version: 10.4.4

Amazing apps, needs better organizationI have been using Notability for more than 2 years and it is my absolute favorite note-taking app out there. It got me through Highschool and now university, and the voice-recording feature has saved me countless times. The ability to save favorite pens and highlighters has also made it incredibly easy to take colorful and neat notes, which I really appreciate. My only problem with the app is organization. I have around 715 notes and it is getting extremely hard to navigate through them. The inability to have folders within folders has made it incredibly hard to organize my notes in a way that makes sense to me and allows me to find them easily. Each of my classes, for example, has exams, labs, homework, textbooks, and other important documents. Scrolling through 50 notes per subject has become very tiring, and I believe it will only get worse with time. Right now, I change the name of the note to make them easier to find, but an organization feature will make this app complete for me. I’ve downloaded another note-taking app purely for its organization but greatly prefer Notability’s layout, so I hope they implement better folder management soon..Version: 10.4.3

Syncing big files is very poorI wanted to love Notability. It’s unique recording feature is perfect for lecture notes, and so I decided to give it a full month test, switching from another very well known note taking app and using Notability exclusively. The result, now that the month’s experiment has concluded, is that I’m switching back to the other app. Leaving aside all the countless comparisons and contrasts between these two apps, the deal breaker for me was that Notability’s syncing between iPhone, iPad, and Mac is awful. Any imported big file would only sync to one device, never appearing on all three. PDF imports were the worst—I would check literally DAYS later for a given pdf file to appear on ALL of my devices, only to have it stuck on the one device I originally imported it from. The only way to finally get some files to sync was to delete the Notability app and reinstall it, and even then it was only successful some of the time. As you might imagine, that workaround was beyond disappointing—it was incredibly inconvenient and completely untenable. Don’t get me wrong: Notability is still a very worthwhile purchase. There’s a lot to like about the features and its ease of use, and I’ll definitely be keeping it as my backup. And I’ll still use it whenever I need to combine note taking with recordings. But until the developers fix syncing, there’s no way that I could ever rely on this as my go-to app for notes or creative projects..Version: 9.4.2

Giving upI've used Notability for years, but have finally given up. Overall, it's a good App, but still lacks a lot of functionality that other note apps have. However, Notability continues to have issues regarding saving notes and working with iCloud. Last week, I lost over 100 notes and all my notebooks (36) have been lost. I have followed all the instructions online to try and recover, but with no luck. I know they are there in iCloud as the Notability app has not changed regarding memory usage. For some reason, those notes and notebooks are lost. Notability has a serious issue of linking with iCloud. So many times my notes had to be downloaded to my iPad every time I opened Notability. Every time before I boarded a plane, I made sure my notes where downloaded. I can't tell you how many times I have download partial notes because I didn't have time to download the remaining before boarding. In the end, Notability blames iCloud, but not another single app that I use linked to iCloud has this problem. So, I'm done with Notability. I HIGHLY recommend that if you do use this app to make sure you backup to another cloud service (Dropbox, Google, etc.). Good App, but I have lost all faith in this App going forward. More importantly, I need the confidence that my note App will function at all times. Notability failed that important test..Version: 10.4.5

Perfect For StudentsThis app is my go to app for anything I do in school. It has made taking notes fun and easy. And now after using this app for a little over a year and a half, I can absolutely say that this is my favorite note taking app. Practically everything that I do for school is on this app, which when paired to my phone makes it a breeze to quickly scroll through my notes at any time. The writing feels fluid with great options for size and colors. Importing files and documents is extremely easy and fast. On tops of this, the line straitening and shape recognition is amazingly useful and easy, without being intrusive or correcting things that were not meant to be corrected. My one issue I have is with organization. Especially towards the end of the year when I have hundreds of notes and files, they can often be lost in the clutter. I have found ways around this by specifically labeling my files so all of my notes, quizzes, tests, and handouts are all sorted by category alphabetically, but I wish there was a way to put folders inside of subjects. This app is my favorite, but to make it the best it really needs a better way to organize files inside of subjects. Again, I cant imagine creating folders inside of subjects would be hard do and I really hope they include this soon in an update..Version: 10.0

Fix iCloud syncing issuesI love noteability and would give 5 stars if it weren’t for the iCloud issues. I have the app on my phone, MacBook, and iPad. I mainly use noteability on my iPad and enjoyed being able to create a note, and seamlessly read or edit it on my laptop or phone. However every once in awhile noteability would freeze all of my notes on my iPad and I wouldn’t be able to read or edit until it was done syncing which would take at least 30 minutes, sometimes hours. What’s even more frustrating is that sometimes I’ll be editing a note and the app would be syncing that same note to the cloud in the background. So when I exit the note I have 2 sometimes 5 copies of the same note, and I have no idea which one is up to date. This especially happens if I have noteability open on more than one device at a time. I got so sick of it that I’ve disabled iCloud syncing and only use it on my iPad, which is a shame because I paid 10 extra dollars for the app on my MacBook (which is absolutely not worth it on its own by the way). The only device that gives all of the features that noteability has to offer is the iPad. With that being said, I absolutely love the app on my iPad and I hope that the dev team will fix this issue soon..Version: 9.1

Great app but could be improved for teachingI gladly bought this app as I use it to teach University classes. It allows me to write with my ApplePencil while projecting my notes from the iPad, so after every lecture I have an editable version of the notes and I can produce a PDF. Also, I can include multimedia contents, and images from the web. However I found difficult importing external PDF in an open note as a page, and if this is the first page I cannot remove it anymore. Also, the app could be improved with a couple of very helpful additions: 1) to re-use the notes the following academic year, I would like to be able to “hide” part of the notes, to “unhide” one line at a time as I explain the notes; 2) an even better option would be to be able to create a greyed-out version of the notes in order to re-write on them during the class, i.e. as if I was writing for the first time. A found a workaround using semi-transparent boxes to overlay to the notes, but now this feature seemed gone with the latest updates, which is disappointing since updates shoul “add” and not remove features. I hope someone from the developing team is reading these reviews ..Version: 9.2.1

Not sure what the hype is all about..So, here’s the thing. There are a lot of note taking apps on the market. I feel like if you want a quality one, maybe you need to pay for it. So, I purchased this one and Good Notes. I’ve used Evernote and Microsoft OneNote as well. Nothing sets this apart from competitors besides the price. And please beware: that price for the iOS app does not include the desktop app. That’s a separate charge. You can’t access it through a browser either. That’s a huge negative in my opinion. Additionally, sometimes this app will crash (like during iOS updates) and you’ll lose your subjects and dividers. So, there’s a way to get your subjects back, but you’re out of luck with your dividers. What does this mean? It means that all of the classes you’ve set up for multiple semesters will be wiped out. Whatever was organized under is able to be obtained, but you have to go back through and sort all of it. Do you know what an incredibly awful and tedious task that is? When you contact their customer service, they’re basically just like “Oh, sorryyyyy yeah we don’t care.” If you’re still reading this, oh hey. One last final note: don’t waste your money. I’ve tried them all and think Microsoft OneNote is really the way to go. It’s free, you get cloud storage, the app on the computer is free, and you get full functionality of program. Recent updates means it does EXACTLY what notability does..Version: 8.2.9

Overall, A Really great appSomething that I really liked about notability was the simple and intuitive layout. This made it really easy for me to organize my notes and help me maintain order with my notes. Another thing that I really liked was all of the new updates that really helped with making things run more smoothly (i.e. the favorites bar, being able to search for key words within the notes themselves instead of just the title, and the magnifying glass). Some areas of improvement would be being able to adjust the shape of the magnifying box because there are sometimes when I’m trying to edit a specific place and the magnifying box just doesn’t fit right. Another thing would be to be able to open more than two notes at once. This would come in handy for those to do notes simultaneously on multiple sections. It would also be cool if when your in portrait mode for the notes you have the option to be able to stack the notes top of one another instead of seeing them side. Then one last area of adjustment would be to be able to have a bookmarked notes bar like how there is a bookmarked pages (within each notes) bar. It would make jumping between two desired note documents a little bit easier. Anyways, that’s it from me. Thank you for making a really great app. Totally looking foreword to what’s in store for the future of this app..Version: 10.2.4

The Best App You Will Ever Purchase!I know for starters this app may seem like a lot, especially with the cost for both the iPhone/iPad and the cost of the Mac apps, BUT ITS WORTH IT! Being a college student I use this app every single day in all my classes. The app is so easy to use, and so intuitive. The iPad app is amazing for use with Apple Pencil or other styluses, and the fun pen colors and paper choices make notes less boring. This app also works with TONS of file types which you can import and annotate. I have nor used the voice feature yet, but I am thrilled to as I am sure it is as good as everything else this app offers. Finally my favorite feature is that notability automatically saves all my files and updates them constant across all my devices, so I never have to wait for my files to load. The useful feature of backing up the notes to google drive or Dropbox is amazingly helpful and lets me have my notes accessible even when I am not on my own laptop with the app. Overall MUST BUY for college students especially, or anyone who is a frequent note taker or writer. Absolutely, 100%, hands down, the most amazing app on the App Store!!.Version: 9.0.6

Palm Rejection Problems Since UpdatingI can attest to the comments regarding the palm rejection issues after the recent update. Since the update, anytime I attempt to take class notes with the Apple Pencil results in erratic screen behavior. It will zoom in or out randomly, delete the last portion of what is written, or the screen will shift/shake. This only occurs when I am trying to write and my palm is resting on the lower portion of the screen. I have had some previous issues with palm rejection, mainly with the shifting of the screen or zoom but it has been manageable up until this update. It has become basically unusable for me in terms of handwriting since the recent update and the handwriting feature is nearly the sole purpose for purchasing the app in my case. I’ve basically had to resort to other apps for note taking because this has become nearly impossible to write on (unless I write without my palm on the screen and that is definitely not an alternative for me). After reading the previous comments, I have already performed a hard reset of my iPad (an iPad Pro 11” on iOS 12.3), turned off the palm rejection feature in Notability and turned it back on, and finally uninstalled the app completely then reinstalled. None of these attempts have rendered any improvement. Hopefully this is something that can be investigated by the developer and corrected quickly as this has been my preferred app for note taking..Version: 8.4.5

This is the one -You can stop looking now, get NotabilityI’m a scientist, back in school, going to grad school soon. I spent whatever it took to check out all of the notes apps, and Notability is the best. I can record a lecture or seminar, while I’m taking notes, I can draw molecular structures, I can import PowerPoint slides and annotate them. If my page/slide is pretty crowded, I can create a “sticky” and take notes on it, and I can move it around when I need to see what is under it. I have made entire multimedia presentations with this app. You can save your page as a PDF, or I’ll even just take a screenshot of what I want to present or turn in, crop the margins, and use that. I can have sections of slides and book pages, or a picture of a handout, then work the problem out with my Apple Pencil, and turn it all in as one convenient PDF or pic I can email to my professors. The interface is much more flexible than Microsoft apps, and plays better with other apps and platforms. Seriously, I use the crap out of this thing. I checked out all of the common note apps, and this one is just more capable and adaptable than any of the others. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 9.4.7

Almost perfectThis app is almost perfect. From the beginning I downloaded both GoodNotes and notability to try both. I can honestly say I can hardly use GoodNotes now, because I can do so much more here I one place. If I could suggest a couple of things that may make this program a little better for a student. First , It would be great if you could choose a folder from the drive or photos(of slides)and then pop the entire file IN the document I’m writing on and it default to a page size image - as doing them one by one , then having to size each one is a real pain when I have a bunch to add. One thing GoodNotes / books does well. Or at least if I could choose more than one image from my note to drag in ...OR not have to click back into the photo options button after each one as its a real pain if I want to import several pages and to a note in a hurry. I would love to have the option to read and turn my pages horizontally like a book and have a book folder file to confine or open it easily - like GoodNotes. Besides these two things - it seems perfect. Its a great well thought out program that keeps progressing with so many great options. Good job to the developers.Version: 8.4.2

A Teacher's Best SidekickI just want to say how thrilled I am to find this app amongst the many note taking apps in the app store. This has been the best that I have found. I am completely overjoyed with the ability to import many different file types, take notes on them, and then send them to anyone. And to have it sync with Google Drive, DropBox, and import from email, and well, pretty much wherever you need is fantastic. I teach a young girl who recently got over cancer but handwriting ability has yet to return. Our school gave her an iPad and we've downloaded Notability and so far it's working out fantastically. She's got a tab for every one of her classes and I've gotten all of the teachers to email her work to her. With the zoom feature (which by far is one of the biggest strengths compared to other note taking apps), she can get up close and write on her assignments with her finger and then emails us back her tests and assignments. We were worried how we would ever be able to do this before but with Notability, it has been a breeze. We really can't thank you enough. Keep up the good work..Version: 10.4.2

Best Notetaking App I foundI’ve been using this app for years, and appreciate all the updates that have occurred since then. This app has sufficed all my note taking needs, in and out of the classroom. One feature I would like to see is the ability to rename recordings, and possibly to attach these recordings to individual pages. One thing I’ve tried doing this semester is have the recording function on while at a lecture, but having numerous recordings in a file that grows daily is difficult with the current set up. If you don’t remember the time stamp or recording number for a particular point, you have to guess and listen for a bit to see if it’s right. It’s either that, or guess based on the date the notes were recorded. If you could at least rename the audio files, the app would be more useful. It would also be nice if you could change the paper style of individual pages, as well as a feature that easily allows you to draw geometric shapes (adding a figure on top of a graph sticky or any other element get tricky when you click on the wrong one. Sometimes because of that, the graph background ends up on top, and the figure behind it, rendering it useless). There aren’t really any visible bugs with this version of the app, Would recommend for someone looking for a suitable note taking app, whether it’s handwritten or type. I think the addition of a few features would make it better..Version: 8.2.7

Great university study tool with a couple issuesI was using OneNote on a Surface tablet until the digitizer stopped working. I decided to try using an iPad Pro instead, since they’re lighter. Notability was the only app to offer most of the same functionality as OneNote on a Windows tablet. There are many things that I prefer about Notability, but there are a few issues that prevent me from giving it more stars: first, I would like the ability to create a group of commonly used highlighters/pens for marking up documents. I have a system of using certain colors to represent certain things, and I would like to be able to organize all those highlighters and pens into a group where I determine the order and placement. If that is possible in Notability, I haven’t been able to figure it out. Secondly, I use Notability in a setting where I’m regularly working with several languages (including RTL - Right to Left languages like Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic). Notability does not have good support for combining multiple languages in one document at this time, especially not mixed English-Hebrew or English-Aramaic. Please give Notability the ability to recognize and format RTL languages. I can do that natively on most Apple apps, and many 3rd party apps, so the inability to do that on Notability really sticks out. Please improve these issues, and I will gladly give it a 5 star rating. In fact, if those two issues are fixed, I won’t even miss using OneNote for most of my coursework..Version: 9.0.1

Best note-taking appI’ve waited a long time to write this because I want to know an app fully before judging it. I’ve used Notability for the past 3+ years along with GoodNotes. I can confidently say that Notability is the superior app. Yes, there are many more features that I wish were present in both apps but, as a whole, this is the best note taking app. In its basic form, handwriting in the app is perfect. Whatever software that GoodNotes uses to try to improve your handwriting is incredibly annoying and causes it to look worse. Its not that way with Notability. What you write is what it shows. The file management style is much easier to follow than the endless folders in GoodNotes. Also, when major updates come, you don’t have to pay for it. Paper templates and being able to set your 3 most used colors and pen sizes right on the task bar will HOPEFULLY be coming to Notability soon. That is the biggest drawback I think. Having to do multiple touches every time I want to switch pen size can be annoying and when taking notes in lecture, can take up valuable time. Having those right on the top bar would be INVALUABLE. Other than that, this app is superior to GoodNotes in general..Version: 9.3.5

I’ve never had this issue beforeI’ve been using Notability for about 7 years now. As a student, it is important to make sure you don’t miss any information and sometimes that can be difficult if the professor goes too fast. One tool that I started using about 3 years ago was the microphone to record lectures. I loved it because I could follow along with what the professor was saying and what I wrote as well. Right now I’m really upset with Notability because of a bug. Recently I’ve been having problems when I completely close out of the app. Not only are my recordings getting deleted, but so are my notes!!! That’s a major problem that needs to be fixed immediately. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find an app quite like notability, so I will have to stick with good old fashioned pen and paper until this problem is resolved. I’ve also been having problems with the other tools. I usually have no problem with changing colors, font sizes, or anything related to that nature but I can’t even do that anymore! This isn’t a huge issue as I can still select the right tool, but it’s hard to organize my notes. I also can’t create subjects or dividers anymore which is driving me insane! It’s the beginning of the semester which means I need to be able to organize myself from the start to work efficiently throughout the rest of the semester. I’ve never had any issues with this app before, but these are some major problems that need to be fixed before I continue using it..Version: 9.2.2

So Good but needs more color!I love this app. I bought it years ago and never used it on my phone, but since getting an iPad it has become one of my most used apps both for work and for personal use. It works so well and I haven’t seen any glitches or issues with the features. I will say the color choices for paper backgrounds are lacking and I would really love to see some improvements there. We should be able to choose the background from a full spectrum color palette like the pens and highlighters. Yes you could use the highlighter to change the paper color, but it only changes the section of the page that is currently on the screen. When you scroll down to continue your note and try to highlight in the new background colors, you end up overlapping the previously colored areas and end up with sections that are discolored. More line templates, like for handwritten check lists would also be appreciated. I don’t care about the themes, I’m happy with black, but to be honest the paid options aren’t even remotely tempting. Not good choices..Version: 9.4.7

The worst customer supportI love this app, it is definitely the best for note taking on a tablet out there. However, I had a performance issue last year and I tried to contact support and no one ever got back to me. I’ve had similar issues and didn’t bother reaching out because I knew it would be futile. In my opinion, a product can be mediocre, but if it has great customer service, that sets it apart. Notability is the opposite. The product is great (in theory), but whenever there are issues, there is no support. This app is constantly glitching, between the handwriting jumping around the page randomly, not allowing me to close out of the right side menu that allows you to search in the document, or the most annoying bug where a note scrolls to the bottom of a page and will not let you go back to the top until you close out of the app. Currently, I am having an issue where I have two notes open at once (one is a pdf of my textbook, and one is the notes I am taking from it), and there are numerous problems, including those I just mentioned, as well as tools not working as I am trying to go back and forth writing on both documents. This is the best notetaking app I’ve tried, but the constant bugs are extremely frustrating when this is the main mode I use to read textbooks, take notes, and get homework done..Version: 10.0.2

Program hangs, a lotThere is so much to love about this app, but I cannot get past the point that it’s primary purpose is to be a note taker, and, when being used for it’s primary purpose, it hangs. A lot. When you are in the middle of taking notes, and the software freezes, you have to stop taking notes, you have to stop paying attention to what is being said or shown on the PowerPoint presentation, and you have to attend to your notetaking program which won’t let you take notes. You end up missing significant chunks of what you purchased the app to help you chronicle in the first place. Sometimes the hang resolves after a minute or so of doing nothing. Other times the only way I can get Notability to work again is to power off my iPad and power it back on. This, of course, takes so long that it is intolerably intrusive. I am running Notability on a new 2018 iPad Pro with the latest software update. Again, if your main purpose is for taking notes during a lecture or a meeting or a conversation, you cannot rely on this program..Version: 8.4.7

Obsessed.... but have to fix some recent glitchesMy favorite app ever- changed my life while trying to juggle my crazy workload in grad school (I use it with my iPad so I can take notes with the Apple Pencil directly onto my slides)- amazing! The only thing though as of recently, Notability keeps freezing/unexpectedly quitting on me (I guess since the newest update?!). Luckily, other than losing a few seconds-minutes of recordings in class while trying to get the app back on, all material is recovered. However, it’s extremely frustrating and a nuisance when trying to obviously be productive. Also, there HAS to be a way for the developer to find a way to select/copy multiple pages at once, I can’t understand how that’s still not a tool on Notability at this point in time.... This is probably my biggest frustration with the app, because I need to transfer or delete 1+ slides pretty frequently (sometimes 50+ !!) and it makes it soo time consuming to do individually(not to mention, recently, ends up freezing and quitting while doing so!). With a few more updates this app will be EVEN MORE AMAZING!.Version: 9.0.6

Your experience with this app may be different than mineMy experience with this app has been that it's full with features like gifs, audio recording while note-taking that syncs with the notes you type or hand-write, I find this feature to be a wonderful tool to have when you're note taking while you're listening to a lecture. It may be useful in the event that you may miss something the professor/teacher is saying. It also has handwriting detection, which I found to be another wonderful addition to the tool set being offered in this app. I had used it in highschool and use it now as well for many things. You could submit your notebook checks to your teacher via email as a pdf (if they accept it). You may also use any one of your preferred cloud services to back up your notes, including iCloud sync between your iOS devices. One feature I'd recommend they add is the ability to back-up locally to the device and/or the option to backup to your own personal cloud storage like with external hard drives that offer that service..Version: 8.4.2

Not as great as I thought it would beMany issues that I don’t like. The microphone function has a lot of potential but ultimately the only thing I can hear after recording in large lecture rooms are staticky background noises and the tapping of my pencil when I’m writing. The left handed mode doesn’t make much sense to me. I’m used to functions being on the top and now functions are on the bottom and don’t actually help with being left handed. There’s also A LOT of skipping that occurs which is incredibly annoying and there are times when I will be writing a letter but it is automatically changed to a shape. When I try press the back function to erase the shape, letters written before the shape are erased so I have to use the actual eraser. In instances like that, it would be nice to have a forward function because somethings are accidentally erased but now I have to completely rewrite it. The font size for pencil and higher are completely out of wack. I tend to write pretty hard so the writing gets very thick even though I have it on a thin setting and the examples of the thickness aren’t very representative. I also wish we had more control over the colors we prefer. All default colors are first which I only use black and it comes with a bunch of colors I don’t like but can’t delete them or change them to colors I’d prefer. I came from GoodNotes and I’m very use to their functions which might be the issue but since I paid for notability I actually want to use it..Version: 9.3

Needs more organizational abilityI have seen several other complaints about notability needing better organization, so it is upsetting knowing that nothing has been done to address this issue. There needs to be some kind of additional their of organization that allows you to either 1) put the dividers into a folder. For instance, all my dividers have a bunch of subjects in them, and when i am done with this semester, I would like to be able to put those dividers into one large folder that says “fall 2020.” Or, 2) you could keep the dividers/subjects, but add another teir underneath subjects where you could subdivide specific lessons. All in all, the divider and subjects organization that is in place is too simplistic. I cannot recommend this app to someone who is doing most (potentially all) their school work on it. It just doesn’t have enough organization. Another issue is when you go to send a file to notability, it brings up a ton of subjects, all the subjects you have ever created. If you are using the subjects tab for weekly modules like I do, it gets very annoying to find the correct subject as I have around 50 (and i have only been using it for one semester). This app is nice to take notes in, but not long term. It has worked well for a single semester, but I do not know how I will be able to continue adding files with such a simplistic organization style..Version: 10.1.5

I feel that notability is a nice product missing some low-hanging fruitI use and have used notability for >3 hours every work day for about four years. As far as note taking apps on the app-store go, this is my favorite and it would be my recommendation to others. Pen-detection, tool usage, shape snapping are all precise and predictable. However, I don’t love Notability. The color choosing tools for pens/highlighters are appropriate but the limited paper color choices are annoying. The generation of a colored pdf on a template can be accomplished in a single line of bash script using imagemagick or comparable tools and I cannot understand why we cannot choose papers by hex. Okay, okay, maybe this program wasn’t build with that in mind; make the user generate a template on using a third party. Then, the user can import a default page template to use in notability, right? Wrong. The accepted (supported) method for this is to import a pdf and keep copying it every time you want a new not with a certain template. I would be willing to pay $20 for the above mentioned features. If somebody with technical involvement in this project can explain to me that what I’m asking for would require a major rewrite or something, I’ll edit my review to be more positive..Version: 10.4.3

Great app! But needs some improvementsI have been using this app for about 6 month now for college. It is extremely useful with my iPad Pro! I have been able to almost completely replace all my books, laptop and notebook. It is a super convenient app that will allow you to have everything you need to study on the go on any device with the app. Although this app is pretty reliable, I have two complaints that I would like for them to be resolved. First, when trying to import a pdf file from the internet to a note that has been already written, and selecting “add to another note” there is a bug that misplaces the categories of the notes, so the “easy way” for selecting the note goes away, and you’re left scrolling through all of your notes until you find the one you want. Also, it would be a great addition if one could have two notes open at the same time, because sometimes you need to see a note while copying on a blank one. These are two minor bugs that can be resolved easily, as the app is constantly being updated, so do not hesitate to buy this app. Its really useful..Version: 7.1

Excellent application, everyday usage by meI’m an academic (astronomer), and as such, an integral part of my work involves paper and proposal revision, writing research notes, doing calculations, etc. When I decided to get an iPad to more efficiently do all this work, I thoroughly researched apps that could facilitate this work; that’s how I found this app. Notability allows you to do all of the above in an efficient and intuitive manner. You can easily share annotated documents, papers, calculations with other collaborators (eg, via email or cloud-based storage like Google Drive), organize your work documents, quickly access them —- basically, Notability made all that I needed and ever wanted from a tablet to happen. No more printed papers with annotations, no more scanning documents to sign them, no more ‘in which notebook did I derive my calculation’ —- all is well organized within the app. I thank the authors of the app for it! It has made my work much more efficient. In this pandemic era, I even use the app to share some live-calculations with students whenever needed (ie, use it like a whiteboard), and then I share the notes I created with them..Version: 9.3.5

WHAT?I haven’t been paying much attention to update when suddenly I realize that my Notability App is awesomely different. I have been a long time user of this app and have loved it since day one. I have experimented with other note taking apps but very quickly return to this workhorse of an app. Now with the latest update I am blown away! I love to write with my apple pen and being able to convert to text is extremely useful. So far it has been flawless in conversion; however I am old school in my penmanship so that my work in my favor. Being able to put notes side by side? Since I convert all documents into files in Notability for meetings, to be able to pull up other documents alongside of the notes I am taking is absolutely amazing. One thing that I am watching and am unsure of yet is that in watching battery consumption Notability seems to have suddenly become my primary drain, outstripping my FaceBook app. So this is something that I will be watching since I tend to leave Notability running in the background. But overall I want to give a big shout of thanks to the developers for making a great app even better..Version: 8.0.1

Great for marking up PDFs. Some features work better than others.Mostly, I love this app. I read lots of articles and prefer to be able to physically mark them up. Notability makes it easy to highlight and draw directly onto the pdf, meaning I don’t have to go to the trouble of printing everything out AND I can actually find stuff when I need it later. Amazing. However, some of the features work less well, especially if you are trying to move between apps. For example, I have had a lot of trouble importing word docs to mark them up. Notability has a habit of dropping lines or even whole paragraphs towards the bottom of the page, which doesn’t become apparent until I’m already in the middle of working on a document and I come to a very weird transition. Also, I have found the export feature to be a little hit or miss in terms of whether it actually exports the highlights I made in the document to the new file, which somewhat defeats the purpose. Aside from this, its a great app, especially for grad students or anyone with lots of pdf-based reading to do. I’d give it a 4.5 if I could. But the issues with moving into and out of the app keep it from being a 5. Hopefully this gets fixed in the future!.Version: 10.4.5

Horrible app - my experience as a current med studentI have been using the app the past year for medical school and could not be more dissatisfied/frustrated. The app frequently crashes while I am taking notes, resulting in notes not being saved. I often find myself rewriting notes that I had just written prior to the app crashing. In addition the app is constantly glitching - I will try to write something with my Apple pen and it takes a good minute before I can produce any sort of ink on paper. I also have issues copying and pasting images onto First Aid from outside resources. And as of most recently, I can no longer search keywords on first aid, which completely defeats the purpose of having a pdf copy of First Aid. I have reached out to Notability by submitting a request of my current issues and have not heard back from them. Unfortunately I cannot contact them via phone and thus I am extremely frustrated with the lack of accessibility and availability to receive any sort of help. Do yourself a favor and do not download this app. I have been informed by my colleagues that OneNote is significantly better and i wish I had known this prior to using notability.Version: 9.1.3

Saved My BaconI’m currently in grad school and after my first semester, I decided to switch to digital note taking. I was simply overwhelmed by the massive paper trail that often happens in grad school. I shopped around and I saw this app and decided to give it a go. I don’t normally spend $10 on an app, but it has been worth every penny! The organization is top notch, it works with many different type of styli (I use the Friendly Swede interchangeable tip stylus, because of the cost, but Apple Pencil works great if you have an iPad Pro), the recording feature is great, sharing notes is super easy and it’s been so convenient to have all of my school documents in one place. So far, I’m at 600+ documents and I haven’t lost anything since using this app. I absolutely credit this app with helping me pass my comprehensive exams. My only complaints is that I wish I wouldn’t have to buy it again for Mac. I also would like it if they were to incorporate tabs, so I wouldn’t have to back out to the menu every time I wanted to switch between a few related notes. In spite of these shortcomings, I still give it five stars because of how much it’s helped up my game as a grad student. Thanks, Notability!.Version: 7.0.1

Great appI absolutely love this app. Between work, school, and life, this app helps with notes, and my planners for everything. It’s so much more convenient to carry my iPad around rather than a bunch of books. This app is very user friendly, making it very easy to take notes and convert from the pen to highlighter, etc. You can even search your own handwriting and text from a pdf that has been uploaded in the same file which makes it easy to go back and look for something specific instantly rather than scroll through pages of notes. Great app!!! Update: I recently tried to access my notes on my iPhone, but half of the files wouldn’t sync between the ipad and my phone, which was annoying. I had down time to study and couldn’t because they wouldn’t sync. The only way to fix was to duplicate the file on the ipad so it would sync to my phone. It wasn’t a huge deal for that day, but could potentially be a major issue down the line if you don’t have the original device you used for the notes. Other than that, I still think it’s a great app and recommend it to anyone who is switching to digital notes and who doesn’t want to carry around a bunch of binders/notebooks!.Version: 8.3.3

Great for schoolI’ve been using this for med school, and it has been fantastic. I’m able to download all professor’s powerpoint presentations to notability and sort them in a pretty simple way. I’m able to search all my notes pretty easily, even for things that I write on the iPad which can come in handy. No real complaints about the app, but I can always ask for recommendations. 1. I wish I could search in one division. For instance, if I am searching a drug that works in a combination like phenytoin, one subject it can be found in is cardiovascular and also neuro. I can search all notes or I can search one ‘subject’, but not a division (one tier higher than subject, a division holds subjects). I do think that the phone app and computer app can be improved to be more on par with the features of the iPad, and I think the sidecar ability can definitely be improved to work a lot better with the computer version of notability. Also, I wish it was possible to be able to organize with 1-2 more tiers. That being said, this app has worked way better than I expected it to for school. I’ve never used goodnotes or onenote, but notability is worth a shot for sure..Version: 9.3.4

Notes deleting as I am writing themI have been using notability for the past two years on my iPad. I am a person who loves to hand write their notes, so I usually take notes with my Apple Pencil. This issue has never happened to me before, but while I was in a class taking some notes, I went to a different notebook to check on something and when I went back to the notes I was taking for my class a certain portion of the notes deleted. So I quickly rewrote the notes since they were still fresh in my mind. Then I went to my home screen and then back on to the notability app the section of notes that were deleted had been deleted again! There was also no way for me to undo this. I do not know what happened to what I wrote, but of course when I was writing out meaningless sentences to see if this problem would persist, those were staying. This is really sad to me because I have loved notability and using it with my Apple Pencil. After this though, I am not sure that I am able to trust that my notes won’t be deleted again. Being in college, there are many times where I cannot review the information from my lectures, which is why this is a problem. If I had reviewed this app before this incident, I would have given it 4 or 5 stars, but unfortunately this is no longer the case..Version: 10.3.1

A great note taking app for school but the Bugs are becoming annoyingThis app could probably be the best note taking app for students just because of the recording feature. The tools up top are fine but they are missing so much compared to GoodNotes. Most of the size for the Pen are useless. After the 4th or 5th size the strokes become way too big for any practical purpose. Same thing with the highlighter except it the opposite. The varying sizes for the erasers is great though because I can basically erase pixels or entire sentences if needed. The cut and paste tool will not select small strokes or words for whatever reason, so sometimes I’m forced to erase and redraw or write. Other than that its works great. Seriously the only tool carrying this app is the Recording feature, GoodNotes has them beat in every other department. (I never mentioned the lack of templates). If GoodNotes has that feature I would go back to GoodNotes immediately, but they don’t so I stay with Notability. Now the bugs are getting annoying. I cant go a 1 minute without my lines not drawing or the app freezing or the zoom in feature freezing the app. Also the random shapes I get when writing sometimes that I cant delete with the back button and for some reason can only be removed by the eraser. Idk maybe these bugs will eventually send me back to GoodNotes and lectures will have to be recorded the hard way..Version: 9.2.4

Notability is great...but not on iPhoneWriting a review of Notability is hard. On the one hand, I use it every single day on my iPad. I do a lot of reading/research for my job, so Notability has saved me from being buried under an endless pile of paper. I even pair it up with Scanbot so I can quickly scan materials in meetings and then have all my notes/handouts in a single place. Being able to search my handwriting is a game-changer! So is having access to my documents and notes everywhere, including my laptop, and having all changes and edits synced through iCloud. I’ve always wanted to go paperless with ubiquitous access to everything; Notability is my hub for that. Which brings me to my chief complaint about Notability: it’s iPhone app is terrible. It’s nice to see my notes on my phone if I need to skim something quickly on the go, but basic functionality is missing. You can’t search a document, highlight pages, see all the pages in a document—if you’re looking for something, you can only scroll until you find it. That’s ok if you’re talking about two pages of notes; but if you are looking at a 50 page journal article trying to find something, it’s ridiculous. Competitors have this functionality on iPhones, but Notability has never added it. I wish they would! I also wish they would format text-only notes like Google Docs, adjusting text size for a given display without affecting the formatting..Version: 8.2.7

Possibly the greatest application for studentsNotability changed the game for me, I never even think about printing lecture slides and wasting paper. This is a must have for students, it allows you to essentially write on any pdf/ppt. You can even import images into your notes which makes it useful if I want to take a picture of something or even a screenshot of my textbook and import it. Also has tools for recording voice if you want to record a lecture and associate it with a particular note. Handy system for organizing and color coding topics/folders. Even syncs with most major cloud data services like google drive, Dropbox, etc. Tools to markup your notes are pretty intuitive and easy to use, has lots of useful tools to choose from. It’s very easy to study even if I don’t have my iPad since I can open this on my iPhone and everything syncs. Has a computer app too which costs more but it’s super easy to just airdrop notability notes to your laptop and open them there. I would highly recommend this if you intend to use your iPad for school..Version: 9.0.5

A staple, but disappointingUpdate: I have used this app for YEARS now through high school, college, and now medical school. I love the app and appreciate it to no ends. However, one ongoing issue I have noticed is its unreliability with downloading ppt files to PDF within the app from Canvas. I don’t know if it’s a problem with communication with canvas or just a general issue with converting to pdf within the app, but it’s annoying to have to convert all my lecture notes to pdf on my MacBook then transfer them to my iPad. It’s so unreliable I don’t think I can use only my iPad anymore, which is what my goal was. Anyway, long story short: I love this app, but it’s been frustrating for about the past year or two. The new update added better pencil integration, ,earning now it has actual pressure sensitivity rather than just the way they did it before which was through speed sensitivity determining the weight of the line drawn. This combined with the other amazing aspects of this app that I have always enjoyed make this my favorite app ever. I use it in college to take notes and annotate presentations during lecture as well as at work for taking notes during meetings or as a work log. It is simply an amazing app, well worth the money, and I look forward to continue using it with my iPad Pro through medical school. Thank you ginger labs!!!.Version: 7.1

Best Invention Ever - Student PerspectiveI’m a computer science student graduating in August 2020. Notability has been incredibly helpful as a work tool for school. I bought myself an iPad as a freshman in university. I also bought Notability to take notes. Not having to worry about carrying notebooks and losing papers has been an enormous help. All my notes are taken and saved in notability. I have an entire 4 years of university on this app. The synchronized recording with pen note taking has been the single most helpful thing for me. In some of my toughest computer science courses I would record the lecture (with audio built in on the Notability app) and when I was confused (because I couldn’t keep up with the speed of the lecture) I would go back and listen to the audio and know exactly where the confusion occurred because the writing was synchronized with the location in the audio. I’ve tried multiple note-taking apps (paid ones too) and this is by far my favorite. Thank you Notability team! One thing I would appreciate is a better file management system. Having four years worth of work on my notability app makes file management essential and the current file management could be improved!.Version: 10.4.5

Needs better organizationThis app is very helpful, especially the feature to record lectures. I can stay on top of what my professor says easier, and use the Apple Pencil to highlight or emphasize certain points. There is a bit of a delay for the notes and the audio, so when I click on a note, I know to automatically hit the “rewind 10 seconds” button, but I just deal with it because it is so helpful regardless. However, while the recording ability is the star feature of this app, the other features need improvement. 1. Since more classes are taking place online due to the pandemic, there should be an option to record lectures using the iPad’s internal microphone. Right now, I play the lectures on my phone and record audio with the iPad, since I do not have a better option. 2. Second, and my biggest gripe with the app is ORGANIZATION. Although you can have subjects, and place notes in the subjects, I want the ability to make folders within the subjects. A lot of my subjects in school are so complex - with labs and assignments in addition to lecture notes and different subtopics, the ability to make folders within subjects is seriously ESSENTIAL. The most I can do is change the name at the beginning of the file to reflect what kind of material it is (ex: Lab 1, Assignemnt 2, etc.) but the ability to make folders really holds this app behind. I still use it for the recording feature, but the lack of organizational options available is really frustrating..Version: 10.1.1

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Awesome, tiny flawI LOVE this app, perfect for taking notes and not wasting a tonne of paper. I did take one recording during a lecture, the sound is great, can hear even when moving further away, however the background “tap tap tap” of the Apple Pencil is extremely distracting. I have tried altering the tone frequencies, but it didn’t make much difference. If there is any way to “muffle” this a bit more it would be a perfect app! Photos of my slides with scribble all over them, doing up diagrams during workshops... totally awesome! I have played a little with convert to text and it hasn’t misread anything I have written so far, even adjusts the font size by what I have written!.Version: 9.0.5

Noise in the recordingNotability is a must have app when I am in a meeting. It helps me out in lots of situations with the notes and recordings. As most of time I will playback the recordings, the noise made by the pencil hitting the screen really annoy me. Could developer or anyone have any idea to reduce that noise? Thanks! Ok, after a little study, no one click solution right now. But if I were the developer of it, I would value this feature because recording is one of the unique feature of Notability compared to other note apps like GoodNotes. The app knows when the pencil hit the screen and a clear sample of the noise is quite easy to collect. There are great possibilities to get the job done in a grace way..Version: 7.3.1

Great app but I have one bit of feedbackThis is a truly great app. I have tried other note taking app’s but this is by far the easiest to use, has a lot of features, and pretty good voice to text recognition. One thing that I waste a lot of time on in this app, however, is that it seems to be programmed to have two spaces after a full stop. The old convention used to be two spaces after a full stop, however, it has now been a long time that the new convention is just one space after full stop. This means that I need to frequently erase the extra space added by the app. Also when I am doing dictation, the app tries to add in an extra space before starting again so I have to constantly go back, stop it, erase it and then start again. It’s quite annoying. So, in short, if the next release can just have ONE space after the full stop that would be amazing. Thank you..Version: 9.3.4

Great app! Hard to faultEnjoying it so far, been testing various things out for the past month before I use it this semester at uni. Overall the standard of the app is really high and I think it’s well worth the money if you’re remotely serious about electronic notes. Some things I’d love to see are: A darker line that separates pages, or better yet a small gap as well. I suspect no gap was a conscious decision by the developer/s for continuity (fantastic for maths), but it’s too easy to miss when a page starts and ends, and I’d like my notes to be legible as PDF’s in future, so making the page end line darker would be great. Also the available size of the lines for writing and graph paper are a bit of an awkward size for me. I write on my 12.9” iPad mostly in portrait mode, and I can’t write on the small line size as it’s too small, and the medium size does work, but it’s so spaced apart that I’m unable to actually fit much onto a page. 2/3 of what I write on a regular paper notebook at best. Everyone will have different needs here due to different iPad sizes and writing in portrait vs landscape, but a few more line sizes would be really appreciated. Keep up the great work guys :).Version: 8.4.3

Overall, an excellent note taking appThe level of organisation notability provides is exceptional, and the capability to link google and Dropbox accounts to the app and still back up all notes to them is a clever feature. I love the simplicity of the user interface while working on a document and I find this to be superior in Notability than in other note taking apps like GoodNotes. My only issue is that when importing files from Dropbox to notability like word docs or PDFs, it sends a duplicate of the same file, which is a bit of an inconvenience to remove every time I import a file. Furthermore, I believe the shape detection feature can be improved, as I have found on multiple occasions that the app cannot recognise and correct some shapes that I wish to draw (GoodNotes seems to perform this particular feature better than Notability). Otherwise, Notability is one of the best, if not the best note taking app for the iPad..Version: 9.1.3

The bestI’ve tried so many note taking apps, and this is by far the best! Ive been using this for years now, and every now and then I download another app to try it out, but none of them can compete. Not only do I use this daily as a note taking app with my Apple Pencil, but I use it to save and sort any important paperwork. I’ve got tabs for receipts, tabs for registration paperwork, and tabs for recipes. Whenever I need something in a hurry I can find it in two seconds. I could not work without this app. In fact it’s the only reason I keep buying iPhones instead of switching to Samsung..Version: 7.0

Incredible app - use for all my notesBeing able to store all my notes across my Mac/iPad/iPhone is amazing. It’s better than OneNote as it’s writing tools are much better. Snapping from free draw to shapes is intuitive, writing is silky smooth and notes update across devices on the fly. I have the passed 6 years of uni notes on all my devices, and the hand writing is searchable (and convertible to text) so I can find my notes very easily. I have sent suggestions to the developers in the past and they have implemented them into the app. I think it’s so good because they actually listen to their users and update the app quickly. Can’t recommend enough!.Version: 9.3.3

Spontaneously switching to eraserWhen I wrote in notability, it spontaneously change from pen to eraser, and this happens quite frequently by far. Since there is a functionality on Apple Pencil 2 that when you double-tap on the pencil it will automatically change to eraser, I am not sure if this is a bug caused by notability or the Apple Pencil itself, but I’m pretty sure that sometimes it happens and I didn’t double-tap the pencil. Overall notability is great. Could you please check if the above problem is due to a bug in notability? Many thanks. If it’s not, just ignore what I said. Haha.Version: 8.4.6

Best app for Uni Student and TeachersI’ve been using notability for over 4 years as a student and now as a teacher and just simply amazing. There is nothing else out there that can organise and record your lectures notes efficiently and in multiple formats. The interface is clean, simple yet powerful with relevant features that are useful everyday without being overwhelming or extraneous. Notability has grey coding as it’s very fast and responsive even on older tablets. I really can’t rate Notability high enough ... if your a student this app is a MUST HAVE!.Version: 10.1.3

Good. Not Great.So far my experience with this app has been very pleasant. There are some features I want though that are missing. These are... . An option to have your colour selector always visible. as someone who makes use of the great variety of colours on offer, I find it frustrating that every time I want to switch colours I need to open a menu to do it. . An option to have as many sub folders as possible, or at least increase the amount. I want to be able to create folders within folders. As far as I’m aware it’s only possible to create a divider folder and then a subject folder therein. At least one more level would be greatly appreciated. . I understand that this is an intended design feature of notability to have each page limited horizontally to mimic an actual A4 page, but an option to have an endless page, horizontally as well as vertically, would be great for certain things. This could be turned on in the page settings menu. Overall a well made app..Version: 9.2.2

Fantastic for a uni studentI have tried a great number of apps for my note taking even writing it out in plain notebooks but I was never really happy with it. Now I have found THE APP! Not only can it transfer handwriting to text but it can also record tutorials and lectures while I write so I can catch up on anything I might have missed. It’s got a lot of good feature such as colours and fonts and the different types of papers and it syncs over iCloud so if I’m in a rush and forget my iPad I can catch up on my phone! So handy and absolutely enjoy writing with this app!!.Version: 9.1.7

The ZOOM button breaks my work flowInitially I loved using Notability for my clinical practice, taking notes for my course, brainstorming ideas etc. This app was my go to. But there is a non efficient Zoom button at the bottom that I never use. Except when my hand brushes over it as I write, highlight or draw. This causes it to go haywire. It zooms out or in taking me away from where I am at in my note taking. This would happen dozens of times per day. Because of this, it is not an efficient way to compile your notes as you have to adjust multiple times and go back and find where you were and erase any obscure note taking because of accidentally hitting the zoom button with your palm..Version: 10.3.1

Great app and can still be improvedThis app works brilliantly, it’s easy to write notes, annotate things, and more. The only things I do hope are added are the ability to create sub folders not just dividers, and a way to switch colours on the fly like a little swatch on the side or if you hold/double tap and hold with your finger or something you can quickly switch to another colour. (I make this comment as I use this app to take lecture notes and it would make it easier to keep up speed/a flow when taking notes).Version: 9.3.1

Best app for note taking & general typing documentsThis is a brilliant app that I pretty much use daily in high school. There is *almost* nothing to hate about this app. The overall interface is extremely easy to use. Someone could easily know what to do without needing a tutorial! If you can afford it, I would recommend this app 10/10. However, ther are a few things I would like to see. Firstly, the ability to change the orientation of pages. Secondly, the ability to add a table. I find myself needing to do this time and time again and it frustrates me that I’m not able to do it in the app itself. Lastly, the ability to make shared documents where multiple people can edit and annotate on a singular document, similar to the way Microsoft does it. However, these are just small blemishes on an overall great app!.Version: 9.4.7

Wow very nice update (8.0)This update pretty much implements all the deal-breaking features that were missing before but were found in GoodNotes, such as searching handwritten notes and converting them to text. Now it has (almost) everything special found in GoodNotes and much more. Now unique to Notability is not only the voice-writing dual recording feature but also split screen! Split screen! Still somethings are implemented better and more intuitively in GoodNotes such as ability to quickly add shapes, holding and selecting text in PDF files (helpful for using define function and other actions), and also I prefer notebook organising in GoodNote as well as the notebook styles and customise ability with the cover pages etc. Please add another depth to the notes folder hierarchy, would be so helpful for organisation. But everything else seems so much better now in Notability, I am now leaning towards switching back to this as my primary note taking app once again..Version: 8.0.1

This is my favourite writing appOnce Apple finally perfected the stylus, I started downloading all sorts of different writing apps for my iPad pro. After using lots of different ones over the course of a couple of years, Notability was the one I kept coming back to. No it’s my default note taking app, paired with my Apple Pencil. The ability to convert writing into text, the smoothness of the pen strokes, the ability to select pen strokes and highlighting and immediately change their style, from colour to thickness. These are the traits I like most and only a small fraction of the full range of features. I like it, it’s my favourite, I recommend it...Version: 10.1.5

Life changing!!Just upgraded from an iPad Air to a 12.9” with an Apple Pencil. Took me a long time as I was finding it hard to justify the expense. SOO glad I did! Totally worth the spend. I am always sketching ideas on A3 graph paper. I now do it all on my iPad in Notability with a paper like screen protector fitted to my iPad. Just like drawing on paper as the name suggests. Now all my sketches are filed neatly where I can find them under subjects and dividers. No more lost bits of paper! All meeting notes and course notes kept where you will actually potentially read them again too! Dead set “THE BOMB!”.Version: 9.2.4

SeeuchangeFeatures to improve: 1. Enable creating folders freely on the left hand side section, by dragging notes you want to put together. Now it’s hard to categorise folders as you have to put notes to certain place on the list, often unrelated notes get in the folder and it’s not quite user friendly to take them out 2. Within a folder, other than listing the notes by name, created a date and modified date, allow user to list them freely, as organising notes usually happens after you finished writing the note. 3. Apple Pencil strokes: not sure if you can improve this from you side, but the size of the stroke is somehow reversed? Especially when writing Asian language characters, when you pressing the hardest to finish a stroke, it is supposed to become thinner and thinner and finishes like a dog’s tail, but in the app doing strokes like this it actually thickens at the end. By using the exact same iPad and Apple Pencil in drawing app like sketches, it does not detect stroke strength like notability. Please improve stroke detection to make it like writing with real pencil on paper..Version: 9.4.5

Five starsI take a huge number of hand written notes, have tried all the notes apps, and always end up returning to Notability. The latest update has just finished indexing six months worth of my hand written notes (probably over 1,000 pages). And I have been totally blown away by how accurate and fast the searches of all my notes now are. Just amazing. I am a very demanding user with extremely high expectations of technology. I rarely write reviews and only do so when an app really deserves feedback. In the case of Notability the developers have produced a fantastic app that works extremely well..Version: 8.0.1

ICloud syncing a concernI have used this app since the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil came out. Consistent iCloud syncing issues are making it unusable for me. I don’t have issues with other apps that use iCloud syncing. It seems that the app never stops syncing notes, which means they cannot be accessed. Sometimes I leave the app open and then it seems that everything has synced due to no more spinning wheels. I close the app, then open it again, and the whole thing starts again. Cannot recommend this app anymore. Update: sitting here waiting to get some work done while Notability works out in which folders my notes should reside. They were perfectly organised the last time I opened the app - the usual terrible iCloud synching.... UPDATE: Sitting here again waiting for my notes to sync with iCloud. Probably 30 minutes before I can be productive. An anti-productivity tool with this subterranean level of iCloud synching functionality (a problem from which none of my other apps appear to suffer)….Version: 10.4

My number one note taking appNotability is back to my number one note taking app. It is now possible to create diagrams with shapes that are just lines. Not solid shapes. The script to text works well. My regular script to text app is NEBO, but that all I use NEBO for. Notability is the only app I use for research and note taking. For research I like the way I can have two documents open as well as thumbnails. Easily referring to notes as I write is fantastic. The thumbnails enable me to easily flag large research documents with my chosen criteria. Just brilliant. The interface is simple and it works quickly and intuitively. Good notes 5 is great but notability is my first choice..Version: 10.1.5

What’s happened??This app was functioning fantastically, until a few recent updates. Firstly, I noticed when inserting images that it no longer displays the most recent image first. This is incredibly frustrating when taking notes from lectures, as I now have to scroll down in order to access the most recent images. I would say it takes about 5-10x longer, especially for long lectures where I will have to scroll through dozens of photos to get to the one I want, rather than it being on top. After the update today, I noticed that the lines no longer stick to the words, and so you end up with lines on the page going haphazardly through words. Previously, the lines on the page would move up and down dynamically so as to keep the words on the line - however, now the lines are static and regularly-spaced down the page, which does not match the words I’m typing. This looks awful. I have since turned off the lines on the document that I am currently working on, but it just looks terrible. Please fix these things, and stop making unnecessary changes. The only reason that I’m still using Notability is for continuity this semester - however, I am very much considering switching, unless something changes..Version: 10.4.2

Great App, some Accesibility upgrades needed.I love notability and have used it since my second last year of high and now well into University. I have Low Vision and it has allowed me to take notes in class and be able to enlarge them if needed. However there are a few things that don’t adjust properly when a large text size is needed. For example when you open the share menu in a note the bottom of it is cut off and I have to reduce my text size on my iPad. If this can be fixed that would be great, however studying IT I know that this is not always possible..Version: 10.3.1

The best note taking appTrust me, I have tried most of them and listened to many reviews. This is by far the best note taking app. best this game for me is that it syncs smoothly between I pad and the Mac book. Notes are also on my phone if I need a quick reference. The reason I bought an IPad is this app. IT is helping me immensely with my studies and it is sold for peanuts for it’s potential. Please don’t change a thing. Only one suggestion, if you could, addition of shapes,tables. I can live without it if not doable. Please don’t do anything that would compromise the stability of the app. Thanks for a fantastic app and keep up the good work..Version: 8.3.3

Initially fantastic app now rendered uselessI adored everything about this app and it had become the only app I used for note-taking. Excellent features, great handwriting feel (far superior to Notes app) and the recording feature is so useful in so many work/study contexts. HOWEVER, a few updates ago, the iCloud backup feature made the app need to re-download EVERY note each time I re-enter the app. You cannot open the note while re-downloading and this can take anywhere from 2-10 minutes (no exaggeration, and the app must be open to do so)! This means I can never quickly access my notes! Quickly switching in and out of the app within minutes, even with Background App Refresh disabled, causes everything to re-download. Extremely frustrating; particularly at work when important information is in a past note and I’m forced to idly wait and make others wait until I can access it. I need to access my notes across devices but turning off iCloud is the only impracticable option. This has rendered the app useless to me now. GINGER LABS, PLEASE FIX THIS ERROR! 🙏🏽.Version: 7.1

Some suggestionsI have been using this app since the ipad education came out, I was so exceited when I got my apple pencil and an ipad that supports apple pencil. I have been taking notes on my ipad since then. It has been great and Notability has been my favourite app for note taking. So huge thanks to Notability developers! I have an idea that could really improve work flow. When I take notes, I sometimes copy a page from another document, it would be wonderful if there is an option to link these pages together so that I change something on a page, the linked pages in other documents could change automatically. I am not a software engineer so I don’t know if this is possible, but it would be great to see that function comes out one day. Finally one more question, when I use text tool to create a editing box, it delays for quite a bit sometimes, any idea why that happens?.Version: 10.1.6

Simply awesomeThis is the best note taking app I’ve come across so far. Can record voice (sound) while you are writing or drawing. Then when you play, the writing or drawing gets “animated” along with the sound. If somebody is explaining something while drawing, you can replay exactly what he/she explained on the notebook. It is like watching a video. Simply awesome. I just installed “paper like” screen protector on top of the existing tempered glass screen protector and drawing or writing in notability is like drawing on real paper. I am going completely paper less..Version: 10.2.4

Love the minimalist setup but lots of annoying errorsSwitched to notability at the start of this semester purely due to the love for the beautiful page set up. Previously used GoodNotes for all my lecture note taking and even though the topbar are not as pretty, suits all the purpose and the mac sync is amazing. For notability, the eraser sometimes just does not work at all and leaves an ugly mark that CANNOT be removed by eraser, the screen will get stuck for no reason which is really annoying had to restart during the lecture. But the most annoying thing happened today- I tried to sync the notes with iCloud but had to quit in the middle because I can’t stand the waiting time so I did the usual thing- restart. Now more than half my notes are gone thank you very much notability and I haven’t figure out how to SYNC on my MacBook. So disappointed and definitely reconsider if you are like me who switched from GoodNotes.Version: 8.1

Very average performance and zero supportI’ve used this app for a few years. Since about 18 months ago I noticed it’s sluggish. Recently it takes forever to download from the cloud - even though I never erased anything and it should all be on the device. Help document says it’s because your iPad has no storage, which is BS as I have LOTS of free space on my device still. I’ve sent in 3 tickets to support about the issue and have NEVER heard back. I suspect Gingerlabs is happy with getting their money for an average app. I’ve started using GoodNotes now and finding that is awesome. UPDATE: after 2 attempts to contact support I got a “it’s not that bad” type response and a “see you later”. Not the kind of support one expects..Version: 9.4

Apple Pencil issues with this app (as of current)I love this app for note taking but as of late me and my friends have noticed the same issue on our iPads, this is no coincidence. Sometimes the app doesn’t “paint” a stroke when the Apple Pencil is used to draw on the screen and the palm rejection isn’t great. This app used to perform better in these areas so that’s why I have rated it 3 stars. It’s got great tools but unfortunately has a frustrating writing experience. I hope the developers can see this and improve upon this CURRENT problem (it didn’t happen anywhere near as much in the past)..Version: 9.4.4

Terrible - Notes keep deleting/disappearing (0 stars)I have had so many of my notes disappear, or half of the pages delete, or (if I’ve downloaded a PDF and written over the top of it), the writing disappears. I am currently at uni and the notes I take are not only time consuming, but extremely important and the fact that this app can so easily delete, change, or remove the notes is absolutely despicable. I have no idea how many other of my notes have been affected as I only become aware of it when I’m looking for a particular set of notes and I can’t find it, or I find a particular set of notes and when I open it half the pages are missing/my writing has been removed (on PDFs). If you want to get the job done, then choose absolutely any other note taking app than this one. In addition to this, it uses a lot of my iPad’s battery. I have been in contact with someone via Facebook Messenger, but all of a sudden they stopped replying - pretty terrible customer service if you ask me. If I could go back, I wouldn’t have even downloaded this app if it were for free (let alone the $14 I paid for it - absolute waste).Version: 9.3.4

Game ChangerI’ve been using this note-taking app for studies and work and find it super easy to use. It keeps all my work in the one place and supports a variety of online drives to switch my work from device to devices. However, the issue with the Text tool highlighting in front of the text (makes it blurry) should be fixed (preferably like the actual highlighting tool). Some users like myself use the text tool to highlight and ‘define’ words. I would also like to recommend making the ‘undo’ key more prominent; It’s easier and faster to rest my left thumb near the undo action when my right hand is taking notes using the Apple Pencil but, the undo action is a bit small and I miss-tap it. Having my write right-hand taking quick notes and left-hand ready to undo errors is a great way to quickly take notes, this was the selling point for me..Version: 9.2.2

Reliable, smooth appReally happy w Notability. Have been using for a few years as my app for reading and marking up pdfs and its smooth and stable. i like that you can mark up an add pages in the middle of a pdf with notes. The new favourites palette is great, and I like they are providing some stationery options. My wishlist for additional features: - I love that it has split screen support but i wish i could do a split screen to see two pdfs in Notability at the same time - more options for stamps / stickers and the ability to add them to a hovering palette like favourites - more stationery options.Version: 10.1.1

Great but ...I have both notability and GoodNotes and can say this app is by far better and more user friendly. I love using it and taking notes on it HOWEVER, when i tried to name two subjects as “week 1” for different dividers it didn’t allow me which was frustrating. I like organising my each subjects by their time and week but this doesn’t let me do that and i have to put everything together and probably spend more time later to find them! Please, fix this issue or at least add the option to have files with similar names. Thanks.Version: 8.4.3

Great note taking appI have been using this app for almost two years now and I use it everyday. I love the simplicity, some apps you spend more time trying to make things happen than actually getting work done. As an innovation manager I use the app for notes which often include photos or quick sketches. These are all easy to do on my iPad Pro 12.9. I use different coloured paper for different types of work and the only thing I would like to see is the ability to adjust the darkens if the lines on the paper. Great work done over complicate things.Version: 8.4.2

Great new features — same ol’ crippling iCloud issuesI once viewed Notability as the pinnacle of stability on iOS. I trusted more than system apps, and used it thoroughly for university, with iCloud syncing between iPad, iPhone and Mac. As other reviews have mentioned, something happened a few updates ago that has fundamentally broken the app for iCloud users. Nearly every time I open the app, it has to redownload the entire library of files and sort them into their Subject folders, basically unusable for the (long) duration of this. I had held hope that a bug fix update was in the works, and the large recent update had me optimistic that the situation would be better. But despite some seriously great features added, the issue remains the same, and I can not recommend the application until the issue is resolved. My partner, who also uses Notability and has ~700 files saved, is now in the situation where they do not trust the application to keep things safe, and is having to export out each file to a safer format. The new features in this update kind of makes the situation worse, because I really want to use Notability. But it’s basically unusable for me, which is supremely disappointing. I encourage the developers to reach out about this issue, and I would love to be able to change my score to five-stars once this serious bug is fixed..Version: 8.0.1

Exactly what I was looking forWhen I got my ipad for uni work I needed an app that could convert my ipad into an efficient smart note pad that I could use to import script PDFs that I can then add notation to, this app does exactly that. However, when making a script notebook, I’d like to make pages horizontal without having to import a horizontal PDF template. Furthermore I wish I could lock an imbedded image onto the page, so when I’m writing notes on top of the image, I don’t have to worry about the image moving around the page. Other than those nit picks, this app is amazing and I use it as a daily driver for everything uni related..Version: 10.3.3

Great App, Features in new update could use better left-handed supportThis is a really good note taking app and I use it everyday, it has basically my paper replacement. The new update also adds many new helpful features like search and quick note switching. But I wish the new note switching menu would slide out from the other side of the screen in left-handed mode, as it tends to slide open when I rest my palm on the edge of my iPad screen, which can be quite annoying. Other than that though, great app!.Version: 8.0.4

Revolutionised note taking!Everyone needs this app to take notes in class, it’s literally amazing! I use this app for uni and its awesome, I can record the lecturer speaking and take notes at the same time and can play back the recording and it also plays back my note taking in real time, so handy! You can take pictures and paste them into your notes, highlight, and make your writing colourful, and you can go back and edit notes at any time. I use an apple pen because I prefer handwriting, but you can also type notes in as well, or even change your handwriting into text (as long as you don’t write like a Doctor...:) another awesome feature is that you can export your notes into say PDF, or another program and look at your notes on your laptop! I just checked the updates and oh my goodness they’ve made it even better! Rotating a picture and showing page margins... yessss. Buy it, it’s totally worth it! It’s a game changer! Thank you to the developers who made this app! :) :).Version: 9.0.1

Once great app now ruined by bugsThis app used to be pretty much flawless. But after recent updates, it feels like the experience you’d get from a free app. Every time I use it there is some bug. Often, you simply cannot scroll or use gestures of any kind on a note. You have to either exit the note or exit the app in order to move around. Another common issue is that the toolbar will stop functioning. You cannot switch between Pen, Eraser, Highlighter, use the Undo button, or anything. Also, the app will fail to register Apple Pencil input very frequently. Pretty much every not taking session, at multiple points I will have to tap the screen with the Apple Pencil several times before it starts registering input again. I don’t know if these issues are universal, but they’re pretty bad on my iPad Pro 10.5.Version: 9.3.3

Needs higher level of organisationI’ve been using this app for note taking during lectures, all was going well until I started a new semester and wanted to archive my notes from the previous semester so they weren’t in my way when taking new notes. However, I didn’t want to lose the organisation of those notes, so that they would still be easy to find later on. The only way I could effectively achieve this was to send all my notes into google drive as PDFs, and then delete them all from notability. While this is fine, being able to put all those dividers and subjects into a folder on notability would have been much better, as it would have kept everything in one place, which was my plan for notability. My only complaint so far. Add folders, please. Thank you..Version: 9.4.4

Revolutionised my (editing) lifeWhen you’re on the move and have to edit documents or sign things Notability is a life saver. Saves printing and scanning, or clunky comments and mark ups which take forever to do. I’ve also used it for more creative landscaping designs. Importing Office docs is a bit problematic, and you have to save them as a PDF, is a bit of a hassle and trying to edit photos (eg resize) was a nightmare for something that should be straight-forward. I think the new version has improved that - am yet to try. All up, love it..Version: 9.0.4

Great app but drains the batteryI really enjoy using Notability to take notes, however it drained a lot of battery that it became impossible not to charge my iPad during classes. I only just found the solution online by myself which is go to setting and turn on Notability’s safe mode. I wish I’d known this right after I downloaded the app though. I think the responsibility of correcting this issue should have lied on the provider not the customers. Except of this, it’s really great, highly recommend it!!.Version: 10.2.4

Very helpful with my studyI’m very happy with using notability to assist with my study. I’m going paperless since I have downloaded this app. I like how it can group different subjects into different folders. It is just so user friendly compare to other study app I have been used. Several suggests: 1. It might be better if we can create folders inside each subclass so for each subject I can have lecture notes in one folder and revision notes or past papers in another folder. I think that will be better than making all notes in the same folder. 2. When we zoom out of the note to try to view two page at the same time it will be better if we can put two pages next to each other. Now we can only scroll up and down. 3. It will be great if each note can be marked or flagged. I’m revising for my final exams now and I would like to mark the notes I have went through so when I come back to it next time I can easily know where to keep going..Version: 9.1.6

Great App but needs some foundational workNotability is a fantastic app that has proven to be vital to my daily study and workflow needs. I have tried some other note taking apps such as goodnotes, however, found myself coming back because of the superior feature set notability has (Voice recording, better PDF Search, better shape tool). The app is an easy recommend, however, it lacks some seemingly very basic “useability” features as of April 2020. Where notability needs to improve is in the app workflow. Something Goodnotes gets correct. My complaints are: You are unable to access the same note simultaneously (Mac & iPad and iPad & iPad with multi note) like goodnotes. A feature that is incredibly useful when it comes to working in one document. The Mac app needs some serious work to catch up to the competition. Features such as the simultaneous viewing I mentioned above and handoff. Notability does not take advantage of iPadOS and its ability to work in multiple spaces (not just multi note) The filing system is limited in terms of you are not able to put folders inside of other folders so organisation can get a bit tedious. I would still recommend notability over goodnotes because of the superior feature set, but in the longer term, goodnotes seems to have a better foundation in terms of general use, making it easy to recommend to people who are not interested in the voice recording feature..Version: 9.3.4

One gripe, but it’s probably because AppleWhen I am using the pencil to write, then I use the selection tool (to move an object, or copy and paste, or convert to text), then I double tap the Apple Pencil to switch back to the pen mode, it switches to the erase mode instead, then if I double tap again, it switches back to the selection tool. I think in the Apple Pencil settings there should be an option to use double tap to switch between a “pen and eraser” only, not just “eraser and last tool”, or “current tool and last tool”. Only workaround is to manually select the pen mode after using the selection tool. This might sound petty, but I switch between all 3 of these tools very frequently and it constantly slows me down..Version: 10.2.1

Best app for lifeThis was one of the first apps I got on my very first iPad. It was the best app for notes in 2014 and has grown to be one of my most used apps. I’ve used it to complete 2 degrees, for presentations at work and for my personal and professional journals. It can be amazingly creative and elaborate or super quick and dirty. It opens basically every file type and shares to almost anywhere. Best of all, it just works. You open it, it doesn’t crash, you do what you need. It’s the first app I recommend people download when starting out on iPad..Version: 9.2.1

Perfect app, Just a couple of suggestionsI love notability. It’s my main used apps for my studies. - It would be super useful if you could add one more option for further division; for example organising the the notes in the subjects into further categories. In this way notes will be more organised. - It would also be super useful if you could make the note organisation more custom. So the order of the notes will be the way the user prefers. Thanks a lot for the great app and I hope you implement my suggestions..Version: 9.3.2

Love it!As a uni student, this app makes my life so much easier. I can do everything I need in it such as taking notes, writing on pdf’s and organising all my documents into folders. My handwritten notes have never been so pretty! Only criticism I have is that it’d be great if there were more options to make folders within folders rather than the divider and subject only. Also, it would be great if there was an option to remove dividers/subjects that I am no longer using, but not delete them completely. Otherwise, amazing!.Version: 9.0.4

Excellent note-taking toolNotability definitely lives up to its name in enhancing the ability to take notes. I've used this app since Year 12 and during my university studies! Extremely helpful in allowing me to highlight keywords/phrases, jot ideas and overall save printing money and paper. One recommendation I have is perhaps to add a function where the user can 'pin' or 'star' particular 'notes' in a 'Subject'? This would be fantastic since I would like to favourite, say, a manual/assessment rubric at the top for quick reference. Thanks so much for all your amazing work and efforts, Notability team! You're definitely notable..Version: 9.4.4

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Notability 10.6 Update

Version 10.6 (2021-09-21): *** What's new in 10.6 *** - Added support for prominent windows - Made keyboard shortcuts more discoverable - Added ability to navigate the library with arrow and tab keys.

Version 10.5.1 (2021-09-03): *** What's new in 10.5.1 *** - Fixed a performance issue with multi-window *** What's new in 10.5 *** - Added support for multiple windows - Now maintaining color when converting handwriting to text - The currently spoken word is now highlighted when speaking text - Performance improvements and miscellaneous bug fixes.

Version 10.4.5 (2021-07-28): *** What's new in 10.4.5 *** - Now allowing the same note to be viewed in multi-note - Text boxes are now created using the last used font and size - Added keyboard shortcuts for changing the font size, zooming and deselecting - Bold / italic / underline keyboard shortcuts work on captions - Miscellaneous bug fixes and stability improvements.

Version 10.4.4 (2021-06-24): *** What's new in 10.4.4*** - Greatly improved the appearance of ink with more accurate curves and fixes flaws that could occur, especially with large and variable width pens - Performance improvements with the partial eraser *** Bug fixes in 10.4.4 *** - Improved performance when interacting with images - Fixed an issue where it was very difficult to make a small selection - Fixed an issue where a note would always scroll when selected in the library - Fixed a crash with the LaTeX editor - Fixed a crash when searching & switching subjects - Fixed an issue where dash styles were not preserved when changing the pen style - Fixed an issue where documents could be reloaded incorrectly - Fixed layout issues with the favorites toolbar when recording audio.

Version 10.4.3 (2021-06-08): *** What's New in 10.4.3 *** • Added line spacing options for text • Added the ability to edit Math Equations by modifying the underlying LaTeX *** Bug fixes in 10.4.3 *** • Performance improvements when handwriting and loading larger notes • Renaming a note now works properly in multi-note • Fixed an issue where the keyboard toolbar could become unresponsive • Notes can now be deleted in the search results • Fixed an issue where the wrong subject would be selected after starting Notability • Several other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4.2 (2021-05-22): *** Bug fixes in 10.4.2 *** • Fixed an issue where the last sentence of a document wouldn't save properly • Fixed an issue loading some documents containing shapes or groups.

Version 10.4.1 (2021-05-18): *** What's new in 10.4.1 *** • Fixed an issue where a note could be improperly reloaded after backgrounding the app • Improved performance and decreased app size significantly • Fixed a crash on iPhone when rotating and the keyboard is visible • Recent notes no longer show sort options, they are always sorted by last opened date • Color palette stylings are more uniform throughout the app • Several other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.4 (2021-04-30): *** What's new in 10.4 *** Introducing Ink Grouping! • To use this feature, select your handwriting or drawing and choose “Group” from the menu option. Now styling, transforming, erasing, and moving can be applied to the entire group. • To ungroup, simply select it and choose “Ungroup” from the menu option. • You can even choose to group a collection of groups My Stickers – if you can draw it, you can save it! • With My Stickers, you can draw and save custom stickers to use at any time across all your notes. • Simply use the pen and/or highlighter to draw your desired sticker, select it, and choose "Save as Sticker". Your creation is now saved and can be accessed from My Stickers for easy, repeated use. Library Grid View – change the way you view your library! • Have you ever wanted to view your notes with bigger thumbnails? Now you can! • At the top of any subject, pull down to reveal the newly improved view options. Toggle to the grid icon and watch as your library transforms from a list to a grid with bigger thumbnails. Spring is here in the Notability Shop with colorful new Sticker Packs! • The new stickers include beautiful spring-inspired designs and an essential pack for teachers.

Version 10.3.5 (2021-04-21): *** What's new in 10.3.5 *** Celebrate our beautiful planet today and every day with the Earth Day Celebration sticker pack!.

Version 10.3.3 (2021-03-30): *** What's new in the Notability Shop *** - Introducing Ellagant's Digital Notebook. Take class notes, keep track of your meals, start bullet journaling, plan home improvements... the possibilities are infinite with this customizable notebook! - Introducing Functional Sticky Notes: Add functionality and color to your notes! - Added Patterned Washi: Beautiful, life-like washi tape, now in digital form! *** Bug fixes in 10.3.3 *** - Fixed an issue rendering math equations - Fixed a bug where pdf pages could be inserted underneath stickers - Added paper lines selection to iPhone.

Version 10.3.2 (2021-03-23): *** What's new in 10.3.2 *** • Take your notes to the next level with bullet journal stickers! The set includes a variety of washi tapes, headers, numbers, dividers and more. These stickers feature a hand drawn effect, just like your typical bullet journal. Use them to enhance your notes or create your own planner pages. • Added support for adding the selection tool as a favorite • Added an option to disable the zoom view in the settings *** Bug fixes in 10.3.2 *** • Fixed an issue where ink playback did not animate in some cases • Fixed an issue where the pen tool ended up with the wrong styling • Fixed an issue where the note page color wasn't uniform • Fixed an issue where certain locked PDFs wouldn't import properly • Fixed an issue with the color picker selecting the wrong color • Fixed a crash when presenting the camera • Improved performance when opening notes • Other miscellaneous minor bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.2.6 (2021-03-08): *** What's new in 10.2.6 *** • Fixed a crash when opening a note that is still downloading from iCloud • Fixed a crash caused by specific Math equations.

Version 10.2.5 (2021-03-01): *** What's new in 10.2.5 *** • Fixed an issue with highlighter favorites • Now using a predictable size when converting handwriting to text • Improved how notes are loaded and saved • iOS 12 is no longer supported.

Version 10.2.4 (2021-02-11): *** What's new in 10.2.4 *** • Introducing new toolbar icons • Now properly scrolling to text boxes when the keyboard is visible • Fixed a crash when exporting notes and with math conversion • Improved support for pdf links • Smaller minimum image size.

Version 10.2.3 (2021-01-27): *** What's New in Notability 10.2.3 *** • Bloom's Winter Essentials pack is now 50% off! Limited time only. • Added a 'Select All' button in the library • Fixed a rendering glitch with math equations • Fixed template links in the Dash planner • Links now work as expected when exporting a note to PDF • Improved the layout of the "Manage Accounts" settings • Fixed a problem where handwriting could be associated with the wrong image after pasting • Made sure all notes are accessible in the library when the keyboard is visible • The correct ordering is now used when importing multiple files into a note • Added the option to disable link sharing via MDM • Fixed an issue where the shop, info and settings button could be hidden by certain themes • Fixed a flickering after selecting an image with a caption • Added paging indicator to text highlight color picker • Only show "Insert Last Image" within 15 minutes of the image being taken • Disallow convert to math on individual shapes • Ensure resize handlers are reachable regardless of image size.

Version 10.2.2 (2021-01-13): *** What's New in Notability 10.2.2 *** • Limited time only! Ellagant Studios Christmas Planning sticker pack is 50% off. *** Bug fixes in 10.2.2 *** • The page number is now correctly updated when reaching the halfway point • Recent photos are now displayed first when importing • Fixed a few crashes that could happen while editing a note • Fixed GIFs stopping after zooming and scrolling • On iPhone, fixed a layout issue with the selection styles • Fixed an issue where edit mode in the library wouldn't work properly after export.

Version 10.2.1 (2020-12-21): *** What's New in Notability 10.2.1 *** • Kickstart the new year with a brand new planner from Dash Planner: formatted for portrait mode, this clean and functional planner packs 20 powerful templates and 288 stickers to help you streamline your 2021. • Fixes a rare crash related to math conversion, and another related to PDF links. *** What's New in Notability 10.2 *** Features and improvements: • Introducing Link Sharing*, an easier way to share notes! Anyone with a link can view a note on the web, and download the most recent version. Now available in the Notability Shop: • Math Conversion: transforms handwritten formulas and equations into a textbook perfect format. *Link Sharing will be gradually rolled out to users in the coming weeks..

Version 10.2 (2020-12-14): *** What's New in Notability 10.2 *** Features and improvements: • Introducing Link Sharing*, an easier way to share notes! Anyone with a link can view a note on the web, and download the most recent version. Now available in the Notability Shop: • Math Conversion: transforms handwritten formulas and equations into a textbook perfect format. *Link Sharing will be gradually rolled out to users in the coming weeks..

Version 10.1.6 (2020-11-30): *** What's New in Notability 10.1.6 *** • Fixed a rare issue where Notability could become unable to save the current note..

Version 10.1.5 (2020-11-08): *** What's New in Notability 10.1.5 *** • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.1.4 (2020-10-28): *** What's New in Notability 10.1.4 *** • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.1.3 (2020-10-20): *** What's New in Notability 10.1.3 *** • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements *** What's new in 10.1.2 *** • Includes Jet Black, our darkest theme yet! • Added support for Scribble. ***What's new in the Notability Shop*** • Your October just got a bit Spookier. Countdown the days left 'til Halloween with a new Halloween Cat theme and sticker bundle..

Version 10.1 (2020-10-01): *** What's New in Notability 10.1 *** Now available in the Notability Shop: • Introducing the Ellagant Digital Life Planner including an option for a 7 day free trial. Use this customizable planner for all your planning and scheduling needs! • Stickers are now supported on iPhone Features and improvements: • iOS 14 compatibility improvements including custom font support • The ability to add a new note directly from the note switcher • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements.

Version 10.0.2 (2020-09-14): *** What's New in Notability 10.0.2 *** • Fixed an issue where the app could freeze • Miscellaneous bug fixes and improvements *** What's New in Notability 10.0 *** This is one of our biggest updates! It provides options for customization, artistic tools, and introduces the all-new Notability Shop, which offers an exciting array of in-app purchases. Features and improvements: • Favorites Toolbar for quickly switching between ink styles. • Style Popover menu design that fits more colors, widths, and brushes. • Draw arrows and curves that snap perfectly into place. • Dotted and dashed brushes. Now available in the Notability Shop (more coming soon): • Stickers, Themes, and more!.