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USPS Mobile® App Download

Access popular® tools on the go with the “USPS Mobile® app: calculate shipping prices (limitations apply), find a Post Office™, look up a ZIP Code™, schedule a next-day pickup, request USPS to hold your mail, access Informed Delivery® to track packages and digitally preview incoming mail, and more.


The USPS Mobile app allows you to:

• Check the status of shipments sent using Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Certified Mail®, and certain other delivery services. Nickname your shipments and sign up for text and email alerts to notify you of the delivery status.

• Calculate a Domestic or International Price to determine how much postage you will need when you ship a letter, card, large envelope, or package (limitations apply). Choose retail or online pricing, add any extra services you need, and view the total, too.

• Find USPS® Locations when you need to get to a Post Office™, Self-Service Kiosk (APC®) or collection box with an easy-to-filter locator. The USPS Mobile app uses your device’s GPS to show your closest options on a map, along with their Regular Hours, Special Hours and Last Collection Times, and provides mapped results with driving, walking, or transit directions.

• Look up a ZIP Code™ for any U.S. or Canadian address.

• Schedule a free next-day pickup and have your Letter Carrier pick up Priority Mail®, Priority Mail Express®, Global Express Guaranteed®, or Merchandise Return Services shipments from your home or office during regular mail delivery.

• Request Hold Mail Service while you’re away, and we’ll keep your mail at your local Post Office™ for you to pick up or be delivered by your carrier when you return.

• Scan the barcode on shipping labels with your device’s camera (Note: this function is not available on iPad 1 and iPod Touch models without rear-facing cameras). The app recognizes the shipment and stores the label number, so you can stay on top of delivery status.

Link to Informed Delivery to track packages and digitally preview your household’s incoming mail arriving soon; view grayscale images of the exterior, address side of letter-sized mailpieces.

USPS Mobile® App User Reviews & Comments

Not ReliableI thought using this program to keep track of USPS orders related to my job would be convenient, but I’ve learned my lesson. If you try to add tracking information too quickly, the program isn’t best optimized to handle it. Not only that, but it will decide on its own that it just wants to get rid of all the rest of the tracking information you had stored. THIS HAS HAPPENED TO ME MULTIPLE TIMES. If I could rate this program 0 stars, I would. You would think with it being The United States Postal Service they could put more money into this app and at least make sure tracking information NEVER gets deleted, unless the user does so themselves. If you plan to use this program to keep track of multiple tracking numbers, just write them down. DO NOT DOWNLOAD!!!.Version: 5.17

Overall love but needs a slight improvementI love the ease of use of this app and being able to have all my USPS tracking numbers in one place. That being said, the “add a name” option for each tracking number seems to throw a glitch in the app. I can add a name for individual tracking numbers and after a day or two of having the name in there the tracking information turns red and gives me notice that tracking information for said package cannot be found. From what I have been able to figure out on my own it seems like adding a name erases the tracking number and causes the information glitch. I wish this could be resolved because know exactly what each tracking number is for is helpful in keeping an eye on my packages being mailed to me..Version: 5.27

Needs major improvementI’ve been using this app for years and it has its flaws, regardless of my having the latest version. It can’t seem to handle tracking more than one package at a time, while older versions of the app could. Even when I type in a new tracking number, it will still only bring up the previous package. It often has incorrect information. For example, I was tracking a package that said it would be delivered on a Saturday by 8:00pm. I received an alert that it was going to be delayed; no reason was given, nor was an estimated date/time. I continued to get this error for 5 days. I knew from past experience that you need to wait a full week before you can file a complaint. Finally, late on the 5th day, I got a msg saying the package HAD been delivered on the original day at 2:15pm. Why the app wasn’t updated in a timely manner I’m not sure. That’s the government for you!.Version: 5.17

TOTAL DISGRACE!In the App Store it shows screenshots of what USPS app looks like. Download it and you’ll see that what it shows in those screenshots is not what you get in the app! Where is “MY UPS” in the app? If it was available I would have tried to submit my renewal fee through the app because on the website it doesn’t work. Your website is a mess. Since years I can never submit my renewal fees online. When I get to the page where payment information needs to be entered, nothing can be typed in those boxes. NOTHING. And that’s where it stops! I call customer service I get transferred around only to hear idiotic explanations or I call the post office and speak with your staff, they don’t have an answer, they tell me they’ll look into it and never call me back. Fire your incompetent personnel and hire new one, willing to work! The old employees seem to have settled a bit to comfortable in their cushy job!.Version: 5.29

Good surprise!I will admit that I don’t use USPS much until my daughter and her family moved to Seattle and now they moved to Florida. I have been so pleased with the priority mail (shipping boxes for my grand babies) process from start to finish! I love that it’s one flat rate, the ability to track it all the way to the final destination, and it gets there within two days. The service that I get at the service desk from the employee, has been extremely pleasant and and very professional. The biggest plus is the USPS app! Love that I have the services and tracking at my fingertips! Thank you for you all doing what you do ❤️ My father worked for USPS (R.I.P) so I will always use your service 🙂.Version: 5.30

USPS IS THE WORSTOk I’ve never had good experience with usps. Unfortunately it is the only way I can receive some of my packages. The tracking is decent but the customer support is probably the worst I’ve ever had to deal with is you can even get it. The expected delivery is always wrong. I have to base it off of where my package is actually located and not the “expected delivery date”. My current package Delivery is what brought me to write this review. My package got to my local post office at 12:31pm Saturday. The mail women obviously already started her route so didn’t have my package. The tracking changed from expected deliver on Saturday July 28th to SUNDAY THE 29th?? Why would it even be updated to the only day of the week usps doesn’t deliver? So for fun I check the tracking the morning of the 29th to find a message saying “attempted deliver. Package left at post office by request of customer”. I’m just wondering when this package was attempted to me delivered since I was home to get my mail and I never requested it to be left at the post office. Overall they are fine for delivering mail but if available UPS is my number one choice for packages. Again their customer support doesn’t exist..Version: 5.25

Lack of Transit InfoSeems like a potentially helpful app. But the service behind the app does not compare well to UPS and FedEx. Downloaded this app to track packages in transit. Sent two separate shipments using priority mail with USPS estimating two day shipping when I placed the order. Immediately after pickup we received a message the shipments would be late. Not surprising considering the time of year. We were not concerned; We thought we would be able to track how the packages travelled between facilities along there routes. Not so. The latest is that both “are in transit to their next facility.” But only one shipment has a note that it left our regional facility three days ago. The other says it was received at our facility, but no confirming note that it left. So how can they say it on its way to the next facility? UPS and FedEx tell you not only when a package has left a facility, they also identify the next destination facility. Bottom line is we feel more frustrated with this conflicting, partial information at this stage than having no information at all, like USPS shipments used to be. If you say you will provide tracking information then do so. What you provide now is at best a hope that the package is not lost?.Version: 5.30

Bug InfestationHave about a dozen tracking numbers loaded into the iPhone app. If I were to check the detailed status of more than two tracking numbers, error message comes up “You are already tracking that number” and app omits all other tracking numbers on Tracking section except for one. Have to wait a few hours out of the closed app for the other tracking numbers to magically reappear with all the nicknames I provided (helps knowing which packages are what) returned to tracking numbers; fortunately upon entering the Add Name under the respective tracking numbers, the nickname I provided is still saved but can only rectify two at a time or risk the same problem of removed tracking numbers minus the one again. To add to the problem, only two packages are being tracked. Copying and pasting those not being displayed on the iPhone app does not add them back to the formerly populated list..Version: 5.24

Keeps freezing when checking trackingThis app hasn’t really been useful for me yet aside from sometimes telling me where my package is in transit. About half of the time, I’ll tap on tracking, and it’ll open up to a white page that won’t load unless I reboot the app. Also renaming tracking numbers is confusing. Most of the time I forget where the change name link is and when I find it, I’m angry it looks so much like the text next to it. Deleting tracking numbers could be a little better too. It lags every time I delete something. It should really be using the “swipe item to the left to show options” feature that so many other iOS things use. I haven’t used the app for anything else yet, and I’m not sure I want to try. The tracking thing kinda ruined my experience..Version: 5.28

Doesn’t do everythingI like having this app, but it doesn’t do everything the desktop version does. It would be much more convenient to be able to use the saved address button on this app. As far as I can see, it doesn’t. It also doesn’t let the customer send a message to the recipient to notify them they’re shipment is coming with the recipients email address. My PC is in the shop currently so I can’t go to it like I usually do to handle these I’m using the app on my iPad. It’s getting me by, but that’s about it. Also, why did you decide to NOT give the customer a discount when using the online service? You used to. It’s very frustrating..Version: 5.27

Why bother with a mail hold option?I loved this app until I needed the mail hold option. I thought I was SO smart doing an online mail hold. I even had a confirmation. We were leaving town for close to 3 weeks and I really needed my mail held. Well, despite a confirmation number and a visual confirmation on the app, my mail was delivered the entire time we were away. I called THREE times and spoke to people in the main USPS office as well as my local office and it was STILL delivered (with an improper hold date on the form manually entered by the USPS rep). I was told that the best way to hold mail for future is to come into the post office and fill out a form so there would be a paper trail. Seriously?!?! Why bother having it on the app and website if it is not the proper way to have your mail held? I am writing this in hopes that the USPS gets their act together and fixes this AND so anyone else using this app for a mail hold will rethink it. I am thankful to my amazing friends and neighbors who checked on my house and mailbox to make sure it wasn’t glaringly obvious we were away for an extended time..Version: 5.25

So so at best!I can’t believe that for all practical purposes all you can do is track packages in this app. In today’s day and age you should be able to do everything in the app from shipping labels and scheduling a pickup to managing your mail as well as checking informed delivery, all of these things require you to be routed to the website. They haven’t made any material changes to the app since it’s launch and that’s just pathetic. At the very least if you have a USPS account you should be able to login, but I guess seeing how you can’t do anything besides track packages it doesn’t make a difference. All of the above are prime reasons why the post office lost market share to the likes of FedEx and UPS. That said the app is a necessary evil so you may as well download it seeing as it’s free. Update: several years have passed since my original review and yet nothing has substantially changed with the app. I am still disappointed overall with the lack of options with this app, yet I still consider it a necessary evil given that it’s free..Version: 5.26

Missing features I needI got this app and hoped to be able to do two things: see where blue dropboxes are and send physical money orders to any address. This app cannot do either. I’ve been trying to limit how much I have to go to the post office since my day doesn’t often take me past one. I had really hoped this app would show me where all the blue dropboxes were on my way to and from everywhere. I checked it one day after downloading it and found out there was supposed to be a blue dropbox just down the street. I got there and didn’t see one anywhere. It would’ve nice if the app’s designers added some place to show a picture of the actual dropbox so you don’t have to drive/walk all over the place looking for it in the general vicinity of the map marker. I also hoped it had a feature that would allow me to send physical money orders to whatever address I needed to send to just like you could do at a post office. I currently need to send some to a PO Box. I don’t see any feature for that at all. Smh. I hope both these features are added in the future so I can take care of my business quick, fast, and in a hurry without having to detour to go into a post office and during business hours..Version: 5.29

MailThe Mailman that delivers mail needs to look at addresses better because I end up with my neighbors mail and not mine so who knows if I get all my mail. Also both neighbors have informed delivery but yet I can’t get it this house has been here since I was a child (My parents live next door but if there is anyway I can be able to get informed delivery that would be great because then I would know what I am supposed to be getting because my neighbors at 140 Main St won’t always give any of our mail (we know the daughter) but if that could happen that would be awesome I have been here for 4+ years. And someone said the post office has to put me in as a registered address I need this fixed please as I see a lot of doctors and get sent mail and not receive it so this important. Thank you. From resident at 140A Main St Marc & Emily Hagan.Version: 5.29

The Pony ExpressTheir Tracking System is so vague which may be on purpose so you are totally unaware of your actual parcel location. Had a Priority package which was supposed to get to an address in California within four days from Honolulu, Hawaii which was according to the USPS tracking system in transition that after a week I had to inquire where it was and was told that it was in the Barrigada, Guam. Apparently they (Honolulu Main USPS Distribution Center) thought that California from Hawaii was west of the island. So after two weeks the package finally arrived damaged at the address in California. A week later upon shipping a similar package to the same address in Southern California we found that the delay this time was due to the package being sent to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania so upon sending a query why the package was in Pennsylvania instead of California I received a msg that the package was in transit again, And they wonder why they are losing money? Seriously?.Version: 5.28

USPS the worst customer serviceTo say that I’m disappointed is to say nothing! I cannot believe that I cannot get my 2 parcels for 2 weeks already. First I got a notification that the delivery was attempted but I was not home which is obvious cause I’m working! It could’ve been left in my mail box or by the apartment door! I live in a fully secured building and have surveillance cameras all over the floor. But that’s not the worst. The worst is that I’m calling usps for a week and a half asking for redelivery but cannot seem to get my package delivered! I don’t know what’s your problem and why is it too hard to redeliver 2 packages?! I requested redelivery 4 times already with my permission to leave it by the apartment door and nothing, they didn’t even attempt redelivery. Every time I call an associate place redelivery for me and assures it will be delivered next day and every time nothing! That is unacceptable! Why do I have to call every day and waste my time?! I’m very mad and disappointed! Very poor customer service!.Version: 5.27

It’s basically a web browser and not a good oneThis just basically opens the USPS website like you could on safari. EXCEPT ITS WORSE THAN SAFARI! I have to go through the login procedure for everything, everytime, even if I was just in that section 3 seconds ago or a section that the same login is valid for. That is, unless you navigate in the browser page that pops up when you click on a button from the homepage. Again, why not just use safari and bookmark the page. The only plus about this is because it’s literally a webpage in the app, my password manager app instantly recognizes what the appropriate password should be to login. I currently use the informed delivery app which worked well because in an instant I could see what was coming and going. This thing is supposed to replace it but I just use the USPS site because it’s faster as a homepage bookmark than this app. I’m not surprised about this app though, it’s typical government garbage, somebody knew someone that had a cousin that donated money to someone and they needed a couple million to slap a browser in an app and call it useful..Version: 5.31

Best service yetThis App is the best service the post office has ever provided. The powers that be ( the IT department) has really worked hard to provide a great service. The App is intuitive, easily updates one on where a packages location is, and all business can be performed by computer or phone. Updates can be sent to customers as well. Try this App you won’t be sorry. Remember Benjamin Franklin was the first Post Master General and the USPS has been around since 1775 during the First Continental Congress and officially since 1792; can the other services say that? New isn’t better 227 years of innovation is the ticket..Version: 5.23

Great app, use daily, few minor issuesThis is a great app that I use daily to track inbound packages. It is pretty straightforward, there are a few conveniences that I wish it had, one being the ability to automatically populate the tracking number field from the clipboard. One issue I have noticed, if you rename the tracking number to a custom name, AND that name happens to contain a special character, (in my case I have my phone programmed to spell my sons name Stefan with the European spelling (Ștefan)), If I forget to go back and correct the “S”, and click save, it will erase all of the tracking numbers that I had saved, with no ability to recover them, other than to manually enter them again. This can be a lot of work if I happen have 20 inbound packages (as is usually the case whenever I forget to make the correction). So, a minor inconvenience that will not likely affect very many people at all, but I thought I’d mention it in case the app developer is bored and looking for something to tinker around with..Version: 5.31

Very please knowing you can report you didn’t receive your mail in appI have had this app for a month now every mail shown to me through USPS postal has been accurate ... recently I had to go talk to mail carrier about I didn’t get my mail on this app .... the person responded the app always not right ... I let the carrier know I have been getting my mail correctly that is showing on this app ....I had 7 mail coming and three were put in my mail box that was not mines ... the carrier drove back to my area and took my mail from another mail post ... USPS please continue to keep our mail safe ... thank you.Version: 5.25

Get it togetherCome on now. At this point, there shouldn’t be as many issues or lack of options on this app. USPS, you’ve been in this business so much longer and have employees who probably give you insight on things that can help, maybe someone needs to start listening and implementing these ideas. Hire some new techs or something. My tracking numbers disappear and reappear when they feel like it. I’m currently tracking like 5 packages and for whatever reason only one started to show up and when the page is loading, it says you’re already tracking this number. At some point during the day, it switched to another one of my packages I’m tracking. What’s going on? Where’s the option for customers to create an account and any tracking numbers that are sent to that email address just appear in the app for the account holder. UPS and FedEx does it and it’s a great convenient tool. Please get it together. Put out a better and functional application for your customers..Version: 5.23

AwesomeConvenient and useful tool. At least for us the USPS system and App is an awesome tool. Today, it is necessary to have information to provide a level of control. This App and features are good for exercising control with postal events - a 6day/wk event. I know what mail is coming. I can package, pay and arrange a pick up of items - from home. We keep a good relationship with our mail person = All provides a bit less of random events that is subj. to 24x / month. Pro-activity via convenient controls means less time waisted reacting to events. Result: quality & satisfaction - I should know as an aerospace quality director..Version: 5.30

Government Service at its BestThe US postal Service was and still is one of the greatest deals out there. Where else can you send a large envelope guaranteed overnight for $26 including tracking and insurance. In addition, virtually all of the employees are diligent and caring people that do their very best to make the experience as pleasant as possible. Unfortunately, I live in Becket Massachusetts and the manager of this small post office is a toxic, rude and hostile individual that goes out of her way to try making anyone she associates with as miserable as she apparently is. It is truly unfortunate that a single individual can ruin an otherwise great experience..Version: 5.31

Stolen PackageUnfortunately had to write this probably that way some pay more attention, March 15 I went to post office and was told by the retailer which in this case is ATT to drop a package whit a tablet inside returned to the that way thru ATT warehouse , that tablet never show up anywhere apparently go stolen but no one from the post office had done nothing about , went to the place where I dropped and I was told that had to wait longer in order that some can start a complaint or follow up which is 1000% so incorrect , and the worst part that Im still responsible for that tablet att is looking into which as well its another bad part of the equation , my problem whit this all my family and friends will get to learn not to do buss whit USPS they steal your stuff and not control over this so sad to know that those that supposed to take care your stuff you can not trust them to me they should follow up and see who is this thief.Version: 5.23

I am not able to set up mail trackingWith this app we are supposed to be able to be alerted about every letter and parcel that will be sent to us. But the process to get that started this so difficult on this app, it’s basically impossible. You’re supposed to send me an email or text message or phone call, but you don’t do that. I’ve given you my phone number several times, but you do not save it for my profile so every time I try to complete the final step to activate my Mail tracking, it says you don’t know my phone number even though I just gave it to you 10 seconds ago. You need to login profile so that you can store my information and then use it once I need to start the mail tracking that way you will have my number on record - with a user login. It would be better if I just gave you my user login and address, and then I don’t have to sign up for some extra special feature, just have it be a basic standard primary function of the app so that anyone who has the app will always be able to track their packages if they can prove who they are. That would make it so much easier and less exclusive to “the eligible.”.Version: 5.25

Effectiveness of AppI think the app in general is good, is for the most part effective and easy to use. I do though, as a person who uses the app on a highly regular basis, think that there are a few areas where it could be improved to ensure a higher on time delivery percentage and/or accountability factor. I have packages I’m tracking that will take numerous days (in some cases up to a week or more) to receive updated statuses. I don’t know if this is something that could be integrated into the app, but if there is a way to notify offices that a package has not departed or arrived within a set amount of time, forcing them to do so, that would be huge to a consumer like myself who is too often left to wonder day after day what the delay is without any updates whatsoever, often leading to them wonder if the package got lost along the way somewhere? Thank you!.Version: 5.25

Remember Me?I’ve used Informed Delivery since its inception, as well as the Informed Delivery app (a separate app from the USPS app). As the Informed Delivery app will be discontinued effective June 12, 2021 I’ll now have to use the USPS app to access the Informed Delivery function. That’s all good and well, but I’m hoping the developers will consider adding the “Remember Me” option so I don’t have to enter my Login and password every time I need to login. It’s sort of a pain. I live on the 3rd floor in an apartment building and so I use the Informed Delivery app/function on a daily basis. I just don’t feel like I need to enter my Login and password every day though. I hope this will be fixed on the next update. Thanks!.Version: 5.31

Great app; just missing a few things.I downloaded this app mostly for the clock and ship aspect. While that works as advertised, there are a few things that could be better. *Automated email notifications. There should be a way to enter the recipient’s email address as well, so that individual is alerted when the tracking number has been officially entered by the post office. *An easier way to add a new ship from address/select ship from addresses. I have a PO Box but if I forget to set it manually, it defaults to my home address. *The overall look. The aesthetics and UI could use an upgrade, but that that’s just not-picking. Overall a really decent app that does what it needs to do - it could just do a little more :).Version: 5.31

Poor on-line reliability. Difficult to understand even when it’s working, which is never for long!Tried to bring up a prior international address from my address book . Failing that I created a new address for a shipment to my wife on assignment in a Taiwan. When I was finished creating it I attempted to create a mailing label for the $106 dollar package. System said it could printed at that time to try again later. Checked the covid list for countries where packages could not be sent and Taiwan was not one of them. Tried several times to ship the package to no avail. On the last visit the package was again gone. It never entered the history so all the work so had done to enter the address was wasted. It’s never worthwhile to ship anything using USPS sites. If I calculated the cost of my time, I usually could have save money using the most expensive service available..Version: 5.31

Three times packages not picked upThere where three times my packages were not picked up. Only once was there a “reason” sent back to me via email. The reason was that there were not the same amount of packages as stated in pickup details. Which was false. Had a pick up for 3 small boxes and there were still 3 small boxes when I got home that night. The packages were products my customers ordered being sent out from my home business. Unfortunately, my full time job usually does not allow me time to make it to the post office during their hours, so I use pick up. I would like to keep supporting USPS, but UPS and/or FedEx may be my new shippers if this continues..Version: 5.27

Shame on you USPDAfter having a PO Box for over two years they Maybe you should privatize because you’re acting like a bunch of gangster crooks! After having a PO Box for over two years they closed my account they said they hadn’t received a monthly payment they sent all my mail back to who knows where. Then they told me what it’s still open all you have to do is pay to get it back well there was nothing to freaking get back, oh my stupid now it’s gone and then they encouraged me to pay a whole year because the monthly payments don’t work so well, so I had to fill out a new stupid application and pay a whole years worth $135 for nothing, when you’re just gonna be stupid forwarding the mail that comes to my home tell a stupid PO box when I can just take a walk out to the little box and bring it inside the house! boy was I ripped off and manipulated! closed my account.Version: 5.29

Need to be able to for 5 starAs older people ( large font settings) or phone apps only users ( so different web browsers settings for mobile) 1) Needs to be able to notate if delivery received as stated... lost, stolen, etc 2) if delivery person placed other that noted or as instructions directed. 3) To be able to do so immediately on that delivery’s tracking would be easier than trying to file complaints or other issues somewhere else in app. As you cannot always get app to show/scroll to submit button, so forced to call. 4) Not all packages show in tracking especially if handed off to USPS from other companies such as Fedex, UPS etc or originated from out of country or overseas. Showing this especially since USPS assigns a new tracking number other than originated company or country..Version: 5.25

Had a bad experienceI got a notification from Laconia NH PO showing me car registrations for two cars that I paid for. The letters never arrived. The local post office blamed it on Concord New Hampshire where the photographs of the envelopes are taken and stated they never got it. This resulted in my having to spend $44 to have them re-printed by the town clerks ofc .So don’t assume that just because you see an envelope with a notification stating that it’s coming to you, that it will actually arrive. The post office was absolutely no help to me. I wrote the post Master an email and attached a copy of the notification with the return address from the Townhall as well as a copy of the registration and a letter from the Town Clerk stating that I had paid to have it re-printed and asked to be reimbursed for the re-printing cost since they lost my registration s. The Post Master just said I’m sorry 🙄 No explanation. this happened two months ago and it never arrived. I figured it was lost and would come after I paid for the reprints but nope 👎 very upsetting and not fair at all..Version: 5.29

So far no packages showingI’ve been using it for well over a month now and find it pretty useful showing me what is arriving in a pretty inconvenient to access mailbox (have to pull over, get out in the dark, unlock for access community box bank) and it’s nice to know when I can skip a day or two. I order stuff from eBay that comes USPS Priority or First Class and haven’t seen on of those yet and there’s been over a dozen that should’ve appeared on the app. Maybe that was one of the sorting machines that evil Postmaster Louis DeJoy junked, too bad Biden can’t fire him, but Lou, you really should quit nobody enjoys your actions customers or workers who work very hard and you made it harder..Version: 5.31

Great Overall, but...This app does almost everything my local post office does.. Hmm I wonder if it will answer the phone. I have lived in several cities and regions across the country and have called the local post offices numerous times and they NEVER answer. No matter when in their biz hours I call, even 30-45 mins. after opening in the am. Everybody I’ve spoken with, when this comes up, says the same thing Anyway about this app the only thing I find frustrating is having to sign in every time. If there’s a setting I can change to stay logged in, I haven’t been able to find it. And if I must be logged out each time, Touch ID would be nice! Other than that it’s very helpful..Version: 5.29

I LOVE this service!Prior to signing up for the informed delivery emails , I stressed a lot about my mail. Especially since I’m stubborn and far from ready to pay my bills on line. I prefer statements that I can check first, and paper utility bills that I can question before paying if need be. Sometimes bills come later than usual and I don’t know if that company was late in sending or if it was lost in the mail, put in the wrong box. With informed delivery I KNOW what came in and what to expect in my mail box that day or the next at the latest. By the way. My delivery service is excellent..Version: 5.26

Satisfied Postal CustomerEverybody in business has to go digital all the way. Over the years the USPS has come up to par; I just wish the Postal Service had done it sooner, because the tracking feature now available and the entire USPS “eco-system” is fully customer-centric. Congress needs to support the Service because it’s a vital national resource; perhaps new means to monetize can become part of its business model. In any event, terrorism prevention as possible through the Postal Service, for example, deserves ongoing subsidies. For me the United States Postal Service meets my mailing needs very well. Thank you to all postal workers, especially in these difficult pandemic times!.Version: 5.28

Usps app and a suggestion for post office’sLove the app. Very convenient and easy to use. My suggestion for the post offices involves the way that international shipping is done. I know it you have the option of doing the customs form online. But my suggestion involves the post offices. Instead of the clerk typing in the information from the form why not have a scanner hooked into the system. Instead of typing the form could be scanned into the system with all the information. Which would decrease time that other customers wait. Which may increase international shipping. I’ve seen scanners like this used at hospitals and they can can scan multiple papers at a time. Something like this may be worth looking into..Version: 5.27

Great app for tracking packagesThe main thing I use the app for is tracking packages that I’ve either sent or am expecting. One improvement that could get a 5 star rating from me would be if there was a way to make a note or “name” the packages that you are tracking. Currently, there is just a lot of packages that are identified by the long tracking numbers. When you have 4 or 5 (or even more) packages being tracked at a time, it is very confusing to know which is which. Having the ability to rename the items listed or add a note would aid in identification of what is in transit and what is lost. Thank you for the convenience of only have to enter a tracking number once to watch an item all the way to delivery, now take the last step and make the list of packages more coherent to monitor :).Version: 5.28

Informed Delivery app was 20X betterI don’t have a clue why you would discontinue the Informed Delivery app. In the several years I’ve used that app, I never had problems with it. It was so quick and easy, and a big help to me. Okay, so you’re discontinuing that app and want us to start using the USPS Mobile app to view the Informed Delivery info. Well, why can’t you make it as a quick and easy?? Not only is it ridiculous to have another window open after tapping “Informed Delivery” on this USPS Mobile app, but then to have it require logging in, is just another step that takes time. But the worst part is that it will not stay logged in!! Why??? It’s 2021, USPS. If smartphone users don’t have facial recognition, they have touch ID, and if they don’t have touch ID, they have passcodes on their phones. FIX THIS APP SO IT STAYS LOGGED IN!!! I can easily see from reading other recent reviews, that almost every person is very unhappy about this exact issue. Does that not tell you something?!.Version: 5.31

Fraud by driversFor the last few years I been missing lots of packages . I thought maybe porch pirates took them, but not really true! A few weeks ago I was waiting for my package saw the post office truck pulled up in front of my house the driver scan my package never exited the vehicle and drove off with my package!!! I immediately received a email saying my package was delivered. I contacted the post office they keep saying the GPS show the driver was in front of my house so my package was delivered. I saw it with my own eyes he took off with my package. It’s like they are deaf not hearing the part where I said yes he was in front of my house. But never exited they vehicle I hate Jamaica post office. My cousin works for another post office in a different city she said you gotta complain to the post office if this incident keeps happening with the same driver they will know it’s fraud and investigate him even fired him. But people keep calling only the company they purchase from call both the company and file a complaint with the post office.Version: 5.27

My Go-To AppI use the USPS app primarily for tracking any expected incoming packages and the status of packages and other parcels that I’ve sent. This includes items sent overseas. It lets me know when I can expect delivery at the destination. The USPS app helps me to use their services with confidence from my laptop or mobile device anywhere. This app lets me determine the best prices and options for shipping items. As the USPS often serves as the “last mile” carrier for the other package delivery companies, this is shown on the USPS tracking information. And it allows me to hold my mail when I’m out of town. The U.S. Postal Service and their employees are very dependable and deliver my mail and packages with professionalism and reliability. My regular neighborhood mail carrier is familiar with many of the people on her route and makes sure that delivered packages are either safety locked in the neighborhood package mailbox or brought up to my front door entrance and placed in a location not visible from the street. This is greatly appreciated as package thieves are rampant here. The USPS app lets me know the package has been delivered..Version: 5.29

Tracking a package is awful.USPS could definitely learn a thing or 12 from UPS about tracking a package. You don’t get regular updates and the updates you do get are usually delayed by an hour to several hours. It’s made even worse when a package is handed off from UPS. UPS does great to track a package, but if it’s been handed off to USPS, it’s anybody’s guess as to where the package actually is and where it has been. Today, my package was delivered around 1 PM. I didn’t get a notification of delivery until 8:30 PM. Currently, I’m waiting on a package which was taken to the post office and was checked in three days ago. It has been in Virginia since then and the app tells me it will be delivered tomorrow. I am in the middle of the US. I don’t know how they’re going to have it delivered tomorrow if it is still in Virginia. Or is it…? For a company which delivers mail to almost every single house in America, every day, they sure have no clue how to keep track of a package..Version: 5.20.1

Please add “stay logged in” option or log in with Face IDI have used the Informed Delivery app for quite some time now, and it is a valuable tool to track our deliveries. Now that it is being merged into this one USPS app, Informed Delivery is still available, along with other features that can be quite helpful. I can see by many other recent reviews that I am not alone in this — having to log in to Informed Delivery every single time. Please allow users the choice to “stay logged in” to the Informed Delivery portion of this app. Or, add the option to use Face ID that would speed up the login process like so many other apps with personal information have done. USPS Mobile is an essential app. Please make it a more user friendly one..Version: 5.31

Great App, but USPS needs to make a changeThe App is great, but USPS needs to make one change for the sake of connivence. It either needs to print a barcode on the receipt to track packages or it needs to allow he app to recognize the numbers for the tracking number in the App so you can scan it into the App to track packages. The USPS policy does not allow to “take pictures” within the Post office of the tracking barcode to add the info to your App for tracking. It is really frustrating to type out the LONG sequence of numbers into the App to track packages!!! I know, I know, first world problems, but still, make it easier for customers to use the App and maybe business will increase....Version: 5.25

Simple App Just One More Feature NeededIt’s an easy to navigate app with big “button” icons that displays what they are for. One thing that would be great is the ability to manage PO Boxes on the app. Within this functionality, getting an alert if there’s mail delivered (not each time but up to so many documents/packages, when your mailbox is at/near capacity (when those yellow slips are filled out) and the ability to upgrade or downgrade the size as well as terms. So, everything on the [mobile] website linked to this app! If beginning stages it’s just another big “button” icon that sends you to a Touch ID applicable webpage that’ll be an amazing step. So, PO Box manage functionality in the USPS Mobile app!.Version: 5.29

PO Box 392We set up a box 2 forms of identification and to pick up the keys which ID A few days later I received an email stating that my box was going to be closed and my money will be refunded to me and go to pick up my kids. So I went to the post office again the time on the door stay still no in their new calls. Different time the same thing occurred. Again I showed up at a different time and this time I waited in the parking lot with other local customers reading to get through me and as they brought to my attention that this is a redundant currency The lady showed up and said that she would call me and let me know evidently keys from never pushed the button to state that I picked up the keys at that time I received an email stating to me that the PO Box was closed and now I have an issue because I have business cards with that PO Box number on not sure what to do at this point prescient any feedback thank you so much kindly Mr. Gustein.Version: 5.31

I LOVE THE UNITED STATES POSTAL DEPARTMENT!Always have been a fan of the USPS! Since the beginning of this country the postal service has been around, and has always done a great job! Much maligned, which, has been so undeserving, and sadly for many accepted, this great institution should be revered for what it has done and can do! This great function of our government out preforms any and all private businesses that compete against it. Delivery rate is as fast and in numerous instances faster, better delivery areas, FAR BETTER delivery policies when it comes to securely delivering packages to the person who is to receive them, the ability to easily pick them up at the local post office. AND COST! A FRACTION of what private carriers charge! Why? Simply because it is a law that a government agency cannot run at a profit. All the personnel that I have had dealings with are professional, polite, knowledgeable, helpful and expedient. America and especially business needs to wake up and wholeheartedly embrace again this wonder service provided by our government..Version: 5.24

Great App it’s has a few qwerks but it’s AwesomeI love this app!! It’s very accurate it keeps you up to date on your mail and packages!! The only down side is that I have to login to many times I feel, but I really shouldn’t complain it ensures me that my account is secured and not left logged in somewhere else I’ve used it.. Thats the only downside for me Everything else is Great! It even lets you if something is delayed even if it’s not what you want to hear, at least it’s honest and let’s you know. Even with the one issue I still give it 5 star’s, because it’s so accurate. I recommend getting and informed delivery is my favorite, it gives you the option t mark for mail you haven’t gotten and they will find and normally get it to you the next days!.Version: 5.27

Full screen option???I only use the app for tracking purposes. My question is why does the app only take up a very small portion of my screen why doesn’t it fill my screen or have the option in one of the corners to fill my screen? When I showed my 75-year-old mother how to use the app so that she could see when her packages were being delivered she had a hard time reading it so I told her to blow it up where she could read it, apparently that is not an option I had to go on to the app myself to find out that she was correct that there was no box like that available to her and she could not expand it to fill her screen my question is WHY?.Version: 5.28

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 5.31

WaitingWaiting, waiting, waiting!!!! Ffs!!.Version: 5.28

Review is yet to comeThis App Review is in the works & is yet to come as I have Only started to use it but I Only have limited access to it since I live outside of the USA where I live in Australia.Version: 5.25

Lousy appTakes ages to load and ages to accept scans.Version: 5.23

Useless.Location of parcel not up to date. Ive tried tracking numerous items, and always receive the goods before the app shows that they've left the point of origin. Don't bother..Version: 3.4

New version works greatThe new version is great and sends updates via email, sometimes several times a day if it has moved a lot..Version: 5.18

Excellent!!!Best app to track your USPS Parcels! Up to date information as well as on the website only simpler!!! Recommended to online buyers!!! A fast and excellent way to track your Packages!.Version: 3.8.1

ParcelStill waiting for my parcel and it’s been 2-3 months.Version: 5.27

Great JobFantastic App! Really smooth and well thought-out. A genuine iOS app, not a rubbish web app portal! Well done USPS👍.Version: 3.7

App crashesI couldn't use the latest version of this app, keeps crashing every time I open it..Version: 4.2

Kilograms coversionThis app is in pounds. It should have a conversion opportunity for other non us countries who are getting prices but need metric.Version: 2.0.1

Doesn't workTracking numbers that work on the website and are in progress show up as "no tracking information found". Maybe application isn't connected to UPS database properly..Version: 5.0

USPS AppJust the Very Best application for tracking eBay purchases across the United States to the Global Shipping Center in KY. I'm an Aussie, [Australian], who imports lots of parts for American cars & pickups here in New South Wales. Just wish our country's Postal System could match the performance of your American System. A special thank you to all the American workers who provide this service. The Yanks certainly do it BEST..Version: 5.26

International tracking what's wrongUnfortunately I need this app to track goods ordered from the states. It seems when the item leaves USA the USPS looses interest in its customers. We are paying the merchant a fee to have it mailed and my current experience is mailed on 6 march 2014 and last update 9 march 2014 - it's now 18 march 2014 and mo updates nor package in the mail. Seems to be lost at sea as it couldn't be air mail. So sad..Version: 3.8.5

Update has ruined this appThis latest version will kill off this app. You can’t track an item and get a result, nor can you save a tracked item. Useless! Also all attempts at providing feedback have been palmed off by the Care Center... obviously no humans work there. Sad..Version: 5.23

HahahahahaYou know if It was government subsidized it would have been over already..Version: 5.24

RubbishThis is one of the worst functioning apps i have ever attempted to use. pick up your game usps !!.Version: 5.24

Fantastic AppWhat a wonderful, fantastic app very user friendly and very effective too. (-: I highly recommend it to anyone for the daily postage needs..Version: 5.25

Not goodWorked great at first but now dosnt show location of item untill after its already been deliverd.. Needs sum serious updates i think.Version: 3.6.1

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