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Twitter App User Reviews & Comments

Horrible supportIf I could give this app zero stars, I would. I've been on this app for a little over a year now. I've worked hard to earn the amount of followers I had. I used Twitter for school. I made friends on this app. One of the reasons I used Twitter everyday was to see what other are up to. I've learned to much from this app and made some of the closest connections I've ever had. One morning that was all taken away from me. My account was suspended for "violating the Twitter rules". I wasn't sure what I did. For all I know I talked to my friends about music and what I did in my daily life as one would. I had my school account and backup account, but little did I know that I would get suspended the next day as well. I went to the Twitter support website to learn more about my suspension, I even sent an appeal. They told me I was permanently suspended for making multiple accounts, all though I already had those multiple accounts previous to suspension. After receiving this email I emailed with more questions seeing if I could get help or if there was any other way I could use Twitter. No response. Horrible support. There's no way for me to use Twitter anymore. This app was taken from me for no reason. I cant do anything without getting suspended. I haven't done anything. I'm a teenage girl who's online world revolved around Twitter. That was taken away from me. Horrible app.Version: 8.75

They Should Have Stopped with Tweetdeck and Gone SubscriptionThe current state of the iOS Twitter app has deteriorated to the point where it's another Facebook or Instagram. Pushing content you don't want, and just using "normal" tweets to fill the gaps between promoted tweets (or whatever they call their adverts). Now, the latest version of the app shows a notification badge every single time I open it, and I have to visit the Direct Message tab to clear it, even though I have NO Direct Messages! What are you notifying me about? To be honest, I only use it to post, but use third party apps to read my unadulterated timeline. After all these years and half promises about the "content we want", they still don't realize that all we want is a chronological timeline with NO ADS. And, guess what? People would actually be willing to pay in-app or for a Pro version to get that! But, no. Twitter figures it makes more sense to offer a paid undo feature. What? Just close your doors and go home. No one would even miss Twitter at this point..Version: 8.69.2

DO NOT TRUST TWITTER SUPPORTIF THEY WOULDN’T SUPPORT CHRISSY TEIGAN THERE’S NO CHANCE FOR US. I’ve been a Twitter user since 2012 (@steffyjsays). I have a small following and I mostly use it to retweet jokes and some news. My account was suspended on December 21, 2020 with zero prior offenses for a tweet about the Negro Solstice which was the top trend that day thanks to Black Twitter. The reason given was use of hate speech. Had the subsequent “review” been properly done, it would’ve been clear that I am a Black woman and the artist I tagged (Missy Elliot) actually follows me. I can cite dozens if not hundreds of similar tweets that not only weren’t flagged but some made it to news articles. My account was not restored after the standard 14 days. I’ve since appealed to Twitter support THREE MORE TIMES and received only one response that the suspension was being upheld unless I deleted the tweet. IT HAS BEEN THREE MONTHS NOW. They’re able to silence BIPOC immediately but racists and misogynists can say what they want for years. How is tech support so bad they ran their biggest celebrity user off the app completely!? SAVE YOURSELF THE HEADACHES AND HEAD TO CLUBHOUSE..Version: 8.58

Almost Unusable, Support Team IneffectiveI reached out to the support staff over a month ago with a bug I was experiencing that would not allow me to view profiles, read threads/comments, or retweet. We went back and forth for about a week and I was informed that they had heard similar complaints. I tried all of their suggested fixed and did some troubleshooting of my own multiple times between first reaching out and writing this review now. When I responded to the support email telling me they were working on fixing the bug asking for an update, I got an automated message saying that the case had been closed, even though I am still experiencing the same issue and never saw anything close to a fix. So now I'm stuck with a timeline that skips backwards (another bug I discovered recently) and even when I can scroll, I can't do any of the things I mentioned above. I would love for someone to reach out and resolve the issue. On a separate note, it's pretty obvious that Twitter's "personalized" ads/stories on the timeline and explore page are personalized to the interests and views of Twitter and not to the user, as I frequently sees stories I'm not interested in and in some cases, don't agree with or contradict my interests. But that's a completely different issue that isn't just specific to Twitter..Version: 8.77

I get no choice?!?This was a good app that I used to use a lot. I lost my account so I had to make a new one but Twitter changed it to where I have to put in my phone number. I am personally not comfortable giving my phone number to an app but for some people who don’t have a phone number or use a phone number app like text free (which is unsupported by twitter) can’t even use the app. I think Twitter should make it where you have a choice whether you want to use email/phone number/ or both not make me have to do both. If you were to change this my rating would change. But the fact that I can’t even use it just cause I don’t want to give my phone number makes this a 1 star app. If you look in comparison Snapchat and Instagram are better than twitter because more people are able to access it not just people willing to give out there number. Now with what I said in mind if there is a way to skip putting your number in than I will apologize but as far as I can see there isn’t..Version: 8.17.1

What Happened To Twitter?This app used to be a staple for news and content. Unfortunately it’s now a hardcore censorship engine that evolved the app into a propaganda machine for specific political points of view pushed by Twitter Corporate Office. They’ve watered down the Timeline, show popular recommended Tweets instead of Latest Tweets, they have partisan Trending News only showing terrible things about the United States President, constantly (who would allow such a thing other than foreign enemies of the USA), and the settings now filter content on a second level (hidden) which you have to shut-off to see your preferred content (outrageous).. All trending news is always slanted to favor One political party promoted also by the Twitter CEO daily. News corporations, who even claim alien spaceship parts are in Las Vegas (2017 NY Times) are given priority over citizens to ensure the broadest brainwashing of political propaganda with an emphasis on hating the United States President. Who remembers when the internet was a melting pot of diversity? Freedom of speech? Not so much anymore. Great work Twitter!.Version: 8.39.1

Needs More CharactersIf you use Twitter for more than just retweeting and liking other people’s tweets- I’m sure you have come across the hindering effect that the very short character count has on unverified accounts. Tweeting with links to articles and such can be quite challenging due to the limitations of the character count. Spaces, characters in the links you are pasting to the tweet, and people you are tagging should absolutely NOT be included in the total character count; this just takes away from the ability to include important information in the tweet itself. This is an incredibly user-friendly app that allows for countless abilities to connect with other people- that is why I am giving it 4 stars, because other than the fact that blank spaces and characters contained in links count as total characters affected by the limitations, this app is perfect..Version: 7.60

Just allow editingJust put in an edit option. You hit delete and sometimes the edit function comes up, sometimes it doesn’t deleting everything you wrote. Now everyone has to copy and paste before making an edit making the entire process tedious. Apparently getting suspended on here for to stupidest thing while people get away saying tons of stuff with no moderation on twitters part. Seems very one sided. Appealing a suspension also takes longer than the actual suspension. Bravo Jack. Bravo. 👏🏻a 12 hr suspension is now a 96 hour suspension. It’s pretty obvious how bad the censorship is getting. Also if having a conversation is important, why silence the other side? Great way to divide a nation. Maybe jack is getting paid by China. Oh no, I might get suspended...also trump got modded and banned while people are out there stoking hate and Twitter turns a blind eye because it’s their side. No mods or bans. Twitter is ok with people spreading disinformation and one sided reporting as long as it’s from the left. Double standard..Version: 8.75

Worse all the timeA truly awful application that they keep managing to make worse in large and small ways. Kudos on the innovation required to make even the display of “likes” into the visual equivalent of a hovering mosquito! Twitter has one useful function — displaying short, timely posts of a selected group of people in chronological order — and they have been trying to destroy that one function for years. With the latest round of updates, I think they’ve finally done it. Their concept of “home,” showing random posts by random people in random order, reveals the developer’s true goal: chaos. They want nothing less than the destruction of order itself, and to make their point clear, they shuffle the posts *while you are reading them*. The only reasons I can see that twitter still exists is 1) it is the chosen platform of a raving would-be dictator, and 2) “at least it’s not Facebook. Will their striving for chaos finally overcome the network effect, erasing them from our lives and memories? We can only hope..Version: 7.58.5

DO NOT DO ITAs much as people keep on saying this, DO NOT ADD AN EDIT FEATURE. it’ll literally remove the definition of what is a tweet. what is a tweet if you can edit it whenever you’d like? i could tweet so much horrible stuff and edit it like i never said anything. so many tweets from years ago would be tweaked and NOT in the good way. this could go bad in SO many ways. unnecessary ways. please note other people will not just use the edit feature to just correct an misspelled word. twitter would destory its known for if you could just edit your tweets as much as you’d like. just DELETE THE TWEET AND ADJUST YOUR MISTAKES. no tweet is that precious that you can’t just make another one. an edit button is sincerely not needed. literally. people may not agree, but not everyone is SMART. thanks for listening to my ted talk ✔️.Version: 7.52

Perfect for MeTweeter, it’s perfect for me. It doesn’t just allow me to post how I feel, but motivates me as well. I feel this is because of the limited character uses and the simplicity of the post. So it’s a lot easier to post what I am feeling at that exact moment, much like a note pad, but with the ability to connect to groups, and movements. I like to say tweeter is for those of us whose mind is always racing and active, and although we would love to share our inner thoughts we have a hard time focusing that long to do, but not on tweeter, it’s quick and easy. Unlike Facebook where so much has to be dedicated to a post you almost get lost in the presentation and forget about the original topic. That’s why I am all about tweeter! I hope they continue to make tweeting quicker, easier, and more efficient for those like me!.Version: 8.47.1

Twitter support team are ridiculously horridTwitter is full of cow Dung… They automatically suspended people over something trivial like usage of swear words…. They never listen to people telling them that they apologized sincerely for their mild actions…. They completely ignored the truly horrible people who harassing other people behind hidden quoted tweets, mocking someone for liking a certain character they had dislike…. they even demanded money to other person… they even ignored actual death threats!! the Twitter support is not good at all… If you want to reported to those horrid people you have to pay for $3 to avoid fake reports smfh 🤬🤦🏽‍♀️ the developers aren't doing anything on the Twitter app only the bots are doing their jobs and failing miserably at it… repeatedly suspended innocent people… lot of mistakes!! someone should report Twitter to Apple support for that! they said people opinions matter but they actually do not acknowledge them anymore… they changed it during/after trump’s presidency year…. this app better be off being dead and off the Apple store ..!.Version: 8.79

The Twitter App Works WellAs an old-timer I find the app easy to use and understand. The medium is controversial, but the software is excellent on iPhone and very seldom do I encounter problems. Twitter can be a source for major breaking news, and my feed includes winners of Pulitzers, a Nobel or two, and a gaggle of intelligent, encouraging followers. There are little tricks you have to learn, especially if you need more characters; but that also makes you a better editor and a more concise writer. The problems with bots, fake accounts, flaming, and such date back to the old days of Compuserve, Prodigy, and AOL, so that’s not new. However, the corporate titans should stop the flow of disinformation from hostile and malignant sources, if only we could figure out how. Again, I highly recommend the app as easy to learn and easy to use. Cheers - T👍🏼.Version: 8.19

If I could zero I wouldIf I could give zero stars I would. I have been a Twitter user since it began. It’s the only social media I kept when I got rid of the rest back in 2014. However, their behavior right now is inappropriate and unacceptable. They are silencing free speech. My account was suspended for spam and I haven’t even tweeted anything since January 7. Mind you, it was an oh so scary Game of Thrones tweet too. I didn’t violate their rules or even do the very thing my suspension states I did. Such a joke. Their support process for getting out of suspension is also a joke. No one responds to the appeal process. You are left in limbo. You can’t get your account back and you can’t make a new account. You are banned. You are silenced. No free thought. No debate. No discussion. If you applaud this behavior now, just wait until they come for you. Because they WILL come for you. I highly doubt this review will even be posted since big tech is all about censoring these days and denying the truth to people. So enjoy! Take your one star and I’m sure you’ll put it in the cosmos with my appeal email..Version: 8.48

Love it...thoughUpdate: I’ve always loved this app. Now. Few things....I want the profile button back at the bottom. I want access to my profile page as well as my lists with one hit of the button not five. Second. Trending. I don’t want things in my trending to be completely local. Or completely national. Why? Bc it’s not always relevant. A few tweets about something local... is neither trending news nor unusual...we know there's a hawks game....okay? Nor (I guess third and lastly) do I want meaningless fluff. Like moments of celebs. That’s not news either. First review: I'd like better filtering especially for all political words please ;) Also a big deal for the hoops I’ve got to jump through just to get back to my profile. It’s my most used key. I’d like it back on the bottom dashboard. It’s ridiculous that it is so many back pages away to get to my main page. Definitely impedes my experience..Version: 7.13.1

Internal problemsI had finally gotten the Twitter app after years of not having it and hours after I downloaded and started my account I am locked out. I thought reasonably and decided that it must have been for security purposes. I go to start the steps to get back into my account and all that pops up is a plain white screen with the words “Are you a robot?” writer at the top. There are no arrows no next buttons just these words and a blank screen. I have tried restarting my phone, nothing happened. I have tired to re-download the app, nothing happened. This is especially frustrating because I had just started this account and therefore do not understand the root of my problem. I am wondering if this is a glitch or something else that is not my fault..Version: 7.36

Unreasonable SuspensionI’ve been using Twitter for over 3 Years so I know what to expect. But, what I didn’t expect is a suspension on an New Fresh Account?? So, I’ve made disrespectful tweets on my Main Account (@CheezyMode) and when I got suspended I thought it would be appealable so I filed over 5 appeals for that Account and I haven’t gotten an response. Which is fair because we do have COVID-19. But the fact that it’s been 3 Months since I’ve made those multiple appeals doesn’t really justify that. So, I decided maybe since I got suspended, I’ve made some disrespectful statements, maybe I should stop appealing and just start a new Twitter Account, and this time I’d not tweet as much or be disrespectful, instead upon finishing my Twitter I Immediately got Banned. I was shadow banned! My fresh new account I made was immediately banned upon creation! It’s not fair as I only my Main Account shouldn’t have any affiliation with any new ones. TL;DR I got shadow banned, even though I tried making a new one it got banned too. Bad App anyways, don’t download very toxic..Version: 8.42

Give me MY timeline backWhen you decide to let ME control MY timeline I'll start using your app again, until then I'll be using a different app. I hate the "In case you missed it", and I don't want too see what everyone else likes, if I want to see that, I'll look at their profile. The most important thing, stop automatically scrolling to the top of my timeline. You're trying to be too much like Facebook, I don't use it for all of these reason. Please give me control of my timeline. Why is it so hard to simply show me things in chronological order? Update: while they have stopped automatically scrolling my timeline to the top, I don’t want to see what everyone else likes in my timeline. I also would prefer it to just show everything in chronological order vs me seeing “in case you missed it” It really can’t be that hard to at least give us options for this stuff. Until all this is fixed, I’ll continue using an alternate app, and Twitter will loose its add money..Version: 7.20.1

Perfect example of communist style censorshipSuch a large platform which hides behind the statement of being a platform for free speech, yet acts like a publisher censoring everything that doesn’t fit with the CEO and employees narrow anti American viewpoint. Twitter will slap a fact check banner across your post half the time using a fact that has nothing to do with your post, only that it doesn’t align withTwitter’s political viewpoint. If you’re lucky, you will fly under the radar of the cancel culture employees who will gleefully delete your profile for no other reason than that you hold conservative values. They have been seen on camera openly bragging about this. Take a look at how the CEO speaks to Senators when they are questioning him as they are trying to investigate as to whether Twitter is censoring people. One minute he speaks arrogantly as if he is above them while the next, he acts like he doesn’t understand simple yes no questions. If you really wish to support a company such as this, be my guest, but users are leaving in droves and you will probably be alone..Version: 8.43

Great App Bad VisionTwitter is an easy method to develop polarized views. I really wish they would try to fight the polarization of media, but instead, they continue using algorithms that further influence people’s views to one side. Twitter needs to understand they and many other social media platforms are destroying the middle ground to any opposing views by showing one side of either story based on past interactions. If someone on the right continues watching right leaning videos on social media, they will only further the divide in the country. Same goes with left leaning individuals. Twitter needs to stop providing certain viewers with certain videos of influence. It causes so much harm to society. A simple solution would be to consider creating a different algorithm for political content, so they can continue having plenty of interactions but mitigate the issues of creating polarized individuals. I really hope this long review and simple minded solution don’t go to waist as it could help with the main issues we face. Thank you!.Version: 8.47.1

Fake Accounts Solution.To whom it may concern, First, I want to say that twitter is often a place where me and my friends come to get confirmation about any major News that is happening or that had happen, weather it’s big event or small, weather it’s close to home or around the world. In my humble opinion I believe that Twitter’s hush tag is the best feature about this app. By combining all the users “the world’s opinion” in one place is amazing, and is something no other media platform can do better than Twitter. But what make this experience unlikable is the fact that too many users use fake accounts to spread false information and bully other users because know they can’t be “seen”. This is big problem because one fake page can bully 100 real accounts in one day, and if they stopped using Twitter it will be detrimental to this platform. As a computer scientist I know solving this problem is not that difficult. Sometimes the solution for the toughest problem already exist somewhere else, our job is to find it and implement it. I wish Twitter would adopt some of methods “dating app” already have in place to verify if the user’s account is real by asking the user for a front camera selfie and compare to their profile picture. Sincerely, Vanderley.Version: 8.18

The iPad App Bites!The iPad version is horrible compared to the iPhone version, thus why I am only giving the Twitter app a 2 star rating. I don’t care for the forced viewing of the Trends on the right side of the screen, especially since the trends are by no means close to my interests. I have tried to customize my trends, but all I can do is choose a city, with the closest to my location being Denver, which pretty much only shows sports, or I can let the Twitter AI choose what it believes my interest are, which pretty much is only sports. The problem is that I HATE most sports and most of the people I follow have nothing to do with sports. If there was a way to turn off the trends completely or have the option to actually select the trends I am interested in, I may give the app a higher rating, but until then it stays at 2. (And yes, I have gone in to my Twitter data and updated my interests, but it doesn’t do anything and when I go back in a week later, the AI has added items back that I have removed.).Version: 8.5.5

Dictation needs to be fixed badly.So before this recent update of the Twitter app for iOS, everything was working fine. Dictation was one of those things. Now, it seems that if you are visually impaired or not, you have to write out what you want to say unless you can do short hand. Even if I turn voiceover off, dictation still doesn’t work. I start to dictate what I want to say and then dictation turns itself off. I have called Apple about this issue, and Apple says that it’s not their issue. Which in fairness it’s not. Because dictation works everywhere else. I have even uninstalled the application, turned off the phone, turned on the phone again, and then went to re-download the app. I even signed in with my credentials and tried to dictate a test tweet. That didn’t work. Please fix this annoying bug for those who have visual impairments or different handicapped problems and also for those who have no visual issues whatsoever. I can’t even send support help questions because they do not get back to me..Version: 8.8

Let’s emotions determine politicsI used to love this app for news and celebrities posting the random crap that no one needs to know but unfortunately Twitter thinks they can remove opinions in order to push their own agendas. I do not support corporations that are not for supporting the American people in every way possible...democratic or republican. This platform used to be the definition of American free speech and independence but it has unfortunately flipped due to peer pressure and being “politically correct”. I’m very dissatisfied with how this multi billion dollar company can be so petty against the American people and making this app so one sided. A new one will come along soon and twitter will die just like LinkedIn and facebook because of lack of user support and lack of opposing opinions. The owners and operators lack empathy and probably have forgotten what it feels like to work for a living but I hope they go broke and get to experience it again some day. 1 Peter 5:8 “Be sober-minded; be watchful. Your adversary the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”.Version: 8.50

Twitter is PoP n offWell as you all know Twitter is a really great music platform to be on the go with, it is simple and user friendly to keep using this tell a friend support Twitter take the journey to the beginning to the end of a trend this amazing social media site. I do remember that Twitter has been around for a while MySpace time era but don’t get it twisted Know that the future holds are answers to the next big thing so go to the pearly gates to get be judged by the all mighty a mega alpha and remember when you go to them crossroads make sure you thank Twitter for ride n with you and being at your finger tips. Thank you for the read I got the 13 Steps coming soon I should have it in audio and bay days the homie coming get book so keep the look out for me C-LoW The one Directions to a ripple shift.Version: 8.81

Good concept ruined by toxic communityI like the concept of micro-blogging and how it allows you to share posts, articles, and images. However, the community removes the enjoyment of all that. The endless line of harassment, racism, and hatred that I have experienced on the app genuinely makes me mad to the point where I cannot enjoy browsing Twitter anymore. Categories such as politics, sports, fandoms, and even memes of all things are just followed up by pointless arguments and bullying. I’m constantly reporting all these accounts that harass others, but I’m not even sure if reporting works, because Twitter doesn’t update me on whether or not they violated their terms. The amount of misinformation spread by users in politics and other categories is also dangerous to the point where they actually reach the trending page. Even the President of the U.S. is using Twitter as a form of propaganda. If you really need to interact with others and use social media like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, be my guest, but if you want to keep your mental health in check, steer clear..Version: 8.32

Good way to connect with folks onlineThanks to using the Twitter app as long as I have, I have created a lot of meaningful connections with folks living around the world that I wouldn’t have otherwise been able to connect with, without the Twitter app specifically. As far as social media apps go, it’s highly user friendly, has good security and privacy tools, and is a brilliant way to meet new people and make new friends online that naturally appreciate the content you put out on the app. It’s an app I use frequently as both a way to express my creativity as a kind of online gallery, and as a way to network with people I expressly wish to network with, I recommend Twitter to creative thinkers interested in creating web content and getting it seen by the right people..Version: 8.60

Review on TwitterA quick review Twitter is an excellent place to exchange views, understand each other’s view, and develop tolerance. It also helps you in critical thinking though it limits your words. But you can always no your posts. You have an access to those person whom you can never met though you are not sure that they have even read the post or returned through their staff hired for this purpose. Twitter gives you a quick access to daily news and what is happening in the world. It has bring the world together. The problems met 1. Hate speeches by people. 2. False propaganda against individuals and countries. 3. Fake accounts. 4. Hacking of accounts though it never happened with me. 5. Offensive posts against religion and on sex, though there is a mechanism to check it. 6. If you put posts many times because the issue is near to your heart then the Twitter start seeing you as a robot. 7. Do not know how to increase the following. Tried but could not. 8. From where we can resolve issues. There should be a support system where we can directly place our problems. 9. Vulgar and abusive language. 10. It can devastate lives of people, can be used to influence governments, regime change, disinformation, spy operations, propaganda against individuals and countries, create anarchy. 11. Can even make you a star..Version: 8.63.1

Nice app but could be way betterI like Twitter for the people on the platform and as a source for curated content. .The app, while functional, is confusing. A lot of this boils down to the UX. The ux elements are crammed together - perhaps to show more rows of content. The end result is it’s not clear where to tap to do actions vs view them. For e.g, It’s not clear where to tap to view replies vs enter a reply. Same with Likes. Fb does a much better job of this by having separation in the ux for these two. Finally, with posts with links - why not show a preview? Right now I don’t know what the link contains or if it send me to some malicious site. Finally it’s not clear how to view topics by interests. Also for advanced features like moments, and lists - I have no idea what they are for and how to use them - make it clear. Getting these basics right will go a long way in making the site more useful for non power users..Version: 7.52.5

A feature I would love to see added...Great application. I use it a lot for personal & also professional usage. As part of my work, I make extensive usage of the list features. I have few public, and servers curated private lists to keep up with different information flows. I would love to see the ability to with the click of a button or setting...turn on/off push notifications for a particular public or private list or lists of users. This would allow me to disable notifications from a number of accounts on my off days when I don’t need to be connected as much, but also give the ability to quickly turn on a list when I head back in to work or am working from home. I don’t know if anyone has ever requested this feature, but I sure would love to see it. Again, great application. Definitely my top social media choice..Version: 7.39

Not interested in feedbackTrying to submit feedback through the app is nearly impossible. The options are limited to serious allegations (abuse, copyright infringement, impersonation, etc.) Twitter apparently only wants my opinions on the app if some other user is the direct culprit of the offense. I don’t mean to say that the app is terrible; I am a frequent user and enjoy much of my experience. But there are some glaring issues with which tweets are included or excluded, particularly in comment sections. I’d prefer if the algorithm were more democratic (likes-> uprank), yet I can’t make any sort of nuanced case using the feedback system in-app. It’s either a scathing condemnation of another user or shut up and swallow the system as is. Maybe the rule-makers over at Twitter should consider how this system skews complaints toward the extreme..Version: 7.58.5

Fake accountsI use Twitter everyday and find it a valuable tool to catch up with current events. Although every time I see a trending topic there are obvious fake accounts trying to sway opinions. There are many politically motivated accounts that just spread propaganda. It’s gotten unbearable. It’s time that Twitter takes the initiative to not allow this to continue. Also, it may appear that “famous” people have millions of followers the fact is a large portion of those followers are not real accounts. When there is a large scale trending topic, with mostly bogus accounts spreading deception, it’s time to take action against it. Contact me if you need me to show you what I’m talking about. I see it all the time and I’m not sure there is a way to report it. It’s obvious and apparent the most pressing issue facing Twitter. Please do something about it..Version: 7.15

More charactersThe website needs more characters to clearly communicate a message. Twitter is a place for conversation now and not always just a short message where you have to rearrange your word choices and cut words out or you make a tweet and it’s just a character or two over. It’s annoying and also needs an edit button. I like the minimalist user interface but don’t like the suppression of free speech and the political censorship is irresponsible and an awful business practice especially for a company the magnitude of Twitter. Jack I hope you see this and stop letting your company boss you around. It’s like you can’t even speak anything meaningful on the platform you created. I’d like to hear more from you and also hear your thoughts on why Twitter has grown increasingly draconian and censors. Censorship has created a toxic and biased culture of racists and name calling. There’s so much more potential for Twitter but it’s only a matter of time before it’s irrelevant. I’d rather not see it go that way and would love to see twitter improve. Bless..Version: 8.33

ReviewThere is nothing else quite like Twitter. It’s really fun to be on Twitter. I just hope the censorship will be confined and limited. Freedom of speech is one of our basic rights and some administrative employees of Twitter are too quick to censure people for speaking freely. That could cause a major lawsuit and could ruin twitter. I hope that the management at twitter will be smart enough to control their employees and prevent illegal censoring and allow all people to speak freely on twitter because that’s one of the best things about twitter. There is no place else where ordinary citizens can tweet with high ranking government officials and say what we think about things. Twitter is the only way we can do this therefore I certainly hope that Twitter management will reign in some of their overzealous employees and allow total freedom of speech on Twitter..Version: 7.52.5

Twitter: A love/hate relationshipTwitter is such an immersive app, whether you have a good or bad experience on the app, you can’t help but become a part of the experience. I definitely love this app, the global blog aspect that it has, keeps you coming back. Twitter is also a place where you can find news, social communities, and even follow( and sometimes even interact with) your favorite celebrities. The good aspects of Twitter heavily outweigh the bad; in my opinion. But on it’s bad days, Twitter can become very toxic. Opinions on this app can sometimes be misconstrued as fact, so when operating this app, be sure to have your facts together. Other than that, the app can sometimes become home, the level of immersion is unmatched by any other app; combining the great aspects of most of the other great social media apps around..Version: 8.7.1

Great AppI’ve been using Twitter since it first came out and I was so amazed at house much I could learn about what’s going on around the world in real time. It was a game changer back then and it still is now. Every social platform has bugs from time to time, ALL of them. That’s just how technology works. But I’ll say Twitter has the best response time in regards to anything, not limited to fixing bugs in such a quick manner. It’s also the only social media platform that TRULY allows you free speech. They don’t take down offensive posts nearly as often as Instagram and Facebook, only if they cross a verrrryyyyy big line. Not saying that’s the type of Tweeter I am, I am all for equality and Twitter also has one of the most diverse users. Long story short 😂😂😂 give this a try, it’s not what you’re used to, but it’s equally as awesome. 🤪🤓🙌.Version: 7.14

AngryI’m soon going to have to take legal action since Twitter has refused to respond to any of my emails they suspended my account based off of false information on me and I appealed it then they let me login into my account as long as I can verify my email but when I seen my email it was changed when the Twitter rules say they won’t touch or sell your information yet my email was changed so there no way I can verify the account is mine I’ve tried multiple times to get into my account and nothing. I spoke to my friend who is study to be a lawyer and said I can sue since they changed personal information of mine and there terms and service say they won’t I have right and standing to sue them for my information back and not only that they won’t even respond to me I’m sadden because I can’t even see my pictures and things I posted of passing family members I shouldn’t have done it but now I can’t get a hold of them because they won’t let me into my account I’m truly disappointed and distraught.Version: 8.52.1

Was better in the beginning but now has devolved.At first I only got Twitter to see what was going on in the world. Through it I got to meet new people and have interesting conversations. All was well, then Everything started getting political and thuggish. People started bashing others simply for having different opinions, people were calling others racist because they didn’t support certain factions or ideals. I was even harassed simply for defending my ideals. I didn’t mean any harm to others, I didn’t call for someone’s death, I only fought for my freedom to speak my mind even if most disagreed with it. Twitter itself did Nothing to defend me or others in my place. It has proven to be biased time and time again to catering to the mob and backing issues that are clearly against its own guidelines. Twitter and other Social Media has become incredibly polluted with hatred, death, and lies. I will no longer support this media and others like it. Having other opinions is fine and any disagreements can be discussed with civility and respect. There is none of it here..Version: 8.38

Very problematicI use Twitter a lot to follow artists and friends, but it’s very difficult to keep track of everything when the options are so limited. I see advertisements and promoted tweets way too often. There’s no Twitter Pro that I can buy to not have to see ads. The tweets I see are time-stamped, but they’re always out of order (2 minutes, 5 hours, 5 minutes, 2 weeks ago) and there’s no way to filter the tweets I see on my dashboard. I would love to be able to see only pictures or only text posts, but there’s no way to do this except for searching on a specific Twitter page. On top of this, once you scroll down a certain amount, you can’t scroll anymore so you can’t know what you missed unless you go through Twitter pages manually. I’m most disappointed about the ads, but all of the problems here are very inconvenient, annoying, and time consuming. The only reason I’m here is because all of the good artists moved here from Tumblr.Version: 8.61

Rebuilding requires all hands on deckA little bird told me that one day I would be part of a military operation with a mission to save lives and rebuild communities rather than end them. A rare message coming from a Navy Veteran who started as a deck seaman that went to sea for the first night during a hurricane, spent 6 months in the Straight of Hormuz baby sitting oil tankers and witnessed what we spend our blood a treasure on that serves no benefit here at home or defends the constitution in anyway to solves the political problems that prevent us from preventing the preventable like a plague of fear and greed. I eventually become a Corpsman/Surgical Technician / and A leader in The Rapid Deployable Medical Teams before getting out in Oakland, Ca just in time for the earthquake, fires and drug wars in the late 80-90s. 30 years later, that little birdie was right! For the last 8 years I’ve been helping fellow veterans respond to disasters and then stay to help some of the most disadvantaged families rebuild their homes. Your service has made our job easier to get the message out that not all veterans are waving their guns around in times of a pandemic, nation political crisis, or after repeated and massive hurricane destruction. #TeamRubicon Gordon Soderberg HM3 RDMT 82-88 USS Ranger, USS Sample, USS Dixon, Balboa and OakKnoll Naval Hospitals..Version: 8.39.1

Unabashedly censorious, dystopian, and hypocriticalI cannot continue to use an app that is so openly and blatantly opposed to America’s founding values, principles, and Constitution! Over the past several years, Twitter has progressively increased its censorship, and demonstrated contention with the spread of ideas, and expression of values, in which they do not agree. This, and the continual flagging, hiding, and/or flat out removal of posts which are deemed inaccurate or controversial, the suspension/banning of accounts for alleged “breaches” of their terms of service, and the hypocrisy underscored by repeatedly making statements (including testimony before congress) that endorse the ideals of free speech and the open and honest exchange of ideas, followed by actions that make it clear, they don’t actually mean what they say. Twitter, and Jack Dorsey, are intent on saying what they think the general public would like to hear, but have zero commitment to abide by it. As someone that is so passionate about individual liberties and personal freedom, I had to put my foot down, deactivate my account, and say Twitters actions are UNACCEPTABLE!!.Version: 8.48

EnjoyableI love the content and have many interactions with old friends and new friends on Twitter. However, i only give 4 stars because of the random technical difficulties I have with twitter. One being i can rarely open the drafts folder, sometimes it works other times (seemingly the important times) it will freeze loading drafts and the app will crash or ill have to reopen the app, to which drafts is still unusable. Also the video player has issues. Sometimes it freezes. Earlier today it continually paused the video on its own instantly after i would touch play it would pause. Eventually like an hour later i tried again and the video played. I’ve had other issues with the video player. Overall i enjoy twitter those small technical difficulties being my main problems..Version: 8.23

Not too happyI’ve had a problem with Twitter taking away my “likes” i follow a “verified” acct William White famous TT and model, he tweets daily and I went back and all my tweets from back in July moving forward are unliked. Just recent ones stay. I go back and Re like which takes *a lot of time* and then they disappear AGAIN! So frustrating! This is happening to his other followers too. It’s important to him to see his fans interact and have his numbers up. It’s important to me to support him and his Positivity Movement. Twitter is not fun if you can’t participate. There’s no telling if Every like I’ve made on other Twitter accts are still there or not. Please fix this problem, I’d really appreciate it because like I said what’s the point of being on here if you can’t participate and interact. Thank you!! I love Twitter it’s where his fans have the most fun together so please help a girl out! He is on the People’s Magazine Sexiest Man Alive Poll here on Twitter for sexiest TT so I hope and pray my votes are going through and are counted! Thanks🙂.Version: 8.83.2

Could use improvementsI would like to be able to search through my followers by name to easily filter through as well as search on other people’s pages through their followers too. For business/giveaway purposes it makes things so much easier! Another BIG thing that is a safety issue....I absolutely hate when you block someone and that person tries to search for you and your profile still pops up but the page says “this person has blocked you”. I don’t want them seeing that I’ve blocked them due to safety reasons. Better that my name doesn’t pop up at all when they try to search for me after being blocked. Other than that this is a great app/platform and great way to reach out to people. I’ve started a new career and met amazing people because of this app. Thank you for changing my life, Twitter..Version: 8.4.6

Likes and dislikesAs a millennial having been born in the early 80’s I have the viewpoint from a world originally without the broad connection of the internet. To see the world become so connected and so much smaller and more convenient is like watching the planet mature right in front of my eyes; It’s breathtaking. Apps like Twitter give everyone a podium to design as your own with which to stand upon and as followers increase your crowd becomes larger, but your also part of others crowd. Anything important to you, anything that drives your life and fuels your heart, can be shared or supported from your couch. This positive greatly outweighs most negatives which are usually the fault of the human condition. We all have to let each other have a podium even if we disagree and that is a challenge, but good too, because otherwise you wouldn’t even know who to disagree with. My only real personal issue other than the nastiness of some due to human condition is the fact that it’s hard to hit that like button when I don’t necessarily agree with the tweet. I am still missing those reaction buttons from Facebook letting anyone know whether I am happy or sad or angry about the information I am subjected to and a similar format would be great. Still those small issues don’t outweigh the connection and platform for me and I would love to see the whole world of people so close. Thank you!.Version: 8.14

Won’t open up on correct tweetI’m sure all phones have this option, to open a tweet up from your notification on your lock screen! Well when I tap to open a specific tweet on one of my top followers, it doesn’t open to their tweet, but to my account messages! And then I have to go search their name and scroll through “tweets and likes” until I find the tweet, and most of the time they tweeted again by this time! I’ve tried every setting, I tried not closing out Twitter. Once in a while it works but mostly not! Also another highly frustrating problem is I only have notifications for all tweets turned on for maybe 5 people, but I do not get these notifications for some reason and these are very important to me!! Any ideas, anyone?.Version: 7.49.6

Twitter is destroying the culture of the first amendment.Private companies are private. However, Twitter is abusing their power to stifle free speech. Twitter employs selective promotional bias as to only promote narratives that fit their leftist agenda. Promotion of leftism and active stifling of any bad news for democrats ie the hunter Biden scandal. Apparently the ayatollah is allowed to call for death to Israelis and Americans but Trump is somehow uniquely evil. The ayatollah sponsored and directed ied roadside bombings which destroyed the lives killed and maimed countless us troops. Shame on Twitter for allowing this evil man to maintain his platform. Highly offensive to veterans. But no, god forbid that trump should have a Twitter account he’s the ‘real’ nazi. Good lord Twitter you have lost your mind. Trump is banned but the communist party of China who is rounding up their Muslims into concentration camps and harvesting their organs, they are allowed to have an account. Twitter is not a platform for free speech Twitter is a leftist publisher who hates conservatives and labels them as nazis but tolerates actual Islamo fascists and actual concentration camp running entities. Shame on you Twitter! Disgusting!.Version: 8.48

The best social media app. Hands down.Twitter is the perfect social media website to, expresses yourself and connect with everyone around the globe. You can chat with your local friends, stay on top of the latest trends and news. Even tweet directly to your favorite celebrity, corporation, ANYONE (with an account) !! The best part is you’re not be required to share in depth information about yourself. You can describe your life more in your bio, or don’t! There is also a location option, I personally have “work” in mine, but you can use any city in the world, or just wherever you want for that matter. You can share pictures and videos with whomever, or follow funny accounts and share the latest memes. You can always stay up to date on your favorite movies and music. Follow a dog or a cartoon, there’s endless possibilities!!.Version: 7.59

Not able to resolve suspended accoutI’m an author. I made some accounts for characters from my book, and had them interact with each other in humorous twitter skits. Once, I was suspended temporarily (on my main account. My own fault-perfectly okay with that.) But my character accounts were suspended. I acknowledge that I had too many, too many company identities, one for publishing, one for production, etc. However, I reached out to support to try and resolve the issue, but they never followed up with me. The character accounts in question were always polite and affable to the people they interacted with, and had distinct personalities. I would have gladly given up some of the more superfluous accounts to save the more important ones. My inability to reach reach a human being left me very dissatisfied. I stay on it mainly to follow politics, but that is very depressing, given how the presiden abuses his account to spread dishonest propaganda..Version: 7.53

BiasTwitter is a left wing bias site. I’m Independent and see how bad it has gotten. When will or will it ever be a fair platform? I’m currently on a 3 day limited restriction but have no idea why! I haven’t broken any Twitter rules! I get those captchas asking if I’m a bot but I do everything possible not to do repetitive things just for this reason. I put out some interesting tweets that went a little viral by maybe 1,000 and because I got a lot of followers in a day I go to Twitter jail? Really? I already only follow back so many at a time so I don’t get in trouble but you find a reason anyway and don’t tell me why! I hope one day someone creates a site that is fair to its users. I’m never threatening in any way but Twitter likes to restrict me for no good reason! I mostly just tweet what’s out on another source so why am I in trouble? I’ve seen people threatening on the left but never get in trouble! Hopefully one day someone will come up with a less bias and Constitutional platform. I believe in Free Speech but would never threaten anyone but I see it all the time!.Version: 8.16

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Killing off good apps for their own bad appIt’s just plain bad. Calling it a “feature” to only temporarily look at stuff chronologically before magically turning it back. No ability to maintain a position when moving between devices [cough]Tweetbot[cough], the muting is more complicated then it needs [cough]Tweetbot[cough], not enough shortcuts to things you want to do [cough]Tweetbot[cough]. Twitter’s path to Facebook profits is apparently “Be like Facebook”, including the terrible UX and ugly algorithms. Stop trying to create a worse app (how do manage to create a bad app? I mean, you *own* the API!) while destroying the apps that are actually good. Make it like [COUGH!]TWEETBOT[COUGH] and maybe people will be willing to use it. Because this app is garbage..Version: 7.41.2

My new daily newsI think it’s great easiest way to check out what’s going on in the world following all world news and local news but also with the added bonus of reading about celebrities and world leaders via traditional news companies and having the option of searching the topic and reading their tweets to find out their side of the story also people actually getting their opinion. I have never had no problems’s a thumbs up from me..Version: 7.26

TerribleMy account got locked in one minute of it being created I did nothing wrong what so ever then I created another account same thing happened again when I tried to create a new account afterwards then got locked pressed on help does nothing btw just takes you to a link which then just loads you back to your account has been locked before you could do anything honestly thinking of going back to Facebook this also happened to a friend of mine he’s got locked with in minutes also did nothing wrong I think it thought we were bots..Version: 7.29.1

Wish I didn’t have to use itUsing Twitter to try and snag a ps5 by following an alert account. So it’s useful in that regard. But it now spams me with notifications from accounts I don’t follow and have no interest in following because it thinks I’m interested for some unknown algorithmic reason. How about you just show me notifications for the one account I specifically followed? I might keep it installed if I saw a use case for it again in the future but it’s clear you’re going to spam me to increase my engagement so no thank you. I hope Twitter helps me with the ps5 goal, it will be swiftly removed after that..Version: 8.83

Twitter has the worst customer service of any companyI tried to start a promotion and ended up making a mistake and got charged over $400 by twitter. Completely shocked I tried to enter into a conversation about why this had happened and why I was charged so much. They would not answer messages and were not willing to provide any reasons beyond ‘we have investigated and reviewed and you owe the money.’ Twitter is an atrocious company and the irony is that despite inadvertently spending over $400 my ‘promoted’ tweet did not get even a single reaction. Do not use a Twitter to promote anything ever!.Version: 7.50

Here’s a little fun factLocked out of my twitter by abusing a pedophi** for 8 months now, countless emails to try and reactivate my account and I haven’t had so much as one reply, even went as far as to create a new account and y’all managed to figure out it was me and lock me out of that one too before I even made one tweet. Your tech support is deplorable and I’m guessing your dev reply will be too. I’ve had twitter for over a decade without so much as a blemish on my history and I get locked out and not one person can tell me how to get back in. Here’s the best part: that pedoph** is still active on Twitter and is very open & vocal about his disgusting intentions around the world.Version: 8.27

Twitter reviewTwitter is good but not many likes or re tweets for me. Would like to reach wider audience but without all those free followers that end up being unbearable. Want to reach audience I want but hard to do. *All of the above, though frustrated my ex follows me on Twitter but I can’t & we are good friends we don’t know why. I have looked up his name but a bunch of others with same name come up. His name is Cristian Cuellar no other name & told me his image is related to Mexican even though he usually lives in Colombia & is here holiday in Australia, can you ‘Twitter’ tell me why, I’m not very tech minded & if it has something to do with my settings, etc??.Version: 8.10

RETWEET BUTTONThe app is fantastic but please put back the retweet button where it was originally. Pressing retweet then having the option to retweet or quote retweet pop up at the bottom is a much more efficient method. Having to press retweet then move your hand all the way to the top of the screen, without writing anything, to send the retweet SEEMS like an incredible minor action but it impacts efficiency and user experience, particularly if you were used to having the buttons pop up at the bottom of the screen. Please consider reverting the retweet button back..Version: 8.42

My favourite Social Media toolI’m loving the diversity of Twitter. It is a more reliable source of global news, current affairs, scientific information, entertainment, environment, ecology, economic issues. Compared with the rubbish mainstream media serves up including the unqualified talking heads telling people what to think, Twitter is far more effective in sharing real information & enabling debate & sharing of ideas not just ideologies. Well done Twitter. I’ve been a member since 2012 & I plan to stay. I still feel the same way after writing the above review..Version: 8.65

Trends not displaying properly - stillI have noticed from other people’s screenshots that my worldwide trends are not showing up properly. I’m on an iPhone 7 and I have updated twitter to its recent update... please look into this Addition: they are still not displaying properly. They now have the numbers now but they are in the middle of the screen, and still in large boxes. It has no other information, except the hashtags that are all in lowercase. This is really frustrating and I can see from the Desktop Version that most of the time they aren’t even the correct trending hashtags. PLEASE FIX THIS..Version: 7.40

Screen shiftingHey I just wanna alert you that during the usage of the app, momentary shifting of the timeline would happen spontaneously so it’d be nice you could fix that. It wasn’t always like this before and it seems like many are experiencing the same inconvenience as I am. And the new tweet bell in our notification tab, it’s annoying since i can be notified just by the blue tab that pops up when people I follow tweet. Thank you however for making this app better and better each day, hope you take these points into consideration..Version: 8.1

Notifications, links and random crashingSince the update the notifications feature is unresponsive to settings. I have muted many conversations and yet I still have my notifications flooded with activity in those conversations. The iPad app constantly crashes and often takes my iPad with it as the whole things crashes. Most recently, links in tweets are not hyperlinked as nothing happens when I tap them. The links work when the tweet is in the feed but not when in the tweet..Version: 7.28

Threads receives context within my topic of interestThank you for the conversations of Twitter I receive each day with topics I have asked for and a credit to you as a company to filter down the overall thread in a positive way for me to pick up my understanding of conversations gradually option for further details if I need to grasp other questions I may have while looking into that conversation.Version: 8.71

Loving TwitterTwitter has had its ups and downs in the years it has been running but overall its a fantastic way to meet people from all walks of life and to interact with everything people are up to. The political Tweets some Americans tweet are annoying but they are entitled to their opinion and I find Twitter a great way to express my opinions on life and to tweet my thoughts and feelings. Overall Twitter has had not many outages in the last few years but when they do discover problems it gets fixed ASAP..Version: 8.19

Twitter needs to be a platform for all.Suspending the account of the US President? So his 88M supporters will probably leave as well. Trump is the most talked about person in the world. He will find a voice. He will probably start his own media organisation and it will be unbelievably successful. Twitter never was representative of the ‘real’ world. Politicians would use what was important on Twitter to develop policies and then fail miserably. Real people aren’t on Twitter. It’s just a safe space for confirmation bias. But, only if you’re on the left. It’s important to know what everyone is thinking. Most conservatives were moving to Parler, but of course that was shut down. If this was happening to left media organisations there would actually be street violence. This is going to fester now and the US could actually implode. There’s probably 100M Americans who feel completely disenfranchised and that’s dangerous..Version: 8.48

Near perfect.I may be relatively new to Twitter, but I have seen that there is little problems with it. The really annoying problem I see with it is that you have to be subscribed to “twitter blue” in order to undo/edit something you have said. It is extremely common for autocorrect to mess things up, and even more common for those who type fast such as I. You shouldn’t have to pay money in order to change what you have said..Version: 8.83.2

A sensational platformI have been using Twitter for over 6 years now and it is a cross-functional platform with numerous uses. I have connected with so many wonderful and engaging individuals over the years and it’s amazing to see the invaluable work people are doing. I love to say “hi”to my followers when time permits as it is important to give back and see what they are doing ( they’re all extremely bright, creative and dedicated ) and come from all walks of life!. It’s also an invaluable platform for people engaged in animal welfare as well as environmental issues as people tweet in real time. This permits people to cross engage and help one another at great speed. The sharing of world news is also pertinent as it allows countries to quickly dissect all the bits that matter. And there’s quite a few bits on that front!. Twitter has been an incredibly reliable platform for many years that I always look forward to using. I love all the new buttons and features and I look forward to using them most of the time all the time, hopefully to enhance my work. Thankyou Twitter! A sensational platform!.Version: 8.47.1

Pretty Good!I like using the app, it works as it should, gives me updates if you choose that option, easy to use and updates aren’t every day like fb! I wish there was a way to block “Promoted tweets” or adds (I block every one I see), the only other tiny downside at the moment is some news appearing at the top of my feed that twitter thinks I need to know about and I can’t just delete - often it’s only some celebrity news or a football match 🙄😆.Version: 7.49.6

DepressingTwitter is an excellent vehicle for communicating and stating all manner of free views and opinions. For me, I quickly became aware that there are millions of armchair warriors out there who are, in general, quite opinionated, very often polarised, inflexible in their views, unwilling to listen to others, and appear to hold the view that their Twitterising is changing the world. Unfortunately, it is not changing anything, but simply contributes to a massive collection of opinions that in fact impact nothing and do not create any change whatsoever. The corollary is that any community contribution or activity (or the like) that these folks might have otherwise undertaken in life, never happens, because they mistakenly (and probably without realising it) think they are contributing in equal measure ‘electronically’. Sadly, they are not, and the world is significantly worse off..Version: 8.6

Support is a jokeMy account was hacked by someone and twitter suspended my account (acceptable) and I lost access to all my followers and friends. The hacking was resolved but my account has stayed suspended with an inability to get support to reactivate my account. It is SUPER FRUSTRATING It has been months!! I am unable to create a new account as my mobile number and email is connected and twitter has some smarts when I try to go around this process. Twitter support has not read any of my multiple attempts to resolve this issue so now I am stuck using a sub-par account with no followers or friends. Worst support I have ever experienced in my life to date..Version: 8.45

No illusionsTwitter is great in many ways but it’s just like any of the majors... super suspicious. My ex joined the platform and was banned from tweeting openly, now she can only retweet other people’s stuff without everyone else seeing a ‘this content may be dangerous’ sticker over her tweets. She was banned, not because of the content of the tweets, because they were sweet innocent tweets. We suspected it was because of the people she chose to follow before she made her first tweet. So that’s Twitter for you, but hey bro what do you expect? She’s an African Australian stripper with a bachelors degree and conservative views. I miss her ;).Version: 8.35

Not happy you changed the retweet functionWithout warning, you removed the basic retweet function. Previous I had a choice. I could retweet without commenting. Or I could attach a comment. The first choice allowed me to simply share someone’s tweet with the need to make further comment. I used this function a lot. But you have removed it without consultation. Reducing functionality and choice is rarely a good thing and certainly isn’t this time. Please restore it or at least explain why you removed this feature..Version: 8.41.1

Censorship has become insane - no funIt’s become a political agenda for the Democratic Party. Can’t see any opposing views to democrats or liberals or even China or Saudi Arabia or anything about anything that’s not Hollywood, media or democrats promoted. Like come on we want to see all sides, I’m not here so certain people can toot their own horn and shove their opinion and belief down our throats. Total turn off. Stop telling us what we can see, what we can read, what’s right, what’s wrong. You’re not our parents get over yourselves. You’re also not school, not PubMed or information centre. You’re an entertainment application to kill time when we are bored- that’s it no more. Deactivated and do not recommend your biased annoying intolerant “social” application..Version: 8.19

LISTS!!!I follow a lot of people and it’s hard to keep up with everything I see on my feed. On Instagram, I would have to create multiple accounts to follow people to have my feeds more organised. On Twitter in the other hand, I don’t need to do that as there are lists. Lists are feeds where you are able to add profiles onto it and all their tweets will appear in that list. It’s like creating a separate feed and choosing what you see in it. It’s the best way to organise what you see on social media and I am in love with it. I have a music feed where I chose to add artists I love in there and I can just go there anytime to see what’s going on in their world, and then I have another list for Films. It’s great and this one feature alone made me give this app 5 stars. Twitter has everything else that all other social media have, but even more features..Version: 8.47.1

Good app, but I got kicked out for no reason. Hoping this gets fixed.I got the app, just made my account, and started to search up all the people I wanted to follow. But then suddenly, as I was scrolling down the Gorrilaz’s homepage, for some reason my account got blocked. I looked at the rules for Twitter, and found that I had violated none of them. I don’t know why this happened, and I’ve heard from a lot of people that twitter’s staff are very bad at differentiating what should and shouldn’t be allowed on twitter. Good app, bad staff..Version: 7.34

Recent tweet notification is annoyingThe only reason I didn’t rate five stars is because I keep getting recent tweet notifications from the bureau of meteorology in Australia the day after the weather happens telling me about the weather event. I only want to see the tweets when they are sent (because that’s when they are applicable) not any time later. Please get rid of or at least have the option to disable the recent tweets function. Thank you..Version: 8.42

Just don’t need to read others’ likes or interestsI love Twitter, it’s my way of following news and insights from those whose views I value. I’m not on FB, Instagram or other social media platforms. I just don’t want to see the tweets liked by those I follow, or tweets from people I don’t follow. When this happens, I turn off the app, sometimes go to the web interface (if that allows me to escape the manipulation) and other times read the newspapers I subscribe to or watch TV instead. Simple message!.Version: 8.7.1

RealityPeople Live their Lives bound by what they accept as correct and true. That is how they define "Reality". But what does it mean to be "correct" or "true"? They are merely vague concepts... Their "Reality" may all be a mirage. Can we consider them to be simply living in their own world, shaped by their beliefs? Man seeks peace, yet at the same time yearning for war... Those are the two realms belonging solely to man. Thinking of peace whilst spilling blood is something that only humans could do. They're two sides of the same coin... to protect something... another must be sacrificed..Version: 8.34

App is terribleJust want to keep up with my favourite celebrities and YouTubers but can’t even get past the log in, couldn’t even create an account on the app had to go onto my web browser to do that, then go to log in and it just gets stuck on “authorising”. My good suggestion: gets some tips from maybe Facebook or Snapchat, do what they do, those apps work, which is awesome but I can’t get the same updates from the people I want to see updates from. Twitter is where all the beef happens. Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, all of those apps are just the “hey here’s what I’m doing apps” but Twitter is where the good stuff is and that’s what I wanna see but this app is making it very hard. Pls fix it..Version: 7.51

Questionable new moderationWhile I appreciate Twitter’s attempts at moderating things more closely, it seems that instead of human moderation, Twitter are just running a keyword search over tweets and suspending based on that. My best friend had her whole account deleted for playfully calling her brother a wh**e, and when she raised this as a concern she was immediately shut down and essentially told “too bad, so sad, get off our platform”. Meanwhile, there are people that engage in targeted harassment directly towards me WITH malicious intent, and despite being reported were just warned and they’re still allowed to be active and hateful. Also on a petty note, I keep selecting “latest tweets” for my timeline, and they keep reverting it back over time. I’ve had to switch to “latest” countless times. Please remember my preferences, and stop trying to push your curate timeline onto me..Version: 7.47

If I could I would Rate it -10The mere fact that Twitter are so up themselves, that they believe they have the right to Censor what people think, say and tweet, demonstrates that they are out of Control, just like Facebook. To arbitrarily suspend or close accounts for no other reason than the Account holder breached Twitters so called Community Standards is Authoritarian and shows them for the fascists that they are. They claim they are all about Freedom of Expression yet demonstrate on a daily basis that they believe in exactly the opposite. Everything is fine as long as you play by their rules, but exercise your right to express an opposing view and it’s game over for you! The Twitter Nazis are a disgrace & the sooner Twitter disappears from the Internet the better..Version: 8.69.2

Mentions are screwedLove the service, but your latest update has screwed up some basic functionality. When viewing mentions, in the middle of scrolling through the list, the list jumps to the top and i lose my place. Tweets that have been seen get the background shading indicating that they are new. This bug introduced in the latest update has made the iOS client unworkable for me!.Version: 7.24

Positive impact on my career (one decade on the platform)Twitter helps me grow in my career; I can ask questions to thought leaders, follow the industry trend, and stay in touch with friends I met in the industry. Twitter also helped me getting two jobs that supercharged my career. I have been on the platform for a decade and I am still enjoying it. Overall the platform is fun and contributed to my knowledge growth. I would recommend Twitter to any professionals in the tech industry, but with moderation as there is no need to spend hours on it every day. 30 minutes every two days does the trick..Version: 7.48.5

Twitter gives a wide view of the world.I love Twitter. Yeah, I know ..... but don’t follow those who are negative, insurrectionists, or those out for cheap laughs at expense of others. I’m informed on Twitter by archeologists, historians, travellers, animal lovers, scientists, film and book reviewers, serious journalists, and get to see wonderful photos, maps and sometimes bizarre images I would never see without Twitter. But do fact check and read articles before retweeting. Twitter is like any village. Some people are true and honest, some lie, some try to attract attention by seeming to be outrageous, and a tiny minority are toxit. Avoid the tiny few - or if you see them REPORT..Version: 8.48

Welcome to HellThis app was created by the CIA to sponsor colour revolution in Iran, and has only gotten worse since. It has probably caused more damage and degradation to planetary civilisation than any other single factor since the world wars, on all fronts, cultural, moral, sociological, and material. Using it will corrode your soul and rot your brain, make you immeasurably worse as a person, and prevent you from being able to function in normal society. Five stars, would download again.Version: 8.44.1

Political censorship is rife & one-sidedTwitter is no longer an impartial platform. It has become a tool for propaganda and suppression. I am interested in views from all sides of the political spectrum and like to share interesting posts for discussion from every side... Twitter increasingly censored everything from a certain side, coming to a peak late last year. The abusive violent speak and backlash towards me personally that would accompany any conservative retweets, - never progressive or indeed far-left that I would share, violated their standards regularly yet would never be taken down or flagged by Twitter. Yet in the end my own profile was shut down after sharing posts which spoke impartially about all factual perspectives from both sides to a hot debate late last year. This sort of blatant political censorship is Orwellian, manipulative, brainwashing and infringes on human rights. Sadly, Twitter just simply cannot be trusted anymore, it is best to find an alternative that does not have a political agenda or which seeks to influence or limit your access to information that doesn’t fit in with their personal political views..Version: 8.52.1

Why is Twitter a great MEDIUMHey Twitter is an enjoyable app as it keeps us the people of the world in different societies and cultural backgrounds in touch and up to date with current affairs, trends, issues, likes, dislikes, what’s exceptable in one part of the world and what is not in others. It’s a forum for communication and breaking down barriers of language by being able to use expressions of experiences in different forms may it be via words ( which can be translated and interpreted into different languages), photography, drawings, paintings, fashion, artworks, affirmations, food, shoes, nature, hair, makeup, colour. There is no rules to how we display our interests or choose to communicate only to be kind, politically correct in accepting difference which I love 💖 because I want to learn more and grow from the knowledge of my aesthetics and the world, lifestyles that surround me no matter how close or if it’s oceans apart. We are a diverse multifaceted and cultured world which should be loved, embraced, indulged, encaptured and valued for its beauty and nature of difference and be able to just be in peace side by side. Twitter gives us an opportunity to do that without hate, shame or harm because there’s no place for that kind of behaviour in such a diverse, intelligent and multicultured world!!!.Version: 7.56.5

Humanity need to EvolveThe nice thing about bacteria is that they multiply really fast. But useful if you want to see how evolution works. Put antibiotics on a Petri dish with enough bacteria, and a few days later you’ll find that a lone bacterium, one that happened to be resistant to the drug's effects is now recolonizing the plate. It’s natural selection in action. The reality is that every single living thing on Earth is constantly evolving, at least to some extent. But in species that don't live and die as rapidly as bacteria, it’s hard to see the process in action. Tweeter SM in general another form of Human evolution....Version: 7.49

My prior account was suspendedMy prior account which I used for business and had had for 13 years was banned due to me posting 1 minute drawing videos with background music that wasn’t mine. l got suspended for using it with no way of communicating with a ‘real person’ to sort the matter out. I never claimed the music was mine nor was l getting money for it but I never got a chance to state my case, so that was 13 years of building contacts gone, not to mention that if clients google my name it comes up with a suspended account. Surely we can do better..Version: 8.35

Strange suspicionsTwitter has bugged me several times. My first account was taken down after being hacked by my cousin, and I was locked out of my account, while my name was being dragged under the mud because of his actions. That was unfair, and I told Twitter, I was then rudely told that any further reply I give to them will be considered spam. They didn’t even put my account on private when he was trolling the way he did. Twitter did not care to hear what I had to tell them, and so my account was left the way it was, with people assuming I was the person responsible for all the trolling. This new account that I have now wants my phone number, but I can’t use it because I used it before on my last account. Now I can’t log myself back into Twitter. It is a very unfair social media platform, not to mention the random suspicions Twitter has when you follow a lot of people. I was just starting my account, so of course I’m going to follow heaps of people. Very overrated platform.Version: 7.40

Amazing but there is a problemSince yes I have a phone and stuff but it expired and I can’t go out and get one my parents don’t allow that now bc I logged out of Twitter on accident i can’t log back in cuz it needs my phone number yesterday was fine I wrote this problem once in here but here we go again please fix this ik it’s keeping hackers away but I haven’t even put my phone number hackers can easily put their phone number and what’s the point of it now I can’t log back in I won some giveaways (games stuff) and now I can’t join more and can’t claim >:( I’m kinda angry but overall nice app.Version: 8.80

Used to love it, but no longerEdit Aug 2021: Latest update is even worse than before, with the feed jumping randomly every time it refreshes, with even bigger jumps, so hard to find where you were. But tapping the home button twice no longer updates the feed, have to drag it down to do a manual refresh, which is a backwards step. Also hate the new font, although glad that fleets are gone. Original review: Since apple’s upgrade to ios13, twitter has been broken, and still not fixed. The main problem is that my feed jumps up to the top every time it updates itself, so I lose where I was and have to scroll down pages and pages. And although twitter is aware of the problem and claim they’ve released fixes, I’m still having this problem. The other terrible thing is the introduction of ‘topics”. I used to be able to see Australian news, Australian politics, Australian journalism and Australian non-profits when I tapped on search. Now they’ve disappeared, and a whole lot of random, irrelevant topics have appeared. When I log into personalised topics for my twitter account online, there are a multitude of irrelevant topics selected. Who knows how the algorithm is selecting them, but it’s getting them completely wrong. And if I scroll through them all, de-selecting all the irrelevant ones, a week later a whole lot more irrelevant subjects have appeared in their place. I hate it, and just want to go back to seeing Australian news, politics, journalism and not for profits shown..Version: 8.79

Include Additional FeaturesI love using Twitter, but what I find is missing is the DM voice message function. I know this function is being trialled in a few countries at the moment, but please consider bringing in as a permanent function globally. While it offers to everyone yet is a disadvantage. You will find many users will appreciate and utilise this add-on. What’s also missing? You also need to incorporate an ‘edit’ function when tweeting and sending DM’s. This will also put you in alignment with many other Apps who already incorporate these functions..Version: 8.69.2

The Twitter App, A Gateway To Far HorizonsThe Twitter app is a gateway to the world, the world near at hand and the world far beyond. The Twitter app provides a global reach that is comprehensive and confounding, explorative and educational and offers opportunities to see, hear and feel far beyond our sensory equipment. This app helps us to develop insight into circumstances that are well beyond our own. Of course, the experience can be constructive or destructive and that is a choice we must circumnavigate with care..Version: 8.52.1

Get a better support teamThe app is good and works perfectly. My only problem is your policy and support. In 6 years I’ve had 5 accounts suspended. A few for reasons I understand. But others have done way worse. Last year I saw a video of people being killed on a jungle in South America. That account never got deleted but I posted 1 pic of John Cenas “death” and I got suspended. After that I stopped tweeted memes or anything. Recently my account got deleted again and you didn’t even tell my why. When I tried to get help from your support they never tweeted me back and your website seems to be automated response. Do youse actually care? Definitely doesn’t seem like it. 2 stars.Version: 7.28.2

Show the whole feedThe latest tweets and the “home” tweets appear to have been split. If latest tweets is selected, it doesn’t show liked tweets. Perhaps people I follow haven’t liked something in a while but I don’t think that is the case, however, I have taken a small amount of time to check and this is what I have noticed. My latest tweets feed is very empty. Also, as many others have stated, I don’t care what you think I should see or what you think I’ve missed but the reason twitter has done so well was because of the up to date, unfiltered content. The only reason I joined was because the feed was chronological, now I don’t really see the point to it. It’s basically Facebook lite at this point. Maybe start with not trying to force people to see what you think is appropriate or important, because most of the time its wrong..Version: 7.38.1

Honest thoughts on TwitterTwitter could be comparable to George Orwell’s dystopian nation Oceania in his short story ‘1987’, in that they control everything you hear and say. There is no room for free discussion and there is no room for fun. Twitter is willing to get all antsy and dramatic over tiny details and are willing to take drastic action without looking into the situation. It’s almost as if they are violating the free speech that is the opium of this age, and are instead are filtering out the “bad parts” that they don’t want people to see despite it being either harmless or beneficial to know. It reminds me of the sort of corrupt steps that the USSR took to keep their masses in check. It reminds me of propaganda. No other social platform is this restricting and totalitarian. I would not recommend a social network to anyone if the closest comparable environment to it is a manipulative dictatorship..Version: 8.79

Why I like twitter over other Social MediaThe best thing about Twitter is that you can tune into news from key journalists that you like and not have to read rubbish you don’t need or want to read. You can also engage in commentary without the trolling comments - it can be an all positive experience if that is what you choose. I only follow people (and friends) who share my interests or are of interest to me🤗..Version: 7.51

Can’t do anything not even deactivate my account.I’ve been trying to figure out how to contact Twitter to help me but I can’t find anything. I created an account, I’d say a year ago? Set up a pinned message, description and pfp. Deleted it. Then tried redownloading it I think 4 times. The only thing I could do after that was delete my pinned message. I could click every other button but if I dared try to change something related to my profile (add a tweet, change my pfp, change my header) it would come up with something like ‘Error: Forbidden’. I thought deactivating my account would fix this since I had nothing on my account anyway, so I tried. I can’t even do that. ‘Error: Oops! Try again later’ I’ve been trying for a year..Version: 8.48

Twitter connects thought leadersI started my career in commercial broadcast journalism in Australia in 1985. I was 15, still at secondary school and 5DN 972 was the first radio newsroom in Adelaide to be computerised. My engagement with Twitter is identical to how I would use the news feeds from Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Bloomberg, Australian Associated Press and other wires services. Those stories constantly refreshed, flashing across my screen, and I'd pull the ones relevant to our audience. Today I use Twitter in the same way, but also to engage with the world. Back in 1985, as a young journalist and content maker, I had to go through layers of approvals to broadcast a story to the relatively narrow geographic area we served. Now, with Twitter, I can go live to the world at any time. For insight into what interests me about my country, take a look at #ThisIsAustralia.Version: 7.33.1

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