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Period Tracker, the easiest way to track your health!

*Now supports HealthKit, 3DTouch, TouchID, portrait charts, Advanced TTC Mode (the easiest way to get pregnant by following the homepage timeline’s simple prompted instructions!), and Pregnancy Mode with articles and week-by-week images.

Period Tracker is SIMPLE and CUTE.
* Press a button at the start of your period every month. Period Tracker logs your dates and calculates the average of your past 3 months' menstrual cycles to predict the start date of your next period.
* View your current and future period dates, ovulation and fertile days, moods, symptoms, weight, temp, and fertility notes in a simple month-view calendar.
* Discreet iPhone icon simply reads "PTracker."

* Take daily notes of menstrual symptoms including Spotting, Flow, Cramps, Headaches, Backaches, Bloating, Tender Breasts, and Body Aches!
* Track your weight, temperature and moods (over 30+ moods to choose from!)
* Add custom symptoms and moods
* Charts! Beautiful, comprehensive and handy. Charts show weight, temp, symptoms, period length, cycle length, and more.
* Backup/Restore your data with your online backup and restore account. (works across platforms)
* Homescreen shows your predicted ovulation, eight day "fertile window,” and your cycle day. Great for trying to conceive.
* Pregnancy mode activates countdown to baby's due date and week-by-week articles.
* Protect your privacy with TOUCH ID or with a passcode option that is fast and easy.
* Export your period dates and notes to email for doctor's visits.

Period Tracker is loved by millions of users.
MommaRed - "I really like this application. It is easy to use, easy to track and plan for upcoming events. The recent updates have made it even better. One of my favorite iPhone apps."

Blanczz226 - "This is one of my favorite apps. I use it every month and it's extremely accurate. Worth the $ for sure" - "Period Tracker is the ultimate menstrual mentor. You enter in your info, and it tracks your cycles, letting you keep notes about your activities and well being, all the while using twee 'lil hearts .and flowers to denote important days."

Celstemc - "One of my first apps and I am completely in love with it! Won't use another one like it!! Cute and easy to use!"

Subscription Details
By subscribing to the Period Tracker Patron program you receive additional features. Subscription purchased through the app will be charged to your iTunes account. Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hours before the end of the current period. Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the end of the current period at the cost of $9.99. Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user's Account Settings after purchase. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription.

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Disclaimer: Period Tracker period and fertility forecasts may not be accurate and should not be used to prevent unwanted pregnancy. To forecast ovulation Period Tracker calculates 14 days before the projected start date of one's next period. Forecast accuracy depends on a number of factors including how regular one's cycle length is, when one actually ovulates during the cycle, and how many periods have been logged in the app. Anxiety, stress, diet, nutrition, exercise, environment, medications, age and other factors can also affect one's cycle from month to month.

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Period Tracker by GP Apps App User Reviews & Comments

Perfect for understanding my body betterThis app,(I use the lite version) is perfect for tracking my cycle. I’m approaching menopause and so it’s helped me see trends over the last few years. Very helpful when talking with my Dr. especially when the first question is always “when was the first day of your last m-cycle?” 😂 I also use it to track moods or physical symptoms in the notes section. Plus it estimates the day you will start. I frequently use that to see if my upcoming start date is the reason I want to rip someone’s head off..... or I mean to see if sudden mood shifts are in the mix because of my start date 😉. Super simple. Easy to navigate. Highly useful. Hence the 5 star rating 🤗.Version: 11.0.2

Thank you PT!I logged onto my PT app today and almost teared up reading the message from the founders about providing free Coronavirus resources for app users. I’ve been using this app for 7 years now. It’s been with me through 3 phones, 4 partners, 3 kinds of birth control, a few pregnancy scares, and a bout of PMS-related seizures. It was seeing Susan’s message about COVID-19 that made me realize what a strange little safe space for me this app has been through the years. I’ve come back to it in some of my greatest times of anxiety - sometimes to make notes about health and relationships that have nothing to do with my period - and I’m very, very grateful for the fact that the free version of this app has been such an amazing resource. Thank you!!!.Version: 11.7.1

Simple, accurateI have used the free version of this app for four years and it’s been as reliable as clockwork. It’s been helpful for scheduling events and plans around my cycle, and tracking moods and flow is also helpful dot planning life. I don’t know if the pro version has the functionality of sending out a “mood warning” once you establish when your mood swings (if applicable) occur. If not, I’d love to see that functionality added. Quite often I’ll be in a terrible mood and then check my app and it’ll say “7 days left”. I would love a “mood reminder” to remind me to engage in a little more self care those days. I feel like this app has given me more control over my life and what I can expect, rather than be surprised..Version: 11.7.2

Using for yearsI love this period tracker. I’ve been using it for about 8 years now and It has helped me so much. I take a BC pill so I know when my period is coming, but when I wasn’t on the pill it was very accurate and helped me make sure my periods were “regular”. Which in fact my period was never regular and the more you use your period tracker the more it learns about you. It tells you how many days are in your cycle, when your next period is expected, ovulation, if your period is regular or irregular and so much more! It really is a great app for every woman. Whether you’re just starting out or your trying to conceive it really works great for anyone with a period!! I love that you can track your moods, symptoms, weight and a bunch of other helpful things! They have a pregnancy mode too which seems cool and also a trying to convince mode! I haven’t used those yet so I cannot give an accurate review on those two modes but the regular period tracker is perfect for me! I’ve tried a few others but this one is definitely the best!.Version: 11.7.6

My bestfriend!I have had this app since 2014 and it has been the best thing ever made! It literally has never been off for more than 2 days! Ever single time it hit my period right on the spot! It’s so easy to use and so useful! There are so many options you can include, you can add your intimacy, moods, weight, steps, so many amazing features! I also love the way it keeps track of everything and how you can add a notification the day of, three days before, one day before, etc. This app is amazing and it helps you out so much when you are trying to learn about your fertility period and ovulation! Definitely recommend this app to all the young girls out there that need to keep track of their menstrual cycle! Also, they’ve added this new option where you can add your spouse or partner so they can also see your logs and stuff, so cuuute!.Version: 11.5

Long Time User! Works Well!I’ve been using this app now for a few years. It’s very accurate and even when I’ve gotten new phones it’s always uploaded my previous months etc. I really like how it allows you to select symptoms and moods as well as add notes. You can add in and keep track of intimate moments. It could stand to allow more options to choose from or allow multiple selections but no big deal — Those options probably comes with the Premium version. I’ve been using the free version for a while. It is VERY VERY accurate for me. My cycle stays comes on and ends as my calendar states. My ovulation and fertile weeks are VERY accurate! I’ve tried many apps but this app is the BEST FREE & MOST ACCURATE APP I’ve used ever..Version: 11.7.6

8 year anniversaryI love this app, this app has changed my life for nearly a decade. This app has been dead on or almost right when my period is coming and when it’s over. I update the app twice a month 1. when my period is here and 2. when my period is over. I check the app maybe 3/4 times a month. This app has given me a deeper insight into my own body. I was able to see why I was cramping around the middle of my cycle, I was ovulating. The app has had its questionable moments. I experienced having a missed period of 3 days, but on my other apps I was on schedule. However, I would still recommend this app to anyone..Version: 11.7.6

Been using for several years!I started using this app in 2013 to keep track of my periods, and then stopped in 2015 when I started birth control (because I wasn’t having periods). Ever since getting off birth control I’ve used it every single month since January 2016! There are so many features to track different things about your cycle that you can use without even buying the premium features. I’ve never paid a dime for this app, and it’s worked so well for me. Now I’m TTC, and it has a TTC mode that helps you track BBT, CM, CP, and keep track of symptoms, moods, negative/positive pregnancy tests, and so much more. This app has helped me learn a lot about my cycles these past few years and though I may start to use this app in conjunction with other fertility apps, I don’t see myself ever not using this app. It’s never failed me and it’s always been so easy to navigate..Version: 11.4.2

Not a good app if you have irregular periodsI got this app because it gets such great reviews. Apparently it’s a good app only if you have normal period cycles. I don’t. It predicts when your next period will be and when that date comes, it automatically starts your period whether your period has actually started or not. This is very frustrating for me because I’ll look back the past few months to see when I last had a period, but it will have automatically logged a period I know I didn’t have. For example, I’ll know I didn’t have a period at all for a specific month, but it will have automatically logged a period that simply didn’t happen. I’ve looked at the settings several times to see if this is something I can turn off but I didn’t see anything like that. If it’s something you can turn off, it’s certainly not easy to find. Since my periods are so irregular it’s important that they are accurately recorded because otherwise I forget when I had them as time goes by and I don’t use this app when I’m not menstruating. It’s one thing for an app to predict your period, it’s quite another for it to log it for you. What’s the point of tracking YOUR period if it does that?? Makes no sense. I don’t recommend this app..Version: 11.7.6

Married 23 yearsI’m not using the tracker for fertility. This is the tool I use as a barometer for my marriage. With two kids and a two full time jobs, it’s hard to keep track of intimacy. Using this tracker has led me to know that (for us anyway) less than 12 intimate days a month leads to tension. I kept this stat to myself for a while, but when I realized it was predictive for us I looped in my husband. When we had 2 months in a row less than 12 he said “ we gotta get out of here!” Two nights away and we were back on track. Now, if we start to get snippy with each other we look at the app and- yep - time to focus on us. 5 Stars - Absolutely!.Version: 11.3

This App has changed my Life!I had a friend tell me about this app, and I am seriously glad she did. It has helped me in so many ways!!! Super accurate!!! I was getting migraines every PMS, the app helped me anticipate when the migraines might come on, but it also helped me change my diet to the point where now my migraines are almost completely gone. Also by tracking my periods I found out that my patterns were much shorter than they should be, and through that found out about some vitamin deficiency’s I had and have addressed with supplements since. There is so much more, but too much to say. My PMS is soooo much better (almost gone like the migraines) and I really attribute a lot of it to this app. Thank You!.Version: 11.7.6

Accurate and SimpleI love this app. I have been using it for close to 8 years now? Maybe longer, as I have switched phones and re-entered my data. The ease of use is seriously amazing. It is impossible not to figure this out within a minute or two. It has been 98% accurate for me, and out of 7 - 8 years, I would say that is a pretty great statistic. The only times it was wrong was when I was under a ton of stress, which obviously affects the timing of your period. That was clearly no fault of the app, and it was still very useful to know how late I was exactly. I love the ability to be able to plan around my cycle, notate feelings/symptoms, and even track intimacy if you're trying to get pregnant or the opposite, hahaha. This is an incredibly useful app, and everything you could ever need comes in the free version. What more could you ask for?.Version: 10.2

One of the best decisions I have ever made!!I downloaded this app upon the recommendation of my friend. And boy am I impressed!! I used it for over a year to track my menstrual cycle. Came in handy knowing when my period was expected and answering the “when was your last menstrual cycle” question at the doctor. Lots of great tools to track symptoms and moods etc. It’s very customizable. Just generally very useful, responsible info for any woman. When my husband and I decided to try and conceive I used the app to tell me when I was fertile and ovulating. The app even lets you switch to TTC (trying to conceive) mode. They send you emails that give you lots of great info and ways to increase your chances to get pregnant. Well... it didn’t take long! Using the data I had collected on this FREE iPhone app I got pregnant on my very first try. Pretty impressive. Depending on how accurate you have been keeping your data and your own physiology you may have a different experience but it totally worked for me. Now I have it switched to pregnancy mode! It has info about how far along you are and what to expect. Links to great resources and lots of great comforting advice. Downloading this app has turned into one of the best decisions I have ever made!! Baby is due Sept 2018. ☺️.Version: 9.8.3

Using for 5+ YearsI heavily rely on this app to track my period and symptoms to help me evaluate where I am in perimenopause/menopause. I have been using it since 2012 and I don’t know how I would live without it. It allows me to plan around my cycle, jot down weird symptoms, and monitor my regularity. There’s lots of features to help those tracking their ovulation or just adding notes, symptoms, or mood changes on certain days. It also calculates your cycle length for you, month to month and predicts your start and end dates in a calendar format. It’s user-friendly and very helpful! I would highly recommend it to all the women out there. It’s free too, so you can try it on for size. :).Version: 10.2

It works..It works for what I need it to.. It helped me ever since before I found out I was pregnant.. I have been using this app for 5 years or so now.. I used to struggle with addiction & just had a bad car accident which involved getting my spleen removed, & since my body has been through so many changes ever since i have gotten clean & have certain health issues my cycle is very wonky but it’s still pretty accurate for the most part. sometimes I might forget to track a month because I get so busy or just don’t remember & I try my best to put the estimated date so that could possibly throw it off. When I was in BC, it was spot on with my cycle 👍🏻 But when it comes down to it, I love how I can track how i’m feeling, my headaches, my mood, everything is good for having when I go to my well woman’s check ups! I’d recommend this app to a friend. Very simple to use. Really no complaints here..Version: 10.2

A Little AgitatedI’m frustrated with this app. I’ve been using it ever since I got my period when it was completely free. Then my husband and I were trying to conceive, we used the app again but paid for the deluxe version of it. Now, I have to pay again but paying $9.99 a year. I understand there have been a lot of upgrades and there are more perks. It’s just annoying and frustrating to have to Pay money to be able to interact and have the ability to ask other women questions. Also, I’m paying for the ability to see common occurrences during the month when originally that was free also. It’s a great app, but not for people who have been using it from the beginning. It kind of feels like a rip off..Version: 11.7.1

PerfectI’ve been using this app since 2014. My periods are very irregular, and this app has helped me track them, and try to figure out why. I can’t always predict when they will happen, or how long they will be, but I can come close, and use the information with my doctor. This app is so simple to use, and has just the right number of features. It integrates with the health app on my iPhone so I can have all my health information in one place, even though I love the seamless way the data is stored, and features, on this app. At some point, I really should buy the full version, just to show support to the company that has made P Tracker Lite, and helped me out so much..Version: 9.9.1

Great app, smart enough to figure out weird cyclesI like this app. I originally got it just to figure out when I needed to switch to wearing “period undies” each month. But as it turns out, I have some serious mood symptoms tied to the arrival of my period, and my doctor and I were able to discern that crucial information from the use of this app. Additionally, this app has been able to self-adjust to my weirdly long menstruation (drawn out so long by my birth control). Instead of trying to tell me that my period is only seven days, this app quickly adjusted to my elongated cycle after only one month of data. Yay! So good on you, Period Tracker! You know what? I’m going to go ahead and buy the full version now just because this app has been so helpful..Version: 9.9.1

Fabulous Tool to have in your pocketI am 54 years old and during the past year I went through my menopause where my period stopped. My periods were very regular but they were getting either very heavy or very very light so this was helpful to track my symptoms during perimenopause. I have use this period tracker to track my physical and emotional symptoms for probably five years now and it has been so helpful to see a pattern or some kind of triggers each month. It also helps me to know how often I’ve been intimate with my husband of over 30 years. He often would say to me, “well it’s time to update your app“😁. I would totally recommend this app and it’s free! Your regular computer variable.Version: 11.7.6

Period tracker app thoughtsIt’s not 100% accurate of course because your be all over the place before after sometimes during the time it actually give but besides that it do its job as for as tracking and I like that I can take notes 📝 on my mood I personally haven’t tried to get pregnant using the app so I can’t give a review on that part so basically I’m saying it’s a good app but I did rate 4 stars and not five because I not using the app for greatest chances of getting pregnant 🤰🏿 and it’s off sometimes 🤷🏽‍♀️ sorry off topic but the age range for this app should be taken away because I know girls that started their cycle at 8 and use this app family members and friends me personally I was 11.Version: 11.7.6

Thank youI'm an inconsistent person at best, but I am consistent with this app. These days, everyone keeps their phone with them, so it's easy to remember to log in and track your period. For me, it was an early warning that I had endometriosis. My periods were irregular, and I experienced an abnormal amount of pain during my cycle. Menstrual cycles for most women operate like clockwork and are relatively painless. I hope that the knowledge regarding what women with endometriosis suffer from grows, so that more of us can learn about the diagnosis before it's too late. Thanks to the Period Tracker team for giving me an opportunity to better track my cycle so that I could see there was a pre-existing problem I knew nothing about! Maybe your app could also encourage more awareness regarding health related topics in regards to a woman's cycle for reasons just like mine. With knowledge comes power, and thus, greater responsibility. Let's help our fellow women!!!.Version: 9.9.1

LOVEI love this app so much! I just have the free version, but if you set up an account and remember to log your periods every month— you always have a track on your periods. I’ve used this app when going to the doctor and they ask when your last period was, or to see my average cycle time to see when I’m probably ovulating. The app predicts your future cycles based on all previous cycles so you don’t have to do any work. All you have to do is go on the app to see how many days til your next period and what day it starts so you’re ready. And if you do get a new phone, you can transfer all the data to it. If you have irregular periods it’s a great way to track it and see if there is a pattern of some sort between your cycles. I highly recommend this app!.Version: 11.0.2

Best FREE menstrual cycle app!!Love this app and have recommended it to all my friends. So much easier than tracking it myself in my calendar. This app calculates and lets you know your expected start date, guesstimated fertile days and ovulation day. Love that you can add notes and symptoms to each day and enter the days you were intimate and whether or not you used protection. I have downloaded many similar apps in the past to try out and see if I’d like them better, needless to say I deleted each one within 24 hours. I highly recommend this app to all women. There is even an option for you to share your info on the app with your significant other..Version: 11.1.2

Makes Periods As Painless As A Period Can BeI used to wear panty liners for days, or be flustered and frustrated by not knowing if my periods were regular or not. I’d count 21 days, 28 days, 23, whatever days between periods; I didn’t think I had a regular cycle. I’m in my early 20’s, so I assumed that my body just hadn’t figured it out yet. This app has been right EVERY TIME with when I’m supposed to start my period, and I’ve been using it for 4 months! I don’t waste panty liners now, I don’t stress about wondering if I’m going to spontaneously start my period on a trip when I’m not prepared for it, nothing! This app can’t take away period cramps, but it takes all the other pain out of having a period. :).Version: 11.3

Great!I started using this app because I had just switched to a non-hormonal IUD and needed to track when my periods started. Unsurprisingly, the app needs to get used to your body before becoming accurate, but after after about...five months? it becomes crazy accurate. It’s very helpful and I can see into the future when my period is gonna start. It’s been helpful and I love it! You can also go to the calendar and use some of the features there as well. Plus! I’d recommend signing up for an account so that they have a backup of your period info and you don’t need to start all over. It was pretty convenient when I got a new phone and the app was still accurate because of its most current backup. If you’re willing to check the app, press a button to start and stop your period days, and see the dates your period is projected to start, it’s a great app..Version: 11.1.2

Great for a period trackerI have used this app for years to track my period and it’s good, but for a pregnancy tracker it is laughable. The advice for dad is absurd and clearly written by a man or completely clueless woman. I particularly liked the week where it talks about needing to buy a wall calendar to keep track of all the stuff that your partner used to remember for you but now is too forgetful due to pregnancy (if only there was a small handheld computer device that could do this for the poor helpless partner). Week 34 just told my partner to make sure to have a list of phone numbers because many hospitals don’t allow cell phones...which is absolutely not true. These app developers need to find someone better to write these or just stick to what they know-menstrual algorithms..Version: 11.7.2

Very good appOkay, here’s the deal. 15 years ago cancer forced the removal of my cervix and uterus, so I don’t actually have periods anymore. I still have ovaries though, and after all this time they’ve finally woke up and decided on one last hurrah as peri-menopause sets in. The menopause tracking apps I tried are a farce, so I am using this Period Tracker app instead. It’s quite helpful in tracking ovulation and hormone craziness. I really like that the app allows you to add additional symptoms and moods. The app is well-designed, easy to use and simple to understand. It’s cute too! Most of all, however, it’s everything I wanted in a menopause app - without the sanctimonious hippy crap..Version: 11.1.2

Good with minor glitchesThis app is pretty good, but has a couple of minor glitches. Additionally, it’s always trying to get me to upgrade to their Deluxe version, which I have to pay for, but since I’m not certain it won’t have the same glitches... not sure I want to pay. Glitch #1: my monthly “entries” won’t automatically update on my iPad using this exact same app! I have to ‘export’ information each month, then ‘import’ in iPad in order to track on both devices. Or enter info separately on both. It would be nice to have information automatically update on all devices; especially since my log-in is the same! Glitch #2: since I’m peri-menopausal, my periods are very sporadic and inconsistent. If it lasts more than 8 or 9 days, it automatically wants to end it for me, and when I open the app, it starts to display “Period Just Started” even if I’m STILL ON IT. It’s very annoying because I then have to trick it into tracking correctly, but it only does so AFTER I enter the actual “end date”. Other than that, it’s usually quite accurate with its projected start dates, but not too accurate with peri-menopausal cycles..Version: 11.0

Great AppI just love this app! I’ve been using it for at least 7 yrs, possibly longer...2010, maybe. It keeps getting better and better the more I investigate and realize all it actually does. I have always used the free version, but thinking about doing the Patron version just because I’m so impressed with the app and I’d like to support the developer. The ads with free version are not obnoxious and still has a ton of capabilities! Integrates with Apple Health App and/or FitBit. They will be coming out with a diet tracking integration soon to help you eat Keto, too. One thing to note is that you have to be diligent about inputting your period start and end dates accurately as that changes your averaged cycle length. Which messes up your fertility window for tracking ovulation, and if that’s your primary birth control method, like ours, then it’s a potential problem. But, the app is quite good at discounting those months that your data entry was less than accurate and making adjustments for cycle irregularities. I’ve been having some health issues and it allows me to track symptoms, moods, weight, temperature, water intake, exercise, calorie intake and make other notes...which I use to track my blood pressure and blood sugar readings. Just a really great overall health diary that provides your doctor with great insight into your overall health. Highly recommend!.Version: 11.0.1

GREAT APP!I have never been one to track or pay much attention to my cycle. Even going to dr appts showed my lack of interest every time they asked "when was your last period?" I could almost never answer this question:) I downloaded this app for my boyfriend because he said I can get so moody and it would help him if I gave him a heads up on PMS a week before so he is prepared to brush it off. We love this App! Now even I am able to check my moodiness at the door just for knowing that it is due to PMS that week, which also helps remind me to be proactive in food & drink choices. We can even better plan our trips out of town too! Get this app!.Version: 11.1.2

No Response from Customer SupportThe tracking function is pretty straightforward and has plenty of helpful details. The only glaring negative about Period Tracker is that there doesn’t seem to be any customer support. I was considering upgrading to premium or at least doing the 14-day trial. However, when I wrote to customer support over a week ago with questions, there was absolutely no response. I tried writing to them again a few days later, but this time via the messaging page on their website. Still no response. Naturally, I decided against the upgrade since I’m not confident that any customer support would be available to help if I ran into issues or had account questions that are not listed in the FAQs..Version: 11.7.2

Changed my lifeThis app helps me manage my PMDD and the data you are able to enter has been incredibly useful. It's been pretty accurate in terms of period start dates, as well. I think the only thing I could use would be the ability to set a reminder to start taking medicine in the pre-menstrual period. Sometimes when I'm not keeping track of the date, I'll start feeling depressed, check the app, and sure enough it's that time again. Even with slightly irregular cycle lengths, P Tracker has seemed to adjust and average correctly. Maybe I shouldn't be so surprised and impressed by this, but I am. Thank you, P Tracker! I think it's been three years now that I've had the app and I'm still 100% satisfied..Version: 9.8.1

Great app, customizable, helpful-trip planning!I originally downloaded this app because I wanted to track certain behaviors with relation to my cycle. Specifically, back pains and those days I just got so frustrated. Sure enough, they were usually a few days before my cycle. What I love about this app is how customizable it is. It has a variety of little icons and pictures, and you can track anything you want from chocolate cravings to headaches. I used a little picture of a whale to track when I started feeling bloated. I just noticed they have a little corked wine bottle with incrementally more bubbles in it to represent constipation. How could you not love that? I have since had an ablation (procedure for those done with childbirth with extremely heavy periods, it scars uterus lining so it doesn't build up so heavy) and now have my period much less frequently. The app has successfully mapped my new, longer cycle with accuracy. I imagine this app would be extremely useful to someone trying to conceive, or just track their fertility. I also use it to check ahead and see whether any future vacations or work functions will be impacted. Whether I need to pack anything, etc..Version: 9.6

A Good App, Period :)I’ve been using the free version of this tracker since middle school and I am now on my way to college, and I still love it! It’s very reliable and gives accurate dates of when your next period will start (especially if you’ve used it consistently for a few months!) Obviously it’s not always 100% accurate because your body does what it does on its own time, but it gives a fairly decent prediction on when your next period will come and most of the time my period comes around the time it estimates. This app is also very easy to use and understand-plus, it’s fun to input symptoms/moods at the end of a day :).Version: 11.3

Awesome appUPDATE: There is now a pregnancy mode AND a TTC (trying to conceive) mode. THANKS for adding these much needed features. I’ve upgraded my rating to 5strs because of this. Original review: Great app - I have been using or for a few years...until I got pregnant last year. There was no setting to record that in the app, so I didn't enter any data for 9 months. Now it thinks my cycle is 180 days (or something ridiculous like that) and I can't fix it. Kind of annoying, as I'd like to keep tracking with accurate data & time frames now that I'm not pregnant anymore. Please fix, or I may have to switch to another app that will record my data correctly..Version: 9.6

Simple to UseI have been using the free version of this app for a few years now. It is useful to track my menstrual cycles, common symptoms, moods, and it is discreet on my phone’s screen. The app also provides short, interesting articles about topics revolving around the menstrual cycle. I highly recommend using this app; it retains long-term information that is helpful for me to identify patterns and I usually take notes on it that I can refer to during doctor visits. Update: I am using the Pregnancy Mode since we found out we’re expecting. It has interesting information on how you and the baby are growing and feeling each week that passes by. I wish I can zoom into the different images they use for each week the baby grows; the details are a bit small. Overall, a great app!.Version: 11.6

P-Tracker has been helpfulHave used this app for years, maybe up to 3 years and has taken the stress off me trying to keep track. When I have a doctor’s appointment it always feel good and I am confident to give them the last period date because I am so sure. I also have been disciplined to go to app and make the date if it falls on a date different from P-Tracker. Another value this app has brought to me is having to understand my body changes better. When I am feeling a bit off, I go to p-tracker and realize oh my period is almost here so most likely the reason for the feelings experience so I don’t have to be worried or anxious it’s something else. And most of the time , it’s correct..Version: 11.7.6

Great App Needs ImprovementThis app is a very helpful app. I like how it doesn’t limit your period to an average like most apps do. This app is great in that it can not only track regular periods but it is great for people who have irregular periods, like myself. However I have recently started taking birth control and I would like more versatility when it comes to birth control. Most people who take birth control take it every single day, so it would be more convenient if it would automatically track your birth control without having to enter it manually. If this update is made there still should be an option to manually change it, in case of changes or forgetting to take it. Overall this app is great but I’d love to see more options for birth control!.Version: 9.9.1

Used for 7 yearsI got this app back in high school and it has followed me through many states, sexual experiences, and health issues. This app makes it extremely easy to track your health over long periods of time. When I started getting more sexually active I used this as a good tracker of the people I encountered and then further used it to track health issues that affected my flow, symptoms, and length of my period. I’ve changed devices 4 times and each time it’s a little difficult to get the same information but once I’ve entered in the right account I get my information all the way back to my first few periods..Version: 11.7.6

Great free app! 😀This app was suggested to me by a friend, and I am really happy I downloaded it. It helps me track my period dates, symptoms, etc. accurately, so I can free up my memory for other important things! Also it is very helpful when I go to doctor’s offices and I can answer their questions accurately rather than struggling to remember when my last menstrual period was! As student, I deeply appreciate how this app is free and doesn’t cost me anything and the free version is sufficient for me now since I use it to track and predict my period dates, duration and symptoms and I am not sexually active. Additionally for a low cost, one can get additional features that some of my friends have found useful as they are trying to conceive or not trying to get pregnant. I have recommended this to my other friends and I would continue to highly recommend it! :).Version: 10.2

Love itI’ve been using this tracker for years now. It saves everything and seems to be extremely accurate. I typically get bloated about 8 days before my period, or every time I get bloated and think “it must be my period coming on,” I check the app out and it always says 8 days away. Love that it basically tells me I know my body. Of course, sometimes your period is not exact, so every now and again I’m off; usually its due to stress, or when I started my new job and was around many different women, we were all getting our periods aligned I guess (true story!). Anywho, I haven’t used any other tracker, but that’s because this one was great from the start, so why would I change now..Version: 11.7.1

Thank you so much!!I’ve been using this app for years. This app navigated me into my first pregnancy and it didn’t stop there! As a first-time expecting mother I anticipated reading the articles and tid-bits of info given weekly to comfort and alert the mommy-to-be as to what stage of development baby is in and what she can expect in reference to physical and emotional changes. It even gives a few tips for Dad! PT has been a Godsend! Thank you so much for the consideration and effort that you’ve put into this tool which is currently more than a tool and more like a companion 😊 It’s been 6 months since I wrote the first review. I have experienced so much comfort and reassurance from the PT “My Pregnancy” app. There has been times when I felt there was no one but the writers at PT who knew exactly what I was feeling (physically and/or emotionally), and was willing to offer words of encouragement, tips and strategies, and direction for assistance directly to Dad. I took comfort in the diagrams/pictures each week. They were reassuring during the extensive periods of time with no ultra-sound; they provided insight to some of the physical discomforts I experienced. Finally, I absolutely LOVE the insight, guidance and heads up portion written for Dad. I shared a screenshot with him each week and he appreciates the guidance and tries to meet the expectations set for the week/month. Thanks so Much PT! I wish you could guide me through the parenting process 😂.Version: 11.6

Love it!So this app came out originally when I was like in high school or middle school, and I was like my sister tracks hers maybe I should. When I first got this all all it was, was a calendar where you can put the days you had sex, when your period started, and your symptoms. Now it’s all sorta of updated and AMAZING! I love it, I’m glad I downloaded it again as an adult (24 years old now). I’m super excited to keep up on everything through this one simple app. People reading this is probably like oh look another paid person to write a review, I swear to God, ala or on a grave what ever you believe in that I’m not paid I’m just super happy with this app, even when not paying for a member ship it still gives access to things like short work outs and such ❤️.Version: 11.7.1

It works great for me!!I’ve used this app for years and it tracks my cycle perfectly. Knows the exact day I’m going to start, predicts it either spot on or I begin my cycle a day or two before/after. But usually it’s spot on. Like today the app says “0 days left” - meaning I’m supposed to begin my cycle today - and sure enough, this morning in bed before sunrise my cramps woke me. I mainly use the app to chart the first/last days of my period and any bizarre bodily things that rarely occur (I can type personal notes into the days). I also LOVE using it to chart when I’ve had unprotected sex, taking advantage of the fertile “window” that the app shows me, based on my cycle. While each body is unique, this app has been an easy tool to give me a better understanding of my body. Highly recommend it! (For fertility charting I recommend also getting a special thermometer to take your temp every day so you can be certain you know when you ovulate).Version: 11.1.2

Doesn’t sell your dataI’ve been using this app for easily 5+ years, mostly to track my period. When I was single and *ahem* dating around I would also use it to keep track of when I had been intimate with someone. The estimated start day of your next period is pretty accurate in my experience- usually within 1-2 days unless I have a really wacky month (which seems to happen to me about once a year). Even then the prediction algorithm seems to recover quickly. Within the last year I came across an article about how most period tracking apps sell your data, which is horrifying for something so personal and sensitive. The writers found only a few who did not, and I was relieved to see P Tracker was one of them! Now I’m afraid to switch to anything else lol, which suits me just fine since I love it anyway..Version: 11.7.6

Best app out there!I downloaded a few period tracker apps in the past and have found this is my favorite. It is very user friendly and you can back up your information online. I love the fact that you can express how you were are feeling( moody, happy, etc..) to check and see how each month is the same or different. I kept track of all of this an when I became pregnant I was able to tell the doctor an exact date because I had certain details on my phone from this app. Thank you so much for making y life easier, more organized and just a little less stressed. Thanks!!.Version: 11.7.1

Great period tracker not good ovulation predictorI have been using this app for 6 years now and it’s always correct on my period days. Which is wonderful because I can prepare for my period and know before it’s coming. Sometimes it’s 1 day off but that is it and that’s cause my period will come late here and there. Now as for the ovulation predictor I’m a little frustrated I trusted this app for that. We were trying to get pregnant for a year now and been using this app to predict ovulation. Silly me I FINALLY went and bought ovulation tests and I ovulate WAY before this app says I do. I know this isn’t the case for most woman as my ovulation is irregular. But this app should say that the ovulation predictor doesn’t work for everyone and that if your trying to get pregnant you should get ovulation tests and not trust the app for it. After a year of trying and trying I got the ovulation tests and now I am pregnant after 1 month. I’m frustrated at the app but mostly at myself for not getting the tests sooner. Please if you are trying to get pregnant get the ovulation tests, you can get packs of them online for super cheap and it’s worth it! Well good luck ladies!.Version: 11.0.1

Love itVery useful and predicts fairly accurately (depending on the person of course). Provides different ‘notes’ so you can log how you feel/your symptoms (pms, cramps, headache, spotting, flow heaviness, etc., simply press ‘addnote’ then ‘symptoms’ then the symptom you want to choose) and has estimated ovulation, future period, intimate, and so much more. Lets you stay on top of everything, and helps you get to know your cycle better which is really helpful. In terms of looks, it is very aesthetic and girly (has a cute flower and butterfly cartoony style—so adorable, it has a nice light-hearted feel to counteract the bad feelings associated with periods) if you’re concerned about that. They also have a ‘pregnancy’ and ‘trying to conceive’ feature. I 100% recommend. I personally have no complaints :) <3.Version: 11.1.2

ConfusingTo begin with this app has great potential. I have only a few complaints about it. Just so you understand where I am coming from, I am 13 years old and I got my first period. I was looking for an app that is not super confusing and I can easily enter stuff and understand really easily. I feel like this app is just super busy and when you are trying to navigate it you easily just get lost. I feel like it needs something when you first get the app where is explains where to get/ find stuff within the app. Another annoying thing about it is that on the calendar it shows “past periods” but like for me, there is no past periods because this is my first. There needs to be a first period option and that way it can kinda predict how your next period might turn out etc. Overall this app is one of the best ones I could find. I just have those few complaints. And I think that this app has great potential, and again it is one of the best ones I have seen..Version: 11.7.2

Keeps me on track!If you’re looking for a way to keep track of your period and all that entails, this is the app for you! I realize that sounds like something a robot might say, but I am a real person and I use this app regularly. I’ve had this app for at least 7 years and I love it. The fact that it’s free makes it even better! I know it has a lot of great options for keeping track of everything a woman might need to keep track of, but I use it purely for tracking my cycle. I can keep notes on anything I like, which I think is great. This way if I know I’m feeling a little “off” and I think it may be hormone related, there’s a way to confirm that. I never have to remember when I’m at the doctor when my last period was because...”there’s an app for that!”.Version: 11.7.1

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Great appVery happy with the app. Only suggestion is to have the option for a notification to remind me to put the period end date as often I forget this until I go to enter in my next months start date. Otherwise fantastic app I have recommended to many..Version: 11.1.2

Love it!Have used this app for so many years and my two teenage daughters are now using the app too. An easy great way to track your cycle that helps you be more conscious of your body. Highly recommend it!.Version: 11.1.2

Excellent appI’ve been using this app for a long time. It knows my body better than me (: Really helps me to keep track of my data. Very useful and I highly recommend..Version: 11.5

Best tracker app! (7 years of using it so far)I started using this ap back in 2012. I’ve used others along the way (pulled by shiney interfaces etc) but never found them as useful as this one. It’s so easy to look back at cycles past and forward to ones coming. By far my favourite!.Version: 11.5

Great to track hormonal changesGreat App to keep track of that time of the month. So many extra little features to discover especially if you need to start tracking any hormonal patterns in your overall health and well-being..Version: 11.1.2

Best app for tracking periodsThis app is awesome! I use it regularly to see when my next period will be. It learns patters such as delays and adjusts so that it is pretty accurate mostly in its depiction of the next expected flow. Love the emotion trackers as well..Version: 9.9.1

Excellent appKeeps track of all the things you need, without having to upgrade to the "pro" version and pay money. Definitely love love love this app and would be lost without it. Update Sept. 2017 still a fantastic app.Version: 9.6

My best friend.There are very few apps I can truly say I cannot live without. This is one of them. Thank you PTracker. You are reliable, simple to use and have been my longstanding friend for many many years. 👍✨💕.Version: 10.1

Simple Easy and ReliableThink this app is amazing when it helps indicate when you’re period is coming, and other functions relating to that time of the month. I like how simple it is. And sending reminder when it’s almost due. Super easy and user friendly..Version: 11.1.2

Super HelpfulIt’s really simple and affective. You can add your symptoms, moods and more it gives you a clear showing of when your period will be on the calendar and you can even have a password. There are other things such as articles with info about how to help with things such as cramps and exercises and health challenges. It’s great for all ages and for girls who got there first period it isn’t stressful with this app..Version: 11.7.6

Icloud compatible?I have five years of history on this app but can’t get the history onto my new phone as it doesn’t show up on iCloud back up. Is this something to consider for the next update or have I missed something.Version: 10.2

Really goodI thought that this was a really good app and it’s really helpful and easy to use. I like how you can make notes of your moods and symptoms and note the intensity of them. It sends me a reminder when my period is due and it’s good to know because it explains why I’m feeling this way or that. Definitely would reccomend using..Version: 11.7.5

Simple and effective appThis app is handy for tracking the date and duration of your period as well as giving you the ability to add in relevant notes each day (e.g. hormonal changes, moods etc). It will calculate days between your cycle and project the date of your next cycle. When you’re trying to conceive it’s helpful as you can see when your fertile window is. And once pregnant, switch your setting over and get an info-packed, week by week pregnancy guide, due date information and more!.Version: 11.4.3

Awesome app!I’ve used this app for years and never had a problem. It’s easy to use and can calculate when you get your period with a margin error of 1 or 2 days so you’re prepared for it!.Version: 10.1

HandyI’ve used this app for years and find it handy. Even if your cycle isn’t like clockwork at least it can give you an idea of where you’re at. One improvement suggestion- rather than use only the last three periods to work our cycle length please use ALL recorded cycles. One of the first questions a midwife / dr asks when you get pregnant is how long is your cycle? This helps determine due date. Three entries is not enough data for an average of any type. This causes mine to swing wildly and doesn’t give me an average at all. I think a lot of improvements could be made to the look and layout of the app too, it feels a bit old and clunky, but still five stars as it’s a free app and it’s useful to me..Version: 9.9.1

Very helpfulLove it - been using it for years and find it really helpful having a record of my cycle history as well as knowing when to expect my next period. This information has been particularly useful in light of looking for patterns with regards to health issues..Version: 11.0.2

Reliable and easy to useUsed this app for over 6 years, the app is super easy to use and has all the information you need. The back-up feature is also great as I’ve never lost my data..Version: 11.2

Love this app!It is so helpful to track your period and stores a fair bit of cycles. It is also helpful to track conception dates and you can make notes on each day. I have used this app for nearly 5 years now..Version: 11.1.2

P trackerPersonally, I really like p tracker because it keeps up to day with all of ur periods, ovalations and it also tracks whilst ur having ur peridot and when ur going finish it. You can also use p tracker to take notes and ur weight and much more. I defienetly recommend!.Version: 11.7.6

It’s great!I’ve used this app for about 8-10 yrs! It’s great to can enter as much or as little notes as needed. It’s pretty accurate with my ovulation also which helps me manage things as I’m not on any contraceptive medications..Version: 11.4.3

Thank you!Thank you for a fantastic app - it was a massive help in tracking to be able to conceive my little man. We're trying for number 2 now, and I'm using the app again....!.Version: 11.7.2

P Tracker liteI’ve used this for years (since April 2011!) just to track my period cycle & I’ve never had an issue with it. It’s very accurate, never glitchy, never crashed & I’ve synced it from one device to another several times without issue. I’m now starting to move towards peri menopause & this app gave me the first solid clue on my dramatically changing cycle..Version: 11.3

Been using it for yearsBeen using it for years. Reliable, easy to use, does what it’s supposed to (capture the data you put in it). Helpful when I need to give my GP specific dates and details..Version: 11.3

Period Log confusingI’ve used this app for years and really like it but an update that happened a year or so ago has made the period log a bit confusing for me. On the day you get your period it predicts the cycle length for the following month by saying (expected) and then shows a number of days that it predicts. Whereas for me, the day I get my period should indicate how long that cycle length just was. For example if I get my period on June 10, next to June 10 on the log it should show the cycle length from my period that happened in May. Not the one that is expected to happen in July. Though I like a predictive date, it just confuses me where it’s placed in the log. Why not have the (expected) date in a section next to the following month?.Version: 9.9.1

Great app to follow your cycleIt might not be the exact day you’re ovulating so always good to check with strips, but it’s great to see a window of time, make notes and track your next period.Version: 11.4.3

Great little app!Easy to use to keep track on my period, ovulation date, fertile date etc. The pregnancy mode has a lot of useful information, we find this very handy. Highly recommend this app for those who likes keeping on track with periods, trying to conceive & during pregnancy..Version: 9.8.3

Excellent AppI’ve been using this app for around 3years now. It has been super accurate at determining my cycle. I’ve had two other types before this and this on is by far the best in features and tracking for a free app. Great work!.Version: 11.0.2

Only using the free versionHappy with how well it works though. Literally only use it to track start days and it’s always either spot on or within a day of when I actually start..Version: 11.0.2

Can’t export notes to email any moreIt was a good app before, used to be working if I exported my notes in App to email, that feature was very helpful so I could have all my notes and see the big picture. It seems the feature is not working any more, when I click ‘Export notes to email’, tried many times, nothing came up...very disappointed. Hopefully this could be fixed soon! And the ‘contact support’ link doesn’t work too! :(.Version: 11.1.2

Great appThis app has never been wrong once, the data is always valid and has a wide options of notes that you can put in when you want. 10/10 would recommend.Version: 11.7.6

Love this appI have used many app’s in the past but this one is the one that I will now remain true to. It is so accurate with dates of ovulation, period start date as well as being accurate when trying to conceive. I recommend this app to everyone!!!.Version: 11.3

Love this appReally great app have been using it for about 5 or 6 years I also use it as my personal diary because who would think to go into a period app plus it’s lockable which I love!!.Version: 11.7.2

It’s perfectIt’s so simple and easy to use, plus it’s efficient and you can log pretty much anything on it! One thing; I don’t think you should have to get the premium version to unlock some moods and other things like that. Like, it’s your period, you don’t have control over it, it’s not like you can just cancel your subscription, and this app is supposed to help you track it based on when it stops and starts, and your moods and stuff like that, so it’s a bit unreasonable. 💕 stay body positive! Yes, this was meant for you 😘 your period does not define who you are! It doesn’t matter if it’s heavy, medium or light, you do you, girl! Work it! 🧡🥇.Version: 11.7.6

Love this app!So easy to use and can be fun when you add in your symptoms with the emojis 😂 Good to keep your moods in check when you realise you might have been angry or emotional for no reason haha. I think a great addition would be to add in the moon cycles to see how they track against your cycle and moods..Version: 11.3

Menopausal ?I have used this app for the last 2 yrs The main reason was to keep track of my cycle as I was in perimenopause. It showed at a glance how many days it was since my last period. It has now been over a year so I was able to advise dr and get blood test done to confirm that I am in fact in menopause..Version: 11.0.2

Very happyBeen using for a few years, has been an essential tool for my menstrual health, great new feature of the graph. I use it every day during my cycle and then take to my doctors appointments. Highly recommend..Version: 9.9.1

Nowhere near accurate.I’ve used period tracking apps for years because I have PCOS and Endo and need to keep track via an app so I can stay organised for both myself and my gyno if I ever end up unwell or my cycle changes all of a sudden. I’ve since downloaded 3 other apps since using this one and those all say my cycle is completely different and especially my fertility window which is super important for me. I’ve kept it for around 6 months to see if it updates and recalculates as you go, as I really like the layout and ease of use, but it’s inaccuracy just isn’t helpful :(.Version: 11.7.1

Complete with pregnancy modeI thought I will only use this app when monitoring my period and fertile days. I was pleasantly surprised that it has a pregnancy mode and gives weekly updates on the babies general development.Version: 11.7.6

Highly recommendSuper useful app Have been using it for over a year now No complaints at all Every girl needs to download this to make her life easier :).Version: 11.7.6

Mostly okayDespite having used this app for years, I’m getting rid of it. I don’t like the way it just assumes your period has finished. I’m having really unusual cycles lately, going far longer than 7 days. Because it just assumes your period has ended, it throws off the projected start date. Otherwise, great app..Version: 11.7.6

Fantastic for a free appI’ve used this app for years. I love that it backs up your data and you can transfer between devices. It’s also nice to have one that doesn’t hassle you with notifications and reminders! The user interface isn’t as pretty or well-laid out as others, but I’m used to it now and it’s quick and easy to update data. I would prefer a couple of additions to the TTC mode - such as an option for “high” fertility (OPK) - but really, you get a lot for a free app..Version: 11.7.6

Best period appThis is literally the best app any girl/ woman could use to track her period. Very simple and easy to use and gets the count correct every time. Would recommend 100%.Version: 11.7.2

Great appI'm going through peri menopause this app keeps track of my periods weather they are weeks apart or months apart . I don't think about my period until it starts then l see just how long it's been since my last one .. great app thanks.Version: 9.6

Simple to use but disappointed in the changesI’ve been using this app for years, and although it’s lacking in certain features (like a robust export feature for example) its been easy to use without being full of unwanted features like communities and relationship advice. Unfortunately, the app has exactly the same design it did all those years ago, and it’s probably the most aesthetically unpleasant app that I have on my phone and of all the period apps I’ve tried. This has been something I’ve been able to overlook until now. They have brought in ads and a monthly subscription, which for an app that gets used a couple of times a month at best, and does little more for me than a spreadsheet, seems a bit of a big ask..Version: 11.5.3

Easy to use and a very useful toolThis is a simple little app that makes keeping track of my periods easy. It is also useful for when trying to conceive as it predicts your fertile period and your ovulation day..Version: 11.1.2

Great tracking appHave used this for some time now and love that I don’t have to constantly worry and calculate when I might get my period. It’s never been regular but this helps give Me a very good indication of when I might be due. Couldn’t live without it!.Version: 9.9.1

Journal EverythingNot just a period tracker! I use it for everything, nutritional diary, exercise diary, mood diary! Even medications/ supplements... it’s the best way to get to know how your body/ moods are effects by what you do or consume. And helps self awareness to develop healthier patterns ;).Version: 11.0.2

Simple and smartI love this app over other period or pregnancy tracker apps. Its simple to use and is not overflooded with unnecessary information. Over information to enter causes anxiety during TTC so I highly disregard other apps. I even preferred the pregnancy mode in this app to track gestation weeks..Version: 11.6

Keeping myself informedOne word: awareness. I can track good and bad moods with this app and by identifying triggers, I can put things in order to improve my moods around those I love and care about when I’m PMSing hardcore ie irritable, angry, frustrated. It’s improved my family life significantly to know what to expect, watch patterns unfold and develop strategies to manage moods..Version: 9.9.1

Excellent AppThis app helped us conceive twice! It is so clear and easy to understand, you can actually use this app without the need to upgrade which is awesome. No annoying ads, I’ve been using it for 4 years. Tried other apps but none compare to this one..Version: 11.0.2

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Version 11.7.7 (2021-05-07): Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 11.7.6 (2020-07-02): Bug fixes and improvements.