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The Zillow app gives you resources and tools you won’t find anywhere else, so you can shop smarter for your next home:

* The most listings and constant updates so you never miss out¹
* Zestimate®, the industry-leading independent home valuation tool, calculated daily
* Robust filters for school districts, views, pricing, pets, HOAs, and more
* 3D Home Tours so you can picture yourself in a home and narrow down which houses to visit in person
* Easier co-shopping: Tag your favorite home features and share your favorites to coordinate your search with a partner or roommate
* Push notifications to let you know when houses come to market, have a sale pending, or drop in price
* Neighborhood details including restaurants, grocery stores, parks, and coffee shops
* Self Tour for Zillow-owned homes, with no appointment and no pressure. Stop by when it’s convenient and unlock the door with the app
* Easy access to Zillow Premier Agents, local real estate experts who meet Zillow’s bar for quality customer service

1. Most listings based on direct site comparisons

Zillow Real Estate & Rentals App User Reviews & Comments

I really love ZillowI really love Zillow and have turned to them for nearly a decade now. They make it beyond easy to search for a home or vacation rental. If I was to change anything about Zillow. It would be to not allow incorrect info from agencies or whomever. There are too many times that I type in a simple request; such as pool, amount of acres, year built or want a certain amenity. Only to find out (once requested) my search results don’t show what I requested. Making it much harder to search individually for my ideal home. This happens a lot, often from this company called invitation homes. Typing the same info on every listing, stating if your home has a pool, additional cost would be, etc... If possible, please do what you can to prevent this from happening in the future. If the listing doesn’t have what’s searched for then why does the listing even talk about it. Laziness on their part. Not Zillow’s, of course. Thanks again, Zillow..Version: 13.1.1

Major issues-but has potentialThis app looks great and has great potential but boy oh boy does it have problems. 1. The information is outdated, (not always but most times...when I show my realtor the house that fits what my wife and I are looking for it is normally already under contract/pending unless it’s just posted on the market. 2. They send out email notifications and you tap on the link....the app just crashes and pops you out to your home screen EVERY TIME! *you have to memorize the address and then open the app the regular way and search that address* what a waste of sending the link in the first place....other apps don’t do this! 3. Text notifications option would be nice with links that work....Notifications only come in email form. Idk about you but I get enough junk email everyday so the notifications sometimes get lost in all the emails I get In a day. 4. When drawing a line In the area you want to search...there is no way to zoom in or out without having to completely erase your line. There needs to be some way you can pause your outline and pinch in or zoom out to make sure the line you’re drawing is exactly where you want it to be..Version: 12.4.0

TrollsThere is a lot of trolls or fake listings what you can tell I wanna house looks like it’s computerized or if it looks like too good to be true not even the price Chyna range and I’m talking like the picture itself and then you go to the next picture or the next house I need love exactly like the other house except it’s a different color it looks like somebody like just printed a picture right there or you get on it and click on a house to look at it and it has no pictures it only has one picture of the front of the house oh I feel like Zillow should have somebody or a team of people who go through Zillow daily and different parts of the states and we doubt those fake listings so people aren’t getting scam through your site because not everybody is knowledgeable about being scammed andHowever I have seen a couple it says not all credentials are verified but yeah it’s still there y’all should delete him delete them that looked a little sketchy and it said not all credentials are verified or something like that be aware of scam.Version: 14.43.0

Used to be One of the Best House Hunter appsI had previously rated this app as 4 * but I have ad to drop that down. It seems lately that when some of these app developers update the apps that it isn’t an improvement but rather the opposite. Such is the case with Zillow. They used to have a place where you could find your saved searches, but not anymore. It’s pointless now to save a search because you can’t go back to find it if you create a different search. Therefore you need to heart any places you like because you won’t find it in a saved search. Also, you used to be able to delete any places, houses, condos etc that you weren’t interested in so as to clear up all the results. Again, not anymore. It makes it quite cumbersome to drill thru all the results when it takes you back to the beginning of your search for whatever reason. Now with that all being said, there are still things I really do like about it. They seem to have the most results for an area than some of the other apps. They also have more stats on a house and are usually up to date as to whether a sale is pending on a place. So while they went backwards a bit, they are still fairly good compared to others..Version: 12.5.8

Great/ needs improvementI love this app! There are some things that would really be helpful though. Some of the people I agree with. The aerial view back would be nice. The lot line feature is just not the same. I disagree w/ the street view not being helpful. I too am an out of town buyer and appreciate being able to “walk” around the neighborhood to see if people keep their properties up. You can have a beautiful little house sitting in the middle of a big dump, Or across the street from rundown down low income housing units, or right next to an abandoned oil rig. A picture of the front of the house just doesn’t tell you anything about the neighborhood. I say, keep Street view, get rid of lot lines and or add the aerial view. It would also be nice to be able to save a “definitely” list of houses and a “maybe” list of houses instead of just one long list. It would also be nice to have a sort feature that would sort them by location. Some of us are looking in multiple towns. I love this app, but it could use a good polish..Version: 11.1.11

Buggy/annoying app ever.This app is okay for the most part as it very useful and provides good information about what on the market and info on apartments/House though more features need to be added and as well as increase in customizing when save or looking through a list. One big bug that seems to stay with this app for what ever reason is ((when you are looking through then list and go click on a house or whatever and while your looking through the pictures or information and then click back the the list page and then go to press to see another house the app just doesn’t work you can’t get to the page of the house you click on so you have to click map or exit out and so if you where far down a list it’s very annoying as you have start back all the way up on the list and then swipe down to find whatever place your were trying to look up.)) so if they fixed that and the fact the app just randomly shuts downs down and closes you out for whatever reason. 🤙.Version: 13.1.2

Management does careUpdate: Ok after the below review, Zillow personnel contacted me and told me exactly what to do in my settings to get it to work correctly. Looks like they do care so if you have a problem make sure to contact them. I did email them earlier about the previous version with the same problem I was just having but the person I spoke to did not have the same knowledge as this current, knowledgeable person. So be persistent. Earlier review and the problem I had: Zillow maps no longer works in this current version on 30Dec2017 nor did it work on the previous version... That's why I upgraded it. I guess the company no longer cares about the Zillow app product. I do not recommend downloading or using this product until they fix it. There are many complaints about the maps not working. Just do an internet search. Maybe one day the app will be useful again. I will review it again at that time..Version: 11.1.16

Great but needs distance from location addedI love Zillow and they have a nice app, draw on map features, notifications, and you are getting about as fast as RedFin for new market listings. My only complaints are the following. 1.) most of the time the push notifications for new houses deeplink me to a blank page. I have a 7 running the latest and greatest OS and have my apps on auto update (I’m not the idiot who thinks their app should work when it’s 100 or even 1 version behind). 2.) not so much an issue as a nice to have, the distance from current location on the listing page would be amazing to have.....maybe add that to your roadmap :) Trulia has this but Trulia also notifies you weeks after a house hits the market, so they are not really good for anything other than showing you the houses you could have looked at had you known about them..Version: 11.1.6

Went From Best to WorstAn example of a company being unresponsive to customers over the years, and failing. This used to be the best real estate app out there. It used to give you an advantage over realtors to see the valuable info, or potential discrepancies with listing prices. But now they are outdated and out paced by the others. Info and status takes longer to update than on competitors. Z-estimates used to be spot on, but now they’re 100k below market in the neighborhood I’m looking at (20%!). This damages the market. They are measuring value based solely on house square footage. So if a house is 20% smaller than comp sale, it estimates 20% lower value. No other factors considered, like same neighborhood, larger lot, pool, the fact that NO HOUSE in the city is selling for less, and it’s a seller’s market. So buyers see this estimate, and there’s huge discrepancy between their expectations and the listings which go immediately to pending. Then they lose out/ chase market. Also, I know people have been complaining about the non-close-able listing list that takes up half the screen for at least 5 years. More like 10. I know because I complained to them back then. Is it really that hard to hide the list?! Their competitors listened. Get the competing app. This one’s obsolete..Version: 11.1.0

Good place to view value of homesI enjoy seeing Zillow’s Zestiment on homes where I have an interest, either now own or and interest in buying. However, it often is inaccurate on properties I own or know about. On Zillow I have limited ability to change the estimate and the change is just for my viewing when it comes to comparable homes and therefore public zestimate. For example one home zestimate is $40k less than the house next door but I can’t use it to calculate estimate. The homes are very similar. Another home is historic but the zestimate compares it to homes listed or recently sold, often with less quality, instead of comparing it to other historic homes, where materials used in construction are of superior quality. Historic homes don’t often come on the market in my area so Zillow would need to expand the search area and/or use the zestimate of historic homes of similar quality not listed or sold recently. Bottom line the zestimate can’t be depended on for real value; but I still enjoy keeping up with homes and their estimated values. I would love for Zillow to add commercial properties to their inventory..Version: 12.3.0

Horrible now with street view replacementI previously liked this app but when I can no longer use the area view from above to see all sides of the house and the back yard, you made my job harder to find properties in another state. The street view is horrible, slow, and if the house property has an alley, you might see a little of the back, and sometimes you can't. What once took 20 secs now takes minutes to slowly navigate and many times I can't even see the side and back of a house. Please bring back the mapping view where I can use my iPhone to drill in, out and flip to the side views and back yard. This is how I narrowed down options plus it helped to zoom out to evaluate the neighborhood. The upgrade also lost some property lines on that view (iOS 10.3.3). This is also important to me. I want a list of 5 homes to look when I go to my hometown and you made that impossible. I will need to drive to them. People are losing opportunities and your value decrease A GREAT DEAL because of these changes. Please bring the satellite area view back rather than the clunky slow street one. Thank you..Version: 11.0.4

Stop including 55+ communities in searchesMake it apparent the home is in a 55+ community. The homes are very appealing and to get excited and then find out my age disqualifies me from being able to purchase it is a constant disappointment. It’s insulting, which honestly fits right in with the discrimination the 55+ community oozes out into the neighboring communities, where you can be any age as long as your money is green. Not only can you not purchase the homes there if you’re under 55, you can’t use any of their walking trails or parks, or even dog waste bags. These shouldn’t be included in normal searches. I have to check boxes for things I’m looking for. Why can 55+ be a box for the people to check that want and are able to buy one of those homes. It wastes a lot of my time when I’m looking for real estate. Not everyone is familiar with the models, so saying a Meridian plan is available means nothing to novice searchers. Then you also include the school ratings in those listings which further confuses things. You can’t have children living in any of those homes so why do the school grades matter in those listings? It’s misleading, time wasting and frustrating. Everyone is so concerned with discrimination but it seems like this ageism type of discrimination goes under the radar. You’re wasting people’s time with these listings..Version: 14.34.0

Can’t open rental applications/background checksI use Zillow to list my homes for rent. I have been very successful with that, both in my business rentals and my personal home to receive contact information and “leads”. Over the past 15 years, I have used the same old rental application that can be purchased at Staples and have done my own follow up on the information provided. This week I asked a potential tenant to complete the Zillow application and submit it online. They paid Zillow for their application fee/background check/credit history and I cannot open any of them. I’ve sent several help desk requests to Zillow and have heard nothing back from them. I explained the situation to the customer and she was kind enough to fill out my old school application so I can do the work on my own. I’m disappointed with the app, and the follow up from Zillow..Version: 12.3.3

Not to sound over-“zillous”Hello (or should I say “Zellow”) to the makers of Zillow, Let me start by saying great work. This is a great app that helps me efficiently keep up to date with the properties as they come on the market. HOWEVER, I think you should take it a step FURTHER. IMaGinE a world in which your zillow app also contained a calendar that kept track of all your up coming showings, open houses, etc. Currently, I use zillow to contact the landlord, who then contacts me and makes an appointment with me. I put that in my phone calendar, suddenly the day comes and I have forgotten what house I am even going to look at. I am then FORCED to transfer between my calendar app to the zillow app to look up the address and refresh my mind as to what house it is. THEN need to plug that address into my Google Maps app. Do you see how long this takes me? Meanwhile, I am baking in my hot black ford focus, waiting to even leave the driveway. Hey, I am not saying I am a professional in this business, though I have seen every episode of the Netflix Original Selling Sunset in which they sell the most luxurious properties in the country...so maybe I do know a thing or two....Version: 12.2.5

My Zillow agentI was assigned Lisa DiNoto through this app. I had already decided to go with an agent I previously met at an open house I had stumbled upon, but had not actually used that agent to show me any homes. I decided to request information on a home I found on Zillow. That’s when I met with Lisa. I had no intention of using her other than to see that particular home. But as we viewed the home, I found her to be very helpful and she immediately took me to see a few more in the area. In the back of my mind, I still had no intention of continuing to work with her after we were done that day. As we viewed the last home, she had completely changed my mind. I realized that she was extremely knowledgeable in the areas I was looking and I felt no pressure from her to sway towards any particular property. After almost four months of searching for the perfect home, I have truly enjoyed working with her. She has made this process extremely easy and enjoyable..Version: 13.1.1

Great but needs some added featuresI like using the zillow app because in this market, the housing search never stops, even when you’re on the go. It gives me the information I need about properties, and works relatively well. Sometimes it fails to load when I select a link from my email to open in the app, which causes me to have to select it multiple times hoping it will load. One thing I really want to see out of zillow is the “x-out” feature that they have on other websites. It saves me a lot of time not having to check through the places I’ve aleady ruled out for one reason or another. I find the app to be a little easier to use than the computer because the small pane they give you to browse the property info on the computer (in a split screen with the pictures) is a little ridiculous whereas on the phone you can scroll through it on your whole screen. I use it everyday so I can’t NOT recommend it, but it sure could use some changes to the UI..Version: 14.39.0

Zestimates Are Helpful .....most of the time!We use Zillow often and found 2 homes we’ve purchased after finding them on their site first because we don’t buy real estate directly through realtors anymore. Earlier this year something squirrely did happen with the Zillow Zestimates which had 3 of our properties estimated at 50 and 60 thousand dollars below their actual values. After several months the zestimates did climb back up to actual market rates but we were glad we weren’t selling any of our properties at that time because despite Zillow’s warnings, people do strongly depend on zestimate values while home shopping. Zillow states we shouldn’t base our buying or selling decisions on Zestimates as they are only estimates but they’ve been so successful at branding the term and successfully estimating values that buyers and sellers will bank on the zestimate number. Also, a little slow on recording final home sale amounts, other realty sites record them faster. That aside, Zillow only gets better and better and other sites still don’t compare..Version: 12.0.7

Saved homes sort and filter not workingI couldn’t find a place to submit feedback or ask for support specifically for the app unfortunately so I came here hoping the developer will see it. The app for the most part is decent and does what it aims to do, which isn’t very complicated. The one thing I’m frustrated with lately is that the “newest’ and “recent change” sort on my list of saved homes is not working in the iPad or iPhone app. I compared it to what I see on the Zillow website. The website is accurate- my saved homes shows me the homes I’ve saved recently in order from most recent to oldest. In the app, the homes listed under my saved list populate in a order that makes so sense. I am home shopping and have saved many listings over the years, but many more recently. I have a very hard time finding the ones I save in the last few days because my saved list shows random houses I saved years ago instead of my newest listings. Please fix this. Having a saved feature isn’t very useful if I can’t easily sort my saved listings and find the ones i need to look at..Version: 11.1.16

Great features IF you can figure out how to use them all...I can't begin to list all of the features that Zillow provides to the prospective home buyer. Generally it's been a great mobile app. However, here's a handful of concerns: First, when you search it doesn't always find all of the houses that are listed using the filter parameters you put in. Second, it doesn't always show the houses that are listed by other "realtor" apps. Third, it's just kind of difficult to figure out how to get it to search for a larger area than just the city. We live in a smaller city (Amarillo, Texas) that has a lot of rural areas around it and would like to include those areas in our searches, in addition to some of the closer small towns. Fourth, just figuring out how to search and save a search is a bit challenging. In conclusion, as I said earlier, it is a great app that is loaded with features, and I will continue to use it as my main source of real estate information, but I just wish it was a little easier to navigate..Version: 11.0.11

Great app, but wish saved properties were easier to viewI love using the Zillow app and find it to be very helpful and intuitive in most cases. My one complaint, however, is the way that saved properties are organized and viewed. It is not easy to view saved homes based on location or on date added to favorites. For example, I am looking at homes in a few different states, but when I go into my saved homes tab, it shows me everything I have saved. When I zoom in or select a home in a particular state, I can view its details, but when I go back, it zooms back out to show me the entire country. I wish that I could filter the viewing of my saved homes by area or at least by the date that I added them to the favorites list. There is a sort by “newest” option, but this appears to show me the most recently built homes rather than the most recently added homes to the list. This change would make the app 5 stars for me!.Version: 12.3.4

Love Zillow....hate the appI LOVE Zillow and all the options they offer when looking for a please to call home, whether it’s temporary or permanent. But I only have a good experience when on my laptop. I got the app on my phone thinking if I’m bored, I could just pull up the app and search through houses in my specific filter. This is not the case, well for my app at least. I create a filter (2 bedroom, any bathroom, home type: house, and the rest is any) and it’s shows I have 16 options! Awesome! So I start looking and click on one house, look through pictures then go back to check out another. But it changes. Now I only have 4 options? I’m confused but I still click on another house, I look through the picture there and then when I go back again to look at the other ones, there are NO RESULTS. I don’t understand how this is happening and I feel like everything I get on the app it glitches out. Sometimes it finds houses and the next minute, there’s none. I really wish it didn’t do this because I love looking at house!! Zillow is amazing but I personally have app trouble!.Version: 11.0.18

Helpful but could be betterGenerally easy to use and the go-to app for real estate listings. I like the map feature and saving favorites with notes and tags. But I really wish you could eliminate properties that you already looked at and are not interested in from coming up in the search results each time. If you can favorite a listing, why not add X them out too? And the school search option really needs improvement. Would like to put in a minimum school score for each category (like K-6, middle, etc) and listings don’t show if under that. Hate scrolling so far down for school info since that’s about the first thing I look at to see if it is even worth reading the description and house details. I’m not going to bother if the schools are rated at a 3. But then the next time I search those listings still show. Frustrating and waste of time wading thru everything multiple times..Version: 13.1.3

Brent Smith, Exp Realtors, Naples, FLBrent deserves more than a5 star review in my books. And here is why! Brent took many tours with my husband & I in the Ft. Myers area surrounding Naples, Golden Gate, RSW, south & North NAPLES. We entered into Tarpon Bay Community in North Naples and Brent hit the nail on the head. We have more in our community than I ever imagined. Friendly neighborhood, clean community, close to shops, groceries, and main nice places to dine and some with live music. Brent met with a cleaning contractor, helped us with the disappointments we went thru with our MI home sale during a pandemic at that. Everyone said we were crazy; 6 weeks into our home, happy as can be and have had Brent in our home as a guest. Best of all; we barely knew anyone here & he even help us unload our pod! A gentleman who seen us through our entire move. He should be your guy, if you’re serious about a move whether it’s moving in or out of your home..Version: 14.24.0

Buying and sellingI have used Zillow to find homes and have found it very useful and friendly. I have also “claimed” my home and have recently listed it. I love the fact that I can see views and saves, however, I have to keep in mind it seems to count my looks as well. Second, all the information about my home from my realtor’s listing did not come over correctly and I have had to go in and fix some- others I couldn’t fix. Thirdly, when it compares your home to “similar listings” it uses an algorithm that is not well written. For example, there is a house for sale about two doors down that is “comparable” but zillow compares my listing to one $100,000 less one week in a different area and then suddenly switches to one $100,000 more in another area and doesn’t ever compare the one around the corner. This makes the comparison data useless to me. Other than that- I am hooked. I am hoping that my home will sell, I will finalize my contract on the new one, and I won’t need to use this app ever again very soon!.Version: 12.1.3

Some issues, but overall the best for real estate perusalYes, there are issues, some that are beyond aggravating. Yet it is the one app I go to on almost a daily basis for 2nd home and vacation condo shopping, or to just look at dream homes in new areas. On my iPad, most recently the app just locks up, requiring either a restart or deleting and reinstalling the Zillow. Ultimately I’d love to see 3D street viewing as an option, and the return of image saving and saving to room choices...I lost all my Dream Kitchen and Master Bath photos saved from homes we traveled to Georgia to visit. Why did this option go? You can still screenshot an image, so privacy can’t be the issue. On the plus side, the option to connect with the agent, the display options, the filter features, and overall presentation are pleasant. Decent control over search saves and update notifications as well. I read another viewers issue with incorrect information, but when I cross-check w/other real estate apps, it looks as if it is the owner or agent that is supplying incorrect information, as it is consistent throughout all the apps. Thanks for fun home shopping and comparative analyzing, Zillow!.Version: 11.1.21

Buggy Notifications and AppOverall, it's a decent app but the notifications are awful. They are NEVER accurate. This morning, I had the notification badge tell me there were 10 properties new or updated. I go into my saved searches and three searches had listed a total of 10 notifications. I clicked on one that showed 7 and there were actually 2. One new listing and one update. This is consistent behavior for the app and it's extremely annoying when you're house hunting. I should be able to determine what triggers a notification. I get notified when there is “a promotion” for new construction. Well a particular builder keeps promoting their properties, line at least once a week. I don’t need notifications for an open house. I only want to see notifications for new listings. If I have Saved Homes turned on, sure, price changes, an open house or anything special for a saved home but when the regular search includes a few hundred homes, I don’t want to be alerted for a $1,000 price drop of a home I have little to no interest in. Finally, the app has been buggy lately. I can scroll through results but I can’t click on or view a property. I have to restart the app often..Version: 13.0.4

Value of Homes Not AccurateUpdate: Zillow did respond to my concerns. Answer was logical as to how home values are arrived - but - our home continues to change in value from neighbor homes. Why? If values are taken from sold homes of similar type in our neighborhood and unbiased, why the huge discrepancy? Zillow’s software surely can only give results from standard base line data. If homes are similar in design and make up, the values should be within reason - not a difference of $8k to $10k. Perhaps Zillow should only show a range of value - low to high - of homes within the area (neighborhood) instead of a single value? Previously: Not sure how homes are valued. House on both sides are valued several thousands different from ours and no improvements or repairs have been done. Our home has been taken care of, landscaping, upgrades, energy saving additions, etc. The problem with services like Zillow is it tags a home with a $ value that doesn’t do the home owner any good or help when selling - expecting to sell at its market worth. The real estate programs shouldn’t show any $ value on homes not listed for sale and only homes that are listed should have asking prices..Version: 11.1.7

School districts in is hit or missI really love this app and website. It’s a great research tool. I use it multiple times a day. However, I hate the fact that many homes will show on the map for one school district but when I google the address because something doesn’t seem right (cost doesn’t match for the area, street name in ad doesn’t match street name on map, posting says one school district but it’s placed on the map in a different district, etc.) I don’t know how people are able to do this. Or if it’s intentional or a glitch. But I find it extremely frustrating when searching for housing. I have children and am looking for a place to live in certain school districts. I can’t ever trust that a house is actually where it says it is in the app. This is causing a lot of side research and back tracking on my part to verify all the addresses through additional sources...... which is not only time consuming, it’s annoying!!!! Please correct this!!!.Version: 11.1.11

Still Needs ImprovementZillow does not worry about facts and their information can be very inaccurate. I was advised by my realtor to avoid using Zillow because of inaccurate information. The Zillow website is very user friendly, but just beware it can be misleading. After I bought my new home I “claimed it” on the Zillow website. They are showing I purchased the home for much less than I did, but they will not correct this information. I called the tax office just to be sure nothing bogus was going on. It turns out my info and the tax office is the same. So long story short, Zillow is not concerned with showing us inaccurate information. Update: After several email exchanges, scanning and submitting documents proving I was providing factual information, Zillow corrected the information I was disputing. The person who helped me seemed polite and helpful. So I changed my review from a 1 star to 3 stars. The reason for 3 stars is I still have several problems with what happened. First off, I still do not know why false information was provided. Second, I do not know why it was so hard to have the information corrected. Third, and this is my biggest problem...I have asked Zillow repeatedly where did they get their incorrect information, and Zillow has never responded to my question..Version: 11.1.14

MisinformationI have had my condo on here with the wrong info. First time I had it corrected they ended up deleting all my comments for my unit all my descriptions were gone. Then it got fixed fir a small period of time after I rewrote all my descriptions again and then all the sudden my zestimate changed to about 20k lower and my neighbor who has a similar unit only 80 sf smaller had their condo zestimate 20k higher. I’ve been trying to fix that fir awhile now. Then the walkability score I thought was low as I park my car on weekends and walk to dinner, the bars, the grocery, the shops, my errands, entertainment, cleaners, pubs, eateries. The schools are walking distance also but I have no kids so that’s not important to me. When I click the walkability link it brings up another page with someone rises address on it. It sure isn’t mine. So I asked that to be corrected again today. If your going list my Prperty just list it correctly. I really don’t want to email you a few times to get it corrected over and over. Please just correct as I provided proof of this and have yet to see any response or change in my listing. It’s a shame as Zillow was my favorite listing app for years now I’m starting to get disenchanted with them. Sorry but I’m tired of asking for my information to be updated and correct otherwise why have my property listed on their site..Version: 14.3.0

Lots of false informationI get lots of notifications indicating dramitic price reductions. Upon investigation if almost always turns out that the lister has reduced the acreage just as dramatically. The taxes and some of the pictures listed are reflective of the previous acreage. I informed them of this yet I still am getting notifications informing me of these bogus price changes. What good is the app if the information is false? Notifications are ineffective as they do not conform to the preferences you have set, for example you are looking for a home with 25 acres and you will be sent market reports showing three 1/2 acre homes. How many times will you waste your time before you stop looking at them. It is easy to stop notifications but I have not seen how to adjust these reports. Lastly, the lot lines would be a great help except that they are wrong half the time. When there are multiple lots, almost always on vacant land and when the real estate agent lists and address that is different than google’s it would be relatively easy to compare this information when the agent is entering the information..Version: 13.0.8

My Favorite App!We’ve been looking for a different home for about a year. I used virtually every real estate app and website applicable to my local area in central Texas during that time. I kept coming back to Zillow even after our realtor suggested that we stop using it. I found that the iPad version was simply the easiest and best way to efficiently and effortlessly search for our “forever” home. In the end we found our house on Zillow. We went to an open house a few hours after I found it only to find it had already been sold. Two weeks later I got a notification from Zillow that it was back on the market. I messaged our realtor and we made an offer that was eventually accepted. I doubt it would have happened without Zillow. It never showed up on other sites including the MLS search site that our Realtor was pushing. By the time we bought the house I felt more informed about local real estate than most realtors. Five stars..Version: 12.2.5

Riskin PartnersWe cannot say enough good things about our dealings with the Riskin Team. Talk about professionalism, which was evident in every aspect of our process looking for a home. Four wonderful agents, catering to us, helping us find our perfect home was only a beginning. I am very fussy and it didn’t bother them in the least, or if it did they didn’t show it. Then the process of making an offer, counters etc, securing the deal for us. Their real work went on from that to helping us navigate through the entire experience, listing for us our obligations, the responsibilities of the owner, the list of people to call re: address changes, the list goes on and on. And on top of that they are all four very fun people, Dina, Robert, Sarah and Jasmine who are good friends, share responsibilities so that someone is always available to help when help is needed. Thank you Team Riskin..Version: 14.43.0

Not as helpful as beforeDecent app but has recently been a much worse experience. Partially because there’s no quality standard for seller posting the house, partially because developers seem to be catering more to the sellers than buyers. I definitely want the ability to hide properties again. It was much easier to keep up with actually interesting and new listings when I could remove the ones we know were out of the running. This seems similar to Comcast’s (the most hated company in the US for a long time running) decision to clutter your channel guide just so they can throw in the must upgrade message in your face every two seconds. The other main issue is there have been more and more typos or false listings. Description and details not matching up on a house. Addresses not being correct. Huge price drops done “accidentally” to garner more attention. Outdated listings never removed. Rude realtors not interested in actually helping or asking what we’re looking for, just buy this now or sign up for our flier which is just a repackaged Zillow listing spammed out and not to our preferences at all. Zillow’s become a cesspool and needs some quality control..Version: 12.0.3

Like looking at available homes but info is not reliableSpent HOURS on the site, read all the home listing / price drop / misc emails they send me. Now b/c my husband is a real estate attorney I am not allowed to complete the survey they emailed me? Wow. Not wanting to hear from someone with access the true market? Well, here you go: 1) Zestimate feature is not considered reliable in the industry. 2) Neither is the monthly mortgage payment. 3). Search function is not always helpful. There have been times when I’ve tried to search for a home by the address or street and found no results when Zillow is sending me emails on the exact home that I’m not finding via their search function. 4) Why are homes on the site with no photo’s? If not available on day 1 or 2 that’s acceptable but to never put them up? 4) Schools should be correct - not an estimate. Parents want this information to be correct, not an educated guess. 5) And lastly, home availability is deceiving. Many homes show up as “for sale” until you click to view the photo’s and it changes to “pending”, “sold” or “off market”. Come on Zillow, get your information correct and respect your users time. I have no interest in wasting time looking at homes that I’m not able to buy..Version: 12.0.5

2 major flaws in Zillow costing it 2 starsZillow is a fairly good app and has many advantages over it’s sister app Trulia. Zillow could easily be a five-star app except for two major flaws. Flaw number one is the open house feature. On Zillow the open house text does not provide a live link to your calendar. This is where Trulia has a huge advantage. On Trulia the open house text has a live link which immediately and simply posts the open house into your calendar. This is a tremendous time-saving feature which Zillow is sorely lacking. Flaw number 2 is the directions feature linked to the map function. Zillow is far inferior to Trulia in this department. In Trulia if you simply tap on directions it gives you very clear driving directions that will take you right to the house that you want to view. In Zillow attempting the same basic task does virtually nothing. All things considered Trulia wins this battle even though barring those two functions Zillow is a far better app..Version: 12.1.7

So you need to look for a home..,,it's all there is but is it worth it...no no!This app is so invasive that it demands all your time, Particulars for those that are more discerning in the search for life accommodations. It stays active even when you want to sleep. It pops open after you initiate a conversation with it. Think of the most pushy car sales person you ever met who is also a dentist and learned sales on the floor of the NY Stock Exchange. If you like that kind of thing Z is your seller, but if you want support in making a difficult financial and life decision, well oops it's about the only thing available. But it will try to force you into neighborhoods wake you and put you to bed won't let you rest until you pick one and delete all remnants of it from all your devices. In that way it is satisfactory because after you make a decision you get to murder this irritating and obnoxious sales person and you will never want to make another purchase! You will also likely settle for less than you want since the irritation is constant and complete that you are imprisoned by it's overwhelming and constant presence!.Version: 13.7.0

Former RealtorI have the utmost respect for good Realtors helping clients buy or sell a home. They work hard and have expertise that most people don’t have. Zillow helps Seller’s listings for both agents and for those who choose to sell on their own. Although not as immediate as the local MLS, it gives buyers and sellers some ideas about and access to the current market. MY BIGGEST CONCERN: comparable sales given should not go back to previous “ years”. 3-6 months of comparable sales is the farthest back to compare sales. Professionals ( Realtors, Appraisers ) will only use RECENT sales for comps. Your sight shows sales too long ago. ALSO, many recent sales are not being shown. I know of at least 6 recent sales by the house we have listed that are not showing up. These issues cause inaccurate “zestiments” and give inaccurate market data to buyers. Also, assessed value can never be used to ascertain MARKET value. Thanks..Version: 12.1.1

Useful but lacks essential infoZillow is my go to website, but Trulia and Redfin are serious competitors. In abscence of some basic info, like surface area, or sewer utility, focused searching is very limited. This also limits the accuracy of Zestimate. Also, limited is the demographic info that Trulia provides. Integration with FEMA /GIS data would complement the info and make it a one stop shop. Another missing feature is commute calculation, although the delineating of a travel distance area is nice. This doesn’t synchronize with the desktop version however. It’s nice that we have a street view, but we often need to get the bird’s eye view to see beyond the street level; is there a railroad running behind the house, or a chemical plant we need to know about? Another flaw is the lack of sychronization of saved houses between desktop and mobile versions. Also, the sellers should provide info we need to know before wasting our time visiting a house: how old the roof, appliances, cesspool, sewage etc, and not allowed to claim wood flooring instead of laminate. Particularly annoying is lack of apartment or house surface reporting, often misleading in the case of buildings. It would be nice to be able to delete a house from the result of the search that we are definitely not interested in, especially if the number of finds is too large and cannot limit y using the usual search terms..Version: 13.1.6

It sure what’s going onSo my husband and I have used this app for years and it’s been very helpful on our home buying journey . We ran into some issues with the homes we liked being already pending or even sold !! And some minor info issues , but overall it was a good tool . But now that we are in the SELLING end of this process , there’s been much info that has been wrong about our home , we were able to get them taken care of thankfully. But the biggest issue / annoyance is that our number of views has dropped over 500 views in the last few weeks !? We assume that once you “ view” a home it’s been seen and one can’t simply in view it , but it’s happening . From what we understand those are indeed the “ all time “ views so what gives !?! Also we get that people can in favorite a house , but to have like 10 in a night randomly is doesn’t sound accurate when there’s been none prior . This is very annoying because potential buyers look to these silly useless statistics to get a homes popularity and presence ! Anyway that’s my main issue now ..Version: 12.4.6

Not a fan of the latest update; Zestimate algorithm feels Orwellian.1. I feel like it’s now harder to see the HOA fees when you’re browsing, and those can make a huge difference in the affordability of the listing. Also, I feel like it’s harder to change the mortgage estimate (it used to be easy to zero out the insurance payment if you could see that was covered by HOA — it’s still easy to zero that out, but now I can’t figure out how to make it recalculate the monthly mortgage once I make changes). Also, the new app icon kind of looks like someone sat on the old logo/icon? Not sure if that’s what the effect they were going for... 2. Since Zillow relies on an algorithm to harvest listings from MLS sites, it’s not always as accurate as an actual MLS site (it often misses when properties are sold, for instance). 3. The Zestimate algorithm continues to puzzle me... it doesn’t seem to have much basis in reality, and when my house was on the market the Zestimate would fluctuate wildly, yet the sudden $30,000 drop in the Zestimate wouldn’t be reflected in graph of the recent Zestimates. It was like the 1984 version of the real estate appraisal... 4. BUT, I use Zillow to browse anyway because it’s free and it’s a relatively intuitive app — if I see something I like, I ask my real estate agent about it, and they send me the official MLS listing with the more accurate details..Version: 12.3.1

Great Legacy but Starting to Fall Behind the Competition?I have used Zillow for years and loved it’s ease of use, thoroughness, data on each property and timely notification of new and updated properties. I have bought or sold several properties across the country in the last few years. In 2019 I was having a tough time finding and purchasing a property in a geographic area with a very hot market. One night I was notified by Zillow of a new condo that came on the market in a building I was targeting before my agent even knew about it. I was able to purchase it the next day. In 2020 I have been interested in adding a property in a different geographic location with a similar hot market but again kept missing out. Then I noticed there are properties that appear on another application that do not appear on Zillow at all, or appear on before appearing on Zillow. I have needed to start following the other real estate app for completeness and timeliness and may use it as the primary going forward if it is more successful..Version: 14.10.0

Night mare trying to list my condoI have tried three times now to list my apartment. First problem: I cannot list my home through the app. When I search for the address it finds no result. Second problem: When I went to list my home through the browser it switched back to the app, I thought this was a good thing. But found it odd that I was never asked to list the email in which I would receive responses. So I created my listing and waited. I checked the listing and saw the photos were from the previous owner but could not edit the listing. Turns out the browser version linked my old work email which was deactivated 5 years ago. I called and messaged customer service, they didn’t seem to read my emails but auto responded with “Just log in through the email you created the listing with and change the photos… I had already explained that an inactive email was on the listing. They then said there was nothing they could do. I kept emailing, and after a week they finally just deleted the listing. Now I have been trying again and face the exact same problems as before. I am furious, I need to sell my apartment and valuable time has been wasted. This app is garbage..Version: 14.45.0

Excellent SiteLove this real estate site. I feel like a pro as I watch and educate myself on various housing markets across the nation. Here are some pros: It’s easy to use. Shopping, selling or buying a home, I have found, is not nearly as complicated as some lead you to believe. I also like that all my questions and/or if I need to revisit information, are all at my fingertips. Not only that, I can skip waiting for a human to “get back to me”, which can expedite this process greatly. While Zillow does have a wealth of information, be aware there are a few glitches that are getting better, quickly. I definitely and highly recommend use of this site! P.S. I’ve actually done some of my own real estate transactions without the “middleman”. I found the tile company will guide you to the end with regard to the legal part of the transaction. Thank you tile companies!.Version: 14.19.0

ReviewThis app has been frustrating at times. The house will be down the street, two miles away, or even all the way across the county from where the map shows it. When it is correct it is awesome! I love to see the inside views and the asking price while on location without having to call anyone. I HOPE they will continue to challenge themselves to IMPROVE this app. Plus! When you are totally not interested in a property, it would be great to be able to delete it from "My List". Just an added wish from a daily user. A MAJOR FLAW is the standard algorithmic equation for determining a homes value. WARNING! If you update an older home and do an extensive renovation, Zillow will not push against their own algorithm to make it reflect the work you have completed. Warning! If you do extensive and costly renovations, you will be dealing with a MUCH lower valuation from Zillow for the property as it existed prior to the extensive renovation. You can state all the renovations and changes that you made BUT! Your new potential buyers will constantly use the old Zillow price against you for negations. It is exhausting! You also get low bids constantly from others after you renovate looking to scalp your post renovation property for nothing due to this flaw in Zillow. This is an easy fix but Zillow doesn’t care. They make excuses and state it is the best they can do. Accuracy is the key......Version: 13.2.3

Take a look DONT get your hopes upI notice that on both my iPhone and iPad the Zillow app will occasionally say no internet connection even when I have one and can use it on other apps flawlessly. Even weirder it happens at the same time on both so if it goes down on one device and I switch it happens on the other one too....so I give up and start looking into other apps and websites. There are no settings for internet connections or reboot or resetting the app. But there are way too many options for notifications lol. That’s a little funny. Anyway hope an update in the future I’d the s quick fix but u have spent more time elsewhere losing more and more respect for the app especially when I found out huge inaccurate the sight Is. It’s a good first step for window shopping houses from a distant and getting address and local school info to investigate. So that’s a plus. BUT PLEASE keep in mind the only reason I’m writing this to customer support as well as my review is due to frustration from the continuous problem above..Version: 13.1.6

Good App, But Not PerfectWhat can I say? There’s simply no competition. This is the best personal real estate app that exists (I prefer LoopNet, but it’s a different sector type). That said, there are many simple errors that would be very easy to fix if anyone at Zillow actually took the time to update the app. See below for my general gripes: 1) Can’t turn phone sideways to get a horizontal rectangular selection of properties. 2) Even though it says you can, you simply cannot filter out auctioned homes, which completely throws off the selection when you sort for pricing low-to-high since they have a price of $0. 3) The school-scoring-selection (as is, only show me homes in areas with a HS rated 7+) does not work at all. 4) Many pre-fab homes and apartments slip through the filters to show up in incorrect categories, again throwing off search results (perhaps uploaded error, but there’s also no way to flag a post for incorrect information). 5) There’s no way to auto-zoom to the largest possible area for homes to show up. You’re either zoomed in closer than you need, or zoomed out too far for homes to show up. LoopNet can show properties across the entire country with no limit. And it’s quite fast. Why is this not possible on Zillow? 6) There’s no way to see which areas Zillow predicts to be hottest vs coldest or return more vs return less in the years to come. This would be an extremely helpful feature..Version: 13.1.9

Incorrect Information Causing Safety IssuesZillow’s failure to update the information they have published regarding our home in a timely manner has created a safety and privacy issue for us and our young children. Evidently, at one time, the previous owner of our home was in pre-foreclosure. Zillow still lists the property as being in pre-foreclosure. We have had multiple unwanted and uninvited guests driving through our private driveway for seemingly no reason. At first we wondered how it was possible that so many people got so lost that they drove down our dead end road and had to turn around in our driveway. Then, this morning one of them told us Zillow has our home listed as pre-foreclosure and they were here to see it. This is a potentially hazardous situation because we live at the end of a dead-end road, our circle drive is a part of the yard in which our children play, and we are definitely not expecting this level of traffic driving through what is essentially our children’s playground. I have repeatedly attempted to contact Zillow regarding this situation to no avail. The phone number they have listed for customer care directs you to leave a message no matter which options you choose. You do not get to speak to an actual person to have your issue addressed. I have use their system to report the inaccurate information, also to no avail. Clearly Zillow could not care less how their inaccuracies effect the individual homeowner..Version: 14.20.0

Helpful in searchingZillow allows me to get a general idea of a property. This allows me to try an make a mor informed decision on which properties I want to look at. Although it is not Zillow’s fault, the pictures can be very deceiving. I wish the realtors would portray some different views. For me I am looking for somewhere I can also park our 38 foot Motorhome. I have found some locations that appear to offer that accommodation but I will not know for certain until I can eye ball the property in person. Again that is no fault of Zillow’s. I love having the satellite view showing the property lines. This tells me if there is enough space beside the house where I could make our own space for the RV but I find most of the houses are just about setting on the property lines as they are which afford us no option to extend a drive to the rear of the house. Over all I am very pleased with Zillow. I would recommend it to get general information. The information Zillow shows and what your real estate agent may or can be somewhat different. So use Zillow as a guide..Version: 13.0.6

Not really helpfulI don’t even care about the logo. The fact is that they don’t list most of the details around the houses. Weather they are this or that and what kind of loan is approved for what house. Also most realtors that use this app are only worried about the most funds they can get out of someone. I’ve talked to three different realtors and all see to worry about is the amount I would put down. Weather my loan was conventional or not. And claiming the houses had several offers and come to find out that those offers didn’t exist and the houses I wanted to purchases or even remotely wanted to see are still on the market til this day. So watch out everyone if you know what to look in a house like myself and know the actual worth don’t deal with some of these realtors they are trying to get the most from you and only care about themselves instead of working at it and selling a piece of property not even worth for the ridiculous amount they are asking for. Just a reminder if you don’t have the loan they want or the cash up front you can’t view their property as stated by Alexis in pa. So even if you have a loan if it doesn’t match up you ain’t getting a tour or the house. Also you will get lied to and then told one thing which you know isn’t going to happen. Been waiting three days now. Still haven’t received a email about any of the locations I have inquired.Version: 14.34.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 14.47.1

Brilliant appGreat if you are thinking of relocating and want to check housing or rental values.Version: 5.2.1

So. Many. Emails.I really, really, really, really, really hate all the emails I get from this site. I don’t want all the peripheral junk emails you send me just because I save a home to my favourites. GET RID of the re-subscribe function immediately. Your app is great but the spam emails you send me are ridiculous. If I want emails from you I’ll subscribe..Version: 11.1.6

Totally 5 star appOne of a kind in app form - a must have. Basically does anything property searching and listing related that you could possibly want. Great interface and just like all good quality software, constant minor updates and occasional major ones keep taking Zillow from strength to strength..Version: 5.5.5

AwesomeViewing from Australia, I have an interest to relocate to Hawaii. This app is better then any Realestate app in Australia... well done..Version: 10.4.4

Great tool for someone new to the U.S. Market.As an Aussie moving to San Jose (sight unseen), this app has been amazing. Without it I would have had zero chance at making sense of what exactly is on offer in the U.S. rental market. With this app I was able to work out the best suburbs, the best properties and even plan where to buy a property 18 months from now. Strongly recommend. My only complaint is that I can't refine the regions further than a relatively wide area, so the list view section is virtually useless as most of the houses are well outside the zone I need to live within. Can we please have a feature where we can either select a number of locations with a custom radius (and overlap them all on a single map) or draw a region on the map by hand?.Version: 8.7.73

AwesomeUser friendly. Easy. Uptodate. Very useful..Version: 6.2

Love itI have a bit of an obsession with both houses, and real estate in the US market. This app feeds that obsession, and feeds it well. Perfect if you're looking abroad for both rentals or sales. Easy format to understand, and a good companion to Zillows' other app 'Ziillow DIGS'..Version: 9.5.11

Very good appEasy to use.Version: 8.5.7096

Zillow...Great App, good info even in mobile app, making finding a home from Australia a bit easier..Version: 4.1.0

AmazingThe information that this app provides -all at your fingertips - is powerful. I'm recommending it to everyone I know..Version: 5.4

My FavouriteI love this app so much, i spend so much time looking at houses i can’t afford on this app. keep up the good work xx.Version: 13.2.3

MrsVery easy to navigate.Version: 10.3.3

For Sale/Rent anywhere from anywhereSuch a convenience!.Version: 7.2.8

Great property appGreat app, does everything you would need & expect from this type of app. A+.Version: 8.3.6590

Crashes easilyCrashes so many times, very frustrating.Version: 5.3.1

Tassie riggerBest real estate app available.Version: 11.0.11

Reasonably good but still not the bestThe app is reasonably good, much better than Street Easy but please let me scroll through pictures on search results. I don’t want to have to open each listing every time!.Version: 13.12.0

Very useful appBrilliant app, simple to use and bursting with appropriate info. Love it!.Version: 8.6.7593

ZillowGood application , just updating information is a bit out of date or still hasn't been updated..Version: 4.6.2

ExcellentGreat app. Gets the job done.Version: 6.3

ZillowGreat updated info!!!.Version: 5.2.1

The Draw optionThe ability to choose an area to look at by drawing a circle around is a game changer..Version: 11.1.4

Love it!Excellent app, all in one, easy to navigate.Version: 9.3.128

Completely uselessWhy would you release this piece of s.... at least the old version worked. Ok 1 sync messages as it won't sync properly 2 cannot select photos to full screen tapping them doesn't allow you to view the, 3 birds eye and map don't work. Good work, really good work.Version: 10.1.2

Love itBest app for looking for houses in the US, easy to use and a variety of results!.Version: 9.3.128

Great App love it!!A must for all home buyers/sellers.Version: 8.8.26

Very goodGreat app, but need to be able to filter by "pets allowed"..Version: 5.5.1

Could use more viewing optionsSome realestate apps allow you to swipe left to right on the list view. Would be nice if Zillow did the same..Version: 11.1.21

Great app for propertyEasy to use, to search, to save..Version: 13.0.5

AwesomeWe bought our last home using Zillow as one of our resources. It's a great app. Easy to use with heaps of info.Version: 7.2.7

It's a good appI particularly like the tax info.Version: 5.5.4

Great appGreat detail and so good with what you can do and search for.Version: 7.3.5075

Out of Date PropertiesI have used this app a few time the last few years and I can't believe the number of times the real estate agents come back to me and tell me that the property was sold months ago or that the price of the property was incorrect and way higher. Zillow must pull information from other sites but not good enough to pull the correct information. I have now deleted this crappy app and have got with other competitors. If you do choose to download this app I would like to warn you to not get your hopes up until a real estate agent gets back to you.Version: 10.4.0

Zillow is greatA very helpful and easy to use app..Version: 5.4.89

Zillow is goodGreat app, sometimes a little out if date with the market but the extra info you get more than makes up for it..Version: 7.4.5496

ZillowGreat app for reaching properties overseas.Version: 10.3.3

Great search engine!I love the detail you can extract when searching for homes on this app! Fabulous! I do wish we could have a filter to determine one story houses from multiple story houses. I'd also like to be able to filter retirement 55+ communities from others. It would be really helpful..Version: 8.7.73

Too much SPAMDevelopers: you Need to remove endorsements, marketing spam resulting from the installation process. I use the app then delete it entirely to avoid the spam in favour of other apps that don’t have this problem..Version: 11.1.14

Not enoughRealetor found more properties then Zillow. But everything else is great!.Version: 11.1.18

FeedbackThe Zillow app is excellent!.Version: 14.38.0

Great app!The Zillow App is great for browsing through properties remotely, while sitting at home and even as far as from down under in Australia!! ☀️☀️.Version: 7.2.8

Fantastic realestateLove searching for new investments!.Version: 12.0.8

Epic, awesome, Fantastic.Zillow is all of the above plus more. Simple to follow, always works, clear and accurate. Get this app now people..Version: 5.1

Good but not greatVery handy app but still to many instances of properties appearing that are actually out of area of interest..Version: 5.1

This app is trashUseless.Version: 14.45.0

Great UXTerrific app to source and view property..Version: 13.18.0

FarmerReally good app. Will use a lot Mortgage info great.Version: 5.5.5

No support for AustraliaLiterally no results in my city with all filters off. Useless..Version: 13.14.0

Moving upWhile this program will not answer all questions, it is the best real estate app for to get the most information. Knowledge is power or in this case buying power..Version: 5.2.1

Easy to useEasy to navigate and great for overseas buyers.Version: 10.3.3

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Version 14.47.1 (2021-09-16): We fixed an issue with the previous release using some old code that might cause crashes. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home easier. Enjoy this new version!.

Version 14.46.0 (2021-09-07): This week, we fixed some minor UX issues. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Version 14.44.0 (2021-08-23): This week, we fixed some minor issues in the app. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.43.0 (2021-08-16): This week, we fixed some minor issues in the app. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.42.0 (2021-08-09): This week, we fixed some minor issues in the app. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.40.0 (2021-07-27): This week, we fixed some minor issues in the app. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.39.0 (2021-07-19): This week, we fixed some minor UX issues. We strive to provide a great app experience, and we regularly update our app to make sure it meets your needs. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Version 14.38.0 (2021-07-07): This week, we fixed some minor UX issues. We strive to provide a great app experience, and we regularly update our app to make sure it meets your needs. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Version 14.37.0 (2021-07-01): This week we are excited to bring you our Mortgage Widget in addition to our Nearby and Zestimate Widgets. Edit your HomeScreen to access these new shopping tools. Please continue sending feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.36.0 (2021-06-21): This week, we fixed some minor issues in the app. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.34.0 (2021-06-07): This week we fixed some minor bugs. We are also excited to bring you our Pride App Icon. Zillow has always been a leader in Fair Housing and providing information on LGBTQ+ protections to aid movers. To learn more about our Pride Network and the need for active allyship, visit  http://zlw.re/zillow-pride..

Version 14.33.0 (2021-06-02): *Zillow Widgets* – Level up your Zillow experience with the new Widgets. Add the Nearby widget to get homes For Sale near you. You can also add the Zestimate widget and track the home value of eligible homes. Widgets allow you to have the latest information available directly from your Home Screen! We are always working hard on improvements. Please continue to send feedback to [email protected]

Version 14.31.0 (2021-05-18): This week, we fixed some minor issues in the app. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.29.1 (2021-05-05): This week we fixed the issue with Facebook login. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.27.0 (2021-04-20): This week, we made some performance improvements in the app. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.26.0 (2021-04-13): *3D Tours** Virtual tours are an important part of your home shopping journey. This week we added discoverability of more 3D Tours on our map dots and in filters to help you find them with ease. Look out for these dots in your search area today! We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected]

Version 14.25.0 (2021-04-05): This week, we fixed some minor issues in the app. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.23.0 (2021-03-22): This week we fixed some minor UI bugs and made overall improvements. We are always working hard to make finding your dream home more delightful. Please continue to send feedback to [email protected]

Version 14.19.0 (2021-02-23): This week we fixed some minor UI bugs to improve the overall Zillow experience. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your dream home more delightful. Please continue to send feedback to [email protected]

Version 14.18.0 (2021-02-15): This week we fixed some minor UI bugs to improve the overall Zillow experience. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your dream home more delightful. Please continue to send feedback to [email protected]

Version 14.16.0 (2021-02-01): This week we fixed some minor UI bugs to improve the overall Zillow experience. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your dream home more delightful. Please continue to send feedback to [email protected]

Version 14.15.0 (2021-01-26): This week, we fixed some minor UX issues. We strive to provide a great app experience, and we regularly update our app to make sure it meets your needs. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Version 14.13.1 (2021-01-13): **New Search Toggle** - With so many types of home sales, sorting through listings can be a challenge. To give you a quick way to filter your search, we’ve grouped listings into two categories: "Agent Listings" and "Other Listings." You can easily toggle back and forth to find great homes in each group. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We love hearing from you!.

Version 14.12.0 (2020-12-22): This week, we shipped a redesign of our search filters and layout improvements to our iPad app. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.11.0 (2020-12-15): This week, we fixed some minor UX issues. We strive to provide a great app experience, and we regularly update our app to make sure it meets your needs. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Version 14.9.0 (2020-11-24): This week, we fixed some minor UX issues. We strive to provide a great app experience, and we regularly update our app to make sure it meets your needs. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Version 14.8.0 (2020-11-17): This week, we fixed some minor UX issues. We strive to provide a great app experience, and regularly update our app to make sure it meets your needs. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Version 14.6.0 (2020-11-02): This week, we fixed some minor UX issues. We strive to provide a great app experience, and we regularly update our app to make sure it meets your needs. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Version 14.5.0 (2020-10-26): This week, we fixed some performance related issues. We strive to provide a great app experience, and we regularly update our app to make sure it meets your needs. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Version 14.3.0 (2020-10-12): This week, we fixed some performance related issues. We strive to provide a great app experience, and we regularly update our app to make sure it meets your needs. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Version 14.2.0 (2020-10-06): This week, we fixed some minor issues in the app. We are always working hard on improvements to make finding your next home even easier. Please continue to send your feedback to [email protected] We appreciate it!.

Version 14.1.0 (2020-09-28): This week, we fixed some performance related issues. We strive to provide a great app experience, and we regularly update our app to make sure it meets your needs. We welcome your feedback at [email protected]

Version 13.19.0 (2020-09-14): This week, we’ve made some improvements to app performance. We’re always looking for new ways to improve, so feel free to share your feedback at [email protected]