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Zombieville USA - one of the biggest hits on the app store! Over 1.5 million players and counting! Try it out for yourself and see why Zombieville USA is the definitive zombie experience on the App Store, spending more than 500 consecutive days in the US Top 100 charts!

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Welcome to Zombieville USA!

When your town is overrun by the walking dead, there's only one thing left to do - go through their pockets and look for loose change! As the lone survivor of a zombie apocalypse, it's up to you to battle legions of the undead in a never ending fight for survival! How long can you hold out? Scrounge for cash and ammunition, and buy up to 15 upgradeable weapons as your inevitable doom closes in around you...

Zombieville USA combines the timeless appeal of classic arcade games with stunning graphics you have to see to believe.

- Defend yourself with 15 different weapons, from shotguns to chainsaws, even rockets, katanas and flamethrowers!

- Deceptively simple gameplay, with more depth than meets the eye. Manage your cash and ammo carefully, or become zombie chow!

- Be amazed by some of the most spectacular graphics and animation ever seen on a phone!

- Intuitive touch-screen controls are easy to pick up and play.

- Conveniently auto-saves your progress after each level - play at your own pace!

Be sure to check out the eye-popping trailer at www.zombievilleusa.com!

Zombieville USA App User Reviews & Comments

I love this gameI just bought the application and I get the surprise that it is not compatible with iPhone xr, do an update please..Version: 2.0

BogusThe arrrows just decide to stop working when it gets hard.Version: 2.0

My favorite iPhone game.....I really love this game, it kind of reminds me of those old, simple side-scrollers on Genesis. However, I do have two gripes which are the reason why I only gave 4 stars: 1. Basically, the weapons should be progressively more effective, i.e. the Uzi should be better/faster at killing zombies than the basic shotgun and the chainsaw better/faster than the Uzi. As it stands now all the weapons between the level 3 shotgun and the gas-powered laser-zapper thing are pretty much useless. 2. Not being able to buy ammo makes how far you get in the game completely depend upon luck. You should either be able to buy ammo, or the amount of ammo in the houses should increase as the levels progress. This only makes sense (more zombies require more ammo). Other than these two issues which should be relatively simple to fix, this game ROCKS and is absolutely worth $2. I will definitely give this app 5 stars as soon as the above mentioned quirks are worked out..Version: 0

Alot of fun!Need to be able to save games though!! Otherwise perfect!!! Very addicting.Version: 2.0

Great app! some sugestions...Great graphics/gameplay...SUGGESTIONS: (click yes if you agree) 1.) unlockable characters (when you reach a certain amount of money, that you can keep that next time you play) 2.) when you run out of amo with a gun, automatically switch to a new weapon 3.) when you have no amo in any weapon, be able to punch/kick the zombies (unlock a kicking ninja with money) 4.) unlock clothes, (like a bullet proof vest that makes your health bar go down more slowly, or a hockey guy, who is more immune to attacks) 5.) have a basketball player who outruns attackers better. Other characters might include a military general, a police guard, an office worker, etc. 6.) sound effects/ipod music on/off 7.) ability to buy new towns/levels with money (e.g. go inside an Egyptian pyramid for amo/money, or have a NY city style level (skyscrapers for background) 8.) have a store, where you can buy clothes (sports coat/ dress shirt/ sports jersey/ suit and tie/ sweatshirt/ sneakers/ dress shoes etc.) As it is, this is the best game you'll find in the app store, and these improvements could make it even better (clk 'yes' if you agree).Version: 0

More survivorsThis game is addicting but you need to be able to have more than one survivor and be able too ok bring them in the house other wise this game is amazing.Version: 2.0

You get what you pay forZombieville USA, it's for the most the best shooter I jet to see. As simplistic at it fun, Zombieville captures a much loved visual arcade style, along with the clasic theme of zombies. Zombieville USA being a .99$ game it has it's limits, whom are over met by the multiple guns and upgrades, on can get as well as it's ever increasing dificulty. On ten other hand it is quiet repetative. Per example, Zombieville USA only has one back ground; created of a night over shadowing houses. Further more, Zombieville USA only has three zombie character types: slow,fast,and strong. Over all the visuals are out standing, the controls are simplistic, and it is a good time killer. What we would like to see. Firtst off Zombieville USA, needs new maps/ visial. Ammo being one of the great threats to the player, ammo needs to be sold or regenarated more often. We would like to see more zombie types, with special abilities; zombie animals, puking zombies? Some more suggestions would be such as merc's(mercenaries), who help out. Lastly a plot, or different types of missions; find some one, save some one,destroy something, kill a boss..Version: 0

Amazing 5/5This is definitely one of the best games out on the iPod even though very ocassionally the game lags it does not at all effect how fun this game is. You play as a guy with a frown on his face and a pistol that's all you could really describe him as, Now graphicly the game is great it has a cool bulky feeling to everything in the game like gears of war now the gameplay is simply amazing you walk forward and zombies will be walking toward you or pop out of the ground and later on you will see diffrent types of zombies like a white one that dies easy and a dark one that's hard to kill this really mixes up the gameplay keeping it from getting stale the gameplay is unbealivable as your walking by you can go into houses and get ammo or money and at the end of the levels you can buy more guns and health the guns are amazing unique and fun to use over and over again this game would be good at 10 $ at 99 cents it's a steal. ((graphics: 5/5)) ((gameplay: 5/5)).Version: 0

No more updates? Why Mika Mobile Why??????No more updates to what could arguably be one of the best games for the iPhone/Touch platform? What in the world are the developers thinking? This is like killing the goose that laid the golden egg. DEVELOPERS, the people who bought this app have been BEGGING you over and over and over again to PLEASE make updates to this game and these same people have been very SPECIFIC as to what those updates should be. Instead of implementing any of the ideas in the 1.2 update what do you do? Put out a meaningless update and tell the users of this app that 1) You won't be making any more updates and that 2) You will be focusing on a newer app...both of these things said in a way that is supposed to make us feel better that you are effectively dropping support for this app? What a crock. I was really wanting to see a save game feature, more lives, more weapons, different kinds of zombies (with different attacks, maybe even a boss zombie every few levels), different backgrounds, more game music.... I guess this is asking too much of a dev to do for the loyal fans of their game. I don't know why Mika is abandoning this game and it's users as well, but in my humble opinion, this really stinks and I am prone to believe that there are many many others who feel the same way I do. Thanks Mika Mobile, for giving the users of Zombieville USA the shaft. Thanks a lot..Version: 0

Nice, but limited replay valueI really enjoyed this game. For some reason or another, I found myself playing the Lite Version of this game over and over, and I finally decided to take the plunge and buy the full game. Although the game is meant to be a 'survival' type game, after you achieve a certain level, there are no more upgrades, and just more zombies. I suggest rather than fleshing out more and more weapons, (although that would be nice) add another game mode? Perhaps a true 'Survival' Mode, where you have infinite ammo, all weapons, and just one bar of health? What if there were more types of zombies? I am aware of the fact that 2 new types were added, but what if new kinds were created that attack in different ways? A flying zombie? A zombie torso? Again, I really enjoyed this game, so I would recommend it, but the lack of new things to keep the game fresh in later levels or a second run through is the only thing keeping it from a full 5 Star rating. Thanks to the Dev Team, keep up the good work! You really have a jewel of gaming situations in your hands!.Version: 0

Iconic Zombie Game!!!This is the best game literally. I remember this game years ago and now I finally found it!!! This is amazing!!!.Version: 2.0

FinallyThank you for updating it a minute ago I loveeeee this game.Version: 2.0

Hours of fun!Truthfully, I didn't expect much, but this game is totally addicting! Ran the battery down to zero on this alone- Twice! Pros: 1) First and foremost, the graphics are awesome! 2) This game is difficult, but not impossible. I love the challenge. 3) It automatically keeps record of how many zombies you've killed, and the highest level you've achieved. So there's always something to aspire to. 4) The weaponry is quite interesting. You can buy many cool things (including more life.) Cons: 1) Sometimes it takes to many bullets to kill a zombie. 2) Wish there was a way to start from a higher level of difficulty. When you're dead, you're dead and must start back from the beginning. This can sometimes get tiresome. 3) When you're out of bullets, unless you're extremely lucky, you're dead. I wish the developer included a knife that you always carry. As far as I can see, that's it! Great game, well worth the price, and easily 5 stars!.Version: 0

Incredibley kick a**!!!!!!!This is one of the greatest games in the appstore. I really rediscovered this game with the new update with new characters! I have played this game with every character and the verdict is that it really depends who the best is but my personal favorites are the ninja and swat team member. I really love the weapons and it really has got more with the added melle weapons update. Oh and if you really do love melle weapons, then use the ninja! I can tell you who the worst character is. That woud be the minigore guy. Yeah ok added ammo us nice but you will not survive in later levels because this dudes health runs out as fast as a frickin racecar. My personal favorite weapon is the 3rd shotgun and when paired with the swat team guy it is unstoppable!!! This is a great game and for only that much dough, this is a definite buy. the only thing I might say to change is that getting a mere pack of ammo that's only about 50 depending on the weapon shouldn't be as much as buying the gun. Sorry for spelling and grammar mistakes, I'm in a rush. BUY THIS GAME¡!¡!¡!¡.Version: 0

Needs an unlimited attack such as punching/kickingJust got the game so haven't played it more than 5 minutes, but so far there's 2 things I might fix. First would be like my title says. I think there should be an unlimited attack such as punching, kicking, etc. When I was playing I ran out of bullets and then all I could really do was try to run to another house while I got attacked by zombies. At least with punching them you could avoid some of the damage and continue to enjoy the game instead of sitting in a house waiting for them to walk off far enough for you to leave. It might even be amusing if the hand to hand is over the top. Such as punching their head off, ripping their arm off and beating them with it, etc. The second thing was that it was occasionally cheap. Like when a zombie comes from under you and attacks you. It's one thing if a zombie appears right in front of you or behind you, but when it's so close it's impossible to avoid damage it's a bit unfair..Version: 0

Good game😇😇This game is great except I don’t like the new update with the controls i like the old controls 😉😉😉.Version: 2.0

This game is the bombJust downloaded the new update with helping survivors and cars. Way cool! I agree with some others on more backgrounds, like a cityscape, a farm, jungle, beach, for a few suggestions. Also maybe add a new music instead of just the one song, gets kinda old. Yes I know you can listen to your own music but I don't always want to do that. I do like that you fixed the rocket launcher issue but you still need to fix the issue of the slow zombie getting knocked closer to you from the explosion. They should be only knocked away from you not towards. Katana should be 1 hit kill every time. Also need to up the damage on the highest upgraded pistol because it's totally useless when you get to the higher levels. Also the upgraded rocket launcher needs to be 1 hit kill even on the slow zombies because the both the it and the autoshotgun take 3 shots to kill and it should be more realistic as in 3 shots with shotgun and 1 with launcher. Hope you guys at mikamobile read this, these would be great things to balance out the weapons better. Oh and make it so your survivor buddy can get in the vehicle with you so he doesn't get left behind to die. And I don't give a crap about multiplayer, this is a great solo game. This the best $2 I ever spent on the app store! And if you haven't played their other game OMG! Pirates, you gotta, it's awesome! I mean come on, its got pirates vs ninjas! Crazy good!.Version: 0

JUST KEEPS GETTING BETTER AND BETTER AND BETTER!When I first got this, I thought it would last a month tops. A side scroller? In this day and age? Garbage, right? WRONG! Everytime Mika updates this game it gets better and better! Now we have difference characters, with different weaknesses and strengths! Now there are even more different weapons, melee weapons and you can buy ammo and health, as well as have five lives! A great game, but how about a trade in option since after level 5, your pistol is mostly useless? How about some different weapons like another level of shotgun, an auto shotgun maybe? Molotov Cocktails for those who can't use the flamethrower? How about some different melee weapons, like nunchucks or throwing stars? Finally, why no female characters? I'm sure there are some ladies playing this. A stripper would be nice. How about suicide zombie, like a zombie with a bomb on it that when you shoot it, blows up but only whacks the other zombie? Just a few suggestions for a game that started great and is only getting better. Say when will a PSP or PS3 version come out? YOW! ADDENDUM: Vehicles? Other Survivors? YOW again! You guys are out of control! When will we see a Zombieville Movie? This is just too good! Kudos all the way!.Version: 0

Got Ammo? Developers please read!Thanks Mika mobile for the quick update. Big difference from the last time although there is still a little lag. I like the new zombie variants(cool) makes it a little more interesting although I agree with most people it gets somewhat boring when you upgrade all your guns and the only thing you look fwd to after you past the stage is health. I don't need health I NEED AMMO! Plus would help if there were more upgrade to our weapons, new weapons like someone said sword or machete. Another suggestion That someone said that would make it cool is instead of that white guy put in a gansta in the game or even trick out the white guy with new clothing or something and also armor would be good or even spikes on your boots or razor whichever so you can kick them when there under you. But I think the main thing here is ability to buy ammo. Sometimes the houses don't give enough ammo for the amount of zombies you have to kill. Lastly the graphics did come a little dull make the graphics sharp again cause it does look pixelated. Other than that great game and hope there's another update. Oh yeah btw please add an ability to run or accelerate faster..Version: 0

Great game!This was my first game ever on my iPhone 4. Fantastic game..Version: 2.0

EPIC!!! But.......This mini game is truelly amazing! i recently purchased this app and i could play it for hours but it tends to get boaring after awhile so i have a few suggestions that could make this already awesome game even more awesome!!! 1)be able to level up your character so you could have more HP and maybe even do more damage 2)make boss levels 3)have more even stronger guns 4)have a spot were you could just purchase ammo for your current guns for a low price 5)make it so your bullets can shoot through zombies so you hit more than one at a time so you can get even further in the game 6)have achievements that you can unlock 7)have different game play modes like maybe a god mode where your almost invincible or an endless horde mode were you stay on one level, get more ammo for every zombie you kill, and just get as many kills as you can before you die. these are just a few suggestions that i had that i think would make the game way better and allow the gamer to get even further because my highest level is only 37 :( and i also think that the achievements would be a good idea because it would give the gamer more to work for and it gives a deep satisfaction when you achieve the goal that you set out for. So please Mika Mobile take my ideas into consideration and make your epic game even better!.Version: 1.6

Great game!This is a TRUE iOS game! No ads, no micro transactions. Just perfect! 😁.Version: 2.0

Simply AmazingWhen I first played the demo, I was in awe. It was simply fun. So I played it again. And again. And I bought the full version. As I progressed through the game, I figured out the best ways to manage my money and ammo. And it was fun. Some of the best $2 fun I ever had. And then an update cam out, fixing a wish, but not a problem with the game. So I picked it up again. Now, after I had finally begun moving on to other games, they released an update. With lives. And melee weapons. With the ammo purchasing fixing my frustration of getting money I can't use the later levels, and the new one fixing the frustration of getting pwned by 3 black zombies at once by giving me a second chance, and the melee weapons giving me a way to tell zombies to back the f up, as well as giving me a last resort when I'm about to die, while not being overpowering, this game is showing that it cares, and it keeps getting better. Thanks for such a great game, Mikia..Version: 0

Best zombie game on the app storeI have never found a better game for just plain out fun only thing i would say is make some new characters.Version: 2.0

Most unexpected update everIt's been six years and suddenly Zombieville is back! The old version still pillarboxed for iPhone's original screen size. This looks perfect on my SE. This also feels like they upgraded the graphics for retina displays. Zombieville is the best and this update is amazing. Thanks devs!.Version: 2.0

Some suggestionsFirst off, this game is by far the best game i have ever played on the iphone I have been addicted to it since I got it. Well worth the price. Now here are my suggestions. Lower the price of ammo! Ammo should not cost the same price as the gun itself! Also, please stop starting levels with the hand gun. We should either start levels with the strongest weapon or be able to pause and switch weapons. By the time you hit level 27 the hand gun is useless. And when you have 10 zombies running at you from both directions the time it takes to scroll to the weapon you need could mean death. You should be able to find the ocassional health pack in houses. Plus the ammo that you find in the houses should fit with the level your on. After level 17 the hand gun is pointless therefore the ammo I find for it is a waste. The same thing goes for the shotgun and machine gun ammo after level 25. When I'm playing level 27 with 30 gas tanks and 10 rockets I don't care if I find 100 hand gun bullets or shotgun for that matter. Either make the guns stronger or the ammo cheaper..Version: 0

How to make this game #1This game is a iPod/iPhone classic. It has wonderful gameplay, 2 fantastic controll schemes, funny zombies (well I found them funny), a good red-neck trucker main charicter. But with a few more things, this game could get everyone's 5/5. The most talked about is more guns. The makers got Almost all the basics, pistol, shotgun ect. (anyone else missing rifles and granades?) but I personaly want another round of upgrades. Another shotgun and a laser pistol? It's possible... There is only 1 kind of house in the aftermath of a zombie attack. It's not just that, it just feels like I'm not going anywhere. What I suggest is a mario world type of map where you can trevel to different parts by walking to one side or another. A bit like the famous online MMO maple story. Also I would like the road to change when I go to different parts of zombieville. Possibly a trap house where where a zombie attacks you when you go in. I would love an indoor section in a hotell or a mansion where the houses would be replaced by rooms. Boss zombies! We need bosses for each district of the town. A zombie with special powers to make him stronger. He would bring out the challange in the game. Please make these updates.Version: 0

Almost perfect.........This game is extremely addictive and fun. Quite easily one of the best apps out. Just a couple of changes would make it perfect: 1) Make it easier to switch between weapons. If you have the grenade launcher, and a zombie pops up right under your feet, you are gonna lose life until you switch around to a weapon that can kill at close range. And if it's the zombie with the red eyes, forget it. Maybe have a previous weapon icon and a next weapon icon. Also, making the grenades and rockets able to kill at close range would be great too. 2) Possibly add an option to where you can choose what comes out of the houses. Like a choice between weapons, money or both. Nothing's more frustrating than losing because you keep getting money out of houses and run out of ammo, and you can't outrun the zombies when they surround you. Which leads me to... 3) Have the option to buy ammo in the screen after each level like you can buy new weapons, or have some zombies drop ammo. Just some suggestions. Still a great app..Version: 0

Best mobile gameBetter than any other game on iphone.Version: 2.0

Yes an updateFinally its about time that they update the game to support newer devices.Version: 2.0

Best App/Game Ever Made!Thank you so much for making time to make this wonderful game! Ive made it up to Level 23! I would like to give a suggestion though! -Could you make a 2nd game like Zombieville EU (Im American, but an EU version would be sweet!), their could be like the same system, but EU zombies, EU looking buildings and EU gun's like for the SMG a P90 and for handgun a Five-Seven and like one of those stick things as a rocket launcher! The character could also be more EU instead of a hillbilly, even though I LOVE the character, my freinds hate him! Maybe different characters? -Character customation! I.E. Shirts, hats, pants, glasses, accesories and facial features! -Keep the amount of weapons how it is, it's perfect balance and all weapons are unique and interesting, excpecialy the Gasoline class gun! ( Flamethrower is epic! ) -Modes! I.E. Survival ( Current mode ), a Time Attack ( See how many levels you can clear in the amount of time ) and NO CO-OP! ( I don't know how that would work, but if you guys can make it work, that's epic! ) -Extra Movement Features! Jumping would be VERY interesting! Maybe a speed boost button! And that's it! This is just a comment, but I would really liek ti if you stuck with Zombieville, I'm sure whatever your making is GREAT, but I'd really like to see more with Zombieville. Hope you take some into consideration! Your Number 1 Fan.Version: 0

A Solid Return to Arcade Goodness!For all those sissies who want save points, play something else. This game is a fantastic mesh of arcade fun and strategy. In the best arcade games they just got harder and harder until you died. Nowadays everyone expects lots of chances or "save points". Psssh. Amateurs. Zombieville is all about staying alive, dodging from house to house while saving enough money to purchase awesome weapons. There's no satisfaction quite like roasting a zombie over an open fire! I do have a few suggestions though for a next release: I think it would be great to be able to clear neighborhoods, choosing which street you'd like to do next (birds eye view). Then be able to move on to different environments, urban cities, farms, the abandoned amusement park, a haunted house, a swamp? Just to change up the scenery. MORE WEAPONS! Those are great fun. Given that the guy is a redneck trucker I'd imagine he invents things in his shop to take care of zombies. Maybe a weapon creator where you get to hang out with the trucker in his workshop and make stuff? Or maybe some really outrageous weapons. Ratchet and Clank does come to mind. Anyway, great game and keep going. You're on to something here!.Version: 0

LISTEN UPZombie USA are pretty old games and have almost out grown its reputation, people dont like spending money on old games and games that should be free. Like Zombie USA and USA 2... Please make them free and also this game is fun.Version: 2.0

Chainsaw UpgradeFirst of all, I want to say thank you so much for an amazing game. I’ve been playing this game since 2013 but I went to upgrade the chainsaw but I didn’t receive my Solar Ray 3000 Gun. Every time I make a purchase after the level is complete I just receive more gas and no upgrade..Version: 2.0

Amazing gameThis is super fun but I really think you should add more guns and it’s really fun and you get to pick whatever you want like you get the pig whatever character you want that even has its own options to do you want the foreman do you want the survivor or the swat member it’s just super fun but the only thing is it’s a tough choice to chooses because with each character there’s something good about it and something bad about it like the foreman he does better damage with explosives and The chainsaw but he can’t use fire or lasers you get the choose whatever you want I think this is the most fun game I’ve ever played (The actual game I’ve liked The most is zombie Ville USA 2 you should go check it out.Version: 2.0

Best iPhone game yetI've downloaded over fifty games and dozens of other apps, and this is the first time I've felt compelled to write a review. Zombieville USA is my favorite game on the iPhone! I've had it for several weeks, and I still play it all the time. The graphics are rad, the gameplay is smooth, and it is FUN. I like the update that allows you to buy ammo (it's expensive enough that you still have to really work for it - you still have the constant challenge of limited resources which is GOOD FOR THE GAME!!!) and listen to your own music while you play, but I think the often-suggested update to give the player more lives and save functions is silly. Some people won't be happy until every game is Halo 2. More weapons, more bad guys, bosses, more maps! Blah blah blah. This is a great game, and it goes above and beyond what ANYONE else has put out for the iPhone. It doesn't need all of that crap. Sometimes I give myself challenges like seeing how far I can get with just shotguns or just rifles. Stuff like that. I haven't grown weary of the game yet. And I play it A LOT. I've been up to level 46, and I'm pushing for a lot higher. I hope to see more from mikamobile. Great game!.Version: 0

Still needs improvement on EASY levelI am amazed but the developer actually made it a little easier to play the easy level and now I can make it to level 70. After that it becomes impossible to go much further which frustrates me as I have Aspergers Syndrome. If you would could you please make the easy level truely easy. Why not limit the amount of zombies on each level you had to kill? Also after level 50 only the grenade launcher and plasma weapon are usefull due to the massive number of zombies which further frustrates me. I don't mind a challenge now and then but the way this game plays now at just the easy level I have given up any hope of attempting those. The good news is now at least I can win up to level 70. It really gives me a sense of accomplishment and to someone who is retired and on disability due to cancer (which is in remission) that means a lot. Whatever you decide thanks for making the game and making it a little easier. .Version: 0

AMAZINGSuper nostalgic for me and overall fun.Version: 2.0

Great Run & Gun!This has become one of my favorite apps! It's pick-up-and-play value is impeccable, and it never gets old. Having been an App Store shopper from the beginning, I'm glad to say that this is one of those apps that finally shines through the trash that others are selling. The controls are simple yet intuitive, with graphics that are not too showy and not too simple - just right. However, I would find it even more fun if there was ammunition purchase made available in the next update. I find that some of my favorite weapons (shotgun :D) have very scarce amounts of ammo later in the game. If you could just fix this small detail, the game would be perfect in my eyes. But even if you don't, it wouldn't make he game any less fun! Overall, this is a fantastic game and therefore should be treated as such. You guys could never update this app again and it would still be one of my favorites! 2 Undead Thumbs Way Up! d(^.^)b.Version: 0

Great fun for a small price!This is an app worth downloading if you have left over credits from your iTunes Gift Cards. I am a fan of zombie-festing, and this satisfies my needs. Pros: The graphics and gameplay are smooth and simple, really easy to work with. The controls are easy as well, a crucial part to any game. There are various zombie types, so you aren't going to be bored for at least 20 levels. There is a way to save, so you don't have to restart where you are everytime. There are various weapons, and they can be upgraded. Cons: Occassional choppy framerate, but very rare. You can't go back to the main menu unless you restart the app. There is too little ammo for the Flamethower for the price you pay. $2200 for a Flamethower, one would expect to have more than 50 gallons of fuel for it. The animation for the Flamethower is confusing as well, I thought that one click would kill the zombie. I also request a way to go back and forth with your weapons. If I miss selecting a shotgun, I have to click on the weapon symbol again until I get to the shotgun. Improvements: Fixes in the framerate, larger variety of weapons, maybe even various characters?, different maps?, keep track of how many zombies you've killed. In conclusion, this app was very well worth the $1.99 I spent. It is a must buy if you like zombie action..Version: 0

Awsome gameShould be number 2(pocket god is my fav) toataly awsome game weapons are awsome blood gore and bones are awsome my favorite weapons are the plasma laser and radioactive rocket launcher! If you are curious what these weapons are the plasma laser is the double upgraded chainsaw and the radioactive rocket launcher is the double upgraded grenade launcher. The one and only flaw is you cannot save! Other than this one minor flaw the game is a five star game. Oh and by the way if you think the game is to hard go into the options menu and change the difficulty. Another hint is to wait for the end of the level and kill as many zombies as you can. If you can't find the end of the level wait until the moon stops moving with you. By doing this you can by buying new weapons and if you buy the shotgun for the first three levels if you get close to the zombies and fire it kills them instantly and when using the unupgraded grenade launcher you have to get far enough to kill the zombies but when you buy the upgrades it's slot easier kill the zombies. Once again five star game buy buy buy!.Version: 0

Ruined a great gameThe newest update has enlarged characters and objects; thereby, limiting the lateral field of view. A player can only see a target shortly before that target attacks that player..Version: 2.0

To the people who can't make it past lvl 2Hey, I had this problem too when I first started, all you need to do is come up with a strategy and plan of which wepons you will buy and use first, I figured it out ;) I won't tell you my wepon combos but I will tell you this. Don't try to kill every zombie on screen, ito waste the he'll out of your ammo, only kill the ones in front and when the crowd in the back piles up too much hide in a house until they pass, if you need to gather money for a wepon just kill some zombies to get the last bit Of money( come up with a plan of how much money you want to get at the end of certain levels). Use the house hiding do your advantage. Using these skillz helped me get to level 29 at that point the only wepons that are usefull are the laser gun and the advanced bazooka, unfortunately I ran out of ammo for both of those and only had my minigun which just doesn't cut it at later levels. Also, if you are about to die you can't quit before you die and you can go back in the game and press resume, it will then give you another chance and start you at the beginning of the level, but sometimes you just don't have enough time to quit and you lose. Those are all the tips I can give you. Good luck zombie hunters. Remember, there is more strategy to this game then it seems..Version: 0

Made it to level 57 todayZombies and Guns, what more can you ask for? Very high quality production/art values. The learning curve is a little strong in the beginning, but once you get a strategy down for it you are able to quickly advance and buy all 15 weapons, and today I made it to level 57, with 1200 kills. Note to the people asking for "save game" and "pause": It saves your game at the end of every level. If you exit the app in the middle of a game, and then reopen it, you will see "resume" in the main menu, it starts you at the beginning of the last level you were on. Of course if you die it erases the game, for obvious reasons. ;-) Also you can hide in a house indefinitely if you need to pause it until if and when the developer adds a more official one. As for the few bugs, apparently the game was made using the Unity engine, which has a few known bugs across the board, so hopefully when unity updates, so will the game. Also I found if I am getting serious performance hits (after a very long time playing) I can power down the iPhone and restart it, it gets a lot better. Its only crashed twice on me (and I have played a lot) but my game was saved, so it wasn't a big deal. UPDATE: 1.1 is a big improvement, easy is well, EASY! More ammo and cash than you could possibly spend, for just shootin up zombie fun. Also the performance of the game has been greatly improved..Version: 0

Amazing game, keep the work up!One of the best game out and can only get better after version 1.0! Got to level 32 with 1025 kills before update to 1.1 Positive Notes -Great game with endless replay value as you continue to try to beat your score. Every time you start over everything comes at you different than the first time including money, ammo and zombies locations is unpredictable. -Game requires strategy and skill such as: using gun combos to kill, saving your ammo or money and rushing levels or staying to get more money. -If you get a call or if the game crashes which happens rarely, it automatically saves where you were at which is super nice and shows the App Store is advancing with games that come out in their first version! Negative Notes -First and foremost, the lag needs to be fixed! Suggestions -Game could use different kinds of zombies which you are giving us in version 1.1, now here and possibly more different weapons, anything that gives the game even more variety!.Version: 0

SUGGESTIONS FOR UPDATE-buy ammo at shops (or pick up more ammo in houses, eg. minimum of 50 bullets, 15 shotgun shells, something like that) -shield upgrades? body armour/kevlar -picking up power-ups while in the level (shield, unlim ammo for 5 secs, super speed) -upgrade your person=> buy a new hat (makes him do more dmg), buy sneakers (upgrades speed), - SIDEKICK!!! a dog that helps you attack zombies!!!! buy and upgrade him! -health in houses??? (only if you're below 25%???) -boss zombie level - one huge zombie you have to kill -BONUS level: lots of really fast zombies that are ez to kill, maybe a ammo collecting bonus round, -maybe an algorithm that recognizes your low ammo: so you then have a higher chance of getting ammo in the next house? -buy brass knuckles/baseball bat/ -grenades!!!! molotov cocktails! -LASER GUN - upgrade to plasma rifle, etc. suggestions that I read/liked -new background levels? pyramid? middle east? asia? Africa? South Pole? -going through a house? - all these levels could be a bonus round? -hand-to-hand combat - when you run out of ammo.Version: 0

How do I refundHi I wanted to buy number two for this game is there any way I can refund please.Version: 2.0

Perfect!Is awesome and perfect! But I would like to see something like changable characters and multiplayer modes where you can link people via wifi or 3G and play with a friend or a complete stranger that would be interesting right there ^-^ Ok for zombieville gamers I got a money making tip. On the first level stand around and bash zombies to death with the bat or kill then with the gun and get about 1750 dollars, go to the next level and when you go to buy weapons buy the sledge hammer and katana then in the second level stand around and kill the zombie with the katana they'll die in 1-2 hits and you do this until you get how much money you want. If your looking for a quickplay game then do this and on the second level kill zombies and get 2500 dollars then buy the shotgun and it's upgrades and you'll be able to run through must of the levels by just pumping the shotgun once but you'll need other guns still so don't be afraid buy other weapons, glad I could help if I helped any of you ^-^.Version: 0

An excelent gameSo, I got the free preview, loved it! Bought the full version, love it! Amazingly simple to play and yet chalanging once you get to level 25+. it needs more weapons though, as u can buy and upgrade every weapon by turn 12. From there it's buying life and weapons are capped at 999 ammo and 9999$ cash. It would be nice to utilize that money to buy ammo. Some different characters or a few sub bosses would be nice at 30 levels. Also maybe an arcade version that allows a story line? Save the neighborhood kind of thing. ? Great game keep it up! Fix the pause! To easy to pause and restatt the level, and make more weapons avail after lvl 25! The ghostbusters lazerpack FTW! The ammo update is nice, but even the laser pack is ineffectual around level 60 or so. There needs to be a new level 30 + series of weapon. Also an ammo sellback option would be nice for all the high level uselessness of shotgun mini gun and pistol ammo at that level. Or maybe just more unlockable power ups for those weapons at those levels. 400 rounds of shotgun is worthlesss when it takes 4 rounds a kill and there's an 8 zombie trail following you!.Version: 0

Great game but...I agree with the other reviews about better touch controls and having a well defined firing button, sometimes I tap the bottom of the screen and it doesn't shoot. I would also like the option of purchasing ammo and finding health in houses. I think it also gets harder way too fast if you can't get enough money for a shotgun after level ONE. You go from 4-6 shots to kill a zombie with your pistol to 6-8 shots? I think the curve is set a little too high. I think 5-7 would have been more reasonable then raise by the same increments level by level because by level 3, it's almost impossible to kill anything without a shotgun. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if the firing button were more reponsive and there weren't those pauses. If I can fire faster by tapping it faster and if the game could register each tap to shoot then the curve wouldn't be so bad. Pausing as well as saving a game you can go back to even after you lose would be nice too since there are times where I can shoot fast but the same taps only register a few shots that are timed further apart..Version: 0

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BEST GAME OUTThis game is quite possibly one of THE best apps for iPhone/iPod. Nothing to complain about except here's a couple of tips to put into your next update; you should add in a thing where you get a multiplier which gives you greater amounts of money, and I think it would be awesome if you added in a perks system, like how you buy weapons you should be able to buy perks. Eg; extra bullet damage, greater explosion damage and extra health. If you incorporate these into your next update it will make this game so much better..Version: 0

I thought zombies were dead?This game is very addictive. Once I pick it up I can't put it down for an hour or so. Have gotten up to level 44 (on easy) and those Zombies keep comming thick and fast. How can people play insane level, only got to level 4. It is very frustrating when you get out having to go back to the stat, however you try to learn by your mistakes and go better next time. Good Fun, highly recommend.Version: 0

Really fun gameBut it should have an option to continue so u don't have to start all over again everytime, yea it should also have like a chainsaw or baseball bat. Thanks!.Version: 0

Great fun gameThis game is simple but fun, the simple concept of grabbing a gun and roaming the streets collecting bullets and money in houses. It's nice to see in the updates they've changed the button layout (which they should change in the screen shots) and added - More people (with perks) - Melee and more weapons. Normally games like this have a price tag of $1.20 (AUD), but the price tag on this is worth every cent!.Version: 0

Fun gameThe game is good fun with plenty of guns and levels to to go through,could be improved if there was an option to save and u could buy ammo in the store and maybe some new backgrounds?.Version: 0

ZombieVilleZombieVille is a simple 2D game with the option to change character and upgrade your guns. This is an addictive and very simple and easy to play game. 10/10 from me.Version: 1.7

Will not update to v1.2Great game and fun to play with friends to see who can last longer. But it will not update to version 1.2. It will load and install but is the same and still says it needs to be updated. This is happening to me and 2 friends. Plz fix this problem... Otherwise buy this game!!!.Version: 0

Hate it nowI liked the game until I died I had to start again with guns and the level I was up to. I played again i got my guns back and heaps of money then my iPod battery was low so I quit game and my dudes head blew and I had to start again now I hate the game and don't play it you have to work on resuming game and saving.Version: 1.7

Legendary gameLove this game but could definitely use some new updates Some new locations like a graveyard or desert Multiplayer over wifi, would be much better playing with up to three other friends Gamecenter and achievements Possibly a boss to fight after every 10th level.Version: 1.6

FANTASTIC!This game is great with the new updates you can even choose different characters with special abilities, and unlike these pictures the arrows arent on different sides of the screen. maybe adding bosses would be good, and oh cheaper ammo. ps. having 6 zombies charge at you only for you to jump in a house wait for them to pass by then jumping out and wasting them all is the best!.Version: 0

Opening siteHey guys I just wanted to say that I'm opening a site on facebook called iPod touch games. This is a site for all the iPod touch game fans who want to share their game stories. Simply search iPod touch games into facebook and become a friend. If your not a member of facebook you can easily sign up. Cheers. Jaizymac..Version: 0

Great game butThis is a great zombie killing game, had it in my touch and ipad for a while now. Only thing wrong is, the update doesn't work. I can move my character left, but not right. Also, the two action buttons don't work. Needs to be fixed, so I can kill zombies again..Version: 1.7

Awesome gameI would recommend releasing some new scenery or something and possible the option 2 buy helper survivors rather than randomly getting them great game though.Version: 0

Needs more modesZombieville USA is a great game. however it needs some new features 1. Survival mode - speaks for it self 2. adventure mode - more than one floor on each level and you can actually go into houses and there are zombies in there. 3. bluetooth/wifi cooperation 4. character select - chose features and skin colour and all that. have points and put the points on different rows eg bullet damage meelee damage 5. the levels are to monotonous eg house, clear space, house ect. there should be ladders going up to another walking space. bomb shelters that go to an under ground passage. this game is quite good but with these updates it should be better!!.Version: 0

Fun and goryGreat game! quite enjoyable some more upgrades might be good though like armour for our hero or costumising his look also maybe wifi or bluetooth two player were you can work together against even more zombies and maybe a larger variety of weapons. also a change in background might be a nice differance too. Great game play fun gore and sounds cant put it down.Version: 0

Zombieville USAHad the game in the past and was great bought it again recently and it has no sound.Version: 2.0

AutosaveNeeds auto save but it's still awsome well done team also when your playing to play your own music before you go to play pick a song then when your in the game just press the menu button twice then a bar will come and press play.Version: 0

ZombievilleGreat game But needs more objectives in the game like a story. Also in the next zombieville add more guns and maps plus have some bosses Plus make a level up system where you can increase you players stats Eg health, movement speed, money gain etc..Version: 1.7

Awesome graphics! BravoKiller app. (pardon the pun) The graphics and music are what make this game. The concept may get repetitive but overall it does become more challenging as you go on. Only thing stopping a 5 star review is the gameplay becomes choppy and lags every now and then, an issue I'm sure will be solved in future updates..Version: 0

AwesomeThis is a great game and is really worth the money. Maybe a suggestion could be that the higher level you are, the more survivors you can find. Say for first ten levels one survivor comes from a house, next ten two come out etc. Also there could be a shop where kills are the money and you can buy say a higher probability of vehicles/survivors. If you playing on insane mode use the ninja so you don't have to worry that much about ammo. WORTH EVERY CENT!!!!!!!.Version: 0

Highly Addictive, Fantastic GameCracking game, exceptionally addictive. Loved it from the first play. I don't regret buying this one - but hubby wishes I had never found it, since I play it so much! Fantastic. I love it..Version: 0

Zombieville USA reviewGreat game. But yes it is annoying getting really far then having to start again. In future, maybe a different range of locations would be cool, like carnivals and stuff, rather than just the street. Anyway, anyone who likes zombie games, this is a must-have for the iPhone and iPod touch..Version: 0

Zombie villeZombieville USA is a timeless classic, it’s nearly as old as the AppStore itself at this point! I remember playing it in 2010 with my cousins and being so fun. Seriously good game 5/5.Version: 2.0

Awesome (v1.1)Amazing game, simple controls, great graphics, ages of gameplay I love it. However you could make it a hell of a lot better if you could buy ammo from the store, save after each level, put in more weapons, and if you could do a survival mode that would be fantastic Cheers for the sweet game.Version: 0

Great gameIt is a fantastic game but really it needs more guns and place cause its the same old boring street with houses all down it. Tip put the song how it ends on when u play the game..Version: 1.7

AWESOME GAMEBuy it you don't even need to try the free version. the only things that need to be fixed r there needs to be a quit button, there needs to be more weapons and i think there needs to be more levels. idea: more and different houses such as shaks..Version: 0

A Must HaveFantastic game as I said a must have game bargain for $2.49. This game should be in the top ten. The update is fantastic how you can now choose your character. I recommend it to almost anyone.Version: 0

Great app, but a little repetitiveGreat game, although does get a little repetitive once you unlock all the weapons. Once you reach level 15 there is no new zombie type, only the three that you unlock by level 10. This is only really an issue on easy difficulty, I only managed to get to level 12 on normal difficulty. Music gets a little annoying in my opinion, it would be nice to have a couple of different soundtracks (but this can be chaned by playing your own songs of course!). Otherwise a very slick and well presented game..Version: 0

UpdateVery good except one thing, when you have a gun that uses the rocket launcher things and you shoot at a zombie killing you Or very close it doesn't hit them just goes part them which is the reason I die all the time, extremely annoying please fix.Version: 0

AwesomeBest zombie shooter on iPhone. Great guns and levels. Would be cool though if you added more buildings and landscape. Like start in a town and then be in bigger towns with diffrent buildings. Also having more clothes would be cool. Like buying a tux or army camo :) -------------------------------------------------- --------------HOW TO SAVE---------------- To save you must get past a level and be in the gun buying location. Just quit from there by hitting your square button thing on your iPhone/itouch. When you open zombieville again it will have a resume option on the main page..Version: 0

Still a bit hardI've been getting up to round 15, but still finding a bit hard. Perhaps having different difficulty options would help, or each house you visit have more cash and ammo. Collecting health would help also..Version: 0

Save Update PleaseGood game but it needs a save option between levels, it spoils the game overall because you have to start all over again back to level one and thus you stop playing it waiting for an update..Version: 0

Still so much funI bought this about 12 years ago, still super fun..Version: 2.0

It's an awsome game!!!!!Well worth it's money and maybe could be improved with co-op via Bluetooth and maybe new weapons like sniper (one shot kill) and something like a grenade that sticks to the zombies other than that it's awsome!.Version: 0

Zombieville USATo mika-mobile Hello , I love your game alot and I love to see if you could add some maps,guns,better upgrades for old guns and also a bluetooth to other iPods and iPhones , an it would be a really great game if this was added Thank you.Version: 1.6

Awesomest game everThe features on the new game are awesome not only can you play as 7 gifferent players you can start playing on lv 1, lv 5, lv 10, lv 15, lv 20, lv 25 and lv 30. You can also choose from 2 control pannels. it is awesome lol :).Version: 0

Great appLove the graphics and the game play. A bit of lagging & it crashes some times this needs to be fix. A save option should be added, so when u die you don't have to start from the start. More weapons would be nice (different types). New environments would mix it up a bit ie walking into a building and hiding in offices or a shopping center. Developers please consider my suggestions..Version: 0

Really Great Game!Hey this is a great game and I seriously reccomend getting it. However I have a few ideas for future updates. It really needs a back button or a quit game button. Once you start the game, theres no getting out of it. New characters and Backgrounds. Maybe in a downtown street or something. Maybe different types of zombies. More weapons. Some more melee as well as guns would be nice. Maybe grenades or molotovs. Multiplayer. I reckon it'd be awesome to run down the street owning some zombies with one or more of your friends. Global leaderboard. I'd love to see how I'm doing against other players. Yeah so get this game. Its absoloutly pro..Version: 0

FjfjvkbhfsgGood game but you should be able to buy half a pack of health for 75 dollars and quarter packs for 40. And you should be able to buy cheap ammo before the gun us fully upgraded and get free ammo when you upgrade your weapon.Version: 0

AWESOMEI don't know why this ain't in the top 25 it's an awesome game to save just press the home button and next time u reopen it'll show a resume button. Awesome game good controls didn't lagg or crash for me!.Version: 0

Great updatesIf the game is still open for any suggestions I suggest adding -more melée weapons such as an axe and golf club and giant No.1 glove. - occassional blood footprints after a. really gory situation. - cheaper ammo. -customizable character with interchangable head and main body With things like army hats that provide extra protection and goofy unlockable outfits for aesthetics. -varied house designs and weather conditions, rain and stormy weather would really make things interesting. These are all the things I can think of to make this amazing game even greater.Version: 0

You can't save the game...Which is really bad, because you can spend a lot of time on it and collect a lot of cash and extra weapons... But you have to start from scratch next time you play. Makes of really frustrating!! If you could save the game and return to where you left of, i'd give it 5 stars (based on the price of AU$1.19).Version: 0

Best App everI don't care what any one else says this app is the best well done you should make another one in a different contry if you do I'll buy it no mater how much it is..Version: 0

Great game really addictingAnd if u guys wanna save it (resuming game) when your in one of the lvla all u have to do is press the home button then when u go back on just press resume game and you will be y the same lvl u were exept the beginning but :) hope it helps.Version: 0

Buy itVery good game but needs new backgrounds for other levels because looking at the same thing is Boring, maybe new backgrounds of countries like Australia, antartica and more so could you please update.Version: 0

OS 3.0 Working Version???Before OS 3.0 came out, I played this game like it was my water! But since OS 3.0 came out it takes almost 4 minutes just to get to the home screen then 2 minutes to get to the game. Not only is the time dodgy but then there is all the major lagging and touch screen sensitivity for the shooting and controls. Needs a major fixing to work properly on OS 3.0 . BTW Apple... OS 3.0... (?) BIG F.A.I.L..Version: 0

Highly Addictive!One of the most played games on my iPod. If I could add one more weapon, it would probably be a massive nuke that kills all zombies, but still a fantastic game. Keep up the good work!.Version: 0

I agree with the last guyBut the update would be huge so I suggest that you make zombieville USA 2 or zombieville some other nation then It would be the only game I would play. By the way you should make a boss when you get all the weapons. Great game.Version: 0

Fun game but needs some polishIt is way too laggy. When there are lots of zombies on the screen it goes really slow. It sometimes also crashes. I also found that I keep running out of ammo and that is the main reason why I die. Despite these issues my best score is Level 13 with 248 Zombies.Version: 0

BEST GAME EVER!This game is the best. So much fun. What would make it better though is being able to save between levels, more weapons, and you get health when you go into houses. But overall great game..Version: 0

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Version 2.0 (2017-08-28): This app has been updated by Apple to use the latest Apple signing certificate. Improved compatibility with modern iOS hardware and software, including 64-bit support. Zombies never die. Also improved controls for larger screens with easy-to-reach buttons for entering doors and swapping weapons..