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Lose It! – Calorie Counter App Download

Lose It! is a calorie counting app that helps you reach your weight loss goal. Simply download the app, set your goals, and track your foods and exercises to lose weight.

Since our launch in 2008 we have been featured in The Wall Street Journal, The Today Show, Men’s Health, Women’s Health, CNET, Buzzfeed, CNN, Shape, Good Morning America, and more.

• 80+ million pounds of weight lost by our members (and counting)
• 27+ million searchable items in our comprehensive international food library database
• 40+ million users who have started their weight loss journey with Lose It!
• 25+ macronutrient and health goals to choose from
• 3 days of tracking is all it takes before a user starts to see a result in weight loss
• Lose It! is Weight Loss That Fits!

Lose It! uses the proven principles of calorie tracking to educate and help you succeed. To get started just input your profile details with your goal weight and we’ll calculate the daily calorie budget best for you. Next, easily track your food, weight, and activity and get ready to celebrate your weight loss victories. There’s no easier way to change your habits and learn about your nutrition needs.

• Barcode Scanner – quickly scan food barcodes or search our database to track foods you’ve eaten.
• Snap It – log food by simply taking a photo of your food. Just tap the camera icon for food tracking as easy as taking a picture. (2016 CES Innovation Award Winner).
• Track Nutrients – track more than just calories including macros, proteins, water, carbs, sugars, body measurements, sleep cycles, and more.
• Fitness App Syncs – connect trackers, apps, and devices like Fitbit trackers, Misfit trackers, Fitbit scales, Garmin trackers, Withings scales, Google Fit, Healthkit, and more.
• Biggest Food Library Database – 27+ million searchable foods in our international library.
• Challenges – step up your game with fun weight loss, fruit/veggie, and exercise challenges by yourself or with your friends. That’s some serious motivation!
• Meal Planning & Targets – meal targets helps you calculate suggested calories per meal based on your goal while meal planning allows you to customize your meal names and snacks for more accurate records.
• Patterns – learn about your habits with our exclusive personal insights and patterns to identify what is hindering or helping your progress.
• Themes – personalize the look and feel of Lose It! with themes that speak to your personality.
• Recipes – customize your weight loss journey with breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals you create yourself.
• Workout Guides - library of workouts to help guide you to success.

Download Lose It! today and join our community of members helping us reach our mission to mobilize the world to achieve a healthy weight.

Get started today with Lose It! - Weight Loss That Fits!

Lose It! basic is free, but you can upgrade to Premium to unlock awesome additional features. Premium members report 3x the weight loss of free members.


Should you choose to purchase a Premium subscription, subscription purchase will be charged to your iTunes account. The yearly subscription will automatically renew unless the auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours before the period subscription ends. Renewal price will be $39.99, unless a discount is specified at time of original purchase. Your premium subscription auto-renew can be turned off or managed in your iTunes account settings. Any unused portion of the free trial is forfeited after purchase.

Lose It! – Calorie Counter App User Reviews & Comments

Conscious Eating + Mild Fitness = Success!Since I've started the Lose it App, 9 days ago, I have already lost a total of 4 pounds! I'm a female, 5'3", started at 139 lbs, with a goal weight of 124lbs. I didn't take calorie counting or exercise seriously, especially when I started this app. But I feel like just being conscious of what I'm consuming & starting to see the patterns of foods that have less calories but keep me full longer is keeping me on track! I go over my suggested calorie count everyday by a couple hundred calories, but even with that, I'm still losing weight at a healthy rate! The minimal exercise I'm doing every other day are isolated muscle moves (ie. 30 squats, 30 lunges, 30 leg lifts, 30 dips, and 30 pushups). I'm as surprised as you might be if you use this app! It's a great tool to keep you focused on your goal, and be concious and aware of your daily intake + fitness to reach your goal weight by a realistic & healthy date. I'm a happy customer so far, and the app was free which makes it even better!! Good luck on reaching your goals!!.Version: 9.4.14

The Only App to Actually Help Me Lose WeightI got this app kinda on a whim after seeing it mentioned in a Reddit thread. I’ve always been overweight/obese and at my heaviest was 265lbs. After discovering exercise in high school I managed to whittle my weight down to 185lbs. However exercise is only one part of weight loss/a healthy life style. I never learned how to count calories, estimate how many calories were in food, or even how to tell how MUCH food to eat! So slowly I gained weight back until I was about 220lbs and knowing how small I had been I was very depressed. Getting this app (the free version) and actually staying true to logging calories, and I mean EVERYTHING you eat, has helped me lose 15lbs in two and a half weeks alone. I can’t wait to see how much further I can go. To be successful with this app though, you can lie to yourself. Don’t fake the numbers or omit things from your log just to make it look better, you’re the only one who suffers by doing that. Log everything and learn what it is to eat a healthy amount of food each day and you’ll lose weight in no time..Version: 9.1.7

Great!!!I’ve been using Lose It! for about 3 weeks now and have already lost about 6 pounds. The idea of just having to scan a barcode is super easy and it’s hard to forget to log your meal because you always gotta eat! Plus, being a student on the go all of the time and having sports makes it difficult to actually use workout apps but this app is so simple and easy to use. And, if you’re in a hurry and couldn’t log a meal the day before you can always go back and edit your past days if you left something out and it will still process the info. One thing to be careful of however is not eating. There was one time where I knew I was going out and knew I was going to be over my calories and was tempted to skip breakfast but skipping meals is not a good thing to do!!! It’s okay to be over your calorie budget a little, never feel inclined to always meet the goal. Having this app made me realize what I was putting into my body(I have the free version but it still displays macros which is super helpful.) This app combined with the app ActivityTracker is the perfect duo! Enter in the distance you walked at the end of the day from ActivityTracker on Lose It! and you’ll get calories added onto your calorie budget! I DEFINITELY recommend this app as I recommend it to all of my friends and anyone I know who is looking to lose weight and I hope you become as satisfied with Lose It! as I am! :).Version: 9.7.12

Great app...So I have had this app on my phone for about 3 years. I have been an on and off user. Finally this year I made the decision of using this app daily. I really do love how it helps you count the calories of your day, which for me is the most important. Another major important part is that I have a workout app connected and my Iwatch integrated which are great features. So far I have been using the app for 47 days and I have lost 20 lbs. The only issue I have been having and it is very annoying, is that the app will have my watch connected but will remove it from my log screen. I emailed the helpline for this app and great I had to login online make sure my data is backed up, delete the app and reinstall it.... it was fixed.....now a few weeks later the app AGAIN replaced my watch...I followed all the steps and it’s still not appearing. I hope whatever bug this app has they fix it. It’s definitely not a motivation to pay yearly fee of $30 if the free portion doesn’t even work properly. Another thing I think needs improvement is the restaurants there are a lot of them that are not integrated..Version: 12.1.700

Longstanding, Trustworthy, EssentialTruth be told, I have this routine where I log what I eat, I lose a bunch of weight, then I think I don’t need to log it anymore and I put all the weight back on. Sound familiar? The point is that I (like most people) am much more successful when logging and this app makes it caveman easy. It has a surprisingly thorough database populated by many users over many years. And it can be accessed as simply as scanning barcodes on packaging. The displays are intuitive and pleasing; which sounds odd, but you really don’t mind poring over your results. Deep-pressing the app icon makes it easy to access crucial functions. My only bone to pick is with the watch app, which is buggy and lags to the point it’s useless. I really like the functionality of it, though, and hope they will address those issues. Easily a 5-star app with an improvement to the watch. The $30 is a must and is absolutely worth the upgrade. If it were my app, I would give folks a free 7 days of full functionality because it would be difficult to go back to the free version. A front screen app to be sure, you’ll be happily logging meals and losing weight in no time..Version: 12.2.800

Works well, but not worth paying forApp works very well. i went from 220ish down to 170lbs at my lowest. after a couple weeks, i paid for the yearly subscription in order to link my fit bit. initially i was really excited about the fitbit tracking. however i quickly discovered it only told me what i already knew. that i was more active on some days vs others. there really wasn’t any real world use to having the sync ability. i couldn’t eat more calories just because the my fitbit told me i had burned a few hundred extra calories that day. that being said, after using the app for over a year, i can say the app itself really makes a big difference. it makes it easy to count and keep track of calorie intake. also does a great job motivating you to stay on track. however other than removing the FLOOD of OBNOXIOUS ADS the paid version is really pointless for basic weight loss. if it were a one-time fee, i would probably purchase it. however it is not and i can only imagine the developers must be about to default on their mortgage or have loan sharks chasing them. greedy little pr**ks.Version: 12.2.700

I never thought I’d say this about a calorie tracker but...This is one of the best apps I’ve ever found. It’s one of the easiest to use calorie tracker apps I’ve ever tried (and the only one I’ve been able to stick to using!). I use the free version, and even though I can’t track my macros or water (you need premium for that), it is so easy to see what I’m really eating compared to what my goals are. For the first few days, i didnt try to limit myself at all, just ate what i would normally eat in the amounts i would normally have and saw just how much i was eating compared to what it said i should be for my goals (i was eating about an extra 400 cals a day) and then slowly lowered my calories per day to what the app suggested for my goals. It even lets you know if it finds patterns in what you’re eating that are helpful to your goals (it pointed out that on days i eat chicken, i eat fewer calories overall). It’s super user friendly, and you can either look up brands of your foods or use the barcode scanner to find them more quickly. Only issue I’ve found is that sometimes it measures portions in different amounts than the box says (like I’ll say I’m eating mac and cheese and it’ll ask me how many grams of food instead of cups or w/e). Overall, highly recommended!.Version: 11.5.100

Best app ever!My weight was stuck and I actually gained. I finally decided to really do something about my weight and couldn’t find out why I couldn’t lose any weight when I didn’t eat all that bad. This app helped me figure out where my problem areas were and that was sugar and sugary drinks. I’ve now changed up my diet a bit, watched my portions w this app yet this app STILL allows me to eat what I love and enjoy my sugar on certain days/times and STILL lose the weight. So far, I’ve only been on it 17 days and have lost almost 4 pounds. It helps me more plan my meals and workouts in order to get the best results so that in itself motivates me! Also want to add that when the app sends badges on the screen when I lost weight or logged another day - that motivates me to keep going! Its like I’m competing against someone and being congratulated for my weight loss, but really I’m only competing against myself and I LOVE that! I am also using the free app right now! I’ll be back to update when I get to my goal in July! I am so happy it’s working I can’t believe it. This app saved me!!! Don’t need no weight watchers or crummy fad diets. I’m still eating what I love yet being mindful and careful. And cutting back on the sugar. Thanks loseit!!!.Version: 9.7.4

This App is Everything!!!I have never reviewed an app before and usually hate that they prompt you to review before you’ve even tried it out. This review is unprompted I just wanted to share my great experience with this app. I used it back in 2011 and lost 23 lbs quickly, so needing to lose again I turned to Lose It! and have lost 11lbs in my first 6 weeks back on. The premier membership is So Worth the money I spent. It has helped me take control over my eating and other health goals. It has a great selection of foods for logging your eating and It’s accurate for the most part, but lets you adjust the nutrition facts as needed. App has a lovely interface and is very easy to use, unlike some others I have tried. I also like that you can change the theme to other beautiful backgrounds. I especially love the social feature that allows you to chat with other users and get additional motivation. I highly recommend this app to anyone looking to lose weight and become more healthy. It has a great recipe section and tracks good & bad trends to help you stay on track. I’ve tried the 5 top rated weight loss apps and this is by far my favorite!!!!.Version: 12.3.700

Good but sluggish. Malicious reports. Avoid long termIn almost every aspect this app works great, save performance. I’m not sure if it’s just unoptimized or if it can’t handle it’s enormous food database, but even on the latest and greatest iPhone it becomes unresponsive for at least 5 seconds whenever I try to log a new meal. This makes it frustrating to use, and I’ve found myself logging less and less because of it. I’ve used this app for years (and had a steak of over two years of logging every day) and the performance has gotten worse over time. Maybe it can’t handle the number of logs past a certain point, but you’d think they’d archive off older logs to prevent this. Another issue is the weekly report. I’ve been tracking the numbers from the report for years as well, and the report intentionally mangles the column order of the embedded table in the email each week to make it harder to paste into a spreadsheet (I have to rearrange the columns in my spreadsheet every time). This would be a moot point if they offered their own historical reports, but they seem content to only go back one week for the emails. If you’re looking for an app to log meals for a limited time, I highly recommend it. If you’re trying to establish a new normal where logging meals long term is the goal, I’d look elsewhere and definitely wouldn’t subscribe for more than a year (my lifetime sub is looking less of a deal these days)..Version: 12.4.500

It's amazingI use the free version. I recommend it to all my friends and strangers who ask about losing weight. I downloaded loseit in 2013. I had visited china the previous year and weighed 270. I was embarrassed being the 'fat america' I was only 22 years old. I wanted to go back to china but I wanted to feel comfortable in my skin there. It's so easy being obese in America because it's not uncommon. Going to china was a slap in the face for me. I was worried about being hungry all the time. 1200 calorie diets didn't seem to be enough. Loseit started me at 1700 calories so I didn't starve during the day but I still lost weight. I was shocked to see how many calories I had been eating a day before I started tracking. August 2014, weighing 180 I got on a plane to china again. I went from a size 24 to 12. I got down to 155 at my lowest so far. I had my daughter last year and gained weight after my c-section from not being able to walk for a month and just being in pain six months. So I'm using loseit again to get back on track. I can't recommend it enough. It saved me..Version: 9.1.8

11 Years of UsageI first downloaded this app in 2009 on my iPhone 3G. I’ve used it nearly every day since. From the start it’s been the perfect, no-nonsense app for tracking calories and macronutrients. With it I have learned all about nutrition and I’ve developed insights into my eating habits, strengths and weaknesses. I’ve seen each feature rollout improve the app’s user experience, from viewing info for individual meals to adding future meals, creating accounts for use across multiple devices to searching a public food database, scanning barcodes for quick entry to setting goals for macros and body measurements in addition to weight and calories. I’ve used it to lose, gain, and maintain my weight. My graph goes all the way back to 2011 (lost some data from that iPhone 3G before online accounts started). I use the browser application frequently when I’m on a computer, and I’ve used the app for years alongside old Nike+ shoe trackers, Fitbits, bluetooth scales and now my Apple Watch. As a software engineer I even pull the data it syncs to Apple Health for use in my own web application of custom charts for myself. This app has been heavily influential on my life and I can’t recommend it enough..Version: 12.4.100

Great tool for nutritional trackingThis is my go-to app and has been for many years. I use it daily, sometimes for weight loss, but particularly for when I need to get back on track with eating right for my health. It definitely helps me hold myself accountable and with a wealth of preloaded foods and restaurant menu items, it is easy to input my nutritional data. The reason I gave it four stars is because the app needs to allow the exercise tracking feature that automatically adds calories burned with exercise back into the daily caloric allowance to be turned off. I have not yet in the many years I have been using the app found where I can turn that feature off. I like being able to keep a journal of my exercise and eating in one place...BUT weight loss, and even weight maintenance to an extent, is not always about how you move your body. Weight loss is about what/how much you put IN your body. This is particularly true after about the age of 25. I could go with 5 stars if this automatic feature were changed to allow the user the option to turn it off. Not having the ability for individual users to turn that auto feature off creates an unhealthy relationship with food. No one is ever going to out exercise a bad diet..Version: 13.1.501

Great toolI recently moved over from using MyFitnessPal, to me the UI is just not friendly. On top of that got tired of getting marketing emails, even after asking to be removed from their list on several occasions. Went ahead bit the bullet and moved to the premium subscription, figured it would entice me to stay on track. Lose-it is easy when it comes to inputting data with a pretty good database. The insights section has already helped me to see trends that have helped me adjust my daily intake of sodium, carbs and fat. It’s fairly easy to create your own recipes, hav not tried any of their recipes, but many look interesting. Integration with Apple’s heart kit is seamless and being to get a quick look on the watch is also a plus. Had an initial issue with the new Snap-it feature, but it turned out to be user issue. Put a ticket in and they responded within a few minutes to address my question. Would recommend this app to anyone that is truly interested in keeping track of their diet, daily food intake and exercise in one easy to use app..Version: 9.2

So helpful & easyAfter my second child my weight just stayed. I was told by my OB that at my sons one year birthday the weight that you have then tends to become your new average. My son was six months old and my weight was not budging, I knew I had to do something but didn’t know how or have the energy to do something complicated. I found out about loose it through reading a blog about calorie deficiency. I knew this seemed like the most logical & healthy way to loose weight and start a better lifestyle but the idea of tracking everything was off putting and seemed to hard. This app (I’m using the free version) is amazing! I’m down approx 3lbs in a week and a half and I’m not hungry. I’m not eating in a way that is not sustainable and the tracker makes it so easy to log and to see what is cased my day to be a success or a failure. I might also add that I started the week of vacation over 4th of July & I still saw success even with going over a few days. Because the tracker makes you aware of what you’re eating even when you “cheat” you’re aware of when and by how much. If you’re thinking about trying to loose weight & are not sure how to start I would highly recommend trying this app. It holds your hand, steps you through & links you to community for support. Good luck to anyone starting- here’s to a healthy, happy lifestyle & leaving Fad diets in the dirt!.Version: 11.3.900

Best I’ve triedI’ve always known that, for me, the best way to get my eating in check was to record everything I ate. But my daily charts were cluttered and hard to assess for patterns or pitfalls. This app makes it so easy to do so much more than the basic record. I can see exactly where I am at any moment and can easily change portion sizes to better reflect what I actually ate. I can see what patterns of eating work best for me — who’da thought that drinking a beer now and then tended to reduce how much I eat? A nice graph tells me how many days before I reach my ideal weight if I continue what I’m doing— talk about great motivation! And though I think it’s kind of silly, they even give me virtual badges for my accomplishments. And the food search list is pretty darn complete, but you can just add a random caloric intake in the rare event you can’t find what you were searching for. My favorite feature is how easy it is to revise a recipe or a food item to better reflect what you ended up eating. If a recipe really ends up making three portions instead of four, it’s easy to change that— and all the fat, carb and caloric info automatically adjusts. Cool!.Version: 12.3.200

Lose-It!Love the format.. Simple to record your daily food intake (really large library of generic and brand name foods, but also very quick system to "create" your own selections which remain in the"My Foods" category for easy retrieval). No nonsense system only requires entering the number of calories per serving which makes using the log a snap! (You CAN enter nutritional detail if you want to.) Can record weight every day but if you skip a day or two, site doesn't bombard your inbox with reminders which can certainly be a nuisance. When really focusing on weight loss, there are allied support groups to join, but I like personally watching the calculations and the graphs representing my steady progress.. Yes I AM steadily losing weight and have confidence that I will reach and maintain my goal BECAUSE I have this personally wrought program in my phone and checking in with it really structures what had been just an "I wish" into an "I can" and an "I am". I think I may always stay tuned in to it. Really! I feel successful and peaceful and have gained a “mindfulness” (really!) about my food intake and balance with regular exercise that really has made me at one with my system. Thanks!.Version: 9.7.9

Quick, easy accountabilityHave no idea how much you’re eating during the day, or why—in spite of regular exercise—you’re not losing weight? Lose It! is a quick and easy-to-use app that simplifies calorie tracking and gives you an accurate picture of where all those empty calories are hiding in your diet. The key to success is your honesty—if you eat a few Hershey kisses, log it. If you sample a few shreds of cheese while you’re cooking, log it. If you order a venti mocha with half n half, log it accurately (by the way, that is probably all your calories for the day and you get to eat celery for dinner). For me, it’s eye-opening to know how many extra calories there are in sweeteners like honey, brown sugar, jam, ketchup, bbq sauce that do nothing to fill me up and leave me hungrier sooner. But it’s worth it to use high-protein, high fat condiments like peanut butter and real butter on your whole wheat toast or sweet potato because they leave you fuller longer. All that said, this tool will be as helpful for kicking off a healthy lifestyle as you are honest with your tracking. So be honest—don’t freak out when you go over by 50 calories on a low exercise day. Make it up tomorrow. And happy losing!!.Version: 9.7.2

Great app, too many adsThis is a great food and weight tracker. I am especially pleased with the extensiveness of the food index, the ability to add personal recipes, and the app’s recommendations based on eating history. I also like that you can enter a goal weight and the app calculates the approximate date of achieving that goal, based on your calorie intake and activity levels. The only thing I don’t like is the constant barrage of “buy our plus features subscription” ads. Every time I open the app, a pop up appears telling me that it’s my “last chance” to get the extra features at 25% off. It’s been my “last chance” for over three months. I understand that I’m using the free version, and developers have to pay rent the same as me. But I get this pop up ad each and every time I open the app. Every. Single. Time. Which means I have taken to keeping a sticky note of my meals so I only need to open the app once a day, or every couple of days. (This is why I only gave it two stars. It’s super annoying.) I would love it if the developers could please give an option to pay a one-time fee to never see that pop up again. Or at the very least if they could decrease the frequency it appears. Because I would absolutely pay a one time fee for the basic tracking part without the extra features of the subscription. But I have no need of a subscription, and I really don’t need constant reminders of my apparently eternal “last chance” pricing..Version: 9.6.3

DisappointingI’m really disappointed in this app and I would not recommend at this point in doing anything more than the free version. I liked the ease of that how there were so many different things in their food database that you could log as well as scan anything with the scan bar. It was fun doing that and seeing if I stayed within or how much below my recommended calorie levels were. HOWEVER.... I stay below and most days quite a bit below the calorie allotment I was given. Since I was not losing weight I actually changed it to lose more weight and eat less calories. Not losing anything I fluctuate up to 3 pounds either way and again eating below the new goal.. fun to track your food and calories and macronutrients but that’s about it. They come up with these “positive food patterns” which are really unrelated they will just say if you have coffee every day and then you lose a pound that it’s a positive pattern that when you drink coffee you consume less calories. Sometimes I have lower calories and will have butter with truffle oil popcorn. I will be near or below my calorie count for that day and I always weigh more the next day. but it will come up as a positive pattern that when I have popcorn I consume less calories! If you want to watch your habits for fun do the free version but sadly that is all I can recommend. I regret paying for the annual fee, and will not renew..Version: 11.4.800

Truly life changing.Don’t scroll past. You’ll want to read this. I’m 19 years old, I’m living in my college dorm with the typical dining-center diet/lifestyle and this app completely dodged the “freshman 15” for me. I’ve been using this app for about four years now and if I had known how much it could do for me I would’ve used it to it’s full potential so much sooner. When I first started using this app it was difficult to get used to and it seemed like I was going over my limit everyday, but eventually I pushed myself to follow a routine and eventually a healthy lifestyle just became second nature. My weight loss journey started my junior year of high school - I clocked in at just under 270 pounds and in less than a year I lost over 110 pounds! I could not have made such a change to my body and to my health without this app and I’m grateful everyday for the life it has given me. I currently weigh about 154 pounds, I feel amazing, and this app really shows you how to live the best life you can. For those of you struggling, just know I used to think the version of myself I am today was impossible until I finally decided to take ownership and become who I’ve always wanted to be. You *CAN* do it!.Version: 9.7.7

The right app for today’s need - Lose and maintainThis app is awesome. I am a 61-year old male who has had weight issues my whole life. I have lost 35-lbs and for the first time I have been able to keep it off. Losing weight has never been a problem because with focus it’s easy but once you get to your goal weight it’s difficult to maintain that intensity/focus to keep the weight off. This app allows you the control to eat what you want but not over do it. It is calorie counting (back to weight loss basics) made SUPER easy. The food UPC scan feature is so easy and so many foods are already part of the data base. Many restaurant items are listed, again making recording easy. I do like the nutritional scoring but only really use it to adjust protein/carb/fat intake. Other nutritional values can be incomplete as most users adding items only add calories. Issues: Users are allowed to add there own items which can be incorrect from spelling to calories to nutritional content. This is managed by app developer with (green checks) as verified but the unverified can make the app search a bit messy. I highly recommend for anyone wanting to lose weight and keep it off!!.Version: 9.1.15

Works great as a stand alone appBut if you want to connect it to you’re Apple Health, Steps, Apple Watch it will use that information to give you bonus calories that you don’t want if you really want to loose weight. Its great to be able to have all of your information connected but I didn’t actually start loosing any weight until I disconnected everything from it. I kept wondering why I continued to gain. Its because if you connect any of those apps, the Apple Health or Apple Watch or steps it automatically adds more calories to what you’re allowed each day so you end up eating more than you should. And you can’t have them connected and just turn off that feature. I’m not sure why, its an easy enough thing to change and you should have the choice. Why they’ve decided to make this feature without an opt out I have no idea unless it keeps you paying for their app longer since you won’t be loosing the weight very quickly if at all. Once I turned everything off I dropped weight but I’d much rather find an app that will count what I eat and let me decide if I want the extra calories or not. Be careful because it doesn’t really tell you this and I kept trying to figure out where all of the extra calories per day were coming from..Version: 13.1.000

Very UsefulI wanted to revamp my eating lifestyle, and LoseIt was the main tool I used to do so. The food database wasn't amazing, but with immediate access to food history it very quickly becomes an easy process to log each day. It's also community based, so it’s getting better. It's just a really straightforward, convenient log for food and weight, and if you use it constantly, as immediately as possible, adding EVERYTHING regardless what or what size - it's on your phone, and doesn't take more time or energy than sending a text-it will help you. With long enough use you'll become more conscientious about your eating habits, and healthier as a result. I tried premium for a bit back in 2016 and while some aspects were useful you're not missing a ton without it. I know the challenges have become premium only, which is sad since they were a fun way to get more involved with the app, but they were also a bit limited, and inessential. Tl:Dr, I lost all my goal weight using this app in a straightforward, not too time-intensive way..Version: 9.7.1

A continual withdrawal of featuresLose It used to be a very robust tool. But the need for greed has led this company to slowly remove longstanding features that are now only available through their “Premium” subscription. For example, Lose It tracks carbohydrates and fiber for each meal, and they used to sum these nutrients up on their “My Day” summary; recently, the daily fiber tally was removed from there, making it that much harder to determine your daily “net carbs” (total carbs - total fiber). I used to recommend this app, but can no longer. I am unwilling to ‘subscribe’ to every useful app offered on iOs … and I shouldn’t be forced to. Lose It’s “Premium” offering is nothing more than a “long con”—a years-long scheme of “bait and switch” where one becomes so dependent on the app that they feel they must upgrade for a yearly fee. Lose It used to have lots of good features in their app. Many of them have been removed and brought behind the “Premium” curtain. This used to be a 4- or 5-star app. Now it’s a shadow of its former self, unfortunately. It no longer deserves the good name it made for itself in years past, and is treading on that reputation and rating without offering an app worthy of it..Version: 12.6.200

Loseit! + discipline = weight lossFor 3/5 of my life, due to severe injuries and illness, I've been waffling the border of overweight and obesity. For the first time in almost a decade, my health was stable, so I figured I'd make dedicated effort over the summer of losing weight (I was 220lbs/100kg). Loseit! was an app recommended by my pedometer app, and I kind of got it on a whim. 😅 I love to eat, have my Dad's sweet tooth, and am (more than) a bit lazy (ok, just highly unmotivated)... none of that is good for weight loss, so every bit helps, right? Well, I got a scale, started counting calories with the app (the free one, not premium), and went walking or biking depending on weather. It is a bit over 100 days later, and I've lost 50lbs/23kg. I'm going to keep going another 20-30lbs/9-14kg, though at a slower rate for the holidays. 😉 Self discipline is really important to how successful you'll be, though. If you don't log everything (I know it is inconvenient/a pain/insert opinion here), but not doing so is pretty much setting yourself up for failure. I'm not saying 'don't eat sugary foods/that one food that's bad for you that is a guilty pleasure', that would be hypocritical of me (again: I love food & have a huge sweet tooth. There is no way I'm ever not going to eat what I want). I'm saying that if weight loss is important to you, you won't cheat yourself by fudging your log. Be brutally honest with yourself. It helps put what you're eating into perspective. 😁.Version: 9.1.4

Useful for someone terrible at being consistentIn the past I’ve always had trouble being consistent with working out, eating right, etc. Being in NYC especially, going out and drinking we’re constantly curtailed. With the pandemic however, I made it a goal to be more healthy. With the extra time at home, I cook a lot more and have the time to add into the app. It’s fun for me now, and compared to myfitnesspal (I had trouble sticking to it), I find this more simple, UI/UX is super clean and it really gives me insight into what I’m eating and how /when I overreat based on how many calories I’m eating at breakfast/the amount of fats/and more. I’ve told all my friends to get this and I’m surprised by the diversity of the foods listed as well. My only note would be to add a feature where you can see what times you are eating Your meals because I noticed that when I ate the appropriate(according to my analysis) calories at breakfast but had my lunch at a later time I would overeat, so it would be helpful to keep track of time as well. What you don’t track doesn’t get measured and it’s slowly changing my other habits and hopefully to become more productive and work out more. It’s my favorite app!.Version: 12.2.700

Great for weight loss but lately has been buggyFirst off I wanna say I love this app it has really helped me lose weight by tracking and being aware of what I eat and how active I am! That being said lately it’s been kind of buggy. Not sure how to explain what happens but will try and hope it makes sense, but when I click on something say to enter my food it will pop up and then go away before I have the chance to write anything so I’ll have to click the plus sign again. Also, I used to be able to keep adding my food to my meal and then when I was finished hit done on the top right side. But as of today, 1/16,19, I’ll add a food and then the search menu will close. So now I have to open it again to add the next thing and it closes and I have to keep doing that Over and over until I’m done and it’s really inconvenient. I really believe it’s just a bug that should be looked into, I use this all day long so please please look into it. Not sure if anyone else has complained about this so just wanted to make you guys aware. Besides that I love how easy this app makes it to track my food. I was this close👌🏼 to downloading and paying for weightwatchers right when I found this and I’m so glad i did. So thanks to the people who made this app possible and made my life and weight loss journey that much easier! But please fix the bugs 😅😅😅.Version: 9.7.1

Simple, easy to use, and effective.I've struggled with weight issues for my entire life. Even though other popular fitness apps like "YourExerciseBuddy" get the limelight, Lose It! just works without all of the hype and corporate sponsorships. I actually enjoy using this because it is easy to tracks calories, macros, and meals. The food database is deep and the ability to scan barcodes is wonderfully helpful. Shared meals and recipes from other users help to fill in gaps as well. It also syncs easily with my Apple Watch and Health kit to incorporate workouts and data. If I had to choose anything to critique it would be this: (1) When searching for food or restaurants in the database, you have to repeat the search term each and every time you make a selection. This is a pain when adding multiple items from one place like Panera Bread or Jimmy John's. I end up copying and pasting the term but saving the previous search would be most helpful. And (2) having the ability to edit the time and date that one enters their blood sugar would be nice. I often check my sugars throughout the day but can't input my numbers into the app until later and it is creating a false timeline of data. Other than those two (small) things, I love this app and give it full marks of support and total recommendation. The weight that I've lost and the muscle I've gained is proof that this works..Version: 12.5.300

All you needI am coming up on my one year anniversary of using this app. That’s right folks, I have logged my food intake every day for a year. I wasn’t technically overweight but I was at the very top end of healthy for my height and not feeling my best. I am now, after losing 40 pounds, at the low end of what is a healthy weight for my height (I’m 5’10” so the range is large). I lost the weight on an exponential curve, quickly at first and then slowing to where I sit currently. I’ve tried exercise to lose weight and I almost always have eaten relatively healthy, but portion control and snacking were real problems for me. Tracking through this app helps me stay accountable, see what’s a healthy portion, plan, and stay on track. With all the hype with other weight loss programs out there, this quietly gives you all you really need. Finally, yes, I pay for the premium subscription and the price is far less than any other weight loss program out there. It also makes the program sync with my Fitbit. I never write reviews for apps but this one deserves it. Just do what it says and the results will follow. If you don’t get results, I’d say it’s almost certain that the problem is in the mirror..Version: 12.6.800

I find it usefulI don't use any social bits, but appreciate the ability to create my own foods data, & retrieve & copy (& adjust) previous meals for quick adds; and adjust quickly-added My Foods w/ more refined data later if I want. Having a spot for brand name is very helpful in identifying foods. As is the barcode scanner. Also like the nutrition graph & macro chart for the day & week-to-date. And having a spot to put Exercise data. In addition to walking, I have been swimming, so in logging in swim distances, I just use a separate calculator and yards/1760 gives me miles swam to enter into Lose It, and get an estimate of calories' worth. Being able to tell friends at work that a certain cookie I am turning down is worth "5 laps at pool" has made the peer pressure to indulge back off. (Most friends don't swim, so 5 laps sounds like a fairly big deal of effort to them. And to me also! ;-) A few months ago I started getting Days Streaks of logging in. I guess I didn't realize you needed to mark each day as 'Done logging in' for that to kick in. Now however, I am motivated to do that! Having 125 days streak - I don't want to lose that and start over, being told I am on a '1 day streak' because I missed. I use the alert setting to remind me at end of day. Lost 52 lbs in seven months, so far. 30 or so to go..Version: 9.1.12

I just wanna cry! I love this app!I found out about this app by word of mouth from my massage therapist, and also from a lady at my church so I said man I’ve heard so many good things it must be good so I tried it, at first it was a struggle to keep under my limit but after the first week or so it got easier and easier, in just 4 weeks I lost 15lbs!!! That’s amazing I couldn’t have done it without this app, I absolutely love love love it! I will stick with this app till I get to my goal and even after!!! I also didn’t realize how much stuff is unhealthy until I had this app too, now when I go to Costco I see something that looks good, first thing I do look at the back to see the calorie count and if it’s something like 400+ calories I’m like nope, and I put it back down lol, I’ve also cleaned out my whole kitchen and replaced with all healthy stuff! I just have so much to say about this app I love it! If your considering loosing weight and it’s a struggle to do it yourself which I’ve went that route and didn’t loose a pound but with this app if you stick with it you can do it I have faith you can! So good luck with your weight loss story!.Version: 12.2.300

EffectiveLoseIt has been my go-to tracking tool over the last five years. It has proven versatile—whether I was merely counting calories, tracking my macros, or anything in between, LoseIt has worked for me. The ability to sync automatically with Fitbit, the LoseIt Healthometer scale, and more is super-convenient. I’ve lost a lot of weight with LoseIt. And I was able to track the changes of my measurements when trying to trade fat for muscle. LoseIt is a one-stop shop for all these things. On the flip-side, I’ve gained weight during pregnancy while on LoseIt. That’s obviously good, but since this app isn’t geared for healthy weight gain, an entire pregnancy is sort of discouraging to track in the app because there’s nothing like a pregnancy mode. It just looks like failure. That is my one and only criticism of this wonderful app. If there could be a pregnancy mode into which we could enter our doctors’ recommended pregnancy weight gain for each trimester and try to stay within that range, then resume our previous goals afterwards, that would be fantastic! I do appreciate that nursing is included among exercise options since it’s valuable to track the calories spent when we give them to our babies..Version: 11.3.900

Back to Lose It but Premium Needs WorkI was with Lose It years ago and loved the app because it tracked my weight and allowed me to log my foods and exercises. I stopped using it cause I just stopped with my diet. Years later, I'm back with Lose It, one of my favorite apps. As a free user, it was annoying to see all these cool options but that you had to be premium, such as see how your nutrition affects you and see foods under 500 calories. You could google suggested foods but as premium, it's convenient to see them organized into under 300, 500 calories and suggested weekly meals to lose weight. The content is packed in a way I can understand it. For $2.99, it's not bad to have all the premium functions. But one thing I'm disappointed about is the nutrition, i was expecting to see something like if you eat too much sodium it raises your blood pressure, but all it's done is show me pie charts of carbs, protein and the 3rd item. It's no different from what you can view as a free user. Also lastly, everybody who's reading who made it this far, your Lose It profile is default so anyone or Facebook friends could see how much you weigh, what you're eating and how much effort you're putting in. I set mine to private and I didn't connect to Facebook..Version: 9.5.3

13 pounds gone! It’s as easy as that!I started around late April this year trying to lose some weight. I am a 5’9 female and at my peak weighed 187 pounds. I was seeing permanent changes to my body because of the gain and so I decided I needed to make some changes. It’s been a couple months since I started using Loose It!. I have lost 13 pounds (I am now at 174) and I am so much happier. I feel less insecure, everyday tasks are easier, and lemme tell you that this is a great way to maintain weight loss habits. You can eat almost anything you want (mind the calories however) without feeling stressed. All you need to do is plan your meals ahead of time. I did a small amount of exercise, nothing huge, on a regular basis. I went bike riding and walking and it’s helping me build up some muscle. I plan to lose around 24 more ponds which would rest me at 150 lbs. Lose It! hasn’t just helped me lose weight, but it has also helped me realize how much bad stuff is in things I used to simply disregard. For all this in more the price seems like nothing..Version: 12.3.700

WoW! I am a happy Loser! Are You?Best app I ever used for steady weight loss!!!... it’s very encouraging to see that even when I feel like I dropped the ball and had a bad day, as far as having eaten to much, that the app doesn’t give up on me but rather motivates me to keep going and not give up on myself! This App TRULY gives me hope and a practical game plan daily. It divides my calories up per meal (4 meals) and suggest the allotted calories it recommends.... and hey! I know this thing is just an app/calculator but if you let it it can be so much more. Lastly, this app Allows you to take pics of your food daily/each meal, scan bar codes (way easier logging on the run and jetting out the door!). It’s not crazy complicated either. I love it! Honestly, when I can afford premium I am all about it!!! It teases you a bit and gives you examples of premium App privileges but it’s not to pushy either. From what I can see, premium offers dietitian planned meal plans, recipes, GROCERY LISTS & SUGGESTIONS ON WHERE TO SHOP!!! (Yes!!!... so much easier while raising a family) Ok, so enough said! This app speaks for itself. Try it! Work It! Love it! & Lose it! P.S. if I created this App I would have called it My Body Accountant or My Personal Body Life Coach! or how about My Bestie? 😄 (seri doesn’t hold a candle to this app) ....That is how good it is! 👍🏻😊🍇🥂Cheers!!!...all ya happy Losers out there 😜 (lol).Version: 9.2.2

Extremely helpful weight loss toolI have been using the free version of Lose It since July 2017. Tracking my calories with this app has helped me immensely through my weight loss. I’ve lost 55 lbs just by making sure I log my calories and try to stay at a deficit. I always log what I eat, even if I know I have been eating too much, so that I can understand where I’m at and where I need to be. I have PCOS and other metabolic issues and I didn’t think it was possible to lose weight. It’s coming off slowly, but as long as I am patient and consistent and keep track, I know the scale will eventually move. I’ve done this with no special diet or gym memberships. Just logging calories and watching portion sizes. I still eat all the foods I love, I’m just more mindful now of portion sizes and moderation. I still have at least 40 lbs to lose, and I know with Lose It, it IS possible! Even if it takes another year and a half. Patience and consistency are key. If I can do it I know anyone can. Lose It has made it that much easier..Version: 9.7.1

Bang for your buckI don’t normally write reviews ever. However this app is LIFE CHANGING. If you want to get serious look no further. After purchasing premium for two years I decided to take the leap and buy the lifetime membership. Here’s why: community- you make amazing friends who are all going at it with you and inspire to keep you on track. Recipes and guides for workouts at your fingertips to keep things interesting. Challenges to keep you competitive and motivated to continue habits. An easy to use interface (I prefer it over myfitnesspal) it’s highly customizable and gives me many goals to target. There is literally nothing they haven’t thought of to keep you on track. The only time I lose weight is when I stick to it and log my food. There is so many amazing features it really makes the app a step above the rest. I’ve been using it (off and on admittedly I’m not perfect on my journey to health) for 3 years now and every time I focus on the app and remaining active I lose so much more comparatively. They give you all the tools you need and wrap it up in a neat package and you step up with your motivation and time and it will truly pay off..Version: 9.7.7

Could NOT be more pleasedI’ve used Lose It for two years, and am a HUGE fan. When I first started using it, I quickly learned how easy it was to keep track of my food intake. The app gave me a daily target...based on my weight, height, target weight, etc. Entering anything into the daily dairy is crazy easy. I especially like that the database seems to include everything from practically any restaurant. I can type (or dictate), “Logan’s Roadhouse Caesar salad”, and it pops up on the list. You can enter your entire meal in five seconds. After using the app for a couple of months, I was blown away by my weight loss. Keeping track..like this...makes you cognizant of what you are eating...aware. I found that I was easily staying beneath my goal. The weight dropped off..and it was effortless. Just...awareness. The App also allows you to enter Exercise. That caused me to be aware and accountable to myself. I found that I rarely missed my exercise...because I loved getting it done...so I could enter it in the App. To me...this is a breakthrough in healthy eating...weight loss (for those desiring to drop some weight), and am awareness if a healthy lifestyle. I love it..Version: 12.3.400

You might want to spend even a few dollars more on another appIt’s a great app that has helped me lose weight. My disappointment comes when I spend money on the app. I’ve had several days where in the mornings the app has logged my steps, but somehow at the end of the evening, the steps have magically disappeared. Another issues I have is with the paid version. With the paid version you’re supposed to be able to see all set goals at the bottom when you log your food. Mine happens to be sugar, carbs, fiber, and water. However, the only goal that shows up is the one for my steps. So no I must go through more steps to get the same information, which would have been the same steps as if I continued on with the free version. Finally, whether or not you spend money, I believe there are apps that can offer better insight than what the lose it app provides. As there have been times when I’ve had to google information, then program it into the app. As more often than not, more than three search results will appear for the same item, but completely different information regarding calorie count, sugar, fiber and so on. Lasts thoughts.....is when my one year subscription ends, I will not be renewing. Oh, and I will be canceling far enough ahead so my card does not get “accidentally” get charged..Version: 9.7.3

Loved this app until latest bugThis is a great app. I’ve used it on and off for about 5 years. The past two weeks I’ve noticed a significant bug that makes it incredibly difficult for me to accurately track my calories. My watch is connected to the app so my workouts automatically connect, which is great. I don’t like having the calorie burn bonus because I’ve found going into my previous days that it’s often less than is projected. I tried getting rid of the bonus via the watch, but it stubbornly continued to appear. I then resigned myself to deleting it each day, but no matter how many times I delete it, it returns. It even returns for previous days when I’ve completed logging and deleted it. It’s throwing off all of my projections, and I don’t understand why the message is “it will delete for this day, but not future days” if it’ll just reappear once I’m done logging. It’s incredibly frustrating and makes me discouraged to use the app because every time I open it I get frustrated. I don’t think many people see this bug because once a day is logged we tend not to go back to it. Really hope it’s fixed in the future because I’ve ended up having to completely disconnect from my watch because I don’t want to be lied to about the calories I have..Version: 12.7.100

40 lbs down and counting....Read the title. If you’re checking out the reviews to judge whether this app will or won’t help you lose weight, I’m here to tell you probably like many others it does. Do not take this out of context though. It is not going to make you lose weight. It will HELP you. It has been one of the greatest tools to make sure I stay within my budget. It also helped me get used to tracking calories, and I believe once you have more insight on this you will automatically stop overeating. You’d be surprised at the caloric count for the [email protected]! we consume everyday. Anyways to wrap up my review, I had tried MyFitnessPal a couple years ago and I ended up not sticking with it. While using this app, LoseIt, I started at 245 lbs in January and today I’m sitting at 205 lbs. Needless to say the app is a great tool and I am only a few months time from being a healthy weight again. Give it a shot! And remember it takes 28 days to break a habit, and if you have been eating like crap for a long time, stick with it for 2 months. Log your food everyday, drink half your weight in fl oz, and go and do something to get your body moving while having fun..Version: 12.2.600

Stop fighting it.I went years insisting that tracking my food was only making me obsessed with food. Writing down every morsel only made me feel more controlled by food. I had used LoseIt! On and off for a few years, but never lasted more that 2 weeks being consistent. In 2018, I decided to really focus on my goals for an upcoming trip. In less than 30 days I had hit my mini goal. I managed to stick to a plan through my vacation and tracked for 60 days straight. I upgraded to premium. And then promptly fell off again. The weight came right back on and I stumbled through the next two years miserable. In April 2020, under lock down, I tried again. I just hit 150 days and I am completely convinced that tracking your food is a major key to successful weight loss. Even if I get behind a day or two, I put something in for everyday and keep pushing through. I have my Fitbit Charge and scale linked in so my weight and activity are all tracked automatically. It couldn’t be easier! I am half way to my ultimate goal. Thank you, LoseIt!.Version: 12.5.200

Be careful!While this app can be very useful, it can also push you to impossible, even dangerous goals. I began using the app with a very high expectations for myself (losing 2 lbs per week to drop 24 pounds). It recommended I ONLY EAT 987 calories per day, which is dangerously low. It also said that in order to keep up a “lightly active” activity level I needed to BURN 1,987 calories per day. That would mean I was operating at a 1,000 calorie deficit every day. The app did offer a warning that my goal “may be too aggressive”;however, that warning was close to the bottom of the page in small print. I worry someone desperate to lose the weight wouldn’t heed that warning and would trust the app without additional research. Please consult a doctor and do your own research before proceeding. With that being said, it was extraordinarily helpful tracking what I was eating each day, calculating macros, and breaking down nutrition facts. Overall, it did help me lose weight, but not because I stuck to its recommended calorie intake and exercise levels. Proceed with caution and listen to what your body is telling you! (I am not a nutritionist or a doctor, please talk to a professional before considering a new diet and exercise routine for weight changes). Stay healthy AND happy!.Version: 12.2.300

Attention all diabetics 2Best possible way to log, to pay attention, and to show graphs of your successive approximation to lowering your A1c. You are capable of logging everything that goes in your mouth henceforth you are given calories and carbs, what could be better or easier for us. Some of us are even sedentary this gives us the capability to see Day by day as we journal our activity, maybe not at the Fitbit or the gym, our every day lives. I have sustained accountability and credibility with ourselves for everything absolutely everything that goes into this mouth. Socially you can have very very close friends that you talk to daily just as one does on Facebook but it’s all relevancy to keeping healthy yes healthy. Losing weight is just a secondary benefit which is obviously for many of us important however if we cut out the carbs alone the weight will fall off and we will lose it yes Loseit. A wonderful wonderful program, unfortunately I see it putting many nutritionist out of business.. Love love Loseit and all it has to offer especially in the premium package, try it speaks for itself for us diabetics who need to control our quantity and our quality of our foods. We will become healthier yes healthier what could be better.🙏.Version: 9.7.1

This is a hit it out of the park, home run AppI luv this app. I have seen the changes to it over the course of 2years. You guys have really put in some work. It has everything and more. I have tried sooo many and always come back to Lose It. I have homemade meals for every meal and for a family of 4, so the recipe builder sold me. It’s very easy to use and adaptable. Then my sister started keto and she was using an app, that shall be nameless, I tired it, horrible! Horrible for me because I cook all my food from scratch. All I did was change my macros to the level I needed for keto and bam! Worked like a charm. Not exactly sure how long I’ve been using Lose It but I was not able to renew my yearly (lost my job due to Covid). But I am using the free version at this time and I still LUV IT. Sidebar-I use Fooducate to check nutritional value or quality ever once in a while and by chance decided to log. OMG when I went on Lose It and the recipe and log in was there. I’m telling you guys this app hits a homer every time. (Their recipes builder is awkward not able to adjust measurements successfully.) But I like theirs for other info. Also I never review anything this is probably my 1st and only. 😃.Version: 13.1.300

Poor Data Entry FunctionalityI love the calorie tracking feature and the ability to read nutrition labels with your camera (though it rarely works). My issue with the application is that when I try to enter a food item’s nutrition value the application frequently finds and autofills someone’s existing (shared) entry of that food item. At first I thought this was wonderful until I realized that the entries usually have completely different values for all the nutrition information than my item has. If I try to manually change the values, or use the camera scan feature the values automatically go back to the incorrect values that were found in their database. This is very frustrating as it does not help me track my calories\other nutrition values at all. The only work around to this that I have found is to put in a fake name for brand which is disappointing to say the least. This results in me having to figure out what brand name I created and also means that others can’t benefit from the nutrition information that I would love to share with them. I hope this is fixed soon. I feel like there should be an option on if you want to import their database values..Version: 9.7.2

Gave this a rating of 3 because....1) I don’t like that you have to be super specific when typing to find the food you’re looking for. You should be able to get some options after entering a few key words. 2) When editing anything where I have to scroll down to type, the app just won’t...hold it stay to where I scroll to; Like, it’ll just spring back up to the top of the page. I can’t edit my profile because I get get to the bottom of the page to type. Also, 3) I don’t know that the percentages and other numbers are very accurate. For example, you can find an avocado that’ll say 240cal per...I don’t know 70 grams and then another option will say 350 for 70 grams. You know? It’s like “which one is the right one?!” And I know that some good have checkmarks and they have been, supposedly, reviewed for accuracy by the Loose It! people but I don’t know about those either. I paid for a year subscription but I’m not happy with that. I think it isn’t worth it to pay for this app, specially if you are doing a specific diet such as I’m doing (keto). Because even though you get some exercise video and meal ideas other are not targeted to YOU they are very general and from what I can tell by using this app for many years is that they don’t update any of that stuff..Version: 9.5.15

The struggle is realAll my life I was able to maintain a very healthy tone body. Dieting was never in the equation, until I went through a major medical crisis. During that time I gained 36 pounds in one year, and the weight just kept piling on. So, over the next 7 years my weight bloomed up by 60 pounds. I was considered healthy over all ... except my weight. I was obese!!! I tried diets, unlimited diets, and the cost of diet drinks and pills didn’t help, each one I failed at. The weight would not come off, until I found the Lose it app. I bought a scale, terrifying as that was. I tracked each and every bite that went into my mouth. I was amazed at how simple it was to lose track of calories consumed and portions, until I took control with the Lose it app. My goal is 2 pounds a week. And today I’m down 10 pounds. Yay! The best part, I do not deprive myself from eating what I want. I just track each and every bite. It’s that simple. Plus, I track my steps. The nutritional value of my food as well as carbs, fats and proteins. And, I love the scanner so I always know the portion and calories. Thank you, Lose it!!!.Version: 9.6.3

Weight Loss Made Simple!My whole family is on WW so I jumped on board. However, I quickly discovered that WW does not work for people who are whole food plant based because of their ridiculous zero point food list. Almost all fruits and veggies are on it, but so are beans, which are super high in calories! Beans and legumes are one of the healthiest things we can put in our bodies. Anyway, I started assigning points (1 per 60 calories) to beans and I started losing weight. Then I realized I was PAYING WW and having to do their job for them! I did a bunch of research and found Lose It! and it has been amazing. Two months now and so easy to use! Same bar scanner and food database tools as WW, same ability to add my own recipes (a must for WFPB people), and even does a better job of tracking weight, exercise and patterns! I love this app so much. Weight loss is about calories. Period. Counting calories used to be a pain but this app makes it so easy and even fun while helping you learn how to eat healthy for a lifetime. Two big thumbs up! Why are people paying for WW?!.Version: 11.5.600

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My personal encouragementI have found using "lose it" the easiest way to keep track of what I am putting in my mouth. Because it is so easy to use and track calories, I don't have to try and remember what I ate during the day, it just looks like I am checking my emails or msg when out with friends. I love the way it updates my time to next goal. Thank you for your help..Version: 9.1.6

Great appI’ve found Lose it a great app for keeping your mind on track. The only downfall is that you can pick up foods others have added and there is too many variables in nutrients and calories. It’s hard to know which one to choose without a google to reference. Other than this the app is fantastic and I’ll be a long time user..Version: 12.2.600

Way to lose!Excellent app. Have lost 5kg in 3 weeks. Logging my food intake has helped immensely. Am now on low carb diet & can monitor carbs rather than calories although I like that I can flip between nutrient values, is linked to my Apple Watch health app, encourages with pats on back via badges, sends me daily & weekly progress updates. Have finally found the body measurement section yesterday so will start entering more info. This is a keeper..Version: 9.5.3

So easyThis app makes balancing food intake against energy output so easy. It’s not rocket science I know, but hard to do nonetheless. I like the challenge of trying to stay in the green each day or at least by the end of the week. And it’s actually working. I’ve lost more weight in a couple of months using Lose it, than I have in the past year. Highly recommend!.Version: 12.3.200

Very happyI’ve been using Lose it for around two years and find it easy to use and definitely helps me keep on track. I recommend for anyone wanting to calorie count to use it!.Version: 12.3.700

Really helps me to control calorie intakeThis app is great I eat all my normal food but now know how much calories I’m actually having. Slowly loosing weight towards my goal. Lost 3.5 kg so far out of the 5kg target once I achieve that I will head to my next target of losing another 3kg..Version: 9.7.10

How to change kilojoules to caloriesHi love this app and I was not well for a while , just started using this again and everything has changed from calories to kilojoules , I can’t find how to change this back, please help so that I can start using again. Thanks Yosa.Version: 9.5.19

Random RogueI like being able to track my meals and get some data Annoying that I can’t log a full fast day, somehow it just breaks up the cycle of regular tracking of my days! This also keeps pushes out my goals Frustrating! Also doesn’t save data after a break from using the app, coming back after a frustrating time using the app I came back for a second chance and it doesn’t recall any of my meals or previous food I need to rescan everything! Why? I checked share when I scanned them so why can I now not find foods I used to use regularly and also opened up the the app and it’s community to help other users with my missing foods! Becoming a rapid waste of time!.Version: 12.6.800

ExercisesLove this app! It’s really helped me monitor my meals and calories intake.. I’ve noticed I’m bad with remembering what I’ve eaten in the day without this app! BUT- the exercises I want to log- e.g kettle bells or weights, it would be better if we could actually enter the “weight” and “Amount of Reps” for a more accurate result of calories burnt.. Running on the treadmill too- we can’t enter our exact speed or time so it’s just an “estimate”...Version: 9.7.4

Best in classThis app is so awesome. It really allows you to track food with a huge catalogue of food already loaded onto the system. Seamlessly synced with my Apple Watch and exercise is linked back back the kJ burnt. I moved from here from my fitness pal because they wanted access to all my information and the privacy on my fitness pal wasn’t what I want from a service provider. Used the app for a week and it’s really simple to use and very intuitive. Definitely recommend..Version: 9.7.1

Best MFP hands downI used MFP for a couple of years but hit some kind of glitch one day trying to sign in. Got frustrated and Googled some other Apps, and ‘Lose It’ kept coming up, so I made the switch. Love it now and would not use any other app..Version: 9.7.11

Love it!! A few tweaks would improve an already-fantastic app.I love this app! Makes kJ counting a breeze, incredibly intuitive and aids as both a weight loss/informative tool! My only suggestion is that I would like to see an update for the exercise tracking function to improve its flexibility and accuracy (e.g. when tracking a run, the current version only allows you to select a duration in 5min increments and your speed from a list of fairly random predetermined speeds in kph/mph. This can make it difficult to track sprints and, for longer runs, often requires clunky conversions from minutes per km/mile after which, only the closest speed on the list can be selected). Specifically, I would like to see an option to select duration in hr/min/sec, as well as the ability to input custom speeds (preferably in minutes per km/mile, as most runners track their speeds this way). Other than this, I love the comprehensive variety of foods that can be tracked, especially the ability to add custom foods and recipes for on-the-go tracking! Well done on a fantastic app!!!.Version: 11.4.703

Great App for Weight Loss and HealthI started using Lose It in Nov 2017. I had been trying to lose weight since May that year and had a little success. The free version was easy to use and I upgraded fairly soon to premium. I've lost 12 kg since starting and actually reached my goal weight in April, so six months. Since then I've kept weight off and my life is better. Lose It gives me awareness, clarity and focus and keeps me mindful and stick to good choices. I enjoy recording my daily energy from food and exercise, I feel a sense of achievement. Finding calorie values is simple and the App is always improving. People like me need a program to stick to and Lose It is now my hub for the program. Cheers!.Version: 9.4.16

I’ve never dieted beforeI’ve never dieted or left a 5 star review on anything before.. I guess I’m still eating the same things I would have 2 weeks ago (is that dieting? because it doesn’t feel like it), tracking it with this app I’ve realised how much more I was actually eating and it’s help me really cut down.. even with my only exercise being the day to day on my feet at work I’ve lost 1.6 KG in 11 Days And I’m excited to look and feel lighter. Hopefully this review helps those people like me.. that have some weight to drop but don’t feel the need to only eat healthy (which you definitely should do).Version: 9.2.5

Error showing when opening the appAn error keeps showing every time I open the app since the last update. Also (since the last update) the ‘I’m done logging’ isn’t working. It just sends a message to share. These little hiccups are minor but should be fixed. Otherwise this app is great..Version: 9.4.14

Useful for weight loss.This App is good for weight loss I am losing weight and love tracking as it appeals to my nature. But as of the past week it will not allow me to add decimal points. Say for instance my weight for the day is 15.4 it will not allow me to save it so if I enter 15 it will allow me to save. But that does not allow for accurate tracking. Also when adding in details for your foods it will not again allow decimals and will add say 19.1 protein and turn it into 192 grams. I have uninstalled the app and reinstalled after rebooting. Issue remains..Version: 12.6.400

MotivationI've been using this app for 52 days now, I know that because it tells me. In that time I've lost 4.4kg which is good, people tell me I have lost weight. The app itself reminds you to log food intake and exercise and is pretty easy to use. I haven't used any other apps so I can't compare it, but it works for me and I'm happy to contribute this review.Version: 9.1.5

Keeps me motivatedThis app is a great way to maintain motivation towards your weight loss goals! Using the app I’ve been able to take accountability for my eating and now know where all of my calorie intake is being utilised - be it carbs, fats or protein ☺️ really loving it so far and within 4 days I’ve lost 4kg - simply by becoming accountable for my eating. Would highly recommend! If you have a Fitbit or Garmin watch you can even link them to the app for further insight on your progress towards these goals 🙌🏼 definitely worth the purchase..Version: 12.4.100

Finally achieved my ideal weightI like exercising and although I am very active I was always about 5kg over where I wanted to be. I heard a lot of people say to lose weight diet is key over exercise and always thought I’d get around to looking into it. I googled best weight lost app and found this. It taught me I can indulge but keep portions smaller and not as frequently as I was. I always justified it as, I’ll work it off in the gym later. I’ve lost 9kg and as an added bonus turns out I’m quite toned under that extra weight I was carrying. It took 4 months and the app keeps me motivated all the time. What a life changing app, thank you :).Version: 9.7.8

Time for another updateI’ve been using lose it for a few years now and i love it and i am a premium member .. .. it would be great if the app was updated to be more in line with the website so i don’t have to update info on both - i get notifications but here is no means to open the app and see what they are - i rely on my friends in the LI community and it’s not easy to chat to them and reply easily via the app - search functions aren’t the best - online forum is messy and confusing - i get app notifications about someone responding on a forum post which is pointless as you can’t get on the forums via the app .. then i have to log in on website to clear it i am using a newer iphone and everything is updated to latest versions.Version: 11.5.100

How has this got such high ratings??First of all this app is majorly flawed. When I first started using it it said i would reach my goal weight roughly 8 weeks away.. as I’ve progressed and way under my kJ budget without a single blowout it progressively pushes back my date that I will reach my goal.. how does that make any sense whatsoever?? I am working out twice a day and under my intake budget yet every time I log my daily intake it pushes it back.. also bot having the option to do everything is calories is a joke.Version: 12.6.700

Interface changes, no responsive buttonsLove the app, but lately with changes made adding items to meals has become difficult with the + button too close to the edge of the screen, have to try tapping many times to get it to open, also the same with adding water, the little glass icon to the extreme right is too close to the edge, again tapping multiple time to get it to add water.Version: 12.4.100

Good App. Poor Subscription ModelWhy should I be tempted to pay continuous subscription to an app that is at best an estimator. A LOT healthy features are reserved for premium users. No ads based premium version. No option to just buy the app because you have pay continually - why? Wouldn’t you rather spend it on a gym subscription. Because the app is not checking your blood pressure or anything — you have to feed it the data yourself. The calories on the boxes of items and defaults don’t match. Editing beyond that is just a hassle. It’s a nice fancy logger which has a lot of potential - alas! the pricing model is too greedy..Version: 12.1.700

Life ChangerI’ve tried so many different diets and exercise plans but couldn’t keep the weight off. My wife downloaded this app and I’ve the period of about 9 months dropped 4 dress sizes. I had to change and this app has also helped me achieve a goal I thought would be impossible. I lost a total of 24 kilos using this app and exercising and in May this year finished my first half marathon. With this tool and the right mindset anything is possible. Thanks loseit I owe you so much. 👍.Version: 11.5.501

Love that I'm loosing weight by being accountable to MyselfThis is a great app and the more you use it the better and easier it becomes. Happy that it shares info with Strava and Apple Health App and you can still record food when you are out of internet range. Doesn't share nutrition info with Apple Health App..Version: 9.7.14

Does what it needs to do some flawsIv used lose it on and off for maybe 2 years? It is great for keeping track of what you eat. The only problem is that the calories and sometimes the macros in foods are inaccurate meaning you have to edit the information in order to get your correct macros and calories for the day..Version: 12.5.600

I recommend this appI love this app, it’s amazing! I lost a lot of weight because I login my foods and drinks. I’m mindful and it’s helps me a lot 🙂 Just a feedback for the app makers 🙂 as a woman I would like to see if I’m getting enough Iron in my diet (Vegetarian) or not 🙂 ❤️ I would like to see Iron added in the app please 🙏 cheers 👍🏻.Version: 11.4.800

Weight lossThis app is really fantastic ...it has helped me keep on track and keeps me focused on my weight loss journey. It also has opened my eyes to the amount of unhealthy food regarding the amounts of sugar and unhealthy fats. This app is definitely worth getting for all sorts of reasons. I’ve had this app for about 3 years and it’s my go to when my life gets out of whack..Version: 11.3.500

So far, so good!I’ve been using the App for 3 weeks & have lost 5kg’s so the weight is definitely coming off. I’m finding a few things about the App a bit tricky - it might be due to Australia being metric..? I like the “congratulations! You’ve lost 11lbs!” but what’s 11lbs in kilos?? I never seem to make the target steps - it’s too hard to carry my phone everywhere. I don’t know how my calorie goal was set or how to change it & my steps aren’t shown up anywhere as “calories burned” - strange.... My Pro version doesn’t mention anything about water intake & there’s nowhere to record it. Despite my complaints, it’s an excellent tool - I highly recommend it :).Version: 9.1.7

Not for meNice app, easy to use. Found my basic food items including local AU brands. BEWARE you need to change your privacy setting very quickly or else your details are added to the social community log, it seems for all members to see. Nice if you wish, however I read that your details didn’t need to be shared, yet there they were against my wish! Happy to be corrected if this is my mistake..Version: 9.4.17

New features are awesome!I've been using the app on and off for maybe 10 years now. I came back after not focusing on food tracking for a few months to find some great new features. The Fitbit integration with calorie burn got a nice upgrade. I love seeing how much to go vs the normal target as a graph, rather than just a number. The hitches with searching previous meals seem to have dropped off too - no longer getting serious freezes when its searching through years of data to filter what you're looking for..Version: 9.7.11

Better than MFPI have been a long term successful user of MyFitnessPal. I always found the interface archaic but I assumed there were no alternatives. But there is. A few moments of using Lose It were a revelation in user experience. Intuitive and well designed, Lose It quickly has become my health hub linking food, Apple Watch, Apple Health and a Fitbit Aria scale seamlessly. Make the switch..Version: 9.2.2

Loving this appOutside of the everyday advertising to pay for premium this app delivers on everything else I enjoy the nutrition breakdown to keep an eye on my intake and it generally can find the information on most items I scan in..Version: 9.5.18

Logical way to lose weightI started logging on the 31st July of this year, so it's been about 2 months since I've started and I've lost 3.4kgs so far! I only work out once or twice a week. Easy to track calories and makes me more conscious of what I'm eating. I had set it to lose 3/4 kgs a week, which was working fine for me. But then I lowered my calorie intake to lose 1kg a week - but this didn't work! You need to remember to feed your body enough calories so your body doesn't go into 'starvation mode' and prevents you from losing weight. Since switching back to losing 3/4kg a week goal, the weight has been coming off and I'm seeing results fast!.Version: 9.1.4

The calories part of exerciseI love the app and I’m hoping it will help me get me to my goal weight. I’m really annoyed about one thing, when I go and log one of my exercises it says calories required but my friend said hers automatically does it for her. Please fix this and I don’t know if she’s got premium..Version: 9.5.6

The best for weight loss and glucose managementIt's just amazing, scan the food, and know when to eat more and when to eat less to maintain a healthy weight. Also it tracks how carbohydrate you eat and add it to your IOS health app so other apps such as sugarmate can take this data too into your GSM (glucose monitoring system) graph so you can know how much insulin units to use. They are just the best and I'm thankful to my old self for downloading this app 6 months ago..Version: 12.4.800

Great for keeping me accountable.Who knew there was 44 calories in a mandarin? Of course you are ultimately responsible for entering everything you eat and drink, but it's amazing how fast the calories add up. Made me see how much I had been eating before using Lose It! The database of foods, the use of 1/2, 1/4, and other increments, the range of Aussie foods - it's just a great app. I keep the Lose It! App next to a unit converter app, to quickly convert Kj to calories on some foods..Version: 9.1.8

Move over My Fitness PalAs a My Fitness Pal user for years I was feeling unmotivated and needing something new. I downloaded Lose It and it was exactly what I needed! It’s easy to use, has a great library of foods (just as good as MFP), predicts calories you should have for meals depending on what you log already and gives you rewards for logging consistently! Definitely worth getting the premium version and also cheaper than the premium version of MFP!.Version: 9.7.7

Easy to use . Keeps me on track!I like this app as it is easy to use. I track every day so as to keep me on track. The only thing I find it hard to do that is not in the app, is calculate the calories burned whilst walking the dog. It would be handy to have different approximates embedded in the app like the foods..Version: 9.2.6

It works!I’ve used calorie counting apps before and achieved very little but when I use this one the weight flies off! I’m also eating what I like just more controlled portions. One day I had a glass of champagne with no effects on the weight reduction. The next day I had a donut!! And still lost 490gms the next morning. It’s so nice to jump on the scales and see at least 400gms going off daily! I’m over 50 and thought it was difficult to lose weight but this app is magic!! My daughter and son in law are also using it with the same effect. Functionally it’s super easy to use. Thanks guys for this amazing little life giver..Version: 11.5.600

It’s a helpful tracking tool.I still personally like to check what I’m adding anyway when I scan food because I see it off a few calories, the packet clearly says 100 calories and lose it says 70 or something. I like the daily reminders and the weight tracking. I’ve lost over 20kg and this app has been a key tool in that. I of course could of done it myself by counting manually but I definitely would of got bored with that. In the premium version you can add food ahead of time for meal planning. I also like that once you’ve added food it adjusts your recommended intake for other meals, which helps me plan ahead. For example have a big lunch and then a smaller dinner. If you’re beginning your weight loss journey and not sure where to start or just need some added guidance I definitely recommend this app!.Version: 9.1.9

Very Useful and SmoothI have been using this app for a bit now and the only complaint I have with it is that when I try to record my weight, it won’t allow to record a weight with a decimal. For example, I tried to input 82.5 but when I tried to save it wouldn’t work. Hopefully this isn’t just me. The rest of the app is very good, I may be tempted to buy the premium version to track things like my protein intake and carbohydrates and all else. Integrating the app into my normal routine was quite easy also. I rate this app very highly!.Version: 12.6.300

Simply the best app of its kindDear devs, keep up the phenomenal work on this app. It is so much more intuitive and pleasant to use than any other app of its kind (without naming names, rhymes with Bye Litmus Hal) - the pictures of each food really help with making it satisfying on a kinesthetic level to update the app out of habit. You’re helping me shed 15kg of unwanted/excess weight my friends! Only 14 to go. Infinite thanks from a 31 y/o Australian dude.Version: 12.1.600

Upgrade to premium. It’s worth it.Since upgrading I am able to better track exercise, water and see micronutrient intake. It’s tracking everything I eat. The trick is to log Everything, even if it means going over your limit. I have had some eye opening moments for sure..Version: 11.6.200

Best weight tracking app!I’ve used a few and Lose It is by far the most interactive and interesting to look at (subconsciously I think this helps). Also the notifications are clever messages but not pushy or cheesy. The functions all make sense and you get a lot out of the free service so you don’t feel a dire need to upgrade..Version: 9.6.7

The best on the marketI am obsessed with this app, never has it been so fun and invigorating to keep track of everything i eat. It takes the guess work totally out so i know what to do, down to the gram! I wish i could customise my kjs intake even further, but you have a great app, great settings and awesome menu titles too. Also, earning trophies is fantastic, especially as a gamer such as myself ;).Version: 9.5.15

Best App Ever for Tracking and Monitoring Heathy Eating etcI have been using this App for several months after using another popular App for several years who were just not interested in developing it or listening to customer support and charged a huge fee for Premium with deplorable support! So as I said when I joined Lose It - it was like a breath of fresh air - all round Quality of App , Information and Reports and Superb Customer Support and Premium Price 1/3rd of that "other app" but loads more useful" So I can thoroughly recommend Lose It and it has everything you will ever need in this area and if it does not ask them to consider adding it Syncs almost instantly between my iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and all the multiple Browsers I run it on on my Apple Devices? Apps like this do not come along very often but this one is beaut - free version or paid - both excellent and reports and information is "mind boggling" to say the least and I am still discovering new information all the time Finally Premium worth every cent! Thanks All at Lose It - no more frustration with that "other app" Good Luck John Lemar South Australia Geriatric Health And Fitness Nutter!!.Version: 12.3.300

Lite version really is enough.It’s calorie counting at its finest and I love it. This will accomodate all diets also. Its clever design really motivates you to not necessarily watch the scale but more watch your calorific intake which really is all a diet is. I’ve lost 6 kgs in 4 weeks. I’ll be buying the full app for sure..Version: 12.1.300

Keeps me on trackKeeping track of what I eat and seeing how many calories is keeping me on the big weight loss journey. And typing in what I want to eat helps me decide if I can afford it in my food budget to stay on track..Version: 9.4.9

Excellent App!Perfect for those already sticking to a plan or programme or those that need a little help. As long as you keep logging, you will see results. I was a long term user of MFP which is also very good but this is more simple to use, quicker to enter and I love the display of results :-).Version: 9.4.7

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Lose It! – Calorie Counter 13.2.700 Update

Version 13.2.700 (2021-05-05): Bug fixes and improvements..

Version 13.2.600 (2021-04-28): Bug fixes and improvements..

Version 13.2.500 (2021-04-21): Just the usual this week: fixing bugs and watching our members be amazing! Snack ya later!.

Version 13.2.200 (2021-03-31): Bug fixes and improvements..

Version 13.2.100 (2021-03-24): Bug fixes and improvements..

Version 13.1.500 (2021-02-24): Hi there! This week we've made some changes to improve the app experience: - We fixed an issue when you rotate the orientation on the iPad app - And squashed a bug that was stopping Apple Health from syncing. Happy Tracking!.

Version 13.1.300 (2021-02-09): Brief update for you this week. We fixed some bugs and made performance improvements to keep things running smoothly. Happy tracking!.

Version 13.1.201 (2021-02-04): Not a ton to update on this week, folks. Just squashing some bugs and making general improvements to keep things running smoothly for ya!.

Version 13.1.000 (2021-01-21): This week, we made some updates to how the Previous Meal Feature looks. Take it for a spin and make your log complete!.

Version 13.0.100 (2021-01-12): We made some quick fixes to make sure things are running smoothly..

Version 12.7.301 (2021-01-01): We’re getting in the holiday spirit and making some tweaks to the app: - Made some additional speed improvements to the Apple Watch app - Fixed restoring weight history - Updated themes to apply on all navigation bars.

Version 12.7.100 (2020-12-16): We’re getting in the holiday spirit and making some tweaks to the app: - Made some additional speed improvements to the Apple Watch app - Fixed restoring weight history - Updated themes to apply on all navigation bars.

Version 12.6.800 (2020-12-09): Logging food and losing weight is even easier with this update: - We simplified the log screen to more clearly show how to add food to a meal - We made design updates to the Watch App to mirror the Lose It! widget.

Version 12.6.701 (2020-12-04): Here’s what we’ve been up to this week: - Added translation support to our watch app - Fixed an issue with text being cut off on the log screen - Fixed some under-the-hood stability issues.

Version 12.6.200 (2020-10-28): We spent some time this week fixing some issues and bugs. Thanks for sending us your feedback! - Fixed an issue on the iPad where the orange title bar wasn't rotating correctly after switching between portrait and landscape - Fixed a bug where the weight calculations seemed like they were different between the goals tab and the goals details page - Fixed a bug where historic exercise reps would change to match calories burned at the new weight.

Version 12.6.100 (2020-10-21): New features: – Support iPad rotation for plan card recommendations – Enable full screen calendar for iPad – Use Kilojoules in Widget according to LoseIt unit preferences – Macro configuration for Ring Widget – Visual tweaks to Meal Summary and launch it from log cards Bug Fixes: – Fix duplicate shared recipe ingredients – Fix peeking of weekly header behind log header on iPad – Fix collapsed log header full width thermometer.

Version 12.5.800 (2020-10-14): We've got a couple of fixes for you this week. Happy Tracking! - We fixed how reps are calculated for included workouts. - We fixed a widget bug for our users on the other side of the Meridian..

Version 12.5.600 (2020-09-30): A few updates for you this week! - We've updated widgets to display kilojoules - We've added another widget to view daily calories as a ring - We've also allowed timestamped meals to give the time stamp to all foods added via the quick add feature..

Version 12.5.400 (2020-09-16): Hey there, friends. We made some updates, and now you can restore previous weight history if you started a new weight loss plan. Snack ya on the flip side!.