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Facebook App User Reviews & Comments

Bunch of fake crapIt’s like they’re trying to make it addictive or confusing or something, you will constantly get notification badges but when you open the app there’s either no notifications or it’ll be 5 or 6 notifications flooding your feed saying “John Doe uploaded a new picture “ and don’t think turning the notifications off for that will help you because it only turns it off per person and you can only turn it off when it sends you one of those notifications. The app is buggy and crashes without notice on iPhone X/11 and they will ban you for just about anything and will not read the post or other comments for context, even in review. If your plan is to stick to groups no luck there either! It only takes one jerk posting something he’s not supposed to to shut a group down and it’s so bad that half of them have “DO NOT REPORT, EVEN TO ADMINS” in the group rules. They just want you to comment “Admin” and hope they see it. Also no custom scripts or bots like on Reddit, the only bots are ones that have been bought and paid for with the express purpose of bringing out the racist/ stupid side of the conservatives in your family. Seriously, I’d take 2004 MySpace over modern Facebook..Version: 319.0

Irritating AppThe app has been driving me crazy for months now. If I stay on the Facebook page, it only blacks out once or twice per evening. If I want to read something (my cousin's newspaper article, for instance) posted by my friends, the app blacks out every time and if I want to continue on Facebook, I have to open the app all over again and hope I can find my place. I'm almost ready to delete the darn thing! Wondering if it's worth the frustration! I've written my problems to the staff through Facebook three times and have received no recommendations. Can the app be fixed? Well, it's about 2 ,months later and nothing has improved. The app still freezes and blacks out. If I try to move from a post to attached info it freezes. Moving down the page to more posts makes it freeze or it blacks out completely. Then I get to start all over opening the app yet again. This is really getting to be more trouble than it's worth. It would be nice if the it people would at least respond in some way. A lot of us are feeling ignored. Not good business practice!.Version: 144.0

Pop Up SdsI absolutely love Facebook because it keeps me in touch with friends & family no matter where they live near or far away. My only real complaint is all the Ads that pop up so frequently that I can’t even enjoy what I’m trying to watch! I try to close them so often because I can’t always watch videos as the ads go over what I m watching that I get so frustrated trying to close the ads that I lose interest in whatever I’m trying to watch. Very frustrating. FB can Not possibly so broke that they have to have so many ads! Also I’ll be reading a long story & mostly in the middle of the story it’ll kick me out & I have to re-click the story & try to find where I was at. So very aggravating. My only other issue is all the dangerous misinformation that’s allowed to be put on FB. You should have a large sign in bold letters stating the post is Misinformation right up front before people can read that junk & believe it’s true especially now during this Killer Virus that has killed over 600,000 Americans. It would be absolute Heaven if you could fix these 3 issues. Again I truly love FB it has brought the World a whole lot closer. Thank You! 👍🏼.Version: 337.0

Orwell’s 1984 “Thought Police”When Facebook askes the question “What’s on your mind?”, they don’t actually mean that! We have all watched Facebook become absolutely tyrannical in the last 18 months as they are desperately trying to stop the truth from being exposed. Facebook used to be a safe place of free expression and a place to be able to discuss thoughts and ideas. Facebook is losing it’s purpose as a place to communicate even with friends and family. Everything that we say is censored even down to the smallest infractions. They are not even the slightest a bit concerned about Americans having freedom of speech to discuss freely among each other today’s most important issues. Anybody with an opposing view is immediately censored and discredited by their so-called fact checkers. The same “fact” checkers have been repeatedly and openly disproven on many occasions. Facebook refuses to offer a fair and balanced platform for all to share their ideas. They have made an all out war against anyone who disagrees with their agenda. They are against anything that is good moral whole true or virtuous. I have seen peoples pages disappear altogether without having any warning or previous bans. They simply tried to log in one day and their account was gone! this is an evil company with an evil agenda. I would not recommend anybody use this app..Version: 322.0

Get rid of this Stupid Crap Straight Dookey !!I don’t even think I need to say enough about Facebook to know how terrible it is using you’re information to sell to 3rd parties and those 3rd parties manipulating its a crazy way to structure a society!! Because people won’t tell what’s real anymore Facebook was never good the only reason people thought it was good was because it was addictive that’s how MySpace was bought out by Facebook because it was so addictive yet we as people couldn’t see that when iOS 14.5 rolled out people opted out not to be tracked but Facebook knowing tells you hey let’s keep Facebook free for everyone free is not free it’s just another way of making something terrible think about it the horse and carriage was considered amazing before the car 🚗 comes along same thing with a brick phone everything was great until smart phone arrives the answer isn’t to stop making comparisons because we can’t control that but you have to change the object of you’re comparison from someone else to yourself you have to measure real to real and that’s what Facebook does to you it was never about this attention economy it was never about that when the internet first arrived it was just putting things out their getting creative..Version: 319.0

Twitter here I ComeI hate Facebook. If I could give Zero stars I would. It’s like school popularity all over again for adults. Only reason I have to have it is cuz I sign into apps with it and I’m so far committed to these apps it would be a huge hassle to start a different account. I’ve been cyber bullied/harassed/threatened countless times on here but as soon as I respond (fire with Fire), I’m always getting banned/restricted. It’s unreal. Like I seriously hate Facebook and everything it stands for at this point. I can’t wait until a different Social Media provider takes down Facebook. Instagram over Facebook all day any day. Bring back MySpace but FB can get bent for all I care. Edit: it’s funny I see a lot of the same complaints. Something tells me FB won’t be around for 2030. Ding dong the witch is dead. Facebook doesn’t realize it yet, probably cuz they are full of themselves, but y’all on the downhill swing of things. Enjoy your last run. 1 star reviews are piling up and y’all don’t care. Bullies. But I think it’s time I finally take the plunge and create a Twitter as my primary and use that for my app accounts. Facebook, you had your chances and your nothing but a bully yourself that allows bullies to thrive while restricting the people who simply defend themselves from these bullies, hence, your ALSO A BULLY..Version: 279.0

I hate FacebookI have a personal FB account and have since forever it seems. It was great for years. Now I guess they just are rolling in the money, and don't really have to communicate in any way or form to their members. I now manage my Father's business account and have been for over 5 years. In the last 6 months it has spiraled down crazily. They just implemented a Publishing Authorization thing that has literally haunted my ability to post from my computer at all. They also seem to keep creating problems in their system. Because now I cannot post any video from my iPad. Which has been my only way to post, comment, or respond. Since their new publishing authorization thing. I have sent probably 25 feedback messages. Which is basically just a waste of my time, because they are never going to respond in any way. Really wish they didn't have such a monopoly on the multimedia market. I have never really been into the way Twitter works, but the one time I had a pro and messaged them they responded in a few hours. With a detailed description of what was going on, and some advice about how to fix it. I have even been wanting to delete my personal Fb account because it's just a waste these days..Version: 321.0

Political Motives ruined FacebookFacebook has aided in causing division in the world. They should be honored that they had the task of connecting humanity. Instead, they played games with millions of lives. They should be held accountable for the hatred and division they assisted politicians in spreading. Facebook has masked it’s bullying in passive aggressive agenda , masking it in rules, that only applied to one party. Facebook should have been a safe space for each individual to share their beliefs, maybe we the people could have reached a compromise.... bonding in our differences....isn’t that what life is about? Humanity learning how to bridge the gaps? How wonderful it would have been if Facebook book acted as a platform for true connection between ALL parties, a platform where ALL our voices count, a platform where no one’s beliefs are disregarded, a platform where we make amends in our differences. It’s not about manipulation, it’s about being honest and transparent and learning to work together. Work together, work together, work together.....through all our differences and beliefs.....work together...Facebook you where supposed to be glue for humanity , neutral, glue is neutral- it doesn’t pick sides. Facebook knows it’s influence, they don’t get to act like they don’t know..Version: 320.0

I don’t know why you would EVER use this horrible app. I hope it fallsI hate this app with all my soul. I don’t use Facebook because I don’t like it. But the other day I wanted to play a game and decided to make a Facebook Account to log into the game. I didn’t do anything on this account but play my game. Never friended anyone, posted anything, and spammed. It came to my surprise a month ago that my account was disabled. I am now unable to play my game that I worked hard on, AND cant get anyone in Facebook to help me. There’s horrible customer service. No phone to call your problems. And they don’t ever list specifically what you did wrong. Just that you don’t follow the “community standards” I tried to recover my account by doing the little thing they make you do. AND it just made it worse and told me they are “sticking with their deduction.” Another option they give you is to submit an ID so they can verify it’s you. I am not comfortable with doing that and it’s unbelievable that’s even an option they have you do just to get your account back. I am very upset. Since they don’t email you or call you this is my last resort. If you want to fix something fix it all, nothings good about this app. I really hope you get locked out of your houses. :).Version: 321.0

My Account Got Disabled HELPOk, since Facebook has no way for us to contact them unless it’s directly through our account, which I currently cannot access, then my email will probably not reach them. Hopefully this will. DEAR FACEBOOK PEOPLE: So I created an account and a page literally two days ago. I tried doing an ad for my page yesterday, and because I did it too early (I think this is why) my ads account was flagged. I did everything as I was told: I sent in a review request and they fixed the problem, unflagging my ads account, so they sent me an email to confirm that all was well again. However, I cannot access either my account or my page anymore. It’s as if they don’t exist. Apparently the problem was already fixed but I can’t see anything I previously put on my account and page. Furthermore, I can’t make a new account because my email is tied to my previous account, so I’m pretty much stuck. They tell me that if I need help I should contact the Facebook Support Team but, I repeat, I CANNOT access my account. So I cannot access the FB Support Team. This is the first time I ever give something a one star review. I don’t mean to be rude but your customer service is very bad. I can’t even properly delete my account, in case it’s not fully gone. So yeah. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP..Version: 295.0

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix itNobody wants a game page or a group page. It’s amazing how many different ways you want to send me push notifications, that I literally only click on so that it will go away. I went in to change my notification settings and it turns out you will not let me turn off all group notifications at once and I have to go through a list and manually select out of 100 groups which ones I want, the slider for all is greyed out. This is totally unnecessary, and nobody asked for this. Why do I have a notification for every time someone goes live? Anytime an event is added at a venue I checked into ONE TIME that’s across the world in a different country? Facebook notifications used to notify me when someone wanted to talk to me, and I’ve done my best to continually update my setting but it’s getting crazy. Now I’ll have 7 notifications and check it and not a single one is about a friend I have that was reaching out to me. Events, game page, so and so went live, so and so checked in safe, I have memories from 10 years ago to look at, so and so posted in this group, like I do. Not. Care. And I don’t need a red push notification making it seem like I should..Version: 199.0

CensorshipFB began censoring content and shutting down related services without providing an explanation or opportunity to resolve a few years ago. They hired “journalists” to write and publish misleading articles to challenge anything they simply disagree with and employed “fact checkers,” to enforce it. These “fact checkers” then flag your account for disrupted service which you can never resolve to FB’s satisfaction. I’m currently still waiting on a review to restore my ability to interface Marketplace. The review was supposed to take 2 weeks, but it’s been several months now. My “crime” was sharing other’s widely disseminated posts, there were just two. The first was a legitimate article written by an actual journalist who documented another being banned from Twitter. The second was a meme. It was a photo collage of a politician at official state functions, all from the public domain, not photoshopped. The individual photos are famous. Collage or not, they just happened to put the politician in an unflattering light, just like the individual’s gaffe filled speeches and absurd actions on video. Even reliable constituents of this politician find the photos and collage funny, but not humorless FB. This platform has become so corrupt it should be comprehensively redesigned and depoliticized or simply shutdown..Version: 319.0

Facebook & Oculus VR IssuesREMOVE THE REQUIRED LOGIN ON YOUR VR HEADSETS!!!! They shouldn’t be going down along with a social media website. This is proof that y’all SHOULD NOT continue buying up everything and owning it. Start creating partnerships and let them own their own stuff instead of purchasing it all. Let alone making everyone combine their accounts from different sites to “make it easier”, but this is the exact opposite. EVERYTHING is unnecessarily more difficult, and we didn’t ask for a lot of the changes forced on us (Downloading a seperate app from Facebook to send messages to family and friends, but that’s what the Facebook app itself was for in the first place. Y’all cause us too much hassel for the amount of free traffic that’s received from our personal data. Now Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, What’s App, Oculus VR App, and the Oculus VR Headsets (which are basically bricks with straps now since we simply can’t log on because of a stupid Facebook login reqiurement) are all down at the same time. This isn’t the first time it’s happened, and this should’ve been fixed then. It’s a terrible way of handling your customers and users of your app/products, especially with this “weird and suspicious” fact of y’all having absolutely no customer service line to call/text/email to express concerns unless it’s public embarrasment that has gone viral. I would honestly give you 0 stars if it allowed me to..Version: 338.0

Overall a pretty crappy system that only continues to get worse!I have a personal FB account and have since forever it seems. It was great for years. Now I guess they just are rolling in the money, and don’t really have to communicate in any way or form to their members. I now manage my Father’s business account and have been for over 5 years. In the last 6 months it has spiraled down crazily. They just implemented a Publishing Authorization thing that has literally haunted my ability to post from my computer at all. They also seem to keep creating problems in their system. Because now I cannot post any video from my iPad. Which has been my only way to post, comment, or respond. Since their new publishing authorization thing. I have sent probably 25 feedback messages. Which is basically just a waste of my time, because they are never going to respond in any way. Really wish they didn’t have such a monopoly on the multimedia market. I have never really been into the way Twitter works, but the one time I had a pro and messaged them they responded in a few hours. With a detailed description of what was going on, and some advice about how to fix it. I have even been wanting to delete my personal Fb account because it’s just a waste these days..Version: 319.0

Almost a YEAR blocking my accountLast year when things got cantankerous during the election, I decided to change a few things on my profile. My birthday (1958) was hidden from view but I decided to change it to May of 2020 (after all I’ve seen a few friends that are 120 years old on there). BIG MISTAKE. I was IMMEDIATELY blocked from FB and messenger for being “under 13 years old!” They sent me a message to respond to if I thought this was done in error. I sent them a picture of my FL drivers license THREE times with the email being returned saying they couldn’t read it. I opened what I sent and it was clear as day…..a regular JPEG……. Note that there is NO phone number to contact ANYONE at FB and the ONLY email address I could find was the one they kept saying they couldn’t read. All attempts to make another account linked me to my old account so I am still blocked. It’s funny how if I try to open FB it says they are reviewing my account and if they still determine I’m underage they will permanently block me……..but they need ONE day to determine this. Sad that they think a 63 year old individual is only 8-16 months old since I posted several photos with me and my family. I really wonder how all those FAKE Russian accounts aren’t blocked?.Version: 334.1

Facebook CrashLet me tell you the story of when there was a brief moment of global happiness on October 4th, 2021. It was when Facebook, the overlord, went down for 7 hours. People began to truly live again. But alas, this was a false hope. For the first time in more than a decade, the warriors of Khey Boerd were forced to lay down their arms. The trolls in the realm of Mohm’s Baesmehnt were silenced. The Khareen’s had nowhere to nag and cry (at least where others could hear them). The Left Kingdom and Right Kingdom could no longer slander each other. And as the people in both kingdom’s were released from the trance they had been bound under; they realized that the overreaching lords of their kingdom’s were the true enemy. But alas, as quickly as the spark of hope came into being it was snuffed out again. The underpaid and overworked minions of the overlord Facebook soon took action. This caused almost all hope to be lost. Or did it? I urge you brave adventurer, seek to bring back the days of simple social communication between strangers and forsake these over-praised idols of mind control and manipulation. You have tasted of true freedom, now give the same hope to others. Remove the veil of deception from their eyes. Our world depends on it..Version: 338.0

The Death of Free SpeechI had left facebook about four years ago because I’d found myself spending too much of my free time worrying about what other people think of me. Frankly, it’s been blissful being free of social media, but I’ve grown to appreciate the value of being connected to friends who are otherwise unreachable. I do miss them. However, I will never be returning to facebook again, nor any other mainstream social media platform. Why? Because like most things nowadays, thanks to, um... (cough cough) current events, facebook is no longer about connectivity and self expression. It has become precisely what George Orwell has been warning us about for ages. Their constant censoring of perfectly valid questions and concerns of safety have made that apparent. I pity anyone who has tried speaking their mind, speaking the truth, and been censored and even deplatformed as a result. The truth needs to be broadcast for all to hear, now more than ever! It doesn’t even matter if what an individual is saying is relevant or not! They have the right to say it! And the right to say it uncensored! So I am giving facebook this horrific review in the hopes that changes will be made. In the hopes that free speech, and freedom itself, will be restored. Sincerely, Vincent Mandi.Version: 325.0

A global corporation can afford customer service measuresSimilar to other reviews, my account was hacked and immediately disabled. I requested reviews repeatedly but received no response from Facebook, not even confirmation that my requests were received. My business account was also hacked and fraud ads were purchased and charged to my PayPal account. I disputed it with PayPal but they claimed the transactions were authorized since Facebook was an authorized vendor on my PayPal account. Despite the fact that I had not even been able to access my account to purchase ads for weeks and received no invoice. And no word from Facebook when I disputed the transaction with them. I was however lucky to have a good credit union that went to bat for me and got my money retuned. A heads up to check your PayPal authorizations and delete it along with all Facebook apps from your life. Facebook/Instagram users make this company billions of dollars from sharing their data on their platforms, and buying ads for their business pages, but they could care less about setting up consumer protections for you let alone any customer assistance. This is beyond unacceptable for a global corporation that can afford to do better. Bye forever, Facebook and Instagram. I’ll be taking my data and ad dollars to Twitter..Version: 340.0

Shutting downI don't know why but lately Facebook app has been shutting down and going to my main screen while I'm reading something😡very annoying!!! Fix this bug please! It also refreshes on its own. That's really annoying too when you are going through comments and then back out wanting to continue where you were before going to the comments and it decides on its own "nope you were done scrolling" 🙄 Nothing has been fixed. It still does all of the above even tho there's been tons of updates. Seriously fix this issue it's annoying! Stars went down bc it still hasn't been fixed STILL REFRESHES ON ITS OWN! When will this be fixed??? In the middle of reading something in Facebook and go to my internet for a second and then back to Facebook and it decides I was done and refreshes and sends me back to the top! Very annoying and j lose posts I was in the middle of reading. Why won’t you fix this issue. Many people have the same issue yet you don’t fix it!! Stars went down yet again bc it’s not fixed. One 1 star to go and honestly if I could give it a 0 star I would! Fix the freaking problem already!!!.Version: 143.0

Not even able to log in.I have an extremely short last name. It’s literally two letters. My first name (that I wanted to put it) is very short as well. It told me I HAD to put in a last name, of which I really didn’t want to do (because I didn’t want to just flaunt off my last name to people in the world) and it said “yep your last name’s too short and you HAVE to put it there.” Not to mention the fact that when I put in everything and hit “create account,” after filling in just a bunch of letters for a last name, it told me that I already had an account. I’ve never filled an account with Facebook before. I was only creating one so I could contact a store to book an appointment, and to even get in touch with them I not only had to create an account with Facebook, but also download Facebook and the messenger app, simply just to get in contact with a company. Really, Facebook? You can’t make your program user friendly? I WASNT EVEN ABLE TO MAKE AN ACCOUNT!!! And judging from your incredible 2.2 overall star review on the App Store, I’m guessing you guys don’t listen to your consumers. So, thanks, but I would try a different social media app. Not that there’s any good ones out there, anyway..Version: 322.0

Less of a tool than everFacebook has become what separates the masses. It has become fascist. It’s repeatedly banning users for dumb reasons. I have been banned for criticism towards some men with the word “men”. But it seems to never ban when the criticism goes towards women. Women are treated as jokes in this platform and no one gets banned. Another time I got banned for saying something true about my own country. Suddenly United States apparently doesn’t have a president now, Facebook was all over trump and now Biden is not even mentioned. Facebook is Too political and dictatorship-like I really wish we didn’t have Facebook anymore as a tool and we all move together to better platforms completely separate from Facebook. banned from Facebook a few times , my ads are banned for ever and there is nothing I can do , started getting less views on my Instagram business profile. Facebook has affected my business because it’s robot community is misinterpreting comments. Not a good platform anymore, but i still need to use it to at least share some stuff (that get 1 or 2 views suddenly, before it would get hundreds and thousands of views) thanks for ruining my business, Facebook.Version: 333.0

Spying on my phone is a federal offense and you could be prosecuted in a court of lawNot to mention you allow Marxist groups to threaten the lives of me and my family and my daughter. And when I report malware from people who are stealing other peoples identities like Dan Bonginos And you still allow the malware to be posted in peoples names to be tagged in it. Maybe you should quit your day job and go to something that you actually know how to control. If that’s possible The date now is February 25, 2021. I have yet again to be blocked for another 30 days for the same exact post. It goes a bit their privacy policy and their terms and conditions. I’ve already looked it up they’re going against their own lawful description on what you can cannot do you on Facebook. Facebook is one of the most Nazi Controlled community platforms I have ever been on. They are not a public platform they are a publisher they will censor and discriminate and take any post you put on down any kind of opinion you have whether it be conservative or liberal your discriminated against I recommend nobody under the age of 18 be on there and I recommend anyone over the age of 18 find a better source to communicate. Facebook is nothing but crap!.Version: 306.0

FascistbookI have been targeted for my anti vaccine posting ( even though all my research is verifiable) ; for my negative comments about NJ’s Governor Phil Murphy ( even though many others say far worse than I do ) ; for my Pro Palestinian stance ( even though many feel as I do ) & for several comments that were deemed “ against community guidelines” even though others have posted the exact same comments but were not censored some within the same posting. I was recently banned after my friend posted “ Tell what you do for a living “ & I jokingly answered “ I would but then I’d have to kill ya “ My friend took it as a joke & knew I meant it as a joke - this was not a comment to a stranger & the person is in my friend list. I feel if Facebook really thought this was a threat they would have called police they didn’t. They used it as an excuse to ban me for political reasons. If any lawyers are reading this & would like to help me please respond Facebook has become a fascist regime that only wants people who agree with their ideologies at the moment. If you disagree or have a different opinion your banned. Very similar to book burning & information suppression of the Nazis. I find it not only Orwellian but also terrifying. That’s exactly what Facebook has become - a terrorist organization..Version: 320.0

Vaccine tags and censorshipFacebook was a great way to connect and reconnect with family and friends but then they started to be selective on what people can post. They even had the audacity to put a tag on my grief page about the safety of the V and that Is so unacceptable in addition to the sacrifice made by a fallen soldier that post was offensive yet recently I posted a complaint on offensive brutal beating of someone inciting violence against others and I get we reviewed your complaint and found it doesn’t go against this community standards , really well what are your standards, bullying, threatening, and blocking others who disagree with you. How about blocking people who think for them selves. I’m gonna get a little black book and put my friends and family info in that and leave this behind soon as able to. I’ve been stopped from posting that racism will never end why because it’s to profitable for those who profit off of it. So many people who are seeing the division and get it this is not good for any of us United we stand divided we fall ask yourself who will benefit if we fall??? Thankful I can think for myself. Truth Facebook is not where you can openly share have an opinion think for yourself etc. change or be replaced. Talk is going around Facebook is going down..Version: 319.0

Going downhill fast...but hoping it gets better:)I’m great full to Facebook for ability to keep in touch with friends and understand they maintain a free platform. The continual and complex privacy features seem to be largely a CYA action to cover up FB own intrusion to privacy while managing to restrict freedom of speech at same time🤥 (as I currently reload one account to gain access to manage photos feature). I’ve never seen so many scam and MLM marketing advertisements as the ones forced into my newsfeed, sponsored marketplace ads (even if I choose local PU only!) ...the sheer number of obvious fake FB account friend requests (seriously, NO photos, NO friends🤪😜…and constantly ignoring my preference Not to have friend requests or suggestions from these accounts!). When scam, for profit obscure “fundraisers” are called out in comments...FB allows the companies to moderate and delete the comments...admittedly it’s a tough issue to vet advertisers- so why not let customers post feedback in comments...or have a link to public records of alleged performance of “for profit” fundraising companies hiding behind legitimate non-profits? Sorry to rant, could go on...but I do have hope for the future...and can’t wait for more competitive platforms to develop!.Version: 302.1

New business pages update is a DISASTERWhy did you change to the new business pages format? IT’S A DISASTER! I can’t find one of my pages most of the time-it doesn’t show up as an option to click anywhere to access it and make posts to it. I can’t figure out how to post to my business pages anymore-occasionally I can do a story but I don’t want a story I want a post to my profile. And most of the time I’m only given the option to follow my own page....I don’t want to follow it, I need to post to it! In the page owner! When I click my business page (that I can find) it brings me up to another news feed for my business page, not my profile anymore which is ridiculously annoying and an extra step to post that I don’t want to have to deal with. I don’t have time to scroll a news feed for both my business pages and my personal page. I just want to click on my business page, be taken straight to my profile to share a post and then easily go back to my personal page the way I could before. Now I have all these extra steps to take to get to a profile. I constantly have to figure out what I am viewing Facebook as.. my personal or business page. I can’t seem to switch it back either which it said I could! Ugh! THIS IS AWFUL! UNDO THE UPDATE!.Version: 308.0

Very saddened by this app.Facebook won’t allow me to log into the app, nor messenger or Instagram(since they’re all ran by the same people). It all began at the exact same time, before the end of last year. I’ve reached out to the support team, as well as other people, and they all say the same thing. “Delete and re-install,” “change password,” “check possible mistyped information.” The thing is, NOTHING IS WRONG. I still have the same phone-number. I still have the same iCloud account. It says it’s compatible with my iPhone. Yet, I can’t log into any of my social media? I can access the account through a web browser, but I can’t message anyone. I can’t view messages, because I have to have access to messenger for that. Every time I attempt logging into either apps for Facebook it always says the same thing; “unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again.” And when I try logging into my Instagram, it says the page no longer exists. IVE BEEN SHOWN MY PAGE BY OTHER PEOPLE. IT VERY WELL STILL EXISTS. I never disabled it. I never deleted it. It simply says it doesn’t exist even though it does. I’ve been banned from all platforms. And it’s frustrating because I have family from different countries that I contact. I haven’t been able to speak to them in over a year now….Version: 333.0

Goodbye, FacebookFacebook is a social media disaster. It only allows positive messaging (like button, love button, applause, wow, etc) so people only get positive feedback on things they post. If someone writes a negative comment about something, people will attack them in the comments and have no repercussions whatsoever, no matter how brutal they are. And they are brutal, because they can hide anonymously behind their keyboards. People say things on Facebook that they would never say in person. If you don’t like someone, fine -block them. Ghost them. Who cares? After all, it’s your Facebook page, why should you have to deal with other people’s crappy opinions?! You end up surrounded by nothing but sycophants and everyone convinces you that your opinions are the right ones. Spoiler alert: you’re not always right. People prefer to be in happy environments with people we trust with our thoughts, opinions and dreams -so we put ourselves in these little bubbles and either never express our opinions for fear of judgment from others or we delete anyone who would disagree with our opinion. You end up with polarized extremists who are brainwashed into thinking that’s normal. It’s not normal, and it’s destroying us all..Version: 312.0

Garbage updates.. MySpace was way better..So the app keeps getting updated but these updates are making the app worse and worse.. When I save things to watch later, the “collection” I put them in doesn’t auto play, so I can’t just put it on while I’m cooking because I have to select the next video in the list each time.. Also when I remove videos, magically they play over again?? I can’t react to most videos.. only two videos load at a time.. This ain’t due to my WiFi, either.. Videos still don’t stay paused when I set my phone down.. And I keep seeing a notification for messenger when I’m on Facebook but I won’t have any messages or notifications when I go into the messenger app.. So basically Facebook has become a Broken system & your employees must not actually work or they’re purposefully making these awful changes to annoy people to stop using Facebook.. If I could keep in contact with my Ohana afar any other way besides Facebook, I would never use the app again.. Oh and can we please make dark mode available for all users, or at least add it to all iOS devices?? Please let me know if I’m reviewing for nothing because you’re not actually paying attention or reading the reviews so I can post these complaints straight to my wall instead.. Mahalo...Version: 297.0

They deserve ZERO starsDELETED my facebook account after 10 years of opening my account. Will never want to be related to any platform/product that is associated with them. Yeah, I still have instagram and whatsapp but now I have decided to almost NEVER use them. This is the most deceptive company you will ever encounter in your life, so for you to constantly give up your personal data sounds bonkers to me. Many of us unsatisfied users are totally aware of the many scandals that Facebook has been involved with. From privacy breaches to denying the harmful effects that their platforms have had on their users. Also, Facebooks platforms used to be platforms for “freedom of expression” and now they have become all about trying to manipulate and control users thoughts and emotions. It is becoming increasingly easy for these companies to almost dictate the way that you live your life (what you like, believe, want etc.) because the more data they have about you, the better the ability that these platforms have to influence and shape who you are and who you will become. Finally, they are starting to seem more and more tyrannical to me because now it seems so apparent to me that they are all about censoring anything that disagrees with “them” whoever them is. So for those reasons, I am out!.Version: 337.0

My viewI’ve been in Facebook since it early days. I’ve been able to share my life with friends all over the world and been able to experience their lives as well through our Facebook connection. I’ve discovered old friends and made new friends. Shared my opinion thoughtfully without insulting anyone or being censored because I take the time to understand issues that concern me and base my opinions on facts. I understand that there are ads and posts that I dislike or don’t agree with and choose to ignore, move on or block them. I have the freedom to read what I like and ignore what I don’t like. It is, at the heart of it, social media, it’s a global happy hour, fireside chat, family reunion or political platform. And it works. I don’t blame Facebook for unintelligent posts or some nefarious plan to destroy democracy, not do I blame them for bad cell or wifi coverage. It does what is supposed to do, connect me to people. 5 stars for that. Don’t overthink it people..Version: 323.0

Functional, But Needs a Major Design ChangeFacebook is an average social media app that is nice for communicating with friends and family for free (via Messenger). But, with that being said, it is time for Facebook to release a major design update for the mobile app. Often, when I am checking the reactions to my posts on Facebook, the reactions never load, are miscounted, or not updated. This is example number one of why Facebook needs to seriously upgrade. One thing that a lot of Facebook mobile app users have been waiting for is a dark mode for the app! It has been released across multiple platforms, including instagram, which is owned by Facebook. They released a dark mode for desktop users & the Messenger app, and it is beyond time for the mobile users to have the option for dark mode on the Facebook App. One last example of something that Facebook needs to update is it’s variety. Messenger only having a few color-themed backgrounds to choose, for example. Other than a design update, the app is very useful for communication, businesses, memes, inspiration, etc. It is also a good way to pass the time..Version: 288.1

Unfair standardsI was banned over a joke that clearly didn’t matter or receive replies yet. I wake up the next day and see a 3-day ban. Usually it shows #hate #harassment. I checked it didn’t have none of those you just decided you would do it without reasoning. Lastly in my own post someone was trash talking about my post and writing saying how good they are” all I said was that’s trash and you ban me for 30 days that’s intense over mentioning trash. Thats not harassment so you need to be re-educated cause harassment is when you make others feel uncomfortable or threatened with the same behavior not saying the word Trash in a comment. Y’all banned me for 7 days not to long ago I barely had my account before you suspended it again basically 2 weeks if you’re not gonna let me use the app just tell me so I can free up storage cause I’m out and I don’t need to waste on a app that clearly doesn’t want me to use and everytime I try to request a review you automatically say it doesn’t follow I didn’t even get to start the process so if you don’t want me on your app just reply or email and I will happily delete cause clearly you have no interest in letting me use the app. I rather be bored reading a book cause if you can’t use the app what’s the point of staring at it hopefully your app continues to get ⭐️ until you decide to improve and give others space to share their opinions. Good luck,.Version: 340.0

Ok app, people you may know feature is annoyingThe app is ok to deal with but the people you may know feature is completely annoying and frustrating. I must say it’s a nice feature but it gets frustrating when you remove people and the next day or a few days later they show up again as people you may know. Facebook needs to add a delete button for that and not just the remove button or the remove button should remove that person and their profile permanently because hitting the remove button only brings that person profile back up within a day or a few days. I’m completely irritated with it because if I hit the remove bottom it’s because I don’t know that person, I don’t want to know that person, or don’t want to be friends with that person. I shouldn’t have to spend so much time “removing” but not permanently removing people from the “people you may know” only for them to pop back up as people I may know 24-48hrs later!! IT’S ANNOYING. STOP IT FACEBOOK LET ME PERMANENTLY REMOVE PEOPLE I DON’T KNOW AND/OR DON’T WANT TO KNOW OR BE BOTHERED WITH WITHOUT HAVING THEM POP UP AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN. REVAMP THE “PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW” FEATURE SO THAT IT CAN BE BETTER MANAGED BY US!! Thanks 😤😤.Version: 247.0

Racist against MuslimsYou used to be able post anything you wanted whether it was true or not, just because you felt like it and nobody really cared! Some things opened up great discussions! Now, everything you share or comment is scrutinized by behind-the-screen random, ghost people. These people have their own opinions and when you freely express yourself like before, your posts or comments will be taken down, blocked or hidden, and all of your audience will be notified that your opinion or posts just happens to be something they personally disagree with. I did a test and posted 2 polar opposite opinions on an issue just to see what they would do, both of them were false news. The fake news posted about current and political events had distinct viewpoints. The one the ghost person disagreed with, was covered up and labeled as false with link to an article for my audience to click proving their viewpoint. The other one that was also fake news, fit their personal viewpoint and they never touched it. I personally disagreed with both things I posted but found out quickly what the viewpoint was of the ghost robots behind the screens reading everybody's personal stuff. Facebook is NOT a good thing!!.Version: 320.0

Glitches and no fixes in sightI use Facebook primarily for the market place, which by itself is an awesome platform. It’s much more user friendly and less fee driven than Etsy. That is where the good ends I’m afraid. The app and messenger sidecar constantly have issues updating, showing correct information, presenting errors, not sharing between devices, and show “unread” messages. The updating issues stem from updated listing items. Items on discount don’t always show to the public. I get messages that there are offers on items or that an item has sold and marketplace won’t let me connect to those messages. You have to really really dig to find them. There isn’t a way to filter unread messages and a whole host of notifications give you an unread message notification. If I contact someone about their item and they sell it to someone else or mark it pending I get a message notification but unless I find the exact conversation, that someone sold an item on, it remains in the corner. It can be hard to keep up with actual buyers when the notifications are just red herrings most of the time. For the amount of money Facebook makes and hopefully a whole team of well payed programmers it employees it is ridiculous the amount of issues on the app. Don’t even get my started on the ipad version, you can’t even use it in tandem with your commerce account..Version: 340.0

#ReplaceFacebookIf I could give zero stars then I would. They banned me and then didn’t tell me they muted me which is just a very disgusting way to act. Just by that alone proves how corrupted they are. There’s absolutely no reason for my post not to be post because I have checked all the possibilities and I have 5G and a nice phone so there’s no reason for my post to be blocked besides the fact that they banned me and threw away the key and didn’t even tell me that they muted me. I also had an FIVE STAR online marketplace and convenient store but Facebook fully banned me from making an honest living. I made sure to give the best customer support and I even gave refunds. I was 100% willing to comply and change my posts but they banned me still! They do not deserve the business of Americans! They don’t have the right to take the Authority of Government in their own hands! I will not support a Social network that silences free speech and kicks out innocent users! There’s only one reason they should ever have the right to do this and it’s if American laws are broken! I wronged no one, I scammed no one and I stole from no one! I also never hacked anyone! But I’m banned! I’d give zero stars if I could. #ReplaceFacebook #destroyfacebook.Version: 294.0

Hacked then disabled - business owners bewareSeveral weeks ago, my account was disabled following a intrusion by a hacker who enabled 2FA. I learned of this activity when I woke up on Tuesday, June 1. I immediately changed the password and was able to remove the hackers email. But 2FA was turned on and sent to a device that I do not have access to. I submitted the requested information and ID’s with no response or a response saying that the ID couldn’t be verified even though it is my state issued TN drivers license. After a couple of weeks waiting on a response I was informed that my account had been disabled. When I tried to review it (almost immediately after I got the notification) I was told it what been to long and that the account couldn’t be reviewed. This was surprising, because I have been trying to reach you all everyday for weeks. The hackers then CHARGED my card that is associated with my business account. According to Reddit and other posts they are targeting business owners and Facebook does not help even after I’ve spent thousands and thousands with them. I have contacted them multiple times a a day for the last 6 weeks and now I truly fear I will never get my account, memories, and network back again. Truly devastated..Version: 327.0

Facebook allowed hackers to steal $$ thousandsAt the end of August 2021, I tried to access my long standing Facebook account as I waited for an international flight. To my surprise, it had been disabled. No explanation why and only a button to click that says you disagree with them, which requests they review their decision. Once clicked you get a message that says it usually takes them just over a day to review. Two weeks later, while still out of the country, I notice money missing from my business checking account. It had become clear someone had hacked my FB account, did something to get it locked down so I couldn’t reach FB support, then began to make Facebook advertising charges to my business card on file. They drained more than $3,000 from my account when I caught it. 30 days later and FB still hadn’t reviewed the decision to disable the account. I arrive back in the US and FB gives me the chance to change my password because they detected possible funny-business (you think?). Then what? Nothing. The screen returns to the “disabled account - you have no rights” screen. A week later that screen changes to, “you waited too long to request a review, so we can’t help you anymore.” What?? I’ve been trying to get this resolved for weeks. NO CUSTOMER SERVICE WHATSOEVER. SHAME ON YOU FACEBOOK. Years of memories lost. Business pages lost. Thousands of dollars lost. You’ve really failed me, FB. And from the looks of these reviews, I’m not alone..Version: 339.0

Terrible ExperiencesI’m not one to write reviews but I’m overly annoyed. My account was recently hacked which lead to my account being suspended, which then lead to me submitting a review request that was denied. My account was then disabled and there was absolutely NOTHING I could do, everything since 2005, just, gone!! After a few days I was FINALLY able to create a new account, which it wasn’t letting me for the longest time, even when using a different email, but eventually was successful. What I’m most annoyed about is that there were ZERO people to help me, zero!!! There needs to be a customer service team that users have 24/7 access to talk to for help. I’m glad they looked out for my account and disabled it for safety purposes, however, I was also paying for an employment add boosting and wasn’t able to access any of it, but yet they still continued to pull funds until I canceled my card. There just needs to be more help options to speak to someone other than you just reading about what might help or things to try, when you actually have account access. Another thing that’s annoying is I keep getting an error when I try logging into the Facebook associated apps, I have to use everything in a browser, I can’t access the apps anymore. 🤬.Version: 328.0

Please fix thisThe amount of storage this app takes up on my iPad is insane. I have to constantly delete and re-install it. And whenever I get a notification of something in a group on my iPad, it just takes me to the group, not where the reply to my comment is, making it impossible to find. It doesn’t do that on my phone. I don’t understand. Also I haven’t been able to access one of my business pages forever on my iPad. Everything is there at the top except “posts”. Update: whenever I go live now it just freezes and goes blurry and tells me bad connection even though my internet is fine. People can’t watch me and I’m losing the viewers I worked so hard to build and the potential to get more. People in groups I’m in have been complaining about the same thing so I know it’s not my internet all of a sudden. Sometimes comments don’t show while I’m live either, which messes with the interaction. This started a couple weeks ago. Also seeing the notification that the same person is watching 6 times in a row has been and ongoing issue for months now. Facebook is by far my favorite social media platform but the useability has been getting worse and worse..Version: 322.0

Someone LIED to youWhomever told you this latest update was a great idea, SHOULD BE FIRED. 1)When notifications come in that I’ve been tagged or someone has replied to a comment I made, it no longer takes you to the post, just to the comment. So if I commented last week and I get a reply today I have absolutely no idea what the original post was about. 2) A notification disappears after I look at it. So if I have to refer back to it for any reason, I have to somehow find the page of the original poster and then hunt for the post. STUPID IDEA 3) When going to some notifications, when you click on it it takes you to a blank post. I see the persons name, the time they posted and maybe if someone reacted to it, but absolutely no post at all. There’s even comments on it but I see no post at all. Yes I have access to their page, I haven’t been blocked and they call me to say “did you see my last post” and all I see is nothing. 3) Auto refresh is annoying. Someone posts an article and I take 2-3 minutes reading it and when I go to comment on it, you’ve refreshed my feed. Thanks for nothing. I’m sick of y’all. If I didn’t need this app to keep in contact with family around the globe, I’d delete it..Version: 194.0

They have taken the freedom away!So much has changed about fb when I first downloaded the app I absolutely loved how you can stay connected with family and friends but somehow the very core of that has gone missing. Now you have to pay to be seen ! On both Instagram and fb !! I see the same 7 ppl on my timeline but some how I have 5000 active friends. I can post daily and won’t be seen how can a small business even be seen without the burden of coming out of pocket just to still not be seen unless you come out of pocket daily! As an African American I definitely feel RED LINE when using this app ! And I definitely don’t feel like it’s equal opportunity on all the major social media especially this one . When we try to “ pull ourselves up by the boot straps “ we are constantly systematically STOPPED speaking from my own experience! and I’m rarely one to speak on things like this but however it did prompt me to leave a review. Hopefully things can change for the better. To think an app that was supposed to connect us with family and friends are doing everything in their power to stop us from connecting.Version: 274.0

It’s good and badThe good is when you connect with ppl you normally wouldn’t have or find long lost relatives etc. the bad is when someone hacks your page….or if you don’t keep all your photos private and someone steals them to use as a fake profile. I recently came across a fake profile bc of a fake business as someone was trying to sell me air duct cleaning. Well i went into a serious investigation at 12am and found over 75 fake profiles and 3 fake business pages. It was pretty obvious to spot how I know they are fake. Then I found the real person that belonged to one of the profiles. I tried to msg the real person and well ppl you don’t know won’t see your msgs right away..they go into a spam folder. I tried to then report the fake page and nothing happened bc it allegedly doesn’t go against their standards even though there was no place to explain why. This site was fun when I was younger but now it’s become too big and too spammy and not that safe anymore. 👎🏻 I hope they see this and re-evaluate all the pages they said they couldn’t do anything abt. It’s ridiculous. Allegedly 2.85 billion use fb but what percentage of that is just fake profiles 🤔.Version: 340.0

No notifications about my posts!For the last 2 months, the notification settings in the app are a complete mess. The app will have the red number, but one of them are about my own posts. Any reactions or comments to MY posts don’t load in the list of notifications, so I have no idea about comments or reactions unless I actually go to the post itself. All I see are notifications about my friends’ posts. Further, while the news feed works fine, the list of notifications is limited to EXACTLY 20 notifications. When I scroll to the bottom, the page just jumps and doesn’t refresh to show any more than exactly 20. Maybe once a week I will scroll and be surprised to be able to scroll past 20, but it’s not because of anything I did or didn’t do. AND once I scroll back to the top of the list and scroll back down, I’m limited to 20 again. AND notifications for my posts still aren’t in the list. I have a brand new iPhone 6s Plus (3 months), so if Facebook doesn’t fix it soon, I am going to be convinced that the problems are a way to push people to upgrade their phones to the newest versions..Version: 197.1

Ugh!Help!!! I’m having a huge issue with being able to edit my photos and move them to certain albums 😞 Up until last year it was pretty easy to do. During the year I would just upload them and it would go into “mobile uploads “ as a default album. Then at the end of the year I would create an album labeled for that year (ex: 2019) and move all those photos over to that new album. I did it this way because I didn’t like the way it showed up on the news feed if I moved them to a specific album from jump. At the beginning of 2020 I went to move all of my photos to a new album labeled 2020 and everything was different with the editing process. I can’t move most of my pictures because there was more then one photo posted. And I can no longer select more then one photo to move at a time. I waited nearly an entire year hoping this would be corrected but today I checked and it’s still an issue. Can we get this corrected by any chance?? 🙏🏽 I’m a little bit of an organization freak and am totally bummed I can edit my photos the way I used to! 😫 Especially now that I have a son and wanna keep up with each year of pictures correctly..Version: 340.0

Very Disappointed in Facebook!!I have been on Facebook for a very long time. Many years. I have never ever been suspended, not 1 time. I also have business pages that I advertise and Boost and have spent thousands on advertising within the past couple of years as well on Facebook! . All of a sudden on November 21st while I was on Facebook, they disabled my account, then they asked me for my picture ID License and then again a picture of me. Which I did right away. I did absolutely nothing wrong. How can a social media just wipe your entire account out, all your pictures and information and give you absolutely no reason what so ever. We are not China or Cuba or Venezuela to do that to it’s people!!! The censoring and control to do this to their people on Facebook is a disgrace. All I am asking is to reopen my account immediately for I did nothing wrong. I do think I was hacked , for maybe that was an issue. But I sent Facebook my ID etc.. They should get on this immediately and at least email me back to let me know something. Their fast at suspensions and fast at disabling accounts but they take their time trying to help people in need to get their accounts back to good people who have been on Facebook for years!! Terrible & a Disgrace!!.Version: 297.0

You’re not allowed to be yourself anymoreFacebook used to be a fun place to connect with old school friends and family..a place where I could freely express my unique self. You used to be able to post anything you wanted whether it was true or not, just because you felt like it and nobody really cared! Some things opened up great discussions! Now, everything you share or comment is scrutinized by behind-the-screen random, ghost people. These people have their own opinions and when you freely express yourself like before, your posts or comments will be taken down, blocked or hidden, and all of your audience will be notified that your opinion or posts just happens to be something they personally disagree with. I did a test and posted 2 polar opposite opinions on an issue just to see what they would do, both of them were false news. The fake news I posted about current and political events had 2 distinct viewpoints. The one the ghost person disagreed with, was covered up and labeled as false with a link to an article for my audience to click proving their viewpoint. The other one that was also fake news, fit their personal viewpoint and they never touched it. I personally disagreed with both things I posted but found out quickly what the viewpoint was of the ghost robots behind the screens reading everybody’s personal stuff. Facebook is NOT a good thing!!.Version: 282.0

Love and hate relationshipOld Facebook was so much better. It needs to be said. My main issue today is that nothing is loading. Not sure why. Errors all over the app. However, their entire self policing thing is.... a mess. I have been put on post bans for things that do follow the community guidelines, however if I report someone saying something genuinely awful like... okay the most recent... so a friend shared a post about a family that had lost their trailer in a fire. Thankfully they were not there, but they lost everything and have a baby. Do they were asking for donations for... everything. And someone posted that an abortion would take care of the babies needs. The baby is several months old and even if it wasn't that is not something you say to someone who is pregnant. Nothing was done. However I got hit because I was trying to correct someone's ignorance about why Rome failed with a link to an article written by actual historians and got marked as spam. If all my friends weren't on here, I wouldn't use it. I use it specifically to stay in contact with friends and mindless meme posting..Version: 338.0

Why are you continually making it harder to sync my events to my iCalendar?!?!Seriously!?!? I want my whole schedule in ONE place, home, work, fun, and that’s not going to be the Facebook events tab, so if you think I’m going to keep using that to setup, find or advocate for using events, you better go back to making it easier to sync with the iFamily of computing. It used to just automatically sync everything from FB to iCal, no problem. Then about 8-9 months ago, that stopped, and I had to either manually sync events one by one from my phone, or go to a web version of FB, find my calendar, and manually tell it to sync all. And even that doesn’t update any events, which is a pita. 😠 My main device is an iPad. Do you understand the PITA it is to convince safari to fun a web based version of a site? Now you’ve gone and “improved” your surfing experience, AND I CAN NO LONGER FIND THE OPTION TO SYNC MY CALENDAR AT ALL. I have already started using other programs to schedule events for my activities that are more user friendly to all OS’s. And I will be recommending to others to do the same. You really need to not make people intertwining FB into their lives in ways they want it harder..Version: 279.0

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If it’s free, you’re probably the product.Hey reader. Yeah you there. Did you know Facebook is selling your data, despite claiming not to. Not cool right? Yep that’s right! “But I’ve deactivated personalised ad settings so I’m safe.” Ahhh silly Timmy they're tracking your outside browsing habits EVEN if you have deactivated your personalised ad settings. Did you just google a dream holiday to Hawaii? Wow what a coincidence, here’s some travel deals just for you! And just in case you missed it, we’ll remind you every other post while you scroll through your vapid newsfeed. Cool huh!? Here at Facebook we’re simply giving YOU -the product - eh erm I mean customer what you want. It’s your fault for not turning off the complicated privacy settings or having the page suspiciously crashing when you try to opt out. What’s that you say? Even this review sounds like a generic ad? Well get used to it Timmy because THIS - IS -FACEBOOOOOK!.Version: 300.0

Ordering Posts!!!Bring back chronological order!! Why the heckinbob would you choose to have posts randomly displayed in news feed?! Why even call it a newsfeed? It’s old news. Whoever decided to do this is an idiot. If there’s a sale on, I might as well miss out because “today’s specials” show up on my newsfeed 3 days later. businesses who want to use Facebook to market their products would be stupid to do so. Need a weather update or emergency warning? Better not rely on Facebook to get your message out there because people aren’t gonna see it until days later. I honestly spend a very little amount of time on Facebook these days because there’s no point going there if I get posts shown days after they’re posted. It’s old news to me. Is Facebook trying to dig itself a hole and turn people away? Certainly seems like it. If I need to contact people via Facebook, I just use messenger. What’s the point of even having the Facebook app anymore? It’s become irrelevant.Version: 182.0

Very very mad and disappointed!Okay I have problems: I download this app and I try to log in my old Facebook acc but my email does not match on Facebook so I decided to make new one because I’m very very sad I lost all my friends and family also I want to create my own page on Facebook I have to follow what I have to do then I take pic myself because it say Please take pic yourself so that we know it is your Facebook and I did. After that I can’t log in my Facebook!!! 😡 again!! And my messenger ahhhh!! PLEASE PLEASE IM SO TIRED TO MAKE ANOTHER FACEBOOK ACC AGAIN WOULD YOU PLEASE FIX THIS APP OR FACEBOOK BUSINESS!!! 1 things can u please bring old Facebook acc back ? NOOO it is allllll GONE !! My art pages, friends, family, pictures and everything’s I didn’t save on my laptop that why I’m very MAD I lost everything’s !! I cried every night because I lost friends name or family’s name or Pictures or art pages 😞😞😭.Version: 217.0

WorthlessFacebook has gone down the drain alongside its reputation to be a formidable company. Not only do the updates impede the efficiency of the app but the marketplace option has more flaws than a dog has fleas. Why bother setting a radius of 20km from your location when it’s still going show you items that are 180km away!?! Why bother listing anything when Facebook won’t even show it publicly?! Don’t worry about typing in your location, if you can write more than 4 letters without Facebook completely wiping your text, good on you!! But last but not least, I’ve written to facebook about 12 times and the only reply I’ve gotten was some generic jargon of thank you for your response, we'll take it into consideration. FACEBOOK DOES NOT KNOW CUSTOMER SERVICE! All they value is ads that pay for the upkeep, MONEY MONEY MONEY that’s all they care about. That’s how Facebook originated anyway, because someone stole someone’s idea because of greed!!! Very unhappy, would not recommend!.Version: 199.0

My Account has been disabled without any reasonMy old facebook account has been disabled without informing properly. Out of the blue they mentioned some sexual content has been posted in your old account (just using this facebook account for my studying websites and games) and temporarily blocked your account and they also want to submit my ID proof which I submitted in 2 days. They didn’t even bother to look out my ID proof and they permanently blocked my account after 30 days. My years of gaming data has gone because of facebook stupid community standards. I didn’t even post or using that account for ages, then how am I supposed to post sexual content. Facebook earns millions of money in daily basis, still they don’t have any customer call support to solve this simple issue. THE WORST SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORM EVER when comes to customer support..Version: 339.0

Facebook a big disappointmentI joined FB at least 8 years ago. I enjoyed a wide variety of stories in my feed and gained a lot of friends from locally and around the world. FB gradually decided to make some arbitrary changes. First, my newsfeed narrowed significantly until now I’m lucky to see 10 friends feeds. They keep making arbitrary changes with no feedback from customers. More recently, nearly every story I see is clearly marked “fact checked” etc. I signed up to use a new style social media platform, which was innovative and great at the time. Facebook has changed so much and the more recent - and increasing levels of censorship on members private and personal pages is intolerable. I’m very disappointed with how much FB has changed over the years. It smacks of totalitarianism - all these recent changes are made by nameless and faceless ppl. I didn’t sign up for this current version of FB..Version: 297.0

Probably the most unstable update yet!!!Since the last update which was days ago, whenever I’m looking through my newsfeed, I can see a glimmer of the photo feed on the left hand side of the screen. Also, when looking at pics, you have to open them individually. So if someone has posted 6 pics, you can only see the 3 but nothing beyond the + sign. I’m also a moderator in a group of over 375k people. Most of which want to post pics to the group and as they have to be filtered, it takes so much longer when the pics you have either approved or declined come back up about a minute later. Making the whole process painful and exhausting. If someone could fix these things, that would be fantastic. Thank you 🙏🏼.Version: 246.0

What???I’m writing this on behalf of my mother. The most recent update for Facebook has made everything smaller on her iPad screen. She is legally blind with the ability to see somethings as long as they are big enough for her too see. With the update making everything smaller, she is extremely frustrated so I would like to request a ‘viewer settings’ tab where you can personalise how an individual wishes to view the app. If someone wants to enable a feature where they can zoom in on any given area of the page they’re viewing, that they can. Or being able to adjust the setting to view in a night or day mode (night being where the background is dark while the writing is white and the day mode being the current version). I feel like this may make it easier for people with lesser eyesight like my mother and it would also be easier to adjust to the brightness of a persons Facebook app if they were to open Facebook at night. Thank you, Sincerely, J..Version: 201.0

Facebook Account Held Hostage Unless I Give them Extremely Sensitive Personal InformationFirst, I was mysteriously logged out of all my devices. In the second place, I must go through a tedious ‘two factor authentication’ process, which I had never approved. I am unable to log in to my Facebook account without providing official ID, or extremely sensitive personal information. On researching and troubleshooting this problem, you’ll find that the guidelines are subordinated to a singular point of view, that Facebook is some sort of legitimate record keeping / census authority. Don’t do it. You’d have to be a real fool to go along with this; in fact, I’d even challenge the legality of being obliged to give such info to a badly secured private corporation if it hadn’t occurred to me that I don’t want to use their product anymore if that’s the sort of world I would have to live in..Version: 321.0

Ads, Ads and more AdsThis social media platform has become hands down the most annoying and advertisement loaded platform in recent times. All I want to do is have a scroll though my posts and see what my friend and family are up to but no. Almost every fourth Post is now an Ad and it is really annoying and not called for. Myself and a lot of other users to not want to be bombarded with 500 force feed ads a day. Don’t get the me started on the video content. Can’t even enjoy a whole video with out some ad that shows 5 seconds into the video that then shows more time on screen than the video it’s self. Also I am sick of seeing stuff that myself and my friends talk about then just “randomly appearing on my posts. We don’t mind some ads but please cut then back to being static and non invasive ones that allow us to enjoy a video or 2 before you show a quick 5 second ad instead of a 35second that cannot be skipped. That just shows fast food that I couldn’t care for. Thank you.Version: 263.0

Photo AlbumsI’m not a big Facebook user, mostly I use my account to upload photos and to keep in touch, via messenger, with friends overseas. I have just been overseas myself and have uploaded lots of photos to an album specifically for the holiday. I see that there is a button so that selected people can also upload photos to that album, but I believe it could be even better! The idea I had is having the album also show up on the selected persons profile as well as your own; kind of like Facebook events how you can choose a co-host but still be the host yourself so you’re able to delete anything you do not wish to have in that album. I believe this could be a great improvement, and would be very beneficial so we don’t all have to upload the same photos!.Version: 191.0

Constant Updates More Issues!It would be great if Facebook actually made an update that would improve the functionality of the app! It’s nice to have this social media platform that allows us to interact, but the most recent update is annoying that doeesn’t allow me or others to do it with ease. Now that they have added an up and down vote option on Pages. You can’t like a comment anymore, instead there is the “upvote” option and the person whose comment your liking won’t know it’s you because its anonymous. Sorry, this is ridiculous! However, in Facebook groups, people can like others comments which is good. Please bring back the old way of liking comments across Facebook and and a dislike link as an option to “dislike” someone’s comment. On Pages, it would nice to be able to switch between the admin profile and my personal profile when liking posts. This continues to frustrate me! Please bring back the method of being able to jump to different years of your timeline with ease. If I want to look up posts, for example 10 years ago, I shoud be able to find on a side bar a way to do that & be able to navigate across different years easily. It is a TIMELINE afterall! I could rant on forever about the bugs and annoying issues...! Please make an update that makes sense and doesn’t complicate things further. Thank you!.Version: 221.1

In-App Notification GlitchI’ve always had a lot of issues with the Facebook app but the bug to do with in-app group notifications specifically had been annoying me to no end. Despite having the latest iPhone and always updating my app, any time the Facebook app tells me that there’s been a new post made in a group page and I tap it it will show me a post from several days ago, often refusing to show me the new post even when I refresh the page several times. In the reverse of this, sometimes the app will tell me that there’s been a new post however when I tap it I discover that it was actually made over a month ago and I missed it when it was still relevant. I’ve been waiting patiently for this in-app notification bug to be resolved however after several months nothing has been done. I have discussed this with other iPhone users and all experience the same bug.Version: 210.0

FacefailLike a lot of other users my Facebook no matter what I have tried will not group my feed in chronological order. I have re-installed the app, logged out, reset my phone, updated the app etc etc but seems to be a larger issue (it also happens on my laptop) It seems like this only happens to certain people. My partner can select “Most recent” and it will group all posts as you would expect but alas not for me. I’m sure Facebook would be aware of this issue but nothing has changed in months, my feed just randomly decided to not group in chronological order over 2 months ago. It just jumps around all over the place, 6 hours ago, 10 minutes ago, yesterday at 10pm... what the hell?! I also have another problem where if I am scrolling my feed on my iPhone and accidentally swipe right a series of menus opens and then I cannot scroll back left to get rid of the menu instead I have to select “Most recent” again and it brings me right back to the start of my feed! Super frustrating if I am trying to check a few hours of posts. Now I’ve tried fixing this issue also with no success. I have enabled and disabled certain “camera” settings still no go. I have upgraded my phone and am sure all my issues are software related as once again myself and my partner have the exact same phone but I seem to be the only one suffering with these issues. Now I am not usually the person to write reviews or rant but maybe it’s time we all go back to MySpace..Version: 173.0

NotificationsSince I updated it with the most recent update (did it about two days ago) my Facebook App has been playing up with the Notifications. I’ll go to tap the notification that comes up in the notifications section and instead of taking me to the post it's on about it’ll take me to the group that the notification is on about (only playing up with group notifications; probably should have mentioned that earlier but oh well). It's very annoying as I need to be able to find the specific post easily for the kind of groups I'm in and with this, it becomes very very difficult to find the post the notification is trying to notify me about..Version: 231.0

Lost postI’ve been seeing so many advertising & unnecessary posts on Facebook and not actual updates from my friends. Which I can tolerate. However I’m so annoyed that 2 of my most favorite posts of my traveling photos to Hong Kong and Paris are missing. I can see them on my own wall. But any of my friends try to click on my page cannot see them, they can see other posts i share previously in the same album (with the same privacy setting) but not the ones I just mentioned. Please help me bring this back as they hold sentimental values to me and I really want to share it with my Facebook family & friends. Also, why can we only post only 40 pictures at a time now? Sometimes we’d like to add more into one post as it’s too annoying for others to see them in multiple posts, it would appear on their wall too many times..Version: 172.0

Not happy with the Facebook app not a good customer serviceWhy is Facebook not replying back on the report a problem this system like reporting a problem it’s a rob system which does not send straight to the IT personal to update the app or email the customer back this service is already in a bad position where Facebook company is not responding back to other customer support service center this not good enough at all I have already made a second complete to Facebook an they never even like to email me back which I’m really going to take legal action on Facebook which it will happen soon an this is like a bad app not a happy customer it’s a 0 out of 0 bad customer support the staff at face have not ever help me out at all so if you wanna to get a good rating have a good system in place an a contact number which we can call for apps an other things IM NOT HAPPY WITH THE APP AT ALL BOTH FOR FACEBOOK APP AN MESSENGER APP TO.Version: 281.0

OkayEdit 22 Dec 2020: You have a lot of people unhappy with you but it must be grand to be so rich you can ignore your customers’ complaints. So, I’m going to ask for one (1) thing... please make the fb avatar available for everyone on all devices in *all* regions around the world. I’m in Australia and use the iPad and I still don’t have access to the fb avatars. When did they first come out? Extremely disappointed. Edit 22 June 2020: I’ve just updated the Facebook app on my iPad and it won’t open. I’ve even shut down the iPad and restarted it with the same results. I am unable to use the Facebook app. Team I had to remove the app then reinstall it. Original review: Works fine for me but please give a sort feature for the wall feed in the iPhone version. I'm sick and tired of looking at stuff days old when I want to see the new stuff. If it's already there then I can't find it..Version: 300.0

How many updates?!?!I’m quite satisfied with Facebook. I don’t have anything particularly negative to say about the actual app itself. HOWEVER... Updates are becoming an issue. Don’t get me wrong, I love improvements and innovations. But being asked to download a nearly 300MB update what seems like every few days is getting ridiculous. My internet downloads cap is put under enough strain as it is with Microsoft and their 50GB game updates and Apple with their nearly 3GB iOS updates, so you can understand my frustration that more and more organisations seem to be under the impression that the populace is okay with this new format of doing things and able to download terabytes of data at will. It’s not good enough....Version: 147.0

Marketplace”something went wrong,please try again”After reading a lot of the reviews it seems I’m not the only one with this problem. We’ve had this on an older iPad and thought we should purchase a newer one thinking the old one was too old to run the app. It doesn’t matter what we do, delete FB and reload, check settings, even thinking the iPad we purchased must be faulty, we can’t get market place to run without it prompting Try again or spitting us out of the app and us having to enter our passcode again. Sooooo frustrating. However we do have a new iPhone and this problem is not happening??? Come on Facebook, marketplace is used worldwide and we know you guys make lots of money and give to charities which I must commend you for but how about helping the people that help you earn your dollars and fix this problem so you don’t loose your users. Pleeaasse!.Version: 317.0

Irrelevant and unwanted newsfeed. Needs marketplace tweaking.I now see so much advertising and less of the things and people I want to follow. Organising my groups of friends so I can post relevant information to each group or keep things private from the likes of co workers seems to have been changed yet again. Can’t see marketplace easily on my iPad. Which is the best device to use due to size of screen. Marketplace should integrate a payment method to stop the amount of no shows for items. If they have no tangible consequences they have no reason to show up. And the feedback needs tweaking as once someone messages you they can leave negative feedback even if they have purchased nothing. And if you message direct from a sales group there is no way to leave feedback..Version: 150.0

Change the algorithmI wanna see my newsfeed as it happens. Change the algorithm so I can view my newsfeed in chronological order!! I’m so sick of seeing posts from 2,3,4 days ago for the first time, today!! What you think is important to me isn’t at all!! Just put it back to chronological order and I can guarantee you’ll get the hint of what’s important to me then, as I’ll be able to see the posts as they’re posted and respond in real time.. not 3 days later!! Additionally.. I’m also seeing the same old post over and over again too, but missing out on something that, after newsfeed refreshes is gone and never to be seen again, unless I happened to catch who posted it so I can go and search it manually! For example, lost n found animals, emergency posts, just to name a couple. Just put it back to how it used to be in the good old days.. and stop trying to guess what I wanna see!!.Version: 174.0

A bit heartbrokenFacebook used to be a wonderful social revolution. Clean and all about connecting you with friends. This has steadily diminished since around 2010, to the point where we have a “social network” that fewer and fewer of us are dealing with. The messenger app is a great way to connect with overseas friends. However, I really miss the days when my Facebook feed wasn’t messy and full of marketing. When Facebook was all about connecting friends, keeping up to date with old friends and connecting with acquaintances. People used to equate Facebook with friends and community; something really beautiful and no doubt hard to achieve. Having to satisfy shareholder greed has ruined it for most of us. It will continue to wither away without a fundamental change that I’m hopeful will come..Version: 191.0

Broken now with the updateI have an iPad Pro. A update or two ago when I click on a notification for a photo I’ve posted to a group that someone else has now commented on on or a photo someone else has posted in a group that I commented on and now someone else has commented, when I click on the notification for either it doesn’t take me to the comments on the photo. It instead takes me to the wall of the page the photo is on. Yes the photo is still there because I have to manually go they their posts and find the photo which is there and so is the new comments I got the notification for. If someone likes the photo I posted that notification leads me to the photo properly still by the way. Only with likes tho. The rest is broken. Please fix it’s VERY annoying.Version: 237.0

This is why Parler trumps FacebookYour social media network is a disgrace. I am constantly being banned from posting or commenting for allegedly “bullying and harassing” people (when in actual fact I am defending myself from others doing so to me!) Or alternatively I am being banned for sharing content that your platform deems to be “misinformation” when I always clearly cite the source of information and said sources are always reputable and dependable. Yet when I report others for legitimately slandering and insulting me, your platform NEVER takes action! As I said before, your platform is a joke and it’s clear why Parler is so popular by comparison. You’ve clearly got your own agendas and views to shove onto people and anyone who contradicts them with hard evidence or an opposing view is ostracised. Keep it up Zuckerberg, your platform is dying a slow death and deservedly so..Version: 325.0

Annoying and inaccurate fact checkersSo many pages I follow that are simply expressing themselves or posting informative material relevant to their page are being blocked. Or threatened to be permanently closed with little explanation. I cannot see how it breaches anything or warrants these weird fact checking pop ups. Most of the fact checkers appear to be biased and I cannot help but wonder their accuracy and intentions. It’s extremely annoying. The pages I follow have good intentions and only a little controversial and I cannot easily see how it breaches anything. The explanations are extremely vague and unhelpful. It surely doesn’t warrant the unnecessary blocks it’s getting. It’s also weird when I report really awful trash and pornography it seems to either take forever to be reviewed or not removed. Double standards. Why are companies/random Facebook checkers determining what people can and cannot say, share, like, and post. Please do not suppress free speech, thought, and expression..Version: 297.0

Worst app everAbsolutely awful app. I was hacked and never had a problem with my account since I made it 7 years ago, all for my account to be disabled without my knowledge when I was at work. I have made appeal after appeal to retrieve my account but it seem gone forever, I have lost years worth of memories and I am absolutely devastated that I’ve been punished for being hacked (I never click of any dodgy links so I was just unlucky). No one has gotten back to me, I’ve tried everything possible. I am sick of crying about it but what else can I do when I’ve lost photos and memories that were so special to me. After three hours of trying to make a new account, the app won’t even let me log in. I can only log in on the browser which is just painfully awful to use. Absolutely devastated. I wish I could give 0 stars..Version: 336.1

Improvements not an improvement and not working? Snowflakes?If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it! Changes and updates which don’t work or which create a less efficient system are pointless? Please.. can we get back to times when posts were listed chronologically. A time when we didn’t have to search for something we have seen but not then unable to find it? A time when one can delete their posts of now obsolete or outdated without the system hanging! A messenger system which used to be part of FB but went independent so it seems and changes same where one cannot easily delete prior conversations once read and tedium in doing so? Messenger app requiring separate download. If FB cuts this then provide an alternative as part of their system?.Version: 288.1

New updatesThe latest updates for Facebook have completely ruined it. For some reason Facebook takes more time than it ever did to load a video, whereas Instagram loads videos instantly, even when I’m using the same network. It’s not only the loading time but also the ads within the actual video that suddenly come up, and force you to watch the advertisement. This new advertisement feature is probably the worst way to advertise within a social media platform, you might want to take a few notes from Instagram, for example, they have advertisements that rarely show up in your time line that are easy to skip. Unlike the advertising structure in Facebook where you have to watch the whole ad that interrupted your video. It would be tolerable if you changed the video adverts to individual posts that you can swipe past, however you haven’t integrated this style within the Facebook app making it an annoying and unfriendly user experience..Version: 202.0

Freedom of Speech has goneFB has become so PC that it is destroying freedom of speech to pander to a few whets. Look cyber bullying etc is disgraceful but losing the ability to express ones opinion through being censored by some PC cretin is worse. I don’t object to folk being able to express their opinions providing it does not proactively incite real violence and clearly the arbiter at FB has a very low tolerance level - if someone states they think that white people are to blame for people trafficking- I have no issue with it, they have a right to an opinion As soon as the freedom of speech and opinion is lost so to is real democracy and the antifa become stronger and ironically more repressive the very thing they sate they are against. As usual with these sort or movements if an issue is pro then it’s ok, if it’s against them it has to be censored and banned Ask Adolph or Winston they both understood.Version: 210.0

No push notifications working for anything importantHi I am Not receiving any push notifications from anything Facebook related other than “Live” video notifications and “Friend suggestions” for over a year now? Everything else under my notification settings is enabled, and I have tried turning it off and on numerous times now. I am not being notified about upcoming events, friend requests, reminders, tags, birthdays, friends post updates or even comments people write on my timeline or comments I may be following?? I have an iPhone 6s Plus that is indeed up to date and works perfectly, and have tried reinstalling the Facebook app several times as well as reporting this to the Help section a few times now? Please Please Please fix this annoying and frustrating bug!!.Version: 205.0

Soon to be gone.This platform will die out and for so many reasons. Like for one, I received a notification today letting me know an ad I reported was taken down as it violated the policy.. only to see it was a report I made back in November of 2019.. why the **** does it take 18+ months to review an ad that is reported?? Facebook marketplace is a rubbish and broken platform, why is it I list a rifle scope (completely legal to own here without licensing etc) and it gets taken down as apparently it’s against policy as it falls under weapons parts which is fair enough.. BUT when I find another local listing of someone else actually selling both the same part (rifle scope) as well as bullet casings eat, I report it and get the message “the listing wasn’t removed as it doesn’t violate community standards”. How hypocritical is this that. Oh and let’s not forget when a huge amount of scammers listed fake car adverts for cheap with outside linked emails and reports took 12-24 hours to remove each advert (our town had about 5-10 local scam listing a day). This system will be replaced by something that does a much better job, and many of us cannot wait for that day to come. This system has too many flaws to fix..Version: 319.0

Unexpected ErrorBefore today I would have given 5 stars BUT- Every time I try logging in on the Facebook app on my phone it comes up with “An unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again”. I tried deleting and re-downloading the app, turned my phone off and on and it’s still coming up with the unexpected error message. I can only log in on the Facebook website on the internet but then when I try use messenger I get the exact same message “An unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again”. Also when I woke up this morning, my account had been disabled and nothing will tell me what for, or for how long. When I search my name on my sisters account, I cannot find it. So it’s not just disabled but it’s deleted? I’ve been disabled before and this has never happened. I’ve had people asking me why I’ve deleted Facebook when I haven’t, so I’ve had to make a new one. And also my Instagram account that was connected to my Facebook that got disabled, had 300+ photos of my babies that are now gone. I don’t know what’s going on but over the 9 years I’ve had Facebook this has never happened to me. If someone can try retrieve my account back I would really appreciate that....Version: 293.0

Pages & People You Follow/Liked Are Not PrivateCurrently, liked/followed pages you have on Facebook can be seen by anyone, with no way of keeping those settings private. (I know this because I’ve done my research). This is an extreme breach of privacy in terms of the information people who stalk a Facebook account, whether it be colleagues, employees, family members, friends and regular acquaintances who may be making inaccurate judgments about you based on the people you follow. For example, I follow a political commentator who I disagree with on many points, but my reason for following her is because I like certain other points she has and sometimes the good she does. I have lost a lot followers (particularly who share my political views) and they haven’t explained why they unfriended me, but I know it has something to do with pages and people I follow. This is not fair to anyone, and should not be the Facebook standards that anyone should have the mistake of creating an account have to suffer the consequences of. I thought Facebook was a safe and community based network that was created to allow people who are different, yet know each other to come together and share posts that reflect their external life?.Version: 257.0

Crapbook is the new MyspaceI said in 2018 Crapbook is the new Myspace and that within 5 years it will cease to exist and disappear into oblivion. Im happy to report that this technocratic, mass survelliance and personal information data harvesting piece of garbage is well and truely on its last legs. The people who administer it are little children with zero software development or programming experience. EACH user of this platform has made Zuckborg at least $100,000 by the sale of your personal information. Since the IPO not one single Fb executive has bought more shares but rather sold them. This platform is going down faster than the Hindenberg & Titanic. Help spread the word... tell all your friends, family and foes to rate this app 1 star because when the rating hits 1, it will automatically be deleted from the app store. Also, i would now be heavily shorting its stock too because when the app gets deleted, and it will, Zuckyborg will lose billions and all that money will get transferred into your pocket. Take back that which has been taken and teach the little thief (he needed a booster seat to testify in congress) a lesson he will never forget. Send the cabal a message... you censor freedom of speech, WE THE PEOPLE will delete YOU!!! Let the Revolution begin. FREEDOM!.Version: 320.0

Disgusting Accusation with no way to disputeFacebook sent me what can only be described as a disgusting accusation that I had shared child nudity and/or child sexual exploitation. I cannot tell you how angry I am, as a father of three young children you could not accuse me of anything worse. Then on top of that I get another message saying I have done the same thing for a second time and now I am banned! I have written to Facebook several times trying to find out what exactly I shared that caused this accusation with absolutely no response at all. If I had actually done what they accused me of should they not be contacting the police?? If someone accused me of something as disgusting as this in person, I am not normally a violent person but I would honestly punch them in the nose on the spot. There’s nothing you can do with these faceless cowards, it’s a terrible position to be in and you do feel very helpless and small. I know the information Facebook holds is shared with businesses, authorities and other entities so it just destroys me thinking an allegation like that may be floating around out there. It’s just not good enough and something needs to be done about it. Maybe just delete this app until it can responsibly function..Version: 320.0

Aghast at lack of support or communicationIt has been six weeks that I have been locked out of my Facebook account due to a very puzzling error or slip of the finger indicating that I was under 13 years of age! I have never had a problem with Facebook but suddenly due to a possible typographical error when checking my personal data, this block occurred. I Immediately sent in their required ID to prove who I was, plus a photo and submitted it to them. Heard nothing. So far I have submitted my ID 6 times over the past month - Something that should’ve been amended very quickly. Instead, just silence and each time I tried to answer it I’m told to submit my ID.! I don’t know what else I can do – appealing does nothing as there is totally no communication or acknowledgement. I am fed up and disgusted with the lack of customer support..Version: 278.0

Inaccessible & flawedWhile the main, longstanding systems work there are major problems still present. The reporting system doesn’t function as it should. I’ve seen plenty of instances where myself or others have reported things that break community standards (hate speech, violence, etc) and yet those posts/pages are allowed to remain up, while at the same time harmless content within community standards gets removed. There is no functionality for adding image description for people who use screen readers. I want to be able to describe what is in an image without putting it in the main text of my post. While doing it this way still allows content I post to be accessible to people who use screen readers, it isn’t the optimal format for screen reading. On top of this, when there’s no in-built system to add image description it’s easy to forget which means people are going to miss out. Take a page from what Twitter does..Version: 196.0

App Vs WebI very rarely use FaceBook via the web, I have my mobile device and access/use FB via these mobile devices 99% of the time. The ONLY reason I use the web version is because the App doesn’t have the same features! In the web I can view the videos for groups that I’m in easily - in the app I’ve got to hunting for them; I can create collections of my saved content in the web - this doesn’t even appear in the App!! Please align the two a bit more - it is frustrating to have to use two different options to access content!! Now there is a Units feature in my Facebook phone app - nothing in for my iPad. I’m doing a training program via Facebook and this is making life so incredibly difficult!.Version: 195.0

Attn: Noticed a bug in the appHello Mark & Facebook team, Ive noticed a problem with the Facebook app since either the last update or since the most recent iOS update where you select the app it loads to a black screen for a split second then goes back to the home screen of the iPad where as on my iPhone the app works just fine so it’s clearly either the app needs an update to make it function with the most current iOS. Please also look into on a side note could you make a way where it’s faster to get to the “most recent” news tab as it’s kinda irritating to have to go down to more then in that listing then choose “most recent” just so I can see my posts in actual correct order of timeline. Thank you for your time!! :).Version: 275.0

Idiots!!!Facebook can be very frustrating especially when trying to access an old account, I have contacted the people working at Facebook so many times trying to tell them that I have old accounts and they need to be closedown...But they just sit there 🤷‍♂️ I’m sure many other people have the same problem... Also I have created a new account, and tried to add the same phone number as my old account however I can’t add my phone number because it’s saying that I have used it on another account??? So what am I supposed to do... Do you think people can go around changing their phone numbers all the time just to please Facebook??? And another thing, you can’t even access the market place straight away when you create a new account, you have to wait for up to 4 months before you can even start selling things, because Facebook is so worried about people selling stolen goods...But what about the people that are not selling stolen goods and need to start selling straightaway??? I have decided to start selling things on Ebay at least I can start selling straightaway. And they are a far better market place. 🤷‍♂️ Oh that reminds me, why am I able to sell things on gumtree and Craigs list straightaway but on Facebook I’m not...It doesn’t even make sense...Idiots!.Version: 247.0

Current city and home townRight so I’ve recently moved and I tried to update my current city and surprised to see that facebook is so Messed up it don’t even have my current city/town or the ones surrounding it it’s really annoyed me it’s facebook for the world to use make it so you can put in any town and city it’s funny cause if I visit where I live and check in it comes up but when I go to put it as my current city it does not exist we need Corrimal, fairy meadow, balgownie, tarrawanna, woonona, Bulli, but we know for a fact untill I see a change with the current city and home town and all those ones I just said are added I’ll be happy I feel you are racist seeming you have other counties and towns and city’s please fix this up like when facebook first started tarrawanna Corrimal fairy meadow Bal down and woonona were all available in current city or home town now it’s not 😡😡😡.Version: 303.0

Need to be able to add files to groups via mobileHello i have created a group and it keeps telling me to add files to the files section i have to use a computer. Can you please change this to allow it on all platforms including mobile phone as i don't have access to a pc My group has a lot of shared information including a hell of a lot if pdfs but i am forced to add them to the announcements section in order for my members to view them in one place it would be awesome if i could have an option to add it straight to the files section from the groups main page just like you can with announcements.Version: 295.0

Keeping international family connectionsFacebook is brilliant! I also use many other apps but Facebook suits our family, relatives and friends. I started a closed home page and invited all my relatives and close friends from around the world to join. We now have over 200 relatives in several countries as members. The younger generation show the older generation what we are all doing. This also allows us to update our family tree which is growing every day with some incredible information. Facebook has allowed us to connect showing everyone what we do and how we live on a daily basis with interesting stories from the past and today. Thank you Facebook.Version: 203.0

Its own MatrixFakebook is a Matrix of its own. It creates a twisted version of reality, where censorship and shadow banning of posts, along with profiling users to single out and target those millions that don't fit in the Matrix's coding/narrative also gives it the more appropriate title 'Fascistbook'. Much like in Fascist cultures, this virtual Matrix encourages people to turn on one and other in a manner unlike that in reality, for in reality with (wo)man to (wo)man contact, people treat each other with more respect, even if only through fear of repercussions from saying the hurtful, useless and untrue things they are more confident to say in a digital Matrix where the one they are attacking doesn't have instant access to them and instant time to react accordingly. This warped reality of virtue signalling, dishonesty and endless judgement is like a tumour and the worst part is, the effects are spreading into the real world in terms of suicides, ruined businesses, destruction of families and friends, etc. Do yourself a favour, go back to living in the real world; it's a much more peaceful place, where people build their character to become better men and women..Version: 319.0

The highest battery drainer even when not in useI used to work with a certain company that shan’t be named. They were very clear on battery drainage on apps and why they can do this. Facebook is the biggest culprit and the reason being is what they do while the app is closed down, it still functions in the background even if you tell it not to in settings. Essentially there is no option to stop all background functions. Anyway long story aside it’s a chewer and they aren’t fixing this problem anytime soon, cos they don’t think it’s a problem. I’ve had consistent control experiments setup to prove Facebook app will on average drain a mobile 18-20 percent faster just being on their phone. That’s not opening the app once with all settings like background app refresh and location services turned off.Version: 317.0

Unfair bansI find that Facebook is unfairly banning my posts. I have checked every post that made me banned, and none of them were abusive or harassing anyone, despite Facebook telling me it is. And then when I submitted to get the posts to be reviewed, Facebook still tells me it is against some policy, and doesn’t bother explaining why. Not only that, but the person I was in a debate with was the one calling me names. I am highly disappointed in the fact that Facebook bans you from posting without any kind of warning first. I am also disappointed that the ban, for some reason, also applies to messenger, so I am unable to message anybody for 3 days simply because of a comment Facebook deemed inappropriate despite the fact I checked and made sure it didn’t break any rules to begin with..Version: 196.0

DisappointedCan’t believe what has happened to Facebook in the last year and a half. Ridiculous censorship, big and irrelevant rule changes to ‘community standards’, a loss of being able to be social with my friends because of the shadow banning for sharing my opinions, my truths and also ACTUAL TRUTH THAT CANNOT BE DENIED SCIENTIFICALLY!! Facebook is a social platform. There is no censorship when it comes to other categories of communities that share information with each other in the way it has been with around the world events - which has nothing to do with Facebook is supposed to stand for- it’s been severing connections instead! I would love to see Facebook to come back to their core mission of connecting people, allowing people using the platform to be social with each other, to allow people to connect from all over the globe and not censoring/banning people so that this capacity is significantly reduced. Similar to what Facebook used to be like pre-censorship days, but better..Version: 319.0

Facebook is a dodgy company like BayerConstant "related articles" alleged "fact checkers" that provide misinformation constantly. It's an information gathering service for the 1%ers who want population reduction and to widen the gulf between those who have everything and those who have nothing. Many many government/corporate trolls attacking critical thinkers for overcoming the programmed cognitive dissonance the masses exhibit with such belligerent abandon. Constant irrelevant ads from their AI reading your every post and comment. Facebook attacks anyone who doesn't believe the official story. Good if you have think skin. Abuse is common and the attacker generally gets away with it and the victim when the bite back is attacked by the dodgy Facebook artificial "intelligence". Only reason to be on Facebook is good to try to awaken the people to the tyranny and corruption Facebook and the other multi-billion dollar corporations are guilty of..Version: 251.0

AnnoyedI am not angry with the app itself never have any problems with it what I am annoyed by however is the fact that u have to be connected to wifi to download it! I understand that it is a big file however I would at least prefer to be given the option to still download this app even if I am not connected to or near wifi! I know how internet usage works and I personally do not mind downloading such big files on my phone data as I have a large number of included gigabytes in my plan and I am well aware of how many gb this app will use in order to download it! I think you should really consider allowing the users who wish to purchase this app the have more then one option! Not happy.Version: 199.0

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Version 341.0 (2021-10-21): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 339.0 (2021-10-07): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 338.0 (2021-09-30): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

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Version 321.0 (2021-06-03): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 319.0 (2021-05-20): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 318.0 (2021-05-13): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 316.0 (2021-04-30): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 315.0 (2021-04-22): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 313.0 (2021-04-08): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

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Version 311.0 (2021-03-25): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 309.0 (2021-03-11): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 308.0 (2021-03-04): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 306.0 (2021-02-19): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 305.0 (2021-02-11): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 304.1 (2021-02-05): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 303.0 (2021-01-27): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 301.0 (2021-01-14): We’ve updated the app to fix some crashes and make features load faster..

Version 300.0 (2020-12-16): Bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 299.0 (2020-12-09): Bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 297.0 (2020-11-19): We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 296.0 (2020-11-12): We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 295.0 (2020-11-05): We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 294.0 (2020-10-28): We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 292.0 (2020-10-15): We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 290.0 (2020-10-01): We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 289.0 (2020-09-24): We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 287.0 (2020-09-10): We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 282.0 (2020-08-06): We update the app regularly so we can make it better for you. Get the latest version for all of the available Facebook features. This version includes several bug fixes and performance improvements..