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Facebook App User Reviews & Comments

I’ve never bothered to review apps but..I feel as though this is necessary. It keeps saying “your account is restricted” and no I’m not banned from posting outside of groups. For some reason I just can’t join groups and when I get invited to them I’m allowed to join but I can’t post anything. Also, Facebook keeps resetting itself to light theme when I prefer dark theme. This happens once every couple of days. Not to mention the big tech censorship. I stumbled upon a post from trump, and someone made a point that was so absurdly stupid that I just had to respond (I’m independent) he called trump names like an incompetent blob, but when I responded by using his point against him and calling him a mamook, I got a 30 DAY POST BAN! A WHOLE MONTH! Yet whenever someone calls the president names it’s completely fine. Mark Zuckerberg if you see this, the only reason I still use this sorry excuse of an app is because there’s family that I connect with on here that I don’t have that option anywhere else. Fix the restriction, fix the theme fixing bug, and stop censoring people’s opinions that differ from you. We have freedom of speech for a reason and you’re violating that!.Version: 300.0

Little details make a big differenceHere recently videos have started displaying this keep watching button right in the middle of the video. If I’m just scrolling through my newsfeed and want to watch a video in it’s entirety then I should be able to do that!! Not only that but then I also have to deal with the ads in the video too! It’s frustrating and makes the app not very enjoyable to use! Also, the back/forward arrows on a webpage need to be put back where they were at the bottom of the page. It’s too easy now to hit the X button to close a webpage when all I really wanted to do was go back a page. Very frustrating when you’ve been looking at something for a long time only for it to close and then the newsfeed refreshes and you’ve lost the link you were looking at originally. None of the other apps (Pinterest, Instagram) do this. Their back/forward buttons are at the bottom of the screen, away from the “X” button so you don’t risk closing your page. It’s little thing like this that make or break an app. And right now Facebook, you’re on the verge of falling apart..Version: 256.0

App won’t open on iPad Mini 2 running iOS 12The Facebook app shows that it was updated today, and now it will not open on my iPad Mini 2, which cannot run iOS 13. It worked fine yesterday. Please remember many people are using older devices - which really aren’t that old; I’ve only had this iPad for 3 years - and make sure your app works with the previous version of iOS as well as the current one. UPDATE: After reading other reviews, the app evidently doesn’t work on the newest iOS 13, either. This app needs to be fixed ASAP! If you can’t fix the bug by tomorrow, please roll us back to the previous version! UPDATE 2: My phone has now installed the new version of the app and it still opens, so evidently only certain devices are affected. This is still a big problem and needs an emergency fix! UPDATE 3: I followed the advice of another reviewer and deleted the app and reinstalled it; that fixed the problem and it’s working again. Evidently the data was overloaded. Why does this app store so much data? There’s no need to accumulate data on my devices except to save the login cookies and maybe a few login cookies and form info for the built-in browser..Version: 275.0

App is uselessFacebook had become basically unusable for months. Many users repeatedly post the same issues without any response or resolution from Facebook. I’m an IT professional it appears the app is incapable of keeping up with the volume, maybe server issues. The app freezes constantly and crashes. Isn’t working at all while on wireless have to turn off my wireless to have any hope of being able to review my notifications. Anytime I get a new notifications it throws me out of where I am and back to the beginning of my notifications. Then I have to start all over again paging through the hundreds of notifications I receive to try to find where I previously left off which is next to impossible due to the endless freezing and crashes. Notifications I previously reviewed continue to show unread making it impossible to figure out which ones I’ve reviewed. The app has gotten totally frustrating to use to the point it’s taking me several hours a day just to get through notifications, there aren’t enough hours in the day to deal with Facebook which is slowing becoming a full time job to deal with. It’s a good thing it’s free because no one would pay for software that doesn’t work and provides no customer service or issue resolution. They constantly make so called updates that break previously working functionality. The updates are unwanted by the users, what we want is a reliable app not a bunch of bells and whistles that do nothing to improve the user experience..Version: 276.1

Very Disappointed in Facebook!!I have been on Facebook for a very long time. Many years. I have never ever been suspended, not 1 time. I also have business pages that I advertise and Boost and have spent thousands on advertising within the past couple of years as well on Facebook! . All of a sudden on November 21st while I was on Facebook, they disabled my account, then they asked me for my picture ID License and then again a picture of me. Which I did right away. I did absolutely nothing wrong. How can a social media just wipe your entire account out, all your pictures and information and give you absolutely no reason what so ever. We are not China or Cuba or Venezuela to do that to it’s people!!! The censoring and control to do this to their people on Facebook is a disgrace. All I am asking is to reopen my account immediately for I did nothing wrong. I do think I was hacked , for maybe that was an issue. But I sent Facebook my ID etc.. They should get on this immediately and at least email me back to let me know something. Their fast at suspensions and fast at disabling accounts but they take their time trying to help people in need to get their accounts back to good people who have been on Facebook for years!! Terrible & a Disgrace!!.Version: 297.0

Seriously?Okay so well I love the app. I get to talk to my family and join groups specifically the ones about animals and anime’s I like/have. But there’s just one thing that makes me mad. You guys took away my market place, I’ve contacted help and support so many times about it. I’ve gone to that stupid webpage that tells you steps and none of that stuff is even on my page like to request a review. I did nothing wrong. I sold antique dolls my mom got when she was younger, I sold a model helicopter and a skateboard. That’s it. That’s all I was selling. And I was completely transparent in telling people the damages they had and pricing them reasonably. So I know I didn’t break any of your rules. I saw that it could be cause I was inactive. Sense I have become a lot more active. I’m on everyday, I update my profile picture all the time, I joined groups and I’m always talking in those. I even like and comment of some of my friends and families post so I know that being inactive isn’t the problem anymore. I also know that marketplace is in fact active where I live cause I’m in Texas! ALSO the entire icon is gone and hasn’t returned..Version: 249.0

We need answers!!!My boyfriend has linked his pubg account to Facebook from the time pubg came out. He has invested time and money in the game. He has done nothing on his Facebook that violates Facebook violations. His account has been disabled for absolutely no reason and now he cannot assess ANYTHING he has linked with Facebook. This is unacceptable. I have done research and have seen that this has been going on for almost two years now with others around the world and Facebook has done NOTHING about it. It is unfair that persons have lost their accounts so suddenly and are not getting the proper help they so deserve. You have persons that have been locked out of their accounts for months even after filling out the appeal. People that have had their accounts for more than 10 years are now being told that they are “underaged” and they cannot do anything about it. Waiting on customer service is absolutely ridiculous and unfair. And if we get a response, it is automatic and the information is useless. We need answers and people need to get their accounts back. This is not over and I will be contacting Facebook continuously until I receive a proper response..Version: 302.0

It gets worse with each update!!!!When I updated last time, the orders of how the comments or messages show up are all weird. It shows up as “most relevant” first and in no particular order. And even when I change to “newest first”, it still shows the “most relevant” first. I cannot rearrange the messages to show up in order of oldest to newest or vice versa. Please fix this! I updated the app hoping this will help the problem above. But with this new update, not only the problem above persist, I now have a new problem. When uploading pictures, I can no longer have the option to look up my pictures in the albums/folders I created. I can only look through the camera rolls, where things are in no particular order. I belong to buy and sell groups and sell things on Facebook. So I created these albums/folders to increase efficiency when looking for items to post to save my sanity and not have to look through thousands of pictures in the camera rolls. Now there is no options to go to the albums/folders. Please fix this ASAP or your app will becomes useless soon. Please help us becomes more efficient, not less. So frustrated!!!.Version: 271.0

Conservative CensorshipI am so angry about the way conservative content is censored. I am also incensed that FB has decided who won the presidential election in 2020 when it is no where near being certified and is rife with obvious fraud and illegal manipulation perpetrated by marxists/leftists bent on taking control of and converting our country to socialism. Also the presidential tally is displayed incorrectly in order to influence the public at large to accept Joe Biden as our president. There is no such title as president elect. This country is a republic and not a dictatorship and I refuse to be influenced by FB. I have my own mind and can think for myself and am free to do so under the Constitution. I am angry that FB censors Christian content as well but it’s ok to condone trafficking of humans, hate speech from the left, and Muslim beliefs and many other notions that I find repugnant and promote hate and Marxist ideals. Zuckerburg has sold his soul for power and money. He should go to prison for trying to facilitate the conversion of our country to socialism. He has abused his power and he should be brought to justice accordingly. It is not his place to dictate the direction of this nation just because he has money and power. We the people decide..Version: 297.0

Disappointed 😞Facebook could be good but it lacks a lot of necessary things such as if..... The “Help Center” offered assistance from an actual person. With Covid-19 people are doing tons of scamming and I’m unfortunately a victim of it. My page password was changed and my personal email was compromised. Of course you know you need those things to regain your page. I went and made a comment in the “Community” comments and Facebook flag me and disabled me from their app saying it was irreversible. How does that make any sense when I’m coming to you guys for a solution? It’s frustrating because their final option to try and regain my page was simply.... Start a new page 😒! I’ve had my page (15 years) since Facebook began (2004) not to mention a business page attached to it that I can no longer access. You can be a loyal user but they don’t care at all. That’s why you have 20 fake pages of the same person and they don’t care about that, but they were upset about my comment which wasn’t disrespectful, rude, no curse words, just asking for help to regain my page. How disappointing Facebook. I guess I’ll just make an Instagram because starting over is absolutely INSANE! 👎🏾.Version: 297.0

Spying on my phone is a federal offense and you could be prosecuted in a court of lawNot to mention you allow Marxist groups to threaten the lives of me and my family and my daughter. And when I report malware from people who are stealing other peoples identities like Dan Bonginos And you still allow the malware to be posted in peoples names to be tagged in it. Maybe you should quit your day job and go to something that you actually know how to control. If that’s possible The date now is February 25, 2021. I have yet again to be blocked for another 30 days for the same exact post. It goes a bit their privacy policy and their terms and conditions. I’ve already looked it up they’re going against their own lawful description on what you can cannot do you on Facebook. Facebook is one of the most Nazi Controlled community platforms I have ever been on. They are not a public platform they are a publisher they will censor and discriminate and take any post you put on down any kind of opinion you have whether it be conservative or liberal your discriminated against I recommend nobody under the age of 18 be on there and I recommend anyone over the age of 18 find a better source to communicate. Facebook is nothing but crap!.Version: 306.0

Needs interface enhancementTo start off, I haven’t been on Facebook in nearly two years now. I reloaded the app solely for marketplace while looking for a vehicle. I’m running the latest software & auto update apps on my iPhone 11 Pro. Amongst the more than often crashes I whiteness every couple minutes, the startup and loading speeds of this platform are ridiculously slow. Going back to the purpose of getting this app, when attempting to use the basic filters on here, they often don’t work under the vehicle section of marketplace. When I do get certain filters to work, they more than often lock out and I’m unable to remove them when I want to change to another filter. For instance, I started looking at used Tacoma’s and wranglers, I’ve had to delete the app and reload almost every time just to clear out my filter settings in the cars & trucks for sale page. For a company worth nearly $600 billion, you’d think they’d replace the interface which I noticed hasn’t seen hardly any changes w/ in the past couple years..Version: 300.0

If it isn’t broken, don’t fix itNobody wants a game page or a group page. It’s amazing how many different ways you want to send me push notifications, that I literally only click on so that it will go away. I went in to change my notification settings and it turns out you will not let me turn off all group notifications at once and I have to go through a list and manually select out of 100 groups which ones I want, the slider for all is greyed out. This is totally unnecessary, and nobody asked for this. Why do I have a notification for every time someone goes live? Anytime an event is added at a venue I checked into ONE TIME that’s across the world in a different country? Facebook notifications used to notify me when someone wanted to talk to me, and I’ve done my best to continually update my setting but it’s getting crazy. Now I’ll have 7 notifications and check it and not a single one is about a friend I have that was reaching out to me. Events, game page, so and so went live, so and so checked in safe, I have memories from 10 years ago to look at, so and so posted in this group, like I do. Not. Care. And I don’t need a red push notification making it seem like I should..Version: 199.0

Unwanted sounds. Huge unusable app.I kept hoping Facebook would stop switching in app sounds back on and that they would also do away with trying to force me to create a passcode, but the undoing of my preferences by the app has become relentless. I have to switch off the app sounds daily. It’s obnoxious! I never wanted them in the first place. How many times will I have to inform the app that I want the sounds shut off for good? It is unpleasant to hear cheesy clicking and clacking sounds as you simply move from post to post on Facebook. Horrible idea. It’s not only that. This is the largest most bloated battery sucking app there is. It bogs down my phone. What others have said about the updates consuming all of their storage is absolutely true. I wasn’t going to write a negative review even for the constant unnecessary toggling on of the app sounds, but every time there’s an update for this app there is no room for it on my phone. I have almost nothing on my phone. How is this app mobile friendly in any way? It’s a behemoth. I’m going to collect my personal photos and documents from it and delete it. I’ll happily find other places to socialize on the Internet. Sorry..Version: 187.0

No notifications about my posts!For the last 2 months, the notification settings in the app are a complete mess. The app will have the red number, but one of them are about my own posts. Any reactions or comments to MY posts don’t load in the list of notifications, so I have no idea about comments or reactions unless I actually go to the post itself. All I see are notifications about my friends’ posts. Further, while the news feed works fine, the list of notifications is limited to EXACTLY 20 notifications. When I scroll to the bottom, the page just jumps and doesn’t refresh to show any more than exactly 20. Maybe once a week I will scroll and be surprised to be able to scroll past 20, but it’s not because of anything I did or didn’t do. AND once I scroll back to the top of the list and scroll back down, I’m limited to 20 again. AND notifications for my posts still aren’t in the list. I have a brand new iPhone 6s Plus (3 months), so if Facebook doesn’t fix it soon, I am going to be convinced that the problems are a way to push people to upgrade their phones to the newest versions..Version: 197.1

Censorship and Wall Street own Facebook now!!!I have been a Facebook user for many years, as the saying goes I was with Facebook before Facebook was cool...When the kids were using my space I introduce them to the Facebook platform and I have to say I am disgusted with the direction that Mark zetterberg has decided to take Facebook. Wall Street owns Facebook which is why you have seen more and more advertisers bombard your social media threads but what makes it worse is that none of those advertisers are even vetted. They are allowed to flood the platform because the almighty dollar pays for them to flood the platform. I have never been scammed by so many advertisers as I have been on Facebook and the political divide that Facebook encourages is beyond belief and for that reason I am giving Facebook a zero out of 10 on a review and have ceased using the platform. I’ve decided to hit them where it will hurt the most and that is with Wall Street!!! They count numbers and when those numbers drop it affects the market and that’s where Facebook is going to take the biggest hit is by their members dropping Facebook!!! Hit them in the pocketbook, everything hurts more when it cost money!!!.Version: 296.0

Don’t download this app if you don’t already have itThis app flags ppl for typing profanity and throws u in Fb jail for 1-30 days for profanity. All curse words are labeled hate speech so your not allowed to curse on this app. You can build pages or groups and they will delete your groups once you surpass 100k followers for alleging breaking community standards. When really their scanners don’t know how to read or understand cultural sarcasm jokes , their scanner read all words literally . A lot of ppl speak language differently cultural wise as joke and the scanner will read it literal and label it violates and flag to remove 100k followers or Fb jail when your not genuinely giving hateful intentions . This social media app is designed to block ppl from being successful. Their algorithms suppresses ppls success on pages intentionally. To make you pay for ads that don’t genuinely help you reach your target audience. You could have 100k followers on a fanpage and they would only show your content to 10% of your followers . They don’t want ppl to be successful on their social media site. .................. So if you DONT have this app. DONT download it! Stick to other apps who don’t do ppl grimy and is not constantly trying to suppress your pages from being social media famous !.Version: 297.0

Shutting downI don't know why but lately Facebook app has been shutting down and going to my main screen while I'm reading something😡very annoying!!! Fix this bug please! It also refreshes on its own. That's really annoying too when you are going through comments and then back out wanting to continue where you were before going to the comments and it decides on its own "nope you were done scrolling" 🙄 Nothing has been fixed. It still does all of the above even tho there's been tons of updates. Seriously fix this issue it's annoying! Stars went down bc it still hasn't been fixed STILL REFRESHES ON ITS OWN! When will this be fixed??? In the middle of reading something in Facebook and go to my internet for a second and then back to Facebook and it decides I was done and refreshes and sends me back to the top! Very annoying and j lose posts I was in the middle of reading. Why won’t you fix this issue. Many people have the same issue yet you don’t fix it!! Stars went down yet again bc it’s not fixed. One 1 star to go and honestly if I could give it a 0 star I would! Fix the freaking problem already!!!.Version: 143.0

New business pages update is a DISASTERWhy did you change to the new business pages format? IT’S A DISASTER! I can’t find one of my pages most of the time-it doesn’t show up as an option to click anywhere to access it and make posts to it. I can’t figure out how to post to my business pages anymore-occasionally I can do a story but I don’t want a story I want a post to my profile. And most of the time I’m only given the option to follow my own page....I don’t want to follow it, I need to post to it! In the page owner! When I click my business page (that I can find) it brings me up to another news feed for my business page, not my profile anymore which is ridiculously annoying and an extra step to post that I don’t want to have to deal with. I don’t have time to scroll a news feed for both my business pages and my personal page. I just want to click on my business page, be taken straight to my profile to share a post and then easily go back to my personal page the way I could before. Now I have all these extra steps to take to get to a profile. I constantly have to figure out what I am viewing Facebook as.. my personal or business page. I can’t seem to switch it back either which it said I could! Ugh! THIS IS AWFUL! UNDO THE UPDATE!.Version: 308.0

Functional, But Needs a Major Design ChangeFacebook is an average social media app that is nice for communicating with friends and family for free (via Messenger). But, with that being said, it is time for Facebook to release a major design update for the mobile app. Often, when I am checking the reactions to my posts on Facebook, the reactions never load, are miscounted, or not updated. This is example number one of why Facebook needs to seriously upgrade. One thing that a lot of Facebook mobile app users have been waiting for is a dark mode for the app! It has been released across multiple platforms, including instagram, which is owned by Facebook. They released a dark mode for desktop users & the Messenger app, and it is beyond time for the mobile users to have the option for dark mode on the Facebook App. One last example of something that Facebook needs to update is it’s variety. Messenger only having a few color-themed backgrounds to choose, for example. Other than a design update, the app is very useful for communication, businesses, memes, inspiration, etc. It is also a good way to pass the time..Version: 288.1

This is more about a hacking groupI would really appreciate it if you could put hacking as one of the things your not allowed to do on Facebook because I reported these two groups who hack peoples groups and accounts for money and there was no hacking thing for me to report them for (it would be awesome if you could make it so we can give a personal report) so I reported them for doing sales that weren’t allowed and in the message back they just completely ignored the fact that the group was hacking, like what the heck?!?!? I mean no hate this is one of the best apps I own but those hacker groups might mess things up a bit one of the groups I’m in is doing some shutting down stuff as well as not letting new members join because of the hackers! It would be great if you could do something about it!! The group name is “black hat hackers” and actually when you look that up you find a few more hacking groups too please do something about it this really is not good thank you if you do!.Version: 274.0

Awful!!!Facebook used to be a great place to reconnect with old friends, make new friends and keep in touch with relatives. Now, everything has changed! 1. I am unable to share my personal opinions and I am unable to share news articles or information from what many view as reliable sources, without being “fact checked”. What used to be great an incredible app, has now become nothing but political bias and censorship. 2. I’ll have a private conversation with someone in my home, go on FB at a later time and suddenly there are adds for things I was talking about. Why are you listening to my conversations offline??? 3. You can’t belong to a private group that discusses opinions and share information that may or may not be actual facts and the group gets shut down. Why does FB get to decide what the topics are in a private groups of likeminded people and just shut it down because they do not agree??? 4. They get to decide what facts are, but it’s ok for people to verbally abuse those with differing views. That doesn’t get strikes, suspensions or bans. 5. Who are these fact checkers and who fact checking them!!! What was once an enjoyable app for all, is now unusable and unwanted!!!.Version: 302.0

Why are you continually making it harder to sync my events to my iCalendar?!?!Seriously!?!? I want my whole schedule in ONE place, home, work, fun, and that’s not going to be the Facebook events tab, so if you think I’m going to keep using that to setup, find or advocate for using events, you better go back to making it easier to sync with the iFamily of computing. It used to just automatically sync everything from FB to iCal, no problem. Then about 8-9 months ago, that stopped, and I had to either manually sync events one by one from my phone, or go to a web version of FB, find my calendar, and manually tell it to sync all. And even that doesn’t update any events, which is a pita. 😠 My main device is an iPad. Do you understand the PITA it is to convince safari to fun a web based version of a site? Now you’ve gone and “improved” your surfing experience, AND I CAN NO LONGER FIND THE OPTION TO SYNC MY CALENDAR AT ALL. I have already started using other programs to schedule events for my activities that are more user friendly to all OS’s. And I will be recommending to others to do the same. You really need to not make people intertwining FB into their lives in ways they want it harder..Version: 279.0

Irritating AppThe app has been driving me crazy for months now. If I stay on the Facebook page, it only blacks out once or twice per evening. If I want to read something (my cousin's newspaper article, for instance) posted by my friends, the app blacks out every time and if I want to continue on Facebook, I have to open the app all over again and hope I can find my place. I'm almost ready to delete the darn thing! Wondering if it's worth the frustration! I've written my problems to the staff through Facebook three times and have received no recommendations. Can the app be fixed? Well, it's about 2 ,months later and nothing has improved. The app still freezes and blacks out. If I try to move from a post to attached info it freezes. Moving down the page to more posts makes it freeze or it blacks out completely. Then I get to start all over opening the app yet again. This is really getting to be more trouble than it's worth. It would be nice if the it people would at least respond in some way. A lot of us are feeling ignored. Not good business practice!.Version: 144.0

Going downhill fast...but hoping it gets better:)I’m great full to Facebook for ability to keep in touch with friends and understand they maintain a free platform. The continual and complex privacy features seem to be largely a CYA action to cover up FB own intrusion to privacy while managing to restrict freedom of speech at same time🤥 (as I currently reload one account to gain access to manage photos feature). I’ve never seen so many scam and MLM marketing advertisements as the ones forced into my newsfeed, sponsored marketplace ads (even if I choose local PU only!) ...the sheer number of obvious fake FB account friend requests (seriously, NO photos, NO friends🤪😜…and constantly ignoring my preference Not to have friend requests or suggestions from these accounts!). When scam, for profit obscure “fundraisers” are called out in comments...FB allows the companies to moderate and delete the comments...admittedly it’s a tough issue to vet advertisers- so why not let customers post feedback in comments...or have a link to public records of alleged performance of “for profit” fundraising companies hiding behind legitimate non-profits? Sorry to rant, could go on...but I do have hope for the future...and can’t wait for more competitive platforms to develop!.Version: 302.1

They have taken the freedom away!So much has changed about fb when I first downloaded the app I absolutely loved how you can stay connected with family and friends but somehow the very core of that has gone missing. Now you have to pay to be seen ! On both Instagram and fb !! I see the same 7 ppl on my timeline but some how I have 5000 active friends. I can post daily and won’t be seen how can a small business even be seen without the burden of coming out of pocket just to still not be seen unless you come out of pocket daily! As an African American I definitely feel RED LINE when using this app ! And I definitely don’t feel like it’s equal opportunity on all the major social media especially this one . When we try to “ pull ourselves up by the boot straps “ we are constantly systematically STOPPED speaking from my own experience! and I’m rarely one to speak on things like this but however it did prompt me to leave a review. Hopefully things can change for the better. To think an app that was supposed to connect us with family and friends are doing everything in their power to stop us from connecting.Version: 274.0

Not What You Were Looking ForThey flagged my account and threatened to suspend me stating I was a “dangerous individual or group” for posting a meme of Biden as the Quaker Oats guy and it says “Faker Votes”. If that’s not a violation of simple fun being poked then it’s an outright gag-rag stuffed down my throat for exposing REAL WORLD criminal acts of deception towards and entire nation. Bye Facebook, don’t worry about trying to come back from THIS. It’s your pink-slip, walking papers, eviction notice. Your bankruptcy will be closely following after what you have done to your user base. Siding with traitors and treasonous cheating commies! Facebook is pretty much done and over with. I don’t even know how they ever beat out MySpace. At least that site wasn’t a total useless piece of trash like Facebook has ALWAYS been. Now they’re censoring everything their users do, post and say. I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s not social media. It’s socialist media and that’s all this app links to. There are much better options available now and I wouldn’t even waste my time giving these jerks your personal details and information. They hold onto it like Gold to sell later on the black market. Like MySpace did when THEY went bankrupt..Version: 297.0

FACEBOOK DISREGARDING THEIR OWN POLICYYES, it's as this comment says, my whole family and friends are torn up that Facebook has neglected their policy and only applies the policy for selected users. Now not only I, but my family and friends are trying to get to the bottom of this issue that Facebook does not uphold their policy for everyone equally, I have screen shots of the posts and ill keep most updated on my Instagram, (which they might not care too sense it's facebook) and on twitter. I have an understanding that Facebook is already having legal issues with the government but treating users unfairly and differently from other users is discriminating users beliefs and so forth. This is a ridiculous situation seeing that Facebook is supposed to be user friendly. It's not user friendly. In fact, it's the opposite. It allows hate speech as long as it's hate speech that Facebook is okay with, it allows defacing people and slandering their name. Honestly, how will Facebook fix my situation now since they aloud this to happen to an account that I use for personal and work use. Again, their policy states “not degrading or shaming other users” and yet they allow it to happen to my account after 2 times I reported it. I will be getting in contact with management and see what happens. But as of now, Facebook is going down hill fast and I highly do not recommend this prejudice platform..Version: 310.0

Not worth it, borderline violates freedom of speechThey’re run almost completely by bots it seems and you can be banned from posting for the most ridiculous things. Wasn’t like this before, but either they’re under new management or their bots are now hypersensitive. I didn’t even get told what I did wrong, only that I posted something offensive in one of the many groups I’m in (I’m in a group for people to share offensive opinions, so yeah I’m going to post something there that may be construed that way because that is what that group is for!) and that I’m blocked from posting until April 1. April 1 came and I tested it out, still blocked until 8:22 the morning they said. It’s 8:58 now and I’m still blocked, but no explanation this time. I’ve had posts taken down before that don’t break any laws or advocate breaking any laws, but are simply funny memes that I share to specific groups so I don’t offend anyone who is outside of that group and not wanting to see it. Even been banned just for posting my opinions, no threats, no attacking people, just operating my right to freedom of speech! They shouldn’t call themselves a public platform if they can’t uphold the rights of the public..Version: 263.0

10 year user and I broke up with FacebookHello I deleted this app after ten years of using it . I had a lot of fun in the beginning when you could build private groups and post anything . That was before the nudity and violence algorithms took over . I miss the r.i.p. groups . I said ok let’s get serious , I administered several groups with tens of thousands of members and we started getting pressured about hunting photos showing guns and hunted animals . I fought to keep them posted in the group for years . Hunting is a way of life for most people who live outside a city . I gave up after a few years and completely sterilized my profile , deleted all my friends and left all the groups , I only followed pages after that and used market place and messenger . During the capital riots I was immediately put on a 24 hour ban because a person reported me for bullying because I disagreed with them . I tried to get a review and they still wouldn’t lift it . It was time to fully leave the app , it used to be fun to joke and carry on but these last four years has been horrible . I will be fine and maybe this app will return to being fun and people can be ok being themselves again ..Version: 305.0

Enough with refreshing the newsfeed!I never write reviews, but these recent updates make me want to delete Facebook. 6 months ago, if I needed to pause my Facebook scrolling go do something else, I would just click someone’s picture and it would “hold my place” in my newsfeed. This was great. I’m a mom to a toddler and I oftentimes have to multitask. NOW, if I switch to a different app or put my phone down for 10 SECONDS to do something else, my newsfeed refreshes, and starts at the top. This is infuriating when I’m in the middle of reading an article or looking at an album of pictures. What is the purpose of this? Who is it benefitting? Certainly not your users. I find myself getting on Facebook less and less these past few weeks because I get more annoyance than enjoyment out of it. Do you not do any kind of market research before you implement these things? And please, get rid of the camera. Everyone and their brother has a camera on their phone. I think we’re set! I’m tired of swiping left to exit a post and accidentally hitting the camera which takes 10 seconds to load. I can’t imagine what your UI/QA teams get paid to “ok” these poorly planned “enhancements”..Version: 147.0

Facebook MessengerPlease find a way not to show all your friends when you’re on FB. I sometimes like to zone out on FB just to pass the night. It is very very annoying to receive pop-ups in the wee small hours of the night from people (most often men) whom I barely know. There are no boundaries on Messenger. What I mean by this is that anyone can Message or even call anyone else whether they are friends or not. I have been harassed and annoyed in this manner also by a man who was drunk and didn’t want to take no for an answer in the middle of the night, calling on Messenger over and over again. I had to threaten to call police. How did he know I was awake and alone? Messenger! It can also bring up trust issues with people in relationships who don’t know if their significant other is live chatting with a side piece or playing FarmVille in the wee small hours of the night. I’m a private person who likes to keep my business to myself. Find a way, please, to let the user decide whether or not they want to let anyone or no one pop up and interrupt their lives with Messenger. I regularly install and then uninstall, when it could just be so easy to fix it. Please do..Version: 192.0

Fb Account “hacked” suspendedFacebook I’m reviewing your App Store, as a result, of 1-star rating because my account was wrongly accused of ” My Post goes against our Community Standards on nudity or sexual activity ” over a gift feed I shared to my feed of a couple just (kissing ) was a result of my account being ”temporarily” banned/kicks me out of my account without any warning from Facebook U.I settings itself telling me it goes against their actions. Which is completely ridiculous/B.S I'm not the only one who goes through this process more than thousands of users is getting this same effect trying to reach out to you from Twitter even your Headquarters calling ya did nothing about it. I even try using Facebook again on my safari showing me I have an option to remove this issue out of my Facebook feed which leads to another error it couldn't be discarded. Also, Your Previous updates have Facebook and Instagram connection into one not only I'm kicked out of FB so as my Instagram account Instagram replied ” Thanks For Providing Your Info” ” We” ll review your info and if we can confirm it, but you'll also be able to request a review in the Help Center within approximately (24 HOURS) I didn't receive anything Please fix your app..Version: 292.0

Twitter here I ComeI hate Facebook. If I could give Zero stars I would. It’s like school popularity all over again for adults. Only reason I have to have it is cuz I sign into apps with it and I’m so far committed to these apps it would be a huge hassle to start a different account. I’ve been cyber bullied/harassed/threatened countless times on here but as soon as I respond (fire with Fire), I’m always getting banned/restricted. It’s unreal. Like I seriously hate Facebook and everything it stands for at this point. I can’t wait until a different Social Media provider takes down Facebook. Instagram over Facebook all day any day. Bring back MySpace but FB can get bent for all I care. Edit: it’s funny I see a lot of the same complaints. Something tells me FB won’t be around for 2030. Ding dong the witch is dead. Facebook doesn’t realize it yet, probably cuz they are full of themselves, but y’all on the downhill swing of things. Enjoy your last run. 1 star reviews are piling up and y’all don’t care. Bullies. But I think it’s time I finally take the plunge and create a Twitter as my primary and use that for my app accounts. Facebook, you had your chances and your nothing but a bully yourself that allows bullies to thrive while restricting the people who simply defend themselves from these bullies, hence, your ALSO A BULLY..Version: 279.0

I do not recommendI have had an account with Facebook for at least 13 years. These last 4 years I have noticed that Facebook has increasingly become biased and started silencing people’s opinions that differ from facebooks own agenda. If you like to be treated like a child that is incapable of making their own choices, then this is the app for you. This is the app of Censorship, “fact-checking” your personal opinions, account suspension if you think differently than them, and threats of deleting your account. The year of 2020 has been stressful enough without having my social media shoving their personal agenda down my throat. If you don’t have Facebook yet and are considering it, I highly recommend that you watch the documentary “the social dilemma” on Netflix first, before making your decision. When this type of social media has caused the increase of suicide in kids 10-14 by 150%, there is something seriously wrong! Facebook took what could have been a great venue to connect people all across the world, and turned it into nothing more than a political circus used to push biased political information and further divide us. If I could give them a 0, I would!!!.Version: 296.0

Facebook consistently dissapointsWhen I first joined Facebook way back in its earlier days, I enjoyed connecting with and communicating with family and friends, playing games, sharing photos and joining some special interest groups. After awhile I found it to be a bit too invasive and left. Years later I rejoined again for family reasons. I began to use it for national and international news and political interest as well. Over the years, and especially during this election year, Facebook became increasingly biased against conservative views. The “fact checkers,” engineers and executives seem to work overtime to censor important conservative news and information, to stifle free speech and exchange of information and discourse, and to often shut down members who do not tow some of the leftist political lines, talking points and agendas. I now feel like it is becoming a literal arm of the globalist/socialist/leftist juggernaut which is intent on introducing a controlling groupthink mentality on the world. What was once an entertaining and educational forum has become very partisan, very controlling and even divisive. I’ve stayed mainly because of special interest groups in arts, health/medicine and many other..Version: 296.0

CensorshipI have to say all though this app initially started out fun it has in the last few years become under Nazi rule. The first thing I ever had removed by Facebook was a picture of a kitten. They removed it because they said it went against community standards. I was shocked. As time went on my friends had posts removed that were in no way against any community standards but I continued to see horrible videos of decapitations by Isis. This app or the people behind it definitely play favoritism to certain anti American groups and target specific other groups and individuals. Another problem is Facebook has no problem monitoring and censoring people but when it comes to fake ads that they run on their site they allow their users to repeatedly get scammed buying bogus items from fake ads. People and myself have lost money on these scams. You would think Facebook would spend some time monitoring and censoring those instead of encroaching on free speech. Most likely they are getting some kick backs from these fake Companies. If you like free speech stay away from this app. Go to MeWe..Version: 297.0

Someone LIED to youWhomever told you this latest update was a great idea, SHOULD BE FIRED. 1)When notifications come in that I’ve been tagged or someone has replied to a comment I made, it no longer takes you to the post, just to the comment. So if I commented last week and I get a reply today I have absolutely no idea what the original post was about. 2) A notification disappears after I look at it. So if I have to refer back to it for any reason, I have to somehow find the page of the original poster and then hunt for the post. STUPID IDEA 3) When going to some notifications, when you click on it it takes you to a blank post. I see the persons name, the time they posted and maybe if someone reacted to it, but absolutely no post at all. There’s even comments on it but I see no post at all. Yes I have access to their page, I haven’t been blocked and they call me to say “did you see my last post” and all I see is nothing. 3) Auto refresh is annoying. Someone posts an article and I take 2-3 minutes reading it and when I go to comment on it, you’ve refreshed my feed. Thanks for nothing. I’m sick of y’all. If I didn’t need this app to keep in contact with family around the globe, I’d delete it..Version: 194.0

Goodbye, FacebookFacebook is a social media disaster. It only allows positive messaging (like button, love button, applause, wow, etc) so people only get positive feedback on things they post. If someone writes a negative comment about something, people will attack them in the comments and have no repercussions whatsoever, no matter how brutal they are. And they are brutal, because they can hide anonymously behind their keyboards. People say things on Facebook that they would never say in person. If you don’t like someone, fine -block them. Ghost them. Who cares? After all, it’s your Facebook page, why should you have to deal with other people’s crappy opinions?! You end up surrounded by nothing but sycophants and everyone convinces you that your opinions are the right ones. Spoiler alert: you’re not always right. People prefer to be in happy environments with people we trust with our thoughts, opinions and dreams -so we put ourselves in these little bubbles and either never express our opinions for fear of judgment from others or we delete anyone who would disagree with our opinion. You end up with polarized extremists who are brainwashed into thinking that’s normal. It’s not normal, and it’s destroying us all..Version: 312.0

Censoring Facts and OpinionsI am sick of facebook censoring and banning videos and posts because they have inconvenient facts and opinions. I’m sick of them deplatforming people like David Icke and Max Igan simply for sharing information and having unconventional views. They allow abusive rants from people they like while censoring the other side and not allowing open debate or disagreement about certain topics like the virus, vaccines, masks, lockdown, Israel, genocide, war, etc. I do not agree with censoring or banning people or labeling their ideas false with a stamp. The ideas and narratives you promote are false and lacking context and misguided. Stop censoring people and forcing biased “fact checking” on them. The facts are not always black and white conclusive and there is not consensus among experts. We should be able to read and watch and share what we want and make up our own minds talking with others freely. We don’t need or want anyone forcing their dogma down our throats. Stop treating us like children or worse like subjects. We might know more about things than your phony mainstream media and corporate science “fact checkers.” Stop acting like the Thought Police or Ministry of Truth from George Orwell’s 1984..Version: 299.0

Garbage updates.. MySpace was way better..So the app keeps getting updated but these updates are making the app worse and worse.. When I save things to watch later, the “collection” I put them in doesn’t auto play, so I can’t just put it on while I’m cooking because I have to select the next video in the list each time.. Also when I remove videos, magically they play over again?? I can’t react to most videos.. only two videos load at a time.. This ain’t due to my WiFi, either.. Videos still don’t stay paused when I set my phone down.. And I keep seeing a notification for messenger when I’m on Facebook but I won’t have any messages or notifications when I go into the messenger app.. So basically Facebook has become a Broken system & your employees must not actually work or they’re purposefully making these awful changes to annoy people to stop using Facebook.. If I could keep in contact with my Ohana afar any other way besides Facebook, I would never use the app again.. Oh and can we please make dark mode available for all users, or at least add it to all iOS devices?? Please let me know if I’m reviewing for nothing because you’re not actually paying attention or reading the reviews so I can post these complaints straight to my wall instead.. Mahalo...Version: 297.0

Why?The link that used to take me directly to the page I administer now takes me to a feed of posts from all the pages I follow (which, by the way, does not load on my 7th generation iPad with the latest iOS), and I have to go through an additional link to get to MY page. Why make things more difficult instead of easier? It’s like you’re going backwards rather than forwards. Update: Thank you taking out the extra step to get to the page I administer. However, one of your recent updates has caused a different issue. Our church has been live-streaming worship services since the pandemic got so bad in March. We found that the way to get the best sound quality was to have a transmitter plugged into the output of the sound system & a receiver plugged into the charging port of the iPad we’ve been using for streaming. This worked great until shortly before Thanksgiving. We have discovered that the Facebook app now only allows the sound for live videos to come from the microphone of the device being used for the video. Ugh! There is no way (that we have discovered) to get the sound to channel through the receiver for the sound system instead of through the device’s microphone. This results in a lower sound quality for the video..Version: 297.0

Latest update hurts my heartIn the latest update, the app no longer has the “share” button when you try to share a post to a group. You must individually look up and share each group, which is cumbersome and takes far more steps/time. My child is a brand Rep, and it used to be so convenient to make our promotion post and share in 5-10 groups with a few quick taps. Now, I have to individually share the post to each individual group. I understand it is probably some kind of safety feature to prevent hackers and bots and bugs, but it has really made it more difficult for us. Also, the new layout on the computer (not the app, but the physical website) has me all sorts of lost and confused. I’m a pretty tech-y person, but when you move everything from its relative location, it makes it much more difficult of an interface to use. Love the new avatars though!!! They are super fun and cute!!! Also, the new and updates privacy settings on groups are lovely!.Version: 271.0

My Account Got Disabled HELPOk, since Facebook has no way for us to contact them unless it’s directly through our account, which I currently cannot access, then my email will probably not reach them. Hopefully this will. DEAR FACEBOOK PEOPLE: So I created an account and a page literally two days ago. I tried doing an ad for my page yesterday, and because I did it too early (I think this is why) my ads account was flagged. I did everything as I was told: I sent in a review request and they fixed the problem, unflagging my ads account, so they sent me an email to confirm that all was well again. However, I cannot access either my account or my page anymore. It’s as if they don’t exist. Apparently the problem was already fixed but I can’t see anything I previously put on my account and page. Furthermore, I can’t make a new account because my email is tied to my previous account, so I’m pretty much stuck. They tell me that if I need help I should contact the Facebook Support Team but, I repeat, I CANNOT access my account. So I cannot access the FB Support Team. This is the first time I ever give something a one star review. I don’t mean to be rude but your customer service is very bad. I can’t even properly delete my account, in case it’s not fully gone. So yeah. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP..Version: 295.0

Poor security and bad customer serviceMy account was hacked by someone who changed my password and email. Since I don’t have access to the email that it was changed to I can’t recover my password or account. I went through an ID verification to prove that it was indeed my account but after a month I received an email that said they didn’t have enough people to review all of the IDs and are only able to review the most urgent cases. Apparently having your whole account taken over is not an urgent case. I have been a member for over a decade and I trusted Facebook to keep me in tough with family and friends. I trusted them with my most precious photos and it seems that trust had been misplaced. I have backups of some of my photos but I wish I had been more diligent backing up all of them. I also regret that I’ve lost all the picture that I was tagged in by friends. Looks like the only remedy is to make another account and start over but the trust is lost. I went through steps to make sure a lot of my information couldn’t be seen by anyone but my closest friends. I hate to think that a stranger now has access to so much personal information that I thought was safe..Version: 303.0

You’re not allowed to be yourself anymoreFacebook used to be a fun place to connect with old school friends and family..a place where I could freely express my unique self. You used to be able to post anything you wanted whether it was true or not, just because you felt like it and nobody really cared! Some things opened up great discussions! Now, everything you share or comment is scrutinized by behind-the-screen random, ghost people. These people have their own opinions and when you freely express yourself like before, your posts or comments will be taken down, blocked or hidden, and all of your audience will be notified that your opinion or posts just happens to be something they personally disagree with. I did a test and posted 2 polar opposite opinions on an issue just to see what they would do, both of them were false news. The fake news I posted about current and political events had 2 distinct viewpoints. The one the ghost person disagreed with, was covered up and labeled as false with a link to an article for my audience to click proving their viewpoint. The other one that was also fake news, fit their personal viewpoint and they never touched it. I personally disagreed with both things I posted but found out quickly what the viewpoint was of the ghost robots behind the screens reading everybody’s personal stuff. Facebook is NOT a good thing!!.Version: 282.0

HackersI think there’s something new going on with hackers or people trying to do illegal things... here’s the thing, my mom has been getting a lot of weird text from guys, and you might say, everyone goes through that, is normal, but here’s the fishy things, not only those this guys have only google pics and by that I mean, they take pictures off of google and put them as their profile pics and more, something like catfish, what’s more, interesting is that every guy that hits her up has the same sentence, with the same catch-up line, “ I was trying to find an old friend on Facebook but I found you instead” and when I mean every guy, IS EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM, at some point, we thought it was a coincidence but then we realized a major fact .... every one of them some how knew my mom's personal information, not that she has a daughter, or her religion this are basic things that people put on Facebook, but they would know things that my mom does not put on social media! we’re starting to get a little freakout, to whether they want to kidnap, hurt, or hack her phone, I would appreciate it if Facebook would fix this issue and start paying attention to when people report on a conversation or person, I know there are millions of people in the app but if you would notice the ones that sound more creepy, fishy or important please notice it, and fix the issue..Version: 312.0

#ReplaceFacebookIf I could give zero stars then I would. They banned me and then didn’t tell me they muted me which is just a very disgusting way to act. Just by that alone proves how corrupted they are. There’s absolutely no reason for my post not to be post because I have checked all the possibilities and I have 5G and a nice phone so there’s no reason for my post to be blocked besides the fact that they banned me and threw away the key and didn’t even tell me that they muted me. I also had an FIVE STAR online marketplace and convenient store but Facebook fully banned me from making an honest living. I made sure to give the best customer support and I even gave refunds. I was 100% willing to comply and change my posts but they banned me still! They do not deserve the business of Americans! They don’t have the right to take the Authority of Government in their own hands! I will not support a Social network that silences free speech and kicks out innocent users! There’s only one reason they should ever have the right to do this and it’s if American laws are broken! I wronged no one, I scammed no one and I stole from no one! I also never hacked anyone! But I’m banned! I’d give zero stars if I could. #ReplaceFacebook #destroyfacebook.Version: 294.0

Following the prompts doesn’t work at allI have follow all the necessary prompts that i am suppose to take and every since i got my new phone but it won’t let me get back into the app at all when i have repeatedly taken four selfies on yesterday with me whole up different numbers and i have taken some other selfies with me whole up different other numbers today as well but by me repeatedly doing this i am putting myself at risk repeatedly doing the same thing over and over again and if you are a new user to Facebook don’t trust it if you get log out and can’t get back in because you switch mobile companies and you don’t have your old phone number or old mobile phone and if you more than Facebook post they won’t take that down neither once putting you at risk for hackers so if you are a new Facebook user don’t trust it if don’t be put at risk for haveing more than one Facebook page and post i will not give Facebook any type of ratings for haveing my identity expose in a manner in which i just stated in this paragraph it’s wrong and will be getting in touching with the Federal Trade commission center since i no way to deactivate all my pages and post..Version: 231.0

Where did the Facebook go we all once knew?Censorship overload, so sickening. I have been in Facebook jail over and over for 30 day periods. My most recent jail and at present time now is this. I am part of a breast cancer private support group. Within the group a gal was going to get reconstruction surgery and was confused on what procedure she should get. She asked us all to show before and after of our reconstruction surgeries and what procedure we got and doctors we used. I put pasties over mine and posted after I saw others posting their full breasts. One second and bam I was banned for sexual content. 30 days 😡 The admin said all others are still on and mine got banned. She tried contacting FB with no help. With the presidential election, it was so biased, it was sickening. I reported someone’s post with a real penis out of Trumps face and Facebook said it didn’t go against Facebook standards but my post with Harris skinned knees, I got banned and I got jail again. Wake up Facebook, everyone is leaving and going to another social media network. I have complained multiple times about issues that my timeline highlights things that I already looked at, but nobody fixes it. 😡SO OVER YOU FACEBOOK!.Version: 297.0

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A bit heartbrokenFacebook used to be a wonderful social revolution. Clean and all about connecting you with friends. This has steadily diminished since around 2010, to the point where we have a “social network” that fewer and fewer of us are dealing with. The messenger app is a great way to connect with overseas friends. However, I really miss the days when my Facebook feed wasn’t messy and full of marketing. When Facebook was all about connecting friends, keeping up to date with old friends and connecting with acquaintances. People used to equate Facebook with friends and community; something really beautiful and no doubt hard to achieve. Having to satisfy shareholder greed has ruined it for most of us. It will continue to wither away without a fundamental change that I’m hopeful will come..Version: 191.0

How many updates?!?!I’m quite satisfied with Facebook. I don’t have anything particularly negative to say about the actual app itself. HOWEVER... Updates are becoming an issue. Don’t get me wrong, I love improvements and innovations. But being asked to download a nearly 300MB update what seems like every few days is getting ridiculous. My internet downloads cap is put under enough strain as it is with Microsoft and their 50GB game updates and Apple with their nearly 3GB iOS updates, so you can understand my frustration that more and more organisations seem to be under the impression that the populace is okay with this new format of doing things and able to download terabytes of data at will. It’s not good enough....Version: 147.0

Need to be able to add files to groups via mobileHello i have created a group and it keeps telling me to add files to the files section i have to use a computer. Can you please change this to allow it on all platforms including mobile phone as i don't have access to a pc My group has a lot of shared information including a hell of a lot if pdfs but i am forced to add them to the announcements section in order for my members to view them in one place it would be awesome if i could have an option to add it straight to the files section from the groups main page just like you can with announcements.Version: 295.0

WorthlessFacebook has gone down the drain alongside its reputation to be a formidable company. Not only do the updates impede the efficiency of the app but the marketplace option has more flaws than a dog has fleas. Why bother setting a radius of 20km from your location when it’s still going show you items that are 180km away!?! Why bother listing anything when Facebook won’t even show it publicly?! Don’t worry about typing in your location, if you can write more than 4 letters without Facebook completely wiping your text, good on you!! But last but not least, I’ve written to facebook about 12 times and the only reply I’ve gotten was some generic jargon of thank you for your response, we'll take it into consideration. FACEBOOK DOES NOT KNOW CUSTOMER SERVICE! All they value is ads that pay for the upkeep, MONEY MONEY MONEY that’s all they care about. That’s how Facebook originated anyway, because someone stole someone’s idea because of greed!!! Very unhappy, would not recommend!.Version: 199.0

What???I’m writing this on behalf of my mother. The most recent update for Facebook has made everything smaller on her iPad screen. She is legally blind with the ability to see somethings as long as they are big enough for her too see. With the update making everything smaller, she is extremely frustrated so I would like to request a ‘viewer settings’ tab where you can personalise how an individual wishes to view the app. If someone wants to enable a feature where they can zoom in on any given area of the page they’re viewing, that they can. Or being able to adjust the setting to view in a night or day mode (night being where the background is dark while the writing is white and the day mode being the current version). I feel like this may make it easier for people with lesser eyesight like my mother and it would also be easier to adjust to the brightness of a persons Facebook app if they were to open Facebook at night. Thank you, Sincerely, J..Version: 201.0

If it’s free, you’re probably the product.Hey reader. Yeah you there. Did you know Facebook is selling your data, despite claiming not to. Not cool right? Yep that’s right! “But I’ve deactivated personalised ad settings so I’m safe.” Ahhh silly Timmy they're tracking your outside browsing habits EVEN if you have deactivated your personalised ad settings. Did you just google a dream holiday to Hawaii? Wow what a coincidence, here’s some travel deals just for you! And just in case you missed it, we’ll remind you every other post while you scroll through your vapid newsfeed. Cool huh!? Here at Facebook we’re simply giving YOU -the product - eh erm I mean customer what you want. It’s your fault for not turning off the complicated privacy settings or having the page suspiciously crashing when you try to opt out. What’s that you say? Even this review sounds like a generic ad? Well get used to it Timmy because THIS - IS -FACEBOOOOOK!.Version: 300.0

Facebook. The Effluent of the Social Media World.Facebook has degenerated into the effluent of the social media world. The extreme left-wing bias is repugnant. It stinks and many are asking for a courtesy flush. Case example: I used colourful language, along with the original image of a photoshopped version (which the person I was replying to was using to make a libellous inference of a high profile person), Facebook gave me a 24 hour ban. Fast forward about two weeks, and now I’m on the receiving end of some colourful language. Since I, and most conservatives, have something called a hide (read: not sensitive to verbal attacks) I was ok with it as I respect other people’s opinions, yet for the sake of experiment, I reported the comment. Approximately half an hour later, I received a notification that my report had been reviewed, and the comment (and I quote) “it doesn’t go against any of our community standards”. I have screenshots of both cases and they are almost identical in content. The only difference is the political side. Facebook are muting and gagging any and all conservative views and promoting their own. Facebook has become the effluent of the social media world and should be disposed of as such. Along with their entire board. And they will, in good time ....Version: 305.0

Idiots!!!Facebook can be very frustrating especially when trying to access an old account, I have contacted the people working at Facebook so many times trying to tell them that I have old accounts and they need to be closedown...But they just sit there 🤷‍♂️ I’m sure many other people have the same problem... Also I have created a new account, and tried to add the same phone number as my old account however I can’t add my phone number because it’s saying that I have used it on another account??? So what am I supposed to do... Do you think people can go around changing their phone numbers all the time just to please Facebook??? And another thing, you can’t even access the market place straight away when you create a new account, you have to wait for up to 4 months before you can even start selling things, because Facebook is so worried about people selling stolen goods...But what about the people that are not selling stolen goods and need to start selling straightaway??? I have decided to start selling things on Ebay at least I can start selling straightaway. And they are a far better market place. 🤷‍♂️ Oh that reminds me, why am I able to sell things on gumtree and Craigs list straightaway but on Facebook I’m not...It doesn’t even make sense...Idiots!.Version: 247.0

It’s okIt’s ok but it needs to be updated Can you please update the profile photo so you can chose between the square profile photo and the circle profile photo also can you please update the profile photo so it’s still in the middle but not covering the cover photo thanks. Can you please update Messenger so you can go into messenger on Facebook app and message on the Facebook app it’s really annoying having to go from the Facebook app to the messenger app it should be all in the Facebook app like it used to be so can you please change it back so you can go into messenger on the Facebook app we should only need the one app. Also in messenger can you add back the soccer ball game where you can juggle the soccer ball with your fingers and challenge your friends also can you add back the basketball game where you can shoot hoops and challenge friends, this was so much fun I really don’t know why you would get rid of it but can you please add them back to messenger thanks Also with the Facebook Avatars can you please stop deleting the Facebook avatars. Also can you update Facebook so when you go to your cover photo you can edit the privacy, like you can on your profile photo. Also can you update date this app so you can add more to your profile bio at the moment you only have 101 letters to have in your bio profile and that dose include the spaces we be allowed to put what we want in how bio with out it being limited please update this..Version: 312.0

Probably the most unstable update yet!!!Since the last update which was days ago, whenever I’m looking through my newsfeed, I can see a glimmer of the photo feed on the left hand side of the screen. Also, when looking at pics, you have to open them individually. So if someone has posted 6 pics, you can only see the 3 but nothing beyond the + sign. I’m also a moderator in a group of over 375k people. Most of which want to post pics to the group and as they have to be filtered, it takes so much longer when the pics you have either approved or declined come back up about a minute later. Making the whole process painful and exhausting. If someone could fix these things, that would be fantastic. Thank you 🙏🏼.Version: 246.0

Not happy with the Facebook app not a good customer serviceWhy is Facebook not replying back on the report a problem this system like reporting a problem it’s a rob system which does not send straight to the IT personal to update the app or email the customer back this service is already in a bad position where Facebook company is not responding back to other customer support service center this not good enough at all I have already made a second complete to Facebook an they never even like to email me back which I’m really going to take legal action on Facebook which it will happen soon an this is like a bad app not a happy customer it’s a 0 out of 0 bad customer support the staff at face have not ever help me out at all so if you wanna to get a good rating have a good system in place an a contact number which we can call for apps an other things IM NOT HAPPY WITH THE APP AT ALL BOTH FOR FACEBOOK APP AN MESSENGER APP TO.Version: 281.0

Would not recommendI have found Facebook to be quite a useless website. It has groups and pages filled with child pornography that have to be reported multiple times before they are taken down. It is nearly a full time job for people who are passionate about stopping this assault on children who spend time scouring Facebook attempting to get the groups and pages shut down and these people DO NOT work for Facebook but are concerned citizens. Then we have Facebook ‘fact checkers’ who on numerous occasions have been caught out fact checking the truth, then we have the banning of president trump for ‘inciting’ violence. Tell me how Facebook can ban trump and also be vigilant in fact checking but cannot somehow stop videos and pictures and content of children being raped or naked from there site?.Version: 300.0

Unexpected ErrorBefore today I would have given 5 stars BUT- Every time I try logging in on the Facebook app on my phone it comes up with “An unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again”. I tried deleting and re-downloading the app, turned my phone off and on and it’s still coming up with the unexpected error message. I can only log in on the Facebook website on the internet but then when I try use messenger I get the exact same message “An unexpected error occurred. Please try logging in again”. Also when I woke up this morning, my account had been disabled and nothing will tell me what for, or for how long. When I search my name on my sisters account, I cannot find it. So it’s not just disabled but it’s deleted? I’ve been disabled before and this has never happened. I’ve had people asking me why I’ve deleted Facebook when I haven’t, so I’ve had to make a new one. And also my Instagram account that was connected to my Facebook that got disabled, had 300+ photos of my babies that are now gone. I don’t know what’s going on but over the 9 years I’ve had Facebook this has never happened to me. If someone can try retrieve my account back I would really appreciate that....Version: 293.0

Attn: Noticed a bug in the appHello Mark & Facebook team, Ive noticed a problem with the Facebook app since either the last update or since the most recent iOS update where you select the app it loads to a black screen for a split second then goes back to the home screen of the iPad where as on my iPhone the app works just fine so it’s clearly either the app needs an update to make it function with the most current iOS. Please also look into on a side note could you make a way where it’s faster to get to the “most recent” news tab as it’s kinda irritating to have to go down to more then in that listing then choose “most recent” just so I can see my posts in actual correct order of timeline. Thank you for your time!! :).Version: 275.0

Removal of # of Likes is ill-conceived!!!Latest update has added more disfunction to an already disfunctional app for iPad's. If you keep going like this it will be very easy to just cut the umbilical cord in the end, because there will be nothing worthwhile left. Your change to how Likes etc are displayed has taken a feature away from Groups who use it precisely for the reason you state for the change, name "popularity". The popularity of pieces of art work to be precise. By all means, make it an option to have it or not, but don't FORCE this change in people. What your intentions are when you created the feature, was taken out of your hands the moment you made it public, and to now try and control it for the reasons you started is pure arrogance. Unfortunately I am in Australia where we are having to deal with your ill-conceived because we were "chosen" as a testing ground. Why not think things through instead of foisting it on us?!.Version: 246.0

Facebook a big disappointmentI joined FB at least 8 years ago. I enjoyed a wide variety of stories in my feed and gained a lot of friends from locally and around the world. FB gradually decided to make some arbitrary changes. First, my newsfeed narrowed significantly until now I’m lucky to see 10 friends feeds. They keep making arbitrary changes with no feedback from customers. More recently, nearly every story I see is clearly marked “fact checked” etc. I signed up to use a new style social media platform, which was innovative and great at the time. Facebook has changed so much and the more recent - and increasing levels of censorship on members private and personal pages is intolerable. I’m very disappointed with how much FB has changed over the years. It smacks of totalitarianism - all these recent changes are made by nameless and faceless ppl. I didn’t sign up for this current version of FB..Version: 297.0

Constant Updates More Issues!It would be great if Facebook actually made an update that would improve the functionality of the app! It’s nice to have this social media platform that allows us to interact, but the most recent update is annoying that doeesn’t allow me or others to do it with ease. Now that they have added an up and down vote option on Pages. You can’t like a comment anymore, instead there is the “upvote” option and the person whose comment your liking won’t know it’s you because its anonymous. Sorry, this is ridiculous! However, in Facebook groups, people can like others comments which is good. Please bring back the old way of liking comments across Facebook and and a dislike link as an option to “dislike” someone’s comment. On Pages, it would nice to be able to switch between the admin profile and my personal profile when liking posts. This continues to frustrate me! Please bring back the method of being able to jump to different years of your timeline with ease. If I want to look up posts, for example 10 years ago, I shoud be able to find on a side bar a way to do that & be able to navigate across different years easily. It is a TIMELINE afterall! I could rant on forever about the bugs and annoying issues...! Please make an update that makes sense and doesn’t complicate things further. Thank you!.Version: 221.1

Needs a user bias instead of the “[email protected] bias.Hey, there’s much about Facebook I like, but... I was recently scammed by persistent advertisers on Facebook. I was unable to directly inform Facebook through any link. Even the Australian Federal Police said they were unable to get Facebook to pull advertisements from scammers. Irate comments by scammed customers were continually deleted so others were uninformed of the trap. And ads from them are STILL appearing about two months after biting me. AND, I’d like to see improvements on “Market-place”. I need to be able to view original posts and comments from the gallery views. Many groups rely on open “Sold” & “NIL” comments to prioritise buyers so this inability to get to the original post hampers sales and access to due processes..Version: 175.0

App Vs WebI very rarely use FaceBook via the web, I have my mobile device and access/use FB via these mobile devices 99% of the time. The ONLY reason I use the web version is because the App doesn’t have the same features! In the web I can view the videos for groups that I’m in easily - in the app I’ve got to hunting for them; I can create collections of my saved content in the web - this doesn’t even appear in the App!! Please align the two a bit more - it is frustrating to have to use two different options to access content!! Now there is a Units feature in my Facebook phone app - nothing in for my iPad. I’m doing a training program via Facebook and this is making life so incredibly difficult!.Version: 195.0

Photo AlbumsI’m not a big Facebook user, mostly I use my account to upload photos and to keep in touch, via messenger, with friends overseas. I have just been overseas myself and have uploaded lots of photos to an album specifically for the holiday. I see that there is a button so that selected people can also upload photos to that album, but I believe it could be even better! The idea I had is having the album also show up on the selected persons profile as well as your own; kind of like Facebook events how you can choose a co-host but still be the host yourself so you’re able to delete anything you do not wish to have in that album. I believe this could be a great improvement, and would be very beneficial so we don’t all have to upload the same photos!.Version: 191.0

NotificationsSince I updated it with the most recent update (did it about two days ago) my Facebook App has been playing up with the Notifications. I’ll go to tap the notification that comes up in the notifications section and instead of taking me to the post it's on about it’ll take me to the group that the notification is on about (only playing up with group notifications; probably should have mentioned that earlier but oh well). It's very annoying as I need to be able to find the specific post easily for the kind of groups I'm in and with this, it becomes very very difficult to find the post the notification is trying to notify me about..Version: 231.0

Freedom of Speech has goneFB has become so PC that it is destroying freedom of speech to pander to a few whets. Look cyber bullying etc is disgraceful but losing the ability to express ones opinion through being censored by some PC cretin is worse. I don’t object to folk being able to express their opinions providing it does not proactively incite real violence and clearly the arbiter at FB has a very low tolerance level - if someone states they think that white people are to blame for people trafficking- I have no issue with it, they have a right to an opinion As soon as the freedom of speech and opinion is lost so to is real democracy and the antifa become stronger and ironically more repressive the very thing they sate they are against. As usual with these sort or movements if an issue is pro then it’s ok, if it’s against them it has to be censored and banned Ask Adolph or Winston they both understood.Version: 210.0

DKHWhy are posts not in chronological order. Just now I wanted to look again at a post from this morning. Today is Thursday and I’m seeing posts from Monday? This morning’s posts have gone. 😡 FaceBook - do you actually read these reviews? THERE HAS BEEN NO RESPONSE AND NO CHANGE TO MY REVIEW BELOW. “People you may know” still pop up on my page in the hundreds and I assume my page is circulated the same way. This particular feature is forcing me to close my harmless FaceBook page completely. PREVIOUS REVIEW AND continuing, nothing has changed. Next great peeve is the huge list of “people you may know”. I DON’T know these people, I don’t want to know them AND I’m horrified that my profile may go out to these strangers. My newsfeed has just been flooded with advertisements. Every second post has ad between. I’ve marked them ‘irrelevant” but made no difference. I did not update, but FaceBook does that automatically. I’m leaving FaceBook behind ... Please remove the irritating Top Fan notification. It repeatedly appears because I don’t select it. I don’t select, because I don’t want! Irritating - orientation of picture changing from landscape (my set orientation) to portrait on my iPad. I suppose FaceBook will fix this problem and there’ll be yet another update. AND I do not want FaceBook managing my time on screen by reducing items in newsfeed..Version: 310.0

Unfair bansI find that Facebook is unfairly banning my posts. I have checked every post that made me banned, and none of them were abusive or harassing anyone, despite Facebook telling me it is. And then when I submitted to get the posts to be reviewed, Facebook still tells me it is against some policy, and doesn’t bother explaining why. Not only that, but the person I was in a debate with was the one calling me names. I am highly disappointed in the fact that Facebook bans you from posting without any kind of warning first. I am also disappointed that the ban, for some reason, also applies to messenger, so I am unable to message anybody for 3 days simply because of a comment Facebook deemed inappropriate despite the fact I checked and made sure it didn’t break any rules to begin with..Version: 196.0

Aghast at lack of support or communicationIt has been six weeks that I have been locked out of my Facebook account due to a very puzzling error or slip of the finger indicating that I was under 13 years of age! I have never had a problem with Facebook but suddenly due to a possible typographical error when checking my personal data, this block occurred. I Immediately sent in their required ID to prove who I was, plus a photo and submitted it to them. Heard nothing. So far I have submitted my ID 6 times over the past month - Something that should’ve been amended very quickly. Instead, just silence and each time I tried to answer it I’m told to submit my ID.! I don’t know what else I can do – appealing does nothing as there is totally no communication or acknowledgement. I am fed up and disgusted with the lack of customer support..Version: 278.0

AnnoyedI am not angry with the app itself never have any problems with it what I am annoyed by however is the fact that u have to be connected to wifi to download it! I understand that it is a big file however I would at least prefer to be given the option to still download this app even if I am not connected to or near wifi! I know how internet usage works and I personally do not mind downloading such big files on my phone data as I have a large number of included gigabytes in my plan and I am well aware of how many gb this app will use in order to download it! I think you should really consider allowing the users who wish to purchase this app the have more then one option! Not happy.Version: 199.0

Current city and home townRight so I’ve recently moved and I tried to update my current city and surprised to see that facebook is so Messed up it don’t even have my current city/town or the ones surrounding it it’s really annoyed me it’s facebook for the world to use make it so you can put in any town and city it’s funny cause if I visit where I live and check in it comes up but when I go to put it as my current city it does not exist we need Corrimal, fairy meadow, balgownie, tarrawanna, woonona, Bulli, but we know for a fact untill I see a change with the current city and home town and all those ones I just said are added I’ll be happy I feel you are racist seeming you have other counties and towns and city’s please fix this up like when facebook first started tarrawanna Corrimal fairy meadow Bal down and woonona were all available in current city or home town now it’s not 😡😡😡.Version: 303.0

Bad re-designingI'm usually okay redesigning the app but these last few updates have been disgusting. Moving the notification button to the far left of the screen, is very hard for a right handed person to have easy access to a common used feature. Also moving the button to quick access messenger to the top of the screen is ridiculous, you either have to extra the app or scroll up till the search bar pops up to press this button. It should be switched with the marketplace button. Marketplace isn't an everyday use section. Why not put it at the top and move messenger access back to the bottom or make the top search bar stay on the screen when scrolling. Very frustrated with new update..Version: 141.0

Facebook sides with abusersI posted a screenshot of a horrific comment on my personal Facebook that someone posted to me on one of my statuses. I stated above the screenshot picture that this kind of abuse was unacceptable and this person should be ashamed. This person reported my status and I was banned for 24 hours. How can Facebook ban someone for standing up for themselves? Did they not even see the picture of the screenshot comment and the abhorrent things this person had said to me in that comment? Facebook sides with abusers and bullies, and silences anyone who wants to stand up for themselves. Wrong, wrong, wrong. I am disgusted. Their algorithm for banning is disgraceful. They cut off a vulnerable person at a vulnerable time from their lifeline of literally life saving communication at the request of a bully. This issue needs more light and support..Version: 143.0

Ordering Posts!!!Bring back chronological order!! Why the heckinbob would you choose to have posts randomly displayed in news feed?! Why even call it a newsfeed? It’s old news. Whoever decided to do this is an idiot. If there’s a sale on, I might as well miss out because “today’s specials” show up on my newsfeed 3 days later. businesses who want to use Facebook to market their products would be stupid to do so. Need a weather update or emergency warning? Better not rely on Facebook to get your message out there because people aren’t gonna see it until days later. I honestly spend a very little amount of time on Facebook these days because there’s no point going there if I get posts shown days after they’re posted. It’s old news to me. Is Facebook trying to dig itself a hole and turn people away? Certainly seems like it. If I need to contact people via Facebook, I just use messenger. What’s the point of even having the Facebook app anymore? It’s become irrelevant.Version: 182.0

Keeping international family connectionsFacebook is brilliant! I also use many other apps but Facebook suits our family, relatives and friends. I started a closed home page and invited all my relatives and close friends from around the world to join. We now have over 200 relatives in several countries as members. The younger generation show the older generation what we are all doing. This also allows us to update our family tree which is growing every day with some incredible information. Facebook has allowed us to connect showing everyone what we do and how we live on a daily basis with interesting stories from the past and today. Thank you Facebook.Version: 203.0

In-App Notification GlitchI’ve always had a lot of issues with the Facebook app but the bug to do with in-app group notifications specifically had been annoying me to no end. Despite having the latest iPhone and always updating my app, any time the Facebook app tells me that there’s been a new post made in a group page and I tap it it will show me a post from several days ago, often refusing to show me the new post even when I refresh the page several times. In the reverse of this, sometimes the app will tell me that there’s been a new post however when I tap it I discover that it was actually made over a month ago and I missed it when it was still relevant. I’ve been waiting patiently for this in-app notification bug to be resolved however after several months nothing has been done. I have discussed this with other iPhone users and all experience the same bug.Version: 210.0

Please reeeadLol i knew there was a reason why facebook was rated this low >~< its user interface, customer support, and most importantly the frustration it makes u feel is overwhelming. Ive had facebook for five years and it hasnt improved a bit, except for visual upgrades. But its same extremely buggy page and upload system just adds frustration onto frustration- ok its just bad. I upload a post: facebook deletes it and it just disappears. Sometimes the post is birthday posts and it contains precious messages that just ends up being deleted for no reason. The frustration it makes you feel is UNREAL. this happened AGAIN TODAY and THATS WHY im writing this review. This is exactly the reason why i dont post on facebook anymore. Its design and interface just cant get any better than a one star rating..Version: 262.0

Pages & People You Follow/Liked Are Not PrivateCurrently, liked/followed pages you have on Facebook can be seen by anyone, with no way of keeping those settings private. (I know this because I’ve done my research). This is an extreme breach of privacy in terms of the information people who stalk a Facebook account, whether it be colleagues, employees, family members, friends and regular acquaintances who may be making inaccurate judgments about you based on the people you follow. For example, I follow a political commentator who I disagree with on many points, but my reason for following her is because I like certain other points she has and sometimes the good she does. I have lost a lot followers (particularly who share my political views) and they haven’t explained why they unfriended me, but I know it has something to do with pages and people I follow. This is not fair to anyone, and should not be the Facebook standards that anyone should have the mistake of creating an account have to suffer the consequences of. I thought Facebook was a safe and community based network that was created to allow people who are different, yet know each other to come together and share posts that reflect their external life?.Version: 257.0

Thank you!I just wanted to say thank you very much for creating FaceBook and bringing everyone closer together and basically everyone in the world uses this app, it’s the best. Not just contact aswell but to find out what goes on in the world and warning us about important events, the marketplace etc is all very important and handy! Some people spend too long on this app (I’m not that person) and should value the greatest things in life like spending time with family and friends is by far more important than FaceBook, so maybe if FaceBook was open for some parts of the day or if people generally stopped using it so often, they might open their eyes and realise they have a life. But other than that, amazing app to keep in contact with everyone and find out what everyone is up to! 😃💖 xoxo - Molly..Version: 177.0

Lost postI’ve been seeing so many advertising & unnecessary posts on Facebook and not actual updates from my friends. Which I can tolerate. However I’m so annoyed that 2 of my most favorite posts of my traveling photos to Hong Kong and Paris are missing. I can see them on my own wall. But any of my friends try to click on my page cannot see them, they can see other posts i share previously in the same album (with the same privacy setting) but not the ones I just mentioned. Please help me bring this back as they hold sentimental values to me and I really want to share it with my Facebook family & friends. Also, why can we only post only 40 pictures at a time now? Sometimes we’d like to add more into one post as it’s too annoying for others to see them in multiple posts, it would appear on their wall too many times..Version: 172.0

The ads are out of control!Seriously Facebook, I get you need advertising, but it’s getting beyond a joke. At least once a month, I get completely slammed by 40-50 ads, basically taking over my news feed, making it very difficult to see the things I actually want to see. I’ve the last few days I’ve hidden no less than 70 ads. I ‘hide’ the ads for this reason, but given it’s a 5 step process per ad, a lot of time goes in to simply hiding the bombardment of ads. And yes, I’ve adjusted all of my settings to minimise the volume, not that it has any impact whatsoever. My dog recently passed away, yet you continue to send me dog related adds, despite me staring over and over again that this is a sensitive issue. PLEASE, at least, reduce the number of ads and consider the user experience.Version: 297.0

OkayEdit 22 Dec 2020: You have a lot of people unhappy with you but it must be grand to be so rich you can ignore your customers’ complaints. So, I’m going to ask for one (1) thing... please make the fb avatar available for everyone on all devices in *all* regions around the world. I’m in Australia and use the iPad and I still don’t have access to the fb avatars. When did they first come out? Extremely disappointed. Edit 22 June 2020: I’ve just updated the Facebook app on my iPad and it won’t open. I’ve even shut down the iPad and restarted it with the same results. I am unable to use the Facebook app. Team I had to remove the app then reinstall it. Original review: Works fine for me but please give a sort feature for the wall feed in the iPhone version. I'm sick and tired of looking at stuff days old when I want to see the new stuff. If it's already there then I can't find it..Version: 300.0

Annoying and inaccurate fact checkersSo many pages I follow that are simply expressing themselves or posting informative material relevant to their page are being blocked. Or threatened to be permanently closed with little explanation. I cannot see how it breaches anything or warrants these weird fact checking pop ups. Most of the fact checkers appear to be biased and I cannot help but wonder their accuracy and intentions. It’s extremely annoying. The pages I follow have good intentions and only a little controversial and I cannot easily see how it breaches anything. The explanations are extremely vague and unhelpful. It surely doesn’t warrant the unnecessary blocks it’s getting. It’s also weird when I report really awful trash and pornography it seems to either take forever to be reviewed or not removed. Double standards. Why are companies/random Facebook checkers determining what people can and cannot say, share, like, and post. Please do not suppress free speech, thought, and expression..Version: 297.0

Broken now with the updateI have an iPad Pro. A update or two ago when I click on a notification for a photo I’ve posted to a group that someone else has now commented on on or a photo someone else has posted in a group that I commented on and now someone else has commented, when I click on the notification for either it doesn’t take me to the comments on the photo. It instead takes me to the wall of the page the photo is on. Yes the photo is still there because I have to manually go they their posts and find the photo which is there and so is the new comments I got the notification for. If someone likes the photo I posted that notification leads me to the photo properly still by the way. Only with likes tho. The rest is broken. Please fix it’s VERY annoying.Version: 237.0

FacefailLike a lot of other users my Facebook no matter what I have tried will not group my feed in chronological order. I have re-installed the app, logged out, reset my phone, updated the app etc etc but seems to be a larger issue (it also happens on my laptop) It seems like this only happens to certain people. My partner can select “Most recent” and it will group all posts as you would expect but alas not for me. I’m sure Facebook would be aware of this issue but nothing has changed in months, my feed just randomly decided to not group in chronological order over 2 months ago. It just jumps around all over the place, 6 hours ago, 10 minutes ago, yesterday at 10pm... what the hell?! I also have another problem where if I am scrolling my feed on my iPhone and accidentally swipe right a series of menus opens and then I cannot scroll back left to get rid of the menu instead I have to select “Most recent” again and it brings me right back to the start of my feed! Super frustrating if I am trying to check a few hours of posts. Now I’ve tried fixing this issue also with no success. I have enabled and disabled certain “camera” settings still no go. I have upgraded my phone and am sure all my issues are software related as once again myself and my partner have the exact same phone but I seem to be the only one suffering with these issues. Now I am not usually the person to write reviews or rant but maybe it’s time we all go back to MySpace..Version: 173.0

Very very mad and disappointed!Okay I have problems: I download this app and I try to log in my old Facebook acc but my email does not match on Facebook so I decided to make new one because I’m very very sad I lost all my friends and family also I want to create my own page on Facebook I have to follow what I have to do then I take pic myself because it say Please take pic yourself so that we know it is your Facebook and I did. After that I can’t log in my Facebook!!! 😡 again!! And my messenger ahhhh!! PLEASE PLEASE IM SO TIRED TO MAKE ANOTHER FACEBOOK ACC AGAIN WOULD YOU PLEASE FIX THIS APP OR FACEBOOK BUSINESS!!! 1 things can u please bring old Facebook acc back ? NOOO it is allllll GONE !! My art pages, friends, family, pictures and everything’s I didn’t save on my laptop that why I’m very MAD I lost everything’s !! I cried every night because I lost friends name or family’s name or Pictures or art pages 😞😞😭.Version: 217.0

Inaccessible & flawedWhile the main, longstanding systems work there are major problems still present. The reporting system doesn’t function as it should. I’ve seen plenty of instances where myself or others have reported things that break community standards (hate speech, violence, etc) and yet those posts/pages are allowed to remain up, while at the same time harmless content within community standards gets removed. There is no functionality for adding image description for people who use screen readers. I want to be able to describe what is in an image without putting it in the main text of my post. While doing it this way still allows content I post to be accessible to people who use screen readers, it isn’t the optimal format for screen reading. On top of this, when there’s no in-built system to add image description it’s easy to forget which means people are going to miss out. Take a page from what Twitter does..Version: 196.0

Improvements not an improvement and not working? Snowflakes?If it ain’t broke then don’t fix it! Changes and updates which don’t work or which create a less efficient system are pointless? Please.. can we get back to times when posts were listed chronologically. A time when we didn’t have to search for something we have seen but not then unable to find it? A time when one can delete their posts of now obsolete or outdated without the system hanging! A messenger system which used to be part of FB but went independent so it seems and changes same where one cannot easily delete prior conversations once read and tedium in doing so? Messenger app requiring separate download. If FB cuts this then provide an alternative as part of their system?.Version: 288.1

Ads, Ads and more AdsThis social media platform has become hands down the most annoying and advertisement loaded platform in recent times. All I want to do is have a scroll though my posts and see what my friend and family are up to but no. Almost every fourth Post is now an Ad and it is really annoying and not called for. Myself and a lot of other users to not want to be bombarded with 500 force feed ads a day. Don’t get the me started on the video content. Can’t even enjoy a whole video with out some ad that shows 5 seconds into the video that then shows more time on screen than the video it’s self. Also I am sick of seeing stuff that myself and my friends talk about then just “randomly appearing on my posts. We don’t mind some ads but please cut then back to being static and non invasive ones that allow us to enjoy a video or 2 before you show a quick 5 second ad instead of a 35second that cannot be skipped. That just shows fast food that I couldn’t care for. Thank you.Version: 263.0

Change the algorithmI wanna see my newsfeed as it happens. Change the algorithm so I can view my newsfeed in chronological order!! I’m so sick of seeing posts from 2,3,4 days ago for the first time, today!! What you think is important to me isn’t at all!! Just put it back to chronological order and I can guarantee you’ll get the hint of what’s important to me then, as I’ll be able to see the posts as they’re posted and respond in real time.. not 3 days later!! Additionally.. I’m also seeing the same old post over and over again too, but missing out on something that, after newsfeed refreshes is gone and never to be seen again, unless I happened to catch who posted it so I can go and search it manually! For example, lost n found animals, emergency posts, just to name a couple. Just put it back to how it used to be in the good old days.. and stop trying to guess what I wanna see!!.Version: 174.0

Irrelevant and unwanted newsfeed. Needs marketplace tweaking.I now see so much advertising and less of the things and people I want to follow. Organising my groups of friends so I can post relevant information to each group or keep things private from the likes of co workers seems to have been changed yet again. Can’t see marketplace easily on my iPad. Which is the best device to use due to size of screen. Marketplace should integrate a payment method to stop the amount of no shows for items. If they have no tangible consequences they have no reason to show up. And the feedback needs tweaking as once someone messages you they can leave negative feedback even if they have purchased nothing. And if you message direct from a sales group there is no way to leave feedback..Version: 150.0

No push notifications working for anything importantHi I am Not receiving any push notifications from anything Facebook related other than “Live” video notifications and “Friend suggestions” for over a year now? Everything else under my notification settings is enabled, and I have tried turning it off and on numerous times now. I am not being notified about upcoming events, friend requests, reminders, tags, birthdays, friends post updates or even comments people write on my timeline or comments I may be following?? I have an iPhone 6s Plus that is indeed up to date and works perfectly, and have tried reinstalling the Facebook app several times as well as reporting this to the Help section a few times now? Please Please Please fix this annoying and frustrating bug!!.Version: 205.0

Facebook is a dodgy company like BayerConstant "related articles" alleged "fact checkers" that provide misinformation constantly. It's an information gathering service for the 1%ers who want population reduction and to widen the gulf between those who have everything and those who have nothing. Many many government/corporate trolls attacking critical thinkers for overcoming the programmed cognitive dissonance the masses exhibit with such belligerent abandon. Constant irrelevant ads from their AI reading your every post and comment. Facebook attacks anyone who doesn't believe the official story. Good if you have think skin. Abuse is common and the attacker generally gets away with it and the victim when the bite back is attacked by the dodgy Facebook artificial "intelligence". Only reason to be on Facebook is good to try to awaken the people to the tyranny and corruption Facebook and the other multi-billion dollar corporations are guilty of..Version: 251.0

New updatesThe latest updates for Facebook have completely ruined it. For some reason Facebook takes more time than it ever did to load a video, whereas Instagram loads videos instantly, even when I’m using the same network. It’s not only the loading time but also the ads within the actual video that suddenly come up, and force you to watch the advertisement. This new advertisement feature is probably the worst way to advertise within a social media platform, you might want to take a few notes from Instagram, for example, they have advertisements that rarely show up in your time line that are easy to skip. Unlike the advertising structure in Facebook where you have to watch the whole ad that interrupted your video. It would be tolerable if you changed the video adverts to individual posts that you can swipe past, however you haven’t integrated this style within the Facebook app making it an annoying and unfriendly user experience..Version: 202.0

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