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You are a soldier in the army. On the way to the sect building to intervene militarily against a cult that eats human flesh, a mine exploded on the road. All of his fellow soldiers died. Only you survived. You just called a support helicopter, but to get on the helicopter, you have to go up to the roof of the building and they will pick you up from there. You have to get out of here. Cannibals will attack you. You can hide behind things and in cabinets. Watch the objectives given to you. If you forget your objective, you can click on settings to see your current objective. If you have difficulty passing the objectives, click the special power button and use your special powers. Don't try to fight the cannibals because will eat you. Never give up and try to survive! Good luck...

Fear Zone is a fantastic horror game.
If you like horror games, this is the game for you!
You will love this challenging horror game!

Game Features:
- Attractive scary story, horrific truth experience!
- First person game.
- 3D design and exquisite graphics, give you the most realistic visual horror experience!
- Scary music, creepy sounds and atmosphere.
- Fear Zone compatible with all devices.
- Exciting horror game!

Download and play your new free game "Fear Zone" on iOS App Store!

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