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Milk Crate Challenge 3D App Download

Take the challenge yourself on your mobile device! 

Make it to the top of the milk crates, can you? Very easy to control but impossible to master it.

This is a video game. Do not try in real life.

Milk Crate Challenge 3D App User Reviews & Comments

Bad game with too many ads.Game bad plus way too many ads. Those don’t really work together..Version: 1.3

My opinionMilk Crate is a nice fun game I kinda fail a lot but it’s really fun so I think people should download this game..Version: 1.5

2 starsThere is a ad after every level it gets annoying.Version: 1.6

A lot of adsThere is definitely a lot of ads but it is still kind of fun.Version: 1.7

Way Too Much AdsLiterally every level you play, win or lose, you have no choice but to watch an ad between 15-30 seconds. I’ve played games with ads but not like this, it’s not worth downloading. If I could give it no stars, I would..Version: 1.4

CheatYou can literally turn your data & all connections so you won’t get ads fun fact.Version: 1.6

ComplaintsTo much ads, didn’t make the game easy but it look easy in real life and why the leg go back like that😂🤔👌🏾.Version: 1.4

Best game everThis was amazing and helped cure my cancer and help me bear children.Version: 1.6

Not funToo many ads on every level you pass.Version: 1.5

Milk crate challengeIt would get a better rating if it had sound I have tried everything to get sound on the game and nothing.Version: 1.4

The “no thanks” buttonThe “No thanks” button it’s too close to the button with the add.Version: 1.6

CFor everyone saying it has too many ads, to prevent that from happening turn your cellular data and/or your wifi. it won’t play ads without wifi or cellular data..Version: 1.6

Good gameI am winning every time.Version: 1.5

Crate challengeThe game is all cool and all but y’all put the no thank you to small and put way to many ads on hear ..Version: 1.5

Way too many adsI get ads help pay for the app but there is entirely way too many to even have the chance to enjoy this app. Play 10 sec, 30 sec of ads. I’m not even over exaggerating, you will watch more ads then actually playing the game. Sad, could be fun..Version: 1.5

.There’s to much ads💀it’s really triggering.Version: 1.4

DecentA lot of ads as usual but overall it’s good.Version: 1.5

AdsI get a ad after every game it’s annoying I don’t recommend this game.Version: 1.6

3 starThe game is amazing but it have to many videos after u done playing it.Version: 1.4

ThanksAll the adds is unnecessary take them off and make it more fun let us change character clothes.Version: 1.7

Too many adsToo many ads in between playing.Version: 1.3

Ok gameThe game needs more. We all know that. It is good to pass time but it is terrible. Controls are ridiculously crazy. And crazy I mean bad.Version: 1.4

TerribleAll these ads. If you fail or win you have to watch an app. Then there should be a sensitivity setting that allows you to adjust..Version: 1.5

BestBest game ever my favorite part is when the guy puts his foot through his head..Version: 1.4

WiFiIf there is to many ads turn ur WiFi off when u play it when done turn it back on. And if u have cellular data on turn it off too. Yw.Version: 1.6

No more adsI like the game but you can’t get no ads and there’s an ad after every level.Version: 1.5

AdsSo many ads.Version: 1.7

Ads.I understand ads to make money but a full 45 second ad every single step. No thanks..Version: 1.3

AdsIt have way to many ads it’s ads after every game.Version: 1.6

SeriouslyWould give more stars but way too many ads.. WAY WAY TOO MANY ADS. After every try theres an ad. Sheesh i mean atleast every 5 attempts or something. Its hard to enjoy when you have to sit an wait for a game demonstration.Version: 1.7

I like the game but let me tell y’allSo there is a lot of adds in this game ever time you win or lose it give you a add.Version: 1.3

From lover of the gameOMG OMG OMG I LOVE IT XD I kinda talk to my mind and make it hear like the people watching talk 😏😏.Version: 1.7

Best crate gameWould be 4 stars but the ads starting to ignore me.Version: 1.7

Safer than real lifeI like the safety factor.Version: 1.4

1 out of 5Trash game to many adds after every level.Version: 1.5

Don’t botherThe ads are out of control. They are long ads it’s almost no gameplay just watching ads constantly. And I’d probably play the game it’s not mind blowing awesome but it’s quirky and fun-ish..Version: 1.5

Too many adsBelieve the reviews!! How anyone rated this above 1 star must be getting paid. Would’ve been 5 stars all around but too many ads and I’m not paying for no ads cause the game is repetitive.Version: 1.5

TrashWaste of time, ad every other second.Version: 1.5

Too many adsTrying to get the hang of the game but has way too many ads.Version: 1.6

This app is trashI truly think they pod people to give them 5stars lol. There’s an ad after every round. I thought if I got enlighten coins I could skip atleast one ad but nope. Deleted the app within 10 minutes..Version: 1.4

Quite Odd there’s no Africans on the GameSo if you watch the crate videos online they’re done mostly by African people. But this game, as you can see are mostly European or some other nationalities. Why is that?.Version: 1.6

Its fun but to many adsY’all just put your phone on “airplane” mode. Also make some more levels Bc I didn’t wanna start back at one😐😘.Version: 1.6

It’s ok…It’s would be a good game but for me there’s 2 problems to many ads and for me it’s impossible to fall off the crates I’ve tried to fall off them and they won’t work. (Also I found this out but if you turn off wifi/Cellular data there won’t be any ads).Version: 1.7

Fun but WAY too many adsThe game it’s self it’s ok. It’s just so many long ads and the game levels are short. You spend majority of the time watching these ads. It takes away from the game..Version: 1.6

It’s okayThe game is okay but it’s too many ads and I have to wait so long to get to the next level even if I won or lost ..Version: 1.6

3 minutesI nut to this game.Version: 1.7

Not bad but not goodToo many ads. You can’t enjoy playing with so many. Glitches with when they step on a crate. Hard to pass levels because of this. Definitely needs improvements..Version: 1.4

FunThis is really fun I would recommend it:).Version: 1.6

To many adsThe ads are very annoying.Version: 1.7

🤬🤬😡🤬Too many ads.Version: 1.7

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Milk Crate Challenge 3D 1.7 Update

Version 1.7 (2021-09-11): - New mini-game levels - Performance improvements - Bug fixes.

Version 1.3 (2021-09-02): - Performance improvements - Bug fixes.