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Welcome to the Crate Challenge 3D! You saw this on social media many times, now show us what you got!

Very simple & fun gameplay to entertain you! Be careful while taking this challenge, you might break your bones.

Crate Challenge 3D! App User Reviews & Comments

This helped meWhen I was 4 I was diagnosed with cancer, ADHD, amnesia, anxiety And depression but now that I got this game it all changed I reached level 100 and my hair was back and I was calm and not anxious and I was happy now people like me and I get all the girls know what I mean anyways this game is the best thing that ever happened to me thank you so much.Version: 1.2.0

Mmm okThe game is ok. But every round, you get a add. For example, if you lose it’s another add. If you win it’s another add. It’s a add every round. It’s pretty annoying. But the game is cool….Version: 1.1.1

PenisAmong us jokes aren’t funny but quite frankly the fact that this game did not include among us jokes is extremely upsetting. Please add among us jokes or I will scream at your grandmas pillow case and inflate your tongue..Version: 1.1.1

Pretty great gameI love playing this game when I’m on the toilet very relaxing when I’m trying to take a dump.Version: 1.1.1

My favorite game!I’m climbing crates daily and posting it on Tiktok to get more likes and friends.Version: 1.1.1

This game is amazingBefore i downloaded this game i was a no life shut in that showered once a month. i had no female interaction, no friends and my parents didn’t love me. But when i saw this game my soul was immediately refined. Once the app was downloaded. my testosterone went up by a lot and i grew a beard. i went to to my living room and my mother gave me a hug and said dinner was ready and my dad finally wanted to play catch with me. the next day i went to school i had every girl looking my way. It has been 1 week since i downloaded this game and i am happily married to 63 women and 26 guys. i also own 72 mansions and i have officially partnered with the owner of apple. i am currently working on an apple product that is specifically made for this game. I strongly recommend downloading this game..Version: 1.1.1

BruhI used to think that if cover my body in Vaseline I can slide around my house like a snail.Version: 1.1.1

Very badThis game gave me breast cancer, STD’s, and the creator of this game broke into my house and stole my dead grandmas ashes. Also a very close friend of mine downloaded this game and got ball cancer from it and now he’s peeing grape flavored Tylenol. He also became emo and very depressed because this game. Would not recommend. 😡🥺😕.Version: 1.1.1

Never againIf there wasn’t an ad after everytime you completed or fail the challenge this would be a decent game the advertisement ruined the game.Version: 1.1.1

Love thisThis game cured my addiction of ball breaking with hammer, although my balls are like maracas now they still work i think maybe i think.Version: 1.1.1

I owe my life to this gameEver since my father left me for drugs at the age of 6, i have felt like i have no purpose on this word. however once i downloaded crate challenge 3D, my life turned upside down and I realized i am meant for more. my dad has returned after seeing i reached level 20 on crate challenge, and my life is back on track. i ❤️ crate challenge.Version: 1.1.1

Too Many AdsLiterally after every challenge, there is an ad. Then the add forces you to interact and you literally can’t do anything until you interact only for the “x” button to appear after 45 long seconds. If I want to play a game then let me play the game! I understand ads pay for the game somewhat but to put the ad on after every challenge is discouraging. Why is the challenge less than 15 seconds and the ad triples that time. So annoying.Version: 1.1.1

Thank you for this game🙏🙏🙏🙏I was paralyzed from the neck down for 15 years but when I saw my brother playing this game I somehow found the strength to get up,take the phone and delete the game. God is good huh.Version: 1.1.1

Too many videos advertisementsGood game but too many ads.Version: 1.2.0

Your a bakaI didn't mean to get my sister pregnant.Version: 1.1.1

This game saved meBefore I downloaded this game I was a smelly dirty little dweeb that couldn’t get any girls. The second I downloaded it and started playing my Snapchat started blowing up! All of the hot babes couldn’t get enough of me. I feel like a new person, I’m no longer smelly and dirty and I have 10 girlfriends!.Version: 1.1.1

Black kidI was walking down the street them this specifically black kid came up to me and said do i want a cookie i said nah im okay but he tried to fight me i got mad and slammed him i felt bad the. we became friends 4yrs later..Version: 1.1.1

Cured my sticky ballsI was swinging my balls in gorilla glue and I got them sticky and I saw an ad for this game and it cured my sticky balls 😎.Version: 1.1.1

Love the gameI love the game but it reminds me when I was watching my cousin do it an he broke his ankle.Version: 1.1.1

2 minute long Commercials no matter whatThe commercials are ten times longer than the levels. No matter if you skip the bonuses, you get hit with commercials..Version: 1.1.1

Life changing experienceAt the age of 5 i was diagnosed with ligma, sugma, and niggaballidous. but ever since i downloaded this game my testicular cancer has gone away and i am a suburban white man now. my ligma sugma and niggaballidous has gone away. please download this game or you will get a life changing sickness and your father will abuse you.Version: 1.1.1

This helped me out in my lifeSo you see, when i was 3, my parents abandoned me when i was 5. so i was alone in the streets by myself when i was 4. so then i ate the floor and then a phone came out. and it had this app. then i played it and it started raining tacos & money. now, people call me something that sounds like “bill gates” so yeah thanks!.Version: 1.1.1

It was fun while it lastedThis game is fun but once you start playing it, it’s going to become more easy and boring. And I would get the same ad every time I would beat a level..Version: 1.1.1

This game changed my lifeEver since my family kicked me out of their basement at the ripe age of 51 I have been depressed until I downloaded this game. I got lots of friends and lots of money. And when my family wanted me to come back I rejected their request. Unfortunately the game didn’t cure my bipolar..Version: 1.2.0

🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️ what is thisEntertaining but why does his foot go through the crate and then you fall and he goes through all the crates and it doesn’t make sense and I feel like it’s rushed and the physics don’t work..Version: 1.1.0

BigbollsI used to have cancer when i was three but four years ago i started playing thos game and my life got better. i married a jiraffe and my dad left.Version: 1.2.0

Best app saved my soul.This app saved my life best think that ever happened to me i’m not a loser no more now i am the cool kid at school that everyone wants,get this app now!! IT SAVES SOULS.Version: 1.1.1

YUMMY GAMEThis game is just so delicious and scrumptious. 10/10 will eat again.🤭🤭.Version: 1.1.1

John Cena loves meBefore I downloaded this game I was in a relationship with Candice, but when I downloaded this game it gave me the courage to break up with Candice. I broke up with Candice and now I’m in a healthy relationship with John Cena. This game can save lives..❤️❤️❤️.Version: 1.1.1

How this game changed my life. (TW EXTREMELY DEPRESSING)Before I found this game my life was very depressing. I used to play fortnite and roblox all day long, I didn’t take showers, didn’t go outside. I had no girls and no friends. Nobody liked me. But then… I found this game.. this game changed my life, I now have a mansion, 6 girlfriends, many friends and I actually go outside now. I love this game so much, thank you guys for changing my life..Version: 1.1.1

I’d rate it a 6/9It have been playing this game since today at 4:20 and I would rate it a 6/9 because I used to smell like a Baka and now I sugondese sweaty balls. I like it because it’s very sussy amogus.Version: 1.1.1

Absolutely amazing1 hour ago exactly i was diagnosed with cancer and i couldn’t believe it then i found this game downloaded it and mastered it it is so fun and makes me happy and motivated to be a better person and it helped me beat cancer then i felt so motivated to have fun i bought elon musk and his company i make him mow my lawn now and i shot up a school to let my anger out when elon messed up the striping of my yard anyways this game is life changing i get all the milfs and grandmas where as when i didn’t have this game i would get all the ugly normal girls.Version: 1.1.1

This helped me in lifeI had a sad day today i got this game now everyone worships me even the devil now i can go home and smile but my 11 year old got this game and ive had it i kicked him out my house and now my life is so much better thank you so much!.Version: 1.1.1

I’m straightThis game was very well written. As a man who has been with many women and I’ve been straight all my life. This game made me have a bigger booty and now I’m getting more and more women every day. 10/10 would recommend this game to anyone who is straight and love women.Version: 1.1.1

Bug makes one of the challenges impossibleThe challenge where you have told hold down and the guy stretches his foot and you have to put it in the red square doesnt work he always falls bc his leg goes through the crate but there is no other way to do it.Version: 1.1.1

Verrry good gameVery good game, the physics are unmatched, the gameplay is OUT OF THIS WORLD😁, overall tbh rate 9.5/10, pretty chill tbh.Version: 1.1.1

Best game everIf i had to choose between this and the love of my life i would choose THe love of my life Im not Stupid.Version: 1.1.1

Big chungusI was just wondering if you were going out to the beach with us. I’m not sure what time you guys were doing the work but I’m going out for the night lol but I’ll let you know if I’m home or do you need anything else I want lol I don’t want to go lol I just want to make you happy birthday and I don’t want to be like that anymore lol lol I’m ok I’m going back out and get my life back lol I’m going back out now lol I’m so sorry to bother but I’m sorry lol I’m not trying lol I’m sorry I didn’t want you to jerk lol..Version: 1.1.1

Ligma ballz😮‍💨I love this app so much, i was scrolling through tiktok while my dog was licking my balls. it gave me so much more pleasure when i found this app. i recommend putting peanut butter on ur balls then having ur dog lick them and then play this pleasurable game. then after i found this game i texted it to my mom and she was like “wow!!!! let me come lick ur balls and we can play that game together” and we just got done doing that then i ate my horses balls for lunch a few w minutes ago while playing this game. this game is very recommended thank you🤣🤣💪.Version: 1.1.1

This game changed my perspective on life.Have you ever wondered what the life of being a piece of dust is like? If you became a piece of dust you will be living in someone’s house and meet people. But if the door opens on a windy day, then you will go out the window and move on in life. You’ll meet new people and start a life. You’ll maybe even meet a partner. You’ll have kids and then have to move to another state. You and your family will pack an then see new places. You will end up in this bad place. Your wife will then get stomped on by a human and you’ll get depressed. So you start drinking and forget about your children. Your children will become successful and you’ll ask for money since you are still mourning your partners death. Your kids will tell you how you never helped them and you’ll leave and get a job. Then you will get fired because you don’t wake hard enough you’ll end up by yourself and die. Your kids will pay for your funeral die being a sad piece of dust. Your life was good but, you could have done better but you get the life you get. And that it. The life, of a dust..Version: 1.1.1

Great gameI used to be chased by the sussy imposter until I downloaded this game. Now I am the sussy imposter 😈.Version: 1.1.1

Life Changing 🦄Well, you see, I was diagnosed with Chlamydia and type 2 diabetes. But, when I played this game, my whole life changed. Well I still have Chlamydia and diabetes but i became friends with Candice and we traveled to Bofa together. We fell in love and adopted 2 kids from London and then I realized they look like James Charles so I sold them on Ebay for $500 each and now I live in a mansion with Jeffrey Star and Candice and then I forgot I had Chlamydia so I accidentally gave them both STDs… Whenever we feel sad or lonely we always play this game, and Da Baby shows up at our house and plays with us 😆10/10 game 🥰🥰🥰🥰.Version: 1.1.1

Astronomical work.This game is absolutely astonishing. it is the most jaw dropping booty popping piece of art ive played. you see, my name is madison day i started off as a loner. after downloading this game, i have a tesla, a mansion, and is now the main character in “he’s not all that”. 10/10 reccoment my life has changed.😜.Version: 1.1.1

Horrible gameVery repetitive game and gets boring after a while. Also too many ads. I also think it’s weird how the audience is all white and the person on the crate is black. 🤔 it’s weird and giving racist. At least mix in black audience & white people on the crate . Don’t waste your time downloading this trash game..Version: 1.2.0

I don’t like this game I hate itWhy it got people black people doing it then the white be just laugh when u lose that don’t make sense in then the game fell rushed then ads just keep comeing back every time u lose or win I hate this game don’t download pls it the wrost game I seen it should get report whoever made should delete.Version: 1.1.1

To easy! And the ADS!This game is waaaaay to easy and the adds ads are crazy! The adds are like flooding in every time you pass/fail a level! Defenetly needs work it’s way to easy and I feel the the gameplay had problems and you can tell it was very rushed. Please don’t download this game.Version: 1.1.1

HostageSomebody took me as a hostage and told me to play this game, I immediately took the phone they gave me and called the cops.Version: 1.1.1

Life changingAs a man reduced to a wheelchair my entire life, I have never gotten to experience the “Crate Challenge” or other appeasing challenges risking self-harm of the body, until I found Crate Challenge 3D. This game made me feel as if I was stepping on top of crates whilst surrounded by my family and friends, and the risk and reward of succeeding the challenge was so satisfying! Must try..Version: 1.1.1

Testicular cancerMy life was changed in a good way of playing this game, I played for five minutes and got testicular cancer, type one diabetes, a lip load of herpes and type 69 Autism. Thx to the creators of this amazing product that I call home..Version: 1.1.1

This game is awesome. (Uno reverse Card)When I got this game. I became the owner of Apple and my kids are billionaires. I was gonna kill my self but this game made me do it. I mean it helped me get a job and now Bill gates is my servant..Version: 1.2.0

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Crate Challenge 3D! 1.3.0 Update

Version 1.3.0 (2021-09-18): ‣ Sound Added ‣ Bug Fixes.

Version 1.2.0 (2021-09-09): ‣ Roadmap ‣ New Levels ‣ New Characters ‣ Bug Fixes.

Version 1.0.1 (2021-08-28): ‣ Bug Fixes.