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Longer the nails, bigger the prize! Collect all the nails, swerve around nailbiting heads and vicious saws. Paint your nails with colorful nail polishes and decorate them with shimmer!

Nail Stack! App User Reviews & Comments

Good game...but weirdOkay so this game is fun and it’s a good game to play when your bored but it’s kinda weird in my opinion. First when you hit level I don’t know 5 or 10 you get to this person and if you touch her with your nails it bites it off? I guess. Second of all if you don’t like blood or anything like that you don’t play this if you hit the woman or the saw, the finger gets cut into three parts.Version: 1.3

HorribleFirst I downloaded the game and no matter how much I try to go into the game it does not let me in🤬.Version: 1.6

GoodIt’s good but I can’t get on the app it’s loads and kicks me out.Version: 1.3

Ur mom😾Eh The game is kind of boring😜🤪🤪😜🤪🤪🤪😜😜🤪🤪😜😜🤪🤪😜😜😜.Version: 1.3

BadWAYYY TOO MANY ADDS. after every run, you get an add. its stupid..Version: 1.3

Game crashesI’ve got a iPad Air and the game crashes as soon as you try and start it.Version: 1.5

NailsIt was not working at all.Version: 1.4

EhI would love to play this game but it won't let me play it at all! Please tell me how I can fix this.Version: 1.3

YesIloveeeeeeee this game.Version: 1.7

Good game butThe game is good, but after a little bit you can see it’s just repeating levels over and over again. It gets boring and unfun after a little bit. Other than that it’s funny and can entertain you for a while.Version: 1.5

It’s pretty coolIt’s okay.Version: 1.6

Not openingThe App will not open.Version: 1.6

It’s funIt’s fun to play it dos not lag and you can play it wen your on a road trip ❤️.Version: 1.3

...As the app finished downloading I couldn’t seem to get into the app so I kept on trying but every time I tried it exited so I’m kind of appointed about that because I also got this ad off tiktok, so I’m very disappointed that the app didn’t open..Version: 1.1

Won’t let me playAwful. Can’t even play the game. It kicks me out as soon as I join. I’m not the only one whose experienced this..Version: 1.5

BadI got all of the nails but it still said I got a little bit.Version: 1.6

ReadTbh it was a good game but it soon gets boring and you have to watch the ads to get money.Version: 1.3

EhI saw this on a tiktok add, its aight for like 3 min then gets boring. No upgrades to use your money on execpt for continues which is noring.Version: 1.0

EhIt was entertaining for a bit, but after a bit it got really repetitive.Version: 1.6

It’s niceIt’s really nice to play if you’re bored and you can play on the road but there are a lot of ads which gets kinda annoying.Version: 1.6

HelloThis game is good and it’s a good game to play while your using the bathroom 👍👍😫.Version: 1.0

HorribleIt’s too laggy..Version: 1.4

It’s okIt glitch like it freezes like it was hard to write this review other than that it’s fine.Version: 1.7

Won’t even openI downloaded this app because it seemed fun but it literally crashes every single time i try to open it. It hasn’t even worked once. Super ridiculous.Version: 1.6

Poorly MadeThe game is poorly made and when you play it you can tell the developer did not put much effort into it. Also around level 12, the levels just repeat themselves. This made the game boring and unexciting..Version: 1.5

I haven't played the gameThe game looks like a good game but a problem when I try joining it doesn't let me in it kicks me out 😕.Version: 1.6

SusssyySussy bakasss.Version: 1.5

OhIt just exits me out lol.Version: 1.6

I love your gameI really like this game I can’t stop playing it.Version: 1.6

Great gameThis game is a nice normal game that I like to see in adds I’m sick and tired of seeing inappropriate adds and this game is not one of them it’s very family friendly and just right for kids 9/10.Version: 1.3

Nails sackI love this game it so cool I love ittt.Version: 1.7

Nail stackI enjoyed this game very much until it crashed on me, it will now not let me in the game and I have tried everything to fix it.Version: 1.7

Love it…But there’s way too many ads. Add a “NO ADS” button and I’ll give you 5 stars..Version: 1.6

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Could not openDownloaded the app and every time it was opened it shut down immediately.Version: 1.7

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Nail Stack! 1.8 Update

Version 1.8 (2021-09-25): -New nail polish brushes with various sizes for magnificent nail arts. -Shiny new designs for rings. -Beautiful effects added to fingers. -Major performance updates for perfected nail designing..

Version 1.3 (2021-09-10): -More satisfying nail polishing -Minor bug fixes.