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Welcome to Stone Miner: Crush the stones with your truck, Mine the resources, Sell them on the base, and Upgrade your truck to get even more!
There are different types of islands you can explore, the further you go the more rare ores you get. Try to upgrade your truck to be more powerful!

Have fun :)!

Stone Miner App User Reviews & Comments

Ads were removedI originally rated this game one star for the ads that were everywhere even after paying. But apparently it just took a while to remove them. Much more enjoyable now..Version: 2.4.1

Don’t pay to get rid of adsYou’d think paying to get rid of ads would get rid of all the ads, but it definitely does not. It gets rid of the ads between levels and that’s it. Any of the upgrades or bonuses still have ads. Premium price to get rid of no ads really. Do better or charge less..Version: 2.3.1

Too many adsGreat game super relaxing, but it'd be even better if the creators weren’t so greedy and wouldn’t force ads on its users👍 sure you can purchase un forced ads but thats so frustrating this could be such a great experience without that..Version: 2.5

TOO MANY ADSGreat game, I kick back with this game after work and relax. I took advantage of the special no ads promotion and I still have to watch an ad after ad during the game. I am tempted to spend the additional $3.99 which claims to eliminate even more ads and give me ad free carts. I have no problem with supporting these developers because they need the revenue to continue business but this seems like false advertising and that makes me leery of spending any more money.Version: 2.4.1

Stop complainingGuys every body who’s reviewing adds don’t madder people need ads to have a lot of money and for them to make money so stop complaining for real it’s just a quick 30 and 10 sec ad and the 30 sec ones have a skip button earlier then the add ends you just have to wait 1 sec just for the x to appear.Version: 2.4.1

FunThe game is super fun and addictive but the app keeps exiting randomly. I checked the compatibility and my phone is compatible, and I’m not sure what the problem is, but it is preventing me from being able to play, which isn’t really fun..Version: 2.5

Fun Game - Glitchy Behavior ThoughFun game, however I hate that ads keep playing for no reason. I understand that if I select a power-up, etc that an ad will play, but even when I decline, or am just moving around in the game, it seems that ads will randomly start playing..Version: 2.3.3

Daily Rewards GlitchThis is honestly a really good game and I’ve enjoyed playing it immensely since I downloaded. I’ve played tons of idle games and this one doesn’t get boring after a day like most. But I have been playing for probably about a week now, steadily an hour or so a day. And I received the first days daily reward, but have failed to receive another one since. It really is a good game but that is really irksome..Version: 2.4.1

Good, but…I think the game is very fun, and soothing, but I wish you didn’t have to see an add every time you wanted to upgrade something more than once. Just know, the games I spend the most money on, are quality and don’t have any advertisements at all. Like Clash of Clans..Version: 2.5

Pretty enjoyableThis game is what you’d expect it’s just a free simple tycoon type game. Not bad it does what you’d expect but the ads are extremely annoying. Obviously a free game has some forced ads and that’s fine but the problem in the upgrade ads. If you up grade a certain trait in a category you have to either watch ads to upgrade it again or wait till it wears off. It’s just annoying because I’d personally rather just spend coins instead of wasting 30 sec to upgrade a stat once.Version: 2.4.1

The addsI downloaded the game and did an no add trick ik so there was no add but once i got to the digger part level i am now i cant buy upgrades with out watching adds Not mad but just disappointed i cant go further without watching 40 decently long adds just to go to the next tier, ik you guys make money through the adds but once you make them unavoidable thats kinda annoying.Version: 2.5

Good but shortLove the game but there are currently only 40 worlds and you can’t upgrade capacity of truck beyond first maximum hopefully a future update fixes these issues it’s been fun.Version: 2.4.1

Fun but at a priceThere is a pretty large paywall around level 15 - 20. normally you’d receive enough money to upgrade your machine 1 or 2+ times per level, however around level 15 the blocks become very hard to break with your current machine and upgrades are VERY expensive so you’re left with 1 of 2 options. grind all the lower levels (which comes with a timer after completion for 15 minutes) and receive 1/20th of regular payout and upgrade your machine 1 time per 10 levels re completed or pay up and upgrade your machine that way, which takes away the fun. very fun game until that point though..Version: 2.4.1

Good but needs workThe game is good I get invested in it but only 40 levels and that’s it, it’s you can go back to previous ones and make money but only 40 levels isn’t much, either needs to add more or tier the map just like the grinder. And maybe have something to adjust what you ought like I would like to take back the capacity and the speed of the rail carts and vehicle as too much slows and even crashes the app/game.Version: 2.4.1

So much funThis game has taken over my life for the past few days all I do is I come home turn on airplane mode and play this game but I wish there were more levels to the game it stops at 48 and there’s no more after so.Version: 2.5

FunIt’s a great game but as soon as you go up past level 15. The ads will start and then go to black. Which is frustrating because you are doubling your gems or trying to get a certain upgrade. But overall this game is worth the download..Version: 2.3.3

Fun game way to many adsGreat game. Nice way to pass alittle time while waiting for something and can be a very calming game. The problem is all the ads. I don’t mean the ones in between levels or to get power ups or even to get more upgrades. But when I’m just scooting around a level and I get 3 or 4 random ads that are 30secs in about a 4 or 5 minute period. That is just way to many. I’m okay with all the other ads that you get something in return for watching or after completing a level. But to just interrupt the game for 2 mins in a 5 min window just because, it’s just to much. I really enjoyed the game but am uninstalling because that’s just to much..Version: 2.4.1

Still waitingI thought this game was pretty cool, mind the ads every couple of minutes but have seen worse. Up until I reached level 14 and I get to the new map and there is nothing to mine? I figured it was a glitch so I closed it out and restarted. Still nothing, so I tried to see if there was an update, nope. I’m stuck on level 14 and there is nothing for me to mine. I can’t go forward and don’t really care to go backwards, so here I sit… Still waiting! 🥺🥺.Version: 2.4.1

Only 40levels???Well it seems like I have gotten to the end of the game at lv 40! So the only thing I could do was start over with level 1. I did. The ads are really over the top. Ads for everything! Except the balls of ore that you break open with a pick ax but if you want to double your 2 green gems guess what an ad! I am fine with adds they are necessary I get that except I reached the end, it seems, at lv 40. It’s a fun game even with the ads. I read through other reviews and I didn’t find another review that mentions this so I checked to see if there was an update I didn’t complete but no there wasn’t so far..Version: 2.4.1

The game is fine but on slight promblemThe problem for me is when I bought the 4 dollar pack it wouldn’t let me buy carts I had to spend gems or watch a ad which that a waste of money also I completed level three but it doesn’t let me go to level 4. Like I got rid of the stone the bar is complete yellow for the gems and the other one but I don’t know why it does that I closed the app, restarted my phone but nothing! Tell me when you fix that bug. Thanks!.Version: 2.4.1

Remove force ads? HardlyI love this game so much. It really helps me calm down and relax. I bought the no ads, which got rid of the between level adds, and was totally worth the 1.99 to me. Well I saw the 3.99 and remove forced ads. Sure! I like to support devs if I really enjoy their games and the bonus is getting a little extra time playing since I won’t have to deal with ads. After purchasing it I notice it only takes the forced ads off the mine carts and small random powers ups that drop (this is all I have noticed so far). Doubling gems, vehicle upgrades, and the power ups on the right side of the screen all come with “forced ads”. This is false advertisement. Don’t charge to remove forced ads and then just remove a couple. Either state what you are getting or follow through and remove all the forced ads. I would have given it lower than 3 stars, but it is still really enjoyable and relaxing to me. If they ever fix the “remove forced ads” then I will happily give it the 5 stars..Version: 2.3.3

Great except for one thing…There’s this bug that causes my money to go into the negatives (11k +) after I buy any upgrades for the roller. I’ve tried rebooting my phone, switching from WiFi, data, and airplane mode, and reloading the app itself. If this gets fixed I’d gladly change to 5 star. :).Version: 2.3.3

Great game. Simple pastime for me or my kidsThis is an amazing game. Super simple for my kids to play and a great pastime for myself. I wish there were more levels as we have finished them all. We do get to replay previous so that is a plus :).Version: 2.5

1-9 lv for free player, boost item make upgrade pointlessIt is quite fun at first, but at lv10 all stone is super hard and all my skill lv is MAX cannot upgrade no more. After lv10 map u need to use gem to buy those magnet/ infinity dmg boost to dig fast which makes my upgrade skill pointless. ## I would say it is lv9 is end of journey of free player.## Bro I'm game developer too but ur ads amount is insane everywhere. Bro don focus make game for money, u should make game for creativity..Version: 2.4.1

Enjoyable gameFirst game I’ve actually spent real money on (to eliminate all the ads!).. it’s a fun little game to take your mind off life. Downside is there are only 40 levels so you max out super fast and have to just play the same levels over and over. Need more levels! :).Version: 2.4.1

Needs a bit more40 levels and you’re done. No reason to keep upgrading if you’re tearing through everything without slowing down. Needs an endless or infinite mode. I only like it because it’s a good way to relax the mind, but there still needs to be something new occasionally..Version: 2.4.1

Good but…It is good all around but the ads it occasionally gives non-optional full screen video ads it could be made better if you could skip non-optional ads after like 5-10 seconds and the optional full screen video ads could stay non-skip-able but an option to close the ad but loose the reward, but that goes for all mobile games..Version: 2.4.1

Ad-ridden messYou are not intended to play this game without watching ads or spending money. No really! Picking up a “free” power up that you earned from mining? Spend gems on it or watch an ad. Wanna upgrade your miner more than once at a time? Watch an ad. (No, it genuinely won’t let you purchase any upgrade, even if you have enough coins) Get past ALL THAT and continue playing the game with that restriction? Still watch ads. Airplane mode will not work, the ad button still blocks your entire existence. This game is a clear money grab by the developer, who seems to realize that progressional ads are the best way to get users making you money when developing an app. It’s a shame too, its a super fun concept with a terrible practice..Version: 2.5

Paying to remove ads does not remove adsThe 1.99 cent pay to remove ads purchase does not remove any ads. I know people need to make money but this game has a crazy amount of ads. It's fun in an odd way so I thought I would support the developer and for my money I got zero in return. Do not play. Do not download. Shady developer. Will be seek g a refund..Version: 2.4.1

Stuck in the mudI installed this game on my iPad tablet. It did nothing but freeze up. The controls toggle was poorly constructed and made steering the grinder difficult at best. The ads were many and long, and often were the cause of the crashes. I found the prices of the upgrades to be steep and the rewards too few in number. This one needs to be redesigned from the ground up..Version: 2.4.1

Pretty decent but got scammed so that’s funThe actual gameplay of the game is very enjoyable and pleasing to play. But the constant amount of ads is incredibly annoying. Although it is a mobile game so that is to be expected. Bought the no forced ads in game purchase for 1.99 and it didn’t even work. I still got forced ads and the game reads as if I didn’t purchase it even though it charged me. So it scammed me so just be warned, don’t do in app purchases if you play this..Version: 2.4.1

More levelsHi I love this game can’t stop playing it. But I have already finished all the levels and want to keep playing. When are y’all going to add more levels?.Version: 2.5

Lots of bugsI hate to rate this l one star, but I feel I have to. The game has issues. A lot of them. The biggest issue is that it keeps crashing. Allow me to explain. For starters, I've played the third island about 10 times by now. I can't complete it because the game will crash and reset my progress back to zero. If there's an ad? Game crashes. It'll also freeze randomly and then crash. And then you can be in the middle of mining and guess what? It crashes again. I don't think it's my phone, simply because this is the only game I have this issue with. Plus the game lags really bad too. On the whole, it's an enjoyable game.....maybe. But the fact that it crashes so much? Well it makes it hard to have fun..Version: 2.3.1

No way to remove adsThe game is fun, but it pauses every minute or so to play an ad. I purchased the no ad upgrade for $1.99. Unfortunately, no mater how many times I reset the app, reset my phone, or reinstall the no add in game purchase… the advertisements continue to interrupt my game play. The game is a lot of fun. Just know that purchasing things in the game will probably result in the developer stealing your money..Version: 2.4.1

Daily rewardsThis is a great game that I love to play. Not many ads, ads aren’t long, but the problem is the daily rewards will not work. I got to day 2…… and that was over 20 days ago…… hoping this will get fixed so I can explore this whole game..Version: 2.4.1

Holy CRAP the amount of ads this game has!I have seen some games have stupid amounts of ads, but this game takes the lead by far! I’ve only been playing for maybe an hour or two and I literally have watched over 100 ads! A few of those have admittedly been ones I clicked on to earn something extra, but then I get bombarded and inundated with SO many more! I can’t see this lasting very long before I delete this game and any others that have ads on this level!.Version: 2.4.1

AdsThis game is basically an advertisement simulator, want to upgrade your grinder? Watch an ad to do it for free, every time. You cannot progressive at all without watching about 3 ads at a time and even then the progression feels fake due to you not actually spending the coins you earn, because the game wants to give you free upgrades by watching an ad. Oh and there’s no option to just use coins to progress forward instead of watching the ads..Version: 2.4.1

Still more adds and need more levelsLove the game but need more levels hit level 40 already and paid for the no forced adds yet every time I do one of the upgrades in the game it still forces me to watch an add so why pay for no forced adds then if it doesn't work.Version: 2.4.1

Don’t buy “ad-free” add onLoved the game enough to purchase the “ad-free” add on, only to come to find out that I still get adds…. I closed the app thinking that it might just need to restart, which didn’t fix the issue. I checked the purchase tab and it still shows that I can purchase it, even though the amount has been withdrawn from my acct…..Version: 2.4.1

Is goodThis game is pretty fun! I recommend it. But there is a lot of adds, and sometimes you think that you will have enough money to get something and it turns out you don’t.I hope that’s just a me thing, other than that it’s really fun to play.Version: 2.4.1

Money GeneratorThe game was okay at first, but it is literally a money generator for the developer. The mined materials dont give enough money causing you to watch more videos and i catch myself literally watching videos for the upgrades and what made it more obvious that they just want you to watch ads, is that EVERYTHING requires you to watch ads. Imagine how much money they generate from how many ads everyone watches to get the easy way out. The power of the blades depletes in like two levels. Its a good time waster, but even better money maker for the developers..Version: 2.4.1

It’s allrightIt’s a fun game at first, but it starts getting boring. Really all you do is mine blocks. And you don’t get to upgrade the speed of the machine that mines the blocks. And the storage is very limited, as you keep upgrading the spikes and the roller thing it fills up the storage fast. Yeah there is a infinite storage ability for 30 second, but that’s not long at all. You also have to watch an ad to get it. The ability of infinite storage comes up rather quick, but the ads never let me return to the game. I have to watch ads 3 or 4 times to get the ability. I don’t know if it’s my phone, or just the ads in general but it is rather annoying. This game deserves a good 2.5 star rating from me. And also you keep mining the same blocks on different levels. You do get new blocks but it’s mainly old one. And I wish it could be more challenging. And you could also upgrade the machine it’s self on how it looks..Version: 2.3.3

GameplayI have this game and it’s very calming. Most of the ads you see for this game are somewhat true which is uncommon these days. I love to play it and would totally recommend it! Also if you love ASMR this is the game for you..Version: 2.4.1

It okWay too many pop-ups for temporary boost they want you to spend your gems on gems are hard enough to come by, they are the only way to upgrade your vehicle wish there was a way you could turn off the boost things they are very annoying. Never going to use them never going to spend real money on this game it’s not the good. Ok bit of an update my wonderful ad block apps keep all the ads from being able to be played do they just have a swirling weight symbol I’m quite happy with this as it also completely eliminates the possible of accidentally spending money on this game. 274 ads blocked from this app in the last 28 minutes.Version: 2.5

Fun at first - impossible to finishI played about 11 levels and even purchased an upgrade at about level 5 to get the dozer powerful enough to move at a decent pace. After about level 10 I maxed out ever stat and now the dozer doesn’t move more than a single block every 5-10 seconds. How am I suppose to keep playing when my dozer is maxed out?? I’m totally sick of watching ads just to be able to make the game PLAYABLE..Version: 2.4.1

ProblemsWhen trying to get a booster thing or even activate the cart, you have to click on the watch ad or pay with diamonds. If you click on the ad, it doesn’t play and the game goes back to as if you never went to the booster or cart area and you have to keep clicking on the ad for it to work, somethings up to 3-5 times It makes my phone super slow. This game literally makes my phone lag, the game or when getting an ad and clicking on the ad, the ad and the iOS store is super slow super laggy. Typing responds 5 seconds later Nothing to engage you. It’s literally just running over rocks and getting minerals. Nothing interesting at all.Version: 2.4.1

Short and brokenNot enough levels. Took me about 3 days of casual playing in my down time to run out of levels. Plus the upgrades are broken. It will show one price and then charge you drastically more coins when you click on it. Like it will say 7000 coins and then charge you 75,000 coins, sometimes sending your coins into the negatives. Gets boring also. There are no other mechanics besides break blocks and buy stuff..Version: 2.4.1

I love this game!This game is super fun and stress reliving! I first downloaded this because I have heard about it a lot, I expected a game that was made with no effort and a million ads, but no! This game has no ads in between play, the ads are not bad at all. When you want a power up watch a 30 to 20 second ad! One thing though, it would be amazing if the game could get more levels because there is only 40 and I’m on 20 and I don’t want to stop!.Version: 2.4.1

Lvls and gemsLove the game, it’s a fantastic time killer but 40 lvls is not enough, we need more or at least a way to prestige and keep doing harder lvls and getting coins to upgrade. It was also be good to have more ways to generate gems, such as special lvls, or a gem mine that only generates a few, just another Avenue in which we can upgrade our factory and pets..Version: 2.4.1

Don’t be deceivedThis game had potential to be awesome. But the ads are ridiculous, there are so many that it interrupts regular gameplay and I mean I will be in the middle of mining and it just pops up for no reason. I also purchase the “no ad” option and I’m still getting ads popping up constantly. So they’re lying and they’re just stealing your money so do not download it do not purchase any extras with it. It’s a SCAM..Version: 2.5

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.5

Glitch?I got to level 11 and the stone wasn’t there so I could not get to the next level..Version: 2.5

Time killerGreat time killer of a game, would give it 5 star if the game didnt crash every two minutes after level 34 and resets. And this is with both the data on and off.Version: 2.4.1

New levels?Love the game but daily spins aren’t working and I’ve already finished all the levels was wondering when new ones will drop.Version: 2.4.1

Great game, but not perfect…This game is not an idle game but it is still easy to progress in the game, just a couple of things First, the game will randomly crash if on airplane mode, (I keep my phone on airplane mode to prevent ads). I think this is because the game will try and play an ad but it can’t do it crashes. Second, new mining trucks are too expensive because it costs gems instead of money, and it takes a while to save up too, if it just cost coins it wouldn’t be so bad or at least less gems, just don’t make it too cheap But other than those two things I think it’s a really good game, if those things are fixed, it’s an easy five star for me Thanks for reading my review and I hope you take these things into consideration.Version: 2.4.1

BlehI like the look of this game, but when I logged in I couldn’t even move the vehicle. I could only press on the shop and settings but couldn’t actually play the game.Version: 2.3.3


‘No ads’ purchase doesn’t work.Good timewaster game, so I purchased the “no ad” function so I could mindlessly play, Lo and behold, it didn’t work. Still getting banner ads and unskippable pop up ads during the game. C’mon..Version: 2.5

I love this gameI got the daily rewards working now it’s a great game.Version: 2.5

TrashMaking a fairly relaxing game then putting non stop add barrier between the user and boost is annoying but not game breaking even though no adds at all the whole first level. But making it so rejecting the bonus rather then watching an add makes you watch a Expletive add any way is just expletive design i have hyper tension and anxiety games like this are perfect for stress relief so just Expletive sell it and make a balanced game the adds for rewards already negate the stress relief benefits but the adds even if you opt out thats just Expletive evil and you game goes straight in the bin..Version: 2.4.1

Good gameReally good game! It’s only 4/5 stars because I was able to beat it in two days. I didn’t buy anything but I used a few of the adds to my advantage. If you don’t want adds while you play, just turn your mobile data or wifi connection off..Version: 2.2.1

Bad gameWon’t even let me move or play.Version: 2.3.1

Thanks letterThanks for the game and by the way your game is awesome I love it..Version: 2.4.1

VirusIt’s a virus, stole all my data, personal information, stopped me from even opening my device sometimes..Version: 2.5

The best game everThis is one of the best games ever it is so relaxing and calm.Version: 2.4.1

So far 🤙😎.Version: 2.4.1

CoolYo u should install this game cause it is so curative and u can upgrade ur tools and u can have infinite capacity.Version: 2.3.1

ArightI’m disappointed at the fact that I’ve got twice as many ads since purchasing the so called “no ads”. Apart from the it’s a nice game.Version: 2.4.1

Not enough levels!!!There’s only 40 levels!!!!! It’s not enough :(.Version: 2.5

Highly recommend!This game is a great time killer! Sure, there are a few ads here and there but not like other mobile game apps that have da every 5 seconds. This WOULD be a 5/5 if the game didn’t hut down randomly. Although this does not happen often and has only ever happened to me once. So personally I would highly recommend this wonderfully amazing app!.Version: 2.4.1

Trash gameWon’t even let me move and can’t even play the game.Version: 2.3.3

TimsladedogsladeVery good.Version: 2.4.1

It’s OKIt’s not the best game in the world it is boring after a while and too many ads I suggest you don’t get it.Version: 2.4.1

Needs more levelsI really enjoyed this game but i finished it so quickly due to the lack of levels.Version: 2.4.1

AdsJust spent money trying to remove ads, but yet they still never go away. This game is a waste..Version: 2.4.1

Good addictive gameGreat game to pass time by & if you like being mesmerised. Only downfall once you hit 40 it just stops producing islands now I’m bored.Version: 2.4.1

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Stone Miner 2.5 Update

Version 2.5 (2021-10-08): -New feature added: now you can build a town!.

Version 2.4.1 (2021-09-22): -Added Daily Rewards!.

Version 2.3.1 (2021-09-14): -New levels! -Added localization; -Added Skin Shop; -Bug fixes and improvements;.