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Choose your destiny, make your life choices.

Be Angel or be Devil!

Then Go to Heaven! Or Go to Hell! It is your fate!

So are you a good person or a naughty one?

Divine decision is in your hands now. Use it wisely!

This is the runner of your lifetime and after it! Where will you go in your afterlife? You will find it in this game!

It is your judgement day and gods will judge your choices. Your soul will find its place!

Being a celebrity or a student, an imposter or a doctor, rich or poor; they do not matter! There is only one important judgement: be merciful or be wicked.

The holy justice calls for you!

Destiny Run App User Reviews & Comments

Pretty good game but to much adsSo I downloaded this yesterday I thought I would get to play it yesterday but I didn’t and I played it a few minutes ago and I got my first ad on it I thought I wouldn’t be getting adds as much but when I wanted to be evil after I did that another ad popped up I hate ads as much as having a game and the game ad comes up for you sorry I made this to long oh also this game is a rip off none likes rip offs so get of the App Store or I’m just going to rate 1 star ⭐️.Version: 1.1

A bugThere’s a bug that makes you go through when you’re flying.Version: 1.2

Awesome Game!! TOTALLY GET THIS GAMEI’ve been playing this for about a week and it’s really nice! Not to many adds, At first I wondered why it only let me do one, but now it gives me a choice of devil or angel! I really like the game, Good job developers!.Version: 1.1

AdsThis game is fine it’s just the ads that pops up every time you win and when you try to buy things but other than that it’s good.Version: 1.0

Ads Ads AdsIn about 3 minutes I only had maybe 30 seconds of actual game play and the rest were ads. I couldn’t go 10 seconds without getting an ad. Immediately deleted this game!.Version: 1.1

Loves sir but...I love it because it is fun but it takes forever to download.Version: 1.1

Fix this plsWhen you finish the level there’s a add at the bottom and you go on to the next level pls fix this.Version: 1.1

The worst thing I have ever playedW.Version: 1.1

Mmm it’s okIt’s fun but kinda boring as you play it for a while ig.Version: 1.2

Good game but…So I was flying as a devil and landed on x5 THEN I went soooooooooooooooo far down in the map and didn’t get my points!.Version: 1.1

FUNThis game is so fun but hard at the same time it is so addicting it really makes you try to reach your goals #wouldrecommend.Version: 1.1

Good but notIt is ok but I keep having app’s 😒😞but I’m actually like it it’s just not me I like the angle of the game lol 😂 but it is a great game 😁😆🤣😗😙😗😘😘😘😘.Version: 1.2

Great game just a few bugs iI saw an add so i downloaded it and it started of going great!,but there are a lot of adds, bugs, and glitches when i went into the gate to get my x60 it glitched out and kept going nonstop past the x100 i lifted my hand off and it still kept going so look out for that bug but other than that its a great game so I reckon that you should try it..Version: 1.1

Great, but just two problems.I enjoy playing this game, but there’s just 2 problems in the game itself—when I get a new character skin after reaching 100%, it won’t let me see the video for it, and instead takes me back to the main area to start the next level. And sometimes, the video for increasing the amount of Angel or Devil coins doesn’t play, allowing me to get the normal amount after the multiplier the character landed on (or stayed the same if the character didn’t gain wings). Can you find a way to fix it, or is it something that my phone is doing? Let me know soon, but other than that, AWESOME game!!! 😈😇❤️😇😈.Version: 1.2

UhmSoo it used to be fun but it got boring and also too much ads..Version: 1.1

Cool game! ✨I rlly like it there’s not a lot of ads it’s cool I can play it for a while tho it’s repetitive is really fun!!😈👼🏼 you can choose sides too (demon🧛🏼‍♀️👿 or angel 👼🏼😇.Version: 1.1

I like the details10/10.Version: 1.1

Why I like it but hate it at the same timeI like it but it has way to many ads.Version: 1.1

NormalThis game wasnt the best cuz as soon as i downloaded the game i fell through the floor on my first level and the game froze 20 times and they keep saying that they fixed the bugs but they never dod so thats why this was the WORST GAME EVER.Version: 1.1

It’s fun but..I keep following through the map sometimes it’s kinda annoying. But the rest of the game is so good! And you make your own decisions sometimes and it’s cool but not the best it can be.Version: 1.1

The best game ever a lilSo the first time I played I was keep picking angle and then it wanted me to pick devil but I was trying to keep picking angle cuz I’m god girl and then when I tryed to go to god it said wrong target so I keep trying to press god cuz I love god but the game is still fun.Version: 1.1

Fun!This game is very fun and even though you don’t do much, just the same thing over and over again, it’s so addicting! I haven’t done much other things when I got this. My friend played this and told me she got it, so I checked it out and I’m obsessed. There aren’t really many bugs or glitches but there is a few. One glitch is that sometimes if you collect something that is for angel, it will give you demon. Same way the other way around. Another glitch is sometimes at the end when you are flying, when you land you’ll go through the ground and the only way to get out of that is to exit out of the game. This doesn’t happen often but it’s happened twice to me. One more is that it’s possible to just be flying over the map then I started falling back down but went back under the map. This has only happened once, and I have no idea if this has happened to anyone else. Other than those three glitches, this game is so fun and I recommend it! If you don’t know what to do and have nothing to do, in your free time you should definitely play this!.Version: 1.1

Good!I love this game so much! But in the beginning it said that “sad” was on the devil side and I get sad kinda a lot so maybe change that idk.Version: 1.1

AddsI wish there were less adds because it makes me want to play less.Version: 1.1

How I feel about this gameThis game is awesome it is so fun to play like when your mad you can play this game and be a devil or when your happy and want to be a angel this game is super super duper duper fun.Version: 1.1

Devil vs angelHi I think this game is fun and if you get bored you might want to play this game.Version: 1.1

Fun but one problemThis is an amazing app! I love this so much, yet you have to watch a ad to unlock skins, and if you don’t wanna, you have to earn the same skin again! But it is very fun..Version: 1.1

Good butWhy does it have soooo many adds my child says she does not like the ads so please don’t add to many adds!!!.Version: 1.1

Do play this bad game rip offThe game says 4+ but when ur on the devils side the person starts to twerk and there’s another problem after I first started playing I won but then it wouldn’t let me pass the gates it didn’t matter if I was on the devils side or the angels side it didn’t let me pass on either 0 out of 10 very very very bad game do not play and don’t let children play either.Version: 0.5

What’s wrong with driving a car eating food that you like and like rockThis game is a light what the problem is why is it bad to like rock and ride a car most people don’t like kpop.Version: 1.1

Impossible to Beat also gets pretty boring after a whileIt’s a fun game and all but it’s literally impossible to beat. So I picked the angel side and got the full bar filled for the angel but I still landed at the 100x. I’ve tried for a month to reach the end but it’s impossible, this game clearly tricks you into trying to beat it and get to the big chest at the end. Don’t even try reaching the end it clearly isn’t worth it and it’s just a waste of time. Other than that it’s an okay game and all but after a while it gets pretty boring. Developers if your seeing this please consider making it possible to reach the chest. Thank you and have a nice day..Version: 1.1

UnderratedMost reviews on this game are totally meaningless and far fetched but let me tell you how it really is. I have had no ads, no bugs and no glitches. Just a 100% smooth play through of this game. Your character does not twerk at the end and besides I don’t find that inappropriate but apparently some people do so. The whole “Targeted play” really isn’t true besides the first two levels to get a hang of what each side will be like. The rest is completely up to you. I highly recommend this game to anyone looking for something to do in their free time..Version: 0.3

Good gameIt’s a decent game to play when your bored.Version: 0.2

I really this game they put kpopI really love this game because my favorite kpop is bts because bts is my idol 💓💗💖💞💞💖💖💗💓💓.Version: 1.1

Too many adsNot only are there waaay too many ads, the ads I experienced were for duplicate games of this one..Version: 1.1

Very Good Game!Ok so I just saw this ad and said this looks interesting so I downloaded it and it was awesome! So it’s like your can do your personality and the personality you wanna be! Please download this!.Version: 1.1

BugThe game is cool and everything but after ur on level 2 their was a bug which their wasn’t enough good things to pick to get chosen on the gate I picked every good thing in the game but I still didn’t get in the gate Cz it wasn’t enough but I collected everything so now I cant pass anything and do anything I tried clicking a add to skip but it wont work so im just gonna delete the game.Version: 1.1

Too many adds great game thoGreat game so many adds tho to really enjoy the game you turn of your 😅😀.Version: 1.1

Five to be at to actually 0 😡Is this a good influence on my children no and this ad is so revealing.Version: 1.1

Just download itI rated it a 3 because I haven’t Played it yet.Version: 1.1

AmazingI love this so much I’m gonna bleed every day.Version: 1.1

Ummm i love itIt’s a good game but I don’t want it too give me more ads cuz it’s annoying but it is ok plus I like how the outfits are cool but I’m 17 playing this game it’s awesome game but some kids I saw are like 4 and I saw the girl on this game and it’s 12+ but she 4+.Version: 1.1

Not that good of a gameSo there is so many adds fist about 2 every level it would be fun if you like ads there’s more ads then there are the game if you want to watch 20 ads a day is this is the game for you I really do not like this game I would not recommend.Version: 1.0

Kind of promoting being a bad person fun game thoughI mean yeah as it says in the title fun game but kind of promoting bad behavior fun and all and it’s all your opinion if you want your kids playing this or not.Version: 1.1

ADSOkay so any app that’s like the ones you play on a plane have ads don’t listen to that top one, it’s stupid that if you want a reward you have to watch an ad but if you skip it YOU STILL GET AN AD.Version: 1.1

Why the high rating??Yea I have no idea why this is highly rated by people...just ultra repetitive, one game lasts about 20 seconds, bad graphics...rating so people wont bother downloading it..Version: 1.1

AmazingThis is an amazing app and game I use it for all my tiktok sand I gained 100k followers from my stories while playing this game ❤️💗💓😋.Version: 0.2

Way too many glitchesI was stuck on the game in the air for about 30 minutes the game would not let me close out and i was just sitting stuck flying in no where but its a fun game without the glitches.Version: 1.1

Not badI kind of like it but I wish there was mini games when u finish 4 levels because it’s kind of boring doing the same thing over and over again.Version: 1.0

Uhhhhhhhhh- 😁🤚The game is good but here’s a problem… I was on the angel level. I was flying and I can’t control my flying and I went beyond the bottom of the map and I can’t fly up. Please fix that. Overall, it’s a great game..Version: 1.1

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5 star ratingI just started playing this game and I all ready love it! Honestly it’s not just a game it’s a whole other world!.Version: 1.1

Best gameI love it but….Version: 1.4

Coolest game everIt’s so cool so fun I love it I would never play any other games on the phone but this Best decision I’ve ever made.Version: 1.3

Whyyyyy please updateWILL NOT KET ME BE A DEVIL OR GO TO HELL 😡.Version: 1.1

It’s good but to many addsI love the game but there’s to many adds sorry.Version: 1.4

Believe in GodLovely game told you to believe in the good thank you who made this game.Version: 1.3

Amazing app but…This app is amazing its so cool but the adds they are sooo anoying if u dont wanna change it thats fine buti sugest u do but other than that i love the app keep up the goodwork.Version: 1.1

LoveI love it bc it’s the best.Version: 1.1

Love this gameI love this game because my name is Destiny.Version: 1.1

Good gameI love this game but nobody is perfect. The only thing about it that I don’t like is the turning into a devil bit. Because if littler kids install this app they might think it’s what they should do. Like becoming a devil it tell you to steal, use guns and destroy nature. I’m just saying littler kids might think that’s the right thing to do.Version: 1.1

Not badSoooo I just started playing and little kids should NOT play this game it’s bad because of devil they don’t know what being bad means cuz no one ever teach them bad that gets them in trouble but I am 8 so I understand.Version: 1.1

Luv uLuv u.Version: 1.1

Why Thais game is so amazingI love this game because you decide to be an angel or a devil I chose angel all the time.Version: 1.1

My ReviewIt’s a great game and I really love playing it all day please make more games like this game. Kind Regards Amelia Lubke.Version: 1.4

Angel’s nameI’ll.Version: 1.1

Help the world and good gameKids under 4 should not play this at all!!!!!!!Im 8 so I know the right thing to do and I even go to church.So I am very wise ok who see this.If you are with me help the world to be a better place.Like helping plants and no hurting or saying bad words.So please do this thank you if you do..Version: 1.2

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Destiny Run 1.3 Update

Version 1.3 (2021-09-17): - Bug fixes.

Version 1.1 (2021-08-31): - Added new characters - Added new levels - Bug fixes.

Version 1.0 (2021-08-23): - Added new levels! - Bug fixes!.