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Streamer Life! App User Reviews & Comments

A Few Issues1. Ads are extremely inappropriate. 2. Warning before I say this: In no way am I aiming to make this a race thing, but more so as a “how I see my character” kind of thing. I’d like to say that while there are definitely customizations for both your character and the room, there’s nowhere near enough. Like I’m sorry but why only one white character? She doesn’t look anywhere near what I look like, and theres only one option for her. And theres also only one option for an asian character but yet there’s two black options? Why? Can we have a balanced number of options for each? Maybe 4 for each skin/body type? And what about people of Hispanic/latino and or even Native descent? Why don’t they have an option? It’s just very limited in my opinion. You could even just keep the options how they are now and just add another menu that has stuff like skin tones and hairstyles and stuff I suppose.Version: 1.2

Good but won’t let me seeOk so after the game loaded it just showed a pitch black screen with buttons but no pictures or furniture. I tried closing the tab and reopening it but this it was there, I also tried reinstalling but still I saw a pitch black screen please fix this problem! Still I like the game but you HAVE to fix the ads!.Version: 1.3

It’s okThe app itself is fun and all but the ads that you get while playing this game are kinda inappropriate like I been playing this game for a while and every time I get ads it’s something about inappropriate things but the game overall is fun it’s just the ads that are the problem.Version: 1.1

We need to fix these ads.So this game is fun in all but y’all really need to change this. The ad for the game is to make her take her shirt off. I have seen ads like this like there’s the one where this girl is taking her shirt off cuz it’s hot then she puts it back on when it’s cold. There’s the one game with a eraser and you can erase a girls clothes for a level. There are kids here downloading these games and seeing this stuff. They are becoming dirty minded too at a very young age. You people who make these games need to fix this immediately. This is not cool and the fact I have seen this also is very disappointing to me. And the fact they don’t change this is very concerning to me. If kids keep on seeing this this is gonna cause parents to sue these companies for kids seeing all of this at a young age. I would like it if y’all would change this ad and other inappropriate ads, it would help a lot and would help kids to not see this. 👍👍👍thank you for reading this add.Version: 1.1

Eh...The game is alright it has inappropriate content which you might not understand from the ad. The some of the comments are actual pretty mean and younger kids might absorb it. There is light cursing which is prorated in the ad in the comments. The game keeps repeating I mean "'y ex has hacked intoy account and stolen my pictures" I've sung with Rhianna a bunch of times and some lots of photo shoots. Some thing parents might want to be concerned about are: twirking, light cursing, censored nudes, death emojiis, mean comments, dating contents, inappropriate dancing, objective comments, people in their underwear, and the ads that the game will play are very inappropriate and made more for 15+ not 12..Version: 1.1

UPDATE GAME🤬Game is great but the fact that the ads are so inappropriate I am 9 years old I love this game until I saw and add that’s is dirty and can u please put more levels please cause when u finish decorating the house and buying all the clothes and completing all the levels the levels repeats again I gave this game 3 chances but still no update it’s a great game and all but please try to make the ads kid friendly and the levels too and please make more levels that are different cause of you don’t no person would want to download your game and that wouldn’t be great..Version: 1.3

Twerk with your dadIt’s kinda fun to waste time on, but there are a few things that aren’t explained: Does anything happen when you upgrade your furniture? It doesn’t seem to make you more famous or progress in any way. Once you reach a certain level are there going to be changes? Will the levels change or are we going to be in the same room with the same levels the whole game?.Version: 1.1

Not for kids or teens (inappropriate)I am a mom of 2 girls and my youngest asked for this game and it looked normal to me so I said yes and got it for her. A bit her bigger sister started playing it too so I wanted to see what was so fun about this game to them. Well I checked it out and saw people twearking and on a pole and dating boys and hitting people with baseball bats and I new it was not appropriate. They didn’t know it was wrong because there 3 and 5 so now I had to explain that they couldn’t play it without giving to much info so this is very inappropriate.Version: 1.3

Very repetitiveFun game but after a while it got boring. it just repeated the same things over and over and over. this made me delete the app really fast. also ads, there were a lot of them. you basically cont get anything unless you watch adds. i understand ad revenue but there was WAY too many. after every level there was an ad. very annoying. you did the same thing a lot. basically you knew what you had to do. nothing like what happened in the ad..Version: 1.1

Seen it all after 15minMildly entertaining, but gets real stale real fast. The update before added a few appearance options which, while welcome, were not nearly enough. You have some “choices” but at the same time you don’t - take the dating app day for example, you can like anyone you want but you HAVE to like the last guy and he immediately shows up at your bedroom. You can hit him with a pillow or a bat. End of choices. Could be so much better and entertaining, potential is there. Just need to execute on it..Version: 1.3

Fun but not much to doIts a fun game overall, pretty accurate to irl streaming i guess but its repetitive, like the set up isnt bad and the ads arent too annoying but theres nothing to do after fully customizing your room. i want to be able to customize my character too, not sure if you can but im pretty sure theres no option for it. i want to keep the game but unless we get an update on stuff to do then idk if im keeping it.Version: 1.1

This is a 12 or over game don’t get mad at the creatorThis is to all the parents who are saying that this is inappropriate if you look at the age of 12 are over game so you cannot get mad at the creator because your child is playing at 12 or over game that’s what I think so you should add a bag all the stuff that was here because now the game is just not as exciting officials on the ad..Version: 1.8

AmazingThe game is amazing I love how you could control it because we do have kids it’s so amazing and the good thing about it is it’s great there’s literally no other way to describe this “there is a maze a bowl it’s amazing unbelievable mixed up to make amaze balls it’s not supposed to say I made the balls but OK but I hope you have a great time while playing it’s a really good game that’s why I gave it five stars.Version: 1.8

The inappropriate addsThis games has to much inappropriate adds and to many adds if you make it no adds that would me more in joy able and 30 of my friends want to play that game but I suggest that they delete it because it has inappropriate adds and it is not necessary to have inappropriate stuff in the game too i I will tell AppStore to delete that game from all electronics if it will not be appropriate adds also when you close the internet for no adds it says that you have to open the internet to play the game if the game continues to be inappropriate I will have a post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to warn people from that inappropriate game.Version: 1.8

Boring because of repetitivenessThe game seemed kind of neat at first…. Until it started repeating the same things. The same days over and over, the same truth or dares along with having to play that multiple times in a row. I would also agree with some of the others reviews that have been left in them saying that parts of the game are fairly inappropriate for a 12 year old. Being able to customize the character would be greatly appreciated in any possible future updates to the game.Version: 1.1

It was good..but I got boredWhen I first got this game it was really fun! But after you get past a certain level it just restarts from the beginning level and makes it kinda boring! It’s just same truth or dare questions and stuff like that! And yes I do love games where you can customize but after a while in the game the customization is just sad and you have to watch a add for every single item unless you buy it! And I don’t really wanna waste my money on that! And yes I know adds are how you make money and support other games but you people put to many in! That Is all I have to say for now goodbye..Version: 1.1

ADOkay so this game is for 12+??? Then why is the ad showing the girl about to take off her shirt? And while playing the game the girl is dressing up in lingerie? If this is suppose to be a kids game then make better advertisements for it. Kids should not be seeing a girl about to take her shirt off nor in her wearing a lingerie while playing the game. If you are trying to have inappropriate things that aren’t made for kids then you need to make this game be 18 or older. No child should be exposed to such things at a young age..Version: 1.2

BoringAfter a certain level the story repeats and everytime you do something you have to watch ads I mean EVERYTIME! You watch ads before during and after streaming. You watch ads to get certain clothes and furniture, also their is very little variety. Probably like 4 outfits you can make and characters aren’t customizable past clothing. Not a lot of options for room decor either. I’m actually very bored of this game now because it was so easy to get all the things. I got all the items and decor at level 20.Version: 1.8

It needs a lot of workFor starters, there is more ads than content. It will maybe keep you entertained for <5 minutes. Plus, the age rating is a bit off. They do make it clear in the ad what some of the game is, though you have to be 18+ to view the “explicit content” in the ad. There isn’t any nudity, but it’s not really suitable for kids, since it does appear as an ad on kids games. One thing I found REALLY creepy, was level 6. Basically your character is out of money and asks her dad for money for dinner. He agrees, if you twerk with him…that should really be removed because she looks like a prostitute or something when he hands her money at the end of the level..Version: 1.3

It's good, but it needs some work.I love the game, i think it is good and its a cool concept, but it needs different stories for each day, i dont really like tgat you play the same ones over and over again. Im already on day 110, and i still haven't seen anything new. But other than that, the game is funny and fun to play, but again, i would appreciate some new stories for each day you go through. Thank you!.Version: 1.1

My followers went negative!?!?Hi! I love this game so much but there is one problem with the game. When you go over 2 billion followers the game gets confused and makes me lose all my data on the game, Even the viewers goes to 1 billion then it just goes back to one, Can you fix this please? If yes Thank you!.Version: 2.0

SUPER INAPPROPRIATEThe only reason I got this app is so I can write a review. THIS GAME NEEDS TO STOP. The ads are all about like stripping and being dared to take ur shirt off. And in the game u can go on a dating app and then the guy texts and says he’s at ur house and then u hit him with a baseball bat. Like seriously what the heck is wrong with you people. This says 12 and up but I’m twelve and both my mom and I agree that I should not, nor want to, play this game. Stop doing this, this is not appropriate and lots of kids are seeing these ads. Get a life..Version: 1.3

Game should get BANNEDOk, so first of all, this games ads were SO inappropriate, and I thought it was those games with the fake ads and stuff, but the GAME Is ALSO inappropriate as much as the ads are. It says 12 and up, and I think it should be somewhere around 14 and up. This is a really inappropriate game and the ads are too! I feel like this game should get banned, and there are also some little kids playing this game. If you are a mother and you want your children to grow up playing games like this???? This game shouldn’t even get ANY stars at all and it’s so boring too! This is just too much-.Version: 1.3

Calling all normal ppl with a sense of humorPlease,,, please get this game it's so entertaining every element of it. the game itself with it's illusion of freedom of choice. while a certain gamepath cannot be changed in the game, i appreciate the developer's thought of the consumer's wants with this application. the ads are prevalent, but adding just as much spice and character to the composition. i need you to get this app oh my g*d pls.. i promise the time out of your day will be so worth it because of the joy and life you receive from such endeavor. TL;;;;::DR: download this app for an entertaining experience..Version: 1.1

Pls change adThe game looks awesome for adults and teens buts it’s a big no no for little kids for example my baby brother is very curious like most children and god forbid he might download this app without knowing the inappropriate content do pls change ad that’s all I ask.Version: 1.3

Sound?Is there supposed to be sound in this game because on my phone it's completely silent?! All I get is the vibration when I earn cash. There is a button for sound in the settings but it doesn't seem to do anything. No music, no clicks, just complete silence. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing? Also why does the game keep repeating the same scenarios over and over? It was fun up until about level 25 then it just starts repeating..Version: 1.1

Kinda creepy ...So when I got this app it was fun but then it was the same thing repeating itself over and over again and sometimes when I was on the app , on a different app , or exiting the app I would see static and a face pop up and it would scare me but after 1 second it would go away . And the thing is this stated to happen when I downloaded this app. And so I deleted it and then after a few days later it would re-download itself. It did it today and I just wanted to share my experience with this game . Also it would keep re-downloading itself over and over again . And I know you might thing it’s another lie or a game conspiracy like my talking my Tom and ect. But I promise you it’s not ..Version: 1.8

My screen is blackMy only problem is my screen is black. Anytime I join the game I can’t see anything. Also why does everybody think the developer controls the ads? The developer just makes the game, people who want others to play their game are the ones who make inappropriate ads. This game is 12+ you should know not to give young children this. So don’t waste you time writing comments about ads and your dumb decisions..Version: 1.3

Good game but needs fixing1 the ads are not ok for children. 2 when I opened the game I couldn’t see what was happening it was black I could play I just couldn’t see what was happening. 3 I wish there was more characters I could choose bc I wish I could have more of a hair selection and more clothes that were more casual. I hope you can fix these few complaints..Version: 1.3

Just that game that dies down quicklyDidn’t expect much when I downloaded the game, only that last little piece of hope left. Of course, the game was manifested with ads. To be honest, I don’t mind watching ads if the rewards were worth it, but ads literally haunt you after every 2 stages (every stage lasts about 10 seconds). It got pretty repetitive within 30 minutes. Download if you’re insanely bored and just want to blow off some boredom, I guess..Version: 1.1

More ads then game playThis game is pretty cool, and would be really worth playing but disappointed because you literally are forced to watch ads after each thing you do in the game. & There was an option that said to remove all ads for 2.99 so i purchased that and there were still ads consistently. so basically just lost 3 bucks which isn’t a lot but like why even have an option to remove ads? Hella frustrating.Version: 1.7

Fix the adds please-Okay so pole dancing is a sport but being a literal STRIPPER on stream is not good. And I also the ad where the girl was LITERALLY LICKING THE MIC AND MOANING LIKE-? so this is not child friendly and if it is going to have a 12+ rating, Then it should be for 12+ not in appropriate stuff that makes children dirty minded and know these things at young ages And again, Pole dancing is a sport but if you take it to a LITERAL STRIPPING LEVEL then that is STRIPPING. And about taking off the clothes and the INNAPROPRIATE DANCING i don’t like it. It needs to be more child friendly..Version: 1.3

More things to doI like the idea of the game but after awhile there are the same things over and over again like for example truth or dare, I got that 4 times In A row with the same choices every single time. (Mystery, truth, or dare) and it gets really boring because there aren’t many things to do so please update this game and add more things to do but overall I give this game a 3 because it’s not bad but it needs more things.Version: 1.1

Change the adSo the game is fine and lots of fun u guys should download it but I have a little problem and that’s the ad. The add has to change because there could be little kids getting ideas I thought it was a kids game but when I saw that ad I was disappointed because there are little kids downloading random games. It’s just sad that u guys don’t care about the kids because of a nasty ad. What the ad said was that there was a new date but the date said to take her shirt off and then the other part was that it contained mature content and it said viewer discretion advised and it said to click to see more it’s just nasty little kids are always seeing that. My point is just change the ad I don’t care how much it cost or how long it’s gonna take just change it little kids are watching your ad right now and it’s just weird but just change it overall the game is good..Version: 1.1

Like the game but inappropriateOK so to start off I don’t like that it says takeoff your shirt which is gross and I don’t like that there’s lots of fighting in the app and I don’t like that it says ages 12+ but I see four and five-year-olds playing it I don’t think you should ever get the app and less you have parent permission and your parents are watching it if they see that it’s inappropriate definitely delete it I’m just saying if you’re under 12 don’t play it.Version: 1.8

RepetitiveThe game is fun and all, but the game constantly repeats itself with the same objectives and the same items. I wish there was more variety on the ones where you pick the same items over and over again but not able to have an opinion to choose the other items in the repeated streams..Version: 1.1

Had its charm, not like other gamesDespite it being a cash grab, i sorta had a little fun, its charm is out there. To where you can call your father to put out a fire, only to then scold you giving you the option to show him the cash, making him dress suggestively. Thats the one thing I don’t like the sex appeal to gain attention, although it does sorta have the charm which I don’t get from almost all mobile games out now. They’re in the step in the right direction they just need to be creative instead of surfing only on trends..Version: 1.3

THE ADS NEED FIXING IMMEDIATELYI am a mother of 4 kids and I gave one of my daughters my iPad to play games. While I was cleaning I I caught a glance of the iPad and showed an ad of this game of this girl in the game here dressed in lingerie and is near a pole, posing as a stripper. That is not okay, young children play these games and should not be seeing things like this. One of my friends did told me about this game and she said that in one of the ads, the girl was dared to remove her shirt. This is NOT necessary! You can advertise your games more appropriately no matter the age. Anybody can access these games including young children, such as my daughter. Please fix your ads to be a lot more appropriate. Thank you..Version: 1.1

SUPER INAPPROPRIATEThis game is terrible. Don’t let your kids play this game. There are a lot of bad content in the game, along with the adds. It definitely is not for 12 and up. It’s more like 16 and up. Even then I wouldn’t want anyone playing that game. In one scene the dad twerks with you. That’s not even the worst part. There are so many terrible things on that game. Please fix this. It disturbs me to know that there are little kids playing this game. Children should not be playing this game. Not ever..Version: 1.3

I have two things to sayOk the first think I have to say is that the adds need to be fixed the adds are all perverted. One of them is some girl say touch me Expedia so ur fantasy and oh lord no the adds are all just perverted and sexual I just can’t. The second thing is that some things are not really appropriate like how you can just randomly make out or wear a bra a underwear while doing it and topic is 18+ now this is just my opinion so please don’t judge me. But dont download that game if are not in the age limit of 14-18.Version: 1.2

Umm… okay?So at first I really like this game, until there started to be a few inappropriate things. For instance she had to model for a underwear company and you didn’t have a choice not to, you had to twerk, you have to kiss people, you have to hack your ex’s Computer to get rid of those nude photos of you , and after all of these stupid things or done it just makes you do them all again. So I just say please don’t download this app if you are under 15. Honestly it’s really dumb.Version: 1.1

Pretty cool appI like this app is very interactive and it lets you do things I love the drama that he comes up with and that I would only suggest like letting you like customize the character and everything like dress it up and pick your hairstyle and how it looks.Version: 1.1

Glitch.Okay so, I’m gonna start of with the ads, there are too many for my liking at least. Also, can you add more new clothes? If so, thank you! Also, when I was by level 23, and I won….. it started to glitch???? Anyways, I’m making this short, but bye! Have a good night/day/morning!!.Version: 1.6

Entertaining But Needs MoreAlthough this game is entertaining, I feel it needs a bit of a change. The game is repetitive and you happen to do the same thing more than once. I feel that love choices should be more open, and maybe this influencer could become a mom in the future… All in all, the game is great, it just has a few repetitive parts..Version: 1.1

This gameI just downloaded this game and the challenges keep repeating where I just want to delete it and also I don’t know how to fix my avatar so this probably needs a bit more information or instructions tbh.Version: 1.1

Not the best gameI would rate it higher if then game levels aren’t repeated and added new levels. Also being able to customize the character would make the game better. Also instead of the characters teleporting they could walk on for the door. Also adding for choices would make the game better. I hope you listen and take some of my advice..Version: 1.1

I love this game one problemThe problem is when you get to high levels it repeats the levels all over again. Can you make new levels please . I love the game because it’s so fun I play as much as I can and I buy cuter things in her apartment..Version: 1.8

AWESOME GAME!!!There is only one reason I give this 4 stars - not enough variation of levels. I would suggest as many others have as well that I would greatly love to continue to play the game and will keep it downloaded in hopes that one day the game developers have time and creativeness to create different levels. Run a poll. I really like this game and I’m a 22 y/o married woman. Eh no one will look at this comment let alone read this far so it really doesn’t matter, but seriously I’d love for new levels to develop..Version: 1.1

Black screenI just got this app I was exited to see it because I had played it before on my friends iPad but when I got it every time I go in to the game the screen is all black and I tried everything horrible experience please fix this NOW all I can see on the screen is the little clothing change button and house change button that’s IT ! ONG HORRIBLE PLEASE FIX.Version: 1.8

Inappropriate GarbageSo tired of seeing disgusting, pig feed games like this. Some people will really sit through hours of ads to play a game like this that barely had any effort put into it. This game is marketed as 12+ yet on the 5th level your “dad” in the game calls you and asks you the player to twerk for money that you need for food. It’s just really pathetic that this would ever get a 5 star rating. You people are the ones enabling these developers to create this copy paste ad farm apps..Version: 1.1

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.0

Played one level then crashedIt stopped working and won’t start at all.Version: 1.1

Can’t even play!Played one round, forced closed on me and then I try to open it it’s just a black screen..Version: 1.8

PointlessIt’s fun but then it get repetitive and annoying, change it up add more levels it’s pointless.Version: 1.8

Level oneThis is a terrible game, on level one I couldn’t even work it it just stopped and took me out of the. It just makes the game bad why don’t you guys care about what you do and make good games that actually are worth paying money for. I can’t cancel my pay anything and it won’t even work so I think you were just trying to get money but you’re scamming else. This is a Disaster. What has the world come to?..Version: 1.1

BadAds every single minute, too easy, repetitive levels, boring at the end of the day.Version: 1.6

NooooooI had high expectations but there are so many reasons to not download this app 1. It is inappropriate 2. Way to many adds 3. It’s no where close to the add And last but not least it takes up to much storage.Version: 1.1

GoodToo many ads like too many!!!!!.Version: 1.1


How badNasty gurl like what the heck this game should Be banned and you did a twerk I. The game.Version: 1.2

Screen went blackEvery single I’ve I went to play (apart from getting dressed) my screen would be black the entire time ! 😡😡😡not happy! (I’m literally bout to uninstall after this).Version: 1.3

The ads-I would just like to talk about some of the ads and how they are using women’s body’s to get people to download the app it’s honestly disgusting and I can’t believe people would do that and I’m only a kid so just disgusting…..Version: 1.7

It’s alright.When I started the game it was pitch black the only thing I saw were the comments so maybe don’t download it or you can if you want..Version: 1.3

Ads omgUsually you can just turn off the internet to avoid ads but in this game you can’t and they’re never ending. You spend maybe 40% of the time actually playing.Version: 1.3

BADI have many reasons why this is bad, lots of lags, when I go into the app it returns me to my iPad screen without me pressing button, and ads..Version: 1.1

Very good just a bit disturbingVery fun! Just on day 30 its just really eww it is a bit inappropriate Still a good game though.Version: 1.3

Good girls. Can be funGood so far.Version: 1.1

Some many adsThere are so many ads, one ad before a level, one ad in the middle of the level and then just repeats. You can’t even turn on airplane mode to stop the ads because the game will tell you, you have no connection and to turn it off or you can’t play. It’s dumb.Version: 1.1

It’s okayIt’s not the best game but definitely not the worst, I don’t like how the levels are repeated and how it would be a little inappropriate for 12 year olds. This game has lots of ads too, I love how you can choose outfits for your avatar, but they are a little inappropriate, I would recommend to download this game as some of the streams are good but don’t download it if you’re not willing to watch LOTS AND LOTS of ads. :) thx 4 reading.Version: 1.2

Kept CrashingI saw heaps of reviews that said it was really good and many ads that made it seem like fun. After the loading screen had finished loading it would turn black then I’d go into the game and it would say Day 1 and that I only had 5 cash. Then it would flash black again and go back to Day 3 which I was on. As soon as I tried to tap one of the icons to start the game or upgrade my home it would crash and go back to home screen. I was really looking forward to it so I hope this small bug gets fixed. Thank you!.Version: 1.1

Doesn’t frigging loadYOUR STUPID GAME DON’T EVEN LOAD BEFORE CRASHING! DID I DOWNLOAD THS GAME FOR NO REASON! NO! Y’ALL GOT SOME BUGS TO FIX. Kind Regards, Somebody... PS: I’m removing this game from my memory. This don’t even exist now. Never did, never will..Version: 1.2

This is a horrible game do not downloadThis game is despicable and utterly horrendous. Firstly, whenever I try to get in after the first level, it just quits automatically out so I CAN’T EVEN GET IN THE GAME. Secondly, when I do try to get in, it loads for a whopping long amount of time. Also, when I was playing the first level, there were WAY TOO MANY ADS. It’s more like watching a whole series of ads rather than playing it. It happens like every 2 minutes literally. Stupid game - they just puts a whole bunch of ads in..Version: 1.1

I like it!It’s a decent game, but the problem that I have with it, just like most mobile games… is the fact that there’s an ad slapped RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF EVERY SINGLE LEVEL. Don’t you think that’s too much? And then there’s an ad BEFORE every level! Get rid of a few of the ads, will ya?.Version: 1.3

I really love it but som glitches. Pls readI really like it but when I press live it’s always pitch black. I can’t see what’s going on I’m trying so hard but I can’t put in the numbers on the pizza menu to pay. I only see sometimes like the menu..Version: 1.8

I like it but need more changesOkay so I like it but very time she is pregnant make it have it a child sometimes and teach the child stuff ..Version: 1.2

ReviewI think u could add more options to the activities we do on stream and more outfits and more stuff to put in house.Version: 2.0

:/Game is very repetitive and annoying with far too many ads.Version: 1.2

BadIt will not let me play! I am stuck on the loading screen! Fix this NOW!.Version: 1.1

Ad removalHow do I upgrade to get rid of the ads!? There’s so many.Version: 1.1

Ads😡Too many ads!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.2

This app is badI liked it but it just repeated the levels over again.Version: 1.1

I like this game a lotI just got this game and I already love it I think this is a rly great app download this app now.Version: 1.1

This gameOk... Ok so this game is meh but developers plz make it kid friendly my 5 year old family member played this and told me it was rude so i had a look and she was right so plz make it kid friendly thanks.Version: 1.2

Don’t botherIt is a really fun game but it is so repadative. You do 10 rounds and then it like does all the same situations again so don’t bother getting it. Pls reply.Version: 1.1

ThanksThanks app.Version: 1.1

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Version 2.0 (2021-09-08): - Bug fixes and improvements - Level order changed.

Version 1.8 (2021-08-21): - Bug fixes and improvements.

Version 1.3 (2021-08-07): - Bug fixes and improvements..

Version 1.1 (2021-07-17): .