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Fidget Toys Trading: 3D Pop It App Download

Join Fidget Toys Trading 3D — the most popular relaxing game filled with lots of fidget trading and trendy fidget toys.

Tired of boring antistress games with no gameplay but still want to relax? Look no further because Fidget Toys Trading 3D is a perfect anxiety relief game just for you!

Trade with opponents, unlock luxurious items, expand your collection of fidget toys, and discover the magic of this amazing fidget game.

Throw your toys onto a table and see what your opponent has to offer. Is the deal worth it? Accept the fidget trade to seal the deal or demand more items—it’s up to you!

Read your opponent’s psychology to avoid getting scammed and become the greatest fidget toys salesman in the world.

Choose the best strategy and obtain the most precious fidget toys for your collection. Trade your toys for cool-looking colorful pop-its, simple dimples, squishies, slimes, fidget spinners, and many more. You know you want them all!

Learn to make a profit off of your fidget trades and master the art of trading. Challenge your skills in one of the best fidget games.

Why Fidget Toys Trading 3D is the best fidget trading game:

Simple mechanics. There are only three options: accept, reject, demand more. Obtain new colorful fidgets in one click. Fidget trading has never been easier.

Educational and fun gameplay. Count and multiply your profit and become the richest fidget owner.

Exciting toys. Play with hundreds of addictive fidgets. Simple dimple, bubble pop-it, fidget spinner, slime, squishy—you name it, we have it.

Relaxing fidget game. Play around with the most soothing antistress toys and forget about your problems!

You will never get tired of this fidget trading fun. Don’t miss out on the magic of the most exciting yet relaxing games of all time. Out of all anxiety relief games, Fidget Toys Trading 3D is the best antistress game that you will definitely love!

Fidget Toys Trading: 3D Pop It App User Reviews & Comments

Bae bae kidsI like the game but I wish you could be able to play with your friends like it would be fun to friend people so please put that in your game but other than that it,s a fun game.Version: 1.2.12

MehI give this a 3 star rating ‘cause I thought at first I was to low to scam people but now I’m on a higher level and I really want to have some fun exciting experience so the point of this is add more stuff.Version: 1.2.12

SoundPersonally I think it’s a good game but whenever you put down stuff it doesn’t make sound nor does the buttons but that’s just me but I would like it if you could add some little sound to that other than just the dimples pop it’s and I really think this game is a good one and I love this game 😃.Version: 1.2.12

Ok its rlly good but it has to much addsSo i like the game in all but it gets kinda boring and theres way to many ands but i rlly like it its so much fun when im stressed i play it a lot but, theres not much figets most of them have adds or is money so yea.Version: 1.2.12

Good but needs some workI love this game it’s so cool and fun but the adds there are to many ads almost after every round but it’s sill so fun to play would recommend and also the scamming it doesn’t show you the scam when you give it to the person I wish you you could see you Avatar and change it also I don’t like that you have to watch 3 or 2 adds to get the iPhone laptop Apple Watch or AirPods I wish you could spend your money on other things over all good game but fix the adds.Version: 1.2.12

Great appIt’s a good app the only reason I gave it a three is because in the ad for it it said that you could fake an iPhone but in real life you can’t install the ad for it lied. But besides that it’s a really good app and you should get it👍.Version: 1.2.12

Amazing game!I love This game it’s fun but the only doubt is that you can only get what you have in yoru inventory so if you don’t want more of something you have to deny also to many ads now obviously there are going to be ads but it’s like every break you get it you press on something then it’s a ad so that definitely something I don’t like but other than that it’s great.Version: 1.1.7

Very fun but...The game is really entertaining but there were a lot of ads. I also didnt like how there werent a lot of different fidgets to choose from besides pop its, simple dimples, and squishys. If there were more i would give it 5 stars.Version: 1.2.11

Something they could addI like the game a lot it is very fun to trade and tell between a good trade and a bad trade I like that you can use your stuff but they need to make it so you can use things like the phone and that stuff.Version: 1.2.12

Good but could be betterThis app DOES do what your expecting when you decide to download it but it’s kinda annoying bc after every trade, there’s an add. My trades usually last up to 5-15 seconds long, they’re pretty quick😅 My other complaint are the popits. You can’t press on more than one at a time which is annoying lol..Version: 1.1.7

YessOMG! I love this game so much you get to play with your fidgets expects like other games, you get to pick the one you can play with but! The only thing I don’t like is there’s a too many ads. Every time you do a trade there is an ad I hope they can add a no ad gamepass!.Version: 1.1.7

When I first bought itSo when I bought this game I hat kept on playing and It was my favorite and it was super extreme fun and I continued to play this and won day my friend came and has been playing too and she has fidgets and it was like super fun she had a great time playing the game and she left and I had to say buy but I was busy playing it and but I still said bye.Version: 1.1.7

Highly recommend itI love fidget trading, and this game has made me love it so much more 😁and there’s not even very many ads! if you like fidget trading, this is definitely the game for you! Enjoy your day.. hopefully playing this game!.Version: 1.2.12

PLS ANSWER THIS!!! (:This is an awesome app!😍I love it and it’s realistic, satisfying and fun! It’s fun to trade and get money💵 for figets but I cannot play with the game controller thing but I can trade it am I missing something or is it supposed to be like that 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️tell me and PLS ANSWER 🥺 It will help me not delete it and I will share it with my friends 💅 Love ya byeeeee!!!.Version: 1.2.12

AMAZING BUY IT NOWGreat game but it does have a lot of ads so if u are looking for a game with not too many ads i do not recommend.Version: 1.2.11

Boimon282Sometimes they just ask for more nonestop and i put one then i get a billion from some i really mean its a good game but there should be some updates.Version: 1.2.12

The adsThis game is great but my gosh every trade your done with you get an ad I got so tired of it I started to close the app and do it like that but I got tired of that and deleted the game. If it were not for the ads I would have had this app on my phone..Version: 1.2.11

I love this app but….This app is sooooo fun that’s why I gave it four stars there’s just one problem it’s kind of my fault but when you put in of good fidgets and you accidentally press check it would be a little more helpful if you said “are you sure you want to trade?” Or something like that, but otherwise this app is great!.Version: 1.2.12

I love this gameI love this game because u can trade fidget like iPhones, pop it’s, dimples, and lots more but there’s a some adds showing up buts it’s a very fun game u should install it aren’t right know!.Version: 1.2.12

Good fidget trading gameI like this game because you have an inventory and you dont get random things everytime, and the things you get from trading gets added to you inventory.Version: 1.1.7

I love the game but it need an updateAgain I love the game like it’s I like how you did it it’s just I need to go if you can work on it more maybe do some updates on it I know it’s like when girls game do you wanna see him as a download it it’s a pretty fun game so like I think you can definitely do some updates on it.Version: 1.2.12

The best game in the world fidget tradingIt is so much freaking fun I can’t believe how fun it actually is you can trade for other items and the best part about it is that stickers poppies like who in the world is not like poppies.Version: 1.2.11

MacbooksI love this game and all but whenever I add a macbook or something electronic, the thing says its a good trade for 3 pop its, I also wish the other person who add something that I offer for, and.Version: 1.2.11

It’s an okay gameI added an iPhone as my only item to trade and hit “add” repeatedly thinking they would eventually tell me to add… in most cases they didn’t. So I traded 1 iPhone for 30+ fidgets. That’s also the only way you can “scam”. You can’t open the iPhone box and get a different item inside like advertised. They also don’t ever reject your trade, they’ll only ask you to add. So I mean it’s easy to gain fidgets, but unrealistic.Version: 1.2.11

This is amazingThis app was much better than I thought it just has to many ads otherwise it’s the best!.Version: 1.1.7

It’s great!!I like the game but the problem is that there is TONS of ads for example:whenever you touch something an ad pops up. please put less ads ty!!.Version: 1.1.7

Download this game right nowIt’s so awesome lots of ads but you can also play with all the pockets and stuff what are you even accurate reading besides the ads it’s really good.Version: 1.1.7

Best fidget trading app so farI have downloaded so many fidget trading apps and this is the best one so far my only problem is that you can only get what’s in ur inventory most of the time which is a bit annoying but still a good game. Keep up the great work creators 😁👍.Version: 1.1.7

I like it kindaGet rid of the advertisements please its making the game worse than it really is.Version: 1.2.12

Amazing but I think it needs fixingAfter like 2trades there is and ad and there is nothing that says no ads and I think if u can add something that u pay like 3 dollars for no ads please and thank you that’s all but the game is amazing thank I for taking your time reading my rating.Version: 1.1.7

At first vs. nowOkay I used to hate this game but I think it’s growing on me. I got frustrated because of the adds but really it’s not a bad game. I recommend it especially if your into fidget toys..Version: 1.2.12

I love this gameThis game is so fun I like it but sometimes it can be like boring because ur like doing the same thing all the time but other than that I like it I can be calm when my brothers are annoying I just get on my iPad and play the game but I just got it and I think people can scam u or u scam them but I think it a way for people to learn how to scam and when people scam it’s sad for the person who got scammed and i like it but like still that is all I think about this game I like it but it’s ok but I sill like it it makes my calm and other things I did not mention but other than that I love the game.😳😳😳😳😃😃😃.Version: 1.2.12

Love it but one thing it could addI love this game but I would like more pop it’s that aren’t just rainbow. Or a dimpl digits. Otherwise I love this game so much.Version: 1.2.12

Going a little goodSo they won’t let me have all of their fidgets and they keep saying that I have to trade one digit but that’s not fair. Because in the one around I’ve got her one and she got to have that one but when I hit the Apple button she won’t let me.Version: 1.2.12

I saw you can fakeI really like this game I saw an ad about it and the The ad the person that gave the iPhone and the other person gave a lot of things the person that gave the iPhone in the other person got the iPhone what is a fake iPhone I want to see if you can add a fake iPhone a fake laptop and you can give it to the trader.Version: 1.2.11

Amazing appI have nothing to say but not a lot of adds and not a rip off.Version: 1.2.12

I like thisI like this because Is funny no reason they will give you a computer or a phone 🤣I think you get scammed and I’m rich at the game💵💸🤑 and i have a lot of pop it’s😎🆒 please add a update so that sell your house🤣🤣also add a update you trade online with your friends but you need Internet so ya i like this game thank you for this game and have a good day👍🏻.Version: 1.2.12

Amazing!!!Okay this game is the best!! I’ve only just got the game a few minutes ago but I already feel like a real trader! Though there are a few ads, you can always just skip them. P.S. The people who created this game should be very proud!☺️👍.Version: 1.1.7

Games awesome and get the gameThe game is so fun and you can get scammed but other then that get the game it’s great guys but some times it can get boring but it’s a awesome game please get this game it’s great thank you for makeing the game and thank you for asking I am great have a good day 😋😀😁🥳🤯 it’s mind blowing.Version: 1.2.12

Love it! ButThis game is so fun and addicting i love it so much! But there is so much add in a second once your done with one add it shows another one love this game though and if you love fidgets and fidget trading i suggest this game its really fun and you can scam a lot here!.Version: 1.1.7

Great But...I love this game but there are so many ads this is a great game for kids old and young and I think everyone loves fidgets it’s just the ads if there were any ads then this would be my favorite game ever but it’s probably my second or third it’s so interactive and everyone had so much fun I love scamming because it’s really fun you can get really good stuff and that’s why I like this game I recommend it thank you!.Version: 1.1.7

Very fun, but some flaws.I love this game, but there are some things I think should be changed. Problem: There isn’t a big variety of fidgets, leading to similar/repetitive trades. Solution: Add more different types of fidgets, such as marble meshes or pea poppers. Problem: You can’t play with the snapperz or fidget spinner in the game controller section. Solution: Add them into a different section and make it so you can play with them. Problem: There are too many ads, and they get really repetitive after a while. Solution: Make ads pop up less often, or at least make a bigger variety of ads so they don’t get repetitive too quickly. Problem: The other person trading with you can’t trade a fidget until you have unlocked it. Solution: Allow them to trade a fidget even if the player hasn’t unlocked it yet. Problem: You have to watch ads to get most of the fidgets. Solution: Make it possible to use in-game money for more of the fidgets, or make it an option whether to watch an ad or pay for a fidget with in-game money. Problem: The fidgets only come in one color/pattern each. Solution: Add multiple colors for each fidget. Other than those minor flaws, this game is very fun and enjoyable!.Version: 1.2.11

Amazing gameThis game is so good I gave this guy an iPhone and he and I got so much stuff I have like a leaven of like everything please play this game.Version: 1.2.12

Amazingggggg!I just downloaded the game and it’s great! The amount of adds aren’t nearly as bad as some other fidget trading games I have played! The game it tons of fun and like that you can scam!.Version: 1.1.7

It’s... okIt is a really fun game, really cool, but wayyyyyyy to many ads. Like, you can get some fidgets for a video, not only do they literally make us (because it’s one of those games... sigh) watch them but you can buy fidgets with them, like, how bad do they want us to get ‘Fidget Toys 3D’!?.Version: 1.2.12

So far so goodSo far this game is really good I haven’t played it for a long time and I just got started but im playing and it’s pretty cool 😎.Version: 1.2.11

Great game but need some improvementOK I just got this app needs to be one improvement there’s a bunch of ads they just pop up and you have to reset the game to get out of the ad multiple times.Version: 1.2.12

Amazing should get!A a zing app should download why did I give 5 stars? Bc it’s a really good app so many fidgets to play with and trade get so many it’s also a really fun game 😀if looking for fidget app should get this Ty for reading this peace out everyone have a good day or night ✌🏼💜😜& be kind bye 👋.Version: 1.1.7

I really like it and you should download it!I love this game and it’s super fun! Sure there’s some ads but it’s really really really fun and also helps you become a better traitor if you decide to fidget trade in the future! And the most exciting part about it is that you can play with a fidget if you get a little bored of trading! Hope you check out this awesome app bye!.Version: 1.0.5

Fun but oddA lot of ads but it is fun. It’s a good tool to learn value but against an AI it’s boring. I much prefer trading Pokémon cards in school over this (and one funny thing is that some of the ads for this game show iPhone boxes saying scammed or something. Like people would WANT to get scammed. Also that is not a thing in the game so I’m sad >:|.Version: 1.2.11

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 1.5.21

Figit tradingThis game is soo good I would recommend this to figit traders.It’s so real.Version: 1.2.12

Too many adsI like this game, it’s fun but i didn’t exactly like how it was sorted into categories because it took me a few mintutes to find the categories where the other fidgets were. i also didn’t like how there was an adevery time you accepted a trade..Version: 1.1.7

Love the APPI love this app it’s great plus I love figeits and figeit tradeing any who I think you should download this app.Version: 1.2.12

Too many adsToo many ads.Version: 1.2.11

Thanks for making this app!!!!I love fidgets they are the best and this app is amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.Version: 1.2.11

Neds9 is overreactingThis isn’t really for the game it’s for neds9 this person is looking for motivation that’s not the point of the game the point of the game is because fidgets are getting more popular by the week so they’re making all these Fidgett trading apps so it’s like your Fidgett trading in real life except it’s just virtual what is wrong with you.Version: 1.1.7

Makes you learn what’s worth your stuff or notI like it, it’s fun but it also teaches. Thank you for making this!!!.Version: 1.1.7

Endless adsAnd no paid ad-free version ?.Version: 1.2.12

Love this gameThis game is so fun but u need to reduce the adds I have adhd and it makes me unhappy when there is adds because I wanna just play the game and not be interrupted every second with adds and I just don’t like adds u know but besides that it’s really awesome app to download and play ty for making this and hopefully u take the add thing on board but I can’t force u to do so but yeah tysm for this amazing app!!!! 😁.Version: 1.2.12

Good but …It is an great game though there are too many adds. I am happy that I downloaded it.Version: 1.1.7

Great game!This game is great! I love trading the people but a couple of things. Firstly, The game tells us if you want more fidgets you have to watch an ad. Last thing is that I think they should make it a bit more exciting because as soon as I start playing one minute later it gets a bit boring either than that I think this game is great!.Version: 1.1.7

Love itSuper fun to play and I think I might become obsessed.Version: 1.2.12

Astonishing badI’ve never seen such a pointless game in my life until this. Do people actually find this fun? I don’t even know what is supposed to motivate you in ‘trading’, you are just spamming the buttons in hope you end up confusing the AI and them accepting the trade. It’s beyond awful.Version: 1.1.7

Good but…I like the game but after a while it starts to get very boring and pointless also you have so much money at the end and you can’t buy anything with it. 👎.Version: 1.1.7

No addsPls remover the ads.Version: 1.2.12

AddsI like this game a lot but I wish it did not have so many adds because it is annoying. It has a add for literally every level it’s so annoying..Version: 1.1.7

Really fun but one thingIt’s kind of weird that you can scam them easily and there’s lots of adds but it’s a fun game to play and get new fidget toys!.Version: 1.2.12

LolI haven’t played yet but it seems cool.Version: 1.2.12

Way too many adsEverything you do plays an ad. Very annoying.Version: 1.2.12

To many adsEvery time I do a trade it’s has and ad when I collect my reward there’s an ad so there’s to many ads and I don’t recommend but if you take away all the ads I would recommend so ya bye To many ads.Version: 1.2.12

ReviewWould give it 5 stars, but the squishies were not squishy enough for my liking.Version: 1.2.11

Great!This game is hell great download it right now!.Version: 1.1.7

Great!I like it.Version: 1.2.12

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Version 1.5.21 (2021-09-18): Hi there! Our update is finally here! In this version, we’ve added: - Minor bug fixes for better user experience;.

Version 1.2.12 (2021-08-10): Hi there! Our update is finally here! In this version, we’ve added: - Minor bug fixes for better user experience.

Version 1.2.11 (2021-08-04): Hi there! Our update is finally here! In this version, we’ve added: - Minor bug fixes for better user experience.

Version 1.1.7 (2021-07-23): Hi there! Our update is finally here! In this version, we’ve added: - Minor bug fixes for better user experience.