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You need to connect belts in a correct way to keep goods in their place. Keep it stable!

This game is so hard. I can't even pass the pink level. Easy to learn hard to master .

Belt It App User Reviews & Comments

FunIt’s a good way to kill time and problem solve..Version: 0.2

Good gameThis dose Whut it says not a thing more I like that.Version: 0.5

Ad problemThis is a very relaxing game, however, there is a new add after every level which is a little annoying..Version: 0.3

The ads!!!!These ads are annoying they’re mostly bad ads for kids and I had to exit the game it kept showing bad add please make the add more personalized and remove all the inappropriate ads it’s for kids and can you please personalize the ads to only be for kids it is kind of annoying I have to keep listening to State of survival ads and I don’t like them please make the ads more childish this also teaches kids a very good lesson your seatbelt or you’ll get hurt please respond.Version: 0.5

Tired of:I’ve paid three times to remove the ads Three times - after paying the game then hangs. Two times it actually says I already paid and then - it hangs again, ad nauseum.Version: 0.5

Can’t get past level 97Great game. Iv played level 97 about 11 times winning every single time but when I click to advance to the next level the items in the truck, the belts and belt locations change as well but it continuously says I’m playing level 97 and even on the map it still says 97 but I’m passing the level with no problem . Please help me get passed this. Thank you and great game again..Version: 0.5

There’s not a lot of adsOther people are complaining about ads there’s ads every other 5 levels I think this is a fun game and you can play it without WiFi.Version: 0.5

Ads every 5 secondsI don’t typically write reviews but I had to after trying this out. There’s an ad after every level, it gets old very quick..Version: 0.5

AdsI don’t like how many ads there are after almost every single level..Version: 0.5

GameIt’s a pretty fun game to play but the ads are super annoying and makes me want to delete the game🤦🏼‍♀️.Version: 0.5

I’m literally paralyzed by adds ☹️Let me just say there are so many ads I got off when I was on level seven and I was literally playing for 30 minutes. Every single time when people complain that there are too many ads in the game they don’t even do anything, they probably don’t even pay attention. Whoever the game is fun so I gave it a three star..Version: 0.4

Ad’sThe actual gameplay of the can is a fun time killer but the ads start to get almost unbearable..Version: 0.4

Hate adsYou need to remove a lot of ads because they are so annoying.Version: 0.4

Ads!Too many ads. I know you need to pay for the game somehow… but an ad between every level is very excessive. Your game has a ton of potential. Just wish for way less ads..Version: 0.5

CoolIt is so cool I passed pink level and little ads loads so fast👌🏻😃.Version: 0.4

ProblemThe first time I got this game it would not load and I had to delete it and get it again.Version: 0.4

Turn on airplane mode!Dude all of you are pretty dumb for writing reviews saying there’s two much ads. 1 that’s how they make their money. 2 just turn on airplane mode. it’s not that hard.Version: 0.4

Is anyone having problems loading into the app?Ok so I’ve seen the reviews and it seems like a good game I wish I knew how it was if it weren't so slow. I would give this app a good review if I knew how it was.Version: 0.5

Would rate zeroSick of the ads always popping up and sick of the same thing on pretty much every level theres no challenge what so ever as if the game was creates by a one yr old seriously the most tarded game ever!!.Version: 0.5

Lots of adsWay to many ads after every level hard to enjoy when it’s ads every 5 seconds.Version: 0.5

Bug fix!I’ve been bouncing back and forth on level 114 and 113 . even if i pass it, it goes back to 113. i pass that level once again, it goes back to 114. then i pass that level. BACK TO 113..Version: 0.5

AdsAfter like 3 rounds an add comes.Version: 0.5

AdsMore ads than gameplay. Would give 0 stars if possible. Developer must not want anyone to play their game.Version: 0.5

Belt it14 tried to trick me lol but I got it as soon as I hit start.Version: 0.4

5 seconds of play for 30 seconds of adsPlay 5 seconds, sit through 30 seconds of ads. Way too many ads. Fun game idea, but killed by ads..Version: 0.5

Hi I love this game it’s the best I can’t stop playing itEven always makes me happy a lot and I’m sad and I love it I am loveing it 💗.Version: 0.5

Fun gameBut there are two many adds.Version: 0.4

It’s an ad machineIt’s ad machine, I watched more ads then then played. Stopped at like 5th level. Play 10 seconds and then 30 plus ads..Version: 0.4

HorribleAds after every level.Version: 0.5

Love this gameI love this game never ever want to stop playing it it’s fine I like how challenging and have a.Version: 0.5

Love this game but kind of a lot of adsThis game is fun and entertaining but roblox is better in all of the games this game is fun overall give me 100 ⭐️ I love it so much.Version: 0.4

Not a lot of content, too many adsOnce you get to level 80 or so the levels just start replaying. There are multiple ads per level if you fail which is way too many.Version: 0.4

AdsI like the game but there’s a ad after every level and that ruins it.Version: 0.5

App never openedNo gameplay nothing, just a loading screen..Version: 0.4

This game is horribleThis game is fun in all but the thing is you get an ad after every level and almost every ad is 30 seconds witch wants you to close out the app and open it again just to skip the ad.Version: 0.5

I don’t know what you are talkingThis app I amazing I don’t know what to say like I love it UwU bye.Version: 0.4

To meny adsIt’s fun but there’s too many ads.Version: 0.5

Option for removing ads !!This game is a pretty interesting game . It has a lot of potential but by far from all the recent reviews the only thing I have to say is their is way to many adds . I’d pay 2.99 or what ever the price would be to remove them it just ruins the game after a while cause it’s ads over ads over ads..Version: 0.3

Play time 6 seconds, ad time 60 secondsPlayed 1st 5 levels(10 seconds). Ad after every level - 60 seconds. App deleted..Version: 0.4

BoringSometimes it gets really boring , but it’s a really fun game. I understand they have to show some ads to keep the game free! But I’m jut the type of person who doesn’t like ads. But overall really fun game,👍🏾.Version: 0.4

Too many ads3” second ads after every level, that can’t be skipped and every wrong click initiates another ad. Terrible.Version: 0.4

Too many adsLike to play the game so far but there’s too many A different ad after each obstacle.Version: 0.2.1

Close game and reopen to skip ads.Skipping ads is easy. Hope it takes you a lot of work to figure out how to not make it do that LOL.Version: 0.4

More time watching ads than playing the gameThere is literally an ad after EVERY level. The first level took 5 seconds to complete then here comes a 30+ second ad..Version: 0.5

To many adsGreat game but the same ads pops up every level and it gets annoying makes game not worth playing.Version: 0.5

If you don’t want adds turn of your internetIt’s a very good game if you get adds just turn off your internet.Version: 0.4

Levels are short and not challenging- ads b/w every levelNot worth the time- for ever level (which only take 3 seconds) there is a 30 second ad. It’s just not worth it. Downloaded it and and deleted it in less than 5 minutes..Version: 0.4

Ads with the repeated failing and the laughingPlease change this ad it is very annoying and makes me not want it.Version: 0.4

Help level 78I fo not understand how level 78 is possible ive tried almost every way and there is always something that falls.Version: 0.5

A good gameIf you get this game it is good and fun it kinda teaches kids a lesson. To put on there seat belt! There however is a lot of ads but overall it is good I recommend it..Version: 0.5

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Belt It 0.5 Update

Version 0.5 (2021-07-21): - New Levels, - Bug Fix Thank you for playing..

Version 0.3 (2021-07-15): - More than +90 Levels - Bug Fixes. Thank you for playing..

Version 0.1 (2021-07-05): .