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Trading Master 3D - Fidget Pop App Download

Pop All the Fidgets!

Trading Master is a super fun simulation game where you trade so many different fidget toys and objects!

Drag an fidget from your inventory to start the trade or place an item as your opponent starts!
If you all agree on the deal push the tick button to complete the trade.
If you want to reject simply push the cross button to decline the trade.
Get more items from your opponent with the plus button!

Are you ready to collect all Fidget Toys

Grow your inventory and be the Trading Master!

Trading Master 3D - Fidget Pop App User Reviews & Comments

Please read this!😀Hi, if you are reading this thx so much because I think this would actually be a four star than a five star. I put five star so you would read it. (Sorry) Anyway lets talk about problems. So, the problems are that when you pop the pop-it’s for the bonus level thing, my phone vibrates it is super weird. Also they should add online players to trade with you. Also it is 9+ and my kid is playing with this and she is 8 years old, and she has fun with it except for the problems we talked about. My kid says that this game is really fun though. Thanks for reading, Love, H.G.R.Version: 1.13

ReadOk. I would give this game a 5. But there are some problems, when you click something to watch an add to get a pop it, it says “Add not available” then in the middle of the round A ADD. I would recommend waiting to get this game till it updates. And the left bar is useful but could you add stuff to like scam, like fake stuff to get good stuff? That would make the game really fun. And being able to pop the pop it’s at anytime. I hate having to watch an add, finish a few rounds and them only getting to pop one side..Version: 1.14

I can’t actually stole it or updated it I got it on my moms phoneIt’s a really boring game I thought it would be fun but it didn’t turn out like I thought it would …it would probably be funner if you could play with one of your friends but I don’t think it’s actually fun because you’re just trading puppets and it’s kind of dumb and stupid I think it’s so weird …I just don’t like it it is really glitchy and I just don’t like it so I don’t think you should get this game.Version: 1.14

Not the BestFirst 100 rounds are pretty fun until you gain enough money and have nothing to do with it, get all the fidgets and multiple of them, and popped every pop it! Add more fidgets and maybe add a store to buy something with the money I don’t know like more fidgets or what not, and add more pop it’s to pop. I usually don’t like fidgets and the only reason I didn’t give it a 3or lower is because it’s kinda entertaining I guess..Version: 1.14

I hate you, personallyIt’s not just you, but other developers of games who cash grab on ideas without any creativity. Just whatever is trendy and popular, no new ideas, or any actually good games. If you use your money for a good game, I would actually appreciate your bad games more because they were cash grabs so they could make actual games, it’s like how Disney made Cars to fill up money to work on better projects like Coco and Inside-Out. But I don’t believe you ever will turn to making and developing quality products, you know, I think I spent more time on this review then the coding in this game. I think I need to say no more.Version: 1.1

Boring, too many ads. Must read before you install!I know you might have not read these reviews before playing this, but if you are here right now reading my review, god bless you. I tell you, This game’s ads are unbearable and horrible! It has an ad in the middle of the game, after the game is over it gives you another ad, and it tries to make you watch another ad for items that look good. It looks like it’s worth watching another ad for those items, but it’s not! I would rate this 0 stars if I could. It shows if the trade is good or not, and I don’t really appreciate it because it makes the game less fun. If you read it all the way to here and you installed it, uninstall it! I know I don’t tell people what to do but you have to listen to me. I’m sorry if this review was really long. But, I’m uninstalling this app and you shouldn’t install it if you haven’t already. Have a nice day..Version: 1.11

Just why?Ok sooo this game is good but it’s kinda boring there’s no sound first off if you bought this to entertain your kids or someone else’s kids it was not a good idea and second the ads like I’m not trying to sound like a rude or impatient person I’m just saying the ads are ridiculous! Please game developers if you see this please add sound to the game and make less ads please!.Version: 1.13

Game is good but (3) bug’s.I like the Game but one bug. 1:to many adds Like I had to do like 20.. 2:game chrashes when you rate it…. 3:it lags a Lot sometimes idk how tho. That’s all y’all should get it but I don’t like adds. But I still like it a little tho but it was so fun to tho too. Thank you for reading. Logan.Version: 1.13

Very funThis game is a very fun game. Fidget trading is a real thing but it can be very hard because you have to buy all of the fidgets but now you can trad and without having to spend any money. And for me since I’m only 11 I don’t have and get a lot of money so it is hard to trad but I do love trading so this app is a very fun app and a great idea. But I will say that there is a unreasonable amount of adds for example when you are trading in the middle of the trade a add just pops up and it is really annoying. But other wise I LOVE this app..Version: 1.14

Read this before you download!!I only gave this 5 stars so more people would see this. In reality it deserves 4. But one thing that is annoying is all of the ads. But once you get to level 81 you get the pop it level and after it or you do the multiplier it will say ads are not available then if you hit continue your screen will go black and the app will close. And one thing I find stupid is the fact that you have all of these ads for the game. Plus they should have more fidgets. And why do they have a gun as a fidget, or scissors? They should have things like mega pop its too, or at least more fidgets that make sense. And please add a remove item button because it’s quite annoying adding something you don’t mean to and having to trade it. And one more thing I’ve noticed is that if it’s a bad trade you get all of your Itami back. Which pretty much happens every time. And one last thing is the fact that if you want to add unless you have bad service or bad WiFi you have to watch and ad, same thing with accepting a trade and could you add scams with fidgets. Just some things to note, Sydney.Version: 1.14

I did five just so u see actually 2.5I enjoy the app but I got the app and I was playing for less then 5 minutes and I saw 10+ ads. I don’t enjoy this because i would turn off my WiFi so then I can’t get ads. There is also food items and electronics which are not fidgets. The app should be called ads and not fidget trading..Version: 1.14

Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads Ads ADSThis game has too many ads by the way only put five stars so this message could be seen and I have like 1 million in this game and nothing to do with it so if you guys can please find some things I can do with this money I would appreciate it also this game is really glitchy on my iPad and plus why do you play this game like a few times it gets really boring oh and did I mention TOO MANY ADS.Version: 1.14

Its good but not great (MUST READ)1st of all i love the fact it involves pop ots my #1 favorite toy. But the bad thing about this game is..Everytime you get a trade wrong it gives u an ad and also when i try getting more pop its from the ads ot LITARLLY doesn’t have an ad to watch so its over all a good game that relieves stress but the thing is.. It is stressful to have to watch an ad every time :P (P.S editors if u see this review please fix these problems) -stressed gamer.Version: 1.14

Fidget game masterIt’s just like a real playing game it’s just like a real thing but it’s like a king Saul like if you tell people to keep adding and adding and adding they’ll tell you to add once and then you can press the check and you get more fidgets and take it like two or three so that’s why I love it and I love you guys for making this game whoever makes the game I love all the games that I have on my phone so last review on what I’m doing yes/review like yeah actually right now really I am ready for a new game in the game like in a new game old I’ll do it in and you only I would love one so all my love ones I would like.Version: 1.11

Great game!Hello so i really like this game, its so simple and fun to play, yea there might be ads and all but this is a good game for me to play when there’s no wifi, or the powers out. I really like these random games to play, i dont know why but the more random they are the funnier they are, keep up the good work, these people in the reviews don’t even know how to play it right, of course its going to have ads, thats how games are.Version: 1.1

Good but..pls readIt’s a good game but I have a complaint on the trading levels (1): ITS TOO GLITCHYY) (2): I wish when you trade when the trade is accepted you get the fidgets of the other person without having to watch an ad) (3): If noticed that when I buy up a fidget the other person puts a crappy one so I look at the trade thing so they add crappy stuff which makes me decline) Ty for reading pls update the game from the 2nd complaint thanks..Version: 1.14

GLITCHY AS HEKI have an iPad Mini so maybe it’s a glitch might just be my iPad but even if it’s not glitching you do trading in the game and when you trade in real life like there’s the only real fidget that is on the app is a puppet and it always cuts out into random ads and sometimes you click multiply to multiply your coins and you watch like an ad and then it multiplies it sometimes it doesn’t even do that like you click multiply you Watch the video and it doesn’t even like multiplier thing and also the game has a robot trading with you in the robot I can sometimes scam you and there’s a burger which makes no sense and there’s fidgets on there that aren’t actual fidgets the only fidget that is on there that people actually use when fidget trading is a puppet I want more variety in the scheme and I wanted to be less glitchy and overall in my opinion a better game he thinks that whoever made the game should stop with the like ads that just come out of nowhere like if you want to do a simple action you have to watch an ad before doing it overall I give this game a three out of five stars because I’ll feel there are a lot of problems with the game I would like a game like this to exist but for it to be better much better..Version: 1.13

Let us add what we wantThis game is very fun but the bad part about is that you won’t let us add what we want and there’s a lot of bugs. So please let us add what we want to and that would make the game marvelous!! And the ads there are just to many please stop with the ads and I will now be deleting this game after I just got it. The game has to many bugs and to many ads and you are offering to many things at once. This is the end please make a review if anything bad is happening to you game to..Version: 1.11

This is amazing butOk so this is an amazing pop it trading game I just wanna say please remove the ads please there’s so many after I successfully accept a trade then it goes to an ad when the ad is done another ad pops up so pleaseeeeeeee remove them I’m now not playing it that often of how much ads there is.Version: 1.14

BugsThis game is fun the only thing is that there is so many adds and I’m stuck on the pop it thing and it won’t let my do trades it just keeps making me log out of the game other than that this is a very fun game and you don’t need wifi so very good game just they needs to fix some Things also I have 127milloin so if they can make some new items because I have lots of money that I have nothing to do with.Version: 1.14

Fun and easy going ( read below 👇)I have always wanted this game. I listen to a book while playing this game because is is just fun and I don’t have to think to hard for it. There is quite a few ads but it does not bother me because I am listening to my book and not the ads.Version: 1.11

Great but to many addsI love the game because it teaches you about trading so I thought I could download it because I need to be taught about how to trade because I’m a horrible trader in adopt me Roblox so I thought it could teach me something but whenever I click the add button it has and add! It makes me so mad but then the adds stop for a wile and then another add but then when I finish a level another add I recommend narrowing down the adds so it will make the game more enjoyable for other players.Version: 1.11

Love butI love this game but there is a problem there is way to many adds and I got all the items in one day and I happen you put more items in to get and btw the bot does not offer you the phone and there is not a lot of actual fidgets and I feel like the rating for them needs to be better but it is very addicting and can you add a pee pod and a stress ball so I hope you see this and update it and add a online section where you can actual trade with real people thanks.Version: 1.11

Really good gameSo basically you trade things and accept or decline or ask to add this game is really good tho I’ve been playing it for hours already I recommend this game but you should turn off your internet to play it because if you don’t you’ll get ALOT of ads other then that this game is really good.Version: 1.11

Eh......So I was looking for some new games to play cause I was bored and I kept seeing this one on the app store and some ads for it, so I downloaded it. Its sorta fun but there are a ton of annoying ads and the AI's trades are pretty unfair and basically the trades are not fair and you need to watch ads for new "fidgets" and it soooo annoying like even when I try asking for more "fidgets" it makes me watch ads like OMG THE ADS ARE OUT OF CONTROL you could put on Airplane Mode so there aren't ads I think I dunno if it requires internet cause I only played it for a little and honestly most of the reviews I looked at before downloading are agreeable like too many ads and unfair trades but honestly its not that good of a game I know ya'll are tryna make money but jeez you don't need THAT many ads now :) So I ended up deleting it I should have listened to the reviews and not wasted my time so if you like watching ads this is your game there are ADS GALORE so yup thats all I gotta say I would NOT recommened this game tbh but if you wanna try it go ahead i dont care but pls fix and REMOVE AT LEAST 80% OF THEM ADS :3 Tysm have a wonderful day~.Version: 1.13

Too much adds OMGI don’t like this much too much I mean it’s a fun game 🥱 but there are so much adds 😵‍💫 when I click the trick button, after the add I see golden but another add appears and I cant see the rest plz I’m begging 🙏🏾 can there be less ads Btw i would normally put 3 stars ✨ but I put 5 😐 soo pls fix for me :).Version: 1.14

Inappropriate AdvertisementI’m disappointed to say the least. This is a kids game right? It’s family friendly right? Then how come I saw an ad with a pop it (one of the fidgets in the game) in the shape of a male private part? (I’m not typing that word but you get the idea) I was disgusted honestly, as the years go by kids are exposed to more and more things with the help of the internet, do me a favor and take that ad down, if I had children and saw that on the advertisements and know my kids had just seen that. As a parent, your job is to protect your children and raise them well, and it’s advertisements like these that put these images and depictions of different things, whether it be the games that sexualize women or children, it should stop, it’s not okay, please fix your advertising to be suitable for children and stop corrupting them with these disgusting depictions of people or objects..Version: 1.14

Ads and the person you are trading with problems(As others do I gave this 5 stars to be seen) this is a 3 star game I would say. I feel one of the major problems is the fact that you can get a super good trade but then don’t get the super good item because it is locked behind an UNWATCHABLE AD this has happened 3 times for the best items in the entire game. And also the speed the other person takes the trade makes its look like he is snatching everything if it’s just me or everyone feels this then ok but still please slow it down. There are many improvements to be made here..Version: 1.14

Great game a couple complaints though.I think overall this app is a great game. I have been really into trading so I decided to look at all types of fidget trading and this was the best one yet. You get to trade with people and you get chances to get new fidgets added to your collection of fidgets you use to trade. This game also every once in awhile you get to pop fidgets and it’s seems very real. Here are are my complaints though/ suggestions: there are lots of adds well at least for me.. every time you finish trading an ad pops up. When you trade with someone, you don’t actually get thing thing you traded the person for. You only loose the stuff you traded and don’t get the stuff you wanted. I think it would be nice to actually get the stuff you wanted to trade for. And last thing, a suggestion, I think there should be a shop where you can buy new fidgets and have them added to your collection. That’s all , thank you for reading.Version: 1.13

Read before getting itI LOVE this app it’s amazing but theres a lot of adds and my solution to that is turn on airplane mode. If you do then it will save your life and when you finish trading DONT click multiply it’s a waste of time. Click continue and it will multiply each time you finish trading. The good thing about it is that you can click trick. Anyways I’d give this a 5 star but it’s just the adds so I gave it 4 stars..Version: 1.14

Ads are awful so as this gameThis game is horrible. Now you may be wondering why I’m saying this, The reason is because it makes no sound (well at least for me) I bought this game thinking that was gonna be the best game ever and I was so excited. WRONG. Not only does this have SO many ads it’s also really boring. It’s a really cool game don’t get me wrong but I can’t even hear the sounds and when I’m playing with the fidget I would like to hear popping noises because that’s the ideal sound for pop-it but it just doesn’t make any noise. Honestly I wasted my time and my storage on buying a stupid game. There’s another game just like this and it’s so good but this one is a big NO. And I’ll put it on airplane mode and it still gives you a bunch of ads! So yeah I hope you don’t waste your time on buying this because now I barely have any storage and yeah thanks a lot😃.Version: 1.14

Plz read this before u download get full opinion!!Uhm so this game is a game that is good but bad at the same time. There are many problems and by maybe a day or two you’ll get bored. I do not recommend it and I only put 5 stars so this message could be seen I would really give it a two So there is a person your trading with and u have the fidgets and everything but the round are so short and very uneventful. Problem #2 TOO MANY ADS if i even click on a fidget there would be a 99% chance an ad will pop up and they are so long with no skip!!! This makes it reallllllllyyyyyyy anoying to play. Problem #3 this is a fidget game and they barely let u play with the fidget I mean dude! Come on man!!!! It’s really uneventful and has no spark I have been playing for the past few days and already found these problems PLZ FIX THIS GAME!!.Version: 1.14

ReviewIt’s like real trading it’s nice and it’s relaxing a bit.I would for sure recommend this game if your stressed or wanna have fun. Yes it is also a VERY fun game to play. You can also play it with your friends and family if you want. It is also good if you wanna laugh sometimes it is very funny or just funny. You can also focus and get distracted by it because it is so fun! Even in the bad times it is good to concentrate on something so you don’t tell sad. Yes those are all my reasons why you should download this fun and awesome game and have a good night!.Version: 1.13

Please read this before downloading.As the title says, please read this. I gave it five stars so people would see this. I would actually give it three. Here’s why, the app has improved... A BUNCH. But I have a few problems. I am addicted to the app. And because of that I have noticed a few things. Once I have all the fidgets I have tons of money and nothing to do with it! I’m on level 78 and I have nothing to do with all this money. I have 2M+ and nothing to do with it! Please add a way to spend that money! I also realized we get more money as the levels go on, the money we earn multiples, why? It started with just earning a few hundred, now I’m earning a few hundred thousand! Why?? Please make it just one amount to earn through all the levels! I also noticed the pop-it levels have the same pop-it’s in a loop, please add more. Also, please add more fidgets! Another problem is... the app is rated 9+ and one of the fidgets is a pair of scissors. I don’t like that because that means nine year olds might start playing with scissors. And last, I think you should add more options to the trading levels, like trading with online players and a remove an item button. Sorry for asking so much and for bad grammar. Thank you for reading..Version: 1.13

Ads ads adsOK, I have to say this game is very fun. The only thing is there are so many ads. I play a round of the game and then right after there is an add. A lot of times in the middle of the game there are ads too. I come in a big family of 8. There is only one ipad a one phone. of course the oldest sibling (Hannah who is 16) gets the phone with her snapchat and tik tok or whatever she has but the rest of us have the ipad. The schedule is simple-3 yr old laila gets from 9-10 am. 5 yr old lucas gets it 10-11 am. 6 yr old wyatt gets it 11am-12pm. 8 yr old sammie gets it 12-1 pm. 11 yr old easton gets it 1-2 pm. 14 yr old Bailey gets it 2-3 pm. and then there is a break from 3-5. then me. me, 11 yr old Sienna gets it 5-6 when the battery is almost out and because i’m the younger twin for some reason i get it last. and this is the only game i could download because the other games my siblings have are so boring and all the games that sound interesting have SO MANY ADS. we are supposed to charge it during the break but it never happens. low battery and ads don’t help because we each get one app. ridiculous right? and sometimes the ipad dies on me so it doesn’t help when there are so many ads and i barely even get to play the game. this is my review thank you..Version: 1.14

Great game but...First of all there’s way too many ads like I had an ad as soon I opened up the game and then in the middle of me trading and then right after the trade and It happens every time I try and trade. Second of all I don’t like the mini games, like this is a great game overall except for there is so many mini games. The mini games are not even apart of the game concept, but whenever it comes to doing mini games that I did not download the app for and when you’re just trying to trade then that’s not fun. The trading is fun though and as recommend to play without WiFi, it won’t give you ads. There is nothing I can do about the mini games though. Please fix this..Version: 1.13

I love it butI love this game however, like most people complains about: TO MANY ADS!!!! They are in the middle of trading and The adds most of them you can’t skip and they are like 50 Seconds long. This is not a good thing even I love the game you have created. The game is so fun and I am always trying to get dimples and more pop it’s and I also love to try and scan them. But there is one other thing. I’m not sure if this is the game or if there is something wrong with my phone, but there is no sound. Of this is the way the game was made it would be a lot better if you could hear the hands hot the table, the pop-it when you pop it, and other stuff like that. Someone please tell me if it’s something with my phone. Even if it is the game it’s not taking off votes from me that is just from the adds. I hope you can fix the adds. It is ok if there are adds, (I’m perfectly fine with it!!) but there are WAY to many. I hope you take you time to read through my message and fix these few mistakes. Thank you for reading!!!.Version: 1.13

PassableThis game has a fun premase and its likr those fidget trading tiktoks you see everywhere now, but its filled with ads. Before you start trading? Ad. After you want to see your results? Ad. Its very annoying. Also you woukd expect things like pop-its to be there, and they are but everthing else is stuff like.. A suit of armor? A TV? Would it be so hard to add maybe a DNA ball? Or Gloobles? Its just so random. I rate this a 3/5 because when you play for the 0.2 seconds its pretty fun (minus the ads). There is a scale to make sure you know what your getting and pop its you can buy..Version: 1.14

EhGreat app but I hate all the ads every time I try to make that person add some thing and add pops up and I just don’t like how many ads there is but you can play it if you are totally fine with ads but I don’t really think that this is a game for people that don’t like that and I’m the kind of person that hates ads but sometimes ads there isn’t that much ads in some games so that’s why I get used to them.Version: 1.14

Great game but..I love the game, I’ve been playing it all day I like it that much but I have one issue. Most of the trading items in the game aren’t even fidgets. They’re just random objects. Also sometimes the guy I trade with is unfair. I could literally add two pop it’s for something stupid like a soccer ball and he would say add. It gets a little boring and to many unwanted items but overall it’s a good game.Version: 1.12

Read this before downloading cause there some problemsAs you can see I give it a three (this is not a poem lol) anyway I don’t like this game that much there are so many friken ads I hate it! But I have this trick so if I put it on airplane mode there’s no ads also I wish if you press the no button you don’t have to watch an ad sepratley for them and instead buy them with the coins also I wish there were more fidgets I love fidgets and hold them in my heart but the apps no and ecspecially this one sorry but it true.Version: 1.14

Please readSo the game itself is good, yes there is to many ads, but to solve that problem turn off ur wifi. I think it’s unfair that u have to watch an ad to get a certain item, I only rated it 5 starts so u can see it, it’d be a solid 3 honestly. I wish u could play with ur dimple and stuff that isn’t a pop it. Disappointed..Version: 1.14

DisappointedWhen I downloaded the game I thought it was really fun and then it started lagging which was annoying, and 2 minutes into the game then there's an ad. Which is already annoying, but what makes it more annoying is that it had no X!!! So i turned airplane mode on, expecting for the ad to be gone, i closed and reopened the app, and then 2 minutes into the game and the ad pops up again. I tried searching it up, "What to do when ads have no X" stuff like that, and nothing showed up. Every time I closed and reopened it the ad was always there. One time I closed and reopened it, and for a few minutes the ad didn't pop up, so I thought it went away, but then a few minutes later the ad pops up. I have to download a different fidget trading game, which is disappointing because i wasted my time on this dumb game that has too many ads even when i turn on airplane mode, and it lags A LOT. Disappointing 🗿🗿🗿.Version: 1.13

Amazing app,please read thisOkay,so I love fidgets and I’ve seen this trading thing on tic tok.I was looking for a new game I could play that I don’t just wanna delete. I saw this game and clicked on it. It had good reviews and I was like “ooh I’m gonna get this app.” Then I did. So when I started playing it had a lot of ads,which I’m used to do to me it’s not a problem,and the only downside is that I already got all the fidgets in one day,and had overestimated 100million coins,can you guys please make another way to spend your money,it would be a a little better..Version: 1.14

Ok butFirst there’s way too many ads I keep getting new fidgets but there’s way way too many ads I mean every time I say I’m done treating there’s an ad and it’s like 30 seconds it’s so long and I barely even get to play it hear me out no more ads I would pay like $10 just 10 or $15 just to not have any ads the game is great but I wish that you could go first a lot and that there were more better fidgets please owner of the game Mickler only be like a small amount ofAdd please please please please please we get this game but if you’re not about sitting there watching as I recommend you find another trading one please.Version: 1.14

Good but needs some changes...Honestly I love the game, but it’s needs changes. First, I have at least 4 million coins but I have nothing to do with them. Second, I think you could add a store where there are sections, like, pop it’s, dimples, squishies, and much more. Third, I wish you could list the fidgets that you actually have and trade those. But if you don’t have fidgets, you could obliviously go to the store like I mentioned earlier, and buy fidgets there. Lastly, there are weapons in the game, and the game is for kids. Like what if a kid wants a gun and wants to use it as a fidget and ask their parents if they could get one. Same with the scissors. Ik it’s a lot to ask but it really needs some changes. Thank you for reading! :D.Version: 1.14

Fun but lots of adsThis game is really fun and it’s good for if you have no one to fidget trade with or if you don’t have fidgets and cuz some people can’t see there friends or people🙂. But there are Way to many ads, This really fun but to many ads when ever I’m gonna press one of the buttons like accept, Add or decline or even when I’m adding a fidget or before or they add or press something and ad shows up, it kinda gets annoying But I Really like the game maybe just less of the ads.😄😅.Version: 1.11

It’s a fun game but the ads are just to muchThis game is really fun and all but there is just way to many ads. I understand that ads are the way you earn money in this game but not as much people are gonna play this game if it legit has an ad in the middle of it 😐. What I recommend is to maybe add an ad every 2 trades so you complete 2 trades and then an ad. It will get much more people to play and enjoy the game, and it would help this game to get to its full potential. If you do what I recommend, more people will play the game so even if there is less ads you will still be able to make the money. This is just my opinion in how you can help this game reach its full potential because it truly is fun..Version: 1.13

This app is greatI really like this app because when I’m bored I will go onto it and become not bored. I only have one problem though you are in lots and lots of money and after you buy all the stuff you don’t have anything else to use your money on I would really like if there would be something you could use all of that money on instead of just getting stuff to trade and I would also like to be able to play with the toy is the trader is giving you instead of just playing with the same puppets every single time I would really like to see these changes in the game other than that this game is really really nice and fun 🤩.Version: 1.14

Money problemSo I am at level 10 and my money amount is 6.471 and there’s nothing for me to do with it so I’m kind of confused do you need to add an update where you can spend money on maybe fidgets or trading screen.I also think you need to add online players because I’m sick of trading a trader that makes trades not fair like he’s making me add when the gutter bad meter is at the end is good and I keep excepting and then he’s keeps on clicking that he wants more. If you could fix this problem as soon as you can I will give you five stars Love, Willowtree.Version: 1.14

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Tradeing MasterThank you for creating this wonderful and joyfull App.Version: 1.11

Must readThis was a ok game pretty cool to play but lots of ads, so recommend turn of wifi and just tacky.Version: 1.13

The game is the bestI love the game bc it have fidget trading that is fun some and shoes lol but really like the game really detailed love u guys :D.Version: 1.1

FidgetIt’s so good for when you’re mad and it’s just like suitable for kids.Version: 1.14

Okay game but..I enjoy playing this game but unfortunately it is not as fun as it seems. there’s way too many ads, the game would be much better if there wasn’t as many ads.Version: 1.14

Pls make it to trade with friendsPls can you make it to trade with friends?.Version: 1.13

Really nice but there were some glitchesThis game is really AMAZING But I did have some troubles claiming items sometimes. I watched an add to claim new items but after the add ended nothing happened. But this game is really nice and Fun to play.Version: 1.14

Best gameI love this game my sister fell in love with it and same with me I wish this person who made this game is related with me.Version: 1.12

It’s okUmm it’s ok but I want better stuff.Version: 1.11

I’M IN LOVE 😍 but just a couple thingsI absolutely LOVE this app. It is super fun to play and choose what fidgets what or what not to trade with your friends. It is also really great that you can scam people, no real people so it’s fine, but sometimes you get really good deals!! However, there are things that I DON’T like about this game. 1. There are WAY too many adds. It’s like half the time is wasted on watching a boring add and you hardly get any time to ACTUALLY play the game. 2. You might need to update the trading items. Because after a while, you get kind of bored of trading the same items OVER and OVER again. Please improve and/or fix these. Overall this is a great game and recommend to others. ☺️.Version: 1.11

NiceI’m now scamming people lol.Version: 1.11

I love Fidgett tradingThis game is amazing.Version: 1.12

GameBest game ever a lot of adds though.Version: 1.12

IM SICK OF IT😡🤬😤This stupid game always vibrates every time I go to do anything like pushing up a poppet it’s so annoying now make it stop please or Else your reviews won’t be getting to much higher 🤬😡😤👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 1.14

Best game I ever playedThis is so good and the best game I’ve ever got.Version: 1.13

FidgetsI like fidget toy because they are the best and and I like trading fidget because they are big and.Version: 1.14

Not worth itOk so I got this app just to see what all the hype was about and I’m disappointed there are so many adds and it always glitches where the the npc doesn’t put anything down but apparently air is worth everything you have. This app is not worth downloading its just a waste of storage I do not recommend..Version: 1.14

GET IT!😜It is the best but it does have more adds than normal but it is so fun and if you like to trade fidgets get this game it is amazing. The only thing is it only has pop it’s and the rest of the things you trade are like food or objects. Sooooooooo yeah this game is great but can you make more levels cause I got this game yesterday and I’m at level 34. But over all great game I’m looking forward to some more updates in the future. bye 👋😋😋😋.Version: 1.13

CheeseThis game is cheese but I would like more of a variety of fidgets because it feels like there’s no squishy ones.....Version: 1.13

A bit to many addsThis game is soooooo fun but a bit to many add and yeah I know your trying to make money but at least take out a couple.Version: 1.13

This fidget trading gameThis game allows you too focus more it is entertaining and is great for in lockdown.Version: 1.12

Good but 2 thingsThis game is amazing but 2 thing okay so when I accept the trade I have an ad yes an ad ways too many ads in this game okay like when I + I have another ad so pls add no more ads to this game and number 2 when I claim there’s another ad no more ads when you claim or x + ✅ okay… pls fix this I’m a 7 year old who doesn’t like ads bye POPPIT FAM! 2021.Version: 1.14

The app is very goodThis app is 100% recommended it is a really fun game.Version: 1.11

Great game to many addsThis game is super cool it’s my second day playing and I have already noticed there is so many adds.Version: 1.13

Too much adsI would rate it lower 😡.Version: 1.14

Not worth itThe amount of adds you get every 5 seconds makes the game not fun to play it’s just constant interruption.Version: 1.14

MorePlay with your siblings.Version: 1.12

Hi I just wanted to say that there is so many adds on this game so maybe we could Changethat butMe but after all this app is great 🥰.Version: 1.12

AmPro.Version: 1.14

READ BEFORE DOWNLOADING!!!! ♦️♦️♦️I’m a fidget tik toker and I was drawers of fidgets, I have about 310? Fidgets? But anyway this app litrelly when you do trades u don’t get the thing like I traded stuff for an Apple pop it and the NPC accepted, but the pop it came up as a square- like What the hell :/! It’s fun for when ur bored but yeah. Don’t get it if u want to be entertained AND ALL THE THINGS ARE IS FRICKEN POP ITS SQUISHYS AND FOOD! AND BOMBS! AND STUFF >:( MOST OF THE TIME THE THINGS U TRADE AREN'T EVEN FIDGETS! POO THIS GAME ;-; >:{.Version: 1.13

Great app but........There are lots of adds and also when you are trading you cannot scroll through. :).Version: 1.13

ConnectionI want to be able to see other players pro files and be able to buy stuff off them.Version: 1.14

Great game but…Great game I just don’t like that the AI can scam and coins with almost nothing to use with please make a shop and also please include the items the person already has as it may run out as well,please dont put to many adds it is pretty annoying when I play an add comes in the middle of a game also please update it to match this review thank you..Version: 1.11

ADD ONLINEI just really really really want online trading and I would love it if you get the items you get when finishing trading I love this game soo much but plsssssssssssssss I really want online and get the items when finishing trades.Version: 1.13

I love it but…I love this game it’s AMAZING so many trading options it’s great. The guy I trade with in this game is sooo annoying his keeps trying to scam me but anyways it’s a good game and would recommend.Version: 1.13

Not fidgets!!!Most “fidgets” are food items and other random things! TRIGGERED!!!.Version: 1.13

Pretty goodThis game is amazing love it so much but there is way to many adds trust me on this one.Version: 1.13

Great game!!!I love this game! But there are too many ads so could you please try to reduce them? Also it would be cool if you could play with your fidgets. One more thing, could you make it an online game so you can do friend requests and trade with friends. Although an AMAZING GAME!!! If your reading this right now I beg you to download its a great game for when your bored and when you have nothing to do..Version: 1.11

GoodReally good game ;-;.Version: 1.12

Amazing!I love this game so much!.Version: 1.12

This game is okI think this game is a nice game but there is lots of adds but it is a good game😊😊.Version: 1.11

Kinda boringThe game is very good i like it but all I get is common 2 stars and 1 stars.Version: 1.12

Recommend to play butI am in love with this game that I recommend you to play it! But there is one problem, In the middle of trading your things you can lots of adds while trading! please fix this and make the adds come after every level thank you :) Your downloader:).Version: 1.12

Very goodVery good.Version: 1.14

Love itGreat game! Me and my sister do this in real life, but it’s boring. She found this game and asked if i could download it and i said sure.Version: 1.11

Too many adsWhen ever I do something the ad goes on which is super annoying.Version: 1.14

Fidget tradingI think you could make the game a bit better than this because it gets a bit boring.Version: 1.13

It tracks youI’ve downloaded this game and when I looked under the reviews foi sow that it will truacks you.Version: 1.14

Trading fidgetsThis is the best game ever it is very fun and just amazing never thought of a game so well made.Version: 1.14

Pretty goodI got this app 2 days ago I like it but how can u ever win the stuff?.Version: 1.13

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Trading Master 3D - Fidget Pop 1.14 Update

Version 1.14 (2021-07-15): - New mini games added. - Trick feature added. - Bug fixes and performance improvements..

Version 1.12 (2021-07-08): - Bug fixes and performance improvements..