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Block shots to become a king!

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Pls🥰Add more levels.Version: 1.5

AnnoyedUnable to watch ads to get prizes. Fix that and it’s a 4-5 star game..Version: 1.6

To many adsThe game is great I love it but, there are way to many ads if you could please make the ads after 2-3 games.Version: 1.2

Such an amazing gameIn general the game is really funny. I guess new characters will be coming in next weeks..Version: 1.2

Garbage!!!This game forces you to watch ads!!! It’ll give an option to claim and item by watching an ad but even if you click no the game will force you to watch an ad regardless!! The controls on this game are broken no doubt! You can literally fly with the character which makes it extremely easy.Version: 1.4

AdsToo many ads... way too many.Version: 1.5

In General…There needs to be more characters, different modes, more basketballs and shoes. But overall, a football version of this would be fun!.Version: 1.3

RacistLove the game and can tell players are modeled after nba players but i noticed that there are no white players in this game even though there are white players in the nba.Version: 1.5

Good but bad…I love this game but after every level i get a add and it annoys me and the game is really laggy so please fix this 😒.Version: 1.5

Great GameThis is a great game. Definitely recommend. Too many ads but other than that it’s a very good game.Version: 1.4

FunnyFunny.Version: 1.4

CoolI’m having fun.Version: 1.2

Fun butThis game would be fun but it is basically unplayable I can’t get passed the 3rd level because of lag and kept on getting kicked off the game dev’s please fix this.Version: 1.2

PoopPoop.Version: 1.3

.This game is dumb and funny and fun so I love it.Version: 1.5

AdsTurned on airplane mode and still got an ad after every round. How.Version: 1.5

Best game everLike you’re trying to be rude person to shoot it so like you had to shoot jump and then you hit the button basketball but you want to try to not like do it because you really don’t know what you’re trying to do so whenever you’re on level one but I’m all the way on level 102 so you don’t have to do what I’m talking about but like if you’re like a head of me not ahead of me it doesn’t matter who told you so you’ll need to beat this.Version: 1.4

Can’t get anythingWhen I try to watch a ad to get a pair of sneaker the ad won’t work.Version: 1.3

Cool GameThis game is fun to play and is super easy to get the hang of..Version: 1.3

This game is not good here is whyThe adds it simple not a good game because of that it a add after every thing but it’s actually but it’s dumb because of to much adds.Version: 1.5

It just so good da best game everI love it just make me want to poop.Version: 1.4

Djchcj dGood game I blocked Chris Paul and Lebron.Version: 1.4

HeyIt’s funny and you don’t have nothing to play well play this.Version: 1.3

AMAZINGSuch a fun game a little Hard but very fun!.Version: 1.5

Finest game everFunnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.Version: 1.2

Not fairI like it but I think it’s not fair when you get stuck.Version: 1.2

It’s okIt’s a great game but, when I press on ads to get new players and it doesn’t let me watch the ads. and it’s a waste of coins just to use it on balls. You guys should make to where you use coins to buy characters and if u don’t have enough then watch a ad for extra coins, and add more characters..Version: 1.4

Great gameYour game is great but you should add more characters.Version: 1.2

Something annoyingThe game is good but after I block a npc and land i get a foul called on me because the npc runs into me please fix this.Version: 1.5

Fix/BugsGames fun if u play on airplane mode which removes the ads and that kinda stuff. But it won’t let me pass level 30. I’ve tried everything and nothing seems to work. Fix this ?.Version: 1.3

Great gameI think the game is amazing and it definitely has potential. I just wanted to suggest maybe if the was a mode or something where instead you are dunking and not blocking. i think it would work extremely well with the physics that are already in game and would also be really cool to play..Version: 1.2

Awesome 👏It was like space jam 👏.Version: 1.3

How stupid this game isThis game is so stupid.Version: 1.4

It is so bad YesI tried of this game of lagging.Version: 1.2

Do you like adsBecause I got an ad less than 1 minute in. Garbage..Version: 1.5

Stereotype.This game is nothing but a stereotype. All of the characters are black, jump high, & play basketball ball. Shane to the creators, shame..Version: 1.4

A bug was foundSo I stopped playing in level 30 because every time I won the level it wouldn’t let me move on to the next level but other than that I love this game I played every day for hours Until this bug occurred….Version: 1.3

AdsAbsolutely horrible if ur going to ask for a add after every round and we say no that doesn’t mean we want to watch an add..Version: 1.4

Too many adsI have an ad literally after every game i play its a great game but it annoys me.Version: 1.2

Great Game!!All I ask for is a leaderboard but other than that this game is amazing.Version: 1.5

RepetitiveI’m on level 30, and so far there has been absolutely no increase in difficulty. Also, an add after every single level makes the game borderline unplayable. The game has potential, but it has yet to live up to it. 1 star..Version: 1.3

I didn’t let me playTheSecond Time I try to login it didn’t let me.Version: 1.3

Really love itI told my friends to play it.Version: 1.2

Too many adsWay too many ads and characters flop way too much.Version: 1.2

Nonstop adsYou play for 10 seconds and then watch ads and get pop ups for 2 minutes. Rinse and repeat. Game itself is OK but, again, it lasts 10 seconds at a time and then you get nonstop ads and popups. So not worth the time/annoyance..Version: 1.2

Good reviewI love the game it makes me laf so much wen I foul people..Version: 1.2

TerribleTerrible I’m tired of having to watch an ad after every single game that’s ridiculous.Version: 1.2

AdsNothing but ads.Version: 1.4

Best game of 21 besides madden mobileU see why it takes so long to down load!! It is such a great gam I recommend!!!.Version: 1.5

Supper laggyThis game has potential but is so laggy like it’s super laggy if it weren’t this laggy it would be on of the best games i’ve ever played.Version: 1.2

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Make. a. next. level. button. Had to restart every level i tried to play 👎Make. a. next. level. button. Had to restart every level i tried to play because there is no next level button👎.Version: 1.3

Stop making me launchEvery time I keep on moving it just launches me.Version: 1.5

AnnoyingIf you want to play this game prepare to watch heaps of adds for liger no reason😡.Version: 1.5

Quite a bit of adsThe game itself is really fun, but there are quite a bit of ads (every two levels). But the game is still worth getting the game..Version: 1.5

It’s okIt’s fun but then starts to get repetitive tho.Version: 1.5

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Block'em All 1.6 Update

Version 1.6 (2021-08-01): New unique characters! New amazing balls! New trendy bags! NO ADS in-app purchase option!.

Version 1.5 (2021-07-25): New items in the market! You can customize your character now with new sleeves, bags and hats! Performance improvements! Fever Mode! Minor bug fixes!.

Version 1.2 (2021-07-13): Boss Levels! New Levels! New Backgrounds! New Shop! New Characters! New Balls! New Sneakers!.

Version 1.0 (2021-07-01): .