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SNKRX is an arcade shooter roguelite where you control a snake made of multiple heroes, with each one having their own attacks, passives and classes. Inspired by the auto-battler genre, each hero in the snake has a set of classes, and combining enough heroes of the same class together grants additional class bonuses. Heroes can also be upgraded to be more powerful when copies are bought from the shop.

== Gameplay ==
* Your snake can't stop moving, turn it left or right to steer
* Your heroes attack automatically when close to enemies
* Combine heroes of the same classes together to unlock unique class bonuses
* Clearing arenas grants gold, which can be used to hire heroes at the shop
* Buying enough copies of the same heroes levels them up, making them more powerful

== Features ==
* 40+ heroes, each with unique attacks and passives
* 12+ classes, each giving stat boosts and modifiers to your snake
* 40+ passive items, each giving strong global effects to your snake
* 25+ levels of increasing difficulty as the run progresses
* 15+ achievements
* Soundtrack by Kubbi

SNKRX App User Reviews & Comments

Lacks material and tutorial.Game doesn’t have much substance. It’s repetitive with no real actual point of playing or end game. Lacks a basic tutorial and rather just gives you a confusing mess of colors classes you’re expected to just understand. You quickly max out 7 “units” and goes down hill from there since you’re constantly being bombarded with items in shop you can’t even buy. It might be a decent time killer as a free game; but paying for this is just absurd. Minimal design, no features, nothing. Paying for a black screen with dots..Version: 1.04

SoftlockedI got softlocked in the game. Had to delete and reinstall it to even play the game again. The softlock is where you have 0 cash and nobody in party. Please address this like giving you a unit that can only ram or being able to restart the run in the shop. Other than that great game, great audio and best rouge game ever..Version: 1.04

Looks simple, plays complexGreat game with a good difficulty level and high skill cap. Lots of mechanics to explore. More than worth 3USD!.Version: 1.1

Pretty fun!I ended up winning on my first go, probably got lucky, but it was pretty fun! Guess I picked pretty strong units, but i’m curious how other combos play out!.Version: 1.24

Great gameThe game is really fun, challenging and worth the money but I feel like stick support on controllers would be really cool..Version: 1.12

AmazingThis game is so well designed and a nice way to pass the time. It’s a blessing this game came to mobile and I can’t wait to see what’s in store next..Version: 1.1

Blue screen?Hi, I really enjoy you game and do plan on continuing on buying more from you so I just figured letting you know that this message popped up when I tried to see the achievements. Error buy_screen.lua:636: attempt to call method 'action' (a nil value) Traceback buy_screen.lua:636: in function 'update' engine/game/group.lua:56: in function 'update' mainmenu.lua:175: in function 'update' engine/game/state.lua:69: in function 'update' main.lua:1595: in function 'update' engine/init.lua:178: in function [C]: in function 'xpcall'.Version: 1.1

Wow.There haven’t been too many ‘instant winners’ in my 11 or so years of iOS gaming, but THIS easily qualifies. Yes, the RNG setup can totally wreck your game. Yes, there are ways to minimize the chance of that happening. No, the RNG doesn’t make this game unfair. If anything, it kind of feels like Dead Cells in that regard. The different layouts you can wind up putting together can sometimes surprise you. And even when you feel you’ve got a build that is CRAZY overpowered, the game can still ro-sham-bo you in a heartbeat. I made it to level 91... was killing elites BEFORE the first wave of enemies could even spawn.... Then I made a mistake. And the game took advantage of that... and put me back in my place. To the dev: this is a MASTERPIECE! I have no doubt that scores of DLC modes could be done... dunno if you have plans to, but count me in for an insta-purchase if you ever do. If not... that’s cool too, as simple as this game is, it’s got quite a bit of meat on its bones. Thank you so much for porting it over to the iOS!!! Easy contender for GOTY..Version: 1.2

Missing contentHi, Great game, I would like to have a follow touch control option similar to the mouse option on the computer and it seems to be missing the some content form the PC Version. So when is the timeline for those contents?.Version: 1.01

Can’t wait for more updatesAmazing port to mobile. Such a fun game in a tiny package. I’ve only seen one bug when if you buy something while an info box is up it stays on screen until you start the new wave.Version: 1.04

It’s really goodThanks enelle.Version: 1.22

FantasticThis game is a lot of fun. Building you team synergy brings a lot of variety. All the problems I had with it have been fixed. The dev seems to really listen to people’s comments.Version: 1.11

Insanely fun gameGameplay is poggers Everything is poggers Good game.Version: 1.12

Sick gameReally good port. Only problem is the really obnoxious letterboxing on the sides during play, which i’m sure isn’t intended. Hoping that gets changed soon.Version: 1.01

Amazing games still has bugsI know the developer has been working super hard and ive seen a ton of improvements to the game in the past month or so. two bugs that annoy the piss out of me. - when i switch from the game to a different i end up having to completely close out of it and reboot to begin playing again. it just freeze if try to just switch back to the game. - sometime when purchasing units their info get stuck and wont close and completely blocks the rest of the view. this is really annoying when you are trying to build synergies because you cant see them..Version: 1.2

Great Game and Greater PeoplePlayed this game after finding it on YouTube and wow I loved the game. There is so much to do, so many different capabilities and even more synergies. I have mixed feelings on if the game needs anything else or not. Most of it is great and the things that need to be changed in my opinion are small so I’ll not bring it up. Anyways, got in contact with one of the devs and that was the real treasure of this game. David is such a helpful guy and answered my questions about the development and game “engine(if you can call it that)”. Hopefully I’ll be posting(releasing?) a new game as well to help with tuition. You guys made an awesome game!.Version: 1.23

Simple yet addictingThis game is absurdly fun to play and Is pretty much perfect for phone controls. The simple yet complex strategy of the game is an easy to learn and hard to master experience. I really hope new units and items get added for years to come. Easily the best game on the app store right now..Version: 1.12

Almost perfectSuper fun game. No tutorial so you sort of have to figure out some of the mechanics. It’s a port, so somethings are a little funny. The pause menu seems to be a little off screen. The app seemed frozen when switching between apps. Also I think there should be a portrait mode for one handed play..Version: 1.11

Love itFantastic game.Version: 1.11

Great game, just a few bugsLove the game but noticed a few freezes. When coming back to a game after multitasking, sometimes input isn’t recognized so I have to completely close the game and restart. If this happens when looping, the party size doesn’t show correct ie 9/8. If I sell in this scenario I can’t rebuy until I loop again. Receiving a phone call also seems to freeze and require a full close and restart..Version: 1.23

This game is incredibleI learned about this game thanks to northernlion and Dan. This game is a ton of fun, has unbelievable amounts of replayability, and has a dev who really cares what the community thinks. I was playing this on steam until the orb update and am LOVING it on mobile. This is the first mobile game I have ever recommended to others. Super worth the price, super fun, just super..Version: 1.2

Worth it! Lots of replay ability!Great game, saw Northernlion play it on YouTube and had to get it. It’s a simple concept but really amps up after your first few wins so that you really have to focus on your team composition, 10/10 I’m on new game +4 and can’t get enough..Version: 1.04

Love the game, but it’s kinda buggy, here’s some things to fixAmazing idea, I really enjoy it, but mobile version needs fixing 1. GUI for items goes off screen, when selecting an item, some of them go offscreen so the full message is not seen Fix: make the text go onto the next line 2. Sometimes randomly the description of what a hero does stays onscreen even though you click off 3. When you pause, exit the game, and come back, the pause screen is greyed out, don’t know why 4. You have to click a certain area of the hero to see what it does, it would be nice to see what it does, and it’s perks all in one screen, not a glitch, just an inconvenience Additional idea: after you win, make a separate option to keep playing, this would be fun if you could go on infinity, with ever increasing rounds.Version: 1.04

Shut up and take my moneyI bought this game on Steam originally and absolutely loved it. Here we go again!.Version: 1.04

Change the restart button, and sell mechanicLove the game. But please put a confirm reset in place. Also change the sell mechanic to where I don’t have to drag my unit…. Right next to the reset button… (can you see where I’m going with this?) make it a tap party unit, tap sell or something more user friendly than what’s currently used..Version: 1.01

Purchased on PC and now hereI first saw this game from a YouTube Streamer named SB. His content gave me a feel for the mechanics and I decided I’d try it out. I was truly skeptical of yet another Snake/Minimalist style. However I bought it on PC and was amazed with the games design being so simple yet so complex. Since I purchased it on here (IPhone 12) I’ve had no complaints. Runs well, maybe a tad bit harder to escape due to the small screen but I guess we will see how it holds for the future. Easily worth the money currently. Plenty of time to play while having a way to come back to the game if you just close it out (at least through menu). It gave me a weird error code the first time but not another time. Also have selling characters asked to be done in a window. I did not mean to sell my Lv 3 Juggarnaut I bought first round. So maybe a different spot to sell or have window consent boxes. I’d be happy with some number tweaks in some ways to compensate the difficulty exact mouse and keyboard. Overall it’s a 5 star game. Although I would like to see some free content in small ways here and there and some dlc major content. Ask me for ideas and I’ll give some. You didn’t get the point go get it. $3 support this charm..Version: 1.21

An incredibly fun rogue-lite rpg snake gameA mash up of snake and an action rpg. Use gold to get new characters with classes that have stacking bonuses when you add more of the same type. After some waves you get passives that boost whatever type of build you’re going for and there are tons of them I hope to see more classes and different types of synergies added. Maybe team bonuses for having the same of certain types? New enemies and elites?.Version: 1.24

GoodLike it but make it so you can restart runs before entering the first wave.Version: 1.1

👍Great port of a great game. EDIT: Issue addressed.Version: 1.11

Weird problemAmazing game, the only small issue I have is I can’t rotate the app. The way my case is it makes it awkward to hold it a certain rotation, and for whatever reason I can’t get the app to rotate the other way :P..Version: 1.04

Worth 3$No ads, challenging game that has ng+ for extra fun.Version: 1.01

Great game!This game is a super fun rouge lite. I’ve been playing it non stop with my boyfriend for the past week. The developer is really on top of things, I’d recommend reading their blog posts to get some behind the scenes of the game. A few quality of life recs: a clearer explanation of what each item affects (what counts as a projectile, for example) and maybe hints that each class doesn’t have the same base stats. Also, when switching to a different app the game can freeze, and requires closing and reopening..Version: 1.21

HelpGreat game. Lots of fun. However. I keep getting the error code Error engine/game/trigger.lua:238: attempt to call field 'condition' (a boolean value) Traceback engine/game/trigger.lua:238: in function 'update' engine/game/gameobject.lua:43: in function 'update_game_object' player.lua:963: in function 'update' engine/game/group.lua:58: in function 'update' arena.lua:630: in function 'update' engine/game/state.lua:69: in function 'update' main.lua:1516: in function 'update' engine/init.lua:177: in function [C]: in function 'xpcall'. Please help!!.Version: 1.01

Incredible game but a few problemsWhen I try to do a run where every unit in my party shares a class, I find it hard to get those units and it’s even harder to upgrade them. Same thing goes with the items, I would recommend that you make it so that units and items that synergize with what run you are trying to do at least slightly more common so it is easier to do runs like a nuker run and I noticed that the only way for a healer or enchanter to attack is with shoot 5 so maybe make an item or a unit that allows healers and/or enchanters to attack. Otherwise great game!.Version: 1.22

YoGood gam.Version: 1.01

Cool autobattler rogue likeMy main complaint is that whenever you go to buy a hero in the shop, you have to hold your finger there in order to read the description which block as your view of it. Additionally if you want to not buy it, you have to slide your finger off in a way that isn’t intuitive. Perhaps a change to a tap to highlight the hero and show the class would be good, then a second tap to confirm the purchase instead?.Version: 1.01

A simple yet deep auto battlerThis game is so simple on the surface but as you get farther in you find out how engrossing and addictive it is. Truly a out of the blue hit that ports well to mobile with a very active and listening development..Version: 1.04

Great gameLove love love it. Can I get a confirmation before restart though? It’s literally in the same place you drag units to sell them..Version: 1.01

Awesome gameLots of replay ability. I’ve bought the game on PC and IOS. If the dev is reading these, an option to make the snk arena area fill up the top and bottom portion of the screen and move the rest of the UI to the side would be awesome for small phone screens..Version: 1.12

Really fun gameThe gameplay is really fun; however the sell button is right next to the restart button and whenever you go to sell if you’re too far over to the left it will hit the restart button as well as selling and it made me restart a really good run..Version: 1.01

Great game but the bugs are more than annoyingWhen you press pause while your snake is still moving the pause menu comes up but the game simply doesnt pause. Seriously? I have lost way too many runs to this bug. Also in shop when you buy something sometimes the huge description text box just doesnt go away until you press the go button..Version: 1.12

Great Rouge LiteThis is a fantastic game. Lots of different builds are available and they’re all interesting and fun. It’s a very simple game but it has a lot to offer. High replay value will keep you coming back for more, even after you beat it once since there’s a couple “new game plus” modes that make it new and exciting. It is definitely well worth the price. A few quality of life suggestions: Inspecting the characters is a little hard on the mobile version since you have to keep your finger on the screen and slide it away to avoid unintentionally purchasing it. It’s easy to sell your characters when rearranging your order if you’re not careful. Maybe add in an “are you sure” option for selling. Also the enemies that launch themselves at you are a bit overpowered, as they can one-shot a unit every time. I will continue to update my review as I see more. Keep up the great work, and thanks for a fun game :).Version: 1.04

YesYes.Version: 1.22

Good, but i got softlockedSNKRX is good. But if you buy all units before round 1 then sell them all, you get stuck and you can’t do anything. I haven’t been able to get out of this softlock. This could be easily fixed if the menu button was in the shop. Please help or fix this..Version: 1.04

Haven’t Gotten EnoughAfter 50 hours on the PC version, I was elated to hear the game was getting a mobile port. I think the game lends itself so well to a mobile platform, and doesn’t lose any of what makes it great in the transition. If you like the game elsewhere, I highly recommend giving it a go here. As with any transition, there are some strange hiccups, but if you have been a part of this games journey so far, you know that the developer has done an amazing job of supporting the game post release. So many fun updates and expansions, changes based on community feedback, and all for the incredible price of $3.00. I’m a fan of SNKRX and I’m glad I can now play it on the toilet..Version: 1.01

Love it on pc mobile needs a bit of workIt’s a great game but some bugs related to clicking with intent to see a description vs clicking to buy.Version: 1.1

Good game; Lots of bugsReally fun and interesting game, but each time my party size increases it never stays. It’s decreased multiple times despite continuing my run. I was supposed to have 12 currently but now it’s decreased to 8. Please fix! :).Version: 1.22

Great mobile experienceDev has brought this up to parity with the PC version and iterated quickly on the mobile experience - including a fast bug fix release. Great game!.Version: 1.11

Great game - a couple requests to the devThis game is great, I definitely recommend. The developer has been very active in updating the game on steam so I assume that they will be here as well. A couple of suggestions: 1. I wish there was an option to make the play screen window larger. I’m on an iPhone 8 and I feel like I have to strain my eyes a bit as I play. 2. I would appreciate an undo button in the shop. Just one step back to undo an accidental unit sale would be very helpful..Version: 1.1

Couple ideasJoystick control option would be so nice. Using finger to control like mouse controls on PC just doesn’t work. My whole hand is covering the screen. Having a joystick that just functions by dragging anywhere on the screen would be nice. Maybe a little ball could come out of the snakes head to show where the snake is following? A survival game where you go around eating apples: eating apples gives you an extra random unit in the back, and getting hit insta kills the unit in the front. Could be really fun!.Version: 1.12

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Addicting new take on snakeAddicting game, but I hope the Dev will consider adding a confirmation to the restart run button on iPhone. Have accidentally restarted when trying to sell units multiple times which is frustrating. Edit - Dev is super responsive/active and my previous complaint is no longer relevant as it has been fixed already! :).Version: 1.1

Genuinely great buyThis game has been a delight to follow over the last few patches, and the dev, both of the steam version, and the mobile dev working on porting it have been pushing really fantastic patches super often! Genuinely the most fun I’m having on my iPad currently..Version: 1.11

Great game, but some stupid mobile glitch just happens all the timeHonestly this game is amazing but this stupid glitch happens every so often about every arena run somewhere around level 5 to 20 this just keeps happening Error engine/game/trigger.lua:238: attempt to call field 'condition' (a boolean value) Traceback engine/game/trigger.lua:238: in function 'update' engine/game/gameobject.lua:43: in function 'update_game_object' player.lua:963: in function 'update' engine/game/group.lua:58: in function 'update' arena.lua:630: in function 'update' engine/game/state.lua:69: in function 'update' main.lua:1516: in function 'update' engine/init.lua:177: in function [C]: in function 'xpcall' Thanks for the response dev, this is just an edit but I think it was because I was somehow playing my game without it updated 😅.Version: 1.01

Amazing. Addicting.Perfect. Just needs some sort of visual or cosmetic customisation options..Version: 1.23

Great gameOverall, enjoyable quick action. A couple issues: since the latest update it frequently loses save progress if the app stalls (which happens almost every time I come back to the app from another app). When reopening it makes me start a new game. This never used to be an issue. NG+5 was frustratingly difficult with the amount of randomness in the hero and item pools. Feels like the Blue projectile needs a nerf. Also it’d be much better if rerolling items stopped the same items appearing in the next roll..Version: 1.23

Fantastic game and excellent work portingSuper fun and what I would regard as the ideal game for mobile applications. Is a work in progress so occasional glitches, but still well worth the price as there is a ton of depth to play and a LOT of replayability. Comments for the dev: Would like to see some cloud sync between iphone and ipad; also game tends to freeze on exit consistently, requiring a restart. Clicking on achievements gives an unhandled exception into complete crash: Error buy_screen.lua:636: attempt to call method 'action' (a nil value) Traceback buy_screen.lua:636: in function 'update' engine/game/group.lua:56: in function 'update' mainmenu.lua:175: in function 'update' engine/game/state.lua:69: in function 'update' main.lua:1595: in function 'update' engine/init.lua:178: in function [C]: in function 'xpcall' Keep up the good work mate 👌.Version: 1.1

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SNKRX 1.24 Update

Version 1.24 (2021-07-20): - Add joystick control option - Fixed a bug where NG+5 difficulty would go down to NG+4 after looping - Capped enemy movement speed after level 150 - Added a run timer option - note that the timer will be off for saved runs that started before the patch.

Version 1.22 (2021-07-10): - Fix 'info_text' bug.

Version 1.04 (2021-06-27): Quality-of-Life changes: - Double-tap to buy units/upgrade shop level - Remove restart button from shop - Move restart button in pause menu - Slightly increase "sale" vertical threshold - Crash fixes.