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Do you have an ecommerce website?

Do you own a retail store?

Do you sell products from your home?

Download Baaz app & give your customers a superior shopping experience.


Download the app.

Sync your product inventory to your catalogs.

Use standalone link or integrate live videos into your website.

And Go Live!

Connect with your customers through live video, 1-on-1 or 1-to-many.

Baaz enables retail stores to provide live video shopping experience to the customers. You can setup your online live video shopping store in less than 1 minute & start selling.

By using our app, you can increase your add to cart rate by upto 400% and customers love the real-like experience while shopping.


Live videos helps create trust among customers and directly increase your sales 10 times. Setting it up and managing is easy, fast and super interactive. It is almost like you are opening a physical store only 100 times faster, cheaper and with more control.

You can simply add products from your inventory to your cart with a click of a button and have it available for your customers within your live videos for simple checkout.

We are integrated with the most secure, safe and seamless payment gateways to ensure fast & automated payments for your customers.

Your customers can interact with you in real-time through our live chat features so you don't waste time on answering questions separately and focus on generating sales.

We integrate with majority of shipping systems globally so you don't have to worry about shipments separately.

Don't worry about how to let people know about your store or live shows, we have you covered through our very innovative and effective marketing integrations that won't cost a bomb.

If you have a store on Shopify, then we have you covered there too. You can simply add our app to your store and enjoy all the benefits without worrying a thing.

If you have a standalone e-commerce website, don't you sweat. We'll integrate live video shopping to your website as well and have it run quite smoothly.

Retail stores around the world have been using our technology to provide superior and amazing shopping experience to customers while maintaining trust.

Baaz is simple, easy and trustworthy way of providing superior online shopping experience to customers.

Baaz App User Reviews & Comments

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SubhanI see ethno nationalists bashing usa for exit, Yur corrupt regime wasted there tax payers money, yur army are unprofessional swines, yur govt is full of bacha baaz n drug addicts don't expect mericans n indins to clean yur ass whn yu yourself are dukki 💩 dnt blame other fo u 💩.

Agha Meesam HyderKavish ka dil kare hai taqaza ki hai hunuz nakhun pe qarz uss girah-e-neem-baaz ka - #MirzaGhalib Heart constantly urges to continue working for nails owe a debt of half undone knots... 🤯Calling Ghalib a genius is an understatement!.

ObaidullahIf you dont know what i'm talking about you dont know anything about mr sherzai 😂 he's such a ruthless bacha baaz that even US soldiers were complaining about him.

Abid Hussain Bhatti@MeraEimanPak1 @GhazalaQuresh14 @AsimSBajwa @AMJADIJAZ13 @pak_baaz @1shaniJe @GulK_PK @_Mareeb @ALIEN_PAKISTANI One of my colleague just quit the job of senior management due idleness no work at port..

Faraz@Sanam_sayz Oh to ab baaz aa gya wo?.

میرا ایمان پاکستان 🇵🇰@AbidHus94081943 @GhazalaQuresh14 @AsimSBajwa @AMJADIJAZ13 @pak_baaz @1shaniJe @GulK_PK @_Mareeb @ALIEN_PAKISTANI Bhatti Sb ... Do You Have Any Authentic Reference Or Link . Would Appreciate If You Share With Us..

Abid Hussain Bhatti@GhazalaQuresh14 @AsimSBajwa @AMJADIJAZ13 @pak_baaz @1shaniJe @GulK_PK @_Mareeb @ALIEN_PAKISTANI @MeraEimanPak1 You know Gawadar port is closed for the last one year and so.Can you ask Bajwa sb WHY?.

Brankie bitch@DegrassiWriters i see ur online so hi!!!!! were ur plans with audition characters maude and dino similar to what you had in mind for yael and baaz????? because the other NC newbies had their auditions put right into the show. i love hearing the what-could've-beens.

Smol account@simplyusamazed Baaz ao.

Låibā__Málik♥️🦋|Stan Saad♥️|@apki_Mina Dramy baaz😭😭😂.

Haassian._.khedian@baaz_aa_ja_rozi Chup shaaaa.

❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️@_jeniissa No, Parminder did one with Santokh and one with baaz.

𝚌 𝚛 𝚎 𝚎 𝚙 𝚢 𝙿 𝚊 𝚜 𝚝 𝚊@baaz_aa_ja_rozi I can relate your pain 🥴.

DaProclaimaThank you @baaz for your book and its project rock-and-roll-with-ember-octane. I got this 'haha' feeling about developing with Ember and also could get introduced to TDD. Thanks to that, I was able to develop new features on with TDD ! #EmberJS.

Mawali@Kali_Ghata Tmhy kiya farq pharna hai, dhooky baaz.

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Baaz 1.0.7 Update

Version 1.0.7 (2021-07-30): 1. Minor UI fixes 2. Optimized dash calls.

Version 1.0.5 (2021-06-18): Minor UI misalignments & bugs fixed.

Version 1.0.4 (2021-06-15): Minor UI misalignments & bugs fixed.